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tjaaltonok, we are now down to 311 xorg bugs00:13
tjaaltonover 100 less than yesterday00:13
tjaaltonnow to bed ->00:19
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jcristautjaalton: you can use things like git-commit --author 'Michael Vogt <mvo@ubuntu.com>' btw15:42
tjaaltonjcristau: cool, haven't got that far learning git :)15:49
jcristauanyway, i've cherry-picked tormod's fix to debian-unstable15:50
tjaaltoncool, thanks15:55
tjaaltonbtw, I'll test the input-hotplug autoconfiguration this evening (when the kids are asleep..), it's pretty simple if it works :)16:05
tedgOn the Intel drivers page it says that the 945G won't work with the current released drivers of Debian (no date).17:34
tedgHow does that relate to Ubuntu Gutsy?17:34
tedgOh, but in the stable version of Gentoo.17:35
tedgI like how there's no version numbers.17:35
tjaalton945 works fine :)17:36
tedgErrr, mine isn't. :(17:36
tedgWell, it seems to be falling back to vesa.17:37
tjaaltonyou have intel and not i810 in use?17:37
tedgYeah.  It seems to be running, but won't work with my screen.17:37
tedgIt drops back to 1600x1200 instead of 1920x1200.17:38
tedgHow can I hard code the VRAM amount?17:38
tedgIf it's shared, do I need a kernel setting?17:38
tjaaltonthe log should reveal how much it's using17:39
tjaaltonbesides, are you sure that 945 is able to drive WUXGA screens?-)17:39
tedgIt does in OSX.17:45
tedgAh, it says that it has 16MB when it should be 64MB.17:46
tjaaltonchange that from bios17:46
tedgEww, at it's going to 16bpp.17:46
tedgDo you by chance know how to do that in EFI?17:49
tedgIt seems like if it was a BIOS setting it wouldn't work in OSX either.17:49
tjaaltonah, mac goodness...17:49
tjaaltonOption "AperTexSize" "integer"17:49
tjaaltonhmm, no17:49
tjaaltonsince default is 32MB17:50
tjaaltonput the log somewhere so I can have a look17:52
tedgSure, let me get out of EFI, just a sec.17:52
tedghmph, worked on reboot.17:55
tedgApparently I just hadn't rebooted enough :)17:56
tedgtjaalton: Thanks for your help.17:56
tjaaltonhah :)17:58
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tjaaltonright, hal runtime-hotplugging would work, if I knew how to delay the operations until hal is actually ready :)21:23
tormodbryce, there's "bug report" in https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2007-December/002571.html22:23
bryceyup, we know about that22:24

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