jjessei love spending my friday nights in airports00:01
Riddelljjesse: not managed to blag your way into the lounge?00:09
jjesseRiddell: not yet, pretty soon i qualify for free access00:10
jjesseat least with United Airlines00:10
Riddellstdin: new koffice2 uploaded00:20
* Riddell snoozes00:20
jjesseRiddell thansk sfor writing00:21
jjesseoff to find dinner00:21
jjesse_is it rude to want to laugh at people who stroll up to the boarding gate in the airport and ask if the plane has left after there have been at least 4 final calls/00:29
stdinit's not rude, as long as they don't see ;)00:36
jjesse_did you ever get a full kubuntu team member yeet?00:37
stdinyep, I even got the @ubuntu/member/stdin cloak :)00:38
jjesse_that's exciting00:38
jjesse_i just found out about that the other day00:38
jjesse_and had to add it to my setup00:38
stdinI got mine pretty quick, just poked nalioth in -ops :p00:39
stdinturns out he uses the kde4 packages I made too00:40
jjesse_that's cool00:40
* crimsun chuckles at the cloaks00:40
jjesse_stdin were you at UDS and if so did we meet?00:40
stdinno I wan't there00:41
* stdin has some nice lag...00:41
jjesse_o'hare airport wireless is actually prtty good00:42
stdinit happens every time I upload koffice2, or anything large like that00:42
stdinit's going between 2-3 secs00:42
jjesse_is that because you are on a limit?00:42
* jjesse_ ran into the tcp windo scaling problem at his hotel00:42
stdinno, just because my internet sucks :p00:43
jjesse_ooo flight is boarding have a good night00:43
stdinI have a decent downstrem 3.5Mbit/s00:43
stdinbut upstream is sloooow00:43
stdincya jjesse_00:43
stdinfly safe00:43
crimsununfortunately he has little control over that.00:44
stdinreverse it and change "fly" to "flight", that makes more sense00:44
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stdinRiddell: just so you know, there's a missing epoch on koffice2 as well :p03:21
* Hobbsee wonders what you did with the -kde4 stuff03:22
* Hobbsee goes to read backscroll03:22
Hobbseei hadn't told you guys about it, as i'd not finished it :P03:22
stdinHobbsee: we used your kubuntu-members-kde4 team :)03:22
Hobbseestdin: i see that :)03:23
stdinsomething about councils not liking kde4 ppa spam03:23
Hobbseestdin: was planning to get cprov to copy over some of  the sources and binaries03:23
Hobbseeuh...that won't help you03:23
Hobbseedid you get more mail, after i asked people to poke me if they got more?03:24
stdinHobbsee: I don't know, I wan't a member then03:24
Hobbseethis was a few days ago03:24
stdinoh, well I haven't gotten any then03:24
Hobbseethey turned mail off03:25
stdinwe were going to setup a team ourself's kde4-packages or something, but then I saw yours there so just used that03:25
HobbseeRiddell: have you had anything since we last discussed the mail situation?03:26
Hobbseestdin: did you get failure mail for today's kdepimlibs?03:27
stdinHobbsee: nope, only ones I got were from the ppa packages I uploaded03:27
stdinunless gmail thought it was spam03:28
Hobbseewere those kdepimlibs ppa packages that you uploaded?03:28
stdinI uploaded everything to the -kde4 ppa, nothing to the normal kubuntu-members one03:29
Hobbsee * Source Package: kde4libs03:29
Hobbsee * Version: 4:3.97.0-1ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa103:29
Hobbsee * Architecture: amd6403:29
Hobbsee * Archive: kubuntu-members-kde4 PPA03:29
Hobbsee * Component: main03:29
Hobbsee * State: Failed to build03:29
stdinyep -kde4 one was me03:29
Hobbsee * Duration: a minute03:29
Hobbsee * Build Log: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/10792484/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-amd64.kde4libs_4%3A3.97.0-1ubuntu1%7Egutsy1%7Eppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz03:29
Hobbsee * Builder: https://launchpad.net/+builds/platinum03:30
Hobbsee * Source: not available03:30
Hobbseeso, did you get that mail yourself?03:30
Hobbseei didn't ask if you *uploaded* it, i asked if you got a *failure mail* to your personal email.03:30
Hobbseeso, you did?03:30
Hobbseethen we should check if Riddell also got a failure mail.03:31
Hobbseeif Riddell really didn't get mail, then it's safe to add the team back03:36
Hobbseeas the mailout is now working03:36
Hobbseeassuming launchpad doesn't die again03:36
* Hobbsee did not get mail to her normal bugmail03:37
stdin_wow, hell of a crash there03:39
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* Hobbsee wonders what the point of asking people to tell her things is, if they go and ignroe it, and then create different problems.03:39
* Hobbsee sends a mail to the ML in the hope that people actually read and obey it.03:48
Hobbseestdin: you can probably get the LP admins to copy packages over, instead of reuploading them03:53
stdinHobbsee: doesn't matter any more, the're all uploaded03:54
stdinbut that would have been a bit easier03:54
Hobbseewhich is *precisely* one of the reasons where i had not made that team public.03:54
stdinRiddell: kdebase-runtime seems to make symlinks in /usr/bin to the apps in /usr/lib/kde4/bin :/  from binary-post-install/kdebase-runtime-bin:: and binary-post-install/kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4::  in debian/rules08:49
stdinand kdebase-* ftbfs on everything except i38608:50
stdinoh, and koffice2 ftbfs on all08:50
jpatrickhello yuriy09:36
sebastian^moin all09:42
Riddellstdin: mm, ok09:48
Riddellstdin: you should be using soprano 1.9809:52
mhbgood morning to all of you09:56
sebastian^gm mhb10:02
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mhbsilent as every weekend, eh?11:05
* txwikinger still tired from a 5h meeting last night11:06
mhbtxwikinger: was it related to kubuntu?11:07
txwikingermhb: yes11:07
mhbtxwikinger: what was it then?11:08
txwikingerthe monthly CC for kubuntu-de.org11:08
Hobbseehow is -de going?11:08
Hobbseestdin: more broke11:08
txwikingerwell.. we just restructured the organisation and now we change the portal and wiki and so on11:09
txwikingerI think it is going well11:09
Hobbseestdin: please see https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members-kde4/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all for the borken stuff11:11
Riddellstdin: new kdebase-runtime uploaded11:21
RiddellI really wish the packages in universe would actually build11:22
Hobbseewhy don't they?11:27
HobbseeRiddell: did you get any mail over the failed build bits from today?11:27
RiddellHobbsee: don't seem to have11:30
RiddellHobbsee: buildds busy with main packages I suppose11:30
HobbseeRiddell: good.11:30
HobbseeRiddell: and you didn't get it, because i black holed it to a folder in my email.11:31
HobbseeRiddell: did you get anything after i asked "if anyone gets any more wrongly-sent mail from LP, please tell me"?11:31
Hobbseein which case, it's fine to add kubuntu-members to kubuntu-members-kde4, and the council as admins.11:32
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buzwhat happens when you upgrade dapper to gutsy skipping intermediate releases?12:17
buzmy gf's father machine still runs dapper12:17
buzand going thru all releases is out of question on a 500k link12:18
mhbbuz: what happens?12:20
mhbnobody really knows :o)12:21
mhbbut I'd expect some breakage12:21
Hobbseebuz: lack of transitions12:21
buzbreakage like what12:21
buzlike system not booting anymore12:21
Hobbseefile overwrites, etc12:22
buzor more like "you have to force aptitude to do its job"12:22
Hobbseethe latter12:22
mhbI'd expect some manual fixing, but the system should hopefully start12:22
buzi suppose i could live with that12:22
buzlets see what aptitude complains about12:23
buzmhh i have a kubuntu-desktop iso on my notebook, but of course no cdr handy12:24
buzaptitude wont even suggest a solution :P12:25
stdinRiddell: I uploaded the new -runtime, and the packages are using soprano 1.98, yes12:30
nosrednaekimah..../me loves success stories http://hurricanelabs.blogspot.com/2007/12/my-first-blog-novel-life-with-linux.html13:10
stdinRiddell: but the way, removing kdelibs5 doesn't seem to remove all kde4 packages, some -data ones left over. I get this after removing kdelibs5 http://stdin.pastebin.com/d429d684a13:13
RobertoMI have a question about kbluetooth13:24
RobertoMNamely: kbtobexsrv is NOT included in the deb13:24
RobertoMso I can't send file from phones to PC or back13:25
RobertoMIs there hope for a fix, since the bug is fixed for Hardy?13:25
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* mhb yawns15:04
* Hobbsee wonders when the terms for the council are up15:50
mhbHobbsee: 2008-07-2915:57
Hobbseeerm, what year is it now?15:57
Hobbseeoh, 07.15:57
Hobbseeright.  that's ages away15:57
mhbwe still have 07 for a few days15:57
mhbyeah, that's when you & tonio expire.15:58
mhbour vista-loving friends are here until 2009-05-2015:58
ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!15:58
Hobbseenow, he was saying something last night, i think, that he wouldn't do with me being here...15:59
nixternalHobbsee: who snitched on me :p16:42
Hobbseeno one.16:42
* Hobbsee logs :P16:42
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maini10Hello, I have found the error that prevents launch of KDE 4 full session. Xterm gives this error "can't open /share/config/startupconfig". Is it useful for you?17:31
nosrednaekimmaini10: do you have all the packages installed that you need?17:32
maini10Yes, at least i think17:32
nosrednaekimmaini10: is this with a clean ~/.kde4?17:34
nosrednaekimmaini10: and did you do all of those export lines?17:36
maini10nosrednaekim: I don't know how to digit tilde in xterm, so I have used /home/marco/.kde4 as KDEHOME17:38
nosrednaekimthe tilda is right above the tab key usually.17:39
maini10nosrednaekim: thanks, now I have typed the correct line, but it doesn't work17:40
maini10the previous line before the error is "kdostartupconfig (5594) main: running kdostartupconfig"17:43
elisianomaini10: la tilde la fai con ALT GR + ì (vicino al backspace)17:43
maini10elisiano: thanks17:45
ScottKmaini10: Do you have dbus-x11 installed, if not, install it.17:47
maini10ScottK: yes, dbus is installed17:48
ScottKmaini10: dbus-x11 is a separate package17:49
maini10yes, i meant dbus-x11 is installed17:50
ScottKOK.  Well that's my only idea.17:52
maini10ScottK: thanks17:52
mikkaelare the kde4 packages (3.96) in gutsy-backports the same as the ones from stdin ?17:54
stdinmikkael: they are the same17:59
mikkaelstdin: i guess there is nor more recent snapshot compiled against gutsy somewhere (a ppa maybe) ?18:00
nosrednaekimmikkael: not that I know of... although RC2 should be coming out real soon18:00
stdinyep, RC2 isn't far off18:01
mikkaelah cool18:01
mikkaeli liked 3.96 very much, but not the state of the kicker replacement/plasma18:02
stdinhopefully we'll see an improvement in 3.97.018:03
mikkaelim confident18:08
jeroenvrp2I installed KDE4 RC1 (3.96), but the "about KDE" dialogs show Beta4! Is this normal?18:13
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stdinjeroenvrp: yes18:20
jeroenvrpstdin: ok thanks18:21
jeroenvrpI was wondering :-)18:21
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mhbRiddell: remember our dear friend "some UTF-8 characters (like the dot in passwords) render really badly?"19:55
mhbit has paid us one more visit, it seems.19:55
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Riddellmhb: where's that?21:24
ScottKIs there a standard way to deal with a .desktop file for a package that needs root so that it will work when called from both Ubuntu and Kubuntu (it's a gtk package).21:26
RiddellScottK: ubuntu gnome uses the KDE key21:27
ScottKSo if it calls kdesudo packagename Gnome will figure it out?21:28
mhbRiddell: hardy21:32
mhbRiddell: I have all the updates, AFAIK.21:33
mhbRiddell: especially notable here when you go to kdm and type in your password21:36
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mhbcould someone confirm or deny it?21:36
CheGuevarahmmm were KDE 4 RC2 packages meant to make all kde4 menu entries appear in kde 321:37
CheGuevaramhb what are the steps to reproduce21:37
mhbCheGuevara: if you have hardy, the steps are easier: update, log out, see what happens when you type in your password21:38
mhbif the font is messed up, I win21:38
mhbif not, you win21:38
CheGuevarathe big password dots in kdm ?21:39
mhbyeah, like really big and ugly21:39
CheGuevarayou win :P21:39
mhbyay for me!21:39
CheGuevarachanged a couple of days ago21:40
mhbRiddell: any patch of significance that has been introduced to Qt in the last few days?21:41
CheGuevaraor dropped21:42
Riddellmhb: I'm not sure we're thinking of the same bug21:43
Riddellcan you get me a screenshot21:43
Riddellthere's not been a qt upload recently21:43
mhbRiddell: didn't we have this sort of behaviour before, when some UTF-8 characters were rendered incorrectly?21:43
mhbif my memory isn't failing me, kcharmap produced nice screenshots, let me fire it up21:43
CheGuevarayeah that bug existed before i am sure21:44
CheGuevarain fiesty i think21:44
CheGuevaracould it be fontconfig?21:44
mhbcould be, yes21:45
CheGuevarathis one21:45
mhbRiddell: http://mhb.ath.cx/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/ugly-fonts.png21:48
mhbCheGuevara: you're good.21:48
mhbsee you folks, it's saturday night's date time for me.21:50
CheGuevaraRiddell, want me to get an old version of fontconfig and see if its that21:51
xRaich[o]2xhi. i'm testing hardy. is there a possibility to start kde4 without composite?21:55
CheGuevarai didn't find a way, though there is one22:00
CheGuevarahad to disable composite in xorg.conf22:00
CheGuevaraotherwise rc 2 doesn't start properly22:01
xRaich[o]2xjikes. xorg does not have a composite entry22:02
CheGuevaraSection "Extensions"22:02
CheGuevara  Option "Composite" "Disable"22:02
xRaich[o]2xthx ^^22:03
CheGuevarashould let you start kde 4 now22:03
xRaich[o]2xjep it works now22:06
xRaich[o]2xi guess someone is already fixing the startkde4?22:06
CheGuevarato correct which bug?22:07
xRaich[o]2xthere are some errors in it. the export varibables are issued before the #!/bin/sh and there is a wrong PATH variable22:12
CheGuevaraoh yeah there's a typo in path22:20
xRaich[o]2xah ok ^^22:20
xRaich[o]2xso... now a have a running system. how can i help the project?22:21
RiddellCheGuevara: sure22:46
Riddellmhb: it's not antialiased?22:48
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mhbRiddell: yeah, but only those buttons.23:25
mhbother fonts look fine.23:25
Riddellmhb: previously that character didn't show at all23:31
mhbRiddell: oh it did, but it was a different thing, you're right23:33
Riddellit got replaces with a similar character but not quite the same23:33
mhbthe size of it changed, I guess. Now it's also really huge - much bigger than usual, my nine-letter password fits in much worse.23:33
Riddellyeah, it's a different character23:33
Riddellso actually something got fixed, but not entirely23:34
mhbI'll check the Cuban revolutionary's theory23:37

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