veeI installed phpmyadmin but cant get to it using http://localhost/phpmyadmin00:00
kitchearvin_: in the samba.conf file or though swat for a user unless you want your share wide open00:00
achtungsup ubunters!00:00
Peloachtung, this is a support channel,  basicaly we aer up for helping ppl with ubuntu related issues00:00
veeam i doing something wrong?00:00
Darius08xHmmm, I for some reason can't resize my partition. :/00:00
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: Is it mounted?00:00
achtungi've used ubuntu00:00
astro76achtung, but if you want to chat #ubuntu+1 is very active00:00
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:00
astro76achtung, err #ubuntu-offtopic00:00
Darius08xI just recently got done doing chckdsk /f about 49738 times in windows and finally got rid of some stupid error. But when I finalyl went to resize it..it just says it can't do it.00:00
achtungbut i still use windows because of lack of native linux games00:01
Darius08xUhhh, hold on, dunno. xD00:01
veedoes anyone use phpmyadmin?00:01
astro76!games | achtung00:01
ubotuachtung: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php00:01
PeloDarius08x,you can'T resize a live partiton, if you want to resize your ubuntu part you need to use the live cd,  use the 7.04 one or earlier the gutsy one is buggy for that00:01
priolá pessoal00:01
astro76!br | pri00:01
priI am brazilian00:01
ubotupri: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:01
Darius08xAh, I'm using 7.10 So I have to go and download 7.04 or something? ):00:02
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: or the gparted livecd.. that always works great..00:02
ubotuGParted is is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php00:02
astro76Darius08x, just get gparted livecd00:02
prihello astro00:02
Darius08xDidn't work either JAck. :/00:02
PeloDarius08x,  you can try with 7.10 , but be warned00:02
netsrotPelo: thanks anyhow.00:02
Darius08xOh, is gparted livecd diffrent then the gparted that comes on the 7.10 cd somehow?00:03
DrUnKnMuNkYhey everyone. i can't seem to get my sound working properly. the speakers are fine (i hear system beeps and whatnot) and i seem to have sound working in totem but there's no sound from firefox (youtube, etc.) and no sound from skype. any ideas?00:03
veeCan anyone asit me with the phpmyadmin i just installed on ubunutu server?00:03
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: yes.. it is different.. stand alone... nice gui00:03
PeloDarius08x, gparted live cd is another cd from the gparted ppl,   ubuntu live cd is from canonical and is a complete os00:03
achtungso if i cant talk here00:03
achtungcan i just hang around?00:03
ompaulachtung, yes00:04
kavelotany hints on how to force a package installation when app manager says it's not supported on my hardware (I doubt thunderbird won't run on i386 :))?00:04
Jack_Sparrowachtung: feel free to watch and learn..00:04
prihello boys00:04
* IndyGunFreak highly recommends GParted Live.. Or PartedMagic... take your pick00:04
Darius08xOh, okay, guess I'll try that in a second.00:04
Pelovee, there aren't always ppl around that know about everytype of issue, you might want to give #networking a try for this question or even ##linux00:04
veepelo thanx00:04
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: what do you need help with?00:04
xTheGoat121xSo, it seems that at random, I got 100% CPU usage.... and it stays at that level till I restart.00:04
Darius08xDownlaoding it now, hope that works.00:05
PeloxTheGoat121x,  got some java app working ?00:05
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: much faster dl than a full desktop cd..00:05
veeDrUnKnMuNkY cant get to it using http://localhost/phpmyadmin     is this the wrong way to get to it?00:05
xivenI need help with My install please00:05
Peloxiven, we need specific questions00:05
veexiven whats the problem?00:06
xivenIt won't get internet00:06
xTheGoat121xpelo... nope.  The only things that would be running are python apps... screenlets, to be exact... and I've already narrowed it down, not then.00:06
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: did you install it using apt-get or some other package manager or manually?00:06
xivenIt gets an IP, but no internet00:06
xivenWindows works fine..00:06
veeDrUnKnMuNkY  sudo get-apt install phpmyadmin00:06
x80does anyone know what this header is a part of: openglwidget.h00:06
xivenI have a wired connection to a router, with a wired connection to the modem. The modem has a wireless connection to the ISP00:06
humblerodentI've finished my English final essay.00:06
PeloxTheGoat121x,  you are confusing me, when you get  100% cpu , open a terminal and type top,  see what process is on top of the list00:07
veexiven open up System>Network00:07
Darius08xI'm actually on ubuntu right now (I have NO idea what version put it on my laptop a little while ago) Does it come with any .iso burning stuffs. Or would it probably just be easier for me to but it on a usb drive and burn it from windows?00:07
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: i'm assuming you have apache installed on the machine. open a terminal and type cd /var/www. do you see anything called phpmyadmin?00:07
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achtunghas the problem with ubuntu killing laptop hard drives been fixed?00:07
veeDrUnKnMuNkY yes i do... ap2... lemme try that00:07
Jack_Sparrowachtung: that isnt really like being quiet and reading along00:07
thorDarius08x you running gnome?00:07
jacob__can somebody tell me how to log out from superusers powers, (instead of waiting 15 mins)?00:07
achtungi know00:07
xTheGoat121xPelo, that's the thing.  there's nothing listed in top that's eating CPU cycles... it just seems to be unrelated to ANYthing00:07
PeloDarius08x, yes you can right clic k and burn to cd,  but I prefer gnomebaker myself for that ,  just sudo apt-get install gnomebaker00:08
unikonwhy in the world is firefox slow in Ubuntu 7.10?00:08
PeloxTheGoat121x, try with sudo top , might bring up more processes00:08
veeDrUnKnMuNkY no such dir.00:08
veeDrUnKnMuNkY under /etc i see it00:09
xivenI have opened System.NEtwork like 9 times00:09
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: what is your root apache directory?00:09
Pelounikon, might have to do with how many plugins you have00:09
rob_pjacob__: sudo -K whould do it.00:09
xivenBut, what do you want me to do?00:09
tickydoes anybody konw why ubuntu is shutting down (or hibernating or suspending, i'm not sure which of the three is doing), all of a suden? i thought i was pressing some key combinations but i realized it was doing it by itself too..00:09
xTheGoat121xPelo, I don't mean to be difficult, but I've tried that.00:09
jacob__rob_p: thx00:09
rob_pjacob__: welcome00:09
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* Pelo thinks xTheGoat121x is just goating him 00:09
veeDrUnKnMuNkY /var/www/apache2-default00:09
kitcheticky: an overheat maybe?00:09
veeDrUnKnMuNkY thats it right?00:09
tickykitche: i don 't think so. the funs are not loud.00:10
PeloxTheGoat121x, could it be the display that is wrong ? is  your system behaving as if is it using 100% cpu &00:10
billydoes anybody know why when i try to download the dota map, it doesnt show up when i play with it using wine?00:10
veexiven you have to find where the network system window is to see if the settings are correct00:10
tickyis there a log where i can check the signals / messages?00:10
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: just /var/www is the root of the webserver folder. type this command while in /var/www: sudo ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin phpmyadmin00:10
tickykitche: fans not funs00:10
kitcheticky: that doesn't mean anything could still be an overheating problem00:11
xTheGoat121xPelo, now THAT sounds like a very good possibility!  In top and sudo top, nothing shows as chewing up 100% CPU, but in gnome-system-monitor, it shows 100% CPU usage w/o any apps eating that much CPU00:11
tickykitche: how can i check that then?00:11
billyanybody here play wc3 dota on wine?00:11
jacob__rob_p: that didn't work00:12
xivenMaybe you guys would know about a common problem with Clearwire internet and Ubuntu00:12
kitcheticky: just have to watch your sensors00:12
tickybut i don'tthink it is that. it is not powering down like if there was a black out. it is shutting down like if i have chosen it00:12
PeloxTheGoat121x, in system-monitor when you turn it on , the sys-mon itself does take quite a bit of cpu to get running , but it tends to go up and down for a while00:12
rob_pjacob__: Maybe I misunderstood what you were trying to do.00:12
kitcheticky: yes some systems will powerdown like a shutdown00:12
jacob__rob_p: i want to graphically log out from superuser powers00:12
tickykitche: you mean phisically, or in some program in the computer00:12
xTheGoat121xPelo, alas, it's not just with system mon.00:12
kitcheticky: well program lm-sensors00:13
rob_pjacob__: You mean you logged in graphically as root?00:13
PeloxTheGoat121x,  there is a pannel app you can use to monitor your cpu and mem and a bunch of otehr suff that you can basicaly ahve on all the time, that might give you a better idea00:13
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tickykitche: installing it right now00:13
PeloxTheGoat121x, sensors-applet  might need to apt-get it first00:13
veeDrUnKnMuNkY ok i did that... what did that do... and i see a bunch files listed00:13
xTheGoat121xPelo, all right.  I'll look into it00:14
tickyany other idea?00:14
Jupp2rob_p, I think he means that when you type in your password (e.g. synaptic) the system will still have you as root for a couple of minutes00:14
* Pelo needs some junk to much on , later folks 00:14
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: that creates a symbolic link in your apache directory to the phpmyadmin directory. try going to http://localhost/phpmyadmin now00:14
rob_pJupp2: Yeah.  That's what I thought initially too.  If that's the case, "sudo -K" should have forced an expire of sudo privs.00:15
billyanybody here have wc3 dota working?00:15
asdsadasdanyone knows if lineag2 can run on ubuntu some way? unreal engine2 support?00:15
veeDrUnKnMuNkY  doesnt work00:15
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jacob__rob_p: i loged in as the main and only user i have in the system, i want to grant access to superuser powers, but how can i log out of it so i can have standard powers00:15
achtungdota sucks!!!!00:15
kitcheasdsadasd: check wine appdb or cedega's if you want to pay a few bucks to get a good working system sicne their cvs doesn't run00:15
veeDrUnKnMuNkY did i install it wrong?00:15
billyi cant get any downloaded maps on wc3 to work00:16
=== asdsadasd is now known as [n00b]Shadow
kitchebilly: then you most likely have them in the wrong spot but that's more of a wc3 problem then a ubuntu one00:16
billywell i duno where to put them to get them to work with wine00:16
billyso im just wondering if anybody has them working in here00:17
Jack_Sparrowbilly: try asking in #winehq00:17
jacob__rob_p: do you know how to do that?00:17
billyim banned :(00:17
rob_pjacob__: If you are logged in as the normal user, you don't have super user access without using sudo (or gksu, gksudo, etc.) before whatever you want to run with super user privs.00:17
Jack_Sparrowbilly: Somehow, I am not surprised00:17
eyemeanhi there, if i want to delete a protected folder how do i do in command pls?00:17
kitchebilly: in the wc3 folder under ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ or whereverer wc3 is installed to00:17
tickykitche: i cannot make it run, i have run sensors-detect and i still get "Make sure you loaded all the kernel drivers you need. Try sensors-detect to find out which these are." when i run `sensors`00:17
billyi have the map placed into the maps folder, but it doesnt show up when i play00:17
Jack_Sparroweyemean: use sudo for cli or gksudo for gui apps00:17
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: i'm not sure. i just installed it using apt-get and it worked fine out of the box. try completely removing it and installing it again. sudo apt-get purge phpmyadmin and sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin00:18
dngr7.10 install, hp dv600 with nvidia card, the machine just hangs on a black screen, probably X, what could one do to get it running?00:18
jacob__rob_p: i understand that, but how can i log out after i type (gksu, sudo, etc)00:18
billyhow do i get unbanned from winehq?00:18
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: you may also want to reinstall apache2 in a similar manner00:19
jacob__rob_p: grant persmission as a normal user after granting superuser powers00:19
Jack_Sparrowbilly: depends on what you did.. but that is all offtopic for this room00:19
veeDrUnKnMuNkY i am running 7.10 server edition and installed LAMP i the beginning of the install00:19
tickywhere can i get the messages for my system to find out why it shut down for the last time?00:19
veeDrUnKnMuNkY then today i used apt-get to put phpmyadmin on.... was it on already an i double installed?00:19
eyemeanjack_sparrow, sorry but im new to linux, can u pls give example if i want to delete , say /opt/hvirtual00:20
Jack_Sparrowyou would use sduo for root priv  then the rm command to remove the item00:20
rob_pjacob__: If you used sudo, then you can force an expire of the session by issuing, "sudo -k" at the command prompt.00:20
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:20
tickythanks pezz3100:21
Jack_Sparroweyemean: you can do... hold your breath... gksudo nautilus ... then exit nautilus asap00:21
jacobjacob__: after you used sudo once, all the other commands you run (that don't include the command "sudo") will still be run as a normal user00:22
jacob__rob_p: that didn't do it, i can still access the network settings in the gnome desktop environment00:22
kohlgartenhello. I have a little battery pb ; It doesn't charge and the "acpi" command replies : "Battery 1 Charged, 0%" ; any idea?00:22
friendlyswhat is a must have security software for linux? in your opinion?  tripwire?00:23
jacobjacob__: that is a convenience feature. it will remember your sudo password/session for 15 minutes and will automatically expire. All other commands and applications you use however will still run as a normal user.00:23
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: go to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled00:23
kitchefriendlys: no since tripwire can actually mess up the system it's installed on horribly00:23
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: what files are listed in this directory?00:23
Jack_Sparrowfriendlys: Sorry for the caps00:23
jacobjacob__: gnome's network settings automatically use sudo to grant superuser privileges that expire00:24
veeDrUnKnMuNkY im in the dir.00:24
unikonpelo currently i have 15 plug ins00:24
veeDrUnKnMuNkY only 000-default is in there00:24
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: open 000-default00:24
veeDrUnKnMuNkY ok00:24
* KTrigger is away: food and beer... necessities00:25
veeDrUnKnMuNkY what am i looking for?00:25
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: what is listed beside DocumentRoot?00:25
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veeDrUnKnMuNkY /var/www/00:26
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: ok. try reinstalling phpmyadmin i don't see why it wouldn't work00:26
veeDrUnKnMuNkY ok lemme try that00:26
kelsinjacob__: to remove privileges run "sudo -k" in the gnome run dialog (so it runs in the gnome env, not your new terminal environment that you get in a term)00:27
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_mastro_hi all.. i've ubuntu feisty with ati proprietary driver (almost last ones)... i've installed compiz fusion "just for fun" but keep it disabled by default.... when i log in compiz fusion is enabled then after a while (some second) it shutdown itself and metacity come up again.. automatically! can you help me understanding what launch compiz entering gnome?00:27
kelsinjacob__: I think that's alt-F2 by default00:27
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: once it's installed check in /var/www for anything that says phpmyadmin. i've gotta head out but all i have is a link linking to /usr/share/phpmyadmin. that should be all you see in /var/www00:27
veeDrUnKnMuNkY  after i purge do exit then restart terminal00:27
[Neurotic]Hi, does anyone know what *** No rule to make target `arch/i386/kernel/asm-offsets.c', error message would refer to when compiling a kernel? I assume I am just missing a package?00:27
DrUnKnMuNkYvee: shouldn't need to00:27
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jsoftwWhy is it that my ~/.ssh/known_hosts file has _no_ ip addresses in it?00:28
jsoftwWhat is going on ?00:28
kelsinvee: I didn't hear the beginning of this, but phpmyadmin is installed not in /var/www and the config is in /etc/apache2/conf.d00:28
jsoftwits replaced with some gibbereish00:28
kelsinjsoftw: have you ssh'd as your user to other machines?00:28
veekelsin just purged it!00:29
jacob__kelsin: how can i access the gnome run dialog00:29
jsoftwkelsin: yes I have.00:29
kitchejsoftw: because that's the way that it's suppose to look00:29
kelsinjacob__: I just said I think it's alt-F2 by default00:29
jsoftwkitche: no its not .00:29
kitcheit encrypts the hosts jsoftw00:29
jacob__oh sorry00:29
jacob__i missed that00:29
jsoftwkitche: no no, there are no _IP_ addresses.00:29
kelsinjacob__: I've keybinded mine, but I'm pretty sure that's it00:29
jsoftwI realize there is supposed to be a dsa key and all that, but in ubuntu there is no ip address.00:29
kitchejsoftw: want me to show you my file from freebsd I have no ip addresses in that file either00:30
Darius08xAnyone wanna help me with gparted livecd thing?00:30
veekelsin when I install it do i have to be in a certain directory?00:30
jsoftwkitche: :\00:30
kelsinjsoftw: yeah that's what ubuntu does, encrypsts the whole thing00:30
jsoftwkitche: are you _sure_ about that?00:30
kelsinvee: when you install phpmyadmin from the package?00:30
PeloDarius08x,  are you in the live cd now ?00:30
jsoftwkelsin: ubuntu is the only thing I have ever seen it happen with00:30
veekelsin yes00:30
Darius08xYeah, an the very first screen.00:30
dev_noobI'm having an issue with /dev/sdb.  Unknown file system, and I cant repartition it :(00:30
veekelsin using terminal00:30
Darius08xIt wants me to choose which version I guess.00:30
PeloDarius08x, use my nick in each so I know you are talking to me00:30
PeloDarius08x,  a verson of what ?00:31
Darius08xPelo: Ok, sorry00:31
eyemeanjack-sparrow, cheers gksudo nautilus did the trick, i see wat u mean by hold ur breath, hahaha00:31
kelsinvee: then no, apt-get installs where it needs to no matter where you are when you run it00:31
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: tab will complete the nick you want to talk to00:31
jsoftwkelsin: show me the first part of a line out of known_hosts from freebsd then.00:31
rob_pjacob__: I just tried it.  Apparently it only works when invoking sudo <command> from the command line, not graphically.  Not sure why.00:31
veekelsin sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin    .... do i have to cd/ swtich into the dir. i want it in???00:31
veekelsin thanx00:31
Darius08xPelo: It's listing things like Gparted-liveCD 0.3.4-10-beta (auto-config) and all sorts of stuff like that00:31
veekelsin im installing it now and will let ya know what happend00:31
Jack_Sparroweyemean: It is a huge bloated program and can be dangerous to your permissions  and is unforgiving if you make a mistake.00:31
PeloDarius08x,  the live cd boot menu should show you stuff like  star/install , oem mode and stuff like that00:31
PeloDarius08x,  is this the ubuntu live cd or the gparted cd ?00:32
Darius08xPelo:  gparted.00:32
dev_noobgparted has a live cd?00:32
Jack_Sparroweyemean: You might consider thunar as an alternate file manager.. lighter etc00:32
jsoftwlike bash00:32
PeloDarius08x, I've never seen that one,  just pick the highest nuber that is not a beta  taht would be my guess00:32
kelsinvee: no it installs to the same place regardless of where you are00:32
whabohelp, how come after uninstalling wine .. and removing the .wine folder ... its still visible under "all applications"?????? anyone? thx00:33
eyemeanjack-sparrow, yeah i wont be using gksudo nautilus much, hahaha, will give thunar a try00:33
veekelsin i installed it but dont see it in /var/www00:33
Pelodev_noob, gparted as a cd,  don't know it if is live but yuo can boot from it ,  no idea if it is gui00:33
Peloprobabaly is00:33
kelsinvee: I just said when I joined this convo it installs somwhere else and the config for it is in /etc/apache2/conf.d00:33
Jack_Sparroweyemean: it works, but I hate to give that command without a word of caution.. hope you understand00:33
whabohelp, how come after uninstalling wine .. and removing the .wine folder ... its still visible under "all applications"?????? anyone? thx00:33
Darius08xPelo:  Now it's asking me to select a keymap. o.o00:33
kelsinvee: "dpkg -L phpmyadmin" to see where it placed files00:33
Darius08xPelo:  NEver mind about that. xD00:33
PeloDarius08x,  keymap is yoru keyboard type00:33
veekelsin k... lemme type it00:34
* Pelo will kick Darius08x if he asks about selecting a language00:34
Darius08xPelo:  Thanks I figured it out as soon as I was done typing it. xD00:34
Darius08xPelo:  Do I want english?00:34
PeloDarius08x,  I'm not the one using it00:34
kelsinwhabo: did you install/uninstall from the ubuntu package?00:34
Jack_Sparrowduck and cover00:34
whabokelsin: yes i did00:34
eyemeanjack_sparrow, perfectly understandable, u can never be too cautious with newbes, hahaha00:34
whabokelsin: i used synaptic00:35
Jack_Sparroweyemean: welcome to ubuntu...00:35
kelsinwhabo: when you say from "All Applications" where you are talking about?00:35
whabokelsin: im talking about the application list in my menu00:35
Darius08xOk, finally got to the GUI now00:35
veekelsin what should i look for exactly00:35
eyemeanjack_sparrow, cheers, cant rember if i said thank you for your help, so Thank you very much.00:35
kelsinwhabo: I would try "sudo apt-get purge wine" and make sure you got all wine packages that installed00:36
Jack_Sparroweyemean: np.. and thanks00:36
PeloDarius08x, select the drive first,  (I'm assuming the interface is the same as in ubuntu )00:36
eyemeanjack-sparrow, welcome00:36
billycan anybody here help me with warcraft 3 on wine, and playing downloaded maps?00:36
veekelsin i see usr/share/phpmyadmin/...   quite alot00:36
kelsinbilly: what about it is not working?00:36
kitchebilly: I told you what you need to do00:36
PeloDarius08x, then find the partiton you need to resize and right click, should be self explanatory,  apply after each command is my recommendation00:36
Jack_SparrowPelo: it is similar,00:36
whabokelsin: you mean reinstalling wine????00:36
Darius08xOk, I just clicked resize/move, and resized it to half it's original size. Now I've got "An error occurred while applying the operations"00:36
veekelsin and etc/phpmyadmin00:37
kelsinwhabo: no "sudo apt-get purge wine" does not install it, it purges which means removes the packge including any files marked as config files00:37
PeloDarius08x,  any info on what the error is ?00:37
kelsinvee: there you go00:37
billykelsin: i have the map downloaded, and its in my wine c: drive in the maps folder, but when i try to play the game, the map doesnt show up00:37
PeloDarius08x, what FS is this partition you want to rezise ?00:37
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: what is the format of the drive you are trying to resize?00:37
gladirhey guys - im running the livecd - what module do i need to load to get a X1950pro to load X? or do i have to use envy to get it for me00:38
veekelsin  i tired accessing it localhost/phpmyadmin and that didnt work00:38
kelsinbilly: is it a map made for a different version of warIII then you're running? and did you try dropping it in the "downloads" folder underneath maps? (I don't know if that mattered)00:38
PeloDarius08x,  xp 's ntfs or vista's ?00:38
veekelsin thiswas my ori. problem00:38
whabokelsin: thank you soo much00:38
gladirpelo - ntfs is ntfs .. theres no difference between vista and xp00:38
Darius08xPelo: XP00:38
PeloDarius08x,  makeing it bigger or smaller ?00:38
kitchegladir: actually there is00:38
kelsinvee: one sec00:38
veekelsin k00:38
billykelsin: its the newest dota map, and i have it on frozen throne00:39
kelsinbilly: and warIII is fully patched to the newest version?00:39
Darius08xPelo:  smaller00:39
billykelsin: yes warIII has the newest patch00:39
PeloDarius08x, are you tring to make it smaller then the size need for the data on it ? if you get my meaning00:40
* Pelo is embarassed about his last sentence00:40
Darius08xPelo:  Trying to dual boot it and ubuntu00:40
Darius08xPelo:  No. :p00:40
PeloDarius08x,  how much data is on the ntfs drive ?00:40
PeloDarius08x,  never mind the last one00:40
tanathi just had a wierd untitled, empty window pop up on my screen. how can i figure out what it s?00:41
Darius08xPelo:  okey00:41
PeloDarius08x, boot back xp run a scandisk and then run defrag twice at least,  then try the gparted cd again00:41
tanathwhen i focus it, it shows whatever is behind it00:41
tanather, what was behind it at the time, actually00:41
Darius08xI've already done chkdsk /f and defraged a BUNCH of times.00:41
kelsinvee: did you restart apache? and choose the right apache version when you installed phpmyadmin?00:41
PeloDarius08x, ok , still in gparted ?00:42
Darius08xI was getting some cluster error thing and that got fixed. But now it won't resize.00:42
Darius08xYes. I am.00:42
kelsinvee: (restarting apache shouldn't be a problem, but it might have screwed up somehow)00:42
veekelsin no, and I choose apache 2... as i think thats the version that comes with u.server 7.1000:42
PeloDarius08x, refresh the gparted view,  I know that in 7.04 it would occasionnaly tell you there was an error but it would still do the job00:42
kelsinvee: you have the myphp conf file in /etc/apache2/conf.d correct?00:42
veekelsin lemme check00:43
Darius08x... Now my mouse isn't working00:43
kelsinvee: and you don't have any other websites that overight the alias? you can try disabling all sites in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled folder00:43
PeloDarius08x,  reboot the cd00:43
Darius08xPelo:  I am.00:43
kelsinbilly: don't know what to tell you :-( works for me just fine, try putting it into the downloads folder inside maps just in case that matters00:43
PeloDarius08x, the only other thing I can suggest,  would be to backup your xp data,  whipe the hdd make two partition install xp on one and then install ubu on the other00:44
veekelsin i see charset in that directory00:44
billykelsin: when i make the downloads folder, it doesnt even show up00:44
veekelsin no other sites00:44
Darius08xbleh. So just reformat completly. And before installing either go ahead and resize it?00:44
narothepharohpelo: how do I run a terminal as root?00:44
kelsinvee: did you just hit enter over apache2 when installing phpmyadmin or did you hit space so the * appeared next to apache2 then selected00:44
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.00:45
kelsinvee: if you don't know then run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin" to do it again00:45
Pelonarothepharoh,  you donT run terminal as root you run commands with sudo00:45
kelsinbilly: try making "Downloads"00:45
veei had it highlighted red, then hit enter00:45
billykelsin: ok00:45
veekelsin look above00:45
PeloDarius08x, that was a last ditch way to do it , if you can't manage to resize00:45
kelsinbilly: if that doesn't work go and join a b.net game to make war make the folder then place your map in it00:45
Pelo!root > narothepharoh check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu00:46
kelsinvee: make sure to hit space to make the * appear, run that dpkg-reconfigure command and do it again00:46
veekelsin ok00:46
billykelsin: kk i got it to work, thanks a lot00:46
kelsinbilly: was it "Downloads"?00:46
Pelohello fenris00:46
billykelsin: no it was that i copied the folder with the game, and i put it else where, and i thought the maps were in there, but then it was in the original folder00:47
kelsinbilly: ok didn't understand that at all, but glad you got it working00:47
tanathi'm getting empty untitled windows popping up on my screen at random. can anyone help?00:48
MikeyMikeok where might i find info about specifically putting ubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386 onto a flash drive so that i can boot it live and fix some partitions?00:48
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Pelotanath, are you sure you are using ubuntu and not windows ?00:48
Jack_SparrowMikeyMike: I gave you the link in the other channel00:49
MikeyMikei was told to go to pendrivelinux but is there something on ubuntu's website?00:49
Drac[Away]Hi there.00:49
tanathPelo, lol, funny00:49
=== Drac[Away] is now known as Draconicus
MikeyMikeJack_Sparrow,  is there something on ubuntu's website that tells me how?00:49
Pelotanath, did you put anything in crontab ?00:49
MikeyMikei'll check out pendrivelinux.com00:49
veekelsin  YOU GOT IT..... i got to eager and didnt bother pressing <space>... ok now how do you get the user and pass for it?00:49
kelsin!installing | MikeyMike00:49
ubotuMikeyMike: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues00:49
MikeyMikethanks kelsin00:49
tanaththey looked about the right size/shape for amsn chat windows, so i thought it was that, but it didn't go away when i closed it00:50
kelsinvee: it's whatever user and password you setup for mysql00:50
tanathPelo, nope00:50
Jack_Sparrowtanath: do you have effects enabled?00:50
fenrishm, i have a dualcore cpu, shouldn't /proc/cpuinfo report two cpus?00:50
Pelotanath, any info in them or just blank windows ?00:50
DraconicusI upgraded to Gutsy, and then mpg321 stopped working...00:50
tanathJack_Sparrow, using CF00:50
DraconicusAny ideas?00:50
kelsinvee: I think ubuntu's default is root/password00:50
fenrisat least it did some time ago00:50
Jack_Sparrowtanath: I got that when I ran a kde app in ubuntu with compiz running00:50
tanathPelo, no, they show what was on the screen behind the window at the time of appearance00:50
PeloDraconicus,  reinstall from synaptic00:50
kelsinMikeyMike: that first link has a "Without CD" section that I think explains it00:50
tanathJack_Sparrow, not running any kde apps at the moment00:50
DraconicusSame with mpg12300:50
MikeyMikekelsin,  ok thank you00:50
DraconicusPelo: Thought as much. >.>00:51
Jack_Sparrowtanath: if you turn off effects the problem goes away?00:51
tanathJack_Sparrow, wasn't really doing anything in particular except using epiphany00:51
Pelotanath, try turning off compiz , run a while without see if the problem still occurs00:51
tanathugh, i'd rather not. i use the negative plugin to invert the colours... everything is bright & harsh on the eyes without it00:52
Darius08xPelo:  Looks like I'm gonna have to format entirely.00:52
tanathis there some way i can figure out what app these windows are from?00:52
veekelsin ok.. can i reset it somewhere?00:52
PeloDarius08x, well partition before hand make one fat32 and one ext3 , makethe fat32 first you can tell windows to instlal and reforma it to ntfs00:53
kelsinvee: from inside phpmyadmin you can, or using the mysql command line tools, it wouldn't have changed unless you changed it, if I'm even correct about the default, I don't know if I am00:53
tanathaha! it's something from epiphany. java or something00:53
Darius08xaand there goes my mouse again.00:53
PeloDarius08x, it's probabaly for the best,  if  you can't resize it , there is probably some thiny little someting wrong with it00:53
Darius08xPelo:  Thanks, I'll get back to you if i have any other troubles. :p00:53
veekelsin hhmMm00:53
tanathi clicked a link when the window popped up, and when i went away from the page (reloaded in this case), the window disappeared00:54
* Pelo runs away and hides from Darius08x :"I can'T deal with anymore trouble.... ahahahahaha !!"""00:54
tanathit's java or flash00:54
tanathand it's not working00:54
Jack_SparrowPelo: first round is on me...  see you tomorrow...00:54
luciddr34m3rI've been having a heck of a time with my wireless card, would anybody be able to help me out?00:54
kelsinluciddr34m3r: just ask your questions00:55
Darius08xThis is nothing Pelo. xD you should have seen me when I first installed ubuntu and treid to get a LAMP server running.00:55
aladdinsaneIf i add the backports like this to my sources list:00:55
aladdinsanedeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu gutsy-backports main universe multiverse restricted00:55
aladdinsaneDont i need an authentication key? if so where do i find one and how do i add it?00:55
Darius08xMy god it was pathetic. Even more so then now00:55
PeloDarius08x, I was just kidding00:55
luciddr34m3rWell, I have a fresh install of ubuntu on my laptop, and I cant see any wireless networks. My roommate uses the same exact laptop and he doesnt have a problem. I may have used a slightly more recent version...00:55
snkmadtheres a dir where all the Menu entries are saved?00:56
Darius08xI know. :p00:56
luciddr34m3rWe are using the same drivers, so I assumed it would work for me too.00:56
PeloDarius08x, I'm usualy very good at holding hands ,  I'm just disapointed that you will have to reinstall xp,  I know how long that takes, and how insanely teidious is it00:56
alevinehow do i set up aptitude to use a certain repo for only a couple packages?00:56
Zot^I don' t have any sounds, system or speaker.......any suggestions?00:56
=== encryptz is now known as atoponce
xTheGoat121xHas anyone here worked with ACPIs?  More specifically, with iasl?00:57
sn0alevine check into "apt pinning"00:57
Darius08xPelo:  This is probably about my 6th time reinstalling it in the past month.00:57
alevinesn0: exactly what i wanted thanks00:57
PeloDarius08x,  why not ditch xp altogether00:57
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: once you get XP back on... and then ubuntu...  make an image of your boot sector with dd .... it comes in handy when I reinstall mine00:57
crimsunaladdinsane: the key is identical to the existing archive one (Ubuntu Archive Signing Key, 437D05B5)00:57
luciddr34m3rUbuntu auto detected my wireless driver, but I still can't see any networks. Google wasn't able to help either.00:57
Darius08xJack_Sparrow: Do what now?00:58
* lalyta hi all00:58
tilgoviI've been searching around, but can't seem to find a way to change my default gcc to 4.2 in a way that is "ubuntu" (I could manually change symlinks, but this seems wrong...)00:58
Darius08xPelo:  I use it for games, and also I've always used windows. It's easier for me.00:59
computerexHi guys. This is my partition table: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e80/computerex/gparted.png does anyone know how I can get some more space to hda5?00:59
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: after you get xp and ub installed.. make a backup of the drive boot sector to save you time later when XP needs to get reinstalled00:59
bruenigum an "ubuntu" way would be no gcc at all so I wouldn't worry about it00:59
Darius08xPelo:  If I get use to linux enough...maybe.00:59
Darius08xPelo:  Dunno if that'll happen though. :p00:59
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: I need XP since it helps pay the bills00:59
tilgovibruenig: That's a lame answer.  Ubuntu doesn't say you can't compile things, it just doesn't make you.  It does however, give you packages for gcc, it should give me a way to select which to use.00:59
Oni-Draculaanyone know how to disable mousekeys (mouse movement with the numpad)01:00
Darius08xJack_Sparrow: >.> Dunno how to do that at all.. : D01:00
Darius08xI'll just worry about one thing at once.01:00
workdammitgreetings, can anyone walk me through installing ruby 1.8.5 on ubuntu (using aptitude?) i can't seem to find it (1.8.6 is the current ruby version but it has a bug i need to downgrade)01:00
xTheGoat121xI'm guessing not, then01:00
AnimortisI'm getting an unusual error installing flash. Can anyone help?01:00
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: sudo su ... cd Desktop .... dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr.backup bs=446 count=101:01
jvaianyone on dapper?01:01
luciddr34m3rmy wireless card really should be working i think... i just cant see any networks, but i'm sitting a foot away from my AP01:01
vee kelsin err i cant get into it01:01
kitcheAnimortis: well what is the error then maybe we will help can't help really without knowing the error01:01
Jack_SparrowDarius08x: assuming sda is your drive..01:01
bruenigtilgovi, the concept of an "ubuntu" way is a lame one to begin with, I was merely demonstrating that01:01
veekelsin i wrote it down but it doesnt work01:01
Peloluciddr34m3r,  you did read the wifi documentation from ubuntu right ?01:02
bruenigtilgovi, do what you want so long as it works01:02
Jack_Sparrowluciddr34m3r: did you ever identify your hardware/card?01:02
AnimortisWhen done downloading flash from Synaptic, the console view displays the following message: md5sum mismatch install flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz / The Flash plugin is NOT installed.01:02
void^tilgovi: the "ubuntu way" which is the "debian way" is to use update-alternatives for these things, but it can only be used if the packages are available, of course.01:02
circaenderwhen I start my Ubuntu, it loads three bars and then just stalls? its a dedicated Ubuntu machine.01:02
aladdinsanecrimsun: ok so does that mean i dont need to add a new key then, just uncomment the backports line in my sources list? And another question, reading about the backports repo, i understand it can have some security issues using it, how bad/serious is that really?01:02
kitcheAnimortis: sounds like you need to update the repos by refreshing synaptic01:03
Pelocircaender, canyou boot the recovery mode ?01:03
Animortiskitche: ... Ah, okay. One sec...01:03
crimsunaladdinsane: that's correct.  It can be serious, though the community attempts to keep it free of serious security issues.01:03
tilgovivoid^: Right...I thought as much.  I don't see an update alternatives for the toolchain though01:03
ztomicluciddr34m3r: Which card is it?01:03
circaenderpelo- no, and i can't see any but one error in text mode..01:03
luciddr34m3rI read as much documentation as i could, and no luck. I'm using a broadcom wireless card. Ubuntu decided to use an Atheros driver, but thats even whats listen on HP's site.01:04
Darius08xJack_Sparrow:  Ah, welll, I'll ask you for that again later. I just need to install xp first at least.01:04
Pelocircaender,  and what is the error ?01:04
crimsuntilgovi: well, the gcc-defaults source package generates binary packages that set c{[c{,pp}89],++}01:04
ztomicluciddr34m3r: which model?01:04
Animortiskitche: No dice.01:05
crimsunick, boog in my regex01:05
aladdinsanecrimsun: ok but how serious is it, i mean is it worth using or should one better keep away?01:05
Peloluciddr34m3r, look up the exact model in here there might be advice  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport01:05
AnimortisRefreshing the repos did not work.01:05
circaenderpelo, error_code+0x72/0x80  theres stuff after that..but if they are errors too, then there is a huge list and i cant see all of them.01:05
crimsunaladdinsane: you use it at your own risk.  Please consider that.01:05
circaenderi have reinstalled 3 times..01:05
kitcheAnimortis: then the package is corrupted or something else01:05
luciddr34m3rok hold on i'll find the model number again...01:05
Pelocircaender, can you boot any of the previous kernels ? if you have any01:05
veekelsin i cant get in01:06
Jack_Sparrowluciddr34m3r: My hp came with a broadcom bcm43xx01:06
AnimortisWell, it downloads it every time. Is there a problem with the repos right now?01:06
circaenderum, im really new to this..so im not sure what you mean?01:06
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void^tilgovi: well, there's also the generic way of setting CC01:06
luciddr34m3rThats probably it. I run an NW8000, and that number sounds right. I found instrustions for that though and they didnt help. I'm 99% positive the driver is right though.01:07
Pelocircaender,  when you boot the comp, do you get a boot menu ? if not , reboot and type the esc key right after the bios stuff is done, that will get you the grub boot menu, you can boot in recovery mode or previous kernels from there ifyou hve any01:07
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx01:07
=== tonyy is now known as tonyyarusso
aladdinsanecrimsun: yes i get that, im just trying to get a picture of how big that risk could be. put it like this, are u using it? and/or would u recommend a friend using it?01:07
Jack_Sparrowluciddr34m3r: IS that the help you used?01:07
speedhunt3rJack_Sparrow: hey I was arvin_ a while ago, on my friend's pc01:08
circaenderyes, i have been there before. i have the main kernal,the recovery one and somethign else after that.01:08
circaenderthe first two, just go to the load screen.. loads three of the bars and stalls in the same place every time.01:08
snkmadtheres a dir where all the Menu entries are saved?01:08
Jack_Sparrowspeedhunt3r: Ok.. I am already late.. so I must leave..   hope things are working for you01:08
Pelocircaender, ok I'll assume you tried them all, with this kind of error I would boot the live cd, try and backup my /home partiton and then just clean install01:09
luciddr34m3r Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5705M_2 Gigabit Ethernet is my card01:09
luciddr34m3rso its not the 43xx01:09
xTheGoat121xI don't seem to have ACPI implemented in my system... maybe my DSDT is messed up?01:09
speedhunt3rtake care01:09
ztomicluciddr34m3r: ndiswrapper01:09
kitcheluciddr34m3r: hmm that might not work not sure though01:09
gorathcan any one tell me how to get/install xwinwrap for gusty please?01:09
Bored1edHello People!01:09
=== DarthShr1ne is now known as DarthShrine
Pelogorath,  did you look in synaptic ?01:09
SonicChaoHi Bored1ed01:09
luciddr34m3ri tried ndiswrapper01:10
Bored1edHi Sonic, whats happening?01:10
gorathpelo: yes nothing comes up when i search01:10
workdammitis it possible to downgrade packages in ubuntu? or do the old packages just get phased out over time01:10
circaenderThe live cd does the same thing, and i checked it for errors? I looked up my motherboard and it said it was compatable and everything..01:10
ztomicbuy an atheros based card... all mine work perfectly.01:10
circaenderi think i might be at a loss.01:10
* Animortis is still not sure why apt-get can't download the flash player.01:10
speedhunt3rfrom selecting ubuntu from my grub loader till the log in screen, my monitor turns off while booting up..anyway I can fix this?01:10
netsrotPelo: now it's working great, I just needed to set the min and max values in the file you talked about which no guide was explaining about but it was comments in the file.01:10
jribworkdammit: yes and yes01:10
Pelogorath,  google for the website , on there look for a deb file , it you dont, find any get the source and come back , we'll tel you how to compile it01:11
kitcheAnimortis: it's corrupted on the repos or your local hashes are wrong but I'd say the package is corrupted01:11
gorathpelo: ok thanks01:11
Pelocircaender,  if you can't even boot the live cd,  consider it might be an hardware issue01:11
workdammitjrib: do you know how to specify aptitude to grab a particular package?01:11
luciddr34m3rThe driver is good though. My roomate uses the same exact driver. I know at least 4 people with the same model laptop and the card worked out of the box (and i confirmed the driver to be identical to mine)01:11
jribworkdammit: aptitude install PACKAGE=VERSION01:11
Pelonetsrot, I knew it was there but It's been so long I didn't remember much about it01:11
Pelonetsrot, congrats01:11
jribworkdammit: apt-cache policy PACKAGE  to list01:12
ztomicluciddr34m3r: If you can identify the chipset as being supported then you may want to try manual setup. If not then ndiswrapper should work if you have the windows driver. the other option is to buy a new card.01:12
kitofhawaiispeedhunt3r: you have an onboard video card? also, have a card with both DVI and VGA?01:12
netsrotPelo: it seems to respect the available stepps as well.01:12
Pelojrib, stop pressuiing the noobs01:12
workdammitjrib thanks!01:12
Animortiskitche: I've done a sudo apt-get clean'01:12
Animortiskitche: and that didn't change the result. Any other suggestions?01:12
kitcheAnimortis: well that just cleans the cache of packages01:12
Pelonetsrot, I don'T know how it could do otherwise01:12
speedhunt3rkitofhawaii: yes i do have onboard, but I am using my PCI-ex card.. I think the PCI-ex has both dvi and vga01:13
Pulgusola todo mundo!01:13
kitofhawaiiAnimortis: after adding the restricted repo's did you do an update?01:13
AnimortisYea, the hope would be the new package would download safely. This is a fresh Ubuntu install...01:13
Pelo!es | Pulgus01:13
ubotuPulgus: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:13
TeslaDaveHi all, I am trying to install a program called Think or Swim onto my Gusty ADM64 machine, does anyone know about this program?01:13
Animortiskitofhawaii, I have refreshed my repos. I'll do it again for safety sake...01:13
circaenderif i looked up my motherboard and it said it was supported, is there still a chance its that?01:13
luciddr34m3r*sigh* ok i'll play around with it for awhile again. i may be back01:13
kitofhawaiispeedhunt3r: have a spare monitor handy to plug in while seeing if it comes up over on one of them?01:14
GeddiGuyHey, this is the first time I've used IRC! Am I working ok?01:14
Pelocircaender, did ubuntu work well before ?01:14
ztomicPersonally, I never had good luck with ndiswrapper. I could connect but it was slow and dropped connection a lot.01:14
jribGeddiGuy: yes01:14
kitofhawaiiAnimortis: what's the msg you're getting?01:14
kefurd06yes guy01:14
GeddiGuyKEWL! Thanks jrib01:14
speedhunt3rkitofhawaii: you mean on my video card that's not being used?01:14
circaenderno, this is my first time trying.01:14
kitofhawaiispeedhunt3r: yah, on one of the other ports, to see if any are "misbehaving"01:15
Pelocircaender, maybe you should try with the alternate install cd it is less picky about hardware when it installs01:15
kitofhawaiispeedhunt3r: also, confirm in bios that the onboard is off and deprived an IRQ01:15
speedhunt3rkitofhawaii: yeah i do have a spare, suppose the display goes on to that monitor, then what do i do?01:15
Animortiskitofhawaii, md5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz / The Flash plugin is NOT installed.01:15
TeslaDaveThe program doesn't start fully because when it starts  it tries to update and write files i believe, and thus since SU doesn't really exist in ubuntu, it can't update and thus can't start, is their a place where i can install it so that i don't have to worry about sudo or su01:15
netsrotPelo: great thanks, now it's only my cdrom drive making noices, I hope that cdemu will release a stable version soon but development seems dead.01:16
speedhunt3rkitofhawaii: i don't have a choice to turn it off, i can set one primary so i set my primary to pci-ex01:16
raj_hello guys. i need help creating a shortcut for an application ... under the application list>>>>> i recently installed wine ... but however after uninstallation and removal of .wine folder the application was still existing on my application list> so what i did it i went to menu editor and deleted it.... Today i installed wine again ... but however it does not show under applications anymore .. im talking about the folder that takes u01:16
raj_to programs etc.... how can i fix that ??? anyone ??? thank you01:16
marlhi folks, im running a VS with Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS  and am hitting a prob trying to setup an iptables rule, could some kind sole have a quick look at http://www.pastebin.ca/807821 and see if they can see what im doing wrong?01:16
circaenderThats how i got it to install, and it all installed fine and detected all my hardware and everything..and it told me to take the cd out and reboot..so i did, and it just loaded up three bars and stalled.01:16
kitofhawaiispeedhunt3r: you should be able to rob it of its IRQ01:16
ztomicbtw, is the wireless tool to graphically select a specific AP?01:16
micohi there []01:16
speedhunt3rkitofhawaii: i'll look for it, i recently updated bios, brb....01:16
Pelonetsrot, my dvd drive was making some noise recently as well , I'm not sure it is ubuntu related but I was thinking it might have been , seemesd to have stopped now01:16
ztomicNM, that would be in manual configuration...01:17
micocould anyone point me direction of links to learn how to install an LDAP server and clients in gutsy ?01:17
dewdudeok, so, my laptop hard drive started making funky zipping/whining noises and after about 5 minutes, 100% died..like..the bios doesn't even detect it..so i put my 80gb drive in the thing that had a previous ubuntu install from an HP Omnibook...now i know i should idealy reinstall ubuntu...but..there's some stuff in /home i really don't wanna get rid of...any options for me?01:17
=== DarthShr1ne is now known as DarthShrine
Pelomico, assuming an ldap client is just a bunch of apps , you just need to know what those apps are and install them from synaptic01:18
kefurd06dewdude: if the drive isn't even picked up in bios.. u may be SOL01:18
whabo hello guys. i need help creating a shortcut for an application ... under the application list>>>>> i recently installed wine ... but however after uninstallation and removal of .wine folder the application was still existing on my application list> so what i did it i went to menu editor and deleted it.... Today i installed wine again ... but however it does not show under applications anymore .. im talking about the folder that takes u01:18
kitofhawaiiAnimortis: i'm seeing you're not the only one having the problem...someone posted a workaround in ubuntuforums01:18
whaboto programs etc.... how can i fix that ??? anyone ??? thank you01:18
ztomicdewdude: usb pendrive. In the future create a separate home partition.01:19
kefurd06dewdude: i've heard of companies that will take your dead hard drive and get as much data for u from it as they can01:19
Animortiskitofhawaii, A repo difficulty? I'll take a look or wait for it to fix.01:19
dewdudeno no01:19
dewdudeyou totally misheard me.01:19
Pelodewdude,  if hyou have some free hdd space,  resize to make a new partiton from that free space and copy your /home folder to it01:19
gorathPelo: ok i belive i have the source now for xwinwrap how do i compile01:19
dewdudethe drive that died..had nothing on it01:19
dewdudei don't care01:19
dewdudeit had suffered a problem with data loss before and i was a fool for trying to use it01:19
marldewdude: one tip u could try to get allow getting some data back from the drive if u need it, is place the drive oin an external drive caddy, and put it in the freezer in a well sealed bag01:19
dewdudebut i wasn't sure if that was the issue with the thing.01:19
circaenderis there a way i can find out if its my hard ware? i checked my motherboard and it said it was compatible..im not sure what else it could be..i have a Nvidia g-card01:20
dewdudethe dead drive is in the trash already01:20
Pelogorath, first you need to install the compiling software,    open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install build-essential01:20
kitofhawaiiAnimortis: the other thing you can try is "sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree" and then try the aptget again01:20
kefurd06now what was ur question?01:20
ztomicdewdude: I like Pelo's idea.01:20
whaboHow can i create a shortcut for a new subfolder under applications??? its for WINE and the programs in it .. anyone ??? PLZ HELPP .. THANK YOU01:20
dewdudei thought about trying that.01:20
kefurd06sry whabo, wish i knew01:20
marlleaving it in the external caddy/bad, allows you to actually run and access it while it is still in the freezer! can allow short term access to apparently totaly dead drives!01:20
dewdudei know that01:20
gorathpelo: ok01:20
Pelocircaender, ifyou hve anything nvidia on your comp , use the alternate install cd , not the live cd , youcan get it from the ubuntu.com site, fromteh dl section , just check the box bellow the download button01:20
whabokefurd06: its ok thx :)01:20
Pelogorath,  done ?01:21
dewdudethe point is...i don't care about the dead drive..i'm jsut wondering should i try to reconfigure the ubuntu install on the "new" drive or reformat after getting the /home stuff backuped somehow01:21
Pelogorath, ok  is the xwin... source package on your desktop ?01:21
Animortiskitofhawaii, Didn't work. I'll look for that workaround.01:21
Bored1edAnyone have any download recommendations? Im quite bored.01:21
dewdudeit's booted up in console since X wouldn't start..and my wifi is working......i jsut didn't know if there was some easy way to do it01:21
DILstick the drive in the freezer and try it again -01:21
kelsinmarl: looks to me like the REDIRCT table doesn't exist, I could be very wrong about that01:21
circaenderThats how i got it to install, and it all installed fine and detected all my hardware and everything..and it told me to take the cd out and reboot..so i did, and it just loaded up three bars and stalled.01:21
TeslaDaveI have a question regarding installing a program that needs root su access everytime it starts, is there a place where it can be installed to get around the sudo / su differences ubuntu has?01:22
Pelogorath,  join me in #Pelo please , this place is a bit to noisy for this tutorial01:22
kitofhawaiiAnimortis: it involves getting it directly from adobe (works good...can confirm that's a viable option, though it won't be managed, so keep an eye on the repo's)01:22
ztomicdewdude: not really important. you can reconfigure X and other things. But then again a new install is pretty quick.01:22
kelsinmarl: n/m it's a builtin, shows what I know :)01:23
Animortiskitofhawaii, I'll take a look. Considering the security vulnerabilities involved, I will probably just use Gnash for a few weeks...01:23
Peloafk brb01:23
kitofhawaiiAnimortis: also, are you using 64-bit ubunti?01:23
whaboi recently deleted the folder wine from application ( by mistake) and i removed wine to try and reinstall it and see if it comes back .. no luck .. any help would be appreciated01:23
ztomicThats the good thing about Linux as oposed to windows01:23
Animortiskitofhawaii, No, 32.01:23
dewdudei just didn't wanna lose my copy of The Aristrocrats01:23
snkmadtheres a dir where all the Menu entries are saved?01:23
kitofhawaiiAnimortis: ok then that workaround'll work for you :)01:23
dewduderight now i need to figure out of i put the wrong drive, cuz it's only detecting 40 gigs01:23
ztomicI dunno what that is.01:24
kitofhawaiiAnimortis: oh ok yah use whatever works :-D01:24
TeslaDavedewdude: u can ssh into ur machine pull what u want out of it then reinstall01:24
Animortiskitofhawaii, Thanks01:24
dewdudeTesla: i have physical console access to it01:24
IldjarnIs there a way to queue files in rtorrent, i.e., download one torrent at a time automatically, instead of download them all at the same time?01:24
dewdudei'm just not sure of the best way to move everything over console01:24
dewdudei figured maybe someone in here knew a shortcut01:25
temujinwhere can i get the mkv(h264) codecs for mplayer?01:25
ztomicdewdude: if you need a graphical environment, boot a livecd.01:25
dewdudei don't have wifi on liveCD01:26
ztomicdewdude: then reconfigure X01:26
TeslaDavedewdude are you just trying to copy a directory01:27
ztomicdewdude: I must not understand something about what youre trying to do.01:27
sceoI'm trying to export an NTFS usb-drive with NFS.  It's not supported, but I read that it can work with FUSE (http://www.ntfs-3g.org/support.html#nfs); can anyone help?01:27
dewdudespecifically, i only want like, one or two files.01:28
dewdudei'm just gonna FTP them to my desktop01:29
xsystemxAnyone here deal with RAID on regular basis?01:30
Darius08xI just reformated my HDD to fat32 like pelo suggested. But it still says I'm using 149 MiB..how is that?01:30
UbuntMeHey guys, i have a problem downloading this http://awn.wetpaint.com/page/Ubuntu+Feisty+Repository?t=anon01:30
kitofhawaiixsystemx: software or hardware?01:30
xsystemxkitofhawaii - software01:30
GOdFAThe1Can someone help me install VLC?01:30
PeloDarius08x, how big is the hdd ?01:30
DIL0 1 or 501:30
Darius08xPelo: 300GB with 297 unused01:30
kitofhawaiixsystemx: ah...i don't use that...just hardware, sorry01:31
PeloDarius08x, did you apply the command ?01:31
wols_Darius08x: that's normal01:31
Darius08xPelo: yes01:31
dewdudeDarius: formatting a hard drive takes space...you never get the full advertised amount.01:31
DILdid oiu lose a drie\ve01:31
xsystemxkito - how can I confirm certain module is loaded in memory?01:31
PeloDarius08x, wols will hlep you on this, I busy else wehre atm01:31
wols_xsystemx: lsmod01:31
Darius08xAh, okey dokey you two. Thanks.01:32
choudeshanyone run the icedtea-java7-plugin?01:32
ztomicdewdude: samba? ftpd? sshftp?01:32
wols_Darius08x: 300GB = 300 billion bytes  in harddisks, which is not300 GiB01:32
wols_also the meta data like the FATs and root directoriey need some room too01:32
GOdFAThe1Anyone have familiarity with installing VLC? Also wouldnt mind helping a Linux newb?01:32
dewdudei'm jsut gonna do the FTPD thing...01:32
slic1hello can ne1 tell me why when installing ubuntu, it hangs at 66%?01:33
Darius08xwols_:  I don't quite understand that really. But thanks. xD01:33
wols_!anyone | GOdFAThe101:33
ubotuGOdFAThe1: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:33
DEAthKAapt-get install VLC01:33
DEAthKAbut first01:33
DEAthKAgoogle medibuntu01:33
GOdFAThe1I get dependency issues01:33
ztomicdewdude: why cant you just copy the files to a usb drive or floppy. that would be a lot less trouble.01:33
DEAthKAadd 2 lines with repository01:33
kitofhawaiidewdude: that's definitely a viable way of getting it over..your desktop a windows box? you could just share out a folder01:33
DEAthKAgot it?01:33
dewdudefloppy is out of the question...a floppy can't hold that much01:33
wols_Bored1ed: for a harddisk maker 300GB is 300x1000x1000x1000 bytes. for linux it is 300x1024x1024x102401:33
GOdFAThe1add 2 lines with repository?01:33
dewdudei don't have a GUI..i can't get wifi working with liveCD...i don't know how to share folders with samba through command01:34
slic1why does ubuntu fiesty fawn 7.06 hang at 66% installing?01:34
DEAthKAu will find there what u need01:34
DEAthKAjust google...medibuntu01:34
dewdudei also don't ahve any USB sticks.01:34
kitofhawaiislic1: did you check your cd for consistency?01:34
GOdFAThe1ill be back if I have any issues01:34
slic1kito: no how do i do that?01:34
UbuntMeI try to download this  http://awn.wetpaint.com/page/Ubuntu+Feisty+Repository?t=anon but when i put in the respositories or whatever, and then put in the command, this comes up01:34
UbuntMegpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.01:34
Pelog'night folks01:35
kitofhawaiislic1: when you boot up the cd it should give you the option (one of the first screens that comes up)01:35
slic1ok ill try it, will it take long?01:35
DILslic1, how long is the hang so far01:35
kitofhawaiislic1: burning os disks, i generally recommend going half or slower the rated speed of your cd burner01:35
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
kitofhawaiislic1: depends on your system, 5 minutes to 2001:35
slic1well at 66% it wont let me doing anything else01:36
ztomicdewdude: sshftp would be easiest01:36
mttrI have a problem with my applications menu not activating the applications.. can someone help me01:36
UbuntMewill someone help with my question plzz01:36
fsckrok dumb question.  what do i do if I am not running compiz and I have no borders :_01:36
kelsinfsckr: you can try running "metacity --replace" to get metacity back running01:36
fsckrthx kelsin lemme try that01:36
CaptainMorganI'm trying to check a log for which users logged in and did what... which log should I look for ?01:36
mttri think i've lost my permissions.. or i messed up with chown01:37
akornAnybody know how i can completely remove Crossover Office? i installed it but now i dont want it anymore since Wine seems to work better01:37
fsckrkelsin that worked ty....now to figure out what happened LOL01:37
mttrakorn.. just delete the .crossover folder01:37
wols_CaptainMorgan: users are not logged what they do01:37
CaptainMorganwols_, what about logged in/out times ?01:37
wols_akorn: depends how you installed it01:37
kitcheakorn: easy use a package managment software to remove it unless you used their .run file01:38
wols_CaptainMorgan: auth.log perhaps01:38
juano__akorn: you have to run /opt/..../cxoffice/cxremove01:38
juano__akorn: or something like that... with sudo01:38
akornwols_ i used the .deb file to install it, any idea? i can't find any folders and if i use locate crossover i find nothing, bu tit's there becuase i used it to install a program!01:38
heguruCaptainMorgan: you can use last command for last logged in users01:38
kelsinCaptainMorgan: the last command will help "last"01:38
akornmttr should tha tbe under /home/username ? because i dont see it there (and yea, i have show hidden files checked)01:39
GOdFAThe1Do you need to add repositories for VLC in the souces.list to install it without dependency issues?01:39
kitcheakorn: if you used .deb synaptic can see it most likely01:39
scguy318GOdFAThe1: no01:39
cabbalguien en español01:39
scguy318!es | cabb01:39
ubotucabb: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:39
wols_akorn: dpkg -l01:39
mttrakorn you have to show hidden folders01:39
juano__akorn: what version ?01:39
GOdFAThe1scguy318:    How come I am getting dependency issues??01:39
scguy318GOdFAThe1: dunno, pastebin the errors?01:40
akornmttr yea i have my hidden folders showing01:40
mttrhang i will check01:40
mttri have it installed01:40
akornjuano_ version 6 final01:40
juano__cabb join #ubuntu-es01:40
GOdFAThe1Ok scguy318 give me a sec01:40
juano__akorn: go to applications , crossover, uninstall, after that it will show you a message with a dir, and you should run what it shows you with sudo , then it will be completely removed01:41
akornkitche you're right, synaptic did find it...thanks a lot :)01:41
akornjuano_ it doesnt show under applications...maybe i have to add th folder to my menu snce it might not have automatically done that...but it seems that synaptic is actually uninstalling it01:41
kitofhawaiiGOdFAThe1: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html explains the repos you need01:41
GOdFAThe1scguy318:  can I post them in here?01:42
juano__akorn: ahh ok01:42
GOdFAThe1Will I get a flood warning?01:42
akornjuano_ wols_ kitche mttr yea synaptic did it. thanks a lot guys01:42
kitche!paste | GOdFAThe101:42
ubotuGOdFAThe1: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:42
mttris there a way to reset a messed up chown01:42
DoctorZayasHi everyone I'm new to this so...01:43
mttrI have a problem with my applications menu not activating the applications.. can someone help me01:43
kelsinmttr: to reset a chown root can always do it "sudo chown ..."01:43
GOdFAThe1scguy318:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47178/01:43
maverick_i have a problem LISTEN won't play seek or add any mp3 files...only flac, ogg, ACC formats01:43
maverick_any ideas?!01:43
kitofhawaiimttr: did you try prefixing with sudo?01:43
mttryes,, i can get the application to work when i use sudo.. but not when you the top app panel.01:44
kitche!lame | maverick_01:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lame - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:44
kitche!mp3 | maverick_01:44
ubotumaverick_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:44
geekternI was wondering if anyone knew a way to rebuild initrd.gz i tired mkinitramfs01:44
mttrcan't even open a network view01:45
mttrdid i ever mess that one up01:45
maverick_i can play mp3 with amarok01:45
maverick_i have the restricted formats installed01:45
kitofhawaiiGOdFAThe1: you have the universe repo active?01:45
GOdFAThe1yeah i activated it in the GUI01:45
GOdFAThe1I can even search it in the universe repo01:46
proqesiI'm trying to run opera 32-bit on ubuntu gutsy 64-bit so I can use flash. I have three libraries which opera can't use because it is 32-bit. how do I grab the 32-bit libs?01:46
mttrkitofhawaii  any more thoughts.. on application problem ?01:46
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash01:47
kitche!flash64 | proqesi01:47
ubotuproqesi: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava01:47
mayecoin wiki.ubuntu.com I want to create a navigation only with 1 depth01:47
kitcheproqesi: you need to setup a 32bit chroot most likely01:47
mayecowho to do that?01:47
GOdFAThe1kitofhawaii: I also get similar issues when trying to install it from the package manager01:47
mayeco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?go=Go&search=Navigation(children[1])?01:48
kelsinmaverick_: do you have the gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly package installed?01:48
mttrif i use gksu nautilus it works in with sudo but not from my menu01:48
maverick_kelsin: nope01:48
maverick_kelsin: installing now01:49
kelsinmaverick_: there you go, I think listen uses gstreamer so hopefully that solves it01:49
kitofhawaiimttr: in terminal go to your directory "sudo chown -R <owner>" to touch all files under your homedir...try that01:49
mttrok will try thanks01:49
maverick_kelsin: Thank you so much01:49
GOdFAThe1scguy318;  kitofhawaii ?? You still with me here?01:50
maverick_kelsin: oyu have no idea how did u make my idea :D01:50
mayecoin wiki.ubuntu.com I want to create a navigation only with 1 depth01:50
kitofhawaiiGOdFAThe1: i got it to work with automatix on my machine...01:50
mayecohow to do that01:50
kelsinmaverick_: for your info I found that info on the page that kitche made ubotu post :)01:50
GOdFAThe1ok give me a sec01:50
proqesikitche: thanks, the flash page has got info01:51
TorrentialHey, I've got a little fstab/mounting question.01:52
TorrentialI'm running the latest Ubuntu, and I edited my fstab file so it'd automatically mount my second harddrive at boot.01:52
maverick_kelsin: yeah u're right , but what made u think of this package in specific ?!!01:52
TorrentialHowever, it mounts this as read-only, I want all users to be able to change the files on the drive.01:52
GOdFAThe1kitofhawaii: I cant even install automatix!! ARGGG01:52
FlannelGOdFAThe1: that's a good thing.  You don't want Automatix.01:52
dark_ninjatorrential, what's the fs type?01:52
kelsinmaverick_: that page, in the mp3 section01:53
jjore-mI'm trying to do `dpkg-query -S strncat` to find out which documentation package I need to get standard POSIX docs. That doesn't work. Help?01:53
kitofhawaiiFlannel: hey now i had no problem with it ;)01:53
GOdFAThe1well can someone tell me why I am having dependency issues with VLC install?? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47178/01:53
maverick_kelsin: it was among other packages, anyways thanks...i should look more into details next time01:53
juano__Torrential: check if rw is in the options01:53
dark_ninjatorrential, this addresses your problem http://www.userlocal.com/tips/fatmounting.php01:53
Torrentialjuano_: It is.01:53
Torrentialdark_ninja: I'll go take a look01:54
TigranGWhat version of OSS does Ubuntu 7.10 come with and is the newest one OSS 4?01:55
kitcheTigranG: umm last tiem I knew it just uses Alsa01:55
kitofhawaiiTorrential: if it's ntfs, get package ntfs-config01:56
TigranGkitche: Is OSS better than ALSA?01:56
kitcheTigranG: Alsa replaced OSS but with OSS being open source now OSS might get better01:56
wols_TigranG: no01:56
Torrentialkitofhawaii: It's not, it's a FAT32. I'm trying out the article dark_ninja gave me and it appears to address the exact problem I have. Thanks!01:56
kitofhawaiiTorrential: k :)01:56
captmorganhey looking for a tip or trick, when I want to choose a picture to upload in firefox, the filemanager doesnt display the pictures as icons just the file name, is there something I can do to change that?01:57
TigranGwols_: kitche: what about http://ubuntu-unleashed.blogspot.com/2007/10/get-better-sound-in-ubuntu-with-brand.html01:57
oksuzerkan orada misin ?01:58
oksuznaber len01:58
kitcheTigranG: I have no web browser so I can't look at links01:58
slic1errors found in 2files?01:58
oksuzmsn e sokim ya01:58
oksuzher neyse01:58
oksuzburada konu$mayalim01:58
PriceChild!en | oksuz01:58
ubotuoksuz: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:58
TigranGkitche: that sucks, why not01:58
kitche!enter | oksuz01:58
ubotuoksuz: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:58
kitcheTigranG: I m building I did a fresh install of FreeBSD 7.0-Beta4 to try it out01:59
=== pablo is now known as cronosii
munk_im having troubles with my graphics card...i cant configure it...i have a nvidia......help anybody? i already tried the guides..01:59
TigranGkitche: ah01:59
oksuzubotu , i am sorry i dont get it01:59
wols_TigranG: it's not in ubuntu, you are on your own if you want to try it01:59
ab_Hello, I need some help with keyboard settings. Does anyone know how to change a keymap in 7.10?01:59
slic1can some1 tell me if i can possibly still install ubuntu even with 2errors found?01:59
oksuzice, bana private acsana01:59
TigranGlol I like how ppl talk to bots01:59
wols_slic1: depends on the errors01:59
TigranGwols_: thanks01:59
slic1it didn't say i did the check when u first boot from the cd02:00
pgHow can I make the console font smaller?02:00
kitcheTigranG: but Alsa does have a OSS wrapper so it works with OSS only programs02:00
oksuzi cannot privmessage to anyone, can anyone help me how can i get rid of this02:00
syndr0anyone know why my ubuntu 7.10 has trouble with you tube.. or even a flash speed test?02:00
slic1wols:could i download the iso and run it in virtual workstation or comething of that nater?02:00
robdigab_: system->preferences->keyboard->layouts02:00
kitofhawaiislic1: you should rewrite the cd, go half speed or lower (tends to be touchy, i had to burn 3 before i had a clean disk)02:00
slic1im out of cds02:01
TigranGkitche: thing is if I put the volume up its choppy, and this claims better sound quality02:01
kitofhawaiislic1: ouch :) walmart run :)02:01
slic1nah imma try my way02:01
slic1download iso + vmware workstation :P02:01
kelsinTigranG: then you can follow the instructions on that page to install oss402:01
oksuzorada misin ?02:01
slic1ill let u know how it goes02:01
kitcheTigranG: maybe but you can only run one program with sound with OSS at a time well you can run more but only one will have sound02:01
TigranGkitche: the active one?02:02
geekterndoes anyone know how to rebuild initrd i cant seem to get it to work, any help?02:02
kitcheTigranG: the first one that starts :) but if you close the first one the other ones will still not have sound02:03
TigranGkitche: imma stick with alsa :P02:03
xTheGoat121xI have pinned it down!02:03
firefly2442Can someone help with a locale error message: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47179/02:04
kitcheTigranG: I use OSS myself but see on a BSD system it acts different then on a linux system02:04
xTheGoat121xApparently, when my laptop comes back from gnome-screensaver, my CPU shoots up to 100% usage, despite nothing significant running02:04
firefly2442I tried exporting to the correct locale as well as dpkg-reconfigure, neither works02:04
syndr0why does youtube crash my ubuntu?02:05
pgHow can I make the console font smaller?02:05
pgsyndr0: it may be because of the flash plugin.02:05
PriceChildsyndr0, ask adobe02:05
kitchesyndr0: probably crashes firefox or your browser not ubuntu02:05
TigranGkitche: Ok. Thanks, just gonna stay with ALSA02:05
syndr0well it makes ubuntu freeze pretty much02:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gates - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:06
mrAshleyxTheGoat121x - try opening a terminal and running "top" the offending program should be the highest on the list and say it's using a bunch of cpu time.02:06
dickfacemanxhow do i install a source package ??????02:06
syndr0pg, is there a better flash plugin?02:06
FluxDdickfacemanx: compile it02:06
pgsyndr0: which flash plugin are you using?02:06
kelsindickfacemanx: read the directions in the package, ussually better to use the ubuntu version unless you know you need the source version02:06
syndr0pg, also im trying to use a speedtest to test my connection and it loads the flash tester and what not, but it just kinda stops....02:06
syndr0pg, how do i find out02:06
wols_dickfacemanx: dpkg-buildpackage02:06
FluxDdickfacemanx: README file inside package02:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about login - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:08
syndr0how do i login to nickserv02:08
syndr0i forgot how to use irc lol02:08
xTheGoat121xmrAshley, I have tried that repeatedly, there's nothing there.02:08
Sivart0type /nickserv identify PASS02:08
kitchesyndr0: client your using?02:08
kelsinsyndr0: /msg nickserv help02:08
TeslaDaveI have a program that doesn't start fully because when it starts  it tries to update and write files i believe, and thus since SU doesn't really exist in ubuntu, it can't update and thus can't start, is their a special directory where i can install it so that i don't have to worry about sudo or su02:09
MortuisHow do you tell how big a folder is on the command line?02:09
MikeyMikecan anyone tell me how i can get gutsy on a usb drive without having to burn the iso to a cd and using windows if possible?02:09
syndr0pg, you here?02:09
slic1any1 help me with virutualization software?02:09
MikeyMikeif it has to be done in linux i'l do it but i'm not able to burn cd's and i am only doing this to use it as a live cd02:09
pgsyndr0: I think it's under Preferences -> Content -> File Types -> Manage02:10
=== tonyy is now known as tonyyarusso
MikeyMikei am not installing gutsy using the flash drive02:10
mzarhi...anyone knows how to solve this problem > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63173302:10
syndr0no content under preferences02:10
kelsinMikeyMike: did you follow the directions on the installing page I linked you? It doesn't require burning the cd02:11
dickfacemanxthat crap don't even make any freaking seince.02:11
ronnies07Direct rendering doesnt wish to work under xubuntu, but it works fine under ubuntu02:11
MikeyMikekelsin,  something i read  on that page made me turn away from it  i will re-read it again02:11
IndyGunFreakmzar: do you have all the repository options checked?02:11
MikeyMikekelsin,  i think  the reason was because i  want to do this in windows02:11
pgsyndr0: you may be using the free flash player, or the one from Adobe02:12
ronnies07how to: Get direct rendering working with an intel 845 under02:12
syndr0pg, what should i use02:12
syndr0pg, and how do i install it02:12
MikeyMikekelsin,  what was the link again. if you dont mind02:12
syndr0pg, / where to get it02:12
kelsinMikeyMike: the manual method has notes for doing it in windows02:12
kelsin!installing | MikeyMike02:12
ubotuMikeyMike: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues02:12
IndyGunFreakronnies07: id on't think you can do it w/ any intel chipset, some say ATI drivers work for it, bu tnot sure, there's no linux drivers for intel.02:12
mzarIndyGunFreak: do u mean in synaptic manager?02:12
MikeyMikefirst one right?02:12
geekternanyone know anything about rebuilding initrd02:12
TeslaDave I have a program that doesn't start fully because when it starts  it tries to update and write files i believe, and thus since SU doesn't really exist in ubuntu, it can't update and thus can't start, is their a special directory where i can install it so that i don't have to worry about sudo or su02:12
kelsinMikeyMike: yes, then the link for installing without cd, then installing from usbstick02:13
syndr0pg, go private with me please?02:13
MikeyMikekelsin,  i am only using this as a live cd and not to actually install the distribution are there things i can skip?02:13
kelsinTeslaDave: if the program is running as you it can write to your home directory fine02:13
kelsinMikeyMike: the steps are copy the live cd to usb, then make it bootable, what did you want to skip?02:13
IndyGunFreakmzar: yes, System/Admin/Synaptic, then the Settings Menu/repositories, and make sure all the items on the first tab are checked, then close, and click reload02:13
MikeyMikekelsin,  oh i seem to remember having to fake a cd-rom and all sorts of other stuff02:14
denardoHi, all. I'm getting the dreaded "audio device unavailable" error in GUtsy when trying to play audio in amarok after I'm played audio in firefox. I've tried several suggested fixes from online without success. Any clues?02:14
MikeyMikekelsin,  i'll do some extensive reading now02:14
TeslaDavekelsin, so if i was to install in /home i would not have to be in root or sudo02:14
kelsinTeslaDave: if you installed in your home directory which is /home/<username>02:15
kelsinTeslaDave: what are you trying to install?02:15
pgsyndr0: hang on a sec...02:15
=== fluffles2 is now known as fluffles
syndr0pg, hangs on like a cliff hanger02:15
slic1uhhhh why do i get an error throught synaptic after checking repositories? the error is Bus error (core dumped)02:16
mzarIndyGunFreak: i cannot open..it show this error > http://img353.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotsynapticor0.png02:16
slic1do i edit sources.list and then try again?02:16
TeslaDavekelsin Think or Swim, i previously just installed in in a random directory just to see if it would run, so i assume i have to put in in home directory02:16
IndyGunFreakmzar: looks like something is wrong with your source list.02:17
slic1imma try it brb02:17
IndyGunFreakmzar: have yo made any recent changes to your source list?02:17
mzarIndyGunFreak: i dont know how to fix it02:17
mzarIndyGunFreak: i change the server form main to US02:17
IndyGunFreakmzar: well, there's a couple ways, but first..., have you made any recent changes to your source list(ie, added or removed a repository)02:17
IndyGunFreakmzar: ok..02:18
frost0i can't remove the partition i made for vmware?!!? any ideas?02:18
kelsinTeslaDave: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=614996 read that, sounds like some users installed it fine02:18
musikgoatquestion, if I wanted an application to start about 30 sec after boot, I could add a command in sessions like sleep 10s; somecommand  right?02:18
ronnies07so any reason why the i810 driver will direct render in GNOME but not Xfce?02:18
IndyGunFreakmzar: well, you can either use source-omatic, and create a new source list, or if you want, i'll pastebin my source list for you, your choice.02:18
musikgoatsorry *30s02:18
kelsinTeslaDave: not any home directory, YOUR home directory, that's where your user has write access, the user in that forum installed it into a hidden folder in his home directory, sounds like a good plan02:18
mzarIndyGunFreak: i take 2nd choice02:18
IndyGunFreakmzar: ok, hang on a sec.02:19
IndyGunFreakmzar: you are using gutsy, right?02:19
TeslaDavekelsin, right install in the home directory, thanks02:19
mzarIndyGunFreak: i'm using feisty02:19
kelsinTeslaDave: read that forum post link, one user lists the steps he did to install successfully02:19
IndyGunFreakmzar: ..ah, i see.. well, can't help you then, i'm using gutsy.02:19
frost0IndyGunFreak, how do i delete a vmware partition?02:19
mzarIndyGunFreak: ok02:20
mzarIndyGunFreak: i try 1st..02:20
IndyGunFreak!source | mzar02:20
ubotumzar: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html02:20
ronnies07so any reason why the i810 driver will direct render in GNOME but not Xfce?02:20
IndyGunFreakmzar: thats not right, hang on02:20
pgsynd0: what does your Preferences say about shockwave flash?02:20
IndyGunFreak!sourceomatic | mzar this is the one you want02:21
ubotumzar this is the one you want: source-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic02:21
slic1yup editing sources.list fixed that02:21
kitcheronnies07: it should direct render in Xfce also sicne X handles that not the environment02:21
mzarIndyGunFreak: thanks02:21
ronnies07kitche, Ubuntu direct renders but Xubuntu does not02:21
lucianwhats up02:22
ronnies07some package xubuntu lacks?02:22
kelsinronnies07: is this a new xubuntu install, or just you install xubuntu-desktop on your ubuntu install?02:22
ronnies07this be new install02:22
kelsinronnies07: do you have access to the old install?02:22
=== valles_ is now known as effie_jayx
pgsyndr0: you can install the adobe plugin by typing "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree", then I think you run the installer.  I'm not sure why, but on my sytem this is not installed, yet flash works fine.02:23
mrAshleymusikgoat: I couldn't get that to work, so I wrote a little tiny script that does it for me. I want aMSN to start up with my machine, but not until the tray loads or I don't get the icon for aMSN. So just a little bash script will do the trick I think.02:23
kelsinronnies07: what video card?02:23
ronnies07intel 84502:23
Ozric_Tentaclesalguien quiere venir a #panas a charlar???02:23
Ozric_Tentaclesestamos aburridos02:23
pgHow can I make the console font smaller?02:23
musikgoatmrAshley: thanks for the heads up, i'll do that instead02:23
musikgoati was just getting ready to try :-)02:23
kitcheronnies07: it's the same base install just that XFCE is used isntead02:23
mrAshleyHas anyone gotten the svideo out for an i810 on an HP dv1000 series to work? (or any combination thereof)02:25
MikeyMikecan anyone tell me what version of ntfsresize comes with gutsy ?02:25
pgVarious web pages list different things, and I don't know what works: /etc/init.d/console-screen.sh, /etc/default/console-setup, setupcon, grub option "vga=1", etc02:25
MikeyMikecan anyone tell me what version of ntfsresize comes with gutsy in the live portion of the cd install. sorry i forgot that last part02:26
pgMikeyMike: search the web for "gutsy packages" and you will find a page including ntfsresize02:26
MikeyMikepg,  okay02:26
magic_ninjafor some reason my floppy drive isn't working, i cannot format a brand new floppy (it tells me unable to detect disk geometrics)02:26
MikeyMikebut will that be the same as the live cd's02:26
syndr0pg, i dont need to restart ubunto just firefox right?02:26
pgMikeyMike: not sure.02:27
pgsynd0: just firefox02:28
=== GOdFAThe1 is now known as Positronic
Kondasoeajubg if floppy02:28
pgHow can I make the console font smaller?02:28
denardoI'm getting the dreaded "audio device unavailable" error in GUtsy when trying to play audio in amarok after I'm played audio in firefox. I've tried several suggested fixes from online without success. Any clues?02:28
MikeyMikecan't anyone tell me how to find out what version of gparted and ntfsresize/ntfstools comes with the live portion of the gutsy install iso02:29
Kondafor a system that can't boot to USB, is there anyway to boot from floppy, have it pick up the USB drivers on a system, and boot the Ubuntu liveCD from a USB attached CD-ROM?02:29
kitchedenardo: don't use OSS use Alsa instead close firefox down and open amarok and your sound should play02:29
FunnyLookinHatdenardo, try changing your audio output device to OSS from ALSA in amarok02:29
mediahunterhello everyone02:29
slic1do sudo gparted --version02:29
slic1try that02:29
MikeyMikeslic1,  i'm not in gutsy02:29
IndyGunFreakdenardo: so sound works in Flash videos?02:29
scguy318slic1: don't really need sudo but that might do02:29
MikeyMikei donwloaded it02:29
syndr0pg, flashplugin-nonfree is already the newest version.02:29
mediahunteri know this is not the right room but i am hoping the kindnest of the ubuntu community will be willing to help me02:30
slic1it should still show it02:30
mediahunterI am trying to install dreamlinux but i can not fig out the partion part02:30
mediahunteris there anyone here willing to help me02:30
PriceChild!offtopic | mediahunter02:30
ubotumediahunter: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:30
FunnyLookinHatmediahunter, unfortunately, none of us are familiar with that installer probably   : (02:30
mediahunterwell is anyone familar with partions02:30
scguy318!partitioning | mediahunter02:31
ubotumediahunter: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Gnome under Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For Edgy, see !fstab and !DiskMounter02:31
IndyGunFreakmediahunter: why are you here asking about DreamLinux... i've installed it before, it should be pretty straight forward.02:31
slic1what u need help with?02:31
mediahunterindyGun it is all but the partions02:31
mediahunterit does not tell me how to partions the hard drive02:31
cvdHey There, any cobol compiler for linux?02:31
mediahunteras in sizes and all that02:31
slic1well do u have windows02:31
IndyGunFreakmediahunter: maybe you should look for partitions... i doubt partions would help you.02:31
pgsyndr0: does it give problems only in YouTube or also other web sites with flash?02:32
slic1do u want windows and linux or just linux?02:32
mttrkitofhawaii  will this reset my applications permission  sudo chown main -R /home02:32
denardo-Fun OK, trying that02:32
syndr0pg, other sites too02:32
mediahunterjust linux02:32
pgsyndr0: do they all have flash?02:32
slic1now wut are the choices?02:32
=== bur[n]er_ is now known as burner
kanuhahow can I clear the cache or whatever to get rid of the error too many open files?02:32
IndyGunFreak!partition | mediahunter read the links below, it will talk about partitions.02:32
ubotumediahunter read the links below, it will talk about partitions.: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Gnome under Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For Edgy, see !fstab and !DiskMounter02:32
mediahunteri am using GParted and CFDISK02:33
pgsyndr0: does it work with any sites that have flash at all?02:33
slic1do they show it visually? like [blue color                 ]?02:33
kitchekanuha: restart is the only way really02:33
syndr0like on youtube when it tries to load a video02:33
syndr0its really slow02:33
munk_HELP whenever i activate my nvidia accelerated graphics driver so i can use compiz, it asks me to restart when i restart it asks me to start in low graphics mode and then evereything is messed up...and the nvidia driver is still not in use...HELP PLEASE02:33
mttrThis does not seem to reset my applications permission  sudo chown main -R /home02:33
syndr0and doesnt really let me watch the video02:33
kanuhakitche, is that a bug in gnome?02:33
mttrhave i got the wrong folder02:33
magic_ninjawhen i try to mount floppy i get told its not a block device02:33
kitchekanuha: no sounds like a fork bomb hit you or something else02:33
pgsyndr0: does it *work* with any sites that have flash?02:34
oeolartephey cvd -> open-cobol02:34
skarcan anyone help me set up xp with vmware server?02:34
kanuhakitche, I was copying alot of mp3 files to another drive when it came up02:34
IndyGunFreak!vmware | skar02:34
ubotuskar: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers02:34
cvdit convert it to c?02:34
denardoFunnyLookinHat: Wow, now it runs quickly and silently down my playlist and *then* tells me the device is unavailable.02:35
kitchekanuha: yeah fork bomb probably hit you the copying spawned a lot of processes on you most likely02:35
skarah, thanks02:35
FunnyLookinHatdenardo, strange.  What other options do you have for your sound device?  ALSA , OSS , ???02:35
kazolHow come advanced power options such as standby/hibernate don't work?02:35
mttrThis does not seem to reset my applications permission  sudo chown main -R /home  Anyone one know how to reset02:35
kanuhakitche, what is a fork bomb02:35
munk_HELP whenever i activate my nvidia accelerated graphics driver so i can use compiz, it asks me to restart when i restart it asks me to start in low graphics mode and then evereything is messed up...and the nvidia driver is still not in use...HELP PLEASE02:35
BigDaddyevening all, has anyone here had problems with sound popping? I don't know what I installed, but starting yesterday I started getting popping sounds before every sound played by my PC02:36
kitchekanuha: spawns a lot of processes so the system is unusable like what you have02:36
pgkazol: is acpid running (type "ps -C acpid")02:36
denardoALSA, OSS, pulseaudio, Autodetect, esd, file02:36
FunnyLookinHatdenardo, try Autodetect02:36
IndyGunFreak!nvidia | munk_02:36
ubotumunk_: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:36
MikeyMikekelsin,  that page says there is a windows version of syslinux.... and i dont think there is02:36
YOso anyone know of a good IRC proxy?02:36
YOfor gutsy02:36
MikeyMikeMake sure that "syslinux" and "mtools" is installed. If they are not, install them. SYSLINUX is available for both Linux and Windows. For more information check the SYSLINUX homepage: [WWW] http://www.syslinux.org/02:36
kanuhakitche, is there no way besides restarting to end those processes?02:36
kazolpg: 5294 ?        00:00:00 acpid02:36
Mannequinhi. I have installed some documentation (like Diveintopython) using Synaptic. Which is the "correct" way to use it? I mean, is there any way to list/access the documentation I have installed?02:36
gbwwhat do you call that program which looks like fisheye mac?02:37
kitchekanuha: you could do a killall but they usually just spawn back but you can try it02:37
robdigcvd: yes, it converts to C02:37
YOor an IRC bouncer02:37
kanuhakitche, thx02:37
kelsinMikeyMike: ok... I went to the syslinux homepage, downloaded the zip and low and behold there is a win32 folder with a syslinux.exe02:37
magic_ninjamunk_: remove nvidia-glx change your /etc/X11/xorg.conf the nvidia to nv and save it then in a terminal type /etc/init.d/gdm stop and sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx then edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf change the nv to nvidia and save it startx02:37
brokenHELP MUNK!02:37
MikeyMikekelsin,  ok02:37
brokenHE"S MY FRIEND!02:37
MikeyMikeoh man sorry02:38
=== atoponce is now known as encryptz
pgkazol: what happens when you select System -> Quit -> Stand by?02:38
MikeyMikekelsin,  i looked right past it sorry02:38
wolsbroken: stop shouting02:38
YOanyone ?02:38
munk_magic_ninja, thanks a lot02:38
brokenwols how is it you know I'm shouting?02:38
brokenJust out of curiousity.02:38
YOCAPS :)02:38
wolsall caps = shouting on irc02:38
kelsinMikeyMike: what bug in NTFS doesn't let the gparted livecd work for you?02:38
BigDaddybroken: you used all caps02:39
wolsbroken: and asking/demanding help is the best way NOT to get it02:39
kazolpg: It doesn't work-all open windows are lost.02:39
brokenPsh I don't need help.02:39
brokenI'm in this channel to help people. I don't use ubuntu.02:39
YOdoes anyone here have a IRC proxy running?02:39
wolsyour "friend" does02:39
wols!anyone | yo02:39
ubotuyo: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:39
cvdany firefox pluging to download complete webpages, so  acan navigate offline?02:39
gbwhello, is there any other package which looks like cairo-dock?02:39
kelsincvd: don't know about a firefox plugin, but wget can recursively download full sites02:40
YOok so I will ask again ubotu :) I am looking to install a proxy on my gutsy box to allow me to connect to irc from blocked locations02:41
kitcheYO: irssi02:41
TSWoodVNeed advise as to how to make usbserial work with pl2303 and ftdi_sio modules simultaneously under 2.6.15 kernel.02:41
wolsYO: use irssi02:41
YOhmm ok i will look into that ... thanks02:41
IndyGunFreakgbw: you can install gdesklets02:41
kitcheYO: it's a client but has a proxy feature02:41
kelsinYO: depending on the situation you can also just use a ssh forward02:41
pgkazol: it may be that your hardware is not supported.  Have you searched the web for your computer model and "stand by" or "hybernate"?02:41
MikeyMikekelsin,  ok i had the gparted live usb and i tried to resize my 332 gig windows partition using it. I was using half of that 332 gigs for windows and the other half was empty. I wanted to resize it to have half unallocated... so 160 gigs or so for windows (maybe 3 gigs free just in case i have to run windows again) and the other i was going to reinstall another version of windows on with a new motherboard and cpu and video card that i got. when i resized th02:41
MikeyMikee partition to half roughly it gave me this error, ERROR: Extended record needed (1048 > 1024), not yet supported! Please try to free less space.02:41
gbwIndyGunFreak, is there any particular reason i should not install cairo-dock?02:42
IndyGunFreakgbw: you cna do whatever you like you asked for an alternative to cairo-dock02:42
kazolpg: Not yet, I forgot about it.02:42
scguy318MikeyMike: silly suggestion, but have you defragged? :P02:42
pgHow can I make my console font smaller?02:42
MikeyMikescguy318,  i'm pretty sure it's not fragmented but i can check again02:42
gbwIndyGunFreak, actually i am asking which package is more stable and friendly to use02:42
kelsinMikeyMike: do you need to resize to half? Maybe resizing to like 50 gigs free if enough to move your files, then do your deletion / growing thing?02:42
MikeyMikekelsin,  well... 50 gigs isnt enough.... how can i find out the limit?02:43
IndyGunFreakgbw: well that wasn't the question you posed that i responded to, regardless, gdesklets is generally stable for me, but thats all ic an tell you.02:43
MikeyMikescguy318,  i just analyzed my partition and it says i do not need to defrag02:43
kelsinMikeyMike: don't know, but it might not error on a smaller amount02:43
MikeyMikekelsin,  right02:43
kelsinMikeyMike: are you running vista? If so does the resize tool in vista not get the partition small enough?02:43
MikeyMikekelsin,  windows xp02:44
eyemeanhi does anyone kow how i can make thunar the default file manager on gutsy pls?02:44
MikeyMikekelsin,  you can resize the partition in vista? wow... i'm impressed lol02:44
MikeyMikebut no i'm using xp pro02:44
kelsinMikeyMike: well you can resize them completely stupidly, afaik it doesn't ever move data, but if you aren't technically using the end of the disk (by chance) it can shrink it02:44
MikeyMikekelsin,  right.... i'm using the front half of the 332 gig partition.... i was going to resize to give my current windows barely any free space. then install my new hardware and install into the new partition. copy stuff from the old partition... then erase the old stuff and have my full 332 gigs again :)02:45
BigDaddyI just double checked, I have switched between alsa and OSS and I am having a problem on audio transitions. Anyone knowledgeable with audio problems?02:46
lucieniu1hi guys, my soundcard loops system sounds endlessly. other sounds, like those generated by pidgin/media players/etc are ok though.02:46
scguy318BigDaddy: there is no OSS, it's just an ALSA compatibility layer02:46
abadtoothHow to I mount a windows hard drive that won't boot in the terminal?02:46
kelsinMikeyMike: I know you've said that three times now, I would honestly run out to best buy and buy a hard drive to copy the media on, safer, esp if you're having issues with the gparted cd02:46
MikeyMikekelsin,  lol i've considered it.....02:46
scguy318kelsin: not Best Buy :( :P02:46
BigDaddyscguy318: Oh, then should I have everything on ALSA or autodetect?02:46
wolsMikeyMike: unecessary. rename program files, documents and settings and \windows to something else. then reinstall windows02:46
Vad1How can I get shockwave in Ubuntu? I need it for this website: http://www.sabayonlinux.org/02:46
scguy318BigDaddy: yeah basically02:46
wolstho it#s kinda offtopic02:46
kelsinscguy318: on then you'r convient neighborhood usb hard drive seller :)02:47
Vad1this websiteL http://www.isketch.net/isketch.shtml02:47
MikeyMikewols,  really?02:47
robrrrfrom the terminal, how can i adduser without being asked for first name, last name etc02:47
scguy318Vad1: if you're on 64-bit Ubuntu you probably need to do 32-bit compat libs02:47
kelsinrobrrr: "useradd" "man useradd" for more info02:47
MikeyMikewait.... wols won't the new install of windows write completely over.......02:47
Vad1scguy318: I'm on 32, but I have a friend who's on 64 too. But I don't know how to get it _at all_02:47
abadtoothanyone know how to mount a hard drive that in the terminal?02:47
=== _Sisco is now known as Sisco
wolsMikeyMike: just don't format the partition02:48
MikeyMikewols, it forces you to doesn't it? (windows xp professional)02:48
kelsinabadtooth: if you know what device it is in linux it's just "sudo mount /dev/<hard drive device> /path/to/a/mount/point"02:48
MikeyMikemind telling me more about this if you have experience?02:48
magic_ninjamy floppy is being detected but i'm unable to use it >.<02:48
scguy318Vad1: oh, I take it back, there is no Linux support at all for Shockwave02:48
MikeyMikemind telling me more in /msg or query i meant02:48
scguy318Vad1: but see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Shockwave02:48
Vad1scguy318: at all?02:48
scguy318Vad1: pretty close to that, but that link suggests a way02:49
wolsMikeyMike: it doesn't force you at all02:49
robrrrkelsin: i had a read but it wasn't obvious which switch i should use, --quiet?02:49
wolsand yes I do mind02:49
Vad1scguy318: i'll give it a try, ok02:49
scguy318Vad1: basically Firefox on Wine :S :P02:49
mttrhelp my usr/applications  will not start any more.. the permissions seems ok.. can only get them to work when i sudo them in terminal02:49
MikeyMikewols,  oh okay... is there anywhere i can get more info on this?02:49
MikeyMikeso i can stop bugging you lol02:49
denardoFun I'm back... I had had a second (PCMCIA) audio device connected, so I logged out, disconnected it, and logged in again, just in case that was the problem, but it didn't affect things. With Amarok at Autodetect, it still zooms silently through the playlist then gives the "device unavailable" error.02:49
MikeyMikewols,  i'm not exactly sure what to search for to find more info about this02:49
BigDaddyscguy318: could the fact that I have Amarok installed be causing the popping sounds? Maybe xine conflicting with gstreamer or something?02:50
kelsinrobrrr: I'm confused, if you've read the useradd man page you'd see that there isn't a --quiet flag02:50
abadtoothkelsin:  lemme try that02:50
scguy318BigDaddy: perhaps, but prob not02:50
kelsinrobrrr: I don't think useradd normally asks questions02:50
robrrrok i'll try again thanks02:50
abadtoothkelsin:  the hard drive has windows on it and that is shot up and wont boot..02:50
BigDaddyscguy318: This just started (that I noticed) last night while I was trying to get DVD ripping and music playback. Never got the DVD ripped but I got Amarok working fine02:51
robrrrkelsin: you're right i must have used a different command before, thanks for the help02:51
scguy318BigDaddy: mm, unfortunately I don't know too much :(02:51
wolsMikeyMike: I don't know. there is not much to it. I told you all you need to do it02:52
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MikeyMikerename program files, windows, documents and settings. that's it?02:52
=== mrAshley_is_eati is now known as mrAshley_afk
skaris vmware player available in some repo?02:52
routerlHey everyone, I'm having a few very annoying problems with gutsy. I've used Linux before, but this is the first time I've tried switching completely, and these issues are definetly discouraging02:52
MikeyMikewols,  you can rename them while you're in windows?02:52
kitche!vmware | skar02:52
ubotuskar: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers02:52
routerlCan someone help me out?02:52
ssammy hard drives are not visible02:52
ssamwhat do i do?02:52
robdigrouterl: maybe...what's your problem?02:53
magic_ninjaman how hard can it be to mount a floppy02:53
BigDaddyscguy318: Oh well. Thanks anyways02:53
=== mrAshley_afk is now known as mrAshley_away
ssammy hard drive partitions are not showing02:53
skarkitche, i can't seem to find vmware-player in the multiverse repo02:53
ssamwhat do i do?02:53
routerlrobdig: Terribly high CPU usage doing quite a lot of things, with specific settings. Its kind of convoluted, could we speak in a private message window?02:53
wolsMikeyMike: no02:53
dev_noobanyone have a link to literature extolling the virtues of Linux OVER windows?02:54
skarkitche, it says that its obsolete and referred to by another program, or something02:54
twei am from china02:54
wolsdev_noob: ask ##linux. this is not a ubuntu problem02:54
Darius08xQuick question. I've got to partitions One ntsf, and one ext3. the NTSF one already has windows on it. In ubuntu desktop7.10 if I choose "guided- use entire disk   will it overwrite windows, or automatically go on the blank ext302:54
kitcheskar: well that's where it's at though but see if you have commericial repo enabled as well02:55
robdigrouterl: not sure i can help...other than suggest using top to see what is eating it...02:55
sidcypheri have messed with linux in the past a little bit, but i want to dump Vista and switch to Gutsy, problem is I use a ATT aircard for internet use, can anyone help me with that? can't connect02:55
WorkingOnWis1what is the fastest protocol to use for remote desktop control of a Windows XP machine from Ubuntu?02:55
ssamam i invisible?02:55
skarkitche, what's the commerical repo?02:55
musikgoatyes ssam you are02:56
wolsWorkingOnWis1: rdp probably02:56
kitcheskar: where all the commericial software is like opera pretty much closed source02:56
ssamlol....help me with this anyone?02:56
skarkitche, ah alright, one sec02:56
musikgoatrepeat your question?02:56
eyemeanall good i got it sroted, hahaha02:56
kelsinWorkingOnWis1: If I need full remote desktop I normally just user rdesktop and use the windows terminal server stuff (As long as it's not XP home which doesn't have it)02:56
ssamhard disk not showing02:56
ssamit was but now its not02:56
kelsinWorkingOnWis1: but VNC works just as well normally, just like not installing anything special on the windows box02:57
musikgoatwhere?  is it mounted?02:57
ssamboth the partitions are gone02:57
WorkingOnWis1kelsin: grrr....it Is xp home...now what?02:57
ssami dont noe i am new to ubuntu02:57
musikgoatare you looking in partition manager?02:57
kelsinWorkingOnWis1: install vnc server on it, pretty simple02:57
WorkingOnWis1kelsin: I see that answer02:57
ssamit hasnt my disk listed02:57
BigDaddyIs there a way to sort Synaptic for installed package by date? So I can see everything that I installed yesterday?02:57
musikgoatssam: check partition manager in system -> admin02:57
mttrcan some help me..02:57
desertcFor $200 you can purchase a PC from Walmart with hardware that is all supported by the Linux kernel, so you can load any Linux-based operating system onto it.  http://www.everex.com/products/gpc/gpc.htm  Can buy them customized online at http://www.zareason.com/shop/home.php .  Isn't your time worth more than $200 when you bang your head against you keyboard trying to get your computer or your friends' computers working, which were not designed for th02:57
desertce Linux Kernel?02:57
musikgoatssam: its probly not mounted02:57
routerlrobdig: compiz and xorg are peaking my cpu usage when I move/scale windows02:57
lucieniu1Hi guys. I need help. How do I determine what my laptop's soundcard is. It uses an ATI RC410ME Chipset02:57
eyemeanthe more advice and messing about with linux the more i love this baby, hahaha02:58
routerlrobdig: I've been surfing forums for days trying to figure it out02:58
ssamit was mounted02:58
friendlysis there a way to go through all your folders recursively and delete all folders that are named "CVS" ?02:58
musikgoatssam: you can type "cat /proc/partitions" to get what disk partitions are detected by hardware02:58
ssami cant see partition manager02:58
eyemeanjack_sparrow thanx for the thunar advice, very nice app and faster than before now, hahaha02:58
musikgoatssam: you may have to install it in add/remove02:58
lucieniu1I'm asking because system sounds played by my system loop/repeat endlessly and won't stop until the laptop is restarted02:59
ssamokay i see a bunch of numbers02:59
WorkingOnWis1kelsin: ty for the quick hlp02:59
desertcfriendlys: yes, use the find command02:59
musikgoatwhat is before the #   /dev/what?02:59
robdigrouterl: hmm...i don't use effects, but x always takes a bit of cpu...02:59
friendlyscare to explain? more?02:59
musikgoatsda, hdb?03:00
routerlrobdig: on a 2.4 GHz Core2 Duo, its using an entire core...03:00
routerlrobdig: literally 100% of one core.03:00
desertcfriendlys: I would have to google the syntax03:00
mttrfriendlys try something like this find . -depth -type d -name _notes -o -name _vti_cnf | xargs rm -rf03:00
musikgoatssam: you can type mount to get what is currently mounted...  if the 2 partitions are not showing in mount,  then mount them03:00
mttrfound it on ubuntu site03:00
routerlrobdig: sometimes it'll use a bit of both, but it always adds up to 100% (e.g. 30 + 70, etc)03:01
ssami dont noe how to mount03:01
ssamcan u help me with it03:01
desertcmttr: I was worried you had that memorized03:01
robdigrouterl: sorry, but i don't know the cause...maybe someone else on here does...03:01
mttrnow if i could solve my problem haha03:01
musikgoatssam: yes...  type sudo mount /dev/whatever_partition  /media/mountname03:01
musikgoatssam: you have to sudo mkdir /media/mountname first03:01
mttrhope that help friendlys03:01
ssam/dev/sdb2 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)03:01
ssamproc on /proc type proc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)03:01
ssam/sys on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)03:01
ssamvarrun on /var/run type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=0755)03:01
ssamvarlock on /var/lock type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=1777)03:01
ssamudev on /dev type tmpfs (rw,mode=0755)03:01
ssamdevshm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)03:01
ssamdevpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,gid=5,mode=620)03:02
desertcmttr: what is your problem03:02
ssamlrm on /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/volatile type tmpfs (rw)03:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pastbin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:02
ssamsecurityfs on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw)03:02
ssam/dev/scd0 on /media/cdrom0 type udf (ro,nosuid,nodev)03:02
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:02
ssam/dev/scd1 on /media/cdrom1 type iso9660 (ro,nosuid,nodev)03:02
robdig!pastebin | ssam03:02
ubotussam: please see above03:02
denardoHmm... audio still only works in Amarok if I've restarted Firefox since I last played audio in that.03:02
mttrmy applications will not work from the panel03:02
ssamsorry i did03:02
routerlSomeone please help. On a 2.4 Ghz dual core, Geforce 8600 GT, Xorg and compiz peak my CPU usage when I move/scale windows.03:02
mttrin folder /usr/bin03:02
ssammusikgoat: can i pm u what i see03:02
routerlI am considering going back to windows because this is so frustrating...03:02
musikgoatssam did you see my instructions?03:02
desertcmttr: do they work  from the command line?03:02
musikgoatssam sure03:02
mttrif i use the sudo in termial they work03:02
desertcwhy sudo?03:03
desertcwhat commands?03:03
mttrany one of them.. i.e the network folder03:03
desertc!effects > routerl03:03
desertcmttr: what is the network folder ?03:04
mttrsynaptic package manager etc03:04
mttralmost all the applications from the panel time out03:04
tomd123is there a program that will let me download exactly half of a file?03:04
desertcNautalius ?03:04
ssamwat do i do music03:04
kelsintomd123: for what reason?03:04
mttrworks if i use sudo nautalius in terminal03:04
routerldesertc: Thanks for that, but my video card is not on that list, and I am using the restricted drivers03:05
tomd123kelsin: I wanted to experiment with something03:05
tomd123kelsin: for educational/brilliant idea purposes03:05
musikgoatssam: type sudo mount /dev/whatever_partition  /media/mountname    you have to sudo mkdir /media/mountname first03:05
desertcmttr: what happens when you type: nautalus ?03:05
mttrtry this find . chown -R root:root /usr/bin.. doesn't work03:05
ubotuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone03:05
shadowbladeHey all, quick question (I think)....is there a way to make each terminal line just show the $, and not the full myusername@mycomputer ?03:06
sidcypherhas anyone had any luck getting a Sierra Wireless 875 card working on gutsy?03:06
mttrworks in terminal03:06
Jack_Sparrowdesertc: nautilus03:06
archangel7863what is the package name for db4-devel03:06
kelsintomd123: probably can ctrl-c out of wget half way through, I don't know for sure though03:06
mttrall works in thermianl03:06
AxlLeighAnybody know why ubuntu 7 wouldn't work with a random wireless with password?03:06
=== bmk789 is now known as bmk789_sleep
desertcmttr: even as non-sudo, right?03:06
ssamill be back03:06
AxlLeighMy household account won't let me connect.03:06
mttrjust a sec03:07
Jack_SparrowAxlLeigh: encryption  wpa etc?03:07
mttrno only in sudo03:07
skarkitche, i can't seem to find the vmware-player package anywhere03:07
AxlLeigh128-bit encryption passcode, Jack.03:07
desertcmttr: that's strange03:07
routerlMoving a window raises my CPU usage to 25%, even with compiz off03:07
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:07
desertcmttr: what is the error?03:07
mttrtry this gksu /usr/sbin/synaptic the command from the application applet.. it works in terminal03:07
mttrit just times out03:08
skarkitche, are there any repositories i should add?03:08
desertcmttr: type nautilus at the command like/...03:08
archangel7863rpm based distros call db4-devel by that name I can't find the correct equivalent for Ubuntu03:08
kitcheskar: the multiverse repo if you dn't have it03:08
routerldesertc: just moving a window raises my cpu usage to 25% even with compiz off.03:08
denardoHmm. System monitor says that nothing in /dev/snd/* is open. Or should I be looking at something else?03:08
skarkitche, i have it03:08
desertcrouterl: 25% means 75% available!03:08
magic_ninjamy floppy drive is detected but i am unable to mount a floppy disk (the disk light is on, the disk is detected and the floppy is brand new)03:08
mttrnothing happens03:09
musikgoatanyone know if rsync -a for archive will overwrite files automatically?03:09
mttrif not in root03:09
desertcmttr: What do you mean, "nothing"03:09
michaeldanyone have any luck booting an existing vista install (physical disk) in vmware in linux?03:09
desertcmttr: nothing never happens03:09
Jack_Sparrowrouterl: I dont care if it spikes to 100 ...  Unused cycles are wasted.03:09
kitcheskar: then you should have the package did you update your package manager by chance that you use or refresh03:09
AxlLeighIt connects on half, but it keeps looking for a network key, and even though I give it the right key, it doesn't connect, just times out.03:09
mttrthis is what shows up03:09
mttrmain@main-desktop:~$ nautilus03:09
tomd123kelsin: I need it to be automated and perfectly stop at halfway (1/2, 1/3, whatever)03:09
mttrit like a permission is messed up03:10
routerlJack_Sparrow: Sure, but when I'm trying to use them (i.e. write a damn text file or something) everything is too slow to be usable03:10
skarkitche, yes, i updated using 'apt-get update', but when i try to install vmware-player, it says "package has no installation candidate"03:10
Jack_Sparrowmttr: have you used sudo to run gui programs?  like gedit etc03:10
desertcmttr: is there a core dump in your directory?03:10
mttrtry this find . chown -R root:root /usr/bin.. amd main:main and main:root all don't work03:10
Jack_Sparrowrouterl: first off, watch your language in here.. thanks..03:10
desertcJack_Sparrow: he says it works when he runs it with sudo03:10
Jack_Sparrowdesertc: but that does not tell me what I asked03:11
mttractually gedit worked03:11
blahblahxhow do i add network-manager-gnome to my panel?03:11
mttrbut not nautilus03:11
Jack_Sparrowmttr: have you used sudo to run gui programs?  like gedit etc  instead of gksudo which would protect your permissions03:11
kelsintomd123: might be able to play with the download quota for wget, try to fake it out to only download 1/2 of the file that way, have to download two files though for that to work so it will take a sec03:11
shadowbladeHello, is there a way to make the terminal not show my full username@computer and just the $ and folder path instead?03:12
jgossblahblahx,  run nm-applet03:12
desertcJack_Sparrow: oooh, I see what you're saying03:12
routerlJack_Sparrow: Pardon me, I think that was a misunderstanding. "Damn" wasn't meant to be hostile, just to express that any program as simple as gedit becomes nearly unusable because my CPU is peaking.03:12
Jack_Sparrowrouterl: Still NOT appreciated...03:12
mttrwell i don't usual use gksudo.. but that is what the application applet use.. so i tried from terminal to simulate the function03:12
Jack_SparrowMattJ: so you have used sudo to run gui apps...?03:13
routerlJack_Sparrow: Than I apologize in the absolute. Still, do you have a clue as to what can be happening?03:13
Jack_Sparrowrouterl: sorry... busy atm03:13
mttrwhen i use main@main-desktop:~$ sudo gedit03:13
mttrsudo: must be setuid root03:13
robdigshadowblade: do  you want to set it for everybody on yoru system or just you?03:13
mttri get must be in setuid root03:13
shadowbladerobdig: probly just me03:13
desertcmttr: he is saying that you should NOT use sudo -- use gksudo03:13
Jack_Sparrowmttr: doing that can cause the exact problem you are having now03:13
sidcypherany1 here get a aircard working with ubuntu?????03:13
Jack_Sparrowmttr: gksudo gedit  is the proper way to do it03:14
Jack_Sparrowmttr: sudo nano or vi   etc is fine03:14
desertcmttr: he's saying that by using sudo gedit, you may have messed up permissions03:14
Jack_Sparrowdesertc: sorry, wasnt trying to step on your toes..03:14
MattJJack_Sparrow: Yes03:14
mttri suspect that is correct03:14
desertcJack_Sparrow: I appreciate the help, because I have no idea03:15
robdigshadowblade: edit your ~/.profile, and add a line that says PS1=$03:15
greencookieHow do I add a last.fm jounal account in scribefire?03:15
mttrbut i can't seem to change the permissions back03:15
Jack_Sparrowdesertc: np.. we all help each other..03:15
desertcJack_Sparrow: I do not have much knowledge of how modern gdm's operate03:15
robdigshadowblade: you will need to restart your terminal to take effect03:15
=== xp_prg is now known as xp_gone
denardoHm. Google and dogpile don't bring up anything that I haven't already tried in getting xine to play audio once Firefox has done so,03:15
mttri believe the programs are in /usr/bin03:15
Jack_Sparrowmttr: undoing it isnt all that easy, we would need to know what all you did as sudo in gui etc...03:16
mttri've try to change permision with chown but no luck03:16
robdigshadowblade: or you can type source .profile (i think)03:16
Jack_Sparrowmttr: so you tried sudo su    then pass then chown etc03:16
=== ice______ is now known as ice
shadowbladerodbig: hm...doesnt seem to be working03:17
shadowbladeoh well, its not a real big deal03:17
shadowbladedid i need to restart my whole computer or just the terminal window?03:17
mttryes.. what ever comands are on the appliction applets (top) bar.. all seem to be messed up03:17
Jack_Sparrowmttr: Sorry, but I am out of answers for today... Hope I can come up with more for tomorrow03:17
mttrwith permissions that is03:17
robdigshadowblade: just the terminal window...you are running bash as your shell, right?03:17
mttrthanks for your help03:18
mttrmay have to reinstall03:18
Jack_Sparrownp.. sorry it wasnt an easy fix03:18
shadowbladerodbig: ... dunno, sorry03:18
denardoSo it appears that if I'm to listen to non-firefox audio while keeping firefox open, the solution is to boot into Windows. *sigh*03:18
greencookieDoes anyone in here know if scribefire can be set up with a last.fm journal account?03:18
Jack_Sparrowmttr: remember after you get it reinstalled to do a backup..03:18
shadowbladerodbig: again, its not a big deal, i thought it might be a quick change kind of thing03:18
Jack_Sparrowmttr: also.. if you burn var/cache/apt/archives to a cd you can save a ton of dl time later03:19
robdigshadowblade: if you haven't changed it then it is bash. try putting it in ~/.bashrc, that's what i meant to say...sorry03:19
mttrcan't someone do a ls -l on there /usr/bin folder03:19
shadowbladerodbig: that worked, thanks03:19
mttrwell i lease my home folder is on seperate drive03:19
mttrcan someone do a ls -l on there /usr/bin folder03:20
desertcSounds like on of those, "Oh, so that's why everyone says not to run programs as root user..."03:20
robdigshadowblade: sorry for misdirection first, at work use ksh, which uses .profile...anyway glad it worked for you03:20
denardoLooking at QAmix doesn't show anything revealing.03:21
desertcmttr: Reinstall your root directory, and you should be all set03:21
mttrabout 30 min haha03:21
mttrwhat folder in root should i back up before i reinstall03:22
skarhow do i remove kernel modules?03:22
DM|skar synaptic03:23
noob101whats the difference between d3d9 and d3dx9_25?03:23
skarDM|, synaptic can't find the ones i need to remove03:24
skarDM|, i need to remove vmnet and vmmon to install vmplayer03:24
robdig!hi | pawan03:24
ubotupawan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:24
skarDM| vmware player*03:24
DM|skar use the vmware uninstal script03:24
Darius08xWhy would my wireless work on the ubuntu live cd, but now that i've got it installed, it doesn't seem to work anymore. o.o03:25
skarDM| how do i do that? i think the kernels were installed when i installed the vmware server03:25
skarDM| from synaptic03:25
=== Palionu is now known as Benglaas
DM|skar look in /usr/bin, should be named "vmware-uninstall" or similar03:26
=== Benglaas is now known as Palionu
DM|skar will have a .pl after it03:26
skarDM| ah thanks, i'll check it out03:26
skarDM| i can't find anything with vmware in /usr/bin03:27
DM|skar sec03:27
skarDM| k03:27
cvdcan i ask one quest about the opencobol compiler?03:28
DM|skar try this in a terminal  "sudo apt-get remove vmware-player --purge" should go through stopping the services03:28
DM|vmnet is a service, vmmon is the kernel module03:29
robdigcvd: of course you can ask, but will anybody be able to answer? never know until you ask...03:29
DM|dont ask to ask a question, just ask it03:30
lucieniu1hey guys, fixed the soun problem... how do I determine what Compiz version I have?03:30
skarDM| ah, i think it might work now..one sec03:30
cvdwhen i try to compile the 'hello wor'.cob this happend,03:31
cvdhello.cob:1: Warning: Invalid indicator 'l' at column 703:31
cvdhello.cob:1: Error: syntax error, unexpected WORD, expecting PROGRAM_ID03:31
mnereson8hello buntus. I am trying to 'apt-get.. install trac' which wants to get a bunch of python, but before python can be 'got' I am being asked to insert fiesty fawn cd. I dont have a cd. I did an 'apt-get ugrade' and 'update' and tried again - still asking for a CD  -- anyway around this??03:31
=== DiCha_cHa-Cha is now known as ce_hehe_biz_ulgn
J-_How can I export Shoutcast saved stations from Exaile?03:32
cvdthis is the code http://pastebin.com/m7ed65c6803:32
skarDM| aha! installation works now, thanks a lot!03:32
=== effie_jayx is now known as effie-jayx
FunnyLookinHatmnereson8, you just have to remove the CD from your sources...  here is how to03:33
FunnyLookinHatmnereson8, sudo pico /etc/apt/sources.list03:33
mnereson8remove or add?03:33
=== DiCha_cHa-Cha is now known as ce_hehe_cr_bnyx_
tomd123does anyone know of any very good grammar checkers?03:33
FunnyLookinHatmnereson8, put a # at the beginning of the first source line, the one with the CD03:33
MeTrOiD014|Kevinholy shit03:34
Darius08x... whats goin on o.o03:34
FunnyLookinHatmnereson8, lol I'll type it again03:34
MeTrOiD014|Kevinwhat just happened03:34
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:34
mnereson8I saw03:34
Ashfire908oh lol03:34
robdigcvd: long time since i did cobol, but it sounds like it doesn't like the comment. Don't remember what the comment symbol is in cobol...03:34
mnereson8is that it?03:34
Pici!language | MeTrOiD014|Kevin03:34
ubotuMeTrOiD014|Kevin: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:34
meoblast001hello i have 2 problems today.... the first.... i have my EXE files set to open with wine in the properties menu of the files, but the default appears as Text Editor when the file is right clicked.... i want it to open with Wine by default...... and the second.... Evolution does not notify me of mail until i launch it.... is there anyway to have the notifier launch with my session?03:34
mnereson8FunnyLokinHat: thanks, just comment out that one cdrom line?03:35
Darius08xI need help getting my wireless thing to work on ubuntu 7.10. It worked on the live cd, but not now. ?_?03:35
=== DiCha_cHa-Cha is now known as ce_hehe_cr_bnyx_
cvdi just copy the 'hello word' from open-cobol03:35
FunnyLookinHatmnereson8, yup, then do control + x to exit and make sure to hit yes for save03:35
FunnyLookinHatmnereson8, then you have to sudo aptitude update and then you can install your program   : )03:35
mnereson8FunnyLokinHat: awesome, its going now - thanks a ton mate03:35
meoblast001any ideas?03:36
FunnyLookinHatmnereson8, no problem   : )03:36
robdigcvd: so try removing the first line and see what it does...03:36
Ashfire908!netsplit > quanticle03:36
tntCryDarius08x, what do you mean worked? the wireless card or the internet connection ?03:36
FunnyLookinHatmeoblast001, with the email notification, I'm not sure of a way to do that with evolution, sorry03:37
Darius08xtntCry: ...Both? I could connect wireless and everything03:37
meoblast001any ideas for the WINE problem?03:37
robdigcvd: ah, * is in wrong column in your pastebin...compare to sample03:37
FunnyLookinHatmeoblast001, with the .EXE files, you can set the default when you right click a .EXE - Choose Open With - Open with Other Application ---  Just type in wine and check the box to make it default03:37
tntCryDarius08x, so you mean ubuntu havent detected your card ?03:38
TigranGDoes building a custom kernel actually make the system faster?03:39
cvdstill the same :-)03:39
meoblast001FunnyLookinHat: i dont have that option03:39
tntCryim the wrong person to help you with Darius08x , but if its an internet problem that means if your card works and your connected to your router and erverything but your internet isnt working it means you cant surf or log in msn ect.. that is a problem i can help you with.03:39
Darius08xtntCry:  Thats not my problem, it's just not detecting the card. ): But it did in the live cd which is odd03:39
robdigcvd: try deleting the first line and see if it will compile03:40
tntCrydid you type dmesg?03:40
FunnyLookinHatmeoblast001, Ahh, so it isn't there...   hold on, I forget how to do it03:40
FunnyLookinHatmeoblast001, give me a sec, I'll find it for you03:40
tntCryintrminal Darius08x03:40
Darius08xnope hold on03:40
cvdafter deleting the first line http://pastebin.com/d3af8d0c703:40
tntCryand see if you find the name of your WIcard theyr Darius08x03:41
judgement07does anyone use DEVEDE?03:41
FunnyLookinHatmeoblast001, hmm..  I'm not totally sure.  You should google for it.  When I installed WINE, it automatically set the default for .EXE files to be WINE03:41
TigranGDoes building a custom kernel from source actually make the system faster?03:41
Darius08xtntCry:  Don't see it03:41
meoblast001will reinstalling Wine destroy all my previous settings and files?03:42
cvdmaybe there something wrong with the terminal?03:42
FunnyLookinHatmeoblast001, probably not,   you can make sure it doesn't by doing this in a console03:42
FunnyLookinHatmeoblast001, mv .wine .wine_backup03:42
cvdcuz sometimes i cant use the su at all03:42
FunnyLookinHatmeoblast001, then once you reinstall wine, do this:   mv .wine_backup .wine03:42
tntCrydirst of all Darius08x what is it a laptop? built in wireless with mobo or a PCMCI laptop card or a PCI slot for PC.03:43
Darius08xPCI slot for pc03:43
MattJIs it true that there is a maximum of 2GB for swap in Linux?03:44
tntCryyou know Darius08x if i was you i would remove it and put it in another slot03:44
Darius08xOk, thanks I guess i can try03:44
tntCryand try booting ubuntu again . this may cause of conflict that is 1 of the 80 reasons03:44
tntCrybut the other reasons is you must get some files and stuff but that is also recommended if my way didnt work .03:44
robdigcvd: i don't remember, does cobol statements start in column 7 or 8? been too long...either way, for the warning, try doing cobc -free hello.cob03:45
robdigcvd: that will allow free format cobol03:45
tntCryi always start with basics Darius08x before i go with the hardcore setting03:45
Darius08xOk, thank you, gonna go try that out, bye for noe03:45
meoblast001i want to make a ubuntu commercial for Albino Black Sheep because Canonical doesnt make commercials03:45
Ashfire908no more netsplit!03:45
tntCrygood luck03:45
Alyxanderhey guys has anyone checked out GEubuntu03:46
ajeetpls what is the comibation keys for kill command03:46
ZhaozhouAlyxander, heh, gebuntu. Allways new flavours.03:46
meoblast001ajeet: to kill an application use System > Administration > System Monitor03:46
Zhaozhoui wish there was a list of them. _all_ of them.03:47
meoblast001ajeet: there you will be able to right click on the name of the process and click kill03:47
ajeetis there a key combo03:47
AlyxanderZhaozhou, yup Gnome mixed with E17 very nice very very nice03:47
meoblast001ajeet: you can make one03:47
ajeetlike in suse03:47
ZhaozhouAlyxander, e17 <303:47
Fydaajeet: No, but you could set one or create a launcher for 'xkill'03:47
meoblast001ajeet: first install the program xbindkeys03:47
ZhaozhouIm thinking of getting e17 on my box. e17 is really keyboard-friendly.03:48
robdigcvd: i don't remember, does cobol statements start in column 7 or 8? been too long...either way, for the warning, try doing cobc -free hello.cob03:48
robdigcvd: as far as the ld error, looks like you need to install ncurses03:48
meoblast001ajeet: Fyda's idea sounds a little easier03:48
AlyxanderZhaozhou, its hot the only reason i switched fro xubuntu with e installed was to see if they got it right with wireless and yeah they did03:49
cvdcannot find -lncurses03:49
ZhaozhouAlyxander, :D nice!03:49
lhtHi all. my apache wont start with /etc/init.d/apache2 start03:49
ZhaozhouAlyxander, what wireless card do you have?03:49
Fydameoblast001: ajeet left :(03:50
meoblast001Fyda: he did?03:51
meoblast001im always late on that stuff03:51
robdigcvd: you need to install ncurses, the open cobol web site says 5.2 or later, not sure i see that, but try this...sudo apt-get install libncurses503:51
cvdi have intalled the libncurses5, libncursesw5,libncurses-base,ncurses-bin03:51
robdigcvd: did you install open cobol from the ubuntu repositories or from their website?03:52
cvdfrom synaptic03:52
cvdand all the requirements03:52
robdigcvd: then it should have downloaded everything you need...suggest you open a bug on it03:53
daksdoes anybody know what could cause gnome to start slowly, displaying the ubuntu splash screen for an extended period?03:55
judgement07whats wrong w/ this? is this slow or just me?03:57
judgement07devede question? please03:58
jonesyanyone else having issues with any application obeying sound settings set via the taskbar applet?04:00
jonesymy volume is muted, but firefox and totem are still loud as all hell.04:00
jonesyeven when I turn the volume all the way down on totem, it's still loud as all hell.04:00
jonesythen I did 'test' under "Sound Preferences" and it's loud as all hell... with everything muted!04:01
Fydajonesy: But what about the sliders? Have you turned them all down to 0%, too?04:01
jonesyFyda: the volume indicator on my panel says it's muted.04:02
jonesyif I click on it, it's all the way at the "-"04:02
Fydajonesy: Yes. But look at the other channels in the mixer.04:02
jonesyyeah, that's where my confusion is.04:02
jonesywtf is going on?04:02
FydaI know it's inconsistent, and would like a fix as well.04:02
jonesyif I turn "PCM" down (wtf is that?) the volume goes down.04:03
DG19075jonesy, you have to open the mixer and make sure alll the controls are at minimum04:03
skarI used easyvmx.com to make an XP machine, and tried to use vmware-player to run it, but when I power up the machine, it gives me an error: "VMware Player unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)04:03
skarFailed to allocate page for guest RAM!"04:03
jonesythis is an area where instead of having 15 different sound systems to choose from, it would be nice if linux had *one* that worked with the major desktops in some kind of seamless way.04:03
nickrudjonesy: if changing pcm (pulse code modulation?) , right click the volume control and tell it to control pcm04:04
nickrud*works, that is04:04
FydaPCM typically corresponds to most sound output from most apps, at least as far as I can see.04:04
=== OSUKid7_ is now known as OSUKid7
DG19075Fyda, you are right04:04
jonesyI've been using linux for many years, and the only thing about it that sucks more than sound is printing (but that's any os) ;-P04:05
jonesythanks Fyda04:05
skarI used easyvmx.com to make an XP machine, and tried to use vmware-player to run it, but when I power up the machine, it gives me an error: "VMware Player unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)04:05
skarFailed to allocate page for guest RAM!". How do i fix this?04:05
robrrrhow can i make it so that the the root account can't be used to login? ie must su to root04:07
skarhow do i change the permissions on my other partitions?04:07
nickrudskar, have you tried googling that error?04:07
robdigrobrrr: by default, ubuntu has root disabled...the recommendation is to use sudo or gksudo for root access04:07
skarnickrud, oh, actually i haven't, thanks for the advice, hehe04:07
nickrudrobrrr: passwd --lock <user>04:08
ivan_hi can someone help me with my wacom tablet??04:08
robrrrnickrud: thanks, will that stop the account from being used or just mean that i must su to root?04:09
nickrudrobrrr: sudo will work, su shouldn't04:09
skarnickrud, a solution mentioned setting something to false in the "vmx", how do i edit the vmx?04:09
juanbondHey guys, quick question... How can I disable the speaker beep when you backspace to far in terminal, or doing an illegal key stoke.04:09
nickrudskar: with a text editor :)04:10
skarnickrud, ah hehe, thanks04:10
Fydajuanbond: That's the system bell. Try looking in the Sound settings.04:10
juanbondSounds good.04:10
Neodudemangutsy wont start04:10
Neodudemanit just gives me a blank screen04:11
nickrudjuanbond: on the terminal, edit->current profile, untick system bell04:11
Neodudemanafter grub loads04:11
FydaNeodudeman: Try pressing Alt+F2 when it's at the black screen?04:11
Neodudemanok, then?04:11
troythetechguyI'm looking for the "info" pages, and I don't see many of them in 7.04.  Is this common within Ubuntu?04:11
FydaNeodudeman: I have seen 2 people with the same issue -- it turns out they have no splash screen, and Ubuntu won't finish booting unless they switch to the virtual terminal.04:11
FydaNeodudeman: That shortcut switches to the VT. It seems that this allows the system to finish booting up. I do not know of a solution.04:12
Neodudemanwhat should i do in the virtual terminal?04:12
Neodudemanany commands that need be typed04:12
FydaNeodudeman: Wait for it to finish booting up :)04:12
ivan_where can i ge helh a wacom tablet??04:12
Neodudemanok, thanks, i'll try it now04:12
robdigtroythetechguy: you probably need to install them...usually in packages that have a -doc on their name...there aren't a lot installed by default04:15
mohdHello, is is possible to use emerald themes along with compiz fusion>04:15
MorphiusQQ: I've followed to docs on ubuntu.com to get DVDs, but when I apt-get install libdvdplay0, the package doesn't exist.04:16
troythetechguyrobdig, are the info pages more current than the man pages?04:16
MorphiusAnd it appears taht gxine won't play DVD's without it.04:16
robdigtroythetechguy: in my experience, no...many times they are exactly the same :(04:16
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
troythetechguyrobdig, Thanks for the information.04:17
=== mrAshley_away is now known as mrAshley
allnightarockinDoes anyone know how to use a wireless internet connection as a ethernet bridge?? I have a topic open over at the ubuntu forums LINK:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3895160#post3895160 please let me know if u can help =]04:20
adamonline45I'm trying to play a dvd on Kubuntu gutsy, and Kaffeine says: "The source can't be read.  Maybe you don't have enough rights for this, or source doesn't contain data (e.g: no disk in drive). (Error reading NAV packet.)"  Does anyone know what this could be?  I _do_ have a disk in the drive, of course 8)  And I can see the FBI warning before it says this...04:21
ToddEDMhe guys, im trying to partition a external USB hard drive .... it is already partitioned FAT32, and im not sure what to do in Gparted, it wont let me format it!!!04:22
Joey_AdamsToddEDM> Do you care what's on there already, or are you not worried about deleting everything on there?04:23
Kryllis there a way to run windows based 3d games04:23
dooglusKryll: yes, a friend of mine does it all the time04:24
FydaKryll: Some of them might work under Wine. Which one were you thinking of in particular?04:24
ToddEDMi tired to get CoD to work .. no go04:24
thorToddEDM are you trying to format it as a fat32 drive?04:24
adamonline45Fyda: I'd like to know about Counter-Strike: Source, and equally important, hammer level editor...04:24
Kryllturf battles04:24
ToddEDMJoey_Adams:  ... i want it all gone!04:24
Joey_AdamsOpen up a terminal, type sudo su to become root04:25
ToddEDMi want 2 partitions on it04:25
FydaToddEDM: Did you unmount it before trying to format it?04:25
Joey_AdamsThen type fdisk -l and see what disk you want to reformat.04:25
Joey_AdamsOh, that too :)04:25
ToddEDMno fyda04:25
FydaToddEDM: Please unmount it in Gparted then try again :)04:25
ToddEDMohhhhh i didnt know that it had to be unmounted04:25
ToddEDMthanks guys04:26
fiberhello, i was wondering if there is a method to pipe a password to the input of ssh04:27
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:27
=== _timewriter is now known as timewriter
=== _Magilla is now known as Magilla
fiberouch... server down!04:27
adamonline45Wow did I jsut make netsplit with an ubotu call?04:27
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:27
fiberhahaha, all your fault!04:27
ToddEDMhmmm i cant format to NTFS? with GParted04:28
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:28
StrangeworkI just upgraded to gutsy gibbon this afternoon. I am having trouble finding the correct driver for my graphics card. my graphics card is some express chipset. I am using an HP Pavilion dv6000. How can I find the correct driver?04:28
adamonline45That's what we get for not helping me for like my 12 previous requests! >:O bwarharhar04:28
fiberi was wondering if there is a method to pipe a password to the input of ssh04:28
Phildohey - how do i stop my new install from being an ipv6 monkey? :D04:29
komputeswhat is the UBUNTU equvalent for the group file /etc/groups04:30
robdig!ipv6 | Phildo04:30
ubotuPhildo: To disable ipv6 read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv404:30
Phildoty :>04:30
nickrudStrangework: lspci | grep -i vga should tell you your chipset04:31
ToddEDMthor:  you still around04:31
nickrudkomputes: /etc/group04:31
thorToddEDM yup04:31
cvdany way to fix this, /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lncurses04:31
komputesnickrud: that is an empty file04:31
komputesnickrud: actuallt it doesn't even exist04:32
ToddEDMhey , do you know why my USB drive wont format as NTFS?04:32
nickrudkomputes: not on my machine, it is and always has been04:32
komputesToddEDM: I always format mine as Fat32, i think it's the only possibility...04:32
komputesnickrud: what version of ubuntu do you run?04:33
thorToddEDM didn't think you could do that with usb drives even in windows...they have to be fat3204:33
ToddEDMlinux wont read/write fat32, will it ?04:33
thorToddEDM yup...no problem04:33
nickrudkomputes: gutsy, but it's inherited from debian, it's always been that file are you sure you typed it correctly? /etc/group04:33
thorToddEDM ntfs used to be a problem, but fat32 has been around for years04:33
ToddEDMok , well i didnt have to wipe everything off it then!!! doh04:33
=== BinghiMan is now known as OzRiC
ToddEDMok cool guys thanks04:34
Bryanmy Wifi doesn't work after I suspsend. I have a bcm43xx. Anyone got anything that would fix this?04:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:35
FydaBryan: Do you know which kernel model it uses?04:35
FydaBryan: *model -> module04:35
Bryanthe latest one?04:35
Bryanit's 7.1004:35
ToddEDMmy wife doesnt work after i told her she was getting chubby.... anyone got a simple fix?04:35
Strangeworknickrud:  Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03), this is what I found, I cannot find an exact driver for it. May I use a substitute?04:35
adamonline45Is there a reason to install Xine if I already have kaffeine?04:35
firebird619Could someone help me with Compiz Fusion and Window Borders? I am not using the compiz in Ubuntu's repos, I am using a different repo that is a newer version of compiz. When I start it, I do not have any window borders, and windows will not move with alt+click to drag the window around. How can I fix this? I have tried emerald --replace with emerald installed, but it doesn't start.04:35
FydaBryan: With my wireless card, at least, I do a "sudo modprobe -r <module name>" then "sudo modprobe <module name" if it's not working after suspend04:35
galacticonehey does anyone know if a live cd loads the same mac address everytime when you use wireless internet?04:36
BryanFyda, is there a way to enable that into a scribt or something?04:36
FydaStrangework: I have that exact graphics card on this laptop, and I use the "intel" driver (which appears to be the same as i810, but I could be wrong)04:36
nickrudStrangework: you can the intel driver, it supports that chip04:36
* nickrud is late again :)04:37
Strangeworkhm. okay, I will give that a shot, thanks guys :)04:37
FydaBryan: Well... you could write those two commands into a text file, make it executable, and run it,  but I don't know if this is what you mean by script ;)04:37
=== kittu is now known as kishan_
weltallsorry it's normal that gutsy has an extremely OLD clamtk package (old almost as feisty...)04:38
=== mrAshley is now known as mrAshley_phone
komputessudo find / -name "groups"04:38
nickrudkomputes: group not groups04:38
adamonline45I can't play DVDs... Can anyone help? <:D04:38
kishan_adamonline45, did u install the codecs04:39
Fydaadamonline45: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs04:39
nickrudweltall: normal, but maybe not optimal04:39
kishan_adamonline45, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu04:39
komputesnickrud:  thanks, that worked - stupid tutorial on http://www.ubuntu1501.com/04:39
adamonline45kishan_: Fyda: I isntalled the kubuntu-restricted-extras package; would that do it?04:40
kishan_no adamonline45 ,just follow the howto we send u04:40
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
weltallnickrud: well it's quite bad as the 2.99 version has an important feature (no file size limit) for an antivirus04:41
galacticoneanyone farmiliar with ubuntu ultimate?04:41
nickrudkishan_: the packages that make gutsy were frozen back in august, so that's the latest release of all but critical or pet stuff04:41
kishan_sorry nickrud i did not get u04:42
weltallwell 2.99 was of june04:42
nickrudgalacticone: according to people who should know, it's a hacked up version04:42
weltallso someone forgot to update it :P04:42
weltallwell i'll go for the old manual way04:42
galacticoneok does anyone know if it has a mac spoofer?04:42
nickrudweltall: yeah, the ubuntu stuff comes from debian, and sometimes it lags badly04:43
weltallok thanks :)04:43
Ashfire908is there a guiode or anything to combining two ppp connections?04:43
nickrudweltall: don't know if you're aware of checkinstall, you should use it to make a hacked up package for installation04:44
daksso my gnome has begun lagging quite a bit when I first login, displaying the ubuntu splash screen for a long time, does anybody know what might cause this?04:44
weltallyes but i was fortunate there was a premade package on the site of the author :)04:44
weltalldaks: compiz04:45
nickrudthe author is used to debian, i guess :)04:45
weltallwell he has also rpm packages :P04:46
Ashfire908is there a guide or anything to combining two ppp connections?04:46
Strangeworkokay. Um, I chose the 'intel' driver, and like you said, it still showed up as i810, now how do I know if it works properly?04:46
nickrudStrangework: look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log , there's a lot of stuff there but if you go about halfway down it'll tell you about it's recognition of the video card04:47
tushydanyone know how to convert vcf files to csv?04:47
Strangeworknickrud: Yessir04:47
nickrudStrangework: if you have trouble with it, put on paste.ubuntu-nl.org & I'll take a look04:48
devin_having some issues with here and im not finding much on forums, I'm getting this error: (dpkg: unable to access dpkg status area: Read-only file system)04:49
adamonline45kishan_: These pages all reference libdvdcss2; isn't there a 3 available?04:49
Mike Can someone please help me with flash on Firefox 64-bit?04:50
Strangeworknickrud: Hm, not sure how to interpret this at all. :( but almost every number is a zero. :\04:51
nickrudStrangework: what you're looking for is the section where most lines will start with either intel or i810, it'll say if it's using the 945 capabilities04:52
zzapFyda: You there?04:52
adamonline45kishan_: Oh wow, libdvdcss2 did it, when 3 didn't... thank you 8)04:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about konqueror - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:52
Fydazzap: Yes?04:52
nickrud!info konqueror04:53
ubotukonqueror: KDE's advanced file manager, web browser and document viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 2002 kB, installed size 5340 kB04:53
Bryan__I put sudo modprobe -r -f bcm43xx into a script, but it doesn't work.04:53
zzapFyda: I got the monitor working. :D04:53
=== mrAshley_phone is now known as mrAshley_Bored
Bryan__However, I type it into a terminal, at it works just fine04:53
zzapFyda: Thanks for your help yesterday.04:53
zzapFyda: Still there? :P04:53
Fydazzap: Er, yes04:53
sinahi can anyone help me out04:53
zzapDamn netsplits.04:54
Fydazzap: Did it work out okay? How is your display?04:54
sinaim trying to get my ndiswrapper working04:54
sinaiv been at it for a good hour04:54
nickrudBryan__: leave out the sudo , and call it like sudo <file>04:54
zzapFyda: Primary monitor works fine.04:54
zzapFyda: But I can't get the second monitor to work. :/04:54
Bryan__nickrud, hows do I do that?04:54
zzapFyda: Like, in the options there's the "Screen 2" there, but it's disabled.04:54
nickrudBryan__: you're calling this scipt manually, right?04:54
zzapFyda: And I can't enable it without setting it to the primary monitor.04:55
adamonline45I have an old bruce lee DVD that LOOKS like it's wide screen, but it's really just a 4:3 with a black top and bottom.  Is there a way in Kaffeine to fit-to-width?04:55
devin_ Need some help here. I tried reinstalling Konqueror because it kept using 99% cpu and now im getting ( dpkg: unable to access dpkg status area: Read-only file system) any idea how to fix this?04:55
sinawhenver u feel ready to help ill be waiting04:55
Bryan__nickrud, no I just stuck it into /etc/acpi/resume.d/ and made it an executable04:55
Strangeworknickrud: I found no lines beginning with 'intel' and 'i810' never appeared, but VESA appeared a lot.04:55
Fydazzap: I don't know, I haven't set up a dual-head system successfully yet. But there's the man page for xorg.conf's options: http://linux.die.net/man/5/xorg.conf04:56
nickname6324Hey all, I have gutsy and I get frequent crashes and lockups when browsing the web or doing other regular activities. Is there any one to begin troubleshooting these errors?04:56
zzapFyda: Hmm, so you think I'll have to edit the .conf?04:56
nickname6324Firefox crashes all the time04:56
nickrudStrangework: then you're not getting the intel driver during X startup alright. How did you set up the config? sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg , and selecting the driver is recommended04:56
Fydazzap: Perhaps? I'm not sure that there's a tool that could reliably detect your hardware and generate a correct, working xorg.conf04:57
FydaSomeone might correct me on that though :/04:57
* IpMooIng tips hatt04:57
Strangeworknickrud: excuse me? I didn't understand that last statement04:58
nickrudFyda: we could wish for that on dual configs :(04:58
=== capgadget_2 is now known as capgadget
nickrudStrangework: run the following:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg   . It'll ask you to select a driver, choose intel04:58
cvdSegmentation fault (core dumped)?04:59
sinaHI GUYS04:59
* nickrud wishes someone was around who knew ndiswrapper04:59
tritiumsina: please don't use all-caps04:59
juanbondHey guys, how can I view all groups04:59
tritiumjuanbond: they're listed in /etc/groups04:59
nickrudjuanbond: cat /etc/group04:59
sinatritium id love to oblige05:00
IpMooIngsina:   kill the cpas05:00
juanbondthank you, i'm trying to setup my user to belong to the apache group.05:00
zzapFyda: Hmm, I'll do some research on it. Also, when I go into the "Add/Remove Programs" app., like half the applications say they can't work because of my hardware being i386 or something. ?05:00
sinaas soon as someone can hook me up wit some aid cause my hairs kinda fallin out here05:00
sinasee issue is05:00
nickrudjuanbond: why? and you'd do sudo adduser <user> www-data05:00
tritiumjuanbond: you'd use: sudo adduser <username> <group>05:00
sinai cant use ndiswrapper05:00
Fydazzap: I'm not familiar with that, sorry.05:00
tritium!enter | sina05:00
ubotusina: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:00
Strangeworknickrud: All the terminal gave back was this "xserver-xorg postinst warning: overwriting possibly-customised configuration file; backup in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.20071206235943", no option to select a new driver :(05:00
=== Bryan__ is now known as Bryan
zzapFyda: Alright.05:00
nickname6324How can you rm a directory even if it is full?05:01
nickrudStrangework: now take a look at the /etc/X11/xorg.conf , see what driver it used (should have asked)05:01
sinayes sir will do forgive me i am a nub i will not use enter as punctuation but do u know wat i can do about ndiswrapper not working05:01
cvda have to write the numbers to the left to compile in cobol? 000010,00020?05:01
tritium!ndiswrapper | sina05:01
ubotusina: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:01
Fydanickname6324: try reading "rm --help", it should tell you the various options you can use -- you're probably interested in the "-r" option05:01
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:02
Johnny_5how do i adjust enlightenment so the menus aren't too big without changing the theme?05:02
nickrudStrangework: are you sure you used -phigh ? I just tested it here again05:02
Aztec007any cute girls here?05:02
Strangeworknickrud: yah, claims it is using intel05:02
Bryanso this is a weird one: my wifi returns when I get out of suspend. BUT it won't connect to anything. When I type in "sudo modprobe -r -f bcm43xx" and "sudo modprobe bcm43xx" into the terminal it restarts my drivers and THEN I can connect to WAP's. Is there anyway I can put this in a script, so I don't have to type this into a terminal everytime I get back form suspend?05:02
tritiumAztec007: that's offtopic here05:02
nickrudnickname6324: you would need rm -rf (recursive , force )05:02
Aztec007just kidding bro05:03
onatsdoes anyone know where i can find apt.conf?05:03
Aztec007i actually had a question on running X on gentoo05:03
nickrudStrangework: ok, logging out, hit clt-alt-backspace , log back in. Take a look at that log file again05:03
nickrudonats: /etc/apt05:03
Aztec007It doesnt recognize my ATI All in wonder05:04
juanbondHow can I remove my user from the www-data group?05:04
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tritiumAztec007: this is an _ubuntu_ channel05:04
onatsnickrud, i only see apt.conf.d directory05:04
nickrudjuanbond: deluser user group05:04
Johnny_5how do i adjust enlightenment so the menus aren't too big without changing the theme?05:04
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Aztec007joing #Gentoo05:04
nickrudonats: that's the new method, apt will read all the fragments there and combine them to create apt.conf on the fly each time it's called05:04
FydaJohnny_5: Adjust the font sizes, perhaps? If I recall correctly, E allows for changing that for individual elements05:05
onatsnickrud, which file should i put in Acquire::http::Proxy “http://apt-cache-machine:3142″;?05:05
nickrudonats: you'd look for the options there you want to change; if it's not already set, make a new fragment there05:05
Darius08xAbout how big should my swap and root partion be?05:05
Darius08xhahaha, oh wow05:05
Darius08xAnyways, I've got 160 free MB05:06
tritium!enter | Darius08x05:06
ubotuDarius08x: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:06
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Strangeworknickrud: Did it, what I noticed is that when I logged out, I went into a terminal window. later, a box came up saying I was in "low graphics mode" :(05:06
nickrudonats: use a new fragment, the reason debian uses those *.d directories is so you or dev's can adjust the behavior without affecting any other package05:06
Johnny_5Fyda: how do i get to it?05:06
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Bryanso this is a weird one: my wifi returns when I get out of suspend. BUT it won't connect to anything. When I type in "sudo modprobe -r -f bcm43xx" and "sudo modprobe bcm43xx" into the terminal it restarts my drivers and THEN I can connect to WAP's. Is there anyway I can put this in a script, so I don't have to type this into a terminal every time I get back form suspend?05:06
onatsnickrud, so if i just add a file there, it will automatically include it, irregardless of naming convention?05:07
nickrudStrangework: put you /etc/X11/xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log on that pastebin05:07
Shadow147I have an old dell computer with a NVIDIA Geforce2 GTS/PRO graphics card and I can get the glx 3d working05:07
nickrudonats: it will be read in alphanumeric order.05:07
MikeOxbiggerCan someone please help me to get flash working on Firefox 64-bit?05:07
onatsok, no problem then.. thanks!05:07
onatswill try it out now..05:07
MikeOxbiggerWtf...I cannot see my mouse :(05:07
Shadow147I have to use the nvidia-glx-legacy drivers05:08
onatsnickrud, how would i know btw, if the proxying would work? would you know?05:08
Strangeworknickrud: yessir, wait.. how do I operate the pastebin?05:08
nickrud!nvidia | Shadow14705:08
ubotuShadow147: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:08
Strangeworknickrud: what category do I place it under?05:08
FydaJohnny_5: Are you using E17?05:08
cvdHey thats was the problem. i do not write the first 605:08
nickrudStrangework: open each file in gedit, then copy and paste. Just stick it up there, and put the link here. Category isn't really relevant05:08
onatsnickrud, i'm planning to use the acquire http proxy, so that the package manager can fall back to the internet, in case the cacher is offline...05:08
nickrudonats: I'd make it 9005:09
FydaJohnny_5: In E17, go to the main menu -> Configuration -> Configuration Panel, then under Appearance, open Fonts.05:09
onatsnickrud, yeah, but upon placing it there, how do i know my system's actually using the proxy, and not the sources from internet repositories?05:10
MikeOxbiggerHelp...I cannot see my mouse pointer...my computer is pwning me >;(05:10
nickrudonats: you can see how apt will see it with cat /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/*05:10
gamehello lovely ubuntu users,05:10
FydaJohnny_5: The Advanced mode in the Fonts dialog should let you select specific elements (eg. title bars, menu items, menu titles) and adjust their font style05:10
Johnny_5i think i may be using e16 because i don't see anything like that05:10
nickrudonats: now that I don't know, I've never run a proxy so I've never learned05:10
onatsnickrud, ok, thanks for your help still... will test it out05:11
Strangeworknickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47184/05:11
FydaJohnny_5: Well, I don't have e16, but I figure it should be similar -- probably available in the control panel somewhere.05:11
gamei would like to know. that my school has WIFI and i cant use chat room. does any one know why?05:11
Fydagame: They might've blocked it? :P05:11
IpMooIngor is that yeehaw05:12
MikeOxbiggerI cannot see my mouse pointer, and ideas anyone?05:12
juanbondThanks for the help tonight!05:12
Bryanhow do you get a script to run automatically after unsuspending?05:13
UbuntMeWasup guys??05:13
paragoncis there a way to install from the default cd w/o using a GUI?05:13
Johnny_5<MikeOxbigg  er:reboot05:13
nickrudStrangework: ok, now the xorg.conf. But possibly, try logging out and check to see if you're using the gnome session or the failsafe session (look under options on the screen)05:13
gameFyda: i used wireschirk and it went nuts.. well the network. is using wire shark illegal05:13
MikeOxbiggerJohnny_5: Okay, but then how do I stop this from happening again?05:13
MikeOxbiggerAnd/or what causes it?05:14
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UbuntMeHey, i need some quick help.  I just downloaded JAVA from the java website but i dont know how to install it.  The files is  jre-6u3-linux-i586.bin and its on my desktop.  Could one of you possibley give me a code that i could put in the terminal to install this?  Thanks!05:14
Johnny_5not sure...i have the same prob on my laptop after loggong in and out alot...then a reboot is all i find that'll fix it05:14
MikeOxbiggerOkay, thanks Johnny.05:15
MikeOxbiggerBee are bee.05:15
gameis using wireshirk illegal ?????? on a privet newtwork???????????05:15
cvdhow long the Gutsy its supported?05:15
paragoncthe GUI runs like crap on a slow cd05:15
nickrud!java | UbuntMe05:15
ubotuUbuntMe: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre05:15
paragoncseems like i should be able to do a command line install05:15
UbuntMeCan someone just give me a terminal command please?  I'm kinda in a rush.05:15
cvdwhat is the terminal command to show the kernel and ubuntu version?05:15
nickrudUbuntMe: that factoid is a bit out of date, the web page should be more current05:16
IpMooIngu gott learn dude05:16
nickrudUbuntMe: sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin (you don't need the file from sun)05:16
Strangeworknickrud: hm.. I have found no xorg.log. :\05:16
nickrudStrangework: /etc/X11/xorg.conf <-- conf :)05:17
Darius08xAbout how big should I make my swap and root partiton? I'm installing ubuntu 7.10 desktop edition and it's on a 160GB HDD?05:17
Strangeworksorry sorry sorry. >_<05:17
nickrudcvd: lsb_release -a05:17
nickrudStrangework: no worries, it's all new05:17
devin_ Need some help here. I tried reinstalling Konqueror because it kept using 99% cpu and now im getting ( dpkg: unable to access dpkg status area: Read-only file system) any idea how to fix this?05:17
kelsinDarius08x: swap should be between 2x and 1x of your ram, depending, root can be the rest but I normally make home a separate partition to ease when reinstalling05:17
devin_tired it as root05:18
UbuntMenickrud: thanks dude! rock on05:18
devin_don't understand05:18
nickrudDarius08x: 15gb root, 2xram up to about 2gb, the rest /home05:18
nickrudDarius08x: 2gb swap that is05:18
Bryanhow do you get a script to run automatically after un-suspending?  anyone?05:18
Darius08xOk, thank you nickrud05:18
cvdHey any editor to add 6 spaces/numbers etc  automaticaty in each line?05:18
alevineanyone know what library the function XMoveWindow belongs to?05:18
Strangeworknickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47185/ here ya go!05:18
cvdto the left05:19
nickrudBryan: the scripts in /etc/acpi.d/resume.d get run on resume, but I'd hesitate to mess with that myself05:19
s1ntaxAre there any data recovery tools i can run on an NTFS drive from ubuntu?05:19
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danayelxguys, for networking questions where do I go?05:20
danayelxwell, ubuntu related net questions05:20
nickrudStrangework: lspci | grep -i vga , could you show me the one line output of that05:20
Strangeworknickrud: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)05:21
mrAshleyHas anyone gotten the svideo out for an i810 on an HP dv1000 series to work? (or any combination thereof)05:21
thors1ntax none that are linux based that I know of. It might be possible to run some windows software using wine to recover the data05:21
nickrudStrangework: ok, I was wondering about the bus id, I guess that's right05:21
Strangeworknickrud: I beg your pardon? I am rather stupid with this stuff. >_<05:22
annihiluscan someone explain why i am getting sound from cd's over speakers but not from anything else (youtube videos, etc)05:22
onatsquestion on apt-cacher, i'm trying to do a proxy method, in my other computers, which point to the server which containts the apt-cacher. now, for the primary source of these "client" pc's, does it need to have the same repository (e.g. us.ubuntu.com, as what is stored/being used by the apt-cacher server)?05:22
mrAshleyannihilus: just audio cds? that's it?05:22
danayelxoh sound, that too, how doe I make it so that my laptop stops making this loud annoying sound when i close it?05:23
nickrudStrangework: ok, the config looks right. (I meant the PCI:0:2:0 in the config) . I'd log out, click the options button, and make sure I'm not using the failsafe mode.05:23
Strangeworknickrud: I will do just that :)05:24
cvdits there away so xchat automatically load this channel at statup?05:24
cvdor the server05:24
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annihilusmrAshley, yeah just audio cd's05:24
nickrudcvd: yes, xchat->network list , select freenode, edit, and click auto connect and add ubuntu to the channel list05:25
Strangeworknickrud: I am back05:25
nickrudStrangework: ok, does the log have anything nice to say? If not, I'm at a loss05:25
Strangeworknickrud: xorg.0.log I assume?05:26
mrAshleyannihilus: My first suggestion would be to check your audio volume settings.. do you know how?05:26
nickrudStrangework: yes :)05:26
nickruddanayelx: it makes that sound when you go to suspend?05:26
danayelxwell, yeah, i close the laptop05:27
danayelxthen it starts making the sound05:27
root_hi I am having problems with my harddrives  going to about 55C anyone know how I can fix this >?05:27
nickruddanayelx: then don't close the lid :) (I don't, because I don't get my screen back)05:27
danayelxright, thats the issue, what can we do about it, or is it something that we have to live with?05:28
danayelxim used to working on my laptop, walking out w it, and openig it in the next room etc05:28
nickruddanayelx: sorry for being a fart there, I make jokes about suspend so I don't cry05:28
danayelxwith fedora i didnt have this issue05:28
annihilus77mrAshley, sry im using a diff name, got kicked randomly05:28
danayelxsomeone turn them ddosers into an heroes plz05:29
danayelxstealz their ipods!!!05:29
Strangeworknickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47186/ hope this yields good results. >_<05:30
nickrudStrangework: the vesa is recognizing your chip; one last try: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf , manually change   intel   to   i810  , log out and try again.05:31
nickname6324What text editors do you use for coding ?05:31
navynewyorkerHi I'm a newbie to linux and I need help with an install05:32
cicloi didn't do anything just now, just stay on the desktop, but the utilization of CPU is always higher than 50%. I didn think it's nomoral, and used "top". I found it's naulitus and trackerd who take up so much cpu. I killed them and everything is okay. It's strange; can anybody tell me why did these to process occurs while I didn't open them at all05:32
Javid!install | navynewyorker05:32
ubotunavynewyorker: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:32
nickrudnickname6324: my little stuff I use eclipse , emacs , gphpedit , gedit05:32
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nickname6324thanks nickrud05:32
Jack_Sparrow!ask | navynewyorker05:33
ubotunavynewyorker: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)05:33
kelsinnickname6324: emacs all the way05:33
ubotuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.05:33
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: sorry, a bit slow on the draw05:33
navynewyorkerwell I did the install and upon reboot it get a Grub error 17 in the bios prompt05:33
nickrudnickname6324: I use eclipse in emacs emulation, by the way :)05:33
nickname6324what do you mean?05:33
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: ask your question..05:34
nickrudnickname6324: more a response to kelsin , and a plug for emacs05:34
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: what in particular are you having trouble wiht05:34
nickname6324lol you respond to me but really mean to respond to kelsin05:34
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: are you trying to dual boot?05:35
navynewyorkerduring start-up i get a "grub error 17" message and the computer locks up05:35
nickrudnickname6324: eh, I figured you'd read it all in context, might miss it if directed at kelsin. kelsin seems to follow multiple convo's here easily05:35
kelsinnickname6324: esp when my name is on every other line :)05:35
Strangeworknickrud: Post up my xorg.0.log?05:36
* nickrud adds extra text so I can lol05:36
rabinavynewyorker: what is ur problem in shortcut.05:36
Fydanavynewyorker: Okay, that error is "Cannot mount selected partition". Could have a few different causes.05:36
nickrudStrangework: sure, but look at it yourself first: where the others have vesa, you should see i81005:36
Jack_Sparrowrabi: He installed and now has grub error.  I asked if he was trying to dual boot.05:36
onatsanyone here who can help me with apt-cacher?05:37
Fydanavynewyorker: How many hard drives are attached to the system?05:37
navynewyorkerjack: i have winxp installed. made a partition for linux, and install05:37
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: fine.. I dual boot here too..05:37
Fydanavynewyorker: also, what did you do during installation? Did you manually edit the partitions?05:37
navynewyorkerfyda: one 160gb hard drive05:37
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navynewyorkerfyda: yes05:38
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: If you manually created the ext3 (or other) it would work better if you made it smaller and left unallocated space for the installer to do it on its own05:38
Strangeworknickrud: i810 wasn't found :(05:39
navynewyorkerwith partition magic i made a 20gb partition in winxp05:39
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: you will have an extra ext3.. which we will use05:39
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: partition magic is fine.05:39
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: is that 20 for xp or for Ubuntu05:39
nickrudStrangework: either something strange is working here, or I am freaking blind. I'd look for better help, either here or on the forums. Paste links to the log and conf05:40
navynewyorkerthen installed ubuntu unto that partition, using ext305:40
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: what about swap space?05:40
UbuntMeOk, that thing that someone told me to put into the terminal to get java dident work.  Sooo, how do I install the file jre-6u3-linux-i586.bin thats on my desktop?05:40
navynewyorkerjack: 2gb05:40
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: can you get to xp.?05:40
nickrudUbuntMe: what does java -version in a terminal say?05:41
navynewyorkerjack: no, it freezes when i get errror 1705:41
Strangeworknickrud: Hehehe.. My name appeared in that sentence.. Well, thank you for your effort nickrud, I will post them up immediately. I truly appreciate how much you put into my little problem. :)05:41
nickrudStrangework: it should be a simple problem ;(05:41
UbuntMeoh, hi nickrud,  well, it worked.  But it dosent work..  Like, it installed and everything with no error message, but it dodent do anything05:42
navynewyorkerI tried hitting "esc" to edit grub, no joy05:42
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: fdisk /mbr     will get you back into windows...  use partition magic and delete the linux partition... boot live and let ubuntu set it up05:42
nickrudUbuntMe: by 'doesn't do anything', could you give a concrete example?05:42
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: are you running livecd now05:42
ubotuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.05:42
navynewyorkerjack: yes05:42
navynewyorkerI think, I'm running off the CD05:43
* nickrud notes that factoid05:43
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: do you have a boot floppy?05:43
=== dngr is now known as dngr^
navynewyorkerjack: no floopy drive05:43
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: booting live, does that cd offer an option to boot the hard drive?05:43
navynewyorkerJack: can't recall, i don't think so05:44
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: fdisk -l      small l   in a cli05:44
navynewyorkerit's 7.1005:44
=== dngr^ is now known as dngr
FydaStrangework: I am puzzled, too, that it isn't working for you. I'd be interested in your xorg.conf and perhaps the output of 'dpkg -l | grep xserver-xorg-video-05:44
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: terminal window05:45
FydaStrangework: Oops, forgot a closing '05:45
StrangeworkFyda: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47185/ this is my xorg :)05:45
UbuntMenickrud: ok, I installed it, i try to use a yahoo thing that requires java, and go to the java site and it says i need java.05:45
nickrudUbuntMe: what does java -version in a terminal say?05:45
nickrudUbuntMe: that is, does it say version 1.6.0 .. etc?05:46
FydaStrangework: Well, that's odd -- the xorg.conf looks fine...05:46
Jack_SparrowStrangework: line 81 or so.. I dont see refresh rates.. that might help05:46
nickrudUbuntMe: and, did you do the full line I gave, including the sun-java6-plugin ?05:47
navynewyorkerJack: response is, command not found05:47
UbuntMenickrud:  how do i find out?05:47
UbuntMeyes, i did05:47
UbuntMewait, maybe not05:47
StrangeworkJack_Sparrow: oh damn.. X__X what do you think about this?05:48
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker:   sorry  sudo fdisk -l05:48
nickrudUbuntMe: java -version in a terminal, will spit out the version you are using. And, dpkg -l 'sun-java*' , the packages with ii at the beginning are installed05:48
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: cut and paste requires Shift Key05:48
Jack_SparrowStrangework: I really need to go.. but I think you are getting the card right but not the monitor info05:49
nickrudJack_Sparrow: he's getting vesa, not i810 in the log05:50
Jack_Sparrownickrud: I saw that too...05:50
UbuntMeHow do i get to the paisnbin nick?05:50
navynewyorkerJack: ok originally showed 4 boot device, then one"/dev/sdb1"05:51
Jack_Sparrownickrud: one of my lappys gave me fits for res until I corrected that05:51
nickrudStrangework: and Fyda has a very good point: COLUMNS=255 dpkg -l 'xserver-xorg-video-*' , is the intel and i810 listed as installed?05:51
Strangeworknickrud: I am not sure, how can I check?05:52
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: I dont have time to troubleshoot grub atm..   someone may be able to help.. or boot xp cd into recovery mode and do fdisk /mbr   not to be confused with terminal or cli command line interface.. sorry.  Just getting tired.05:53
nickrudStrangework: copy and paste that command, if the line starts with ii it's installed05:53
Strangeworkwhoops. :P05:53
navynewyorkerJack: It's cool thanks for your help, good night05:54
Jack_Sparrownavynewyorker: navy inspector.. retired in san diego05:54
Jack_Sparrowgoodnight all.05:54
UbuntMenickrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47187/05:55
Strangeworknickrud: Found it, both are installed05:55
IpMooIngaint just this  server getting hitt05:55
nickrudUbuntMe: nope, you don't have the plugin installed:  sudo aptitude install sun-java6-plugin05:56
Fyda!hi | dwj05:56
ubotudwj: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:56
nickrudStrangework: oh, well, it was a thought05:56
IpMooIngnickrud: how long u been using  linux05:56
Strangeworknickrud: Heh, better than what I am doing.. :P05:56
nickrudIpMooIng: I switched in 200005:56
* IpMooIng sighs 2 yrs ago05:57
dwjeverybody can't speak english :)05:57
IpMooIngi should been on this 15 yrs ago05:57
nickrudIpMooIng: heh, me also. I actually used minix, but totally missed linux.05:57
nickruddwj: yup, and there's lots of language specific channels05:58
IpMooIngwell given mi family background.. wish it was nix05:58
=== twocarlo_ is now known as twocarlo
jayprowhats a good program that plays dvds?05:58
noiesmojaypro, vlc player05:59
nickrudjaypro: vlc, mplayer, gxine are the most capable ones05:59
jayprovlc? hrmm...i have that and i dont know how to open the file05:59
Learning-UbuntuHi all, Im trying to run a vnstat frontend on my computer so I dont have to open a terminal always for it. The first step says to confirm whether I have a working PHP setup. Im guessing I do but how would I confirm it. Does being able to browse other forums count?05:59
jayprooh nm...i got it.. but it looks all fucked up06:00
nickrudjaypro: open vlc, and file->open disk06:00
nickname6324What are your favorite ubuntu Links?>06:00
nickrud!libdvdcss | jaypro06:00
ubotujaypro: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs06:00
ubotuDo NOT post links to Gutsy ISO files before an official release announcement is made.  These files are not the final release and will cause confusion.  Doing so will get you removed from the channel.06:00
jaypronickrud yeah i opened it, but it looks all messed up06:00
jayprooh okay.... thanks nickrud06:01
nickrudjaypro: you probably need libdvdcss to decrypt the disk06:01
robrrris there somewhere i could get a default copy of: /etc/ssh/ssh_conf06:01
TanmayaI can connect to internet via adsl but it breaks off after some time .. why ?06:01
dwjdebian and unbuntu are ????06:01
Strangeworknickrud: okay, I posted up a thread in the ubuntu forums06:01
paragoncwhats the proper way to change the resolution in 7.1006:01
Strangeworknickrud: I will check back later tomorrow, now, I am off to bed06:01
StrangeworkGoodnight everyone! :)06:01
robrrrgood night06:02
dwjhere !is morning06:02
Tanmayahere afternoon06:02
nickrudrobrrr: you can get a copy of the deb on packages.ubuntu.com, and open it with archive manager06:02
Learning-UbuntuCOuld anyone tell me how to make this work http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Networking/vnstat-PHP-frontend-25160.shtml on my Ubuntu machine06:02
ToddEDMhey guys, my wife is using the Desktop upstairs, which is connected to the same wifi router as this laptop... is there a way i can send a message up to her.... without actually talking to her ;)06:02
robrrrnickrud: thanks06:02
PandemicQuick question: Is there a way to add the nm-applet icon to my menubar?06:03
dwj/etc/issue meaning?06:03
=== Learning-Ubuntu is now known as Filled-void
PandemicAnyone know how I can add nm-applet to my menu bar?06:05
nickruddwj: inextricably related06:05
jayproworry nickrud, whats that link again?06:06
jayproworry = sorry06:06
nickrud!medibuntu | jaypro (I'd do the wget stuff at the bottom)06:06
ubotujaypro (I'd do the wget stuff at the bottom): medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org06:06
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jayproahhh thanks!06:06
robrrrnickrud: im new to linux how would i download the package so it won't install, i've only ever used apt-get06:07
jayprohrmm that wasnt the one06:08
nickrudrobrrr: use these instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#head-381bea41610683e5e26322fd7028e7aef85e310506:08
robrrrnickrud: thanks06:09
nickrudrobrrr: sorry, wrong person06:09
UbuntMenickrud:   it dident change anything, results where the same06:09
robrrrnickrud: lol ok :)06:10
=== kiosk is now known as skay_arashy_kyu
nickrudrobrrr: you can do sudo apt-get install --download-only ssh-server ; the file will be in /var/cache/apt/archives06:10
nickrudUbuntMe: hrm, maybe you also need sudo update-alternatives --config java ; choose the sun one. It should be chosen automatically, though06:11
cvd and how how to join more than one network at the same time at starttip, i want Freenode and Undernet06:12
robrrrnickrud: great thanks06:12
nickrudjaypro: the link I gave just above to robrrr , the link to help.ubuntu.com is the instructions you want06:12
nickrudcvd, I've never tried more than one, but repeat the stuff you did with freenode?06:13
cvdups my bad06:14
Shadow147th is line of code added to xorg.conf works Section "Extensions"    Option  "Composite" "Disable" EndSection06:14
UbuntMenickrud:  so, what do i do?06:14
Shadow147any of the errors I got using opengl or uging wine stopped coming up06:15
nickrudUbuntMe: again, what does java -version tell you?06:15
UbuntMejava version "1.5.0_11"06:16
UbuntMeJava(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_11-b03)06:16
UbuntMeJava HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_11-b03, mixed mode, sharing)06:16
nickrudUbuntMe: ok, do:  sudo update-alternatives --config java  , then select the sun 1.6 you installed06:16
UbuntMenickrud:  select what?06:18
robrrrnickrud: i've got the .deb file how to i view the contents?06:19
nickrudUbuntMe: have you run that command yet? It has instructions06:19
ozzloycan i get some help with this please: http://rafb.net/p/Akimen65.html  ??06:19
=== alvin is now known as shishio
ozzloyi messed with the resolution to get dual monitors going06:20
nickrudrobrrr: file-roller /var/cache/apt/archives/ssh-server<tab> (hit the tab key to complete the file name), or navigate with the filemanager and right click, open with archive manager06:20
onatswhat's the shortcut key to bring up text terminal from gnome again?06:20
ozzloynow i can't get it back to normal06:20
shishioMasterShrek: are you there?06:20
UbuntMenickrud:  Press enter to keep the default[*], or type selection number:06:20
nickrudUbuntMe: and one of them says java-6 , right?06:20
nickname6243Hey all, is there a good program for ubuntu to make beats with?06:20
robrrrnickrud: im using the terminal, no gui, im on ubuntu server, still possible?06:21
gvsa123i'm having trouble installing flash on mozilla in gutsy06:21
UbuntMewait, no06:21
UbuntMeno it dosent06:21
nickname6243is there any?06:21
jribgvsa123: by mozilla, you mean something other than firefox?06:21
gvsa123jrib: oh sorry... i mean Firefox06:21
nickrudrobrrr: ah, you need to install mc , it's a text file browser. It'll open a deb package06:22
robrrrnickrud: thanks! :)06:22
jribgvsa123: you should just need to visit a page that requires flash and click on "install" on the yellow bar that pops up06:22
gvsa123jrib: i clicked on install missing plugins and installed the adobe plugin, but i still can't view flash.. youtube for example06:22
nickrudrobrrr: mc is just fantastic in a terminal06:22
jribgvsa123: ah, when did you do this?06:22
gvsa123jrib: just last night... there were two options for plugins... i chose the adobe...06:23
nickrudUbuntMe: if you did:  sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin , yes it's there06:23
MLeBlancHello there, is anybody running WoW on Ubuntu?06:23
jribgvsa123: yes, adobe released a new version so you won't be able to use the package in apt until it is updated.  For now, you can download the tar.gz from adobe and install the plugin intor ~/.mozilla/plugins/06:24
dayawhat command is used to run webcam06:24
dayaI have run dmesg, and it says its already detected06:24
robrrrnickrud: thanks im really not enjoying vi, infact vi is driving me a bit crazy06:24
yuaokiHI I have a wusb54AG and I want to use it in ubuntu what can I do?06:25
nickrudrobrrr: it's time to move up to emacs then, or down to nano for quicky stuff06:25
daya camorama, gives error, could not connect to device (/dev/video0)06:25
robrrrnickrud: ok thanks06:26
nickrudMLeBlanc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft is supposed to work, I have an ati so I skip 3d for now06:26
yuaokiI have a linksys wireles usb adapter and I want to use it in Ubuntu what can I do?06:26
MLeBlancnickrud: Thank you.06:27
nickrud!wireless | yuaoki06:27
ubotuyuaoki: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:27
LimCoredoes ubuntu supoport flash?06:28
nickrudLimCore: flash, not shockwave06:28
LimCoregnash sucks,  and adobe flash (for amd64) sucks even more, both fail to play correctly youtube06:28
LimCorehow to watch youtube on ubuntu amd6406:28
jribLimCore: youtube plays fine here with flash with nspluginwrapper on amd6406:28
LimCorejrib: in firefox it says I dont have flash at all06:28
ssami need to mount my ntfs partition06:29
jrib!ntfs > ssam (read the private message from ubotu)06:29
LimCoreI clicked ffox to install it, restared, now ffox says it have flash, but still nothing plays06:29
jribLimCore: yes, adobe released a new version so you won't be able to use the package in apt until it is updated06:29
nickname6243Hey all, is there a good program for ubuntu to make beats with?06:29
jrib!flash64 > limcore (read the private message from ubotu)06:30
ssamdoes 7.10 has diskmounter by default?06:30
nickrudjrib: I've been thinking about giving 64bit another chance, are there any gotcha's left?06:30
jribLimCore: that page has manual instructions for using nspluginwrapper, just note that there is a package for nspluginwrapper in gutsy so do not convert an rpm06:31
LimCorehmm thanx jrib06:31
jribnickrud: sun java plugin is all I can think of06:31
nickrudjrib: and that can be got around ...06:32
nickname6243IS there anyway to find the origin of my crashes/lockups?06:32
jribnickrud: yep, that's the only thing that ubuntu does not automatically take care of for you.  There are some windows movie codecs too that you only get from w32codecs06:32
jrib!automatix | nickname624306:33
ubotunickname6243: automatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »06:33
nickrudjrib: thanks06:33
ssamjrib: As of Ubuntu 6.04 (Dapper Drake) there is slightly more NTFS writing support06:33
ssamthrough a very experimental NTFS FUSE module. Using this seems to work but06:33
ssamis NOT recommended. Do you want to use this? [no]06:33
ssamwhat should i do?06:33
UbuntMenickrud:  Arg...  dident work.. Oh well, thanks for helping me.06:33
jribssam: umm, there is no such thing as 6.04.  What docs are these exactly?  And what version of ubuntu are you using?06:34
ssamid mount it manually if ud guide me06:34
nickrudmy favorite text substitution: w f m -> Worked For Me™06:34
onatsdoes anyone know how i can change X resolution in command prompt?06:35
ssambut i am using diskmounter06:35
jribssam: and my first question?06:35
ssami dont understand what docs?06:35
ssamcould u ellaborate place06:35
jribssam: where did you read what you just pasted06:35
ssamthe link u sent me06:35
jrib!enter | ssam06:35
ubotussam: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:35
ssamsaid cd wget http://media.ubuntu-nl.org/scripts/diskmounter06:36
jribssam: just use ntfs-config06:36
jrib!ntfs-3g > ssam (read the private message from ubotu)06:36
ssamits not showing...the partitions are not visible06:36
jribssam: with ntfs-config?06:36
linxuz3r_sup guys06:36
ssamdont know about that just letting you know the partitions are not visible....06:37
jribssam: visible where?06:37
ssamon ubuntu i cant see them let alone access them06:37
shishioguys, i am currently installing Flash on my Mozilla and it has two options which will i pick: the Gnash SWF player or the Adobe Flash player... ?06:37
jribssam: where are you looking06:37
jrib!who | ssam06:37
ubotussam: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:37
shishioguys, i am currently installing Flash on my Mozilla and it has two options which will i pick: the Gnash SWF player or the Adobe Flash player... ?06:38
ssamjrib: i cant seemt o see my partitions on ubuntu GUI though fdisk -l makes them visible on the terminal there not mounted it says06:38
nickname6243Hey you know wha't sucks?06:38
jribshishio: no need to repeat.  gnash is open source and adobe is the official adobe one.  Trying to install adobe's at the moment will probably fail, so if you want that one, you should download the tar.gz from adobe and install it manually to ~/.mozilla/plugins/06:39
jribssam: ok, use ntfs-config then06:39
gvsa124jrib: what was that path06:39
jribgvsa124: path for?06:39
gvsa124jrib: oh there you go.. someone has the same problem as i do06:39
shishiojrib: so i can choose the adobe flash player riht>?06:39
gvsa124jrib: the mozilla plugin06:39
ssamjrib: one more thing.......do you know how to compile a code?06:40
gvsa124jrib: do i have to uninstall the adobe i got from the plugin finder?06:40
jribshishio: I just said it will probably not work at the moment because adobe has a new version and the package has not been updated.  But you can try of course.  I recommend installing manually to ~/.mozilla/plugins/ until the package is updated.06:40
shishiojrib: okey06:41
jribgvsa124: doesn't matter, but if you leave it installed, you will be notified of the updated package when it arrives06:41
jrib!compile > ssam (read the private message from ubotu)06:41
jribssam: it is very rare that you will need to compile something on ubuntu06:41
gvsa124jrib: even if i manually install the flash player 9... it will update and fix itself automatically?06:42
cocoxdoes anybody has the link to "fashion desktops" in ubuntu forums?? i used to but now is lost i have been searching and i cant found it06:42
ozzloycan i get some help with this please: http://rafb.net/p/Akimen65.html  ??06:43
jribgvsa124: the package installs to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/.  You will install manually to ~/.mozilla/plugins/.  Firefox will prefer the one in ~06:43
ssamjrib: i need to convert flv to avi there is a site which said this is the code save it as as a file.sh and all that06:43
ozzloyscreen resolution changing messed up compiz, please help06:43
gvsa124jrib: i see... thanks a lot06:43
jribssam: that's a shell script, you don't compile it06:43
ssamjrib: then what do i do?06:43
xyvuoeuaargh! pirates. i need some help. i've been toiling for an hour now and i can't get vlc to play back this fricken wmv trailer. it's wierd because it plays in beos but not on linux.06:44
jribssam: I would recommend opening it in a text editor and reading it first to make sure it is safe.  You can execute it by making it executable first (chmod +x FILENAME.sh) and then executing it (./FILENAME.sh).  Or, just have the shell read it (sh FILENAME.sh).  You need to be in the directory where FILENAME.sh is located06:45
jrib!cli > ssam (read the private message from ubotu)06:45
cocoxdoes anybody has the link to "fashion desktops" in ubuntu forums?? i used to but now is lost i have been searching and i cant found it06:45
jribssam: make sure you read the extra links at the bottom06:45
subzero800How do I install 3 packages at once and ignore dependancy errors?06:47
rabidoes anybody need help?06:48
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
xyvuoeuai do06:48
xyvuoeuaargh! pirates. i need some help. i've been toiling for an hour now and i can't get vlc to play back this fricken wmv trailer. it's wierd because it plays in beos but not on linux.06:48
rabixyvuoeua: what's the problem06:49
xyvuoeuaaccess_file access error: cannot open file /home/a/Desktop/Move_up_ladies_640x360.wmv (Permission denied)06:49
xyvuoeuamain input error: no suitable access module for `/home/a/Desktop/Move_up_ladies_640x360.wmv'06:49
subzero800I need help06:50
chiefhi, I installed ubuntu sound studio, it install another kernel ( I think judging from the grub menu ), but when it boots into xorg it crashes any idea why? considering it should be using the xorg.conf that I'm using now which is functional.06:50
subzero800How do I install 3 packages at once and ignore dependancy errors?06:50
rabisubzero800: yah06:50
subzero800rabi: if they are all downloaded to a directory06:50
rabisubzero800: sudo apt-get install package1 package2 package306:50
rabisubzero800: do they depend upon each other?06:51
syndr0would anyone be able to tell me why im having problem with flash on browsers?06:51
syndr0would having an olde computer make a difference?06:52
syndr0i mean mine can run flash well it did before06:52
rabisubzero800: then you install these three package seperately, "sudo dpkg -i package", ignore dependency problem for a while.06:52
syndr0but now on firefox it cause it to freeze ubuntu06:52
rabisubzero800: then finally you give a command "sudo apt-get -f install".06:52
syndr0and on and konqueror loads flash but it doesnt play correctly06:52
rabisubzero800: it will install these three package and manage dependency.06:53
subzero800rabi, thanks06:53
chiefcan I have kde & gnome, on the same system ? (gnome was installed first)06:53
Darius08xI'm trying to install a LAMP server on ubuntu 7.10 desktop edition. When I sudo apt-get apache2 it says "E: INvalid operation apache2" Wut am I doing wrong. Is there an easier way to download everything I want with just a single command or something?06:53
doviovhave apache running- can access my 192.x.x.x/drupal OK but getting error at / and no welcome to apache webpage06:54
subzero800rabi, what does the -f mean, I mean, I realizes that it equates to checking/installing, but what does it mean?06:55
syndr0anyone have problems with youtube on firefox?06:55
ace09hi everybody06:55
joe__I'm running a shoutcast server, all is running fine, however, its a bit annoying that I have to use 2 terminals so that I can run to files seperately.  any suggestions?06:55
ace09im just new here06:55
joe__two* files06:55
ketroxsyndr0, u mean firefox crash while trying to play some videos ?06:56
ace09i dont have probs.. install the plugs06:56
=== Zhaozhou_ is now known as Zhaozhou
syndr0ketrox, exactly06:56
nickrudDarius08x: sudo apt-get install apache206:56
rabiace09: what is ur problem?06:56
Darius08xoh I'm dumb06:56
Darius08xINSTALL. THanks nick. xD06:56
xyvuoeuai need help !06:56
xyvuoeuahelp me06:56
ketroxthat's a bug in the flash plugin it happens with epiphany too06:57
nickname6243whats wrong06:57
nickrudDarius08x: been doing this for years, typed something like that yesterday :)06:57
xyvuoeuaaccess_file access error: cannot open file /home/a/Desktop/Move_up_ladies_640x360.wmv (Permission denied)06:57
ozzloyok, so the problem is "fixed" now06:57
xyvuoeuamain input error: no suitable access module for `/home/a/Desktop/Move_up_ladies_640x360.wmv'06:58
ssamjrib:  ntfs config is not mounting the drives06:58
ssamjrib:  thanks but the drives are still not mounted can u help me mount them using the terminal06:58
Darius08xNow it can't find the package.06:58
ozzloyin the sense that things are working.  but i don't know why or if it will return when i reboot06:58
xyvuoeuahelp me please06:58
autarkisi also have a question for someone, after x.06:59
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:00
autarkisUbuntu stalls on the loading screen (for the livecd/initial install).07:00
nickname6243what ubuntu? what specs?07:00
autarkisIt's when the cursor is going back and forth (like Kit in KnightRider)07:01
autarkisNewest desktop from the website.07:01
chiefcan I have kde & gnome, on the same system ? (gnome was installed first)07:01
nickname6243what an unclear analogy07:01
autarkis1 sec07:01
nickname6243chief, yes07:01
ketroxchief, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:01
nickname6243not running at the same time tho07:01
autarkisThat version.07:01
chiefketrox : that will give me both ?07:01
nickname6243okay, what is inside the box?07:02
racarterwhat is the iptables command to turn off firewalls?07:02
nickname6243vid card?d07:02
ketroxchief, then you can select from gdm07:02
racarterturn off all rules07:02
chiefketrox: thanks :)07:02
autarkisnick, was that ? for me?07:02
xyvuoeuai need help07:02
nickname6243yes you do07:02
racarterwhat is the command to turn off all firewall rules?07:04
gwarkhallo.  I just installed 7.10....but im using livecd 7.04 now because I dont know how to access my wireless network.  it works fine in 7.04.   anyone help me please?07:04
thorracarter there is no one command...you delete all the rules and iptables is effectively turned off07:05
Darius08xI can't seem to apt-get apache2 it says the package is missing. Any hellp?07:05
racarterwhat is the command to delete all rules?07:05
=== co_xmp_cakep_ is now known as cw_cuantik
pgMy thinkpad laptop no longer suspends or hybernates since a few days ago.  Here is the relevant part of /var/log/messages: http://pastebin.com/da0447de  .  I suppose some upgrade caused this.  How can I fix it?07:05
autarkisit's a madhouse in here.07:06
lirithow can I maximize window vertically?07:06
gwarki have a 3945 wireless card in my laptop, 710 recognises it, says its connected, but .... isnt.  704 works fine. anyone know the fix, if any?07:08
cvdDamn, any program to screenshot a custom area and not the desktop or the active windows only?07:08
mediahunterdoes anyone here know anything about acer-acpi and acerwificontroller07:08
mediahunteracerwificontroller is supposed to be a front end but i can not seem to find it so i can run it07:09
mediahunteranyone here think they may be able to help07:09
FunnyLookinHatmediahunter, your best bet with something like that is probably to search ubuntuforums.org or google around.07:09
Voyage_what is the command to turn off all firewall rules ?07:09
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
cvdthere like 1,000ś in windows but i cant find 1 in linux :-(07:09
mediahunteri have installed them both07:09
mediahunterthat is not the issue the issue is dont know where to find it on my system once installed07:10
Darius08xWhy isn't it letting me create files in my filesystem? How do i logon as the root user? I should already be but it says I'm not owner and don't have permission07:10
pgcvd: I don't know anything about Windows, but you can take a screenshot of the whole screen and cut out the area you want to keep.07:10
ketroxDarius08x, sudo -i07:10
Darius08xthank you07:11
cvdthats the last thing i wanna do, i never have to do that in the past07:11
virohow  much of a fps  hit do you get for runing games in wine?07:12
sunogbagahelp anyone i'm getting this problem E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)07:12
ketroxsunogbaga, close synaptic07:12
mediahunteranyone here think they can help me i have a acer aspire 3680 with atheros wifi whipset i want to get it to work someone said to install acer-apci and acerwificontroller07:12
ketroxor any apt-get frontend07:12
rabiHello! I need help.07:12
Darius08xHmm, that didn't do what I wanted it. I need to create a file in /etc/apt/ and when I right-click it won't let me crate a folder or document. I'm sorta new to dubuntu so I don't know what to do07:12
sunogbaga@ketrox - thnx ,, however synaptic isn't running07:12
GOdFAThe1Zhaozhou: Hey you there buddy?07:12
pg!justask | rabi07:12
uboturabi: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:12
ketroxDarius08x, sudo -i makes u root in the terminal07:13
rabiubotu: I am facing problem while installing flashplugin-nonfree.07:13
sunogbaganope.. no frontend for apt is running07:13
GOdFAThe1Anyone ever install q3 in linux?07:14
ketroxDarius08x,  if u want to  run naustilus as root login as root in the console (sudo -i) then type nautilus07:14
sunogbagahuh! that was weird...07:14
spongebobhi does anyone here knows a good .kar and .midi player for ubuntu that supports "channel" editing. I know pykaraoke exists and it's a good one but you can't edit or view the channelds. KMid exists but to tell you guys the truth it's crappy and useless pykaraoke are a lot better but i'm lookin for midi/kar player that supports channel viewing and editing.07:14
mediahunterhow do i turn on a kernel module07:14
cvdi have to ask to ask a question or just ask?07:14
GOdFAThe1just ask07:14
ketroxmediahunter, modprobe i guess07:14
sunogbagathnx ketrox.. suddenly.. apt worked again...07:14
Darius08xThat did it for me, thank you ketrox07:14
mediahunterwhat would be the command string tho07:15
mediahunteris is acer-acpi that is the module07:15
ketroxmodprobe module_name07:15
pgMy thinkpad laptop no longer suspends or hybernates since a few days ago.  Here is the relevant part of /var/log/messages: http://pastebin.com/da0447de  .  I suppose some upgrade caused this.  Help?07:15
indhuhello sir , how to connect the projector07:15
gwarkmy intel wireless chipset recognises and works under 704, but not 710.  does anyone know how to fix this please ?07:16
GOdFAThe1Does anyone know why a program would tell me there is no hardware acceleration in the terminal when executing the program?07:16
indhuhere im not able to connect the projector, when im connecting it is in black07:16
indhuso give me an idea over the connection of projector07:16
gwarkfuckit im going back to 704.07:17
mediahuntercan someone please help me get my atheros wifi card to work07:17
slytherinIs anybody able to install anjuta in gutsy?07:17
pgindhu: usually the projector cable ends with a jack that is similar to a monitor cable jack.  Plug it in where you would usually plug in a monitor cable into the computer07:17
spongebobslytherin : i did07:18
rabislytherin: sudo apt-get install anjuta. or you can just install it from add/remove programs07:18
pgindhu: then with some computers you have to push Fn+F707:18
slytherinspongebob: Fro official repositories? I am getting error.07:19
spongebob<slytherin> : what error?07:19
slytherinrabi: Thanks. I know how to install packages. Problem is beyond that point.07:19
slytherinspongebob: Package anjuta has no installation candidate07:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about python - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:20
sunogbagaslytherin: add repositories07:20
netsrotGOdFAThe1: yes I have installed q3 a few times in linux.07:20
pgmediahunter: have you checked that it is supported - see the list linked from the Networking & Wireless sectio fo the Ubuntu forums07:20
spongebob<slytherin> :  maybe there's no link for the package fro the repo07:20
Darius08xHmm. Sudo apt-get install apache2 didn't work. It was saying could not find package or something. I googled the program made a apt.conf file, and now it says E: syntax error /etc/apt/apt.conf:2: Extra junk at end of file.07:20
slytherinsunogbaga: I have all repositories active.07:20
Darius08xWhat exactly am I suppose to put there?07:21
spongebob<slytherin> :  got to the anjuta website and copy their repository address07:21
mediahuntersupported by wht utilites07:21
mediahunterit is supported by both ndiwrapper and madwifi07:21
mediahunteri just cna not get it to work07:21
slytherinspongebob: Yes, I can do that. I was just wondering is this is known bug.07:21
ketroxDarius08x, you messed your apt.conf07:21
Darius08xD: ketrox I didn't have a apt.conf before.07:22
Darius08xunless it's hidden07:22
spongebob<slytherin> :  no it only happens if the link to package is broken try sudo apt-get update07:22
sunogbagaslytherin: did you apt-get upgrade?07:22
sunogbagai mean update07:22
pgDarius08x: Which versio of Ubuntu are you using?07:23
nickrudDarius08x: not hidden, just parted out in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d . Delete the apt.conf you created, run sudo apt-get install apache2 again, and paste the complete error on paste.ubuntu-nl.org07:23
spongebob<sunogbaga> : sunog baga ka dyan07:23
Darius08xpg:  7.10 desktop edition07:23
sunogbagaspongebob: hahah pinoy!!07:23
ZhaozhouGOdFAThe1, im here. (:07:24
spongebob<sunogbaga> : shhhhh secret07:24
mediahunterso no help07:24
penguincentralhi.  my monitor is 1280x1024, yet my screen res is 1792x1344 and it won't change.  Any ideas?07:24
slytherinsunogbaga: Found the problem. I had some preferences set in /etc/apt/preferences regards to anjuta. Looks like they got carried from feisty when I was using their repository instead of official repository07:24
pgDarius08x: then you should not need an apt.conf file.  apache2 is in the repositories.07:24
sunogbagaspongebob: cge.. pm07:24
=== root_ is now known as BobSapp
Darius08xpg:  I'm just doing what googled said. I deleted the file now though. It still says reading package lists, bulding tree..reading state info, then goes to say E: couldn't find package apache207:25
spongebob<slytherin> : you did the dist upgrade from feisty to gutsy?07:25
BobSappthis is strange, normally ubuntu says it cant find the nvidia kernel driver, but when i boot into rescue mode it can startx?07:25
pgmediahunter: do you have madwifi module loaded and ndiswrapper unloaded?07:26
slytherinspongebob: Yes, I did07:26
spongebob<slytherin> : the anjuta website has an info and there's is a particular file you need to delete as it is no longer needed check their website for more info07:26
nickrudDarius08x: applications->add/remove, preferences button, make sure all the sources are ticked. Then, close, close, and try the install again07:26
mediahunteri was trying the acer-apci07:27
mediahunteri mean07:27
mediahunterit does not seem to work or i can not fig it out07:27
GOdFAThe1does anyone know how to install the latest ATI mobility drivers?07:27
slytherinspongebob: Yes. Solved my problem. Thanks for all the help.07:27
mediahunterso the next best thing i guess madwifi is beter then ndiswrapper07:28
spongebobhi does anyone here knows a good .kar and .midi player for ubuntu that supports "channel" editing. I know pykaraoke exists and it's a good one but you can't edit or view the channelds. KMid exists but to tell you guys the truth it's crappy and useless pykaraoke are a lot better but i'm lookin for midi/kar player that supports channel viewing and editing.07:28
parthhello i wanted to create a custom distro of mine07:28
parthusing gutsy07:28
lazarus_lupinewhat do you have in mind?07:29
parthi used the method suggested on  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization07:29
ketroxGOdFAThe1, http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide07:29
Darius08xnickrud: Thank you, that did it. Nothing in there was checked at all07:29
sunogbagaslytherin: can u search the package using synaptic.., this problem happens if apt cannot find the package07:29
parthwhenever i try to install a package it gives me an error saying07:29
sunogbagaooops solved07:30
parthCan not write log, openpty() failed (/dev/pts not mounted?)07:30
spongebobsunogbaga : slytherin's prob has been resovled... :D07:30
parthhow do i solve this07:30
sunogbagaspongebob: sorry... sorry saw it after i posted07:30
GOdFAThe1ketrox:  thank you07:30
nickrud!components | Darius08x (this will explain what you enabled)07:30
ubotuDarius08x (this will explain what you enabled): The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See also !EasySource07:31
scottuxanyone here familiar with NAS usage under linux?07:31
pgmediahunter: then install the madwifi-tools package, load the module (I guess "modprobe madwifi" or something) and try again07:31
Darius08xOk, I'll look at it some, thank you.07:31
indhuhere im not able to connect the projector, when im connecting it is in black please07:31
mediahunteri will give it a try07:31
scottuxdoesn't anyone know enough about NAS usage enough to want to help me?07:32
pgMy thinkpad laptop no longer suspends or hybernates since a few days ago.  Here is the relevant part of /var/log/messages: http://pastebin.com/da0447de  .  I suppose some upgrade caused this.  How can I fix it?07:32
thorscottux no one has any idea what your problem is...so how can we know if we can help?07:33
pgscottux: what is NAS?07:33
scottuxNetwork accessable storage07:33
Oni-Dracula|lappenough with the incest talk, I'm going to bed!07:33
parth hello i wanted to create a custom distro of mine using gutsy i used the method suggested on  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization whenever i try to install a package it gives me an error saying Can not write log, openpty() failed (/dev/pts not mounted?)07:33
pgscottux: describe your problem and if someone knows they will help you07:34
GOdFAThe1ketrox:  The terminal says I am using software acceleration innstead of hardware after I run those commands, any thoughts?07:34
scottuxanywho, my problem is not at all with using my network accessible storage drive, more with how to figure out what the ip address it is07:34
scottuxfrom there I think I could figure my own way out of my problems07:34
ketroxGOdFAThe1, you used  method1 or method2 ?07:35
thorscottux you can see the ip address of the server by opening a terminal and typing 'ifconfig' at the prompt07:35
thorscottux but you should really set a static ip address for an NAS server07:35
scottuxsuch as ifconfig eth0(my ethernet)07:35
ketroxGOdFAThe1, try the scond the first wont install the lastest drivers07:35
scottuxthor: I don't exactly know how to do so...any pointers?07:36
GOdFAThe1ok brb07:36
sunogbagascottux: ifconfig07:36
pgscottux: see thor's messages07:36
GOdFAThe1ketrox: is there a way to get a device listing in linux?07:36
rabihello everybody, i am facing problem installing flash.07:37
scottuxso, ifconfig --help and sort it out, or what07:37
ketroxGOdFAThe1, lspco lsusb07:37
rabiis anybody there who can help?07:37
ketroxGOdFAThe1, lspci lsusb07:37
pg!justask | rabi07:37
uboturabi: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:37
pgMy thinkpad laptop no longer suspends or hybernates since a few days ago.  Here is the relevant part of /var/log/messages: http://pastebin.com/da0447de  .  I suppose some upgrade caused this.  How can I fix it?07:38
rabipg: I am facing problem installing flash.07:38
GOdFAThe1ketrox: the device profile says VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M52 [Mobility Radeon X1300]07:38
GOdFAThe1ketrox:  I wonder why I am getting a MESA issue when trying to run a program?07:39
Noir__Anyways I can't seem to install 7.10 it tell me "can't display video mode" or something I looked up online and it told me it was a monitor issue07:39
=== alvin is now known as shishio
Noir__Can anyone confirm the alternative cd will let me install?07:39
ketroxGOdFAThe1, what gives u fglrxinfo ?07:39
shishioguys, any idea how can in open and play .exe files??07:39
pgrabi: can you be a bit more specific?  What flash - a flash player, a flash plugin to mozilla?  Which one?  How are you trying and what is the problem?07:39
GOdFAThe1ketrox: it says its not installed07:40
pgshishio: install the wine package07:40
ketroxGOdFAThe1,  then install using the guide07:40
shishiopg: where can i get wine package07:40
GOdFAThe1ketrox:  ok brb07:40
Noir__package manager07:40
rabipg: flashplugin-nonfree, when i install it, it downloads flahs.....tar.gz file from server and says md5 checksum error. or something.07:40
ketroxshishio, sudo apt-get install wine07:40
scottuxifconfig isn't giving me any useful ip addresses. I have a wireless card (internet connection) and a gigabit ethernet card connected directly to my NAS server07:40
shishiokk ill try07:41
sunogbagascottux: ifconfig.. find the line that says inet addr.07:41
thorscottux are you running ifconfig on the server?07:41
shishioketrox: after installing how do i use this?07:41
sunogbagascottux: do this on the remote machine07:42
ketroxshishio, wine somefile.exe07:42
scottuxinet6 addr has a funky hex code, not a familiar ip address07:42
sunogbagashishio: wine config07:42
scottuxsunobaga: the remote machine is a self contained linux based NAS drive. no screen, no ssh, just an ethernet port07:43
sunogbagashishio: wine <file.exe>07:43
shishioketrox: do i need to locate the file location on that ?07:43
shishiosunogbaga: same to u07:43
=== Noir__ is now known as Noir56
pgshishio: from the repositories.  From the system menu, choose System -> Administration -> Synaptic package manager.  Then from the list of packages, find "wine" and install it.07:44
thorscottux do you have the docs on the drive? There should be a way to address the box to configure it...maybe via a web interface?07:44
pgrabi: tell me exactly what it says07:44
sunogbagashishio: are you running an installer?07:44
scottuxthor: yes, web interface is the usual method, but typically that's accessed via windows machine at address \\mybookworld\07:44
scottuxthor: and I can't manage to get there from linux07:45
rabipg: it downloads: the file from server, then says md5 checksum error, flashplugin-nonfree not installed.07:45
shishiosunogbaga: i am trying to run one of my windows xp programs07:45
GOdFAThe1ketrox: ok lol I did the flgrxinfo and it reloaded my session lol07:45
sunogbagascottux: can you access it using windows box? via web interface?07:45
sunogbagashishio: i suggest you install it first using wine07:46
PlayerWhat DNS server software is recommended for someone with simple needs on Ubuntu 7.10?07:46
thorscottux if that is what you are using in windows it should work in linux...assuming you are on the same network07:46
lazarus_lupinerabi, have you tried apt-get remove --purge flash-plugin-nonfree and then reinstalling?07:46
scottuxsunogbaga: ultimately if it comes to that, I suppose. I was attempting to leave the awful thing behind completely07:46
sunogbagashishio: run wine <installer.exe>07:46
scottuxthor: I am. The same computer even.07:46
thorscottux if nothing else, you should be able to ping mybookworld and find the address07:46
slytherinPlayer: dnsmasq07:46
GOdFAThe1ketrox: I assume that is what is supposed to happen eh?07:46
rabilazarus_lupine: yah i tried it, but not succeed.07:46
Playerslytherin, thanks07:46
shishiosunogbaga: are you pinoy? can u help me07:46
scottuxthor: i"ll give that a shot07:46
owen1I am trying to connect to my ubuntu via vnc viewer (Preferences->Remote Desktop). I get "connection refused". any ideas?07:46
sunogbagashishio: yes07:47
shishiosunogbaga: hay salamat07:47
sunogbagashishio: pm me07:47
scottuxthor: simply "ping mybookworld" in terminal?07:47
thorowen1 did you set a vnc password (vncpasswd)07:47
shishiosunogbaga: hmm... are you still there07:48
owen1thor: yes, but got the same error (in the vnc, i only have field for ip. where do u enter this password?)07:48
scottuxhello eggroll07:48
thorscottux  right....it should return the ip address07:48
rabiis there any method to install manually Adobe Flash Player?07:48
scottuxunfortunately it returns: "unknown host mybookworld"07:49
sunogbagascottux: should your device supposedly has a default ip when connecting to a network?? (just a guess)07:49
shishiorabi: i got the same problem too07:49
thorowen1 you will be prompted for the password when you connect07:49
sunogbagashishio: yes i am07:49
shishiosunogbaga: reply ka naman pm ko07:49
sunogbagashishio: what software are u using?07:49
owen1thor: I get "connection refused" immediately.07:49
spongebobhi does anyone here knows a good .kar and .midi player for ubuntu that supports "channel" editing. I know pykaraoke exists and it's a good one but you can't edit or view the channelds. KMid exists but to tell you guys the truth it's crappy and useless pykaraoke are a lot better but i'm lookin for midi/kar player that supports channel viewing and editing.07:49
sunogbagashishio: registered ka ba? i can't receive you p07:49
owen1thor: (with or without password)07:49
scottuxsunogbaga: supposedly, yes.07:49
shishiosunogbaga: im non registered...07:50
rabican we install flalsh player by converting rpm package into deb package?07:50
thorowen1, are you running the vncserver on the ubuntu computer, and are you using the right ip address07:50
owen1thor: maybe i need to add a port?07:50
thorowen1 and do you have 590x open to the ubuntu box07:50
owen1thor: i went to preferences->remote desktop. is it enough?07:50
thorowen1 if you are using :1 for the server you need port 5901 open07:50
sunogbagashishio: wat software are you trying to run?07:50
pgrabi: the deb package jsut downloads the file from Adobe and installs it.  The message you got was that the file was not downloaded correctly.07:51
spongebob<rabi> : actually you can just copy the xpi and other .so to mozilla plugins dir07:51
Noir56Whats faster ndiswrapper or the built in drivers in the kernel?07:51
sunogbagascottux: but?07:51
shishiosunogbaga: im trying to run Silkroad online on ubuntu07:51
owen1thor: i didn't understand your last comment...if i am using what>07:51
owen1thor: ?07:51
rabispongebob: can't we install from rpm package, i.e. in adobe site?07:51
thorowen1 how did you start the vncserver in ubuntu?07:52
scottuxwell, I don't exactly know what that address is07:52
sunogbagashishio: install silkroad first using wine.. wine <installer.exe>07:52
grindcorehttp://www.trosch.org/lif/cannibalism.html   this is bad. they dont know what they want to eat07:52
scottuxsunogbaga i don't have a clue what it is07:52
spongebob<rabi> : you can't ... you have to convert rpm to deb try sudo alien --script yourplayer.rpm07:52
owen1thor: preferences->remote desktop. i checked a few checkboxes07:52
owen1thor: am i missing something?07:52
scottuxsunogbaga and thor: I'm trying to figure out what the default might be.07:52
shishiosunogbaga: okey07:52
thorowen1 in a terminal type 'ps ax | grep vnc' and see if vnc is running07:52
sunogbagascottux: the manufacturer should have docs for this07:52
owen1thor: ok, 1 sec07:52
pgrabi: an rpm package would probably do the same thing, though I'm not sure.  You can download the installation file yourself from Adobe and install it, but then you have to remember that it is installed, where it is installed and what version it is/07:53
shishiosunogbaga: u have a YM>? can i pm u in YM>? OMG thanks i finaly seen pinoy on ubuntu07:53
sunogbagashishio: erwin00307:53
rabispogebob: yah i will convert it to deb07:53
scottuxsunogbaga: they do, but I swear they're the worst docs you could possibly ask for07:53
owen1thor: yes.07:53
pgMy thinkpad laptop no longer suspends or hybernates since a few days ago.  Here is the relevant part of /var/log/messages: http://pastebin.com/da0447de  .  I suppose some upgrade caused this.  How can I fix it?07:53
spongebobshishio : papatayin kita kaya magtago ka na07:53
owen1thor: 19733 pts/0    R+     0:00 grep vnc07:53
sunogbagascottux: well you will just need the IP07:53
Playerslytherin, I'm just running an email server with no DNS, no caching, etc. is dnsmasq appropriate for me?07:53
shishiosunogbaga: hahaha07:54
owen1thor: do i need to open a port on my router?07:54
sunogbagashishio: bakit?07:54
thorowen1 you aren't running vncserver in ubuntu. In a terminal type 'vncserver :1'07:54
=== haka2 is now known as ce_bingung
owen1thor: ok07:54
scottuxsunogbaga: right. I can actually access the drive via samba (i.e. smb:\\mybookworld\public or through System > Administration > Network and navigating through the Windows Network07:55
thorowen1 then try to access the computer remotely again07:55
sunogbagascottux: what else would you like to do with the device?07:56
owen1thor: it asks me to install one of the following: thightvncserver, vnc4server or vncserver. which one should i install07:56
owen1thor: ?07:56
GOdFAThe1can anyone help me with hardware acceleration?07:57
spongebobinstall both vnc and vnc407:57
owen1spongebob: ok07:57
scottuxif I can get the ip address, I can connect and enable ssh, and from there install php or rtorrent or any other number of neat self contained apps07:57
spongebobscottux : yes.... you can07:57
scottuxsunogbaga: and I'd like to07:58
ace09hi can sum1 plase help me.. how can i set back my gnome settings.. cus after i restarted my copmuter im now on the kde settings and some preferences wont take effect... im using ubuntu 7.10 please sum help...07:58
ace09please need help... how can i set back my gnome settings... cus im now on the KDE settings...07:59
gordonjcp!repeat | ace0908:00
ubotuace09: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience08:00
eseshow to enable ethernet interface (eth0)? help any one?08:00
thorace09 you choose kde or gnome on the login screen. Logout and look for sessions on the login screen08:01
rabiyah, i installed it.08:01
scottuxthanks all for the assistance, I was hoping to avoid this, but I'm rebooting into windows to fix the ip issue.08:02
rabishishio: I solved the problem.08:02
eses how to enable ethernet interface (eth0)? help any one?08:03
shishiorabi: how?08:04
shishiosunogbaga: can u check ur YM>?08:04
rabishishio: do u use firefox?08:04
shishiorabi: yes08:04
rabidownload this file: http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz08:05
sunogbagaeses: ifup eth008:05
sunogbagaeses: sudo /etc/init.d/networking start08:05
rabishishio: extract it and run "sudo ./flashplayer-installer"08:06
rabishishio: then give browser path to /usr/lib/firefox08:06
shishiorabi: sudo what?08:06
rabishishio: it will automatically install.08:06
shishioi have upt it on desktop lol08:06
rabishishio: sudo ./flashplayer-installer08:07
nanotalkhi, I have a standard ubuntu desktop cd; is it possible to install using text-mode?08:07
shishiorabi: flash installer is in my desktop08:07
rabiextract it.08:08
rabishishio: extract it.08:08
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ s2ram; bash: s2ram: command not found" although the uswsusp package is installed. Why does Gutsy provide no program package which includes s2ram?08:08
shishiorabi: i have done extracting it08:09
rabishishio: then point to extracted folder from terminal.08:10
zewbhow do you get a mouse cursor in the command line08:11
zewbi forgot what you need to do it08:11
mediahunteranyone have any thoughts on geubuntu08:11
mediahunteror linuxMint08:11
zewbim using arch08:12
zewbyou don't really learn a lot about linux using ubuntu08:12
shishiorabi: point extracted folder? like how?08:12
zewbbut yeah08:12
rabishishio: do you have extracted it in desktop?08:12
zewbdoes anyone know how to get a mouse cursor in the command line?08:12
shishiorabi: yes; how can i point the extracted folder to the desktop08:13
rabishishio: if it is in desktop, then go to terminal and type "cd /Desktop/install_flashplayer_9_linux/"08:14
slytherinPlayer: In that case you will need another DNS. Sorry I misunderstood your requirement08:14
mediahuntercan anyone tell me how good LinuxMint or GeUbuntu are08:14
slytherinmediahunter: What is GeUbuntu?08:15
mediahunterit is a distro of Linux that is compiled of of Ubuntu using Enligtment for the Desktop evirment08:15
mediahunterand gnome08:15
shishiorabi: done then what?08:15
zewbanyone know how to get a mouse cursor08:16
mediahunteri really wish i can get dreamlinux to work but i can not fig out the partion part08:16
mediahunternot to user friendly on the install08:16
rabithen type the command $ sudo ./flashplayer-installer08:17
pgMy thinkpad laptop no longer suspends or hybernates since a few days ago.  Here is the relevant part of /var/log/messages: http://pastebin.com/da0447de  .  I suppose some upgrade caused this.  How can I fix it?08:17
rabishishio: then type the command $ sudo ./flashplayer-installer08:17
bullgard4zewb: Ubuntu provides a mouse cursor automatically. If it is not provided on your system, consult the dmesg messages for relvant errors.08:18
zewbim not using ubuntu08:18
AgentHeXanyone know where the config option is to see "shutdown" and "restart" in the "Quit..." section of the "System" menu?08:18
pg!anyone | AgentHex08:19
ubotuAgentHex: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:19
AgentHeXi used to see them, but now I don't.  both suspend and hibernation don't work, and luckily i have shutdown mapped to my power button or i would be bringing up the console and typing sudo /sbin/shutdown or reboot08:20
AgentHeXpg: that WAS my question08:20
zeayhelp witrh sound card08:20
slytherinAgentHeX: you should see them by default. What did you change to make them invisible?08:20
shishiorabi:sudo: ./flashplayer-installer: command not found08:20
slytherinzeay: State your question08:21
bullgard4AgentHeX: Normally, they are to be seen there in the lower right. If not so on your system, then there is an error. Try to find an error in kern.log.08:21
slytherinshishio: Are you trying to install flashplugin?08:21
zeaycannot detect my sound card but if i type lspci it states ali corp m545508:21
AgentHeXslytherin: i don't know.  i don't remember changing any setting that have to do with that.  i've been fiddling with my power options panel, but i never saw an option for that, and i've looked there.08:21
RantingHumanhey zewb, pop by the FR channel sometime, will ya ;)08:21
rabishishio: don't sudo: ./flashplayer-installer, only sudo ./flashplayer-installer08:21
slytherinshishio: Why not install flashplugin-nonfree from repositories?08:22
AgentHeXit's just when i hit System->Quit..., i don't see options for restart or shutdown.  i have log out, lock, suspend, hibernate, and one more i can't remember, but i can't see shutdown or restart08:22
bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:~$ s2ram; bash: s2ram: command not found" although the uswsusp package is installed. Why does Gutsy provide no program package which includes s2ram?08:22
shishiorabi: command not found08:22
AgentHeXslytherin: we've been experiencing problems from adobe's nonfree plugin.  there was an old version floating around here recently, lemme check my chat logs and i'll see if i can find it08:22
GOdFAThe1Does anyone know the command string to rename a file?08:23
pgAgentHex: I've never seen syspend or hybernate under the system menu.  They always appear under the power applet, thought.  You can make that appear in your panel from System -> Preferences -> Power options -> General08:23
bullgard4GOdFAThe1: mv08:23
rabishishio: ohhh. can you go to the extracted folder?08:23
shishiorabi: ok08:23
rabijust go there.08:23
owen1when running vncserver :1   I get this in the log: Fatal server error:08:23
owen1could not open default font 'fixed'08:23
rabishishio: from commandline.08:24
slytherinzeay: Can you paste output of lspci somewhere?08:24
shishiorabi: done: from commandline?08:24
GOdFAThe1bullgard4: would it be like sudo mv /file.zip /file.exe ??08:24
pgMy thinkpad laptop no longer suspends or hybernates since a few days ago.  Here is the relevant part of /var/log/messages: http://pastebin.com/da0447de  .  I suppose some upgrade caused this.  How can I fix it?08:24
zeaycant, im running xp. i cant go to this channel if i use ubuntu08:25
AgentHeXdrop that in /var/cache and run "sudo aptitude reinstall flashplugin-nonfree"08:25
eNons3nseCan someone please help me set up a Static IP?08:25
bullgard4GOdFAThe1: Yes, in general. But your particular example might not be a good idea, depending on the circumstances.08:25
slytherinzeay: Can you access internet from Ubuntu?08:25
owen1when running vncserver :1  I get "fonts error"   any ideas?08:25
slytherineNons3nse: What is there to help?08:25
AgentHeXeNons3nse: you should have a network icon in the top right.  click that and manually configure.08:26
slytherinzeay: Then copy output of lspci command and paste it at pastebin.com08:26
owen1how do i run vnc server on ubuntu?08:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vncd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:26
eNons3nseslytherin: I found a guide to tell how to do it and it seems easy enough.  I don't know how you know what values to enter into the various fields though.08:26
zeayok il try. tnx in advance08:26
GOdFAThe1bullgard4: I am renaming a file sudo mv /user/local/games/quake3/baseq3/q3config.cfg /user/local/games/quake3/baseq3/autoconfig.cfg08:27
slytherineNons3nse: Why do you want to setup static IP?08:27
GOdFAThe1bullgard4: would that work?08:27
eNons3nseslytherin: port forwarding08:27
bullgard4GOdFAThe1: yes08:27
GOdFAThe1bullgard4: Thank you, you wouldnt happen to know much about hardware acceleration would you?08:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vnc4server - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:28
bullgard4GOdFAThe1: No.08:28
AgentHeXwell, it's in the repository...  :(08:28
slytherineNons3nse: Not sure how it is supposed to be working at your end. So can't help much. May be you should ask your service provider08:28
AgentHeXowen1: check Synaptic for vncserver08:28
Xtevenhi, does anyone know if it is possible to execute a script right before or right after a vpn tunnel is setup in network-manager-openvpn ?08:29
CyberMadi use ubuntu 7.10, how to activate Compiz ?08:29
eNons3nseslytherin: at the meer mention of "linux" they are like "i'm sorry sir, we're not able to help you"08:29
AgentHeXCyberMad: System->Preferences->Appearance->last tab08:29
FluxDCyberMad: system prefernces appearance08:29
AgentHeXFluxD: *high five*08:29
FluxDAgentHeX: *air five* :P08:30
CyberMaddo you mean choose Visual Effects ? then choose Normal or Extra ?08:30
owen1AgentHeX: i installed it from the command line. when I run vncserver :1 i get this error: Fatal server error:08:30
owen1could not open default font 'fixed'08:30
AgentHeXFluxD: you wanna be my sidekick?  we can fight crime?08:30
FluxDAgentHeX: fo sure!08:30
slytherineNons3nse: Ask them what to do in Windows. They will sure tell you values of ip, netmask, gateway etc08:30
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion08:30
slytherinCyberMad: right08:31
ahojmorning guys. Got a big problem. After an accidental hard shutdown, my ubuntu won't boot, it crashes to BusyBox. Any help available?08:31
FluxDCyberMad: normal is not to fancy extra is really fancy08:31
CyberMadslytherin use Extra ?08:31
eNons3nseAgentHeX: I'm at the static IP configure screen.  how do i know what to put in for IP, Mask & Gateway08:31
CyberMadok thanks..08:31
FluxDCyberMad: if u install ccsm there is another option u will see08:31
AgentHeXowen1: iono. it appears that vncserver has a ton of dependencies.  did it download a poopload of stuff?08:31
owen1AgentHeX: no. it's amazing. why is it so hard to connect remotely to Ubuntu machine????08:32
ahojis there any possibility of booting the original ubuntu?08:32
owen1AgentHeX: it's not user friendly..08:32
slytherinCyberMad: Try normal first.08:32
CyberMadhmm.. after choosing Extra, i got "Desktop effects could not be enabled" :(  ?08:33
lhtHi all. How do I check my graphics type version details etc ?08:33
CyberMadFluxD apt-get install ccsm ?08:33
FluxD!ccsm | CyberMad08:33
ubotuCyberMad: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion08:33
AgentHeXeNons3nse: you probably want some IP on your local network.  i.e. 192.168.0.x where the subnet mask is typically for class C networks (i.e. 99% of home networks) and the gateway is your router's IP address (where the port is being forwarded from)08:34
ahojany help with this busybox stuff?08:34
AgentHeXowen1: did you try looking at system->preferences->remote desktop?08:34
FluxDCyberMad: then u dont have compiz support08:34
CyberMadFluxD how to enable it?08:35
AgentHeXowen1: if all you wanted was console access, look into sshd08:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sshd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:35
FluxDCyberMad: what card?08:35
AgentHeXBAH!  what kind of helper bot is this?08:35
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/08:35
GropiWho could I talk to if something in the bug process got totally stuck and affects a lot of people?08:36
CyberMadi use ATi Radeon 64 MB08:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about busybox - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:36
ahojjust trying...08:36
FluxDCyberMad: need model #08:36
AgentHeXGropi: launchpad.net ?08:36
GropiAgentHeX: The is reported on launchpad for various releases but is being ignored. Basically most Samsung Laptops are not usable with Ubuntu.08:37
CyberMadI see on Device Manager, Radeon 9200 SE08:37
CyberMadRV280 [Radeon 9200 SE]08:38
AgentHeXGropi: not sure about bugtracker etiquette, but i'd probably create a login and subscribe to the bug (if not post your problem on the bug's page).  it will be assessed eventually.08:38
FluxDCyberMad: my radeon 9200 works but not sure what that SE is08:38
AgentHeXSE is the low-end edition of the card08:39
CyberMaddoes compiz automatically installed and active when install ubuntu 7.10 ?08:39
GropiAgentHeX: Of course. I all did this. Others did too. But the bug is not processed. The bug fixing process seems to be totally broken from my point of view. Whom can I talk to?08:39
AgentHeXCyberMad: no.  you have to enable extra effects once the restricted driver is installed08:39
CyberMadAgentHeX how to enable it?08:40
AgentHeXGropi: don't know.  what's the link to the bug?08:40
pgMy thinkpad laptop no longer suspends or hybernates since a few days ago.  Here is the relevant part of /var/log/messages: http://pastebin.com/da0447de  .  I suppose some upgrade caused this.  How can I fix it?08:40
AgentHeXCyberMad: system->preferences->appearance->last tab08:40
GropiAgentHeX: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/14513108:40
AgentHeXGropi: can you get a terminal?08:40
JockeoI downloaded a gdm login manager theme from art.gnome.org and installed it into ubuntu using gdmsetup. However the theme doesn't show up in the list of themes. I get the following terminal output when installing: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47192/ If I try to install it again, it sais that the theme is already installed. Any ideas about what's wrong?08:41
xeerso i've heard of the 'split' command, but how would i join it back08:41
xeeri have a file that's a little bit too big for my cd, and i'd like to take it into parts08:42
GropiAgentHeX: there is a workaround described, that works. But it won't be easy enough for ordinary users. And the bug is still present in Hardy.08:42
AgentHeXsudo vi /boot/grub/menu.lst08:42
AgentHeXtry adding acpi=off to the module line including your kernel near the bottom of the file.08:42
AgentHeXGropi: judging by the inference that this is an ACPI issue, i would try disabling it and see if that helps.  i'm not a dev, just trying to offer a solution.08:43
pgMy thinkpad laptop no longer suspends or hybernates since a few days ago.  The relevant part of /var/log/messages is at http://pastebin.com/da0447de08:43
peacepipejvhey, i get "composite extention not available" when I try to enable my desktop effects.08:44
AgentHeXpeacepipejv: what videocard do you have?08:44
xeeranyone? .. know how to split a file, and rejoin it?08:45
GropiAgentHeX: I am not trying to get the bug fixed for me but for others. And it seems there is no process. I get the impression that the ubuntu bug fixing model is broken. The importance is still "undecided" which means they haven't even looked at it after months!08:45
pgxeer: use the split command and the cat command?08:46
Gropixeer: split , cat ?08:46
xessany one here know of a fool proof walk through for installing broadcom wifi?08:46
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:47
peacepipejvAgentHeX: ati radeon xpress 200m08:47
linuxnoobhello all i am getting the following error with tzdata http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47193/08:47
AgentHeXpeacepipejv: have you installed the restricted driver?08:47
ahojI got problems booting my ubuntu after a hard shutdown, it boots fine for a bit, then crashes to busybox. some help with this?08:47
eNons3nseAgentHeX: so my gateway would be the same address I go to to change my router settings?
AgentHeXeNons3nse: yes08:48
peacepipejvAgentHeX: yes08:48
AgentHeXGropi: yeah, i see the dupes and that they're not assigned.08:48
pgxess: check the chipset of your card using lspci, check that it is supported (see the ubuntu forums, network&wireless section)08:48
Djoefhi, how can i check if my memory is DDR1 or DDR2 ?08:48
AgentHeXpeacepipejv: is this only for the extended effects not "normal"?08:48
Ssamhow do i...compile a shell?08:48
bullgard4English help wanted. What does 'ninja' mean in the following error message: "printf("/sys/power/state does not exist; what kind of ninja mutant machine is this?\n");"?08:48
peacepipejvAgentHeX: i installed xserver-xgl08:48
pgDjoef: I don't know, but I want to08:48
wolsDjoef: what chipset?08:48
peacepipejvAgentHeX: yes08:48
Ssami have to paste this code on a text file call it file.sh08:49
Ssamthen what?08:49
xesspg thanks man. will do...08:49
AgentHeXpeacepipejv: check out your System menu and go to administration->restricted drivers manager08:49
Djoefwols: where should i see that ? chips on the ram ?08:49
wolsDjoef: manual of the mianboard for exeample08:49
Djoefon the ram i see : 0446VR V58C2256804SAT5B08:49
peacepipejvAgentHeX: ati driver is enabled08:50
Djoefah my main board is ASUS P5GDC-V08:50
AgentHeXpeacepipejv: hmmm... that's curious... :(08:50
eNons3nseAgentHeX: so my gateway would be the same address I go to to change my router settings?
AgentHeXeNons3nse: yes08:50
Ssamdoes anyknow anything about compiling a shell?08:50
wols!anyone | Ssam08:51
ubotuSsam: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:51
Djoefwols : http://www.motherboards.org/reviews/motherboards/1474_1.html08:51
AgentHeXSsam: not sure, dude.  i'd check in with google.08:51
DjoefIntel 915G Express ICH6R ?08:51
Ssamwols good idea dude!08:51
peacepipejvgonna try something be back08:51
eNons3nseAgentHeX: so i'm doing this for my wired connection.  whenever i change it to something other than "roaming mode" it doesn't even give me the option to connect to a wired network in my settings.  but i can still connect to my router wirelessly.08:51
Ssamokay herez the problem i needed to convert flv to avi for windows cuz i dont want to isntall a player for flv on xp...i found a website which said paste this code into a text file name the file file.sh08:52
Ssambut i dont noe what to do after that08:52
AgentHeXeNons3nse: use "sudo ifconfig" on the command line to get the status for your network adapters08:52
Djoefwols ; but i can see that you can put DDR or DDR2 in it, so i should see it on the RAM itself ?08:52
wolsSsam: you execute the file.sh08:52
AgentHeXeNons3nse: even if you don't see it in the network menu anymore, you should see it there08:52
Ssami am new to linux i dont noe how can u help me with it?08:52
slytherinSsam: bash file.sh08:52
Ssamcan i give u the link?08:52
AgentHeXeNons3nse: probably eth0, but could be other08:52
pgSsam: after that, type ". file.sh" (whithout the quotes) into the terminal08:52
slytherinSsam: Open terminal form Applications->Accessories08:53
wolspg: what won't work08:53
owen1how to run openssh-server ?08:53
Ssamopened terminal08:53
Djoefon my ram i see : 512 UNB PC3200 CL2,508:53
wolsowen1: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start08:53
slytherinSsam: Where have you stored the .sh file?08:53
Djoefis this DDR OR DDR2 ?08:53
wolsDjoef: DDR108:53
Ssamhome folder08:53
Ssamit says past the file into the bin but i dont think i should08:53
Djoefand just to have the knowledge ;) what is the clue to know ?08:54
owen1wols: 10x08:54
wolsDjoef: PC320008:54
bullgard4pg: line 13 shows that gnome-power-manager might be the culprit. Difficult to repair in general. Do a Google search for this error message. Put a bug report in Launchpad.08:54
Djoefah, and from what number is it DDR2 ?08:54
Djoef4300 ?08:54
owen1wols: do i need to open port in my router?08:54
AgentHeXbullgard4: if you're talking about the gpm bug with samsung laptops, i think it's already been reported.  four times.08:54
Ssamhttp://www.linux.com/articles/56642 <<<< the link if u wanna see08:54
wolsowen1: you need to port forward. not "Open"08:55
AgentHeXbullgard4: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/14513108:55
owen1wols: ok, which one?08:55
pgbullgard4: thanks!  Any way to work around it in the mean time?08:55
bullgard4pg: You may try sudo s2disk.08:56
AgentHeXrgnr:            ?08:56
Ademanhey does anyone know of a way that I could program *as if* i was using masm? (it'll be strictly 16 bit, i figure i could run my creations with bochs)08:57
pgbullgard4: Disable gnome-power-manager or go back to an old version I guess08:57
auskadi&join 3gutsy08:57
rgnrwell i got ubuntu not realted question08:57
AgentHeXAdeman: i would assume that any text editor would allow you to save in plaintext that can later be compiled with masm08:57
wolsAdeman: use masm then08:57
Triskaidekaphobi!anyone | Ademan08:57
ubotuAdeman: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:57
owen1wols: can i connect from windows' command line?08:57
wolsowen1: google for "Putty"08:58
CyberMadahhh at last... my compiz works..08:58
sunogbagaowen1: yup putty08:58
AdemanTriskaidekaphobi: yes, that's true, except there was no second question, i wanted to know a way to program as if i was using masm...08:58
bullgard4pg: If you can go back to an old kernel which functioned all right, then do it. I could not use my old functioning kernel after I upgraded from Feisty to Gutsy.08:58
AgentHeXCyberMad: what'd you do?08:58
rgnrif i get udp open|filtered unknown that means something blocks it?08:58
AgentHeXAdeman: not sure what you mean by "as if" you were using masm08:58
CyberMadi need to dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  from recovery mode08:58
Djoefif i can put a DDR1 512 MB  and a DDR2 1G in my motherboard, will they work together ? and if so, will it be on the slowest speed ?08:58
CyberMadthen i re-set the hardware08:58
AgentHeXCyberMad: nice work08:58
Ademanwols, AgentHeX, the thing is last time i checked masm doesn't run on ubuntu... and i don't care to run it in wine08:58
CyberMadAgentHeX i'm very happy :)08:59
nuvanquick question, searching hasn't helped much.  I'm trying to set up apache2, but whenever I try to access a CGI script i've got placed in /usr/lib/cgi-bin, my browser tries to download it instead of the server running it.08:59
wolsAdeman: linux is a 32bit system08:59
Ssamslytherin: what do i do witht he file08:59
wolsAdeman: check out nasm perhaps08:59
auskadigutsy is so  ucked up and nobody seesm to care08:59
pgbullgard4: I thought the kernel might be the problem.  It was updated in feisty recently.08:59
pgbullgard4: that's why I avoided upgrading to gutsy.08:59
nuvanthe directory is ScriptAlias'd, and i've tried adding an AddType directive,and uncommented the AddHandler directive, but neither helped08:59
nuvani've also chmod'd the file to make it globally executable09:00
CyberMadwhat is the best desktop search for ubuntu? i just found beagle...09:00
Ademanwols: well that's the thing, nasm doesn't have the same syntax as masm, and this is for school, i can't very well turn in code written for nasm when they want masm syntax09:00
auskadiyes well lucky nuvan i have to back up kill gutsy and reinstall fiesty09:00
AdemanCyberMad: *best* is subjective, but tracker was included by default in gutsy, so i suppose you could say that ubuntu developers think tracker is the best09:00
auskadiubuntu corporate wankers ...we dont all own a dell09:00
wolsAdeman: so stop the whining and use masm09:01
pgbullgard4: where do you get s2disk? Universe and Multiverse are enabled, but I don't see it.09:01
CyberMadAdeman so what is that?09:01
Ademanwols: is there some magical linux port of masm that i haven't heard of?09:01
AgentHeXCyberMad: find / -name '<keyword>' FOR THE WIN09:01
wolsAdeman: no09:01
AdemanCyberMad: tracker? it's a desktop search applications.09:01
CyberMadok thanks09:01
bullgard4pg: Yes, i agree that the Feisty kernel might be your problem. On the other hand, the Gutsy kernel has brought about other suspend/resume problems, as I experienced myself.09:02
Ademanwols: then how, pray tell, will i be using it?09:02
wolsAdeman: dosbox for example09:02
Ssamshould i paste a shell into the bin if so how?09:02
=== assasukasse_ is now known as assasukasse
wolsSsam: bash is a shell, ksh is a shell, what you have is a shellscript. totally different thing09:02
bullgard4pg: s2disk is part of uswsusp.09:02
Ademanwols: that's actually a pretty good idea, that's the sort of thing i was looking for in the first place, thanks09:03
netsrotauskadi: what is wrong with gutsy?09:03
CyberMadAdeman ahh i get it.. so there is utility name Tracker :)09:03
Ssamwols i have no idea what i am doing man........how do i work this?09:03
CyberMadso what do you think, about using Beagle... in your opinion09:04
Ssamso i typed chmod 755 file.sh09:04
slytherinSsam: Have you created .sh file?09:04
wolsSsam: xreate a file and put that script in there09:04
Ssamwhich makes it executable09:04
AdemanCyberMad: yeah haha, sorry, someone should tell them not to name their applications after common nouns09:04
Ssamyes i have09:04
wolsSsam: so now run it09:04
Ssami pasted the text into an empty file then renmaed it flv2avi.sh09:04
gatenwhy won't nautlus show one of my local mounted drives? it shows every other one, except for my "winshare" drive. is it because it's fat32?09:05
Ssami chmod 755 flv2avi.sh first09:05
AdemanCyberMad: unfortunately I really don't have an opinion, i haven't used either very much, but I like the *possibilities* with tracker, in the near future tracker could become a whole lot cooler, but for now i don't think there's any noticable difference09:05
wolsSsam: you said you already have09:05
AgentHeXgaten: probably.  if you made it skinny32, it might want to see it.09:05
slytherinSsam: yes and now from terminal go to directory that contains the file and do ./flv2avi.sh09:05
Ssami have i was just asking if i did the right thing09:05
CyberMadok :)09:05
gatenAgentHeX: anyway to force it to show up?09:06
Ssamdone Usage: ./flv2avi.sh {-divx|-xvid} list_of_flv_files09:06
AgentHeXgaten: you could try to mount it manually.  check "mount --help"09:06
CyberMadgeez.. there is weird behavior with compiz on ubuntu 7.10 with Radeon 9200 SE09:06
Ssamdoes the flv have to be in the same folder as the shellscript09:06
gatenAgentHeX: it mounts fine. it just doesn't show up in Nautilus09:07
AgentHeXgaten: something like "mount -t vfat /dev/hdaX /mnt/windows" or whatever where X is the partition number.09:07
AgentHeXgaten: oh09:07
=== sdkjfh is now known as Phenom
AgentHeXgaten: uh...  where is it mounted?09:07
AdemanCyberMad: #ubuntu-effects might be able to help you, but compiz has never worked well for me09:07
gatenAgentHeX: /media, like everything else09:07
CyberMadok thanks09:07
AgentHeXtype "mount" and check to make sure it's mounted.  can you verify it?09:08
wolsgaten: ls -ld /mountpoint09:08
wolswhat does this say?09:08
gatenwols: drwxrwx--- 28 root plugdev 4096 1969-12-31 16:00 /media/winshare/09:08
gatenAgentHeX: and yes, i can read and write files to it09:08
AgentHeXgaten: not the point.  is there anything on it?09:09
wolsgaten: run "id". are you part of group plugdev?09:09
gatenAgentHeX: oh yes, tons of stuff. and i can access it all09:09
AgentHeXgaten: but it just won't show up in nautilus?09:09
salkotI feel like my system has gotten slower. What can I do to figure out the cause?09:10
gatenwols: yes i am, but it is odd that it is the only mounted drive in /media that is a member of plugdev, everything else is root09:10
gatenAgentHeX: correct09:10
AgentHeXare you able to see it on the cli as the user you're logged in as and not root?09:10
gatenAgentHeX: yes, for all intents and purposes, it works perfect. wait, let me amend my problem. it doesn't show up on the left hand side in nautilus, in the "shortcut" tree menu. i can browse to it by going to /media, but i can't see it listed in the shortcuts09:11
CyberMadhow to convert pdf to jpeg ?09:12
AgentHeXgaten: browse to /media/ and drag the folder to the shortcuts side (usually the bottom half)09:12
gatenAgentHeX: nope. this is in tree view, btw09:13
peacepipejvAgentHeX: normal visual effects dont work either09:13
RyanT5000what's a diff tool that generates nice, formatted output (e.g.: html)09:13
AgentHeXpeacepipejv: sad...09:14
RyanT5000like the diff on that page09:14
AgentHeXgaten: no clue how to get it there.09:14
gatenAgentHeX: all well, no one else does either :P i find it very odd. oh well, thanks anyway09:14
AgentHeXgaten: i'm looking at my .nautilus directory in my home folder.  i suggest you do the same09:15
peacepipejvhelp, no visual effects, "Composite extension not available"09:15
alvinguys: i am currently installing Silkroad online on my wine using Ubuntu 7.10. and i tried to run it.. it wont run, it has a problem connecting to its site09:15
tarelerulzIs there any good midi making programs for Linux .09:15
AgentHeXhex@puff:~/.nautilus$ grep 'Trash' *09:16
AgentHeXsaved-session-EDU62T:    <bookmark name="Trash" icon="user-trash-full" uri="trash:"/>09:16
compwiz18in compiz, what key activates the scale plugin?09:16
AgentHeXgaten: you might find help in that folder09:16
gatenAgentHeX: thanks, ill try that09:16
AgentHeXgaten: could, of course, be that Trash was in my history, but you never know...09:17
AgentHeXgaten: yeah...  no dice finding Desktop in there09:17
linxuz3r_hello AgentHeX09:17
linxuz3r_hello everybody09:17
AgentHeXhello, linuxuz3r09:17
alvinguys: i am currently installing Silkroad online on my wine using Ubuntu 7.10. and i tried to run it.. it wont run, it has a problem connecting to its site09:17
dgjonesalvin, you might stand more chance of getting a response in #winehq, thats the main support channel for problems with Wine09:21
parthdoes anyone know hotto create custom livecd of gutysy gibbon09:22
pgIn xterm, how can I enable the backarrow key option by default?09:23
Bryanwhen I try to install flash it says: md5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz09:23
BryanThe Flash plugin is NOT installed.09:23
AgentHeXBryan: the plugin is borked.09:24
pgBryan: It may be because the file was downloaded incorrectly from the Adobe site.09:24
BryanAgentHeX, then how does one get flash now >_>09:25
Bryanand should I install gnash?09:25
neur1how do I change my boot screen back from kubuntu to ubuntu09:25
AgentHeXcopy to /var/cache and run "sudo aptitude reinstall flashplayer_nonfree"09:25
pgBryan: Gnash should work on most sites.09:25
Bryanpg, but not on youtube09:25
AgentHeXer...  s/flashplayer_nonfree/flashplayer-nonfree09:25
ICQnumberBryan, the downloaded file is broken09:26
pgBryan: ah...09:26
Bryanwhich, let us face it, is the reason most people (me included) have it for.09:26
ICQnumberBryan, open yast , search for flash palyer and install it09:26
WutzHello, I need help, I've just installed a clean 7.10 ubuntu, and when I try to load in, I get a blank black screen, can anyone help?09:26
BryanICQnumber, yast?09:26
CyberMadhow to convert pdf to jpeg ? on ubuntu09:27
ICQnumberBryan, oh forget it, lol09:27
BryanICQnumber, :o what is yast?09:27
Bryanoh -_- ha09:27
wolsBryan: a program for suse09:27
marc-andresomeone knows where the lighttpd channel is?09:27
AgentHeXICQnumber: nah.  adobe borked the package in synaptic, too09:27
pgBryan: you can also downlaod the install file from adobe's site09:28
Bryanpg, yeah I know. But the package just suddenly didn't work anymore.09:28
pgBryan: you can downoad the .tar.gz file (not a package) from adobe's site.  Anyway, AgentHex's file should work too09:29
pgI hope09:30
AgentHeXpg: it does.  i had to use it the other day09:30
Bryanpg, same file i think09:30
pgAgentHex: Is a bug reported about flashplayer-nonfree?09:31
AgentHeXpg: dunno.  i know it was a hot topic a couple days ago, so i figured someone reported it09:31
Kalamansihello, how to install all updates (desktop 7.10 ubuntu)09:32
Bryansudo apt-get update09:33
AdemanKalamansi: the update manager should do that for you, in the upper right there should be an orange looking icon you can click on to install the updates09:33
wolsBryan: what does this install?09:33
Bryanwols, what does what install?09:33
wols all updates (desktop 7.10 ubuntu)09:33
wols10:33 << Bryan> sudo apt-get update09:33
Bryanthat gets the updates. then sudo apt-get upgrade actually does the upgrading09:34
KalamansiFetched 3B in 4s (1B/s)09:34
KalamansiReading package lists... Done09:34
wolsso it doesn't install anything09:34
wolsKalamansi: don't paste in her09:34
_rubenit only updates the list of available packages09:34
Bryanwhat _ruben said09:34
AgentHeX*smacks forehead*09:34
Kalamansi0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.09:35
Kalamansinice reply09:35
Kalamansiis it okay to run ubuntu 7.10 desktop as "server"?09:35
Stormx2I need to change the port of gnome's "remote desktop", and suggestions?09:36
pgI can't make xterm start with the backarrowKey option enabled09:36
AgentHeXroom, correct me if i'm wrong, but is the only difference between desktop and server releases the packages on the CD?09:36
KalamansiStormx2 : www.gnome.org/~markmc/remote-desktop-2.html09:37
KalamansiStormx2 : this is cool too www.gnomejournal.org/article/29/remote-desktop-administration-using-vino09:37
Stormx2Just saw that actually09:37
KalamansiStormx2 : do you know some alternatives of dreamweavercs3/photoshop cs3?09:38
Stormx2Kalamansi: nvu? gimp?09:38
dgjones!nvu | Kalamansi09:38
ubotuKalamansi: kompozer is WYSIWYG HTML editor for easily creating web pages, and the continuation of the dead Nvu project. It is available in !Universe on !Gutsy, !Backports on !Feisty, and from  « deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/tonyyarusso/ubuntu edgy universe » for Edgy.  (Dapper still pending)09:38
Stormx2I do all my html work by hand, for graphics I use Paint Shop Pro 7 under WINE09:39
KalamansiStormx2 : lil features09:39
KalamansiStormx2 : whats the download website of paint shop pro 7?09:39
FeraconHello, would anyone here have a moment to talk Ubuntu with a new user?09:39
Stormx2Kalamansi: It's commercial09:40
Kalamansiah so you pay for it?09:40
Kalamansii want it free Stormx209:40
dgjones!anyone | Feracon09:40
ubotuFeracon: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:40
AgentHeXKalamansi: try The GIMP09:40
Feraconhaha okay, im trying to be polite thats all09:41
Stormx2Kalamansi: Not my business how you get hold of it mate.09:41
KalamansiFeracon : go to System >Administration > user and group09:41
FeraconI recently installed Ubuntu 7.10, and I got my WUSB300N wireless card working on it. However, after logging out and back in ever sinse it hasnt worked09:41
BryanICQnumber, that didn't work btw >_>09:41
FeraconIm chatting here through XP unfortunatly =\09:42
Enoscan I install ubuntu  to a virtual pc?09:42
wolsEnos: yes09:42
FeraconI even reformatted my linux partition and reinstalled the NDISWrapper and NIC drivers09:43
Feraconand still it will not work09:43
RaverDKFeracon: hehe shame on you... :)09:43
EnosI want to install it to Connectix Virtual PC in windows09:43
AgentHeXEnos: it's actually owned by Microsoft now.09:43
FeraconIve only spent about 30 minutes in the Ubuntu OS and its addicting i want my internet to work on it ><09:43
AgentHeXEnos: and it's free.09:43
wolsFeracon: unless you give us error messages we cannot help. does the wlan interface show up in ifconfig -a? what does dmesg say, etc?09:43
EnosAgentHeX: yes I know, I have an old version09:44
FeraconI am getting no error message thats whats so diffucult about this09:44
Enoswhich is connectix09:44
BryanFeracon, did you try opening up a terminal and Feracon, did you try sudo modprobe -r -f <yourcardsname> sudo modprobe <yourcardsname>09:44
peter77Feracon: have you turned on restricted drivers?09:44
FeraconIt is stuck on receiving key from wireless router, and will not let me perform any action09:44
KalamansiIs it okay to run ubuntu desktop 7.10 as server?09:44
RaverDKFeracon: Well i give up getting my software RF kill switch to work in linux, and went online used 25$ and got me a out of the box working PCMCIA card....09:44
FeraconNo peter09:44
AgentHeXEnos: other VM solutions include VMware, VirtualBox, Qemu (and kqemu), and Parallels (if you have Intel VT or AMD SVM extensions on your CPU)09:44
peter77also if you're trying to access the internet by wifi then its more than likely you need wifi drivers for your computer!09:45
EnosI tried to install ubuntu in connectix but I failed09:45
FeraconI have the WUSB300N.tar driver set09:45
AgentHeXEnos: of course, you could go crazy and install Xen running Ubuntu as dom0 and try to get WinXP as domU, but that's just more trouble than it's worth :-P09:45
Feraconthey worked the first time09:45
AgentHeXEnos: then download Virtual PC from Microsoft.  again, it's free.09:45
FeraconDoes anyone know a easy way to get the system to run in level 1 ?09:46
peter77Feracon: so it is your wifi card that isn't working?09:46
EnosAgentHeX: I will, when I have better connection09:46
FeraconOr maybe its 3, which ever level it is that stops it from re entering X after you exit it09:46
wolsFeracon: do you mean runlevel1?09:46
Feraconyes! runlevel sir09:46
EnosAgentHeX: I even had to order the ubuntu cd09:46
FeraconI need to get out of X in order to install Nvidia drivers09:46
EnosAgentHeX: I have 7.0409:46
AgentHeXEnos: you on dial-up or something?  tin cans and a string maybe?09:46
AgentHeXEnos: :-D09:47
wolsFeracon: echo "false" >/etc/X11/default-display-manager09:47
EnosAgentHeX: yes I'm09:47
FeraconWols: thankyou, will that permanently stop it from auto re entering X ?09:47
Amaranthwols: That'll make X start then immediately exit09:47
AgentHeXEnos: if you tighten the string, you will get less packet loss.09:48
Enoswhat string lol09:48
btzhi, im having some problems with the sound on ubuntu 7.10 .. im a linux newbie, but iv had help from others, and they cant figure it out.. When ever i have Rythmbox open, i cant get sound to work in VLC.. and vice versa.. only one program that uses sound can be runnin at the time.. anyhone know what could be wrong ?09:48
wolsAmaranth: why would it?09:48
AgentHeXEnos: between the tin cans09:48
wolsbtz: no dmix or other software mixer09:48
Amaranthwols: Because it'll start X, run 'false' under X, then when false exits X will exit09:48
EnosAgentHeX: do u have any junk hardware lying around?09:48
AgentHeXEnos: tons09:48
EnosAgentHeX: why don't u send me some :)09:49
btzwols, so i have to install dmix? or what? i dont know what that is. as i said, im totally fresh to linux, im still learning :)09:49
AgentHeXEnos: old stuff09:49
EnosAgentHeX: I need old stuff09:49
AgentHeXEnos: PII 233MHz with no RAM09:49
Enosnothing better?09:49
AgentHeXEnos: mebbe09:49
EnosAgentHeX: well?09:49
EnosAgentHeX: sell me09:50
EnosAgentHeX: which means?09:50
AgentHeXEnos: substitution command in vi09:50
FeraconAmaranth: Do you know a better way to stop auto entering X?09:50
EnosAgentHeX: why don't send me, hey09:51
AgentHeXEnos: truth is i'd never follow through.  there's sentimental value in the crap i have.09:51
AgentHeXEnos: but i hate mailing stuff09:51
AgentHeXEnos: i hate mail09:51
AmaranthFeracon: Uninstall it09:51
AgentHeXEnos: hate mail09:51
AgentHeXEnos: hate09:51
FeraconUninstall what?09:51
Alley^Awayon this older laptop I get "BIOS age (1998) fails cutoff (2000), acpi=force is required to enable ACPI" when trying to install09:51
EnosAgentHeX: come on, do something good, I am in need09:51
=== AfterDea1h is now known as AfterDeath
AmaranthFeracon: X09:52
AmaranthFeracon: If you don't want it just uninstall it09:52
Alley^Awaywhen I add acpi=force to the startup params (F6) nothing happens09:52
FeraconI want it, just i need to stay outside it long enough to install nvidia drivers09:52
AmaranthFeracon: Once it starts press Ctrl-Alt-F1, login, and run 'sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop'09:53
brobostigonhi, god morning09:53
AmaranthFeracon: Once it starts press Ctrl-Alt-F1, login, and run 'sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop'09:53
AmaranthFeracon: But why are you manually installing the nvidia driver? restricted-manager will install the proper version for you09:53
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!09:54
AgentHeXaight.  i gotta head to bed.  g'night all.09:54
wolsFeracon: nvidia.com drivers will also break your ubuntu when it upgrades09:54
FeraconIt says it has a driver for my 8800GTS installed but when i try to change my appearance mode to anythign higher than "none" it says the driver is not "enabled"09:54
brobostigonagenthex: good morning09:54
Enosbradipy: type09:54
AmaranthFeracon: Go to System->Administration->Restricted Drivers Manager09:54
dgjonesbradipy, you need to type "join #ubuntu-it"09:55
FeraconAmaranth: any idea how to "enable" the driver?09:55
Javidwhere is the thing to control printers and such09:55
Abu-Aadam hi i'm wondering how I can burn avi to dvd player format so09:55
Abu-Aadam                   I can watch it on a dvd player09:55
Alley^Awayno ideas or suggestions? :(09:55
AmaranthAbu-Aadam: Install devede09:55
brobostigonjavid: system/admin/printing09:55
rabihi everybody09:55
AmaranthJavid: System->Administration->Printing09:56
NekoKunAny suggestion about how to make my server locate archive.ubuntu.com?09:56
NekoKunIm trying to install some packages09:56
AmaranthNekoKun: Fix your network09:56
NekoKunbut it takes more than five minutes to start downloading09:56
omalley18:55 < rabi> hi everybody09:57
Amaranthomalley: ?09:57
Djmax27Hello! nos itt vannak magyarok?09:58
rabidoes anybody have problem?09:59
rabiI am ready to help you09:59
brobostigonrabi, i dont need any help,i help othe people.09:59
NekoKunIs there an ubuntu repository in latin america?09:59
rabibrobostingon: thanks.09:59
NekoKun._. now it just did the install quickly10:00
brobostigonnekokun: i dont know, tabi: any ideas??10:00
FeraconDoes anyone know why Ubuntu says my "GLX drivers are not enabled" when i try to turn advanced appearance on>?10:00
Alley^AwayI do - can't get installation started10:00
eseshow to exit vim?10:00
Alley^Awaysitting here w/ original 7.04 cd...10:01
noob101eses : press escape ... ": q"10:01
dissidentshould i install firestarter or not with ubuntu10:01
noob101dissident : i think you should...10:01
=== noob101 is now known as alch3mist
AmaranthFeracon: Are they?10:01
dissidentthank you10:02
eseshow to save on vim?10:02
auskadiauskadi thinks gutsy gibbon is crap, nothing works proprly with it each day anew problem10:02
Amarantheses: :w10:02
alch3mistese : press escape ": w"10:02
AmaranthAmaranth thinks auskadi is bad, complaining about things without explaining :P10:03
kom0dorhey all10:03
rabikom0dor: hey10:03
brobostigonkom0dor: good morning. hi10:04
auskadibeacuse aussieman has been posting bug reports and asking questions for weeks here and in xubuntu and nothing fixes the problems in gutsy10:04
Fethmanhmm I have a weird problem with a sony vaio vgns4. As I read in the forums many ppl have trouble with it but still. So when I try to shutdown or switch the virtual terminal the screen goes black and then it gets distorted. Also it's only happening with the latest nvidia driver from the restricted drivers manager. If I install the nvidia-old driver it works but compiz doesn't. The videocard is geforce6200go. Anyone else having simmiliar problems?10:04
=== alch3mist is now known as spongebob
auskadiit is designed for dell / we don all use dell10:04
=== spongebob is now known as zanpakatou
auskadigutsy is a problem with graphics10:04
Alley^Awayon this older laptop I get "BIOS age (1998) fails cutoff (2000), acpi=force is required to enable ACPI" when trying to install10:04
Alley^Awaywhen I add acpi=force to the startup params (F6) nothing happens10:04
Alley^Awaysitting here w/ original 7.04 cd10:04
rabiauskadi: what problem did u face with gusty?10:04
auskadifiesty worked perfectly and upgrade aits like goingg backwards to redhat 110:04
Amaranthauskadi: Actually Dell has nothing to do with it10:05
auskadiit says my graphics card is not installed it is10:05
Alley^Awayhow do I get installation started10:05
auskadihence googleearth ceestial ect wont work10:05
auskadino control over audio10:05
Amaranthauskadi: And they didn't get some of their pet bugs fixed10:05
auskadilow battery life10:05
Amaranthauskadi: So use feisty10:05
auskadiyes back up again reinatsll10:05
auskadiwhy nt give us a warning that gutsy is so bad beofre offering the automatic upgrade with synaptic_10:06
AmaranthThat wasn't a question, that was me telling you to use feisty10:06
AmaranthIt works perfectly here10:06
auskadias you also see - s nt a qestion markk as gutsy loses kbd fig all the time10:06
rabiauskadi: you must check System > Administration > Screens and Graphics once.10:06
zanpakatouAmaranth : what bad?10:06
auskadirabi i check t all the timer10:06
moaiamorfohi all10:06
rabiauskadi: which board do you have10:07
Amaranthauskadi: It sounds like you have upgrade problems, not gutsy problems10:07
auskadireally)_ why then do i see a hundred people complaining about the same stuff and no action for weeks_10:07
=== Alley^Away is now known as AlleyKat
auskadii have an hp nx730010:07
zanpakatoui think everyone should know that fresh install is recommended to prevent package/library conflicts10:07
AlleyKaton this older laptop I get "BIOS age (1998) fails cutoff (2000), acpi=force is required to enable ACPI" when trying to install10:08
AlleyKatwhen I add acpi=force to the startup params (F6) nothing happens10:08
AlleyKatsitting here w/ original 7.04 cd10:08
AlleyKathow do I get installation started10:08
moaiamorfoI have problems with two packages under Gutsy. Synaptic outputs this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47200/10:08
AmaranthAlleyKat: You don't need acpi10:08
=== slackern_ is now known as slackern
eseshow do I delete a file in a terminal?10:08
zanpakatouAllyKat if you have an old machine try the alternate cd10:08
Amaranthauskadi: Because you haven't told anyone important10:08
Amaranthauskadi: Or explained the issue completely10:08
moaiamorfoproblems started after applying some updates, yesterday10:08
AmaranthAlleyKat: btw, that's my name :P10:09
AlleyKatit's a very old 233 mhz laptop w/ 32 mb ram... hmm alternate cd? There is only one in the package... I'll google for it I guess10:09
AmaranthAlleyKat: That will not run Ubuntu10:10
AmaranthAlleyKat: you need 256MB10:10
AlleyKatwhat is your name?10:10
AmaranthAlleyKat is my alternative name when Amaranth is taken on various websites :P10:10
alecwhIs the Netgear WPN111 RangeMax Wireless-G MIMO USB 2.0 Adapter supported in Ubuntu 7.10?10:11
Amaranthalecwh: That's marketspeak, dunno10:11
eseshow to delete in terminal10:11
wolsalecwh: what chip does it use?10:11
AlleyKatthx, saves me fighting with it for hours - ah ok :) is all I ever use generally10:11
Amaranthalecwh: Would have to know what chip it uses10:11
wolseses: man rm10:11
zanpakatoueses : rm10:11
Amarantheses: careful, there is no undelete10:12
AlleyKatfunny thou, I can get Win2K running on it... maybe some other distro?10:12
zanpakatoueses : just incase don't use sudo10:12
AmaranthAlleyKat: Probably not10:12
alecwhI'm not sure10:12
alecwhWhat chip?10:12
alecwhIt's on woot.com10:12
AmaranthAlleyKat: And iirc Win2k needs 64MB just for it, either way that'd be painful10:12
wolsalecwh: what wlan chip does it use10:12
Ko_deZHi. Is anyone else having problems with flasplayer-nonfree here? I get md5sum mismatch after the flashplayer is downloaded10:13
Ko_deZmd5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz10:13
Ko_deZThe Flash plugin is NOT installed.10:13
alecwhwols: I don't know10:13
chiefHi, I'm trying to setup samba, I can see myself in the network but I can't see the other ubuntu box any ideas?10:13
zanpakatouKo_dez : check this path if flash player exists "/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins " and "/usr/lib/firefox/plugins"10:13
AmaranthAlleyKat: If you find a distro that came out in 1999 it'd probably run on there but it'd be completely unsupported by anyone10:14
rabiKo_deZ: same problem to me but solved.10:14
Ko_deZzanpakatou: nope10:14
Ko_deZrabi: how?10:14
alecwhhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Netgear-RangeMax-WPN111-Wireless-Adapter/dp/tech-data/B0007YQO36/ref=de_a_smtd/202-3028850-9931001 - can anyone tell me if this is ubuntu compatable?10:14
zanpakatouKo_deZ : then install it again10:14
rabiKo_deZ: manually install flash plugin.10:14
hangthedjdoes anybody know of a program like drapes, that will let you change your background more than every five minutes?10:14
wolsalecwh: use damnsmallinux or puppy linux. ubuntu won't run on 32MB10:14
rabizanpakatou: no solution.10:14
AlleyKatso either more ram or back to win98/crawling 2K... ok thx10:14
zanpakatouKo_deZ : you can just copy the .xpi and the .so to the plugins folder10:14
brobostigonalecwh: type dmesg into terminal press enter, then lsusb into teminal press enter, and then pastebin both output from both commands.10:15
wolsalecwh: wrong. I gave you two current alternatives10:15
Ko_deZzanpakatou: i have tried three times. The dowloaded install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz file does really not have the correct md5sum10:15
zanpakatouKo_deZ : or you can download the plugins in adobe and install manually... it's a script10:15
rabiKo_deZ: yah same problem happened to me before.10:15
auskadiAmaranth, im sorry i have / or re you someone importnat10:15
zanpakatou<Ko_deZ> : download the installer script from adobe10:15
wolsKo_deZ: known problem10:15
Amaranthauskadi: i meant file a bug10:15
Ko_deZrabi: That should work, but I would rather have the auto thingy fixed.10:15
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots10:15
auskadifiled a question10:15
btzuhm, how can i change the port that remote desktop uses? anyone know that?10:15
auskadino response10:16
zanpakatou<Ko_deZ> : if you can find an rpm convert it to deb like so "sudo alien --script plugins.rpm"10:16
Ko_deZrabi: for future users (like my parents)10:16
Amaranthauskadi: Got a link?10:16
rabiKo_deZ: that is problem that must be fixed.10:16
Ko_deZrabi: yes, I agree.10:16
zanpakatou<Ko_deZ> : have u tried the sudo command with the script?10:16
Ko_deZzanpakatou: Cannot apt-get install without sudo =)10:17
alecwhsorry, here is the correct one: http://pastebin.com/m42f6f6af10:17
zanpakatouKo_deZ : no i mean.. u dowload the installer script from adobe.. and install from there... it should fix your problem10:17
Ko_deZThere really is a new install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz file with a different md5sum.10:17
BryanI'm getting a gray box's where flash stuff should be :o help!10:17
auskadiforget ti everytime ive tridd to fix it has got worse im backing up and downgrading now .... last thing i did i lost kdb format and it wont revert10:17
auskadiim really sick of it10:17
Ko_deZzanpakatou: yes, it would. I hope to not need to do that though.10:17
zanpakatouKo_deZ : if it's different then it's corrupted or malformed10:18
brobostigonalecwh: its telling me your wifi adaptor is not connected.10:18
alecwhI don't have it yet...10:18
alecwhI'm seeing if I should order it10:18
Amaranthauskadi: You should try the 7.10 live cd10:18
alecwhI'm connected via wireless, though.10:18
Amaranthauskadi: See if your problems are gutsy or because of the upgrade10:18
Martinnwhy when i send only 1 ping count i recieve only 1 reply from 1 host and no DUPs?10:18
BryanI'm getting a gray box's where flash stuff should be :o help! (I'm using opera btw.)10:18
wolsalecwh: google10:18
brobostigonelecwh, look it up in the hardware db on help.ubuntu.com/ then go to community docs10:19
wolsBryan: install a flash plugin then10:19
zanpakatouauskadi : most problem comes because of the upgrade... library/package conflicts... that are not managed correctly10:19
Bryanwols, I did.10:19
wolsBryan: obviously not10:19
wolsalecwh: google if it works under ubuntu...10:19
Bryanwols, obviously so. It's not saying "HEY, install flash" it's saying "HEY...I dunno how to distplay this *break*"10:19
=== bjorn_ is now known as Bjorn__
Ko_deZzanpakatou: Not nessesarily. It can be a minor version upgrade that kept the same filename.10:24
humboldtdoes anybody know if the ubuntu install cd supports netboot install easily some way?10:26
humboldtcan I boot ubuntu live on PC 1 and netboot install it from PC 2?10:26
dgjones!install | humboldt10:27
ubotuhumboldt: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:27
chiefHi, I'm trying to setup samba, each computer can see itself, but they can't see each other.10:27
lhtHi all. How do I change my current resolution from 1024x768 to 1280x800. It's not in the list (System-->Preferences-->Screen Resolution)10:27
dinop007hi how can i install msi files?(i got wine)...10:29
zanpakatou<lht> : you  have to configure xorg...10:29
dinop007and btw is there is a program to minimize mp3 files?10:29
dgjones!fixres | lht, Sounds like your graphics card may not be configured properly, have a look at Ubotu's link which should help you set it up correctly10:29
ubotulht, Sounds like your graphics card may not be configured properly, have a look at Ubotu's link which should help you set it up correctly: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto10:29
Martinnwhy when i send only 1 ping count i recieve only 1 reply from 1 host and no DUPs?10:31
lhtOkay. Reading now.. thanks :)10:31
BryanI'm getting a gray box's where flash stuff should be :o help! (I'm using opera btw.) (and flash is installed. It's running fine in firefox; but I don't like firefox)10:39
chiefhi, I have 2 linux boxes both ubuntu I can see myself on each computer, but they can't see each other what should I ?10:39
wolsBryan: is there a flash plugin your your opera plugins directory?10:40
Bryanwols, yes10:40
Bryanopera even sees it10:41
wolschief: how are the ubuntu boxes connected? what ar their respective IPs?10:41
Bryanit says "shockwave flash"10:41
hangthedjchief, in the /etc/samba/smb.conf do your shares have the browseable option set to = yes?10:41
chiefhangthedj: yes done that10:41
chiefwols: they are connected on a wired network, &
zewbchief: try this: sudo rm /etc/*10:42
wolschief: and they can ping each other?10:42
hangthedjchief, have you tried connecting to them, even though you can't see them?10:42
chiefwols: yes10:42
wols!ops zewb is a malicious troll10:42
chiefzewb: I'm not an idiot :)10:42
kapmopi installed ubuntu-restricted-extras but flash still isn't working in firefox10:42
zewbit was a joke10:42
zewbcalm down wols10:42
JonathanDzewb: don't tell jokes like that.10:42
wolszewb: that is NO joke. you should be banned for this.10:42
wolsand no I am not joking10:42
JonathanDyou never know who might not realize it's a joke.10:42
onatshi, my machine is updating from an apt-cacher server.. why is it that it seems to be still downloading package information from the internet...?10:43
amidaniel|away!ops | zewb10:43
ubotuzewb: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Pelo!10:43
zewbif anyone falls for that they shouldnt use linux10:43
zewb... calm down10:43
wolsyou shouldn't be here. many other channels: instant ban for such a stunt10:43
zewbit was a joke10:43
wolsthank you10:43
chiefnow where was I :)10:43
hangthedjthat was exciting10:44
chiefhangthedj: depends on how you mean connected10:44
hangthedjin nautilus, can you smb:///host/share?10:44
chiefhangthedj: I've tried the connect to server tools in gnome10:44
hangthedjor mount -t smbfs to somewhere?10:45
aantnis it possible to run eclipse using ibm's java?10:45
magnetronhangthedj: don't use smbfs, it's deprecated. use CIFS instead10:46
wolsandatche: considering eclipse is from ibm too originally: why not?10:46
kapmopwhat's the preferred way to get flash working in firefox?10:46
chiefhangthedj: it says with nautilus that it can't display the contents of smb://agnus/10:46
erUSUL!flash | kapmop10:46
ubotukapmop: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash10:46
hangthedji'm deprecated. :(10:47
hangthedjchief, did you set it up through gui, or cli?10:47
chiefand jed10:48
hangthedjhonestly its been so long since i've setup a samba share, i'm sure a lot has changed.10:48
chiefhangthedj: there was a little youtube video I followed for setting it up.10:48
kapmopi tried that and its still not working10:48
hangthedjin smb.conf do you have public = yes?10:49
kapmopi also tried installing just the flash player via the "install missing plugins" popup that firefox gives when it detects a requested plugin is missing10:49
AlexHi. anyone know how I can force all squid traffic out over a socks proxy? so.. machine A connects to server B running squid, which has a local socks proxy that sends stuff out over machine C?10:49
aantnwols: I asked because its not working10:50
kapmopi tried installing gnash swf player, too. that worked, but it displays youtube funkily10:50
chiefhangthedj: the share is set to public yes10:51
aantnI get the following:10:51
hangthedjhmm, you might try gsambad, it used to be an amazing samba setup wizard.10:51
kapmopi'm guessing it could be related to the fact that i'm running amd64 instead of the usual i386 build10:51
aantnA Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available in order to run Eclipse. No Java virtual machine was found after searching the following locations: /usr/lib/j2sdk1.4-sun/bin/java10:51
chiefhangthedj: http://pastebin.com/m1fa49c7 there is the config :)10:51
aantnany ideas?10:51
BryanI keep getting a funky error when I try to play flash in opera :o anyone got any ideas?10:51
Bryanerror message: (process:31192): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_clipboard_get_for_display: assertion `display != NULL' failed10:52
BryanAdobe Flash Player: gtk_clipboard_get(GDK_SELECTION_PRIMARY); failed. Trying to call gtk_init(0,0);10:52
amidaniel|awayaantn: Do you have a JRE installed?10:52
aantnI'm nearly certain10:53
CRoWsNeSThello any one in here10:53
chiefhangthedj: I'll have a look see at it10:53
wolsaantn: jdk1.4 seems a bit low10:53
aantnI installed it from the medibutu repos10:53
hangthedjchief, i'm not sure what the default is, but you may want to uncomment the security = user10:54
amidaniel|awayaantn: You should probably install the 1.5 or 1.6 jre .. I'm not sure how friendly eclipse is with 1.410:54
hangthedjor change it to security = share.10:54
CRoWsNeSTok am new to ubuntu and am losed got it installed and try to get my graphic card working and the get the destop effects to work10:54
chiefhangthedj: ok10:54
CRoWsNeSTbut i don;t no how to download beryl10:54
amidaniel|awayaantn: It's probably also a lot easier to install eclipse from the ubuntu repo, as that will sort out your dependencies for you and configure it properly.10:54
wolsCRoWsNeST: there is no beryl anymore and compiz is installed by default in gutsy10:54
wolsCRoWsNeST: what videocard do you have and what drier do you use?10:54
aantnamidaniel|away: I did10:55
magnetronCRoWsNeST: install the package for advanced compiz settings10:55
aantnI installed java from medibuntu10:55
CRoWsNeSTi have a Radeon 955010:55
wolsaantn: why from medibuntu?10:55
aantnI installed the package ibm-j2re1.510:55
wolsubuntu has java 1.5 at least10:55
CRoWsNeSTwhere do i do that10:55
aantnI'm on ppc10:55
wolsaantn: why is it then talking about java 1.4 in your error message?10:55
CRoWsNeSTis there remote accests with unbuntu10:56
aantnI don't know10:56
nuvanit seems that my /usr/include is next to empty.  anyone know the package name that contains the basic header files for development?10:56
wolsCRoWsNeST: what drivers?10:56
lhtThanks for the help guys. My monitor resolution issue is fixed! :D I am off now.10:56
erUSULCRoWsNeST: go to System>Admin>Restricted drivers10:56
CRoWsNeSTif so i could really need it lol10:56
aantnI'm installing the package "ibm-j2sdk1.5"10:56
wols!b-e | nuvan10:56
ubotunuvan: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:56
magnetronCRoWsNeST: in applications > add/remove, search for compiz10:56
amidaniel|awayaantn: Can you load up a console and type "java -version"10:56
erUSUL!java | aantn10:56
ubotuaantn: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre10:56
CRoWsNeSTi down load the driver i got it sitting on my desk top10:56
aantnI can't install sun's version10:56
aantnit doesn't exist for ppc10:56
CRoWsNeSTbut i don;t no how to install it10:56
aantnI'm trying to install another package...10:57
wolsaantn: you don't need to download any driver. I ask waht driver you actaully use10:57
CRoWsNeSTgo i feel stupied10:57
Fethmanhmm anyone know if there is a kernel with suspend2 compiled in it for gutsy. I patched it and compiled it myself but the hibernate script still says that there is no support for suspend210:57
aantnwols: I do need to install the javasdk10:57
aantndon't i?10:57
erUSULCRoWsNeST: comiz is installed by default in latest ubuntu10:57
kapmopcan i get ubuntu to undo all the updates i've done to it in the past day or so?10:57
CRoWsNeSTthat one10:57
magnetronCRoWsNeST: in administration, run "restricted driver manager"10:57
wolsaantn: jre is enough10:57
amidaniel|awayaantn: You shouldn't need the sdk10:57
wolsaantn: unless you actually eclipse to do java programming10:57
aantnfor eclipse?10:57
CRoWsNeSTok will i got ubuntu 7.0410:57
erUSULCRoWsNeST: you should install your drivers quth the restricted drivers app10:58
wolsCRoWsNeST: update10:58
amidaniel|awaywols: Eclipse provides it's own sdk10:58
aantnI don't want eclipse for java10:58
denardoHow do I find out my current IP address (so I can ssh in from another machine on the LAN)?10:58
wolserUSUL: no he should not. those drivers don't work with compiz at all10:58
CRoWsNeSTcan i talk to some that will to help me in pvp10:58
wolsamidaniel|away: I don't think so10:58
CRoWsNeSTthis room to fast and i can;t keep up10:58
aantnjava version "1.5.0"10:59
hangthedjdenardo, ifconfig10:59
wolsaantn: and this java is installed where?10:59
hangthedjdenardo, probably ifconfig eth010:59
amidaniel|awayaantn: "which java"10:59
erUSULwols: xserver-xgl10:59
CRoWsNeSTthere is  168 update should i do ever one of them10:59
chiefhangthedj: didn't help much :(10:59
wolserUSUL: eeek!10:59
CRoWsNeSTi have not done any update yet10:59
amidaniel|awaywols: Hmm .. maybe not. I know it provides its own implementation of the compiler, etc.10:59
wolsamidaniel|away: it might use jikes, but it certainly doesn't provide its own java runtime library11:00
denardohangt thanks!11:00
CRoWsNeSTany one11:00
CRoWsNeSTplz help11:00
hangthedjprobably not that much help these days with samba, usually only have to copy a couple files, so i use scp11:00
erUSULwols: but i step aside if you are willing to guide her through manual instalation of the ati.com driver (something she will have to do every time the kernel, mesa, or the x server updates)11:00
amidaniel|awaywols: No, it doesn't provide the runtime, just a compiler (and a bad one at that ...)11:00
wolserUSUL: why would it? "ati" and compiz will work. Free driver instead of proprietary shit11:01
amidaniel|awayaantn: Okay, can you execute java -jar /usr/lib/eclipse/startup.jar ?11:01
hangthedjbut i remember gsambad being pretty awesome11:01
wolsamidaniel|away: jikes isn't bad11:01
magnetrondenardo: right click the network applet in the upper right corner, choose info11:01
wolsif it is jikes11:01
chiefhangthedj:  maybe, but as with most tools you need to know to use them :)11:02
hangthedjchief, in the terminal you could try findsmb, or smbtree and see what comes up?11:02
CRoWsNeSTwhy do i get this problem in desktop effects i get this when i click on it the Composite extension is not available11:02
aantnamidaniel|away: that works11:02
erUSULwols: i thought that recent cards dosn't support ati (radeon) with 3d accel /me scrolls back... ahh a 95xx maybe it would work11:02
wolserUSUL: not just maybe. everything up to x800 will work with i11:03
chiefhangthedj: just 1 machine itself11:03
amidaniel|awayaantn: Heh, alright :) If you're curious in investigating it more, there will be a configuration file somewhere in its millions of .ini's that points to the runtime to use for loading, which you should update to /usr/bin/java11:03
CRoWsNeSTSo can any one in here help me or no11:04
erUSULwols: good to know11:04
aantnamidaniel|away: its not worth the time... thanks again11:04
hangthedjchief, did you try in #samba?11:04
amidaniel|awayaantn: Alright, no problem :)11:04
kapmopfresh install of ubuntu 7.1 amd64: flash isn't working in firefox, even after installing ubuntu-restricted-extras. gnash kinda sorta works but renders a garbled image11:04
hangthedjprobably not many people there, but worth a shot11:04
chiefhangthedj: #samba ?11:05
hangthedj  /join #samba :)11:05
predaeuskapmop, to be exact you would have to say 7.10, it's the year and month11:05
chiefhangthedj: thanks I'm in there already ;)11:05
CRoWsNeSTCan some tell me how to get desktop effects to work11:06
kapmopare most people still using the i386 build?11:06
wolsCRoWsNeST: glxinfo. what driver do you use?11:06
hangthedjtry changing the security = user to security = share, when all else failed that worked for me in the past.11:06
predaeuskapmop, I heard there is something to install to get firefox working. I don't remember what though, did you scan the forums?11:06
CRoWsNeSTwols am new to this i need step by step11:06
erUSULkapmop: flash worked for mi in 64bit out of the box without using gnash11:07
CRoWsNeSTin what you want to know11:07
kapmopi havent scanned the forums11:07
predaeusCRoWsNeST, I think this is still explained in #ubuntu-effects not sure though, haven't been to #ubuntu for some time11:08
erUSULkapmop: i have flashplugin-nonfree installed (iirc i jus browsed to youtbe give a few clicks an voila! flash working)11:08
kapmopah. i think i found the problem.. md5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz _ The Flash plugin is NOT installed.11:10
onatshi, can someone tell me why other packages fail to download?11:10
predaeusonats, give more information please11:11
ihate88hi got a problem. on my notebook, a MEDION MD 96290, the pc speakers don't work. it uses the hda-intel module. on vista i can assign a function i wish on each jack. one is even spdif optical/front speakers at the same time. i dont even see a red light using ubuntu... this works using vista. the worst thing is i cant use the integrated pc speakers. using no model option, the three plugs have the functions line out, microphone, line in.11:12
ihate88the model=medion-mda2 does not change anything. the model=medion option instead seems to work. all the all the correct controlers appear in alsamixer. but now i dont get ANY sound :( any help on this? i tried upgrading to newest alsa version11:12
nuvanthanks wols11:12
predaeusCRoWsNeST, did you join #ubuntu-effects and ask there too?11:13
erUSULkapmop: it is known bug... not sure when that will be sorted out...11:14
CRoWsNeSTyea i did and no one there11:14
CRoWsNeSTto talk to me11:14
onatspredaeus, pc A is updating from pc B which has apt-cacher installed.. now pc B's software sources are pointed to a particular mirror... some of the packages get downloaded to pc A, but some fail...11:14
white_eaglecan I ask for help11:14
predaeusCRoWsNeST, what wols meant was, open a console and run glxinfo and look at the output to see what driver is in use.11:14
CRoWsNeSThow do i do that11:15
dgjones!ask | white_eagle11:15
white_eaglewhen I apply watter effects my compute stops responding11:15
ubotuwhite_eagle: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)11:15
white_eagleit freezes11:15
white_eagleand I must11:15
white_eaglei have ati radeon 200m11:15
predaeuswhite_eagle, please don't use enter that often11:15
zoli2kHi, It is possible to integrate konqueror with any social bookmarking system?11:16
kapmopwhere can the official 64bit flash player be found? i'm only finding i386 right now11:16
hangthedjwater effects are overrated anyhow11:16
CRoWsNeSTdo i just type glxinfo in to termanl11:16
predaeuszoli2k, also ask in #kubuntu11:16
yafuSomebody involved in the project?Can you update ffmpeg package to support this?:11:16
predaeuskapmop, there is none.11:16
white_eagle!msg hangthedj what do you mean overrated?11:17
CRoWsNeSTwhat the cammand  i have to type11:17
CRoWsNeSTto see the glxinfo11:17
MenZa!flash64 | kapmop11:17
ubotukapmop: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava11:17
predaeusyafu, you will usually not find devs here. Contact them through launchpad feature or bug requests/reports11:17
zoli2kpredaeus: #kubuntu seems to be frozen against the user activity on #ubuntu channel :)11:18
white_eaglehello, it's me again, I cannot use the watter effects, as I said11:18
onatspredaeus, any ideas?11:18
CRoWsNeSThow do i do that11:18
CRoWsNeSTgod i feel stupied11:18
white_eaglehello, it's me again, I cannot use the watter effects, as I said11:19
predaeusonats, nah sorry I am not familiar with that, redirect your question to the whole channel again in a few.11:19
predaeuswhite_eagle, don't repeat your question that often please.11:19
GOdFAThe1can someone help me with a sound initialization issue?11:19
ciaconhi guys - for some reason my eth0 is not automaticly set to the defined settings @ after a reboot... can anyone give me some help?11:19
hangthedjwhite_eagle, you can try asking in #compiz-fusion11:19
white_eagleok, but I repeated cause noone answered11:19
CRoWsNeSTwhen i go in to restricted driver11:20
hangthedjusually when no one answers its because no one has an answer11:20
snafooAnyone know why my mic would be skippy when using ventrilo with ALSA, but fine when using OSS?11:20
hangthedjat the moment.11:20
CRoWsNeSTit say ATC accelerated graphics driver enabled with a check margit and status in use11:21
CRoWsNeSTso it saying it working but why do i get a message with the desktop effects then11:21
CRoWsNeSTdo i have to download  beryl11:21
CRoWsNeSTto get the desktop effects11:22
kapmopis there a noticeable difference in performance between running amd64 versus i386?11:22
COY0TEhey ppl what's the latest version of ubuntu???11:22
COY0TEi have 4,1011:22
CRoWsNeSTany one understand what am saying11:22
tomagorhello, problem with ltsp on edubuntu server... can't find any sound hardware. because of this stops here ..11:22
LinuxJuggaloCOY0TE, its 7.1011:23
white_eagleno one answered on compiz-fusion11:23
LinuxJuggalo!gutsy | COY0TE11:23
ubotuCOY0TE: Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents11:23
tomagoris there any other channel for edubuntu?11:23
LinuxJuggalo!hardy | COY0TE11:23
ubotuCOY0TE: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu11:23
predaeuskapmop, it's not easily noticeable, I am not even sure if I could notice it, I switched back to Xubuntu i386 from Xubuntu amd64 recently.11:23
predaeuskapmop, but maybe I've just got used to the slowdown. Not sure.11:24
tomagoranyone who knows for LTSP?11:25
CRoWsNeSTpredaeus do i need to just do the update on the pc and it will work ?11:26
onatsis anyone else having problems updating their installation?11:26
predaeusCRoWsNeST, I don't know, could be that your hardware (graphics card) does not support the effects.11:26
husscan I join to windows server network that uses ISA "internet security &acceleration" which program will act as a client?11:27
CRoWsNeSTwill the screen saver work and there fast11:27
predaeusCRoWsNeST, how should we know, nobody here knows what computer you have11:28
LinuxJuggalo!windows | huss11:28
ubotuhuss: For discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents11:28
CRoWsNeSThow can i tell you11:28
CRoWsNeSTwhere do i go11:28
evo7elo all .. help me ... my pidgin looks like does not working .. all msg send/receive didnt success .. :( ..11:28
LinuxJuggaloevo7 was it working fine before? it could be a network related problem, possible your ISP is blocking it11:29
Martinn how to make a proxy server in linux the easiest way11:30
onatsanyone having problems downloading this? perl 5.8.8-7ubuntu3.111:30
LinuxJuggaloevo7 also a firewall or router settings, that or the IM service you are connected to with pidgin is temporary unavailable11:30
hussmicrosoft ISA server controls the network how to have ISA client to have the permission to log onto the network?11:30
evo7LinuxJuggalo --> sometime it is ok sometime not .. I do not think it is the matter of ISP because my friend in same house, same network can use it .. :(11:30
erUSUL!info squid | Martinn11:31
ubotumartinn: squid: Internet object cache (WWW proxy cache). In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.14-1ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 627 kB, installed size 1580 kB11:31
LinuxJuggaloevo7 do you have a firewall installed other than the default ubuntu firewall aka in iptables11:31
white_eaglecan I ask, what is new in ubuntu 7.10 than 7.411:32
ikoniawhite_eagle: check out the change log on ubuntu.com11:32
tamdoes anyone know if you can run memtest from the live CD?11:33
gordonjcptam: yes11:33
tamgordonjcp: cheers for that :) how are you?11:33
gordonjcpnot bad, yourself?11:34
aaaaaEnter text here...11:34
tamgordonjcp: aye, fantastic, just snowed under with the new job and learning loads at present. loving it tho11:34
LinuxJuggaloevo7 check the port blocking settings in the firewall and look for any port matching the ports pidgin is using to connect to the IM service you are using11:34
gordonjcpcool, left Sun then?11:34
MartinnerUSUL thx11:35
evo7LinuxJuggalo -> how to check the port blocking?11:35
tamgordonjcp: aye, certainly have. work for a big business ISP now as a network eng11:35
tamgordonjcp: left back in may11:35
GOdFAThe1Anyone capable of helping me with a sound initialization issue with quake 311:36
gordonjcpGOdFAThe1: no sound in Quake 3?11:36
ikoniaGOdFAThe1: can you expand on the problem11:36
GOdFAThe1When I try to run q3 the screen is blank, I printed the log and it shows a sound initialization issue11:37
ikoniaGOdFAThe1: sound shouldn't stop the screen from launching11:37
gordonjcpGOdFAThe1: that's not the usual problem, pastebin the error?11:37
LinuxJuggaloevo7, open your firewall and it should be under policy or traffic rules something similar like that, in pidgin open accounts, click the account you are having problems with and click modify on the advanced tab it shows the port pidging is using to connect to the IM service11:37
wolsikonia: it does. old known problem in quake3 based games with alsa11:37
GOdFAThe1ok brb11:37
ikoniawols: I'm certainly not aware of it11:38
gordonjcpGOdFAThe1: google for "quake3 direct no sound" ;-)11:38
evo7LinuxJuggalo -> ok tq man .. i will find out11:38
wolsikonia: I remember it frm enemy territory11:40
GOdFAThe1gordonjcp: do you know how to solve it yourself? I found some stuff online but if you know the answer might save me some time ;P haheh11:40
gordonjcpGOdFAThe1: no, because I don't know specifically what the problem is11:40
himI have question regarding crossover office11:40
gordonjcpGOdFAThe1: but if you google for what I said, the first hit tells you how to fix the most common problem11:40
GOdFAThe1ok ill see what happens11:40
magnetron!jfgi | gordonjcp11:41
ubotugordonjcp: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.11:41
dgjones!it | Serenella11:42
ubotuSerenella: Vai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!11:42
himdoes crossover office work better on certain distros?  and if so, which?11:42
ikoniahim: I think its pretty imparcial11:42
ikoniahim: there may be incompatabilities between distro's component versions (glibc / X11 for example)11:43
himI am using ubuntu and it has not performed as I would have hoped...11:44
gordonjcpmagnetron: stop that, please11:44
ikoniagordonjcp ?11:44
wolsikonia: the !jfgi11:44
ikoniahim in what way, cross-over's support groups may be the best palce to ask11:44
ikoniawols: I can't see it,11:44
gordonjcpI haven't got time to sit and hand-hold people through fixing a simple thing, and I can point them to a whole raft of help that *will* fix their problem11:45
gordonjcpmagnetron: perhaps you've got the time to help him?11:45
wols12:41 < magnetron> !jfgi | gordonjcp11:46
himI do not wish to be a burden11:46
ikoniawols: I don't have him on ignore yet I can't see him speak11:46
onatsis anyone implementing the apt-cacher with Acquire::http:Proxy?11:46
ikoniahim: burden to who ?11:46
gordonjcpdo you know what, maybe I just don't have time to help anyone at all any more, if that's the sort of thing people are going to come out with11:46
gordonjcp!ask | him11:46
ubotuhim: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)11:46
zetheroowhats a really good program for video conversion in Ubuntu?11:47
ikoniazetheroo mencoder ?11:47
zetheroois that a program?11:47
ikoniazetheroo: yes11:47
magnetronzetheroo: avidemux install it with add/remove applications11:47
wolszetheroo: yes. ffmpeg too11:47
gordonjcpzetheroo: mencoder or ffmpeg11:47
zetherooI need something with a good easy to use GUI11:47
gordonjcpzetheroo: What exactly are you trying to do?11:47
dbeWhere can I get libpangoxft? Its not avalible at http://packages.ubuntu.com/.11:48
ikoniazetheroo acidrip can be used as a front end to mencoder, not sure about ffmpeg11:48
erUSULzetheroo: avidemux11:48
ikoniadbe: pango should be build against xft in the pango package11:48
zetherooI would like to be able to take my videos and convert them to smaller more compact files11:48
gordonjcpzetheroo: avidemux will probably help you with that11:48
dbeikonia: How can I check if its installed?11:48
gordonjcpI don't use it, because I find the GUI really hard to use11:48
ikoniadbe: dpkg -l | grep pango11:48
gordonjcpmencoder is a command-line tool, and much easier11:49
dfdI think there were some problems in last upgrades.. I can't run any gtk app anymore11:49
zetheroothanks all11:49
gordonjcpzetheroo: what are you converting from and to?11:49
zetherooI'll give avidemux a try11:49
dfdgnome doesn't start at all, gdm crashes when I click on preferences, gnome-terminal segfaults, XFCE doesn't start, Inkscape crashes when I open the save dialog11:50
zetheroowell... I want to convert many formats11:50
dfdall worked fine before last upgrade..11:50
zetherooogg to mpg11:50
dbeikonia: ii  libpango1.0-0       1.12.2-0ubuntu3    Layout and rendering of internationalized te11:50
dbe          ii  libpango1.0-common  1.12.2-0ubuntu3    Modules and configuration files for the Pang11:50
gordonjcpif you've got more than a couple of videos to convert, it's actually much faster to use a command-line tool and write a script to do it11:50
zetheroomov to mgp11:50
himCrossover office works as advertised... with two minor problems... I can input English just fine, but when i attempt to input japanese it gives me question marks.  So I boot into japanese and it solves that problem... the input is still alittle strange but works.  The second problem is more troubling.  I get parts of my word documents appearing in a huge font blown up on my screen.  If I minimize work the large text still remains for a breif11:50
dbeikonia: I cant see libpangoxft there.11:50
ikoniadbe: thats because it may not be a pacakge, pango should be built against xft as I said earlier11:50
dbeikonia: Ok11:51
ikoniahim: I'd take that up with cross-over support groups11:51
dfdAnyone had this problem?11:51
ikoniadfd: if gnome is segfaulting, I'd re-install ubuntu11:51
ikoniadfd: you could go around the houses trying to trouble shoot that11:52
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dfdikonia, it started segfaulting from the last upgrade.. I'm using stable.. I can't see what I did wrong11:52
himok, thankyou.  I will have to do that.  I would be totally willing to use openoffice if it did not handle footnotes soo poorly11:52
dissidentis there an easy way to make another ext3 partition on another hdd while installing ubuntu11:53
dfdat the moment I installed KDE to have a desktop environment, but I need to use inkscape for my work11:53
ikoniadfd something has not gone well, but as I said, a sefault can take a while to gor through, your probably best just re-installing ubuntu unless it's critical11:53
dfdand also firefox crashes when I open a save dialog..11:53
ikoniadfd: what are you doing, gnome/xfce/kde all on the same box ?11:53
dfdI used only gnome11:53
ikoniadfd: how are you using firefox if you can't load a desktop ?11:53
ikoniadfd: then why are you installing kde and xfce11:53
dfdikonia, to have a desktop, since gnome doesn't start anymore11:54
ikoniadfd: ok, so kde is a work around11:54
dfdyes, it is a workaround for gnome, but I still need to run firefox, inkscape, etc11:54
dfdthey all crashes when I open save dialogs11:54