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cdm10I uploaded my first .pot translation template the other day, and it hasn't been approved yet.01:01
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nibblesmxis it just me, or launchpad is having some troubles rght now?01:20
Fujitsunibblesmx: What do you mean by that?01:22
nibblesmxFujitsu: I'm trying to make some translations, and everytime I hit the Save & Continue button, launchpad throws a "Error: connection times-out"01:23
Fujitsunibblesmx: Is that a Launchpad error, or one displayed by your web browser?01:24
FujitsuWell, they're both displayed by your web browser, but by the latter one I meant a standard browser error page.01:25
nibblesmxFujitsu: Nope, it's a launchpad error. It has some bling-bling on it01:25
Fujitsunibblesmx: Ah, so it's a timeout OOPS? Try refreshing the page. That often helps.01:25
nibblesmxFujitsu: thanks01:26
Fujitsucdm10: Templates can often take more than a week for their initial approvals.01:29
cdm10Fujitsu: really? alright.01:31
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javierderhello.... :)02:18
javierderi need some help with bzr+launchpad...02:18
javierderand i thought...where can i ask? #launchad channel!02:18
javierderso i came here...02:18
Fujitsujavierder: What do you need help with, specifically?02:21
javierderhey, thanks for reply. i just got a frien over pidgin who's helping me :)02:22
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* Hobbsee stabs edge.03:53
FujitsuI think edge might have stabbed back.04:06
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* lamont` does his happy dance06:01
lamont`1  → 50  of 1997 results06:01
lamont`finally under 2000 packages in needs build!06:01
Fujitsulamont`: You could have just checked /+builds, of course. But that is good news indeed!06:10
Fujitsulamont`: No changes coming that will knock hppa out again, are there?06:11
lamont`Fujitsu: no... +builds has gusty etc crap in it that will never build06:11
lamont`Fujitsu: well, kde is very hard on it.... huge packages to rebuild 6 times...06:11
Fujitsulamont`: Oh, true.06:12
lamont`I've been throwing those in the cellar and stomping on them (pri==300), so that the kde folks can upload 4 or 5 times before hppa tries to build them...06:12
Fujitsulamont`: I meant things like the transition (NPTL?) that got hppa out of the archive in the first place.06:12
lamont`(hppa is at 2039 on +builds)06:12
lamont`NPTL was what knocked it out, yes.06:13
FujitsuThought so.06:13
* Fujitsu files a bug requesting per-distroseries build stats.06:13
lamont`and that was just that hppa wasn't quite ready (nor were several other architectures) when ubuntu did the cutover, since all the ubuntu architectures were ready06:13
lamont`such a thing could happen again06:13
lamont`of course, we don't plan on it.06:14
lamont`Fujitsu: PPA vs non-PPA should also be broken out..06:14
Fujitsulamont`: I filed that this morning.06:14
lamont`anyway, bedtime for me.06:14
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lamontFujitsu: fwiw, http://bld-4.mmjgroup.com/~wb/buildLogs/stats/hardy2.png iz cute06:16
lamontand really bed..06:17
Fujitsulamont: Not looking bad at all.06:17
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mantiena-baltixHi all11:47
mantiena-baltixSteveA: Labas11:47
FujitsuKmos: You successfully filed a bug on that 9 minutes ago. Is it the same one?11:58
KmosFujitsu: yes.. i need to F5 and retry it, but first I've got tht OOPs error11:58
mantiena-baltixMaybe someone could help me with rosetta imports ? I'm ubuntu-lt-translations admin, but I still can't upload fixed translation files to rosetta :( I can choose only from "Needs Review" or "Deleted" in import queue's status :(11:59
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seanhodgeshey, i just set up a project in Launchpad, but my preferred VCS is Git. I was wondering what my options are when using Launchpad in this way?17:21
seanhodgesIdeally, I'd like to put my project in Launchpad and make full use of it, but after looking around I don't think this is possible without switching to Bazaar17:22
seanhodgesI'd really like to at least use the bug tracker and blueprints sections, but I get the message "Medes does not use Launchpad as its bug tracker."17:35
pochuseanhodges: you can change that (whether use bugs/translations or not) in Project details17:41
pochuregarding git, I don't think you can...17:41
pochunot directly, but LP still can import SVN repositories. I don't think it can do the same with git though17:42
seanhodgespochu, thanks for your reply - i'll check project details section.18:12
seanhodgesI've found a blueprint for Git support and will follow that. is there anything I could actively do to open the possibility of Git import support in Launchpad?18:13
pochuI don't know, sorry. You can mail the mailing list, or ask here during the working days, when the developers are around...18:14
seanhodgesgood idea, cheers pochu18:14
mptseanhodges, sorry that setting up the bugtracker wasn't obvious, we're going to fix that18:21
mpt(bug 174446 and bug 174483)18:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174446 in malone ""Report a bug" page for non-Bugs-using project assumes you're not the registrar" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17444618:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174483 in malone "Whether a project tracks bugs in Launchpad isn't mentioned on its Bugs page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17448318:22
seanhodgesnp mpt, it was easy once I knew where to enable it18:24
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mantiena-baltixSteveA: labas gi :)19:52
_polto_hello all19:58
ubotuNew bug: #174951 in malone "Enter master bug # in package field to mark bug as dupe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17495120:00
_polto_how can i build a source package to be compiled on PPA if the source tar does not have central ./configure or Makefile ? the sources are normally build truth ./install-cris-tools and i should respond (by default) to all questions ...20:00
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mantiena-baltixanyone can help with roseta translations imports ? I'm administrator of ubuntu-translators-lt, but I can't upload fixed translation files into roseta :(20:05
ddaa_polto_: that's a generic packaging question, you should ask in #ubuntu-motu20:44
ddaain any case, the first step is finding the right commands to build your stuff without manual intervention20:45
_polto_ok, this i can do a little script..20:45
ddaaonce you figure out how to build and install the software unattended, the motu folks can help you with the packaging aspect20:46
Aranelhi, how can I add a package to my PPA ? (I'll upload my Western Quake package.)21:19
kikoAranel, see https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart21:20
Aranelthanks kiko :)21:20
kikoyou're welcome21:20
mantiena-baltixkiko: do you know why I can't import fixed translations (.po files) into gutsy ? I'm administrator of ubuntu-translators-lt, but I can't upload fixed translation files into roseta - I get only 2 choices: review and delete :( 21:49
Fujitsumantiena-baltix: It is likely that they must be reviewed manually by the Rosetta admins before you can do anything with them.21:51
mantiena-baltixFujitsu: why all translations should be reviewed manually by rosetta admins ?21:55
kikoI'm not sure mantiena-baltix 21:56
kikoyou'd have to ask danilo or jtv21:56
kikowhy don't you place a request, see /topic ?21:57
mantiena-baltixkiko: you are talking about https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad ?21:59
FujitsuPresumably to keep bogus entries from polluting the database (and to prevent the havok that a lot of new incorrect suggestions would cause), but that can't be all of it.22:10
ddaaSeems reason enough to me...22:13
ddaaI'm not familiar with rosetta, but I'd imagine that mistaken uploads of the wrong files in the wrong places could be pretty disruptive.22:13
Fujitsuddaa: There are other ways to get bogus translations in, and some addtional strings to translate shouldn't be too disruptive.22:14
* Fujitsu stops speculating.22:14
ddaawhat I mean, is that a mistaken .po import is an easy way to do massive damage22:15
ddaaeasier than anything going through web forms22:15
FujitsuI guess so, yeah.22:15
ddaanot talking about malicious users, but just about people doing mistakes or not understanding what they are doing.22:16
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StevenHarperUKHi can anyone review my translation file ? https://translations.launchpad.net/easycrypt/trunk/+imports23:52

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