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=== Peng changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar Version Control System | http://bazaar-vcs.org/ | please test http://bazaar-vcs.org/releases/src/bzr-1.0rc2.tar.gz
PengMode +t anyone?03:52
Nafalloyes, please.04:01
lifelesswhat does that do ?04:01
Penglifeless: Stops random people like me from being able to change the topic.04:03
Nafallolifeless: only ops change topic :-)04:04
lifelesshmm, I think its fine at the moment04:10
lifelessif we have trouble we can lock it down, but why do that unnecessarily04:10
PengYou don't let anyone push to bazaar-vcs.org, do you?04:13
* Peng shrugs.04:13
PengNot that IRC topics are quite the same security-wise.04:14
lifelessPeng: for starters, irc topics are not executable code06:34
Kamping_Kaiserits easy to fix the /topic06:36
PengTrue and true.06:53
* Peng shrugs.06:53
PengIt's insecure (by definition), and uncommon.06:54
fullermdlifeless: Don't *SAY* that!  Now Microsoft is gonna go write an IRC client that auto-executes topics...07:58
fullermdRemember back when you could say without a trace of irony "Look, email is just text; you can't get a computer virus from an email."07:59
lifelessfullermd: you can't ... on linux :)08:04
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phanatichey, is pyrex needed only on build time, or during run time as well?12:45
datophanatic: run time, certainly not12:45
datophanatic: build time, only if you modify the .pyx files, or you run from bzr.dev, since the tarballs ship a .c version12:45
phanaticdato: i'm building from bzr.dev. thanks for the help!12:46
phanaticcurrently i'm working on a bazaar package for mac. current progress: http://phanatic.hu/bzr/mac/bazaar-dmg-prototype.png12:49
Discpilehi... i've been wondering about dvcs... and I'm not quite sure I understand something13:43
Discpilelet's say I want to get the latest copy of a repository to my computer (a checkout), how would that work?13:43
Discpileif there's no centralized repo to get it from13:43
luks"the latest copy of a repository" -- that means there is *a* repository13:44
datoDiscpile: well, normally projects will say, "this one is the main/master/central copy", and then people can make as many copies of it as they want13:45
Discpileah k that makes sense13:46
Discpileso would a bzr commit push changes to that copy like with e.g. svn?13:47
Discpileif so, that doesn't sound very decentralized :p13:47
datoDiscpile: by default, no. but bzr allows you to configure it that way (like svn) if you wish. or switch between the two.13:48
Discpileso normally when I commit... nothing happens? if just the local copy is updated, why even commit? :p13:49
luksnormally when you commit, you commit to your local branch13:49
luksand later you might either push those changes to a remote branch, send them by mail, etc.13:50
vilatest suite reached the 10.000 tests mark ;-)14:56
lera_zedhi - how can i check what commits would be pushed into specific branch  ?15:47
datolera_zed: bzr missing --mine-only <other_branch_url>15:48
lera_zeddato: thanks15:48
lera_zedis it possible to have an alias for branch ?15:57
lera_zedi mean the actual names are rather long15:57
datolera_zed: I don't think so. *but*, I think luks wrote a bookmarks plugin15:58
datolucas, I mean; not sure if luks here is lucas :)15:58
lukshe is, but he also doesn't know if he still has the plugin code :)15:59
datolera_zed: ^16:01
Verteroklera_zed: for the hostname part, in *nix you can use .ssh_config to set an alias for it (don't known about win32)16:03
toedis there no way to checkout without leaving a message?16:39
abentleytoed: You can always checkout without leaving a message.17:00
toedcommit, sorry17:01
datotoed: I use commit -m '[no message]' :)17:02
toedso many excess keystrokes!17:02
abentleytoed: commit -m "" works fine.17:04
abentleyNot that I particularly recommend it.17:05
abentleyOh, my bad.17:05
abentleyThere was talk of fixing it.  I thought it had already happened.17:05
abentleyBut If you can't tell which revision is which, why use a vcs at all?17:07
frskI get a deja vu feeling right now. Wasn't empty commit messages discussed on the mailing list recently?17:08
quicksilvertoed: it's not very hard to set up a shell alias for commit -m '[no message given]'17:08
quicksilvertoed: or a shell script, if that's more to your taste17:08
quicksilverbut, I can't imagine why you'd want to?17:08
datoquicksilver: a normal bzr alias would do, I have one.17:09
quicksilveror that!17:09
quicksilverso many choices of indirection :)17:10
toedwell I'm the only contributor so I thought there was no point leaving a message17:14
toedbut on reflection you're right, it's probably helpful17:14
datotoed: *very*17:15
quicksilverI leave brief messages on my commits even on personal projects17:20
quicksilver"implemented network support"17:20
quicksilver"changed gui to use more colors"17:20
quicksilvernothing details, just enough to remind me!17:20
quicksilveras I rule I always quickly review the diff before committing17:20
quicksilver(C-x V = before C-x V c!)17:20
datoquicksilver: I always catch *something* in the last minute review ;)17:21
quicksilveryes, I often do17:21
quicksilverIt's a useful catch17:21
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datojelmer: rebase uploaded20:01
artoorohey folks, haven't been able to find this information so thought I'd ask here, is there a limitation to the size of file I can commit?20:01
jelmerdato: thanks!20:02
datonp; leaving now.20:02
artooroI'm trying to commit a 4.1GB file and it's failng20:02
beunoartooro, the limitation is the amount of RAM you have20:02
Discpilesounds like you should FTP stuff of that size :p20:02
artooroso I guess you guys and git are in the same boat there then :)20:02
artoorono actually I want to backup revisions20:03
artoorono network involved here20:03
beunoartooro, it's a tricky one, yes20:03
Discpilewhy not split the file into more handy bits? :o20:03
beunomight be solved in the future20:03
artooroyeah, alright.20:04
jelmerartooro: nothing should prevent us from doing that, except the focus of development has been on other things20:04
artoorothat's totally understandable20:04
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