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barbara_ can someone help me i'm in a real bind for time. I am trying to print a pdf in gutsy to send to someone so they can print it off but when i print it as a pdf it puts the margins wrong so when they print it it cuts off parts of the page....18:55
HedgeMageWhat are you printing it in?18:56
barbara_HedgeMage, just one of our form programs we use... xournal18:57
HedgeMagebarbara_:  oh, so it's a problem with pdf generation, not printing the pdf?18:59
HedgeMageI don't know xournal, but something I often see is the paper size option set wrong -- for example on A4 when you want US letter19:00
barbara_HedgeMage, how do i set that for the pdf printer?19:00
HedgeMageit should be in xournal's options somewhere -- I've never used xournal19:01
barbara_HedgeMage, looking at the program and it is set to US Letter19:02
HedgeMagebarbara_:  I have no clue then, sorry19:04
johnnymaybe it's the paper sizing in the pdf printer..19:04
johnnydoesn't cups have it's own pdf printer?19:04
barbara_johnny, i'm using the cups pdf printer and it's screwing up my margins...19:14
johnnythe same that that the internal pdf exporter does?19:15
johnnyyou can export to pdf and then open it up in evince and then print it?19:16
barbara_well evince isn't even printing for me right now so i'm using xournal to try to print it.19:16
johnnyif evince isn't printing, you have other problems19:16
johnnycan you print from gedit?19:17
barbara_it's weird i had to export it as a pdf then i printed from xournal which fixed my margins then i scanned it in using gscan2pdf and that fixed it...19:17
johnnywell if you can't print from evince, you should get that looked into at some point19:21
johnnyi just know that it prints for me19:21
barbara_yeah this ltsp thing is just crazy buggy19:21
barbara_works fine ootb at my other location19:21
barbara_johnny, I went in and modified the PDF.ppd file for cups pdf the imagable area was wrong. However this still didn't fix it... do you know if there is another ppf that I need to modify?19:35
johnnyno idea19:36
johnnyi've never used any of these programs you're speaking of19:36
johnnyyou might want to check the bug list19:36
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barbara_HedgeMage and johnny thx for the help I figured it out! it was the PDF.ppd file by default has the wrong paper margins for US_Letter. compared to my other printer and it works great now20:16
johnny_anybody here build packages for ubuntu?21:20
FlosoftI want to setup an entire school network using Edubuntu22:17
Flosoftthe idea is to have Thin Clients using LTSP, but I also have Fat Clients for the teachers and more load intensive works22:17
Flosofthow do I best sync users?22:17
Flosoftmaybe some centralized authentification?22:18
das-ti am only starting with edubuntu too but my idea would be: use a central ldap server for storing the user information22:20
Flosoftthat was my first idea too22:20
Flosoftbut I want something very easially manageable22:20
Flosoftand maybe also set permissions etc.22:21
Flosoftwe need to have class folders22:21
das-thttp://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/LDAP_Client_Authentifizierung <<< a quick research. i don't know, how usable this is.22:22
das-tthat could be done via nfs and group settings imo. though again i believe that ldap would help.22:22
Flosoftmy idea was to have a shared /home via nfs22:23
Flosoftand then maybe kerebros?22:23
das-tshared home ... one home for all? i have never thought about that, i just guess it might get a bit strange if several people are using the same home at the same time.22:24
FlosoftI mean: the /home/ is shared on the server ... and then mounted on the fat clients via NFS22:25
das-tok, i have never attempted that.22:25
das-tand isn't kerberos just a way to encrypt the identification process? not to send plain passwords etc22:26
Flosoftyou're asking the wrong person :)22:27
das-tok, then we misunderstood each other regarding the homes ;-)22:27
das-tthat is what i remember22:27
das-ti think it is this way: you can use kerberos for identificatin (windows machines with active directory use this) and then ldap as a central user database. so you should as well get a centralized way for access control.22:28
Flosofthmm k22:29
das-ti am no expert and just guessing from half-burried windows knowledge. i am just about to look into all this again because i want to build a samba ldap server22:29
das-tyes, kerberos is just an authentication method to prevent man in the middle.22:30
Kamping_KaiserFlosoft, you want ldap22:31
Kamping_Kaiserand yes, you could do nfs homes22:31
Flosoftis this the thing I want? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SingleSignOn22:31
Kamping_Kaiseri've abused pam to do that in the past, but i was havving nfs/dns issues :\22:31
Flosoftit uses OpenLDAP22:31
Kamping_Kaiserlibpam-ldap is ultra handy in this instance22:32
Flosoftthe thing I need is something easially manageable ... a webinterface?22:32
das-tthere are ldap interfaces22:33
Kamping_Kaiserwhat sort of easily? i find typing 'ldapadduser' fairly painless myself ;)22:33
FlosoftI was at first thinking about using Ubuntu Landscape22:34
das-twell, i am a console guy too, so i don't konw22:34
Flosoftto sync the users between the workstations etc.22:34
Kamping_Kaiserusing libpam-ldap+openldap you dont need syncing. it'll look up users as needed22:35
Flosoftwhat about groups etc?22:37
FlosoftI don't want the users to see all the configuration settings22:38
Flosoftcan I hide them for a linux group?22:38
Kamping_Kaiseryou can put groups in ldap... is that your question?22:39
Flosoftwell what if I don't use ldap for now22:40
Kamping_Kaiseryou can try NIS+ (i havent) or some mashup of puppet/cfengine (i have)22:41
Flosoftwhat do they do exactly?22:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nis - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:42
Kamping_Kaiserbah. nis= network information services22:42
das-ti don't know nis, but as far as i know it is inferior to ldap, i was told it was difficult to manag.e22:44
Kamping_Kaisernis? its effectively superceded by ldap22:45
Kamping_Kaisersorry, that was agreeing with das-t , not some new point ;)22:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about puppet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cfengine - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:47
Kamping_Kaiserfrigsake ubotu!22:48
Kamping_Kaiseri've needed you to know 3 things in the last few days, and you didnt know any22:48
Kamping_Kaiserwonder if the ops would mind me spamming more suggestions to them22:50

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