LimCoreubuntu uses 100% of CPU (well, 1 of 2 core so 50%) when downloading in synaptic, is this normal?00:23
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infinitycircuithardy alpha 1 seems much more stable than gutsy was at this point01:41
crimsunheh.  Install linux-image-2.6.24-1-generic, then.01:42
infinitycircuiti am running it01:42
crimsunit's nice and explo-tastic here.01:43
WorkingOnWiseIs the compiz tray icon and Compiz Fuzion Settings Manager broken since yesterday? Mine is.03:16
SupaplexI'm a long time user of sid, what's the ubuntu equiv? I need to compare sources and patches to see if I can isolate a few bugs.03:36
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silenthey guys, long time no join, how's hardy coming along?04:26
LimCoreubuntu is so insecure towards usres running a bit with scizors04:39
LimCorememtest 10G -> hard freez.   why not set any ulimit by default?04:39
bazhanghardy is fast04:43
silentwhat's new in hardy so far?04:45
LimCorecan we add default ulimis to hardy, please?04:45
bazhangnot that much new--just faster as far as I can tell--you should join hardy-changes mailing list--lists.ubuntu.com04:47
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NaisenuIf I am running Hardy already and have a problem with a different program on it, this channel or the main Ubuntu one?05:14
Dr_willishardy stuff goes here.05:15
Dr_willisand hardy is very very much a work in progress. :)05:15
NaisenuHi. Trying to play a 3gp file from a friend. I added the mediubuntu gusty repository to SPM and installed ffplay. Also have the w32codecs installed. I get video but no audio. (Same question I asked there though)05:15
NaisenuHardy hasn't given me issues :)05:16
Naisenuoh apparently I'm wrong and we've gone back to Gutsy ... husband playing mind games on me ... nm me then05:18
Naisenuis there a better channel to ask this question btw?05:18
Dr_willisIts possible its using some odd audio codec. try some other players. like vlc, xine, gmplayer,05:19
Dr_willisalso check what audio codec its using05:19
Naisenuhow do i do the last bit?05:19
Dr_willisright clickon it - and look at properties. :)05:20
Naisenuah AMR audio05:20
Dr_willisthats one ive Never heard of befor, :)05:21
Naisenulibavcodec1d <- that package says it has support05:24
Naisenudoing a search for AMR in SPM05:24
Naisenuwhich package is gmplayer in? not finding it05:42
NaisenuOkay update, i have totem, ffplayer, and vlc ... none of them give sound on the 3gp file i'm trying to play05:46
silentman I'm really looking forward to getting my new credit card05:47
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:11
rx_i have problems with fonts since like 2 days07:12
rx_in firefox, fonts appear smaller07:12
rx_i would say barely readable07:13
rx_fontconfig changes?07:13
rx_might be firefox btw but i didnt see it being updated07:15
mendredhi if i want to add PREFIX=/usr and07:19
mendredLIBDIR=/usr/lib64 by default07:19
mendredfor all configure scripts07:19
mendredis there some file i can set it..instead of plonking it for each compile across the system?07:20
capouaisI'm having some serious problems with my sound in hardy (gutsy, too) that I don't have in feisty.  Can anyone help me diagnose it and submit a ticket?07:27
mohkohnIs the lvm dmcrypt still in the alternate installer or is it also in the new installer?07:57
oxigencan i use 32bit swap on 64bit build?09:46
Toma-...swap is a filesystem09:48
Toma-bit has no effect09:48
oxigenok, thanks09:48
gary4garis pulse audio included in alpha ?11:07
bardyr!info linux-image-generic11:09
ubotulinux-image-generic: Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 24 kB, installed size 52 kB11:09
bardyr!info linux-image-generic hardy11:09
ubotulinux-image-generic: Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 24 kB, installed size 52 kB11:09
bardyrhow can i get the latest 2.6.24 kernel?11:09
gary4garbardyr, download from kernel.org & compile yourself :)11:11
bardyrgary4gar, i was wondering about downloading the ubuntu kernel git and compiling it but i hoped there was a better way11:12
Hobbseeubuntu kernel is not necessarily the latest kernel11:13
gary4garbardyr, try kernel check11:14
bardyrHobbsee, i know but the the hardy tree should play better with hardy then a vanilla kernel?11:14
bardyrgary4gar, kernel check?11:14
gary4garHobbsee, i upgrade to alpha one last night, i see pulse audio running as one of the process, has pulse audio replaced ALSA?11:15
Hobbseeprobably, or it's in the process of doing so11:16
geser!info linux-image-2.6.24-1-generic hardy11:19
ubotulinux-image-2.6.24-1-generic: Linux kernel image for version 2.6.24 on x86/x86_64. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.24-1.1 (hardy), package size 19256 kB, installed size 66156 kB11:19
geserbardyr: ^^^ I guess the meta package wasn't updated yet11:19
bardyrw00t :D11:19
bardyrgeser, i was wondering why the kernel libc was .24 but not the kernel :D11:19
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gary4garhello anyone there?14:02
gary4gari have a problem with pulseaudio, no sound :(14:03
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stgraberHi, Any of you knows how to turn off the ssh agent part of the gnome keyring ? This thing annoys me, I prefer to manage the ssh-agent myself (on Hardy that's)17:04
jorgpis there a spec as to what versions are planned for hardy's toolchain?18:06
crimsunofficially, no.18:09
crimsunnot documented on the wiki.18:09
crimsunyour best bet is to ask cjwatson or doko18:10
jorgpare they staying with gcc 4.2 or moving to 4.3?18:10
crimsunI would think that staying with >= 4.2.2 is the choice18:11
crimsunit is, after all, an LTS18:11
crimsunwe're already running a snap of 4.2.318:11
jorgpmakes sense18:12
jorgpI guess 4.3 would be hardy +118:12
LimCorevim hanged, should I report it in  https://bugs.launchpad.net/vim/+filebug   or find vim's upsteam bug tracker?18:23
capouaishi :)19:58
cdm10Are the VirtualBox Guest Additions known to be broken in Hardy?20:03
bullgard4What does 'pm-utils' stand for?20:32
Seveasbullgard4, wild guess: power management utils20:37
Seveas!info pm-utils20:37
ubotupm-utils: utilities and scripts for power management. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.2-1 (gutsy), package size 20 kB, installed size 196 kB20:37
bullgard4Seveas: My question proper was why a kernel developer said that pm-utils are for Hardy and acpi-support is for Gutsy.20:38
Seveas!config chanenl plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder20:39
Seveas!config channel plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder20:39
Seveas!config list plugins.encyclopedia20:40
Seveas@config list plugins.encyclopedia20:40
ubotu#database, #prefixchar, #searchorder, alert, aptdir, datadir, notfoundmsg, packagelookup, public, and relaychannel20:40
Seveas@config channel plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder20:40
Seveas@config channel plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder hardy20:40
Seveas@config plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder20:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pm-utils - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:40
Seveas!info pm-utils20:40
ubotupm-utils: utilities and scripts for power management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.99.2-3 (hardy), package size 17 kB, installed size 188 kB20:41
Seveas!info acpi-support20:41
ubotuacpi-support: a collection of useful events for acpi. In component main, is optional. Version 0.104 (hardy), package size 34 kB, installed size 856 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 ia64 lpia)20:41
Seveaspm-utils has been promoted to main20:41
SeveasProbably it's intended to replace acpi-support for newer kernels20:41
Seveasthe kernel developer you talked to knows better than I do :)20:42
bullgard4Seveas: As you might know, kernel developers are rarely verbose.20:43
Seveasthat I know :)20:43
bullgard4Seveas: So thank you very much for your ample help.20:44
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dr_evilgood evening22:35
oliver_g_I was wondering how to report bugs for Hardy alpha...22:36
oliver_g_For example, displayconfig-gtk thinks that I use the vesa driver when i actually use the intel driver22:36
oliver_g_which is probably due to the new Xorg and the now-nonexistent xorg.conf22:36
oliver_g_should I open a bug for things like this?22:37
dr_evilperhaps somebody else knows, I already reported bugs, too, but nobody really seems to care about them22:38
oliver_g_I suppose most maintainers are quite aware of these problems that were introduced with new Xorg (and probably they are working on this also if no bugs are reported :)22:39
h3sp4wnoliver_g_ / dr_evil : Could be interesting to find out what laptops some of the developers use (Then its highly likely that they would work properly very quickly)22:41
h3sp4wnoliver_g_: Can you not just make an xorg.conf the old way ? (still works if it does exist)22:41
dr_evilI meant this in general, not related to x org. however, I'm one of those lost souls that need to kill compiz frequently22:42
dr_evilon the other hand, hardy alpha 1 is running much better than gutsy tribe 122:43
oliver_g_h3sp4wn: I'm just running the Hardy LiveCD right now, to test whether some problems I've seen under Gutsy have already been fixed in Hardy :-)22:43
oliver_g_h3sp4wn: and so in the usual "playing around" I noticed these things...22:44
oliver_g_it's probably too early still for casual bug reports22:44
* dr_evil exchanged the motherbaord of his hardy installation twice now, once with gigabyte (broken baord, USB controllers dead), and then again with MSI22:47
dr_evilcompitz Version 1:0.6.99+git20071205-0ubuntu3: readd ati X300, X600, X700 to blacklist23:23
dr_evildoes anyone know why? my other machine has such a card (X300)23:23
h3sp4wnYou can just remove them from the blacklist should you wish23:24
h3sp4wnedit /usr/bin/compiz23:25
crdlbh3sp4wn: please don't recommend that23:26
crdlbif you want to bypass the blacklist, then put SKIP_CHECKS=yes in ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager23:26
h3sp4wncrdlb: If it works and you remove the pciid of you card then you can make a diff - why just skip the checks23:29
dr_evilok thank you both, it's not that important right now, as the machine is running fine with edgy, I just was surprised23:29
crdlbh3sp4wn: because a compiz update will clobber it23:30
crdlband if you really *do* have problems, it's harder to undo23:30
h3sp4wncrdlb: conf-miss && conf-new23:30
h3sp4wnand reinstall the package23:30
crdlbrm ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager is easier :)23:31
h3sp4wnI guess I still treat compiz as a waste of time that you only play with for 5 mins every so often23:31
silenth3sp4wn, I use it off and on23:37
silentmostly to show up mac users23:37
h3sp4wnsilent: Most of the mac users I know wouldn't care about that23:42
dr_evilI mostly care about stability and speed23:44
h3sp4wndr_evil: So why use bleeding edge linux then23:45
silentif I wanted stability and speed I'd probably run 6.0423:46
silentuntil 8.04,that is23:46
crdlb6.06 :)23:46
silentoh no23:46
cafuegoExcept 6.06 isn't particularly useful on current hardware.23:47
silentif I wanted stability I wouldnt use current hardware23:47
cafuegoLast year's hardware then - same diff ;-)23:47
silenthehe, yea I'm waiting for 8.04.... probly stop upgrading for a while at that point23:48
silentreinstalls are taking their toll on my sanity23:48
* cafuego runs 6.06 as Xen domUs to make hardware be not a problem.23:48
h3sp4wnIs there actually a xen installer for Ubuntu yet23:49
h3sp4wn(Solaris Express for me is by far the way forward for running Xen Dom023:49
cafuegoh3sp4wn: debootstrap?23:49
silentdo you think the transformers in the movie were linux-based?23:50
cafuegosilent: There was no linux in the 80s.23:50
h3sp4wncafuego: Its not integrated the same way as for example I could install a solaris domU or RHEL or CentOS etc23:50
silentthey brought it to earth23:51
cafuegoh3sp4wn: In terms of a GUI for xen-create-image? Prolly not... but oh well .. easily scriptable.23:51
h3sp4wncafuego: No - not bothered for a gui23:52
dr_evilh3sp4wn well, i have three machines here. one is running edgy and I use it often, but gutsy wouldn't run very well, so when I build a new machine last week for a RAID system, I decided to give hary a try23:52
cafuegoh3sp4wn: I set 'em up via xen-create-image, then untar the libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap config into /.23:52
cafuegoh3sp4wn: Note though that I only run Ubuntu/Debian domUs. Not other distros.23:53
h3sp4wncafuego: Exactly23:53
dr_evilh3sp4wn except the compiz problem (which seems to be triggered by xchat, and I'm now connected with VNC to a windows mirc) and some very old still unfixed bugs, hardy seems to workfne23:54
h3sp4wncafuego: I will be running other operating systems (but dealing with backups and such with zfs)23:54
* cafuego has raid5 with lvm snapshots and rdiff-backup23:55
cafuegoBut for now...23:55
cafuegoit's back to mythtv23:55
h3sp4wnI can sort it out its just harder than it should be (Ubuntu supposed to be easy for all etc)23:56
poorenglishsry, whats problem have compiz with xchat?23:57
dr_evilpoorenglish compiz seems to freeze (100% CPU) much faster when I'm running XChat-Gnome23:59

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