jaybird7Jack_Sparrow:  okay thanks00:00
no0ticjaybird7, you seem ok to me, but we must wait an op :)00:00
mneptokdid somebody say salsa?!00:02
jaybird7no0tic: ok thanks00:02
mneptokjaybird7: you pass. standby.00:02
jaybird7ok thanks00:02
mneptokjaybird7: from what channel are you banned?00:04
jaybird7mneptok:  yes00:04
PriceChildYou can rejoin #ubuntu jaybird7.00:05
jaybird7okay thank you everyone :)00:05
mneptokthe bantracker needs coffee00:06
PriceChildmneptok, /cs bans is your friend00:07
mneptokI was depressed last night so I called Suicide Hotline. I got a call center in Pakistan. I told them I was suicidal. They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck. :/00:07
PriceChildI don't get it :/00:08
Jack_SparrowThat one just went into my cute-folder00:08
mc44yeah, nothing funnier than suicide bombings and racial stereotypes00:09
Jack_SparrowIf the sheet fits...00:10
Jack_SparrowSorry.. you are right..00:10
ubotuJack_Sparrow called the ops in #ubuntu (ztomic)01:35
AndrewBWas that ban for just saying RTFM?01:36
PriceChildHi xLE, how can I help?02:38
xLEwas gonna idle, just saw the topic though02:39
PriceChildHow did you find us?02:39
jdongPriceChild: how did you find us? what are we? refugees?02:44
PriceChildjdong, well you don't exactly just stumble here do you02:44
jdongPriceChild: I guess you can if you read IRC guidelines and such02:45
naliothjdong: talk to nickserv please02:45
jdongoh am I not identified?02:45
PriceChildand what kind of person goes along doing that? :P02:46
jdongPriceChild: rofl the kind that's least likely to cause us trouble, ironically :D02:46
PriceChildOf course.02:46
* Pici notes that he started off just idling here02:49
PriceChild(We "reserve the right", but doesn't mean we always enforce it)02:51
effie_jayx* mneptok (n=mneptok@canonical/support/mneptok) <----------- no way03:07
PriceChildeffie_jayx, hmm?03:08
effie_jayxPriceChild,  the guy is a real case...03:08
PriceChildeffie_jayx, real case?03:08
effie_jayxhe's funny03:08
effie_jayxsarcastically funny03:08
PiciI hadn't noticed.03:08
effie_jayxbut that's why I'm surpriced...03:09
effie_jayxhe's canonical support... that changes my whole perspective...03:09
effie_jayxlook at this03:09
effie_jayxelkbuntu,  what was the nicest thing mneptok has ever told you...03:10
effie_jayxbah.. probably sleeping03:11
effie_jayxbut ... he's the kinda guy you don't wanna have on your wrong side... :D03:11
effie_jayxand fun too03:11
Picier, okay.03:11
elkbuntueffie_jayx, ask fabian for some mneptok stories some time03:12
Picisee, now you've woken her.03:12
effie_jayxelkbuntu, heh...03:12
naliothdo you mean 'funny' as in 'wears a white canvas wraparound jacket' funny?03:12
effie_jayxnalioth, lol03:13
* mneptok stares at effie_jayx 03:21
* Pici hides03:21
mneptoki like this coat a lot, but the sleeves are much too long.03:22
PiciIs it your coat?03:23
elkbuntuit's the one the nice doctors gave him03:23
Picioh.  /me slaps forehead03:25
mneptokPici: nice try, but you'll never top the Amaranth "duh" moment.03:25
Picimneptok: Which was that?03:26
PriceChildmneptok, logs or it didn't happen03:26
* mneptok greps03:28
mneptokfloodlet ...03:29
mneptok13:27 -!- Amaranth [~amaranth@24-116-62-3.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #sysadmin03:29
mneptok13:28 < Amaranth> are CVS accounts removed after a period of inactivity? mine (twatkins) seems to be03:29
mneptok13:29 <@mneptok> Amaranth: that account appears to be functional.03:29
mneptok13:29 <@mneptok> Amaranth: are you getting some kind of error message when you try to connect>03:29
mneptok13:29 <@mneptok> ?03:29
mneptok13:30 < Amaranth> ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host03:29
mneptok13:30 <@mneptok> is your ssh key installed on the machine from which you are trying to connect>03:29
mneptok13:30  * mneptok seems to be slightly left of the ? key today03:30
mneptok13:31 < Amaranth> mneptok: yeah, ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub matches the one i sent when i had the account created03:30
mneptok13:32 < Amaranth> ssh -v looks normal03:30
mneptok13:33 < Amaranth> debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey).03:30
mneptok13:34 <@mneptok> can you send the full output of ssh -v to support@gnome.org please?03:30
mneptok13:34 < Amaranth> done03:30
mneptok13:36 <@mneptok> thanks :)03:30
mneptok13:38 <@mneptok> ok, it seems that ssh is falling down when trying to chdir to a $HOME you do not have'03:30
mneptok13:38 <@mneptok> which should not be an issue during CVS checkout/in03:30
mneptok13:38 <@mneptok> do you have your shell environment variables set correctly?03:30
mneptok13:39 <@mneptok> (for CVS)03:30
mneptok13:39 <@mneptok> http://live.gnome.org/Sysadmin/CVS/FAQ?action=show&redirect=CVSFAQ03:30
mneptok13:40 < Amaranth> CVS_RSH=ssh CVSROOT=:ext:twatkins@cvs.gnome.com:/cvs/gnome03:30
mneptok13:40 <@mneptok> it's gnome.org ;)03:30
mneptok13:41 < Amaranth> *facepalm*03:30
mneptok13:41 < Amaranth> works03:30
mneptok13:42 <@mneptok> yay!03:30
mneptok13:42 < Amaranth> *facepalm* x 1003:30
mneptok13:42  * mneptok pats Amaranth onna head03:30
mneptokAmaranth and i share a special bond because of that03:30
elkbuntu!paste | mneptok03:31
ubotumneptok: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:31
PriceChildhow rude :P03:31
mneptok!biteme | elkbuntu03:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about biteme - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:31
naliothmneptok, your sleeves are flapping...03:33
mneptoknalioth: those are the sacs of flab from my upper arms03:35
naliothif you insist, oh escapee from Ward 903:36
=== stdin_ is now known as stdin
stdinI think jelousbuddy is a troll, joined a load of channels posting some "odd" stuff04:12
naliothstdin: same guy as last night with a different nick04:13
naliothwe banned him out of #ubuntu and here04:13
stdinwell he's back in #ubuntu and #kubuntu, and just about every other channel on freenode04:14
ubotuIn #ubuntu-server, Kamping_Kaiser said: ubotu, JEOS is the latest addition to the Ubuntu family. It is designed for running inside VMWare and other virtualisation tools like QEMU.08:23
ubotuIn ubotu, bluefoxx said: !foo is fu08:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jeos - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:34
SeveasLjL, those floodbots sure are chatty with opping/modesetting09:38
Seveasand it's not like they actually *change* the mode :)09:39
xchatusing kde ubuntu, how can I get to the root in terminal,,  it tells me password no good16:10
xchati know it is16:10
xchatis there anyone in this room16:11
=== Hobbsee is now known as LongPointyStick
PriceChildI wonder if there's an xchat script to collect all hilights when away like irssi can.17:22
Myrttiwhy do you use xchat then? ;-)17:22
PriceChildBecause I can't live without the channel list.17:26
PriceChilddifferent coloured numbers just don't cut it for me :/17:26
Myrttichannel list?17:27
jdongPriceChild: oh pfft fine hate on the colors17:28
jdongPriceChild: isn't that just cool for you to do...17:28
naliothPriceChild must use the excerable xchat-gnome17:28
PriceChildnalioth, pardon?17:28
jdongthe client with 2 buttons?17:28
naliothPriceChild: channel list?17:28
PriceChildlist of channels17:29
naliothPriceChild: yes, afaik, only xchat-gnome displays all the channels you're in17:29
Myrttiwhy do you need it17:29
PriceChildnormal xchat does that...17:29
naliothdoes it?  i've never seen it do so.17:29
MyrttiPriceChild: irssiproxy with proxyaway?17:30
PriceChildnalioth, http://york.pricechild.co.uk/screenshot.png - the list on the left?17:31
Myrttiand besides, the numbers are soon enough in your backbone17:31
PriceChildI know I know Myrtti....17:32
PriceChild"one day"... when I find somewhere I can leave a screen or bouncer going, I will make the move17:32
naliothPriceChild: wow.  what feature is that?17:32
PriceChildnalioth, pardon?17:32
naliothas i said, PriceChild, i've never seen that feature when i use xchat17:33
PriceChildThe channel list?! :/17:33
naliothyes, PriceChild, the channel list17:33
PriceChildyou're being sarcastic aren't you17:33
naliothso much for honesty17:38
PriceChildThat's just standard xchat..17:38
PriceChildyou can change the tree view to tabs at the bottom if wanted, but that's rubbish17:38
ubotusoundray called the ops in #ubuntu (ihadgentoo abusive)17:46
=== qmario__ is now known as QMario
PriceChildYay I found a script that will log hilights for me :d17:50
PriceChildgrr hilights even when not away :/17:51
Seeker`is there any way i can find out a users email address?18:25
naliothSeeker`: /msg nickserv info NICK18:25
Seeker`hmm, doesn't list it18:25
nalioththen ask them18:26
Seeker`the problem is that they aren't responding18:26
Seeker`in fact, they haven't said anything since at least 21st november (in ubuntu-scribes anyway)18:27
Seeker`I need to get mootbot to register its nick, and he is the only person with access to the server18:42
ubotuIn ubotu, gourgi said: what is bash19:23
ninjagambiti need a test19:23
naliothninjagambit: you follow the instructions?19:27
ninjagambitnalioth: yeah19:33
naliothok, ninjagambit you can rejoin #ubuntu and thanks for putting up with us  :)19:34
ninjagambitsaid if failed19:35
naliothsaid what failed?19:35
ninjagambitthe dcc testthing19:35
ninjagambityou sent19:35
ninjagambitin status19:36
naliothyou're still here, so it passed.19:36
ninjagambitok thankis19:36
pleia2aw, orphaned ubotu :(20:26
Seveaspoor bot20:38
Seveashe's been so neglected, someone needs to take care of him20:38
ompaulSeveas, I here there is a guy in .nl who is brilliant at this stuff20:41
* ompaul reads that again20:42
* jdong whacks ompaul with the OED20:42
Seeker`just how much time does maintaining ubotu take?21:00
naliothmaintainig should take little time21:00
naliothadding/modifying features will use whatever time you can provide21:01
* Seeker` is potentially interested in helping21:04
Seeker`its written in python, isn't it?21:04
PriceChildsupybot based21:04
Seeker`i recon that may disqualify me then, as i have never really done any python coding21:05
ubotusoundray called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:13
ompaulikonia, are you on the ubuntu-irc mailing list21:34
ikoniaI may join now that my mail server is up and running again21:35
ompaulagg -- there was a mail to it eariler21:35
ompaullet me point you to it and you can have a look at the archives21:35
ikoniafyi: dinner was a delight ;)21:36
ompaulas nice as my fillet stake? ;-)21:36
ikoniapotentially better, indian tuna steaks ;)21:37
ompaulsomething fishy about that21:37
* ompaul shoots an instance of himself in the foot an all other instances start bleeding21:37
ikoniayou should be shot21:37
ikoniaand not in the foot21:37
ikoniawhat month/thread should I be looking for21:37
ompaullast message21:38
ikoniaonly one in dec is ubotu21:38
ompaulyou any good with python?21:38
ikoniaI'm ok, but slow with python21:38
ikoniaI have to work it through a lot21:38
ikoniaalthough it's something that would serve me better to get sharp with due to my contributions to the 2.2 branch on vexim21:39
ikoniaI'll have a look at the code and see how much I follow off the bat on ubutu21:39
ikoniaubotu even21:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about even - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:39
ikoniashut up ;)21:39
ikoniaompaul: are you ringing ?21:42
ompaulikonia, no21:43
ompaulnot me21:43
ikoniaits my mum21:43
ompaulyou need dect handsets21:43
ubotuLynoure called the ops in #kubuntu-offtopic ()21:49
ikoniaha ha21:51
ikoniawhat's making you smile ?21:51
ubotuJack_Sparrow called the ops in #ubuntu ()22:05
Jack_Sparrowsorry that was unintentional...22:05
crdlbyou fall asleep on the spacebar? :)22:05
Jack_Sparrowyep.. I was on the phone22:06
Jack_SparrowI deserved that one.. but todd needs to go for trolling22:06
PriceChildI'll take a look.22:07
jussi01jdong: ?22:17
jdong15:43 -!- jdong [n=dizzle@ubuntu/member/jdong] has left #ubuntu-ops [requested  by Seveas: "get a bigger cluebat"]22:17
jdongslow reaction22:17
jussi01cripes... its after midnight alreadyt22:18
naliothjdong: need more practice recognizing /removes done to your person?22:21
PriceChildHow long can you remove the dong from a channel before he notices? Place your bets now!22:24
jdongPriceChild: you have no idea how suggestive that sounded :)22:54
PriceChildI notice that "easy flash instillation" is now broken...22:55
jdongPriceChild: being backported.22:56
PriceChildjdong, is there already a bug filed for it?22:56
jdongPriceChild: talketh to imbrandon22:57
jdongI'm a bit too sleepy to deal with thinking22:57
PriceChildI always try and find one before filing a bug myself but miss them so often 8-)22:57
Jack_Sparrowcan we nickspam for "stupidbitch"23:11
PriceChildjdong, just found out why I didn't see an existing bug.... its been marked as "fix released" already.23:17
MenZaPici, honestly, am I the only one who's about to wet himself from forty-eight?23:26
PiciI'm pretty close to banning him, just waiting for him to go over the line again.23:27
Picibut hes just a troll23:27
MenZaYeah, I know23:28
MenZaA funny troll, nonetheless23:28

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