* nickrud was wondering what humorous thing to write about umbuntu, but soundray_ cut to the chase :)00:00
onatsits not that hard to spell, given you're using a keyboard00:00
TigranGor a brain00:00
inzeolittlebear72: skills? no, lucky encounters? perhaps haha00:00
soldatshmm some people are getting mean these days00:00
taffanswer all your questions00:01
onatsi don't think thats mean00:01
TigranGno such thing as mean00:01
soldatshah i was kidding00:01
TigranGjust absence of kindness  :P00:01
jobu1543I have a broken software RAID1 that drops to  BusyBox upon boot. Does anyone have any suggestions/urls that might help?00:01
soldatsTigranG, yes00:01
littlebear72i have tried it 3 times now and each time something went wrong in my life and i did not have time to learn ubu / nix and needed the comfort of a simplistic program like windoze lol00:01
bamsambacan someone reccommend me a good download manager other than Kget? something as good as free-download-manager on Windows in case anyone's heard of it00:01
soundray_soldats: arithmetic, harmonic or geometric mean?00:01
alekasoundray_: HOw can I change the sample rate in audacity then... I should probably restart to clear whatever is using the soundcard and start from there00:01
littlebear72i knew windoze well so i use it when my life runs amok00:01
onatsfinally fixed my apt-cacher! whew!00:02
IamReckbamsamba, Downthemall00:02
taffread those books and you will be aswering all the questions00:02
inzeolittlebear72: my main desktop runs windows, my laptop ubuntu - desktop does....games...thats it haha00:02
* TigranG tried to compile a kernel yesterday and learned he's dumber than he thought00:02
delfoswhen i get to login screen the font size is really big, cant read ok, after login ubuntu prompts a window saying that the X-conf and the GNOME-conf files have different keyboard values.. Do you know ehat goes wrong?00:02
soldatssoundray_, hah you got me00:02
inzeolittlebear72: use my laptop for everything else, including work stuff (in a windows environment)00:02
* nickrud thinks compiling a kernel is not a measure of intelligence, but of perseverance00:02
bamsambalittlebear72, i run it on virtual box :P00:02
soundray_aleka: sounds like a good plan. Sorry, I'm not the best guy to advise on audio issues, contrary to what my nick might be seen to suggest00:02
TigranGnickrud: well I got it lol, wasn't hard actually, just took forever00:03
alekaHeh.. that is what led me to believe you would be the 'perfect' person to bother :)00:03
TigranGand then I was too lazy to build ndiswrapper for my wifi so I just went back to 2.6.2200:03
nickrudthe one real sound expert doesn't come around much anymore ;(00:03
soundray_crimsun: would you mind having a look at aleka's issue?00:03
bamsambaIamReck, well isnt downthemall a firefox ext? i can't find that using apt-get00:04
IamReckbamsamba, yes it is, it runs with in firefox and its amazing.00:04
soldatsaleka, what was your initial problem00:04
IggzHi, installede the kde desk-top but didn't like it - anyway, this caused umbutu to upgrade itself to kumbutu - login screen, duel desktop log, etc. How to i return it to the single boot, one desktop state? I am assuming a long command line. Anyone help? :-)00:05
bamsambaheh, ok, lemme try00:05
* bascule knows compiling kernels is easy, configuring them takes practice and knowledge00:05
alekasoldats: What is a good application to record stereo output from my soundcard other than Audacity? For some reason audcacity is not working for me and am wondering what other options there are...00:05
crimsunsoundray_: I lack backscroll.  What's the summary?00:05
xcstnid help, how can i manage my effects in gutsy00:05
littlebear72lol im going to try the vm of 2k i made for that same purpose and i also want to be able to get access to the tmd script that lets me download movies and the like that is mirc based nothign i have ever seen anywhere comes close to that finish of the tmd-recruit package00:06
TigranGaleka: http://podcasting.about.com/od/creatingmp3files/ht/bitrateaudacity.htm00:06
soundray_aleka: please tell crimsun about the error message00:06
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:06
TigranGaleka: first thing in google for change sample rate00:06
alekaeven when I get audacity to the point to record (which I think is recording output from the MIC) I can not play back the recorded sample00:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about intel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:06
alekaI get "Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate"00:06
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:06
i_pk_pjers_iwow thats alot of ppl...00:06
jaybird7I am trying to get wireless to work, i am trying to remove/undo my previous try with ndiswrapper, to try a new driver, but wehn i do sudo rmmod ndiswrapper it says its not foudn in /proc/modules or something , where is it or how do i uninstall it please?00:06
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:07
littlebear72ok so compizfusion is the latest beryl ?00:07
basculei_pk_pjers_i: popular isn't it00:07
i_pk_pjers_iyep, lol00:07
littlebear72the whole 3d thing i mean lol00:07
TigranGlittlebear72: yea00:07
littlebear72i had it working last time well00:07
smartfaceHi guys, Im trying to extract an archive into a directory, but it keeps creating a new directory inside it, any way i can avoid that?00:07
Jordan_Ulittlebear72, Yes00:07
littlebear72as beryl00:07
* littlebear72 goes checks it out again 00:07
TigranGlittlebear72: you can go to #compiz-fusion if you need help00:07
* littlebear72 has a dam fine card nowdays and would love to see the latest 00:07
alekaYeah, how do I even know what bitrate to use in Quality Pref00:08
basculesmartface: I really don't think so, just rename the directory that appears00:08
Jordan_Ulittlebear72, Do you have Ubuntu 7.10 installed?00:08
* littlebear72 is a little excited againi love eye candy lol00:08
smartfaceok, thanks00:08
littlebear72no version before00:08
littlebear72ill upgrade i think lol00:08
TigranGlittlebear72: head on to #compiz-fusion :)00:08
fabio_hi i just compiled the hardy 2.6.24 kernel with some patches on my gutsy amd64 system. all went fine. but problem is, it only built a linux-headers-2.6.24-1 package and not also a linux-headers-2.6.24 which is needed to install the first one00:08
Jordan_Ulittlebear72, You should upgrade00:08
fabio_any help?00:08
fabio_i followed the steps on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile to compile00:09
justinhhiya folks.  got an interesting little tickler for you.  I've got a gutsy install I've been trying to convert to netbooted - so far it's gone pretty well.. the pxelinux.0 is doing its thing and the kernel with initrd image is loading.  But during boot the kernel panics.  just before that I see http://www.pastebin.ca/808879 - so I think maybe it's trying to initialise eth0 when it doesn't have to and is consequently losing /.00:09
soundray_fabio_: you don't really need headers if you have the complete source00:09
fabio_hmm but nvidia-installer is complaining00:10
onatshas anyone used azureus html web gui here? doesn't seem to be working on my installation00:10
fabio_that it can't find the include/linux/version.h file00:10
fabio_i used --kernel-source-path pointing to my source00:10
waseemmy usb pads show up in device manager but dont respond in gxmame can somebody help please00:10
soldatsaleka, have you tried jokosher00:11
soldatsits more advanced but im not sure why audacity isnt working00:11
sharpiewhy does rsync start as a service on startup?00:11
alekasoldats: Will do...didn't think it was stable enough last time I looked at it... Thanks~00:11
kitchesharpie: because it's a service]00:11
sharpiekitche: but it's run manually00:11
soldatsaleka, hmm i heard it was stable but id look into it if you really want to edit music00:11
kitchesharpie: umm the client does00:12
kitchesharpie: but it's also a daemon00:12
sharpiekitche: that does..what?00:12
kitchesharpie: so rsync the client can be used to rsync files00:12
alekasoldats: My basic need right now is being able to record playing music (kinda like replay radio in windows)... have stuff on my rhapsody playlist I want to record00:13
dyeroticquestion...i have just installed ubuntu...and im stuck in 800x600 and i wanna chuk my monitor out the window00:13
TigranGaleka: You can try Sound Recorder00:13
Jack_Sparrowdyerotic: Hold off on that option for a few00:13
TigranGaleka: it comes with ubuntu00:13
dyeroticwhat do you mean Jack_Sparrow?? i cant stand 800x600 and i tried that guide on the website and it didnt help00:13
Jack_Sparrowdyerotic: from cli..    sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:13
sharpiekitche: so..if i disable it, i won't be able to rsync?00:13
dyeroticive done that i believe, and it still messes me up00:13
Jack_Sparrowdyerotic: Vesa driver will get you 1024x768 if you get locked out00:14
dyeroticim gonna do sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:14
dyeroticand see how it goes00:14
soundray_sharpie: you can use rsync without rsyncd, but with reduced capabilities00:14
alekasoldats , TigranG  >> Thanks00:14
sharpiesoundray_: what do you mean by "reduced capabilities"?00:15
dyeroticok so i should choice vesa Jack_Sparrow?00:15
sharpiesoundray_: what won't i be able to do?00:15
kitchesharpie: no you will be able to but you just can't rsync files from that computer to another00:15
TigranGaleka: What I did to get recording working is in Volume Control increase the 'In Gain'00:15
soldatsaleka, ahh i get what you need. im not too sure but i think jokosher should suffice for now if it works. i do recording for bands but i use more professionla recording eqiptment for tha00:15
Jack_Sparrowdyerotic: try to setup your video card and monitor to their specs, but if you cant get it go to veas to get back here00:15
sharpiekitche: oh, meaning that if i only rsync locally between drives, i can cancel the daemon?00:15
xcstcompiz fusion is working in my gutsy, how can i customize it00:15
enigmata<ubotu> None of those links did anything, I've already ran through the troubleshooting before.00:15
Kohvihoorwhy does my screen go black for a second, everytime i start a video?00:15
Kohvihoorati video card+fglrx drivers00:15
dyeroticok ill try00:15
soundray_sharpie: rsync with rsyncd can sync files by transferring only the differing parts, for example.00:15
Jack_Sparrowenigmata: you are talking to a bot..00:16
enigmatawell, that was embaracinbg00:16
soundray_Jack_Sparrow: don't give it away so quickly ;)00:16
* TigranG never gets old (seeing ppl talk to bots)00:16
onatsis there a codec for m4a?00:16
sharpiesoundray_: so if i only rsync locally, can i safely disable rsyncd?00:17
TigranGonats: I think there is00:17
soundray_sharpie: it's safe to disable it in any case00:17
TigranGonats: with VLC player00:17
hairs2longjustinh: why dont you need the network?00:17
timotimotimoonats: download automatix00:17
sharpiesoundray_: i mean safe by..will not make anything not work00:18
soldats!automatix | timotimotimo00:18
ubotutimotimotimo: automatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »00:18
Jack_Sparrowtimotimotimo: bad bad idea00:18
justinhhairs2long: it's already initialised because I'm getting / over NFS00:18
enigmataanyone want to try and help me get my computer to make noise?00:18
soldats!ask | enigmata00:18
ubotuenigmata: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)00:18
hairs2longjustinh: do you have more of the boot procedure?00:19
jaybird7 I am trying to get wireless to work, i am trying to remove/undo my previous try with ndiswrapper, to try a new driver, but wehn i do sudo rmmod ndiswrapper it says its not foudn in /proc/modules or something , where is it or how do i uninstall it please?00:19
dev_noobhow do I execute a .run file as root?00:19
enigmataMy computer won't make ANY sound. All volume is full blast, and settings are on ALSA.00:19
enigmataWhat now?00:19
TigranGenigmata: turn the power on your speakers and put the volume up00:19
enigmataIt's a laptop. Volume is up00:19
soundray_dev_noob: what are you trying to install?00:19
Jack_Sparrowdev_noob: Perhaps a description of what you are trying to do..?00:19
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »00:19
enigmataI tghink I have a blacklisted driver or something00:19
whyameyejaybird7: ndiswrapper has a parameter you need to send it to unload. man ndiswrapper or try ndiswrapper --help00:19
dev_noobsoundray_: I am trying to install the ATI drivers from AMD00:20
soundray_!ati | dev_noob00:20
ubotudev_noob: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:20
enigmataI'm running ALC262 Analog ALSA00:20
justinhhairs2long: tftp server, serving pxelinux.0 image.  then loads kernel & initrd image.  then proceeds to boot.  then the kernel panics just after that pastebin is output00:20
^_^co_perhatian^j bandung00:20
^_^co_perhatian^# bandung00:20
ChosenTestdev_noob: you might have to chmod +x00:20
hairs2longjustinh: so you see the pivot root?00:20
justinhthe pivot root?00:21
whyameyeI've heard a lot here how automatix is a bad idea. I've used it on easily 1/2 dozen computers to great success. It's super easy and just works for me. Have others had trouble or is it more that it is not supported by the general ubuntu community?00:21
boscovichanyone can help me my live cd wont start00:21
dev_noobChosenTest: I di chmod it, but it says I need to be superuser00:21
soundray_dev_noob: please follow the official instructions for ubuntu00:21
onatsthat link says automatix is dangeroues00:21
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/00:21
hairs2longjustinh: initrd is a root filesystem00:21
soundray_dev_noob: don't use the .run file00:21
Jack_Sparrowonats: It is a very bad idea to use automatix00:21
TigranGboscovich: burn at a lower speed00:21
kitchewhyameye: it's due to it does things that are bad to ubuntu00:21
boscovichanyone can help me my live cd dont want to start it appear INITRAMFS00:21
dev_noobthe restricted driver manager wont let me enable it :(00:21
whyameyekitche: like what?00:21
hairs2longjustinh: it has the details to get the network up so it can load the "real" root filesystem00:21
kitche!automaitx | whyameye00:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about automaitx - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:21
soundray_dev_noob: what happens when you try?00:22
kitche!automatix | whyameye00:22
ubotuwhyameye: automatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »00:22
boscovichanyone can help me my live cd dont want to start it appear INITRAMFS00:22
whyameyekitche: that doesn't answer why.00:22
kitchewhyameye: look at the url it is a indepth look at automatix00:22
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:22
dev_noobsoundray_: it just reverts to "not enabled"00:22
kitchewhyameye: actually it does if you won't look then you shouldn't be using automatix anyways00:22
soundray_whyameye: yes it does, if you bother to read the linked page00:22
enigmatasut uo uboyu.00:22
justinhhairs2long: I configured the initrd image with initramfs-tools after changing the options in the initramfs.conf to 'netboot' and 'nfs root'00:22
hairs2longjustinh: you should it load the kernel, mount root, do some stuff then pivot the root FS00:22
Jack_Sparrowwhyameye: the link has detailed info.. if you read it00:22
enigmata*shut up00:22
kitcheenigmata: like talking to a bot eh00:23
whyameyeok. Thanks especially to Jack_Sparrow for not needing to be rude about it. I appreciate the link and am reading now...00:23
justinhhairs2long:  it all happens very fast ;)00:23
TigranGenigmata: you were telling a bot to shut up? o.O00:23
soundray_dev_noob: follow this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI00:23
enigmataonly when it talks back... dirty.00:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dirty - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:23
* TigranG feels like saying he loves ubuntu00:23
justinhhairs2long: ahh maybe CTRL S to the rescue00:24
jaybird7whyameye: okay thank you00:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about chucknorris - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:24
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.00:24
justinhhairs2long: nope.  no dice.  can't seem to slow it down any.00:25
* hairs2long hates boot issues00:25
justinhhrm maybe I could video it00:26
hairs2longjustinh: what are you passing via pxelinux cfg?00:26
timotimotimoD00D Y UALL USE LUNUX ?00:27
justinhhairs2long: http://www.pastebin.ca/80890600:27
PriceChild!offtopic | timotimotimo00:27
ubotutimotimotimo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:27
soldatstimotimotimo, why are you here asking that question00:28
timotimotimosoldats: b/c I'm bored00:28
waseemlinux or ubuntu is so cool, now that I am understanding how it works00:29
enigmata<waseem> YAY! Help me.00:29
waseemi can see what peeps mean when they say its easier to use than other OS's00:29
timotimotimowaseem: we need more people like you, who are willing to try it out00:29
waseemlol i had such a bumpy first experience00:30
timotimotimoyeah that happens00:30
timotimotimobut I promise it's worth it00:30
waseembut its cool, i think the way you install apps is soo awesome, it does it for you00:30
enigmataSometime I like to lock people in little rooms with computers that don't run Windows/00:30
waseemfrom the download to the end you just say what you need00:30
timotimotimoenigmata: :D00:30
soldatsenigmata, hah00:30
timotimotimowaseem: yup :)00:30
hairs2longjustinh: is your NIC driver or UNDI.ko staticially linked in your kernel?00:31
hairs2longsorry undi.ko00:31
justinhhairs2long: er.. I don't think so..  just a bog standard ubuntu generic kernel00:33
justinhor rather, I don't know if it is or not00:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cnr - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:33
littlebear72ok for all those who wanto to know the solution for my flash issue is fixed lol its working nicely now and i can now access my online game again thanks to all those who contributed to my sucess lol00:34
hairs2longhmm, probably not then00:34
whyameyeI've spent some time reading the automatix link. It's a tough problem. As long as the ubuntu community asks people to do things "by hand" we aren't really offering any real alternative to commerical OSes...so maybe there'll be a better solution soon....00:34
littlebear72inzeo: your solution worked perfect00:34
gunspojagday everyone00:35
gunspojaanybody had experience using 3G wireless broadband internet00:35
kitchewhyameye: there already is it's part of gutsy00:35
timotimotimowhyameye: I agree00:35
gunspojasorry just "3", not 3G00:35
soundray_whyameye: gutsy pretty much obviates the need for anything like automatix00:35
dev_noobI gave up on the driver for now...00:35
dev_noobI am trying to upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 and get the following error00:35
dremspiderjoin #perl00:35
dremspiderjoin perl00:35
Mba7ethmorning all .... Is it possible to change chm format into PDF00:35
dev_noobhttp://archive.ubuntustudio.org/ubuntustudio/dists/feisty/Release.gpg: Could not resolve 'archive.ubuntustudio.org'00:35
dev_noobhttp://archive.ubuntustudio.org/ubuntustudio/dists/feisty/main/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz2: Could not resolve 'archive.ubuntustudio.org'00:35
dev_noobhttp://archive.ubuntustudio.org/ubuntustudio/dists/feisty/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz: Could not resolve 'archive.ubuntustudio.org'00:35
timotimotimosoundray_: if I was going give a noob ubuntu, I wouldn't give them gutsy00:36
waseemthis is an irc related question but how do you make it so that you can direct a message to someone00:36
justinhhairs2long: I remember making an nfsroot boot ages ago - had to build my own kernel with the eth driver built in00:36
MorPheuShi all00:36
timotimotimo6.06 is the long term support version00:36
Xdange1can kmobiletools be used to transfer files between phone & PC00:36
soldatswaseem, type the name and press tab00:36
gunspojathe wireless adapter is a Merlin xu87000:36
Xdange1or is there some additional plugin to install00:36
hairs2longjustinh: if memory serves you are mincing boot methods00:37
gunspojaand ubuntu doesn't seem to detect it when its inserted00:37
Mba7ethis it possible to change chm format to PDF ?00:37
linduxedthe text that scrolls down the screen before gdm gets on....where is that logged?00:37
waseemsoldats: thanks00:37
justinhhairs2long: i.e. using tftp and pxe?00:37
soundray_waseem: /msg ubotu ubuntu00:37
littlebear72waseem:  thats a great one aint it00:37
hairs2longjustinh: if you have an initrd your root=/dev/ram000:37
=== fervidfrogger_ is now known as fervidfrogger
waseemlittlebear72: yes but why does it add the name of the person in the message00:38
timotimotimolinduxed: dmesg00:38
Xdange1can kmobiletools be used to transfer files between phone & PC00:38
soldatswaseem, does it work, if you get a message sent to you it show up a different color, so if you send a message it should say <name>; "message to send"00:38
justinhhairs2long: heh that's what I get for following random howto guides00:38
littlebear72is that not what you wanted00:38
hairs2longjustinh: if you dont have an initrd and are using NFS from the kernel, then use nfsroot parameters00:38
waseemsoldats: why does it show your name in the message too00:38
Zogum, I need some help setting up a dual boot...00:38
soldatsso you know who its too00:38
Zognot that involved question though.00:38
IndyGunFreak!dual | Zog00:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dual - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:38
ipxWhats the simplest way of limiting an applications access to the internet? I wanna bottleneck the traffic going out from a program...00:38
soldatseveryone can see it as well00:38
waseemsoldats: lol cool00:38
IndyGunFreak!dualboot | Zog00:39
ubotuZog: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:39
littlebear72do you want to send a private message or a public message thats directed at the user waseem00:39
hairs2longjustinh: with direct NFS from the kernel, you dont need the initrd, but the kenrel will need to rebuilt with NIC driver and NFS support built in (not modules)00:39
waseemhas anyone used xmame here?00:39
soccer_hawk10hey all. can someone tell me why the super+C command doesn't work in amaroK in 7.10?00:40
hairs2longjustinh: if using initrd, you need to have NIC and NFS modules in initrd, and the init script should connect and pivot root00:40
justinhhairs2long: aye that's the way I used to do it many moons ago on gentoo.  haven't yet successfully built & installed my own kernel on ubuntu yet though00:40
soccer_hawk10it's supposed to be a play/pause command, but it is ineffective00:40
gunspojaok ubuntu DOES detect that the modem was put in, but it doesn't show up any wireless connections in the network settings app00:40
littlebear72where do i look to get the list of wether apt-get or aptitude has the file virtual box in it00:40
justinhhairs2long: gotcha00:40
=== lakin_ is now known as lakin
soccer_hawk10littlebeat72: system administration synaptic package manager00:41
timotimotimolittlebear72: apt-cache search virtualbox00:41
soccer_hawk10ah, that'll work too i suppose00:41
littlebear72lol thanks00:41
hairs2longsome people prefer the initrd because they can make it break out for troubleshooting purposes with a minimal os00:41
soccer_hawk10hey all. can someone tell me why the super+C command doesn't work in amaroK in 7.10?00:41
Zogum, reading that link doesn't answer my question- it's probably something really basic, but... I'd rather not make a mistake here.00:42
hairs2longI prefer the simpler method, and refuse any hardware I cant recomplie the drivers for00:42
justinhhairs2long: I'll have another play with initrd & see how I get on.  if not, then I'll go with building my own kernel for a trip down memory lane.  and if that doesn't work I could always buy a big usb stick ;)00:42
IndyGunFreakZog: well, we aren't mind readers.00:42
hairs2longbut not everyone has that lunxury00:42
weithi have a problem to install the amd64 version of ubuntu gutsy (7.10). when i want to start with the live cd i havent any screen after the language selection. what can i do?00:42
hairs2longpxe is totoally worth it00:42
justinhhairs2long: thankyou very much fella - it's appreciated00:43
hairs2longjustinh: for debugging, if you can get a serial connection, yiou can dump kernel and init there00:43
=== allbert is now known as allbert_
hairs2longjustin: output I mean00:43
littlebear72i guess if it comes back a empty result then its not a possible one then is it lol00:43
justinhnever even dawned on me it might not even be getting the proper root yet00:43
soccer_hawk10can someone tell me why the super+C command doesn't work in amaroK in 7.10?00:43
hairs2longjustinh: use the console=/dev/ttyS000:43
xcstdo i need to install emerald in gutsy?00:44
justinhwill do thanks hairs2long00:44
* justinh beers hairs2long 00:44
hairs2longthanks, good luck00:44
robert_anyone ever gotten 'Bad or missing command interpreter' when using the dosemu installed on gutsy?00:44
erUSULxcst: no if you do not want to00:44
Zogalright- i just got a new system set up- I created a 10 gig partition, and installed windows, leaving the rest unformatted.. Now i'm trying to install ubuntu 6.9 (not 100 percent on the version), and i'm at the partitoin screen. Need to know what I do to make sure it installs on the second 10 gig partition, and the format the third partition as ext200:44
gunspojaanybody had experience using "3" wireless broadband internet, the modem is a merlin xu870, and ubuntu does detect it when its inserted.  the problem is that a wireless connection doesn't appear in the network settings app00:44
littlebear72check out whirlpool forums gunspoja that has prolly got a better more australian list of experience i am assumeing yoru a aussie00:45
soccer_hawk10hey all. can someone tell me why the super+C command doesn't work in amaroK in 7.10? why am i being ignored?00:45
soldatsxcst, yes00:45
gunspojayeah i am littlebear7200:45
xcsterUSUL, theres no like emerald included in gutsy ryt?00:46
MLeBlancIs anyone here running World of Warcraft?00:46
littlebear72ditto here man00:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:46
soldatssoccer_hawk10, what is that command supposed to do00:46
soundray_soccer_hawk10: you will only get an answer if someone knows one00:46
gunspojalittlebear72, you got a link to those forums?00:46
kelsinZog: just need to do the partitioning using the "manual" method (at least that's what it is in current installers), and then set up your partitions how you want00:46
littlebear72you been to whirlpool forums ?00:46
kitchexcst: sure emerald is in gutsy might have ot install it though00:46
IndyGunFreakZog: what vesion of ubuntu are you using?... 6.9 doesn't exist..look Help/About Ubuntu00:46
kelsin!anyone | MLeBlanc00:46
ubotuMLeBlanc: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:46
gunspojano i haven't00:46
soccer_hawk10soldats: it's supposed to be a play/pause command00:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lookingglass - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:46
littlebear72check em out they are great for australian specific problems00:46
soundray_gunspoja: how does it get detected?00:47
MLeBlancHow is World of Warcraft performance on Ubuntu?00:47
weithi have a problem to install the amd64 version of ubuntu gutsy (7.10). when i want to start with the live cd i havent any screen after the language selection. what can i do? with the 32 bit version it works fine.00:47
kelsinMLeBlanc: perfect, you run in opengl, if you have a good graphics card and working drivers then it runs fine00:47
soldatssoccer_hawk10, i thought the spacebar does that. try looking at the preferences menu i believe there is a key config menu for it. if there isnt im not sure. i haven t used it in a while00:47
MLeBlanckelnsin: Might a 6600GT qualify as a good graphics card? I know it's a bit old.00:47
soldatsMLeBlanc, depends on your system00:47
Zogokay, after manual, I'm guessing I set the bootable flag as on- and... then what do i need to set? ext2, or ext3?00:47
jimjamHow do I use S-Video out with Ubuntu?00:47
gunspojasoundray_, in dmesg, there are a bunch of messages saying that it detected a GSM modem00:48
kelsinMLeBlanc: if it runs wow in windows good enough for you, then it will do the same with linux00:48
teknoprepw0ot fixed my hibernate00:48
erUSULxcst: i didnt understand the question... you can us the normal compiz gtk decorator00:48
teknoprepjust changed how it put the computer into hibernate00:48
MLeBlancsoldats: What would you say about Xubuntu on an AMD Athlon 2600+, 1GB ram, nVidia GeForce 6600GT00:48
soccer_hawk10soldats: nah, this is universal.  it controls amarok from any screen.  using the Super+B command, for example, skips the song even if i'm using firefox or any other program.  i tried to change the shortcut key, but none work00:48
Rafabehello...I am installing linux for the first time, Ubuntu 7.10 on a P3 1GHz with 256mb of RAM. On the install screen , I looked at the help and it said I needed 384 mb of RAM to install it. I googled for more info, and supposedly I can use other memory managers than Gnome, but how do I install the OS in the first place so I can replace Gnome?00:49
hairulfrJust reinstalled - wasn't there an art manager once?00:49
teknoprepamarok owns00:49
MLeBlanckelsin: I am considering this for an install on an old PC, I have never tried running WoW on it.00:49
DILweith, most software is 32bit anyway00:49
soundray_gunspoja: I see -- in that case you shouldn't be looking for a wireless interface. Configure ppp instead.00:49
soldatsMLeBlanc, hah that should run pretty good as far as i now but i think WOW prefers to run with 2gigs of ram00:49
gunspojasoundray_, how do i do that?  I've never used wireless before :(00:49
IndyGunFreakZog: i dont' usually use the Live CD, but is there an option to like, "Use free space" or something like that00:49
MLeBlancsoldats: Alrighty, I'll give it a shot. Thanks a lot!00:49
teknoprepRafabe, the reason you need 384 is becuase the cd is a live install... i would suggest installed xubuntu on that machine00:49
timotimotimorafabe: you might want to consider a different distro or an older version of ubuntu00:49
kelsinRafabe: download the alternate cd and use that to install a command line system, or just to complete the normal installation. At either point you can then install any other packages you want (including other light wight windows managers)00:49
soundray_gunspoja: System-Administration-Network-Modem connection00:49
Rafabetek: will it give me the option to use Xubuntu on the installation if I proceed?00:49
soldatssoccer_hawk10, hmm sorry i havent used it in a while if the commands or config dont work id try the amarok main site00:50
soccer_hawk10soldats: alright, thanks00:50
xcsterUSUL, how about the themes? how can i install it? the theme files are all .emerald00:50
gunspojais that a program or something i need to run in a terminal?00:50
void^DIL: that's only true for closed source software00:50
soundray_gunspoja: does dmesg give you any indication of the device name?00:50
waseemwhats the command if i want to uninstall an application?00:50
IndyGunFreaktimotimotimo that is borderline ridiculous advice to Rafabe00:50
Rafabekelsin: so no way to get this standard Desktop CD to install? I have to download a different version?00:50
teknoprepRafabe, dunno never installed it.. but its basically the same thing as ubuntu just using xfce4 for its windows manager00:50
noname6243is it safe to say that If my computer has atleast 3 errors in memtest86, it have a problem with my memory ?00:50
soldatsMLeBlanc, WOW is pretty big and always wants a lot  of memory so im only saying it might not run so smooth00:50
kelsinwaseem: "sudo apt-get remove <app>" or "sudo apt-get purge <app>" to remove config files as well00:50
soundray_gunspoja: are you using Ubuntu?00:50
IndyGunFreakRafabe: no no no... you'll need to do one of two things... add ram, or download the alternate install CD.00:50
waseemk thanks00:51
erUSULxcst: the themes for emerald can only be used with emerald of course the default compiz uses metacity themes afaik00:51
MLeBlancsoldats: Understood.00:51
kelsinRafabe: *Alternate* desktop cd, it's a checkbox at the bottom of the ubuntu download page00:51
IndyGunFreakRafabe: you can also look into Xubuntu00:51
RafabeAllright, so I'll download the other version then. Thanks.00:51
databitshey whats up everyone00:51
waseemkelsin: would you say purge is better when planning to re-install a different version of the app?00:51
noname6243is it safe to say that If my computer has atleast 3 errors in memtest86, I have a problem with my memory ?00:51
IndyGunFreakRafabe: same version(gutsy 7.10)00:51
IndyGunFreakRafabe: you just want a different installer, you want the Alternate Install CD00:51
soundray_gunspoja: see the menus in the upper left corner?00:51
kelsinRafabe: yeah it doesn't use the livecd system, just gives you the standard (just as easy) text mode installer, will install fine, then you can install whatever you want (plenty of light choices out there)00:51
Rafabethat's what I meant...the "alternative" 7.10 version00:52
Zogis ext3 preferable to ext2?00:52
kelsinZog: yes00:52
RafabeI understand what you mean00:52
Zogjust making sure00:52
gunspojaim not sure what im looking for in dmesg.  it says its attached to ttyusb0 and 100:52
kelsinZog: same internals, but uses a journal to help reliability00:52
gunspojaits just called "GSM modem" :/00:52
xcstk thanks00:52
IndyGunFreakZog: yes00:52
enigmataWho knows how to apply this patch: http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa-kernel/rev/958b39f3e8dd00:52
xcsterUSUL, how about the lookingglass what is that00:52
gunspojasoundray_, yeah I'm running ubuntu gutsy on the laptop, and feisty here on my desktop00:52
gunspojathe laptop is the one with the wireless adpater00:52
kelsingunspoja: you can do "dmesg | -i gsm" then to help filter the output to only things that have gsm (case insentive) in it00:52
soundray_gunspoja: good. Do you see the three menus on the left side of the top panel?00:53
kelsingunspoja: I did that wrong (tired) "dmesg | grep -i gsm"00:53
Zogokay, and i would want to mount it as root, since i'm going to keep my personal data on a seperate drive, right?00:53
erUSULxcst: dunno sorry00:53
enigmataREWARD: A dollar to anyone who can figure this out: http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa-kernel/rev/958b39f3e8dd00:53
kelsinZog: the partition you mount at root is your main one with all of the system software on it00:53
ztomicenigmata: are you  going to install alsa from source?00:53
Zogkelsin: that's what i thought.00:53
soundray_gunspoja: click on System, then Administration, then Network. Choose Modem connection and click Properties00:53
void^noname6243: yes. try less aggressive timings in the bios.00:54
enigmata<ztomic>: This is supposed to be the patch for my sound issue.00:54
gunspojaok done00:54
noname6243void^, what do you mean?00:54
gunspojawhat am i doing with the modem properties?00:54
ztomicenigmata: yeah but you have to install alsa from source to patch.00:54
enigmata<zw?tomic> Know ho00:55
enigmata<ztomic> *how?00:55
soundray_gunspoja: on the Modem tab, select /dev/ttyUSB0 as the port -- case does matter00:55
tyronepollerihi I have a problem with emerald working on compiz-fusion. are they compatible?00:56
soundray_gunspoja: with the provider and account data, I can't help you.00:56
enigmata<dtyronepolleri>: Yes, they work hand in han00:56
ztomicenigmata: Im no expert so I can't walk you through it but: Download or install alsa source, apply the patch with #patch -p0 < patch-file-name-here. compile and install.00:56
enigmata<tyronepolleri> Make sure emerald is properly installed.00:56
gunspojaoh ok thanks00:57
gunspojabrb, trying that00:57
tyronepollerienigmata: how should I install it properly?00:57
enigmata<tyronepolleri>Use Synaptic00:57
noname6243void^, ?00:57
tyronepolleriI install it that way00:57
enigmatahttp://gnome-look.org/: and get your themes here: http://gnome-look.org/00:57
Zogwish i had more experience work with this stuff...00:57
vanatteveldtquestion: I am trying to use tuxonice/suspend2 but it fails to hibernate with a 'device or resource busy' error right after trying to activate the sysfs, any ideas?00:58
void^noname6243: eh? you were asking if a number of errors in memtest was a problem - yes it is.00:58
Bonsteris there a way to fix nautilus from crashing every few minutes?00:58
noname6243you said something about timing?00:58
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:00
void^noname6243: yes, if it's a small number of more or less random errors you might be able to fix it by tuning it down a little in the bios.01:00
belorixdoes anyone know if  sr1913wm HP is 64 bit and weather or not its compatable with ubuntu\01:00
noname6243which would I turn down ?01:00
enigmataNEW REWARD: $2 to anyone who can figure this out for me: http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa-kernel/rev/958b39f3e8dd01:01
aBoundHi everybody how can I get a blinking cursor on my BASH shell?01:01
tyronepollerienigmata: should I have a Themes menu on the Compiz COnfiguration manager window?01:01
robert_anyone ever gotten 'Bad or missing command interpreter' when using the dosemu installed on gutsy?01:01
Zoghow much swape space would be reasonable on a system - 2 gig memory, 500 gig hd?01:01
soundray_belorix: it should be 64 bit.01:02
belorixadn also01:02
belorixi put in the live Cd and the network card doesnt work01:02
kelsinZog: I would say 2gig is plenty01:02
enigmata<tyronepolleri>No, goto terminal, type in "ccsm", enable "Window Decoration", and then refer to Emerald for a theme.01:03
soundray_belorix: what do you get from 'lspci | grep -i ethernet'?01:03
belorixno suer elol01:03
stroyanaBound: You should look for a blinking cursor on your terminal instead of your shell.  If you use gnome-terminal use Edit->Current Profile and set "Cursor blinks" on the "General" tab.01:03
belorixim on windows01:03
Zogand swap are set as logical partitions, not primary?01:04
ConstyXIVdoes gnome have a app like automator in OSX?01:04
belorixi dont want to mes up the mbr cause i dont have a floppy to boot off to repair it01:04
soundray_Zog: it doesn't matter01:04
triplcHow to have "auto-replace as you type" feature in Linux? I am so used to this feature in MsWord and it is quite convenient to use that to enter special character that I cannot type it directly on keyboard... Now I am using BlueFish to enter text and do not know how to enter sepecial character. Do we have a keyboard filter or any settings in BlueFish that have similar fucntion. For example, if I type --- then it convert to an "em" dsah for me/01:04
Zogdoes setting up the partition for /home matter?01:04
tyronepollerienigmata: ok I am in windows decoration how do I enable emerald?01:04
Zogas logical/primary/whatever01:05
soundray_Zog: no01:05
enigmata<tyronepolleri> I guess so if you have it, but I don't have that option01:05
linduxeddmesg printed the bootup output....however what im looking for specifically is a line that FAILED...any fancy dmesg-grep combination?, dmesg|grep fail didnt do the trick....01:06
ztomicenigmata: step 1: #apt-get alsa-source01:06
gunspojasoundray_, when it asks for "phone number", is that the number of the device, or a number it has to dial or something?01:07
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:07
Donkacan anyone help me with XGL/Compiz i can't seem to get it set up properly01:07
enigmata<ztomic>: OK, I type it into Terminal, and it seems to work, but didn't do anything. Normal?01:08
gunspojaalso, I have no idea what the username and password are, because I never have to enter them in windows :/ it connects automatically without ever asking for username/password01:08
soundray_gunspoja: the number of your data service provider (the modem will dial it)01:08
=== DarthShr1ne is now known as DarthShrine
gunspojahmm I have no idea what that number is =(01:08
=== Donka is now known as SwitchX
Bonsterhow do u fix nautilus from crash every few minutes?01:08
belorixQuestion: I install ubuntu to dual with Windows media center the install fails can i still get into windows?01:08
gunspojai installed it off a CD in vista and it must have set everything up automatically01:08
ztomicenigmata: open synaptics and enable the source option.01:08
gunspojamaybe theres some way to get all the settings out of the vista app01:09
soundray_gunspoja: you can probably find all of this if you dig in the Windows setup01:09
ztomicrestart synaptics and search for alsa-source01:09
ztomicinstall it01:09
SwitchXcan anyone help me with XGL/Compiz i can't seem to get it set up properly01:09
gunspojayeah i had a look and just managed to find the device's number, but nothing else01:09
soundray_gunspoja: it's also possible that it identifies you by caller ID, so the user/pass is ignored01:09
enigmata<ztomic> I already have the ALSA Base. How do I enable the Source Option?01:10
ztomicenigmata: now I'm searching for the patch in text format... one minute.01:10
gunspojasoundray_, but if you don't fill in user/pass, the "ok" button is disabled01:10
soundray_gunspoja: just put 'gunspoja' in both01:10
ztomicenigmata: settings->repositories01:11
hairulfrhttp://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=2072679446&size=l anyone know what the window decoration is called? I love it, but don't know its name01:13
enigmata<ztomic> Where's the Source Option?01:13
* smartface Lust Before the Maggots Conquest - Arsis on United in Regret 01:13
ztomicenigmata: "source code" change the minus to a check.01:14
zero-1seems like I un installed the font option under Gnome System > Preferences > Font01:14
soldatshairulfr, it looks like the default xfce theme01:14
zero-1what should I install to get it back01:14
ztomicwhere the hell can you download the patch?!01:14
=== toodles is now known as timnik
enigmata<ztomic>Got it.01:14
gunspojastupid thing froze up01:14
hairulfrsoldats: really? Ok, I'll try that, any hint at something similar, just nice and clean and white?01:14
syndr0has anyone had problem with firefox and watching youtube videos?01:15
hairulfrsoldats: An thanks :)01:15
gunspojaso i restarted, now it says there are errors in the root partition >:{01:15
syndr0or problems with flash and firefox?01:15
soundray_gunspoja: don't just restart when you get a freeze01:15
rmorris84ok in here on my iPod01:15
gunspojasoundray_, so what? just leave it forever?01:15
gunspojafreeze as in, sysrq commands dont work either01:15
soundray_gunspoja: hold down Ctrl-Alt-SysRq and type r e i s u b01:15
soldatshairulfr, umm not sure what would be simialr id look at the different desktop themes you have and i believe you may be able to make a custm themes01:16
g06|ini'm running beryl/AIGLX on ubuntu feisty; I'm unable to watch videos however, vlc or mplayer flickrs badly!01:16
=== timnik is now known as toodles
syndr0download 40+ codec?01:16
gunspojayeah i tried those, nothing happened01:16
soldatshairulfr, you might be able to change the colors you want01:16
ztomicenigmata: download the source... gimme a few minutes to work through this patch.01:16
* smartface Higher State Of Consciousness (Radio Edit (Dex & Jonesey)) - Wink on Higher State Of Consciousness '96 Remixes 01:17
soundray_smartface: don't do this please01:17
qt-xpeace :)>-01:17
alecwhIs there a linux math calculation terminal application?01:18
=== bmk789_sleep is now known as bmk789
soundray_gunspoja: can you pastebin the output of 'sudo lsusb -v' for me?01:18
hairulfrsoldats: Yeah, but many themse lock 'em, unfortunately, and never been able to figure out what exactly to change inside the file itself. That's the worst part about having such a customizable desktop: When your HDD crashes, it takes ages figuring out what you had before01:18
soundray_alecwh: bc01:18
DogWaterHi, is there a dreamweaver like application for linux?01:18
zero-1DogWater kompozer01:19
soundray_!who | zero-101:19
ubotuzero-1: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:19
giesenlife is so much better in dual-monitor land with nvidia01:19
* giesen curses his ati x130001:19
belorixif the unbut installation fails with dual booting an i still get into my windows poartition01:20
stroyanalecwh: dc or bc or irb can do calculations01:20
soldatshairulfr, yea i know what you mean but when you begin to learn how to config file youll be able to config almost anything. im not too sure about gnome or xfce but xfce usually uses the theme you want. i use enlightenment so im not exactly sure. you could try googleing themes for ubuntu01:20
ztomicenigmata: do you want this to be a deb package when finished?01:20
hairulfrsoldats: But the problem is that there are soooo many to sift through :) But thanks01:21
syndr0whats terminal command to format a partiton to ext3 filesystem?01:21
AndrewBsyndr0: mke2fs -j /dev/device01:21
syndr0where i put fs type01:22
syndr0or it will ask me after that?01:22
enigmata<ztomic>I just want it to work01:22
AndrewBmke2fs makes it ext2, -j makes it ext301:22
soldatshairulfr, ok if i see you on here again i will try to have a beter explanation of it. i will look into it for you and i will try to help you more01:22
qt-xConexant High Definition audio controller.01:22
qt-xlspci -n | grep `lspci | grep -i audio | awk '{print $1}'`   =>>01:22
qt-x00:1b.0 0403: 8086:284b (rev 03)01:22
qt-xoutput jack does not mute internal speakers01:22
qt-xpleas prv me if you know how to solve this problem01:22
AndrewBI think there is an mke.ext3 or something too..01:23
hairulfrsoldats: Don't have too man :) But if you feel like it, thanks a lot :)01:23
interdimensionalI'm trying to force the module usbhid to poll my g5 1000x a second... I can't find any documentation or any means to check the poll events... Can anyone help?01:23
crimsunqt-x: that output is irrelevant.  We need the line _beneath_ that one.01:23
soldatshairulfr, i just havent used xfce or gnome in a while so im not sure exactly what to do01:23
enigmata<ztomic>Call me stupid, but \I can't find a packaged sourse.01:23
ztomicenigmata: after selecting the source code option, restart synaptics. then search  for "alsa-source".01:24
xcstwhere can i get nice themes for ubuntu/01:25
soundray_!pm | belorix01:25
ubotubelorix: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.01:25
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:25
syndr0HELP..... gedit fstab01:25
syndr0whats the dir01:25
syndr0i fergot01:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about g5 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:25
belorixbelorix>if i dual boot ubuntu with windows media center and the installation fails for ubuntu01:25
belorix<belorix>can i still get into windows through grub?01:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mousepoll - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:25
soundray_syndr0: /etc01:25
Jack_Sparrowsyndr0: etc01:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about usbhid - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:25
ubotuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto01:25
JeyniefurThe wiki seems horrifically outdated--what's a $100-$200 video card that works 100% with Ubuntu and its 3d desktop environs?01:26
Jack_Sparrowbelorix: probably not be able to get into windows either.01:26
enigmata<ztomic>: Installed.01:26
belorixthats a downful for ubuntu01:26
interdimensionalHeh jeyniefur... My geforce 7600 agp works flawlessly.01:26
Jack_Sparrowbelorix: NOt so much an issue with Ubuntu as windows.01:27
Jeyniefurinterdimensional: Thanks, but I'll need pci x1601:27
belorixtrue there01:27
JeyniefurHehe, sounds like you're horrifically outdated as well :P01:27
ztomicenigmata: #cat /usr/share/doc/alsa-source/README.Debian | less01:27
belorixbut how can i get into windows to recover the MBr01:27
Jack_Sparrowbelorix: Easy enough to get windows to boot back up or fix grub, but usually rquires livecd or super grub repair01:27
Jack_Sparrowbelorix: boot windows cd into recovery mode01:27
belorixi do this how lol01:27
syndr0how come it says my device is mounted but  dont see it01:28
belorixi dont have a windows CD01:28
qt-xthat comand output just that line :D01:28
belorixor recovery CD01:28
qt-xlspci -n | grep `lspci | grep -i audio | awk '{print $1}'` =>>01:28
qt-x00:1b.0 0403: 8086:284b (rev 03)01:28
belorixHP is cheap01:28
interdimensionalbelorix: Have any idea's as to how to force ubuntu to poll my usb lazer mouse 1000x a second... The tutorials are for previous version of ubuntu, which I've tried to map into the new system... With no success.01:28
syndr0i found it01:28
Jack_Sparrowbelorix: Then that is a problem.. How do you reinstall windows01:28
Jack_Sparrowbelorix: You can go to bootdisk.com and get a bootable floppy with fdisk on it01:28
enigmata<ztomic>: Done in Terminal01:28
belorixi ahve no floppy dirce01:29
ConstyXIVhp usually puts their recovery stuff on the HD nowdays01:29
tabberHi, i'm having problems with my ipod shuffle, when i plug it in, it isn't automounted and when I do lsusb, it doesn't show up either :(01:29
ztomicenigmata: I suggest creating a directory in your home folder and extracting the contents there instead of compiling in the /usr/src directory.01:29
ConstyXIVif you wiped out the recovery partition, you're screwed01:29
syndr0how do i use the chmod command to make /media/hd2 777?01:29
syndr0sudo chmod 777 /media/hd2?01:30
soldatssudo chmod 777 /media/hd201:30
ConstyXIVsyndr0: sudo chmod 777 /media/hda2 -r01:30
syndr0-r = ?01:30
ConstyXIVer, -R01:30
qt-xcrimsun i do not understand what you whant i think i need a difrent command01:30
enigmata<ztomic>: New directory created. How do I extract there?01:31
ConstyXIVin other words, do this to any and all files/folders in the directory01:31
crimsunqt-x: yes, you do.  `lspci -nv|grep -a1 040[13]`01:31
ConstyXIVsyndr0: get that?01:32
shadghostone quick question, what is the difference between ubuntu kubuntu edbuntu and xubuntu?01:32
ztomicenigmata: rtfm. cd to your directory and not /usr/src01:32
Jack_Sparrowshadghost: window managers and software packages01:32
wpkubuntu - gnome, kubuntu - KDE, xubuntu - xfce, edubuntu - edu soft installed by default01:32
ztomicenigmata: this is gonna take a while01:32
ztomicand I have to go01:33
Jack_Sparrowztomic: please dont use rt... in here01:33
soldatsshadghost, it really depends on what is installed by default01:33
ztomicJack_Sparrow: it was in amour. dont get yer panties in a wad.01:33
enigmata<ztomic>: bash: rtfm.: command not found01:33
ztomicenigmata: hehe01:34
qt-xSubsystem: 1631:c102 this is that line sorry for my english01:34
Jack_Sparrowztomic: Read the rules..01:34
enigmatawhat's rt?01:34
ztomicthe rules say nothing about "read the friggin manual"01:34
hikenbootgreetings all--when installing ubuntu desktop into a chroot with boostrap I get  dpkg: error process cupsys --configure subprocess post installation script return error exit status 1---any idea how to get around this  problem01:34
soundray_ztomic: will you drop this pointless discussion and behave yourself now please01:35
Jack_Sparrowenigmata: An insult to you01:35
tradervDoes the VMware package enable Ubuntu and another Op. Sys. to run concurrently?01:35
syndr0how do i make a partition in my places to look like a drive?01:35
Jack_Sparrow!ops | ztomic01:35
ubotuztomic: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Pelo!01:35
crimsunqt-x: you likely need `sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel model=will`01:36
Qwerty23Hi There, I currently running dual monitors on my pc - using an nvidia 6200 - I was wondering is it possible to run seperate workspaces on seperate screens?01:36
interdimensionalsyndr0: you're being fague?01:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dual - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:36
RAdamsI realize this is a WINE question, but no one in #wine had an answer. Does anyone have ventrilo working in Wine on ubuntu? If you would rather /q me with the answer to not put it in this channel, that's fine01:36
fsckrok can someone help me get a microphone working?01:36
jadson1alguem ai01:36
Jack_SparrowRAdams: try #winehq01:36
crimsunqt-x: you will need to unload snd-hda-intel before using the command that I just gave you.01:36
fsckri got it working on my dads computer with no problem at all but on mine i hear nothing. and its not on mute ;01:36
RAdamsJack_sparrow: I did. #wine and #winehq are the same01:37
syndr0interdimensional, i had two partitions in ntfs, i changed them to ext3. one of the partitions shows up on my desktop and in my places, and it looks like a device01:37
crimsunfsckr: pastebin `amixer`01:37
youlinwhy does openoffice start much slower under linux than windows?01:37
tingI am sorry, but somebody could help me?01:37
interdimensionalsyndro that's your second partition01:37
interdimensionalit's unmounted01:37
syndr0i know that01:37
RAdamsting: don't ask to ask, just ask.01:37
interdimensional:-p mount it01:37
syndr0the others a partiton two01:37
danbhfiveyoulin: it might be because of a preloader01:37
syndr0no its mounted01:37
soundray_youlin: probably because you've activated OOo quickstart in Windows.01:37
hocminis there a preference or utility that can allow me to rotate my screen 90 degrees?  I have a widescreen monitor and I'd like to read some documents easier01:37
soldats!ask | ting01:38
ubotuting: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:38
syndr0it just doesnt look liek a device as the other partition01:38
RAdamshocmin: video card/current driver?01:38
tingmay be this question it is a little bit stupid, so i would to say sorry before to make the question01:38
RAdams!ask | ting01:38
syndr0just ask01:38
interdimensionalscreeny syndr0 :-p01:38
syndr0i have stupid qs and the answer me01:38
danbhfiveyoulin: you can try installing preload01:38
fsckrcrimsun,  http://pastebin.com/m4983a91d01:38
youlinok can preloader/quickstart be done in linux?01:38
tradervCan anyone give me info on  VMwarefor Ubuntu?01:38
hocminRAdams: Nvidia, not sure the exact type.  I'm using the nvidia-glx drivers I'm pretty sure01:38
youlinok will try01:38
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers01:39
tingthe point is that i am trying to install a appliction and when i reached a point in which it asks me to select the unix platform that i have to install the specific binary01:39
soldats!vmware | traderv01:39
ubotutraderv: please see above01:39
tingbut i cannt recongnaize any of them, i dont know which one is compatible with my Pentium Centrino01:39
tradervubotu mny tnx.01:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mny tnx. - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:39
RAdamsyoulin: the "quickstart" in windows does not preload the app. If your OpenOffice is starting slowly, run ooffice in terminal and see if any errors dump at runtime.01:39
tingthis  is the list  1) Digital UNIX v4.0 (nee OSF/1)                 [ ]01:39
ting 2) HP 700 HPUX v10.0 or v11.0                    [ ]01:39
ting 3) IBM Power PC AIX 4.2                          [ ]01:39
ting 4) SGI IRIX 5.3                                  [ ]01:39
ting 5) SGI IRIX 6.3        R5000                     [ ]01:39
ting 6) SGI IRIX 6.3        R10000                    [ ]01:39
ting 7) Sun OS4.1.x                                   [ ]01:39
ting 8) Sun Solaris 2.4                               [ ]01:40
crimsunfsckr: set 'Analog Source', 'CAPTURE feedback', and 'Shared Mic/Line in' appropriately.01:40
ting 9) UltraSPARC Solaris 2.5.1                      [ ]01:40
danbhfive!paste | ting01:40
Jack_Sparrowting: Stop.. use the pastebin.. thanks01:40
ubotuting: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:40
soldats!enter | ting01:40
ubotuting: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:40
syndr0interdimensional, got aim?01:40
RAdamshocmin: nvidia-xconfig01:40
tingsorry, i will do it the next time01:40
youlinRAdams : already tried - no errors01:40
soldatsok just remember01:40
fsckrcrimsun, i dont mean to sound stupid but i have never set up a mic on ubuntu where do I do that at?  I am at preferences sounds right now01:40
tingthanks very much01:41
interdimensionalcheck pms?01:41
dibblegohow can I change the resolution and refresh rate of the login screen?01:41
soldatsting, mostlikely you have an IBM01:41
hocminRAdams, that didn't do anything but create a new xorg.conf file01:41
stroyanting: That is a lot of old (and high end) unix hardware.  It doesn't seem like that application wants to run on x86 linux.01:41
crimsunfsckr: no, close that.  Use the mixer applet in the upper right corner of the top panel instead.  Right-click the speaker icon, choose open, edit, preferences, and enable the various elements.  Then set them.01:41
soldatsting, what is the make and model of your comp01:42
syndr0i pomed you01:42
ConstyXIVdibblego: same way you do for the regular desktop01:42
tingso, the IBM is the most compatible with my Petium, the application is a little bit old01:42
fsckri just did that01:42
RAdamsyoulin: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9925 <-- try that01:42
soundray_!info openoffice.org-gtk | youlin01:42
ubotuyoulin: openoffice.org-gtk: GTK Integration for OpenOffice.org (Widgets, Dialogs, Quickstarter). In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.3.0-1ubuntu5.3 (gutsy), package size 177 kB, installed size 560 kB01:42
RAdamshocmin: sorry, wrong package. one sec01:42
dibblegoConstyXIV, no, that doesn't change for the login screen01:42
youlindanbhfive : tried searching "preload" in synaptic - nothing there01:42
syndr0interdimensional, i pmed you01:42
interdimensionalmeh, it's "pplsuqbawlz"01:42
Jack_Sparrowdibblego: are you not able to get into ubuntu?01:42
tingI am going to try to install the IBM option, let see what happen01:42
adamonline45For the life of me I can't figure out how to rip a DVD using K3b...  Can anyone help me?01:42
RAdamshocmin: nvidia-settings01:42
hocminRAdams, nvidia-settings?01:42
hocminah ok01:42
tingthanks very much01:43
Jack_Sparrowadamonline45: k9copy01:43
dibblegoJack_Sparrow, I am able to, then adjust my resolution/refresh rate for that user, but the login screen needs changing as well01:43
stroyanting: PowerPC AIX will not run on linux01:43
adamonline45Jack_Sparrow: I'll scope it... ty :)01:43
danbhfiveyoulin: are you sure you have all the sources enabled?01:43
Jack_Sparrowadamonline45: np01:43
hocminRAdams, so this should have the ability to do this, or am I just getting more info to help me find out how to do it?01:43
syndr0interdimensional, aim me "syndr0" its a zero01:43
soundray_youlin: did you get ubotu's line?01:44
fsckrcrimsun, thx i think i got it01:44
tingso, there is not any compatible option with my ubuntu ?01:44
fsckrcrimsun, going to try to use skype now01:44
hocminRAdams, because I don't see anything about being able to rotate my screenn01:44
qt-xshall I restart or something. the problem dose not disappear output jack steel dose not mute speakers01:44
youlinsoundray_ : yes i did - thanks01:45
youlindanbhfive : have now ...trying again01:46
skari made new partitions using gparted, but whenever i try access them, they are referred to as "internal disks" and i need the root password to access them. is there any way to make them available to all users?01:46
stroyanhocmin: You should try xrandr01:46
Peloskar, where did you mount them ?01:46
Peloskar, you just need the correct options in fstab let me check01:47
skarPelo, ah, how do i check the the options in fstab?01:47
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
soundray_youlin: you can just add "ooffice -quickstart -nologo -nodefault" as a startup program in System-Preferences-Session01:47
Peloskar,  sudo gedit /etc/fstab    the mount lines for those partitons should end with      ext3 defaults 0 201:48
enigmata<ztomic>: you still there?01:48
hocminstroyan: thanks, I'll give that a shot01:48
Jack_Sparrowgksudo gedit..?01:48
skarPelo, hmm, one sec, somethings off here...01:48
PeloJack_Sparrow,  don't nickpick01:48
tyronepollerihello I have a problem with compiz it does not work at all and i get Checking for Xgl: not present.01:49
Pelonot tonight anyway01:49
dibblegoit's not possible to adjust the res/refresh rate of the login screen then?01:49
crdlbPelo: it's not a nitpick, running gui apps with sudo is *dangerous*01:49
Pelotyronepolleri,  didyou install xgl ?01:49
infinitycircuittyronepolleri, what kind of graphics card do you have01:49
Pelocrdlb, explain how ?01:49
Jack_SparrowPelo: goodnight...  see ya monday...  I feel the same way.. it has been a long day01:49
ubotuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)01:49
maybeway36well permission problems in your home dir01:49
maybeway36like the old kdesudo package before the update01:49
PeloJack_Sparrow,  g'night , rest well  and ahve a good weekend01:49
adamonline45Jack_Sparrow: It seems to be working! :D Is it normal for it to say it's gonna take 3 hours?01:49
adamonline45oh damn just missed him01:50
youlinsoundray_ : great i will try that01:50
skarPelo, my fstab doesn't seem to show my /dev/sda4 partition, which is an extended partition containing those 'internal' drives01:50
Peloskar, is is being recommended that you use the line  gksu gedit /etc/fstab to open your fstab file , not sudo gedit ....01:50
tyronepolleriPelo: yesI have xgl01:50
tyronepolleriinfinitycircuit: intel integrated lap top card01:50
nathanin order to install ubuntu via pxe booting, do I need to use the alternative disk?01:50
skarPelo, oh, alright one sec01:51
soundray_youlin: it will slow down your login somewhat01:51
nathanit's not working with ubuntu desktop iso01:51
nathanand it does work with ubuntu server iso01:51
qt-xhow do i unload that ?01:51
enigmataSeveas: WTF, I NEEDED ztomic's help.01:51
skarPelo, yeah, it doesn't seem to show my /sda4 partition01:51
Peloskar,  you do not want to mount the extended partiton,  you want to mount the ones inside , and you want to set a mount point there,  standard line will be    /dev/sda? /mont/point ext3 defaults 0 201:51
skarPelo, ahh alright, i see now. thanks01:52
qt-xhow di i unload snd-hda-intel ?01:52
youlinsoundray_ : is this a better alternative to preload or is it the same thing?01:52
soundray_youlin: I think it amounts to the same01:53
skarPelo, what do i put for /mont/point?01:53
Pelo!install | nathan  try in here01:53
ubotunathan  try in here: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:53
enigmataNEW REWARD: $2 to anyone who can figure this out for me: http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa-kernel/rev/958b39f3e8dd01:53
nathana simple yes or no would be much faster I believe01:54
Peloskar,  try  /media/part1  and then in the terminal  do the line  sudo mkdir /media/part1    ,if you have two partiton you need to mount do the other one with part201:54
tyronepolleriWhat can I do to get compiz running I already looked in the forums and nothing works01:54
skarPelo, ah alright, thanks01:54
infinitycircuittyronepolleri, can you pastebin the entire output from running compiz --replace01:54
Pelonathan, I do not know,  those are all the standard instructions for installing a bunch of ways   most of them I am not familiar with01:54
attrezzohello room01:55
Peloskar, part1 and part2 are just names I made up, you may use anything of your choice ,  remember that linux is case sensitive01:55
attrezzoanyone mess around with flickrfs or fuse?01:55
eddyIn power preferences I set my monitor to never turn off when I'm away yet it still does.  I set the same option in screensaver preferences & it doesn't help either, what can I do?01:55
tyronepolleriinfinitycircuit: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47311/01:55
Peloattrezzo,  you'll get more luck with specific quesitons01:56
Peloeddy,  restart X , might help01:56
Peloattrezzo, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel01:56
eddyokayyyyy....  is that hard?01:56
huhHow do you connect to a wireless network that uses no encryption?01:56
fabioi have sis 966 and my audio is not working01:56
infinitycircuittyronepolleri, you have an intel 965, don't you01:56
Pelo!hi fabio01:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hi fabio - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:56
Pelo!sound | fabio  start here01:57
ubotufabio  start here: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:57
jsheedyhow does everyone else typically handle multple users writing to the same directory on the same system?01:57
dibblegojsheedy, revision control systems01:57
tyronepolleriinfinitycircuit: yes is that bad?01:57
soundray_huh: just leave the key field empty01:57
infinitycircuittyronepolleri, that won't work with the version of compiz fusion in gutsy gibbon.  if you want compiz fusion to work you need to upgrade to the betas of 0.701:57
Pelojsheedy, set permission to the folder for 77701:57
attrezzofusermount: mount failed: Operation not permitted01:57
attrezzofusermount: mount failed: Operation not permitted01:57
huhsoundray_, with wireless tools?01:57
enigmataNEW REWARD: $2 to anyone who can figure this out for me: http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa-kernel/rev/958b39f3e8dd01:57
infinitycircuittyronepolleri, which means that you either need to use hardy heron or switch to a different distro that supports the newer versions of compiz fusion01:57
soundray_attrezzo: 'sudo adduser $USER fuse', then logout and in again01:58
Pelo!ntfs-3g | attrezzo01:58
ubotuattrezzo: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions01:58
jsheedywell I know 777 but when I new file was posted by one user, would it not have the user's perms ?01:58
huhattrezzo, sshfs?01:58
jessefollowing this guide : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=110142 I have installed new Nvidia drivers (I'm assuming) however I am still unable to change my resolution as if the default drivers are still installed. I have restarted X with no luck, any ideas?01:58
enigmataNEW REWARD: $2.50 to anyone who can figure this out for me: http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa-kernel/rev/958b39f3e8dd01:58
fabioPelo: my sound card is not working01:58
soundray_huh: configure through System-Administration-Network01:58
fabiois sis96601:58
Pelofabio,  you cna lookup thecard model in this link , see if there is any advice  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport01:58
soundray_enigmata: www.gnu.org/philosophy/motivation.html01:58
huhsoundray_, you know the commandline?01:58
tyronepolleriinfinitycircuit: what is a distro? and how can I upgrade to the 0.7 betas?01:59
* Pelo is not being very helpfull tonight , use his advice at your own risk01:59
attrezzosoundray_ thanks01:59
soundray_huh: there is no commandline. If you edit /etc/network/interfaces direct, just omit any lines to do with encryption01:59
baz12anyone in here01:59
enigmata<soundray_> Show me some love.01:59
Pc_Darkwhy doesn't it work when I click on the icons on my desktop; it's like frozen02:00
huhCool thanks02:00
Pc_Darkeverything else works02:00
Pelotyronepolleri,  a distro is when someone makes a working linux system with kernel , gui and other apps.  technicaly you could think of windows as a distro of the MS operating system,  but linux distros tend to come fully loaded02:00
Pelotyronepolleri,  when someone make it for distribution that is02:01
* Pelo realy needs a better definition of what a distro is 02:01
sixpenceHeya, trying to get nvidia drivers to work, got nvidia-glx, got nvidia-glx-dev package and changed the line in xorg.conf from nv to nvidia. Still sais "FAiled to initialized Nvidia device" in the Xorg.0.log02:01
soundray_enigmata: beyond me, sorry. (sound in soundray refers to ultrasound imaging)02:02
enigmata<soundray_> NEW REWARD: FREE Pr0n to if you can figure this out for me: http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa-kernel/rev/958b39f3e8dd02:02
tyronepollerithank you and how can I upgrate to the beta 0.7 version?02:02
Peloenigmata, please don'T do that in here02:02
enigmata<Pelo> Think you could help?02:02
alexfirehi everybody ;)02:03
Pelotyronepolleri, 0.7 beta of what ?02:03
Pc_DarkA 'distro' of linux really means an operating system based on the linux kernel02:03
Peloenigmata,  not realy02:03
enigmataThe last guy who tried to help did something jerky and was asked to leave.02:03
sixpenceHeya, trying to get nvidia drivers to work, got nvidia-glx, got nvidia-glx-dev package and changed the line in xorg.conf from nv to nvidia. Still sais "FAiled to initialized Nvidia device" in the Xorg.0.log02:03
Pc_Darkanyways can someone help me?  my desktop icons do not work, everything else does.02:03
=== USC_Guest is now known as mrvertigo
tyronepolleriPelo: infinitycircuit told me if you want compiz fusion to work you need to upgrade to the betas of 0.702:04
Peloenigmata, state your problem, don't post a link to it , and hope someone knows how to fix it, your other resources also include google and www.ubuntuforums.org , I suggest suearching in the forum first02:04
Pc_DarkAlso, I can't open any folders02:04
Pelotyronepolleri, infinity was not correct, what version of ubuntu are you running atm ?02:04
enigmataNo Sound. I need somebody to help me figure out how to apply the patch.02:04
enigmata<Pelo> The forumn was of little help.02:05
tyronepolleriPelo: 7.1002:05
Peloenigmata, try asking in the #alsa channel02:05
enigmata<pELO>: Cool, man. Thanks.02:05
Pelotyronepolleri,  ok compiz is default in gutsy which is what you have,  you're the one with the intel video card right ?02:05
Pelotyronepolleri,  and xgl not working properly02:06
stroyanenigmata: What kernel are you running?  That is the output of   uname -r02:06
tyronepolleriPelo: yes intel 965 it is in the black list02:07
enigmata<stroyan>, 2.6.22-14-generic02:07
Pelotyronepolleri, in the blacklist ? you blacklisted your video driver ? why ?02:07
stroyanenigmata: That patch doesn't match 2.6.22-14-generic at all.  There is no ad1884_init_verbs[] array in the 2.6.22-14 driver.  There is no ad1884 at all.02:08
tyronepolleriPelo: no I mean it is there by default02:09
enigmata<stroyan> what can I do?02:10
Pelotyronepolleri, as far as I know you should be able to run at least the basic desktop effects with an intel card, mine can handle them and it's a 865,  anything over that is a bit over my head,  you should try asking in #compiz-fusion,   I don't think you will need to install any beta of anything,  but I might be wrong ,  they will be able to tell you02:10
enigmata<stroyan> I'm running ubuntu 2.6.22-14-generic with 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller, and need the patch applied to get sound on my Lenovo laptop.02:10
Pelohow many damn floodbots do we need in here ?02:11
stroyanenigmata: That patch doesn't come close to fitting anything before a 2.6.23 kernel.02:11
usrlIs there any program out there that can send an SMS message via console? So that I could use it to notify me of things, such as setting "blahblahcompilecrap && smsdoohickey" to send me a text when my computer finishes a task?02:11
Kalamansihello good morning..im done downloading all the updates and packages..how to copy the packages and updates to another pc?02:11
Kalamansii am using ubuntu 7.10 desktop02:12
enigmata<stroyan> Can you help me find a patch?02:12
Pelousrl,  sendmail ?02:12
baz12ubuntu 6/.06 here... still running ok! lol02:12
BabbleDVD burner doesn't work for burning DVDs... reads DVDs fine... I get "Error writing to disc\nThere was an error writing to the disc:Unhandled error, aborting"02:12
Kalamansibaz12: server?02:12
PeloKalamansi,  I don't think you can do that, the other pc will need to do it's own updating02:12
usrlPelo: I'll look into that02:13
PeloBabble,  try with gnomebaker02:13
huhenigmata, know you dont need a patch02:13
KalamansiPelo: you mean i will download one by one and pc by pc?02:13
enigmata<stroyan> Then why can't I get ANY sound?02:13
huhenigmata, you need the right options passed to the module and perhaps need to compile the latest alsa-driver from the alsa site02:14
stroyanenigmata: If your hardware really needs a kernel with that patch then you need a newer kernel or a major backport.  Do you really know that you need that patch?  Or are you guessing?02:14
PeloKalamansi, I mean each pc will update indiviualy whenyou plug them into thenet,  I don'T thnk there is a way of exporting updates from one pc to the other,  there might be if you kind of created your own mirror of the updates but I think that might be a bit of work02:14
hereurbookshow to get dns domain?02:14
huhenigmata, I have the same chipset02:14
hereurbooksi need free dns domain02:14
BabblePelo, does it do .iso?02:14
PeloBabble,  it burns images02:15
huhenigmata, I upgraded the alsa-driver and edited ...02:15
bqmasseyUbuntu froze.  I turned off power.  Now the partition that mounts at /home no longer works.02:15
enigmata<stroyan> I was told to get a patch... In case you haven't noticed, I don't know wtf.02:15
PeloBabble,  sudo apt-get instal gnomebaker02:15
BabblePelo, i did.. gonna try now02:15
bqmasseyI think it said that the journal could not be found02:15
bqmasseyany ideas?02:15
enigmata<huh>, Help. Please bloody hep.02:15
KalamansiPelo: how to auto update?like when computer start it automatically update (no need to double click or click to update/download packages)02:15
huhenigmata, hold on02:16
Pelobqmassey, the partition no longuer mounts or the partition mounts but cannot be accessed ?02:16
enigmata<huh> sure02:16
[n00b]ShadowScanning DNS! please stand by02:16
quackreinstall the whole package02:16
abadtoothHey I'm looking to upgrade my compiz 0.5.2 on gutsy to the latest version 0.6.1 how do I go about doing this?02:16
huhI got it working but I need to hunt down the file in etc that loads the alsa modules02:16
Randy_WolfHey guys, what program(s) can I use for live video conferencing controlling 3 remote cameras and seperate02:16
huhdrawing a blank on it02:17
PeloKalamansi, menu > system > admin > synaptic package manager,  in the preferences probabaly , you should be able to set  automaticaly update pacakges when available02:17
noiesmohello all I have laptop with crystal eye webcam in kopete the cam works yet in other apps i get /dev/video0 error running gusty kubuntu02:17
ubotuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.02:17
bqmasseyPelo: doesn't mount i guess... ubuntu wont even start up now02:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dnsfree - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about freedns - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:17
huhenigmata,  http://rafb.net/p/owi0vn28.html02:17
Pelobqmassey, use the live cd to che4kc the info in your /home partiton,  if it is safe you might just wnat to reinstal the os02:17
Babble:-[ WRITE@LBA=20h failed with SK=4h/ASC=08h/ACQ=03h]: Input/output error02:17
Babble:-( write failed: Input/output error02:17
abadtoothCan anyone help me upgrade compiz02:17
huhenigmata, that's my /etc/modprobe.d/alias-base02:18
IndyGunFreakabadtooth: why upgrade it, use the version in the repos02:18
danc3abadtooth: could you be a little more vague, please?02:18
PeloBabble,  check in /menu / system / admin / users , see if your user has parmission to write cd, and consider that the drive might be defective02:18
quackreinstall always works well,just a time thing02:18
IndyGunFreakdanc3: lol02:18
quacki know02:18
bqmasseyPelo: ubuntu is installed on another partition.. seperate02:18
huhenigmata, type in that last line and change your model to leveno02:18
KalamansiPelo: how to install .exe file?02:19
Don64hereurbooks: google it free dns02:19
abadtoothdanc3:  I want to upgrade my compiz to 0.6.1 it's current;y 0.5.202:19
quacktry using grub,and boot from an ealier kernal02:19
huhenigmata, I compiled alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-oss, and alsa-utils from source02:19
danc3abadtooth: OK, so what version is in the package manager?02:20
PeloKalamansi, .exe files are generaly for windows applications, they don't work natively on linux,  consider using wine to use them02:20
Pelo!wine | Kalamansi02:20
ubotuKalamansi: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:20
BabblePelo, there is an option for use CD_ROM drives.. don't see anything for writing.. I'm assuming that use is read and write02:20
huhenigmata, you may just want to start with the drivers and see what happens.. I forgot to bookmark the site I got the info from02:20
quackgod,i must not ever give advice after many pints of brown ale02:20
enigmata<huh> How do you do all this?02:20
huhquack, Irish ale?02:20
abadtoothdanc3:  5.202:20
PeloBabble, taht would probably be so , if it is checked , consider that your drive may be borked02:20
quacknewcastle brown ale02:21
kelsinquack: I have some of that at this very moment :)02:21
danc3abadtooth: ok, so why do you feel the need to upgrade it?  What does the newer version offer you that 5.2 does not offer?02:21
BabblePelo, I coulda swore I've written DVDs using this drive in windows.. can't remember though02:21
hereurbookshello guys i have a qustion for everyone02:21
avidal`oh, my sources were out of date02:21
avidal`What's the easiest way to upgrade from 6.04 to 7.10 server?02:21
abadtoothdanc3: because I want to install neewer plugins02:22
enigmataCan I just save your /etc/modprobe.d/alias-base as my own?02:22
PeloBabble,  if it was a long time ago the drive might have gotten dirty on the write head02:22
danc3abadtooth: I don't know then... you'll probably have to compile from source02:22
IndyGunFreak!ask | hereurbooks02:22
ubotuhereurbooks: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)02:22
PeloBabble,  real the label onteh drive,   burner usualy say so   -rw for some02:22
huhenigmata, you can try it but I doubt it'll work I have a acer laptop02:22
huhenigmata, you said leveno02:22
abadtoothdanc3:  that sucks..02:22
huhenigmata, do what ya want02:22
danc3abadtooth: why?02:22
enigmata<hih>: I changed it to Lenovo...02:23
adamonline45I ripped a DVD with k9copy, but it only plays sound, shows a static image, and when i try to navigate through it, it jumps back to the beginning... Does anyone know what I have to do to get a good rip?  Or is this an .avi codec issue?02:23
abadtoothdanc3:  I've never been able to figure that out02:23
ubotuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org02:23
danc3abadtooth: well, sounds like a good time to learn.... or stick with the older version... your choice.02:23
Peloadamonline45, dvd2avi I think will do it02:23
huhenigmata,g ooogle alsa and get latest source code for the drivers02:23
PeloI'm tired folks, good night02:24
adamonline45Pelo: Haha, I just installed k9copy because k3b wasn't ripping 8)  Maybe the third time will be a charm...02:24
abadtoothdanc3:  will it take under 30 minutes...?02:24
huhenigmata, I'd back up the l old module and delete it first.. You'll need the kernel headers02:24
KalamansiPelo : is there any command to type in terminal directly for wine installed?02:24
danc3abadtooth: to compile it?  I would think so, but not certain.02:24
danc3abadtooth: depends on your hardware, largely.02:25
huhenigmata, there's a readme inside the source telling you how to compile02:25
abadtoothdanc3:  top end here...02:25
huhenigmata, What wireless card ya have?02:25
kebhi.  is there a recommended backup software for small businesses ?02:25
avidal`ah, upgrading my sources to gutsy sources and running update/upgrade/dist-upgrade seems to be the trick02:25
benzs_sdumb question perhaps, but can you download and install software while using a live cd?02:26
huhbenzs_s, depends02:26
m1r0with usb stick posible benzs_s :)02:26
huhbenzs_s, if it is precompiled and is a binary with all the libs yeah02:26
benzs_scan you add a repo and download from it for example02:27
enigmata<huh> Intel mobile w/ a partially disfunctional Ubuntu driver02:27
d3MMoNuLguys i really need some help with ubuntu i`m using a automatic DHCP and i cant seem to make ubuntu to work on this connection02:27
huhenigmata, ipw2200 or something?02:27
Don64keb :  I have simple backup02:27
kelsinkeb: there is a ton of software that can be used to backup. Alot of the best ones (imo) are command line oriented, but I would suggest checking out rdiff-backup02:27
m1r0benzs_s: think no02:28
Morgan555anyone know how to get an Mp3 player to be recognized as a drive?02:28
danc3Morgan555: plug it in02:28
kelsinMorgan555: what player?02:28
mneptokkeb: rsync has never failed me02:28
kebthanks Don64 and kelsin i will try them.  i was wondering if there is a "featured" backup like firefox is featured02:28
Morgan555kelsin, iRiver h1002:28
huhMorgan555, if it is usb it is like any other usb storage device02:28
xcsthow do you install icon themes?02:28
enigmata<huh> Intel 3945 w/ restricted driver02:28
danc3d3MMoNuL: how can anyone help you with the information given?02:28
maxoI've got a D-Link DWL-610 pcmcia wireless card, which ubuntu 7.10 detects fine. But whenever I enter the encryption key, the entire system freezes. How do I fix this problem?02:29
IndyGunFreakxcst: what format are the icons in?02:29
Morgan555huh, I plugged it in via the USB but itdid not moun02:29
kelsinMorgan555: I am unfamiliar with that one but I know on my sansa it has an option to put the usb mode either into the windowsmedia player mode or the normal usb drive mode, might need to check it's options02:29
huhenigmata, you might want to see if it is the latest one02:29
huhMorgan555, dmesg | tail -n 50 see if it is recognized02:29
huhMorgan555, find out what device it might be02:29
codeamukis there a fix for the gutsy command line sound issue?02:29
xcstIndyGunFreak, it is in .tar.gz02:30
RootyRootRootWooHI, what is the Ubuntu equivalent to alt+tab to switch between programs?02:30
FlannelRootyRootRootWoo: alt-tab02:30
kebthanks mneptok02:30
benzs_sok so a hypothetical situation: someone wants to retrieve files from their HDD, and they don't have a working OS. So they put a live CD in and find they can't access the ntfs HDD. can those files by accessed withouta dding a repo for ntfs-3g?02:30
huhMorgan555, and try to mount it as root. if you can it is prolly a udev rule or hal that is stopping this02:30
mneptokxcst: is it an icon set from GNOME or GNOME-look?02:30
adamonline45I ripped a DVD with k9copy, but it only plays sound, shows a static image, and when i try to navigate through it, it jumps back to the beginning... Does anyone know what I have to do to get a good rip?  Or is this an .avi codec issue?02:30
d3MMoNuLdanc3 my connection is a Automatic DHCP and on windows it seems to work fine when i boot on ubuntu and make the setting for the connection it doesnt work, i`ve set the setthing to automatic DHCP i`ve added the dns server rebooted the network and cant see to make it work02:30
xcsti downloaded it from gnome-look02:30
danc3benzs_s: you can access NTFS just fine, except for writing, without ntfs-ng02:30
IndyGunFreakxcst: give me a link to it if you don't mind02:30
RootyRootRootWooFlannel: it doesn't work for some reason, any ideas what I've screwed up?02:30
xcstmneptok, i downloaded it from gnome-look02:31
mneptokxcst: drop it on the main Theme prefpanel02:31
benzs_sdanc3: this is a dapper drake live cd :|02:31
benzs_sdanc3: won't access the hdd at all02:31
FlannelRootyRootRootWoo: nope, sorry.02:31
Morgan555when I plug it in, rythmbox pops up but I dont see it anyhwere in there either02:31
enigmata<hih>: done.02:31
xcstmneptok, where is that?02:31
enigmata<huh>: done:02:31
noiesmoanyone help with crystal eye webcam it works in kopete but not xawtv or camorama02:31
danc3benzs_s: just mount the HDD and read files from it02:31
kelsinxcst: you can probably just drag and drop it onto the theme manager window02:31
IndyGunFreakxcst: give me a link to the theme.02:31
mneptokxcst: System > Preferences > Appearance02:31
codeamukwhy don't command line audio players (cplay/mpg321) work on gutsy?02:31
=== MrSIlly is now known as wizo
xcstIndyGunFreak, http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=70299&forumpage=202:32
huhenigmata, Well if you get the latest alsa stuff a reboot may get it to work02:32
xcstmneptok, the file format is invalid02:32
mneptokxcst: then you have a corrupted download02:33
benzs_sdanc3: uh, to be honest with you it didn't occur to me htat she may not have mounted it... uh... ok hang on02:33
xcstwait there it is02:33
xcstit worked02:33
RootyRootRootWooI'm tired of gnome, what is an allternative (old graphics card)02:33
* mneptok goes back to sharpening his psychic mind-sword02:34
danc3RootyRootRootWoo: XFCE02:34
benzs_s'unable to mount volume, device is not removable, etc etc etc'02:34
IndyGunFreakRootyRootRootWoo: xfce?.. fluxbox?02:34
kelsinRootyRootRootWoo: just google linux windows managers, xfce and kde are also full desktops but there are a million other windows managers that can be run02:34
FlannelRootyRootRootWoo: If your card can handle gnome, it can handle KDE.  You might try that.  There are  a lot more choices as well, obviously.  Perusing synaptic might be good02:34
xcsthow do you use cairo clock02:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:35
danc3xcst: read the documentation?02:35
RootyRootRootWooThanks all, I'll check them all out.02:35
mneptok!rtfm | danc302:35
ubotudanc3: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.02:35
mneptokdanc3: as is "read the documentation" :)02:35
icerebellumiRooty - WM blows, fluxbox is where its at02:35
BaumerI can't seem to get my recording devices working in ubuntu02:36
danc3mneptok: where did I use any of those terms?02:36
IndyGunFreakmneptok: i think what he said is far different than rtfm02:36
icerebellumiso much prettier02:36
BaumerWhen i do a test sound it gets stuck02:36
codeamukhas anyone been able to get CLI audio players to work in gutsy?02:36
IndyGunFreakthe guy asked a questionj w/ an obvious answer.02:36
danc3exactly, thank you02:36
huhcodeamuk, mocp02:36
codeamukill try that one but still dont understand why cplay/mpg321 wont work02:37
mneptokIndyGunFreak / danc3: you're welcome to discuss this in #ubuntu-ops02:37
danc3mneptok: how's this one:  FOAD02:37
IndyGunFreakmneptok: i could care less, i just think that was being a bit anal.02:37
huhcodeamuk, your sound card recognized and functional?02:37
codeamukaudio works from from gnome but not the cli02:38
huhcodeamuk, try mplayer02:38
huhcodeamuk, see if some apllications need oss02:38
youlinsoundray_ : This works ok - thanks02:38
d3MMoNuLso it seems that i cant use automatic DHCP on ubuntu.02:38
huhcodeamuk, prolly need alsa-oss02:38
mneptokd3MMoNuL: does your connection use authentication? PPPoE?02:38
huhcodeamuk, or tell the applications to use alsa02:39
mneptokd3MMoNuL: you have DSL?02:39
codeamukthx huh, ill try that02:39
d3MMoNuLyah (cable connection)02:39
xcstIndyGunFreak, how do you put clocks on the ryt side of your desktop02:39
mneptokd3MMoNuL: pastebin /etc/network/interfaces02:39
xcstIndyGunFreak, and the other stuff their02:39
huhcodeamuk, that is why there is a alsa-oss02:39
IndyGunFreakxcst: easiest thing is to install gdesklets02:40
IndyGunFreak!gdesklets | xcst02:40
ubotuxcst: gDesklets provides an advanced architecture for desktop applets -- tiny displays sitting on your desktop in a symbiotic relationship of eye candy and usefulness. Homepage is http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org/02:40
d3MMoNuLmneptok i`m not in ubuntu right now i`m on windows but it seems to scan DCHPdiscover or something and after that it enters in sleeping mode ... :|02:40
xcstk thanks02:40
codeamukalsa-oss didnt fix, was a good idea though02:41
nclifewhat program should I use to be able to open .daa files?02:41
d3MMoNuLtry`d entering manualy the ip,gw,dns server and still doesnt work02:41
mneptokd3MMoNuL: what kind of NIC?02:42
d3MMoNuLNIC stands for ...?02:42
IndyGunFreakNetwork Interface Card02:42
d3MMoNuLon eth002:42
d3MMoNuLit`s a realtek02:42
IndyGunFreakd3MMoNuL: open a terminal and findout what type of eth0 device you have.02:43
IndyGunFreaktype lspci02:43
BaumerHi I can't seem to get my sound input to work at all... When I try the test sound in ubuntu... It getss stuck and the same when I try to record something...02:43
void^nclife: is it just me or did you ask that before, a few days ago? ;)02:43
d3MMoNuLso now back to the reboot part ... :|02:43
huhBaumer, sound card?02:43
xcstIndyGunFreak, how do you use those desklets02:43
IndyGunFreakxcst: applications/accessories/gdesklets02:44
Martin___Are atheros wireless chipsets good? I have a 5212 and it shows up but isn't able to connect...02:44
BaumerOne second02:44
huhMartin___, madifi is great02:45
Martin___huh: how can I install this? is there a package available?02:45
huhMartin___, Well what is installed... dmesg | grep ath02:45
IndyGunFreak!wifi | Martin___02:46
ubotuMartin___: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:46
mograif my machine is on longer than a couple of hours, suddenly sound dies and I can't seem to get it going again (prompting a reboot). any ideas why this would happen?02:46
Baumerhmm I can't seem to find it on the hardware list... I believe its sigmatel or something like that.02:46
huhMarine_, do a ifconfig to see if the device is made02:46
halflife28i'm stumped, grub keeps giving me an error 22, i have all my settings right in menu.lst, but it still keeps giving me the error02:46
Martin___I have the ath_hal restricted drivers installed02:46
Martin___are those different than madwifi?02:47
hairulfrDoes anyone know how to change the Trash and Home folder icons? I can change every other icons except for these two, and it's very annoying, because the default ones are hideous. If noone know the answer, does anyone know where I find the default/original/standard ones etc, so i can just erase and replace them? Cheers people.02:47
huhMartin___, I know that...02:47
giga06you're die02:47
huhMartin___, is a device made for the card? ath0?02:47
darkloshello guys02:47
Bawbatosdumb question - how to i find a complete list of drivers in the 2.6 kernel.02:47
Kalamansihello how to run photoshop cs3 in ubuntu 7.10 desktop?02:47
Martin___huh: yes, it shows ath0, ath0:avah, and wifi0 under ifconfig02:47
huhMartin___, So you need to configure it02:48
Martin___huh: I even have an IP address under ath0:avah02:48
soldatsKalamansi, im not so sure on it but inkscape does almost anything photoshop does02:48
darkloshow i get a working version of air-crack?02:48
huhMartin___, and use wpa_supplicant to access the wireless router02:48
Martin___huh: I even configured the WEP key in the manager02:48
huhMartin___, I can tell you how...02:48
soldatsdarklos, i believe you can get it through synaptic02:48
huhMartin___, you use wep?02:49
thomas__yea you can soldat02:49
Martin___huh: yep02:49
=== thomas__ is now known as illusory
huhMartin___, I use wpa never messed with wep02:49
illusorygood thing too02:49
huhMartin___, sounds like nothing is wrong with the driver02:49
illusorywep can be cracked so quick with air-crack02:50
soldatsillusory, so true02:50
mograif my machine is on longer than a couple of hours, suddenly sound dies and I can't seem to get it going again (prompting a reboot). any ideas why this would happen?02:50
Martin___dunno, I'm trying to help a friend set this up....02:50
[digit]hi, i have an intel 3945 wireless card, using the ipw3945 driver, and i cant get my transfer speeds with it above around 200 kB/s, even on local transfers02:50
huhMartin___, if you can configure your access point to use WPA I can help02:50
meoblast001does anyone know how to convert ogg video to avi?02:50
illusorybye all02:50
soldatsswee yah02:51
soldatssee yah**02:51
huhMartin___, if not look into wireless-tools02:51
jk__mogra: it's just  time thing? you sure?02:52
jk__mogra: you confirmed that by just letting it sit, doing absolutely nothing, and *poof* no sound ?02:52
qt-xdose sombody use ircII ?02:52
Martin___huh: ok, lemme try wireless-tools... lemme grab it and install it first from repo02:53
Flannelqt-x: Most use irssi02:53
[digit]ircII :X02:53
jk__meoblast: ffmpeg02:53
adamonline45Is there a package for dvd2avi02:53
jk__meoblast: i'm not 100% sure it'll do video for ogg actually, but it's a good bet02:53
meoblast001why does Kino cause memory leaks while importing files?02:53
[digit]the speed in network manager says 54 Mb/s, yet i still cant get over 200 KB/s02:54
d3MMoNuL`mneptok seems that in lspci it`s a PCI ethernet card :)02:54
[digit]its so strange02:54
adamonline45meoblast001: The developer probably assigns memory dynamically and forgot to free it after he was done with it...02:54
meoblast001well it acts simmaller to my memory leaks02:55
meoblast001the system slows02:55
meoblast001then it stops functioning02:55
Kalamansisoldats : inkscape ?02:55
meoblast001to the point where only moving the mouse works02:55
adamonline45meoblast001: Ahh, can't help ya with the high-level stuff 8)02:55
soldatsKalamansi, well it really depends on what you want to do, what do you need photoshop for02:56
meoblast001it hasnt slowed this time yet02:56
qt-xhow do i connect to an irc server on port 5050 or 8080 or 80 ?02:56
meoblast001but its taking forever02:56
CondouloI have a question about KDE4. Will it be worth using when it comes out?02:56
d3MMoNuL`IndyGunFreak what`s whit the eth0:avah ...?02:56
Condouloqt-x- what IRC client do you use?02:56
Flannelqt-x: using which program?02:56
Kalamansisoldats : install in ubuntu 7.10 desktop if possible02:57
FlannelCondoulo: Most would say yes I believe.  You'll get a better answer in #kubuntu.02:57
qt-xright now chatzilla02:57
CondouloFlannel- Ah. Ok. :)02:57
Martin___huh: I got madwifi-tools installed02:57
soldatsKalamansi, yes i understand but for what purpose do you NEED photoshop for, if you want to edit raster graphics or edit or create vector graphics02:57
BaumerI get this error when I try to test my recording under the sound settings before it freezes:  Failed to construct test pipeline for 'gconfaudiosrc ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=chat'02:57
qt-xany program02:57
reportingsjrHow do I restart the screen thing? My resolution is restricted to 800x600 (once again) and I don't have an option for any larger ones.02:58
hairulfrreportingsjr: ctrl + alt + backspace02:58
hairulfrreportingsjr: You may have to manually enter the resolutions in xorg02:59
Kalamansisoldats: creat logo02:59
soldatsreportingsjr, "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" is a way to do it in the terminal but if you do it this way you need to read the pagers carefully and use default on most things02:59
Condouloqt-x- I am not 100% sure, but on the preferences for an IRC server you connected to (FIle preferences on Chatzilla I think), there is an option to enter a port number. I am not 100% sure because I don't have Chatzilla extensions installed.02:59
ekim|linuxDoes anyone use adesklets ?02:59
reportingsjrThat did.. nothing, except log me off.02:59
huhluks is cool02:59
hairulfrAnyone know what the the icon for "homefolder" and "desktop" are called?03:00
huhI can hide stuff03:00
ekim|linuxI can't get adesklets to work03:00
ekim|linuxI installed the gutsy package03:00
ekim|linuxand ran adesklets_installer -t and I get an error03:00
ekim|linuxthen with -n and -r03:00
d3MMoNuL`when i restart the network settings at some point finds some DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 but at the end i get no DCHPOFFERS (No working leases in persistent database - sleeping.)03:00
qt-xthis irc client was a fast solution for now but o other computer i have access only on those ports03:00
ekim|linux-t is for Tk -r for Raw terminal and -n for ncurses03:00
onats !vnc03:00
ubotuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX03:00
ekim|linuxbut I keep getting some python tracebacks03:00
adamonline45What's a good codec to use in k9copy for ripping a dvd? And a good bitrate?  I'm a DVD noob 8)03:01
Xaero_Vincentcan freenx be used to access windows apps from linux03:01
d3MMoNuL`mneptok eny ideas? :|03:01
Xaero_Vincentor just the opposite?03:01
soldatsKalamansi, ok well when doing logos its best to do it in a format that lets you resize it to whatever size you want without pixelating the image. so for you i woudl suggest inkscape because it is a vector program specifically for logos and vectors. you may use "the GIMP" as well for logos since it is a very advanced program for photo editing and is simialr to photoshop. the only difference between GIMP and photo shop is photoshop can handle03:02
soldats vectors and GIMP cant. but if you use the gimp and inkscape together you should never need another photo program03:02
elcaseyI'm having trouble with gparted. It scans for devices and never stops, and then I get an error about /dev/fd0 being mounted read-only, but I don't even have a floppy. Any ideas? I just installed a new 750GB HDD and tried to do it manually but...that didn't work out like I thought it would.03:02
Pulshionhi, does anyone know hot to make mplayer work if you have compiz running?03:02
ekim|linuxcompiz shouldn't break mplayer03:02
elcaseynope, mplayer runs fine for me03:02
qt-xso ther is a method that i do not know without connecting  to an ssh server on this port ?03:03
elcaseyPulshion: try removing and reinstalling it03:03
Pulshionit doesnt break it, no video, but sound works03:03
onatsis there anyway i can login/startup an ubuntu pc, remotely?03:03
onatswill it be via vnc?03:03
Pulshionwhen i disable the compiz then everything works fine03:03
vladcHi, what is the tool used to remaster Ubuntu?03:04
Kalamansisoldats : where to get inkscape? thanks03:05
Martin___when I try /etc/init.d/networking restart I get No DHCPOFFERS received for the atheros wifi03:05
d3MMoNuL`so i cant use ubuntu on a DHCP automatic connection right?03:05
soldatsKalamansi, sudo apt-get install inkscape03:05
elcaseyd3MMoNuL`: yes you can03:05
d3MMoNuL`Martin___ i get the exact same thing on my cable connection03:05
mneptokd3MMoNuL`: did you pastebin the file?03:05
ubotugDesklets provides an advanced architecture for desktop applets -- tiny displays sitting on your desktop in a symbiotic relationship of eye candy and usefulness. Homepage is http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org/03:06
d3MMoNuL`mneptok i`m on my other computer ...03:06
Martin___me too03:06
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d3MMoNuL`my modem is a Thomson TCM42003:06
adamonline45soldats: Did I hear you say the GIMP doesn't support vectors?  Wow maybe that explains the trouble I had with it, hahaha03:07
BaumerOk so i got the recorder to stop getting stuck... but now it doesn't record any sound...03:07
d3MMoNuL`cant understand why in windows everything works fine and when i`m on the ubuntu live cd doesnt work03:07
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Pulshionhi, does anyone know how to make mplayer work if you have compiz running? If i switch video output to x11 it works, but on default xv it doesnt work...is x11 good or bad?03:08
elcaseyd3MMoNuL`: it sounds like you don't have the correct drivers installed for your wifi. this can be a problem with livecd versus local install.03:08
Flanneladamonline45: If you want to do vector stuff, you should check out inkscape.  GIMP is a raster based program.03:08
soldatsadamonline45, yes it very much supports layers but as i recall it does not support vectors inkscape is a far superior program for them. i tend to use gimp in accordace with inkscape for my needs in logos and other designs03:08
ekim|linux│Retrieving data online...                                                                                                                          │03:09
ekim|linux│!!! An error occured during the operation !!!                                                                                                      │03:09
ekim|linux│Traceback (most recent call last):                                                                                                                 │03:09
d3MMoNuL`elcasey so you recomand that i need to install ubuntu in order to have the proper internet connection right?03:09
ekim|linux│Traceback (most recent call last):                                                                                                                 │  File "/usr/bin/adesklets_installer", line 208, in run                                                                                            │03:09
Flannel!paste | ekim|linux03:09
ubotuekim|linux: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:09
Pulshionhi, does anyone know how to make mplayer work if you have compiz running? If i switch video output to x11 it works, but on default xv it doesnt work...is x11 good or bad?03:09
ekim|linux│    self.desklets.run()                                                                                                                            │03:09
soldats!enter | ekim|linux03:09
ubotuekim|linux: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:09
ekim|linux│  File "/usr/bin/adesklets_installer", line 108, in run                                                                                            │03:09
Flannelekim|linux: STOP03:09
ekim|linux│    ).getElementsByTagName('entry')]])                                                                                                             │03:09
BaumerI can get a very very small blip from plugging in the microphone... so it makes me think the volume is extremely low... but in alsa mixer settings i have the volume all the way up03:09
ekim|linux│  File "/usr/bin/adesklets_installer", line 81, in extract_tag03:09
elcaseyd3MMoNuL`: there might be a way to install the drivers for the livecd, but i don't know exactly how03:09
huhd3MMoNuuL`, make your own livecd03:10
elcaseyd3MMoNuL`: look around on the forums03:10
soldatsKalamansi, did you get all the information provided03:10
Pulshionhi, does anyone know how to make mplayer work if you have compiz running? If i switch video output to x11 it works, but on default xv it doesnt work...is x11 good or bad?03:10
ekim|linuxsorry about that guys03:11
huhd3MMoNusubL`, There are plenty of howtos on the subject03:11
ekim|linuxdo any of you guys use adesklets03:11
ekim|linuxI can't get the installer script to work03:11
huhd3MMoNuL`, I made a custom gentoo live cd03:11
d3MMoNuL`huh seems that i cant find the proper one :)03:11
soldatsPulshion, i dont recall any problems with x1103:11
Martin___if I run iwlist scan, I can see the AP, but can't connect via DHCP, could this be an issue with the AP?03:11
jacob_where can i find a opensuse channel?03:11
elcaseyjacob_: have you tried #suse?03:11
Pulshionsoldats, whats is the difference then?03:11
soldatsPulshion, compiz seems to have many problems with that sort of stuff03:11
huhd3MMoNuL`, stuff usually on a livecd is permanent... it is read only03:12
huhd3MMoNuL`, You need to edit it on a hard drive and remaster the image..03:12
Kalamansisoldats : downloading it now.first time tho..what about alternative for dreamweavercs3?03:12
soldatsPulshion, for some reason i see many people having confusion with compiz for video desktop effects and audio codecs, it seems that you may need to do a thurough search for codecs for your needs03:12
chowmeinedWhat is the proper way to setup a firewall policy to load on boot? For example red hat has /etc/sysconfig/iptables and the corresponding init scripts which loads the file on boot03:13
d3MMoNuL`huh have the 7.10 desktop edition but i wanted to see if ubuntu works on my other connection in order to format my windows partition03:13
Pulshionsoldats, if it works with x11 ill just leave it at it03:13
onatskalamansi, pinoy ka no03:13
huhd3MMoNuL`, what card?03:13
d3MMoNuL`huh network or video?03:13
soldatsPulshion, ok03:13
huhd3MMoNuL`, both03:14
huhd3MMoNuL`, you can do text installs... and boot into the installed system03:14
d3MMoNuL`huh networks it`s a Realtek PCI and my video is a Nvidia 660003:14
soldatsKalamansi, are you lookng for a web design program03:14
onatswhich vnc server is best? tightvnc?03:14
craigbass1976Where is php located?  I did a which php, a which php5, and nothing pops up.  Nothing in /usr/bin. Any ideas?03:14
huhd3MMoNuL`, you shouldn't have a problem... But I need to know the chipset of the network adapter03:15
primaryHello: Is there a way to get midi files to play in Ubuntu?03:15
meoblast001how do i convert the OGG files made by isanbul into AVI files?03:15
chowmeinedprimary, timidity03:15
huhd3MMoNuL`, there are some wireless realtek cards that work.. You may need to compile a module03:15
chowmeinedmeoblast001, ffmpeg -i somefile.ogg somefile.avi03:15
huhd3MMoNuL`, if you try a gentoo live cd..03:16
Krumarhey, my computer is renewing it's ip address every 140 seconds on average, is this normal behavior?03:16
chowmeinedKrumar, no03:16
d3MMoNuL`d3MMoNuL` i dont have a wireless ethernet card it`s a PCI card whit a TCP cable :| connected in the back03:16
billydoes anybody know if battlelan or lancraft works with wine and wc3?03:16
huhd3MMoNuL`, drivers are sometimes uptodate and you can prolly see for sure03:16
chowmeinedKrumar, is this wireless?03:16
fabiohello ppl03:16
huhd3MMoNuL`, but dont quote me...03:16
Krumarchowmeined, any idea what it's doing, i'm not wireless03:16
fabioi cant ear sound03:16
huhd3MMoNuL`, you want to make sure a driver exists.. trying various livecds help03:17
fabiomy chipset is SIS966L03:17
BaumerFigured it out... if anyone was trying to help me03:17
soldatsKalamansi, do you need webdveloper program?03:17
billydoes anybody know if battlelan or lancraft works with wine and wc3?03:17
huhd3MMoNuL`, lets you know it works.. then all you need to do is choose the distro03:17
d3MMoNuL`huh i did try my other connection on the same card and it works propely :)03:17
huhd3MMoNuL`, but if you dont want to take a chance and google a lot03:18
fabiowhere i find sound driver for SIS966L for ubuntu??03:18
fabiowhere i find sound driver for SIS966L for ubuntu??03:18
huhd3MMoNuL`, I use madwifi for wireless never let me down03:18
adamonline45Are there any developers here?  I'd like to make a simple game with graphics for KDE, do I need to use the KDE-specific libraries, or if I go for OpenGL will that not be necessary?  What do the KDE libs cover?03:18
primarychowmeined: Alright, I installed timidity, but I don't know how to use it :)03:18
d3MMoNuL`it`s a cable connection :)03:18
fabiowhere i find sound driver for SIS966L for ubuntu??03:18
huhd3MMoNuL`, been doing other things03:18
chowmeinedprimary, open the midi file with it i guess03:19
huhd3MMoNuL`, you should be good03:19
chowmeinedKrumar, hmm.. im not sure03:19
soldatsadamonline45, it depends on what language your using03:19
d3MMoNuL`huh seems i`m not ... :)03:19
huhd3MMoNuL`, drop to a shell and do a lspci03:19
Krumarchowmeined, thanks for your help anyway, this has been perplexing me for a while now03:19
d3MMoNuL`huh did that :)03:19
craigbass1976Krumar, what does tcpdump tell you?03:19
chowmeinedKrumar, anything in the logs under /var/log ?03:19
adamonline45soldats: C++03:20
huhd3MMoNuL`, well chipset google it03:20
billydoes anybody know if battlelan or lancraft works with wine and wc3?03:20
Krumarchowmeined, i found it under the /var/log/daemon.log03:20
fabiomy old motherboard is broken but i have newone its a same model but before the sound work fine and now i cant ear natheng03:20
craigbass1976Krumar, and what is it giving the address out?03:20
Kalamansisoldats: yeah i really need a webdeveloper program03:20
craigbass1976Where is php located?  I did a which php, a which php5, and nothing pops up.  Nothing in /usr/bin. Any ideas?03:20
meoblast001choweined: this new "avi" file is unplayable by totem03:20
fabioany one can help?????03:21
fabiomy old motherboard is broken but i have newone its a same model but before the sound work fine and now i cant ear natheng03:21
d3MMoNuL`huh if i unplugg the cable now and use another connection on the same card that i use now it`s WORKS propely i dont think it`s a driver problem for the Realtek03:21
Krumarchowmeined, it seems to request an address every 140 seconds, "--renewal in 140 seconds"03:21
fabiomy chipset is sis 966l03:21
Martin___I got it working, how do you specify the channel number in /etc/network/interfaces ?03:21
chowmeinedKrumar, is your dhcp server setup really badly?03:21
huhd3MMoNuL`, huh what's the problem?03:21
fabiomy old motherboard is broken but i have newone its a same model but before the sound work fine and now i cant ear natheng03:21
fabiomy old motherboard is broken but i have newone its a same model but before the sound work fine and now i cant ear natheng03:21
Ashfire908craigbass1976, unless you have php-cli, you can't access php from the command line.03:22
Krumarchowmeined, i'm now sure, i'm on a college network, i would hope they know how to set up the DHCP server03:22
huhd3MMoNuL`, trying to multi task03:22
Ashfire908fabio: please don't repeat03:22
d3MMoNuL`huh the driver it`s fine .. but i think it`s this connection03:22
fabioany one here avaliable to help me==??????03:22
killerbeesatemeHello, would anyone be able to help me fix the Network Manager program that fails to upgrade and causes the PC to hang?03:22
huhd3MMoNuL`, okay03:22
craigbass1976Ashex, Ahhh.  That would do it I suppose.03:22
soldatsadamonline45, hmm ok ill look into it, i recall some good apps for it but i usually use python03:22
huhd3MMoNuL`, I'll let ya be then03:22
craigbass1976Ashfire908, Is that the package name?03:22
fabioashfire908: can u help me?03:23
Ashfire908craigbass1976, yep03:23
Ashfire908fabio: no i don't know03:23
Ashfire908!patience | fabio03:23
ubotufabio: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:23
alokinim having trouble installing ubunto on my ppc g503:23
huhI never had a mac03:24
fabioalokin: whats the problem03:24
alokinits gets pass the official yaboot thing but then the screen goes blank03:24
chowmeinedmeoblast001, ffmpeg -i somefile.ogg -acodec mp3 -vcodec mpeg4 somefile.avi03:24
Ashfire908fabio: erm sorry meant to give you a different message03:24
fabioashfire908: np03:24
alokini tried the live boot and the live-nosplash boot03:25
alokinhow do i get this to work03:25
huhalokin, is there a alternate install cd?03:25
craigbass1976Ashfire908, Can't install php-cli03:25
fabioalokin: what computer you have03:25
chowmeinedKrumar, well it sounds like the dhcp server is set to renew every 140 seconds...03:25
adamonline45soldats: Oh okay, cool, ty!03:25
Ashfire908craigbass1976, ?03:25
killerbeesatemeHello, would anyone be able to help me fix the Network Manager program that fails to upgrade and causes the PC to hang?03:25
fabioany one can help me with sound?03:25
chowmeinedKrumar, configured to tell your client to renew every 140 seconds*03:25
alokini did not see an alternate cd03:26
alokinim using an imac g503:26
Flannelalokin: Thats PPC, right?03:26
alokinwhat is live video=ofonly?03:26
aloking5 is ppc03:26
r00723r0anyone know any img->dvd burner?03:26
Krumarchowmeined, i say 140 as an average, the numbers are going back a few minutes are 132, 150, 128..03:26
craigbass1976Ashfire908, is there some weird repo that I have to enable?  I've uncommented all in the config file03:26
chowmeinedKrumar, oh hmmm03:26
huhr00723r0, growisofs or k3b03:26
fabioi dont know if ubuntu supports mac archiketure03:26
r00723r0huh, will gnomebaker do it?03:26
reya276can anyone help me?03:26
reya276I installed ubuntu gutsy on my wife's laptop which had feisty installed, but for some reason now it takes ten times as long to boot up than before?03:26
chowmeinedit does03:26
alokinit supports ppc...03:26
lastelement0where can i find chat logs for pidgin?03:27
Ashfire908craigbass1976, lol uh... all the repos are enabled?03:27
huhr00723r0, I hate gnomebaker tried it once and got annoyed03:27
Flannelalokin: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/7.10/release/ubuntu-7.10-alternate-powerpc.iso.torrent from  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/7.10/release/03:27
Krumarchowmeined, sorry i didn't put that out there earlier, but the timing is ramdom, but it seems to hover just over two minutes03:27
r00723r0huh, gnomebaker is great :)03:27
fabio!patiente reya27603:27
alokindo you think i need the alternate?03:27
Ashfire908lastelement0, it's in ~/.purple/03:27
adamonline45And what in the world is Qt?03:27
huhr00723r0, if you say so..03:27
craigbass1976I thought so.  Lemme look again.  I forgot that I got a new computer last month...03:27
Flannelalokin: actually, PPC isn't officilly supported aftr Edgy.03:27
Martin___where can I specify a startup script to run when the computer starts up, not when the user logs in?03:27
r00723r0huh, give it another try :)03:27
chowmeinedmeoblast001, does it work?03:27
Flannel!bum | Martin___03:27
ubotuMartin___: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto03:27
bulmerMartin___-> man update-rc.d03:27
fabioany one can help me with sound?03:27
craigbass1976Ashfire908, yep, they all are03:28
reya276fabio: what does that mean?03:28
TheSohnlymy Broadcom 43xx wireless drivers will not correctly install03:28
meoblastdoes anyone know of a screen recorder that writes a commonly used filetype?03:28
alokinill try that03:28
huhr00723r0, man growisofs if gnomebaker gives you the same results as mine03:28
TheSohnlywhat do you need to know to help me03:28
huhooh broadcom yuck03:28
Flannelmeoblast: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts03:28
Ashfire908craigbass1976, you should NOT enable backports.03:28
TheSohnlyive looked at the wiki03:28
TheSohnlyive read like 4 forum posts03:28
billydoes anybody know if battlelan or lancraft works with wine and wc3?03:28
TheSohnlynothing works03:28
TheSohnlyim of course connected by wire right now03:29
PiciAshfire908: Why is that exactly?03:29
fabioi have problem with sound03:29
TheSohnlybut i cant do that at school03:29
huhTheSohnly, try ndiswrapper03:29
Ashfire908fabio: check the ubuntu forums03:29
TheSohnlytried it03:29
chowmeinedmeoblast, did that work?03:29
meoblastdid what work?03:29
fabioashfire908: is boring03:29
chowmeinedmeoblast, conversion is not an issue.. the command i sent you03:29
huhTheSohnly, when I had your problem I got a dlink and installed madwifi03:30
Ashfire908Pici: because unless you need to get a version that is not tested or want to test something...03:30
TheSohnlyive been reading that for the past hour03:30
killerbeesatemeHello, would anyone be able to help me fix the Network Manager program that fails to upgrade and causes the PC to hang?03:30
soldatsadamonline45, ok i would suggest "KDevelop" for doing what you need for KDE03:30
Ashfire908fabio, too bad.03:30
huhTheSohnly, solved all my troubles03:30
BrantisAnyone available for a little question?03:30
TheSohnlyhuh: i dont understand. I am new to ubuntu and linux in general03:30
PiciAshfire908: backports are tested.  'proposed-*03:30
PiciAshfire908: are 'not so much'03:30
meoblastchowmeined: it "converted" but for some reason... it wasnt readable by anything... just like an OGG.... hmmm03:30
reya276how can I make my swap file bigger?03:30
Ashfire908pici: oh fine03:30
soldatsadamonline45, i have never used it but ive talked to many people and they say it is really good for c++ graphics dev03:30
chowmeinedmeoblast, well ogg should be readable on any linux box.. or by anyone who has VLC .. or ffdshow03:31
huhTheSohnly, I am just telling you I gave up... Found luck with cards that use madwifi03:31
fabioAshfire908: i think i need to install windows again03:31
chowmeinedmeoblast, you tried the second command i gave you?03:31
Ashfire908pici: generaly the normal repos are fine.03:31
meoblastim getting a new screen recorder03:31
chowmeinedmeoblast, ffmpeg -i somefile.ogg -acodec mp3 -vcodec mpeg4 somefile.avi03:31
Ashfire908fabio: windows shouldn't have an effect on ubuntu03:31
chowmeinedmeoblast, just try it03:31
meoblastone that writes to direct avi03:31
TheSohnlywell i cant do that03:31
TheSohnlyhuh: i am on a laptop03:31
chowmeinedmeoblast, why? ... the ogg libraries work well.. just convert it03:31
adamonline45soldats: Very well, sounds good to me!  Do you know a good place to meet some of those people?03:31
fabioashfire908: but drives preconfigurateds yes03:31
huhTheSohnly, ouch03:31
TheSohnlyno upgrading/fixing from that03:32
BrantisI just installed ubuntu on a Slave HD with the Primary Removed, once it is restarted I get a message that says that there is no operating system detected03:32
alokin_so in 30 minutes when the download is done, what will i have to do with the alternate CD to install ubuntu which didnt work with the regular cd?03:32
chowmeinedmeoblast, it will work.. it just takes a little tweaking03:32
TheSohnlyhuh: so am i SOL?03:32
huhTheSohnly, I may get chastized for this, but uh I go to www.gentoo.org and click on the forum link and search there03:32
TheSohnlythere has to be a way03:32
huhTheSohnly, I run gentoo on another machine03:33
TheSohnlyforget another version of linux03:33
huhTheSohnly, You need to know what you can apply to ubuntu though03:33
TheSohnlyim having too much trouble with this one03:33
fabioashfire908: im right? if i instal motherboard drives chipset drives on windows the ubuntu detect03:33
soldatsadamonline45, i browse at least 10 to 15 different mssg boards so i am not sure as to exactly which one but ill look into that as soon as i can  and ill let you know, i must assure you that it may take a few days. if your on this channel a lot then if i see you again ill let you know for sure03:33
chowmeinedmeoblast, didyou try that command?03:33
huhTheSohnly, got help from a Fedora forum too03:33
Ashfire908fabio: huh?03:33
Ashfire908fabio: that doesn't make any sence03:34
TheSohnlythanks huh03:34
meoblastim getting recordmydesktop instead03:34
chowmeinedmeoblast, just try it... it will work03:34
billydoes anybody know if hamachi works with wine and wc3?03:34
chowmeinedmeoblast, ok fine03:34
alokin_fabio: how will the alternate cd work as opposed to the regular i downloaded?03:34
huhTheSohnly, just be careful each distro is different03:34
dsnydersHI all.  I want to access my email from several machines.  Is IMAP the right tool?03:34
Krumarbilly, linux has a hamhi client native03:34
killerbeesateme 03:34
billykk thx krumar03:34
r00723r0imap is superior in most every way to pop, dsnyders03:34
adamonline45soldats: Awesome, thank you!  I'm here quite a bit 8)  Talk to ya then! :D03:34
Ashfire908fabio: just check the forums03:34
Krumarbilly, welcome03:35
BrantisHi everyone I have a problem :)03:35
huhIt is all how you use your resources..03:35
alokin_so does i..03:35
fabioashfire908: the motherboard is a same of the  old, its the same model03:35
soldatsadamonline45, cool ill talk to you later unless you need somthing else03:35
PrS1alguém pode me ajudar?!03:35
fabioashfire908: and before work and now not03:35
bazhang!es | PrS103:35
ubotuPrS1: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:35
Ashfire908fabio: is the sound card/chip the same03:35
killerbeesatemeHello, can anyone help me with the new Network Manager upgrade?  The package fails to completely upgrade, and hangs the system03:35
Ashfire908fabio: did you set the bios setting to what they were before?03:35
fabioashfire908 its a same model03:35
alokin_so many ppl needing help, so little time03:36
Martin___thanks for the help all, got it working03:36
fabioashfire908 how?03:36
Ashfire908fabio: check the bios settings?03:36
Martin___http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205074     this thread was really helpful03:36
alokin_20 minutes until i have the alternate cd03:36
PrS1bazhang, is pt-br no is es :D~ thanks for all!03:36
adamonline45soldats: I ALWAYS need something else!  hehheh... I'll let you know ;)03:36
dsnydersr00723r0: So it can be set up to retrieve mail from several servers to a central machine, which I'll be able to access with different clients?03:36
hairulfrBug here (Well possibly): Icons for Home folder and Desktop have two names which the system uses: user-desktop.png, fs-gnome-desktop.png, gnome-fs-home.png and user-home.png   - this seems weird and like a mistake. The FS stuff is, as far as i recall something from older versions. this makes it hard for icons-themers... Oh well...03:36
Ashfire908fabio: uh... you don't know how to access the bios setup screen?03:36
fabioyes i know03:36
bazhangPrS1: sorry! :}03:37
user01how do i test to see if tcp and udp is working on certain ports?03:37
fabioashfire908: the blue screen03:37
Flanneldsnyders: IMAP is indeed.03:37
onatshow do i fix my ssh connections s.t.    WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!  does not appear03:37
soldatsadamonline45, cool03:37
bulmeruser01-> lsof03:37
onatsis there a particular mapping that i need to establish to avoid these problems?03:37
fabioashfire908: what i  do there03:37
Ashfire908fabio: yes. the blue screen. the f1 or whatever at boot03:37
huhonats, delete the ~/.ssh/knownhosts03:37
Flanneldsnyders: IMAP server running on that box, with fetchmail or getmail to grab mail from your various places (through POP, IMAP, whatever) to the servers mailbox03:37
huhonats, retry03:38
Ashfire908fabio: make sure the settings are correct?03:38
* Brantis grabs a # and sits down on the couch03:38
fabioi will see03:38
Ashfire908fabio: if all the hardware is the same, then the bios settings must me different03:38
dsnydersFlannel: fetchmail/getmail.   I think that's the piece I'm missing.03:38
ubotuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX03:38
onatsok trying..03:38
bazhangBrantis: what's your question?03:38
shredder_Is there a place for ubuntu to download music files?03:38
Flanneldsnyders: One or the other, they both do the same thing more or less.03:38
dsnydersFlannel: OK, great.  Thanks for the pointer.03:39
=== stdin_ is now known as stdin
bazhangshredder_: it's up to you where that is03:39
hairulfrShredder: /home/music?03:39
alokin_when someone has time, i would like help installing03:39
BrantisJust installed Ubuntu on a Slave HD, located on the second IDE slot with the Master HD removed... Once Ubuntu is installed, it does not boot03:39
meoblastim gonna do screen recordings now03:39
MacDrunkhello all03:39
shredder_I dont know any sites to get files03:39
Brantisas a matter of fact it says something to the tune of No OS detected03:39
bazhangBrantis: any error messages?03:40
soldatsBrantis, it is a slave so it weill not boot first in the sequence03:40
Brantisno install goes smooth03:40
Brantisevne with no other hd installed?03:40
bazhangBrantis: grub error?03:40
onatswhen connecting via VNC, do i expect to see exactly the same as if i'm on the remote machine?03:40
hairulfrshredder_: Well, you are supposed to pay for music files, free software doesn't come with a free music license, if that's what yu mean?03:40
hanksimsI have a hideous APT problem. It seems to be broken. Can anyone help?03:40
soldatsBrantis, you should be able top set it to a master hdd03:40
onatsit just shows me a terminal window, which i accidentally closed, and now no longer appears03:40
alokin_sometimes the color is toned down03:40
alokin_otherwise, yes03:40
Flanneldsnyders: And personally I suggest Maildir for your local mailbox format, but that's just me.  There are lots of resources out there for both getmail and procmail.  You should have no problem finding a tutorial sorta thing. But be sure it ask if you are.03:40
BrantisSo, It should be installed as the Master drive, and my XP drive should be set to Slave?03:41
soldatsBrantis, if you want to boot linux first yes03:41
FlannelBrantis: Doesn't matter, as long as GRUB is on the drive that you boot to.03:41
* Brantis is new03:41
BrantisI just want to be able to choose which OS i want to boot to03:41
BrantisLive CD is not cutting it  because of the lack of ram03:42
soldatsBrantis, ahh you need to dual boot03:42
FlannelBrantis: Your BIOS picks a harddrive's MBR to boot to.  GRUB needs to be installed so the BIOS boots to it.  From the sound of it, if you have no other drive in when you installed, your BIOS isn't booting to the slave.03:42
hanksimsEvery time I try to use APT for anything, I get the following error message: file for package `coreutils' is missing final newline03:42
user01bulmer, not nmap ?03:42
bulmeruser01 any tools that will work, i happen to like lsof03:42
=== difekta is now known as broken_ladder
freeman163Brantis, try usin 7.04, it needs only 128 mb or so03:43
xcsti just upgraded to gutsy and some of my avi files wont play, but others play why is it like that?03:43
fabioashfire908: i load optimized settings03:43
freeman163then you can upgrade via web03:43
user01bulmer, lsof -i | grep port?03:43
ubotugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.03:43
Ashfire908fabio, what's that mean?03:43
killerbeesatemeDoes anyone have a second to point me in the right direction of fixing a botched package upgrade?  Network Manager refuses to completely upgrade.  apt can't restart the Network Manager service, which completely hangs the system, with the reset button being the only option to make the system functional again03:43
void^onats: depends, if you use vino (that's what the builtin desktop sharing in ubuntu uses) or x11vnc you get the very same desktop. more commonly you run an independent vnc server, though - higher performance and it persists when you logout.03:43
daedalusbrantis, you might want to download the alternative image and use the text installer03:43
bulmeruser01 lsof -iTCP03:44
fabioashfire908 means i load the normal settings03:44
dsnydersFlannel: I'm going to go with fetchmail, as there is a webmin module for it.  I'll take the maildir format suggestion as well.03:44
onatsvoid, which installations/programs do you suggest?03:44
Ashfire908fabio: and?03:44
fabioand natheng03:44
onatsvoid, i just followed and installed this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH03:44
Brantisugh, this is sounding like it is more trouble that I thought...I imagined that just installing it on the drive would be good enough03:44
bro_man<--- Seeking help and/or advise, I have caused a problem in Thunar, (this is on my Xubuntu-feisty backup system, if it matters) . I loaded the supplied drivers only for an external USB HD ... now, when I unmount  the external HD and/or a USB thumbdrive, Thunar says they are unmounted, but they do not disappaer from Thunar and stay lit as well (the power lights on devices stay on, current still running thru them) ... I am very03:44
bro_manconserned about destroying the data and usability of either ... is there some way to diagnose and repair this situation ?03:44
Brantiserr..installing it on a second drive rather03:45
UnNaturalHighdoes anyone here know why hdparm won't let me set parameters?03:45
hanksimsAPT dead: "file for package `coreutils' is missing final newline"03:45
fabiodoes any one knows how to configure sis966l sound?????03:45
BrantisShould I be able to see this other drive through Windows?03:46
xcsti just upgraded to gutsy and some of my avi files wont play, but others play why is it like that?03:46
UnNaturalHighxcst, are you sure you have added the medibuntu repository?03:46
UnNaturalHighand then afterwards all the required codecs?03:46
xcstwhats the medibuntu repo03:46
bazhangxcst: xvid or other?03:46
xcstim using mplayer movie player03:47
xcstavi files03:47
void^onats: depends on what you need - if it's for support/technical assistance, use vino. if you just need to access your desktop from the next room for a moment, use vino. if you want to run azureus in vnc, for example, it's better to use a standalone vnc server. and if you access it over the internet or any unreliable network, use ssh tunneling.03:47
bazhangxcst: I meant the file format03:47
=== u^A is now known as u^A_
soldatsadamonline45, if you would like some help with some basic gimp actions you might want to check youtube. a while back i looked there and i found some good tuts on how to do stuff03:47
bazhangxcst: of which there is more than one type03:47
* adamonline45 bows to soldat... "Thank you, again!"03:48
bazhangxcst: try installing a couple of packages (not the repos) from medibuntu and see if that does it03:48
xcstok thanks03:48
bazhangxcst: you know how to install stuff from the terminal?03:48
jarrod_anyone ever hear of a "phases of the moon" app? i have gdesklets and am on my way to check there03:49
killerbeesatemeDoes anyone have a second to point me in the right direction of fixing a botched package upgrade?  Network Manager refuses to completely upgrade.  apt can't restart the Network Manager service, which completely hangs the system, with the reset button being the only option to make the system functional again.  I can't upgrade or install anything without having to reset the pc03:49
bazhangxcst: then you want win32codecs and libdvdcss2; the instructions are on the site how to install those packages (not the repos) via command line03:49
SupaplexI've used debian sid for years, but only dabbled lightly with ubuntu.  Is ubuntu+1 considered your flavor of unstable? or it that testing?  This is all for use in a non-production isolated virtual server (easy to throw away). Thanks.03:50
bazhangxcst: you also want ubuntu-restricted-extras from ubuntu repos03:50
meoblast001apparently there are no screen recorders that record to common formats so how do you convert a .ogg video to a .avi video?03:50
onatsvoid, initially, i'm going to use it to access a server that is right beside me. for future use, i might want to be able to access it outside my network...03:50
onatsvoid, i'm trying to eliminate my KVM switch here03:50
daedricHey guys!! Hardware question. Have here a Asus P4C Deluxe motherboard. Aparently its working fine. It's now with a 2.0 Celeron, and a 300Wmax PSU. This setup works perfectly. Now.. if i put it with a P4 3.0, the motherboard behaves erraticaly. Some times it doesn't boot at all, some times, it boots and starts with "BIOS Checksums" problems.03:51
bazhangSupaplex: that is the next release03:51
geniiSupaplex: unstable03:51
daedricQuestion is... can it be the PSU?03:51
adamonline45Aww, crap, my tooltips in GIMP are white on white... They're also that way in the compiz effects-settings menu... If they're okay in the rest of my applications, what should I look into for fixing it in these situations?03:51
daedricCan it be too unpowerfull?03:51
daedricor do i have a 3.0 defective?03:51
hairulfr killerbeesateme you could probably start ubuntu with a an option to disable networking and network manager, then purge network manager and try again?03:51
bazhangdaedric: unpowerful?03:51
daedricbazhang, i know :D03:52
daedricthe word doesn't exists.03:52
daedricNot powerfull enough.03:52
onatsunderpowered maybe03:52
bulmerkillerbeesateme-> you can not get to the internet?  what kind of connectivity do you have?03:52
killerbeesatemehairulfr:  i ran "sudo update-rc.d NetworkManager remove" but it still hangs on doing the update03:52
geniideadlock: It's offtopic for here, but: bent pins? no heat transfer gunk?03:53
daedriconats, english is my second languange. Some times its impossible to use a word existing in my natural language and "translating" it intop English.03:53
xcstbazhang, i installed libdvdcss2, w32codecs03:53
soldatsadamonline45, sounds like you need to use the defaults for compiz and find out a good color scheme to use that works with all applications03:53
killerbeesatemehairulfr:  I'm actually on the system now.  Everything runs fine, unless i do anything upgrade/install wise with apt, then the system hangs03:53
bazhangxcst: how about the ubuntu-restricted-extras?03:53
daedric!! offtopic03:53
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:53
daedricGOing to another chan03:53
daedricbrb :D03:53
void^onats: on your local network you can also do neat things like xdmcp logins that require almost no extra configuration (just have to tick a checkbox on the server side) and work directly from your local login prompt (gdm) or in a nested x server (Xephyr, Xnest)03:54
xcstbazhang, not yet03:54
bulmerkillerbeesateme-> that only removes entries from the init.d so remove entries there03:54
killerbeesatemehairulf:  the system will recognize keystrokes but thats it.  I have to hit the reset button to get the system functioning again03:54
killerbeesatemebulmer: I'm actually on the system now.  Everything runs fine, unless i do anything upgrade/install wise with apt, then the system hangs03:54
bazhangxcst: that should set you up in that regard--easiest way is through synaptic--need to add more repos there03:54
bulmerkillerbeesateme-> if everything is fine, what is  the issue?03:55
hairulfrkillerbeesateme: try sudo apt-get remove [NetworkM] then sudo aptitude remove [NetworkM] and sudo apt-get remove --purge [Netwoek] sudo aptitude pnetwork  - if you can?03:55
killerbeesatemebulmer:  I can't install or upgrade any packages.  I normally wouldn't mind, but doing a reset via the button to install packages is not the greatest way to go03:55
dmb062082flash for 64 bit yet?03:56
hairulfrkillerbeesateme: The horrible things at the end of each command is the package name03:56
IdleOne!flash64 | dmb06208203:56
ubotudmb062082: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava03:56
killerbeesatemehairulfr:  I'll give it a shot.  hopefully I won't have to do a reset.  be back in a second if I lock up.03:57
xcstbazhang, whats ubuntu-restricted-extras for?03:58
=== kennny is now known as wapo20cam
killerbeesatemehairulfr:  trying to remove NetworkManager, this spits out at me "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. "03:58
meoblast001ok im stuck in a predicament03:58
meoblast001i need a video editor that doesnt crash03:58
hairulfrkillerbeesateme: But didn't crash?03:59
dmb062082it says it is installed but still says i mist grab the additional plugin (flash)03:59
bazhangxcst: mp3 flash, etc03:59
xcstok thanks03:59
soldatsmeoblast001, what editor are you using03:59
FlyingSquirrel32I'm having trouble playing DVD's. I've installed everything I can think of, but no go. (I'm on 64bit)03:59
Dante123hey, how do you get the task manager or ubuntu equivalent to kill a process up?03:59
xcstdo those include dvds?03:59
killerbeesatemehairulfr: it didn't crash, but if I run that command I'm 99% sure I'm going to hang.  It's asking me to configure that package which isn't fully installed...i think at least03:59
meoblast001soldats: Kino03:59
xcstbazhang, do those include dvd?03:59
meoblast001soldats: it crashes my computer03:59
soldatsDante123, huh be more specific03:59
lazarus_lupinekillall <processname>04:00
burepeWhat is a .cdr file and how do I burn it?04:00
bazhangxcst: that would be the libdvdcss2 you installed04:00
meoblast001soldats: after 5 minutes through the process of importing large files04:00
xcstok thanks04:00
soldatsmeoblast001, pitivi video editor04:00
soldatsmeoblast001, goole it04:00
lazarus_lupineDante123, open a terminal and use killall <processname>04:00
killerbeesatemehairulfr:  I ran into this problem a day ago on a debian box, where a config file was missing an option.  I was able to fix that by adding the option, but in this case, I'm not sure what I can do04:00
meoblast001soldats: how do you cut, zoom, and add music in pitivi?04:00
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
Dante123is there something akin to ctrl-alt-delete that brings up some kind of task manager gui?04:00
lazarus_lupineyou can look at top if you need to know the name04:00
soldatsmeoblast001, not sure i heard it was recommended for ubuntu04:01
killerbeesatemehairulfr:  there's a thread posted on the forum as well that details what i'm getting while running apt.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3906679#post390667904:01
hairulfrkillerbeesateme: Hmm, well, you could try? I'm sorta at my wits end at this, the only option is might be manually removing every bit of it, but, uhm how to go about removing every bit im not sure.04:01
mattycozehey fellas, does anyone know how to execute .jar files?04:01
xcstbazhang, installing the 3 lib, w32, and ubuntu restricted should almost all media would play?04:01
FlannelDante123: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58834704:01
meoblast001any Pitivi users?04:02
soldatsDante123, if you want to get process ids do "pgrep <app name" in a terminal if you want a system monito do "top" in a terminal04:02
killerbeesatemehairulfr:  I'll give it a shot.  again, if i  hang, i'll be back in a minute04:02
linuxftwanyone know how to instal a mgz 200 vid card..?04:02
ubotuxdmcp is the X Display Manger Control Protocol -- look at http://tldp.org/HOWTO/XDMCP-HOWTO/ to find out how to configure it04:02
meoblast001dang it i need to reboot.... everythings broke04:02
onatsvoid, i enabled remote access in my server.. how do i connect to it from my local machine?04:02
xcstanyone need help with virtual cd rom04:03
bazhangxcst: if it doesn't then it might be rm rmvb files, which realplayer will do--also available from medibuntu or real.com04:04
adamonline45soldats: Dang, I reset my compiz theme, my KDE colors, and KDE style, and still can't see my gimp tooltips... Any thoughts?04:04
xcstbazhang, mostly i only play, avi, mpg, mp3 etc04:04
bazhangxcst: also ape (monkey audio) are a problem some times04:04
bazhangxcst: then you'll be good to go04:04
xcstthanks a lot bazhang04:05
soldatsadamonline45, thats strange. usually its black text on white bg, what kind of tips do you need04:05
jelousbuddywhat does stupid paki mean? has any of you ever felt any great pain? how was it? !!! was it accident? how bad can it be if i am in a car accident for ex got hit by a train but still alive? or half burnt my entire skin including eyes? how about heart attack / failure?04:05
bazhangxcst: come back when/if you have problems :}04:05
mattycozehey fellas, does anyone know how to execute .jar files?04:06
hairulfrjelousbuddy: Uh, what?04:06
FlyingSquirrel32when I press a button on my laptop, it opens rhythmbox for me. How do I make it open totem instead?04:06
soldatsadamonline45, have you tried to highlight the tool tips04:06
huhmattycoze, java the jar04:06
mtx1at startup i get init: rcS process 2030 killed by signal 11 and rc-default process 2032 killed by signal 11 anyone know how to fix this? i have searched google for hrs with no fix? is there anyway to just recopy the /etc/init.d folder or will that mess everything up?04:06
mattycozeyeah i've tried that - not having much luck, i think thought there was somethign more to it that that04:07
adamonline45soldats: Just the tool-icon info.  I got it! :O  Had to restart GIMP 8)  hehheh...  Now to see what breaks 'em again...04:07
xcstbazhang, i have finished installing but still some wont play04:07
soldatsFlyingSquirrel32, there should be a hot key in the rhythm box config in the gui app you should remove the hotkey and use it for the totem config04:07
mattycozehuh i'll show you the error message i get...04:07
xcstim using mplayer, but in totem they are working04:07
huhmattycoze, what ya trying to run?04:07
soldatsadamonline45, so it works! awesome04:07
mattycozeit's a bluetooth app huh04:08
mattycozeException in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Blooover2/jar'04:08
bazhangxcst: which ones? avi?04:08
xcstbazhang, yes04:08
FlyingSquirrel32soldats: No, it's set in System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts04:08
mattycozehuh i got it from this source, but it didn't have much of a how-to section :p http://trifinite.org/trifinite_stuff_bloooverii.html04:08
bazhangxcst: you might want to try a different player then--vlc seems to be the app of choice for hard to play stuff04:09
FlyingSquirrel32soldats: but i don't see a way to run totem04:09
adamonline45soldats: Yup!  Thanks again :)04:09
xcstbazhang, im just wondering coz b4 i installed gutsy they are just working fine04:09
huhmattycoze, Don't know what to tell ya.. I dont have blue tooth04:09
xcstbazhang, i think they myt still work04:09
bazhangxcst: they will, fear not04:10
meoblast001ok im back04:10
Ashfire908is there a easy way to get the diffs for all the packages that can be updated?04:10
bazhangxcst: you just need to get the player that plays the majority of stuff best for you--mplayer might be for most stuff--and vlc for the rest, have to experiment there :}04:10
alokinhuh, im using the alternate cd now for ubuntu PPC for my mac g5, and it did not change anything, the smae problem still occurs.04:10
meoblast001dang it04:11
xcstbazhang, in the mplayer maybe it has something to do with the preferences?04:11
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  well here's what happened.  the command that apt asked me to run went fine.  so, i proceeded with your instructions to apt-get remove network-manager.  it wasn't able to stop the network manager (which shouldn't be running, since i disabled it).  so it failed.  I was still able to run commands under my normal user, however, any sudo commands freeze04:11
soldatsFlyingSquirrel32, when you go to keyboard shortcuts does it ask you to enter a command, if so try to enter "totem" and if that works enter the key controls you want for it04:11
meoblast001i need a screen recorder that writes to AVI... not OGG.... A..... V...... I.....04:11
mattycozeanyone know of a good java chatroom?04:11
ubotuSome programs to capture your screen are Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.04:12
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  this makes absolutely no sense to me.04:12
meoblast001soldats: already checked that link... all swf and ogg04:12
soldats!screencast | meoblast00104:12
ubotumeoblast001: please see above04:12
hairulfrkillerbeesatem: What, sudo is the problem? Like "sudo nautilus" freezes the system?04:12
hairulfrkillerbeesatem: No, that sounds very very strange04:12
soldatsoh soory i dont usually screen cast but im almost positive if you screencast in ogg you can make it into whatever extension you want04:13
super-7alazounehi all04:13
bazhangxcst: could be but I doubt it; try vlc or totem for example04:13
super-7alazouneI am trying to crate a directory04:13
percyI want to get a source code ,eva ,can i do like  this sudo apt-get source eva??04:13
super-7alazouneand I get "permission denied"04:13
soldatshairulfr, gksudo nautilus04:13
super-7alazouneI have no xorg running04:13
super-7alazounehow do I do it?04:13
geniisudo nautilus is *NOT* a good idea04:13
SpeakerManiaWhat is the command to download a file via the terminal?04:13
user01cant seem to get two green arrows on amule04:13
FlannelSpeakerMania: wget04:13
geniiSpeakerMania: wget04:14
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  here's what happens, when i try to apt-get install or apt-get upgrade anything, it keeps trying to fix the network-manager package.04:14
alokinhey can anybody help me fix my ubunto 7.10 ppc on my mac g504:14
super-7alazouneI tried "sudo mkdir ...", but it says not part of sudeors04:14
xcstsome avi play in mplayer but all play in totem04:14
SpeakerManiaFlannel, that's the ticket. I couldn't remember it, thanks. :)04:14
soldatsSpeakerMania, do you want an application or a file from the web04:14
meoblast001anyone know of any AVI screen recorders?04:14
SpeakerManiasoldats, genii, thanks. I got it covered. :)04:14
soldatsSpeakerMania, apt-get for apps and wget for files04:14
mattycozeis there a good bluetooh IRC channel on freenode?04:14
bazhangxcst: good news04:14
soldatsSpeakerMania, ok cool04:14
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  So, when i tried your instructions to remove it, it freezes on trying to stop the Network Manager.  which is the same thing that happens when i upgrade the system04:14
lgcHi. Is there any trick to activate the dictionary on Gutsy or it's just broken?04:14
SpeakerManiagenii, also it is gksudo nautilus is the proper way. :)04:14
alokinhey can anybody help me fix my ubunto 7.10 ppc on my mac g504:14
geniisuper-7alazoune: If this is not the first username that was made when ubuntu was installed make that name a user with admin/sudo rights from a username that DOES have sudo rights04:15
linuxftwcan anyone help me out with wine, and where it's located?04:15
hairulfrkillerbeesatem: Have you tried killing it?04:15
bro_man<-- seeking help, problem #2... OS: Ubuntu-feisty, Symptom: after loading OS, gui freezes/locks as soon as mouse/cursor is moved, Suspected Cause: last thing I did before rebooting and discovered reoccuring sympom was use "Add/Remove Applications" and added Nvidia drivers... Present State: after OS loaded I pressed alt+cntrl+F3 and I am at a fullscreen terminal prompt.... I am noobish, but somewhat capable (of screwing up syst04:15
bro_manem every 3 monthes). I do not know any commands but I can follow directions... umm... help?04:15
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:15
meoblast001"Ubuntu for example is capable of playing OGG/Theora/Vorbis video out of the box." ..................... yeah right =D *laughs*04:15
geniiSpeakerMania: Yes, gksudo and not gksu04:15
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  after failing at trying to stop the networking manager, thats when sudo becomes worthless.  also networking completely dies04:15
linuxftwwhere is wine located on my harddrive04:15
super-7alazounehow so?04:15
meoblast001Totem kills when i play OGG video04:15
super-7alazounefrom thr CLI04:15
lgcHi. Is there any trick to activate the dictionary on Gutsy or it's just broken?04:16
soldatslinuxftw, "whereis wine" in terminal04:16
soldatsmeoblast001, hmm i wish i knew more about ogg video to help you but i only use ogg audio04:17
xcstbazhang, how do i set totem to be the default player04:17
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  do you know an easy command to check if the network manager service is running?04:17
xcstbazhang, ill use it then since its the one who works with all04:17
meoblast001i only use ogg audio04:17
meoblast001and then they through this whole ogg video at me04:17
meoblast001i like AVI04:17
meoblast001and MOV04:17
meoblast001and MPG04:17
lgcFlannel, you there?04:17
soldatsya i prefer avi04:17
meoblast001why cant they use that?04:17
geniisuper-7alazoune: login with a name that does have sudo. Then edit file /etc/sudoers to add the name you want to have these rights. Examples can be examined by: man sudoers04:17
jiataihello, is the gutsy having a big upgrade now?04:17
hairulfrkillerbeesatem: top then look through the list or in system - preferences - sessions04:17
bazhangxcst: ah, not sure about that as I'm on kubuntu :} perhaps in the settings?04:17
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  I removed it from the init, using "sudo update-rc.d NetworkManager remove" yesterday, and I've done several reboots since then04:17
soldatsmeoblast001, just download the codecs for avi mepg etc04:18
hairulfrkillerbeesatem: Then you could try killing it04:18
xcstbazhang,  thanks04:18
meoblast001the program still wont write to AVI04:18
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  I also don't see it running in the gnome task bar04:18
bro_man<-- seeking help, problem #2... OS: Ubuntu-feisty, Symptom: after loading OS, gui freezes/locks as soon as mouse/cursor is moved, Suspected Cause: last thing I did before rebooting and discovered reoccuring sympom was use "Add/Remove Applications" and added Nvidia drivers... Present State: after OS loaded I pressed alt+cntrl+F3 and I am at a fullscreen terminal prompt.... I am noobish, but somewhat capable (of screwing up syst04:18
bro_manem every 3 monthes). I do not know any commands but I can follow directions... umm... help?04:18
meoblast001i converted the OGG video and it didnt work04:18
bazhangxcst: I can google if you wish (will google for karma) :}04:18
meoblast001the result wouldnt play04:18
bazhangxcst: just a moment be right back04:19
hairulfrkillerbeesatem: Well, something broke when you updated, that's for sure,, but exactly what I not sure. have you tried asking in #linux?04:19
SpeakerManiaHow do I set a folder to share over my network for access via Windows computer?04:19
mtx1at startup i get init: rcS process 2030 killed by signal 11 and rc-default process 2032 killed by signal 11 anyone know how to fix this? i have searched google for hrs with no fix? is there anyway to just recopy the /etc/init.d folder or will that mess everything up?04:20
soldatsSpeakerMania, right click and do folder share over network04:20
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  no, this was my first stop.04:21
SpeakerManiasoldats, can you be more specific?04:21
hairulfrkillerbeesatem: I'm simply not sure what to do.04:22
killerbeesatem1hairulfr: the thing that drives me nuts, is network manager is not running, so why would apt have a problem, or even try to stop it??  the package is in limbo, and i really wish I could make apt forget pending actions, so that I can just forget about it.  I don't even use the network manager04:22
Ashfire908is there a easy way to get the diffs for all the packages that can be updated?04:22
geniiAshfire908: Not yet but this method of updating is in discussion/development04:23
bro_man<-- seeking help, problem #2... OS: Ubuntu-feisty, Symptom: after loading OS, gui freezes/locks as soon as mouse/cursor is moved, Suspected Cause: last thing I did before rebooting and discovered reoccuring sympom was use "Add/Remove Applications" and added Nvidia drivers... Present State: after OS loaded I pressed alt+cntrl+F3 and I am at a fullscreen terminal prompt.... I am noobish, but somewhat capable, I do not know any c04:23
bro_manommands but I can follow directions... umm... help?04:23
hairulfrkillerbeesatem_ Yeah, that's where i get stuck too, , and "limbo" is a pretty description, I think :)04:23
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  you don't know how to force apt to forget about packages that aren't in a fully installed state would you?04:23
compwiz18is there an xorg.conf directive that signals a monitor to be widescreen?04:23
maxowhen booting ubuntu, I don't get the splash screen, and if I hit escape, I see the message 'usplash setting mode 1152x864 failed'. How do I fix this?04:23
sobbieevenin' ior morning all04:23
geniiapt-cache policy04:23
maxois there any way of changing usplash's mode?04:24
soldatsSpeakerMania, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Dapper#How_to_share_folders_the_easy_way read through this it may help also scroll to the top and maybe there will be a more specific way.04:24
sobbieok here is my issue... all new windows that open ... open at about position 0, -10 so that the top bar is off the screen04:24
SpeakerManiasoldats, thanks. :)04:25
Atomic_UEmaxo, did you change the resolution for usplpash?04:25
sobbieps is this the correct channel to be in for this issue04:25
soldatssobbie, i had the same problem i never figured it out04:25
maxoAtomic_UE, no, how can I do that?04:25
sobbieI just did an upgrade to 7.1 could that have cause the isue04:26
hairulfrkillerbeesatem1: Nope, I don't, I'm sorry, but I'm actually pretty interested in what it might be, but I simply don't know enough to figure out what i  "means", what happened and how to fix it.04:26
soldatssobbie, the only way i fixed it was to make a new user account04:26
hairulfrkillerbeesatem1: You should try #linux, they might know04:26
Atomic_UEGo to Applications > Add/Remove Applications04:26
sobbiesoldats... THANKS!!! :) maybe I will give that a try... although that is kinda a pain04:26
sobbie:) thanks again04:26
hairulfrhairulfr: I just tried google,  and I didn't really find anything04:27
Atomic_UEmaxo, go to Applications > Add/Remove Software, select All Available Applications from the drop down in the top right04:27
soldatssobbie, yea i know but when i upgraded it didnt do that it happened more recently also you might want to try to go to accessories > settings > window manager tweaks04:27
Atomic_UEmaxo, search for and install startup-manager04:28
Ashfire908genii: any non-easy way?04:28
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  I FOUND IT!!! for future reference, if you go to Synaptic, go into the status page, then go to "Not Installed (residual configuration)"  or something like that, then mark it for complete removal, it will actually purge the frickin thing04:28
silentam I the only one who sets their panels up like the windows task bar?04:28
thinsoldierHow do I find out how much free space I have on /04:28
geniiAshfire908: Not that I know of yet04:28
hairulfrkillerbeesatem1: The Network Manager setup files? Didn't we try that?!04:28
hairulfrkillerbeesatem1: Well, good for you :)04:29
adamonline45soldats: Well, I've determined that changing my KDE color scheme will let me see the tooltips.  When editing my colors,though, I don't see anything relating TO to tooltips... Do you know what I'd have to change?  I presume the color's tied to some other entities color... Oh, I'm in KDE, btw...04:29
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  I couldn't purge it via apt, but synaptic did it04:29
Arceyeis there program that can be used to recover deleted stuff ?04:29
thinsoldierHow do I find out how much free space I have on /04:29
maxoAtomic_UE, ok I'll try that04:29
=== Bawbatos is now known as Bawbatos_Away
adamonline45thinsoldier: df -h04:29
hairulfrkillerbeesatem1: Cool and strange, you installed via synaptic, and that godt stuck?04:29
Atomic_UEmaxo, ...i should of asked, Ubuntu actually does start up fine doesn't it?04:29
thinsoldierok, now where to find that in a gui so my grandma can do it?04:29
maxoAtomic_UE, yes, no problem otherwise04:30
silentoh wow, this channel is growing like crazy... gutsy catching on a bit more than previous releases?04:30
bruenigdoes your grandma need to know how much free space she has on /04:30
bruenigsilent, this channel is not as full as it was even after dapper04:30
bazhangxcst: you can right click and choose open with, or check properties and set what it opens with--the real answers will be found at ubuntuguide or ubuntuwiki--a good place to read through to get a feeling of all the things you can do--sorry not to give a better answer04:30
adamonline45thinsoldier: make her a shortcut :P04:30
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  I actually purged it via synaptic.  its got a section for packages that are in limbo.  so I just did a complete removal there.  it managed to stick...04:30
bro_man<-- still seeking help, started this morning... OS: Ubuntu-feisty, Symptom: after loading OS, gui freezes/locks as soon as mouse/cursor is moved, Suspected Cause: last thing I did before rebooting and discovered reoccuring sympom was use "Add/Remove Applications" and added Nvidia drivers... Present State: mouse unplugged, after OS loaded I pressed alt+cntrl+F3 and I am at a fullscreen terminal prompt....04:30
bro_manI am noobish, but somewhat capable, I do not know any commands but I can follow directions... umm... help?04:30
soldatsadamonline45, im not too familiar with kde since ive never used it but maybe just leave the kde settings the way they are so you can see the tooltips until you are comfortable with them and then change them back, sorry its not a better answer but im not familiar with kde04:30
silentbruenig, really? perhaps that's a good sign.. maybe things are 'just working' now04:30
thinsoldierseriously? there's no other way to check how much free space you have?04:30
bruenigsilent, I think people are switching to pclinuxos04:31
sobbie<thinsoldier> - install baobab04:31
Arceyewhat can I use to recover accidently deleted data ?04:31
thinsoldierI have to install something to see how much free space I have? wtf?04:31
bazhangbruenig: dont believe distrowatch04:31
silentbruenig, never heard of it, I'll look into it... i started out with debian, what base is pclinuxos built on?04:31
Atomic_UEmaxo, cool. So when the Startup-Manager app is installed, run the thing (System > Administration > Startup-Manager) and let me know when you get that far04:31
sobbiewell it might be there04:31
adamonline45soldats: Ooooh, it's workable though :)  I'll ask in #kubuntu... Thanks :)04:31
soldatsthinsoldier, "du" in a terminal04:31
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  i found a thread for not fully installed packages, and someone recommended doing that.  so, it didn't really fix it, but I didn't need the network manager anyway.  I'm just glad my apt works right04:31
daedalusthinsoldier: df -h04:31
bruenigbazhang, I shall believe it04:31
bazhangsilent mandriva04:31
sobbielook under acesssories04:31
bruenigsilent, pclinuxos is like ubuntu but better04:32
thinsoldiersoldats: where is the gui option? why can't we just right click on the drive icon in the side bar or something?04:32
soldatsadamonline45, ok cool that seems better for that situation04:32
adamonline45thinsoldier: Sorry, that's the best I know, I'm in KDE...04:32
Jack_Sparrowthinsoldier: I use thunar file manager and it shows free space on any selected drive..  or where you lookng for cli answer04:32
hairulfrkillerbeesatem1: Yeah, it's super frustrating,04:32
Jack_Sparrowthinsoldier: Nautilus is another option04:32
soldatsthinsoldier, you should be able to try to open the system monitor04:32
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  thanks for all your help tonight.  It was driving me nuts...  and now I can finish the thread someone else started with some kind of advice.04:32
thinsoldierand again with the cryptic commands. Someone please tell me what the "DF" stands for?04:32
sobbie<thinsoldier> or go to Places>My Computer04:32
silentbruenig, oh well, I like the ubuntu community, and I have this gutsy install working fine now... Linux is linux imo... there will always be an infinite number of choices, I'll stay with ubuntu04:32
thinsoldierit would be less alien If i understood what the letters were an abbreviation for04:32
sobbiethen right clieck on filesystem... and go to property04:32
hairulfrkillerbeesatem1: But good you made it work. Yeah, no problem, didn't really do all that much, you fixed it yourself :)04:32
bruenigsilent, I am just kidding, I don't know how good pclinuxos, I imagine it is probably the same as ubuntu/fedora/opensuse which are pretty much identical04:33
soldatsthinsoldier, "du" in terminal it stands for disk usage04:33
sobbiedf -h is a command at a xterm04:33
thinsoldierthanks sobbie04:33
soldatsthinsoldier, also du -h means human readable04:33
bazhangbruenig: phew04:33
Jack_Sparrowthinsoldier: you can type man df04:33
thinsoldierbeen at it for 10 minutes and didnt see that04:33
bro_man<-- still seeking help, started this morning... OS: Ubuntu-feisty, Symptom: after loading OS, gui freezes/locks as soon as mouse/cursor is moved, Suspected Cause: last thing I did before rebooting and discovered reoccuring sympom was use "Add/Remove Applications" and added Nvidia drivers... Present State: mouse unplugged, after OS loaded I pressed alt+cntrl+F3 and I am at a fullscreen terminal prompt....04:33
bro_man I do not know any commands but I can follow directions... umm... help?04:34
thinsoldierthanks soldats04:34
Atomic_UEthinsoldier, I would guess df = disk free04:34
soldatsbro_man, what do you need04:34
thinsoldierthis may sound crazy but I'd rather type "disk usage" than "du"04:34
silentbruenig, doesn't fedora push the non-proprietary policy though? I think I remember it not being able to play mp3's default, only ogg...?04:34
thinsoldierits more user friendly to a noob I think04:34
bruenigsilent, not true04:34
soldatsthinsoldier, the bash shell doesnt work that way04:34
crshmanhi all, i installed vmware workstation on my ubuntu box and when i restarted all my fancy compiz went away, i see it's not in the startup list anymore...does anyone know the command to start it?04:34
Atomic_UEthinsoldier, Places > Computer, right click on a thingo and it should say how much is free/used04:34
Jack_Sparrowthinsoldier: man and almost any command will bring up the manual for that command04:34
Ashfire908ok uh i was using xchat, and all of a sudden, the load average for the system raiply climbs and aplay processes lock up and don't play anything and refuse to respond to signal 16 to kill. or a SIGTERM.04:35
bazhangcrshman: you have ccsm installed?04:35
sobbiepro_man... unsintall nvideia driver...04:35
bruenigsilent, well ubuntu can't play mp3's by default, no distro can except the lindows/linspire/mepis's of the world that pay to be able to include them04:35
silentthinsoldier, no, I would much rather type du, it being much easier04:35
killerbeesatem1hairulfr:  hey, i would have never of thought of googling what i did without us going back and forth.04:35
thinsoldier:( 1 gig free04:35
Atomic_UEthinsoldier, also Nautilus should say X Free Space in the status bar04:35
Ashfire908this has happened before. load average is at 58.16 and rising.04:35
bro_mansoldats: I need to use my system without wiping my boot... everything is right there...04:35
crshmanbazhang: i should, i didn't uninstall anything i think some config files just got overwritten04:35
drcodehi all04:35
crshmani'm running gutsy, so it *should* be installed already04:35
bruenigbro_man, you need to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:35
soldatsbro_man, sorry what do you mean by wiping the boot04:35
Atomic_UEmaxo, how's it going?04:36
silentbruenig, true enough, but I like how synaptic works though.. makes installing further software a breeze04:36
bazhangcrshman: alt-f2 compiz --replace04:36
geniiAshfire908: If firefox is open with some Flash animations playing, close it04:36
thinsoldierwell i also needed to know the total capacity04:36
maxoAtomic_UE, ok, yeah I just installed startup-manager, interesting though, it reckons my resolution is set to 640x480 with 8bit at boot04:36
soldatsthinsoldier, in your file manager it should tell you everything04:36
bro_manit's a winduhs termm... to wipe the drive04:36
crshmanawesome, thnx04:36
hairulfrkillerbeesatem1: Cool, well, glad you got it working :) It was quite interesting, never really seen that happen, much else, but not that :P04:36
bruenigsilent, yeah they all have graphical package managers04:37
Atomic_UEmaxo, well that answers my next question04:37
bro_mansobbie ?04:37
soldatsthinsoldier, du -h should tell you everything04:37
drcodeany one know about boot network card?04:37
Flannellgc: What's up?04:37
Atomic_UEmaxo, what size monitor is plugged in?04:37
FunnyLookinHatIs there an equivalent to "defrag" in linux?04:37
silentbruenig, looking at the screenshots, pclinuxos looks like any other kde-based linux with some nice themes04:37
FlannelFunnyLookinHat: ext3 doesn't need it (it does it as it goes)04:37
Atomic_UEmaxo, 15, 17, 19, 21 inch?04:38
FlannelFunnyLookinHat: Or rather, it keeps itself unfragmented, is a better way to put it.04:38
bruenigsilent, ubuntu looks like any other gnome based distro with an ugly brown theme04:38
thinsoldierhow can i force mount an ntfs drive?04:38
Ashfire908genii: no this is not firefox related04:38
sobbiebro_man... thought it said you install driver... then problem happend...04:38
bro_man OS: Ubuntu-feisty, Symptom: after loading OS, gui freezes/locks as soon as mouse/cursor is moved, Suspected Cause: last thing I did before rebooting and discovered reoccuring sympom was use "Add/Remove Applications" and added Nvidia drivers... Present State: mouse unplugged, after OS loaded I pressed alt+cntrl+F3 and I am at a fullscreen terminal prompt....04:38
silentbruenig, ahaha, I never use the default theme04:38
bruenigsilent, I don't know that anyone does04:38
maxoAtomic_UE: it's a laptop 1024x768 lcd screen04:38
bro_mansobbie: yes, correct.04:39
Ashfire908genii: i shut it down. aplay does not respond.  load is 96.04:39
bro_manI do not know any commands but I can follow directions...04:39
SpookyETHow can you make gnome show the contents of windows when they are resized?04:39
soldatsthinsoldier, do "sudo fdisk -l" in a terminal and whatever hdd you want to boot do "sudo mount -a /mount/point"04:39
Atomic_UEmaxo, try setting the resolution to 1024x768 and turn the colour depth to 16 bit04:39
FunnyLookinHatFlannel, sweet, so if I resize the drive it'll probably preserve the data, yeah?04:39
maxoAtomic_UE, ok, I'll try that now. have to reboot tho. brb :-)04:39
bruenig!xconfig | bro_man try this04:39
ubotubro_man try this: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes04:39
Atomic_UEmaxo, no worries :)04:39
mmm3hi... so i just installed 7.10 a couple of days ago on a laptop with no internet connection, and i remember it saying something about updates. Since then i installed wifi-radar and internet works, and i try to use the update manager and it searches for updates but doesn't find any and says i'm up-to-date, even though i am sure i am not. am i stupid?04:40
silentmmm3, you're probably up to date04:40
xcsthow can i make and play a virtual cd rom/04:40
xcsthow can i make and play a virtual cd rom?04:40
mmm3do the download iso's get updated?04:41
silentxcst, mounting an iso?04:41
bazhangxcst: you mean an iso file?04:41
xcstsilent, yep04:41
xcstbazhang, yep04:41
silenterm... I cant remember the filesystem name04:41
daedalusmmm3: no, there will be updates waiting, are you sure you didn't update?04:41
geniiAshfire908: No other immediate ideas come to mind04:41
bro_manbruenig: so the exact command is " sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg " (without the quote marks ?04:41
silentxcst, I'll look it up04:41
sobbiexcst - mount -loop something04:41
soldatsbro_man, yes04:42
daedalusmmm3: from the command line, sudo apt-get update04:42
thinsoldierit says my drive is /dev/sda but when i try to mount that it fails04:42
geniiAshfire908: top is showing aplay as most resource hog?04:42
thinsoldiercan't find /dev/sda in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab04:42
daedalusmmm3: once it's updated then, sudo apt-get upgrade04:42
sobbiebro_man yep that is it04:42
silentxcst, sudo mount file.iso /media/iso/ -t iso9660 -o loop04:42
soldatsthinsoldier, do you want it to mount everytime at boot04:42
Ashfire908genii: one sec04:42
thinsoldierno just this once04:42
thinsoldierexternal drive04:42
silentxcst, if you're not familiar with mount, man mount04:42
sobbiethinsoldier - use part command to find partition04:43
luluhi, I just installed gutsy in my desktop PC, but gdm couldn't be started, I just watched xorg log, and I have 3 errors: 1:Cannot find empty range to map base to, 2:Vesa(0): Cannot read v_bios(3), 3: Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration04:43
lulucan anyone help me?04:43
Ashfire908genii: i just tried restarting alsa.04:43
geniiAshfire908: What IS top resource hog?04:43
soldatsthinsoldier, so if you unplug it and plug it back in it doesnt auto mount04:43
thinsoldierbash: part: command not found04:43
Ashfire908genii: it locks up.04:43
luluI have an ati radeon x70004:43
thinsoldierit wont auto mount cuz its an ntfs and the error message says windows didnt shut down properly (which is hasn't in 3 years)04:43
silentlulu, try a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:44
Ashfire908genii: xorg compiz, gnome-system-monitor, it varies04:44
sobbiesorry cfpart or parted04:44
geniiAshfire908: I would suspect something in compiz.04:44
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-and-unmout-iso-images-without-burning-them.html xcst04:44
Ashfire908genii: besides no sound and a load passing 165.23, nothing else says anything is wrong04:45
lulusilent, and which driver should I use?, this is a fresh install04:45
soldatsthinsoldier, i auto mount an ntfs everyday i wonder why it doesnt work you could also add it to the /etc/fstab file and it will mount everytime and if you want to unmount it right click and choose unmount04:45
silentvesa is good for compatibility04:45
silentthough you can try ati04:45
geniiAshfire908: Laptop?04:45
Ashfire908genii: it's at normal resources.04:45
* thinsoldier runs off to buy a hard drive, install windows, boot, plug in external drive, shut down windows properly, restart in ubuntu, mount external drive :( see ya later, thanks04:45
Ashfire908genii: no.04:45
mmm3sudo apt get update fetches 1B in 0 sec reading package lists and then done04:45
meoblast001why doesnt totem play OGG Video?04:46
mmm3doesn't seem to have udated anything04:46
geniiAshfire908: Rules out cpu scaling making it seem like unusually high load then04:46
Ashfire908genii: right now, i just want to kill aplay.04:46
meoblast001or what plugin is required to play it?04:46
soldatsit seems that thinsoldier is impatient and it also seems he doesnt want to learn to use linux04:46
silentmeoblast001, you're missing codecs04:46
sexcopterhi, could anyone recommend me a package for transcoding audio, eg from mp3 to ogg?04:46
silentmeoblast001, just get vlc04:46
test001endru cabul04:46
Ashfire908genii: the issuse appear to be comming from alsa itself.04:46
meoblast001i have vlc04:46
silentthen use it04:46
lulusilent, well, I'm using vesa, I didn't modify anything :S, install app chose vesa04:46
meoblast001VLC dies too04:46
silentlulu, try the reconfigure04:46
geniiAshfire908: sudo kill `ps ax|grep aplay|cut -b1-6`04:46
silentmeoblast001, have you tried to play the video in any other OSes?04:47
Ashfire908genii: the kernel modlue is in the kernel/loaded. no scaling is taking place.04:47
maxoAtomic_UE, no luck, says I passed an undefined video mode. I guess I'll just have to live without pretty splash screens :-(04:47
daedalusmmm3: there won't be any lists to grab if you're up to date04:47
silentmeoblast001, are you sure the file is intact?04:47
daedalusmmm3: did you upgrade too?04:47
Ashfire908genii: no output.04:47
meoblast001silent: i dont know... the recommended Ubuntu ScreenCast programs made these files04:47
Atomic_UEmaxo, an undefined video mode? that's one i ain't heard of04:47
soldatsi really wonder if anyone has ever googled "learn linux" and actually read some web pages. it seems to me that there is a lot of information in those pages. a lot of the problem i see on this channel would be easily described and or fixed if someone were to read up on it04:47
geniiAshfire908: ps ax|grep aplay04:47
silentmmm3, you may have to check your sources in synaptic.. make sure you have repos enabled04:47
Ashfire908genii: 202+ load.04:47
mmm3yes i ran sudo apt-get upgrade04:48
FunnyLookinHatHow can I send resize2fs a size in MB rather than sectors for a partition resize?04:48
Atomic_UEmaxo, try a lower/other resolution04:48
silentsoldats, I learned by diving in... it's been a few years now04:48
geniiAshfire908: Sounds like some memory leak04:48
soldatsreading the dist wiki is another good way to learn how to work the system the way you want to04:48
hairulfr"if you're wondering how he eats and breathes and other science facts...."04:48
maxoAtomic_UE, thanks for the help anyway, I'll fiddle around a bit more, and maybe who knows...04:48
silentmmm3, I'm not really a big fan of upgrades04:48
mmm30 upgraded 0 newly installed04:48
Atomic_UEmaxo, ok04:48
silentmmm3, oh, nvm04:49
Wingless-ArchangI need some help04:49
maxoAtomic_UE, thanks :-)04:49
soldatssilent, yea me too its been a few years but i have also read many many pages on the stuff and have learnt a lot from that04:49
Ashfire908genii: memory is normal. ram and swap04:49
mmm3i installed from a 7.10 cd so i shouldn't need to upgrade?04:49
Atomic_UEmaxo, no worries, cya04:49
silentsoldats, yep04:49
Ashfire908genii: buttload of stuff.04:49
silentmmm3, upgrade is just upgrading packages04:49
silentmmm3, dist-upgrade upgrades the distribution release04:49
mmm3o right...04:50
daedalusmmm3: did you set up a connection and upgrade during the install maybe?04:50
silentmmm3, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade04:50
sexcopterany suggestions? There must be something out there for converting audio04:50
mmm3it's just wierd because i have a desktop with 7.10 on it since release, and have updated it successfully04:50
geniiAshfire908: I'm out of immediate ideas again, and food has arrived to my door04:50
Ashfire908genii: i tryed to stop alsa. it won't shut down.04:50
hairulfrsexcopter: Just a second, I'll find it for you04:51
ernieI wish to modprobe snd-serial-u16550 and am running into an error message 'No such device'.  Can someone help?  It doesn't seem to be covered at the forums or wiki.04:51
mmm3but this recent install on the laptop hasn't 'updated' anything...04:51
=== makk is now known as kam
sexcopterhairulfr: thanks muchly04:51
sobbieWingless-Archang what kinda help?04:51
soldatssexcopter, audacity04:51
silentmeoblast001, it's unlikely that vlc is the problem.... try playing a sample ogg video04:51
Ashfire908genii: i can't stop the stopping of it either04:52
lului tried ati, fglrx, and radeon drivers from repository without luck, do you recommend to use ati's website binary package?, my card is an ati radeon x70004:52
geniiAshfire908: Before I leave to eat, perhaps use the kill -904:52
sobbiesexcopter: lame programs04:52
sexcoptersoldats: ok, i didn't even know it existed for ubutnu, i've used it before for windows, so that's an ideal solution. thanks!04:52
Ashfire908genii: doesn't respond.04:52
geniiAshfire908: Is there some window open in the gui that is nonresponsive?04:52
mmm3is there a way to tell what 'updates' are installed?04:52
ubotuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications04:53
hairulfrsexcopter: What do you need to convert, btw :) I forgot the name of that oter program, but depending on what it is you need to convert04:53
seekhey, I can't run "Alfred Teach Yourself Guitar" under Windows XP because Adobe bought Macromedia and now it crashes with Adobe's player.  (This is an Executable, not webbased)  Will crossover or WINE work?04:53
erniethis is for a serial MIDI interface and the only solution I found involved adding a demudi repo to the apt...  didn't seem right04:53
Ashfire908genii: nope.04:53
xcstis vlc a nice player for dvds?04:53
silentmmm3, no idea, things just work on this end... have you looked in the synaptic settings for repositories?04:53
geniiAshfire908:  Ok. Leaving to get nourishment. I hope someone esle will assist04:53
meoblast001silent: so all the other programs involved are the problem04:53
daedalusmmm3: you could check out the log04:53
meoblast001silent: EVERY SINGLE ONE?04:54
sexcopterhairulfr: i have some mp3s and want to convert them to ogg, i see there's a package mp32ogg, but i'm guessing it's very minimal and requires some clever knowledge i don't have! :p04:54
Ashfire908anyone know how to force a process to end?04:54
daedalusmmm3: /var/log/apt/something04:54
ernieI suspect there's a better way than just installing a kernel from a different distro... just to... build a serial interface module?!04:54
soldatssexcopter, cool04:55
lazarus_lupinekillall <processname>04:55
daedalussexcopter: you will loose sound quality going from mp3 to ogg, there really isn't any reason to do this04:55
Ashfire908like destory the process? alsa, aplay, and alsactl do not respond to signal 15 or 6.04:55
silentmeoblast001, I'm not familiar with linux encoding software, but if the video doesnt play in vlc, and doesnt play in totem with the proper codecs installed, then I'm afraid you might have a corrupt file on your hands04:55
ernieI just tried using the devices from a QEMU/Win2k MIDI program... works :)  So I know the hardware's good.  and the port's working... but I need the ALSA driver to use snd_serial_u16550 I think04:55
soldatssilent, true04:55
Atomic_UEAshfire908, if it's got a GUI window you can see, Alt+F2, type/run xkill, click on the evil window04:55
meoblast001silent: how do i get those codecs... which one do i need in synaptic?04:56
ReilithionThe gpsd manual is inscrutible.  How do I figure out how to get it to connect to my GPS device?  I'm connecting through a USB port.  And how do I know once it's connected?04:56
Ashfire908lazarus_lupine: nope.04:56
silenttry to play the file on windows or download a sample ogg video file and see if it plays04:56
soldatsAshfire908, pgrep <appname>       kill <app id>04:56
Ashfire908Atomic_UE: nope it's aplay.04:56
Atomic_UEAshfire908, otherwise System > Administration > System Monitor. Find the program and END it, if END doesn't work, right-click and KILL04:56
reya276Help!!! Can anyone help me solve this eclipse issue, It wont run on Ubuntu Gutsy I have reinstalled it several times checked my Java version and nothing. Can someone take a look at my eclipse error log here: http://www.pastebin.org/1086904:56
hairulfrsexcopter: http://www.perturb.org/display/entry/687/ this is on the mp32ogg, someone made a scrip so it can convert a ton of files :) you can also try audacity (sudo apt-get audacity)04:56
crshmanHey all, for some reason none of the settings that i change in gnome are being saved. I reboot and the resolution drops back to 800x64004:56
hairulfrsexcopter: sudo-apt get install04:57
bullgard4lgc: There are several dictionaries with Gutsy. Which one do you refer to?04:57
soldatsAshfire908, "pgrep aplay"  then do "kill <process id"04:57
\`slushpuppy`\Hi, could anyone help me with GIMP. When i set the dimensions, and press scale, nothing happened04:57
ernieIs there a better channel for kernel module questions?04:57
Ashfire908Atomic_UE: does not respond to either. i've tried that 20 times.04:57
eyemeanfor video ediing which is better and easier pls cinerella or blender?04:57
\`slushpuppy`\I am doing an image scale better04:57
\`slushpuppy`\I am doing an image scale btw*04:57
soldats\`slushpuppy`\, sometimes that happens if your not on the correct layer (if you have layers that is)04:58
Atomic_UEAshfire908, ah a zombie....restart?04:58
bullgard4ernie: I am afraid, there is not. There are channels where kernel develpers communicate but they will not talk to you.04:58
silentvlc includes the codecs in its install for its use... for totem you'll need.... try libtheora004:58
erniebullgard4, :)  OK.  I'll just lurk for awhile... repost... lurk... that OK in here?04:59
exweyemean: Open Movie Editor: http://openmovieeditor.sourceforge.net/HomePage04:59
mmm3there is no 'setting up' or 'updating' of any packages (other than ones i have installed) in /var/log/apt/term.log04:59
xcstsilent, what do you think is the best player for ubuntu? just like wm player for windows04:59
soothsayereyemean: blender is more of a 3d modeling app, what are you trying tod ?04:59
soldats\`slushpuppy`\, also sometimes it may scale an image but it zooms in so you may not notice a difference these are the problem i encountered with gim if those dont work im not too sure about your problem04:59
YurimHi, I want to use bcp (associated with the boost libraries). But some examples from the manpage only work with --boost=/usr/include and the others don't work at all. Is anybody really using bcp?04:59
daedalusmmm3: i'm at a loss...04:59
bullgard4ernie: I do not know the word 'lurk'. Say it in other words, please.04:59
eyemeansoothsayer, trying to edit an engagemtn video for friend05:00
rmajwhy ubuntu is so vulnerable?05:00
silentxcst, windows media player is the second largest piece of crap media player ever made... the first being itunes05:00
bazhangrmaj: its not05:00
erniebullgard4, lurk means to remain silent and only read the other conversations05:00
daedalusrmaj: vulnerable to what?05:00
xcstsilent, i cant play my dvd cd properly in totem05:00
hairulfrsilen: hahaha05:00
silentxcst, rhythmbox for music, vlc for video05:00
soothsayereyemean: if you just need to cut parts out and recompress avidemux is pretty good05:00
matthew_how, i want to use sawfish instead of metacity.  but i try "killall metacity" but it just comes back a second later.. what do I do?05:00
xcstsilent,  ok thanks05:00
rmajbazhang: it is05:00
rmajdeadlock: to: memtest 2000M05:01
bazhangrmaj: please stop05:01
rabiddachshundLong story short, can I have an ati card *and* nvidia on feisty?05:01
eyemeanwat if i want to make snazzy transitions from scene to scene stuff like that, add tetxt etc05:01
silentrabiddachshund, that's worse than dividing by zero05:01
luludo you recommend using ati's website binary to install ati radeon x700 video card?, I just tried ati, radeon, and fglrx driver without luck, they tell me they can't find any screen05:01
Ashfire908soldats: i've given it signal 6, or SIGABRT a core dump signal. using "kill" alone did what i expected. nothing.05:01
mmm3i wish i could remember the message i got during install about updates or something...some file in /etc05:01
soldatsmatthew_, sudo /etc/init.d/metacity stop05:01
silentrabiddachshund, it's probably possible05:01
Dr_willisrabiddachshund,  ive heard of it being done befor.05:02
bullgard4ernie: My advise would be post your module question here. If nobody answers re-post your question after a quarter of an hour and do this again and again until some new aspect of the matter arises.05:02
rabiddachshundI guess I'll just remove one.05:02
rmajdeadlock: did it worked for you?05:02
silentrabiddachshund, good choice05:02
rabiddachshundWhich is supported better, ati x600 or walmart nvidia?05:02
matthew_soldats:  command not found05:02
kelsinmatthew_: sawfish should have a replace command as well, "sawfish --replace" maybe? THen save you're session after. Maybe also you can "killall metacity && sawfish"05:02
Atomic_UEAshfire908, "pgrep aplay"  then do "sudo kill -s 9 <process id>"05:02
soldatsAshfire908, ok well what i meant was pgrep the app name and it will show the process id and then do another command like "kill process id05:02
silentrabiddachshund, always nvidia, but if the ati is more powerful, try it first05:02
erniebullgard4, :)  right, then.  thank you05:02
Ashfire908Atomic: not a zombie. "uninturtible. i've gotten this error before. last time i ended holding the power button after like pressing it a bunch of times and the system failing to shutdown.05:02
matthew_kelsin:  sawfish --replace doesn't work.05:02
YurimNo bcp user around? Too bad. *sigh*05:02
rmajbazhang: install program memtest and run memtest 3000M to prove me wrong. save all open documents first, since ubuntu will crash (well, freez)05:03
soldatsmatthew_, if you run system monitor does it show up if it does then try to end it05:03
matthew_kelsin:  neither does the other suggestion05:03
=== phoenix999 is now known as _phoenix_
kelsinmatthew_: you can also go into the session manager and tell metacity not to restart as well, then kill it, then start sawfish05:03
silentrmaj, who run's memtest within linux?05:03
soldatsmatthew_, if that doesnt work then you will need it to not run on startup05:03
matthew_soldats:  kills it, but it comes back a second later05:03
silent*scratches chin*05:03
Ashfire908atomic: nope.05:03
rmajsilent: guys that write this utlility; or use any program that needs lots of memory05:03
soldatsmatthew_, do what kelsin suiggested05:04
Atomic_UEAshfire908, evil process indeed :S05:04
silentrmaj, memtest86, test all your memory, not just that which isn't occupied by operating programs05:04
soldatssilent, i run memtest8605:04
soldatsonly when i need it05:04
xcsthwo can you make gdesklets work on startup?05:04
rmajsilent: sigh, the goal is that user space application can easy crash system05:04
matthew_soldats, kelsin: that seems to have worked, thanks.05:05
eyemeansoothsayer,  wat if i want to make snazzy transitions from scene to scene stuff like that, add tetxt etc05:05
soldatsxcst, i believe there is a config file for it im not sure05:05
mmm3ahha looks like stuff was commented out in /etc/apt/sources.list by the installer05:05
silentrmaj, it's easy to create programs that will crash a system. Fortunately, that's the opposite of the goal!05:05
bazhangrmaj: you have a support question?05:05
rmajsilent: the goal is to have system that can't be crashed05:06
silentrmaj, not possible05:06
soldatsrmaj, any system can be crashed05:06
bazhangrmaj: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic please05:06
rmajsilent, soldats: right.  crash freebsd05:06
kelsinrmaj: do like OLPC and devise a system where every app is virtualized05:06
rmajbazhang: how to make my ubuntu not vulnerable to this05:06
kelsinrmaj: def not crash proof, but closer05:06
soothsayereyemean: i've never done anything like that in linux, try cinelerra maybe, but i think it only takes dv input05:06
silentrmaj, I could very easily crash bsd, but I'd have to use a hardware hack... I call it the power button05:07
dmb062082flash is all screwed up in 64 bit 7.1005:07
rmajkelsin: fork bomb are really lame attack to which ubuntu should be resistant... its also quite easy to fix05:07
thinsoldierI know that when I delete something on an NTFS Drive it goes to .trashes on the root of that drive. Now, how do I ACTUALLY delete the file from inside of .trashes?05:07
rmajsilent: and can user space application crash entire system?05:07
Ashfire_Serverok who was helping me when my nick was ashfire908?05:08
eyemeansoothsayer, ok thanx05:08
astro76rmaj, from your trolling in #linux you clearly know that this is something inherent in linux perhaps, and not just Ubuntu... so why bother us about it?05:08
soldatsrmaj, run this in a terminal on any *nix based system ":(){ :|: };:"   it will certainly crash it05:08
kill_u_hi all05:08
kelsinwhat does the 64 bit flash package actually do, cause I thought there still wasn't an adobe 64 bit release?05:08
kill_u_is anyone know the download manager for linux which can stop the PC after complete the download05:08
Dr_willisthinsoldier, the file managers normally have a 'delete dont trash' shortcut some how.  or just find the .trash* dir and delete it  (dont move it to the trash) :)05:08
Atomic_UEthinsoldier, Shift+Delete on .Trash05:08
bazhangkill_u_: stop the pc?05:08
thinsoldieri turned on show hidden but still dont see a .trashes05:08
thinsoldierif i go into windows i can see it05:08
kelsinkill_u_: "wget file && sudo reboot" as long as you can sudo the reboot without a password05:09
rmajastro76: bug is in kernel, but some distros fix it a bit by default.. apparently not ubuntu; and yes, poiting out any problem in god blessed linux is basicly trolling05:09
erniekelsin, is that the GNU version maybe?05:09
Atomic_UEAshfire_Server, I don't know about helping, but trying to seems more accurate :P05:09
CharlieSuAnyone have a waffles.fm invite?  if so plz PM me. :)05:09
bazhangkill_u_: no idea what that means :}05:09
rmajsoldats: orly>05:09
kill_u_sudo want pass05:09
kill_u_if i sleep at 5 o'clock which will give the pass05:09
Ashfire_Serveratomic_ue: i sent aplay evey core dump signal. then compiz showed pidgin locked up05:09
rmajsoldats: it doesnt crash my other box05:09
t3chignore this text05:09
silentrmaj, I'm sure if you went to the top programmers in the world, hackers, malware writers, I'm sure they'd bring bsd to it's knees by running an application. Nothing is invincible.05:09
soldatsrmaj, no this is a help based channel you shouldnt come here telling people about how it sucks or there is a lot of bugs in it05:09
astro76!bugs | rmaj05:09
uboturmaj: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots05:09
soldatsrmaj, is it *nix based running BASH05:10
kelsinernie: flashplugin-nonfree is available on 64bit in gutsy, which confused me, I guess I should just look at the package05:10
Atomic_UEAshfire_Server, do you know what spawnd the aplay command?05:10
thinsoldierrmaj; pay canonical for support and they'll listen to you complain05:10
silentrmaj, regardless, this isn't the place for bsd talk, if you would like to make ubuntu resistant to fork bombs, do it up05:10
shaanhey how can I unarchive a rar file?05:10
bazhangrmaj: please stop05:10
kill_u_bazhang: this means that sudo will want password05:10
rmajsilent: some bsd's are. there are probably high prices, but it can't be broken. common it's not windows, be optimistic05:10
Atomic_UEAshfire_Server, and perhaps why aplay is still waiting? I'm assuming for some device05:10
ernieshaan, apt-get unrar or similar05:10
astro76!rar | shaan05:10
ubotushaan: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free05:10
Ashfire_ServerAtomic_UE: i did a gui shutdown. nothing happened. i did ctrl-alt-backspace. xorg reset, the system tryied to shutdown, but failed at stopping a alsa and i held the power button down.05:10
silentrmaj, OSX isn't windows either, but I've seen it crash05:11
silentand it's a bsd derivative05:11
rmajsoldats: yes, my box is immune to forkbomb. your can be to with ulimit (well its harder with it)05:11
silentplease keep on topic05:11
Ashfire_ServerAtomic_UE: xchat spanwed it.05:11
bazhangkill_u_: not sure what you are trying to do05:11
thinsoldieris there a linux IM client that can accept files across msn messenger?05:11
silentthinsoldier, try amsn05:11
soldatsthinsoldier, pidgin05:11
hairulfrthinsoldier: pidgin05:11
rmajsoldats: my question was, is there some clever way to prevent this bug in ubuntu05:11
Ashfire_Serverthinsoldier: pidgin works for me05:11
NaisenuHi. Trying to play a 3gp file from a friend. I added the mediubuntu gusty repository to SPM and installed ffplay. Also have the w32codecs installed. I get video but no audio.05:12
soldatsrmaj, what bug exactly05:12
bazhang!ot | rmaj05:12
uboturmaj: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:12
kelsinkill_u_: you could always allow your user to shutdown the system via sudo without password, so that you can script it05:12
sarixehi, i just installed amd catalyst 7.11, configured xorg.conf for composite, and compiz won't work.05:12
rmajsoldats: running program that uses lots of memory freezes the system05:12
kill_u_I try to download file and after that i just want to stop the machine05:12
rmajkill_u_:   wget ..... && shutdown -h now05:12
rmajkill_u_: as root probably05:12
kill_u_this not work05:13
Atomic_UEAshfire_Server, kill xchat? but i assume that's already been tried seeing as you've done the ctrl+alt+backspace05:13
soldatsrmaj, if a program uses lots or memory it is due to the developer who designed it not the OS05:13
squarebracketi'm trying to install some brother printer drivers... tried installing, didn't work, so i wanted to remove it and try again, but now i can't get it to remove.05:13
Dr_williskill_u_,  you could always 'suid' the shutdown or halt command. then any user could use them to shut down. :) (not a good idea for security howevber)05:13
=== Bawbatos_Away is now known as Babatos
kill_u_as root the file will be changed and cannot be read from users05:13
soldatsrmaj, if its a problem try using a defferent program05:13
hairulfrsquarebracket: Try making it work without driver first, just tell CUPS to find it,05:13
kelsinkill_u_: then do what I said and make it so you can sudo shutdown without a password05:13
rom11I am not able to downlaod sources using svn co05:14
sarixenevermind, compiz.real works *sorta*05:14
kelsinrom11: what error ar eyou getting?05:14
rmajsoldats: you actually belive this nonsense you are saying?   ok, IE6 is as safe as firefox, if crash installs a virus via IE, its the site fault, not the application nor sytem... jesus05:14
rom11it is asking for the password05:14
squarebrackethairulfr: didn't work... i installed it via localhost:631 or whatever, went with whatever driver it thought i should use, and the print test page didn't work....05:15
rmajspeaking of, how stable is Ubuntu's version of ffox3 ?05:15
kelsinrom11: what sources are you talking about?05:15
rom11but I can go through the webbwowser05:15
bazhangrmaj: this is a support channel05:15
rom11then  it do now ask for password05:15
naminemwhat's the command for switching workspaces?05:15
Atomic_UEAshfire_Server, the only thing i can suggest for your problem is the Reset button05:15
Atomic_UEAshfire_Server, other than that i'm out of ideas05:16
Ashfire_ServerAtomic_UE: already did.05:16
Ashfire_ServerAtomic_UE: had to hold it down.05:16
rom11I am doing practice on embedded systems, so I am downloading from opwnwrt siye05:16
bazhanghi AprilHare05:16
aubade!info webkitgtk05:16
ubotuPackage webkitgtk does not exist in gutsy05:16
Atomic_UEAshfire_Server, That sounds like power button05:16
soldatsramon, your talking about a virus not mem usage05:16
Ashfire_ServerAtomic_UE: yes,05:17
Atomic_UEAshfire_Server, but still anything that just resets the computer to start it up again is all i can think of05:17
soldatsrmaj, firefox has never crashed for in ubuntu05:17
Atomic_UEAshfire_Server, It happens everytime you run xchat?05:17
rom11hi kelsin05:17
silentstep 1) hold power button for 4 seconds... step 2) ???? ... step 3) Profit05:17
AprilHarei installed a third party application under ubuntu. it does not particularly know anything specific about ubuntu (it installs itself with a shell script) and the only way to run it is via shell script. is there any way to add it to the applications menu, or as a shortcut on the desktop?05:17
rmajhow to resent my ubuntu box?05:17
bazhangrmaj: reset?05:18
hairulfrrmaj: hahah. Make it do naughty things!05:18
rmajdefault kernel dont include sysrq05:18
bazhangrmaj: what is the issue?05:18
silentsystem -> quit05:18
Picirmaj: yes it does.05:18
rmajsilent: mouse cursor do not work05:18
bullgard4http://suspend.sourceforge.net/download.shtml: "In orded to try µswsusp you must run a recent -mm kernel or mainline 2.6.17-rc1." What is an '-mm kernel'?05:18
squarebracketi'm also getting a "package corrupted or improper permissions" dialog from gdebi when trying to use the .deb package that worked before.05:18
rmajPici: orly?  alt+sysrq+b == nothing05:18
bazhangAprilHare: what app?05:18
Picirmaj: it works here fine.05:18
silentrmaj, ctrl+alt+f105:18
silentsudo shutdown -r now05:19
rmajwhat was sequence for sync, unmount, reboot?   and what was for free memory05:19
rmajsilent: switch to VT doesnt work05:19
AprilHarebazhang: mathematica05:19
rom11svn co is not working for me05:19
rmajsilent: caps lock doesnt work,  mouse cursor move once per 3 minutes05:19
rom11it is asking for the password05:19
rmajrom11: whats teh problem?  well give the password05:19
bazhangAprilHare: just a moment--checking05:19
NaisenuHi. Trying to play a 3gp file from a friend. I added the mediubuntu gusty repository to SPM and installed ffplay. Also have the w32codecs installed. I get video but no audio.05:19
jribAprilHare: right click on the ubuntu icon, edit menu05:19
rom11but there is no password05:19
silentrmaj, what are you doing to your box that it can't respond?05:19
rmajNaisenu: try various players;  vlc mplayer kaffeine05:19
soothsayerbullgard4: -mm kernel is a development where new features are often tested before being imported into the main kernel tree05:19
rom11I can browse the files using browser without any pasword05:20
Picirom11: You'll have to take that up with the place you are getting the svn from, theres nothing we can do about it05:20
kelsinrom11: svn co https://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/tags/kamikaze_7.0905:20
rmajsilent: well I run memtest to test memory, I should be arrested05:20
kelsinrom11: I just ran that and was able to download, don't know what version you're trying but it's not asking me for a password05:20
bullgard4soothsayer: Ah! Thank you for explaining.05:20
kelsinrom11: that command was found on this page: https://dev.openwrt.org/05:20
rmajwhats sysrq to kill memory?05:20
silentrmaj, tried ctrl+alt+backspace?05:20
aicramHello all. How does one instantly and automatically arrange icons on the desktop? Thank you for any help.05:20
rmajsilent: nothig;  with caps lock not working Im not too optimistic05:21
CaptainMorganhow do I kill a process if sudo kill <pid> is not working?05:21
rmajCaptainMorgan: kill -9 it ass05:21
kelsinCaptainMorgan: you can try "sudo kill -9 <pid>"05:21
silentrmaj, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds05:21
rmajsilent: and corrut fs?05:21
silentwhy would it corrupt the fs? are you writing massive amounts of data?05:21
Some_PersonI think my aMSN skin should replace the current default Ubuntu one.05:22
bullgard4soothsayer: Do you know where the letters 'mm' stem from? (So that I can better remember them.)05:22
AprilHareyay many thanks05:22
CaptainMorganthanks rmaj kelsin05:22
bazhangAprilHare: you want to run it from the run command, or add a gui menu item?05:22
rmajsilent: brillian kernel is using hard drive all the time last 20 minues, I think it tries to swap out the kernel code for swapping or somthing equally stupid05:22
kahrytan!language | rmaj05:22
uboturmaj: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:22
kelsinCaptainMorgan: -9 is the kill signal, not the ask the proces to stop politely signal :)05:22
rom11hi kelsin05:22
silentrmaj, that's just swap, kill it05:22
AprilHarebazhang: i just added a gui menu item05:22
rom11it i sasking me for password05:22
bazhangAprilHare: good news05:23
rom11is it really need to Sudo05:23
linuxftwanyone know a iso buner for ubuntu ?05:23
kelsinrom11: then you need to write the openwrt people, cause it really has nothing to do with ubuntu if you're running the right command and getting a password. It has to do with their svn server05:23
silentlinuxftw, it's built in, right click the iso05:23
rmajit took just 20 minutes to react to my alt+ctrl+del!  yee heew05:23
linuxftwooh! kk :) yhnx silent05:23
thinsoldierlinuxftw: xacetone iso05:23
bazhanglinuxftw: right click burner05:23
rom11howcome you are able  to dwonload05:23
kelsinrom11: no you don't need to sudo, why are you running sudo, install the code in your home directory and use the commands listed right on dev.openwrt.org05:23
AprilHarermaj: don't use the Lords name in vain. wait until you really stuff things up05:23
soothsayerbullgard4: wikipedia says it was originally used to test memory management code05:24
silentyour lord, not mine05:24
Some_PersonIs there a working repository for Cinelerra on Gutsy?05:24
bullgard4soothsayer: You are really helpful. Thank you very much.05:24
AprilHaresilent: what gave you that impression?05:24
bazhangrmaj: I suspect its a hardware issue05:24
QuickRiderHI ppl05:24
bazhanghi QuickRider05:24
jribAprilHare, silent: lets drop it please05:24
rmajbazhang: no, just kernel sucks05:25
silentjrib, true enough, not even worth debating05:25
rmajkam: oh damn, I said sucks05:25
rmajoh shit I said damn!05:25
kamrmaj: AND ASS05:25
Ashfire_ServerAtomic_UE: sometimes. there seems to be no pattern05:25
kamyou said ass!05:25
kamOH NO05:25
kam*I* said ass!05:25
silentuh oh05:25
RabidWeezleok, I'm running a live disk since my laptop hard drive blew out, is there a way to boot the desktop live disk to a shell only so I can save memory and load mu internet connection sharing? I run out of memory whenever X runs cause it doesn't have enough to download dnsmasq and ipmasq into ram05:25
rmajjrib: ok ok no need to be grave serious?05:25
rmajnow ubuntu lunched 150 KSnapshot applications for me, I am so happy05:26
bazhanghi danker05:26
silenttechnically and ass is just a donkey05:26
jribrmaj, kam: you need to keep the channel family-friendly and, most importantly, on-topic05:26
Dr_willisRabidWeezle,  ya could download the packages to a usb/thumb drive.. I guess. never tried to tweak the live cd that much.05:26
rmaj155, and counting... how to FORCE the shutdown _now_, using mouse only, in kde?05:26
QuickRiderDanker- ASL05:26
RabidWeezleor is there a way to have it mount a flash drive and use it for downloads?05:26
AprilHarehello danker05:27
Dr_willisRabidWeezle,  when it downloads them they go to /var/cache/apt (i think) ya could move them from there to a USB drive05:27
rom11<kelsin> did you get the message "the certificate hostname does not match"05:27
bazhangRabidWeezle: you could do as Dr_willis suggests pendrivelinux dot com has much more on that front05:27
kelsinrom11: no05:27
RabidWeezleDr_willis: is there a file I can edit to change where they are downloaded to?05:27
Dr_willisRabidWeezle,  if you really wanted to go hard-core ya could also put a swap file/partition on a usb drive.05:27
silentrmaj, power button, 4 seconds05:27
silentDr_willis, thats what I'd do05:27
rom11does it require any ssl package to be installed05:27
Dr_willisRabidWeezle,  no idea on there. download them. copy them over.. then ya can isntall with sudo dpkg -i whever.deb05:28
RabidWeezlek, it was hard enough to download ubuntu live disk on a psp at the hotspot lol05:28
Ashfire_Serverrmaj: a click of the power button should shut it down. ctrl-alt-backspace restarts xorg05:28
Dr_willisThe Ubuntu live cd - is a bit lacking in ways compared to other live cd's out there.05:28
RabidWeezleI can probly download the packages using my psp05:28
rmajAshfire_Server: I had to sysrq-b it05:28
silentDr_willis, I dont even download the live cd anymore... alternate ftw05:28
* RabidWeezle gets his psp05:28
kelsinrom11: don't know, if it did then I must have it, seriously goto your home dir and type "mkdir src; cd src" then run the checkout command on dev.openwrt.org and you should be fine05:28
Dr_willisfor a low end system DSL, or PUPPY Linux - are darn nice live cd's05:28
Ashfire_Serverrmaj: that button actually does something?05:29
rmajAshfire_Server: I hit combination... one rebooted05:29
kelsinsilent: same here :)05:29
silentDr_willis, they are meant to be live distros, ubuntu works best on a hard drive05:29
RabidWeezleDr_willis do they do laptops well?05:29
techno-wizWhat is the advantage of the alernate?05:29
rmajand corrupted my FS \o/ hurray for ubuntu, almost secure system...05:29
silentand dsl uses 2.2 or 2.4 kernel with fluxbox and a few tiny apps05:29
Sulo_SeppaHello guys. I am on my wife's laptop currently, which I put ubuntu 7.04 on quite a few months ago. Yesterday however, I decided to open adept package manage and do a distribution upgrade. It got to the point where it was installing packages, then asked to remove some so I chose okay, at which point it crashed. It is usable, but I don't really know what happened or how to continue the process.. I haven't experienced bugs, but I05:29
Sulo_Seppadon't think this is a complete upgrade since it stopped about halfway through. What can I do? I tried updating packages and stuff, but there was nothing to, and it won't let me finish dist upgrade because it says I am on 7.10 now05:29
silentits not even a fair comparison of performance05:29
bullgard4http://suspend.sourceforge.net/download.shtml differentiates between 'Official releases' and 'Latest release' of µswsusp. (I need s2ram.) What is the difference?05:29
icerebellumiSulo_:  have you tried sudo apt-get upgrade?05:30
icerebellumioutside of the package manager?05:30
squarebracketis there a way to initialize a command from a console and not have the console wait for it to finish?05:30
AprilHarepresumably latest releases are unstable05:30
bazhangSulo_Seppa: everything running okay?05:30
icerebellumiI've had synaptic shit the bed on me a few times05:30
soothsayersquarebracket: add a & at the end05:30
RabidWeezlethere's gotta be a way to boot straight to console though on the live cd though right?05:30
silentSulo_Seppa, you may want to try an upgrade -fix05:30
squarebracketsweet, thanks05:30
silenterr fix missing, something like that05:30
Dr_willisRabidWeezle,  they work good on   the laptops ive tried them on05:30
ice9_looking for an alternative to google deskbar search05:30
ice9_anyone know of one05:31
silentice9_, www.google.com works pretty well05:31
bazhangice9_: tracker?05:31
ice9_no for index searching on your system05:31
ice9_internal searching05:31
jribice9_: tracker and beagle seem to be the popular ones05:32
ice9_k thx05:32
* genii slips in and sips a coffee05:32
silentok guys, I'm gonna fork bomb my laptop05:32
Sulo_Seppasilent: you mean apt-get upgrade -fix?05:32
silentbrb, maybe05:32
silentfix-missing I think05:32
geniiAshfire908:  Get anywhere with that aplay/alsa issue?05:32
silentgoogle it05:32
Sulo_Seppabazhang: well, it runs okay, but I don't know if it is complete or not05:33
RabidWeezleI think the ubuntu live would be better if it had a stripped down version aswell, like no firefox, pidgeon, that stuff, just lynx basic X with a xterm option05:33
silentit will usually tell you if you need a fix-missing05:33
rmajsilent: try real os like freebsd, or some hardened linux, for such stuff05:33
soldatssilent, :(){ :|: };:05:33
silenti know05:33
silentgot it on the clipboard right now05:33
kelsinrom11: I wish we have a live cd that had options like that (or full blown desktop) and then a separate isntall cd that had graphical install (not full live cd), text install and cli on one cd05:33
rmajit starts with a sad face05:33
kelsinrom11: wrong name that was meant for RabidWeezle05:33
rmajsad face of kernel doom05:34
silentrmaj, i'm feeling adventurous05:34
silenthere we go LEEEEEROOOY JENKINSSSS05:34
bazhangSulo_Seppa: if it works and there are no fix missing warnings in the terminal then it may be alright--have you tried to install other stuff as a test?05:34
RabidWeezlefor sure, I think debian has had such live cd's05:34
soldatssilent, lol05:34
* rmaj <--- silent had quit (my lame kernel can't protect self from too many threads at once)05:34
silentsyntax error05:34
rmajsilent: ulimits protects agains it I think right?05:34
RabidWeezleprobly the best live cd though is the one you make yourself lol05:34
bazhangRabidWeezle: kanotix thorhammer05:35
soldatsrmaj, yea usualy but i think you have to set that yourself05:35
rmajsoldats: yes, this is waht sucks05:35
silentk its going i think05:35
rmajthis is what people should change,  when bazhang comes in with boring "its a support channel -> thinking prohibited here"05:35
RabidWeezleI wish this laptop could boot off a thumb drive though05:35
cellofellowwhat's a good, easy to set up FTP server?05:36
bullgard4http://suspend.sourceforge.net/download.shtml differentiates between 'Official releases' and 'Latest release' of µswsusp. (I need s2ram.) What is the difference?05:36
rmajRabidWeezle: hmm it can't boot from usb?05:36
bazhangrmaj: you blaming me for the guidelines? they were here long before I arrived05:36
RabidWeezleolder laptop... 1ghz. dell c61005:36
soldatssilent, :(){ :|:& };:05:36
* rmaj throws godwin style reference @ bazhang05:36
soldatssilent, i typoed05:36
Kr0ntabcellofellow, vsftpd05:36
Sulo_Seppabazhang: yes I can install other stuff.. but I think I am missing some stuff that is on 7.10.. maybe I am just paranoid.05:37
cellofellowKr0ntab: ok, thanks.05:37
bazhangSulo_Seppa: naything you really need seem to be missing?05:37
SpeakerManiaI am running the command 'ffmpeg -i file.flv music.mp3' to rip the audio form flash movies. When the audio come sout though it sounds crappy compared the movie. How can I define the bitrate I want to audio at?05:37
mattycozehay can someone help me install bluez-libs?05:37
SudoKinghow do you execute a java (.jar) file?05:37
soldatssilent, did you do it!05:37
kelsinSudoKing: java -jar file.jar05:38
Sulo_Seppabazhang: I am not too sure.. I think there is supposed to be some proprietary driver tool in 7.10 right? I don't use ubuntu on my computer, so I am not too sure05:38
RabidWeezlewish they made a bios update for this, but the funny part is if they did, I'd have to find some way to make a bootable dos cdrom05:38
soldatsSudoKing, you need java support as well i believe05:38
bazhangSulo_Seppa: you want to install ubuntu-restricted-extras, as well as two packages from medibuntu.org--will help out if you need05:38
soothsayerSpeakerMania: -ab05:38
arooniis there some software to replace activesync for linux?  something to sync a pocket pc phone edition to my ubuntu gutsy desktop05:39
rich1does anyone know if you can transfer from a linux box onto an r4 chip?05:39
SudoKinguh, I got the error:  Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from pircbot.jar05:39
bazhangrich1: what is an r4 chip?05:40
SpeakerManiasoothsayer, so ffmpeg -i -ab 224 movie.flv audio.mp3 woudl that work?05:40
SudoKingsoldats, what java files for support?05:40
soothsayerSpeakerMania: yep05:40
kelsinSudoKing: then the pircbot.jar file doesn't define a Main class to run, you probably need to somehow run the bot like "java -cp pircbot.jar SomeClass" but I have no idea what that someClass should be05:40
rich1bazhang: it's a storage device for the nintendo ds.05:40
SpeakerManiasoothsayer, thanks05:40
* rmaj lols @ silent crashed computer05:41
Kr0ntabarooni, multisync and synce05:41
silentthat was fun05:41
rmajsilent: reseted X ?05:41
bazhangrich1: you wnat to boot ubuntu on your dreamsphere?05:41
soldatssilent, did it work05:41
silentpower button, 4 seconds05:41
rmajsilent: you lie05:42
Kr0ntabarooni, one how-to that might help.  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/pocket-pc-syncing-with-evolution-in-ubuntu.html05:42
rmajsilent: you booted up back in few seconds?05:42
RabidWeezlehow do you truely kill X on a livecd?05:42
silentshit locked up... did my message go through?05:42
SpeakerManiasoothsayer, when I run the command with -ab 224 it says the input file is corrput; without it is goes fine05:42
SudoKinghey hey05:42
silent"oh my god its raping my computer!"05:42
SpookyETI want to test Evolution with GMail, but I can't figure out how to map Trash Spam, Drafts, etc. to [Gmail]/Trash...05:42
SudoKingbad language..05:42
rmajsilent:  no05:42
* Ashfire_Server gives rmaj a system with a run-away alsa and 15 non-responding aplay processes.05:42
mattycozehay can someone help me install bluez-libs?05:43
silentyea my cpu fan kept speeding up... massive swap writes05:43
soldatsRabidWeezle, ctrl+alt+backspace or got o terminal and type exit05:43
Kr0ntabSpookyET, I don't believe you can05:43
silentpower button, 4 seconds05:43
rich1bazhang: no.  the chip/card comes with software to transfer files from a computer to the chip/card.  like the software that comes with a digital camera.05:43
Kr0ntabat least the trash...05:43
rmajAshfire_Server: advanced kernel limiting of resources would fix it05:43
silentmy laptop is fairly speedy so restarting wasnt very time consuming05:43
NaisenuOkay update, i have totem, ffplayer, and vlc ... none of them give sound on the 3gp file i'm trying to play05:43
=== chris__ is now known as MirrorImage
Sulo_Seppabazhang: Thanks. So just add the medibuntu to my repositories and then find the packages for my hardware?05:43
RabidWeezlectrl+alt+backspace restarts X, exit will logout of a terminal05:43
Kr0ntabSpookyET, Thunderbird of course you can...  works very well05:43
rich1bazhang: i'm wondering if that software will work with linux/ubuntu.05:43
silentctrl+alt+backspace/f1 didnt work05:43
mattycozesorry i should explain the http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47316/ was my output for make && make install commands of that installation05:43
SpookyETKr0ntab: I know. But thunderbird is so alien on gnome. Tracker does not index it...05:44
Kr0ntabSilenceGold, "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop"05:44
soldatsRabidWeezle, hmm then im not sure about live cd sorry05:44
RabidWeezleI want to free up what little ram I have lol05:44
Kr0ntabsilent, "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop"05:44
bazhangSulo_Seppa: if you want to add all the repos you can, generally I just add dvd support and codec support--howtos on the site medibuntu.org05:44
RabidWeezleyou know I tried that and it restarted lol05:44
silentKr0ntab, entire system was locked up, fork bombed myself05:44
RabidWeezleI am not kidding Kr0ntab lol05:44
bazhangrich1: will check, just a moment05:44
silentno access to a terminal05:44
silentmy music stopped playing05:44
soldatsRabidWeezle, well for me i usually only use cli when  i boot and i use terminal apps for everything like finch for aim  irssi for irc and w3m or links2 for www05:44
RabidWeezlehow do you use cli on a live cd?05:45
soothsayerSpeakerMania: try like this ffmpeg -ab 224 -imovie.flv audio.mp305:45
RabidWeezleI'm ussing irssi/lynx, but X won't die lol05:45
soothsayerwhoops ffmpeg -ab 224 -i movie.flv audio.mp305:45
soldatsRabidWeezle, see that i dont know how to do, i thought it gave you an option when it booted05:45
RabidWeezlewonder if the server cd is a live disk?05:46
soldatsRabidWeezle, does ctrl+alt+del do it05:46
mattycozeCan someone help me install bluez-libs on Ubuntu 7.10 - http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47316/ was my output for make && make install commands of that installation05:46
bro_mansoldats: I selected the "auto configure" option in xserver-xorg for my video card, Nvidia geforce 4 MX 4000, and it is asking me what my video cards bus identifier is... it says PCI:1:0:0_______ there is a blinking cursor after the last zero... is this a pre-inserted answer or am I to  insert data there?05:46
RabidWeezleleave it bro_man05:46
RabidWeezlejust press enter05:46
bazhangrich1: can't find anything--you might check ubuntuforums gaming section for more :}05:46
myWifeIs19Is freedb dead?05:46
kelsinmattycoze: does sudo aptitude install libbluetooth-dev not work for you?05:46
SpeakerManiasoothsayer, it comes out as 48 second slong wiht no audio05:47
rich1bazhang: ok.  thanks for the help.05:47
RabidWeezleor tab->enter if it has it's box there05:47
soldatsbro_man, usually leaving it blank will default it but if you go into your bios on boot you should be able to find out the path05:47
mattycozekelsin i haven't tried it... i'll have a check - i might have already installed it, what is that anyway?05:47
bro_man "incorrect format for the bus identifier"05:47
kelsinmattycoze: bluez libs05:47
NaisenuHi. Trying to play a 3gp file from a friend. I added the mediubuntu gusty repository to SPM and installed ffplay. Also have the w32codecs installed. I get video but no audio. Update is that i installed vlc, totem, and still no go.05:47
kelsinmattycoze: well the development libraries for them, you need libbluetooth2 for the actuall library05:48
RabidWeezlebro_man: you running like dual video cards or something (just wonderin)05:48
bro_mansoldats: where would it be in the bios ?05:48
silentrandom third party codecs? must be porn05:48
RabidWeezleor do you have your onboard enabled?05:48
silentor is 3gp some video phone format?05:48
soldatsbro_man, pci devices list05:48
soldatsi think05:48
mattycozekelsin i've already installed libbluetooth-dev05:48
myWifeIs19abcde stopped working.  so I ran it with "-V" switch and it gets stuck when checking for freedb status...  anyone knows if freedb is dead?05:49
kelsinmattycoze: (At least according to the description in synaptic, might be different then what you need, don't know)05:49
Naisenusilent/soldat: phone video and not porn05:49
Naisenuthe audio is ARM according to the properties05:49
bro_mansoldats: no, just the one... the video port5 that came on the mobo is dead or crap... I dont remember...05:49
bazhangNaisenu: you have to convert them to mpeg05:49
silentNaisenu, I'm not sure I believe you05:49
bazhangserious o4o :{05:49
silentpost video for proof plox05:49
mattycozehmm - well i'm just trying to get my bluetooth card to work with my phone the k610i05:49
soldatsNaisenu, huh05:49
soldatsbro_man, hmm im not too sure im sure someone is more experienced than i on that subject05:50
bullgard4http://suspend.sourceforge.net/download.shtml differentiates between 'Official releases' and 'Latest release' of µswsusp. (I need s2ram.) What is the difference?05:50
bro_mansoldats: but I disabled the mobo video  in the bios...05:50
mattycozekelsin, i know it works, i can establish some sort of a connection, but i haven't got any apps to work with it yet05:50
mattycoze... so i'm just really experimenting i guess05:50
* RabidWeezle gets an idea05:50
Naisenubazhang: I have not converted to MPEG. I am not certain if you were suggesting this or asking if I had done it.05:51
silentNaisenu, make theora, not proprietary05:51
mattycozekelsin, i was reading this http://pratyeka.org/rfcomm/05:51
kelsinmattycoze: well if you must install from source the error you're getting is that 99% of the time make install will fully install files on your system so you need to be root, so commonly you run configure and make as normal user, then run sudo make install05:51
Naisenusilent: And this would be done how?05:51
nickrudhi bullgard4. Offical releases mean just that, the official releases. In this case the 'latest' is the latest official release05:51
soldatsbro_man, RabidWeezle idea??? dont you mean a headache with pictures05:51
silentNaisenu, why in Windows of course, where the majority of third-party codecs exist05:52
Ashfire_Serverfor future reference, what signal do i use in place of the gnome terminal's kill process?05:52
mattycozeokay well i'll have another try kelsin brb05:52
bro_mansoldats: no worries, man... thats more help than I have had in awhile... and you keep pointing me in the right direction...05:52
Naisenusilent: I really dislike Windows. There is no way to do this in Ubuntu?05:52
bullgard4nickrud: Thank you very much for explaining and your interpretation. I appreciate that.05:52
mattycozesame thing05:52
soothsayerSpeakerMania: mplayer -dumpaudio -dumpfile audiofile i.flv will get the audio out, maybe you can convert it afterwards05:52
Sulo_Seppabazhang: thanks. also, another thing about this. Ever since I upgraded when using 7.04 a few months ago, the "power manager" utility doesn't work correctly. Such as, when I hover over it, it shows "Battery: not present. CPU Frequency: 0 MHz"05:52
nickrudbullgard4: I remember that english is not you first language ;)05:53
wckdkl0wnis there an ftp client for linux that will allow me to extract passworded rar files on a server i have full rights to?05:53
silentNaisenu, I'm sure some one's raised the question somewhere... the question is, do you want to spend 5 minutes in windows to convert the file, or 5 days browsing the net and messing with system files?05:53
soldatsbro_man, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Dapper#How_to_install_Graphics_Driver_.28NVIDIA.2905:53
kelsinwckdkl0wn: I'm confused, you're end goal is to copy a file and unrar on a server you have an account on?05:53
NaisenuSilent: Can I convert it here? Or can you recommend a program to convert it?05:53
silentwckdkl0wn, winrar has a linux release05:53
bullgard4nickrud: Yes, that is correct. My mother's language is not English. But this was not important when I put this question here.05:54
silentNaisenu, I'm not sure, you can try the windows video editor, or "obtain" *cough* a copy of sony vegas05:54
wckdkl0wnkelsin, i just uploaded like 20 rars to my webhost but now i need to extract them on the server. it was easier to upload the rars instead of the thousands of files05:54
kelsinwckdkl0wn: do you have ssh access?05:54
silentyou'd have to look for the codecs, however05:54
wckdkl0wnthey say i do but i cant connect to it05:54
kelsinwckdkl0wn: so you can log in and run unrar (if they have it installed)05:54
wckdkl0wnjailed ssh access05:54
wckdkl0wnmaybe i am doing something wrong with ssh i dont know05:55
silentI'd think the phone company would have utilities to convert their video files to something a bit more mainstream05:55
bro_mansoldats:... ok, got the link ... do you think it will make a difference if OS is feisty ?05:55
kelsinwckdkl0wn: well you're first step to being able to work on the server (not just copy and move files) is to get a shell account, after that you won't be so stuck, but the ftp protocol (afaik) doesn't allow you to run random programs on the host, so you'll need to unrar locally then upload05:55
=== z9999__ is now known as z9999
kelsinwckdkl0wn: just "ssh user@whatever.com" unless they do crazy other stuff05:56
wckdkl0wnkelsin can i pm you?05:56
wckdkl0wnreguarding the ssh05:56
kelsinwckdkl0wn: no05:56
ubotuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.05:56
Ashfire_Serverfor future reference, what signal do i use in place of the gnome terminal's kill process?05:56
soldatsbro_man, no i dont believe so ive used this wiki for a little over a year and ive had no problems most commands are the same05:56
kill_u_hey it work05:56
=== amidaniel is now known as amidaniel|away
wckdkl0wnthey say in the email to make sure i use port 222205:56
soldatsAshfire_Server, what05:57
kelsin"ssh -p 2222 user@system.com"05:57
nickrudwckdkl0wn: looking at rar, it appears to depend upon nothing, so you should be able to upload it05:57
bro_mansoldats: ok... coolness...05:57
soldatsbro_man, i hope it help if not ill look again tomorrow and ill see if your online05:57
wckdkl0wnkelsin ty that worked i was able to connect then05:57
Ashfire_Serversoldats: what signal number does the gnome-system-monitor use for the "kill process" option?05:58
silentsomething just made a loud noise05:58
silentam I being robbed?05:58
juggyDSexcuse me, lol05:58
rmaj!ot | silent05:58
kelsinwckdkl0wn: so if they have the unrar ultility you're all set, otherwise might not be, if that's the case maybe you should unrar locally all of the files, then tar them up and copy them up to the server05:58
soldatsAshfire_Server, do you mean a pid for a certain app05:58
ubotusilent: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:58
soldatsAshfire_Server, if you open system monitor and look for the process id you can type "kill "id number"" and it should kill it05:59
Ashfire_Serversoldats: no. what signal dos gnome-system-monitor use for "kill process"05:59
* silent calls out into the hallway, "it's free software, I swear, just go to ubuntu.com!"05:59
bro_mansoldats: ok... it will probably work then, providing I dont misconstrew it... I have a different problem for tomorrow with my backup system, Xubuntu... screwed that one up too...05:59
RabidWeezlethink I'm running outa ram already06:00
soldatsbro_man, ill be on at somepoint if i see you ill try to help as much as i can06:00
silentbut seriously i'm going to check it out06:00
silent*grabs knife*06:00
juggyDSya, be safe06:00
nickrudsilent: I hope you don't live on a hill06:00
linuxftwok, so i used utorrent.exe to download a OS and it was saved inside wine, is there any way to first) unpack the .rar file, then burn it inside the wine folder??06:00
rmajnickrud: hah06:00
juggyDSor a... nvm06:01
soldatsAshfire_Server, what exactly do you need to do with the kill function06:01
bro_mansoldats: ok, coolness... here's hoping that all you do, deserves you.06:01
wckdkl0wnto unrar in ssh i use the tar command right?06:01
silentthere are few things quite as awkward as forgetting it's not yet late, and walking out into the living room holding a knife while your family is watching tv06:01
linuxftwok, so i used utorrent.exe to download a OS and it was saved inside wine, is there any way to first) unpack the .rar file, then burn it inside the wine folder?? does anyone know a solution to my problem? or am i going to have to redownload the file?06:02
nickrudwckdkl0wn: no, you would use unrar or rar , hopefully they have it installed. Otherwise, you can install rar on your machine, then transfer the binary to your server06:02
kelsinwckdkl0wn: ssh is JUST like the teminarl on your computer, so saying "in ssh" doesn't apply for that question, and unfortunatley no. Tar handles tar files (and can handle gzipping and bzipping the tar files for you) For rar you need unrar afaik06:02
Ashfire_Serversoldats: ust forget it06:02
silentlinux4me, unrar06:02
silentlinuxftw, unrar06:02
linuxftwit's inside WINE tho06:02
bro_man<--- BBL06:02
linuxftwcan't do much in wine06:02
squarebracketok, so i'm trying to remove a package, but it tells m,e i need to reinstall it first, and when i try to reinstall it, it gives me errors... any ideas on how to get past this?06:02
silentthen cd to the directory dood06:02
linuxftwwell the C:\ browser atleasr06:02
soldatsAshfire_Server, sorry i just didnt understand the "signal" issue but maybe im too drunk06:02
kelsinlinuxftw: still means the file is in like .wine/drive_c or something like that06:03
linuxftwlol i am really bad at cd locating06:03
silentlinuxftw, do not utter "C:\" here... it is taboo06:03
nickrudlinux4me: cd .wine/drive_c , then you are in C:\ :)06:03
soldatslinuxftw, type ls -a to see all file06:03
kelsinlinuxftw: if your  wine is setup nicely should have a z: drive or something that's actually your home dir06:03
myWifeIs19abcde stopped working.  so I ran it with "-V" switch and it gets stuck when checking for freedb status...  anyone knows if freedb is dead?06:03
silentwhat's that wine gui config? that utility is very nice06:04
burepeis there a command to eject a cd?06:04
nickrudburepe: eject06:04
PirateHeadlinuxftw: If your file is in a subfolder but you don't remember which one, you can use find and grep to search for it.06:04
silentthat's the one... very nice06:04
nickrudburepe: sometimes you will need sudo eject06:04
wckdkl0wnnickrud, what do u mean by transfer binary to the server?06:04
silentI used to run utorrent/foobar2000 through wine06:04
soldatssudo eject /media/cdrom06:05
Ashfire908what java package do i install06:05
silentI've since learned the error of my ways06:05
m0u5ei recently installed xserver-xgl and then removed it, but now whenever i start a gnome session, it tells me that there is a conflicting keyboard config (configured as pc101, but gnome settings saved as 105),  how do i get rid of this annoying start up message?06:05
linuxftw"wine file - [C:\windows\profiles\raul\windows xp home sp2 [06:05
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre06:05
kelsinwckdkl0wn: he means if your server doesn't have unrar, you can probably copy the actually unrar program to the server since it's only one binary file, then run it there (as long as their running linux too)06:05
nickrudwckdkl0wn: copy /usr/bin/rar to your server06:05
myWifeIs19on my system eject works without su06:05
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Gnome under Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For Edgy, see !fstab and !DiskMounter06:05
nickrudkelsin: unrar has dependencies, rar doesn't (and rar x will extract)06:05
silentm0u5e, try a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:06
kelsinwckdkl0wn: listen to nickrud and copy rar etc06:06
crazyman89OK, I just turned on the dekstop effects, and I have the cool flippy cube thing, but I wanna knwo how to zoom out ont he cube, so I can see the whole cube, like they show in all those videos on Youtube.06:06
m0u5esilent: tried that already, msg still pops up06:06
linuxftwumm for whoever got me in the cd /.wine/drive_c$ can u helpage me :$???06:06
wckdkl0wnnickrud, how do i go about doing that? they run linux as well. they had unzip but not unrar or rar06:06
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion06:06
silentm0u5e, lame... did you purge xgl?06:06
m0u5esilent: i'm guessing its a left over config file from xserver-xgl06:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about abcde - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:06
m0u5esilent:  yeah :(06:06
nickrudlinuxftw: erm, I got you there, what are you trying to do, anyway06:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about freedb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:06
kelsinwckdkl0wn: scp -P 2222 /usr/bin/rar user@system:~/06:07
linuxftwextrqact my rar file to burn it :$06:07
silentshouldnt be any leftovers from purge06:07
linuxftwits a compressed isofile06:07
nickrudlinuxftw: what is it, rar or iso?06:07
silent"OK, I just turned on the dekstop effects, and I have the cool flippy cube thing, but I wanna knwo how to zoom out ont he cube, so I can see the whole cube, like they show in all those videos on Youtube." ....grrrrrrrrr *grits teeth*06:07
kelsinwckdkl0wn: then anywhere on the remote system the copied rar program can be run with "~/rar args" where args is whatever arguments rar needs to run06:07
linuxftwi downoaded package RAR from add/remove06:07
crazyman89???? Why am I making you mad?06:08
wckdkl0wnkelsin, /usr/bin/rar: No such file or directory06:08
nickrudlinuxftw: then while you are in the directory with the .rar , rar x *.rar06:08
ianqikonia: hi06:08
luluexcuse me, how can I find the BudID of my video card?06:08
silentcrazyman89, no, I just question your incentives for installing linux06:08
kelsinwckdkl0wn: so clearly you need to install rar on your system first06:08
crazyman89ROFL, I've been using Linux for like a month.06:08
crazyman89Jesus. :P06:08
silentOMG NO WAI A MONTH>06:09
silenta whole month???06:09
linuxftwi found the /home/raul/.wine/drive_c part06:09
nickrudlulu: lspci | grep -i vga   ; the first numbers are the bus id06:09
crazyman89You're an elitist bastard06:09
crazyman89I'm not a fucking AOLer alright?06:09
silentyes I am06:09
* silent beams06:09
crazyman89At least you're honest06:09
silentpeople still use that?06:09
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:09
nickrudand funny sometimes06:09
crazyman89But, yeah, it's been cool to switch to Linux06:10
luluhey nickrud, I get 02:00.0 but dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg asks me for something like this: PCI:1:0:0 , my card is a PCI Express06:10
crazyman89But I'm trying to convince my brother that Linux is better, but he only pays attention to shiny GUI stuff06:10
silentcrazyman89, to answer your question, enable the effects and click on preferences06:10
silentlook in the list for the 3d cube06:10
nickrudlulu: that would translate as PCI:2:0:006:11
maxomaiI'd like to report a successful install on a Fujitsu Lifebook A6110 with 7.10 64 bit. No problems encountered thus far.06:11
nickrudmaxomai: good to hear, I'm downloading the 64bit as we type, I'm gonna try it again this weekend06:11
wckdkl0wnkelsin, ok rar is on the server. what arguments would i use if i am extracting a split rar file that is passworded? sorry i am a noob to linux06:11
bazhangmaxomai: wireless work?06:11
maxomaiWireless works!06:11
silentwckdkl0wn, try man <command>06:12
maxomaiAmazingly enough! Doesn't recognize the card but that doesn't stop me from connecting.06:12
ianqcan anyone think of a way to expire open mysql connections?06:12
silentlovely information will appear out of nowhere06:12
maxomaiI'm talking to you over the wireless now :)06:12
=== mojo__ is now known as mojo
astro76maxomai, it would be great if you would report that here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptopsFujitsu06:13
kill_u_hey mates when i try to install seamonkey i receive the following massage :Fatal error [-618]: Couldn't find xpistub library:libxpcom.so: cannot open shared object file:No such file or directory. Any Ideas?06:13
mojoWhat does Ubuntu use for multimedia keyboards?  I have an HP SK-2505 Multimedia / Internet keyboard and have PARTIAL support now (vol, mute, and internet buttons).  I have found support for the hotkeys and LinEAK programs, but don't want to have a collision if I install one of those.06:14
bro_mansoldats: still here ?06:14
RabidWeezlewhat's the shell command to mount a usb thumbdrive?06:14
silentRabidWeezle, aren't usb drives automounted?06:14
RabidWeezlenot when x ain't runnin06:14
linuxftwumm im using cd, and ls to find my way to my folder but! theres a bunch of spaces terminal dosn't read like umm Windows XP Home SP2 [OEM Edition] <== is olny read upto "Windows"06:14
RabidWeezleor gnome at that matter06:15
* rich1 hello06:15
silentRabidWeezle, it will be a scsi06:15
nickrudmojo: have you checked system->prefs->keyboard, choose: that keyboard is listed there06:15
astro76linuxftw, cd "like this" or cd like\ this06:15
mojoRabidWeezle, hotplug daemon needs a wm?06:15
nickrudmojo: on the layouts tab, that is06:15
astro76linuxftw, or use tab completion06:15
RabidWeezleoh I donno06:15
mojonickrud, checking (thx)...06:15
RabidWeezlewhere does it mount to then on a live cd?06:15
silentlinuxftw, I like using "foo" keeping track of backslashes is annoying06:15
spinikeranyone knows how to remove blubuntu?06:16
wckdkl0wnwhen i do ~/rar file  it just shows me commands again06:16
silentspiniker, synaptic06:16
spinikerim having problem running awn06:16
RabidWeezleI just checked /mnt and /media and nothin in there06:16
nickrudwckdkl0wn: try ~/rar x <file>06:17
Ashfire908what does "Ubuntu restricted extras" install?06:17
silentwckdkl0wn, unrar e <file>06:17
bazhangAshfire908: support for mp3 flash etc06:17
astro76Ashfire908, you can look in the dependencies in synaptic, but java, flash, codecs, and msttcorefonts06:17
Ashfire908bazhang, what else06:17
Ashfire908astro76, oh k06:18
Ashfire908bazhang, nvm06:18
linuxftwastro did u c my pm?06:18
fabioashfire908: now the sound works06:18
uwo hi all -how do i find out my INTERNAL ip (computer on a router)? win command was ipconfig06:18
bazhangAshfire908: probably wnat to install two packages from medibuntu for dvd reading and win32codecs as well06:18
Ashfire908fabio, what was the issue?06:18
mojonickrud, cool, the keyboard was listed.  do i have to restart x?06:19
silentuwo, ifconfig06:19
Ashfire908uwo: ifconfig eth006:19
shredder_Hi. I found out that limewire puts out music downloads for ubuntu, works great! I am listening to some Rush I just got.06:19
fabioashfire908: i instaled the windows and the drives of mother board sis and ac9706:19
uwotnx all06:19
linuxftw>+< can nyone privatly help me? cause i'm so noob when comes to terminal..06:19
silentshredder_, thanks for pirating music06:19
nickrudmojo: I honestly don't remember when I set up my keyboard, but I don't think so.06:19
bazhang!piracy | shredder06:19
ubotushredder: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:19
fabioashfire908: i told you but you say no06:20
huhlinuxftw, what ya truing to do?06:20
astro76linuxftw, no because you are not registered, but you should keep it in the channel anyway, we can help you here06:20
linuxftwget into a cd windows xp home sp2 [oem edition]06:20
linuxftwbut dumb spaces dont let me get in06:20
Ashfire908fabio: fine your right06:20
astro76linuxftw, type cd Win<tab> and it should complete the rest.. linux is case sensitive keep in mind06:20
silentlinuxftw, you have to put it in the cd drive06:20
fabioashfire908: lol06:21
huhlinuxftw, you need to learn now to escape characters if you use a bash shell06:21
shredder_Pirate? C-ya guys :)06:21
silentahh wine06:21
linuxftwyes -_-06:21
fabio: )06:21
silentYarr, that shredder_ be a bad pirate indeed06:21
mojofabio, FREE/LIBRE matters even more ;)06:21
* silent flips through his library06:21
huhlinuxftw, it is going to be annoying cause windows uses characters the bash shell does06:21
astro76linuxftw, and could you please pretend you are extracting something else from now on... piracy talk is not cool here and this is straddling the line06:21
rom11how to install ncurses on ubuntu06:22
fabioMojo: we are free06:22
linuxftwits not piracy.. since i uploaded it to my ftp..06:22
linuxftwwhen i bought the cd06:22
huhrom11, libnurses506:22
linuxftwit broke but i had it uploaded.. >_<06:22
maxomaiReported as requested.06:22
silentyou bought the cd, it's yours to use06:22
huhand the dev package06:22
mojofabio, just pokin fun.  having an rms moment i guess06:22
astro76linuxftw, good ;)06:22
linuxftwthat tab disn't fill the rest D:06:23
fabioi playing secondlife06:23
silentlinuxftw, that means you're spelling it wrong06:23
rom11so the command is sudo apt-get libnurses506:23
=== linuxftw is now known as raulh
nickrudrom11: that is installed by default; you trying to compile something that needs ncurses?06:24
db52how do i disable join and leave notifications in x-chat?06:24
nickruddb52: right click the channel tab, select don't show06:24
fabioin options06:24
raulhi'm coping it straight from ls .. it can't be wrong06:24
raulhahh wine + linux + me = migrain..06:24
silentraulh, I got some tylenol 3s, need a fix?06:25
lwizardldoes the linux ati drivers allow rotating the screen? becuase I can't find an option for it06:25
fabiowine + linux = durnk06:25
db52nickrud,tab what tab?06:25
raulhi got aderol no thnx06:25
silentlulz, do a line06:25
nickruddb52: you using xchat or xchat-gnome?06:25
fabioi use06:25
raulhno i mean i gots adhd ?>_>06:25
silentyea, do a line06:25
db52nickrud,x chat06:25
n2diy Santa wants to know what is a good laptop, loaded with Ubuntu, to buy for Xmas?06:25
squarebracketis there a way to trick dpkg or apt to not thinking a package exists on the system?06:25
silentbut dont really, drugs are bad06:26
silentget your wine working06:26
fabion2diy: any one fell free06:26
db52nickrud, got it thanks06:26
nickruddb52: ok, at the bottom of the window, there should be a tab that says ubuntu (or if you have the left tree list, click #ubuntu)06:26
raulhaderol was perscribedto me ;o06:26
n2diyfabio: ???06:26
fabion2diy: i have ubuntu instaled on my hp pavilion dv600006:26
silentraulh, adderol is prescribed to everyone who walks within 5 meters of a psychiatrist's office06:27
nickrud!xgl | lwizardl ( not easily, no. )06:27
ubotulwizardl ( not easily, no. ): Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion06:27
n2diyfabio: pre-installed, out of the box?06:27
raulhnot where i'm from06:27
silentraul, what symptoms do you have?06:27
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:27
silentin wine of course06:28
raulhtoo hypert06:28
silentwhat's the problem cd'ing in06:28
rom11yes nickrud, how to install that06:28
fabion2diy: no full hd06:28
silentraulh, how hyper? are you overclocking?06:28
silent*walking the fine line of on/offtopic06:29
nickrudrom11: sudo aptitude install libncurses5-dev06:29
raulh-_- i dun wana talk bout it lol06:29
rom11ok thx06:29
n2diyfabio: ok, I'm looking for a laptop that is delivered, with Ubuntu ready to go.06:29
silentyea... I usually just have seizures when I get too hyper06:30
silentgets the stress out06:30
silentdid you cd into your wine directory?06:30
raulh~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/raul$ cd Windows XP Home SP2 [OEM Edition]06:30
raulhyes i'm in it06:30
fabion2diy: its possible oem instalation but i dont know if is adopted in shops06:30
raulhjust that when i get to raul, i do ls06:30
raulhi see the folder06:30
raulhbut i can't enter the one with the .rar06:30
spinikerhi there06:31
raulhbecause of the spaces06:31
silenttype the first letter and hit tab06:31
silentor the first few06:31
lwizardlnickrud, that seems to be more like the 3d effects rotating I just want to rotate the screen resolution so on my wide display i can have it display as long not wide06:31
n2diyfabio: Dell is playing with it, and so is Linuxlaptops, I was hoping there might be other options, thanks.06:31
astro76raulh, why the heck would you compress it with rar?06:31
raulhoooo smexy..06:31
spinikerim having problems with awn,it's conflicting with blubuntu06:31
silentcan you do an ls -l and pastebin it?06:31
raulhi didnt!06:31
raulhi was on windows06:31
raulhand i hav limited space :p06:31
astro76hah :p06:32
silentastro76, we don't speak of such things... he was weak and without 7zip06:32
raulhraul@ubuntu:~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/raul/Windows XP Home SP2 [OEM Edition]$06:32
raulhnow should i use "RAR" and hw?06:32
silentI'd say so, as long as there's a rar file there06:32
rom11how to get awk, bison06:32
silentls *.rar06:33
nickrudlwizardl: xrandr provides commands to do that; I've never tried rotating my display, but the man page mentions --rotate if that helps06:33
raulh Windows XP Home SP2 [OEM Edition].rar <==06:33
silentI'd use unrar e Win<tab>06:33
raulhbash: unrar: command not found06:34
=== z9999___ is now known as z9999
silentsudo apt-get install unrar06:34
raulhi downloaded "RAR"06:34
rom11yes nickrud, how to get awk and bison06:34
mojonickrud, Thanks, it is better.  But I still have some dead keys...  There are no messages in xev for 6 of the keys (2 of the 3 shortcut keys, information key, messages key, phone key, suspend key).06:34
silentk, then try it06:34
raulhoj k06:34
n2diysilent:  e = and?06:34
mojoIs there another place where keyboard types are set so that xev will pick them up?06:34
silente is extract to current directory06:34
deadlyallance790could someone point me to a channel for html?06:35
mohanhello everyone,I'm new here.06:35
silentdeadlyallance790, what about html?06:35
bullgard4What is the proper way to load a DEB program package into Ubuntu that is not provided by Ubuntu repositories?06:35
silentdoing any php work or javascript or just basic html?06:35
raulhw00t thnx06:35
raulhnow i learned to navigate thru cd, and ls easier in terminal!06:35
silentraulh, you are very welcome06:35
astro76bullgard4, hopefully it is designed for Ubuntu... either double-click in file manager, or dpkg -i file.deb06:35
silentI also find it easier, but then again, I started at the command line06:36
mojobullgard4, i have always used gDebi but that may not be an "official" way06:36
Babatosgood gui for a firewall on ubuntu?06:36
deadlyallance790silent i want to embed a shockwave player as a background06:36
raulhhow old are you?06:36
raulhim 15 >_<06:36
astro76bullgard4, file manager opens it in gdebi06:36
silent18 :O06:36
raulhppstt 3 years more expiriance :O06:36
n2diyBabatos: firestarter06:36
astro76youngsters :p06:36
silentcheck... oh I forgot the website... it has rules for embeds06:36
Sulo_SeppaJust from your guys' personal experience, what is your favorite video editing program on linux? I am looking for just basic editing, advanced editing isn't required..06:36
Babatosi come from pf and iptables is an abortion to me06:36
deadlyallance790silent can i show what i have in pastbin ?06:36
dell_linhow do i check which cards are support with ndiswrapper06:36
bullgard4astro76, mojo : Thank you very much for advising.06:36
silentdeadlyallance790, sure06:37
n2diyBabatos: firestarter06:37
silentit's been a while though06:37
rom11what is the command to install bison06:37
mojodeadlyallance790, aftet you paste in your stuff and save it, the new page it shows you .... copy that URL and paste it in here06:37
astro76dell_lin, first check if card is supported *without* ndiswrapper, i.e. by native drivers, if not then you can use ndiswrapper for anything with a windows driver06:37
nickrudmojo: ok, you're getting into stuff I know of (theoretically) , you would use showkey to get the scan code of the key, use setkeycodes to give it a code that xev will see, then either map them directly using keyboard shortcuts or write some stuff for xkb. Theoretically06:37
raulhSulo_Seppa: that's a hard question to answer cuz lol most programs arn't too good, try googling something like video editing software .deb06:38
Sulo_Sepparom11: apt-get install bison ?06:38
raulhdon';t forget sudo..06:38
dell_linastro76: yes dear freind i am using this card with wireless and card provider didnt porivide drivers for that06:38
silentor sudo su for ease of use06:38
astro76Sulo_Seppa, the package names are bison and gawk06:38
silentin b4 flamefest06:39
mojonickrud, that is helpful... i had a feeling xev only recognized configured keys in x.  i'll check showkey and setkeycodes...  :D06:39
astro76dell_lin, what is it?06:39
raulhok silent mind helping me burn the iso? or can you give me name of iso  7.10 came with so i can try piece togeather?06:39
raulhthe burner soft's06:39
silentraulh, right click the iso file06:40
astro76silent, sudo -i is better, but no big deal06:40
raulhit's stll in wine..]06:40
dell_lindlink 510 has only driver with windows not with linux so i have to use ndiswrapper06:40
silentsudo -s06:40
rom11how to get awk06:40
astro76rom11, install gawk06:41
nickrudmojo: one other thing: remember that some keyboards require software to use the keys, they have no normal key codes at all06:41
dell_linastro76: is there list /database of cards supported by ndiswrapper06:41
rom11sudo apt-get insatll gawk06:41
rom11is the right command?06:41
silentraulh, if you need to get to nautilus to burn (I don't know the command for burning) type nautilus .06:41
silentit will open up a window for ya06:41
astro76dell_lin, you seem to have ignored my first two statement/questions06:41
mojonickrud, thanks... um, where do i find those programs?  know what package?  i found xkbutils but they aren't part of that (according to apt-cache show)06:41
nickrudmojo: on windows, mostly06:41
dell_linyes i undesrstand but its not working some how06:42
astro76dell_lin, what is it?06:42
nickrudmojo: , oh, doh, one sec06:42
rom11what is the use of bison and gawk06:42
deadlyallance790is pastebin not working right ?06:42
astro76dell_lin, i.e. what does lspci | grep -i wireless tell you?06:42
esesgood bye I' going to windows xp06:42
silentdeadlyallance790, try pastebin.ca06:43
astro76eses enjoy06:43
mojonickrud, you can get the linux superhero award for the day if you can also point me in the directon of a program that can toggle the message LED ;)06:43
nickrudmojo: message led?06:43
ice9_I have 1100 ebooks but I want to be able to search for keywords of the titles to be able to fine the correct one is there any kind of program that could help me06:43
nickrudmojo: they're in console-tools, that's already installed iirc06:43
deadlyallance790silent http://pastebin.ca/80909406:44
rom11how to install zlib06:44
wols_rom11: what for?06:44
oakxxim drawung a blank here, how do i mount a ntfs sata drive (sda1) at /mnt/ms06:44
wols_any .deb that needs it will install it via dependencies06:44
wols_oakxx: man mount06:45
rom11building openwrt kernel06:45
ice9_I have 1100 ebooks but I want to be able to search for keywords of the titles to be able to fine the correct one is there any kind of program that could help me06:45
oakxxalso, if my drive is plugged in and its not showing up @ /dev/sda1 is there a way I can scan for that device?06:45
nickrudmojo: if you mean the led's on the keyboard, xset led 3 will turn on the caps lock led06:45
raulhhey, umm wow silent lol umm dude i was kinda dumb..06:45
wols_rom11: zlib is already installed06:45
raulhi should've just gone to my home drive and gone from there06:45
wols_oakxx: no06:45
raulheasily right-clicked the file D:06:45
LordKowi am so surprised that ubuntu does not use s2ram06:45
mojonickrud, the kbd is an HP Multimedia keyboard.  back/playpause/stop/fwd/eject, vol knob, and mute across the top.  those work.  then there are 12 rubber keys above the number pad, and a LED to the left of the first rubber key (messages key).  messages/phone/Internet(works)/suspend on first row, shortcuts 1/2(works)/3 and "information" on bottom row.06:46
rxKaffeeI'm running ubuntu-server gutsy, I've added one user with "adduser rxkaffee" executed from root account(I know root account login isn't the norm for desktop ubuntu, not sure if this is the case normally in ubuntu-server or not, but I only had root) Any other users I try to add via the same method I recieve the error "adduser: Could not find program named 'groupadd' in $PATH." but I can run groupadd manually just fine06:46
LordKowits actually in the kernel now its so stable.06:46
raulhdoes anyone know how to burn .iso images with original burner?06:46
wols_raulh: "with original burner"?06:46
mojonickrud, DOH i meant 8 rubber keys.  Only two are working as of now06:46
rxKaffeeany idea why adduser can not find the groupadd program?06:47
raulhcame with 7.1006:47
mojonickrud, and the LED is in addition to the normal numlock/scrolllock/capslock lights.  it has a fourth (messages) light.06:47
raulhwait is it "file image"06:47
nickrudmojo: I had a microsoft keyboard, had some keys that weren't recognized in xev. What I'm telling you about is what I was researching getting those keys working; I lost the keyboard before I finished, so I stopped looking06:47
raulhon cd/dvd creator06:47
mojonickrud, i will play with xset, i have that i think06:47
Dr_willislost a keyboard?  is it under the couch? :)06:48
mojonickrud, your help is definitely appreciated.  searching the web was not getting me anyhere, just forum posts from other seekers06:48
silentdeadlyallance790, no idea dude, that swf is pretty slick tho06:48
silentI like it06:48
rom11it is saying missing libz.so or zlib.h06:48
nickrudDr_willis: no, I moved, and somehow it didn't get packed06:48
Dr_willisnickrud,  i bet its in that big box in the garrage labeled 'underware' :)06:49
wols_rom11: openwrt uses another CPU arch (ARM). Ubuntu doesn't support ARM06:49
silentlaptops make losing keyboards impossible06:49
=== leob is now known as leobru
Dr_willisnickrud,  i lost thekeyboard to my serial terminal.. for 10 years.. then i tossed out the terminal and fond the keyboard the NEXT day! :)06:49
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
Dr_willisGood old WYSE terminals.06:50
* nickrud nods, he finally found one he could live with06:50
fabiovirtual machine in ubuntu06:50
fabiowhat program is a best??06:50
nickrudDr_willis: lol, that happened with my best pair of running shoes06:50
krammerme fabio06:50
raulhvmware D:06:50
wols_!best | fabio06:50
ubotufabio: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose among a number of different applications, depending on your preferences, the features you require, and other factors.06:50
raulhfabio thats true but vmware is good :p06:51
fabiovirtual machine06:51
fabiois not compatible to my pc06:51
krammervm is just another program06:51
Dr_willisvmware, or virtual box  - depends on your needs however.06:51
raulhvmware is a virtual machine..06:51
Dr_willisdosbox ! :)06:51
krammeri wouldnt say machine but perhaps program06:51
raulhi made a live dos cd..06:52
myWifeIs19looks like freedb is dead....06:52
Dr_willisI thought FreeDos had a live cd. at their site.06:52
nickrudSomeone called linux a bastardized dos today06:52
=== _mookid is now known as mookid
raulh0_o wha06:52
Dr_willisnickrud,  amazing what some people say eh.. :)06:52
krammerjealousy disrupts the mind06:52
nickrudI'm almost never speechless, but ...06:53
Dr_willisnickrud,  did ya write Stupid on a Paper, and hand it to him saying 'heres your sign'06:53
deadlyallance790silent thanks for takeing a look06:53
nickrudDr_willis: I couldn't, it was a donor ;(06:53
fabioin virtualbox how to change directory to cd??06:53
Dr_willisnickrud,  organ donor?06:53
oakxxit was the jumper on the hard drive06:54
fabiothe directory is not correct is /media/cdrom006:54
fabiohow to change06:54
Dr_willisnickrud,  i saw a letter in a pc mag stating that OS-X was 'openBSD Linux'06:54
nickrudDr_willis: no, the prez was walking her through our offices, introduced me as the 'IT Department' (oxymoron when applied to me) and I mentioned I was shifting a lot of stuff to linux, and that was the response06:54
rhysopenbsd linux? um. vista is NT DOS too06:55
nickrudDr_willis: heh. PC Mag, what do you expect? It's not Compute06:55
Dr_willisnickrud,  the editors could  of at least corrected the mistake in the comments. :)06:55
raulhok thanks everyone for helping me :D06:55
nickrudagain, PC Mag ;)06:56
raulhbe back soon to bother yallz d:06:56
Dr_willisthen again when 7 out of 10 of the letters to the mag printed were discussing Linux.. thats a good sign.06:56
rhysahh the world of it. I think I want a shirt that says simply "Are you stupid?"06:56
Dr_willisWell night all.06:56
nickrudnight Dr06:56
b14ckWhat is the command that I can use to format my /media/disk device as ntfs06:57
rhysb14ck: mkfs.ntfs?06:57
rhysand you don't format /media/disk06:57
wols_b14ck: you can't06:57
b14ckmkfs.nfts: command not found06:57
silentsome one talked to me, my thing is blue06:57
TigranGHey. I just removed Wine but the menus are still left and I can't delete them.06:57
rhysmedia/disk is a mount point. not a device. you also need the ntfstools installed06:57
b14ckI KNOW that I can format it to ntfs06:57
rhysTigranG:  /usr/share/applications?06:58
wols_b14ck: if you know, why do you ask?06:58
b14ckBecasue I don't know how, obviouysly06:58
b14ckI know it can be done though06:58
b14ckI've done it before on debian.06:58
nickrudb14ck: install ntfsprogs, and use mkntfs06:58
mojonickrud, I like this keyboard a lot, since i touch type and have used computers for 25 years, feels good to me.  But i have thought about one of those Logitech Wireless USB keyboards, the iTouch ones with sevral buttons and volume sliders, if i could get THAT to fully work.06:58
zionHi .. how can I to change the poscition of the panels of GNOME?06:58
b14cknickrud: i'll try that ty06:58
arooniis there some software to replace activesync for linux?  something to sync a pocket pc phone edition to my ubuntu gutsy desktop06:58
=== pemudaharapan is now known as fero
TigranGrhys: Nothing there06:59
TigranGrhys: Well nothing there left by Wine06:59
b14cknickrud: how do i find out which device i have is mounted as /media/disk?06:59
* mojo wishes this kbd were wireless. it would rock.06:59
nickrudmojo: I do love a good keyboard, but don't expect all the keys to work anymore.06:59
b14cknickrud: so that i can format the drive itself06:59
rhysTigranG: then its in your home directory. pretty sure thats where wine puts it06:59
rhysTigranG: search for *.desktop files in your home dir06:59
TigranGrhys: Did that06:59
mojonickrud, frustrating.  i know the signals are there somewhere on a wire.  just... support... aaaagggghh!!!07:00
rhysb14ck: run "mount" with no argumetns?07:00
rhysb14ck: cat /etc/mtab?07:00
nickrudb14ck: that does it, yes. Myself, I do all that ntfs stuff in windows, they know all the bugs they have to work around and don't tell anyone about07:00
rhysTigranG: nothing? severely odd.07:00
bro_manan open question... in 'xserver-xorg'..... is there a way  or keystroke to go back a page/option ???07:00
=== daedrik is now known as Daedric
wols_bro_man:do you mean dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg? cause as posed you question makes no sense07:01
TigranGrhys: K now it did. I installed again and then uninstalled07:01
nickrudbro_man: you mean while dpkg-reconfiging? I vaguely think escape does that07:01
b14cknickrud: I'm doing it ebcause right now I have BSD4.4 on my external drive, and I want windows to recognize it. But when I plugged it into my wnidows box it completely ignored the device since it wasn't ntfs/fat32. So I am formatting it to ntfs, then i'll connect it to my windows box, then i'll format it again07:02
rhysUbuntu questions are so much fun. Its like the different levels of tech support. But all is good in open worl.07:02
rhysb14ck: why not just connect it and format it. windows can do that07:02
zionHi to all .. how can I to change the poscition of the panels of GNOME in ubuntu?07:03
b14ckrhys: I just explained why not. It doesn't recognize the device, and won't even recognize that it is plugged in.07:03
silentzion, you have to use your mouse07:03
bro_manwols: I am already in xserver-xorg... I tried to scroll down the page and somehow selected whatever was on the screen and it advanced to the next page... thus, I ask, is there a way to go back a page?07:03
rhysb14ck: it doesn't completely ignore it. simply go into the ...whatever is it called. there is a disk manager07:03
silentit should have a couple buttons on it07:03
nickrudzion: you just grab them (shift left-mouse) and drag07:03
rhysb14ck: just because it doesn't create a device in "my computer07:03
b14ckrhys: I know how to format a drive, but I'm telling you. It wasn't even listed in the hardware manager.07:03
b14ckIt was just listed as an incmopatible USB driver.07:03
wols_bro_man: you are wrong. there are no "pages" in xserver-xorg. xserver-xorg is is X server. that stuff that paints pretty picutures on your screen07:04
b14ckI've done this before, and had the same problem.07:04
Daedricb14ck, sorry to disapoint.07:04
fabioCould not load the settings file '/root/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml' (VERR_OPEN_FAILED).07:04
fabioFATAL ERROR: Attribute 'LogHistoryCount' is not declared for element 'SystemProperties'07:04
fabioLocation: '/root/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml', line 27, column 159.07:04
fabioResult Code:07:04
fabioIVirtualBox {76b25f3c-15d4-4785-a9d3-adc6a462beec}07:04
wols_fabio: stop pasting here!07:04
fabio 07:04
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:04
rhysb14ck: have you tried the disk manager in windows?07:04
DaedricWindows reconizes ANY drive... regardless of the partitions/filesystems. IF you have an incmopatible USB driver., the problem is elsewhere...07:04
b14ckrhys, what do you mean by disk manager07:05
meticulowhat seems  to be the problem?07:05
Daedricb14ck, left click on my computer, manage07:05
fabiowhat i need to do07:05
TigranGDaedric: Windows doesn't recognize ext3 automatically07:05
wols_fabio: you need to stop pasting here for starters07:05
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
DaedricTigranG, Any drive. not any partition.07:05
meticulowindows cannont  read and right to ext307:05
wols_TigranG: but it recognizes the drive the partition is ion07:05
rhysTigranG: it recognizes the device. doesnt have to read the partition...07:05
meticulou need to download a special driver for that07:05
mwright1Hi can someone help me with crontab07:05
fabiowols_: omfg07:05
wols_meticulo: with a driver, it can07:05
mwright12 18 8 12 *  ls /home/matt/ > test.txt07:06
mwright1is not executing at 18:0207:06
TigranGwols, rhys, yea, read it wrong07:06
mwright1that's the output of crontab -l07:06
Daedricit lists the device in the "device manager" and on the "disk management"07:06
zionthanks, but is need to change it for a metadistribution .. so i need know the location of the configuration file07:06
zanpakatouhi,.. how do you get rid of the notification everytime someone remotely accessing your computer through vnc?07:06
bro_mannickrud: wols: symantics... I believe we are talking about the same thing, it says configuring xserver-xorg... and the last time I tried using the escape key, it selected the option, and did not back up or escape...07:06
TigranGSystem->Preferences ->Remote Desktop07:06
rhysb14ck: and to do it properly, theres a live cd called parted magic, that everyone ho works on machines should just have around.07:07
meticulojust use ntfs, ubuntu can read and right to it07:07
wols_mwright1: cause it isn't 18th of february today, is it?07:07
TigranGzanpakatou: System->Preferences ->Remote Desktop07:07
bullgard4English help wanted. The Gnome panel menu 'Places' has a menu item 'Recently opened documents' or similar. What is the proper English name of it?07:07
TigranGzanpakatou: Under security uncheck ask you for confirmation (if this is what you're asking for)07:08
zanpakatou<TigranG> : it's not there and for the info i've disabled the "ask your confirmation" radio button07:08
leobruFast user switching shows blank gray screen when I try to return to an open session. Is this a known bug?07:08
nickrudbullgard4: Recent Documents07:08
mwright1wols not correct07:09
bullgard4nickrud: Thank you.07:09
nickrudbro_man: I just tried it myself, and you are correct, in fact I couldn't even ctl-c out of it ;(07:09
zanpakatou<TigranG> : everytime my pc gets remotely accessed it shows a notification that someone is remotely accessing on it.. i just want to get rid of it...07:09
mwright1it goes Minute Hour Day of Month07:09
wols_mwright1: so it is 18th of february? or maybe day 2 of month 18?07:09
=== fero is now known as pemudaharapan
bluefoxxhey, can anyone help me with this>http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=634717 ?07:09
wols_mwright1: gosh, I need to set my clock at once07:09
zanpakatou<TigranG> : just like when a mac is remotely accessing another mac it doesn't show any notification...07:10
bro_mannickrud: ... I am so sorry... I hope your doesn't take as long as mine to complete...07:10
TigranGzanpakatou: I'm looking, give me a sec07:10
bluefoxxzanpakatou: nice name, bleach fan?07:10
meticuloanyone here play warzone2100?07:10
wols_mwright1: just tell me why you have the time twice in your crontab entry?07:10
nickrudbro_man: ah, I'm using the absolute default, I just hit enter all the way through :)07:10
meticulogood ubuntu game07:10
zanpakatoubluefoxx : sort of...07:11
bazhangmeticulo: yes it rocks07:11
bluefoxxzanpakatou: sweet07:11
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:11
bullgard4nickrud: Places > Recent Documents will open a list of recently opened documents. How does Gnome call this list in English?07:11
nadishello everyone07:12
zanpakatounadis : sidan07:12
bro_mannickrud: (stares back at the other monitor)  /// something I should have done...  but I read every word on every pagfe... twice...07:12
nadissidan ?07:12
zanpakatounadis : anagram07:13
meticulou know a work around for the bug that ucant save...07:13
nickrudbro_man: done that many times, it's why I feel safe hitting enter07:13
nadiszanpakatou: oh isee07:13
nadis*i see07:13
nickrudbullgard4: I'm not sure exactly what phrase they use to describe that list, other than Recent Documents07:13
bluefoxxumm, is the libdvdcss2 gone from the repos? i cannot seem to find it, and i want to watch a dvd07:13
nickrud!medibuntu | bluefoxx (get that here)07:13
ubotubluefoxx (get that here): medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:13
zeayhelp on soundcard. newbie here07:13
zanpakatoubluefoxx : medibuntu07:14
bluefoxxhow do i add this?07:14
TigranGzanpakatou: I can't find anything. There seems to be no built-in way to modify that07:14
bluefoxxi enabled multimedia07:14
zanpakatouTigranG : not even a configuration file?07:14
rhysbluefoxx: you need to add the repository07:14
nickrudbluefoxx: help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu , look for the 'get individual packages' section07:14
TigranGzanpakatou: nope07:14
rhyslibdvdcss2 is illegal07:14
bluefoxxhow do i do this, is it a command line?07:14
nadiszanpakatou: do you have skype account ? if yes, may i add you and talk to you to improve my poor english07:14
bazhangrhys: depending on where you live07:15
rhysbluefoxx: you can add a repository a few different ways07:15
bro_mannickrud: so is there no way other than control-alt-delete ?07:15
nickrudbluefoxx: that community page has complete instructions07:15
zanpakatounadis : my kungfu is not the best which means... we may have same kungfu ... i mean english07:15
zeayanybody can help me with my soundcard? newbie here07:15
rhysbluefoxx: synaptic has a frontend, which simply modifies /etc/apt/sources.list, which you can of course do by hand.07:15
nickrudbro_man: just enter through, it will finish. So, you shouldn't need to reboot07:15
bluefoxxok, thanks guys[linux rules!!]07:15
bullgard4nickrud: The last item of the list is separated from the list items proper. It gives the name of the list indirectly. Does this last item read in English "Clear the list of lastly opened documents" or how does it read?07:16
rhyszeay: what soundcard?07:16
zeayits a adi188807:16
nickrudbullgard4: Clear Recent Documents07:16
bullgard4nickrud: Thank you very much.07:16
meticulokino is amazing, i just amde a 40 minute special effect movie with it ^^07:16
LimCorehow to nuke damn mysql server out of system, including all existing libs/databases... like if mysql was never installed07:17
rhyszeay: is it unmuted?07:17
bro_mannickrud: ok bro... thank you... BBL07:17
zeaynope. its not detected.07:17
rhyszeay: does it show up in lspci?07:17
zeayit is unmuted07:17
thinsoldierby damn, all my gradma's storage problems were due to windows saving massive application settings 9 or 10 folders deep where nobody could ever hope to find it :(07:17
rhysdoes it give any errors?07:17
DaedricLimCore, apt-get remove --purge ?07:17
rhysthinsoldier: spacemonger 1.407:18
zeayrhys: no device detected07:18
thinsoldierrhys: windows app?07:18
LimCoreDaedric: nope07:18
thinsoldierher windows dont boot07:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lspci - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:18
rhysthinsoldier: yea. ubuntu disk usage anaylzer will do the same07:18
thinsoldierwhere is that?07:18
rhysthinsoldier: somewhere in applications.07:18
rhysgraphical display.07:18
DaedricLimCore, what you mean "nope" ?07:19
rhyszeay: where does it say no device detected?07:19
thinsoldiernot installed by default? i dont see it07:19
bullgard4What is the filename of [GNOME > Places > ] Recent Documents?07:19
LimCoreDaedric: it leaves databases07:19
zeaywhen i click the speaker icon07:19
DaedricLimCore, U SURE?07:19
LimCoreDaedric: yes07:19
LimCorehow to remove package X while saying  synaptic to fsck off and not force me to remove packages depending on it07:19
LimCoreDaedric: I guess its in mysql-common, but removing that wants to remove half my system beacuse of deps, how to tell to ignore them07:20
rhyszeay: everything i see says it should just work. but as I don't have a ubuntu system, i cant really walk you through it. as i understand, ubuntu got rid of alsconfig07:20
zeayyup. a friend told me to type sudo alsaconf but it said command not found07:21
bluefoxxok, so whats the easiest way to add medibuntu to the sources.list, preferably from a terminal07:21
zeayanyway, tnx rhys07:21
zeayhelp with adi1888 soundcard07:22
CRoWsNeSTcan any one in here help me i installed 7.10 to my pc when to driver mager did update on my graphics driver and then it ask to restart pc so restart pc then log back in when to system and notices there no desktop effects in the list07:22
CRoWsNeSTor do i have to download somthing07:23
rhyszeay http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-alsa-devel/2006-April/003208.html07:23
nickrudsudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/gutsy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list &&wget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update07:23
bluefoxxwhich version from here>http://packages.medibuntu.org/pool/free/libd/libdvdcss/ do i need for a i386 ubuntu7.04 distro and how do i install it?07:23
TigranGCRoWsNeST: Its in System->Pref->Apperance07:23
bro_manLimcore: ... someone once told me that I  could remove 'evolution' which was in a package with games and other stuff I wasn't going to use... so I did... All upgrades, security patches, updates are srewed from then on out...07:23
TigranGIsnt evolution part of a package 'bundle'07:24
rhyszeay: under the administration panel in gnome, check the sound config, and see what its set to. maybe play with that. no idea.07:24
rhysnn all07:24
bluefoxxnickrud: thanks, that seems to be working, so far07:24
CRoWsNeSTit says the composte is not available07:24
nickrudevolution is recommended by ubuntu-desktop, but you can remove it07:24
CRoWsNeSTwhen i go to visual effects click on extra07:25
bro_mannickrud: never.... !07:25
bro_manNickrudL see above...07:25
TigranGCRoWsNeST: paste your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file07:25
TigranG!paste | CRoWsNeST07:25
ubotuCRoWsNeST: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:25
bluefoxxok, tried to install libdvdcss2 again, but got this now07:25
bluefoxx"Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have07:25
bluefoxxrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable07:25
bluefoxxdistribution that some required packages have not yet been created07:25
bluefoxxor been moved out of Incoming.07:25
bluefoxxThe following information may help resolve the situation:07:25
bluefoxxThe following packages have unmet dependencies:07:25
bluefoxx  libdvdcss2: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.6-1) but 2.5-0ubuntu14 is to be installed07:25
bluefoxxE: Broken packages07:25
bluefoxxbluefoxx@azurE-prIDE:~$ "07:26
TigranG!paste | bluefoxx07:26
ubotubluefoxx: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:26
CRoWsNeSThow do i do that tigranG07:26
bro_manAll upgrades, security patches, updates are srewed from then on out... EVEN IF YOU PUT IT BACK !07:26
CRoWsNeSTam in termail07:26
CRoWsNeSTwhat the cammand07:26
TigranGCRoWsNeST: open a terminal and sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:26
CRoWsNeSTok it open a xorg.conf file07:27
zeayhelp with adi1888 soundcard07:27
bro_man<----- found out the hard way...07:27
TigranGcopy paste and post it07:27
nickrudbluefoxx: what version of ubuntu are you running07:27
TigranGCRoWsNeST: on the link ubotu gave you, not in here07:27
thinsoldierdear god, how is it possible to have 9 gigs of SETTINGS07:27
CRoWsNeSTit to log to post it07:27
TigranGCRoWsNeST: use www.rafb.net/paste07:28
nickrudbro_man: you did something else/more, plenty of people have removed evolution with no side effects07:28
StEaLtHtHiEfis ubuntuforums.org not working?07:28
jjjjjjjjjjjjjj_join #vmware07:28
bluefoxxi think if i cant get it ill just downgrade or install a earlier ubuntu version, i still have the 6.06 and 6.10 disks kicking around, but ittl be a pain to reboot everytime i want to watcha movie, so id there a way i can share my current accounts with a second linux os installation?07:28
TigranGStEaLtHtHiEf: working for me07:29
CRoWsNeST  Report malicious/abusive content07:29
zanpakatouwhat content?07:29
CRoWsNeSTwhere do i get the link back07:29
nickrudbluefoxx: here's the simplest method: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#head-381bea41610683e5e26322fd7028e7aef85e310507:29
TigranGfrom the adress bar07:29
bro_mannickrud: from edgy ?   5 minutes after I did it, a different person said I better not, but it was too late... all the reasons why not to, turned out to be true...07:29
StEaLtHtHiEfThe internet is working, i can surf pages i randomly fine with google, but for some reason, i can't get ubuntuforums working.07:30
bluefoxxnickrud: thanks07:30
nickrudbro_man: ah, edgy .... I missed that release so I can believe you :)07:30
silentmy god its late07:31
silentsleep time07:31
TigranGCRoWsNeST: Im not familiar with ati cards, go to #compiz-fusion with that link and they can help you07:31
CRoWsNeSTdid you get that link07:31
gatton1075 users? jeez this isn't a pr0n channel is it ;-)07:31
bullgard4What is the filename of [GNOME > Places > ] Recent Documents?07:31
StEaLtHtHiEfI have an easy question.  Can I develop a program that for example, when the user hits a key combination, like shift+enter, a circle is drawn around the mouse pointer until the key's are depressed erasing the circle?07:32
bro_mannickrud: yes... however... now, an upgrade repairs most of the changed OS ability to accept some patches and updates...07:32
zeayhelp with adi1888 soundcard07:32
zanpakatouthis is a pr0n channel but the only thing you could se TUX getting n@k3d... lolz07:32
bluefoxxzanpakatou: lolz07:32
gattonthose dirty dirty penguins07:32
CRoWsNeSTno one talking in there07:33
CRoWsNeSTany other room07:33
CRoWsNeSTi can go for help07:33
TigranGCRoWsNeST: I think you need Option "AddARGBVisuals" "True" but I'm not sure if thats with ATI cards too.07:33
wols_CRoWsNeST: wrong driver. you need the "ati" driver for compiz07:34
StEaLtHtHiEfAnyone able to help with a programming question?07:34
TigranGCRoWsNeST: Just be patient in that channel.07:34
bluefoxxok, so im still trying to install libdvdcss2 but this is what i get now07:34
bluefoxx  libdvdcss2: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.6-1) but 2.5-0ubuntu14 is to be installed07:34
zanpakatouis there a channel for ubuntu dev?07:34
bro_man<--- nocturnal... doesn't understand "late" unless the sunrises...07:34
bluefoxxi was also wondering, how do i make my own channels?07:34
wols_!info libc6 gutsy07:34
ubotulibc6: GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.6.1-1ubuntu10 (gutsy), package size 4085 kB, installed size 10120 kB07:34
astro76bluefoxx, /join #channelnamewhichdoesntexist07:35
bluefoxxastro76: thanks07:35
wols_bluefoxx: download your libdvdcss for your feisty or update to gutsy07:35
zanpakatoubro_man : I don't considered late unless the big f@t lady s1ngs07:35
nickrud!info libc6 feisty07:36
ubotulibc6: GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.5-0ubuntu14 (feisty), package size 4003 kB, installed size 9976 kB07:36
OldakQuillI downloaded a .package file containing an application. Was listed as an "autopackage" for Linux on a website. What do I do with a .package file?07:36
nickrudbluefoxx: are you using gutsy, or feisty?07:36
astro76OldakQuill, what is it07:36
wols_OldakQuill: not supported in ubuntu. .debs only07:36
bluefoxxwols_: i would, but i have no media to backup with, unless i can have it copy all my users accounts, and even then, i dont hacve any blank cds, and my free cd requests are being denied now07:37
bluefoxxnickrud: i am using fiesty07:37
zanpakatou<OldakQuill> : you can just double click it make sure you set it to "chmod a+x"07:37
siswa01sory. hello07:37
astro76OldakQuill, have you checked if it's available from Ubuntu's repos?07:37
astro76!hi | siswa0107:38
ubotusiswa01: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!07:38
spinikeris there anyone who can help me?07:38
ubotuSeveas has a popular 3rd party repository for Feisty and earlier for several packages. More info (and mirrors) on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - And he's getting married!07:38
zanpakatou<OldakQuill> : you can just double click it make sure you set it to "chmod a+x".. it will automatically download the necessary autopackage ...07:38
OldakQuillastro76: It isn't.07:38
OldakQuillI'll download the source instead07:38
astro76OldakQuill, source would be preferred07:38
wols_!helpme | spiniker07:38
ubotuspiniker: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience07:38
bluefoxxwols_: is there a way for me to import user accounts when reinstalling?07:38
astro76!checkinstall | OldakQuill07:38
ubotuOldakQuill: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!07:38
mohkohnI installed Gutsy using the alternate-installer option. During the boot it gave an error message saying that it could not find my LVM LUKS partition07:38
nickrudbluefoxx: go look at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages for feisty libdvdcss207:38
wols_bluefoxx: you don't reinstal. you UPGRADE07:38
iroirohow do i install flash for opera? the tut says i should change the path--but i don't know how it can be changed during installation07:38
ubotuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:38
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:39
OldakQuillThanks for the help!07:39
wols_bluefoxx: no CD necessary either07:39
mohkohnI tried multiple times but no luck. Is this a bug?07:39
=== yaki is now known as aposdufopad
aposdufopadwhat's that thing people have on their desktop that shows all the system info?07:40
wols_aposdufopad: conky perhaps?07:40
mohkohnDebian Etch installs fine on the same laptop with lvm and dmcrypt but I think the older version of Xorg it uses causes my laptop to freeze when I shutdown -h now07:41
zanpakatouaposdufopad : widgets07:41
bluefoxxwols_: i have done that upgrade before, but the side affect was [this was going from 6.10 to 7.04] that the main boot kernel was fried, and hung trying to mount file system, therefore, i prefer a clean install, importing accounts if at all possible07:41
StEaLtHtHiEfgdesklets @ aposdufopad07:41
bazhangsuperkaramba widgets07:41
mohkohnor reboot. So I was really hoping Gutsy would be my solution.07:41
TigranGlol 20 people answered that one07:41
zeaystil looking for soundcard help issue07:41
TigranGwhat sound card do you have07:42
zanpakatouTigranG : i'm guessing your nick comes from these words "Tigra = Tiger except your female" and "nG = next generation"...07:42
TigranGzanpakatou: No, Tigran is my name, G is my last name initial07:42
TigranGand im male07:42
iroiroyeah, and noone knows about adobe flash :|07:42
cvdgutsy gonna be supported unitl?07:42
zanpakatouTigranG : oops.. sorry...07:43
KostyaTigran? :) Armenian?07:43
Kostyaha es ti?07:43
Kostyais here any Nautilus specialists around?07:43
bluefoxxso can anyone help me?how do i install libdvdcss2 for fiesty fawn? from terminal of course;)07:43
zeayTigranG any idea regardng adi1888 soundcard?07:43
astro76!anyone | Kostya07:44
ubotuKostya: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:44
TigranGzeay: and theres no sound? thats your problem?07:44
zeayits on ubuntu 7.1007:44
Kostyawell, my question is regarding Naurilus: is it possible to have a fon size bigger with small icons?07:45
wols_zeay:  snd-intel8x007:45
bluefoxxhow do i install libdvdcss2 for fiesty fawn? from terminal preferably...07:45
zanpakatouKostya : you could create a theme for that... i guess07:45
astro76Kostya, you can adjust font size in System > Preferences > Appearance07:45
wols_!repeat | bluefoxx07:45
ubotubluefoxx: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:45
astro76!medibuntu | bluefoxx07:46
ubotubluefoxx: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:46
TigranGwols_ can you help zeay, I'm no sound expert07:46
astro76bluefoxx, set up repo according to directions and apt-get install libdvdcss207:46
Kostyaastro76: nope, this is not the one I'm asking about07:46
zanpakatoubluefoxx : i'm using medibuntu... it works great you should add it in your repo if your contry have no issues about legalities07:46
TigranGbluefoxx: http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/12/04/libdvdcss2-and-w32codecs-for-ubuntu/07:47
Lore2I've found some annoying bugs and I don't wanna wait around for someone else to fix it, how would I go about fixing them myself, i'm a semi decent programmer however I've very limited experience in a *nix environment. Can anyone point me in the right direction?07:47
astro76Kostya, that should change it system wide including nautilus, did you try?07:47
Kostyaastro76: say for example I decreased the icon size in Nautilus to 33%, but I want font size to stay the same...07:47
bluefoxxhey, anyone else using logitech[or any keyboard] find that it lags on the input sometimes, then jumps back into activity and repeats whatever key you pressed, despite you only pressing it once?07:47
Lilacormy sound controls stopped working...when I change the volume underneath XMMS or even use the volume buttons nothing happens... how do I fix this?07:47
astro76Kostya, I understand, did you try to adjust font in Appearance Preferences?07:47
zanpakatoubluefoxx : try preferences07:48
Kostyaastro76: yes :)07:48
astro76Kostya, worked?07:48
zanpakatoubluefoxx : if it will fix your problem07:48
zeaywols u there?07:48
Lore2Where should I start if I want to fix bugs in ubuntu?07:48
TigranGLore2: Finding one? :P07:49
Kostyai openet topicon ubuntu forums, there is a screenshot attached: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=632989&highlight=nautilus07:49
zeaywols u there?07:49
astro76Lore2, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad07:49
bluefoxxzanpakatou: i tried that, but it only seems to screw me up more, slowing my typing rate, and making more typos, ex:every other letter skips07:49
zeayanyway tnx TigraG07:49
astro76Lore2, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs07:50
Lore2i've found a ton, I just don't know how to go about fixing them. I've programmed in windows but I've no experience in linux. And I really don't wanna wait for someone else to fix them.07:50
TigranGzeay: no problem, just ask another time, more experienced ppl may be on later07:50
astro76Lore2, that link should set you off, first step would be to see if they are reported07:50
astro76!bugs | Lore207:51
ubotuLore2: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots07:51
zanpakatouLore2 : that would be great.. if ever u fixed some bugs be sure to share them with everyone...07:51
zeayok. thnx again07:51
mohkohnDoes Hardy already have the 2.6.24 kernel?07:51
TigranGKostya: did you get an answer?07:52
SeveredCrossmohkohn: #ubuntu+2107:52
bluefoxxTigranG: im not too concerned about windows codecs, i can play wmp audio, and i can un-rar RAR files, and such, its libdvdcss2 i need, ive got audio working and everything else is fine, and i see no reason to upgrade yet, im going to wait untill january07:52
Lore2I've read most of those already.07:52
astro76mohkohn, you can check at http://packages.ubuntu.com07:52
mohkohnthanks SeveredCross forgot about that. also good astro7607:52
Hypernerdhelp please:  I am using the live CD07:52
TigranGbluefoxx: I dont know what you need, just googled the name you have and found that, thought it might be useful, guess not :P07:52
HypernerdI get to the main screen07:52
Hypernerdbut when I click start or Install Ubuntu,07:53
Lore2They really don't go into how to get started contributing.07:53
zanpakatouHypernerd : make your question in one line07:53
Hypernerdhelp please: I am using the live CD  I get to the main screen but when I click start or Install Ubuntu, An error shows up saying I/O error reading from boot CD07:54
astro76Lore2, request a mentor: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Mentoring07:54
HypernerdI googled the error but found no good solution07:54
doumai have 2 partitions in the first i have win  witch partition method i must use to install ubuntu in the 2 partition?07:54
TigranGHypernerd: try doing the check cd for defects07:54
mohkohnand the answer is yes! 2.6.2407:54
HypernerdWhen I do that the same error occurs07:54
zanpakatouHypernerd  : i'm sure it's defective try burning another iso again07:54
TigranGHypernerd, then try burning it again (maybe at a lower speed)07:55
HypernerdDone twice already, checked MD% sums too.07:55
munk_how do i change permissions on a secondary hdd?07:55
DanikarPNHypernerd: U might try reburning or using another cd/dvd drive07:55
zanpakatouHypernerd  : try burning from anoterh ISO.. don't use ur current ISO files.. it maybe corrupted07:55
KostyaTigranG: nope, still no answer07:55
Hypernerdtwo different computers, not max speed.07:55
TigranGHypernerd: are you burning at fastest speed possible?07:55
StEaLtHtHiEfAnyone have any pointers as why my firefox wont load ubuntuforums.org ?07:55
DanikarPNStEaLtHtHiEf: It loads everything else?07:56
StEaLtHtHiEfEveryone says its working, so it has to be something my side right?07:56
StEaLtHtHiEfyeah i can surf the net07:56
KostyaStEaLtHtHiEf: maybe a start page set to ubuntuforums?07:56
TigranGHypernerd: I had a lot of problems with burning the CD too. And all I know is to try burning at a lower speed. Sorry07:56
munk_how do i change permissions on a secondary hdd?07:56
bluefoxxTigranG: zanpakatou: wols_: nickrud: thanks for all your help, i should figure it out eventually, i fluked it a few monthes back using edgy, but that harddrive clicked out, thanks again07:56
Kostyaastro76: so any ideas about icons & fonst size in nautilus?07:56
DanikarPNStEaLtHtHiEf: I dont know, thats odd.  It is working for me. Double check spelling lol?07:56
TigranGKostya: I dont get what you want07:56
astro76Kostya, I had asked if that worked, I guess not?07:57
KostyaTigranG: have a look here in this topic: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=632989&highlight=nautilus07:57
Kostyaastro76: nope, that did not helped07:57
Hypernerdhmmm, no ideas then?  I might just my the CD somewhere.07:57
StEaLtHtHiEfugh, I can't figure out pm but yeah, spelling is ok.  Kostya, do you mean set my start page to ubuntuforums or is my start page set to.... ?07:57
zanpakatouKostya : afaik if you change it trough fonts in preferences you'll be changing the global settings... and as for the icongs... personally i would try to find a good themes that would suit my needs ...07:57
Kostyaastro76: this will increase font size all over the gnome...07:58
chilli_my laptop's screen just blew up i think what do i do07:58
munk_how do i change permissions on a secondary hdd?07:58
chilli_or it just failed and every thing stoped working07:58
wols_mitchbones: what permissions?07:58
wols_doh. he left07:58
astro76Kostya, yeah I dont' understand what you want either, because if you want the font bigger, just zoom to 50%, since the font takes up more room, the larger icon isn't wasting space07:58
zanpakatoumunk_ : how do you intend to change the permission ? on boot or manually?07:58
bluefoxxso what does "  libdvdcss2: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.6-1) but 2.5-0ubuntu14 is to be installed" mean to me?07:59
mitchboneswols_, what?!07:59
mitchbonesoh you hit m and tab i guess07:59
wols_bluefoxx: it means you download from the wrong repo07:59
wols_bluefoxx: download the package from a feisty repo not a gutsy one07:59
mitchbonesWhen you install ubuntu, does it install Grub on Windows or your Ubuntu partiton?07:59
TigranGKostya: I dont know of anyone way, in nautilus the font size depends on zoom level and font size in Apperance07:59
zanpakatoubluefoxx : it means you have a different version which means you have to replace it supported one... you have to know what distro yous is and compare it to the one you downloaded07:59
wols_mitchbones: stage2 is installed in /boot/grub/07:59
bluefoxxso how do i do that?08:00
Kostyaastro76: bit it's not logical, the control tells me to make icons size smaller, why does it makes font size smaller too....???08:00
wols_bluefoxx: you've been told how to get the proper one08:00
munk_zanpakatou, on boot...i just want to be able to share the hdd over samba and be able to access it cuz right now its only set to plugdev group...08:00
mitchbonesI wanted ot uninstall ubuntu on this HD and just have it on a seperate one...that is for another day I guess08:00
zanpakatoubluefoxx : it only happens if you put a repository which is not for your current distro08:00
astro76Kostya, it says nothing about icon size, just zoom08:00
wols_mitchbones: you cannot uninstall. but you can overwrite08:00
KostyaTigranG: that is what I want to know. so basically there is no ways to configure this settings separately..08:00
scguy318mitchbones: GRUB is installed on the MBR08:00
scguy318mitchbones: to answer that questino you posed08:00
mitchbonesThats what I mean't08:01
TigranGKostya: Not that I know/think of08:01
scguy318mitchbones: ah, then wols_ addressed it :)08:01
scguy318mitchbones: sorry to bug08:01
mitchbonesscguy, np!08:01
KostyaTigranG: ok, thanks guys08:01
Kostyaastro76: ok, thanks guys08:01
astro76Kostya, so if somehow the icon to font-size ratio is not acceptable to you, you need to find a new theme or modify yours08:01
wols_bluefoxx: apt-cache policy libdvdcss208:01
zanpakatoumunk_ : we have similar problems before ... I solved mine by reinstalling my ubuntu...  can't help you with that... because if you try to change the ownership it will not permit you to do so.. even if you're sudo08:01
doumai have 2 partitions in the first i have win  witch partition method i must use to install ubuntu in the 2 partition?08:01
chilli_my laptop's screen just blew up i think what do i do08:01
chilli_or it just failed and every thing stoped working08:02
astro76Kostya, no prob ;)08:02
Kostyacan tis be modified in the theme? I think it should be in the sources of nautilus...08:02
astro76Kostya, I would think the theme08:02
zanpakatoumunk_ : i'm guessing it's fat32 partion u have problems on08:02
munk_zanpakatou, i dont want to change ownership to something else only group or others.. its a ntfs ....worse than fat:(08:02
wols_munk_: put it in fstab to be mounted on boot. nothing to do with permissions at all08:02
wols_munk_: what's the fstab entry for the partition?08:03
Kostyaastro76: well, I cannot see any fonts related settings in the gnome/gtk themes... I still think it should be in the sources. say for example when zooming, decrease the font size less than it's at the moment..08:03
chilli_my laptop's screen just blew up i think what do i do08:03
chilli_or it just failed and every thing stoped working08:03
munk_wols_ i havent looked into fstab yet let me take a peak08:03
zanpakatoumunk_ : there is however you could do.. there is an unofficial guide somewhere that will answer your problem.. try googling this "unofficial ubuntu guide"08:03
wols_chilli_: ctrl+alt+f108:03
astro76Kostya, gnome strives for simplicity so I don't see that happening :P ...but perhaps something in gconf08:04
Kostyaastro76: ok, anothe question :) is it possible to make places icons bigger? say like on macosx in finder?08:04
wols_chilli_: if that doesn't work: reboot. if you don't get a picture on the screen on reboot (no BIOS e.g.): not a ubuntu problem, but buy a new laptop08:04
munk_wols_ UUID=80C2F69090FA0800 /media/sda1     ntfs    defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0 thats what i have08:04
irohow do i type Japanese in ubuntu?08:04
astro76Kostya, there are many unexposed settings available in gconf08:04
chilli_its not running ubuntu08:04
wols_munk_: is the partition mounted at boot?08:04
Kostyaastro76: I checked gconf many times, nothing there... :( maybe some hidden options :)08:04
chilli_and its brand new 2 grands08:04
munk_wols_ oh and a 1 at the end..08:04
TigranGiro: Applications->Access->Character Map?08:05
bro_man???  what is "kernal framebuffer device interface" ????08:05
munk_yes it is...but its not a partition its another hdd i have on..08:05
astro76Kostya, places icon where?08:05
Kostyaastro76: would be cool to find all gconf settings documented, including unpublished ;)08:05
wols_munk_: sda1 is a partition. and you don't mount harddisks, you mount partitions08:05
iroTigranG, and how do you want me to TYPE Japanese there?08:05
wols_munk_: so if it is mounted on boot what is your problem?08:05
Kostyaastro76: say, if you got places on the left panel, is it possible to make icons bigger there?08:06
zanpakatoumunk_ : check this please http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy08:06
TigranGiro: Ive seen some other languages there, just told you to check it out. I'm not sure08:06
wols_bro_man: kernel framebuffer device. why do you want to know? what for?08:06
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:06
astro76Kostya, dunno08:06
Kostyaastro76: ok :)08:06
munk_wols_ true sorry yeah...but what i was wondering is....the problem is that the owner is set to root and whenever i share this through samba it asks me for a password and user name and whenever i put mine in it doesnt work....08:06
Kostyaastro76: propably I should as it on nautilus channels :)08:06
bro_manwols: it is an option in configuring the xserver-xorg...08:07
wols_munk_: man smbpasswd. samba passwords are not the same as the system passwords08:07
jarrod_anyone now if it is possible to change the location of the tmp file in lynx?08:07
TigranGiro: or do you want system wide Japanese?08:07
wols_bro_man: ignore it08:07
Kostyaastro76: ok, the last questions. is it possible to disable spell check in pidgin? I'm talking russian and this is making me crazy :)08:07
munk_wols_ but i dont have a smbpasswd set up..08:07
scguy318Kostya: lemme look08:07
wols_munk_: then do it08:07
munk_everything else i share works except this..08:07
scguy318Kostya: yes, Toosl -> Prefs -> Conversations08:08
ozzloyi messed with my resolution, and now alt+tab makes the screen go white.  how do i fix this?08:08
wols_how is it shared?08:08
scguy318Kostya: uncheck highlight misspelled words08:08
wols_what's the smb.conf entry for it?08:08
iroTigranG, yeah i want the latter one08:08
scguy318Kostya: though the real solution may be to change the dictionary file to Russian08:08
scguy318Kostya: if you wanted spell checking for Russian08:08
TigranGSystem->Admin->Language Support08:08
iroive added the language, but i dont know how to start typing in it08:08
munk_wols_ but i was wondering what the umask code i should have...its at 007 now but when i had gentoo on it was set at 0000 so im not sure if that has anything to do with it or not...08:09
bluefoxxokay, so i finally got libdvdcss2 to install, but dvds still wont play08:09
Kostyascguy318: thanks! :) how did I missed this setting...I was looking for something like spell check...08:09
TigranGiro: Is it the default language?08:09
irono, should it be?08:09
wols_munk_: if you can access it locally as normal user: it doesn't. you can also change its uid from root to your user with uid=08:09
Kostyascguy318: it's too hard to find dictionary with russian slang ;)08:09
TigranGiro: I'm guessing, or let me see if theres any way to configure the keyboard to a language08:09
TigranGiro: yea08:10
munk_wols_ would that change the owner ?08:10
wols_munk_: yes08:10
scguy318Kostya: lol :)08:10
TigranGiro: System->Pref->Keyboard08:10
zeayhelp with adi1888 soundcard08:10
munk_wols_ alright ill try thanks ill be back if i have any other questions..08:10
TigranGiro: then Layouts and check Japanese as default08:10
wols_zeay: lspci. pastebin the output08:10
yellow__please help me join08:11
irowhy default? i need not to have Russian default to type it08:11
wols_yellow__: join what?08:11
TigranGDont make it default the, but select it08:11
zanpakatouiro : if you have troubles with any configuration or settings try checking the control center first or through the "system -> preferences " and see it if will fix your problems or you could try the builtin help in ubuntu08:11
Kostyaalso, i