thyraxmedia mainly for the home. I may set up an ftp server on it though.00:01
thyraxha of course pron included00:02
* thyrax is not ashamed to admit it00:02
soldatsnice that sounds loke some good stuff to host00:03
soldatsi wouldnt be ashamed to admit it either00:03
thyraxlol my girlfriend likes porn too so it's win win00:04
thyraxI only have about 80gigs of porn so its a very small fraction of my media. I get all the porn channels for free though. due to my leet satellite skills.00:05
soldatshahahah i wish i had some skills liek thoze00:06
thyraxone day my apprentice. one day....00:06
soldatsi have to search hard on the internet for it00:06
thyraxlol the internet is basically pron itself00:07
evil_techyou should give me a way to get at all that media goodness00:07
thyraxI may upgrade my connection to 10down 1 up so we can make deal you provide som of that spare hdd goodness and ill trade you some gigabytes00:08
soldatsmedia goodness is a good way to describe it00:08
evil_techi could hook you up with my spare 20gigs or less drives00:09
thyraxyep sure is. I guessed how much pron I have I am really not sure I have so much stuff scattered across many hard drives. one I set up this array it will be organised.00:09
thyraxevil_tech that's what I was talking about ;)00:09
thyraxany of you guys own an xbox360 by any chance?00:10
thyraxI was wondering if there was an easy way to set up ubuntu to work with it00:10
thyraxIf not ill just stick with xbmc till xbmc linux is done00:10
thyraxand hopefully the ps3 when it gets divx support they will add .mkv and .ogm support as well00:11
soldatsthyrax, a few days ago i heard someone saying they had ubuntu installed on an xbox00:12
soldatsi have not the slightest clue as to how they did it though00:13
evil_techhmm i might have to try raid arrays00:13
evil_techive gotta bunch of scsi drives00:13
thyraxsoldats: it's not very function on the xbox360 but I'm sure it will work on the original xbox I run xbmc on that though.00:14
thyraxevil_tech: I have some scsi drives what do I need to interface them with a pc?00:15
evil_techan appropriate scsi card00:15
thyraxI toook them out of a compaq array not sata but scsi00:15
evil_techwhat does the connection on the drive look like00:15
thyraxcan you send me a link?00:15
thyraxit's long00:15
evil_techlike an oversized IDE connector00:16
thyraxhold on a sec let me take a glance at it00:16
soldatsthyrax, thats cool i only heard that someone had it.00:16
thyraxits not sata00:16
evil_techthen you need a 50pin scsi card00:16
thyrax1 sec00:16
thyraxall right its like a long sata00:17
thyraxvery long00:17
thyraxI'll take a quick pic and upload it 1 sec00:17
evil_techif its what i think it is that plugs into a backplane00:18
thyraxcrap it did00:22
thyraxbut I took it apart00:23
evil_techit look like this00:26
evil_techor like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.aspx?CurImage=22-116-002-02.jpg&Image=22-116-002-01.jpg%2c22-116-002-02.jpg&S7ImageFlag=0&Depa=1&Description=Fujitsu+36.7GB+3.5%22+SCSI+Ultra320+80pin+Hard+Drive00:26
evil_techdangit thats huge should have pastebin that00:27
somerville32Not really big, lol00:27
somerville32Besides, it isn't like this is an overly high traffic channel00:28
* somerville32 hugs evil_tech 00:28
evil_techtell that to TheSheep00:28
soldatssomerville32, thats why i perfer this channel00:28
evil_techi get lost in #ubuntu00:29
thyraxno evil it doesn't00:29
soldatsyes it seems to me that people in this channel are more gracious for the help they get00:29
thyraxtrying to dcc send it00:30
evil_techso it looks like a oversized IDE00:31
thyraxmore like an over sized sata00:31
thyraxim sending it says awaiting reply00:31
evil_techi dont know if you can send me files. im using irssi00:32
soldatsirssi should support files as far as i know00:33
thyraxit says timed out ill upload it whats a quick omage upload site?00:33
evil_techactually what does the label on the drive say00:34
evil_techwe can look it up that way00:34
evil_techprobably easier and faster00:34
thyraxwooooo hooo ups girl ust brought my last 500gig drive!00:34
soldatswas she a babe00:35
thyraxill upload this pic then open it up :) that makes 5x500gig hdd goodness :D00:35
soldatsgeeze thats a lot of gigs00:35
thyraxshe was ok my girlfriend is hotter though.00:35
soldatscool lucky you00:35
thyraxlol i was thinking the same thing00:35
evil_techhow much did you pay each for them 500gigs00:36
thyraxwell I already had 3 so I just bought two more00:38
thyrax2 of them were full so now I have 3 empty00:39
thyraxthats the drive i was talking about not the wd5000aaks00:39
thyraxI have 14 of those scsi drives 18g each not sure what I need to use them though pulled them out of a compaq array00:40
evil_techhmm that looks like 80 pin scsi00:40
soldatsarent those around 65 dollars00:40
thyraxwhich the scsi drive I just posted?00:40
evil_techdunno if they make cards with those connectors or just backplanes00:40
thyraxI still have the backpane was hoping I could find some other way to hook it up00:40
evil_techi think that specific connector is used for backplanes only. not 100% on that though00:41
evil_technot even 10%00:41
evil_techi think they make adapter back to 68pin though00:41
evil_techthen you could hook it up via a normal 68pin scsi card00:41
thyraxwell they have been sitting here for ages00:42
thyraxI got the array off ebay00:43
evil_techi'd google for a scsi card for it with the numbers off the drive00:44
evil_techthere has to be some way to interface those without a backplane00:44
thyraxthat's what ill no rush :)00:44
thyraxill do*^00:44
evil_techi need to hunt around my shop for a case to shove the 4 4.5gb and 3 9gig scsi i have around here into00:45
thyraxwhy are there so many different scsi connections00:46
evil_techdifferent speeds00:46
thyraxwhen you mount a raid array does it matter where you mount it?00:47
thyraxI mounted my raid 1 aray in the mnt folder00:48
thyraxand I need to launch nautilis as root to access it00:48
thyraxso mines sca80?00:49
evil_techthink so00:49
thyraxthere are a number of different converters00:51
thyraxthe thing is its only approx 252gigs unformatted00:51
thyraxso I might sell or trade them to some one that has more use for them00:51
evil_techthat could work00:53
evil_techdang it the only case that will fit 7 drives is already in use00:53
RafabeHi...people in #ubuntu told me to install Xubuntu because of my low-end system (P3 1GHz, 256mb of RAM). I was wondering what would change exactly between Gnome and XCFE? Wikipedia doesn't dwell on it.00:53
zoredacheRafabe: the thing that seems to be noted most frequently here is the lack of integrated network browsing00:54
soldatsRafabe, nothing much everythign should be almost the wame00:55
Rafabenot sure what you mean...can you give me an example?00:55
evil_techcompiz is finicky as well though i doubt you're that interested given the specs00:55
GomexGood evening00:55
Gomexis there here samebody from brazil?00:55
soldatsno sorry00:56
thyraxnot I00:56
soldatsRafabe, i have the same system as you do00:56
zoredachewth gnome, you can browse windows system and access smb-based shares...  xfce doesn't include any network clients... if you want to access something you would need to mount it in a cli00:56
Gomexi am really interested in into xubuntu project in Brazil...00:56
Rafabeah, that's something I would be interested in, because I move files a lot between our computers00:56
Gomexok, my english isn't good00:57
Rafabein fact I was hoping this computer would act as a media center, but also a file share location00:57
Rafabedo you think I'm better off going for an older Ubuntu?00:57
soldatsRafabe, i used ubuntu for a long time and i had no problem with it but i switched to xubuntu because my comp ran faster with it00:57
soldatsi do a lot of graphics editing00:57
evil_techthe system requirements dont change a whole lot00:57
evil_techand your specs should be able to run ubuntu00:58
evil_techi might up the ram to 51200:58
Rafabenot worth it to upgrade this PC00:58
evil_techbut it should be fairly usable00:58
soldatsyes 512 is geed enough for ubuntu00:58
evil_techyou in the WA area00:58
Rafabethanks for your help00:58
Rafabeno, Quebec00:58
evil_techi could hook oyu up with some SDRAM00:58
Rafabethanks for the offer00:58
GomexRafabe: I thing that older ubuntu wont faster00:59
soldatsevil_tech, damn i wish you were in the az area i need some badly and im outta cash00:59
Gomexjust will old00:59
Rafabegomex: not faster, but it would have the network features00:59
GomexRafabe: like what?00:59
evil_techi personally only have a few 256 sticks lying about the house00:59
Rafabehaving a file share between multipel computers00:59
evil_techshould test them though before offering them to folks01:00
evil_techyou could try getting some for cheap off ebay or craigslist01:00
GomexRafabe: it is sambam correct?01:00
soldatsRafabe, if you want nice looking network features stay with ubuntu "gnome" if you want a faster system go with xubuntu01:00
Gomexsamba, sorry...01:00
soldatsyea ive looked nothing is of interest01:00
GomexRafabe: i have Xubuntu 7.10 and have shared file options01:01
Rafabei think i'll try 7.04 (because I already have the CD, as well as 7.10), then if I feel it's too slow I'll go for Xubuntu 7.1001:01
Rafabecan't download Xubuntu until monday anyway01:01
evil_techyou could try getting rid of unneeded background apps in ubuntu01:01
soldatsRafabe, i dont think either one is slow in accordance of each other but chose what is comfortable for you and stick with it01:01
Rafabethanks for your advice, guys01:02
Gomexsoldats: i am not understand what he wanted01:03
evil_techhe needed samba support for sharing info between a linux machine and windows01:03
Gomexall ubuntu have the shared file options, no?01:03
Gomexit is samba, no?01:04
Gomexand gnome ou xfce has interface for it01:04
soldatsyes he needed samba, the file manager doesnt have support for it but you can still do it if you now how to use ssh01:05
soldatsif you make a file or folder shared over a netowrk you can view it from a windose comp01:06
Gomexi know that01:06
soldatsfor more info see /usr/share/xubuntu-docs01:06
soldatsGomex, hah i dodnt mea to directr it to you i meant if fot rafabe01:07
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:07
soldatsdoes this help01:07
Gomexsoldats: cant i stay here?01:08
soldatsyes you can but i thought you wanted brazil support01:08
Gomexsoldats: I dont need support...01:08
soldatsyou are more than welcome to stay here01:09
Gomexno now...01:09
Gomexbut i want try to talk in english more, i know?01:09
Gomexyou know*01:09
soldatsok cool01:09
soldatsno problem01:09
Gomexi will try to help in translate xfce01:10
Gomexto portuguese01:10
soldatsthat would be very nice for you to do01:11
Gomexi know that...01:11
Gomexbecause it i will try...01:11
Gomexi am tired that just take something, i want help now...01:11
soldatscool, helping always seems to make me you feel better.01:13
Gomexi am fell better now...01:13
Gomexi help to change the wiki page the Xubuntu-br project01:14
Gomexi improve somethings01:14
Gomexand translate others..01:14
evil_techthese novell mac pc ads are hilarious01:15
thyraxnow I need to unmount my raid array01:18
thyraxdo I just run sudo umount /mnt/md0?01:19
thyraxI just want to do everything riht01:19
evil_techif thats where its mounts01:19
evil_techyou can also umount by device name01:19
thyraxand is mnt the best place to mount a raid array thats where I put it yesterday and needed to be root to access the folder01:19
thyraxif I unmount it will it automaticaly be removed from fstab?01:20
thyraxand I put the mount in fastab but not mtab yesterday what would putting it in mtab do?01:20
evil_techi've no clue what mtab does01:20
evil_techfstab entry will make it mount on boot01:20
evil_techand i would put it in /media/01:21
evil_techsince thats where most devices get mounted01:21
thyraxthat's what one tutorial said the other did mnt i thought it logical to do mnt why media?01:21
thyraxand will it show up on the desktop?01:21
evil_techthats a good question01:22
evil_techi think you have to make a link for it on the desktop01:22
thyraxok well thats not iportant now just wondering01:22
evil_techand like i said /media is where most drives get mounterd01:22
thyraxwhy media?01:22
thyraxwill I need to be root to acces my drive it I mount it there?01:22
evil_technot if you set it up right in fstab01:23
evil_techi believe there are options to mount it as user01:23
thyraxand the location of the mount doesn't make a difference?01:23
Gomexevil_tech: yes, user is the option that anyuser can mount and umount01:23
thyraxmounting in a place like var doesn't automatically make it available to all users?01:24
evil_techjust dont mount it where somthing else mounts01:24
evil_techthat would be bad01:24
thyraxI can always unmount it and remount it right?01:24
thyraxhow familiar are you with the way the mdadm.conf works?01:24
evil_techno clue01:25
evil_techhavent messed with linux raid in almost a year01:25
thyraxlol ok01:25
evil_tech and it was only a one class time thing01:25
evil_techim used to my pseudo hardware raid01:25
thyraxany reason why I should not use gnome?01:28
evil_techthis is #xubuntu01:28
thyraxwhats the easiest way to format a hdd in linux?01:28
thyraxyeah so talk me out of it01:29
evil_techmkfs.ext3 /dev/hdc301:29
evil_techthink you have to sudo that01:29
thyraxwhy hdc3 and not just hdc?01:29
evil_techcause you cant format a device01:29
evil_techyou have to format a partition01:30
thyraxI see01:30
evil_techthere are other format options too01:30
evil_techmkfs --help gives a list01:31
thyraxhere is my plan: umount my raid array. edit fstab to deleted the entry for md0 and then format the two drives in raid 101:31
thyraxand then create raid 5from scratch?01:31
evil_techso right now they are in RAID 101:32
thyraxyes just 201:32
evil_techyoure going to break the raid format the drives and then build a raid 5 array01:32
thyraxI was  going to over write the raid 1 metadata with raid 5 and have a 2drive raid5 array and grow that but now my drive is here I have 3 empty drives01:33
evil_techyeah i would do it that way01:33
thyraxThats what I need to do. right now I have a really happy raid 1 array mounted in mnt folder01:33
evil_techunmount that01:33
evil_techyou have to break the raid though01:34
evil_techwhich (someone please please correct me if i am wrong) you do by deleting md001:34
thyraxbefore I do that I am going to experiment and overwrite the meta data to see start the convert raid 1 to raid 5 trick just for educational purposes :)01:34
thyraxhow do I delete md001:34
evil_techsudo rm /dev/md001:35
evil_techi think01:35
evil_techand i would get confirmation that you need to do that01:35
evil_techi'm running on best guess and my crappy memory from a 1 1/2 hour class on this01:35
evil_techif i had my nix bible id look it up01:36
thyraxits cool I'll google it01:37
thyraxor consult one of the 20tuts I have bookmarked01:37
evil_techcause just cause its not mounted it still acts like a raid array until you get rid of md001:37
thyraxmaybe there is an mdadm command01:37
thyraxsudo mdadm --stop /dev/md0 forgot about that. shold do that before unmounting01:50
thyraxtut I found --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=39428101:50
thyraxvery helpful just remember to unmount the array before trying to stop it or it will just say busy till you unmount it01:58
thyraxat this rate ill be able to add linux guru to my resume :)01:59
evil_techoooo 750gb WD only 15001:59
huhHow do I get on to a wireless network that doesn't use encryption?01:59
thyraxlol I just saw that they added the unmount part at the bottom01:59
thyrax750 for 150 not bad02:00
thyraxnot bad at all02:00
thyraxcan't wait till the tb are 200 or below :)02:00
thyraxthat's when I'll be ready to start my secondary server :)02:00
evil_techif i didnt  have a mortgage i could afford about 5 of those02:01
evil_techi could save 150 a month and have them before summer. 1tb will probably be at that price poinr02:02
evil_techmmm 4 terabytes02:03
evil_techall my movies playable at the click of an icon02:04
evil_techyou all have a good weekend02:05
thyraxthats the plan02:06
=== XwarlokX83 is now known as XwarlokX82
kebhowdy. is there a recommended backup software for xubuntu in small businesses?02:21
thyraxnone I can think of but I'm relatively new to linux02:27
Gomexkeb: http://www.bacula.org/02:28
kebof course linux doesnt crash so we don't need backups :P02:29
Gomexkeb: it work with Windows too02:29
kebthanks. i tried bacula source compile and it didnt work. i will try the distro version isntead02:30
Gomexwhat was that problem to work with source?02:31
kebwhen i run the bacula-dir script to check the config file, it just hangs02:31
keball the other ones come back right away with no errors02:32
Gomexi need to go...02:32
Gomexi talk to you latter02:32
soldatsi know there was some people a few days ago or a week ago who wanted to know how to map the "win" key to open the accessories button and couldnt figure out how to do it. so i figured out a way to do it and it works so if this is something that you would like to do let me know. for some reason i havent had internet service for a few days so i havent gotten back to a few people02:52
kebmaybe you could add it to the wiki somewhere02:53
kebi always try to get keyboards without that MS key02:53
soldatsdo you know the main page to the wiki02:53
soldatsim not sure of it02:53
soldatsi was talking to nantrax about it a few days ago02:54
kebmaybe this page is where it would go https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InputDevices02:58
soldatscool i will check it ou03:02
CatoptromancyI setup my WIN key for a hot key03:15
CatoptromancyWIN + anykey does something03:15
kebyou have an anykey? :o03:16
CatoptromancyWIN -   make volume lower03:16
CatoptromancyWIN + makes volume higher03:16
CatoptromancyWIN t brings up thunar03:16
CatoptromancyWIN r  brings up a rubiks cube03:17
CatoptromancyWIN key wasnt doing anything else really03:17
Catoptromancyso i bound stuff to it03:17
soldatsCatoptromancy, can you solve the cube without the need for a program03:17
Catoptromancyits not a solving program03:18
soldatswhat is it03:18
Catoptromancyits just a GL cube to solve03:18
soldatsim just wondering03:18
soldatscool i love solving the cube how would get this "said" program03:18
Catoptromancyhold on03:19
Catoptromancyits source only, but its really cool and basic03:19
Catoptromancythats what I built it from03:22
soldatsoh cool so it lets you solve it through a program, i used to use one of those on a web page based on java03:25
soldatsit was really neat03:25
Catoptromancyya this is about the same03:25
Catoptromancyprobably works faster03:25
Catoptromancyit starts solved, but just click a dozen times and move mouse around03:26
Catoptromancyits messed up03:26
soldatsthats cool. i always have my cube next to my mouse  and i solve it when im bored03:27
soldatsill look into that program it looks sweet03:27
Catoptromancyit what the help screen says03:27
kebErreur 404 - Document non trouvé03:28
CatoptromancyI found it randomly on google03:28
Catoptromancy rubix-1.0.5.tar.bz203:28
soldatscool, ill check it out. i was wondering do you own a cube, and if you do what is your fastest time solving it03:38
soldatsjust curious because i was into it heavaly a while back and im out of the loop as to wat peoples times are now03:39
Catoptromancyheh i dont speed cube03:44
Catoptromancytakes me like ahile03:45
Catoptromancybeen working on some strategy and actually figure out a fast way03:45
soldatsoh i was just wondering i still think its really cool that you have learned how to solveit03:45
thyraxsoldats are you familiar with linux raid?03:46
Catoptromancyi didnt really learn03:46
Catoptromancyjust kinda trial error, and manged03:46
thyraxI am wondering how exact a partition needs to be to be in a raid array. hopefully not to the byte. and mdadm corrects for this.03:48
kebi didnt specify to the byte03:49
kebi think it was in MB03:49
thyraxraid 503:49
soldatsCatoptromancy, thats really cool i hope you find a good way to solve it quickly03:49
soldatsthyrax, im not too familiar with raid03:49
thyraxI exaggerated03:50
soldatswell not really familiar at al id say03:50
soldatswith raid*****03:50
thyraxok just wondering keb do you have a raid array?03:51
kebyes i have raid103:51
thyraxhmm I just finished raid 1 but the drives were identical03:52
thyraxI was wondering what if you had a 500gig drive03:52
kebyes mine are, almost03:52
keb80 lol03:52
thyraxand wanted to grow a raid 5 array later but bought a different brand...03:52
thyraxsame make?03:53
thyraxand model?03:53
kebWD but differences in minor version03:53
thyraxhmmm I guess I'm just being anal03:54
thyraxis there a way to check the partitions and make sure they are happy before I proccede?03:54
kebhda: WDC WD800JB-00JJC0, ATA DISK drive,  hdb: WDC WD800JB-00FMA0, ATA DISK drive03:54
kebhmm i used the wizard thingy upon installing03:55
thyraxwizard thingy?03:56
kebmaybe gparted can do all that afterwards03:56
thyraxI used gparted03:56
thyraxto format them03:56
thyraxoh you mean there is a check in it?03:56
kebit should be able to setup the raid too03:56
thyraxyou sure about that?03:57
thyraxusuing mdadm?03:57
thyraxI set up raid 1 yesterday no problems03:57
thyraxbut did everything manually diduse gparted to format the drive though03:57
kebi have to use mdadm everytime i reboot lol03:58
kebbecause the system doesnt load the md module03:58
thyraxwhy not?04:00
thyraxdid you set up the mdadm.conf?04:00
thyraxand then mount in fstab?04:00
thyraxi mean update fstab04:00
thyraxto mount on boot04:00
kebit happened after gutsy upgrade04:02
kebsomething changed in the kernel or initrd04:02
kebi didnt change anything in the mdadm.conf or fstab04:02
thyraxwhat does your mdadm.conf look like?04:03
kebi reported it in the forums, and several others have the same problem04:03
thyraxanything in it?04:03
kebsomeone said they fixed it with dpkg-reconfigure04:03
kebwell now i have the actual definitions of my raid in mdadm.conf04:03
kebto help in starting the raid manually04:04
kebin feisty i didnt edit the file at all04:04
keband it was all defaults and mostly empty i think04:05
thyraxi see04:05
kebi can't wait for the next dist-upgrade ;)04:06
thyraxwhy is that?04:06
kebto see if the raid automagically fixes its elf04:06
thyraxI wish there was a gui04:07
thyraxwell that would take the fun out of it sorta04:07
thyraxwhat does fsck.ext3 /dev/md104:08
thyraxresize2fs /dev/md104:08
thyraxwhere md1 is the raid array04:08
soldatskeb, if youcant wait for the next dist upgrade id suggest asking for a better support for raid so it will be implemented04:09
kebit checks the partition, then resizes it04:09
soldatsin the next upgrade04:09
kebi suppose i should report a bug04:09
soldatswell maybe not a bug but maybe gui support for raid and other things you may want04:09
kebthyrax but i would think that resize2fs would take a size parameter04:10
kebi dont need guis, but not losing raid after an upgrade would be good04:10
thyraxkeb: does the file system matter?04:10
kebi think they changed initrd so that it doesnt exist anymore in gutsy04:10
kebthyrax it shouldnt, i think the raid operates at partition level04:11
thyraxok I just formatted a hard drive ext3 but 7gb of space is being used04:11
thyraxwhat is that 7gigs used for?04:11
kebmaybe it is left over space due to geometry mismatch04:12
thyraxntfs recognises all of it04:12
thyraxsure its not just the ext3 file system?04:12
kebno idea04:13
thyraxshould I use a different file system?04:13
thyraxhow is resief or whatever its called04:13
kebdepends what it will be for04:13
kebi'm using reiser3.6 on my raid104:14
thyraxis it required to format before using mdadm to make the array?04:14
thyraxI guess I should research linux filesystems04:14
thyraxwhy did you pick that over ext304:14
kebthere is a howto or tutorial somewhere for step by step04:14
kebit is supposed to be faster i think04:15
kebext3 looked like a kluge over the legacy ext204:15
kebadded code to make journaling work04:17
thyraxok I read on wiki that journaling was a difference04:17
thyraxkeb: where do you mount your array? do you need to be root to access it? I put it in /mnt04:18
keb /home04:19
kebi only keep the data on raid, not the operating system04:20
thyraxso the array just acts as your home directory?04:21
thyraxdo you need to be root to access it?04:21
thyraxhaving mounted it in mnt is that waht required me to be root to access it?04:22
kebno my user accounts work fine04:23
kebit is in /etc/fstab as   #/dev/md004:23
kebUUID=31f61d0c-9997-45c8-a932-ed3a53f08a75 /home    reiserfs    defaults    0    204:23
thyraxok I guess the numbers are the user level?04:25
thyraxthe 0  204:25
thyraxi think mine was 0  304:25
thyraxgparted gets segmentation fault core dumped04:25
thyraxany idea what that means?04:25
thyraxis it faster to format using the command line?04:25
kebdunno. best check the logs or dmesg04:26
kebit shouldnt core dump04:26
thyraxshould I keep usiing it it seems to work fine04:27
thyraxtakes forever to load though04:27
kebgparted should be fast04:28
kebthere is a text version04:28
thyraxnot for me it takes forever i thought it was just the drive size?04:28
thyraxwhat is dev/fd0 says unable to open04:28
kebthat is your floppy lol04:28
thyraxok just checking04:29
thyraxI don't have a floppy installed havn't in ages04:29
kebsomeone setup raid5 on 5 USB floppies just to prove it could be done04:30
thyraxi do on a 1userver but that doesn't count :)04:30
thyraxhmm sounds like a pain04:30
thyraxchanging tags is taking a while04:30
thyraxI guess ill have to learn how to do things in the command line04:31
thyraxformatting and partitioning and what not04:31
kebreading the manuals is half the fun04:31
thyraxwhat command deletes the partitions on a disk?04:33
thyraxresize2fs does work on ext3 right?04:33
thyraxworking on uninstalling and reinstalling gparted maybe that will help04:40
kebmaybe you have bad sectors on a hard drive, or a bad memory chip04:43
thyraxhow do I check? you'd think an app made to deal with hdds wouldnt have an issue with that04:44
thyraxhow long does it usually take to scan drives?04:44
thyraxi have 3 500gb drives and an 80 in now04:44
kebwell when you boot one of the options is usually memtest04:46
kebwhen doing mkfs there is a checkbox or flag for detailed drive scan04:46
kebalso you can use fsck to do it04:47
naminemi want to assign a keyboard shortcut for workspaces05:13
naminemwhat's the command for switching workspace?05:13
soldatsctrl alt arrow key should do it to switch workspace05:21
soldatsi only have one workspace so im not sure05:21
charding(left or right arrow)05:21
soldatsi usually boot cli only05:21
thyraxI tried using cfdisk /dev/05:25
thyraxbut got could not open disk error05:25
thyraxpress any key to leave cfdisk05:25
kebtry cfdisk /dev/hdb05:26
thyraxeven if I do not have that drive?05:26
thyraxI used cfdisk /dev/sdb05:26
huhthyrax, zero the drive with dd05:26
thyraxjust because I want to format my drives differently before  putting them in the array05:26
keboh well whatever youd drive is05:26
thyraxi did that keb thats how i got the error05:27
thyraxhub how do I do that still a linux formatting noob05:27
huhthyrax, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda05:27
thyraxi had previously formatted it with ext3 and set a raid tag in gparted.05:28
thyraxhuh, ill try that05:28
huhthyrax, it'll take awhile.. and after that cfdisk will ask to start with a zero partition drive05:28
thyraxwhen I was about to create the array mdadm said the files are ext2fs05:28
thyraxso I wasn't sure if mdadm couldn't see ext3?05:28
thyraxhuh what does it do exactly?05:29
huhthyrax, writes a bunch of zeros to you drive...05:29
thyraxhuh: when I used gparted to format a 500gig drive in ext3 it allocated 7gigs to something any idea what that was?05:29
thyraxok i'll do that then05:30
thyraxdoes it harm the drive at all?05:30
huhthyrax, cfdisk will then ask to start with a zero partition table05:30
huhthyrax, not in my experience05:30
thyraxok thanks trying that now05:30
kebjust be sure to put the right device name there05:30
kebor you will zero your boot drive ;)05:31
huhthyrax, keb is right05:31
thyraxthat would be fun05:31
huhthyrax, use the alternate install cd for raid05:32
huhthyrax, maybe easier05:32
thyraxb4 i do that any idea why 2% of the drive is taken up while using ext3?05:32
huhthyrax, after you zero the drive05:32
huhthyrax, I guess it is the journaling05:33
huhthyrax, but I aint a expert on the subject05:33
thyraxis there a file system that uses less?05:33
huhthyrax, I think reiserfs does more05:33
thyraxis reiserfs stable05:34
huhthyrax, yeah05:34
thyraxshould I use that instead of ext3?05:34
thyraxI just want to make sure that I have the best setup before I make the mdadm raid array05:35
huhthyrax, I really don't know if you'll see a diff.. but journaled filesystems are suggested05:35
thyraxbecause I can't change it after that. this array will have to last 4 a while05:35
kebyou make the raid before you put a filessytem on it05:35
huhthyrax, why I dont know I go on faith05:35
huhthyrax, keb is right...05:35
thyraxyes but don't I format the individual drives first?05:36
thyraxthats how i did my raid 1 array05:36
huhthyrax, make the raid05:36
thyraxguys look at this tut: http://bfish.xaedalus.net/?p=18805:36
huhthyrax, I need to look at some howtos cause it is a lot to remember.. but the device mapper is used..05:36
thyraxsre you suggesting I ignore the first steps?05:37
huhAnd I dont know if you are doing hardware or software raid05:37
thyraxvia mdadm05:37
huhthyrax, make the raid first then format your raid will be a /dev/mapper/whatever05:38
huhor dev /md something like I said I'd have to see a howto to be totally correct05:39
thyraxdid you scan that tutorial?05:39
huha lot to remember and I only get it up in gentoo05:39
huhthyrax, no too busy drinking05:39
huhbut I will05:39
thyraxthey format and tag the individual drives then build the raid out of the partition05:39
huhI need to sober up first before I give further guidance05:41
soldatshuh, hah i had to do that as well05:41
thyraxyikes so linux drives you to drink? should I take this as a warning???05:41
huhthyrax, no I have some free time and like beer05:42
kebfree speech encourages free beer05:42
huhthyrax, just break the howto down05:42
* thyrax breathes a sigh of relief05:42
thyraxthey format with gparted05:42
thyraxext3 and add raid tags05:42
thyraxand then assemble in raid05:42
thyraxand then format the /dev/mdo05:43
huhthyrax, mdadm will make the raid, but you dont format until the raid is made05:43
thyraxand mount05:43
huhthyrax, basically05:43
thyraxwhy do they format first and add raid tags?05:43
thyraxthey are raiding the partitions05:43
huhthyrax, and partitioning must be a raid type05:43
huhthyrax, and there will be some options you'll need to pass to the kernel so it boots05:44
huhthyrax, a lot of crap to get straight05:44
* thyrax is all ears05:44
thyraxor eyes05:44
* huh downs another beer sorry :)!05:45
thyraxI raided partitions for my raid 1 array but I will be more than happy to just raid the drives with out partitions05:45
huhthyrax, still need one partition with a raid type05:45
thyraxlol things aren't looking to bright for my data if I rely on your help at this stage ,huh05:45
huhthyrax, just download the alt install cd05:45
kebif you have an existing filesystem to be converted to raid then you need special procedures, but when starting from scratch it is easy05:46
thyraxwhat does the alt install disk do?05:46
huhthyrax, not necessarily just take what a I say with a grain of salt05:46
huhthyrax, makes it easier05:46
thyraxcan you describe how?05:46
huhthyrax, it is a text based menu but05:47
thyraxbecause its pretty easy just putting in the commands for me just need to know if I should raid the drives or the partitions like I did earlier05:47
huhthyrax, you dont have to use commands just arrow keys05:47
thyraxdo you have a tutorial or screen shots05:47
huhthyrax, Just run the alt and you will see05:47
huhthyrax, just keep in mind the general procedure05:48
thyraxalright I guess ill download it05:48
huhthyrax, but if you want hard05:48
huhthyrax, continue on with what you are doing05:48
thyraxwhat is the alternate cd designed for?05:49
thyraxI think I may hu05:49
huhthyrax, just when ya see a raid option click on it, and you'll be 85% in the clear05:49
thyraxI'll just 0 out the drives05:49
thyraxand add them05:50
huhthyrax, cool05:50
thyraxis it an install from scratch?05:50
thyraxdoes it use mdadm?05:50
huhthyrax, yeah05:50
thyraxhow old is this alt cd?05:50
huhthyrax, you can get a recent one05:50
huhthyrax, just that it is a text based menu05:50
huhthyrax, no bells and whistles05:51
thyraxso I will require a new install?05:51
thyraxI can't just zero out the drives and raid em?05:51
thyraxwithout partitions?05:51
huhthyrax, I thought you were a new install05:51
huhthyrax, hold on people may hate me05:51
kebyou dont need to zero the drives05:51
kebrepartitioning essentially does that05:52
huhthyrax, i just zero when cfdisk tells me it cant partition it... and only cause it works sometimes05:53
huhthyrax, and you'll need 1 partition05:53
thyraxraid 5 is going on 5 seperate disks05:53
thyraxI already have an install of ubuntu on an 80gig disk05:53
thyraxthe os is seperate05:53
thyraxkeb repartitioning05:54
huhthyrax, hold on I need to look up some websites05:54
thyraxI am usually good at grasping these things I think hu being drunk is just confusing things05:54
=== XwarlokX82 is now known as X|Dirtnappin
thyraxkeb so I can raid whole drives right?05:55
thyraxI do not have to have partitions?05:56
thyraxI was told that having the raid tag helped it load automagically05:56
thyraxdoes mdadm do this for you when creating the raid?05:56
huhthyrax, you'll need one partition05:56
thyraxwhy one?05:56
kebone big partition on each drive05:56
thyraxand does this apply to raid 5?05:56
thyraxok thats what I have...05:56
huhthyrax, yeah one big one the whole drive05:57
thyraxsdb1, sdc1, sdd105:57
kebotoh, your sd controller may have its own raid built-in, in which case do everything from the bios setup screen05:57
thyraxlol nooooo05:57
huhthyrax, you never mentioned sata05:57
thyraxno huh no sata raid05:57
thyraxkeb is just adding to the confusion05:57
kebwhy are they called sdb,sdc,sdd if they arent sata?05:58
huhsd(x)1=sata or scsi05:58
kebare they scsi05:58
thyraxlol they aren't sata raid05:58
huhhd(X) is ide05:58
kebor usb?05:58
thyraxthey are on sata05:58
huhthyrax, has to be usb external05:58
thyraxbut not using sata raid05:58
keboh if they are plain sata, there may still be a raid function in the bios05:59
thyraxthere may for one of them05:59
thyraxbut i do not want to use it05:59
huhthyrax, is it a IDE drive?05:59
thyraxi want to use software raid05:59
thyraxthe onboard sata raid doesn't even have raid 505:59
thyraxso I am just using controllers05:59
thyraxno its sata hu05:59
thyraxjust not sata raid as keb was saying06:00
kebok well you will probly have to create a single partition of type raid on each drive06:00
huhthyrax, I am going to shut up now, but before I do I will look up these sites for you and wish you good luck06:00
thyraxsee so what I am doing now is trying to find the best way to partition my drives before putting them in raid 506:01
thyraxyou know the one big partition per drive you were just talking about06:01
thyraxok keb how would you go about doing that?06:01
kebdo you want more than one raid5 volume?06:01
keber, filesystem?06:01
thyraxnot at the moment06:01
thyraxjust one raid06:02
thyraxI have 5x500gb all for raid 506:02
huhthyrax, http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Install_on_Software_RAID use that one with a grain of salt.. and when I installed raid it was in gentoo so I hope no one bites my head off06:02
huhthyrax, you dont boot to the drives so you should be safe06:03
huhthyrax, or it may just confuse you idonno06:04
thyraxI am sure I can make a raid 5 array, hu06:04
thyraxonly problem is: am I formatting correctly before06:04
thyraxis ext3 the best to format06:04
kebah i see gparted may be confusing you.  yes it lets you set the filesystem type but you also set a raid flag06:04
thyraxin windows ntfs gives me 465gb formatted ext3 gives me 45806:04
thyraxthat was my only question06:04
kebnow mayn GB you get likely depends on the sector size06:05
huhthyrax, may be better off not using gparted06:06
keband whether it divides evenly into the disk geometry and stuff06:06
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=== ddevorkin is now known as da1
thyraxhuh why do you suggest I do not use gparted...06:07
thyraxI can live with just 458 gigs but is it efficient06:07
thyraxwill cfdisk give me a different figure?06:07
kebext3 may also reserve 5% for system use06:08
kebso its probly the same real size06:08
thyraxreal size?06:09
kebusable data size06:09
thyraxok I guess ill try partitioning with cfdisk06:10
thyraxcommand should be: sudo cfdisk /dev/sdb ?06:10
da1hey all is this area an appropriate place to post up my xubuntu support questions? im kind of a newb i want to make sure i'm in the right room first06:11
da1or is this like.. general xubuntu chit chat06:12
thyraxkeb, are you familiar with: sfdisk -d /dev/sda | sfdisk /dev/sdb -06:12
da1okay great06:13
kebthyrax : sfdisk doesnt do guids, so if you have gutsy 7.10 dont use it06:13
thyraxanother question when I run fdisk-l after reboot it listed my devices in a different order06:14
thyraxsda used to be the os disk now the os disk is sdb06:14
thyraxi mean sdd06:14
da1i just installed xubuntu (7.10) on an ibm i found in the garbage behind my apartment; in the middle of booting it drops me from the spash screen into busybox.  i'm wonder what i can do during boot-up to get rid of the splash screen and show whats going on underneath so i can get an idea of what's going wrong during boot up?06:15
kebthyrax i think that depends on what order your sata controller initializes stuff06:15
thyraxso its random?06:15
thyraxand the os disk is ide06:15
thyraxbut comes up as sata in linux06:16
kebthyrax i meant uuid (sorry)06:18
thyraxi guess its random?06:19
thyraxfirst time it came up in that order06:19
thyraxwhy would the order change?06:19
thyraxhmm rebooted and back to normal06:20
kebthyrax try this sudo vol_id /dev/sdb106:21
thyraxkeb its back to normal now I think when I selected n for the creation of the mdadm array it threw it off06:22
kebda1 i think when it pauses during bootup you can edit the startup line to add a nosplash to the kernel boot parameters, or remove the splash word06:22
kebthyrax the uuids are designed to always be the same no matter what cable the drives are plugged into06:23
thyraxyeah i know I wasn't worried about that.06:23
thyraxjust wondering why it decided to be different that time but I suspect why06:23
thyraxanyway can I format the drives in something else before creating the raid array?06:24
thyraxother than ext306:24
kebthyrax so in your fstab and mdadm.conf you will see uuids instead or in addition to /dev/...06:24
da1thanks keb!06:24
thyraxwould you recommend anything else?06:24
thyraxyeah I know that keb06:24
thyraxthanks anyway :)06:24
kebda1 you may also be able to press F2 or Ctrl-F2 to switch to another console that scrolls the info06:24
kebthyrax i use reiserfs06:25
kebthyrax some people use xfs, and some use jfs, but i do not know how well linux utils support them06:25
kebcomparing filesystems is a whole field in itself06:26
thyraxthen what made you select reiserfs?06:26
kebit looked well thought out and new :) and it claimed to be well tested06:26
kebthe safest is probly ext3 though, it has the most users06:27
thyraxu formated in reiserfs before raid and the md0?06:29
kebme? i had an existing partition with reiserfs, i made a new partition with raid1, formatted it, copied my data, then deleted the old existing partition, recreated it as raid and added it to the raid1 set06:31
kebi.e., i didnt start from scratch06:31
thyraxi see06:31
kebtry it with gparted, everything should be fine since it is all new disks06:32
kebyou can't damage them with this stuff06:32
thyraxok I guess I;; try reserfs06:33
thyraxgparted just takes a while to initialize06:33
kebthat segfault can probly be avoided by zeroing the disks before partitioning06:33
kebbut that will take a while06:33
thyraxseg fault?06:35
thyraxkeb I'm going to go with reiserf06:35
kebdidnt you say gparted had segfaulted06:35
thyraxit it possible to copy the partition table exactly in ubuntu using cfdisk?06:35
kebi dont think cfdisk does that06:35
thyraxno I don't recall seing as I have no idea what segfault is :)06:36
thyraxok what is the best way to format a drive to reiserf?06:36
thyraxfirst I will have to delete the ext3 partition right?06:36
kebthen create a new one06:36
thyraxok what commands should I run :)06:37
thyraxotherwise I'll be stuck with gparted :(06:37
thyraxhow do I delete a partition from the terminal?06:37
kebtry cfdisk06:38
thyraxfatal error each time i use it06:39
thyraxI have never used cfdisk before06:39
kebcfdisk /dev/sdb06:39
kebsudo cfdisk /dev/sdb06:39
thyraxgives fatal error06:39
thyraxhit any key to ecit cfdisk06:39
kebwhat else does it say06:39
thyraxi tried a different drive it worked :)06:40
kebhehe maybe you are missing one06:40
thyraxmissing a drive?06:40
thyraxthey all show up in fdisk -l06:41
kebwhichever letter didnt work06:41
thyraxok what do I do to this drive?06:41
kebis it showing any existing data?06:41
kebmake sure it isnt your boot drive06:41
thyraxyes sdc1 primary linux raid auto detect 500105.25MB06:42
kebwell done06:42
thyraxyes im not that much of a noob06:42
thyraxalright so delete?06:42
thyraxok its gone06:43
thyraxthat was fast06:43
thyraxdo i select new?06:43
thyraxok selected new06:45
thyraxthen primary06:45
thyraxhow do I make it linux raid autodetect again any idea?06:46
kebthat would be the type06:46
thyraxyes but it isn't listed :(06:47
keblook again06:47
thyraxyes sir06:48
kebhmmm you terminal might have to be wider than 80 characters06:48
thyraxlol press any key to continue06:49
thyraxI'm such a noob :)06:49
thyraxfound it06:49
thyraxok now what write?06:50
thyraxit asks are you sure I want to write partition table to disk.06:52
kebare you?06:52
thyraxat what point will ask if I want to use ext3 or reiserf]06:52
thyraxyes I am but what format wil the partition be?06:52
kebafter you have made the raid volume, you can create a filesystem on it06:52
kebso right now there is no format on the partition06:53
thyraxok so making the partition does not require that I have a file system?06:53
thyraxlol you're a huge help06:54
kebi do my best to make things interesting06:54
thyraxhmmm how do i know if its done?06:55
kebprobly when you can move the cursor again06:55
thyraxok it's done then. that was real fast06:56
thyraxalright next one then06:56
kebafter you have done the other 4 disks, you will have to edit the mdadm.conf file and assemble the array06:57
kebunfortunately i have to goto bed06:57
kebbut it should be straightforward if you read the tutorials or even just the mdadm manual06:57
thyraxthanks a bunch06:58
kebnp and good luck06:58
tachyonAnyone around that can answer a question?08:24
TheSheep!ask | tachyon08:26
ubotutachyon: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)08:26
thyraxwhich is better ext3 or reiserfs?08:27
tachyonI have Gutsy installed, and i cant find a Volume Control Panel Plugin08:27
tachyonafter I "Add New Item"08:27
tachyonthe ubuntu forum was of little help08:29
TheSheeptachyon: do you have 'xfce4-mixer' installed?08:29
TheSheeptachyon: in synaptic08:29
userXubuntuHi! I just installed Xubuntu (and I'm running it right now). Accourding to the web site Xubuntu only needs 1,5 GB, however the system moniter tells me that it's using 3,6 GB. I don't get it?08:31
userXubuntu(I have a swap partition on 2GB, which it uses only 300mg of...)08:32
thyraxhow much ram do you have?08:34
userXubuntuThe problem you ask? Well, I gave Ubuntu a 4GB room to play, though I figured 2.5 GB should be more then enough to run other programs.08:34
tachyoni'll check TheSheep... thanks08:34
userXubuntuHi, Thy, I have 768 MB RAM08:34
thyraxif you did guided install it leaves roughtly 3xyour ram for swap08:35
userXubuntuNo, I di manual install08:35
thyraxif you did a manual/custom drive format you could set those things lower to meet the 1.5 you wanted08:36
thyraxwhat did you set the swap to when you did the install?08:36
userXubuntuWait, let me take this from the beginning.08:36
userXubuntuI had made the partion in advance, before installing Xubuntu.08:37
userXubuntuWhen I installed Xubuntu it asked me to choose a partion for the root (I choosed the 4GB exs3)08:37
userXubuntuWhy not?08:38
userXubuntuI came here and ask you guys about it, and you said it was OK.08:38
userXubuntu(notice a difference in my name; user123 => userXubuntu ;-))08:39
tachyonaha there we go. Thanks TheSheep, its there now08:39
userXubuntuAnyway, I really want to know what I did wrong, and how to correct it? I do not want to reformat, repartion and reinstall win, and Xubuntu again...08:40
thyraxyou didn't say you were trying to boot both windows and xubuntu...08:40
userXubuntuNow, or before?08:40
thyraxIs it safe to use sfdisk in ubuntu?08:41
userXubuntuOh, sorry, didn't think that was relative...08:41
thyraxI have never tried to dual boot so I'm not sure what you should do. don't want to mis-lead you.08:41
userXubuntuEverything works fine. It's just that Xubuntu has taken 4GB, and not the pre advertised 1,5 GB.08:42
thyraxdo you mean 1.5GB?08:42
userXubuntuI do not see that dual boot should have to do with it.08:42
userXubuntuSorry, yes 1.5GB08:42
userXubuntuI looked at the add/remove apps, installed apps, all. They are not that many, and I'm having a hard time to think that any of them would take more then 50 mb.08:45
userXubuntuHow can I find out which programs/files are using all that  space?08:46
TheSheepuserXubuntu: try running 'sudo apt-get clean'08:47
userXubuntuBefore I press enter here... What does that do?08:48
TheSheepuserXubuntu: deletes the packages that it donwloaded from repositories to install your programs08:48
TheSheepuserXubuntu: once the programs are installed, the packages are not needed anymore08:48
userXubuntuI see, thanks, but it doesn't seem to do anything...08:49
userXubuntuIt asked me for admin pass... Then it just went back to a new clean line...08:50
TheSheepuserXubuntu: check the free space now08:50
userXubuntuIn sysMon?08:51
userXubuntuI did that, it still says 99% space used...08:51
TheSheepuserXubuntu: just type 'df -h'08:51
userXubuntucmmand not found...08:51
TheSheepwithout '08:52
userXubuntuI needed to put sudo in front (what does that mean?)08:52
TheSheepit means 'disk free' and shows free space, you don't need sudo in front08:53
userXubuntuWell, I did...08:53
userXubuntudf -h, was a unknown command...08:53
userXubuntuNo, my misstake...08:53
userXubuntuYou're right.08:53
userXubuntuadministrator@comp:~$ sudo apt-get clean08:54
userXubuntuadministrator@comp:~$ df-h08:54
userXubuntubash: df-h: command not found08:54
userXubuntu(that was what happened the first time... Wierd)08:54
TheSheepdf -h08:54
TheSheepnote the space08:54
userXubuntu*sigh* yes sorry. I say that now...08:54
userXubuntu(It's late, I blame it on that...)08:55
userXubuntuFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on08:55
userXubuntu/dev/hda2             3.9G  3.7G  3.3M 100% /08:55
userXubuntu(This is the (relavant) return value I get)08:55
userXubuntuIt's my hom dir that is taking all that space... *investigating*08:57
userXubuntuOh. My.... Why doesn't Xubunt show hidden files on the desktop?!08:59
userXubuntu(I have show hidden files turned on in Tuner),09:00
TheSheepbecause they are hidden09:00
userXubuntuYes. LOL.09:00
userXubuntuNice, one.09:00
userXubuntuWell, I found the problem...09:00
userXubuntuTHanks for the help Thy and TheSheep!09:01
userXubuntuI was wondering how I would go about to set up my graphic card?09:09
TheSheepuserXubuntu: system->restricted drivers manager09:10
userXubuntuBut that give me a speech of warning...09:11
userXubuntuIs it safe?09:11
TheSheepread it09:11
userXubuntuWell, yes, I think I understand now...09:12
userXubuntuOk, now it says something about software source for the package "nvidia-glx-new" isn't enabled...09:13
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See also !EasySource09:13
TheSheepuserXubuntu: you need to enable the09:13
TheSheep'restricted' repository09:13
userXubuntuubotu: thanks, I will take a look at those!09:14
userXubuntuTheSheep: what, how and where?09:14
TheSheep!bot | userXubuntu09:14
ubotuuserXubuntu: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:14
TheSheepuserXubuntu: ubotu gave you a link with howto09:15
userXubuntuWell, it out smarted me ;)09:15
userXubuntuI will read those manuals, and hopefully it will be enough :D, thanks for your help TheSheep!09:17
thyraxgood night guys. I'm off to bed good luck user09:19
BlinkizI don't want my computer to autostart the X (xfce). How can I disable this?09:29
zoredache_uninstall gdm09:29
TheSheepdisable gdm in system->services09:29
zoredache_or simply disable it09:29
BlinkizAnd when I need the X I just type "startxfce4"?09:30
TheSheepBlinkiz: should work09:30
BlinkizThanks! :)09:30
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
BlinkizBriliant support btw!09:30
BlinkizIf firestarter the right program for xfce?09:59
BlinkizI need a easy firewall09:59
TheSheepBlinkiz: it's good10:01
compumanHi guys, I have a problem.  I am in Ubuntu safe mode right now.  Accessing the default session gives me an "your session lasted less than ten seconds" error.  Can someone please help me, as this is my productivity machine?11:46
BlinkizI removed my eth1 card and now only have eth0 in my computer. Now xfce gives me an error at startup. "Could not look up internet address for fileserver. This will prevent Xfce from operating correctly. It may be possible to correct the problem by adding fileserver to the file /etc/hosts on your system." Please advice what to do.11:48
BlinkizOkay, found the fix for it. I should add this to my /etc/hosts: " localhost.localdomain localhost fileserver"11:50
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tuga3dhi all15:42
tuga3di have a sis 650 graphic card and i can't find drivers for it in the net for xubuntu, can anyone help?15:43
tuga3dor point me to a room where i can resolve my problem?15:44
crimsundoes the vesa driver not work?  You certainly won't get hardware-supported 3D accel, but it's better than nothing.15:46
tuga3dyep it works, but i'll would like to have 3d accelation :(15:47
PeckaHbuy a card15:47
tuga3dit's a laptop :(15:47
tuga3dany idea where i can go to? url? room?15:51
totalmergeagetry #ubuntu15:52
tuga3dok, thanks :)15:52
thyraxwhich is better xfs ext3 or resierfs ?15:53
crimsunthyrax: depends on your common use cases15:55
crimsunext3 is default because it's a very decent one for all possible use cases15:56
crimsunXFS (not to be confused with the deprecated font server, xfs) is excellent (better than ext3) for streaming A/V15:56
thyraxok I am building a media server15:57
thyraxI have a raid 5 array15:57
crimsunI don't see any good uses for reiserfs v3, TBH15:57
thyraxand its at 3 disks now and 870gb when formatted with ext315:57
thyraxwhat would yourecommend I use15:57
thyraxmany of the files on my media server are video15:58
crimsunfor a media server storing multigigabyte files?  XFS for certain.15:58
thyraxand greater than 750mb15:58
thyraxeven on a raid array?15:58
thyraxis it stable enough?15:58
crimsunXFS has been used and maintained for decades.15:58
thyraxcan I grow xfs? because I plan on growing the raid 5 array?15:58
thyraxcan I grow xfs? because I plan on growing the raid 5 array*15:58
thyraxis xfs ready to go now?15:59
thyraxdo I have to compile anything?15:59
crimsunthe default kernel in Ubuntu has always supported it.15:59
thyraxI ran mke2fs -j this formatted it to ext3 right?16:00
thyraxhow do I back track and install xfs?16:00
crimsunyou can't do that non-destructively16:00
thyraxoh there is no data on it16:01
thyraxor do you mean I'll have to destroy the array?16:01
crimsunmy suggestion is simply to reinstall and choose the XFS fs option when you get to guided partitioning16:01
thyraxits not an install16:01
crimsunok, so I presume your / does _not_ reside on the array?16:01
thyraxits just a seperate set of drives in raid array for media storage16:02
thyraxdefinitely not :)16:02
crimsunok, then simply umount any partitions hosted on the array, then sudo mkfs.xfs partition16:03
thyraxwill it overwrite the existing ext3 file system?16:04
crimsunyes, it will destroy it.16:04
thyraxok and do you know if it will allow more free space?16:04
thyraxI noticed ext3 took up lots of space16:04
crimsunI do not; that depends on the block size you choose.16:04
crimsunkeep in mind that ext3, by default, also reserves 5% of the total partition size for superuser accounting16:05
thyraxI didn't choose a block size just used defaults16:05
thyraxok so xfs take up less space right?16:05
crimsunI don't think you're asking the correct question16:06
crimsun"Will XFS provide a larger usable default area?"  Possibly.16:07
crimsunAgain, there are parameters you can pass to mkfs.xfs to tweak things like block size, accounting, etc.16:07
thyraxdo you have a good tutorial? how does block size affect it. its an md0 raid 5 array16:08
thyraxI just want it to be stable16:08
thyraxsince its going to be 1.8TB at the end of the day I didn't want that to be a factor16:08
thyraxi mean issue*16:08
crimsunXFS certainly fulfills that most basic of requirements.16:08
thyraxhave you used it alot?16:09
thyraxis it stable16:09
crimsunI don't have a URL for a tutorial offhand; a web search engine will assist you more readily.16:09
thyraxsearching now :)16:09
crimsunI use XFS on all fs that stream multigigabyte files.16:09
crimsunAnd yes, they've been rock-solid for years, in some instances, decades.16:10
crimsun(yes, I use IRIX, too)16:10
thyraxyes but what about on linux?16:10
thyraxdo you know to go about growing it after formatting?16:11
thyraxxfs grow command?16:11
thyraxI see xfs has had a long history on other platforms has it been run on linux for a long amount of time16:14
thyraxI see ext3 was concieved about 199916:14
thyraxand resierf is newer than that :/16:14
thyraxfrom what I read many people agree with you that xfs is more stable why do so many distros support ext3?16:16
thyraxsigh i guess ill be giving xfs a try. thanks crimsun16:26
olieHi, Im looking for a transparent on-screen keyboard that doesn't require a opengl graphic card. Does anyone know of one ? if not, is it possible to make a transparent window that is always on top and that can simulate keystrokes to the underlying windows ?16:30
crimsunthyrax: ext3 is the most stable ("proven"), decently performing fs for all possible use cases.16:31
crimsunthyrax: and yes, for quite some time under Linux I've used XFS16:31
thyraxcrimsum have you had any problems?16:34
thyraxthis is basically just a media server that I will need to be able to grow to hold files mainly in the 600mb -1.5gb range16:35
thyraxso as long as its stable enough to manage that then I will be happy. ill format it now and see if it's journaling system takes up less or more space than ext316:36
crimsunthyrax: I haven't experienced any problems with XFS lately.16:37
thyraxcrimsun: what block size would you recommend for my setup?16:38
crimsundefault should suffice.16:38
thyraxI found this tut can you scan through it when you have a chance?
crimsunI'm pretty busy ATM, sorry.16:39
thyraxbasically it has this command for a 4k block size: mkfs.xfs -b size=4096 -L Recordings /dev/md0 -f16:39
thyraxnot sure of what the syntax means or what block size ill need but ill keep researching16:39
thyraxthanks alot for your input16:40
crimsun4k is the default16:46
crimsunyou shouldn't need to specify it explicitly16:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about login - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:46
Ahmuckis there a way to login automagically without username/password in xubuntu?16:46
Rafabehi...i'm trying to install Xubuntu. I booted the CD selected "Install Xubuntu", and then it seemed to start loading fine. I was prompted for a "low-graphics mode" warning, but chose to continue in low-graphics. It continued loading scripts, but now it's stuck at "loading local boot scripts: rclocal.bc" (paraphrased). I can type stuff here, but it's clearly not a console, because it does not respond to input16:54
Rafabeany ideas?16:54
RafabeI had the same issue with Ubuntu...at the time  Ithought it was because I did not have the required 384mb of RAM, but it's gotta be soemthing else if Xubuntu has the same issue16:55
TheSheepRafabe: did you verify the cd for errors?17:00
TheSheepRafabe: there is an option for that in the boot menu17:00
Rafabeyes I did. I asked in Ubuntu and they recommended I boot in safe graphics mode, which I'm doing17:00
Rafabeit appears I will need the Alternate version.17:04
thyraxhmm tried to format a device to xfs using mkfs.xfs and received "mkfs.xfs: command not found"17:13
thyraxIs it not supported in ubuntu?17:13
crimsunit is supported, and you should have xfsutils installed.17:14
crimsunsorry, xfsprogs17:14
crimsunI keep mixing it up with jfsutils17:14
thyrax"sudo apt-get install xfsprogs" should do the trick?17:15
crimsunyes [but it should be installed already...]17:15
thyraxill give it a try see what it says17:16
thyraxhmm installing it looks like17:16
thyraxdone ran command saw that i had ext3 so recommended that I use -f to force17:18
thyraxso typed sudo mkfs.xfs -f /dev/md017:18
thyraxis that the correct syntax all it did was list metadata and other info17:19
* thyrax scratches head17:19
crimsunright, the creation is fairly laconic17:19
thyraxheh so it's done?17:20
thyraxsafe to remount?17:20
thyraxwow scarry17:24
thyraxI have gone from having 870Gb with ext3 to 931.4GB with xfs17:25
thyraxno lost and found folder though is that bad?17:25
thyraxhow is xfs able to format so fast?17:25
crimsunXFS does not use a lost+found17:25
thyraxso It should be safe to write files to it now?17:26
thyraxthanks crimsun you've been very helpful :D17:29
crimsunyes, it's safe.17:30
thyraxhaving trouble mounting new xfs array17:47
thyrax"mount: you must specify the filesystem type"17:47
thyraxI guess its a result of converting to xfs...17:48
thyraxany I dea what the syntax needs to be changed to. I used mount /dev/md0 /home/md017:48
thyraxwill mount -t xfs be ok? guess ill try it17:50
crimsunyou shouldn't need to pass -t xfs at all17:50
thyraxyeah i got an error sayig can't read super block17:51
thyraxany idea how to mount it now it's xfs I did it before and rebooted I guess it's not happy17:52
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thyraxI found the problem. when I made the raid 5 array I forgot to add auto=yes to the mdadm.conf file. :)18:27
thyraxso it would be ready on boot18:27
thyraxthanks 4 all the help crisun18:32
thyraxtime to install ubuntu on this system later everyone18:33
Rafabehi...i'm doing a text install for my first ubuntu installation. Currently I have 2 NTFS partitions of a single hard drive, one for Windows and one for storage. It appears that Guided partition wants to format the entire hard drive (which I don't ant because I need Storage partition intact), so I went with Manual. It's asking me to select a type: Ext3, Ext2, etc., NTFS18:34
Rafabewhich one does ubuntu uses?18:34
RafabeOK. What about mount point? It's currently "media\sda1"18:35
Rafabebut I can select /  or /boot   or /home etc18:36
TheSheepRafabe: you need / at the minimum18:36
Rafabewhat is typical for an install?18:37
TheSheepRafabe: you may use additional partitions if you like18:37
TheSheepRafabe: I usually have one 4 or 5GB partition for / and the rest for /home18:37
Rafabeis /  where the OS is installed?18:37
Rafabeand /home for personal files?18:37
TheSheepRafabe: yes18:38
TheSheepRafabe: you can also have only /18:38
TheSheepRafabe: then it will be all together18:38
Rafabei leave all mount options unchecked?18:38
TheSheepRafabe: it won't install without /18:38
Rafabeok, i selected / for mount point18:38
Rafabewhat are "reserved blocks"?18:39
Rafabeand should i change it from 5%?18:39
TheSheepRafabe: linux doesn't have disks like C: or d: in windows, it puts everything in one large "disk", and the partitions can be "mounted" as subdirectories of that disk18:39
TheSheepRafabe: no, better leave the filesystem tunning options at the defaults18:40
Rafabethis partition is 70gb...is it ideal to do like you did and have a 5gb / partition, and then 65gb for Home?18:40
TheSheepRafabe: and about 1GB for swap...18:40
Rafabeallright...I'll create 3 partitions then18:41
TheSheepRafabe: it's optimal for me18:41
Rafabeno wait, i can't. "because of an unknown reason it is impossible to resize this partition18:41
TheSheepRafabe: your mileage may vary18:41
Rafabeit's ok, i'll have it all as one big hard drive18:41
TheSheepRafabe: I guess it's the simplest option18:41
Rafabeback to the partition menu, I now see my "#1 primary" as ext 3, and "/"18:42
Rafabeand then my "#5 logical" as ntfs, awith "/media/sda5"18:42
RafabeI can proceed with changes now?18:43
Rafabesorry for requiring this much hand-holding, I'm afraid to lose my storage partition18:43
TheSheepRafabe: you resized it?18:44
Rafabeno, it gave me this error: [13:41] <Rafabe> no wait, i can't. "because of an unknown reason it is impossible to resize this partition18:44
TheSheepRafabe: ah, but you have unallocated disk space to make a partition for linux?18:45
TheSheepRafabe: because it will format it18:45
RafabeI don't need anything on the primary partition, I moved everything to the Storage partition18:46
Rafabeonly Windows is left on it18:46
Rafabeand it can go18:46
TheSheepRafabe: you want to get rid of windows?18:46
TheSheepRafabe: :)18:46
TheSheepRafabe: so you're installing to your former windows partition18:46
Rafabei split my hard drive into two partitions: one with Windows, and another where I dumped all my personal files. I want to install Ubuntu on the Windows partition.18:47
TheSheepRafabe: should be ok18:47
RafabeYou have not selected any partitions for use as swap space"18:47
TheSheepRafabe: it will display you a summary of what it is going to do18:47
TheSheepRafabe: make sure it doesn't format your storage partition18:47
Rafabeno, i'm watching out for it18:47
TheSheepRafabe: how much ram do you have?18:48
Rafabeshould I select "erased data on this partition" before trying to resize it?18:48
TheSheepRafabe: yes18:48
Rafabealright, brb18:48
TheSheepI'd still backup the most important data18:48
TheSheepjust in case :)18:49
Rafabeeverything is backed up to the 2nd partition. But it's weird, I had like 10gb left on my primary partition, why couldn't it resize/create swap partitions18:49
Rafabeit's erasing/formatting now18:50
TheSheepRafabe: it can have probalems handling the windows filesystem18:51
Rafabeanother weird thing: it keeps referring to my hard drive as SCSI1...it's an IDE hard drive18:51
TheSheepRafabe: especially if the computer wasn't shut down cleanly on your last windows session18:51
Rafabeoh...I just pressed the reset button on my tower. That might've been it18:51
TheSheepRafabe: there was a unification of drivers in the kernel, and the IDE drives are now also handled by the SCSI module18:52
Rafabei gotta say, installing ubuntu is not as simple/hassle-free as i had heard. If we didn't have 2 computers in the house I would have stuck with Windows.18:56
Rafabethankfully we do, and I can ask other people for help18:57
Rafabeappreciate all your help, sheep18:58
TheSheepRafabe: messing with partitions is difficult, most of the times you don't do it18:59
TheSheepRafabe: if you had unpartitioned space on your hard disk, it would just ask to use it18:59
Rafabei was referring to the live install. I understand a text install is not going to be very user-friendly.19:01
TheSheepRafabe: the process is the same19:02
Rafabeit froze while loading the boot scripts...someone here suggested i download the alternate install iso, and do a text install, then figure out the issue19:02
TheSheepRafabe: ah, so you stumbled upon a bug, it happens19:02
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=== Berafa is now known as Rafabe2
Rafabe2after emptying the primary partition, I still cannot resize it in order to create a swap partition19:19
Rafabe2it's the same error as above. It says "check var/log/syslog or see virtual console 4 for details"19:20
Rafabe2should I "delete the partition" ?19:22
Rafabe2would that allow me to work with it?19:22
TheSheepRafabe2: hmm... yes, it should work19:26
TheSheepRafabe2: can you press alt+f4 and look at the details?19:27
Rafabe2that seemed to have work. I selected "auto-create partitions" on the free space, and it generated 764mb swap partition AND an ext3 primary partition19:28
TheSheepRafabe2: great19:28
Rafabe2i think selecting "erased partition contents" did nothing, because it remained in NTFS19:28
Rafabe2it just erased its contents. Now it should be smooth sailing.19:29
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Rafabe2xubuntu just finished installing, and restarted. Now at the boot I get "GRUB Loading stage 1.5" "GRUB loading, please wait" then "Error 18" and nothing happens20:06
Rafabe2googled it and it says "18 : Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS"20:06
TheSheepRafabe2: you installed on a logical partition, right?20:07
Rafabe2i don't think so20:09
Rafabe2I had it auto-create partitions, it created an ext3 primary one and a logical one for swap, then installed the OS without asking me anything else related to partitions (in fact the very next question was my full name)20:09
TheSheepRafabe2: that's weird20:11
Rafabe2i'll google in case forums/etc have a solution20:11
TheSheepRafabe2: you should be able to install grub to mba20:11
Rafabe2"The only thing I can figure is that my boot partition is not within the first 8gb of the drive, but this is a brand new computer and newer BIOS's should not have this problem. "20:12
Rafabe2mine is NOT a brand-new computer20:12
TheSheepRafabe2: is it the first partition?20:12
Rafabe2I believe so. It was #1. My swap was #6, and my storage partition was #520:12
Rafabe2no #2-4 for some reason20:13
TheSheepRafabe2: 1-4 are primary partitions20:13
TheSheepRafabe2: at least one of the mmust be an extended partition if you have logical partitions20:13
TheSheepRafabe2: at first computers could only have 4 partitions20:14
TheSheepRafabe2: then they allowed to make 'extended' partitions, and put additional partitionsi nside them20:15
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Rafabe2sheep, according to forum posts, this problem occurs with old BIOS reading new hard drives. They can only see a boot sector in the first 8gb. So I have tp reinstall and create a boot partition at the beginning of the drive.20:33
koirondoes anyone know a program to play shoutcast radio streams?  i'd love to use rhythmbox if at all possible20:34
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userXubuntuHi, where do I find the settings for my Wacom mouse pen?22:19
userXubuntu(It works, but the settings must be adjusted)22:19
userXubuntu(The mouse settings only apply to the mouse...)22:21
userXubuntuTHat's wierd, I started GIMP to have a look at the "extended inpout drivers" but it alerted that none were found.22:26
userXubuntuI took a look at the Additional input controller (the subsetting of input devices) and added a Linux input, and choosed Wacom graphire, which stated "Device not available: persmission denied" - what gives?22:29
userXubuntuHmm, I found SPM and wacom-kernel-source and wacom-tools, do I dare install them? Eh, what the hell.22:40
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booster614hello all...i have a question about dual booting on an older dell latitude cp lappy23:27
userXubuntuIt's kind of dead here (or they just don't like me)23:29
userXubuntuIäm a noob myself, but I recenly did a dual boot on my comp, maybe I can help?23:30
booster614ok well i had to get a copy of xubuntu alt cd to install...besause of low memory..i only have 64mb... the cpu is a 233 pII23:31
booster614i had win 2000 sp4 running on it verry nice speeds...but when i tried to patition the disk it said i couldnt....so i did a full patition of the 12 gig hdd....now i want to install windows on the hd...how can i???23:32
thruxtonbooster614: yuo need to shrink the partiton and make a new one for windows, gparted has a nice live cd that will do that23:33
booster614ok thank you ill google it now23:33
thruxtonbooster614: but window will probably overwrite you mbr, so back up your existing /boot dir23:33
thruxtonor just boot the xubuntu cd and rerun grub23:34
booster614i may needa lil help with that when i get to it23:34
userXubuntuOh, yes, now you come to life...23:34
userXubuntuWait, I thought you already partitioned/formated your entre drive?23:34
booster614its doing it now23:34
userXubuntuThen just start the liveCD,23:34
booster614im installing xubuntu on the full hadd23:34
userXubuntuOh, I see.23:35
booster614i cant use a live cd on this POS for some reason23:35
booster614i dont have the ram for it23:35
userXubuntuOk, I thought you was in the partitioning phase still,23:35
booster614its installing the base system right now23:35
userXubuntuYou could have used fdisk otherwise,23:36
booster614im realy not to good with linux...but i do know how to use it....some what23:37
userXubuntuHehe, yeah, don't we all think so...23:37
userXubuntu(just kidding)23:37
booster614the hard part for me was learning how to get apps/packages to install and how...but i was able to figure out on ubuntu 7.0423:38
userXubuntuI'm currently stuck with finding my settings for my Wacom tablet, you don't happen to know how I would go about?23:39
booster614Wacom tab ??? never heard of it......sorry23:39
userXubuntu(a "pen mouse")23:40
booster614i dont have one...never did23:40
userXubuntuWell, if there is anyone out there in this chat: I used SPM to install wacom-kernel-source and wacom-tools.23:40
userXubuntuHow can I set them p?23:41
userXubuntuLet me refraise that: where do  find the settings for the Wacom tools?23:41
karltkI'm seeing some really nasty graphical artifacts in the xfce terminal when I'm scrolling, particularly with less. Has anybody else seen this?23:41
karltkkloeri: hi bryan:)23:42
userXubuntuKar: Sometimes there are "gaps" in the lines, and once the text had "flip flopped"23:42
kloerihiya karltk :)23:43
userXubuntuWait, so there are people here?23:43
userXubuntuWhat's wrong with my questions?23:43
karltkuserXubuntu: I'm seeing large rectangles filled with data from other desktops, e.g. "cut outs" from web pages displayed in firefox on a different desktop.23:43
karltkuserXubuntu: I've no idea about wacom settings, I'm afraid:(23:44
userXubuntuWell, congrats, you win; that's is some freaky distortions.23:44
userXubuntukar: that's ok =) I was addressing the rest of the chat room ;)23:45
karltkuserXubuntu: ;)23:45
booster614is anyone in here useing Xchat ???23:48
booster614i have a problem adding servers23:48
userXubuntuWhat is the name of the teminal exe?23:58

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