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slytherinIs there anyway to run live cd without using cd i.e. from iso?08:37
mikesswhat version of alsa in hardy?08:37
slytherinmikess: 1.0.1508:38
mikessgreat it will work on my laptop08:39
jussi01slytherin: I think so... you mean to install??08:39
mikessslytherin: cheers,I hope my atheros chip is supported as well08:39
jussi01!install | slytherin08:39
ubotuslytherin: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate08:39
mikess,,d/loading at the mo08:39
slytherinjussi01: no, I just want to run live cd.08:39
jussi01slytherin: oh... well look at that last link - it may help...08:40
jussi01!info alsa08:40
slytherinjussi01: i can start alternate cd installer with iso. I was wondering if same is possible with live cd08:40
ubotuPackage alsa does not exist in hardy08:40
jussi01slytherin: no idea08:40
Jeeves_Anyone here using firefox 3 in Hardy?08:59
bazhangis it in the repos?09:12
Tomcat_!info firefox09:15
ubotufirefox: lightweight web browser based on Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 8968 kB, installed size 26024 kB09:15
Tomcat_Nope. ;)09:15
bazhangwell then no, Jeeves_09:15
bazhangcheers Tomcat_09:16
avatar_firefox-3.0 is in the repo's voor gutsy and hardy09:18
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Tomcat_!info firefox-3.009:19
ubotufirefox-3.0: lightweight web browser based on Mozilla (Development Version). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0~b1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 1180 kB, installed size 3864 kB09:19
Tomcat_If I had known the package name... ;)09:19
bazhangooh nice--will have to try it. thanks avatar_!09:19
avatar_firefox-3.0 is very fast at rendering09:26
Jeeves_it is in the repo09:34
Jeeves_firefox-3.0 is the package09:34
bazhangwill install forthwith09:34
nanonymehmm, nobin? that's interestesting09:35
Jeeves_Anyways, the problem with firefox-3.009:45
Jeeves_Is that when you have it enabled as the default gnome browser09:45
Jeeves_And you open a link, the ff-window moves to the workspace you clicked the link on09:46
Jeeves_And I don't want that09:46
Jeeves_But I'm not sure who aranges that, Firefox, X, or the windowmanager09:46
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slytherinavatar_: are you using firefox 3 on gutsy?10:08
avatar_slytherin: at home i do10:09
avatar_at work i'm running firefox3 on hardy10:09
slytherinavatar_: do you think hardy is good enough to upgrade? I mean no kernel issues etc. :-)10:10
avatar_see tpoic10:12
avatar_see topic10:12
avatar_Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" and various breakage10:12
slytherinavatar_: I already saw that. I had used gutsy also from tribe 1 on home pc. I think I will keep my work machine on gutsy only and upgrade home machine on hardy10:14
avatar_hardy is atm alpha10:14
avatar_so expect breakage10:15
* Fujitsu sends persia away again.11:36
persiaHi.  As expected (and indicated in the topic), hardy is broken for me :)  Specifically, epiphany stopped loading due to an issue with not finding the dbus socket in /tmp.  I'm guessing this is related to new dbus security controls, and would appreciate a pointer to where I should hunt towards a solution.11:37
* Fujitsu finds it to work flawlessly :(11:38
FujitsuIt's so boring, except for Compiz.11:38
persiaFujitsu: Until this evening, that was my experience as well.11:39
stgraberFujitsu: do we have a bug # for the compiz thing ?11:39
FujitsuHobbsee: Do you know of one?11:39
Hobbseei've just been speaking to them over irc11:40
FujitsuThe correct people know of it, right.11:40
Hobbseeit appears the drivers are giving out crack, then it breaks11:40
FujitsuDoesns't it affect multiple drivers?11:41
* persia doesn't suspect the drivers entirely, or the mice wouldn't keep working: it's an interfacing issue.11:43
Fujitsupersia: Could be hardware pointer, or Compiz not controlling the pointer. I forget exactly how these things interact.11:45
persiaFujitsu: It would be a hardware pointer.  The point is that if the hardware is still getting the mouse movement information from X, than the driver isn't trapped (although it may be in an unusable state).  A similar issue was previously exposed in the nVidia drivers when the cairo bindings were first deployed in Edgy.11:47
persiaFrom what could be detected during that time, it appeared that cairo was not trapping errors being reported by the driver (although they were shown in dmesg), and blithely attempting to continue, waiting indefinitely for the response that would never arrive.  I'm not sure it's the same, but I'd suggest that as a possible avenue for investigation.11:48
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humboltoWill there be significant improofments to the Xen environment in hardy?14:54
humboltoWill Xen in hardy be stable enought to be good for production environments?14:55
humboltoI know, nobody can tell the future, but is there actually an intention, a plan, a blueprint, a release goal to achieve this?14:55
h3sp4wnhumbolto: I don't think ubuntu is bothered about Xen (The only blueprint remotely related is to do with kvm)15:23
h3sp4wnBut you can now have an opensolaris dom0 so all is fine - and whatever domU's15:23
rhalffh3sp4wn, you know where the real source tree of linux-image-2.6.22-14-xen is hanging out ?15:25
h3sp4wnrhalff: Is it not just a patch against the normal ubuntu kernel sources ?15:25
h3sp4wnrhalff: Did you check the git trees ?15:26
rhalffh3sp4wn, I've tried apt-get source linux-image-2.6.22-14-xen, which just gives me the normal source15:26
rhalffI didn't check the git trees15:26
h3sp4wnBut that is for 2.6.24 but linux-image-2.6.22-14-xen is not the hardy kernel anyway15:27
rhalffI have to apply this patch https://bugzilla.redhat.com/attachment.cgi?id=20914115:27
avatar_xen is stable enough for an production environment15:27
h3sp4wnBut which production enviroment ? Most I have worked in would not dream of Ubuntu on a server15:28
avatar_we are running Ubuntu on 100+ servers15:29
humboltoh3sp4wn: what would you recommend as a xen dom0?15:29
* rhalff :-o15:29
avatar_mostly 6.06 LTS. Few feisty, few gutsy15:29
h3sp4wnhumbolto: Solaris Express15:30
avatar_we are handling mail a few 1000 domains happily on ubuntu/exim415:30
h3sp4wnavatar_: Is your billing database on ubuntu ?15:30
humboltoI just read this on the ubuntu kernel mailing list: ... in Hardy, as Xen will become first class, being maintained by the server team (with special help from the kernel team to ensure it is well maintained).15:32
h3sp4wnhumbolto: first class by whose standards though15:32
humboltoh3sp4wn: Any Linux distro as xen dom0?15:32
h3sp4wnhumbolto: Probably I would use RHEL or CentOS if I had to choose15:33
humboltoh3sp4wn: was thinking about that too.15:34
humboltoh3sp4wn: have very little solaris knowledge.15:34
avatar_h3sp4wn: billing is done in an DOS application :)15:34
h3sp4wnhumbolto: But you shouldn't be running anything from the dom0 anyway (except you get zfs)15:34
humboltoh3sp4wn: true (and true)15:35
avatar_Ubuntu 6.06 is stable and ready for running production on servers15:36
h3sp4wnavatar_: If you can get them with the hardware support15:36
avatar_h3sp4wn: buy sun15:36
h3sp4wnavatar_: To run ubuntu ? No way15:36
avatar_h3sp4wn: thats what we do15:37
avatar_sun x2100/x2200/4100/420015:37
h3sp4wnavatar_: Why not Solaris ?15:37
avatar_why running such an ugly OS as solaris15:37
avatar_which is not free15:37
h3sp4wnIt is free as in beer and its free as in supported with Sun Hardware (to get the patches)15:38
avatar_no competent packagemanagement15:38
h3sp4wnAh so you cannot make sysv packages ?15:38
avatar_Sun does support Ubuntu on theire servers15:38
h3sp4wnWill they send an engineer to debug Ubuntu to you within 4 hours ?15:38
avatar_i don't want to spend time on making my own packages when i ca use tons of packages from ubuntu repo's15:39
avatar_if you have the right support contract yes15:39
avatar_for ubuntu support you would need canonical15:39
h3sp4wnAnd they have enough people ?15:40
avatar_canonical? i suppose yes15:40
h3sp4wnI thought it was a very tiny company15:41
avatar_we don't use commercial support from canonical15:42
avatar_only hardware support from sun15:42
h3sp4wnMaking sysv packages is more difficult than debian ones. But upstart is a complete joke compared to SMF - Solaris has had containers / Fair Scheduler - has Zfs, will be supported for as long as you want (and will pay for), Any scripts if you don't use GNU stuff will port between either. I think the extra hassle to use Solaris is well worth it15:44
h3sp4wnAnd there will be Indiana soon15:45
h3sp4wn(Ubuntu ripoff with Solaris kernel)15:45
xstHas the Hardy Alpha 1 release xorg 7.3?16:01
pvandewyngaerdeX.Org X Server 1.4.016:03
kbrooksh3sp4wn, offtopic!16:03
al-_-Girwhen the next release of ubuntu will be released ?16:04
jorgp2sometime around April I think16:07
h3sp4wnkbrooks: It did start off on topic - upstart does suck though compared to what part of what it is supposed to be imitating16:07
al-_-Girand kubuntu default desktop will be kde 4 ?16:08
kbrooksal-_-Gir: not guaranteed16:13
xstpvandewyngaerde: Does X server 1.4.0 imply xorg7.3?16:16
al-_-Girkbrooks , so no one know yet ?16:20
kbrooksal-_-Gir, it depends on when kde 4 is out16:20
al-_-Giraa ok hop soon :)16:22
pvandewyngaerdeal-_-Gir:    next ubuntu/kubuntu is LTS,  no kde4 as default16:23
pvandewyngaerdekde 4.0 will be released 11 januari16:23
pvandewyngaerdetomorrow RC2 if i remember16:23
al-_-Girso waht if its LTS , why lts can have kde4 ?16:24
pvandewyngaerdexst:  The current stable release is 1.4.0, released as part of X11R7.316:24
pvandewyngaerdebecause Long term support you dont give on something that is completely new16:25
pvandewyngaerdeit will be avalailable as optional packages16:25
mrtimdogWhat's the average (new install) footprint size, roughly? I'm just creating a new hardy partition...16:26
pvandewyngaerdeal-_-Gir:  im currently using kde4, really not for end users or long term support16:26
al-_-Giri dont understand even why people need long term ...16:26
al-_-Girwhat is so cool to use old release . . .16:26
pvandewyngaerdefor server security updates it is important16:27
pvandewyngaerdeand production systems16:27
al-_-Girlts is 3 years desktop and 5 server right ?16:28
mikkaelthere is a section in synaptic showing the local/outdated packages. what are firefox, thunderbird and several other essential stuff doing there ?16:34
BUGabundohy there!16:54
BUGabundowhere's the link for the build queue?16:55
BUGabundoI can't use kmail until kdebase-kio-plugins is build16:55
BUGabundosorry about that. another crash from pidgin. something to do with sound and GStreamer-CRITICAL16:57
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BUGabundoI guess this anwsers my own question: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+builds17:03
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rhalffay cool, hardy works with the 3ware 9550SX if I run the 2.16.9-4 kernel17:05
BUGabundocan I simply force the old version o Kmail?17:15
BUGabundoits better a version conflict then no version at all17:16
RichieHi, after about 30 mins of my laptop being on, the sound will stop working. When i go System > Preferences > Sound and clikc test i get the error "audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=chat: Internal data flow error." The only way i can fix is restarting the laptop. Is there anyway i can stop this from happening?17:32
Richieor a quicker way to fix it rather than restarting my laptop17:32
* TuX_Claudiu say haello17:49
LimCorekipin package is damn old in ubuntu17:54
LimCorehow abut packing a recent version17:54
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turbotorbenhey, i'm having a wierd bug using hardy: when i df -h it says i've got 4,3gb in use, but i've got only 1.7gb used on the filesystem (du -h tells me the right usage)18:16
void^are you sure? "du -h" is in use by files, doesn't include filesystem metadata/reserved blocks18:17
turbotorbenvoid^, i've had over 2gb free before a reboot and now my disc "seems to be" full18:19
void^fsck it18:19
turbotorbenstill the same18:20
pvandewyngaerdefilelight /        and check where your space went18:20
void^fsck -f it, and umount first ;)18:21
turbotorbenumount? it's my root partition?18:21
void^switch to a livecd18:22
turbotorbencan't i tell fsck to check it on reboot?18:23
Picisudo touch /forcefsck18:23
turbotorbengreat, thx18:24
turbotorbenthanks, it's fixed18:31
turbotorbennow i've got about 3gb free disk space. is that enough to compile a 2.6.24 kernel?18:33
turbotorbengreat thanks. do i have to undo that touch /checkfsck thing?18:34
void^it should have removed it, i think? if not, rm it.18:34
void^uh oh.. it seems i will be doing some fsck'ing myself..18:38
turbotorbengood luck then18:39
void^internal disk went completely dead while transfering files from an usb disk. lovely. :)18:44
turbotorbenwhat is to be blamed? hardy or that disc?18:45
void^i don't know, works fine after a reboot but i have no debug information (things like dmesg didn't work anymore..)18:46
ricowhy would it be an inappropriate question to ask about the Hardy repositories?18:54
destroyerhey all... i'm runnin xubuntu 8.04, but this issue happens for me in 7.10 as well... just wondered if anyone could help me figure out why my cursor size/theme is ignored completely by gtk apps (including xfce) and only displayed correctly over non-gtk apps such as firefox and amarok and such. anyone have any ideas? thanks19:31
destroyerit's not xfce because this happens for me in gnome as well.. the only common denominators are *buntu and my hardware (specifically nvidia).. only thing i can think of is it's an nvidia thing19:35
holmssI have shutdown.sh file (shutdown -h now), how to make a schrout to this file and what kind of permissions i need to shut down computer without any confirmation?19:35
h3sp4wndestroyer: firefox uses gtk19:36
destroyerhmm, well i do have a firefox theme installed which might make a difference19:36
h3sp4wndestroyer: How are you setting the theme ?19:36
crdlbh3sp4wn: not really :)19:36
crdlbit emulates gtk19:36
h3sp4wndestroyer: .gtk-2.0rc (or whatever its name is you know the one)19:36
destroyeri've tried using Xfce 4 mouse settings and i've also tried gcursor19:37
h3sp4wncrdlb: about:buildconfig implies otherwise19:37
destroyeri can see that it works because my changes reflect over the non-gtk apps19:37
crdlbh3sp4wn: it uses GDK, but not GTK19:37
destroyerspecifically firefox and amarok and i assume other qt and non-gtk apps display correctly as well19:38
h3sp4wncrdlb: Why does it need - libgtk2.0-dev to build then ?19:38
crdlbh3sp4wn: because GDK is part of gtk, and it does draw sample widgets with gtk that it copies19:39
destroyerbut since my xserver is 2699x1968, the cursor size is directly proportional to my xserver resolution, so it's HUGE!!!19:39
h3sp4wncrdlb: So it needs gtk (a part of)19:40
crdlbbut it's not a true gtk app19:40
destroyeryou're both right... but either way, it doesn't behave like a normal gtk app19:40
crdlbexactly :)19:40
destroyeralso, this has nothing to do with my weird offset twinview crazy-sized xserver, since it was an issue before i added a dual monitor19:41
destroyerit's just an issue now.. since before i didn't mind the default cursors19:41
destroyermust be my nvidia driver...19:42
h3sp4wndestroyer: Ah did you disable the hardware cursor ?19:42
destroyeroption "SWCursor"?19:43
h3sp4wnOption "HWCursor" "0"19:43
destroyerah k... what section should i add that under?19:44
h3sp4wnWhere the rest of your nvidia options are19:44
destroyeralright thanks... i'll brb after i add this and restart x19:44
destroyerhmm... well i tried a ton of variations, even putting the option in almost every xorg.conf section... nothing made a difference.. =(19:56
mikes1I have no sound ,,A 200 Toshiba ,IH7 intel high definition sound?22:01
cypherdelicWatch my new great Background, composed of images from gnome,ubuntu and compiz(beryl) - http://img405.imageshack.us/my.php?image=maniacdebiankl3.jpg - Copyright reversed. Feel free to ask me for different resolutions or the xcf22:01
mikes1kmix has master and pcm but no way of turning them on?22:02
cypherdelicTell me if you like, also different colors available.22:02
ompaulwhat kernel is currently in Hardy?22:26
h3sp4wn!info linux-image-2.6.24-1 hardy22:29
ubotuPackage linux-image-2.6.24-1 does not exist in hardy22:29
h3sp4wn!info linux-image-2.6.24-1-686 hardy22:29
ubotuPackage linux-image-2.6.24-1-686 does not exist in hardy22:29
h3sp4wnYou get the idea ^^ my laptop is off atm (and it has the hardy kernel)22:29
ompaul!info linux-image hardy22:31
ubotulinux-image: Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 24 kB, installed size 52 kB22:31
h3sp4wnI don't think that has been updated yet (Last time I checked the restricted modules was not yet there)22:32
ompaulmaybe I don't want them ;-)22:32
h3sp4wnompaul: No but afaik linux-image (metapackage) is not updated until both exist22:32
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h3sp4wn!info linux-image-2.6.24-1-generic22:37
ubotulinux-image-2.6.24-1-generic: Linux kernel image for version 2.6.24 on x86/x86_64. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.24-1.2 (hardy), package size 19272 kB, installed size 66196 kB22:37
ompaulh3sp4wn, thanks22:46
Jordan_UHow likely is it that PulseAudio will be used by default in Hardy?22:46
h3sp4wnJordan_U: I would say 100% as its enabled by default now22:53
h3sp4wnJordan_U: /usr/bin/esd is a wrapper (or it might be in sbin I forget)22:54
hit_any ideas why gnome just freezes randomly? music keeps playing and i can hear msn sounds but screen freezes22:54
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h3sp4wnhit_: Non free drivers ? Its pretty stable for me here (other than trackerd is not doing anything useful)22:55
hitnot non-free22:55
h3sp4wne.g ?22:56
h3sp4wnOn what card ?22:56
hitah no just ati drivers atm22:57
h3sp4wnr300 is still officially experimental afaik22:57
hit        Driver          "ati"22:57
h3sp4wnati and radeon are the same driver these days22:57
hit@ xorg.conf22:57
hitjust got updates for xorg and stuff and hoped that it'll be fixed but nothing22:58
Jordan_Uh3sp4wn, I thought so, I havn't had a chance ( or any HD space :) to install Hardy yet. Thanks22:59
h3sp4wnhit: So install the dbg packages and try to get a backtrace23:00
h3sp4wneasier if you have a null modem (or serial cable you can make one from)23:00
Jordan_UIt's great about Linux that when one distro comes out with a really great feature ( in this case Fedora ) most other large distro's also include it by their next version23:01
hith3sp4wn, dbg?23:01
h3sp4wn!info xserver-xorg-video-ati-dbg23:01
ubotuxserver-xorg-video-ati-dbg: X.Org X server -- ATI display driver (debugging symbols). In component main, is extra. Version 1:6.7.196-2 (hardy), package size 1715 kB, installed size 3528 kB23:01
hitah ok23:01
h3sp4wnThere will be a page on the wiki explaining more about how to do it23:01
hitbtw i don't know if it's related to xorg23:02
hiti think so23:02
h3sp4wnhit: You have to start somewhere - or you could try kde or xfce for a bit23:02
hith3sp4wn, ok23:02
mikessHardy is going ok for such early stages23:06
mikessjust no sound as yet23:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 108527 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "X freezes when compiz is enabled on ATI cards" [High,Confirmed]23:08
hitsomething for me i quess23:08
h3sp4wnProbably - I haven't used compiz for long enough to know if that affects me23:10
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP323:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alsaconf - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:19
Jordan_Umikess, Those instructions may or may not work with pulseaudio, do applications at least "think" they can output sound, for instance can you run "aplay < /dev/random" without errors?23:21
mikessJordan_U, I have no sound on a Tishiba A20023:22
mikesshda IH7 high definition sound23:22
mikessIt can see it,,pcm and master is in kmix23:23
mikessUnable to turn them on23:23
Jordan_Umikess, Can you try running "aplay < /dev/urandom" and pastebin any errors ?23:23
h3sp4wnmikess: Are you 100% certain they are just not muted ?23:24
mikessok will go and boot the lapy 1min  :)23:24
Jordan_Umikess, I am not sure if kmix is seeing the real hardware ( interacting with alsa directly ) or if it is just seeing pulseaudio mimicking real hardware for alsa compatability ( like fedora does with alsamixer )23:24
mikelapyok back :)23:27
mikelapyWhat was that command please?23:27
Jordan_Umikelapy, "aplay < /dev/urandom"23:28
mikelapyPlaying raw data 'stdin' : Unsigned 8 bit, Rate 8000 Hz, Mono23:28
LiMaOmikess: i can help you, just a sec23:29
mikelapyawsm :)23:29
LiMaOmikess: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto23:29
h3sp4wnmikelapy: Really don't do ^^23:30
LiMaOmikelapy, mikess, are you there?23:30
LiMaOmikelapy: do NOT compile anything from source23:30
LiMaOmikelapy: but read one of the last lines23:30
mikelapyI have latest alsa installed,,,.1523:30
LiMaOmikelapy: actually you should add the line 'model=3stack'23:31
LiMaOto the file /etc/modprobe.d/sound23:31
h3sp4wnLiMaO: Are you certain that this is not already fixed in the hardy kernel ? 24-123:32
LiMaOh3sp4wn: may already be.. but he's already having the problem.. trying this won't hurt =)23:32
h3sp4wnLiMaO: But the chances are he is still using 22-*23:33
LiMaOwell, actually i didn't have this problem at all using ubuntu, even hardy.. only had this problem with debian.. 2.6.18.. but adding the 'model=3stack' line to the file mentioned above fixed everything and i got sound working23:34
Jordan_Umikelapy, What is the output of "uname -r" ?23:34
mikelapynothing  hmm23:35
mikelapyok added ,,,,3stack ,,23:35
LiMaOdid you add it on the same line as 'options' ?23:36
LiMaOreboot =)23:36
LiMaOalso cross your fingers23:36
LiMaOthis is such an important step hehe23:36
mikelapyok still no sound23:40
Jordan_Umikelapy, You didn't cross your fingers did you?23:41
Jordan_Umikelapy, We can't help you if you don't follow our instructions ;)23:41
Jordan_Umikelapy, I'm looking for a way to be sure that the channels in alsa are not simply muted or too low / how to be sure that alsamixer / kmix are actually controlling alsa23:46
Jordan_Umikelapy, Does kmix look like it's showing the same channels it was in previous Ubuntu versions on the same hardware?23:48
mikelapysound did not work in fiesty23:51
mikelapyneeded ,,,.15 alsa23:51
mikelapySidux works fine23:51
h3sp4wnmikelapy: You could install a sidux kernel if you wanted23:52
mikelapyh3sp4wn, I was thinking that ,I have sidux installed as well ,I really want to keep kubuntu original :)23:53
h3sp4wnmikelapy: or just - sudo aptitude install linux-image-2.6.24-1-generic23:53
h3sp4wnbut then you have to deal with any graphics card drivers you have to install23:53
h3sp4wnor wifi drivers23:54
h3sp4wnmikelapy: alternatively you could do23:54
h3sp4wnsudo aptitude install alsa-source module-assistant && m-a prepare && m-a a-i alsa (but that will not work with 2.6.24-1 iirc)23:55
thompahowdy, ive upgraded to kernel 2.6.24, wireless intel 4965 is there but nothing in nwm23:59
Jordan_Uh3sp4wn, Does that mean that eventually an update will likely fix his problem?23:59

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