MisosakiThe palette hasn't actually been changed to pink and teal?00:19
somerville32Misosaki, of course it has00:19
somerville32I'm dead serious. We're going to try and target the stay at home moms this release.00:21
MisosakiAh. Thanks.00:21
* somerville32 is joking and really had to no idea.00:21
MisosakiSo when will the "official" direction be finalised?00:25
* somerville32 is a developer, not an artist :P00:26
Misosaki(i.e. info for artwork direction)00:26
MisosakiThanks anyway. Have fun, everyone.00:31
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DanaGPink and teal?  I hope that's a joke...07:07
DanaGI don't have a grudge against pink, but it certainly doesn't go with teal, I think.07:07
DanaG(ooh, rhyme!  Heh.)07:07
troy_sDanaG: Well, it is a joke.  That said, pink and teal would probably work quite alright as a design base for something.  I don't know about a desktop, but ... ;)07:15
troy_skwwii: How did the meet go.07:15
DanaGwtf? num lock not working....  (not an issue relevant to this channel.)07:22
DanaGOh yeah, right now I'm using a theme called "Jellyfish-Aurora", which uses the windeco of the "Nodoka" theme and the Aurora engine, with less omg-I-need-sunglasses bright blue.07:30
DanaGBut I find myself missing orange -- orange and brown are what make Ubuntu recognizable to many people.07:30
DanaGIt feels somewhat like some sort of 'betrayal' to use blue on Ubuntu, to me.  I don't know why.07:32
darkmatterhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/92826085@N00/sets/72157603406043713/ <-- XD13:40
lukeendarkmatter: whats funny about it?13:55
darkmatternever said it was funny. the 'XD' was an approximation of my shite-eating grin :)13:55
darkmatterstarting work on a gtk engine. using a mod of the gilouche theme to test with ftm (as I haven't fully decided on the defaults yet). but am having fun with smooth, clean cairo and some textual 'pop' to give a touch of 'eyecandy' without having to actually gloss anything)13:58
lukeenah its from you?14:00
darkmatterlukeen: its still very early pre alpha (only the gtk buttons have been cairo'd up, and just roughly) but it goes to show you don't need "bling" to bling ;)14:00
darkmatterlukeen: yup.14:00
lukeeni've used something very similar to yours .. but i cannot find it at the moment .. *searching*14:00
darkmatterlukeen: I modded gilouche's gtkrc to use the narcissus engine I'm working on, which is why it would look familiar (the color and the 'computer' buttons are straight from opensuse), but if you look at the button drawing in evolution (even though its just rough, as well as the fillin pixmapped panel.. which is only staying till i get that far into the engine code.. you can see the general feel I'm after as far as the widgets go.)14:04
darkmatterthe engine itself will be clean and elegant. I was thinkin of doing a soft grey for the default theme14:08
lukeendarkmatter: you mean gilouche theme for clearlooks? i can remember a pixmap based theme, it had a very unique look14:08
darkmatterlukeen: ahh... not a clue about the pixmap, but thats gilouche for clearlooks converted to the narcissus engine I started working on last night :)14:10
lukeenah well i think i've found it, well its not what i had in mind but also soft like yours: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Glory-Simplex?content=6032614:10
lukeenbut engines are always better: everyone can easily change it to the color he/she likes and they are much faster... pixmap's evil ;)14:13
lukeena lol? was this theme by you?14:13
darkmatterlukeen: hehe.. yes.. I thought you meant a theme by someone *else* ;P14:22
darkmatterbut indeed, thats mine14:22
darkmatterlukeen: and thats why I'm making an engine. basically taking the design pattern I came up with in glory (which was never a finished theme btw), and evolving/polishing it up14:24
darkmatterthem people can ruin mt hard work by making pink versions! ;O14:24
lukeenvery cool. looking forward to a release of your engine!14:25
darkmatterso am I :)14:25
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_MMA_Anyone know the link to the DIY Ubuntu art? The stuff you can print yourself for disk labels and such?19:00
TheSheep_MMA_: search for DIY on the wiki19:00
cursori'm pretty new to the whole development side of the community but definatley want to contribute something back , soo can anyone give me some sort of direction to go in just so i know where to sign up and soo on21:42
cursorany help much apreciated21:43
_MMA_Development for?21:46
cursoranything to do with the art work side of things21:46
_MMA_Well alot is on hold ATM. Ill get you some links.21:47
_MMA_Also as its the weekend it will be pretty quiet around here.21:47
cursorah i understand21:47
cursori had a look around the wiki but its sorta confusing wasnt sure where to begin21:48
_MMA_Where the is the place to start.21:48
_MMA_Anything specific you want to help with?21:49
_MMA_@google ubuntu art21:49
cursorhaha well nothing specific really, just anything to do with the graphics side21:50
_MMA_A Google search brings up relevant links also. http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+art&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a21:50
_MMA_cursor: Thats very broad. Do you have a portfolio?21:51
cursornot as off yet , various bits of work doted around. Not really got around to it21:51
cursornot had need for one as im still a student , studying design (product mainly) and computer science21:52
_MMA_Never time like the present. :) I would sign up for the art mailing list and watch. Submitting ideas/mockups for specific aspects can also be a start.21:54
cursorhaha very true , okay will do21:55
cursori wouldnt mind helping somehow with the icons , i did see somewhere a list for an icon pack being developed with various icons that still need to be created21:55
cursori really need to start developing a portfolio21:58
cursori have some work for my design course online somewhere i'll have a look for it21:58
cursornot alot i know n not amazing but thats all i have uploaded21:59
_MMA_Did you do the manufacturing on the chrome/glass pieces?22:00
_MMA_(or plastic. Im not sure)22:01
cursornoo there all computer generated images22:01
_MMA_Ahh... Killer.22:01
cursori am eventually going to have to produce the final design22:01
cursoroh various software one or 2 in maya , few in some crappy cad package22:02
cursormainly rendered in maya22:02
cursorand the manufactoring side for the final design i'll do all the metal work myself then sending off for chroming22:03
_MMA_/me used to do alot of steel/aluminum work.22:04
cursorim pretty new to it22:05
cursori'm pretty shakey doing much work at the moment caused myself a nice injury lol22:05
_MMA_Welding is alot of fun. tig/mig welding. You can do some beautiful things if you know how to use a tig welder.22:06
cursornice, im not really to confident with production side , i mean give me some time n i can get what i want complete but much rather work on design side22:07
_MMA_Trust me. If you learn the manufacturing side of it it will make you a better designer. One can design the craziest of things but if you cant actually make it, what does it matter?22:09
cursoryeah i know what you mean, since i've started on the practical side my designs have become much more ergonomic22:10
cursorwhich when it comes to design course's is a good thing lol22:10
cursorthink i had too much creative freedom as soon as it come to manufacture , i hit alot of problems22:13
cursoranyway haha before i start going on n on , how many people do you tihnk roughly contribute towards the ubuntu artwork?22:13
_MMA_Well that depends of your definition of "contribute".22:14
_MMA_1, full-time person is paid to work on it. He is guided by what Mark S wants to a large degree.22:15
cursorah i didnt know that , well erm more specific say how many artists rougly contibuted to the art work of the last release?22:16
_MMA_But after the final design direction is fleshed out, there will be things that need done. At some point soon that should all be known. We're kinda waiting atm.22:16
_MMA_So one we know people can jump in and help where needed.22:16
_MMA_I couldnt tell you a number. Very little actually. For various reasons.22:17
cursorahh i see , see i hadnt really got an idea how the whole artwork community worked22:18
_MMA_It has its own way of working along with a up and down history. Just hang out. You'll get the hang of it.22:19
cursorokay will do22:20
cursorsoo in the great scheme of things really any work i do wont make the next version22:20
_MMA_Into Hardy?22:21
cursoryup i know stupid thing to say haha22:22
_MMA_Who knows. Most are waiting around for guidelines so they can try to help with what needs done.22:22
cursorahh i see22:22
cursortroy_s i just seen your logo for the ubuntu studio hardy , very nice work22:26
cursor_MMA_ you manage the ubuntu studio project?22:31
_MMA_Yes I do.22:32
cursoroh wow nice22:32
cursori really like the feel your trying to create for the next release22:33
_MMA_The DIY thing?22:34
cursoryeah , the whole distressed , indie image22:34
cursorreally nice22:34
_MMA_Thats been postponed. Im just not getting enough help on it and rather than try to force it myself Im delaying it.22:35
cursorit sorta reminds me of the artwork for the mika album (i know mika sad haha) but i really lked the album cover22:35
cursorahh pitty , i dont mind helping in someway22:36
kwwiicursor: I will be defining the direction for Hardy and beyond very shortly, if you are interested in working on the design/artwork22:38
kwwiifor the default work, that is22:39
cursoroh okay yup i find the whole project really intresting22:39
kwwiinaturally, for everyone interested in creating something worthwhile, we will include community wallpapers too22:40
kwwiierm, community themes22:40
cursorit gives me something to put my skills to use where i feel im actually achiving something22:40
kwwiicursor: any work you can show us? :-)22:40
kwwiibetter put :D22:40
cursornot really i'll try n gather everything up i have , it scatered all over the place haha22:41
cursori have a hardrive somewhere with some vector art on i did a while ago i'll have to get that hooked up22:42
troy_skwwii: So what was the result?22:44
kwwiitroy_s: it is the weekend...I have lots of shit ranging throughmy head at this time22:46
troy_skwwii: Oh I thought it was a one dayer.22:46
kwwiitroy_s: the most important thing right now is that Hardy, the next LTS will be the end of this cycle22:47
kwwiiso any really major changes will be things that we start now and finish in Hardy+122:47
cursorsounds like you lot have alot of work22:51
kwwiicursor: no doubt, and I have one more day before I go on vacation until the second week in January22:52
cursorwow, whats happening with the project till then?22:53
cursorwhens the release target for hardy? i not checked22:55
kwwiicursor: speaking for myself, I am going crazy!!!! wooooohooooooo!22:55
cursorhaha well things are going well then lol22:56
kwwiiyeah, there will be more info coming soon22:59
cursorgood, it will be intresting for me to follow the project even if i dont end up contributing much23:00
kwwiilol, yeah23:09
kwwiime too23:09
cursorim off now thanks for all the help23:52

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