draikThe tv/monitor has two inputs. The monitor has it's regular/standard 15-pin d-plug00:00
draikHe has an nVidia 520000:01
draikGeForce FX 5200 (don't recall if FX is in the name)00:01
BluesKajok where is the TV Tuner located ? In the monitor or pc ?00:03
ardchoilleBluesKaj: on the video card00:10
BluesKajdraik,  he needs software like TVTime to run on his pc to transcode the tv signal to PAL or NTSC or Secam or whatever his sytem uses for tv to work with the monitor refresh and synch rates00:15
aaroncampbellIs there a way to pull meta data from a file?  For example, I have a ttf file, and I'd like to see what the font name is (rather than just the filename)  Ultimately, I'd like to make a small script to rename the fonts (1000s of them) to friendlier names (Something like avian_inspired.ttf rather than __AIF.ttf)00:18
cpk1when building a deb is all you need the diff tar and dsc?00:21
draikBluesKaj: How do I install something on his computer when I can't see?00:21
ardchoilleaaroncampbell: You can use the find command and pipe it to a while loop to rename a batch of files00:21
aaroncampbellardchoille: the question is: "how do I get the font name from the file" ...once I have that, I can rename them00:22
basculeor xargs00:22
bascule!info extract00:23
ubotuextract: displays meta-data from files of arbitrary type. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.18-3 (gutsy), package size 50 kB, installed size 220 kB00:23
ardchoilleyeah, xargs works too00:23
aaroncampbellthere's got to be a cli command that will...thanks...I'll check that00:23
draikardchoille: Hey there. How goes it?00:24
ardchoillehi draik00:24
aaroncampbellinstalling extract now (extract, libextractor-plugins, and libextractor1c2a)00:24
basculeit has an awesome amount of switches and file type support, but I have rarely used it, and not for some time00:25
stdincpk1: you only need a .diff.gz if it's non-native00:25
cpk1I am trying to make a deb from source that I got from apt00:25
cpk1I am having trouble with the cband mod in apache00:26
stdincpk1: with "apt-get source <package>" ?00:26
cpk1stdin: yes00:26
cpk1I keep getting "dpkg-parsechangelog: error: cannot open debian/changelog to find format: No such file or directory"00:27
stdincpk1: are you in the source ?00:27
cpk1stdin: you mean in the dir? yes00:28
stdincpk1: the one called <package>-<version>00:28
cpk1stdin: oh well the dir isnt named like that, let me name it correctly like that00:29
stdincpk1: it should be if you got it with "apt-get source"00:29
cpk1I pulled it from packages.ubuntu, same thing and didnt make a difference renaming it00:31
stdincpk1: how did you extract the source?00:31
aaroncampbellbascule: I think I'm on the right class, although I'm getting what I'm looking for00:32
cpk1stdin: there isnt anything to extract...?00:32
stdincpk1: the source wasn't in a .tar.gz ?00:33
cpk1stdin:  there is that but I thought you leave it tarred if you are making a deb?00:33
BluesKajdraik, tell him to install " tvtime " ...it's in the repos00:34
stdincpk1: no, you get the .orig.tar.gz, the .dsc and the .diff.gz, extract with "dpkg-source -x <package>_version-release.dsc" then "cd  <package>-<version>" and "debuild binary" (or "fakeroot debian/rules binary" if you haven't installed devscripts)00:35
rysiek|plcu all, /me's going to sleep00:35
basculeaaroncampbell: cool, there are fewer switches than I thought, output is quite tricky to parse, did you get the -g switch00:35
aaroncampbellyeah, but I can't seem to get info from a ttf file...00:36
cpk1stdin: oh that would explain a lot... *goes back into the corner*00:36
stdincpk1: I have the process memorised because I do it so much, you get used to these methods :)00:37
ardchoillestdin: I wonder if it would help folks for you to write a tutorial when you had a chance.00:38
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports00:38
ardchoilleAh, ok00:38
stdinardchoille: there is one :)00:38
cpk1stdin: thank you00:38
basculeaaroncampbell: does 'strings' help?00:39
ardchoilleaaroncampbell: Does it help to open konqueror, type in "fonts:/" (without quotes), then double-click a font?00:41
aaroncampbellardchoille: I can do that (although these aren't installed), but I have 1000s that I want to pull the info on, and rename, so I thought a small script would be best00:42
ardchoilleaaroncampbell: Ah, you're right, a script would be best for that number of fonts00:43
pacman_anyone familiar with .daa files00:47
dmcgloneHi all00:48
jembougedmcglone: ask00:54
dmcgloneask what?00:55
dmcgloneI don't need no help, I'm here to help. Need help?00:55
jembougelol no00:55
jembougemaybe later :)00:56
jembougebut Hi :p00:56
ardchoilledmcglone: We can always use more helpers :)00:56
dmcgloneHello. it's about time someone said something. :-)00:56
dmcgloneardchoille: this is my 4th time here I think, and I decided to come back because there were some cool people in here.00:57
BluesKajok, how does one stop the cursor in the google searchba r on konq to stop jumping to the end of a phrase after one keystroke to change a word or letters in the middle of the phrase ?00:58
BluesKajnobody has been able to answer that one yet00:59
jembougelol, I also come here to have company, it's 2am here, and I'm still working :(01:00
dmcgloneI'm not sure BluesKaj, I've been too buisy trying to figure out how to get the cursor to stay in the URL bar instead of jumping to the search field.01:00
dmcglonebeen wondering for about 2 years. LOL01:01
dmcgloneJembouge, the company is nice all the while helping people. :-)01:02
dmcgloneit's only 8pm here01:02
XcellIts 5 Oclock somewhere.01:02
jembougeI help when I can01:03
XcellWorking @ 2am?01:04
dmcgloneXcell, I can't wait till it's 5 O'clock here tomorrow. I'll be partying then.01:04
jembougeyeah, a ajax project for an association, but that's off the #kubuntu topic :)   I don't need help programming php :p01:04
dmcgloneA bottle of Jim, couple vodka shots and some karaoke and I'll have it made! LOL01:05
dmcglonedoesn't seem like anyone is very talkative tonight.01:08
jembougeI only have one pb with kubuntu 7.10, which I never encountered before with debian or other distro, also using KDE, have a look : http://jujufouq.free.fr/fichiers/kdm.jpg01:08
jembougeanyone knows how to change the font dpi???01:08
jembougeso that KDM doesn't look that way anymore?01:09
dmcgloneAh your monitor settings is messed up01:09
jembougeactually everything's fine, except withkdm01:09
dmcgloneI have helped quite a few people with this problem even myself01:09
jembougeoh really? then you could tell me :)01:09
stdinjembouge: system settings > advanced > login manager > fonts ?01:09
XcellAh! I see alot of that, Seems the video drivers are excessive.01:09
dmcgloneYeah, for some reason you have to change the monitor to a generic monitor that can do 1024x76801:09
jembougewell my screen is a 1280x80001:10
dmcgloneafterwards, you need to restart your xserver01:10
XcellI just increased my text size by 1# and it went away,I had that in my browser.01:10
jembougestdin: didn't do anything, I tried all a newbie could try :p01:10
stdinjembouge: was just a guess really01:11
dmcglonetrue, but after you change the monitor settings, you can then adjust the slider to 1280x80001:11
jembougeyeah, thanks :p01:11
jembougeWcell, where did you do that? how?01:11
jembougedmcglone, so what you mean is I set it to 1024x768, restart X, and re-set it to 1280x800 ?01:12
dmcgloneadjust the slider, yes.01:12
jembougeok, closing all my work stuff in case and "applying" stuff according to your advice01:13
dmcgloneit'll work.01:13
XcellTries it 2.01:13
jembougecoming back01:15
dmcglonehow'd it go?01:17
XcellThat worked, Thanks.01:17
XcellNice job.01:18
=== bmk789_sleep is now known as bmk789
ardchoilleBluesKaj: I removed the earch bar and just do "google foo" in the knoq location bar01:18
dmcgloneit seems kubuntu's default settings for the monitors H sync and V sync are messed up01:18
=== draik_ is now known as draik
Xcellya that seems true...I racked my brains on that one.01:18
jembougeyo man, it's all messed up now01:19
dmcglonedid you adjust your slider?01:19
jembougeI can't even set it to 1280x800 now01:19
jembougethen logged off01:19
jembougeand on again01:19
jembougetried to set it to 1280x800, but doesn'texist anymore :'(01:20
dmcglonewait, it worked fine for Xcell, how did you do it?01:20
draikBluesKaj: What does tvtime do?01:20
nosrednaekimjembouge: what are you trying to do?01:20
XcellI used the one @ the bottom, (plug N play.01:20
dmcgloneOk no fret, then change the monitor to one that can do 1280x80001:20
jembougedmcglone : I tell you, set the slider to 1024x768, logged off and on, and couldn't set it to 1280x800 anymore01:20
jembougenosrednaekim: trying to solve this :  http://jujufouq.free.fr/fichiers/kdm.jpg01:21
dmcglonechange the monitor to one that can do 1280x80001:21
BluesKajdraik,  TVTime runs on his pc to transcode the tv signal to PAL or NTSC or Secam or whatever tv system his country uses for tv,  to work with the monitor scan and synch rates01:21
Xcelldmcglone is right.01:22
nosrednaekimjembouge: ah.. your kdm is the wrong resolution?01:23
jembougeoh gosh, I click the "root mode" button, but doesn't ask for the password and doesn't change anything01:23
jembougenosrednaekim: apparently just the font dpi01:23
jembougeas I had already looked on the internet for info01:24
jembougeok, so how could I launch that configuration program in a console?01:24
nosrednaekimjembouge: oh,... yeah... just a sec..my brother knows how to fix that01:24
dmcgloneI'm his brother01:25
dmcgloneJust kidding01:25
jembougethat's the forth time I ask for it on this channel, never had any helpers earlier, 3 today :p01:25
nosrednaekimjembouge: he says something about Xdpi settings and having to change them on the command line... Gentoo-user <_<01:25
jembougelol, I'm no Gentoo user :)01:25
dmcglonejembouge, just change the monitor to a generic monitor that can do 1280x80001:26
BluesKajdraik, his GeForce FX 5200 video card doesn't have a tvtuner , so i don't know how he expects to watch tv on his monitor unless it has tv tuner on it01:26
jembougeyeah, I would love to, but the thing is it's not even asking for the password when I click the button to get full privileges01:27
dmcgloneLOL BluesKaj, some people are just plain nuts.01:27
dmcgloneHe probably thinks his monitor is a TV01:27
nosrednaekimjembouge: did you mess with the font settings in systemsettings->advanced->login manager->font?01:28
dmcglonejembouge, you need to kill the process and try again01:28
BluesKajdmcglone, well maybe it is , we're talking about a third party  here , but his communication about the setup is definitely lacking in details :)01:28
dmcglonectrl + alt + esc and then kill the system settings window and open it back up and it should ask you for a password then.01:29
=== billy_ is now known as sgr2k
jembougeI've killed the thing, tried again01:29
dmcgloneI can't remember what process to kill to get the password box back, but what I mentioned above will have the same effect.01:30
XcellNot sure, but I think paswsword time out is 8 minuits.01:30
nosrednaekimjembouge: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-guidance/+bug/2565601:30
jembougebut still can't get the prompt for a password when clicking the admin mode button01:30
XcellIt changes from version to version.01:30
=== sgr2k is now known as sugar2k
dmcgloneah just log out and back in and it should work.01:30
jembougewell, rebooting in order to try again...01:31
dmcgloneah thats a little overboard....LOL01:31
jembougeif I can help you to help me with some more info, ask me! :p01:32
jembougelogging off01:32
jembougeand on sorry01:32
dmcglonesheesh! LOL01:32
dmcgloneXcell everything working Ok for you now?01:32
XcellPicking plug n play seemed like a universal setting to me.01:32
XcellWorks like a shiny new car...thanks.01:33
dmcglonegood. we now know that some plug and play things work. ;-)01:33
dmcglonenow if I could get my wife to plug and play, my life would be great! LMAO01:34
Xcellhahaha..more beer.01:34
=== draik_ is now known as draik
dmcglonenot till tomorrow evening. :-(01:34
XcellYou need to show up more often dmcglone, we need people like you.01:35
dmcglonewelcome back jembouge01:35
draikBluesKaj: Sorry, I should clarify.01:35
jembougewell, you know what, I'm very annoyed01:35
dmcgloneXcell, I try.01:35
draikBluesKaj: He can watch TV. He has it setup with $CABLE_CO.01:35
jembougethanks dmcglone01:35
dmcglonewhat are you annoyed about?01:35
draikBluesKaj: He can't seem to get the monitor part of the set to work. He gets a blank screen when trying to use his computer.01:36
jembougewherever I want to click that "admin mode" button in the "control panel"01:36
jembougeit doesn't ask for it,01:36
jembougeand prevents me from changing the settings01:36
dmcgloneOk hang on, let me get the process for you to kill01:36
=== galathal1on is now known as galathalion
jembougelike the type of screen and all..01:36
jembougecan't do anything this way01:36
draikMy friend's monitor is both TV and computer monitor. For some reason, it won't work on the tv/monitor. It is set to Monitor, but nothing displays.01:36
BluesKajdraik, so he's trying to feed the video from the cable box into video and audio inputs omn the video card ?01:37
nosrednaekimjembouge: use "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"01:37
jembougeand now my screen is a streched 1024x768 filling a 1280x800 area01:37
jembougeok doing it01:37
draikBluesKaj: disregard the TV portion of it with the exception that the unit is both TV and computer monitor.01:37
nosrednaekimjembouge: forget the GUI things XD01:37
draikHe has the cable plugged into the computer's video card to use the Monitor portion.01:38
BluesKajthen switch to TV not Monitor ...monitor is for the pc01:38
draikIt's a blank screen01:38
draikHe has it on Monitor01:38
draikIt's a blank screen01:38
cpk1tasksel remove lamp-server did not do what I wanted it to...01:38
BluesKajthen switch to TV01:38
draikBluesKaj: How will tv work with the computer?01:38
draikHe can't get the computer to come up on the unit01:39
draikThat's the issue01:39
jembougelogging off and back on01:39
nosrednaekimjembouge: hope to see you back :D01:39
BluesKajyou said his monitor won't display tv ...that's the route I was trying follow01:39
jembougenosrednaekim: that's ok for now but I will want it to work later01:39
BluesKajaargh !  :(01:40
dmcglonekill '/usr/bin/kcmshell'01:41
nosrednaekimjembouge: better>01:43
jembougeand with a better screen01:43
nosrednaekimlogin fixed though?01:43
nosrednaekimtake a look at this^^ jembouge01:44
dmcgloneI went away for a second. looks like it worked, I heard "Yay's"01:45
jembouge_<jembouge> and with a better screen01:48
jembouge_[sam déc 8 2007] [02:43:48] <jembouge> at least now displaying it 1280x800, this is how I did :01:48
jembouge_[sam déc 8 2007] [02:44:14] <jembouge> full reboot, no log off, so I get the password prompt now in the settings panel01:48
jembouge_[sam déc 8 2007] [02:44:39] <jembouge> so better yes thank you all01:48
jembouge_[sam déc 8 2007] [02:44:57] <jembouge> now, I would just like to check whether KDM has had its lesson :p01:48
jembouge_[sam déc 8 2007] [02:45:06] <jembouge> so log off, log on again :p01:48
jembouge_sorry I got disconnected brrr01:48
jembouge_well, kdm still refuses to look "good"01:48
jembouge_disconnected again..01:48
nosrednaekimjembouge_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-guidance/+bug/2565601:48
jembouge_what's happening tonight??? everything worked just fine before brrr lol01:48
dmcglonethats weird01:49
jembouge_yes thanks, I had bookmarked it and wanted to try it just right now01:49
jembouge_if you have my bug fixed tonight, I pay you all a virtual beer :p01:49
dmcglonedid you change the monitor to one that can do 1280x800?01:50
wpkthen he'll do a virtual fix of your bug01:50
dmcglonewith mine, I have it set to a monitor that can do 1024x768 but I can slide the slider up to 1280x80001:51
jembouge_dmcglone: oh no I forgot about that01:51
nosrednaekimjembouge_: close your eyes... there you go...bug fixed:D01:51
jembouge_well, atm I'm trying https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-guidance/+bug/2565601:51
nosrednaekimbeer please?01:51
nosrednaekimmake it a rootbeer01:51
nosrednaekimas I am underage01:52
maybeway36a&w good?01:52
jembouge_xdpyinfo | grep resolution tells me :   resolution:    112x968 dots per inch01:52
dmcgloneHa Ha01:52
nosrednaekimmaybeway36: thats fine...01:52
nosrednaekimI like Bangs though and Penn Duch Birch beer better01:52
dmcglone<chugging my budweiser lauging at nosrednaekim>01:52
jembouge_virtual beer not coming yet, since the bug's still there :p01:52
maybeway36oh man01:52
maybeway36im out01:52
wpkjembouge_: what graphic card do you have?01:52
jembouge_wpk > yes01:53
wpktry i915resolution01:53
wpkor sth like that01:53
jembouge_didn't do anything01:53
wpkhave you configured it properly?01:53
nosrednaekimwpk: this is independant of the driver01:53
Daisuke-Ido*install* i915resolution.01:53
jembouge_installed it on previous installations and didn't do anything at all01:53
Daisuke-Idoand besides, what intel chipset?01:53
bascule!info 915resolution01:53
wpkjembouge_: have you configured it properly?01:53
ubotu915resolution: resolution modification tool for Intel graphic chipset. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.5.3-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 15 kB, installed size 124 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64)01:54
ubotuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!01:54
dmcglonewpk, thats what i'm trying to help him do, but he keeps getting sidetracked01:54
jembouge_I think so, the thing is this bug is common it seems01:54
nosrednaekimjembouge_: yes01:54
jembouge_ok, so I've changed the line in the file as said on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-guidance/+bug/2565601:57
jembouge_so... coming back soon01:57
nosrednaekimjembouge_: make sure you restartthe X server.01:57
XcellI am soooo glad I dont do microsoft anymore.02:01
jembougeHi there!!!!02:01
jembougethe problem has gone!!!!02:01
XcellBeer please.02:02
jembougeKDM looks just "perfect", or at least, as it should!02:02
jembougeoh yeah, good damn beer02:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about beer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:02
Xcelllol i almost did that02:02
jembougeok, all you who helped me or would have liked too, virtual beer for everyone, and it's all on me!02:02
dmcglonepoor ubotu missing out on a lot of fun02:03
wpkjembouge: real solution - real beer, those are the rules!02:03
ubotusmart is another meta-package manager available for Ubuntu. It's quite stable, uses APT's repositories, can handle mirrors/multiple-connections, and is supposed to make Ubuntu BiArch-compatible. See http://labix.org/smart and https://wiki.kubuntu.org/SmartPackageManager02:03
dmcglone!sexy woman02:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sexy woman - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:03
nosrednaekimjembouge: Root Beer float!02:03
jembougewpk, where do you live?02:03
wpkjembouge: poland02:03
nosrednaekim!helpersnack | everyone02:03
ubotueveryone: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:03
jembougewow, too far for me, come to France02:03
dmcglone!helperbeer | david02:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about helperbeer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:04
wpkjembouge: maybe in January :P02:04
dmcgloneman is this a non-alcoholic chat?02:04
nosrednaekimjembouge: glad it worked.02:04
Xcelllol france..aren't they sen-soring the net now?02:04
nosrednaekimI'm about ta call the mods..02:04
jembougesure, I'm over here: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=46.590957,0.352936&spn=0.055916,0.160675&z=13&om=102:04
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.02:04
dmcglonethat says it all! LOL02:05
jembougeyeah, me too, now I can show off to my friends who still use windblows02:05
XcellTattle tales are not welcome.02:05
dmcglonethey not only sensored it, they made it so you can even read it! LOL02:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about donkey - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:06
jembougereally thanks very much to all of you guys02:06
dmcgloneno problem jemouge02:06
dmcglonethat was all in a days work ;-)02:06
jembougeyeah but I feel relieved now02:06
dmcglonenever fear, dmcglone's near02:07
Xcell<dmcglone> good guy.02:07
jembougeI'm not sure I'm gonna go to bed now, it's 3.06am, and gotta get up early... dmcglone: lol02:07
dmcglonehow long have you all been using linux?02:07
dmcglonenight hembouge, all that hackin' made you tired?02:08
XcellCouple months for me..and i'm kickin my self for the lag of not doing so earlier.02:08
jembougekubuntu for less than 2 weeks, before that was debian for over 3 months, and before that, mandriva, fedora and others, just trying02:08
dmcgloneI've been using linux since the RH 6.1 days02:09
XcellI tried mandrake..to buggy.02:09
dmcgloneI hate mandrake02:09
dmcgloneSuSE is a bloated piece of dung too!02:09
XcellIt gave me a new setup @ every boot..lol.02:09
jembougeI eventually found the distro I like, although I would have that sudo thing taken out of my box I would feel better, but I got used to it now02:10
XcellSuSe is SiSSy.02:10
dmcglonefedora is all right, i just hate the lack of a centralized place for system settings02:10
jembougelol, what I really enjoy in kubuntu is that one can remove packages, and only those you want,02:10
XcellUbuntu has their act together it seems.02:10
dmcgloneI used RH all the way up till it changed to fedora, then I switched02:11
jembougewith debian, try to remove kcalc and it will remove the whole KDE!!!02:11
dmcglonejembouge, thats true, but depends on how you do it02:11
nosrednaekimyeah, I was a slackware then suse, finally kubuntu user02:11
nosrednaekimkubuntu just plain rocks02:11
nosrednaekimsure, it has some rough edges,02:11
nosrednaekimbut everything does generally just work02:11
rrbizwith ubuntu i got the same issue of trying to remove one kde app and removes all kde02:12
Xcellright on nosrednaekim.02:12
dmcgloneit does. because debian cares about stability02:12
Daisuke-Idomost of those rough edges are going away with hardy02:12
nosrednaekimDaisuke-Ido: thats what they always say.... but hey... then we;d be put out of a job XD02:12
Daisuke-Idoone of the big goals for kubuntu is feature parity with ubuntu02:12
Xcellya cant wait for hardy,,it will be supported for 3 yrs..that speaks volumes.02:12
Daisuke-IdoXcell: so's dapper, hardy's not the first long-term release02:13
dmcglonesupport for my hardy will be till the day I die!02:13
Daisuke-Idodapper's supported until june of 200902:13
noiesmohello all I have laptop with crystal eye webcam in kopete the cam works yet in other apps i get /dev/video0 error running gusty kubuntu02:13
Daisuke-Idodmcglone: you're going to die in april of 2011?02:13
jembougedmcglone: poor you then, you'll die young02:13
XcellWhy is dapper supported so long?02:13
dmcglonewhen I die, then all support for my computers will cease. LOL02:13
Daisuke-IdoXcell: because it's a long-term support release.02:13
ardchoilleXcell: It's an LTS02:13
dmcglonejembouge, I wish I was young02:14
Daisuke-Idoas i just said02:14
ardchoilleXcell: Hardy will be the next LTS release02:14
Xcellt/y ardchoille.02:14
ardchoilleXcell: One could probably use nothing but LTS releases and never have a gap in support.02:14
ardchoilleXcell: yw02:14
Daisuke-Idoardchoille: no probably02:14
Daisuke-Idothat's what they want :)02:15
dmcgloneI think it's time for me to get ready for bed.02:15
ardchoilleDaisuke-Ido: Ah, yeah02:15
Xcellcant wait.02:15
jembougewell, I really want to try "new" KDM stuff now, so I'll set the font to something bigger than 4px now... and give it a try :D02:15
jembougestainz70: hi02:15
dmcglonejembouge, give compiz fusion a try02:15
jembougealready done :p02:16
dmcglonestill using it?02:16
rrbizjembouge: hey the same issue is on ubuntu as debian with trying to remove one kde package removes the whole kde WM when you install KDE yourself like i did after being on gnome02:16
dmcglonerrbiz it's not an issue02:16
dmcgloneit's the way it works02:16
dmcglonelike they say "it's not a bug, it's a feature"02:16
Xcelldmcglone:  its only 9:16.02:17
Xcellya lol.02:17
Daisuke-Idoremoving one kde package does *not* remove kde02:17
dmcgloneXcell, I got to work at 6am :-(02:17
Daisuke-Idoif you installed kubuntu-desktop, at least02:17
dmcgloneDaisuke-ldo, pay attention to the JOKE! LMAO02:17
Xcellah ok..till next time dmcglone, god bless.02:17
rrbizdmcglone: i asked on kde channel and they said it's a distro issue02:17
jembougerrbiz: 't was hard to get what you meant, but I haven't had that "problem" with kubuntu02:18
Daisuke-Ido(and that is the easiest and "proper" way to install kde)02:18
jembougedmcglone yeah see you02:18
Daisuke-Idoit removes the kubuntu-desktop package, which is okay, it's just a metapackage02:18
dmcgloneOk guys, I'll try and be back tomorrow evening02:18
Xcellno waiting02:19
dmcglonebut for now, i've gotta go check on the kids and get my Zzzzz's02:19
Daisuke-Idodmcglone: i wasn't responding to your joke, i was responding to the false information given02:19
dmcgloneit wasn't false if it was a joke02:19
jembougewhat's a Zzzzz's ?02:19
dmcglonesleep jembouge...LOL02:19
Daisuke-Idonot from you.02:19
ardchoillejembouge: denotes that someone is sleeping02:19
jembougeoh ok02:19
jembougean onomatopea I guess02:19
Daisuke-Idoi was responding to rrbiz's comment02:19
jembouge(making up the word)02:20
dmcgloneOk Daisuke, you can get that wedgie out of your butt now02:20
dmcglonedon't be so uptight02:20
* nosrednaekim dons a flamesuit02:20
* nosrednaekim watches eagerly02:20
=== iddqd is now known as iddqd__
dmcgloneanyway, y'all chill and i'll catch ya's tomorrow evening02:20
=== iddqd__ is now known as iddqd___
nosrednaekimdmcglone: c ya02:21
dmcglonec ya02:21
* Daisuke-Ido grumbles02:21
Daisuke-Idoi don't like him.02:21
Daisuke-Idonot that i have much room to talk, i would bet there are plenty around that don't like me either :)02:21
Xcellok Daisuke-Ido:  chill..we are just goshing ..dont take things so mserious.02:21
* nosrednaekim pokes Daisuke-Ido with a fork02:22
leftylinkso, I'm got Gutsy's Live Cd... and when I boot from it, it says something like initramfs: Exception! And spits memory addresses at me02:22
leftylinkis there any hope, or is my hardware incompatible?02:22
nosrednaekimleftylink: did you test your cd to see if it was ok?02:22
Daisuke-IdoXcell: i was also not talking about you.  a false statement was made, i corrected it.  what you read into it is your problem02:22
leftylinkwhen I boot the CD on a different computer, it works perfectly, so I'm assuming hardware issue...02:22
nosrednaekimleftylink: yeah.... possibly.02:22
nosrednaekimleftylink: what is the hardware?02:23
Daisuke-Idonow, this is offtopic, so time to stop discussing it.02:23
nosrednaekimdoesn't ANYONE need help?02:24
jembougewell, I really gottago to bed too, 3.23am.... my wife wouldn't be very happy if I had one....02:24
rrbizi had opacity and transulency and kde was slow as heck, went with all the default kde looks no background and i'm back to normal sheesh02:24
jembougethanks nosrednaekim, you work well tonight already02:24
nosrednaekimjembouge: then stop worrying about it02:24
nosrednaekimjembouge: I try.... thanks.02:24
jembougesee you all at a later time02:25
nosrednaekimand you... good luck02:25
jembougeas every evening since I'm on kubuntu02:25
XcellTake care jembouge.02:25
jembougelol, no probs  Xcell :)02:25
jembougec ya02:25
nosrednaekimbye all! I need to get some sleep too02:27
nosrednaekim(although its only 9:3002:28
jac0bhow do I set my permissions so I can mount and write to my ext3 drive02:28
the-ermjac0b: is it usb?02:29
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu__
=== ubuntu__ is now known as ubuntu_
jac0bnope its a hardrive02:30
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu__
=== ubuntu__ is now known as ubuntu_
jac0bits my storage drive02:31
Xcell1 more time.02:36
jac0bdoes anyone know how to set my read/write permission for ext3 drive I have02:36
christian_Bonjou tout le monde! =D02:38
christian_Anybody on?02:40
=== christian_ is now known as N1ghtm4r3
N1ghtm4r3there we go02:41
dmcgloneHey all02:43
dmcgloneI decided to hang out a little later and chat for a while02:44
nevilleHow can I set a static IP address for my computer?02:46
madusertry knetworkmanager02:49
dmcgloneI decided to hang out a little longer02:50
Xcellwill talk for beer.02:51
dmcgloneI figure I can sleep tomorrow02:51
* jsubl2 passes Xcell a bud light02:51
dmcglone<hands Xcell a virtual beer>02:51
Xcellya hiccup.02:51
dmcgloneis most everyone here in or out of the USA?02:52
Xcellim in babylon usa.02:52
dmcglonebabylon? sounds like my college civics class.02:53
XcellI live where fried pork knuckles are a delicacy.02:54
dmcgloneI live in columbus ohio02:54
Xcellcool, my wife is from ohio..lima defiance.02:54
maduserXcell: where is that?02:54
dmcgloneI've been to lima, about 2.5 hours from here02:54
XcellI am originally from N.Y.02:55
XcellBut live in fla.02:55
dmcgloneAh fla. wish I was there02:55
Xcellnah  these people live in a 1 horse town. And the front half is still missing.02:55
dmcglonepoor me has never left the state of ohio02:55
maduserIm in New York02:56
alexbe01__of the horse?02:56
XcellI collaged out in hudson in 8202:56
adamonline45I ripped a DVD with k9copy, but it only plays sound, shows a static image, and when i try to navigate through it, it jumps back to the beginning... Does anyone know what I have to do to get a good rip?  Or is this an .avi codec issue?02:56
dmcglonewhat part maduser?02:56
maduser20 miles from the city02:57
XcellI am a electronics tech, Mostly rf tech, 2way radio.02:57
alexbe01__been to lima and defiance (only about 45 minutes from here), and yes, definitely tiny places02:57
dmcglonemaduser, I'm not registered to send messages02:57
alexbe01__dmcglone: /nickserv register password email02:57
dmcgloneXcell, I am an electronics engineer02:58
alexbe01__that'll get you set up :)02:58
XcellI build 10.000 watt amps.02:58
dmcglonenot that I love it though, I endeed up working in healthcare02:58
Xcellfrom scratch, and repair ham rigs.02:58
dmcgloneI play my guitar on 10,000 watt amps...LOL02:58
Xcelltube i hope02:59
alexbe01__i tried playing air guitar on a 10k watt amp...  didn't make it any louder02:59
maduserXcell: whats you call sign?02:59
maduserare you a general?02:59
Xcellclass 102:59
dmcglonegot a line 6 spider 3 half stack02:59
XcellI quit my license in 92 when uncle sam started data mining call signs.03:00
dmcgloneHa Ha, don't you just hate uncle sam03:00
maduseryeah there monitering us03:00
XcellI am nationally known as (Radio-Man).03:00
CondouloI have a question about the KDE4 desktop03:01
N1ghtm4r3God i love Kubuntu lol03:01
ubotuKDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4>. The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule. RC 1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc1.php03:01
XcellI had the biggest repair shop in fla between 90-95 in tampa.03:01
dmcglonekde4 is still beta03:01
alexbe01__there's a kde developer chan, that's the place to ask about kde403:01
alexbe01__dmcglone: it hit RC already (which is roughly equivalent to SP1 of a MS product :)03:02
dmcgloneI dare install it, I don't feel llike having a headache today03:02
CondouloI was just wondering if anybody was has tested it and if it would be worth using when it comes out.03:02
XcellNow i boot leg my services..I build huge amps..steel tube.03:02
dmcglonealexbe01 anything equivalent to an MS product isn't good enough for me03:03
alexbe01__dmcglone: just referring to the point in the release process03:03
alexbe01__at SP1, MS products are more or less usable03:03
dmcglonebuild me a 300,000 watt amp Xcell03:03
N1ghtm4r3wow http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/42/Kdebeta2_plasma.png03:03
dmcglonealexbe01 I know03:03
XcellI can..4cx 4000a...03:03
alexbe01__when it hits release it will be far superior :D03:03
N1ghtm4r3this is pretty good looking ... i hope its gona be as user-friendly as kde3 tho03:04
alexbe01__N1ghtm4r3: moreso03:04
Xcelland my amps are (clean).03:04
BluesKajCondoulo, some ppl here have successfully installed kde4 , but my 2 attempts were unsuccessful , and i still don't know what went wrong ;P03:04
dmcgloneany linux beta release is equilivent to MS, but the final release surpasses MS and thats what I like03:04
Xcelllol m$03:04
alexbe01__dmcglone: exactly :)03:04
dmcgloneAh Xcell I like my amps dirty03:04
alexbe01__and that's why i switched to k/ubuntu03:04
CondouloI am currently a GNOME user. Considering to switch over to KDE. Hence why I ask about if KDE4 will be worth it.03:05
alexbe01__(kubuntu on the desktop, ubuntu on the laptop)03:05
dmcglonewell alex if you install a beta release, you might as well install MS03:05
Xcelldistortion has its attributes..covering all frequencies that the ear can handle..3-24k.03:05
CondouloI have a question about Kubuntu 7.10. Does it have that new xorg config manager that Ubuntu 7.10 has?03:05
alexbe01__dmcglone: nope, because i can upgrade and surpass MS shortly afterward03:06
N1ghtm4r3I tried gnome for a while03:06
N1ghtm4r3hated it03:06
dmcgloneXcell I have a bionic ear03:06
alexbe01__Condoulo: not *yet*03:06
BluesKajXcell, as long as it's harmonic distortion I can dig it :)03:06
alexbe01__hardy is supposed to have it03:06
XcellThen you have troubles.03:06
dmcgloneLOL X, nah not at all03:06
Xcellmossfet cant handle distortion.03:06
Condouloalexbe01_- That means Kubuntu is safe with my video card for another... 4-5 months? whoo. But by the time Heron comes out, I will probably get a video card that is better supported. (to tell the truth, the new xorg manger in Ubuntu sucks with ATI cards.)03:07
dmcgloneyou might find this hard to believe, but I am deaf and have been playing guitar for about 13 years03:07
Xcellati I have seen stinks with linux.03:08
N1ghtm4r3I hated Ubuntu because my video card realy hates me and gnome. Switched to KDE3 to see  , I tought It was gona be the same lol .. then i fell in love!03:08
BluesKaj<--still has an old Heathkit AA29 amp with germanium transistors in the outputs :)03:08
dmcglonemy ati radeon 200m works great with linux03:08
Xcellt03 case..nice Blue.03:08
CondouloI have an ATI Radeon Xpress 20003:08
N1ghtm4r3i have a ATI Radeon 9250 256Mb AGP ... it cant handle Gnome so well03:08
dmcglonecondoulo same here03:09
alexbe01__Xcell: ati is slowly getting better03:09
BluesKajCondoulo, same here03:09
alexbe01__not perfect yet, but i have high hopes :)03:09
CondouloWhat I had to do to even get 7.10, is to install Ubuntu 7.04 first, then install the ATI drivers, then do the upgrade.03:09
dmcglonealexbe: mine works great03:09
XcellGermanium is high voltage switching.70 volt line.03:09
dmcgloneI used the drivers straight from ATI03:09
BluesKajati 200m and 200g , very common grfx cards03:10
XcellClosest thing to tubes.03:10
CondouloI am wanting to get a new nVidia card anyway because I don't like the fact that my ATI graphics is integrated.03:10
N1ghtm4r3used Wine cglone?03:10
BluesKajXcell, i built this amp in 197203:10
dmcgloneI never did care for nvidia03:10
Xcellheath kit?03:10
dmcgloneN1ghtm no, ATI provides drivers for linux on their site03:11
N1ghtm4r3Conduoulo , I heard that if ATI hates Gnome , well Nvidia LOATH KDE03:11
Xcellnice..i have a couple old hk's they use 3-500z tubes.03:11
Xcell5000 plate voltage.03:11
dmcglonethem tubes are expensive to replace03:11
Xcellnah 90 us dollars now..and they are now graphite.03:12
N1ghtm4r3Is there a version of Kubuntu for Cell/PowerPc processors? my bro wants to install Kubuntu on his ps303:12
dmcglonecost about 200.00 bucks a pop for a tube for a marshall head03:12
Xcellya marshal is expensive but quality.03:12
BluesKajN1ghtm4r3, what cpu speed ?03:12
CondouloIs there a good ATI card that would work great in Linux?03:12
Xcellis it 500 watt?03:12
BluesKajand RAM03:12
dmcglonemy dream is to have a mesa boogie03:13
N1ghtm4r3Blue , Im not sure actualy , what are the specs for a PS3?03:13
dmcglone250 I think03:13
Xcellah nice.03:13
Xcellpeavy speakers03:13
Xcellor phisher03:13
dmcgloneI like my line 6 though03:14
Xcellpauses for the causes..brb.03:14
BluesKajN1ghtm4r3, prolly 500mhz and 256 ram..it's ll run kubuntu but it won't be suprer fast03:14
dmcgloneit's not tube, but it has really has great tube sound03:14
dmcgloneand the line 6 pod is awesome03:14
N1ghtm4r3BluesKaj, I believe its WAY higher than this , I think its a dual Cell 2.0Ghz or something like that03:15
BluesKajP3 ?03:15
N1ghtm4r3no a Cell03:15
dmcgloneI got an AMD turion 64 and it's blazing fast.03:15
dmcgloneI pick AMD over intel any day!03:16
N1ghtm4r3Cell is pretty much similar to PowerPc (Apple's old processor , made by Motorolla i think)03:16
BluesKajN1ghtm4r3,oh ...sorry ...nevermind , then there's no prob :)03:16
N1ghtm4r3oh btw BluesKaj, how do you do this , the kind of red message ... im not used to IRC .. i usualy use IM programs03:17
=== b_ is now known as has9kids
BluesKaj<amd 64  3200+ venice...fastest pc i ever owned , but i keep my computers around for yrs03:17
=== ughetti is now known as alvaro
dmcgloneI keep my computers around for years also. I stil have an IBM Aptiva with a k603:18
BluesKajN1ghtm4r3, you use the person's nick in the sentence03:18
Xcelllol aptive..sounds like a m$ appetite.03:18
dmcglonethat was the very first computer I put linux on03:19
N1ghtm4r3BluesKaj, so all i gota do is type its name?03:19
Xcellwow 96 version03:19
dmcgloneit's like 11 years old03:19
N1ghtm4r3the nickname*03:19
BluesKaj233mhz MMX P2 ..ran sue and knoppix, fedora even debian03:20
BluesKajyes N1ghtm4r303:20
dmcgloneI ran RH up till it switched to fedora, then tried mandrake briefly then suse for a while, then found kubuntu03:21
XcellI had hp 233's worked well..seemed very solid.03:21
BluesKajN1ghtm4r3, when use my nick it comes up red on my text03:21
N1ghtm4r3BluesKaj that is pretty awesome o_O03:21
dmcglonestill have em X?03:21
N1ghtm4r3N1ghtm4r3 LOL AUTO SPAM! MUHAHA03:21
Xcellno I sold them into slavery.03:22
N1ghtm4r3but yeah03:22
N1ghtm4r3I pretty much tried only 3 different Linux distros in my life03:22
N1ghtm4r3i have so much to discover! *crycry*03:22
dmcgloneI'm using an old Dell that I refurb'd as one of my servers03:22
dmcglonegave the IBM to my kids03:23
BluesKajI managed to get bsd on the 233  too but it wouldn't recognize any of the hardware03:23
dmcgloneYeah it's got a PII03:23
N1ghtm4r3I tried , Ubuntu 7.04 , tried an old version of Knoppix on LiveCd , am runing Kubuntu 7.10 at the moment03:23
XcellI love amd..it rocks.03:23
dmcgloneme to03:23
dmcgloneI almost despise intel03:23
Xcellme 2.03:24
N1ghtm4r3hey! gimme a break dude im stuck on intel cause i cant afford anything else03:24
N1ghtm4r3next comp i get tho i'll do exactly like i did for this one .. i wont buy any OS with it and install linux on it asap03:24
dmcgloneN1, no problem. We all been in that boat.03:24
Xcellintel aint cheaper.03:24
N1ghtm4r3no i mean .. the comp i could actualy afford had an intel03:25
N1ghtm4r3so guess what i got now *shrug*03:25
BluesKajintel's new dual cpu blows amd out of the water on the benchmarks I'm afraid03:25
dmcgloneX the celron's are cheap03:25
Xcellur fine...enjoy.03:25
N1ghtm4r3lol x03:25
dmcgloneBlues, you believe all that hype?03:25
Xcellya celeron I cant handle..like having a 2 barrel 500 horse power motor.03:26
dmcgloneLOL X03:26
N1ghtm4r3Compaq EVO , Intel Pentium 4 1.7Ghz , 640Mb SDRAM , ATI Radeon 9250 256Mb AGP , Quantum Fireball 40Gb , Seagate 80Gb both IDE03:26
dmcglonethe cheaper version of celeron doesn't have any onboard cache, and it sucks03:26
N1ghtm4r3it sucks03:27
BluesKajdmcglone, well been reading about it ... dunno if the mags have reason to lie about their test results03:27
dmcglonewell for starters it's a Compaq, no wonder it sucks!03:27
N1ghtm4r3lol true dmc03:27
Xcellya like the shiny new doggy in the window=celeron.03:27
dmcgloneBluesKaj Intel probablly paid that mag to say what they did03:27
BluesKajhmmm, mine's a compaq with amd 6403:27
N1ghtm4r3the only thing i like about my comp is that i will never have to worry about my powersupply03:27
N1ghtm4r3aparently its very good lol03:27
dmcgloneIBM, Dell and HP are the brand I trust03:28
dmcgloneIBM and HP more so than Dell03:28
N1ghtm4r3i used to hate HP and Dell for some reason03:28
XcellI use 600 watt switching supplies they handle the load..just make sure it has a push pull fanage.03:29
N1ghtm4r3HP =  bundled crap03:29
N1ghtm4r3Dell = no service ..03:29
dmcgloneN1Ghtm, your talking about an HP and a dell with windows on them03:29
dmcgloneI'm talking hardware wise03:29
N1ghtm4r3IBM = dunno .. the only IBM i could experience where the old ones in my school ... P2 133 lol03:30
N1ghtm4r3or 333?03:30
dmcgloneIBM doesn't make personal computers much anymore03:30
N1ghtm4r3DMC , i actualy tried knoppix on that other dell and it sucked just as much03:30
XcellI started on a ps286 ibm back in 96..a whole (12) mhz..xtreeGold brought it to a whopping 40 mhz..lol03:31
dmcgloneI can understand that.03:31
N1ghtm4r3my dell comp was f*cked anyway ... tried to contact technical support to get info to how fixing it and stuff ... they never actualy answered .. now its in a closet colecting massive amount of dust03:31
dmcglonemine was a 286 with I think 32 Mb of ram and 4 gig drive03:32
XcellAll I had to do is put a set of wheels on it , and drive away.03:32
N1ghtm4r3lol x03:32
dmcgloneN!ghtm wanna sell it03:32
XcellI had 8 megs03:32
dmcgloneI could have it working lilke new in 1 day03:32
N1ghtm4r3nah my mom uses it as a security thingie now , seted it up for her last time i went to her house03:32
dmcgloneheck I used to have a comadore 6403:32
N1ghtm4r3it has great memory yet not a lot , it also works on SCSI03:33
* BluesKaj wonders when the ops are gonna give us the OT warning :)03:33
Xcellnot me..i was around when they came out..i am 47 today...tomorrow i'll be 37..again.03:33
N1ghtm4r3its an old server comp that we got for almost nothing03:33
dmcgloneI don't think well get in trouble if nobody is asking questions to answer03:33
groovesaladi removed cupsys through adept, which removed additional packages i didnt notice- i did a ctrl c when i noticed. upon restart, kdm wont start. what should i install/do?03:34
N1ghtm4r3dmcglone , ?03:34
BluesKajdmcglone, shhhhhh.......03:34
Xcellits friday..the office is closed except for inquirers.03:34
dmcglonegroovesalad try: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:34
groovesaladk thx03:34
dmcgloneLOL Blues03:34
BluesKajwhy remove cups , groovesalad ?03:35
N1ghtm4r3is there actualy a linux prayer?03:35
dmcgloneN1, no but there is an M$ prayer03:35
Xcellre-covering linuxaholics03:35
BluesKajN1ghtm4r3, for audio - amarok03:36
N1ghtm4r3sudo apt-get digest the-christ's-body03:36
groovesaladi dotn have a printer03:36
N1ghtm4r3something like that?03:36
Xcellsudo apt-get remove./bill gates03:36
dmcglonebill gates prayer goes something like this: Dear lord, we are gathered here today to pray that linux would just dissapear.03:36
N1ghtm4r3BluesKaj , i know about the audio lol its the fist thing i seted up when i installed kubuntu yesterday night03:36
N1ghtm4r3Actualy think about it03:37
BluesKajgroovesalad, no matter , removing it isn't necessary03:37
N1ghtm4r3Linux isnt much of a treath for WinDose03:37
dmcgloneif they don't I will start suing anyone and everyone for anything and everything I can think of03:37
N1ghtm4r3for M$ i mean lol03:37
groovesaladi didnt want to be bothered with updates to it either03:37
BluesKajN1ghtm4r3, was funnin ya , eveyone has their favs03:37
groovesaladand i dont want hplips or whatever to load when i boot up03:38
N1ghtm4r3Blueskaj, yeah i love amarok03:38
XcellActually,(with its freedom) Linux is easier to learn than windoze.03:38
dmcgloneXcell, where did you get that?03:38
XcellThought process.03:38
N1ghtm4r3WinDo$e is easier to learn in my opinion .. only cause it lets you fuck it up so easily03:39
dmcglonethat can't be true, because there's actually nothing in windows to learn. It doesn't take an einstein to move a mouse. LOL03:39
=== stdin_ is now known as stdin
XcellThats my point dmcGLONE.03:39
dmcgloneN1, there's nothing to learn about windows, so of course it's easy03:39
N1ghtm4r3once you fucked windose enough you just yell 'SCREW THIS IM GOING LINUX'03:39
BluesKajI like the CLI options on linux , altho I'm an old windows guy ....never did dos tho...din't discover the fun of computers til after i retired03:39
PriceChild!guidelines | N1ghtm4r303:40
ubotuN1ghtm4r3: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:40
Xcelllol N1ghtm4r303:40
N1ghtm4r3aw dude!03:40
dmcgloneLOL someone got yelled at03:40
N1ghtm4r3fun fun fun!03:40
N1ghtm4r3no big deal lol03:40
dmcgloneto top it off it was a "robot" that yelled at you03:40
N1ghtm4r3i bet it kicks me if i do it again?03:41
* genii sips a coffee03:41
Xcelltime to let the hair down politely and converse about the times and why bill gates stinks..lol.03:41
dmcgloneI got kicked the other day  for this:03:41
bazhangN1ghtm4r3: good guess03:41
BluesKajjust don't get outta hand with the language and the capital letters and you'll be ok03:41
* N1ghtm4r3 dances to the music of EastClubbers03:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about asshole - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:41
Xcelldmcglone:  chill buddy.. be congenial.03:42
* genii slides stdin a coffee and some aspirin03:42
* stdin downs both in one go03:42
bazhangdmcglone is really active on kubuntu mailing lists--odd03:42
Xcelldmcglone is just letting off steam..he is a good guy.03:43
BluesKajhe got carried away03:43
N1ghtm4r3anyway peoples im leaving for now , im gona try my freshly installed Condition-Zero on Wine lol03:43
bazhanghe is indeed--very helpful normally03:43
N1ghtm4r3see ya!03:43
XcellI think he did it on purpose to leave without being rude.03:43
* N1ghtm4r3 leaves03:43
sub[t]rnlhe knew it was coming03:44
geniiAny actual pending support questions? ;)03:44
bazhangfer sure03:44
groovesaladkubuntu-desktop didnt work, anything else?03:44
Xcellk doing things will re-boot shortly..brb03:45
geniigroovesalad: Please recap your issue, I just got here :)03:45
groovesaladi removed cupsys through adept, which removed additional packages i didnt notice- i did a ctrl c when i noticed. upon restart, kdm wont start. what should i install/do?03:46
geniiyou just did the kubuntu-desktop reinstall?03:47
groovesaladi see a cursor, xserver seems to work03:47
groovesaladya i reinstalled03:47
geniigroovesalad: Did you do: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart ?03:47
groovesaladsweet thank you that did it03:48
* genii sips his coffee03:48
sub[t]rnl+1 genii03:48
* sub[t]rnl sips03:49
* genii tops off everyone's mugs03:49
BluesKaj!botsnack | genii03:49
ubotugenii: Yum! Err, I mean, APT!03:49
ubotuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!03:49
geniiSeems quiet tonight03:50
maduserwhen using wine after i install awindows program should i restart my computer?03:50
* BluesKaj tries to remember the bot cmnds ...but it's late 03:51
=== glenn is now known as fati
m4vmaduser: I don't think so, I never did that when using wine ...03:51
BluesKajmaduser, usually not necessary03:51
=== dad is now known as dad_
=== dad_ is now known as dad
BluesKajnite all03:52
Xcellnite blue03:52
maduserwine was configured to windows 200003:53
maduserI believe thats bad03:54
Xcellwin2k is more stable than win 95 version cwich was the stablest version at the time03:54
Xcellversion   C03:54
XcellWhen you install win..dont upgrade..and use explorer 5.5..thats all.03:55
Xcellnuff of gates garbage..03:56
XcellThink: if win has the handle on games.(and thats all) why use it?03:57
geniiwindows also has an advantage in the packaging method... everything is an exe or msi. In linux you have all the different install methods which confuses new users03:59
genii"how come I can't ue this rpm?" (when in a debian based dist)  etc03:59
XcellBut that endorses the user to learn.03:59
XcellLinux is more logically inclined..code is sparatic in nature.04:00
geniimost ppl don't care to learn things, they just want to download and install a program usually, etc04:00
bazhangtrue. but familiar does not mean superior04:01
XcellThat speaks volumes about windoze users.04:01
bazhangmore roaches than humans on earth04:01
geniibazhang: I agree :) My stance is just that most users migrating from an MS mindset think: Why can't I download and run this thing and it just puts the app on my box? etc04:02
Xcellimagine the back doors windoze users don't know about while bragging.04:02
genii"wheres intall.exe or setup.exe" or so on04:02
bazhanggenii: and that is why you are priceless :} educating said users04:02
XcellI am a beginner in the linux field..and via the ligical, I see it as forth coming to the future of computing for (free) thinkers.04:04
geniibazhang: Well, if all linux application packages used some universal system (besides source/make ;)  )  more ppl would convert04:04
Xcellits coming genii04:04
geniibrb turning porch light on for deliveryman :)04:04
bazhanggenii: excellent point, and I agree with Xcell :}04:05
jelousbuddywhat does stupid paki mean? has any of you ever felt any great pain? how was it? !!! was it accident? how bad can it be if i am in a car accident for ex got hit by a train but still alive? or half burnt my entire skin including eyes? how about heart attack / failure?04:05
XcellMy only hope is , That corps dont saturate the field and ruin it through controlled greediness.04:06
bazhangjelousbuddy: please stop--this is a support channel04:06
bazhangXcell: that train has left the station--they are on their way out04:07
jelousbuddyok then04:07
jelousbuddywhich version of linux is kde?04:07
stdinit's not any version04:07
XcellAmen bazhang.04:07
bazhangjelousbuddy: kubuntu04:07
bazhangonly answer possible :}04:08
jelousbuddybazhang why would somebody prefer kde over gnome? what are the main benefits in few words?04:08
geniijelousbuddy: kde is not a version of linus, it is a window managing system "like a "skin system" sort of... for the part of linux that gives you a graphical interface04:08
stdinjelousbuddy: this isn't the channel for that, this is a support channel04:08
bazhangjelousbuddy: join #kubuntu-offtopic04:09
jelousbuddybazhang why do people join a channel and not leave and talk?04:10
XcellI did a test..linux just out did windoze in the app start..amazing.04:10
Xcellwindoze would have locked up chocking and ghasping for more ramage...lol.04:11
bazhangjelousbuddy: if you have a support question this is the place offtopic is for offtopic stuff04:11
Xcellnuff said04:11
bazhanghardy is even faster04:12
jelousbuddybazhang> why are you so edgy?04:12
bazhangbut that is waaay offtopic04:12
Xcellshould I try bazhang?04:12
jelousbuddy:) can i smile? what are you thinking when i smile?04:12
bazhangjelousbuddy: too much kaffeine04:12
XcellI have xtra hd's.04:12
bazhangXcell: on a test machine04:12
Xcellmight just do it04:13
Xcelljelousbuddy: are you mentally ill?..04:13
bazhangjelousbuddy: there are ops who watch this channel, so best stop the chitchat04:14
jelousbuddyxcell when do you call someone mentally ill? when they are scared and screming and stuff?04:14
stdinjelousbuddy: stop that04:14
jelousbuddystop telling me to stop that i am not a dog ey04:14
sub[t]rnlruh roh04:14
* m4v waits for it04:15
ardchoilleDon't feed the troll folks :)04:15
* stdin get's his "op" on04:15
ardchoillestdin: :)04:15
stdinjelousbuddy: that was a warning, please don't try to disrupt this channel again04:15
jelousbuddywhat does banning and kicking off the channel actually do? why do i feel scared when you do this?04:15
bazhangI noticed that when adding certain apps that the panel does a kind of refresh--is that something to be concerned about, or par for the course?04:16
bazhanglike the panel will just disappear for a moment and then reappear04:16
Xcellwhy the concern bazhang..should that be ok?.or not.04:16
XcellI had that happen yesterday04:17
bazhangno apparent long term effects that I can tell--just odd04:17
stdinbazhang: that's just kicker refreshing itself, reloading it's graphics04:17
Xcellseems reasonable.04:17
bazhangstdin: thanks! much appreciated :}04:18
Xcellbut mine stayed gone..lol..didnt know how to restore so re-installed..what a chore.04:18
bazhangXcell: perhaps next time look in the configure desktop setting and try to set the panel elsewhere? that has worked for me in the past04:20
XcellI'm still in theincubation stages of learning.04:20
Xcellwill do.04:20
Xcellnice tip.04:21
sub[t]rnlyou can also start the panel manually (alt +f2 -> kicker)04:22
sub[t]rnlif it ever disappears again04:22
sub[t]rnl2 cents04:22
Xcelldid that it was still gone..plus..when i did have a new panel the icons did not represent the memory (stored-info) that was stored..04:23
Xcelleven did a    touch /forcefsck04:24
Xcellstill learning though..pretty ignorant so far.04:25
bazhangXcell: a reinstall is usually not necessary as far as I know04:31
XcellI realixe that. but i had no idea as to how to fix the willfully missing panel.04:31
elisianoI have some issues with kmilo, is this the right place to ask?04:32
bazhangXcell: I did reinstalls in the beginning--it was the helpful folks here who told me otherwise04:32
bazhangelisiano: what issues?04:33
flaccid_how to change the alt + tab behaviour?04:33
adamonline45Well, I can't see the tooltips in GIMP.  I've determined that changing my KDE color scheme will let me see the tooltips.  When editing my colors in my custom color palette, though, I don't see anything relating TO to tooltips... Does anyone know what I'd have to change?  I presume the color's tied to some other entities color...  I KNOW someone's gone through this before 8)04:33
elisianoon my notebook it's all fine after an upgrade, but on my desktop when I rise the volume it's stuck at 11%04:33
adamonline45elisiano: Have you checked KMix?04:34
elisianoit's not a kmix issue04:34
elisianoI read that it's kmilo related04:34
adamonline45elisiano: Ahh... I wish I could help you there 8) gl!04:35
PilotMy Firefox requests the Java Runtime Environment Plugin.  Is this not the sun-java6-jre package in adept?  I have this installed but Firefox still requests the plugin be installed.04:39
xevious-my friend has a system with a nvidia 8800 gtx and the live cd loads up and the screen goes black after the "Kernel Alive" message04:41
xevious-any updated live CDs that work better with newer nvidia cards?04:41
xevious-this is on a 64bit system04:42
=== xevious- is now known as xevious
elisianoadamonline45: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeutils/+bug/118723 (found some solutions there)04:45
stdinxevious: tell them to try with the safe graphics mode option04:45
=== _dac_ is now known as _da61_
xeviousyo, linuxwizard. do you know, like, everything... about linucks? d00d?04:57
xeviouscuz i need help04:57
xeviousand a pointy hat. do you have one of those, too?04:57
xeviousyou know, those wizard hats...04:57
PilotMy Firefox requests the Java Runtime Environment Plugin.  Is this not the sun-java6-jre package in adept?  I have this installed but Firefox still requests the plugin be installed.04:59
Dr_willisPilot,  odd.. Try installing the 'kubuntu-restricted-extras' package05:00
stdinPilot: you need to install "sun-java6-plugin" for the plugin05:00
Pilotstdin: Thanks mate :)05:02
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:07
Cannoliim having some issues with my ati driver installation. i did wht the instructions told me to do but im not getting the right fglrxinfo output05:07
=== charles__ is now known as Hawky
=== Hawky is now known as squarebracket
Cannoliim suppose to be getting something similar to05:09
Cannoli$ fglrxinfo05:09
Cannolidisplay: :0.0  screen: 005:09
CannoliOpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.05:09
CannoliOpenGL renderer string: RADEON 9700 Generic05:09
CannoliOpenGL version string: 2.0.5755 (8.24.8)05:09
Cannolibut im getting05:09
oobedownload the latest kernel wget http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/Historic/linux-0.01.tar.bz205:09
Cannoliwht am i suppose to do with that?05:10
oobewas a joke not directed to u really05:10
Cannoli$ fglrxinfo05:10
Cannolidisplay: :0.0  screen: 005:10
CannoliOpenGL vendor string: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org05:10
CannoliOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect05:10
CannoliOpenGL version string: 1.4 (2.1 Mesa 7.0.1)05:10
Cannolithats wht im getting05:10
stdin!paste | Cannoli05:10
ubotuCannoli: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)05:10
Cannolioh sorry about that05:10
Cannoliforgot about the pastebin05:10
Cannolibut yea i followed the troubleshooting instructions too but still xserver does not seem to start05:11
oobedid you tell xorg to use the ati driver?05:11
oobein xorg.conf05:12
oobelooks like its still using Mesa05:12
oobean easy way to install the ati driver is to use envy05:12
Cannoligo on05:12
oobedownload and install envy05:13
oobegoogle envy05:13
stdindo not use envy...05:13
Cannoligotta pick up my dad05:13
oobewhat wrong with envy05:13
Dr_willisit can trash your system05:13
stdinit breaks a lot, and it's not supported05:14
Dr_willisive never had issues with the restricted-manager installing my ati drivers.05:14
oobeok fair enough05:15
oobei used to just download the nvidia binaries directly from there site05:15
oobecause i make my own kernel then i started using envy and havent had a problem with that either05:15
stdinwe have a response for that too :)05:16
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/05:16
unix_infideloobe: envy works well?05:16
Dr_willisThe problem is often that someone that has NO idea how linux works.. and is trained in a 'windows mentality' tries to use it.. then gets mad at us when it does trash their system.05:16
unix_infideli dont understand the necessity of having a 3d graphics driver.05:16
unix_infidelespecially when you're using applications that dont require 3d.05:17
unix_infidelwhich is most linux users.05:17
Dr_willisI dont understand why Nvidia and ati both cant allow it to be include..05:17
stdinat least we have intel on our side05:17
oobeyeah i would like to include it05:17
Dr_willisYea. Good old intel.. but.. well.. do they have any decent high end 3d cards yet?05:18
oobei dont use 3d acceleration but i need it for twinview i know there are other ways but its easy05:18
Dr_willisTwinview and tv out. and better video playback.05:18
xeviousstdin: back to that 8800gtx issue: it goes black in safe graphics mode too05:18
Dr_willisand on a few of my box's i need the nvidia driver or the monitors settings dont get set right. (wide screen)05:19
stdinxevious: that's why I said the alternate cd is your best bet then05:19
unix_infideloobe: not if you're using ati it's not easy.05:19
unix_infideloobe: and you are serious about needing ATI for twinview, i've never tried it.05:20
oobei use nvidia so i wouldnt know05:20
Dr_willisATI has its own alternative to Twinview.05:20
unix_infidelno i mean needing 3d ati drivers.05:20
Dr_willisNvidia has 'Twinview' ati calle it somthing else..05:20
oobethe guy that was here asking about his ati card05:20
unix_infidelwell, let me ask it this way.05:20
unix_infidelIf i have two monitors and one GPU. Do i need 3d drivers to handle them.05:21
Dr_willisunix_infidel,  on my systems.. yes i do...05:21
unix_infideland do i need 3d drivers to make it "usable" (note: different from functional)05:21
oobei need 3d drivers so when i type glxgears it makes those little gears movie round05:23
moparisthebestI installed mythbuntu via05:29
moparisthebestapt-get install mythbuntu-desktop05:29
moparisthebesthow would I go about removing it?05:29
sub[t]rnlapt-get remove05:30
moparisthebestapt-get remove mythbuntu-desktop is what I have tried, it just removes the meta-package and leaves all the other junk05:30
stdinmoparisthebest: "apt-get autoremove"05:30
moparisthebestapt-get autoremove does nothing as well05:31
stdinmoparisthebest: how about "sudo apt-get autoremove mythbuntu-desktop"  ?05:32
oobewhy do you want to remove it?05:32
moparisthebestmy tv tuner card ended up not working, so I want to get rid of that05:32
moparisthebestill give that a try stdin05:33
Dr_willisYep - with the use of meta packages - removing  things can get a bit complex.05:33
Dr_willisI use MythTV as a Video Player for my PC/TV.05:33
Dr_willisI rarely record shows with it.05:33
Dr_willisits also good as a UPNP server for the rest of the lan05:33
oobedid you try the linuxtv drivers05:33
moparisthebeststill just wants to remove the meta-package stdin05:34
moparisthebestactually others reported this card working with linux, but I couldn't get it to work05:34
moparisthebesti just finished building a media center box anyhow, so ill try it again with that05:34
* genii fills up Dr_willis' hard drive with endless footage of Americas Funniest Videos05:34
moparisthebestI just want to get mythbuntu off my laptop and get it back to kubuntu05:34
Dr_willisgenii,  i perfer animal planet - funny animal videos.05:35
oobei guess its not that important to you but sounds like you can get it working i will help you if you want05:35
geniiDr_willis: :)05:35
stdinmoparisthebest: try with aptitude then, reinstall the package then use "sudo aptitude remove mythbuntu-desktop"05:35
Dr_willisstdin,  i was going to say that.. but it seems extreme05:35
oobei dont have mythbuntu-desktop installed but i use all the other mythbuntu packages05:35
stdinmoparisthebest: or you could do "sudo apt-get remove displayconfig-gtk gdm gnome-screensaver gsfonts-x11 gtk2-engines-mythbuntu mythbuntu-artwork-usplash mythbuntu-control-centre mythbuntu-default-settings mythbuntu-gdm-theme mythtv-common restricted-manager thunar update-manager xfce4-mcs-manager xfce4-mcs-plugins xfce4-mixer xfce4-panel xfce4-session xfce4-terminal xfce4-utils xfdesktop4 xfwm4" :p05:35
stdinup to you05:36
moparisthebestit just removed the meta package again05:36
moparisthebestah, I was looking for a list like that stdin, where did you find it? :)05:36
genii!helpersnack | stdin05:36
ubotustdin: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:36
stdinmoparisthebest: "apt-cache show mythbuntu-desktop |grep Depends" (with some things removed, lice acpi)05:37
moparisthebestill have to remember that for next time, thanks05:38
stdinwhen you install a meta-package, it's best to use aptitude. it remembers dependencies better and will remove orphaned packages if it can05:39
oobemoparisthebest, are you in mythbuntu-desktop now?05:39
moparisthebestno oobe, I still used KDE05:39
moparisthebeststdin, are the commands for aptitude the same as for apt-get, I have always used the latter05:39
oobewhy dont u just fix ur tuner?05:40
stdinmostly yes, "install" "remove" are the same05:40
moparisthebestoobe, I built a PC for a dedicated media center box, so im going to get it working there05:40
oobefair enough05:42
oobei think you can use mythbuntu-control-centre to remove everything05:43
oobethen remove mythbuntu-control-centre05:44
moparisthebestI just ended up removing all the packages it depended on, like stdin said05:44
moparisthebesthas anyone in here ever profiled your readahead?05:45
moparisthebestand if so did your internet quit working right afterwards?05:45
SudoKingis there a way to run a .bat file/05:46
spinikerany one knows how to run awn?05:47
stdinSudoKing: in wine probably05:47
moparisthebestSudoKing, not directly that I know of, but they are easily converted, how long is it?05:47
oobei tried using wine it doesnt work05:47
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.05:47
SudoKingwell its a java bot05:48
spinikeroh im sorry different problem..05:48
moparisthebestbatch is just a script though, not really a windows program05:48
SudoKingit says you can run the script on windows (the .bak file)05:48
SudoKingbut you can use the java on ubuntu/linux05:48
surgyanyone wanna chit chat about pc cooling? join #kubuntu-offtopic05:48
moparisthebestSudoKing, that is very easy then, replace the ';' with ':' and there you go05:48
SudoKingbut it keeps giving me errors05:49
moparisthebestSudoKing, paste it at rafb.net/paste and I'll convert it for you if you want05:49
SudoKingpaste which file?05:49
sub[t]rnlspiniker: as far as a know awn is for gnome.05:49
moparisthebestthe .bat file, open it in a text editor05:49
sub[t]rnlnot sure if its kde ready or not05:49
spinikeryeah i know..sorry wrong channel05:50
sub[t]rnlwe make up for it with kfxb though05:50
sub[t]rnlkbfx rather05:51
SudoKingmoparisthebest: http://rafb.net/p/Bj88Uj59.html05:53
moparisthebestok SudoKing, open a terminal and run this command:05:54
moparisthebestjava -classpath .:./lib/pircbot.jar org.jibble.bot.BotMain05:54
moparisthebestinstead of -classpath you can use -cp, on linux or windows05:54
moparisthebestand then you could also put that in a shell script so you don't have to remember it every time05:56
SudoKingmoparisthebest: "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jibble/ReminderBot/ReminderBotMain"?? --> what do I do?05:58
moparisthebestwhat folder are you in?05:59
SudoKingi'm not in any directory, atm05:59
moparisthebestyou should be in the folder with ./lib/pircbot.jar05:59
moparisthebestotherwise it's not accessible05:59
moparisthebestwell, the same folder you found the .bat in06:00
SudoKingah well that's not the same folder =(06:00
moparisthebestjust go into that folder06:01
moparisthebestopen it in konqueror and press F406:01
SudoKingpft I don't have Konqueror (any more)06:01
=== alexbe01__ is now known as Daisuke_Laptop
moparisthebestoh, well whatever the new one is06:04
moparisthebestdolphin I think06:04
moparisthebestpersonally I hate dolphin so I removed it and still use konqueror ;)06:04
Daisuke_Laptopmoparisthebest: the dolphin in kde3 is NOT dolphin06:05
Daisuke_Laptopit's d3lphin, a fork that stopped development06:05
Daisuke_Laptopthe *real* dolphin, in kde4, is actually quite nice06:05
SudoKingI'm still getting TheNoClassDefFound error...06:07
moparisthebestDaisuke_Laptop, so the one that comes with gutsy isn't the real one? thats heartening at least06:08
moparisthebestSudoKing, sure you are in the right folder?06:08
SudoKingi'm in the directory of the .bat file06:09
SudoKingwhat did you say about ; and : earlier?? =?06:09
moparisthebest; is what windows uses and : is what linux uses (dos and bash that is)06:10
=== miles_ is now known as stansmith
moparisthebestSudoKing, in that folder, is there an 'org' folder?06:10
moparisthebestlook and see if there is a file ./org/jibble/ReminderBot/ReminderBotMain.class06:11
cgwca0106 用ALSA驱动不好使,怎么办?06:13
bazhang!cn | cgw06:14
ubotucgw: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:14
SudoKingmoparisthebest: check06:14
moparisthebestin that case it should work06:14
moparisthebestjava -classpath .:./lib/pircbot.jar org.jibble.bot.BotMain06:14
moparisthebestchange -classpath to -cp06:15
moparisthebestoh, is that the wrong classname SudoKing ?06:15
moparisthebestwhat are you trying to run?06:16
moparisthebestthe command I just pasted runs org.jibble.bot.BotMain06:17
moparisthebestbut the error you pasted was for a different class06:17
maduserisn't that why we are using it?06:18
SudoKingmoparis: must be a copy elsewhere from a different directory.  How do I write the command for the Reminderbot (not the plain .bot)?06:19
moparisthebestthe class you want to run, but instead of / use . and remove .class from the end06:20
moparisthebestso say you want to run ./org/jibble/bot/BotMain.class06:20
moparisthebestyou would use java org.jibble.bot.BotMain06:20
SudoKingit gave me a list of commands06:22
moparisthebestdo a 'java -version' and tell me what it says06:22
SudoKingjava version "1.4.2-02"06:23
SudoKingJava(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build Blackdown-1.4.2-02)06:23
SudoKingJava HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build Blackdown-1.4.2-02, mixed mode)06:23
moparisthebestI would bet the problems you are having result from using that old version of java06:23
moparisthebestremove it, and install sun-java6-jre06:24
stdinyou don't need to remove it, just install suns java06:24
XcellYa jre 6 rules06:24
XcellI had the same problem.06:24
moparisthebestyou want it to say:06:24
moparisthebestjava version "1.6.0_03"06:24
moparisthebestJava(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_03-b05)06:24
moparisthebestJava HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 1.6.0_03-b05, mixed mode)06:24
stdinand "sudo update-alternatives --config java"06:24
moparisthebestI use java all the time and Ive never had any luck with the non-sun versions06:25
SudoKingit says sun-java6-jre is already the newest version?06:25
stdinthen do "sudo update-alternatives --config java"06:25
stdinand choose the java6 version06:26
Xcellstdin..that was what I missed when I deleted and installed various javas.06:26
Xcellstdin: whats your opinion on icedtea?06:27
SudoKingwhat next?06:27
stdindon't have an opinion on it :)06:27
SudoKingtry to run the command?06:27
moparisthebestyes SudoKing06:27
stdinXcell: never tried it, so that why I don't have an opinion06:28
moparisthebestXcell, I've tried it on my amd64 install and it didn't work06:28
Xcellk I wondered.06:28
moparisthebestI wanted it so I can use applets in a 64-bit browser, but no dice06:28
XcellI had good standing with it..till I installed jre 6..big dif.06:28
sigmamy laptop hard drive kept on working last night when i was watching a dvd which wasn't using it at all, its a dell d600 with a toshiba hard drive, could this have anything to do with that bug everyone is talking about?06:29
Xcellmoparisthebest:  Think it was due to other reasons?06:29
moparisthebestnothing else provides a 64-bit java plugin besides icedtea Xcell, so it was the only try06:31
moparisthebestive got a 32bit firefox with a 32 bit JRE installed as well for applets06:31
moparisthebestsigma, you could try adjusting your 'swappiness'06:31
Xcellah I missed the 64 bit..im sorry..my bad.06:31
sigmamoparisthebest: i checked the ram usage - its not using the swap (laptop has 512mb onboard)06:32
moparisthebesthttp://tvease.net/wiki/index.php?title=Tweak_ubuntu_for_speed about half way down 'Swapping' sigma06:32
stdinsigma: why do you want it to use swap??06:33
sigmaim scared that ubuntu is killing my hard drive06:33
moparisthebestit still sped my laptop up quite a bit sigma06:33
* SudoKing remembers using the Tvease tweaks page...06:33
stdinsigma: the swap IS on the hard drive06:33
Xcelllol sigma:..it onle seems so when you beat it to deathy..lol.06:33
moparisthebestif you have 1gig of RAM, set the swappiness to 0 and you should be good06:33
user_hello room06:34
sigmastdin: i dont want it to use swap, im just worried that my laptop hdd is dying a fast and painful death06:34
Dr_willisThere is that bug people were talking about that put hard drives into a 'trying to sleep too much' sort of power saving. IF you have the laptop packages installed.06:34
Cannolii was here earlier about a problem with my ati driver installation06:34
sigmabecause it keeps on accessing the drive when im doing absolutely nothing06:34
user_speaking of power saving....06:34
stdinsigma: you said "its not using the swap", so what's the problem?06:34
stdinsigma: it will only use swap when there is 0 memory left06:35
XcellDr_willis:  thats why thet converted cpu managers.06:35
Dr_willissigma,   fire up htop and see whats running. there are cron jobs that run at diffent times.06:35
Cannolihiya stdin06:35
user_anyone notice that when you do a fresh install of kubuntu, you get decent laptop battery life then after you update packages, your battery life gets worse06:36
stdinhi Cannoli06:36
SudoKingwhy does it still keep saying  "exception in thread main"06:36
sigmastdin: i don't know, every 5 sec's or so the hdd light blinks when i am doing absolutely nothing, my desktop with +- the same configuration doesn't do that at all06:36
Dr_willisThere is that 'powertop' (i think) thing out you can run and it will suggest some tweaks to up your battery life.06:36
user_wonder if it's the kernel update06:36
Cannolistdin: can u help me with my ati driver problem please06:36
sigmadr_willis: il give that a try, but can one disable these "cron jobs"?06:36
stdinCannoli: I don't and have never used ati, so I'm not the best person to ask06:37
user_what's your ati prob06:37
user_I'll try06:37
Dr_willissigma,  of course.. but i doubt if its going to gain you much of anything. Theres also the various laptop-mode packages that may help. or may not.06:37
Cannolialright thanks anywayz06:37
moparisthebestCannoli, whats the problem with it?06:37
Xcellati is not the obvious choice for ubuntu..I have watched and learned this.06:38
moparisthebestive had various problems with ATI drivers as well06:38
Cannoli1.) is this really moparisthebest from the rscheating site?06:38
Dr_willisIve been lucky with my old ati cards. :) i dont dare try new ones.06:38
user_I have a x1400 with no probs except can't run the beyrl stuff...06:38
moparisthebestyes it is Cannoli06:38
XcellOld ati 16 meg or earlier work fine  from watching.06:38
sigmadr_willis: have you ever been able to get the tv out working on a ati mobility 9000?06:39
XcellSeems ati is arrogant.06:39
Cannoli2.) i installed the driver when when i rebooted i got a black screen adn it wouldn't start the x server.so i did wht the instructions told me and still nothing. my fglrxinfo is comletley wrong06:39
user_what's the ati snafu then?06:39
Cannolihaha awesome, i have an account on your site :P06:39
moparisthebestCannoli, how did you install the driver?06:39
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:40
Cannoli^^ that way06:40
sigmai just dont want my hard drive to die! if it means going back to windows for the time being i will because laptop hard drives are just too expensive!06:40
Xcelllaptop hd's are victim to software abuse by nature of crappy software...06:41
moparisthebestsigma, i had kubuntu installed on my laptop for 2 years and the mobo died before the hd did06:41
user_the way I've pretty much always done it was with the restricted drivers prog.  got online first then checked the box for the driver, waited to dl it then it auto installed then rebooted and it worked06:41
user_didn't do it manually06:41
Xcellor..by not folowing directions.06:41
moparisthebestthe hd is now in use with an adapter in my media center box, still with kubuntu06:41
moparisthebestCannoli, Ive had great luck with a program called envy06:42
moparisthebestinstall the .deb, give it a shot06:42
Cannolihaha alot of people have suggested i not use it06:42
moparisthebestwhy? I love it06:43
Cannolisomeone earlier said: " it breaks a lot, and it's not supported"06:43
sigmamoparisthebest: thats comforting to hear: what laptop was it?06:43
user_Cannoli, which driver you installed?  I've always used the fglrx one with no probs so far06:43
moparisthebestits the only way I ever got my ATI driver to work on my laptop06:43
Xcellscuza..my hukt on fonix fer kee bords isnt wurking.06:43
moparisthebestsigma, an emachine m6815 I think, with a hitachi 80gb HD06:44
Cannolii dont know which driver it is, but i know that the ati driver has trouble with my card06:44
user_cannoli, if you give me a minute, I'll try to find an answer, okay?06:45
moparisthebesti'd give envy a shot at least, its got a command line mode in case you need to undo it on the command line later06:45
Cannolireally appreciate it06:45
Xcelluser: is cool.06:45
sigmaif ati just gave the blueprints to the xorg people it would make life alot easier!06:45
Cannolihaha why don't they do that?06:46
sigmathats a good question06:46
user_think I found it06:46
moparisthebestATI is going opensource isn't it?06:46
user_fire up synaptic if you have it installed06:47
Dr_willisthen the nvidia people would steal the leet-haxor-secrets!06:47
Xcellsigma: you and I are on the same wave length..corps on the other hand are not.06:47
sigmaxcell: yeah u got a point06:47
Cannoliits always about money -_-06:47
XcellWe are honest haxors , proprietors are ugly.06:48
Cannoliwhat is synaptic06:48
ubotusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto06:48
sigmamoparisthebest: yeah slowly but they have left half of their chips out of the dev process, and most people who use linux use those chips06:48
moparisthebestI dont think nvidia needs to steal anything from ATI, maybe the other way around :P06:48
user_look for "xorg-driver-fglrx" and "xserver-xorg-video-ati" and that should be the ones you are looking for.06:48
moparisthebestoh, didn't know that sigma06:48
Cannoliuser_: can i look for those in either add/remove programs or adept manager?06:49
sigmalike my ati mobility 9000:(06:49
user_lemme see06:49
Xcelldidnt nvidia buy out ati>>and them ati was bought out by some one else?..talk about control.06:49
moparisthebestsigma, my laptop had an ATI mobility 9600, and it worked fine before the upgrade to gutsy06:50
sigmamoparisthebest: i have been impressed with nvidia though, their drivers work flawlessly and are so easy to install (repo version)06:50
sigmamoparisthebest: wat happened when u upgraded?06:50
moparisthebestyes, nvidia drivers are far superior06:50
user_fire up adept installer06:50
moparisthebestsigma, I never figured it out before my mobo died06:50
Don_jr333goodness, how do I register my nick?06:50
moparisthebestbut I had to use the VESA driver06:50
flaccid_man my new nas is um loud06:50
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration06:50
Dr_willis - /msg nickserv help06:50
sigmabut i think they've been in the linux game for longer06:50
user_search for synaptic package manager06:50
hydrogenand then install half of gnome06:51
sigmamoparisthebest: think that gutsy caused it to die?06:51
hydrogento get an equally bad package manager06:51
Don_jr333thank you06:51
user_check the box next to it and hit the install/update button06:51
moparisthebestI hope not :/06:51
hydrogenCannoli: use adept manager06:52
hydrogenits more useful than add/remove programs06:52
user_cannoli, let me know if it worked06:52
Cannolijust a sec06:52
sigmamoparisthebest: i still dont get what the point of gutsy was in kubuntu, hopefully hardy will be more promising06:52
hydrogenuser_: suggesting one install synaptic just to install packages (from adept) is quite frankly stupid06:52
user_that's just your opinion06:53
user_I like the other apt frontend better06:53
hydrogenno, its your opinion that synaptic is better than adept06:53
sigmaim looking forward to the new opensource ati driver release in hardy, seems to get closer to 3d acceleration every time06:53
Cannoliso its already installed06:53
user_I agree06:53
hydrogenits simple knowledge that installing half of gnome to do the same thing that can be done without half of gnome is kind of superflous06:53
user_it may or may not be better but that's what I prefer to use06:54
XcellHardy is going to set precedence.06:54
hydrogenuser_: except we are not talking about what you prefer to use06:54
user_linux is all about choice06:54
moparisthebestmight as well have a KDE vs GNOME argument, it all boils down to personal preference06:54
hydrogenCannoli: to answer your question without taking you on a huge round trip, you can search for the drivers in adept_manager06:54
hydrogenand install them there06:54
Xcellconical has gathered enough infi..they will put ./bill gates out.06:54
user_I'm not going to argue, I'm just trying to help out06:54
hydrogenyou could also reformat your harddrive, install red hat, and do it through their package manager06:55
Hirvinen_hydrogen: Disk space is cheap. I prefer Synaptic's UI to that of Adept, so I use that.06:55
user_how about yast:P06:55
sigmaxcell: it better! gutsy was rather hopeless, all it did was update all my software and add irritating apps like dolphin and strigi, but it did stop my laptop hdd from clicking at shutdown and im grateful for that06:56
Xcelluser: dont bother..they love only to argue.06:56
hydrogenHirvinen_: thats fine, but that doesn't mean you suggest installing synaptic when one asks how to do something in adept06:56
moparisthebestyou hate dolphin too sigma ?06:56
Saiedi have this error. please guide me: http://i16.tinypic.com/71ftkk6.png06:56
sigmaoh has anyone here tried miro version 1.0.2, i hear it runs real slow06:56
* Cannoli is not fond of dolphin06:56
user_me either06:56
Cannoliits quite useless in my opinion06:57
* hydrogen is growing to like dolphin06:57
moparisthebesti removed it06:57
hydrogenits a nice visual alternative to konsole06:57
user_miro always crashed for me06:57
hydrogenthough konsole is still my file manager of choice06:57
moparisthebesti like konqueror06:57
moparisthebestis that what you mean hydrogen ?06:57
hydrogenI mean konsole06:57
sigmamoparisthebest: with a passion, but the kde4 one looks a bit promising, i still like konqueror, its alot more mature06:57
Xcellsigma: linux (ubuntu) is debian that is a (learned) system..it is not like the blind sided o/s that gates created to keep the masses silly.06:57
moparisthebestkonsole as a file manager hydrogen ? isn't it just a terminal emulator?06:58
Cannolihow do i get to the config for my xorg06:58
sigmafor eg in dolphin if you cut a file off your desktop, and paste it into a folder in dolphin the file never disappears off your desktop until you manually remove it06:58
moparisthebest/etc/X11/xorg.conf Cannoli06:58
sigmaconnoli: open it as root06:59
Cannolibut that just lets me edit it06:59
sigmaxcell: yeah i know that, thats why i use it!06:59
moparisthebestisnt that what you want Cannoli ?06:59
Cannolithere was a way i could like configure/set it up06:59
Cannoliim no good with linux commands, its too early for me to know them :P06:59
sigmanice to see microsoft getting scared though06:59
user_don't you have the restricted drivers prog? cannoli06:59
=== christian_ is now known as N1ghtm4r3
N1ghtm4r3Helloooo everybody07:00
moparisthebestmaybe ATI has some sort of control panel? nvidia does07:00
Cannolithe new prog user_ that asks to use the driver?07:00
N1ghtm4r3ATI does07:00
XcellThank god for these resources called (chat-forums) that freely teach through (volunteers).07:00
Cannolii have it, and i used it and thats how im in this dilemma07:00
sigmaunfortunately threatening mark shuttleworth won't get u far in this world!07:00
Cannoliamen to that Xcell07:00
user_looking for it in my menus but don't see it anymore,,,,07:00
moparisthebesti still say give envy a shot Cannoli07:00
Cannolioh wait07:01
Cannolibefore i try anything07:01
Cannolii have a major question07:01
sigmaso no one here tried miro?07:01
XcellSo: why not  send Ubuntu a donation..beats paying bill his dues..right? and the rest is free...do it today.07:01
sigmalol so true07:02
Cannoliwhen i boot up my pc, i see like 5 different choices all having to do with kubuntu. i cant access the first one but i can access the debug one (number 2) and currently i am on number 3. is that bad?07:02
sigmaim off, later guys07:02
hydrogenXcell: well, one major reason is that ubunto just does a good job of taking everyone elses work and putting it together to make it nice and easy to use07:02
moparisthebestdefine 'cant access the first one07:03
hydrogenwhy not send all the developers of all the programs that ubuntu has used monies as welL!07:03
Xcellk sigma take care.07:03
user_cannoli, this link looks like what you are talking about07:03
Cannoliwell when it loads up, it takes me to a black screen07:03
Cannolithose are the instructions i followed user_ after that new program that came with the update messed up everything07:04
moparisthebestENVY! :)07:04
Cannolilmao, ok i shalll try it then07:04
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »07:04
moparisthebestexcept for when restricted manager breaks stuff07:04
moparisthebestthen use envy07:04
Cannolishould i just reinstall linux :S07:05
t1n0m3nwhat is the best way to install flash?  I have installed flashplugin-nonfree.  What do I do next?  I am running kubuntu6407:05
Cannolii realize its a very windows thing to do, but it just seems easier than going through this hassle07:05
moparisthebestat least give envy a shot first Cannoli, it works :)07:05
Cannoliwell where can i get it07:05
Cannoliits not even in adept07:05
moparisthebestt1n0m3n, flash and java do not work in a 64-bit browser07:05
moparisthebestCannoli, http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html07:06
moparisthebestt1n0m3n, for java, you are stuck with installing a 32-bit browser and 32-bit java07:06
user_so this didn't work for you cannoli?  it only caused the problem?  Open the restricted drivers manager from KMenu → System Settings → Advanced → Restricted Drivers and select "ATI accelerated graphics driver". This will hopefully enable fglrx in a painless way.07:07
moparisthebestbut I finally got the latest version of nspluginwrapper to let flash work in a 64-bit browser07:07
Xcellya 32 bit browser...07:07
Xcellgoogle it07:07
t1n0m3nI got firefox so I think I have the 32 bit browser already.  I have java installed07:07
moparisthebestif you installed it through apt-get you have the 64-bit version07:08
moparisthebestand java comes in 64-bit, but no browser plugin07:08
stdin!flash64 | t1n0m3n07:08
ubotut1n0m3n: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava07:08
Cannolino user_ because im still getting the wrong fglrxinfo07:08
Xcellthanks moparisthebest.07:08
Xcelllol what a long name without tab.07:09
user_that's wierd07:09
moparisthebestdont type it without tab then Xcell ;)07:09
Xcellj/k dont take it personal.07:10
user_cannoli, is this on a desktop, laptop, mac?07:10
moparisthebestI don't, im playing with you :P07:10
user_typical linux stuff, new hardware doesn't work for a few months until someone writes drivers for it07:11
moparisthebestmaybe someone has written the latest drivers, which are the ones envy will get for you ;)07:11
Cannolijust a sec moparisthebest, looking it up as we speak07:12
mosiacanyone here feel like helping someone with some stupid questions real quick?07:12
moparisthebestgo for it mosiac07:12
bazhangask away mosiac07:12
user_I would probably try a fresh install one last time and update the ati drivers with the restricted drivers prog and if it didn't work then either try another distro or just live with 2d until there are working drivers available07:12
=== hagabaka` is now known as hagabaka
mosiacI have to hard drives i recently formated into ext3 and i just need to know what to put in to get them to auto mount on boot07:12
Cannoliwill the stuff for ubuntu work for kubuntu?07:12
moparisthebestyes Cannoli07:12
XcellWell: windows is proprietary for a reason..they get paid to keep it ..on the other hand..linux is only user supported...little cheaper in the long run.07:13
moparisthebestbut before I tried a fresh install, at least give envy a shot07:13
Cannoliuser_: im going to try envy first07:13
user_cannoli, yeah they should07:13
user_gnome stuff07:13
moparisthebestmosiac, put them in /etc/fstab07:13
Cannoliand i remember when i first installed linux that there is a way to just reinstall the os without losing files07:13
Cannoliis that possible?07:13
user_sorry I could't solve your problem cannoli, I tried07:14
Xcellyes  backup.07:14
bazhangseperate home dir Cannoli07:14
ubotuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning07:14
mosiaccan i just copy the same stuff for my main hard drive and just change locations?07:14
moparisthebestyes mosiac07:15
Xcellbook mark them07:15
Cannoliits ok user_, i really appreciate your help07:15
user_heh, I've installed and reinstalled os's so much it isn't such a big deal anymore07:15
Cannoliso how do i figure out wht kinda kubuntu i have?07:15
Xcelllool user..i have to..got tired of it..07:15
Cannolilike whats allthis fiesty, gutsy thing?07:16
t3ch13Anybody know where I can find info on installing Compiz-Fusion in Gutsy?07:16
moparisthebest7.10 is gutsy, 7.04 is fiesty07:16
user_just save my bookmarks and anything I wanna keep in the home folder on a external hd or usb thumbdrive then wipe the drive and start over07:16
XcellIt pays to read and take physical notes.07:16
moparisthebest6.10 is edgy i think07:16
hydrogenCannoli: lsb-release -c07:16
hydrogenwill tell you07:16
bazhang!compiz | t3ch1307:16
ubotut3ch13: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion07:16
mosiacalso im getting a strange little error : "var/tmp/kdecache-mosiac" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0 what did i do wrong there?07:16
hydrogenlsb_release -c07:16
Cannoliah ok07:17
Cannoliso i have gutsy07:17
moparisthebestthat is normal mosiac, you are probably running something as root?07:17
mosiacok cool07:17
mosiacwell thanks I think thats everything07:18
moparisthebestfor now anyway mosiac, ive been using it for 2+ years and still have questions :)07:18
Cannolii love ubotu07:20
mosiachehe yeah i:m gonna reboot real quick and see if those drives mount right07:20
moparisthebestmount -a07:21
moparisthebestor sudo mount -a07:21
mosiaci left something out "No final newline at end of /etc/fstab"07:21
moparisthebestyea, it just gives you a warning07:22
moparisthebestjust add one in07:22
mosiacwhat do i put?07:22
Cannoliso i dont understand, whats the major differnce (program code wise) between windows programs and linux programs?07:22
moparisthebesta new line at the bottom (blank line) mosiac07:22
moparisthebestfor one they use a different executable format Cannoli07:23
mosiacok cool07:23
hydrogenand have a different window system07:23
Cannolibut when it comes down to it, its just the same if statemends and loops07:23
hydrogenbut it uses different functions07:23
user_anyone here try the eeepc yet?07:23
hydrogenand apis07:23
hydrogento achieve the same result07:23
mosiacsays my mount points dont exist but they do07:23
stdinCannoli: mostly, but the machine code (compiled code) is different07:23
Cannoliso if i wanted to write a linux program, i could write it for windows, then make a few adjusments and have it linux-i-fied?07:24
moparisthebestyou made the directories mosiac ?07:24
mosiaci can see them when i ls07:24
moparisthebestCannoli, you are confusing program source code and executable formats I think07:24
Cannolioh no07:24
moparisthebestyou can compile a C or C++ program for windows or linux07:24
Cannolienvy came up with an error07:25
moparisthebestthe source code would be the same, but the executable formats would be different07:25
stdinCannoli: depends, with simple text-mode ones you probably don't have to change anything. and if you'd use Qt for GUI apps, then it can run on windows, linux and mac07:25
Cannoli Bad luck, the kernel headers for the target kernel version could  not be found and you did not specify other valid kernel headers to use.07:26
Cannolienvy error :(07:26
moparisthebestoh, Cannoli just install the headers for your kernel07:26
mosiaci got it no problems had to extra spaces in there i didnt notice or something07:26
moparisthebestvia apt-get07:26
stdinCannoli: "sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-generic"07:26
moparisthebestits a package07:26
Cannoliit said i already have the newest version :S07:28
moparisthebestof both?07:29
Cannolithere are 2?07:29
moparisthebest2 packages that stdin said to install07:29
mosiacawesome hard drives mounted works great07:29
moparisthebestyou didn't compile your own kernel or something did you?07:33
=== beroual is now known as abyssion
moparisthebestwait, didnt you say you were using an older kernel Cannoli ?07:33
moparisthebest(not the top in the list on grub)07:33
Cannoliwhats a grub? XD07:33
moparisthebestyour boot screen07:34
Cannolioh yea07:34
moparisthebestuse the top kernel07:34
Cannoliim using an older version, atleast thats what i think it is07:34
Cannolii cant07:34
Cannolii get a black screen, xever doesnt start up07:34
stdinCannoli: try "sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)" then07:34
Cannoliand i cant even access terminals07:34
moparisthebestyou can access a terminal by pressing alt-f2 through alt-f607:35
Cannolino can do07:35
moparisthebestbut just do what stdin said07:35
moparisthebestwhy can't you do that? it has to do something07:35
CannoliPackage linux-headers-2.6.20-16-generic is not available07:35
Cannolithe error i get07:36
abyssionfrench ? or kubuntu-fr please07:36
stdinabyssion: join #kubuntu-fr then07:36
moparisthebestwhat happens when you try to boot the top kernel Cannoli ?07:36
abyssioniam bannned from kubuntu-fr07:36
stdinabyssion: then your only option is #ubuntu-fr07:36
Xcell2 much.07:36
abyssioniam banned too07:36
moparisthebesthow did you get banned abyssion ?07:36
abyssioni don't know07:37
moparisthebestyou have logs don't you?07:37
stdinabyssion: ask the ops why you are banned07:37
Xcellprolly getting angry that no one answers.07:37
moparisthebestis there a #xubuntu-fr07:37
Cannoliwell the logo comes up and kubuntu loads, then i get a black screen. i try to change terminals but that doesnt even work07:37
abyssioniam not banned from xubuntu-fr07:37
moparisthebestok Cannoli , highlight the top one, hit e (for edit), go down one line, hit e again, go to the end of the line and remove 'splash'07:38
* hydrogen doesn't think that will remain the case for long07:38
stdinabyssion: use "/msg chanserv access #kubuntu-fr list" to find out who the ops of #kubuntu-fr are and ask them07:38
* moparisthebest agrees with hydrogen 07:38
abyssionOkay stdin07:38
XcellWhen some one new installs. they often get angry due to that answers are not always credibly there.07:38
bazhangor instantly there more like07:39
Cannoliok well then i have to restart07:39
abyssion19 access in ubuntu-fr07:39
Cannoliwhat should i do when i get to the terminal?07:39
abyssionyou speak french ?07:39
abyssion1 user speak french ?07:39
moparisthebestCannoli, sudo envy -t07:39
moparisthebestyou seem to speak english well enough abyssion07:40
XcellThis is an english channel..Understand?07:40
XcellStop being willfully ignorant..thank you.07:41
abyssionOkay sorry...07:41
abyssionGood bye07:41
abyssionGood day07:41
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion07:44
N1ghtm4r3i do speak french wtf happened i was afk07:44
XcellI speak beer..wanna conversate?07:45
stdinN1ghtm4r3: please don't use acronyms like "wtf" in here07:46
XcellSpeaking linguistically I am not a racist..07:46
Cannoliit worked!07:47
Cannolii love u mopar07:47
moparisthebestI told you envy ruled07:48
Xcellsend donations..lol.07:48
CannoliXcell: i shall as soon as i get some money07:48
XcellI beleive you..its the right thing to do for an o/s that (actually) rules.07:49
Cannolii have no problem giving money to things that deserve it07:49
Cannolithats why i usually steal from windows, i think they owe me :P07:50
XcellExactly..Dont forget.07:50
Cannolinext paycheck :)07:50
XcellI trust.07:50
XcellLinux Rocks it's a$$ off...admit it.07:51
ardchoilleLinux is cool.. been using it since 200107:51
flaccid_freebsd is cooler :p07:52
Xcellardchoille: .All I have seen from you is , help, you are an attribute to the o/s...god bless U.07:52
moparisthebestfreebsd is alright07:52
N1ghtm4r3can someone tell me how to install flash on Konqueror?07:53
XcellFree bsd is for engineers.07:53
N1ghtm4r3i downloaded it and im gona extract it in home folder , what next07:53
flaccid_Xcell: not since i last checked07:54
ardchoilleXcell: ty :)07:54
stdinN1ghtm4r3: just install "flashplugin-nonfree"07:54
moparisthebestI think konqueror supports mozilla-like plugins, so put the plugin in the konqueror plugins folder07:54
ardchoille!flash | N1ghtm4r307:54
ubotuN1ghtm4r3: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash07:54
N1ghtm4r3stdin: ... how?07:54
Cannolinow to get me a matrix screen saver :D07:54
moparisthebestXcell, what makes you say that?07:54
stdinN1ghtm4r3: with adept or apt-get07:54
ardchoilleCannoli: iirc, the kde screensaver app canuse xscreensavers07:54
XcellI have no comment.07:55
N1ghtm4r3stdin: so i type apt-get flashplayer-installer ?07:55
ardchoilleCannoli: apt-cache search xscreensaver07:55
stdinN1ghtm4r3: no07:55
moparisthebesthehe, Cannoli did you install linux just for a matrix screensaver? :)07:55
stdinN1ghtm4r3: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree07:55
Cannolilmao moparisthebest, i installed it for the basic hacker look, and i wanted something new to play with07:56
Cannolii tire of windows :P07:56
moparisthebestyea, I was just playing with you07:56
N1ghtm4r3stdin: god i definitly need to learn what sudo and apt-get means07:57
moparisthebestthats how I started too, just installed it to play around for a bit, then I got hooked :/07:57
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.07:57
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:57
Xcellwell said stdin..07:57
Cannoliso how often does a new version of kubuntu come out07:58
Cannolilike this one is gusty, whens the next one due07:58
moparisthebestevery 6 months on the dot07:58
Cannolioh sweet07:58
moparisthebest7.10, the next would be 8.0407:58
XcellBreak the Conditioning of Windows People..Linux is Way better.07:58
moparisthebestget it, the month and year? :)07:58
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases07:58
N1ghtm4r3stdin: it doesnt work07:58
N1ghtm4r3stdin: it says its already the latest version07:59
moparisthebestlike this version, 7.10 was released 10 (october) of 0707:59
Cannolihahah i get it now. i just dont get the name :S07:59
stdinN1ghtm4r3: then you already have it installed07:59
Cannolithe next one should be Cannoli :D07:59
N1ghtm4r3stdin: but it doesnt work ...07:59
stdinCannoli: it'll be hardy herron07:59
moparisthebestN1ghtm4r3, are you using the 64bit version of kubuntu by chance?08:00
moparisthebestcheck in your konqueror settings, you may have to turn it on or something08:00
stdinN1ghtm4r3: I just installed it, opened konqueror and had flash working08:00
moparisthebestIve just used it in firefox08:00
stdinN1ghtm4r3: make sure you restart konqueror after installing flash08:01
N1ghtm4r3stdin: thats what you dont understand ... i downloaded something from add/remove program .. it was restricted files thingie08:01
stdinyes, that installed the package I said08:01
Xcellstill..stdin knows.08:02
XcellLinux is not windows.08:02
moparisthebestearlier I was going to say always listen to stdin, but that really doesn't make sense, since you always listen to stdout08:03
XcellSry to int-erupt.08:03
moparisthebesttechnically, stdin should always listen to us, right?08:03
stdinno, I redirect you all to /dev/null :)08:03
moparisthebestbut you couldn't, only stdout could ;)08:04
XcellIt amazes me.some get lucky and subscribe to as standard..what apharce.08:04
XcellIt amazes me.some get lucky and subscribe it to as a standard..what a farce.08:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about screensaver - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xscreensaver - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:07
XcellCannoli: try systemsettings>monitor.08:07
Cannolino its a serperate program i had before08:08
Cannoliits called xscreensaver08:08
Cannolii just cant remember how to get all the files for it08:08
Xcellya exactly.08:08
N1ghtm4r3alright ... as far as i know .. Java is enabled08:08
stdin!find xscreensaver08:08
ubotuFound: xscreensaver, xscreensaver-data, xscreensaver-gl, xscreensaver-data-extra, xscreensaver-gl-extra08:09
N1ghtm4r3i cant find flash08:09
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash08:09
moparisthebestgnash doesn't work, so don't waste your time with it08:09
XcellI'm glad I stuck with 32 bit..oi.08:09
moparisthebest64 bit brings a challenge (headache) :)08:10
XcellI almost converted.08:10
N1ghtm4r3im on 32 too08:10
moparisthebesti use 64 on my desktop, but 32 on the laptop08:10
XcellI have my brother who will bring a asuse 64 bit..tomorrow...I told him..leave it a weeks worth..lol.08:11
moparisthebestsuse? uck I can't stand RPM distrobutions08:12
Xcellasuse is a mobo.08:12
moparisthebestoh, asus?08:12
moparisthebestyep, I've used them, in fact my laptop is an asus08:12
moparisthebestbut the cpu is what makes it 64 bit or not08:13
Xcellwwwith nvida drivers..go figure...atleats it (aint) ati...olo.08:13
Xcellwith nvidia video08:13
=== _dac_ is now known as _da61_
XcellHe will hate me..He has ati card..and I wont deal with it.08:14
XcellAti always breaks.08:15
Xcellby design.08:15
moparisthebestive always liked nvidia and amd, even when i used windows08:16
moparisthebestbut now amd owns ati, and core2duos are better than amd :(08:16
XcellAmd rocks as well as nvidia..08:16
XcellExactly..I told someone that nvidia bought ati and they called me a liar..i saw the docs.08:17
Xcell1.5 yrs ago.08:17
nevilleCan somebody help me with my microphone please?08:18
gadrensay, what would be the best way to format a USB flash drive in KDE?08:18
N1ghtm4r3so what am i supose to do about my flash not working? o_o08:18
nevilleWhat happens is, it's connected to the Mic jack on the sound card08:18
nevilleBut it doesn't detect any sound08:19
nevilleThis isn't the case in Windows though08:19
nevilleany ideas?08:19
ardchoillegadren: I use qtparted for that.08:19
gadrenthanks, ardchoille08:19
ardchoillegadren: Depends on which OS you will be using the usb key in. If Linux only, then probably ext2 or ext3, if Linux+Windows, probably fat3208:19
Xcellardchoille: Rocks..watch.08:20
Cannolik im off to bed08:21
Cannolithanx alot for you help everyone08:21
ardchoilleI think for a usb key, ext2 is the best way to go because ext3 would end up eating up some of the available memory in order to hold the journal.08:22
XcellDoing test..re-boot.brb..thanks.08:24
ardchoilleXcell: wait08:25
ardchoilleXcell: Why are you rebooting? It's possible you can do what's needed without a reboot08:25
N1ghtm4r3so? .. about flash?08:29
Xcellim good.08:29
XcellAmarok rocks for a start up app.08:30
Xcellhtop rocks too..get it.08:31
Xcellmy cpu is from alaska..lol.08:31
XcellI stifle.08:32
N1ghtm4r3i think i found out why it doesnt work08:32
N1ghtm4r3i have Mozilla firefox installed cause some guy made me apt-get Ubuntustudios-desktop08:33
N1ghtm4r3and it downloaded lots of useless stuff08:33
N1ghtm4r3so when i try to install flash it installs it for mozilla08:33
gadrenin Firefox, Ctrl+K brought the focus onto the search bar.  Does Konq have a similar keyboard shortcut?08:33
N1ghtm4r3so how do i take all this off?08:34
stdinN1ghtm4r3: sorry, I have firefox too, flash still works08:34
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Open adept and start uninstalling stuff. But be careful and watch the deps that get uninstalled or you may uninstall something you need.08:34
N1ghtm4r3add/delete ?08:35
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: adept_manager08:35
Xcelltricky stuff..if a newbee..be ware.08:40
XcellDoes not kubuntu have a switch wich brings the install to null?08:40
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: i type it in Konsole and it will bring it up?08:41
XcellIt should.08:41
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: yes08:41
N1ghtm4r3Xcell: i dont know =S ... im a long time winDoser08:41
Xcelllol    k08:41
XcellWould save hd's as well as band width.08:42
N1ghtm4r3im using the adept installer right now and it actualy does the same08:42
XcellN1ghtm4r3:  i used ad remove for restricted xtras..it did the job.08:43
Xcellall was installed without fail.08:43
Xcell2 much java installs create bad bean soup..lol.08:44
mosiacanyone an avid amarok user?08:46
mosiaci clicked something wrong the first time i opened it and now i cant get it to look for songs08:47
mosiaclol nm08:48
mosiaci found what i need hehe08:48
Xcellwhat was it.08:48
mosiaci just had to goto options and tell it which folders my song files were in08:48
Xcellk thanks..08:48
XcellI love Amarok..beats windoze winamp witch aol runs...total crap.08:50
mosiacwell im really used to itunes08:50
mosiacwhich is why i like it hehe08:50
Xcellted turner needs a hair cut..lol.08:51
Xcellhe is drain bramaged.08:51
mosiacok awesome new questions hehe anyone play tremelous?08:52
Xcellwhats that  game?08:52
mosiacits a fps with aliens and humans08:52
mosiacsupposedly pretty good08:52
mosiacbut i can never get it to load08:52
Xcellmy wife told me I was grounded from games.08:52
ardchoillemosiac: The ubuntu forums might have some info about it08:53
Xcellshe has no shares..08:53
mosiaci was doing some searches08:53
mosiacbut i dont think i found anything gonna check real quick08:53
XcellW@ill work for Kubuntu.08:54
Xcellgoofy kee bord.08:54
XcellMust need cleaning..08:55
neo_guys I have a dual monitor setup and I have recently migrated from windows to Kubuntu 7.10. My second monitor is showing only lines. What to do. I tried to configure monitor and display but I end up no kde(x) after boot?08:56
ardchoilleXcell: You using my kb again? lol08:56
Xcelllol.I have hukt on fonix fer kee bords.08:56
ubotuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead08:57
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama08:57
N1ghtm4r3xcell: no i mean im uninstalling everything related to Ubuntustudios08:58
N1ghtm4r3Xcell: sorry it took a while08:58
sigmabesides konq, firefox what other web browsers are available for kde/kubuntu?08:58
XcellN1ghtm4r3: it is a question of what works..I have litle experience in multiple extractions/.08:59
sigmaN1ghtm4r3: why not just install the regular ubuntu?08:59
Xcellsogma: I will tickle you...Kubuntu Rocks.09:00
ardchoillesigma: There's opera, available from the partner repo09:00
ardchoille!info opera09:00
ubotuPackage opera does not exist in gutsy09:00
ubotuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser09:00
ardchoillesigma: There's also links and elinks09:01
Xcellardchoille: how do I enable java with opera..that is what stoped me.09:01
* ardchoille hides09:01
posingaspopularwhere are the openoffice temp files stored?09:01
moparisthebestopera isn't that hot anyway Xcell09:02
ardchoilleXcell: Installing opera via the package manager should take care of that for you, it did for me.09:02
XcellEven though firefox is more automated.09:02
=== tuxwulf_ is now known as tuxwulf
neo_'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx', will this command install my nvidia gforece fx 5500 drivers?09:02
sigmaxcell: lol sorry meant install regular kubuntu09:02
Xcellscrew opera..is sings the bad tune.09:02
ardchoilleneo_: Hold on..09:02
sigmai tried opera, it looks old09:03
N1ghtm4r3sigma: Cause ubuntu sucks .... gnome fails09:03
neo_Hold on what you mean hold on, I just ran it, is ok?09:03
XcellGut fealing told me..dont do it...opera.09:03
neo_dude is it ok?09:03
sigmaN1ghtm4r3: so try thats y i use kubuntu!09:03
ardchoilleneo_: That's the correct driver, yes, I wanted to look it up.09:03
neo_oh! thanks, scared me there.09:04
ardchoilleneo_: After installing it, you need to enable the driver and restart xorg09:04
neo_ok thanks09:04
posingaspopularanyone know where the open office temp files are located?09:04
sigmadoes anyone know why the miro player has so many gnome dependencies? it looks really cool and dont get me wrong so does amarok, but miro plays both audio and video, unless theres a way to play video with amarok as well?09:04
N1ghtm4r3i believe amarok does too ... ­>,>09:05
ardchoilleposingaspopular: I wanna say /tmp09:05
NickPrestaAmarok doesn't play video.09:05
posingaspopularim pretty sure that programs all have their own hidden /programname files09:06
Linux_Galoresigma: Amarok 2 can play audio and video to. What your forgetting is Amarok doesnt just play audio it can stream from the web and manage a podcast downloads to you ipod09:06
Xcelltemp files09:07
sigmaLinux_Galore: how do u make it play a video file?09:07
mosiacif i just restart x will it start using a new vid card driver?09:07
Linux_Galoresigma: install v209:07
Xcellsigma: vlc09:07
posingaspopularkde/ktorrent or something similar09:07
doyalBaBaAmarok can play VIDEO?!!!!!09:07
ardchoillemosiac: It will use the driver that is defined in xorg.conf09:07
N1ghtm4r3mh i've seen those nifty 'widget/applet' onscreen in some screenshots .. i'd like some lol09:08
Linux_GaloreVersion 2.0 can09:08
mosiacI downloaded the nvidia driver from synaptic will that setup the driver for me or is there something else I need to do?09:08
sigmaLinux_Galore: where do u get it from? i have the one that came with ubuntu 7.1009:08
Linux_Galorethanks to phonon Amarok 2 can play video09:08
ardchoillemosiac: You installed it via synaptic?09:08
Xcellsigma needs spanked..lol.09:08
mosiacwell downloaded it i assume it installed it09:08
ardchoillemosiac: Which driver? nvidia?09:08
mosiacnvidia 'new' driver.. mistake?09:09
Linux_Galoresigma: Amrok 2.0 isnt in the 7.10 repo, it should be in hardy in a few weeks09:09
sigmaLinux_Galore: and that will work in 7.10?09:09
ardchoillemosiac: Don't know, I've never used that one. Try this in a terminal: sudo nvidia-glx-config enable09:09
Linux_Galoresigma: well I use kmplayer for video and amarok for audio09:10
=== beroual is now known as abyssion
Xcellsigma: Invite me to dinner...please.09:10
sigmaisn't amarok 2.0 the one thats in the kde4 live cd's?09:10
doyalBaBaAmarok v2 can play video? WOW... ... surprising!!!!09:11
mosiacit said that my x config has been altered but then it says that the script can not proceed automatically that right?09:11
Linux_Galorealthough these days I have so little time so I watch  videos and listen to music on my Nokia N810 (yay amazon) thanks to canola09:11
XcellLook 4 Amarok to take the codec by storm...I didnt tell ya. shh.09:11
ardchoille!nvidia | mosiac09:11
ubotumosiac: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:11
ardchoillemosiac: Read that page, there's some helpful stuff there.09:12
Linux_GaloredoyalBaBa: well Amarok V2 uses the new phonon back end in kde 4. The funny thing is phonon makes playing media so easy the amarok guys found they could hack video support in after a few hours09:12
XcellAmarok will soon make m$ look like phisher price..stand by.09:13
mosiacok followed what it said, that was much eaiser then i thought hehe09:13
ardchoilleXcell: That's already been done :P09:13
mosiacneed to restart x now?09:13
=== doyalBaBa is now known as titanix88
ardchoillemosiac: No, you just need to restart xorg09:14
sigmalol, just needs video + dvd support and it'll be up there with the best!09:14
mosiaccontrol alt backspace? or is there a better way?09:14
XcellI c ardchoille..nice..but it has more to come.09:14
ardchoillemosiac: Save all your work, open a terminal and do:  sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart09:14
XcellLinux Rocks boys...Rock on.09:14
Xcellsigma: dont feel left out..I have hamburger on the grill.09:15
Linux_GaloreI was talking to an IT guy while I was shopping with the missus and I was talking about Linux etc and some of the work I do and the guy wants me to go and do a job interview lol09:16
Xcellj/k sigma..just goshing with ya..k?09:16
ardchoilleLinux_Galore: Go for it :)09:16
Linux_Galoreok who has a problem09:16
sigmaits cool09:16
ardchoilleLinux_Galore: I have a problem09:17
Linux_Galoreardchoille: Im getting out of IT and moving to marketing09:17
sigmadam kmplayer is pretty resource friendly09:17
Xcellk sigma..just having fun..no pun intended..you are way cool to lose.09:17
ardchoilleLinux_Galore: I can't find lib-print-what-i-meant-not-what-i-typed09:17
Linux_Galoreardchoille: ?09:18
ardchoilleToo many typos lately :/09:18
Xcelllol must be that jukt on fonix failure.09:18
Linux_Galoreardchoille: use a client that spell checks on the fly09:18
ardchoilleXcell: hahaha09:18
XcellI love ya ardchoille..ya know that.09:19
* Linux_Galore starts playing the Love Boat theme song09:19
XcellI'm not perfect by no means.I have my days..but....ya know.09:20
Xcelland sigma is my buddy..he ows me dinner..\09:20
Linux_GaloreXcell: perfection is a mental disease09:21
XcellExactly..Well said.09:21
Xcellsigma has excellent ideas..he needs to mail conical about them.. he is actually a very sharp man.09:22
Xcellhas a god eye for detail.09:23
ardchoillehukt of fonix strikes again!09:23
Linux_Galoreyeah kmplayer is pretty cool if you want a simple player that doesnt suck up system resources09:23
Xcellcrappy kee bord sry09:24
ardchoilleI use mplayer for almost everything09:24
Linux_GaloreI should post  my kmplayerrc file as it works pretty well09:24
sigmaxcell: what on earth r u going on about:)09:24
Xcellmy bord was made from dell09:24
XcellU sigma..U rock 2.09:25
sigmalinux_galore: what does that file do?09:25
Linux_Galorekmplayerrc file = configuration file for kmplayer that defines how the player reacts09:25
XcellIt stutters 209:25
ardchoilleLinux_Galore: Register on the wiki and make a homepage for yourself.. you can post it there :)09:25
Linux_Galoreardchoille: its just a text file09:26
sigmawel i need 2reboot, cheers for now09:26
Xcellok my bit sigma..U rock..09:26
Linux_GaloreIm trying to remember the cutpast url09:26
ardchoilleLinux_Galore: pastebin?09:26
Linux_Galorethats is09:26
ardchoille!pastebin | Linux_Galore09:26
ubotuLinux_Galore: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)09:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pastbin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:26
crazy_busthe only way to resume a file in wget is to go to the correct directory and type; wget -c url. Is their a easier way to resume something?09:27
Xcellsigma: U have god ideas..so..hurry and shut up about them...no waiting.09:27
ardchoillecrazy_bus: You can use kget09:27
Xcellhas a dell kee bord 4 sale...cheap.09:28
ardchoillelol, no thanks09:28
ardchoilleI can typo all by myself :P09:28
Xcelllol  no waiting.09:29
MacAnthonyfor some reason my wireless controller doesn't show in my knetworkmanager - any one think of a reason why?09:29
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:29
ardchoilleMacAnthony: Might try that09:29
MacAnthonyardchoille: my wireless card works, I'm using it, it just doesn't show in knetworkmanager09:30
titanix88crazy_bus: create .wgetrc file with ur desired defaults. :)09:30
Linux_Galoreok copy this file to /home/user_name/.kde/share/config   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47327/  it should make kmplayer work nice, took me a bit of stuffing around09:30
ardchoilleMacAnthony: I was thinking that maybe that page had some info about that issue09:30
Linux_Galorecall the file  kmplyerrc09:30
MacAnthonyI've been through the page to setup my card and didn't come across it, but I'll check again09:31
Linux_Galorekmplayerrc sorry09:31
ardchoilleMacAnthony: Ah, ok09:31
XcellThank god for knotes..i write every thing down..even though I cant spell.09:31
ardchoilleXcell: Have you tried basket?09:31
Xcellbasket? where?09:31
MacAnthonyardchoille: the only annoying thing is that I can't browse for available APs09:32
ardchoille!info basket09:32
ubotubasket: a multi-purpose note-taking application for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-2build2.1 (gutsy), package size 4854 kB, installed size 7540 kB09:32
Linux_GaloreI find the default setup for kmplayer is a bit retarded09:32
Xcellah t/y09:32
ardchoilleXcell: basket rocks!09:32
XcellI'll get it/\,09:32
MacAnthonyI can do a iwlist scan and get them that way, but no gui way09:32
titanix88Linux_Galore: not only retarded, it's freaking ugly!!09:32
Linux_Galoretitanix88: depends on the theme you use09:32
Xcellmoves to adept ..if i can spell it.09:33
* titanix88 wonders where is the crazy_bus guy!!! Did he gave up CLI?09:33
crazy_bustitanix88: I was looking at the wget file trying to find something to match resume09:34
titanix88continue = 0n09:34
titanix88or something like that! :)09:35
titanix88Anyone here played Commercial Tux Racer?09:35
crazy_busah thanks titanix8809:35
Xcellwow ..big file..brb09:35
mosiacgot it going all good heh09:36
titanix88crazy_bus: u r welcome!:)09:36
Xcell5 megs..I must be dumb.09:36
titanix88Anyone played commercial tux racer?09:37
XcellSee> if that was windoxe. I would have had to re-boot 5 times..lol.09:38
Xcellnot excluding the adware09:38
Xcelli can spell now..dell is in trouble.09:38
Linux_GaloreHeres a better copy of my kmplayerrc file with all the crud removed http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47330/  just copy it to  /home/uaer-name/.kde/share/config     http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47330/09:39
crazy_buswindows isn't that bad.  ok mabey it is.  But it becomes barely livable with cygwin.  (I have to live in it for the past few days due to my new computer failing for some reason :( )09:40
XcellThanks ardchoille.09:40
ardchoilleXcell: What for?09:41
Xcellardchoille: cant be substituted for patience and stability.09:41
mosiaci hate this computer somtimes09:41
sebastian^moin all09:42
Xcellardchoille: needs to be on Ubuntu salary.09:42
XcellWithout question.09:42
titanix88anyone know any channel abt linux games?09:43
ardchoilleXcell: Wait until you see the real guru's in action. There are folks in this channel that put me to shame :)09:43
N1ghtm4r3this is lulzorific09:44
N1ghtm4r3Flash still aint working09:44
XcellI understand ardchoille.but as it is U rock..they show up to show off..U show up to help..U are blessed.09:44
ardchoilleXcell: Thank you.09:44
XcellMore than welcome..09:44
mosiacgasp the world of warcraft howto thread seems to have vanished from the forums09:46
XcellI have watched the channel for 1 month..ardchoille is commit3ed..dont abuse him.09:46
jpatrickardchoille: real gurus?09:47
ardchoillejpatrick: Yes, folks like you :)09:47
jpatrickardchoille: nah, this is just me hobby :)09:48
Xcellgurus are show off's I know..I am an electronics tech..I can spot a show off in a heart beat.09:48
Xcellardchoille:  is commited..be nice.09:48
ardchoillejpatrick: Yeah, it's been a hobby of mine since 2001 ;)09:49
Xcellim done..brb09:49
N1ghtm4r3can someone help me?09:49
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: With what?09:49
titanix88Xcell u r a electronics guru?09:50
Xcell30+ yrs09:50
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: i've been having the same problem all night , i cant get Flash to work on Konqueror09:50
titanix88OMG :009:50
Xcellmy batteries died09:50
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: How did you install flash? Which version/package?09:50
titanix88i'm trying to be an electronics hobbyist. Where to start?09:51
Xcellgoogle forest mims09:51
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: installed trough add/remove program .. installed the restricted package09:52
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: What I did was "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree", then restarted konqueror and it worked great09:52
jpatrickN1ghtm4r3: have you searched for the new plugin in konquerors config?09:52
Xcellduty calls09:52
ardchoillejpatrick: That was my next step :)09:53
N1ghtm4r3jpatrick: I tried , cant find it09:53
titanix88Xcell: is it free?09:53
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Did you tell konq to scan for new plugins?09:53
jpatrickN1ghtm4r3: make sure you have /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree in the search list09:54
XcellDont know..09:54
Xcellforest m mims09:54
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: i entered sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree and it tell me 0 updated 0 installed 0 deleted09:54
Xcellgoogle that09:54
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Are you using Gutsy?09:54
Xcellgood christian engineer09:54
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: yeah09:55
N1ghtm4r3jpatrick: how do i do that anyway lol09:55
titanix88yeah. i got it. But i cant afford it.:(09:55
Xcellwhat titanix8809:55
jpatrickN1ghtm4r3: press in "New" and add it to the textbox09:55
N1ghtm4r3jpatrick: did , still doesnt work09:57
XcellDont go to radio shack,,they abuse electronics via texas instruments garbage..imported crap.09:57
jpatrickN1ghtm4r3: rescanned and restarted konq?09:57
N1ghtm4r3jpatrick: did twice09:58
jpatrickN1ghtm4r3: what does the plugins tab say?09:59
ardchoillejpatrick: fwiw, I don't have /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree in my konq plugins list, but flash works fine.09:59
titanix88Xcell: Not RadioShack! The website of the book of the author!09:59
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Are you by chance on a 64bit system?09:59
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: no lol10:00
jpatrickardchoille: that's where my libflashplayer.so seems to be..10:00
jpatricklet's see..10:00
jpatrick!flash | N1ghtm4r310:00
ubotuN1ghtm4r3: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash10:00
titanix88Xcell: forest mims is expensive.10:00
ardchoillejpatrick: As is mine, but that path isn't in the konq plugins list10:00
ardchoilleOh, well, it works.. I won't question it :)10:01
XcellNever buy electronics from best buy or walmart..they are re-repaired components sold as a lot sum..that is why they warranty everything as they do. I have repaired too much of that crap.10:01
XcellForest m mims is a cheap quality education..the man is spot on.10:02
titanix88Xcell: Actually im not a north american. I live in bangladesh. No radioshack here. :)10:02
N1ghtm4r3jpatrick: alredy done everything they said there .... still dont work10:03
XcellRadio shack is junk..unless it is a name brand..even then is costs 2 much as a 3rd party.10:03
titanix88but cluster of 25-30  small electronics shops. We call them bazar.10:03
jpatrickN1ghtm4r3: odd indeed10:04
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Just out of curiousity, open a terminal and do:  ls -l /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplayer.so10:04
mosiacso i installed the nvidia driver and it seemed to work fine but i am getting serious graphic glitches10:04
=== aRyn_ is now known as aRyn
Xcelltitanix88:  forest m mim rules as a means of truthful teaching of the field..beats anyone who professes as such..10:05
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: it says none find10:05
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: found*10:05
XcellThe man is christian and truthful,,no bogus info any where.10:05
ardchoilleKeep in mind that this is a support channel. All off-topic chat should go to #kubuntu-offtopic10:05
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Ah hah!10:06
ardchoillejpatrick: You see that?10:06
Xcellnite N1ghtm4r310:06
jpatrickardchoille: ok ok ;) must be my setup10:06
Xcelloh  sry10:06
ardchoillejpatrick: he's missing /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplayer.so10:06
XcellI have 4 roms watching sry.10:06
titanix88Xcell: Ok. Thnx.10:07
Xcelly/w titanix88.10:07
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: i feel that in a way or another i pretty much caused it?10:07
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: What do you get when you: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree10:07
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: it wouldnt surprize me .. im a long time win-Doser10:07
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: No problem, I'mm trying to help sort it out10:08
Xcelllol dosser10:08
N1ghtm4r3no Xcell lol10:08
N1ghtm4r3a winDoser10:08
N1ghtm4r3as in bulldoser10:08
vzduchXcell: only 4 rooms? o010:09
N1ghtm4r3there will be a small spam10:09
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Wait10:09
ardchoille!pastebin | N1ghtm4r310:09
ubotuN1ghtm4r3: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:09
Xcellvzduch: what?..lol10:09
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47341/10:10
vzduchXcell: if you mean IRC channels.. I have 12 of 'em open10:10
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: its french but its pretty self explanatory10:10
=== Shely is now known as iE18
vzduchand I know ppl who have ~30 open all the time10:10
XcellI am duplistic in nature.10:10
XcellThey are robots..dont kid yourself vz.10:11
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: I'm seeing a lot of stuff I shouldn't be seeing there10:11
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: fun fun fun10:11
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47344/10:13
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: WTH!?10:13
ardchoilleThat's what you should have seen10:14
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: What's up with all those deps?10:14
Xcellvzduch: We here are humans..others need not apply.10:14
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: could it be because someone made me install Ubuntu Studios's desktop ... frigging gnome10:14
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Quite possibly10:14
jpatrickardchoille: seems he has it, but in french :D without the weird dep problems10:14
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: is there a way to fix it? or its fucked?10:15
XcellSo stop showing off already.10:15
ardchoillejpatrick: yeah10:15
jpatrick!language | N1ghtm4r310:15
ubotuN1ghtm4r3: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:15
N1ghtm4r3!nofun | jpatrick10:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nofun - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:15
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Try this for me: sudo apt-get autoremove10:15
N1ghtm4r3joking with you jpatrick10:15
XcellShowing off is a sign of insecurity.10:16
Xcellbrb in 3 mins.10:16
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: it is asking me *same list* is gona be removed , do you want to continue?10:16
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: autoremove removes files/deps that are no longer needed. Your call, but I would recommend it10:17
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: you are the master here lol im still a n00bunteros10:17
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Seems you had a lot of junk left over from the ubuntustudio-desktop install10:18
N1ghtm4r3ardchoile: pretty much yeah10:18
ardchoilleThat should get rid of it10:18
N1ghtm4r3ardchoile: its uninstallin now10:18
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: is this gona remove ubuntu studios too? *i wish*10:19
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: When that's done, we're going to search for the flashplugin10:19
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: i think its done now10:19
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: yeah it is10:19
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: ok, do this: find /usr -type f -name libflashplayer.so10:21
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: so now i type sudo apt-get flashinstall-nonfree ?10:21
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: You already have it installed, don't you?10:21
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: normaly , i dont even know if it is due to the whole list of junk10:21
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: its searching now10:22
Xcellstoopid kee bord10:22
N1ghtm4r3Xcell: lol10:22
XcellI want a refund.10:22
N1ghtm4r3Xcell: lemme guess ... A Open?10:23
N1ghtm4r3Xcell: LOL im a keyboard geek!10:23
XcellI can tell.10:23
vzduchardchoille: while you're at it.. how's the latest Flash plugin ( doing in *buntu?10:23
ardchoillevzduch: Dunno, I have 9.0.4810:24
N1ghtm4r3Xcell: mines an Aopen too but i got lucky , the store that sold it to me is runed by old school hackers , they dont sell bad stuff10:24
N1ghtm4r3Xcell: IE my brother , his boss and his friend10:25
XcellI was the oposite..they sell to tell.10:25
vzduchI downgraded to the .48.. the .115 seems to be nonfunctional.. crashes nspluginviewer & doesn't play local .swf files10:25
N1ghtm4r3Bill Gates style!10:25
XcellImust admit..the realtek i/o is super fast.10:25
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: ... i dunno if it found something10:25
ardchoillevzduch: Well, I don't install anything unless it's in the repos.10:26
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: i think not actualy10:26
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: It would print out what it found. if it retunred nothing, then it ofund nothing.10:26
XcellMy i/o is so fast im afraid to upgrade.10:26
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: apt-cache policy flashplugin-nonfree | grep -i install10:26
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: ok then it didnt find anything10:26
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: Installé :
XcellMy new mobo cant compare.10:27
XcellAnd I am on a 2003 mobo...go figure.10:27
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Ok, I don't get it. You have installed the correct package, yet the plugin can't be found.10:27
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree10:28
Xcellbrb duty10:28
pagN1ghtm4r3, see, if you really have multiverse enabeld, and then command " sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree "10:28
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: the && means it will begin the second command right after the first one is over?10:29
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: yes10:29
ardchoillepag: He's on Gutsy, all repos should be enabled by default.10:29
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:30
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list for me please?10:30
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: this is what it gave me after the download http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47346/10:31
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: sure i'd do it .. where do i get it x_X10:31
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Ah hah, plastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list10:32
Xcellyuhooooo kubuntu Rocks...10:33
XcellPinch me.10:34
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: like i said ... im a newbee with linux , where do i find it10:34
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: in a terminal:  kate /etc/apt/sources.list10:34
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: nvm i think i found it in the root folder10:35
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Don't need sudo because we aren't chaning anything10:35
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: It better not be in the root folder10:35
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: so sudo actualy overwrite something?10:35
=== marco__ is now known as fantasy
ardchoillesudo runs a command as if root had ran it. we don't need it right now because we aren't editing the sources, just reading it10:36
N1ghtm4r3oooh ok10:36
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: First rule of thumb, never use sudo unless you really need it10:36
XcellI fel like a virgin..bill has to pay...lol.10:36
Xcellbad joke..j/k.10:37
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47347/10:38
N1ghtm4r3Xcell: you wanna rape bill or what?!10:38
XcellRaping bill would only make you stand in line.10:38
XcellI dont have time for financial wizards that will eventually fall by the way side.10:39
mosiacok i broke it again, i unchecked the nvidia drivers because i was getting a lot of relics and glitches but now my resolution isnt set to widescreen like the moniter and no matter what I set it to, it doesnt go right what did i mess up?10:39
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: so infact , if i want to modify my sources.list i have to use sudo?10:40
ardchoillemosiac: To change video drivers, you need to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and restart xorg10:40
XcellPeople:...We the people (need) to support Kubuntu)..why?...Think about the money U wasted with windoze...U do the math.10:40
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Correct10:40
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Well, use sudo if editing in a cli app like vim, but you use kdesudo for editing in a gui app like kate or kedit10:41
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: first time someone actualy teach me something about linux ... ussualy peoples just go 'do this and that'10:41
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: teach a man to fish.. :)10:41
XcellKubuntu is a whole new learning experience...it takes time..but it is a honest ays work compared to buddy bill.10:41
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: and he will have food all his life10:42
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: thats some wise words10:42
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: I really don't understand why you are having this problem with the fplash plugin.10:42
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: well just like it just said , it wasnt installed , how do i install it now? considering i have the file10:43
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: you made me download it right after i deleted it right?10:44
ardchoilleWell, you can simply cd /var/cache/apt/archives  and do  sudo dpkg -i name_of_package10:44
Hirvinen_window goto10:45
=== lucas_ is now known as lucky_lucas
* ardchoille hands Hirvinen_ a /10:46
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: what? it keeps doing it10:52
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: omg .... alright lets give it a try10:52
Eiccahow come the [½§] and [alt] button wont work in wine? can those get somehow fixed?10:53
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:53
eshathey all ,.. if i open a window in dolphin it's size does always get small so that i have to maximize each window ,... is there a setting for this behavior ???10:53
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: it gives me this error in Konqueror when i try flash : Erreur : http://video.google.fr/videohosted?docid=-3563784723686953251 : TypeError: Undefined value10:54
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: You might want to bookmark the pastebin :)10:54
eshatok i found the error10:54
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: yeah10:54
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: sooo ... that means no flash at all for me?10:56
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: The only thing I can think of is that the ubuntustuido install messed something, but I can't figure out what or how to fix it10:56
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: shit10:56
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Well, if it were me, I'd backup all personal files and reinstall, but this time don't mess with ubuntustudio10:56
Xcellardchoille:  where you @ dont tell if not necessary..10:56
ardchoilleI hate having a system that isn't in prime working order10:56
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: aw man then i'd have to reinstall wine and all this ..10:57
mosiacreinstalling wine is pretty easy10:57
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: and it takes an eternity just to install kubuntu .. isnt there just a restore option?10:57
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: It's up to you. Or you could post this problem on ubuntu forums and see what they say10:57
Xcellme 2 ardchoille i hate sillt systems that act like they want to and cant.10:57
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Try the ubuntu forums first10:58
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: i dunno .. might take too long before they answer and i'd like to fix it before i go to bed10:58
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: You'd be surprised, those forums are awesome10:59
oobedoes anyone know some good scripts to download tv episode data for mythvideo like imdb.pl but for tv eps11:01
Xcellmy kee bord needs wd40.11:03
bucatoamanohello kommander problem how i can setglobal to send to another dialog ?11:04
bucatoamano*how can i11:04
Xcelltires but still stays.11:04
Xcell6 am here11:05
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: can you link them to me? for some reason the only site related to ubuntu i find is the one from france and there is hardly ever any replies from there , the other site i get is a world wide operation or something11:06
XcellBeats the birds to the yawn.11:06
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Sure, http://ubuntuforums.org11:06
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: thanks , sorry if im anoying11:07
XcellKubuntu is keeping me up.11:07
XcellI'm addicted.11:08
XcellN1ghtm4r3:  neve.11:08
XcellIts late and we all need sleep.11:09
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: You're not annoying, I enjoy helping. Sorry I couldn't be more help11:09
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: eh its fine , that other guy will get a kick in the nuts for screwing my Kubuntu up tho11:09
Xcellwho N1ghtm4r3.11:09
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: you still taught me a lot11:09
N1ghtm4r3Ltn Sabre Vulpine i think11:10
Xcellwow..typical..I got that treatment til i mey ardchoille.11:10
XcellThe man knows..and what he does not know he wil tell ya..that is the meqsure of a man.11:11
XcellThe man Rocks.,11:12
Xcellvery studied.11:12
Xcellnif said.11:12
XcellN1ghtm4r3:  where are ya..11:14
N1ghtm4r3xcell: im right here11:15
Sulo_Seppaif I get KDE4 in the repos, will it replace my current KDE installation or can I switch between them?11:15
vzduchit's supposed to be separate11:16
Xcellsspoken from an angry man.11:17
ardchoilleSulo_Seppa: It installs kde4 so you can use it along side your current kde install11:17
XcellI'll bet he hates life.11:17
Sulo_SeppaOkay I thought so. I just hate doing blind development:)11:17
Xcellvzduch: Drink more beer.11:18
vzduchXcell: nevah11:18
Sulo_Seppabeer is good11:19
XcellU axcell inhatred..it shows......enjoy.11:19
vzduchI've had enough beer in my life it'll last till my pension (which is not sure that I'll receive it when I'm 67..)11:19
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: there we go http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3913602#post391360211:20
XcellThat settles it vzduch.U told on urself..U angry selfish man U.11:20
Xcellwaiting to retire to do....nothing.11:20
Xcellbut complain.11:21
vzduchXcell: selfish - perhaps.. angry - definitely not11:21
XcellALL the time..old fart.11:21
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Good job :)11:21
vzduchand how do you wanna know I complain all the time?  do you know me? o011:21
Sulo_SeppaKnowing people is overrated. knowing beer is not.11:22
XcellI watch vzduch.11:22
XcellU r anger selfish old man....self telling.11:22
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
XcellAlays bitching at those whom cant compete on your level.11:23
vzduchstop it already.. else I _will_ get angry..11:24
pagN1ghtm4r3, erm.. didn't your installation of Flash failed on "md5sum mismatch"?11:24
N1ghtm4r3pag: i think?11:24
pagN1ghtm4r3, hmm.. try enabling proposed updates repos, and reinstalling the flash..11:24
Xcellsilly old man..give some one life through your experiences..pass it on.11:25
pagN1ghtm4r3, or actually neverming - those repos don't have flash (yet?).. Installing it manualy should work though..11:27
XcellBe glad for something  your riches perish else wise.11:27
N1ghtm4r3pag: we've been trying all night actualy11:27
eshatHey all ,.. i have a problem with my FN-Keys in kubuntu ,....11:28
Sulo_Seppawhat is the problem, eshat?11:28
eshatif can't control my sound woth the FN Keys,... i only switch between 17 % an 0 % but sound does not change,... pressing fn+mute works ,... i alread tried to change global hotkeys in kmix,... also no change11:29
eshateshat: sorry for my bad english11:29
pagN1ghtm4r3, try the following in konsole: "locate flash | grep plugin"11:30
N1ghtm4r3pag: /usr/share/app-install/desktop/flashplugin-nonfree.desktop11:31
ardchoillepag: The problem was that the libflashplugin.so file isn't on his system11:31
Sulo_Seppaeshat: did you set your sound levels right?11:32
pagardchoille, I know... I've experienced that problem myself once..11:32
ardchoillepag: Ah, ok, maybe you can get it working for him11:32
eshatSulo_Seppa: where to set?11:32
stuffcorpsehello, firefox is doing weird things with .txt files. it always pops up a download box instead of displaying in the browser. anyone knows whats up wth that?11:33
vzducheshat: KMix and/or alsamixer11:33
Sulo_Seppaeshat: but you can change sound in kmix11:33
pagardchoille, I'll try... it's harder to explain than I though (no 'this-fixes-all' command for this :( )11:33
Sulo_Seppastuffcorpse: yes, you are using firefox. use a better browser11:33
eshatSulo_Seppa: i think it is set up rightly11:34
Sulo_Seppastuffcorpse: or choose to handle hte fire correctly11:34
ardchoillepag: That's actually a good thing, N1ghtm4r3 likes to learn rather than have yo do it for him, it's a good attitude to have11:34
stuffcorpseSulo_Seppa: better browser as in konqueror?11:34
Sulo_Seppakonqueror is one, yes.11:34
stuffcorpseSulo_Seppa: handle what?11:34
pagN1ghtm4r3, you'll need to download the flash-package from Adobe site, since I can't remember where it can be found on system11:35
Sulo_Seppaeshat: you can only switch between 0% and 17% using the function keys?11:35
eshatis there a way to configure kmilo ???11:35
stuffcorpseSulo_Seppa: i use konq sometimes actually11:35
eshatSulo_Seppa: sorry,,... i meant 0% and 11 % when pressing fn+up or fn+down11:35
Sulo_Seppastuffcorpse: edit->pref->content11:35
Sulo_Seppaeshat: and it won't increase any more? wow..11:35
stuffcorpseSulo_Seppa: there's no txt entry in file types11:36
Sulo_Seppamake one11:36
eshatSulo_Seppa: yes,... also i only see the changes it that little box that appers while pressing,... if i open kmix there nothing changes when i press fn+up or down11:36
stuffcorpseSulo_Seppa:i don't know how11:36
N1ghtm4r3pag: alright brb11:37
pagN1ghtm4r3, or hmm.. actually it's in /var/cache/flashplugin-nonfree/install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz  so copy that to your desktop and extract there11:37
eshatis there a way to configure kmilo ,... or should i remove kmilo ???11:37
ardchoille!info kmilo11:37
=== lg188__ is now known as lg188
ubotukmilo: laptop special keys support for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 66 kB, installed size 240 kB11:38
Sulo_Seppaeshat: Well obviously it is changing the sound if you hit the function keys, so the keys aren't the problem11:38
N1ghtm4r3pag: done , what do i do next?11:40
pagN1ghtm4r3, navigate there with konsole ( cd Desktop/$WhateverTheNewDirectoryIsCalled )11:41
pagN1ghtm4r3, or open that dir with Konq. and hit F4.. should also work..11:41
Xcellyay go to the other 111:42
N1ghtm4r3pag: then i hit enter?11:43
pagN1ghtm4r3, yup.. it should take you to that dir11:43
N1ghtm4r3pag: alright i am11:44
N1ghtm4r3pag: what do i do now?11:44
pagN1ghtm4r3, are you trying to get it to work with Firefox or Konq.?11:44
N1ghtm4r3pag: Konq11:44
pagN1ghtm4r3, ok... could you pastebin the output of ' ls '11:45
Sulo_SeppaWait.. what are you doing? trying to install flash?11:46
compumanHi guys, I have a problem.  I am in Ubuntu safe mode right now.  Accessing the default session gives me an "your session lasted less than ten seconds" error.  Can someone please help me, as this is my productivity machine?11:46
ardchoillecompuman: That sounds like a problem with GDM (gnome display manager)11:47
Sulo_Seppacompuman: What were your recent changes?11:47
pagSulo_Seppa, yup. it doesn't want to go through repos, since Adobe and Ubuntu seem to disagree on md5sum :(11:47
compumanSulo_Seppa: Install RealPlayer, afaik.11:47
Sulo_Seppacompuman: Can you tell me more about the situation? Did you just boot up and that happen or were you changing stuff and that happened?11:48
N1ghtm4r3pag: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47350/11:48
ardchoillepag: So he just needs to cp the libflashplayer.so file to /usr/lib ?11:49
pagN1ghtm4r3, allright.. try the following now: "sudo cp libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplayer.so "11:49
Sulo_Seppapag: just get it from 3rd party or something11:49
N1ghtm4r3pag: it asked for my pass then .. nothing , just back to ls11:50
Sulo_Seppacompuman: well?11:51
pagN1ghtm4r3, commands do not provide output if everything goes well ;)11:51
N1ghtm4r3pag: THAT is fun to know actualy o_o ..11:51
N1ghtm4r3pag: msdos definitly aint like this lol11:51
compumanSulo_Seppa: I made a symbolic link for realplayer.11:51
Sulo_Seppacompuman: sudo chown (username) .ICEauthority11:52
Sulo_Seppaaccording to ubuntuforums11:52
* N1ghtm4r3 sings *This , is the sound! This , is the sound! This , is the sound! Like a Drug Drug!11:53
* N1ghtm4r3 trance11:53
compumanWhat will that do, Sulo_Seppa?11:53
Sulo_Seppacompuman: hopefully fix it11:53
Sulo_Seppaif not, then come back and I'll tell you something else to try11:54
pagN1ghtm4r3, next you could do " ln -s /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ "11:54
compumanprocess:5335): Gtk-WARNING **: This process is currently running setuid or setgid.11:54
compumanThis is not a supported use of GTK+. You must create a helper11:54
compumanprogram instead. For further details, see:11:54
compuman    http://www.gtk.org/setuid.html11:54
compumanRefusing to initialize GTK+.11:54
=== nuu is now known as nu
=== nu is now known as nuu
Sulo_Seppacompuman: What?11:55
N1ghtm4r3pag: Permission not granted11:55
compumanAn error message.11:55
pagN1ghtm4r3, oh... prefix that all with sudo11:55
Sulo_Seppacompuman: how did that error message originate?11:55
* N1ghtm4r3 trances and sing 'Iiits a dreeeaaam'11:55
stuffcorpseSulo_Seppa: I figured out what's wrong. thanks for the help11:55
N1ghtm4r3pag: uh?11:55
compumanIt is what happens when I go in default session.11:56
N1ghtm4r3pag: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ ?11:56
pagN1ghtm4r3, yup :)11:56
N1ghtm4r3pag: alright giving it a try11:56
Sulo_SeppaWhy all that work to install flashplayer? why not just use flashplayer-installer or whatever it is?11:56
pagN1ghtm4r3, after you're done you could install konqueror-nsplugins ( sudo apt-get install konqueror-nsplugins ) and navigate to konq's Settings -> Plugins -> Search for new plugins (or something similiar)  iirc it should work after that..11:56
N1ghtm4r3pag: absolutely no output11:57
pagN1ghtm4r3, no output is good :-)11:57
ardchoilleSulo_Seppa: Because it won't work on his system11:57
N1ghtm4r3pag: done , now i gota reboot konq?11:57
Sulo_Seppait won't work? why not?11:58
pagN1ghtm4r3, yup. might be a good thing to do11:58
Sulo_Seppacompuman: try rm ~/.gnome2/session11:58
Sulo_SeppaTry what I said, compuman11:59
N1ghtm4r3pag: nspluginviewer just crashed12:00
nevilleIs it possible at all to get a screenshot of a screensaver?12:00
deuryte_going back to beat them up......12:01
N1ghtm4r3pag: mh weird12:01
Xcellgo to #jesus12:01
Xcelli cant12:01
N1ghtm4r3pag: now it doesnt give me a link to download flash12:01
N1ghtm4r3pag: but it gives me a blank grey square instead of where should be a video runing under flash12:01
Sulo_Seppaneville: you mean without destroying the universe? doubt it12:01
pagN1ghtm4r3, ok... le's try Sulo_Seppa's approach: " sudo rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so && chmod +x flashplayer-installer && sudo ./flashplayer-instaler "12:02
N1ghtm4r3pag: nspluginviewer crashed again12:02
compumanFile apparently doesn't exist.12:02
Sulo_Seppano no12:02
N1ghtm4r3pag: sudo: ./flashplayer-instaler: command not found12:03
ardchoilleWell, bedtime for me.. been up since 6am yesterday.12:03
Sulo_Seppacompuman: well, there is some session file in ~/.gnome/ that you should delete12:03
pagN1ghtm4r3, are you still in that flash-dir on your desktop?12:03
N1ghtm4r3pag: woops XD12:03
Sulo_Seppayou shouldn't run flashplayer-installer as root12:03
Sulo_Seppait doesn't make sense..12:03
pagSulo_Seppa, erm.. does it install in home-dir? :O12:03
N1ghtm4r3pag: lemme open a new one lol12:03
vzduchN1ghtm4r3: which Flash version did you install?12:03
ardchoilleSulo_Seppa: The package manager runs it as root12:04
=== deuryte_ is now known as deuryte
Sulo_Seppapackage manager is mysterious12:04
Sulo_Seppa./flashplayer-installer should be ran as user12:04
ardchoilleSulo_Seppa: The only way for the flash installer to work correctly is to run it as root12:04
N1ghtm4r3pag: rm cannot remove `/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so': no files of this type12:05
nevilleYeah, thought as much x.x;12:05
nevilleI'll just try with xvidcap, thanks anyway though!12:05
pagN1ghtm4r3, you don't have to do this anymore - it already did that12:05
N1ghtm4r3pag: uh sorry12:05
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: just do ./flashplayer-installer12:06
pagN1ghtm4r3, just run " chmod +x flashplayer-installer && ./flashplayer-instaler "12:06
vzduchpag: spelling..12:06
Sulo_Seppaardchoille: not true at all. flash plugin installs in ~/.mozilla12:06
ardchoilleSulo_Seppa: No, it installs in /usr/lib12:06
N1ghtm4r3it doesnt find it .. it is not in ./12:06
pagvzduch, oh... quess I didn't have enogh coffee this morning ;P12:07
Sulo_Seppawhat, N1ghtm4r3?12:07
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: its not in ./12:07
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: it just doesnt find it12:07
pagN1ghtm4r3, might be due I mispelled it...it should be  ./flashplayer-installer12:07
N1ghtm4r3pag: nope it still cant find it12:08
pagN1ghtm4r3, are you in the right dir?12:08
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: pwd12:08
N1ghtm4r3ardchoille: ?12:08
Sulo_Seppaarchoille: I am using flash. there is no flash plugin in /usr/lib12:08
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: type: pwd12:08
pagN1ghtm4r3, give us output of that command, please :)12:09
ardchoilleSulo_Seppa: I installed it with the package manager and it installed in /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplayer.so12:09
N1ghtm4r3christian@Norton-Killer:~$ ./flashplayer-installer12:09
N1ghtm4r3bash: ./flashplayer-installer: Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type12:09
pagN1ghtm4r3, I meant 'pwd'12:09
N1ghtm4r3christian@Norton-Killer:~$ pwd12:10
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: ah :)12:10
ardchoilleN1ghtm4r3: Wrong dir12:10
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: where is flashplayer-installer located?12:10
pagN1ghtm4r3, cd Desktop/ins*12:10
pagN1ghtm4r3, or actually.. just hit <tab> instead of *12:11
N1ghtm4r3im in12:12
N1ghtm4r3pag: im in12:12
pagN1ghtm4r3, just command " ./flashplayer-installer " then12:12
ardchoilleHe's going to get a permissions error without sudo12:12
Sulo_Seppa(before he tried repos, did he update?)12:12
=== bruno_ is now known as buz
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4re: type this: "chmod 777 fl*" then do "./flashplayer-installer"12:13
N1ghtm4r3pag: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47351/12:13
ardchoilleSulo_Seppa: The script itself is coded to install it in /usr/lib. without sudo it will fail12:14
=== eduardiyo is now known as Eduardiyo
ardchoilleAnyway, good night12:14
ardchoilleThanks for the help pag12:14
buzcan i upgrade dapper to gutsy directly?12:15
pagN1ghtm4r3, allright... just in case: " sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree "12:15
Sulo_Seppabuz: no12:15
Sulo_Seppabuz: you must upgrade one at a time12:15
buzthat takes forever on a bloody 500k link12:16
buzeasier to install from cd then12:16
Sulo_Seppabuz: I know, it sucks but that is the way they made it.12:16
=== youness is now known as Anonyme
buzwhat happens if i just bump dapper to gutsy in apt.sources12:16
=== Anonyme is now known as youness
N1ghtm4r3pag: long ass output12:16
N1ghtm4r3pag: but it end up with this12:17
N1ghtm4r307:16:36 (504.62 KB/s) - « ./install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz » sauvegardé [3036127/3036127]12:17
N1ghtm4r3Download done.12:17
N1ghtm4r3md5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz12:17
N1ghtm4r3The Flash plugin is NOT installed.12:17
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: I will walk you through this step by step, okay?12:18
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: alright12:18
Sulo_Seppacd ~12:18
Sulo_Seppawget http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz12:18
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: done12:19
Xcelllol I nailed it.12:19
deurytehow long is a ban12:19
Sulo_Seppatar -zxf install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz12:19
Xcelldot know12:19
Sulo_Seppacd install_flash_player_9_linux12:19
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: done12:19
Xcellstand bye i'll mail you with a new room.12:19
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: done12:19
Sulo_Seppaand then do what it says. if you need any more help, just ask12:20
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa:asks me to press enter if i wanna instal12:20
Sulo_Seppajust hit enter12:20
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: didnt work12:21
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: didn't work? with firefox?12:21
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: im on Kubuntu , i wanna make it work on Konq , i dont have firefox installed12:22
Sulo_SeppaWhat did you try doing that did not work?12:22
deurytesulo   u have a 64bit system??12:22
Sulo_Seppaoh okay12:22
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47352/12:22
Sulo_Seppaokay N1ghtm4r3, do this:12:23
Sulo_Seppasudo apt-get install firefox12:23
Sulo_Seppathen open firefox, and close firefox12:23
Sulo_Seppathen do:12:24
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: why? i wanna make it work on Konq12:24
Sulo_Seppasudo apt-get remove firefox12:24
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: Oooooh i get it12:24
Sulo_SeppaYou need to do this first, N1ghtm4r312:24
lg188__is cab available in kubuntu12:25
Sulo_Seppawait, before the sudo apt-get remove firefox, install the flash plugin12:25
N1ghtm4r3cab is a iso file12:25
lg188__N1ghtm4r3: ty12:25
N1ghtm4r3YAY! I helped the comunity for the first time! =D12:26
Sulo_Seppacongratz :p12:26
lg188__Sulo_Seppa:  :)12:26
Sulo_SeppaDid it work, N1ghtm4r3?12:26
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: just installed firefox12:26
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: now i run it once?12:26
deurytew2ktu rocks12:27
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: it downloaded .. not sure if its installed yet12:27
lg188__it install auto after downloading  i think12:27
Sulo_Seppawell, just type firefox and press enter12:28
Sulo_Seppabecause it's firefox, it will take forever to start up :p12:28
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: it takes longer than that on my windows partition lol , but thats cause theirs many plugins12:28
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: also .. Done!12:29
Sulo_Seppanow, after running firefox, close it and do this:12:29
Sulo_Seppajust hit enter a bunch12:29
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: installed , now it asked me if i wanna do a new instalation12:31
Sulo_Seppanow, run konqueror12:31
lg188__what is mouting i forgotten12:31
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: it says to log out and back in for it to work12:31
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: screw this lol *starts konq*12:31
Sulo_Seppait won't work..12:31
N1ghtm4r3lets still give it a try no?12:32
Sulo_Seppabut keep konqueror open12:32
Sulo_Seppaclick settings->configure konqueror12:32
Sulo_Seppathen on the left plane, scroll down to plugins12:32
Sulo_Seppaon the bottom right, it has netscape plugins, click scan12:32
lg188__what means mouting ?i always forget12:32
N1ghtm4r3mounting means 'mounting' a c iso file (or a cab in your option) into a virtual drive12:33
Sulo_Seppadid it work N1ghtm4r3?12:33
lg188__N1ghtm4r3: ty, are you new ?12:34
N1ghtm4r3yeah im new here lol12:34
Sulo_Seppamounting is loading a filesystem12:34
N1ghtm4r3and once its done should i try a flash?12:34
lg188__Sulo_Seppa: i no it from N1ghtm4r312:34
Sulo_Seppabut make sure the "search for plugins on kde startup" is checked12:35
Sulo_Seppalg188__: But I am Finnish, so I am superior12:35
lg188__butt now i have to learn ( for school for French etc.)12:36
lg188__Sulo_Seppa:  ?12:36
lg188__N1ghtm4r3: good luck but you know much12:36
Sulo_Seppadoes it work, N1ghtm4r3?12:37
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: no12:37
pagSulo_Seppa, #kubuntu-fi ;-)12:37
Sulo_Seppaokay, just log out then log back in12:37
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: its nspluginviewer that crashed12:37
N1ghtm4r3provoked signal 1112:37
Sulo_Seppapag: is that the cool people room?12:38
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: well, just try logging out/in12:38
pagSulo_Seppa, sure it is :D12:38
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: k brb12:38
Sulo_Seppawhere are you from pag?12:39
pagSulo_Seppa, originally from Russia - been living most of my life in Finland though :)12:39
Sulo_SeppaYou dirty bastard12:40
lg188__pag: pleas stay on tpoic ... but talc i you wont12:40
Sulo_SeppaMy grandpa died by you people :(12:40
lg188__Sulo_Seppa: ? pleas do not get angry ...12:40
Sulo_SeppaI'm just joking12:40
paglg188__, sorry.12:40
Sulo_Seppabut really, my grandpa fought in the winter war, and died in viipuri12:41
Sulo_SeppaHello tianya12:41
tianya有没 有人在啊12:41
Sulo_SeppaNice picture12:42
=== christian_ is now known as N1ghtm4r3
tianyawho are you12:42
ubotuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:43
Sulo_SeppaDoes it work, N1ghtm4r3?12:43
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa: no , still the same blank grey square12:43
N1ghtm4r3and when i quit or change page it crashes again12:44
Sulo_Seppaopen konqueror and go to settings->configure konqueror and click on plugins again12:44
bjwebbim having trouble writing dvds12:44
pagN1ghtm4r3, if you haven't already removed FF, see if it works in it12:44
Sulo_Seppabjwebb: what is the problem?12:44
bjwebbi can write CDs fine and also play dvds12:44
bjwebbSulo_Seppa: k3b fails12:44
Sulo_Seppabjwebb: you have a dvd writer correct? :D12:44
Sulo_SeppaHmm, what output does k3b give you?12:45
bjwebbive used it for dvds under windows12:45
bjwebbSulo_Seppa: erm i had a pastebin but the site's down :(12:45
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: click "scan for new plugins"12:46
=== zakame_ is now known as zakame
N1ghtm4r3It works on firefox12:46
N1ghtm4r3its only the viewplugin that fails now12:46
bjwebbits says Write Error12:46
Sulo_Seppabjwebb: is that it?12:47
bjwebbnah, ill paste debug somewhere12:47
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: what plugin? you don't need a special plugin for konqueror12:47
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: actualy i think yeah , it needs one , pag made me install one tho12:48
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: and it says it needs one in the flash readme12:48
Sulo_Seppabjwebb: restricted overwrite?12:49
bjwebbhmm, what does that mean12:49
pagN1ghtm4r3, konqueror-nsplugin is just a plugin wrapper - not the plugin itself12:49
Sulo_Seppayou aren't allowed to overwrite that DVD+RW?12:49
bjwebbSulo_Seppa: hmm why not12:49
Sulo_Seppatry running sudo k3b and trying12:49
N1ghtm4r3seems to be corupted or something12:50
Sulo_SeppaYou don't need konqueror-nsplugin12:50
N1ghtm4r3how do i disable it then12:51
Sulo_Seppasudo apt-get remove konqueror-nsplugin12:51
Sulo_Seppapurge that bitch12:51
bjwebbSulo_Seppa: same probelm12:51
sharkhello everybody12:51
Sulo_Seppabjwebb: really?12:51
Sulo_Seppabjwebb: is it writing at the right speed and everything?12:51
bjwebbi dunno really12:52
N1ghtm4r3christian@Norton-Killer:~$ sudo apt-get remove konqueror-nsplugin12:52
N1ghtm4r3[sudo] password for christian:12:52
N1ghtm4r3Lecture des listes de paquets... Fait12:52
N1ghtm4r3Construction de l'arbre des dépendances12:52
N1ghtm4r3Lecture des informations d'état... Fait12:52
N1ghtm4r3E: Impossible de trouver le paquet konqueror-nsplugin12:52
bjwebbim just using default settings12:52
N1ghtm4r3Impossible to find paquet for Konqueror -nsplugin12:52
bjwebbbtw, it refers to it as appendable dvd medium12:52
bjwebbso perhaps theres something on it already12:52
sharki have only ONE question.. is KDE4 will be implemented in Kubuntu 7.10 or only in 8.04?12:52
bjwebbperhaps i should try erasing it12:52
Sulo_Seppabjwebb: yep12:52
Sulo_Seppaerase it firest12:52
ahmadi have a problem here12:53
ahmadi want to mount my NTFS hdd drive12:53
ahmadi want to mount my NTFS hdd drives12:53
Sulo_Seppashark: you can upgrade to KDE4 in 7.10 but obviously it cannot be default, while it will be default in 8.0412:53
Sulo_Seppaahmad: sudo mount /dev/ntfswhtaever /mount/whatever12:53
bjwebbSulo_Seppa: hey thanks for the support12:54
stdinSulo_Seppa: who said kde4 will be default in 8.04?12:54
bjwebbit appears to be working :D12:54
pagSulo_Seppa, kde4 will *not* be default in hardy (8.04) we'll have to wait 'till 8.10 for that12:54
Sulo_Seppastdin: damn well better be12:54
N1ghtm4r3one more year lol12:54
lg188__what are al version like dapper and gutsy ?12:54
stdinSulo_Seppa: I don't think it's ready for an LTS release, do you?12:55
ahmadSulp_Seppa : it gives me that error :hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 100012:55
bjwebbstdin: good point12:55
LynoureSulo_Seppa: have you tried kde4? and tried 'advanced' stuff like multiple desktops or multiple panels? :)12:55
sharkand...do I will be able to install KDE4 to Kubuntu7.10?12:55
Sulo_SeppaOfficial release is in January, that gives you 3 months.12:55
Sulo_SeppaToo difficult?12:55
LynoureSulo_Seppa: just not happening yet.12:56
Sulo_Seppashark: yes12:56
Sulo_SeppaWhy the hell not?12:56
sharkokay thanks..thats all. have good day...see you12:56
bjwebbKDE4 will be great, but probably won't be stable enough for them till kde4.1 i guess12:56
ahmadSulo_Seppa : it gives me that error :hal-storage-fixed-mount-all-options refused uid 100012:56
LynoureSulo_Seppa: 'code it yourself or wait' difficult12:56
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: .. it didnt work when i tried to uninstall .. im not daring to talk much you seem busy lol12:56
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: can you translate?12:56
stdinSulo_Seppa: can you make it rock solid and have it stable enough for enterprise companies to use for 3 years? if you can then I need to borrow your magic wand12:57
N1ghtm4r3Sulo_seppa: i did12:57
pagN1ghtm4r3, package is called konqueror-nsplugins not the konqueror-nsplugin12:57
Sulo_Seppastdin: January is stable release12:57
nosrednaekimSulo_Seppa: kde4 is not going to be in 8.0412:57
nosrednaekimSulo_Seppa: despite what they say.... 4.0 is NOT going to be stable.12:57
stdinSulo_Seppa: no, jan is 4.0 release, doesn't mean stable. it won't be considered stable until at least 4.112:57
Sulo_Seppastdin: They won't fix major release bugs in 3 months?12:58
N1ghtm4r3thanks pag12:58
Sulo_Seppa*sigh* oh well it doesn't really matter to me..12:58
stdinSulo_Seppa: the'll fix release bugs, but not most bugs12:58
Sulo_SeppaJust sad to see that kubuntu won't have the latest stable release of KDE because there might be a few bugs..12:58
N1ghtm4r3pag , Sulo_Seppa , now to try it12:59
lg188__N1ghtm4r3: im bck but can't talk alot12:59
stdinSulo_Seppa: no it's not because "there might be a few bugs", it's because there *will* be *many* bugs12:59
LynoureSulo_Seppa: you can still install it on the side, just like you can now12:59
N1ghtm4r3pag Sullo_Seppa , now it gives me nothing ,13:00
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: try scanning13:00
=== lucas_ is now known as lucky_lucas
Sulo_SeppaLynoure: well sure, but the fact that it is going to be excluded from the release is heartbreaking.13:01
N1ghtm4r3pag Sullo_Seppa , um there is no 'plugin' tab...13:02
Sulo_Seppaokay, then do:13:02
Sulo_Seppasudo apt-get install konqueror-nsplugin13:02
LynoureSulo_Seppa: Have you really tried the current release candidate? In the light of that, I find it not being in LTS kubuntu heartwarming.13:02
Sulo_SeppaLynoure: exactly. it is a release candidate.13:02
neoguys how can I make windows in one scree(dualhead) to divide the desktop evenly between them13:03
muimota___hello I-ve been a week with my kubuntu crashing at boot time... finally I have discovered the computercrashes when loading usb-core. I'd like to disable it temporally while I find another solution13:04
Sulo_Seppaneo: nvidia?13:04
muimota___how can I disable usb core13:04
bjwebb_hmm why is compiz so crashy allo f a suddon13:04
=== bjwebb_ is now known as bjwebb
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: did you try scanning again?13:04
nosrednaekimmuimota___: you should be able to do it with a kernel parameter13:04
N1ghtm4r3pag Sullo_Seppa : yep13:04
N1ghtm4r3pag Sullo_Seppa : im thinking more and more about a simple reinstall ..13:05
LynoureSulo_Seppa: So, you have tried it? You can always fork kubuntu, if it is worth it for you.13:06
muimota___nosrednaekim: do you know which paremater is that? in this year working with kubunut I know somethig about kde but almost nothing of the inside of linux13:06
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: no wait! I got it working perfect here, I guess you do need nsplugins13:06
N1ghtm4r3pag Sullo_Seppa : ?13:06
Sulo_SeppaLynoure: Nah, it doesn't really matter to me, I use archlinux13:06
nosrednaekimmuimota___: yeah, I'm looking. why did it suddenly start doing this? did you upgrade the kernel?13:06
muimota___I computer left working correcly in a week or so13:07
muimota___after a upgrade I think13:07
pagnosrednaekim, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/173890 \o/13:07
neogot the dualhead working but I have to manually resize the windows, how to make them divide the desktop more easily? some package for that?13:07
pagN1ghtm4r3, that link was for you... sorry nosrednaekim13:07
nosrednaekimpag: what?.... oh..ok13:08
Sulo_SeppaN1ghtm4r3: okay, instead of scan, click on the plugins tab13:08
Sulo_Seppaclick plugins tabs next to scan13:08
pagN1ghtm4r3, try installing this one: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/10761023/flashplugin-nonfree_9.0.115.0ubuntu2_i386.deb13:09
Sulo_Seppapag: will that work for konqueror?13:09
Sulo_Seppapag: because it should be working nicely now..13:09
pagSulo_Seppa, that will install it properly -> increases chanses13:09
nosrednaekimmuimota___: you could try adding the "nousb" option on boot.13:09
muimota___ok, thanks I'll try13:10
nosrednaekimmuimota___: do you know how to do that?13:10
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa pag : my lower bar just crashed ... its not there anymore13:11
pagN1ghtm4r3, alt+f2 -> kicker13:11
N1ghtm4r3thanks pag13:12
N1ghtm4r3ZOMG ITS BACK!13:12
nosrednaekimor you can do "dcop kicker kicker restart"13:12
neoguys I have a pixelview tv tuner card install in my box, how to know if its recognized or not and is working or not13:12
nosrednaekimneo: lspci for the first question13:12
Sulo_SeppaI think he means drivers13:13
N1ghtm4r3pag: that link didnt fix much13:13
N1ghtm4r3sulo_seppa : alright i'll get ya a screenshot13:14
neoIs it Lspci or Ispci13:14
pagN1ghtm4r3, that package didn't install either?13:14
nosrednaekimneo: as a general rule, commands in linux are lowercase.13:14
N1ghtm4r3pag it did13:15
neoOk its L.13:15
nosrednaekimsmall l...13:15
neoya thanks13:15
neoreading about it right now13:15
pagN1ghtm4r3, does the plugin-scan still crash in konq?13:15
N1ghtm4r3pag the plugin-scan never crashed13:16
N1ghtm4r3pag: its when it tries to run a flash13:17
pagN1ghtm4r3, oh.. ok..13:17
nosrednaekimneo: "sudo lshw" might be a little better actually13:17
neook I did lspci and this is what I got,13:17
neo02:07.0 Multimedia video controller: Conexant CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder (rev 05)13:17
neo02:07.1 Multimedia controller: Conexant CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder [Audio Port] (rev 05)13:17
pagN1ghtm4r3, try the following just in case: "mv ~/.mozilla ~/mozilla" and then rescan for plugins13:18
neoIs it ok to ask my last question here or should I ask it in some multimedia forum/chatroom?13:19
nosrednaekim!hardware| neo great :D now look that up on this page13:19
ubotuneo great :D now look that up on this page: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport13:19
neook thanks13:19
=== N1ghtm4r3 is now known as N1ghtm4r3_
=== N1ghtm4r3_ is now known as N1ghtm4r3
=== kal is now known as kalenedrael
RobertoMI have a question about kbluetooth13:21
RobertoMNamely: kbtobexsrv is NOT included in the deb13:22
RobertoMso I can't send file from phones to PC or back13:22
RobertoMIs there hope for a fix, since the bug is fixed for Hardy?13:22
nosrednaekimRobertoM: thats weird, ask on #kubuntu-devel13:23
RobertoMok, thanks!13:23
nosrednaekimRobertoM: you could probably always use the hardy deb...13:26
Sulo_Seppasmoke time13:26
RobertoMI tried: there's a dependency on kdelibs that would hose the system I think13:27
RobertoMActually, I just compiled kbluetooth and installed the missing dir with a sudo make install in the kbtobexsrv directory13:28
RobertoMBut since I have many computer to fix, I'd like a new deb in the repos13:28
nosrednaekimRobertoM: yeah, if no-one is answeing in -devel, file a bug.13:29
RobertoMAlready done ^^'13:29
RobertoMAnd it's "fixed in new version"13:29
nosrednaekimhow long ago?13:29
lg188__... boring studying13:29
nosrednaekimthats helpful..... not.13:29
RobertoMIt was already open when I tried to file it13:30
RobertoMAnd there was also the "fix" for Hardy13:30
RobertoMI was wondering why it wasn't backported, since the original package works, and it's a deb packaging error from what I can understand from the bug13:30
RobertoMI know zero of deb packaging13:31
bjwebbXorg is using a lot of cpue13:31
bjwebbbut only when i open firefox13:31
nosrednaekimRobertoM: yeah, well, hang around and you should get an answer sooner or later on #kubuntu devel13:31
nosrednaekimbjwebb: compiz?13:32
bjwebbnosrednaekim: no13:32
RobertoMOk, thanks :-)13:32
bjwebbalthough i have been having trouble with that recently too13:32
bjwebbi updated some stuff recently13:33
bjwebbcan i get apt to tell me what?13:33
nosrednaekimI think there is a dpkg log.13:34
nosrednaekimin /var/log13:34
bjwebbdpkg.log dpkg.log.1 dpkg.log.2.gz dpkg.log.3.gz13:35
bjwebbwhich one :S13:35
nosrednaekimtry the first13:35
nosrednaekimit should have times.13:35
nosrednaekim ordates13:35
Jucatols -l will tell which is the most recent13:36
nosrednaekimheya Jucato13:36
lg188__hey nosrednaekim13:38
nosrednaekimhello lg188__13:39
bjwebbcould any of them affect xorg & firefox?13:39
=== mariox is now known as mariox898
lg188__i heat studying and my mother is asking the hole time to study13:39
lg188__nosrednaekim:  is all goin well ?13:40
bjwebbnosrednaekim: any ideas13:41
nosrednaekimbjwebb: lol, no clue.13:42
=== RobertoM is now known as RobM_[away]
tekteenanyone know what to do if X.ORG gives you the message "can not find any screens"13:44
CheGuevara3tekteen, there should be more errors just before it says that13:45
=== RobM_[away] is now known as RobertoM
tekteenCheGuevara3: there as other debug info13:46
CheGuevara3Xorg.0.log would be nice13:46
tekteenI over wrote it with the new install. :-D13:46
=== iE18 is now known as iEl7
tekteenthat was domb13:46
RobertoMtekteen: the most common cause is a problem with monitor detection or between its resolution and the maximum monitor resolution13:46
tekteenRobertoM: thanks13:47
tekteenI had already set the monitor to the correct resolution during install.13:47
=== iEl7 is now known as iE18
tekteenI am going to see if I sill have the problem after this try.13:48
RobertoMso it worked during install... hmmm... does your pc have 2 video cards, as in, one embedded on the motherboard and the other on a bus?13:48
tekteenI am using the live installer instead of alternate13:48
tekteenRobertoM: no I use the alt cd :-)13:48
tekteenI am trying the live one in "Safe Graphics Mode"13:49
RobertoMok :-)13:49
tekteenIt is at 64%13:50
sigmawell guys unfortunately i had to go back to firefox because konq just ain't cutting it13:50
tekteensigma: unfortunately?13:50
sigmatekteen: yup konq did offer some added advantages13:51
tekteensigma: I only use konq for files13:51
RobertoMadvantages like a multithreaded javascript engine :-)13:52
=== RobertoM is now known as RobertoM_[away]
Tm_TRobertoM_[away]: nooooo13:55
Tm_T!away | RobertoM_[away]13:55
ubotuRobertoM_[away]: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu - it causes unrequired scrolling which is unfair on new users. The same goes for using noisy away messages : use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently - See also !Guidelines13:55
RobertoM_[away]ops sorry ^^'13:55
Tm_Tnp now you know ;)13:55
=== christian_ is now known as N1ghtm4r3
=== lg188____ is now known as lg188
N1ghtm4r3anyone on?13:59
N1ghtm4r3pag ?13:59
N1ghtm4r3.. i dont remember the nickname of the other guy13:59
sigmayup what do u need?14:02
N1ghtm4r3nvm lol14:02
N1ghtm4r3thanks anyway14:02
N1ghtm4r3gota go to bed now14:02
N1ghtm4r3been up for more than 24 hours14:02
nosrednaekimits early!14:02
N1ghtm4r3bye bye everybody lol its 9am now and didnt sleep yet14:03
=== Timmmm is now known as Timmmm3d
lowden28Hoi evrybody who can i instal QJacttl with the console - sudo apt-get qjackctl ?14:13
stdinlowden28: "sudo apt-get install qjackctl"14:13
lowden28stdin: thanks for your commandline help14:15
tekteenHey everybody. I am trying to change the resolution on my laptop using the guide on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto. how do I find the horizontal sync frequency and the vertical refresh rate?14:35
=== amycus is now known as fuzzy
=== amycus is now known as amycus_
CheGuevara3tekteen, are u sure they are not auto etected fine?14:38
tekteenCheGuevara3: yes14:38
ubuntuHi all. I'm installing Ubuntu from the alternate disc, and it got far, but it has stopped saying "Please put the disk with label "Ubuntu_7.10_Gutsy_Gibbon_  - Release i386" in station "/dev/cdrom" and press enter". But... it's already in there, and i can't eject the disk to put it in another drive. Can anyone help me?14:39
CheGuevara3what display driver?14:39
llutztekteen: set Vertrefresh to 56-6014:39
stdintekteen: you have to look at the manual that came with it, or google14:39
=== ubuntu is now known as Arelis
tekteenI tried calling HP14:39
tekteenthey had no idea what I was talking about14:40
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
tekteenThey understood I installed a new OS but at the same time asked me to open something in vista :-D14:41
llutztekteen: that's why they don't sell laptops with HP/ux :)14:41
CheGuevara3tekteen, what video card make?14:41
ksaltekteen: laptop uses an LCD. it doesn't need refresh14:42
=== amycus_ is now known as amycus
ksalyou can # those lines in your xorg.conf14:42
tekteenij is to the right of ok14:42
tekteendoes it need horizontal sync frequency14:43
ksali could not set 1280x1024 resolution on my new LCD because of refresh lines in xorg.conf, so i commented them and it works now14:43
ksali don't think so14:43
ksalcomment it14:44
ksalanyway, nothing gonna break.14:44
ksalnothing is*14:44
tekteenthen all I need to do is change the res.14:44
ksalif you won't be able to run X then you'll just launch rescue mode and in text mode you'll change those lines again14:45
ksaltekteen: yeah, but first reset X server14:45
ksalctrl+alt+backspace will take care of that, if you're new.14:46
tekteenI have played with x before14:46
ksaluh-huh :)14:46
tekteenmostly getting 3D to work in 7.0414:46
ksalhad fun? :P14:46
ksali'm new on kubuntu, i installed GG 3 weeks ago, and i'm quite impressed14:47
ksali was using fedora to that time14:48
ksaltekteen: good luck, i'm going. bye14:48
tekteenMy computer works!15:00
kubuntudae galera15:04
kubuntualgum brasileiro?15:04
kubuntusomeone brazilian?15:05
Jucato!br | kubuntu15:06
ubotukubuntu: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.15:06
lg188alia jacta est15:06
BluesKajHowdy all :)15:07
BluesKajhi Jucato , how's things this morn ?15:08
JucatoSat Dec  8 23:08:34 PHT 200715:08
BluesKajoops, was out by 26mins :)15:09
Jucatomore like an hour15:10
BluesKaj08/12/07 10:09 am EST15:10
BluesKajjust woke up ,on my first coffee, eyes aren't focussing too well15:11
* Jucato does a genii15:12
BluesKajwas up til 3am fixing up some photo albums to go to the photolab before christmas15:13
* BluesKaj is learning the Gimp, slowly but surely 15:14
Jucatogood luck :)15:14
* Jucato slept at 3am, woke up at 7am... :)15:14
BluesKajyer young, you can handle it :)15:15
=== internet16 is now known as John_Rp
* Jucato looks at the calendar and doubts that...15:19
=== eduardiyo is now known as Eduardiyo
lg188?? did any body said to me a was a long time not active by helping a history teacher with his site15:36
BluesKajlg188, perhaps a german chat would suit your question ...15:37
BluesKaj!de | lg18815:37
ubotulg188: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de15:37
sourcemakerhow can I install the kernel 2.6.23? Is this version in repos?15:53
lg188BluesKaj: no German but Dutch ,...and the Dutch say anything only if it is to block someone15:58
BluesKajlg188, perhaps you could rephrase the question. It is very difficult to understand the meaning.16:01
BluesKajlg188, sorry , .be means belgium not Deutsch16:03
BluesKaj!be | lg18816:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about be - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:04
lg188BluesKaj:  yep16:04
SGLlg, what's your problem?16:05
lg188BluesKaj:  i wiil not say athing by now16:05
lg188SGL: nothing16:05
SGLAh ok16:05
lg188is there going a fake CNN mail going around ?16:05
lg188owh by i need to go16:06
lg188sleep well :)16:06
SGLNo idea16:06
=== DM| is now known as DM|istakingashow
=== DM|istakingashow is now known as DM|takingashower
xchatin kde how do I get to root to install flashplayer?16:08
SGLI take it you're pretty new to kubuntu?16:10
SGLxchat, add sudo in front of any command you want to run as root16:10
BluesKajxchat, use adept with permission is the best bet16:11
ShawnRiskhow do I restart this distro when it crashes on my MAC?16:11
SGLxchat: sudo aptitude install flashplayer-mozilla16:12
ubotuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.16:12
xchathow can I access the root priv.16:12
ubotuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.16:12
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE16:13
nalioth!root | xchat16:13
ubotuxchat: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:13
SGLgrul, do you mind?16:13
grulSGL, yes16:13
naliothxchat: #ubuntu-ops is not a support channel.  :)16:13
ubotuhate is a thing we don't encourage - why waste your energy16:13
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.16:13
xchatbut my terminal doesn't change to root16:14
ShawnRiskanyone know?16:14
martijn81anyone else not able to login @msn on  kopete? gaim seems to still work here16:14
nosrednaekimxchat: use sudo-i then16:14
nosrednaekimmartijn81: get all updates and that should be fixed16:15
martijn81nosrednaekim: nope16:15
SGLI heard there were problems with MSN yesterday on live messenger too16:15
ShawnRiskhow do I restart this distro when this crashes on my MAC?16:16
martijn81nosrednaekim: sorry, it already works16:16
SGLShawnRisk, "sudo restart now"?16:16
nosrednaekimmartijn81: what?16:16
BluesKajyes SGL, MS is trying to patch it on windows , but dunno how it affects IM's on linux16:17
=== Moonra is now known as Necrobyte
SGLAh k. No clues16:17
martijn81nosrednaekim: i got it working again, it almost like they have a nicer value in place which places their own msn client at first in line16:17
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: known M$.....adversely16:17
nosrednaekimmartijn81: no kiddin XD16:17
ShawnRiskSGL:  The screen is messed up I can't see anything, I just want a shortcut key to restart16:19
SGLShawnRisk, I don't know what you did then. When did it crash?16:19
BluesKajkopete runs usable versions of MSN16:19
SGLShawnRisk, and can't you simply ress reset?16:19
ShawnRiskSGL:  I am using a VM16:19
SGLah ok. I didn't know that16:19
SGLYou can use CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE16:20
ShawnRiskand also I jut logged in and the screen is bad, it isn't crashed, just I can't do anything need to fix the monitor.16:20
SGLCTRL, Alt, Backspace usually resets your X session16:20
SGLSo if it all goes well you'll get your loginscreen again16:21
Jeroi2 questions16:21
Jeroi1. how to enable alsa spdif permanently in reboot?16:21
nosrednaekimJeroi: shoot16:21
JeroiI have to edit alsamixer now always when I reboot kubuntu16:21
Jeroiso that spdif-out works16:22
nosrednaekimcrimsun: our dear alsa guy.,.... got any clue on that?16:22
raphhi, i have a little wheel to control the sound volume on my laptop (aspire 5920g). Two Problems: 1) If I rotate the wheel i can only change the volume from 0% to 11% (just two different states) 2) changing the volume like this doesn't have any effect :(16:23
nosrednaekimJeroi: I'm not good with sound... next questio?16:23
Jeroi2. Is there proper help for getting nivida-glx work with 2 monitors: 17" analog and 786p hd lcd16:23
nosrednaekimpag: yeah... nasty bug....16:23
nosrednaekimraph: ^^16:23
nosrednaekimwong name16:23
JeroiI need real script for xorg16:24
Jeroithe best way would be not clone analog monitor16:24
nosrednaekimJeroi: its possible, thats all I know, i've never messedwith multiple monitors wither16:24
ShawnRiskSGL: that worked, but now I need to fix the monitor16:24
Jeroibut widnows "extend"16:24
=== DM|takingashower is now known as DM|
SGLok ShawnRisk, I have no clue about running VM. Never have done that myself.16:24
JeroiI am keen to have my lcd tv hooked with kubuntu16:25
Jeroias we watch all the movies trough lcd tv16:25
Jeroifrom my pc16:25
ShawnRiskSGL: I am trying to fix the monitor settings in this distro16:25
ubotuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead16:26
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama16:26
crimsunJeroi: / raph: need more info.16:30
nosrednaekimits Jeroi...16:31
raphis there a way to (re)configure my laptop (special) keys?16:32
ubotukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts16:33
BluesKajJeroi, #Setting spdif out on alsa:   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47404/16:35
tarinwas something wrong with the channel last night?16:39
BluesKajhow do you mean tarin ?16:40
tarini tried for an hour last night ot get on and it never would16:40
nosrednaekimmebe you were manned16:41
nosrednaekimor maybe someone banned a block of IPs16:41
tarinwell i still cant get my internet in gutsy to work?16:41
tarinanyone have ny new suggestions?16:42
vzduchtarin: [2007-12-07 06:20:19] -christel(i=christel@freenode/staff/gentoo.christel)- [Global Notice] Hi all! One of our sponsors experienced a rather large ddos attack just now, which in turn caused disturbance on the network. As a result that leaf server is not accepting client connections atm. Apologies for the inconvenience and have a good day.16:43
tarinhow do you uninstall and reinstall devices?16:47
nosrednaekimlike what types of devices?16:47
tarini think thats the only thing i havent done16:47
tarinmy pc is not seeing my router16:48
nosrednaekimmodprobe andun-modprobe16:48
elisianotarin, did u try to see if mii-tool detects link?16:48
tarineven if i static asign the ip i cant ping my router gateway16:48
tarinnope hadnt heard of that16:48
elisianotry that on a terminal16:48
elisianowith the root account or using sudo16:49
tarineth0 link ok16:49
elisianoso the cable is connected correctly to the router16:50
elisianohas your outer a dhcp activated?16:50
tarinyes dhcp is active16:50
tarinif i boot to windows everything works great16:50
tarinyes i am dual booting lol16:51
tarinif i can gget this to work i will be removing windows tho16:51
elisianomumble...mumble... just a silly question: is your eth configured to get a dynamic ip?16:51
tarini am actually a net admin16:52
tarinthats why this is bugging me so bad16:52
elisianowho isn't? :D16:52
tarinthis all started when i upgraded to gutsy16:52
tarineverything worked great in festy16:52
elisianocan u paste from that pc or u have to rewrite everything by hand?16:53
elisianoi guess u have to rewrtie16:53
tarinnot a big deal tho what do you need16:53
elisianodouble check that's automatic16:54
tarinthru knetworkmanager?16:54
elisianois there a stanza where it says something like "auto eth0" in /etc/network/interfaces ?16:54
elisianoI don't use graphical interfaces to setup the system, sorry16:55
JabapythHow do i run a program on startup _with root permissions_?16:55
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto16:56
tarinno thats cool i would rather learn thru console and yes its there16:56
tarinright under the loopback stanza16:56
Jabapyththanks nosrednaekim16:56
elisianotry bringing it down and then up again16:56
elisianoifdown eth016:56
elisianoifup eth016:56
tarindone that a hundred times but will do it again one sec16:57
tarinno DHCPOFFERS16:58
tarinno working leases16:59
elisianothat's odd... if u say that in windows it works I guess it's some driver issue... which network card is it?16:59
tarinon board16:59
elisianodows it use 8139too module?17:00
nosrednaekimwierd! thats the most widely used Ethernet chipset.17:00
tarinyeah i know17:01
elisianoI had a similar issue... it solved by plugging out from the pci and then in again17:01
tarinaside from a via17:01
elisianobut if it's on board it's a different issue17:01
nosrednaekimand intel.17:01
tarinyeah thats why i want to try uninstall and reinstall17:01
tarinthought it might help17:02
nosrednaekimtarin: is this an upgraded install?17:02
tarinyup from feisty17:02
tarineverything worked great before17:02
nosrednaekimtarin: and you still boot the fiesty kernel?17:02
tarinunless there is a way i dont know about17:03
elisianoright, u could try to boot an older kernel17:03
tarinat boot it gives me 6 options all of which are 7.10.xx17:03
EternalNytIf Anyone Has this Package {KDE Priority handler} Complied and Ready For install let Me Know17:03
tarinand my xp17:03
nosrednaekimtarin: you sure they are all Gutsy? no 2.6.19 kernels?17:04
tarinbut if i boot to anything but the first option it doesnt load the desktop17:04
tarinlemme reboot and check17:04
nosrednaekimtarin: probably graphics driver issues17:04
elisianogrep ^title /boot/grub/menu.lst17:04
nosrednaekimtarin: which can be easily mended17:04
elisianosee which kernel versions u have17:04
nosrednaekimthat works XD17:05
EternalNytHas Anybody Tried the KDE Priority Handler ??17:05
tarinhaha they all say 7.10 kernel 2.6.22 or 2.6.2017:06
elisianou could try booting 2.6.2017:06
elisianothat was from feisty17:06
BluesKajtarin, just a suggestion , but is your ethernetcard/dhcp/eth0 being recognized ? ..try lspci17:07
elisianoBluesKaj: it is since mii-tool recognize the device17:07
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: it is.... because he has a eht017:07
tarini have 2 one listed 16 the other 1517:07
tarinwhich should i boot to17:08
BluesKajright, i should have scrolled back , now i'm up to speed (i think)17:08
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: haha17:08
BluesKajodd, that the router isn't seen17:09
tarindo any of you have experience with dd-wrt firmware for routers?17:10
nosrednaekimcome to think of it.... OpenSuse did the same thing to my 8139...17:10
bazhangI suspect the router17:10
nosrednaekimtarin: only OpenWRT... and I don't really have experience with it... we just use iot17:10
BluesKajtarin, do you use the browser addressbar to make changes like port forwarding etc in the router ?17:11
tarinyou mean to get ot the router gui? yes i do17:11
tarinbut from gutsy i cant get to it17:11
BluesKajfor ex , i type in "mynetwork" in any browser to open the a dialog with the router settings17:12
tarinwow this takes forever to boot17:12
wladekhi.  i'm running kubuntu 7.10.  i tried running the nvidia closed source driver by enabling it in the 'restricted drivers' section of my system settings, but i was getting unstable behaviour (black screen flashes and hangs).  so because i have a pretty new nvidia card i downloaded and installed the driver directly from nvidia's website.  everything seemed to go well but now i can't run nvidia-settings because the driver in 'restric17:12
wladekted drivers' is not enabled17:12
wladekbut i get the nvidia splash screen when i start up x server, so i assume it's running17:12
EternalNytgetting in lag on video's17:13
nosrednaekimwladek: yeah. the nvidia settings is probably conflicting.17:13
tarinblueskaj: yes i type the router ip to get into the settings17:13
BluesKajwladek, dunno about nvidia, but the old drivers should usually be uninstalled before installing a new one17:14
tarini agree17:14
nosrednaekimtarin: tried booting one of those kernels?17:15
nosrednaekimhey oem17:15
wladekok.. can i remove the old ones through the adept package manager or do i have to go about removing stuff manually?17:15
oemdoes anybody know where i can get a latex 2e for kubuntu?17:15
tarinstill trying17:15
nosrednaekimwladek: just remove them from adept17:15
tarinit has stopped on not loading blacklisted module ipv617:15
nosrednaekimwladek: should be "nvidia-glx"17:15
jhutchins!info latex17:15
ubotuPackage latex does not exist in gutsy17:15
jhutchins!find latex17:15
ubotuFound: auctex, dblatex, latex-beamer, latex-ucs, latex-ucs-contrib (and 55 others)17:16
=== eduardiyo is now known as Eduardiyo
nosrednaekimtarin: humm, try pressing ctrl+c17:17
elisianotarin: in the kernel that takes forever to boot u should leave the options "quiet spash" in the grub configuration, so u can actually see what's going on17:17
elisianosometimes it helps adding irqpoll to the line17:17
nosrednaekimelisiano: you mean remove?17:17
oemi have already installed them.... but there's not yet a latex editor17:17
tarindid control c now im just sitting @ a prompt17:18
elisianoyes sorry17:18
nosrednaekimtarin: ok.... login17:18
nosrednaekimand run "sudo dhclient eth0"17:18
tarinelisiano: how do i add that stuff to the boot17:19
tarinand still no dchpoffers17:19
elisiano2 ways: editing the line at runtime or editing /boot/grub/menu.lst17:20
nosrednaekimtarin: yeesh.., thats weird!17:20
tarinalso just did ifdonw ifup same result17:21
nosrednaekimtarin: you got any LiveCds around?17:21
tarini have one for feisty17:21
tarinstill waiting on my gutsy disks in the mail17:21
nosrednaekimtarin: try booting it up.17:21
elisianonosrednaekim: he said that with feisty all worked17:21
nosrednaekimelisiano: yup.... but the fiesty kernel didn't.17:22
nosrednaekimtarin: hey wait... you blacklisted ipv6?17:22
tarini guess17:22
tarinit was a fix i found on the net17:22
nosrednaekimtarin: unblacklist that.... could be the problem17:23
tarinso dont boot to the cd then?17:23
nosrednaekimtarin: oh... it was not working before you put that in there?17:23
BluesKaji have ipv6 disabled and blacklisted but it doesn't seem to make much difference lately ,the konq browser is still pretty slow :(17:24
tarinok booting to cd17:24
nosrednaekimtarin: ok... boot the cd then17:24
sam64the kubuntu page says there's something goin on in the "#kubuntu-devel" channel, but when I try to go there it says name lookup failed..17:27
sam64nevermind.. it works now17:28
nosrednaekimsam64: thats not right now..17:28
nosrednaekimthis thursday17:28
tarinok im in and it is recognizing an active connection on eth017:28
tarinbut i cant browse the net17:29
tarinwont bring up google17:29
nosrednaekimtarin: try pinging
EternalNytquestion ? I have tried using Kompile and comes up with Error Findin X lib.  any help would be nice17:29
tarinim getting a 169.254 ip17:29
nosrednaekimtarin: thats a bogus IP..17:30
elisiano169.254? with linux?17:30
EternalNytduring a compilation from a .tar.gz17:30
nosrednaekimlooks like some thing is messed up with the Hardware..17:30
nosrednaekimtarin: is it a desktop or a notebook?17:31
sam64nosrednaekim: I thought 07 on my clock was the year.. I should fix that17:32
tarinhome built desktop17:32
ihadgentoodoes my pupil size matter? and does grammar matter? if so how much (grammar)?17:32
sigma_finally i found a browser that integrates properly into kde! and has all my features!17:32
nosrednaekimsigma_: what is it?17:33
nosrednaekimtarin: so, do you have any network cards around?17:33
sigma_its called flock, based on firefox but they reworked the things that matter ie: the theme!17:33
XcellStand by deu..brb.17:33
tarinno i dont17:34
tarini thought i did but if i do i cant find the d*** thing17:34
sam64oh, I thought you said poorly. Ill have to check that out. Firefox2 addons wont work with Firefox3, which also works good in KDE17:34
sigma_u have to disable quite a bit because its designed for teenagers but the main menus work perfectly17:35
elisianosigma_: I'm using flock from a long time, but id dowsn't integrates any better than firefox in kde17:35
deurytexcell, did i here u rite?  stop everything im doin and bring my mach over???17:35
tarinok so how do i unistall the net card and reinstall it?17:35
XcellMomma aint here..but if ya want to.17:36
elisianotarin: u told it is on board... is it a pci or integrated?17:36
elisianoso how would u reinstall it?17:36
tarinbut i was hoping like windows i could unistall it from the os17:36
tarinand reisntall17:36
elisianommm nope17:37
elisianou can remove the kernel module17:37
elisianoand then reload it17:37
nosrednaekimtarin: nah... its part of the kernel17:37
nosrednaekimelisiano: thats really not going to do a bit of good.17:37
elisianoif u doo "rmmod 8139too" u shouldn't see eth0 anymore17:37
Dr_willisthe way windows handles drivers.. and how linux handles 'drivers' are  like the north and south poles. :)17:37
elisianothen modprobe 8139too17:37
sigma_elisiano: i just wanted a decent theme, dont really care about the other stuff, thats why it works for me17:37
* Dr_willis needs a better analogy17:37
tarini thought that was a good analogy17:38
Dr_willisTheres lots of themes out for firefox.  Depends on your needs i guess. :)17:38
Dr_willistarin,  :) both are cold and nasty places.. where few men dare to tread...17:38
nosrednaekimDr_willis: are like the dark side of the moon and the light side of the moon?17:38
Dr_willisOnly one has nice cute penguins.. and the other has Nasty Polar Bears.17:38
sigma_dr_willis: they all had problems for me or didn't look good enough17:38
Dr_willissigma_,  sounds like you need to just go make your own if you are that picky.17:39
ihadgentooany of you know david deangelo allan pease (tv show 1987) ? and what is your opinion about him? thank you17:39
EternalNytHow about KDE priority Handler17:39
Dr_willisI though flock was in the repos.. lets see17:39
tarinim gonna have to see if i can find that card17:39
Dr_willis!find flock17:39
sigma_dr_willis: lol too much of a mission! but i like the flock one17:39
nosrednaekimdon't think so.17:39
ubotuFile flock found in tclx8.3, util-linux17:39
EternalNytanybody using the Program17:39
sigma_its not in the repo's, at least i dont think it is17:40
tarinbrb afk17:40
elisianoDr_willis: it's not packaged17:40
sigma_but its easy to download and use, just unzip and click the flock executable17:40
sigma_has the same dep's as firefox17:40
deurytexcell, 64bit aint out yet!!17:41
elisianoyeah but to integrate that a lttle better, copy the .desktop from firefox an adjust it with the right path and executable17:41
XcellYes it is.17:41
deurytekde?? 64bit?? now??  today?? really??17:42
sigma_theres just one feature it doesn't have - the "ubuntu package search engine" does anyone know where i can download it?17:42
deurytedidnt u tell me last time it wasnt??17:42
XcellI have resources.17:42
Dr_willisI did just google and find the flock theme for firefox17:42
XcellWant me to burn?17:43
deurytei'll ask radio. hell tell me. radioooooooooooo17:43
EternalNyt ~X(17:43
bazhangdeuryte: please stop17:43
deuryteyes, turn or burn17:43
deuryteburn it , ill be rite over17:44
Xcellbye..Cmon over...back door.17:44
sigma_o i thought u wouldn't be able to find just the theme17:44
Dr_willissigma_,  google to the rescue. :) took me 20 sec.17:44
Dr_willisI couldent find it at the firefox theme site however.. their search engine.. seems broken17:44
Dr_willisnow i got purtyier buttons.. wow. :)17:45
sigma_i thought it would be copyrighted17:45
* Dr_willis wishes that some day firefox could change themes with OUT needing to be restarted.17:45
Dr_willissigma_,  it may be. no idea.17:45
Zabulusperhaps someone could help me with problem, kubunty feisty, laser mouse stops working after a various amount of time.17:45
deurytebazhang>deuryte: please stop... stop what???17:46
elisianoZabulus: is it the same amount of time that u wait before u unplug it?17:46
nosrednaekimZabulus: does unplugging it and plugging it back in help?17:46
EternalNytso has anyone played with KDE17:46
nosrednaekimEternalNyt: of course..17:47
[ifr0g]EternalNyt, How do you do that ?17:47
Zabulusnosrednaekim: nope, unfortunately not17:47
sigma_EternalNyt: considering we all use it i think we have17:47
Zabulusnosrednaekim: which is a pain to find out, have to crawl behind my desk to do so17:47
EternalNytHow about KDE priority handler?17:48
deurytebazhang>please stop!!!17:48
sigma_so no one knows where i can download that search engine from?17:48
Zabulusdl a search engine???17:48
sigma_zabulus: ya the ubuntu package one for firefox17:49
sam64Zabulus: stupid question - is there a piece of hair on the eye? I had that happen once and it made the mouse act funky17:49
Dr_willissigma_,  the firefox add on web site has a search feature, then i just used google.17:49
Zabulussam64: nope, the mouse is working fine right now(win xp)17:49
sigma_Dr_willis: i went to the mozilla page, it didnt have it17:50
ihadgentooi got banned from #ubuntu17:50
Dr_willissigma_,  thats why i used google. :)17:50
sigma_Dr_willis: can u give me the link?17:50
Xcellmomma just showed up.17:50
bazhangsigma_: you can also add a search for ubuntu packages and launchpad in firefox17:50
sigma_ihadgentoo: how did u manage that?17:50
* Dr_willis goes back to the default firefox theme.. it looks much nicer i think then the others.17:51
Dr_willis!find firefox17:51
sigma_bazhang: but where do i download them from?17:51
ubotuFound: firefox-themes-ubuntu, mozilla-firefox-locale-af, mozilla-firefox-locale-ar, mozilla-firefox-locale-be, mozilla-firefox-locale-bg-bg (and 71 others)17:51
Dr_willistheres a firefox plugin package i thought..17:51
Dr_willisunder the  addons menu item/tab theres a link also17:51
bazhangsigma_: you running firefox now? then click addons, and then choose get extensions17:51
bazhangsigma_: oopsie--from the repos--17:52
sigma_bazhang: but how would i make it work with flock?17:52
tarinok i found a net card17:53
bazhangfirefox-launchpad-plugin sigma17:53
sam64well Im gonna go unleash my artistic fury on the Christmas tree17:53
zibrah3ed#flock my be able to help you17:53
sam64later peeps17:53
nosrednaekimtarin: yay!17:53
Dr_willisive found that with most of the firefox-spinoffs like flock/songbird/miro (i think miro) you can just download whatever theme/extensions ya like and load them17:53
* nosrednaekim hopes it not a broadcom17:53
tarinno intel17:53
Dr_willisI had to tweak Songbird a bit.17:53
bazhangintel =for sure17:54
tarini hope17:54
ihadgentoo<sigma_> just by typing and talking on topic or off topic :S17:54
Zabulusdid gutsy fix any problems with recognizing usb mice?17:54
taringlad i had an old server layin around17:54
crimsunZabulus: depends on the ID of the usb mice.17:55
tarini use a wireless and have no prob17:55
bazhangZabulus: which mouse?17:55
zibrah3edsigma_: sorry wrong server: from website f you want instant communication join us on our IRC server irc.flock.com in the #flock and #flock-dev channels.17:55
Zabulusmicrosoft laser mouse 6000 v. 1.017:55
tarinmicro innovations17:55
bazhanglogitech wireless here Zabulus17:56
tarini hate forced hard drive checks17:56
bazhangIs ms good about providing linux drivers?17:57
* Dr_willis stares at bazhang blankly.17:57
bazhangjust a joke17:57
=== LotharTBL is now known as LotharTBL_
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about reppu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:58
Zabulusto make things worse, im new to linux, and i cant really explore and get more into linux because the mouse just stops working, making everything an annoying task17:58
=== LotharTBL_ is now known as LotharTBL
tarininternet is working17:59
nosrednaekimZabulus: yeah.... thats odd,17:59
nosrednaekimtarin: yay!!!17:59
Dr_willistarin,  no its not.. we cant see you.18:00
stevie2khi @all18:00
nosrednaekimZabulus: I have never heard of that problem.18:00
EternalNythas anybody got this to install18:00
Zabulusnot many people have unfortunately18:00
bazhangZabulus: just checking the forums--this particular mouse has had issues as far back as Dapper18:01
Zabulusso ive noticed...=P18:01
sourcemakerwhat's the last kernel version availble for kubuntu?18:01
Zabulusi upgrade, and each time i hope its fixed to no avail18:01
Tarynhahaha yay it worked18:02
Taryngo intel18:02
tarinthere hows that18:02
sigma_never fear i sorted it out guys, extracted the search engine from the firefox deb18:02
sigma_its just two silly files, and they are tiny18:02
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=540689 zabulus two people got it to work18:03
Taryni feel so much better18:03
Tarynnow i can get all the info off my windows boot and live in kubuntu18:03
bazhanggreat news Taryn18:04
Tarynno kidding18:04
Tarynhow much of an issue is samba tho18:04
Zabulushmm, unfortunately it doesnt seem like either had a similar problem to mind18:04
elisianonot that much18:05
elisianobye guys18:05
Taryni have a home network and want to be sure i will be able to continue using it18:05
sigma_depends what you want to do with samba, it see's windows pc's perfectly but if u want a windows pc to see it thats a mission18:05
elisianotaryn: are you in truoble accessing a samba share or using samba as server?18:05
Tarynnot doing either yet18:06
elisianoas a client  i suggest you smb4k18:06
Tarynbut when i move to full kubuntu i will need to install it18:06
elisianoit's very handy18:07
elisianonow I'm late18:07
Tarynthanks man18:07
Zabulusok, ill take a poll, who here thinks going to gutsy will fix the problem with my mouse?18:08
Tarynok here is one18:08
LotharTBLanyone running mythtv as a backend/frontend on kubuntu? Hints, tips pitfalls?18:08
Taryncan i install anyting to see the data on my ntfs hdd18:08
LotharTBLyou need to mount it to see it18:08
Taryni need to xfer my 3 gigs of music over18:08
Tarynhow do i mount it18:09
nicandrohi, in order to connect to the web through a Nokia6630 via USB, which application should I use?18:09
LotharTBLok.. you have an NTFS hd in a ubuntu machine?18:09
Tarynyeah i dual boot between xp and kubuntu18:09
bazhangLotharTBL: all available in kubuntu packages.ubuntu.com has them for gutsy18:10
LotharTBLhmm ok in a terminal do a fdisk -l and see if you can see the partition first and find out what /dev it is18:10
=== hi is now known as Greny
LotharTBLbazhang I have decided to go with 6.06 LTS for the backend. Undecided as to frint end18:11
bazhangLotharTBL: you can search that site for it not sure as I am on gutsy :}18:11
sigma_nicandro: use kppp18:12
nicandrosigma_: ok, but which modem device should i select ?18:12
TarynLotharTBL: what is that option?18:12
LotharTBLI think mine is daper I went with LTS as its supported until 2011 and the others are only supported until 200918:12
JimnasticsI'm using ip route to add & delete a default gateway route every 5 seconds, I've been testing it pinging a node and there is always a 2 second delay to actually delete a route after ip route del was exectured, anybody knowing why this is happening and if there is a way to immediately delete a route from the routing table?18:13
LotharTBLThe "l" option will list all partitions fdisk can find18:13
Taryndidnt list anytihng18:13
Zabulusok, how hard is it to upgrade from feisty to gutsy without using the mouse?18:13
sigma_nicandro: can't tell u now as im running it currently, sorry18:14
bazhangZabulus: could you borrow a mouse for the duration of the upgrade?18:14
LotharTBLnot sure if you can do an apt-get upgrade or not. I think that only works within a version18:14
sigma_nicandro: wat are the options?18:14
Zabuluswell, i moved and lost my spares18:14
LotharTBLonly a walmart away! **knocks on next door** excuse me, could I borrow a mouse?18:15
TarynLotharTBL: didnt list any partitions just brought me to a >18:15
Zabuluslol, walmart maybe, next door...dont know them that well18:15
LotharTBLare you currently in a linux session?18:16
JimnasticsI'm using ip route to add & delete a default gateway route every 5 seconds, I've been testing it pinging a node and there is always a 2 second delay to actually delete a route after ip route del was exectured, anybody knowing why this is happening and if there is a way to immediately delete a route from the routing table?18:16
LotharTBLZabulus, how better to get to know them than to borrow a mouse. You can scare them too. be all sweaty and look wild eyed and tell them your upgrading your ubuntu linux distro.18:17
TarynLotharTBL: hahahhaa18:17
Zabulus10 to 1 says they would call the cops18:17
LotharTBLTaryn are you in a linux session?18:17
TarynLotharTBL: yes18:17
LotharTBLok when you open a terminal window you get an a>?18:17
TarynLotharTBL: sorry thought you were talking to some one else18:18
Tarynno if i open the term i get the normal prompt18:18
Tarynbut i id do the fdisk -| i get >18:18
LotharTBLok do a whoami are you root?18:18
jeroenvrpI installed KDE4 RC1 (3.96), but the "about KDE" dialogs show Beta4! Is this normal?18:18
=== tomas__ is now known as holiday
Tarynno i am tim18:18
Tarynbut i use sudo18:18
LotharTBLAh ok its a lower case L18:18
LotharTBLfdisk -l18:19
Taryngoes to another reg prompt18:19
Taryndoesnt show any info18:19
deurytelets celebrate CHRIST-MASS for what it really is............Luke 2:7:18:19
deuryteAnd she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.18:19
LotharTBLtry sudo fdisk -l18:19
deuryteLuke 2:12:And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.Luke 2:16:18:19
deuryteAnd they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.18:19
deurytewrong room18:20
Tarynits actually another hard drive totally18:20
Tarynthat i have windows on18:20
LotharTBLI would say so. I was waiting for the little babe to start blessing ubuntu distros18:20
deurytehe's not a babe any more.......18:20
Tarynnothing wrong with that is there18:20
LotharTBLshouldn't matter. fdisk -l will show all partitions no matter what hard drive that it can physicaly see (on the same machine)18:21
Tarynok then it doesnt see it18:21
LotharTBLit isn't seeing anything?18:21
Tarynnope just skips to another prompt18:21
Tarynoops thats better18:22
Tarynforgtot to sudo18:22
LotharTBLah ok working now?18:22
Tarynyeah shows /dev/sda1 as my ntfs18:23
Taryna little off topic anyone know of any good repos i can add to adept18:25
bazhangmedibuntu.org's Taryn18:25
Taryncool thanks18:25
Tarynohbtw what is the point of the jde wallet18:26
bazhangto store passwords18:26
LotharTBLok so now we need to mount /dev/sda118:28
LotharTBLI need to look it up but you can also do a man mount and find the parameters18:28
RichardBHhi - can anyone help with getting the cool 3d cube stuff on kubuntu gutsy?18:31
LotharTBLmount /dev/sda1 -t ntfs /mnt   give that a try with sudo18:31
bazhang!compiz | RichardBH18:31
ubotuRichardBH: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion18:31
sourcemakerkernel update to 2.6.23 possible?18:32
RichardBHthanks bazhang18:32
LotharTBLTaryn is that working18:32
bazhangRichardBH: no worries :}18:33
Tarynit just skipped to another prompt18:33
sourcemakerthere is a new scheduler in kernel 2.6.23... for better performance on desktop applications... how can i upgrade?18:33
Tarynshould it give me some type of confimation18:33
LotharTBLdo a df and see if you see it18:33
LotharTBLthe command is   df should show all mounted file systems18:34
Tarynyup shows as the last one18:34
LotharTBLok then you can cd to it cd /mnt and you there18:34
Taryncan i pull files from it?18:35
LotharTBLor from the desktop go to filesystem and it will be under /mnt18:35
Taryni need to move 6gb of mp3s18:35
LotharTBLI imagine you can. It will depend on what they rights are to the /mnt directory18:35
LotharTBLgo to the directory you want to pull from and do an ls -l and see who owns them18:36
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Linha
=== markus__ is now known as bryan
LotharTBLmy lucky day, I got to answer a question. Life she is good!18:37
=== bryan is now known as _Bryan__
Eiccahow can I open a .tar.bz2 file? what do I need to get ark extract it?18:39
LotharTBLok guru's what does CPU frequency scaling not supported mean? Anyone, anyone buler?18:40
nosrednaekimLotharTBL: means your CPU doesn't support it... or HAL doesn't think it supports it.18:40
nosrednaekimLotharTBL: what  processor do you have?18:40
LotharTBLquad Xenons18:40
LotharTBLI got the box for a song. Old Prolient server. Makes noise like a truck, but its pretty snappy18:41
=== cheguevara is now known as CheGuevara
Tarynhaha we run proliants at work18:42
Taryndoxen of them18:42
nosrednaekimLotharTBL: hrm...18:42
LotharTBLI got 2 from a buf for $200.0018:42
Tarynwhat generation is it18:42
dreamcoderhi can someone help me to install grpahics card drivers in kubunu pls18:42
nosrednaekim!nvidia | dreamcoder18:43
ubotudreamcoder: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto18:43
dreamcoderthank you18:44
Tarynlothar: are they G4s or G5s?18:44
LotharTBLDL5800 4x Xenon700s 1 gig of ram18:45
Tarynthey are kinda noisy but they run great18:45
LotharTBLIts a pretty smokin machine has the standard raid card and an aftermarket one.18:46
LotharTBLI am so underutalizing it, it was a cheap machine for my mythTV backend.18:46
LotharTBLand yes its noisy as hell!18:46
DragnslcrHas anyone else run into a problem with the PCM channel in KMix being set to 0% at seemingly random times?18:50
=== Dresken_ is now known as Dresken
LotharTBLmy next magical trick will be to build a storage server. http://www.freenas.org/18:51
DreskenIs there a way to limit download speed on another computer on my network?18:51
egonOh MEIN GOTT! das ist ja mal echt geil. kde 4 ist jetzt im vergleich zur rc 1 um 1000000x schneller geworden :/ ich bin begeistert!18:52
jpatrick!de | egon18:52
ubotuegon: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de18:52
egonsorry wrong chat :/18:52
LotharTBLnosrednaekim is it a CPU issue? or a Hal issue? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47424/18:56
Tarynhow do i get amarock to show lyrics?18:57
nosrednaekimLotharTBL: having no experience with intels..18:57
nosrednaekimoh.. p3?18:57
nosrednaekimdon't think they have Frequency scaling.18:57
LotharTBLunfortunately, but hey they were cheap! lol18:58
LotharTBLok thanks for the info18:58
nadodid anybody of you run gta san andreas with wine? for me it's not working18:58
nosrednaekim4x700mhz? thats probably pretty fast!18:59
Eiccasanokaa hyviä linux pelejä18:59
Eiccasry friend said that..18:59
LotharTBLI haven't seen anything bog it down yet. the raid is pretty snappy too18:59
nosrednaekimTaryn: go to the context side-bar18:59
LotharTBLthe test will be when its recording 4 video channels and playing back 2 or 3. Should be interesting to say the least19:00
=== LotharTBL is now known as Lothar_Away
nosrednaekimLothar_Away: recording isn't hard.19:03
XcellDeu: done.19:03
nosrednaekimbut playing back? needs some heavy graphics.19:03
nosrednaekimunless its just the server19:03
nosrednaekimin which case the disc is the bottleneck19:04
=== joseph is now known as t3ch13
deurytestill there xcell19:12
RichardBHrandom question - is there any way to change the logon screen resolution? ive changed the desktop down to 1024x768, but i think the logon screen is still higher19:15
mike__anyone know how to get Openoffice 2.3.233 for gutsy?19:17
Blu3is konqueror tied to the network manager somehow?  i've often noticed that when i disable networking via the NM and use kppp to connect w/ my cellular data card that konqueror can no longer reach web pages.  It immediately stops with an error that it can't connect to the remote host.  I do not have any iptables rules19:18
antiNeoRichardBH: edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (but make a backup first!) and go down to the place where it lists screen resolutions. just delete the ones you don't want19:18
NickPrestamike__, OOo 2.3.0 is in the repos. Do you _need_ 2.3.233?19:18
mike__NickPresta, yes, I need the new "presenter" screen19:19
=== Taryn is now known as T_I_M
RichardBHantiNeo cheers19:20
antiNeoRichardBH: np19:20
NickPrestamike__, http://download.openoffice.org/2.3.1/index.html?focus=download The deb link there has 2.3.1 (apparently the latest stable version)19:21
ChristianBHi folks19:21
NickPrestamike__, they also have debs of 2.3.1rc1 here: http://download.openoffice.org/680/index.html?intcmp=123519:21
NickPrestahi ChristianB19:21
mike__I'll look at that one, it may be the one I already have. I really need the presenter screen for a church presentation to get rid of MS once and for all.19:22
RichardBHantiNeo: sorry to bother you again, but i cant find a list of resolutions in that file19:22
NickPrestamike__, this might be of interest to you: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Presenter_Screen/Developer_Snapshot19:23
ChristianBI have a question regarding init scripts for (K)ubuntu19:23
ChristianBIs there a how to or best way to code init scripts?19:23
mike__that developer snapshot is what I need, I have it but cant get it installed?19:24
mike__there are no .deb's fro it..19:24
NickPrestamike__, you need to compile it from source, it seems. Do you know how to do that?19:24
mike__I have geard that compiling oo from source is a pretty big project..19:24
ninjagambitwell nick im well rested up now19:25
mike__heard that is19:25
ninjagambitmaby ill try to get flash on my firefox again today19:25
NickPrestaChristianB, I found the easiest way to create an init.d script was to open a (already written) script in /etc/init.d/ and adapt it to my needs.19:25
ninjagambitthanks for all the help the other night19:26
NickPrestamike__, it may be a big task.  I don't know personally but if that is the only way to get it, what are you going to do? :)19:26
mike__yea, guess so... :(19:27
ChristianBI've already tried that, using a script I found on the web but it seems that it doesn't work19:27
NickPrestaChristianB, have you done a `update-rc.d SCRIPT defaults` in a terminal?19:28
mike__seems like there would be somebody in all of ubuntu land that has tried it!19:28
gabbahhow can i run a program as root without having to type in the password for root? I need to run a program when my computer starts up as root19:28
Blu3ok, apparently it's a long standing bug with konqueror and network-manager.  regardless of any existing functioning network connections (i.e. ppp), if you set network-manager offline, konqueror can do other protocols, just not HTTP19:29
NickPrestaChristianB, check this out (it tells you what to do once you wrote the script): http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/09/07/adding-a-startup-script-to-be-run-at-bootup/19:29
ChristianBI'll try this19:30
NickPrestagabbah, I suppose you could place the script in /root/.kde/Autostart (create Autostart if it doesn't exist).19:30
=== Edulix is now known as penyaskito
NickPrestamike__, you could use checkinstall to generate a deb package for "easy" installation. type: "/msg ubotu checkinstall" in this channel for more information19:31
Cannolican someone point me in the right direction for installing themes?19:31
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy19:32
gabbahNickPresta: yes i thought of that too. but how do i run it as root?19:32
mike__thanks will give it a look19:33
NickPrestagabbah, everything in the .kde/Autostart folder is run when you login to your KDE sesssion. I would assume that this would run the script when root logs into a KDE session. It's worth a try, I suppose19:33
Cannolidomo arigatio Dragnslcr19:33
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion19:33
Zabulusok, how can i get to the option to upgrade to gutsy gibbon in adept using just the keyboard?19:33
=== jonatan is now known as J4t
=== ninhobomba is now known as elpez
ChristianBNickPresta: How can I test if it works without having to restart my machine?19:34
gabbahNickPresta: ok thanks19:35
NickPrestaZabulus, try: kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade". Quotes are important19:35
NickPrestaChristianB, you could try doing: sudo /etc/init.d/SCRIPT start|stop|restart and see if it's working. As for checking if it runs at boot up, you have to boot up :)19:36
=== penyaskito is now known as Edulix
Zabuluswell, that command brought up adept, but didnt initalize the version upgrade19:37
NickPrestaZabulus, you should see a Version Upgrade buttont to click on, no?19:38
HowDoYouLovei just installed fresh kubuntu. I dont think i entered a timezone during setup. Now i cant change my timezone via system tray clock, or through control panel.. any help?19:38
Zabulusyes i do, i cant click on it, my mouse keeps freezing up, i was hoping gutsy would have a fix for that...19:39
gabbahwhat the differance between synaptic and adept package managers??19:39
Eiccatell me some good multiplayer games for kubuntu (multiplayer playable with one pc)19:40
emilsedghgabbah: thats for gnome/gtk+, adept is for qt/kde, the ui and code are differrent19:40
emilsedghEicca: Frozen-Bubble, Netpanzer19:40
t3ch13I've installed the Nvidia graphics driver and did the glxgears to make sure that it works now what do I need for Compiz-Fusion?19:40
emilsedghHowDoYouLove: did you try to go to administration mode?19:41
HowDoYouLovecant change anything19:41
Zabulusok, can anyone tell me how to initalize the upgrade to gutsy without using the mouse, or perhaps a fix to stop my mouse from freezing up19:41
NickPrestaZabulus, what do you mean by "freezing up"? It doesn't move at all? Only sometimes?19:42
emilsedghHowDoYouLove: when you click on go to administrator mode button, you should enter password and then you will be able to change things19:42
HowDoYouLoveSHOULD be able to yes19:42
HowDoYouLovecan not though19:42
Zabulusi boot up, the mouse works for a little bit, then it stops moving19:42
ninjagambitanyone here have amd64 and flash working19:42
emilsedghnikkiana: i dunno about flash but im sure gnash works19:42
HowDoYouLoveomg it just worked19:43
HowDoYouLovewasnt working before i swear19:43
jembougeI got the same problem as HowDoYouLove19:43
HowDoYouLoveglad i tired again19:43
NickPrestaZabulus, is it possible to boot up, run that from the terminal and click on Version Upgrade before it stops working?19:43
Zabulushard to say, its so random with its timing19:44
sparr_the kde panel cpu monitor is showing 100% IOWait time on my CPU.  how can i figure out whats causing that?19:44
=== sparr_ is now known as sparr
ChristianBNickPresta: It seems the script itself is broken19:44
NickPrestaChristianB, pastebin the script. !pastebin19:44
emilsedghHowDoYouLove: you dont need to swear man!19:44
Zabulusive booted up and had it freeze before it showed the desktop, and ive booted up and it worked fine for half an hour then froze19:44
emilsedgh!repeat NickPresta19:44
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)19:44
sparrthe kde panel cpu monitor is showing 100% IOWait time on my CPU.  how can i figure out whats causing that?19:44
Zabulusive rebooted 4 times and havent been able to click that button19:44
emilsedghNickPresta: thats possible, try to replace all 'feisty' with 'gutsy' in you /etc/apt/sources.list19:45
NickPrestaemilsedgh, I think you mean to be talking to someone else :)19:45
emilsedghsparr: try the command 'top' in konsole or ksysguard19:45
sparremilsedgh: and sort by what?19:46
ChristianB!pastebin http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47430/19:46
emilsedghNickPresta: you wanted to upgrade to hutsy without mouse, right?19:46
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)19:47
emilsedghsparr: top already sorts by cpu usage, i think19:47
NickPrestaemilsedgh, no, Zabulus wants to reboot without a mouse19:48
NickPrestaemilsedgh, sorry, upgrade without a mouse19:48
sparremilsedgh: was a defunct mplayer process, using 0% cpu.  thanks though19:48
RogueJediXIs there any particular procedure for setting up a joystick on a COM port?19:49
emilsedghso sorry NickPresta19:49
walterhi everybody!19:50
gabbahhiii dr Niiick!19:50
T_I_Mzabulus: can you get to konsole witout a mouse?19:50
walterI have 2 question for you...19:50
NickPrestaChristianB, this "boinc" client doesn't have a wait to stop the service without doing a "killall"?19:51
walterdoes nokia 5610 work on kubuntu gutsy?19:51
T_I_Mif you go to /etc/apt/sources.list do you have anyting in there with feisty listed?19:51
walteri should use it as UMTS or GPRS modem...19:52
joseihoal hola19:52
ChristianBNickPresta: A normal kill would do the same result19:52
walterdoes anybody know?19:52
joseinecesito una pequeña ayudita19:53
T_I_Mwalter: sorry no idea on thst one19:53
walterthanks for your answer...:D19:54
ChristianBNickPresta: but stopping is not the problem, I want it to start first :)19:54
walterand about iPod classic 80 gb?19:54
walterIt could work?19:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about joystick - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about joysticks - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:55
ardchoille!es | josei19:55
ubotujosei: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.19:55
Zabulushow can i get to that file to check19:55
waltersorry: could ipod classic work on kubuntu?19:55
T_I_Msudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list19:56
NickPrestaChristianB, try this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47434/19:56
ChristianBIt seems the line "if [ -x /opt/BOINC/run_client ]; then" is the problem19:56
NickPrestaChristianB, remove the sudo from line 14 as well. I missed that19:56
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod19:56
walterthanks ubotu19:57
Zabulusfour uncommented lines, all four say fiesty in some part of them19:57
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots19:57
T_I_Mwalter: ubotu is a bot19:57
T_I_Mplay on words for ubuntu19:57
walterok ok19:58
T_I_Mmost times if you need info on a one word subject type ! then the word19:58
T_I_Mlike this !ipod19:58
ubotuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto See !rockbox for information on liberating your iPod19:58
T_I_Mvery handy19:58
Zabuluswell, i have to go, i guess ill deal more with this crud later...19:59
Zabulusand probably will after i upgrade too -_-20:00
andreas_how do i dual-screen?20:00
T_I_Mcya zabulus20:00
NickPrestaandreas_, which graphics card do you have?20:00
andreas_some standard intel thing20:00
gabbahanyone using netbeans 6 and knows how to install it?20:01
NickPresta!xinerama > andreas_20:01
T_I_Mshould be able to set it up in system settings monitor and display20:01
T_I_Mgabbah:sorry not me20:01
RogueJediXI don't suppose anyone here has a working gameport joystick20:02
T_I_Mno never considered putting mine on20:02
JohnFluxRogueJediX: have you googled?20:03
RogueJediXJohnFlux: I have. Found some tutorials that don't work for some reason20:03
MetaMorfoziShow can i disable the cache for maass storage devices20:03
JohnFluxRogueJediX: buy a usb joystick :-D20:03
dsawhen you untar something20:04
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: why?20:04
dsais that the same as unzipping?20:04
JohnFluxdsa: well technically tar is just to put multiple files into one20:04
JohnFluxdsa: the compression part is gzip20:04
RogueJediXJohnFlux: Why? This one works fine on other systems20:04
dsaok so when it says untar the folder, does that mean extract it to my desktop or seomthing?20:04
andreas_how do i make my hd_sound_card work?20:04
ChristianBNickPresta: thx for your help, I found the bug. the scriptname was run_client.sh and not run_client20:05
JohnFluxdsa: yeah20:05
NickPrestaChristianB, heh, okay :)20:05
JohnFluxdsa:   tar -zxvf  file.tgz20:05
RichardBHdoes anyone know how to decrease the resolution of the logon screen?20:05
ChristianBNow it's working but I have to figure out how to redirect to the correct log files20:05
MetaMorfoziSJohnFlux > because thats sux...20:05
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: why?20:05
MetaMorfoziSJohnFlux > not why, how.20:06
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: what makes you think it's a problem?20:06
dsaalright ty20:06
MetaMorfoziSBecause it's illogic, and it's often works wrong.20:06
sub[t]rnlRichardBH: remove any unwanted resolutions from your /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  The login uses the first resolution available20:06
MetaMorfoziSIf i copy something, then i WANT COPY THAT20:06
MetaMorfoziSand i didn't want to get errors when i try to safely remove20:07
MetaMorfoziSand i didin't want 0 byte files on my device20:07
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: aaah, you want copies to be synchronous20:07
MetaMorfoziSi just want COPY the files. nothing else20:07
=== admin13 is now known as seb312
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: i ask these questions because I want to know what you actually want, not what you think you want :-D20:08
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: edit /etc/fstab  and add the option sync  to the device20:09
MetaMorfoziSsry, so i want get that sync20:09
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: like, this is what my floppy drive has:  /dev/fd0  /media/floppy  auto  rw,noauto,user,sync  0 020:09
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: the 'sync'  part means it will always make sure the files are copied fully etc20:10
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: hmm, although your usb devices won't be listed in /etc/fstab20:10
MetaMorfoziSJohnFlux > it's auto mounted20:10
MetaMorfoziSso i think that isn't in fstab...20:11
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: pmount has a --sync   command, but i wonder how to get hal to use that20:11
RichardBHsub[t]rnl - i dont suppose you know how to do it if there are no resolutions listed?20:12
sub[t]rnlpastbin your xorg.conf20:12
andreas_in rc.local, where sould i paste, befor or after the "exit 0"?20:13
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: /etc/hal/fdi/policy/preferences.fdi20:13
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: if you edit that file and uncomment the commented out section20:13
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: that will set sync for devices less than 16GB20:14
andreas_in rc.local, where sould i paste, befor or after the "exit 0"?20:14
JohnFluxandreas_: before20:14
JohnFluxandreas_: exit 0  is the last thing that it will do - that makes it exit20:14
EiccaI muted sounds from the taskbar and put the volume to 0% but why do I still hear sounds when I play?20:15
andreas_Thx JohnFlux:D20:15
ChristianBNickPresta: many thx to you again, I've fixed the logfile redirection and it works like a charm, now I have to test if it's working at boot time20:15
ChristianBbtw: What's the best/prefered way to kill an application?20:16
RichardBHsub[t]rnl ^20:16
sub[t]rnlset resolutions with sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg20:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about intelhdaudio - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:18
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP320:19
Eiccatän päivän pelit ei kuitenkaa vaadi ddr3sia yms20:19
EiccaI muted sounds from the taskbar and put the volume to 0% but why do I still hear sounds when I play?20:19
RichardBHsub[t]rnl thanks20:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hal - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:20
MetaMorfoziSJohnFlux > it looks isn't working...20:20
MetaMorfoziSi have /etc/init.d/hal restart-ed, and i uncommented the first section that enables the sync and noatime (and owerwrited 1gb with 9)20:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kth - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:21
MetaMorfoziSAnd when i started to copy a 100mb sized file, then it copied ~ 10mb/sec , but when it reached 48% it stalled..20:22
T_I_Mwhat does KDEinit could not luanch kdesu mean?20:22
ubotuIn KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)20:23
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: is it still stalled?20:25
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: that's not good :-D20:25
JohnFluxMetaMorfoziS: check /var/log/messages20:26
raphhi, I can access my vista ntfs partition (read/write), but if I plug in my external hd and want to access its ntfs fs, I get the error msg "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000". I formated it with ntfs last week (before I reformated it, I could access it without problems and it was ntfs back then, too!!)20:28
dsahow do i send konversation to tray?20:29
JohnFluxdsa: just click the close button20:30
kiizi cant play dvd with kubuntu.what lib do i need to make this possible20:31
JohnFlux!dvd | kiiz20:31
ubotukiiz: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs20:31
sub[t]rnlraph: try ntfs-3g /dev/sdc1(or whatever) /mnt/wherever -o force20:31
ardchoillekiiz: You need the libdvdcss2 package from the medibuntu repo20:31
fffhow do i send konversation to tray?20:32
ardchoillefff: JohnFlux already answered that20:33
fffsorry my internet gave out20:33
fffcan you please repeat it20:33
JohnFluxfff: just press the close button20:33
fffit just asks if i want to quit20:33
JohnFluxfff: settings->behavior->general   enable systray20:34
ardchoillefff: Do you have the konv tray icon in the tray right now?20:34
fffgot it now20:34
fffthanx alot20:34
raphsub[t]rnl: thats crazy, i can mount it manually using the shell20:38
raphsub[t]rnl: dolphin still gives me the error20:39
raphhm, if i want to unmount my vista-partition (which is mounted automatically), I get the error "device to unmount is not in /media/.hal-mtab so it is not mounted by HAL"20:42
raphseems like i've found the answer20:44
sigma_does anyone know of any alternatives to winff? i am trying to encode video's for my smartphone - 176 x 220 resolution and 200 frames / second and mpeg file type20:45
NickPrestasigma_, mencoder and/or ffmpeg can do it, I'm sure. Check out `man ffmpeg` and `man mencoder`20:45
sigma_nickpresta: i have both but looking for a gui. the command line is rather complex20:46
sub[t]rnli converted video's for ipod using those two apps20:47
sub[t]rnlsec, let me find the script20:47
sparr"Processing triggers for libc6 ..."  <--  what is this and why does it happen after almost any package installation these days?20:47
sigma_subtrnl: yup that would really help20:48
sub[t]rnlneed ruby20:48
ardchoillesparr: That's normal for updates. I'm guessing the package manager code has changed.20:48
sigma_im checking it out20:48
sparrardchoille: it wasnt normal before, and its very spammy now20:48
gabbahdon't phones only support 3gp and megp4 with mpeg4-acc sound codec?20:49
sparrgabbah: phones support whatever their software supports.  dont blame us if you bought a phone that won't run mplayer.20:49
sigma_gabbah: i have a windows smartphone:)20:49
gabbahalright. i converted using ffmpeg to my sonyericsson w81020:49
sigma_windows yes i know but i still use a open source video app which plays everything, win media player on it is hopeless20:50
gabbahhad to use mp4 with aac codec20:50
sigma_sub[t]rnl: how do i run the file?20:51
sub[t]rnlruby file20:51
sub[t]rnlor chmod +x it then ./file20:51
bludvehello, there is a spanish channel on this server?20:52
sparri cant seem to get over 3 weeks uptime  :(20:53
sigma_sub[t]rnl: did that, nothing happens, and theres no error message20:53
sub[t]rnlneed to supply a file to the script20:54
sub[t]rnlexample ./mp4ize myphone.avi20:54
sigma_sub{t}ml where bout in it?20:54
sigma_oh i see20:54
sigma_sub{t}ml: got a error - Unknown codec 'xvid'20:55
NickPrestasigma_, mencoder tells me that mpeg doesn't support 200 FPS20:56
sub[t]rnlso install your codec20:56
sigma_which package do i need?20:56
sigma_nickpresta: what does it support?20:56
NickPrestasigma_, actually, let me try something. I think I got it20:57
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:57
jelousbuddyhas anyone ever shot infrared fire/energy from eyes? do you know if i do it or learned how to do it? are my eyes dangerous for glasses (ex windows)?20:59
* sub[t]rnl facepalms20:59
sub[t]rnlhe's back20:59
* ardchoille drags out his ignore list20:59
rrbizwhat's the console command to delete a whole dir ?21:00
sub[t]rnlrm -rf bye/21:00
ardchoillerrbiz: rm -r dirname21:00
rrbizk thnx21:00
ardchoillerrbiz: Be very careful with that is using sudo21:00
rrbizhmm -r or -rf ?21:00
sub[t]rnl-r is better21:01
ardchoillerrbiz: I've never seen an instance where "-f" is needed21:01
rrbizalso does that dump it in the trashbin ?21:01
sigma_sub{t}ml: i installed libxvidcore4_1.1.2-0.1ubuntu2_i386.deb and its still says missing codec21:01
ardchoillerrbiz: No, that deletes it forever21:01
rrbizok cool21:01
ardchoillesigma_: What are you trying to do?21:01
NickPrestasigma_, I don't know about your FPS issue, but this: `mencoder -of mpeg -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg1video -oac copy -vf scale=220:176 input.avi -o output.mpg` converts the video to MPG with the specified resolution21:02
sub[t]rnlsigma_: w32codecs21:02
rrbiznice i was trying to delete the usbHD dir from kdesu konq but wasn't working, so rm -r did it quick21:03
sub[t]rnlsigma_: try nabbing the -dev package of libxvid21:04
jelousbuddyhow do i install kde on ubuntu? please21:05
sigma_ok lemme try all that, il report back21:05
CheGuevarasudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop21:05
sigma_ardchoille:  i am trying to encode video's for my smartphone - 176 x 220 resolution and 200 frames / second and mpeg file type21:05
ardchoillesigma_: Ah, ok. mencoder is awesome for that21:05
sigma_nickpresta: that didnt work 2well. its creating a file larger than the original, lol21:07
ardchoilleOops, sorry about that jelousbuddy21:08
sigma_but it is going at 272fps which is close enough21:08
jelousbuddy<CheGuevara> 508 mb O.O21:09
CheGuevarasounds about right :P21:09
ardchoillejelousbuddy: kubuntu-desktop is an empty meta package. it serves only to pull in everything needed for the kubuntu desktop21:10
CheGuevarayeah u can try installing individual kde packages to make it smaller if u have time for that21:10
RogueJediXHow does one reload modules in linux?21:10
sigma_sigma: ok well the file it outputted only played the audio properly, not the video - it freeze frames21:10
sigma_RogueJediX: what do u mean?21:11
CheGuevararmmod <module name>21:11
CheGuevaramodprobe <module name>21:11
RogueJediXsigma_: Like when I've finished editing the /etc/modules file21:11
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
jelousbuddyardchoille> sp how much do i download? i one kde not kubuntu, can i still use gnome after installing kde? how do i switch between them? does it require restarting to switch? would i be able to use and access my old files from kde?21:12
ardchoillejelousbuddy: You can use both gnome and kde apps in gnome or kde, they work in either desktop. you can switch desktops from the login screen. No, you don't need to reboot. Your personal files should be just fine.21:13
ardchoillejelousbuddy: I would just stay in kde and run kde and gnome apps, works fine21:14
sub[t]rnlsigma_: apt-get install liblame-dev libxvidcore4-dev libx264-dev libfaac-dev libfaad2-dev21:14
sub[t]rnland ffmpeg if you havn't already, then run that script.  It converts and keeps aspect ratio's, adding the black bars if needed, etc..21:15
sigma_ok let me try that, thanks21:15
jelousbuddy<sub[t]rnl> what is better kde or gnome?21:16
jelousbuddy<ardchoille> what is better kde or gnome?21:16
jelousbuddy<sub[t]rnl> ignore that21:16
ardchoillejelousbuddy: I like kde better21:16
jelousbuddyardchoille> why because it looks like windows?21:16
ardchoillejelousbuddy: But, I feel you should try them both and then decide which works best for you21:16
ardchoillejelousbuddy: Windows? Is that thing still around ;)21:17
=== raichoo is now known as xRaich[o]2x
virnikhi there, i got problem upon kde start21:17
virnikkonqueror keeps crashing21:17
virnikafter KDE start, Konkueror crash event shows up21:18
virnikcan somebody help?21:18
jelousbuddyardchoille> why would one work better than other?21:18
ardchoillejelousbuddy: Personal preference21:18
jelousbuddyardchoille> is there other way to install kubuntu desktop other than terminal?21:19
ardchoillejelousbuddy: You can use adept if you like.21:19
jelousbuddyardchoille> what is adept ?21:20
CubaColai like to lunch a apps each x seconds ....21:20
ardchoillejelousbuddy: No offense, but why are you asking all these newbie questions if you're in some non-newbie channels on freenode?21:20
CubaColaor lunch it again when it closed ..21:21
CubaColahow can i do that ?21:21
hydrogenhow are you going to install the kubuntu desktop from adept when adept is part of the kubuntu desktop?21:21
ardchoilleCubaCola: Write a bash script?21:21
virnikcan somebody help me out of this? after logon, my screen is filled with konqueror crash event21:21
virnikand keeps crashing21:21
CubaColaardchoille> yes!21:21
CubaColawich cmd ?21:21
ardchoillehydrogen: Good question21:21
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Linha
ardchoilleCubaCola: That wold be more than one command. Perhaps grab the pid of the app, throw it into a variable and use a for or while loop to do what you want.21:22
jelousbuddywhat would happen if there is a hidden camera in my room or your room?21:23
ardchoille!ot | jelousbuddy21:23
ubotujelousbuddy: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!21:23
thetick!language | CubaCola21:24
ubotuCubaCola: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:24
bioman@CubaCola if a granularity of 1 miinute is acceptable, you may have a look at crontab21:24
sigma_il be back:)21:24
jac0bI am trying to get my sound to work21:24
CubaColathetick>k thank you very much21:25
CubaColathanks all21:25
jac0bwhen I click the Test button it works but if I use amarok I get nothing21:25
=== v0taguz is now known as Votaguz
jac0bDoes anyone know how to correct this21:26
jelousbuddyare you stupid and is it cold and depressing outside?21:26
bioman@jac0b you may have to configure amarok, in order to set the correct sound engine21:28
yurimxpxmanare there any free software pi calculators I could use to study the source code?21:28
biomanusually ALSA21:29
jelousbuddyis love depressing or how does it feel?21:29
Lynourejelousbuddy: wrong channel?21:29
Lynourejelousbuddy: I'll gladly give you my opinion on the topic on #kubuntu-offtopic :)21:29
jac0bbioman: that what I was thinking (ALSA) but nothing21:31
jac0bbioman: I just tried OSS and that worked thanks for the help21:31
jelousbuddyany sexy girls/sexy women/sexy females here?21:32
ardchoillejelousbuddy: Please stop, you're being disruptive and disrespectful.21:32
* hydrogen wonders why his .strigi is 20gigs21:33
JohnFluxhydrogen: haha21:34
JohnFluxhydrogen: welcome to strigi21:34
ardchoillehydrogen: lol21:34
hydrogenthats a quarter of my disk21:34
JohnFluxhydrogen: you were only going to waste the space21:34
hydrogenyes, but its *my* space to waste!21:34
JohnFluxhydrogen: how selfish21:34
hydrogennot strigi's21:34
hydrogenI got it back though21:35
hydrogendon't you worry21:35
Zabulusok, im back to try yet again, does anyone know of a fix to keep a usb mouse from freezing?21:35
JohnFluxbe grateful for what strigi gave you :P21:35
hydrogenstrigi needs to be taken out back and shot in the forehead21:35
hydrogenthat is all21:35
JohnFluxZabulus: I have that - the mouse was broken21:35
JohnFluxZabulus: I had to buy a new one21:35
Zabulusmy mouse is fine21:35
JohnFluxof course the wife went and stole the new one, so now I'm make to the broken mouse :(21:35
Zabulusi have dual boot with win xp, the mouse has not had a single problem in xp21:36
Zabulusso it seems its a compatability issue or something21:37
jelousbuddyam i in danger just by existing and being seen by others?21:38
JohnFluxjelousbuddy: all existance is in danger21:38
Zabuluswell, no fix, can anyone help me upgrade from feisty to gutsy without using a mouse?21:39
JohnFluxZabulus: edit /etc/apt/sources.list   replace feisty with gutsy.  apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade21:39
jelousbuddycan i be repetitive please?21:40
=== curtis_ is now known as curtonic
hydrogenyou can be on topic though21:40
hydrogenif you try really hard21:41
ardchoilleJohnFlux: He's going to miss some apps that aren't in Feisty but are new to gutsy that way21:41
JohnFluxardchoille: yeah probably21:41
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes21:41
hydrogenyou can't do that without a mouse though21:41
hydrogenunless you use tab a lot21:41
hydrogenlast I checked, adept had horrible keyboard navigation21:41
ardchoillehydrogen: does the tab key not work with that?21:41
Zabulusyeah, it does21:42
hydrogenit has horrible everything..21:42
ardchoillehydrogen: Ah, yeah21:42
jelousbuddywhy do i feel about ladies down there?21:42
Zabulusi have not been able to find a way to just get to that button to upgrade21:42
Zabulusskips right past it21:42
virnikcan somebody know, why are my X server freezing every 2 minutes or so, for few seconds?21:42
Zabulusis there a way to control the mouse with the keyboard?21:42
hydrogenyou must be using the demo version of kubuntu21:43
ardchoilleZabulus: yes21:43
nick_in konqueror......... my tab menu is on the bottom...... i have been unable to place my tab menu on the top21:43
hydrogenyou need to buy the premium version to get freeze-free operation21:43
jelousbuddyhow many of you re really ignoring me? do you actually do it just not see what i do/say next? thank you21:43
Zabulusardchoille: how do i set that up?21:43
ardchoilleZabulus: kcontrol > Peripherals > Mouse > Mouse Navigation tab21:44
nick_in konqueror......... my tab menu is on the bottom...... i have been unable to place my tab menu on the top21:46
hydrogennick_: don't repeat yourself21:46
hydrogenits rude21:46
Zabulusand where is kcontrol?21:46
nick_sorry, i thought people were irnoring me21:46
ardchoilleZabulus: alt+f2 , type in kcontrol21:46
* hydrogen notes that gutsy crippled kcontrol21:47
ardchoillehydrogen: And it's completely gone in kde421:47
Zabulusthank you21:47
hydrogenI'm not concerned about kde421:47
ardchoillehydrogen: But, I'll write my own version back in :)21:47
hydrogenI do not plan on using it21:47
hydrogenfor a long time21:47
Zabulushopefully i wont need kcontrol with gutsy...21:48
Zabulusi hope21:48
Zabulusi just want my mouse to work properly so i can actually use kubuntu21:49
Zabulusalright, bye21:50
jelousbuddyis everything OK/alright?21:50
=== Votaguz is now known as help
=== help is now known as votaguz
noobiezillafunny question21:52
noobiezillahow would I modify the source code of gnibbles ??21:52
noobiezillaits a part of gnome-games pack and i'd like to mod it21:52
jpatricknoobiezilla: apt-get source gnibbles21:53
noobiezillaokay thanks!21:53
=== votaguz is now known as V0taguz
jussi01noobiezilla: remember, no sudo with that or the permissions will be messed up21:54
noobiezillaok cool, thanks21:55
Eiccacan someone tell some entertaining 2 player game (with one pc) that works on kubuntu? =)21:56
noobiezillais that linux port of mario bros 2 player?21:57
noobiezillaif so that's not bad21:57
noobiezillait's prob 2 player21:57
LynoureEicca: what kind of things normally entertain you? Even Frozen bubble is fun.21:57
RogueJediXEicca: As Lynoure suggested, there's Frozen Bubble, Atomic Tanks, Lemmingball Z, etc. Quite a few, actually22:02
noobiezillakbounce is a fun port of the old windows jezzball game.  it's more one player, but you could entertainingly compete22:03
EiccaRogueJediX: We've played frozen bubble22:05
RogueJediXEicca: Okay, so you want something else? Any particular genre you enjoy?22:05
noobiezillawhat is a .gnl extension?  i'm guessing its a type of code?  what editor will recognize it?  tia22:11
tekstacy'lo all22:11
tekstacyIf I put my hdd in a different machine, (both x86), will it still boot and detect the changes in hardware?22:13
tekstacyie: can I build the software in my box and send it to go live in someone else's?22:13
noobiezillamy best guess is yes.  i should think the bios would handle it but....22:14
tekstacyI guess I may have to experiment22:14
noobiezillabtw that is a really good idea.  never thought of that.  i have a box that has no working inputs,,, that might be a way around that....22:15
ubuntu__i noticed the live cd of ubuntu has compiz enabled, but kubuntu doesn't seem to22:15
ubuntu__is there a way to enable it?22:15
tekstacyGet the compiz package22:16
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion22:16
jussi01ubuntu__: there you are22:17
Jack111i hvae to install access and excel for work, but there are different ways and howtos for wine e.g hhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=372011 ir this ttp://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=3214, so i am not really sure which way is best??22:17
Jack111whats easiest?22:17
ubuntu__also, my friends xp is in a really really bad state with virus issues.  I know clam av is available in linux.  I'm wondering is it possible to install clam av via the live cd and run a scan on his ntfs part?22:18
miguelangelplease, in kvpn im trying to conect to my cisco vpn and ask me for a group password, what is?22:18
jussi01Jack111: easiest is to go buy crossover office22:18
jussi01ubuntu__: clamav is also available for windows22:19
Jack111jussi01: hmm i dont really wnat to spend so much money since its not too difficult to get it installed for linux22:19
=== Dresken_ is now known as Dresken
jussi01Jack111: its only $4022:20
DreskenHow the heck do you open a file as root?22:20
jussi01Dresken: what kind of file?22:20
Dreskenjust a directory22:20
noobiezillayou can right click it and under actions there will be an option22:20
noobiezillato open as root22:20
jussi01Dresken: theres also an option in dolphin on the right22:20
noobiezillaor from the command line type sudo nano filename22:20
tekstacyjack111, I installed a virtual machine for those few things I couldn't get to run under wine22:21
DreskenThanks ~_~22:21
tekstacyLittle bit overkill though....22:21
Jack111tekstacy: hmm i have to admit that sounds pretty complicated?i am not too into that22:21
tekstacy:)   It was easier then using wine22:22
Kite_DHhi i need some help...my kubuntu doesnt boot anymore ... im on live cd rightnow22:22
noobiezillajack111:  openoffice can read excel and save as excel files22:22
noobiezillawould that help?22:22
jussi01Kite_DH: what exactly did it do, and what did you do the last time it booted?22:22
volker___Kite_DH: is ther an Error with Grub?22:23
Kite_DHi dont know, it normally started usually22:23
Jack111noobiezilla: i know but i need to be able to work with excel for different reasons, its still different..ooffice suite is great though22:24
Kite_DHbut now it stops b4 GRUB loads22:24
jussi01Kite_DH: does it give yoou a grub error?22:24
Kite_DHjussi01: nope22:24
noobiezillajack111:  i figured that was too obvious and easy a solution :)........afraid i'm not much help with wine22:24
jussi01Kite_DH: have you changed _anything_ on your machine just before this happened?22:25
Jack111jussi01: would i still need to buy the office suite as such, the crossover is just the compatibility layer?22:27
Jack111otherwise very cheap..lol22:27
LynoureWhen is the next HugDay?22:27
jussi01Jack111: correcyt22:27
tekstacyKite_DH, try letting it try to boot, then when it stops, try [ctrl]-[alt]-F122:27
RichardBHhi - ive set up a folder to be shared on kubuntu, and i can see the linux box in the workgroup from windows, but when i click it it asks for a username/password - what do i give it?22:27
jussi01RichardBH: your login user and pass22:28
jussi01Level15: ?22:29
bjwebb_why is compiz so crashy all of a sudden?22:29
RichardBHjussi01 - the main account on the kubuntu machines? that doesnt seem to work22:29
Level15jussi01: yeah?22:30
jussi01RichardBH: the account you set it up on the kubuntu machine with.22:30
RichardBHhmm - that isnt working22:30
jussi01RichardBH: have you tried it blank?22:30
Level15RichardBH: how did you set up the shared folder on the linux box?22:31
Kite_DHtekstacy: and whats next after ctrl+alt+f122:31
deurytehurry...no waiting.22:31
RichardBHLevel15 - installed samba, used dolphin to find the folder, right click, properties, share, click shared22:31
tekstacywell, it may give you a text login, if it does, log in and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg22:32
RichardBHjussi01 - cant click ok until its got a username and password22:32
bjwebb_anyone know why compiz might have become crashy recently?22:32
RichardBHsorry, until its got a username22:32
Level15RichardBH: I'd be surprised if it worked so easily22:32
tekstacybtdt several times trying to get my monitor "just" right22:32
RichardBHLevel15- lol22:33
Level15RichardBH: you have to set some smb username and pass, dunno if dolphin does that22:35
ultracoolwhat is violent and threatening behavior? can jerking movement a fidgeting around counts?22:35
tekstacyultracool, wtf?22:36
RichardBHLevel15 - interestingly, i can access the share through the samba shares icon on the kubuntu machine22:37
ultracooltekstacy> why you say wtf and when i say why you say does it sound bad or threatening or loud? can you see differences?22:37
tekstacyanyway, goodnight all22:38
bjwebb_have there been any recent updates, in gutsy, to compiz or xorg?22:39
jussi01bjwebb_: if there have, you would know, as you would have installed them.22:39
bjwebb_i don't always look at what it is im updating22:40
jussi01bjwebb_: you should22:40
jussi01bjwebb_: there has been some updates if i remember correctly.22:40
bjwebb_jussi01: i kindof glance but i forget22:40
bjwebb_jussi01: how can i find out what updates ive done recently22:42
=== cesar_ is now known as huepilman
bjwebb_wait a min, i should look at apt log22:42
iceman_if anybody can help me have a look at this question22:43
nick_for some reason konquer puts my tabs on the bottom instead of the top............... how do i fix this22:43
Jack111jussi01: do you know if the crossover office already covers excel 2007? cos it doenst say on the webpage22:45
jussi01Jack111: im not sure. there should ba a compatibility database there22:45
AmyRoseDoes anyone know if there's a way to force Skype to use a particular Qt 4 style? I used qtconfig-qt4 to select QtCurve, but it seems to force Cleanlooks22:48
adamonline45Are there any GIMP project files around for the KDE logo?22:48
AmyRoseAll other Qt 4 programs are using QtCurve as they're supposed to22:48
* genii sips a coffee22:48
Jack111jussi01: no it doesnt, at least not mentioned, but thanks http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/name/22:49
jussi01Jack111: it doesnt : http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/group/?app_id=285422:50
Jack111thanks jussi01 for making it clear!22:51
Jack111i think its still a good idea to get, will look into it!22:51
jussi01Jack111: use the search on the left - it helps lots :D22:51
bjwebbjussi01: do you think me changing color depth in xorg.conf could cause the crashiness?22:52
iceman_hello, can someone help me,22:52
iceman_So i am prepareing to set-up ubuntu (non-ppc) server...i think 6.06. The purpose is to setup an real time streaming server (rtss) and also to manage all files on one location. So i need the server kinda like this if i am describing it correctly. Part of the server access the internet for RTSS purposes. The other part is for students at a school to login to. The room has 5-7 workstations with 3 computers at each. each computer has to be able to log in to22:52
iceman_their work station. (for example if 3 of us are @ workstation 3 we each need to be able to access the server with the same users & passwords). Also there are programs (like Garage Band or final cut) that need to be accessed per workstation but they are mac specific. so how do I handle that as well. Please give me the full setup (eg what to install how to do it) and what equipment is recomended.22:52
iceman_PS the box was originally WIN2k but now contains formated blank hard drive. Also has network card pre-installed. I promise to follow each direction carefully.22:52
sstchurIf I have a samba share, is there a way I can map it so that something like ~/myshare points to that samba share?22:53
sstchurto make that automatically happen?22:53
bjwebb_i have a feeling my xorg.conf might be in a  messy state22:55
bjwebb_is there a way to start from scratch22:55
bjwebb_a dpkg-reconfigure command or something22:56
bjwebb_!reconfigure xorg22:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about reconfigurexorg - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:56
gerogehehecan i use compiz fusion on kde?22:56
bjwebb_gerogehehe: yeah22:57
geniigerogehehe: Some video cards work beter than others, but yes.22:57
iceman_is anybody going to help me with my issue..i meanif no one can help say so..but i know alot o you are smart long tine linux users22:57
iceman_plz i beg of oyu for your help22:57
iceman_you can check out my question here https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/1950122:57
justin_what is your ussue?22:58
iceman_its an ubuntu server issue..the full question is at the address22:58
bjwebb_justin_: how to i make xorg.conf again (reconfigure?22:58
iceman_but basically i need to set up a server that does RSS and also workstation stuff22:58
lwizardlI have a hfs+ partition mounted in 7.10 and was wondering if there is a way to turn off journalizing from within linux?22:58
gerogehehe<bjweb genii> how do i enable it on kubuntu?22:59
bjwebb_gerogehehe: its not installed by default, so you need to install it first22:59
jussi01bjwebb_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg23:00
jussi01deuryte: ?23:00
bjwebb_ah, i thought it was something like that23:00
deurytevista is now adjar.23:00
bjwebb_couldn't remeber exactly what23:00