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Riddellstdin: kdegraphics-kde4, kdenetwork-kde4, kdemultimedia-kde4, kdepim-kde4 uploaded00:18
Riddellkdegames-kde4 and kdeedu-kde4 too00:18
stdinI've already uploaded kdegames-kde4 and kdeedu-kde4, I'll do the others now00:19
Riddellyou rock stdin00:21
stdinyes, I know :p00:22
limacwhens the kubuntu tutorial01:05
Nightroselimac: see topic01:06
stdin"Thursday 13th"01:08
stdinas it says in the topic01:08
Nightrosefor exact times see https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTutorialsDay01:09
Nightrosewhich is also in the topic01:09
CheGuevarasome ppl are so polite01:15
limaccan anyon here tell t=me the procedures of howto fixing a bug?02:25
stdindepends on what bug you're on about02:31
limaclike the patching procedures and all that02:47
stdinthere will be a bug triage talk on the 13th from 16:00 to 16:30 UTC02:48
Cyrexhi everyone, i wanted to know if anyone could join this channel when the tutorials on thursday come03:58
stdineveryone is welcome to join03:59
Cyrexthank you04:00
Cyrexwell count me in on that day04:00
Cyrexill have my notebook ready to take ideas04:00
stdinthere's some links on the wiki page (in the topic) if you want a head start too04:00
Cyrexgot them hehe04:03
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sebastian^moin friends :)08:13
* Hobbsee waves08:15
* buz wonders if there are any kde4rc2 packages to give feedback on?08:19
Hobbseethere's 3.97, but it appears that most of them failed to build in gutsy08:19
Hobbseegrumble.  someone broke akregator.08:37
Hobbseeat least, under gnome08:38
* Hobbsee purges tracker08:39
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buzmhh so i would have to install hardy first08:41
buzmay do that tonight :P08:41
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | 7.10 out, you all rock! | Merge away: http://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html | Developer Meeting Wednesday 12th Dec. at 23:00 UTC | Tutorial Day on Thursday 13th https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTutorialsDay
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mikkaelinstalling kdebase-dev-kde4 on hardy will remove kdm, konqueror kdesktop and other essential kde3 stuff ? why that :(10:23
Riddellah Hobbsee, could you up the priority of the kdepimlibs build?10:26
Riddellmikkael: because of a transition which I'm currently re-uploading bits to fix10:26
HobbseeRiddell: hardy?10:27
HobbseeRiddell: looks like some ftbfs for ppa, too10:27
RiddellHobbsee: yes10:27
mikkaelRiddell: thanks for the info10:27
* Hobbsee curses compiz10:36
buzi gave up on compiz10:43
buzhaving xorg crash 4 times a day is not conducive to working10:43
Riddelltry kwin-kde410:43
Hobbseeonly 4?10:47
Hobbseeit's hardy and the intel driver and compiz and yeah...it dosen't all play nice10:47
_buzRiddell: kwin4 refuses to do compositing on my machine10:56
_buzwhich is weird considering that compiz works perfectly except for the crashes10:56
_buzi had planned on filing a bug report10:57
_buzmaybe i should do that now :P10:57
Riddellgrr, hal broke kdepimlibs compile!11:04
manchickenMorning all you happy people.11:56
stdinRiddell: hmm, doesn't look like thinks went too well last night. kdelibs5-dev doesn't want to install on hardy "kdelibs5-dev: Depends: libopenexr-dev but it is not going to be installed"  gutsy builds went ok except kdemultimedia (only i386 built)12:11
Riddellstdin: yeah, seems libopenexr transitioned to a new binary package last night12:13
RiddellI'll look at multimedia in a bit thanks12:13
stdinoh, and the kdebase from hardy solved the overwrite problems12:16
Riddellphew, something went right :)12:17
Riddellstdin: you can just upload kde4libs again to fix the openexr problem if you want12:18
stdinkde4libs and kdepimlibs built, just everything that depends on them didn't :p but I'll requeue them12:21
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Riddellstdin: yeah but now they need to be rebuilt so they depend on the new libopenexr12:24
Riddellin hardy12:25
stdinRiddell: quick question, shouldn't kdelibs5-dev be "Architecture: all" rather than "Architecture: any" ?12:42
Riddellstdin: -dev packages tend not to be12:44
Riddellit makes it easier to handle transitions like this libopenexr one for example12:45
stdinah, I was just wondering why it downloaded a _i386.deb when I installed12:46
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jpatrickRiddell: kdelibs4-dev is missing a dep: Depends: libopenexr-dev (>= 1.2.2-3) but it is not going to be installed (if you don't know)13:45
Riddelljpatrick: what version of kdelibs4-dev?13:46
Riddell4:3.5.8-4ubuntu3 should be compiled against the new libopenexr13:46
jpatrickRiddell: lastest one I guess, it's wrecked my buildds13:46
jpatrickpowerpc and sparc builds of tork and ia64 of krita-plugins13:48
Riddellanything which depends on libopenexr2c2a needs to be rebuilt against the new libopenexr13:51
SeregaGood day13:52
Riddellthat includes koffice, with the new kdelibs in I can upload that now13:53
Riddellhi Serega, rebugger13:53
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | Two days to merge! http://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html | Developer Meeting Wednesday 12th Dec. at 23:00 UTC | Tutorial Day on Thursday 13th https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTutorialsDay
rebuggerits no problem to Log the channel on the KubuntuTutorialsDay and publish it on the ubuntuusers.de-board? (board of the german-community)13:55
rebuggeror is it?13:55
rebuggeror will there be an official log?13:55
Riddellrebugger: we'll do that anyway13:55
rebuggercheck ;)13:55
Riddellbut doing it yourself would provide a fallback13:56
rebuggerallright, i'll do that13:56
jpatrickRiddell: odd, how it looks for >= 1.2.2-3 but can't find 1.2.2-4.313:57
Riddelljpatrick: it's apt being unclear.  it can find it but it doesn't want to install it (probably because it would require removing something else)13:57
jpatrickah, ok, so I'll have to wait13:58
Riddelljpatrick: krita-plugins will need to wait on koffice 1.6.3-4ubuntu414:01
Riddelltork should just need kdelibs 4:3.5.8-4ubuntu314:01
jpatrickRiddell: well, I thought I'd pbuild them again, and if they work, I'll ask for a give-back14:01
Riddelljpatrick: make sure to use archive.u.c not xx.a.u.c and to run pbuilder update14:02
jpatrickmy pbuild's always on archive.*14:03
jpatrickhallo georg14:09
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Riddellrebugger: is ubuntuusers.de advertising tutorials day?14:25
rebuggerRiddell: yes, it does it in "Ikhaya" (so is the blog called): http://ubuntuusers.de/ikhaya/838/14:25
rebuggerubuntuusers is the biggest german ubuntu-community i guess - great wiki, great board, 55000 users, 1million posts :)14:27
bogdan_hello.. all my trash:/ remote:/ type paths stopped working after the last updates to hardy .. i think kdelibs4c2a and kdelibs-data were the only important packages updated14:54
bogdan_umm.. i think the update removed kdebase, kubuntu-desktop and other stuff14:58
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smcintyreThat seems counter intuitive15:01
gribeluwhat does?15:02
smcintyreupdating kubuntu-desktop removes kubuntu-desktop15:02
gribelui ran apt-get update and dist-upgrade15:03
gribeluthis is the log http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47831/15:04
gribeluand this is what happends when i try installing kdebase .. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47832/15:05
gribeluseems like some broke dependencies15:05
Hobbsee...so, fix it?15:06
Hobbseeor at least see where the problme actually is15:06
Riddellit'll be libopenexr15:07
gribeluclicking on the second link might make that pretty clear15:07
gribeluanyway.. just reporting15:08
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Hobbseegribelu: no, that just says that apt could not install a few things - it didn't say why they could not be installed.15:10
Hobbseewhich is the point of interest.15:10
gribeluwell since the update was only uploaded a short while ago i thought someone may know something about it.. as i said i only wanted to report this as it kind of breaks kubuntu badly15:12
Riddellgribelu: you'll need to wait for kdebase 3.5.8-2ubuntu4 to compile15:14
gribeluno rush ;)15:15
seeleanyone know if Josef Spillner is on IRC (and what his /nick is?)16:07
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mhbseele: hi16:11
seeleit has been forever, but do you have a few minutes to go over restricted manager? hehe16:12
mhbnow I do :o)16:12
seeleok great16:12
ScottKRiddell: Are you doing archive admin stuff?16:13
Riddellseele: he's not in irc much, I can't even remember his nick16:13
RiddellScottK: a bit16:13
seeleRiddell: ok, thanks16:13
ScottKRiddell: If you have time, I was wondering if you could have a look after Bug 175366 and Bug 15650016:14
ScottKThanks.  LP is being slow so the bot timed out.16:19
nixternal1 more project to do and this semester is over with!16:19
nixternalthen it is back to KoooooooooBoooooooonToooooooooo16:20
Riddellnixternal: yay16:21
mhbnixternal: don't remind me of it :o)16:29
mhbsemester over = examination time16:29
mhbeven less time for the Koo.16:30
nixternalI have 2 exams next week, but I am not even sweating those16:33
nixternalC++ and Javascript, 2 easy aces16:33
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mhbnixternal: right.16:37
mhbnixternal: I've got math analysis, linear algebra and discrete mathematics this year as (oral) exams.16:38
mhbnixternal: at our faculty, no matter what you study (math, physics, CS) you end up with those ( in the first year)16:40
nixternalI hate oral exams16:41
nixternalLinux to the rescue...our professor is so dumb, she can't get Tomcat running...set her up a quick account on my server and put her to work :p16:41
jpatrickhello nixternal16:44
nixternalwasabi jpatrick16:45
arekmhello, is there a workaround for adept "upgrade to new distro" failure where it says there is no new packages?17:04
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ScottKRiddell: Thanks.  Any chance you'd be willing to NEW the dapper package for dkim-milter?17:18
RiddellScottK: I don't see it in dapper-backports New17:21
ScottKRiddell: Odd.  It wasn't in Dapper before.17:22
ScottKI'd guess it has to hit a publisher run first or something.17:22
nixternalman, updates today want to remove everything17:24
coreymon77huh? was there a major update released recently?17:25
nixternalkdegraphics packages, oo.o (which I could care less if it removes it)17:25
nixternalif you are running Hardy, then yes17:25
Riddellit's libopenexr17:27
Riddelllet me know what's still a problem17:27
nixternalanyone use xrandr with kubuntu in here? didn't their used to be a krandr applet or something?17:27
nixternalRiddell: me?17:27
Riddellnixternal: anyone :)17:29
nixternalremove: digikam, kdebase-kio-plugins, kdegraphics-kfile-plugins, kmail, kmailcvt, kmplayer-konq-plugins, knights, koffice, konq-plugins, konqueror, konqueror-nsplugins, kontact, krita, kubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts, libopenexr2ldbl, oo.o, oo.o-base, showfoto, strigi-applet17:30
nixternalkubuntu-desktop possibly the problem there? it wants to remove that, so then the rest are from the trickle down effect from the meta package? :)17:31
nixternalheading home, see ya in a bit17:32
ScottKnixternal: Shouldn't be.  Everything in the metapackage should be a recommends, not a depends.17:32
Riddellnot everything17:32
Riddellbut as I've said, the problem is libopenexr17:32
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jpatrick_Riddell: could you possibly review and upload bug 175336 later?18:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175336 in qtparted "Candidate for version 0.4.5-2ubuntu13" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17533618:40
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yuriyhmm so how about this acting gracefully when disk is full thing :P19:09
* buz burns hardy19:11
innovati7.10 is the current ubuntu, is there a roadmap toward the next release anywhere?19:23
blueyedIs it possible to only build the konsole package for the kdebase source package?19:33
mikkaelits so sad to see all those kde 3.97 packages but i cant install them without removing kdebase-bin-kde3 .. do i just have to wait ?19:54
CheGuevarai got both installed fine19:54
CheGuevarawhat line are u using to install19:55
mikkaelsudo aptitude install kdebase-dev-kde419:55
mikkaelon hardy19:55
CheGuevaraunless u plan to develop KDE 4 u can just get kdebase-kde419:56
CheGuevaraand kdebase-workspace along with kdebase-runtime19:56
yuriyinnovati: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy19:56
innovatiyuriy: thanks19:56
CheGuevarakde4-core from universe should be able to pull needed things in for u as well19:56
yuriyinnovati: also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule19:57
mikkaeli got problems with dependencies19:57
innovatiyuriy: <319:57
CheGuevaramikkael, pastebin.ca the output19:58
mikkaelhere, sorry it's german http://de.pastebin.ca/81245119:58
CheGuevaraDie folgenden Pakete werden ENTFERNT:19:59
CheGuevara  kdebase-bin-kde319:59
CheGuevarathat means removed right?19:59
mikkaelwhats that libopenexr stuff ?20:00
mikkaeli upgraded today from gutsy to hardy, maybe there lies my problem20:00
ScottKearlier Riddell said libopenexr is currently broken.20:01
CheGuevarais kdebase-bin-kde3 even needed?20:02
CheGuevarai don't have it installed20:02
mikkaelim lost in dependency hell20:07
CheGuevaradamn libopenexr, dist-upgrade is b0rked for me as well, though am sure Riddel knows about it20:08
* nixternal does the Java is working with a cheap hack/work around dance!20:12
nixternalCheGuevara: yes, already knows :)20:12
CheGuevarawe shall wait then :P20:12
mikkaeli think ill try removing libopenexr2c2a, this will remove kubuntu-desktop and kdegraphics-kfile-plugins20:12
nixternalI was getting close to installing a workable distro for a second, but thank goodness for someone in the forums20:13
CheGuevaramikkael, just leave it until its fixed20:13
mikkaeldont know how important the kdegraphics-kfile-plugins package is20:13
fdovingnixternal: which distro? - hardy?20:14
nixternalsaid distro, not release :p20:16
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fdovingoh well, i've got mandriva and opensuse in virtualbox.20:16
nixternalI have Fedora 8, Debian, Foresight, Kubuntu, and Ubuntu headless running KDE 4 on my desktop20:17
fdovingbut i've got too much apt/dpkg in my blood to enjoy using them.20:17
nixternalbut I need stability for my laptop and it hasn't been there since the dist-upgrade to Hardy20:17
nixternalusually during a development cycle I have no problems20:17
nixternalbut thus far in Hardy, it has been far worse than anything in the past20:17
nixternalfdoving: I am the same, it is so hard to like anything other than apt/dpkg20:18
nixternalalthough I must say, the Fedora crew rocked out KDE with Fedora 8...super fast and stable20:18
fdovingi've come to the conclusion, that for me, debian is the only alternative to *buntu.20:18
nixternalno doubt20:19
fdovinguntill the kids grow up and i stop working, get some free time to learn something new.20:19
nixternalya, with Fedora, all I can do is use it, nothing more than that20:19
nixternalwth is up with nspluginviewer constantly crashing20:21
fdovingnixternal: you have a new flash version. it sux.20:29
fdovingnixternal: that is, konqueror doesn't support XEmbed or something like that. which the new flash requires.20:29
fdovingdowngrade to the gutsy flashplugin and it all works.20:30
fdovingyou probably need to copy /var/cache/flashplugin-nonfree/install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz from a gutsy machine.20:31
fdovingor ask me to get it.20:31
fdovingas adobe replaced it with a new one on their servers.20:31
fdovingso everyone installing flashplugin-nonfree in gutsy will get a constantly crashing flash... or no flash, as the package probably finds it doesn't match the md5sums it should.20:32
fdovingbad adobe.20:32
nixternalfdoving: you rock :)20:36
fdovingi was lucky. tried to upgrade to the new flash the other day.20:36
nixternalI was just updating, not paying attention...today was the first day I went through and paid attention :)20:36
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buzhmm hardy still has no drivers for my soundcard :P21:01
Riddellbuz: report a bug?21:02
buzRiddell: that was pretty much useless in case of feisty21:02
buzand there were lots of reports21:02
buzeventually someone came up with a half working package21:03
Riddellthere's a larger linux team now21:03
ScottKbuz: Whining on IRC is even less likely to be successful.21:03
Riddelland it's got to be better than complaining here where we have about zero linux developers :)21:03
buzi'm not really whining, more astonished :P21:03
buz(i can trivially fix it by compiling alsa)21:04
ScottKbuz: If you can supply a patch with your bug, your odds of satisfaction go WAY up.21:04
CheGuevarabuz, is it ALCxxx forgot the numbers21:04
buzno its STAC920X21:04
buzScottK: patch is called "update alsa to 1.0.15"21:04
CheGuevarait is updated to 1.0.15 in hardy21:05
buzthen why am i not seeing /dev/dsp21:05
CheGuevaracheguevara@cheguevara-laptop:~/Desktop$ alsactl --version21:05
CheGuevaraalsactl version 1.0.1521:05
Riddellhttp://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc2.php RC 2 out (mostly)21:06
buzi was just typing the question about that one :P21:06
buzah well hardy is gonna come in handy for testing no matter what21:07
* jpatrick damns the fact that we've packaged just about ever good kapp out there21:08
CheGuevaraah ur not telling ppl to install -dev packages21:09
CheGuevaragood :P21:09
ardchoilleI have, or at least I believe I have, completed most of the requirements to become an Ubuntu member. Which meeting must I attend to complete the process?21:09
ardchoilleIs it this Thursday?21:10
jpatrickardchoille: it's... today!21:10
limacdoes anyone know the conversion factor of the UTC time zone and the eastern timezone?21:10
ScottKardchoille: Ubuntu member or Kubuntu member?21:10
ScottKlimac: US?21:10
CheGuevaralimac, google might21:10
limacScottK= yes21:10
ScottKlimac: -0500 right now21:10
ardchoilleScottK: I wasn't aware there were two. I use kubuntu, so probably kubuntu member. Where do I need to be?21:11
limacgood idea21:11
Riddellardchoille: great, https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Meetings21:12
RiddellWednesday 12th Demember at 23:00 UTC21:12
limacCheGuevara and ScottK: Got it  it's 5 hours! :)21:12
gribeluare the hardy kde4rc2 packages up? for rc1 it took ages21:12
ardchoilleRiddell: Thank you21:12
jpatrickgribelu: see above^^21:12
ScottKThe other option is to get Ubuntu member and then whine to Hobbsee until she marks you down as a Kubuntu member too.21:13
ardchoilleScottK: Ok, Ubuntu member is where I'd like to be.21:13
gribelui did see but the kubuntu announcement only mentions gutsy21:13
CheGuevaraif u use hardy you should've gotten rc 2 some days ago21:14
jpatrickgribelu: those are the backports of the hardy21:14
ScottKardchoille: Then you need to add yourself to the community council meeting agenda, IIRC.21:14
gribeluah cool.. i was just asking because last time the packages were out for gutsy first and hardy last (way later(21:14
CheGuevaraok i am confused now21:15
CheGuevaraRiddell, do hardy users need to do apt-get remove kdelibs521:15
ardchoilleScottK: Already done I believe.21:16
RiddellScottK: meh, he should be a kubuntu member21:20
RiddellCheGuevara: I expect there's overlapping files21:20
buzwhats the thing with "kdebase-bin-kde3"21:20
ScottKRiddell: But if you go the get Ubuntu member and whine to hobbsee approach, then there's the added thrill of danger involved.21:21
* buz hopes he got the update right21:21
CheGuevaraRiddell: http://pastebin.ca/812541 does that look right21:22
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buzCheGuevara: looks like what it did to me21:22
buzwe'll see shortly if it was right21:22
buzwait a few seconds if you want to know what happens :P21:23
CheGuevaralol kk21:23
gribeluso umm .. about kde4rc2 on hardy.. installing kdebase-workspace kdebase-runtime doesn't work (dependencies missing) but installing kdelibs5 works. Is that normal?21:23
CheGuevarakdebase-workspace kdebase-runtime are installed fine here21:24
CheGuevarawhich deps are missing?21:25
gribelui'll paste, one sec21:25
buzafter login in kdm i get a black screen then get bumped back to kdm21:25
CheGuevarabuz: workies? :P21:25
CheGuevarawhats .xsession-errors saying?21:25
buzlooks to me like x is crashing really21:26
CheGuevaragribelu, thats on hardy?21:27
gribelui even have the ppa repo with hardy21:27
buzyup x crashes21:27
CheGuevarathat could be the problem21:28
CheGuevarau only need the hardy repos not ppa21:28
gribeluone sec21:28
gribelusame thing21:28
CheGuevarau did apt-get update after u removed the ppas?21:29
gribeluthis is my sources.list http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47879/21:29
gribeluand yes, i did21:29
buzstartkde does something weird21:29
CheGuevarabuz, post ur startkde21:30
CheGuevaraon pastebin21:31
buzlemme try again21:31
buzi will reinstall kde4rc2 first21:31
CheGuevarathe startkde has a typo21:31
CheGuevarathat removes the current path env21:31
CheGuevarawhich is why it's not finding those programs21:31
buzexport PATH=/usr/lib/kde4/bin/:ATH THATS the typo yes21:33
buzbut easily fixed21:33
CheGuevarayeah :P21:33
RiddellI should have fixed that21:33
Riddellgutsy or hardy?21:33
gribeluCheGuevara: i pasted my repos up there somewhere.. forgot to 'call' your name21:34
buzyeah now it works21:34
CheGuevarayeah was just looking at them, everything looks fine21:34
stdinRiddell: both I'd guess  "echo export PATH=/usr/lib/kde4/bin/:$PATH >> debian/tmp/usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde"  in debian/rules21:34
CheGuevaraif u did apt-get update then my only guess would be that the hardy repo packages accidentally depend on ppa packages21:35
CheGuevarathough i am sure that's not the case21:35
gribeluCheGuevara: this is the error after removing the ppa http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47880/21:35
gribeludifferent package names, but same packages21:36
gribelui mean versions not names21:36
CheGuevarayeah that looks more right :P21:36
=== kde4 is now known as buz_kde4
gribeluand the repos are exactly the ones above21:36
gribeluah.. this looks right you say? :)))21:37
CheGuevaraas in the ppa postfix is gone :P21:37
gribeluCheGuevara: so should i wait for the packages to make their way into the repos or is there something wrong with my setup (i doubt it?)21:39
CheGuevaragribelu, did u have kde rc1 installed?21:39
CheGuevarakdebase-runtime 4:3.97.0-1ubuntu3 been in archives since dec 0821:39
CheGuevaraso I don't see how its a repo problem21:39
gribeluCheGuevara: no21:41
gribeluas in i didn't have rc121:41
buzmhh now i get white frames when i try to activate opengl compositing :P21:41
CheGuevarai had to disable compositing in Xorg to get kde 4 to start21:41
buzwell in rc1 it simply told me i had no compositing21:42
CheGuevararight let me delete kdelibs5 on my system21:42
buznever mind that compiz works21:42
gribelui guess i'll just skip rc2 as well.. no reason to waste your time21:42
CheGuevarayeah same here21:42
jpatrickRiddell: I believe it didn't work because CAPS vars have to have () in the rules file21:42
buzyeah i guess that works21:42
buzCheGuevara: what graphics card do you have21:44
buzwhich one21:44
buzi have the 965 AKA GMA X310021:45
CheGuevara945 GM21:45
CheGuevarai bet the kde 4 compositing gets less testing on intel then ati/nvidia21:46
buzwhich is slightly absurd but never mind :21:47
nixternalCheGuevara: I just now caught your name...I took some flack for wearing an 'El Che' t-shirt from the student union on campus21:47
nixternalI think I have worn that shirt out by now21:48
CheGuevarai got some yesterday on this chan :P21:48
nixternalafter they gave me flack, I wore it for a week straight21:48
buzweird student union21:48
buzusually they are as leftist as one could possibly be21:48
nixternalya, I got on them for atempting to supress my freedom of speach and expression :)21:48
CheGuevaralol lol21:49
nixternalone of these days, I will finally spell speech correctly21:49
CheGuevararight let me reboot and see what this did to my system21:49
nixternalI just finished a paper on DRM, and every time I used the word, it was spelled wrong21:49
buzin what area?21:50
claydohhmmp freedom of speech. try wearing a Mets tshirt up here in the NE in 1986 :)21:50
gribelua little problem with the latest updates (after the previous update uninstalled kubuntu-desktop: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop doesn't work because it depends on kdegraphics-kfile-plugins and that depends on libopenexr2c2a (>= 1.2.2) which can't be installed21:50
claydohmight as well been wearing a Che t shirt lol21:50
nixternalclaydoh: hahahaha21:51
nixternalI wear a cubs shirt, so I usually get the sympathy effect21:51
nixternalbuz: Fair Use21:51
buzso law?21:52
nixternala bit of it, yes21:52
jpatrickgribelu: it's a transition, it's been worked on21:52
gribelujpatrick: thanks, just making sure the right people knew about it21:52
nixternalit was more toned down so people who never heard of it could understand just how bogus DRM is, and the facts and figures the copyright industries are using to back their fight are skewed21:52
buzpersonally i think they make those numbers up21:53
buz(to not use an even worse way of saying it)21:53
nixternalRIAA reported that the industry has lost billions of dollars, yes for the past 10 years, the copyright industry has provided a steady increase in the GDP of the US21:53
claydohdrm lol. I work at Wendy's and they are doing a Rhapsody tie in, free music21:53
nixternalthe IIPA actually creates the real facts, and they are out of Washington, so I was expecting to see facts and figures that would agree with the RIAA, but I was shocked to find the opposite21:53
claydohfirst thing I told my boss is some people will be complaining that thay can't play the stuff on their ipods21:54
Riddellgribelu: updated kdegraphics should be compiling now21:54
claydohso Wendy's recently sent a mail to all the stores/franchises about it recently21:54
nixternalRiddell: great job on getting all of the K* stuff fixed with openexr!21:55
nixternalI just checked after an update, and all but 2 things were left, but should be fixed after kdegraphics finishes21:56
cheguevaraok KDE4 vanished from KDM sessions list21:56
nixternalnow Chris just needs to rebuild OO.o21:56
Riddellcheguevara: does /usr/share/xsessions/kde4.desktop point to a file that is executable21:58
cheguevaraRiddell, basically apt-get remove kdelibs5 seems to have deleted all or most of KDE 421:59
gribelucheguevara: i found my problem.. so for example kdebase-runtime depended on kdebase-runtime-bin (which "is not going to be installed").. so kdebase-runtime-bin depends on libopenexr2c2a (>= 1.2.2) and that was broken by an earlier hardy update21:59
cheguevaraand i can't install back kdebase-workspace kdebase-runtime 'cause i get exact some dep problems as gribelu now21:59
gribeluthe update that removed kdebase, kubuntu-desktop an so on21:59
cheguevara  kdebase-runtime-bin: Depends: libopenexr2c2a (>= 1.2.2) but it is not going to be installed22:00
gribelulibopenexr killed everything all day today22:00
gribelusomeone will be spanked22:01
cheguevaraso Riddell needs to fix kdebase-runtime I believe22:01
stdin-workspace actually22:01
gribeluthere was a bad build earlier today.. and all hell broke loose22:02
Riddellfixing kde4 packages for libopenexr is waiting on hal to be fixed so kdepimlibs can compile22:02
cheguevarakdebase-runtime-bin is in kdebase-runtime isn't it?22:02
cheguevaraoh right Riddell22:02
gribeluis there any specific time of day/week/month when it's safe to upgrade? :)22:02
cheguevaraweekends unless someone b0rked smthing on friday lol22:03
gribeluso, no22:03
stdindepends on the position of the moon over uranus22:03
cheguevararight so no KDE 4 for us today lol22:03
nixternalI thought the moon was made up of uranus22:03
nixternalyou can't moon without uranus22:03
nixternalya it was22:04
buznow it kde4 crashes again after login22:04
claydohbut makes sense...22:04
gribelufor the people that got to try kde4rc2... is it usable or pretty much the same as rc1?22:06
buzok, maybe one should suggest that people nuke ~/.kde4 if they see weird issues22:06
buzgribelu: i'm trying to figure that one out22:06
cheguevaraits pretty usable imho22:06
cheguevarabeen running it for the last couple of days full time22:06
gribeluhm that's good news22:07
cheguevarabut then i was running rc1 full time as well :P22:07
buz_kde4seems more useable than rc122:07
buz_kde4but still nowhere near kde 3.522:07
cheguevaraability to have icons on desktop would be nice though :P22:08
gribelui don't use them so that's ok22:08
buz_kde4actually being able to use a browser would help22:09
buz_kde4respectively being able to launch it from kickoff22:09
gribelu"but it's so pretty"22:09
cheguevarawould be even more pretty if the compositing stuff worked :P22:09
gribeluthe rc tag isn't what it used to be22:09
cheguevaraa month left till release22:10
cheguevaraand plasma is still not feature complete22:10
buz_kde4there are serious redrawing issues with some apps22:10
gribelubut somehow i guess they had to force people into paying more attention to kde4 development22:10
buz_kde4rc2 feels about beta1 like22:11
limachey try looking at this linux based computer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASUS_Eee_PC: with kde!22:11
gribeluit's a computer22:11
gribelugreat article there though22:12
cheguevarawhen oh when will https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/hardy-changes/2007-December/003114.html show up in adept :P22:12
cheguevaraso i can finally use wifi with .2422:12
buzyou can use wifi with .2422:13
buznot very hard, really22:13
gribelui'm still trying to disable nvidiafb so i can use the real nvidia driver22:13
gribeluon .2422:13
cheguevaranot intel wifi22:13
cheguevarathe firmware is missing22:13
buzsure you can22:13
cheguevarawell yeah i know i can22:13
buzyou just need to copy the firmware in the right place22:13
buzthats how i use wifi on 23.922:13
buzbut since i cant compile alsa against .24 i dont have sound with that one22:15
gribeluas they said on the forums .. Let our development team work and "its ready when its ready"...22:15
gribelubad grammar too22:16
buz"You may get only white rectangles if DRI is not enabled or fails to initialize"22:17
buzmhh but glxinfo says direct rendering works22:17
gribelui have an unrelated question.. when will the kdesudo package be fixed?22:19
cheguevarawhats wrong with it22:19
gribeluwell.. it doesn't work in kcontrol, gdebi-kde or anything of that kind22:20
gribelui always install the gutsy package22:20
gribeluthere are at least 3 bug reports that i know of22:21
gribeluhardy has 1.4 and gutsy has 1.122:21
jpatrickgribelu: I could ask for a backport22:21
cheguevarahmm i just fount an interesting bug22:22
cheguevaraif u don't have xorg.conf22:22
jpatrickgribelu: but is it not in security?22:22
cheguevaraor if it doesn't have certain sections22:22
gribelu1.4 throws a "command not found" error message right after i give it my password22:22
cheguevaraMonitor & Displace in kcontrol doesn't load at all22:22
gribeluit works if i run it directly like "kdesu kate" or whatever22:22
gribeluno it just dies after requesting the password (for example, administrator mode in kcontrol)22:24
gribelu1.1 from gutsy repos just works with no problems..22:24
gribeluhow do i request a backport?22:24
jpatrickgribelu: I think the updates were bug/security fixes tho22:25
gribelui'm just asking because many days went past since the bug surfaced22:26
gribeluand nothing happend22:26
jpatrickhave you filed a bug against kdesudo?22:26
gribeluwhen i tried to i found about 3-4 bug reports about it.. and i just posted the solution to one of them22:27
gribeluthe solution is to install the gutsy package22:27
gribeluunfortunately i have to do that everytime i run dist-upgrade :)22:27
gribelui think the recent kdesudo doesn't support some of the old kdesu arguments22:29
nixternalhttp://www.nixternal.com/tmp/burning.jpg  <- have to admit, that is kind of cool, caught me by surprise as I had never noticed it before22:29
gribelulooks like crap :)))22:29
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gribeluat least their compositing thing is stable... or maybe not because windows still crashes and noone knows why22:32
cheguevaraand it doesn't work at all on intel22:34
gribelunot working = stable!22:36
gribeluanyway.. this is kdesudo bug i was talking about. The title isn't all that cool https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdesudo/+bug/17274922:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 172749 in kdesudo "Error kdesudo command not found when installing deb packages" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:41
gribeluthat's the one :)22:41
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Riddelltonio is doing kdesudo22:42
gribelugood for him22:42
gribelui thought more people would've hit this bug22:44
gribeluit's pretty old by now22:44
jpatrickgribelu: what does "gdb kdesudo kate" give?22:46
gribeluone sec22:46
gribeluit doesn't like kate22:48
gribelu /home/bogdan/kate: No such file or directory.22:48
jpatrickjust kdesudo kate in the console?22:49
gribeluah that works22:49
gribeluit only dies in apps like kcontrol that 'summon' it22:49
gribelulaunching user control from kcontrol uses this command: /usr/bin/kdesu --nonewdcop -n -d -iuserconfig.png /usr/bin/kcmshell System/userconfig --embed-proxy 44040972 --lang en_US22:50
gribelurunning that command in konsole it says: kdesu: Unknown option '--embed-proxy'.22:50
stdingribelu: I think I ran into that, I used "kdesudo -- command --command --options"22:51
jpatrickah, shell..22:51
stdin(I think)22:51
gribeludon't know if what i'm saying helps22:51
gribelubut running administrator mode from kcontrol should make everything clear22:52
gribeluon hardy that is22:52
gribeluor installing a package from gdebi... or running the update manager22:53
gribelujpatrick: ignore what i said above about running in shell and '--embed-proxy'.. it has the same behavior with 1.122:58
gribelusomething else must be at fault22:58
gribeluif you need me to run some command just shoot22:58
stdinRiddell: we need uses to run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" before installing the kde4 packages, otherwise they won't get the new kdebase and will get overwrite errors23:08
ltmonRiddell, stdin: there's an error on line 3 of /usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde in the just released packages in case it hasn't been spotted yet23:12
stdinltmon: yeah, we spotted that a little while ago23:13
ltmonok np :)23:13
nosrednaekimyay! RC2! thanks!23:34

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