DShepherdso.. is the art direction decided yet?04:16
Toma-turns out CDE is all the rage again.04:17
Toma-throw a little splash of orange at it and off we go04:17
DShepherdToma-, CDE?04:21
Toma-never seen CDE?04:22
Toma-the best 1993 has to offer04:22
Toma-tho in a very ironic way, it does kind of look like the xfce layout04:23
* Toma- wishes something different to windows 95 would be used04:25
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zniavrehello / bonjour09:56
lassegulhi guys!12:27
andreasnhi lassegul!12:29
andreasnhow are things?12:29
lassegulits good. ive just come home from 2 weeks in spain, on holidays. before that I started designing for money again with my friend, and its much fun.12:39
lassegulandreasn: how are you?12:39
andreasnI'm great! Attended a software conference here in gothenburg this weekend12:43
andreasnpretty fun12:43
andreasnother than that I'm just doing regular work12:43
lassegulgood good. anything new ubuntu-wise?12:54
andreasnnothing really specific to ubuntu I guess, but I mentored a ghop student to check the status of HighContrast-svg, so hopefully we can improve that soon12:56
andreasnand the firefox3 stuff12:56
darkmattermeh. cairo is a pain in the ass. maybe I should finish reading the fscking manual13:09
andreasnisn't there a irc channel for cairo or something?13:28
andreasnlassegul: I remember what that really nice band I was talking about in Boston was14:17
andreasnlassegul: Ulver14:17
lassegulandreasn: thats true, they are nice.14:34
andreasnkwwii: http://andreasn.se/diverse/temp/ubuntu icon review part 1.html15:00
nothlitdo all the blurries have no svgs? or just no pixmaps produced for particular sizes15:04
nothlitandreasn: wow i didn't know tomboy couod do html export now15:05
andreasnit's because if the lack of pixmaps in the right size15:05
andreasnyeah, I think it always have been able to do that15:05
andreasnPreferences > Add-ins if it doesn't show up for you15:06
kwwiiandreasn: killer15:08
kwwiiandreasn: do we know which sizes are missing or how many sizes are missing?15:08
andreasnit should be pretty easy to figure out I think15:08
kwwiiexcellent, I'll post you some stuff I am working on later when I get it finished15:09
kwwiiI spent yesterday and today putting together the art direction and meeting results into document form and updating specs at the same time15:10
andreasnmaybe I should post this stuff in the wiki, + screenshots and stuff and links to individual bugs15:11
andreasnTerminal Server client is fixed in trunk already if I recall correctly and stuff15:11
kwwiiandreasn: probably a good idea to post it on the wiki15:16
andreasnwhere in there should I post it exactly? I'm pretty unfamiliar with the structure15:16
* _MMA_ runs naked through the channel. (flap, flap, flap)15:17
andreasnflap, flap, flap... like http://youtube.com/watch?v=eT1mGjXitQU&feature=related ?15:19
* _MMA_ is scared to look.15:19
andreasnit's quite innocent really15:20
_MMA_yeah. :)15:20
_MMA_Pretty funny.15:20
kwwiiyou gotta love german tv15:21
andreasnwasn't that show host in the eurovision song contest a couple of years ago?15:23
Toma-haha still gives a thumbs up to the camera15:23
kwwiiandreasn: yes, and now instead of competing himself he has a competition on his show for a german candidate15:26
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cypherdelichey guys22:07
cypherdelicim interested in helping for hardy22:08
cypherdelicwatch this22:08
cypherdelicWatch my new great Background, composed of images from gnome,ubuntu and compiz(beryl) - http://img405.imageshack.us/my.php?image=maniacdebiankl3.jpg - Copyright reversed. Feel free to ask me for different resolutions or the xcf22:08
* _MMA_ looks22:08
cypherdelicalso different colors available if you like22:08
cypherdeliccome back for me i would like to help in special tasks if you like22:11
cypherdelicpm me22:11
_MMA_cypherdelic: Best to keep an eye on the WIKI.22:12
cypherdelicwhat do you mean?22:12
cypherdelicdo you like my background?22:13
_MMA_The art really needs people who are self-sufficient. Nobody will come and get you.22:13
_MMA_Personally, no. Ill get you the wiki link.22:13
MandarancidI don't like ...22:13
cypherdelici justed asked for because it's meant in the topic ping kwwii22:13
cypherdelicMandarancid: why?22:14
_MMA_cypherdelic: Look through this page and the links. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork22:14
MandarancidBeacouse I don't find the link22:14
Mandarancidberyl compiz gnome debian and ubuntu22:15
cypherdelicyou dont?22:15
Mandarancidno, of course ubuntu is a debian derivate that use gnome and have the compiz support22:15
_MMA_cypherdelic: You're also using scaled, low-res images in there. The Debian logo is obviously upscaled.22:16
Mandarancidbut this is ubuntu22:16
_MMA_Its also out of aspect.22:16
Mandarancidand not foresigth {for the gnome logo} or debian and not use beryl22:16
cypherdelicisyes the left one is up-scaled22:17
_MMA_Mandarancid: I think he's just using it to show his work. Not for actual consideration.22:17
cypherdelicwhy not beryl?22:17
Mandarancidbeacouse beryl is an ended project sostitued by compiz22:17
MandarancidIMO the idea is good22:17
Mandarancidbut I use only the ubuntu logo22:18
cypherdelicaha but the emerald demonstrates not beryl22:18
MandarancidAh yes22:18
MandarancidI don't remember it!! sorry..22:18
cypherdelicit demonstrates the old beryl plugins that were merged to compiz fusion22:18
cypherdelicthe cuibe is compiz, the cube with emerald stand for compiz-fusion, that whats in ubuntu since gutsy22:19
_MMA_Mandarancid: You're not identified. I didnt get a PM reply if you did.22:19
MandarancidMMA: wath??22:19
_MMA_I cant see PMs from people who arent identified on Freenode. Is your nick registered?22:20
_MMA_cypherdelic: Really it's all too much. It really comes across as muddy.22:20
MandarancidI must go to sleep here is late22:21
Mandarancidgood nigth and good work22:21
_MMA_Mandarancid: Ok. Ill show you how tomorrow.22:21
cypherdelic_MMA_: yeah, i know that, its made for junkys, that throw in some little ubuntus every day. i mean i like it, in the name of ubuntu :D22:26
_MMA_If you like it thats all that matters.22:26
cypherdelicyes and i can make it less muddy, with less colors22:26
cypherdelicand replace the layer of the debian with highq22:27

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