pschulz01DarkMageZ: .. but don't let that distract you.00:00
* dantalizing is away: I'm busy00:34
* dantalizing is back (gone 00:04:12)00:38
Kamping_Kaiserpschulz01, what sort of ram do the perf nodes/test boxes use - ddr or ddr2? i was looking at http://www.educypedia.be/computer/memorycomparison.htm and it made me wonder01:00
pschulz01ddr2 (I think)01:01
* Kamping_Kaiser goes to ask kim stuff01:03
nathanin order to install ubuntu via pxe booting, do I need to use the alternative disk?01:53
nathanit's not working with ubuntu desktop iso01:53
nathanand it does work with ubuntu server iso01:53
Kamping_Kaiseri think you need to create a custom image02:16
Bawbatosdumb question - how do i find out if hardware is supported in the 2.6 kernel. every i find is from 1999-2003 for this card02:49
oldmanstannathan: yeah, you can't use the live cd02:59
oldmanstanthey tell you that somewhere in the wiki iirc02:59
nealmcbBawbatos: what card are you talking about?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:02
Bawbatosthat is the thing. it is token ring...03:03
Bawbatosand i am trying to see where that is at. the linux tr project last update was in 200303:04
Bawbatosso 2.3 kernel03:04
NineTeen67CometHi all .. I had a hard drive eat it, and eventually with the use of dd_rescue obtained a partial .img file from it .. My question is now .. Is there something out there that can crack open this unfinished .img file so I can get at least some of the stuff out of it? (I googled how to open an img file and it was just picture stuff).03:05
Bawbatosi mean i still see freaking decnet modules there..03:05
nealmcbBawbatos: I see them talking about token ring last year, so no reason to suppose that they've removed support.... http://lwn.net/Articles/213657/03:07
nealmcblinux supports more hardware "out-of-the-box" than ANY other OS....03:08
Bawbatosthat link does not say it has been removed03:09
nealmcbNineTeen67Comet: I'd guess you'd want to make a copy and loop-mount it03:09
nealmcbBawbatos: right03:09
NineTeen67Cometnealmcb: Is that like .. mount -o loop /directory/with/backup.img .. ?03:10
Bawbatosokay. so i found a driver for it.03:10
Bawbatos /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-server/kernel/drivers/net/tokenring$03:10
Bawbatosand modprobed it.03:10
Bawbatosbut do not see it coming up03:11
nealmcbNineTeen67Comet: yeah - with a directory name at the end to mount on, and perhaps a -t option to specify the type03:12
NineTeen67Cometnealmcb: Okay .. I'm in Google now to get the syntax right .. thanks for the direction hopefully it'll mount since it isn't a finished .img file.03:12
nealmcbNineTeen67Comet: good luck - I know that can be a scary place :-O03:13
Bawbatoswhat is the apt package for the kernel source?03:13
NineTeen67Cometgrin .. I'm more afraid of my wife if I can't recover some of the pictures .. hehehehe03:14
nealmcb"linux-source" is for the latest03:14
nealmcbor linux-source-2.6.22 for a particular one03:14
NineTeen67Cometnealmcb: what -t would an .img file be? The hdd it was made from was xfs .. but I told it to get ALL of sdd .. not just sdd1 ..03:15
nealmcbNineTeen67Comet: then you may need to specify the offset to the particular partition - since that is what you want to mount03:16
NineTeen67Cometaha .. okay .. I'll peek around for that ..03:16
nealmcbfdisk -l file.img should help - see that post for more03:17
Bawbatostr0       Link encap:16/4 Mbps Token Ring (New)  HWaddr 00:01:02:64:31:6303:19
nealmcbBawbatos: cool03:19
nealmcbso it even came up as an inteface :-)03:20
nealmcbwhat module?03:20
Bawbatosno, i had to do ifconfig tr0 up after the modprobe03:20
Bawbatosi am building a ccie lab and got a bunch of routers that have tr interfaces plus enet for cheap. using the tr with a tr switch as a backend.03:21
Bawbatosbut i needed a box to route to the network03:21
Bawbatosa cisco cert03:21
Bawbatosi was hoping to do it on my openbsd firewall but they pulled tr support in 4.203:22
Bawbatoshum, how do i start it on boot now....there is a file for modprobe on boot .... sorry new to ubuntu. nice clean server install tho. impressed03:24
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NineTeen67Cometgrumble .. I'm looking for a really inexpensive mobo/cpu combo for my server (Currently a very tired P4 1.3ghz, 256mb ram, 2x320gig hd, 1x40gig hd headless box .. That is stalling about every 5 minutes, then crashes all together every 12-15 hours .. No syslog errors or nothing ..04:30
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Babatoswhat file do i edit for having a module load at startup that is not autoloading..05:39
Babatosi have a nic that is not loading.05:40
Kamping_KaiserBabatos, /etc/modprobe* are the files05:41
Kamping_Kaiserfind the right one ;)05:41
Babatosi saw that. however i did not see the right one.05:41
Kamping_KaiserBabatos, look at `man modprobe.conf`. not sure if it will help or not05:42
nealmcbBabatos: /etc/modules05:43
Babatosah, cool. i was loking in /etc/modprobe.d05:54
Babatoscrtl-alt-backspace should kill gdm right06:10
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lamontBabatos: actually, it kills X, which is a parent of gdm, and therefore takes out gdm.06:15
Babatosyah, thats what i mean. cept i have this issue. i killed it - and the screen still has the no signal on it.06:15
Babatosboots till gdm starts then no pic.06:15
Babatosokay i have that fixed, and even have my token ring network up on ipv606:27
Babatosis there a good gui for setting up this server as a firewall. i hate iptables and want it to die but i am going to use this in place of my openbsd06:28
* Babatos crying06:28
ScottKBabatos: If you want GUI help, see #ubuntu.06:35
Babatosokay thanks.06:35
Babatosi just cannot take iptable06:35
Kamping_Kaiseriptables is hurt :(06:37
Kamping_Kaiser*hugs iptables*06:37
Babatospf is just so much better06:37
Babatosi have 3 freaking firewall certs from vendors and i cannot get my head around iptables06:38
ScottKBabatos: That may be your problem.  I started with a known working iptables script and adjusted to my taste.  It didn't seem that hard.06:38
Babatosno, it is way convoluted.06:39
Babatosvs, pf, ipfw, ipf06:39
ScottKOK.  It's all I've used.  It didn't seem that bad to me (with a base script to start with).06:39
Babatoshave you ever seen pf06:39
ScottKSo I've got no basis for comparison.06:40
Babatosah, well - pass in inet proto icmp all icmp-type $icmp_types keep state06:40
Babatosor block drop in quick on $ext_if from <ssh-bruteforce>06:41
Babatospass in on $ext_if proto tcp from any to ($ext_if) port ssh \06:41
Babatos        flags S/SA keep state \06:41
Babatos        (max-src-conn-rate 3/30, overload <ssh-bruteforce> flush global)06:41
Babatosand that is the 2 most complex things you will see. and it makes sense out the gate06:41
Babatossomeone told me to look at firestarter so i will do that06:42
ScottKI've heard good things about it, but never used it.06:43
Babatoshave a look at this - http://internetworkpro.org/pastebin/147006:43
Babatosand tell me you cannot figure it out in like 30 secs06:43
ScottKBabatos: Not at 2AM I can't.  I can see it's generally readable.06:47
Babatoshaahah... okay06:47
Babatosonly 1047 here.06:47
perfectorwhats wmvare??08:05
Kamping_Kaiservmware? or wmvare?08:20
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers08:20
perfectorok so jeos is a basic distro that includes vmware player?08:21
Kamping_Kaiserno, its to run inside vmware player08:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jeos - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:22
perfectoraha... thanks.. whats the size of this distro?08:22
perfectorand what packages does it include?08:23
Kamping_Kaiserubotu, JEOS is the latest addition to the Ubuntu family. It is designed for running inside VMWare and other virtualisation tools like QEMU.08:23
Kamping_Kaiserthe iso ~150mb08:23
Kamping_Kaiserand its a bare minimum packages (or should be, its getting thinner for the next release)08:23
perfectorso i guess there is no X..08:23
Kamping_Kaiserso near, yet so far. *grin*. someone from -ops contacted me, checked i was talking about ubuntu's jeos, then didnt set the bot entry :(08:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jeos - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:29
Kamping_Kaiserpity i dont go there anymore, i'd follow up *heh*08:33
BobSappwould you guys say that a celeron 300 is underpowered to run a LAMP stack?11:56
BobSappright now mine is running one with 96mb ram, every time i make changes on wordpress i can smell a little blue smoke :)11:56
HardinBobSapp: Unless you've got a heavy load of visitors I'd say a 300mhz is plenty enough to run a LAMP on. Perhaps you might want to add som extra RAM thought.12:09
BobSappyeah it was thrashing on any page actionr12:19
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disposable(feisty server) i have two NICs and they keep swapping their ethX number after each reboot. how do i make the X static? i know i am supposed to use some z25 + udev config file, but my /dev/ directory doesn't have anything like that.15:45
disposablesorry, found it. /etc/udev/rules15:47
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fenggghi can anybody help me19:16
LukeI'm getting these emails from cron every day. Can anyone help me pinpoint the problem?: http://pasteosaurus.com/4419119:18
NafalloLuke: /etc/cron.daily/find quits with error status 1 instead of 019:29
Lukeyea but why?19:41
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nealmcbLuke: have you looked at /etc/cron.daily/find  ?  it appears that perhaps you don't have a userid "nobody" if yours is like mine20:08
Lukenealmcb: i have that user20:17
* nealmcb wonders why that script is checking for nobody anyway....20:17
Lukealso if that was where the exit 1 was coming from, i'd assume it would put the output line in there as well right?20:17
nealmcbLuke: hmm - can you try running the update command given there?20:18
Lukeyea i'll try that20:18
Lukehow do I check the exit status from bash prompt?20:19
nealmcband I agree, it would probably output that error message  - but sometimes cron and stdout are strange20:19
nealmcbecho $?20:19
nealmcbthat it the exit status from the previous command20:19
Lukeyea that db line is exiting w/ 120:19
nealmcbany output?  don't redirect it...20:19
sorenLuke: Did you change /etc/updatedb.conf at all?20:19
Lukei'll cehck that20:20
Lukesoren: not that I know of20:20
Lukeno i haven't20:20
Luke"ioprio_set: No such process20:20
Lukethat's the error20:20
nealmcbmaybe from ionice?20:21
Lukepiping the errors to dev null seems like a bad idea =)20:21
Lukenealmcb: yea totally20:21
Lukewhat is that tho?20:21
nealmcbtry leaving just the "ionice -c ${IONICE_CLASS:-2} -p ${IONICE_PRIORITY:-7} " part out and run again20:21
nealmcbi.e. run updatedb via nice20:22
Lukepermission denied bu tit runs20:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 152692 in findutils "updatedb cron job fails" [Low,Triaged]20:23
sorenIs this on gutsy?20:23
nealmcbohh - ugly - why is it "low" priority?20:24
Lukeprob in case the server is doing anything else20:24
Lukeooh you mean the bug20:24
nealmcbno - the bug is "low"20:24
nealmcbyup - I've got a process number 7 also....20:25
Lukeruns fine w/ the given patch20:25
Lukelooks like they just fudged the flags20:26
nealmcbyou changed your cron script?  good20:26
sorenI'll fix it in hardy.20:27
nealmcbif 30% of machines out there aren't getting updated slocate stuff, that seems like a problem20:27
nealmcbsoren: :-)20:27
Lukeha totally20:27
Lukethanks for helping me find this guys20:27
nealmcbLuke: thanks for pointing it out - I've just been lucky20:27
LukeI was assuming I changed a config somehwere and didn't know it20:27
Lukethat's why I didn't look for bugs20:27
nealmcb7: ksoftirqd/120:28
nealmcbbut I guess if it was more common, there would be more activity and dups... at least it sends mail.  though many people don't check their local root mail....20:29
Lukeyea my root mail gets delivered to my user for some reason20:30
Lukethat's weird actually... is that supposed to happen?20:30
sorenOh, I think it might already be fixed in hardy.20:30
Lukewell I've got too many channels open so I'm gunna close this. Thanks again for your help guys20:31
sorenYes, definitely already fixed in hardy.20:37
Burgundaviahey soren20:37
sorenHey, Corey.20:37
nealmcbhowdy, Burgundavia20:38
* soren is knackered20:38
sorenI'll call it a night.20:38
sorenSee you, guys!20:38
* nealmcb remembers that Corey is the first uds-boston person he met - on the subway going there :-)20:38
Burgundavianealmcb: was boston your first summit?20:41
nealmcbthough I called in to mountview and seville20:41
nealmcb(a bit)20:41

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