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gQuig1is this where I should post for guidance with getting a blueprint accepted?   (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/no-mono-by-default)  Need to know what to do next07:22
FujitsugQuig1: #ubuntu-devel is likely better.07:23
FujitsuHowever, the chance of having that blueprint acted on is rather slim indeed.07:23
gQuig1Fujitsu: that's ok, thanks07:23
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mrevellMorning Launchpadders!09:21
FujitsuHey mrevell.09:22
mrevellhey :)09:22
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Hobbseebelated morning mrevell 10:58
mrevellyo Hobbsee10:58
Hobbseehow goes it?11:00
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sorenIf I have a project on sourceforge, I want to move to launchpad (code is already done, so I guess it's just bug import), who do I ask? 11:35
BjornTsoren: jamesh would be a good person to talk to11:36
jameshhi Soren.  What project is it?11:37
sorenI've been negelcting it bigtime, because I'm fed up with sourceforge and *shudder* cvs.11:38
sorenjamesh: We'll want to do a new release from sourceforge before the move, so not quite yet, but probably before christmas.11:41
PengThey're that bad?11:41
sorenWho? Sourceforge?11:41
FujitsuSF is shocking, really.11:41
FujitsuMalone is like heaven compared to it.11:42
* ddaa gives soren hug11:42
ddaait's goin to be okay, cvs is not gonna hurt you anymore11:42
sorenIt's slow, the bug tracker is a complete and utter nightmare, and it forces me to use cvs (or svn, but the difference is really only that big).11:42
* soren cries at ddaa's shoulder11:42
FujitsuSVN is much better than CVS, but still not terrific...11:43
sorenFujitsu: svn never really impressed me much compared to cvs. I find the improvements to be skin deep.11:43
sorenThere are still people today who switch from cvs to svn.. I just don't get it.11:44
ddaait's a bit unfair to call atomic commit, and branches that perform sanely "skin deep"11:44
ddaato checkout a branch in cvs data model, you need to start from the HEAD, walk down to the branch point applying delta in reverse, then walk up to branch tip applying deltas forward11:45
FujitsuSounds lovely.11:45
sorenI wouldn't refer to svn's approach to branches as "sane".11:46
ddaathe performance is sane11:46
jameshsoren: is there any particular reason you want to wait before migrating?11:47
ddaabut really, the main killer reason to switch  to svn from cvs is atomic commits11:47
jameshddaa: current versions of cvs have atomic commits11:48
sorenjamesh: Another contributor really, really wanted to get a new release out the door real soon, so not forcing him to learn new tools to do so at this point would be a good thing.11:48
jameshsoren: ah.11:48
ddaajamesh: I'm curious about the extent to which it actually work11:48
ddaaI know they do record commit ids11:48
jameshsoren: I can perform an import on our demo server tomorrow if that'd help11:48
ddaabut that not nearly enough11:48
jamesh(we generally do that before migrations anyway, to make sure everything works)11:49
sorenjamesh: If it's not a lot of trouble, that could be cool. We could see if everything worked out and then do the real move in a week or two?11:49
soren"demo server" == staging?11:49
jameshsoren: nope.  "demo server" == https://demo.launchpad.net/11:50
jameshthe staging database gets wiped every day, so isn't so good for demos11:50
sorenHm.. I don't think I've seen that before.11:50
jameshand dogfood is really the soyuz guys' sandbox11:51
sorenYes, that's what I thought :) I just hadn't heard of demo.lp.net before.11:51
sorenIf I did, I forgot.11:51
jameshit isn't something we advertise11:52
sorenjamesh: Ok, so you'll ping me at some point when you've done your magic? There's no rush right now.11:53
jameshlooks like there's hardly any bugs, so it should be really quick11:53
sorenYeah, surely <50. Probably <20, too :)11:53
jameshthere are 911:54
jameshsoren: one thing that'd be worth doing before the migration is to add your shawarma@users.sourceforge.net email to your Launchpad account11:55
sorenjamesh: Will do.11:55
jameshit is possible to merge the duplicate person afterwards, but this saves the hassle11:55
sorenSure. I'm on it.11:56
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DaveMorrisHi can someone clear out my ppa.  I asked a question on LP as i was asked to beforehand but it's yet to be done.  https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/1965612:33
DaveMorrishttps://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/19656 (for non beta users)12:39
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jelmer~/window goto #ctrlproxy13:25
ubotuNew bug: #175545 in malone "BugLinkTargetMixin.linkBug() and unlinkBug() should take a user parameter" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17554513:25
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andikahi all, how do I *delete* entries in https://edge.launchpad.net/blankon/+packages ?15:15
andikaseems that I misunderstood that feature15:17
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gsprI have a question regarding packaging versioning, but I'll ask it here since it specifically relates to a PPA package. Say I take a Debian package foo-1.2.3-1 and make a slight modification to the source. Should I call it foo-1.2.3-1-ubuntu1~ppa1? Or foo-1.2.3-1~ppa1? Or neither? I know it doesn't matter, but I'd like to follow the proper conventions.19:01
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statikhi CharliePoole19:51
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bullgard4"detlef@MD97600:/$ gdb gnome-search-tool 2>&1 | tee ~/gdb-gnome-search-tool.txt" obtains http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/20133/ but the file is not closed. Why?20:17
denndabullgard4: are you sure this is a launchpad issue? Launchpad is the *software* that runs launchpad.net20:20
bullgard4dennda: I am preparing an error report for Launchpad.  20:22
denndaah well, I think you are wrong here then. You would come here if launchpad *itself* had a bug. That is, if launchpad.net was not loading for some reason or something like that20:23
bullgard4dennda: I see. I beg your pardon for being mistaken.20:24
denndaNevermind. No problem. (Actually I was the one who pointed you here, after all ;))20:24
Ubulettehttps://edge.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/hardy/+source/valgrind/1:3.2.3-3ubuntu2   firefox says "Redirect Loop: Redirection limit for this URL exceeded.  Unable to load the requested page.  This may be caused by cookies that are blocked."20:51
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Ubulettethat url comes from a RSS feed20:51
Ubuletteinitial url is s/^edge\.//20:55
FujitsuUbulette: Remove the /distros. I filed that bug month sago.20:58
FujitsuWhich feed.20:58
FujitsuUbulette: Bug #13147820:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131478 in soyuz "Epoched DistroSourcePackageReleases redirect eternally if using a /distros URL" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13147820:59
ubotuNew bug: #175702 in malone "Don't exclude incomplete bugs without comments from expiration" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17570221:01
FujitsuBjornT: So it's coming back for 1.1.12?21:02
BjornTFujitsu: well, sort of. it will be turned on partly, meaning that we will display notices in the ui, and provide a report of bug reports that are marked for expiration.21:03
BjornTFujitsu: we won't actually expire any bugs, though. we want to see how it works, and give people a chance of cleaning up the bugs first.21:03
FujitsuAh, that sounds good.21:04
FujitsuMuch, much better than the way it was done last time..21:04
BjornTyes, the last time was a mistake. we didn't think it would have such an impact, but we learn from our mistakes.21:05
UbuletteFujitsu, http://media.ubuntu-nl.org/rss/hardy.xml21:08
FujitsuBjornT: So I noticed :)21:09
ubotuNew bug: #175707 in malone "Change notification about expiration to talk about marking it for expiration" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17570721:10
FujitsuUbulette: Good, so not on LP. Those feeds are currently controlled by Seveas, but will soon (hopefully I'll get around to doing it tonight) be within my control on UbuntuWire, so I can fix it then.21:11
FujitsuIn the meantime, it only affects those sourcepackagereleases that have epochs.21:11
gsprI was wondering, when should I use a tilde version for a package? I see the PPA quickstart recommends ~ppaN for PPA packages. Let's say I take a Hardy package and only change it to belong to Gutsy, and put it in my PPA. Should I then call it foo-x.y.z~gutsy1~ppa1 or what?21:19
gsprWhat are the guidelines for ~version?21:20
FujitsuThere are no official guidelines that I know of.21:20
FujitsuThat versioning is probably OK, however.21:20
FujitsuIn fact, it's probably the ideal format for that situation.21:21
Ubulette~ is lower than anything else, it's important21:24
Ubulettefoo-x.y.z~gutsy1~ppa1 < foo-x.y.z~gutsy1 < foo-x.y.z21:24
gsprwow, really? I didn't know that21:25
gsprbut foo-x.y.z < foo-x.y.z-w, right?21:25
gsprok, so ~ behaves differently - that's very interesting21:25
Ubuletteit's a way to prefer the official versions21:26
gsprI hear one can delete PPA packages by requesting it manually. Who can I talk to?21:26
gsprUbulette: Yeah, I see. I was actually wondering how to do that :)21:26
Ubulettegspr, to delete something from your ppa, you'd better file a question on LP21:36
gsprUbulette: OK21:38
denndaIs launchpad capable of having a mailing list for a project?22:34
RainC1I got 3 oops trying to file a bug, last two IDs are OOPS-710EC179 and OOPS-710EA24522:34
RainC1(timeout error)22:35
RainC1and a 4th, OOPS-710EB20622:35
_polto_hello all22:43
_polto_can sb help me pls ? I would like to make a meta-package on my PPA what will install some other. Any documentation/advise on how to do a meta-package?22:44
stdin_polto_: take a look at other meta-packages, like ubuntu-meta  also ask in #ubuntu-motu22:46
RainC1works again now22:46
_polto_hmm.. i'll try apt-get source gnome-desktop for example ..22:47
_polto_uhh... it's not a meta-package ..22:48
_polto_what is ubuntu-meta ?22:48
stdin_polto_: it's the source package for ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-desktop etc, meta-kde is another good example of one22:48
nealmcbthere's lots of buzz today on the ubuntu-us list about  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColombianTeam/ColombianTeamAnalysis and the simple python program (linked from there) that produced it.  Is there a good place for that sort of script to go, like some sort of launchpad utils project?  Or e.g. as part of the bughelper project?23:18
nealmcband questions coming up about the launchpad api, as might be predicted :-)23:18
mptnealmcb, you could put it on help.launchpad.net I think23:57
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