evil_techmaybe gparted didnt finish writing the filesystem?00:00
thyraxmaybe I think i did get an error00:00
thyraxe2fsck -f is this a fdisk command?00:00
evil_technot that i am aware of00:01
thyraxor this: resize2fs -p00:01
thyraxanyidea what app that is?00:01
crimsunthose are separate apps00:01
thyraxI wish there was an mdadm gui to stream line this stuff. now I'm just trying to learn the different commands so I know what I'm doing :)00:02
crimsune2fsck and resize2fs are appropriately named00:02
evil_techthe first is to check a file system00:02
thyraxfile system check? filesystem resize?00:02
Surfing-Geekanyone running dapper on a mac G3?00:02
evil_techif you want to use fdisk on a drive then its sudo fdisk /dev/hd* where * is the letter of the drive00:03
thyraxand that formats the entire drive?00:03
evil_techwell it can00:04
evil_techits not a command its a program00:04
thyraxoh I think I understand00:04
evil_techso if i wanted to partition the secondary master i would do fdisk /dev/hdc00:05
evil_techthen it will spit out some info on the number of cylinders on the disk and then display Command 9m for help):00:06
thyraxyes would that automatically format the drive? how do I set partition size, number etc00:06
evil_techno its not automatic00:07
evil_techand it doesnt format00:07
evil_techjust partitions00:07
thyraxok that would tell fdisk to work with that drive?00:07
evil_techyou format afterwards00:07
thyraxok thanks for being so patient :)00:07
_slvmchn_is there a default partitioning tool in xubuntu00:10
evil_techlol lots of partitioning questions today00:11
evil_techyes and no00:11
evil_techthere isnt a graphical one by default00:11
evil_techsudo apt-get install gparted will get you one00:12
evil_techor you can use the program fdisk from a terminal00:12
zoredachecfdisk from the terminal is a little nicer, and also installed by default00:12
evil_techforgot about that one00:13
thyraxI think I successfully formated a drive with ext3 it has a lost+found folder in it. Is it like a recycle bin folder? can I delete it? just curious00:13
zoredachedon't delete it...  fsck will put files there if they are found to be corrupt00:14
thyraxok ty00:15
evil_techyay this hard drive is dieing00:31
thyraxis it a maxtor by anychance?00:32
evil_technow i gotta dig through my stack of drive to find another 10gig 7200 rpm drive00:32
thyraxstack hu?00:33
evil_techyeah i work in a PC recycling place00:33
thyraxwow dream job00:33
thyraxwhat part of the world are you in?00:34
thyraxand is that a maxtor drive that is dieing on you by any chance?00:34
evil_techof course its a maxtor00:35
evil_techive not been very nice too it00:35
thyraxyou can always count on maxtors to die on you00:37
evil_techi have 4 operating systems on it, its constantly being formatted, zeroed and used00:37
thyraxI am yet to have a failed wd00:37
evil_techive had bunch of failed western digis00:37
evil_techand maxtors and seagate and deathstars00:38
thyraxI have a western digital I dropped about 5feet on to a concrete surface still ticking :)00:38
thyraxi have had about 12 maxtors only have 4 left00:38
thyraxoldest was 3years00:39
evil_techooo i found two identical 10gb 7200rpm drives00:39
thyraxwhat do you do with the recycled computers?00:39
evil_techi see a mirrored array in my future00:39
evil_techif they work then we fix em up reload OS and sel00:39
thyraxwhere do u get them from?00:39
evil_techotherwise we take out the good parts and the rest gets broken down00:40
thyraxdo youhave a wevsite?00:40
thyraxcpu full tower is a working computer?00:40
evil_techthats the cost to recycle the computer00:43
evil_techthats not what we sell them for00:43
thyraxoh makes better sense that way00:44
thyraxcan I buy some hard drives from you guys?00:44
thyraxI am always looking for smaller drives to be the os drive00:44
evil_techif you are in the WA area00:44
thyraxI can't pay to have it shipped?00:45
evil_techthink we have an ebay page00:45
thyraxI'm in alabama currently00:45
evil_techyeah you could do that too00:45
thyraxok ill send you private chat since we're off topic00:45
evil_techsurprised TheSheep hasnt attacked us with ubotu yet00:46
thyraxit says private messages from unregistered users are blocked :(00:47
evil_techare you unregistered?00:47
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration00:47
evil_techoops should have piped that to you00:48
thyraxcool that was easier then it was when i tried a log time ago on a different server00:51
evil_techyeah i think they are trying to encourage more people to do ti00:53
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thyraxhow dow do I check if CONFIG_MD_RAID5_RESHAPE=y01:23
evil_techwhats that supposed to do?01:25
thyraxallow me to grow a raid 5 array01:25
thyraxI havn't reached that stage yet but just want to make sure It's set when I do.01:26
zoredachewhere does that config go?01:27
evil_techsuppose you could try adding a drive and then do df -h01:27
zoredacheis that a kernel thing?01:27
zoredacheof so then look at /boot/conf-`uname`01:27
thyraxyes it is kernel01:28
zoredacheso yeah, the config file for the running kernel is in /boot/config-blahblah01:29
crimsunmeaning /boot/config-$(uname -r)01:29
thyraxnow I have another problem when I used gparted it mounted the disk to the desktop and I want to unmount it before I set up the raid array do I have to do this? will it unmount itself?01:29
thyraxok ill check thanks guys01:29
thyraxcool it is set to y in 7.10 :)01:30
thyrax#unmount /media/disk or #unmount dev/sdc1 isn't the way to go is it?01:31
crimsunumount, not unmount01:31
thyraxlol ok I'm such a freakin noob01:32
evil_techmust not be too much of one if you can set up a RAID array01:32
zoredacheyou should be able to unmount based on either the device name or the mount point01:32
thyraxok I tried both it says not mounted in mtab01:33
thyraxevil tech thanks to copy and paste :)01:34
thyraxreally odd since gparted tells me it is and I can see the disk on my desktop01:35
thyraxI'm gonna try and stick it in a array anyway and see what happens :)01:35
evil_techyou could always type mount by itself and see if the drive shows up there01:37
thyraxmaybe its just not a permanent mount. is that why it could not be showing up in mtab?01:41
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ronnies07How does one get an intel 845 to direct render under Xfce?02:12
ronnies07Worked under unbuntu (gnome)02:13
magic_ninjawhen i try to mount floppy its not a block device02:34
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inazadhi there03:11
inazadsomeone can help me ?03:11
WyrmulI am trying to set up a dual boot following the documentation https://help.ubuntu.com/community/How_to_dual-boot_Ubuntu_and_XP_after_installing_them_separately_on_two_HDs?highlight=%28boot%29%7C%28dual%29 and I am running into a bit of confusion05:48
WyrmulWhen I run sudo fdisk -l the disks I get are /dev/hda[1-3], /dev/hdc1/ and /dev/hdd1.  I thing /dev/hdc1 is to drive I want05:50
Wyrmulit has the win-xp partition on it05:50
WyrmulWhat should I be adding as my root and map arguments?05:51
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user123Hi Wyrmul, did anybody help you?05:57
user123I seem to have that effect on people...05:58
user123.. Anyway, is there anyone here that has time for a question?05:58
Ben_Cshas anyone experienced 100% cpu load with firefox?06:17
user123... unfortunately, yes.06:18
Ben_Cswhy can't firefox handle flash properly?06:21
user123Hi, Ben_CS, I'm no expert; just a newbie waiting for help... But I had that problem with firefox too (although under Windows)06:21
Ben_Csi see06:22
user123I recommend using flashblock, so that you can choose when a flash movie is going to play; it worked wonders for me... Sort o...06:22
user123(flashblock is Fx plugin)06:22
Ben_Csbut on many ocasions i do need flash, and how would i know if in a specific site i need it?06:25
Ben_Cswell. i'll try it :)06:26
Ben_Cshope firefox team would handle it06:27
user123I think they have work some of the isussues out on the firefox portable version, if I rememebr correctly.06:28
user123Fx 3 is about to come out, so let's just hope...06:28
Ben_Csi tried firefox3, it's better but still cpu load is very high06:29
user123Beta? If the end result would be that, it would be a shame to hear.06:30
user123Personally, the CPU issue is the only downside with fx.06:30
user123*I think06:30
thyraxI have successfully created a raid 1 array I mounted it in /mnt/ but I can't copy anything to it. It says you do not have permission to write to this folder06:36
thyraxcan anyone tell me why I don't have permission to write to this folder /mnt/md006:36
thyraxI think I need to be root?06:41
thyraxmaybe I should have mounted it in a different folder then :)06:41
thyraxopened up nautalis in root solved the problem06:50
thyraxgood night guys06:50
* auskadi thinks gutsy gibbon is crap, nothing works proprly with it each day anew problem09:12
mamat_hi, i keep on losing my xfce applets from one session to the next every once in a while... seems like it might be linked to the fact that battery (which is applet-monitored) is sometimes plugged in... but not sure...11:09
predaeusmamat_, if it concerns only the volume/loudness applet then it is a bug. There is a workaround for that one, but it does not work for everyone.11:10
mamat_hmm... oki... seems like bugs to me too ;)11:13
maristoHello, I have problem with burning CD's12:03
maristoGnomebaker, Brasero and Xfburn speaks "disk Id is too long"12:03
maristowhat's whis?12:03
rijoIm running Compiz-Fusion in my Xubunu. But sometimes I want to switch it off to normal window manager. Is there a easy oneclick, or command to switch off compiz? Any ideas?12:57
xvoltagexxHello all13:04
pubohi all13:06
puboI need a little of help :S. I have an external USB HD, and I don't know why, but When I connect it, I have to do a mount -a to get mounted. I've include it on fstab with "auto" option, but nothing... Even after I reboot, the HD partitions aren't mounted..13:09
puboanybody knows possible reasons? I've installed xubuntu, and udev,fuse,hal, are installed13:09
xvoltagexxhumm. mine is formated NTFS but it comes up on my desktop13:09
puboxvoltagexx, mine are NTFS too13:10
xvoltagexxwhat does the systems/disks tool say when you power your drive up?13:11
puboI had the same HD connected in a Debian computer, and worked perfectly13:11
pubosystems/disks? I don't have that option :S. Where is it?13:12
xvoltagexxmy disks-admin shows it as dev/sda13:13
pubooh, mine is /dev/sdcX... 5,6,713:13
xvoltagexxhow many usb devices you got?13:14
pubouhm.. now only 3, Wifi, Mouse, HD (with power supply), in a desktop computer that has 8 connectors13:16
xvoltagexxUSB devices can be a pain because whatever you hook up first the first time isn't always treated as the same device.13:19
xvoltagexxlike an external drive can be a different device every time you add/remove any other usb device it is given a different path13:19
puboxvoltagexx, then? what should I do?13:26
puboI only want that, when I reboot the computer, the HD mounts itself13:27
zeroflaghey. I have a LVM raid0 set up on 2 of my raptor HDDs. I just did some benchmarks (hdparm -t) which concluded that each drive has a read speed of ~65-70MB/s. however, when I do the benchmark on the combined raid0, I get the same speeds as on the single drives. any ideas what might be causing the 100% slowdown?13:37
aladdinsaneis there a file i can edit to change the color/background color of the panes in xubuntu? (panes on the desktop)13:47
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magic_ninjaanyone around this morning13:52
ere4sinope :)13:56
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auskadihttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47221/ can someone have a look at  that and help me pls14:18
manchickenIs there any way to get thunar to ask you--like Nautilus does--if you're clicking on a text file with execute permissions whether you want to edit or execute?14:21
TwinkletoesMy running kernel (in VMware) is -GENERIC.  There is also a -386 option... si that the one I should go for?14:40
puboOne more try... :)14:58
puboI have an USB external HD with NTFS and ext3 pastitions. Do you know if it's normal that when I reboot, xubuntu unly mounts ext3 partitions, but not NTFS15:00
puboWhat should I configure to make  xubuntu mount every partition each time the computer reboots?15:00
totalmergeageread up on /etc/fstab15:00
pubototalmergeage, but ext3 partitions doesn't exist in fstab and xubuntu mounts them15:01
totalmergeageoh wait, i didn't read the previous sentence :]15:02
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totalmergeageexternal thingies are mounted through hal15:03
totalmergeagewouldn't know if that also recognises ntfs partitions15:03
totalmergeagebut you can add your external hdd to /etc/fstab, and i'm sure there is also a way to mount the ntfs partition via /etc/fstab15:04
totalmergeagenot sure how15:04
pubototalmergeage, in debian I only had to configure fstab like (for example): /dev/sda2 /media/Disk1 ntfs-3g defaults,auto,uid=1000 0 115:05
puboBut here doesn't work, don't know why15:06
puboI think could be fuse, becouse when I unplug and plug the HD, it mounts like "fuseblk" filesistem :S15:07
puboThey want to make Linux more confortable to the final user, but they're complicating everything so much!! :D15:08
pubofor the final user15:08
puboI'm going to reboot15:10
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot15:22
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puboanybody has an USB NTFS HD?16:32
puboDon't know why, but after I reboot my system with xubuntu, doesn't mount USB NTFS partitions (ext3 yes)16:33
puboIs it normal?16:33
puboHow can I configure it?16:33
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ste777Can anybody help with my xubuntu install please?16:40
vinzeste777, what's the problem?16:40
ste777i havent done it before. Im using the alternate CD, and im at the partition stage. Im not sure what to do exactly16:41
ste777I have an unused partition that i want to install ubuntu to, but im not sure how i should configure it16:41
vinzeste777, hm, I haven't used the alternate CD for a long time, but there's plenty of guides online16:42
ste777alright, thanks16:42
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The-KernelWhat is a good mozilla plugin for video?17:39
The-Kernel.mov and .mpeg17:40
tuga3dhi all!17:53
tuga3ddoes anybody knows how i install google sketchup in xubuntu?17:53
BlinkizI can't install all the way from a CD because xubuntu doesn't recoqnize my cd-drive (I do can boot the basic linux system from cdrom). The solution for me is to boot from the mini.iso image and install xubuntu from the net. When I run the mini.iso in my computer, it installs the basic ubuntu. How do I get it to install xubuntu from the net?17:54
proteushi everyone, this is probably a dumb question but I can't figure out how to organize the Applications menu as I'd like.17:54
proteushow do I add/remove apps from it17:55
tuga3dproteus, menueditor?17:55
proteusoh, of course17:57
tuga3dnp :)17:57
tuga3dhas anyone instaled google sketchup in xubuntu?17:58
proteuswhy is it mainly showing --separator-- and not the programs and whatnot17:58
tuga3dproteus, i've never mess with that. going to have a look...17:59
user123Hi!, someone got time for a couple of questions?18:02
zoredacheBlinkiz: do an 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop'18:02
tuga3dproteus, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19309318:02
Blinkizzoredache: After I have installed from the mini.iso?18:02
zoredacheBlinkiz: yes18:03
Blinkizzoredache: Should I install with the boot tag "server" with mini.iso?18:03
zoredacheyou could, you would have a system with less of the gnome stuff18:04
user123I'm going to format one of my partitions on 10Gb (that currently runs windows) and create another partition for Xubuntu, and I was wondering how much space I should allocate for Xubuntu?18:05
user123I know Xubuntu needs a minimum of 1,5 GB, but what would a good buffer be? As comparison windows needs 1,3 GB (after a whole lot of uppgrades) and with programs, cache, virtual ram, etc it goes around 6GB.18:05
user123I have read on some forums that Xubuntu works on 4GB. Ubuntu needs in comparison 10GB to work well.18:05
user123I know there are many factors at play here, but I'm after some remmendations. For example, for win2k, a partion between 8-10 is quite sufficent.18:05
user123(Sorry for the copy and paste)18:05
thyraxhi hi18:06
Blinkizzoredache: Thanks for the help. My goal is to install a computer as a server but whit a gui. A lightweight gui. Xfce fits my needs.18:07
thyraxHow hard is it to stream music and video to the ps3 and xbox360 using ubuntu?18:07
proteustuga3d, thanks dude but what a pain in the ass. :-(18:07
thyraxblinkiz I wanted to do the same thing have you gotten samba configured?18:07
tuga3dproteus, yep, i'm still searching for a better solution. i thought that the menu editor worked diferent :(18:08
BlinkizHaven't installed yet, but yes. Am having another ubuntu 7.10 server running samba, nfs and rtorrent/libtorrent18:08
proteusHere's a more serious problem that I'm having. I've got what used to be a directory going completely nuts. Here's what shows up with ls -al :"?---------  ? ?       ?                ?                ? fileserv"18:09
thyraxis it xubuntu? I didn't have much luck when I tried installing it un an xubuntu install18:09
proteusI can't delete it, I cant put stuff in it18:10
proteusand programs that expect to be there won't start18:10
proteusI mean, when does ls -al just say 'wtf is this?'18:11
Blinkizzoredache: The boot command (in mini.iso) "server" doesn't work. Do you know how I can install a minimal installation from the net so I can run 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop' after?18:12
zoredacheyou might want to reboot your system to rescue mode and do an fsck on the partition18:12
proteusthat's an idea18:12
user123Anyone? partition is a pain in th ass, I would like to get it right the first try...18:13
zoredacheit sounds like you have some serious fs problems18:13
proteusbut only on that directory, which was just where I mounted smb shares. it was empty18:13
zoredacheBlinkiz: I have never used a the mini.iso for *buntu...  But I would guess there is some what to get the installer into expert mode and then you can choose to install no task...  you should get a cli system when you are done18:14
proteusI'll try fsking it18:15
thyraxI used the mini.iso there was an excellent tutorial I used I have been trying to find it but no luck18:15
thyraxI'll try some more18:15
thyraxhmm it requires that you just use the command server as you have tried that's what I did.18:17
thyraxdid you get the minimal cd from here---> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD18:17
thyraxzoredache I was successful setting up a raid 1 array do you know what would cause it to want to resync at boot up? did I shut it down improperly?18:20
Blinkizthyrax: I got the installation tips and mini.iso from the url you specified. The guide says I should type "server" at the boot prompt. This step doesnt work for me. Hmmm18:21
zoredacheit would resync if wasn't shutdown properly... it also does a rsync when it is first setup, and the first time can take many hours18:22
zoredachemy first sync on a pair of 500GB drives took almost a day on the old computer I was running18:22
thyraxok that's what I thought. since It was just a test I didn't bother shutting down properly I guess it was still writing to it18:23
thyraxblinkiz it might have something to do with the 7.10 iso?18:23
thyraxMine took about 3 hours approx18:23
thyraxbut the drives were empty18:23
zoredacheBlinkiz: use 'cli'18:26
Blinkizthyrax: Because "server" doesn't work as a command, am writing "cli" as zoredache suggested. Should install a minimal system. After that, I can run my apt-get commands and get what I want :-)18:26
thyraxcool is it working? If it works out for you well I might give it a try :)18:27
BlinkizYeah. What 10 minutes and I can tell you how it did go18:27
thyraxcool If I'm not active in the channel just send me a pm18:28
thyraxMy goal is to have a raid 5 server running samba/upnp for media streaming18:29
thyraxzoredache any idea why the video signal would be dropped in ubuntu 7.10 right as grub is loading and then as I am shutting down?18:30
thyraxdoes grub load a different resolution or do some sort of scan. the screen says: starting_ then please wait. and immediately quickly fades to now signal18:32
thyraxno* signal18:32
thyraxbeen searching the web havn't found a resolution yet18:32
zoredacheno, I don't know anything about that18:33
thyraxok I think I might have asked you already wasn't sure if it was you or evil_tech18:34
thyraxprobably both :D18:35
zoredacheyou did ask before yes18:35
thyraxOk I have another question. if I decide to do a clean install how do I go about recovering my raid array. also If I want to start from scratch whats the best way to format and remake a raid array would that even be required?18:37
BlinkizHaving a problem. When I should install *ubuntu from CD, I can't get longer than the partition step. I get this error: "Device /dev/sdb has a logical sector size of 2048. Not all part of GNU Parted support this at the moment, and the working code is HIGHLY EXPERIMENT" I have one hard drive at IDE primary and one CD-ROM drive at IDE secondary.18:44
BlinkizMy cdrom doesnt work completely. Hmm18:44
arttuis installing xubuntu off of an usb stick possible/difficult? i don't have any blank cd's on me at the moment...18:46
zoredachearttu: I am sure it is possible, but it is probably also difficult18:47
BlinkizI solved my above problem by unplugging the power to the cdrom after I had booted the mini.iso file18:48
Blinkizarttu: Recommend you to PXE boot if possible. It's easy18:48
Blinkizarttu: Check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation18:49
TuxCrafterhello everybody18:51
TuxCrafteri need some help18:51
BlinkizTuxCrafter: Welcome to haven :)18:51
Blinkizheaven I mean18:51
thyraxI wouldn't call it that but what do you need?18:52
TuxCrafterI have this problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/17394318:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173943 in inkscape "gutsy - inkscape - horizontal aligned font characters are not rendered correctly, they are put on each other instead of next to each other" [Undecided,New]18:52
TuxCrafterI would really like to have some xubuntu users install inkscape18:52
TuxCrafterand test if it works on there system18:52
TuxCraftersudo aptitude inkscape18:52
TuxCrafterwould some xubuntu users volunteer to help ?18:53
TheSheepTuxCrafter: I can assure you that it works, although your command won't install anything18:53
TuxCraftersudo aptitude install inkscap[e18:54
Blinkizthyrax: Jepp, the "cli" install did work. Gave me a minimal system where I can use the tool apt-get.18:54
TuxCraftersudo aptitude install inkscape18:54
BlinkizSo now I can choose whatever I want to install :)18:54
thyraxcool what sort of goodies do you plan to install?18:54
thyraxxubuntu desktop?18:54
TuxCrafterTheSheep: what exactly can you assure that works?18:55
TheSheepTuxCrafter: also, using aptitude will make it impossible to track packages with synaptic18:55
BlinkizXfce, samba, nfs and a torrent client..18:55
thyraxblinkiz: samba and mdadm would be what I'll need to get started.18:55
TheSheepTuxCrafter: I use inkscape to work for living, and I use almost all of its features18:55
thyraxI didn't have a good experience with the torrent client I had selected. do you have one you have found to be good?18:56
TuxCrafterTheSheep: what do you mean exactly can you provide me with some background information18:56
BlinkizI have used libtorrent/rtorrent when I didn't have a gui. But I can't get that one to be stable. When I download at 9-10 MB/sec, my computer hangs some times.18:56
thyraxI am stuck using windows for torrenting and plan to just copy it over to my linux server every time I reach a couple hundred gigs18:57
thyraxyeah nothing felt stable for me either :(18:57
TuxCrafterTheSheep: I cant get my inkscape text working and i have no idea what is responsible for the malfunctions, i would really appreciate some help finding a good solution18:58
TheSheepTuxCrafter: background information: Inkscape works for me correctly I never had anything similar to your bug18:58
Blinkizthyrax: Am going to try Deluge18:58
TheSheepTuxCrafter: di you compile something yourself?18:58
TheSheepTuxCrafter: anything involving pango, for example?18:58
zoredacheTheSheep: I believe he may have been asking about why aptitude breaks synaptic but I could be wrong18:59
TheSheepTuxCrafter: aah, well both aptitute and apt-get/synaptic keep track of which packages were installed as dependencies and which were installed at user's request19:00
TheSheepTuxCrafter: they use that information for the 'autoremove' command, for example19:00
BlinkizI haven't decided if I should install the complete xubuntu desktop or only Xfce. Am having 512 MB RAM and a P3 800 Mhz...19:00
TheSheepTuxCrafter: the problem is, aptitude stores it in a separate database, not accessible for apt-get and or synaptics19:00
TuxCrafterTheSheep: and aptitude does not keep track of which packages were installed as depencies19:01
TuxCrafterah ok19:01
TheSheepTuxCrafter: it does, but in a separate database19:01
TuxCrafterTheSheep: ok19:01
thyraxI was told about deluge but all the documentation seemed vague. wasn't app-gettable19:01
TheSheepthyrax: I use Transmission, it's a gui app19:01
TuxCrafterI went over to aptitude on the advice of some articles i found on the internet19:01
TheSheepthyrax: before tha tI used rtorrent19:02
Blinkizthyrax: Seems like Deluge has the biggest community among the linux torrent clients19:02
TheSheepTuxCrafter: it's ok as long as you only use one of them19:02
thyraxThesheep: is it light and fast? easy to configure? handle multiple torents?19:02
TheSheepTuxCrafter: but as most users probably use apt-get or synaptics, it's best to stick to that when giving advices19:02
TuxCrafterTheSheep: sometimes i use synaptic sometimes apt-get and sometimes aptitude :-p19:02
TheSheepthyrax: not sure about light/fast, requires no configuration and handles multiple torrents19:03
thyraxblinkiz: I think I'll look into it again. coming from windows I couldn't find an easy way to install it.19:03
thyraxthesheep: is it stable?19:03
TheSheep!info transmission19:03
ubotutransmission: free, lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.72.dfsg-1 (gutsy), package size 7 kB, installed size 56 kB19:03
Blinkizthyrax: You can install it from svn and always get the latest. Deluge has a guide for ubuntu in the FAQ.19:04
thyraxI'll look into it then :)19:04
TheSheepthyrax: looks like < 1.019:04
Blinkiz56kb for a torrent client! Jissess19:04
Blinkizlooks to light for me! :D19:04
TheSheepBlinkiz: it has icons and graphics in the package19:04
thyraxThesheep: yeah would that be a problem?19:04
TuxCrafterTheSheep: but back on my real problem with inkscape, i have not compiled anything myself, i also have disabled pango19:04
TheSheepthyrax: no idea19:04
TuxCrafteri have no idea how to debug and fix the problem19:04
TheSheepTuxCrafter: you mean you tried both with pango enabled and disabled?19:05
thyraxblinkiz: I'll look into it. once I get my install and raid 5 sorted out19:05
BlinkizSo why raid 5 and not raid 0?19:05
thyraxIt's for a file server19:06
BlinkizI mean raid 1.19:06
thyraxand raid 0 offers no redudancy19:06
thyraxraid 1 would mean 50% total drive capacity. while raid 5 is (n-1)x single disk capacity.19:07
thyraxwhere n is the total number of drives19:07
thyraxso my 5x500gigs should give me roughly 1.8TB19:07
Blinkiz5 disks. Okay :)19:08
BlinkizRaid 5 it is19:08
TuxCrafterTheSheep: i have MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 in my /etc/environment, i thought it myth be related so i tested uncomment it but it did not make any difference19:08
thyraxyeah If you get samba configured on xubuntu I may make the switch. I couldn't manage it I might not have tried hard enough19:08
TheSheepTuxCrafter: you need to relog for it to take effect19:09
Blinkizit easy. I can show you the guide I folloed19:09
TheSheepTuxCrafter: but that only disables pango for mozilla19:09
thyraxok please.19:09
TuxCrafterTheSheep: yes i thought that too but i wanted to know for suyre19:09
TuxCrafteri rebooted btw19:09
TuxCrafterand its out of the env list19:10
thyraxblinkiz: I set it up but my xbox running xbmc wouldn't see it19:10
TheSheepTuxCrafter: does it happen with one font only, or with every font?19:10
TheSheepTuxCrafter: what if you create a new user?19:11
TheSheepTuxCrafter: is it still there? (then it means it's a system-wide problem)19:11
Blinkizthyrax: aha, okay19:11
TuxCrafterTheSheep: i will test this19:12
Blinkizthyrax: Here is the simple guide I followed to install samba on 7.10: http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu-gutsy-samba-standalone-server-with-tdbsam-backend19:12
Blinkizthyrax: And here is the simple guide I followed to install NFS Server: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24988919:13
Blinkizthyrax: And here is how to build Deluge torrent client from source: http://deluge-torrent.org/faq.php#4n1019:13
thyraxBlinkiz: good stuff. That's the clearest samba tut I've seen so far. I'll definately give it a try. can I just boot the system and run it headless and will the samba shares be available?19:15
thyraxI would only need nfs If I was sharing between other linux machines right? I am boomarking all these tuts they are very good. when I google for a tut I get several. to set up my raid I ended up using about 8 different tutorials X_x19:16
Blinkizthyrax: Yes, NFS is extremly fast compared to samba.19:17
BlinkizWith Samba I get 10-20 mbit/sec and 70-100 mbit/sec with NFS.19:18
BlinkizHave tried installing NFS client under Windows without luck...19:18
thyraxwindows doesn't like playing nice with others.19:20
thyraxhey is it possible to get your terminal as part of your desktop using xubuntu?19:20
thyraxlike here---> http://ubuntu-unleashed.blogspot.com/2007/08/howto-completely-transparent-shell-on.html19:20
zoredachenfs is good for any *nix.. if you had osx boxes on your network bsd or something else.  nfs sucks when it comes to security though19:25
Blinkizthyrax: Your previous question about samba. You can install from mini.iso and install minimal system ("cli" command at boot). Then you can follow the guide for samba I gave you. It will work.19:26
Blinkizthyrax: The system will be very lightweight. Probably using 20-30 MB RAM and 0% CPU19:26
thyraxwhat about running desktop19:26
thyraxlook at that link i sent will comp fusion work with xubuntu?19:27
BlinkizXfce I don't know yet. Maybe around 100 MB RAM19:27
thyraxwhat about a minimal install with gnome?19:27
BlinkizYes, Compiz-Fusion works but is not installed by default19:27
thyraxis it better than doing a standard install?19:27
BlinkizIf you install Gnome (standard Ubuntu 7.10) you will get everything. Compiz-Fusion is already installed19:28
thyraxis there a way to find out what vid card I have I tink it might have a problem grub loses video right after it launhced comes back at the login screen and then loses video at shut down19:28
evil_techlspci from a terminal19:28
thyraxthanks guys ill give that a try19:28
BlinkizOr do you have Windows installed at the moment?19:30
thyraxnot on that system19:30
thyraxok apparently I have a geforce2 mx200 in that system19:32
thyraxis there a way to make sure I have the right drivers19:32
thyraxthat would explain why the system loses signal right at grub startup and at shutdown19:33
thyraxor does grub have it's own video settings?19:33
BlinkizNo clue19:34
BlinkizMaybe BIOS has a setting to use the PCI graphics card instead of the AGP. Or reverse. But I don't know19:35
BlinkizSo when the POST is finished, the video signal is directed to the PCI slots instead of the AGP... Have happen to me19:36
thyraxhow do you install current nvidia drivers in linux?19:36
thyraxwhen post is done it shows loading grub_19:36
thyraxthen please wait then quickly fades to no signal19:37
BlinkizIf you install any of xubuntu, kubuntu or ubuntu, it will solve itself.19:37
aladdinsanehow do i stop xubuntu from turning off my monitor when it has been idle for a while, the screensaver i know how to turn off, but i havent found a setting for this?19:37
thyraxfor about 10 secs then it shows the login screen19:37
Blinkizthyrax: aha, that's strange19:37
thyraxyeah. its like grub has a problem with the video19:37
BlinkizIf you install any of xubuntu, kubuntu or ubuntu, it will install Nvidia or ATI drivers after setup. It will ask you what to do. Really simple19:38
Blinkizgrub is only text based, right?19:38
evil_techmostly i think you can customize it with graphics like fedora19:39
evil_techby default its just text though19:39
aladdinsaneoops, accidentally closed down the irc window, sorry for a double post but i missed the answer, if i got one.19:40
aladdinsaneHow do i stop Xubuntu from shuting down my monitor after it has been idle for some time, i know how to turn off the screensaver, but this is some power saving feature.19:40
Blinkizaladdinsane: na, no one has answered. And I haven't installed xfce yet19:41
zoredachealaddinsane: no idea, but it sounds like a power managment feature19:41
slimjimflimdoes anybody know if it's possible to make all sound mono?19:46
thyraxBlinkiz you said compiz fusion was installed in gnome? where is it?19:51
thyraxI loked under system>preferences for compizconfig19:51
Blinkizthyrax: yeah. Preference->Apperence19:52
BlinkizOn the last tab you have something like "Effects". Thats compiz19:52
thyraxwith options none, normal and extra?19:53
BlinkizIf you want to have the standard control panel (recommend) install "ccsm". Can't remember what ccsm means. Something with compiz manager panel19:53
thyraxI'm trying to follow this tutorial ---> http://ubuntu-unleashed.blogspot.com/2007/08/howto-completely-transparent-shell-on.html19:54
thyraxwould that be required for that tutorial^19:54
Blinkizthyrax: Make sure you have a working compiz first19:54
thyraxa working compiz?19:55
BlinkizYeah, can you press ctrl+alt and press left mouse and see the cube?19:56
evil_techi think you have to turn cube on first19:56
evil_techdesktop plane is enabled on defaulty19:56
BlinkizYou have a control panel for this?19:56
BlinkizBooting my gnome ubuntu at the moment...19:57
thyraxhmm I enabmed extra under apperance and I was asked to install my nvidia driver19:57
TuxCrafterTheSheep: i found the config file that was causing problems with inkscape i reported it in the bug report19:57
thyraxmaybe thats why I have been having vid probs?19:57
BlinkizMore... Probably :)19:58
thyraxasked me to restart and retry to use effects19:58
thyraxso I am rebooting now19:58
thyraxhopefully the issue is fixed19:58
* thyrax crosses fingers19:59
thyraxstill saysgrub is loading19:59
thyraxstarting up20:00
thyraxand then please wait20:00
thyraxthen quick fade to no video20:00
Blinkizgrub will always be black. No drivers have been loaded yet20:00
thyraxand now the login screen pops up20:00
thyraxreally so it's normal?20:00
thyraxIt says please wait then fades and loses signal for about 7 seconds20:01
BlinkizNo.. But it's an old card and only for 10 seconds. You should be lucky :)20:01
TheSheepTuxCrafter: cool20:01
thyraxhow long does it take after it says starting please wait for the log screen to appear and what does your system display?20:01
thyraxlol I thought that might be it20:01
BlinkizMy system only displayes ubuntu logo20:02
thyraxI might pop in a slightly newer card will I have to install drivers for it or will it find them?20:02
BlinkizOn my laptop everything is black until I get into gnome. Some kind of bug.20:02
thyraxwell I don't mind it's a server afterall20:02
Blinkizthyrax: *ubuntu will find it. If it needs drivers it will ask you to install it20:02
thyraxhmm I get a message saying restricted drivers in use....20:03
Blinkizyeah, thats good :)20:03
Blinkizyeah, I guess. Something is working20:03
thyraxit said desktop effects could not be enabled when i selected extra :/20:04
BlinkizWhen you have installed.. eeh.. gnome? Install "compizconfig-settings-manager". It's a nice one to control compiz.20:04
thyraxlol and normal20:05
BlinkizIf you can't select extra, you are having to old graphic card20:05
thyraxeven after geting error effects could not be enabled?20:05
BlinkizOr something like that. A clean install should work20:05
BlinkizIf you check your drivers again. System->Administration->Restricted Drivers Manager. Check so your nvidia card has drivers installed20:06
thyraxit says enabled and in use20:10
thyraxI am going to try this other agp card I have laying around20:10
zeroflaghttp://zeroflag.de/zeroflag/HddResults_2007-12-07_20-57-45_1.xml <-- these benchmarks were done on a LVM raid0 using two raptor hdds. when I do the benchmark on a single hdd (raptor or a common 7200rpm drive) I get almost the same values for throughput. any idea why the raid is so "slow" (/not any faster than a single drive)?20:13
thyraxmaybe your drive is just fast?20:15
thyraxjust kidding20:15
thyraxblinkiz: this second card is a geforce4 mx4000 and when I enabled extra effects it asked If I wanted to keep the settings so I guess it worked.20:19
evil_techzeroflag: chunk size too big?20:19
thyraxI'm thinking this card is faster/newer than the previous one20:19
Blinkizthyrax: nice20:19
BlinkizWhen you have installed the drivers and can enable the extra effects, install "compizconfig-settings-manager". It's a nice one to control compiz.20:20
zeroflagevil_tech: the chunk size in the tests is just for the internal stream-buffer. the impact on write performance is minimal and it does nothing for read...20:20
evil_techno clue20:22
evil_techmakes me wanna go home and check my raptors now20:22
thyraxBlinkiz: installed20:23
thyraxdo I just type compizconfig-settings-manager to launch?20:23
nick4I am using 7.04 and I have a GeForce 2 (MX 200 I think). What is the correct way to install the Nvidia drivers? Go to Applications > System > Restricted Drivers Manager ?20:24
Blinkizthyrax: You can access the controlpanel under System-Preferences-eeh.. Windows.. something20:25
thyraxok ill search20:25
thyraxnick go to system->preferences-> and then appearance20:25
thyraxthen select effects20:25
thyraxand extra20:25
thyraxand it will install20:25
thyraxI just did that have the same card actually20:26
BlinkizYou get a new button there. Pressing that one and you are inside the advanced control panel for compiz-fusion20:26
thyraxblinkiz: it was undr advanced desktop effects settings. under system pref20:27
nick4thyrax there is no "Preferences" under "System"20:27
BlinkizYou can now press ctrl+alt and press left mouse and move the mouse around. You should turn the cube. Otherwise you have to enable the cube in the advanced control panel20:27
thyraxnick are you using gnome?20:28
Blinkizdidn't you?20:28
nick4thyrax XFCE, Xubuntu20:28
BlinkizI tought you hadn't installed xubuntu yet20:28
thyraxno im trying to help nick he is using xubuntu and the instructions I gave him were for gnome20:29
BlinkizAre you helping me? hehe20:29
thyraxnick I'm not sure havn't used xfce yet20:29
BlinkizI will not enable compiz.20:29
nick4ok thanks thyrax20:29
thyraxwhy not? blink20:29
thyraxsorry nick wish I could be of more help20:29
evil_techcompiz in xubuntu is not as streamlined as it is in ubuntu or kubuntu20:30
BlinkizOn this machine I will only install lightweight stuff. On my laptop I have compiz runnig20:30
thyraxI just wanted to see what it would be like to have my terminal on my desktop20:30
thyraxyeah I figured that was why20:30
thyraxalright back to that tutoriall of mine. I'll probably end up disabling this since I'm doing all this on my server. It's just a good learning process for If i decide to run this on my main desktop20:31
BlinkizMy Xfce X is crashing/restarted when I press Accessories->Terminal. Why? I can open other programs without problem20:39
evil_techthats a common problem. and again havent checked to see if there is a fix20:39
BlinkizCommon problem. Okay. lets search ubuntuforums then :)20:40
evil_tech***goes to check if there is a fiz20:40
thyraxhey did you install just xfce? or the full desktop20:40
Blinkizcomplete desktop20:43
thyraxoh ok20:44
evil_techyou could try running xfce4-terminal from a terminal (xterm since terminal isnt working or from a TTY) and see what it spits out20:45
evil_techwait that wont work from a TTY ignore that part20:45
Blinkizevil_tech: yeah, its a bug as you said. There are a fix for it but it's not as easy as just not use xfce4-terminal. Will use gnome-terminal or xterm instead20:46
BlinkizMinimal ubuntu installation without anything takes 17 MB RAM. Running kubuntu complete package takes 106 MB RAM. Running Gnome takes 142 MB RAM. These are stats on my computer when Idle20:51
BlinkizMinimal ubuntu with samba and NFS server active takes 27 MB RAM20:51
BlinkizNice stats :)20:51
thyraxyeah they are20:52
thyraxI think I'll do a minimal install and use the gnome desktop20:53
thyraxwhen i finally set up my raid 5 server20:53
thyraxnow that I got my raid 1 server running like a champ I just need to wait for the ups delivery person to drop off my last 500gig drive :)20:54
Blinkiz1.8 tb. Hmm. I guess is not for home video files only :)20:56
thyraxlots of movies/anime/tv etc20:57
evil_tech1.21 jigawatts!!20:57
thyraxmusic/music videos20:57
thyraxis that how much your server consumes :)20:58
evil_techjust being silly20:59
evil_techwish i had 1.8tb though it still wouldnt fit all my movies :(20:59
thyraxyour server measures power in jiggawatts20:59
thyraxlol I have about 300 so far and thats not even 400gb20:59
thyraxI have japanese and s.korean televison shows too. I'm not asian just like any culture that has 100mb internet connections easily available21:01
evil_techi'm assuming thats compressed dvd21:01
BlinkizYeah, my 500GB drive will be filled with movies. Already having one 320GB filled and another 320GB waiting to go into raid 1 with the other one21:02
thyraxyeah xvic/divx21:02
Blinkiznaa, dvdrips mostly21:02
thyraxmost 700mb some 1.3gb ;)21:02
evil_techthere a noticeable loss in quality?21:02
BlinkizYeah, it is21:02
thyraxnot on a sd television21:03
evil_techcause i was just going to rip just the movie as an iso21:03
BlinkizGet a new TV and you will see.21:03
evil_tech*shakes fist a HDTV21:03
thyraxlol I have a new tv so I keep it in 4:3 ratio when i watch them :)21:03
thyraxxbmc is the best thing that ever happened to my media setup21:04
thyraxtoo bad it doesn't support hd though21:04
BlinkizYeah, have heard alot about xbmc21:04
thyraxthat's why ill be looking towards a linux based front end in the future21:04
thyraxit is sweeet been using since 200421:04
BlinkizIt do support HD. But you have to modify the xbox21:04
thyraxyeah not worth it really and even then barely21:04
thyraxIt's good enough for now. plays every forat I have thrown at it21:05
thyraxthey are working on xbmc linux now though21:05
evil_techi have a mini ITX computer i was going to relegate to the task21:05
thyraxthat will go on my front end when I build it later21:05
BlinkizWill install linuxmce or MythTV when I have a working fileserver up.21:05
BlinkizIt's like xmbc but for Linux21:05
thyraxevil: I was thinking about itx too21:05
evil_techjust dont know how to fit a large enough array and still have it blend with my equipment (or afford the array)21:05
thyraxyes blink they are but xbmc is so streamed line and better than mythtv inmo21:06
thyraxsee you build the array and stream it over21:06
Blinkizthyrax: What I have heard, you have absolutly right21:06
thyraxthats what I'm doing21:06
thyraxhave the server else where21:06
thyraxstreaming to xbmc is the best thing since sliced bread21:07
thyraxI have a 160gig drive in my modded xbox which I never use it only has some games I ripped to it on it21:08
thyraxsreaming is the way to go21:08
thyraxthe average home network supports it easily21:08
evil_techstill a matter of cost. even just ripping the movie only (no menus, credits) is like 4gb times 400 movies that i have21:08
evil_techthat only just over a terabyte and a half21:09
thyraxI would convert it to a differnt format21:09
thyraxyou can get good HD rips in 4gigs21:09
evil_techdont want the quality loss21:09
thyraxso for dvd go for about 1.321:09
thyraxwhich is what many of mine are in21:09
evil_techill have to play with it21:09
thyraxI do know 1.3gig dvd rips look very good21:10
evil_techon an HDTV or standard def21:10
thyraxeven 700mb rips21:10
thyraxI was watching a tv rip ripped from korean HDtv and it looked crystal clear on my HD tv and it was only 700mb for an hour show21:11
thyraxyou could tell it was ripped from HD21:11
thyraxhi cthulhu21:11
Cthulhucan you guys help me21:12
user123Hi, guys, I am going to give my question another swing: how much disk space should I allocate for Xbuntu/linux, is 4GB enough, or should I go for 6GB or 10GB?21:12
thyraxuser I think it depends on what you want to use it 421:12
user123Yeah, I know...21:13
thyraxcthulu just ask if ome one can help they will21:13
user123But for example,21:13
Cthulhuanyways im installing xubuntu and the computer does not recognize it as an OS21:13
thyraxcthulu: you mean it can't boot the disk?21:13
user123win2k works well with 10 GB, for generall use.21:14
Cthulhuno ive it installed on the HD but i have to have the disk in or it wont load????21:14
user123I new to linux, so I'm not sure how demanding xubuntu and linux apps could be, regarding disk space.21:14
evil_techdid you install a boot loader?21:15
thyraxin your computers BIOS do you have it set to boot from the proper hdd?21:15
Cthulhuits an old comp with only 1 hdd21:15
thyraxuser for just the OS I think there is a minimum if you use the install cd21:15
evil_techi have mine in a 4gb part and it fits fine21:15
thyraxof about 3.4 gigs21:15
user123Everywhere I read Ubuntu is recommended at least to have 10 GB,21:16
user123Thyrax the minium for Xubunti is 1,5 GB, recommendd is 4GB21:16
user123(if I recall correctly)21:16
thyraxoh ok cool21:16
Cthulhui think he is including the swap partition21:16
thyraxswap should be 3x your ram21:17
user123Oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me: the swap partition, is that like windows "virual memort,21:17
thyraxjust rule of thumb21:17
user123I see, thanks.21:17
Cthulhuevil: was the boot loader sugestion pointed at me?21:17
thyraxso if you have 512mb swap should be about 1.4gb21:17
user123(I know there are a lot of factors regarding this, but I'm just looking for people's experience with this)21:18
user123thyrax, thanks21:18
evil_techdepends on the amount of ram and what you do21:18
thyraxno problem user just hope I was able to help21:18
evil_techeven when i had one gig i barely touched half doing normal day to day tasks21:18
evil_techCthulu: yes the bootloader question was for you21:19
Cthulhuk now back to my question lol21:19
user123I have about 785,840 kb RAM (accourding to win =) and because I'm new to linux I expect that I will try out stuff.21:19
thyraxlinux is usually pretty resource efficient when compared to windows21:19
user123e.g. wine21:19
user123thy, that is why I'm switching and fell in love  with Xfce ;)21:20
evil_techbest bet is to do like thyrax said and make it 3x physical ram and then monitor usage21:20
evil_techyou can always shrink it later21:20
thyraxuser: you'll soon get the hang of it.21:20
evil_techcthulu: how did you install first and what do you mean by having the disc in to boot?21:21
user123So something around (24' + 15'+ apps = 5 GB should be enough then?) I think I will go with 6GB just to be on the safe side ;)21:22
Cthulhui downloaded it to my other laptop and burnt the image  and put it in the other laptop21:22
Cthulhui went through the install process and xubuntu wont load with the cd being in the tray21:23
user123Regarding that issue thanks for your inputs, thyrax, and evil_tech.21:23
thyraxnp I don't even use xfce currently but I come here cos these guys are so helpful21:24
user123The file system Xubuntu uses it's the ex3 (don't recall its name)?21:26
Cthulhusorry internet crashed did anyone respond with help21:29
Cthulhuguys im such a noob please help if you can21:30
evil_techand the only way you can get it to boot is to select boot from first hard disk at the bottom of the menu21:30
thyraxcthulhu how did you install it?21:30
thyraxuser do you mean thunar? ext3 is just a format I believe.21:31
evil_techyay irssi reset21:31
user123Yes/no, I was wondering about the file format.21:31
Cthulhuthyrax: i put the disk in and pushed install xubuntu21:31
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
user123(Thunar is the file manager)21:32
thyraxuser: its not ntfs like linux I guess It would install using ext3 as the format its a linux format21:32
thyraxcthulhu did you follow the installation prompts? which iso did you install?21:33
thyraxwhen your try to boot your system without the disk what does it say?21:33
Cthulhuyes i followed the prompts. xubuntu21:33
CthulhuOS not found21:34
user123Tyrax, I was just curios, but thanks anyway.21:34
Cthulhudo i have to do something in bios21:34
thyraxcthulhu maybe it wasn't installed properly I would try it again...21:34
thyraxonlything I can think of21:34
thyraxI have to run for a sec. brb and good luck.21:35
Cthulhushould i format the hdd21:35
evil_techdoes your bios say OS not found or does Grub21:35
evil_techdid you set the bios to boot from hard drive21:36
Cthulhui dont think i know what Grub is and yes i did21:36
evil_techmy guess is that it didnt install Grub to the MBR21:36
evil_techmaster boot record21:36
evil_techits where your hdd stores partition info and a bootloader21:37
evil_techwhich is what Grub is21:37
Cthulhuhow should i set up the partitions i only have 20 gig21:37
evil_techis it a multiboot system?21:38
Cthulhuno just a linux box21:38
evil_tech1 OS 20gigs21:46
evil_techhow much RAM?21:46
Cthulhuno sorry 25621:47
evil_techi'd allocate roughly a gig for SWAP21:47
evil_tech4gig maybe 6 for /21:48
evil_techand the rest for /home21:48
Cthulhuwhat was the 4 to 6 gig partition for?21:48
evil_techroot  (/)21:49
Cthulhuthats what i thought sorry i told you i was new21:49
Cthulhuwill it do this for me in one of the options21:50
evil_techyou would have to manually create the partitions the way i explained21:51
evil_techthe default is to make swap 2x your ram and the rest for / and the rest of system21:51
Cthulhuso format the hdd and redo the install21:51
evil_techeasiest way21:52
evil_techthere are other ways to fix it21:52
user123Ok, I'm going to do it. See you guys on the other side.21:52
evil_techgood luck user21:52
Cthulhuthanks man fir all your help i gtg21:53
evil_techso many new users :)21:55
BlinkizI did something so I lost my resolution. After reboot I can now only run at 800x600. All other resolutions is gone. How do I get higher? Or how do I regenerate xorg.conf?21:56
evil_techwell you could reconfigure x21:56
zoredacheyou can use dpkg-reconfigure xorg-server to regenerate, you could also check out the screens and displays on the menu21:56
evil_techor go and manually edit xorg.conf21:57
evil_techyou can do xrandr -s widthxheight21:57
Blinkiz"dpkg-reconfigure xorg-server" as one command?21:57
evil_techsudo in front21:58
zoredacheprecede with an sudo as well if you aren't already root21:58
Blinkizscreens and displays on the menu tell me I only can get 800x600.21:58
BlinkizOkay, I'll do it21:58
zoredacheBlinkiz: you should be able to choose a different monitor type...21:58
Blinkizzoredache: "dpkg-reconfigure xorg-server" did not work. xorg-server can not be found. Currently am running "dpkg-reconfigure -all"22:03
naliothBlinkiz: it's 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg'22:03
evil_techits xserver-xorg22:04
Blinkizoh :)22:04
evil_techbeen there done that22:04
zoredachesorry about that... I am being a little lysdexic today...22:04
michael11anyone home?22:55
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?23:00
evil_techwe scared him away23:05
zoredacheit would seem so...23:05
soldatsi know there was some people a few days ago or a week ago who wanted to know how to map the "win" key to open the accessories button and couldnt figure out how to do it. so i figured out a way to do it and it works so if this is something that you would like to do let me know. for some reason i havent had internet service for a few days so i havent gotten back to a few people.23:07
user456Hi guys, I'm kind of in a akward situation here, I was in Xubuntu and was going to partion the disks and I realized something: I havn't done tis in ages. When I am partioning the disk do I create 2 "primary drives"? (one for win and one for Xub)23:10
user456Or do I create one primary drive and the rest will be logical?23:11
evil_techso you are dual booting?23:14
user456? No was going to format my 60 GB disk and partition it then isntall win and Xubuntu on their respective partitions.23:15
evil_techmight as well use two primary partitions23:15
evil_techyou can have up to 4 and no more partitions23:15
evil_techor 3 and 1 extended with as many logical drive23:16
user456I see.23:16
user456OK, then I will go with two primary and one extened (the rest of the hard drive).23:16
user456I also was wondering about linux file swap, you guys have been talking about it, but I figured it was like windows virtual memory; in the Ubuntu manual ot says "Create a swap partition" and in the partition program there is a "linux swap file system"; my question hence: do I have to create a partion for the linux swap file?23:18
zoredacheyou don't have tto, but it is strongly encouraged23:19
user456I see. So I would create a extended parition with a logical drive that amounts about 3x MyRAM on the primary disk that runs Xubuntu?23:20
evil_techbetter to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it23:20
evil_techor a primary23:20
evil_techdoesnt matter which23:20
user456Then I would go with extened...23:20
user456But the swap disk should be 3x the RAM I have right?23:22
user456So if I have 768 I should create the swap for about 2,5 GB?23:22
evil_techdepends on what you are doing23:23
zoredacheswap disks should be at least as big as your ram23:23
evil_tech2.5gb is excessive imho23:23
user456I thought they should be 3x the RAM? Or did I missunderstood you?23:23
zoredachethe need for more depends...  On Linux swap is mostly only used if you run out of ram23:23
evil_tech768 or a gig will probably suit you just fine23:23
evil_techfor doing basic tasks23:24
evil_techi have two gigs of ram only which 741 is being used and the swap hasnt been touched.23:25
user456I do use graphic programs, and I have been planning in using Blender, and I do som heavy processing stuff with PHP (indecing).23:25
evil_techand thats just surfing the web, irssi, pidgin and ive been burning some discs and watching movies23:25
user456I see, my wondows swap file usually goes for 1,5GB in sie, could that be used as a indicator?23:26
evil_technot really23:26
user456Sorry 1GB23:26
evil_techwindows uses swap even if ram is available23:26
evil_techlinux only uses it when it runs out of ram23:26
user456OK, interesting.23:27
user456So, 1GB should be enough?23:27
user456I'll take the silenc as a yes.23:28
user456But what was that you guys were talking about 3x of you memory?23:29
evil_techtypo on my part23:31
evil_techmeant to say 2x23:31
evil_techthats usually what you want a swap size to be in a windows environ and i just do the same in linux until i can evaluate how much swap i need23:31
nopcodewhich html standard should i use for pure css stuff?23:32
user456nopcode, eh, yes?23:32
user456I see, so I should go with 2GB as swap?23:33
evil_techsure. you can always make it smaller later23:33
user456nopcode, html is about structuring, CSS is about styling, basically as long as you usethe class atttribute it really doesn't matter what html standard you use; hell you cold use CSS with XML.23:34
user456thanks evil_tech (and zoredache), I'll go with a swap 2GB to start with!23:35
zoredachehtml pquestions really aren't approtpriate for this channel, but you should probably use html 4.01 string23:35
zoredachestrict* rather23:35
user456z, I know, but that's all I know =)23:35
user456*just trying to help23:35
user456OK, I will go back to formatting my drive, thanks gyus/gals!23:36
nopcodewhat about xhtml 1.0 strict?23:37
zoredachethis is very disturbing.... if I ping a server from xfce-terminal my cpu spikes to 100% on every responce to a ping... but when I do the same in xterm it sits at 0%...23:37
nopcodeeven when you minimize?23:39
zoredachenopcode: xhtml has several issues. http://www.webdevout.net/articles/beware-of-xhtml23:39
zoredachenopcode: when I minimize I see periodic spikes at about 30% every second23:40
Viper550We pwned the MPAA, YES23:43
Viper550MPAA used Xubuntu to make a "university toolkit" to monitor people and encouraged universities to install it on their network23:46
Viper550But, they didn't offer the source code, thus violatiing the GPL!23:46
thyraxlol that's why I love piracy23:46
Viper550They did get DMCA'd23:46
Viper550How ironic23:47
soldatsyes so true23:47
thyraxthe pirated the movie 'this film is not yet rated' too23:48
thyraxthis is not the first instance of the mpaa pirating stuff thats what is really ironic23:48
Viper550and also removing the links on linkware software23:48
thyraxyeah the list goes on23:48
soldatssorry if i offend you guys but i am going to paste what i posted earlier because some people whated to know how to do this23:49
soldatsi know there was some people a few days ago or a week ago who wanted to know how to map the "win" key to open the accessories button and couldnt figure out how to do it. so i figured out a way to do it and it works so if this is something that you would like to do let me know. for some reason i havent had internet service for a few days so i havent gotten back to a few people.23:49
thyraxthey are hypocrites but everyone knows if you have big bucks you are above the law in the united states anyway23:49
soldatsthyrax, basically your right in every way possible23:49
Viper550those idiots at the MPAA23:50
thyraxthe ups person hasn't arrived yet with my  final 500gig hard drive :(23:54
thyraxI am dieing to put this raid 5 server together23:54
thyraxlots of torrenting needs to be done23:54
soldatswhat will you be hosting23:58

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