Goosemooselns it works great if i installed manually00:02
Goosemooseyes, same machine00:03
Goosemoosealthough manual was off the edubuntu cd00:03
kgoetztry setting the vga=775 (?) mode and see if it helps. check that mode, i doubt its the correct one ;)00:03
Goosemoosepreseed is from the netboot.tar.gz on the ubuntu site00:04
Goosemoosekgoetz, at the end of the grub line?00:04
kgoetzGoosemoose: eg: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.22 root=/dev/sda1 vga=791 splash=silent ro initrd ... (from google)00:06
kgoetz*check the vga= mode*00:07
Goosemooseill be back in a bit00:17
Burgundaviajsgotangco: hey01:00
jsgotangcohey Burgundavia01:00
jsgotangcohows it going01:00
Burgundavianot bad01:01
Burgundaviaalmost finished this semester of college01:01
jsgotangcoahh good to hear, i've been pretty busy lately :/01:01
Burgundaviawondering when schooltool will be good enough to get rid of this webadvisor crap my college uses01:01
BurgundaviaRL can take time, no?01:01
Burgundaviahow is your kid?01:01
jsgotangcosorry was out02:09
jsgotangcoBurgundavia: its alright now, stuff has been fixed02:09
scorpfromhellanybody here tried LTSP setup of Gutsy?06:59
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ircd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:59
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ari_stressevening all12:28
ClaUbuntuAre there italian people that know about ltsp ?16:33
PetarisHi all17:53
PetarisI have an amd64 server and i386 clients and I need the xserver-xorg-video-amd package for the client video, how can I get it?17:54
Petarisdo I just chroot into the client enviornment?17:54
Petaristhen do and apt-get?17:54
Petarisalso, does anyone know if there is support for using the AMD Geodes onboard AES for the connection crypto?17:55
PetarisI did that and it says its already installed18:00
Petarisbut when I specify the "amd" driver x doesn't start18:00
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LaserJockhighvoltage: ping18:55
scorpfromhellI have multiple m/c with edubuntu in ws mode ... how can I administer them all via a single Edubuntu LTSP admin?19:33
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eduxhi, anyone here?20:58
eduxi need some advice20:58
eduxdoes anyone knows if there is an ubuntu package for timetablin?20:58
eduxtimetable managment?20:59
somerville32!find timetable20:59
ubotuPackage/file timetable does not exist in gutsy20:59
eduxcause schooltool wasnot ported tu gutsy20:59

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