tkamppeter_slangasek, geser. with today's updates --ignore-missing-info in HPLIP works again.00:03
tkamppeter_Should I re-introduce --ignore-missing-info in HPLIP's Debian SVN or leave it away for backportability?00:04
slangasektkamppeter_: as I said above, --ignore-missing-info is the wrong solution to the problem00:04
slangasektkamppeter_: the real problem is that hplip contains a library, which binaries in the hpijs package link against, but there's no proper shlib declaration for this relationship00:05
slangasekso hpijs just depends on "hplip", which is wrong, because future versions of hplip may ship a lib with a different soname00:05
tkamppeter_slangasek, so I will inform Mark Purcell.00:05
slangasekor if you like, I can file a bug on the Debian package this weekend00:05
tkamppeter_slangasek, this would be great. Please do it.00:06
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StevenKkeescook: Membership to u-u-s; thanks02:49
StevenKkeescook: Membership fixed, that is -- sorry, I'm a bit scatterbrained today02:50
FujitsuHobbsee: Apparently not.03:03
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minghuaI wonder if there is enough interest to improve the texlive packages in gutsy.05:09
minghuaThe texlive stuff in gutsy is not particularly in good shape, and with the recent security upgrade, people are start seeing upgrade failures, such as bug 174569.05:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174569 in texlive-bin "postinst failure during gutsy security update" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17456905:12
minghuaTeXlive upstream developers, as well as Debian texlive maintainer, Norbert, proposes to upgrade texlive version to at least 2007-11.05:13
minghua(gutsy currently have 2007-10)05:13
minghuaIMHO it's pretty bad to have upgrade failures for security updates...05:15
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StEaLtHtHiEfI have an easy question.  Can I develop a program that for example, when the user hits a key combination, like shift+enter, a circle is drawn around the mouse pointer until the key's are depressed erasing the circle?07:35
persiaStEaLtHtHiEf: Yes.07:37
StEaLtHtHiEfis there a site that I can go read up on this, i don't wanna both you for info if there is something out there already.07:38
persiaStEaLtHtHiEf: That's a harder question.  I suspect that x.org likely has some pointers to the right specifications, but I'm not sure.07:40
StEaLtHtHiEfubuntuforums.org isn't working for me07:41
StEaLtHtHiEfso that is why I am here, I am looking to try to develop a program so that I can stop using panels.  Sort of a shift+mouse_button_1 menu that comes up around the mouse.07:43
persiaStEaLtHtHiEf: Ah.  This isn't really a support forum, even for developing applications on Ubuntu or for Ubuntu.  You might look at how fluxbox does it: there is a contextual menu there.07:52
StEaLtHtHiEfNot looking for support, just needed an answer to my first question.  second was just idle conversation.07:54
StEaLtHtHiEfAnd I do thank you for pointing me in a direction.07:54
persiaStEaLtHtHiEf: Ah.  Excellent then :)  Sorry for the confusion.07:54
StEaLtHtHiEfno problem!07:54
Lore2I've done a little programming in windows, but I've got no experience programming under linux, what kind of material should I read if I want to fix bugs / improve functionality?08:05
StEaLtHtHiEfi can't get the ubuntu forum page to come up08:09
StEaLtHtHiEfbut there is a development forum, might be programming or something.08:09
StEaLtHtHiEfSomewhere there, is what your looking for.  As I said, the page isn't working for me, and I can't tell you exactly08:10
persiaLore2: I'd suggest looking at similar code as a good way to learn.  Most of the APIs have docs, but it's not often in a HOWTO format.08:10
Lore2As i'm very unfamiliar with linux, could you name a couple of the commonly used API's so I can pull up the documentation for them?08:11
slangasek"POSIX"? :)08:12
Lore2that's it?08:12
slangasekthat's one of the more important core APIs08:12
persiaX has a bunch.  GTK and QT are popular.08:12
slangasekthere are lots of others, but tend to be specific to context08:12
Lore2Just out of curiosity is KDE/QT better than GNOME/GTK atm? I've noticed some missing features in gnome that I've heard are in KDE.08:19
MacSlowGreetings everybody!09:27
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Hobbseeah, good.  gutsy has firefox 310:44
geserinfinity: I've now filed a bug for the manual boot-strapping of mig and gnumach: bug #17485111:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174851 in mig "mig and gnumach need a manual boot-strapping on the buildds" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17485111:16
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ograasac, you dont happen to be around, do you ?12:35
asacogra: more or less yes12:36
ograi'm just looking through these xul hall of fame ... there is a very intresting minimal browser called mybrowser12:37
asacis it a xul app?12:37
ograit eats 30M RSS (vs 80 here for teh same firefox win open) ... no tabs, no new windows12:38
ogralinking the plugin dir from firefox into its work tree makes all plugins work etc ... very nice little thing12:39
asacogra: ok cool ... file a bug requesting to package it (if you don't want to do that on your own) :)12:40
asacogra: we wilil do it then12:40
ograhmm, i never packaged a xul app ...12:40
asacogra: hmm ... it looks like lots of features are missing... like bookmarks et al12:41
ogracould be an intresting exercise :)12:41
asacogra: should be fairly simple to package12:41
ograyeah, its very cut down, but could be a base for enhancements12:41
ogra(it supports extensions, so bokmarks could as well be an extension :) )12:41
ograin any case its fast, small and compatible that makes it intresting :)12:42
asacyeah :)12:42
asacyou can write your own browser like that in a few minutes ... thats the power of xulrunner12:42
ograwell, you have to know the language :)12:43
asacits like html (xul) + javascript12:43
asacthere should be lots of folks that have a similar skillset that can easily be extended12:44
asacbut in the end its like writing dynamic websites with real widgets :)12:44
* ogra just thought the brwser was broken, but google.de is supposed to be black today :)12:45
asacwhy is that?12:46
asacah lichtaus12:46
asacok i am out ... need food ;)12:49
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limachi can anyone tell me how to be a part of the hardy devel community14:09
swienCan anyone tell me how to package java software with maven build-system?14:14
limacno clue about java or maven14:17
Adri2000limac: hi, join #ubuntu-motu and read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing14:18
swienThe problem is that maven is quite new in the repo and nobody seems to have a clue how to use it... It automatically fetches dependencies from its own repository.14:19
persiaswien: The Ubuntu build system doesn't allow network access during build.  You'll need to help maven a bit to get it to work.14:21
swienpersia: exactly. By helping maven you mean patch maven?14:23
persiaswien: Or just make sure that maven finds everything locally from the build-depends.14:23
swienpersia: do you know a package that already does this?14:24
persiaswien: Nope.14:24
swienpersia: Thanks for your help so far.14:28
bigoncould someone schedule a new build try for sylpheed?14:50
geserbigon: does it build now?14:52
bigonI've tested in a pbuilder and it builds fine14:52
geserHobbsee: ^^^ a give-back of sylpheed please :)14:53
geserwhat happened to it?14:55
Hobbseedoesn't work on windows...14:55
geseryou using Windows?14:58
Hobbseeunfortunately, yes15:00
geserbigon: wait till Hobbsee boots Kubuntu again or till monday when the other build-admins are back (like pitti)15:01
* Hobbsee isnt using kubuntu.15:01
bigongeser: ok thx :)15:01
* Hobbsee uses ubuntu now15:01
jdstrandkeescook: I updated ubuntu-cve-tracker to be more flexible with embargoed filenames.  They should now be ^EMB-[\w-]*$15:11
jdstrandkeescook: so 'EMB-CVE-2007-1234' and 'EMB-foo' are both valid15:11
ubotuMultiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in sitex allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via (1) the sxYear parameter to calendar.php, (2) the search parameter to search.php, (3) the linkid parameter to redirect.php, or (4) the page parameter to calendar_events.php. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2007-1234)15:11
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bigonubuntu changes in lintian seems to have been merged in the debian package, great :)17:55
bigoncould someone have a look at it and sync if it's ok?17:55
blueyedIs http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/ not being updated since end of november?19:16
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oliver_g_I have a PDF file that crashes Evince, but somehow apport is not triggered22:52
oliver_g_any idea why that happens?22:52
oliver_g_if I run evince with that file in terminal, it prints "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" so I assume apport should indeed come up...22:52
pochuIs a crash file in /var/crash/ ?22:53
oliver_g_pochu: yes!22:53
oliver_g_pochu: three actually: from evince, file-roller, and hwdb-gui22:54
pochuoliver_g_: open the folder within nautilus and double click it.22:55
pochuApport should open it then22:55
oliver_g_pochu: thanks, that worked nicely!23:03
oliver_g_I have reproduced the crash several times, with different terminal output... Should I submit the new apport crash data as well, and can I attach it to my original bug report?23:19
geseroliver_g_: can you also attach the PDF if possible? so others can use it for testing23:29
oliver_g_geser: I suppose not23:43
oliver_g_it's the user manual for a laptop, and it states clearly that transmission over internet is not allowed without consent of the author23:44
Fujitsuoliver_g_: Is said manual not available for download from the manufacturer's website?23:45
oliver_g_Fujitsu: good idea - I'll have a look :-)23:46
oliver_g_it's named SPR6L45GR0.pdf btw23:46

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