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Kanohi, just tested p54pci on 64bit (2.6.24 kernel), there it is really unstable, 32bit is ok13:33
Kanoalso i need a blacklist option to do things like: blacklist=prism54 in live mode...13:34
Kanobecause the other module would be loaded instead then13:34
sivanghowdy all16:13
sivangdoes anybody know how to make xconfig on gutsy? it wants qt3 dev libs but only 4 is available to install16:14
sivangoops, sorry wrong channel, I want debian-kernel :)16:14
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bullgard4What is the reason that s2ram is not provided in a Gutsy DEB program package?19:58
Nafallobullgard4: I bet it is because no one has packaged it? :-)19:58
bullgard4I do not bet.19:59
mjg59`bullgard4: Because it's inappropriate for Ubuntu20:07
mjg59`There's no reason to provide multiple ways to do the same thing20:07
mjg59`We use the acpi-support scripts in gutsy and pm-utils in hardy20:07
bullgard4mjg59`: Thank you for informing. I will try to take that into account.20:09
johanbrAre the Gutsy patches mentioned at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/FAQ scheduled to go into Hardy as well?20:29
Nafallojohanbr: wouldn't dropping patches be a regression? :-)20:44
johanbrI would think so, yes. Depends on what the patches are I guess...20:45
Nafalloexactly :-)20:45

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