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keescookoh whoa.  I didn't realize you could actully debdiff .deb files.  :P00:09
elmoand changes files00:09
keescookyeah... just reading the manpage now.  :P  I've used it on .dsc for so long I didn't even think it could be used for other things. heh00:10
Peloevening guys,  can I ask a silly question ?01:09
FujitsuPelo: Perhaps, if it is related to Ubuntu development.01:09
Pelowhy doesn't the live cd default to vesa when detecting a nvidia or ati video card ?01:09
Pelodoes that count ?01:10
FujitsuThat looks like an appropriate question, but I can't answer it.01:13
PeloI've been giving out ubuntu cds and dvd telling ppl they could try it without installing but this particluar issue is becomming a problem, I get why it doesnt have ati or nvidia driver , the non FOSS thing, but I started to wonder why not just vesa in those case, that is what get's instaled anyway01:15
LaserJockPelo: what does it do currently?01:16
PeloLaserJock,  is just fails01:17
LaserJockhmm, I think it's supposed to fall back to vesa01:17
Peloifyou try the live cd or live dvd on a comp with either an nvidia or an ati videocard it just doesn,t recognise it01:17
PeloLaserJock,  during the install yes,01:18
Pelowell in text mode instal anyway it will instal the vesa driver01:18
Pelomind you,  I'M starting to wonder if it is not supposed to be fixed in gutsy01:18
PeloI dont, hae a nvidia card myself so I don'T have this particualr problem but friends have , and there are a lot of ppl comming into the support channel with this issue as well01:19
LaserJockPelo: I wonder if it's just certain cards or something01:20
PeloLaserJock,  I think some older cards might work but they seem to be the exception01:21
Peloany way I have to go,  consider it a suggestion for the hardy live cd if nothing else01:21
Pelothanks for your time01:22
LaserJockthanks for stopping by01:22
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cellofellowWhy did my spec, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/dapper-to-hardy, not get excepted and this one, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/lts-upgrades, did? They accomplish the same thing.03:22
cellofellowI think it has something to do with how I worded it, but not sure. I never submitted a spec before.03:23
cellofellowWhy did my spec, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/dapper-to-hardy, not get excepted and this one, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/lts-upgrades, did? They accomplish the same thing.03:23
cellofellowI think it has something to do with how I worded it, but not sure. I never submitted a spec before.03:23
slangasekcellofellow: repeating yourself is not necessary...03:27
slangasekcellofellow: the reason lts-upgrades was accepted is that it's the one that includes the link to the full specification with design information, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgrades03:28
slangasekit appears that the lts-upgrades blueprint was also created 5 months earlier...03:28
cellofellowslangasek: sorry about the repetition, I just saw knew people in the channel and wanted them to hear too.03:31
cellofellowslangasek: I couldn't find dates in the Blueprints stuff.03:31
slangasekcellofellow: the dates are shown under "lifecycle" on the left03:32
cellofellowso, what's some advice for spelling out specs in the future03:33
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cellofellow(I did try to find one that was like this before submitting. I guess I just didn't search the right terms.)03:33
slangasekcellofellow: well, in general terms, communicating with the developers who are going to have to do the work to make it happen is an important first step. :) For many specs, this happens at UDS where the developers are face-to-face03:35
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* lamont looks around for a package that delivers both python2.4 and 2.5 .py files05:22
lamontsite-packages type, eh?05:22
RAOFlamont: python-pyinotify?05:22
LaserJockhmm, in general packages aren't supposed to do that are they?05:22
lamontIRC works even better than google for somethings...05:23
RAOFNo, in general packages are supposed to ship .py for as many python versions as possible?05:23
RAOFOh.  Except they won't actually be shipping different .py files in the deb, the postinst script will be doing byte-compiling for all the installed python versions.05:24
LaserJockwell, they should ship .py and let python-central/python-support handle versions05:24
RAOFHeh.  We converge on the answer from different directions :)05:24
lamontLaserJock: except that if you want pycentral to handle versions for you, you still have to build 2.4 and 2.505:29
lamontas I've been learning.05:29
lamontdoko told me that if I want 2.5 versions, then I need to build them.. is that not the case>05:30
lamontpackage currently delivers python2.4/site-packages/$mumble...05:30
LaserJockhmm, that's weird05:30
lamontare you telling me that 2.5 will magically appear?05:30
LaserJockI thought so05:30
lifelessyou tell pycentral what versions you want05:30
lifelessit then in the postinst symlinks and byte compiles appropriately05:30
lamontlifeless: and deliver .py files where?05:31
lifelessif you ahve a C extension they get built for the python version specifically.05:31
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* lamont notes that pyinotify specifically builds both versions05:31
LaserJockthat's weird05:31
LaserJockI don't know why it would do that05:32
LaserJockunless it's legacy05:32
lifelesslamont: dpkg -L python-gmenu05:32
lamontmaybe it cloned from another package like I just did from it??05:32
lamonthrm... OK.05:32
lifelesslamont: pyinotify probably has a C extension in it05:32
* lamont tweaks his source again05:32
lamonthrm...  can I put wild cards in ${package}.files, I wonder....05:33
RAOFLaserJock: Yeah.  It's the C extension.  It has to be built against each python version.05:33
RAOFLaserJock: Or you get the pyinotify bug I fixed, where you could use it in 2.5 but not in 2.4 :)05:34
* lamont can hardly wait to see if there are any .so files in the build05:36
* RAOF thought ${package}.files was generally generated during package build?05:37
lamontRAOF: in my experience, I've generated it myself05:37
lamontas in it's checked into source control05:38
RAOFMaybe I was thinking of something else.05:38
persialamont: Some of the automated package checkers say it's deprecated (although it may still be required for your packages)05:42
lamontgiven that dh_movefiles uses it, and I use dh_movefiles...... :-)05:45
LaserJocklamont is deprecated ;-)05:48
lamontyou kids always creating new crackful ways of doing things...05:50
lamontwhy when I was a kid..... :-)05:50
LaserJockdid you use CDBS?05:50
* persia notes that dh_movefiles is more new-fangled than just calling install lots of times.05:52
lamontLaserJock: hell no.05:53
lamontCDBS is a maze of twisty mess05:53
lamontthe only good thing about it is that it's miles less crackful than DBS05:54
lamontthen again, when I look at a makefile, I want to look at a makefile05:54
persiaI also like it because it tends to reduce the use of debian/rules as a "bash script"05:54
lamontnot an include of something that takes side-effects from  a number of strange variables in the top level makefile05:54
lamontLaserJock: I expect that if I adopted a package using CDBS, it'd not be using CDBS sometime shortly thereafter.  (for DBS, make that certainly wouldn't be :)05:56
lamontand these days, ditto for dpatch/quilt/etc.05:56
LaserJockif it's a really easy package where you can do a 2-line debian/rules it's not bad05:56
LaserJockbut I tend to stay away from it05:57
lamontfirst I'd have to learn CDBS.  and that would tend to make me drop in a trivial example debhelper makefile and be done.05:57
LaserJockseems like if I run into some problem it's always "solved" by some totally cryptic rule05:57
lamontmy usual approach to fixing FTBFS packages with CDBS is to pester people who understand CDBS.05:57
lamont(since it's someone elses package, and ripping CDBS out to fix an ftbfs is kinda, um, rude. :)05:58
LaserJockheh, how about adding CDBS to fix a ftbfs? :-)05:58
LaserJocklamont: not a fan of dpatch?05:59
lamontI'd rather see my code as it will build.  dpatch isn't so bad, other than the pain of not seeing exploded/patched code while you're working on it.05:59
lamontSCM belongs in SCM.  implementing SCM in dpkg is kinda silly06:00
LaserJockso what do you do?06:00
LaserJockmake upstream fix everything so you don't need patches? :-)06:01
* lamont has the, uh, privilege of working on the debian-packaged kernel for his day job. That package boasts the ability to produce any earlier version of the package from the source package.06:01
lamontLaserJock: git clone git://git.debian.org/~lamont/bind9.git06:01
lamontthat'd be one of my packages06:01
lamontif you want to see the patches, go to the SCM.  if you want to build the source, there's this nice monolithic patch in diff.gz. :-)06:02
lamontI was using dpatch before (when my packages were all in cvs and arch and old bzr).  When I switched everything to git, I retired my dpatch usage.06:03
LaserJocknot to bzr?06:04
lamontand adding cdbs to fix an ftbfs would be equally rude.... and very unlikely to be adopted by the debian maintainer (unless he told you to do it...), so your patch becomes unwieldy06:04
lamontI deal with git all day.06:04
lamontand bzr infrequently.06:04
LaserJockmakes sense06:05
lamontand bzr and I didn't understand each other wrt repositories at the time.  so git won.06:05
lamontI expect that bzr has everything I care about now, so it's just a question of familiarity06:05
lamontand bzr checkouts have historically caused me pain in my bandwidth meter.  I expect that's improved now, too.  right lifeless?06:06
* lamont has no real recent bzr history06:06
LaserJocklamont: how do you handle a new upstream release when the whole source is in git?06:07
lamontLaserJock: in the ideal case, I say 'git fetch origin' (see util-linux)06:07
LaserJockwell, yeah06:07
ion_I switched from bzr to git a while ago. Subjectively git seems faster (i haven’t done actual benchmarking, though) and i just love how it handles branches as opposed to bzr.06:07
LaserJockbut that's more of a corner case at this point06:08
lamontin the less ideal case, I smash the new upstream in as one (or maybe more if I'm in a good mood) commits into either the upstream branch, or upstream git repo06:08
LaserJockdo you keep debian/ in a separate branch?06:08
persialamont: Do you use pristine-tar, or just pull the upstream externally?06:09
ion_I learned about ‘bzr switch’ after the fact, but it only comes a few steps closer to how nicely git handles them IMHO.06:09
lamonthrm.. of 9 packages: 1 in git upstream, 1 where I _am_ upstream (git), and 1 with published upstream cvs, 1 with unpublished upstream cvs, and the rest are tarball only uploads06:09
lamontLaserJock: debian exists only in the debian branch, which is derived from upstream.06:10
lamontgit branches are decended from things, not separate source trees.06:10
lamontso it makes sense (in some way) to have two repos for upstream and debian, or one repo for the combination.06:10
lamontdifferent source on different branches is contrary to the design.06:10
lamontat least as far as I understand it06:10
lamontpersia: pristine-tar?06:11
* persia goes to find a pointer to docs06:11
lamontif there's an upstream SCM, I pull from it for my tree.  Where there's not an upstream SCM, then the upstream tarball gets to get unpacked and committed.06:11
slangasekpristine-tar is joeyh's "recreate tarballs from repos" trick06:11
lamontgiven that gzip tends to give a different hash everytime I create a tarball, I just use the upstream tarball.06:12
slangasekwhich I'm still waiting to hear of a naming convention for, that's recommended for use with things like svn-buildpackage06:12
persiaknown to work with git, but I didn't know if anyone other than joeyh actually used it.06:12
slangaseklamont: it has an extension that's supposed to be usable for recreating tgz as well06:13
persialamont: git://git.kitenet.net/pristine-tar/06:13
lamontI may have to look at that.06:13
LaserJockso the problem is that often the tarball downloaded from upstream has a different md5sum than a tarball created from the identical files in a SCM?06:15
persiaLaserJock: Yes, and moreso that the gz of the tarball has a different checksum as well.06:16
lamontOTOH, I had a nice chat today with a coworker about how to have an upstream branch, from which was derived a debian branch, and package a .orig.tar.gz and a diff.gz that delivered a debian/patches/foo and friends, so that the build process could untar upstream/tarballs/*.gz and patch them, and such06:16
* lamont throws nmap at the grinder again, just for good measure. I might actually manage an experimental upload tonight06:17
lamontScottK: pinentry is your merge - I just did a trigger rebuild...06:18
lamontOTOH, no reason I can't do it06:18
persialamont: It's late there: you may be waiting ~6-8 hours for a response06:19
LaserJockhmm, jbailey seems to be sending me lots of pharmaceutical offers ;-)06:19
lamontfeh.  he can't stay up until 1:30 AM just to talk to me?06:22
lamontOTOH, bed time for me too... alarm clock in 5.5 hours.06:22
ion_Has anyone noticed compiz hanging, like, all the time, after an update a couple of days ago?06:22
lamontion_: I thought that was it's purpose. :-)06:22
ion_I’ll take a look at LP bug reports.06:22
lamont(was that my out-loud voice?)06:23
lamont        dh_installman -pzenmap docs/zenmap.106:25
lamontso why does zenmap.1 wind up in the nmap package instead, I wonder.06:25
LaserJockmaybe CDBS hear your comments earlier and switched out dh_installman with it's own, more nefarious, version06:26
choudeshwhere are the nightly build ISOs at for Hardy?06:28
lamontcdimage.ubuntu.com/daily or so06:28
* lamont workraves while the build runs06:28
choudeshlamont: is the script available that starts this nightly ISO build?06:29
choudeshwhat software do they use to create the nightly builds or do they just have scripts as cron jobs?06:30
lamontthe script that starts the build is run either from cron, or manually, on some machine in the data center.06:30
lamontand, iirc, that stuff is checked into bzr somewhere.06:31
lamontthe livefs is built by the package livecd-rootfs, iirc06:31
lamontand that's in the archive06:31
LaserJockchoudesh: what are you wanting to do?06:31
lamontLaserJock: oh sure, remove the mystery...06:32
choudeshLaserJock: setup a nightly build iso repo for a ubuntu derivative06:32
* lamont is trying to figure out if he wants someone to kick a daily build, or if he wants to build a custom CD06:32
LaserJocklamont: I was figuring the later06:32
LaserJockchoudesh: you might want to check out https://code.launchpad.net/~kamion/ubuntu-cdimage/mainline06:33
lamontyeah... so he wants the script that builds the ISO, not the script that starts it... :)06:33
choudeshahh - that is where it is.06:33
lamontwhich is just me having challenges parsing english tonight06:33
lamontchoudesh: and that looks to be the right repo06:33
LaserJockchoudesh: make sure to look in config/devel , it has more code to look at06:34
choudeshthanks guys06:34
lamontLaserJock: I wasn't remembering where kamion kept it... thanks06:39
LaserJocknp, I did some debian-cd/ubuntu-cdimage patching for Edubuntu and learned about that06:40
* lamont needs to clean that code up for non-alternate ISOs for hppa/ia6406:41
lamontit currently has a "FIXME" for those...  and they're not likely to clear the cutline any release soon06:41
lamontunless I either do it myself, or find someone else to badger into it.06:42
* lamont sleeps.06:55
warp10Hi all!07:23
gQuig1is this where I should post for guidance with getting a blueprint accepted?   (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/no-mono-by-default)  Need to know what to do next07:24
LaserJockgQuig1: generally you want to have some discussion around a spec07:26
LaserJockgQuig1: I suspect there will be lots of discussion around that subject07:26
LaserJockprobably a good place to get feedback would be the ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list07:26
gQuig1LaserJock: has been on forum, ok.. I'll post to the mailing list07:27
LaserJockI'm aware of the thread :-)07:28
LaserJockgQuig1: you might want to try to come up with some more info for implementation, like what you're going to propose to replace the current mono apps07:29
gQuig1That's really only F-Spot..07:32
gQuig1and gThumb does something very similar to F-Spot07:32
gQuig1(https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardy-reducing-duplication for more info)07:34
gQuig1but you are right, I need to make my blueprint clearer in that regard07:34
LaserJockgQuig1: right, but if you're proposing to remove software you need to have good replacements so that's gonna be key to your argument07:36
gQuig1LaserJock: if the apps in question already have their primary functionality covered in other default applications?07:37
LaserJockwell, the argument will be that they aren't covered07:37
LaserJockTomboy != StickyNotes, Gthumb != Fstpot for instance07:38
gQuig1what critical functionality is not in StickyNotes and is in Tomboy?07:40
LaserJockgQuig1: quite a bit actually07:41
LaserJockI can see F-Spot and Gthumb being more similar than Tomboy and StickyNotes07:42
gQuig1the only thing I know of is WikiLinking07:42
LaserJockTomboy is killer07:42
gQuig1really?  I had thought the opposite07:42
LaserJocksyncing, exporting to HTML, and linking is good07:42
gQuig1to properly do this, I am going to have to do in-depth reviews of all the apps in question07:43
LaserJockthat would be a good idea07:43
LaserJocka feature comparison would be good07:43
LaserJockI think arguments of "we can get the same functionality without the overhead" will go much further than "Mono is evil"07:44
pittiGood morning07:47
LaserJockah pitti07:47
LaserJockpitti: I have a question/request for you07:47
ion_Now my ISP offers native IPv6 connectivity for free, yay!07:47
LaserJockpitti: I need goffice0.4 un-blacklisted07:48
gQuig1good night all.  thanks LaserJock07:48
warp10Morning pitti! :)07:48
LaserJockgQuig1: night07:48
pittiLaserJock: ah, can we sync from Debian now?07:48
pittihey warp10! back again? how was the moving?07:48
LaserJockpitti: for some reason Debian put it into oldlibs, the package is only 1 month old07:48
LaserJockpitti: goffice0.4 was created to provide a lib for packages that use the stable version07:49
LaserJockgnumeric uses the unstable version 0.5 so that's what goffice is at07:49
warp10pitti: yep, I am back! Unfortunately I lost the fight against that hated usb modem :-S07:49
LaserJockpitti: does that make sense?07:50
pittiLaserJock: and you need 0.4 for something?07:51
LaserJockgchemutils/gchempaint use it07:51
LaserJockI'm waiting on goffice0.4 to merge them07:51
pittialright, I'll sync it then07:57
LaserJockok, thank you very much07:57
LaserJockchemists around the world will thank you :-)07:57
dholbachgood morning08:07
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ion_Good whatever.08:08
MacSlowGreetings everybody!08:15
mdkeheya dholbach08:20
dholbachhey mdke08:21
mdkedholbach: colin asked me yesterday to have a look at updating gnome-user-docs; I've created an ubuntu-hardy branch in Launchpad, which is the ubuntu-gutsy branch, merged with Gnome svn. I don't know whether there is anything we should merge from Debian08:21
dholbachmdke: slomo did the update in debian - you could either check out what was changed in debian or ask him if it's worth08:23
mdkedholbach: ok, I'll try and do that08:23
dholbachmdke: great08:24
dholbachmdke: just file a upload request bug and subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors once you're done08:25
mdkedholbach: thanks, I will.08:25
dholbachrock on08:25
TheMusoWould a core dev be so kind as to sponsor bug 172310 please? Gnome-orca needs it to function. Thanks in advance.08:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 172310 in brltty "Please upload merged brltty 3.9-4ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17231008:26
slomodholbach, mdke: i only updated it to the newer upstream version which had many updates from the ubuntu package it seems...08:38
mdkeslomo: the upstream version only has added translations. There are a few places where the English text differs in Ubuntu from upstream, but that's because Ubuntu's desktop is a little different to regular Gnome08:40
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mdkeslomo: so no changes to the packaging I need to worry about?08:42
slomomdke: nope08:43
mdkeslomo: thanks, that's very helpful :)08:45
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geserpitti: please give-back: centerim. Thanks09:10
pittigeser: good morning! done09:10
tkamppeterpitti, hi09:44
Riddellpitti: please give back kdepimlibs09:45
* pitti just read 'kdepimplibs' and thought "WTH..."09:46
pittihi tkamppeter09:46
pittiRiddell: done09:46
tkamppeterpitti, it is about bug 17226409:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 172264 in ghostscript "[Gutsy SRU Request] Ghostscript in Gutsy and Hardy is not able to print encrypted PDFs out of Adobe Reader 8.1.1" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17226409:47
StevenKpitti: kdepimplibs is for KDE 4 :-P09:47
Riddellthanks pitti09:47
pittitkamppeter: the upstream bug didn't enlighten me sufficiently, so I'd like to ask you about some insights09:47
tkamppeterIt is really strange that this problem gets fixed by simply changing the size of a buffer, for me a buffer size change should only influence performance.09:48
pittitkamppeter: right, and that's what makes me nervous09:48
pittias if it wouldn't work with the n+1st test case, and/or break PDFs which work fine ATM09:49
tkamppeterYes it can easily happen that this fix only helps on some files09:49
tkamppeterpitti, perhaps you should ask on the gs-devel@ghostscript.com list or on the #ghostscript IRC channel.09:50
pittitkamppeter: can you please ask on the upstream bug?09:52
pitti(sorry, swamped)09:53
tkamppeterpitti, I will talk with them on IRC.10:05
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Riddellpitti: hal broke my compile http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47814/11:05
Riddellpitti: it that caused by your upload yesterday?11:05
pittiRiddell: compile?11:06
pittiRiddell: very well possible, sorry about that; where does that happen?11:06
Riddellpitti: it happened in my compile of kdepimlibs in the buildds, but presumably any fresh hal install will fail11:07
HobbseeBenC: :(11:07
pittiRiddell: can you please file a bug about this and subscribe me? I'll track this down this afternoon11:07
Riddellpitti: bug 17552511:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175525 in hal "hal fails to install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17552511:14
Fujitsu.win 1711:14
pittiRiddell: thanks11:15
pittiRiddell: please just add the failed builds to that bug, I'll give them back once it's fixed11:16
Hobbseeion_: which video card?11:17
Hobbseeion_: and if you're only getting a crash every 10 or so minutes, you're lucky...11:19
* Hobbsee wonders if hte old compiz versions still install, and crash less.11:19
ion_01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV28 [GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE] (rev a1)11:19
ion_The proprietary :-( driver.11:19
* Fujitsu managed to fully log in once out of a few times.11:20
ion_I had while read; do pkill -9 compiz; done running in the virtual console for a while, until i got fed up and switched to metacity. :-P11:22
ion_It didn’t help that X insists on immediately switching back when i hit ctrl-alt-F1.11:23
Hobbseethat's consolekit11:24
stgraberHobbsee: talking about the : compiz eats 100% of my CPU and makes the whole session to freeze ? :)11:25
Hobbseestgraber: yup11:25
Hobbseei'ts really getting overrated.11:26
stgraberI had this one after the I updated to the new compiz on my laptop (Intel card)11:26
stgraberI'm currently running metacity because of it11:26
Hobbseesame here11:26
Hobbseeit's just not worth crashes every few minutes11:26
* Fujitsu too.11:26
FujitsuYay for running dev releases.11:26
stgraberwe have to test and debug, no ? :) As soon as I don't have any libc/kernel/xorg issue I'm happy to run the dev release11:27
stgraberrunning metacity instead of compiz isn't really a problem, just a bit annoying :)11:28
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* lamont yawns, waves12:38
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pittihey lamont12:56
pittihi Hobbsee12:56
sorenhey lamont.12:59
pittilamont: what's the plan with your 5 outstanding merges? will you do them or shall we spread them amongst the distro team?13:00
pittilamont: db4.2 is a sync, doing now13:01
ograpitti, before you nag me as well, ltspfs will see a new upstream before feature freeze and we package that independently from debian ...13:01
pittiogra: I won't, but thanks :)13:02
sorenI'll file the sync request for e2fsprogs in a minute..13:02
pittisoren: ah, is it?13:03
sorenThat's my conclusion, yes.13:03
pittisoren: I looked at it a while ago, and Ian's patch wasn't directly applied13:03
sorenNo, it wasn't.13:03
pittimight be that it was solved in a more general fashion13:03
sorenBut Ted T'so implemented a different workaround that looks more correct.13:03
pittiah, cool13:03
sorenIan's patch made e2fsck ignore mount times in the future. Ted's patch add a new configurable to e2fsck.conf that can be set to allow mount times (and inode times) to be up to 24 hours in the future to account for differences in timezone settings.13:04
soren...and he even took care to enable it on Ubuntu and not in Debian.13:05
* persia notes that there are actually 25 timezones13:05
pittiScottK: would you mind merging pinentry? lamont only touched it for a rebuild, and you actually seem to care about that package13:06
sorenlamont: Could you add lpia to the list of archs for which we build syslinux?13:06
pittilamont: are things like http://merges.ubuntu.com/libt/libtool/libtool_1.5.24-1ubuntu1.patch still necessary? hppa should have caught up now with building?13:07
lamontpitti: I need to work with doko and get java bootstrapped... hence the stalling on libtool, gettext, and such13:08
lamonts/bootstrapped/bootstrapped on hppa/13:08
pittilamont: ah, so the plan is to do that and then drop the delta13:08
pitticool, thanks13:08
sorenlamont: Or is there someone more appropriate I should be asking?13:08
lamontand yeah, pinentry would be cool if ScottK did it, otherwise I'll just take it cold if no one beats me to it.13:09
lamontsoren: I'd be the right victim13:09
sorenlamont: Cool.13:09
lamontor infinity or elmo13:09
lamontsoren: fwiw, tradition is to send email to the 3 of us13:10
sorenlamont: Oh, I see.13:10
lamontthat way we can silently ignore stupid requests together. :-)13:10
sorenWell, up until about a week ago I had no idea such a thing as PaS existed. :-/13:10
lamont"please make this change.  here's a copy of the irc log where the maintainer agreed with me. .... "<maintainer> I think it would be better to get the port done" ...'13:11
lamontyes, well.13:11
ScottKpitti: I can try and take a look at it today or tomorrow, but all I did was make sure it met your requirements (not build the GTK version) for Main.13:11
pittiScottK: I see; well, please let us know if you don't care/don't have time13:12
ScottKpitti: I'll try to find time today,  If not I'll give you a ping.  I hadn't noticed it as I just search for my name on the merges list.13:13
pittiScottK: thanks13:13
sorenlamont: Do I need to reupload to have a build record created for lpia or will that magically happen somehow?13:13
lamontit should be automagic13:14
sorenlamont: Cool.13:14
sorenlamont: Thanks very much.13:14
lamontISTR that LP autosyncs PaS every so often (15min??)13:14
lamontso if there's no build record in 90 min or so, then bitchslap #launchpad. :0)13:14
lamontwell, gently... so they can tell you who to really pester.13:14
lamontin any case, uploads should not be required13:14
pittisoren: try #soyuz instead13:15
sorenlamont: Ah, it's just a direct sync from Debian?13:15
sorenlamont: Or what do you mean by "autosync"?13:16
lamontwe share the file13:16
lamontwhich has occasionally been interesting..13:16
sorenlamont: How so?13:17
sorenlamont: Well, adding lpia might have been a bit controversial, I guess?13:17
lamontmy favorite ever was a powerpc kernel package that was ": powerpc i386"13:18
lamontwith a comment of "# I feel dirty - lamont"13:18
=== ember_ is now known as ember
sorenlamont: Erm.. Ok. :)13:25
lamontit built an arch-all package...13:26
ograhmm, the devscripts update in debian adds a libfile-desktopentry-perl build-dep ... its apparently used for creating .menu files from .desktop .... do we drop that build-dep or do we want that lib in main ?13:26
sorenlamont: Oh, right.13:26
doko_lamont: getting java bootstrapped is easy; getting a working java bootstrapped is more difficult ;-p13:30
lamontdoko_: I'm into option #2. :-)13:45
lamontOTOH, you get your unaligned loads/stores.13:45
doko_lamont: gcj-4.2 doesn't require java to build; that should be buildable on its own. then you face a problem building ecj and gjdoc. suggested workaround: don't build from source, but build-depend on the just built libecj-java, and build from bytecode. The same should be done by gjdoc after splitting out an libgjdoc-java13:47
lamontdoko_: that almost made sense.13:49
lamontI understand the words, I'm just not sure how they translate into actions... it might help if I had any clue about java... :(13:50
=== doko_ is now known as doko
lamontwhat I need is a series of steps to get me a set of debs that I can use to build gcj-4.2, ecj, and gjdoc from source, and then use those binaries to build all 3 all over again13:51
dokolamont: continuing on private channel ...13:52
lamontok. thanks13:52
sorenslangasek: Around yet?14:08
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warp10Hi all!14:23
warp10pitti: May I request a sync for libpcap-ruby?14:40
pittiwarp10: sure, if you checked it; please file a sync bug14:40
warp10pitti: done. Bug 17556414:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175564 in libpcap-ruby "Please sync libpcap-ruby 0.6-7  (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17556414:43
pittiwarp10: ack'ed, thanks14:45
warp10pitti: :)14:45
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=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
sorenWhat are you guys doing to the Vcs-* headers when merging?15:13
sorenI've been renaming them to XSBC-Original-Vcs-blah..15:14
seb128I don't change those15:14
sorenOh, really?15:15
sorenOn purpose?15:15
seb128why should we change them?15:15
sorenBecause they're wrong?15:15
seb128well, that's where the package is maintained out of the Ubuntu changes15:16
sorenThey tell you where Debian maintains the packages, so not changing them is misleading.15:16
seb128right, I don't care enough to create extra delta ;-)15:16
sorenI think it'd be quite nice if I could actually trust apt-get source's warnings about the package being in a VCS somewhere.15:17
seb128I guess that using XSBC-Original-Vcs would make sense15:17
sorenCool. Hoever, two days before import freeze is not a quite optimal time to agree on changing them. :)15:18
persiaseb128: Can that be done magically by the sync scripts?  That's a painful delta to coordinate.15:18
sorenpersia: By sync scripts, you mean MoM?15:19
seb128persia: it could be handled the same way that the maintainer change, do you have code to do those?15:19
persiasoren: I don't think so: I was thinking of the scripts the archive admins use to pull from Debian for autosync or a sync request (is that really MoM?)15:19
sorenpersia: No, that's not mom.15:19
sorenpersia: Well, in the case of a sync, the headers are acutally correct.15:20
persiaseb128: Hmmm....  Maybe.  If we only do XubuntuY, I guess it does make sense (and would certainly make apt-get source less confusing)15:20
sorenpersia: Since the package as is is in fact maintained in the vcs specified.15:21
seb128persia: well, the change make sense only for ubuntu version15:21
persiasoren: Right, although that wouldn't be the appropriate place to make a change in many cases.15:21
sorenIt would be nifty if MoM renamed them, though. Then it would be up to us to add any Ubuntu specific ones.15:21
seb128persia: packages synced on Debian use the vcs indicated there15:21
ScottKpitti: I'm looking at pinentry now.  Is fixing the encoding of a non-UTF8 debian/copyright file worth adding to the Ubuntu/Debian diff over?15:21
seb128ScottK: no15:21
persiaseb128: Right, but if I want to patch a Debian package, I don't want to do it in Debian.  As a result, I just completely ignore VCS-*, which isn't necessarily ideal either.15:22
ScottKseb128: Thanks.15:22
seb128ScottK: is there other ubuntu changes?15:22
ScottKseb128: There are.15:22
Keybuksoren: if MoM is involved, it implies that the package has *already* been patched15:22
seb128k, so it's up to you, doesn't really hurt15:22
ScottKMy question is should I add to the pile.15:22
seb128you should send that to debian though15:22
Keybukwhich implies that the maintainer was previously negligent and forgot to update control frields15:22
Keybuk(and likely forgot to update the maintainer too)15:23
KeybukI think we shouldn't encourage that15:23
ScottKseb128: OK.  I'll do that (send it to Debian, but not sweat it for the merge).15:23
sorenKeybuk: Point.15:23
persiaKeybuk: Are you saying that updating VCS-* should have been done as part of variation?15:24
Keybuklikewise for updating maintainer field15:26
persiaRight.  We've the spec on the maintainer field, but no spec on Vcs-*.  As a result, I think there are heaps of merges where the first was changed, but not the second (for which the script seb128 mentioned above could help).15:27
persiaOn top of that, for syncs, we likely want to patch in Ubuntu after DIF, and push to Debian, rather than expecting work in Debian directly, which is why I wonder if we can do a sourcepackagemange type thing (although that makes it all very painful)15:27
ScottKlamont: I've done the pinentry merge.  Care to sponsor it?15:30
lamontScottK: email me details, and sign your changes file.  I'll verify sig, build, resign, and upload.15:33
* lamont heads for a meeting, aware that the weather is gonna make him, uh, late.15:33
* soren lets out a deep sigh and goes to work on the multipath-tools merge15:39
sorenKeybuk: I assume you're doing devmapper and mdadm?15:39
Keybuksoren: I haven't looked at them15:41
Keybukfeel free to15:41
sorenKeybuk: They've got your name written all over them.15:41
Keybukbe sure to keep all our changes, since we worked hard on them :-)15:41
Keybukand in the mdadm case, that does involve dropping almost all of the Debian stuff <g>15:41
Keybukthat's because I happened to touch them last15:42
KeybukI have zero time for merges sadly15:42
sorenI think I'll have my hands full with multipath-tools for now.15:42
sorenKeybuk: Ok... I'll see if I can fit them in.15:42
ScottKlamont: Mailed.15:42
Keybuksoren: devmapper is easy, I'll do that one right now :)15:45
sorenKeybuk: Coolness.15:45
sivangHowdy all15:45
sivanghey Keybuk15:45
sivanghas anyone had any experience booting ubuntu onto a DBAu1550 based AMD evaluation board or is ubuntu mobile only ready for i386 architectures for now?15:46
Keybukwas that a question for me?15:47
seb128keescook: bug #175573 in case you didn't read it15:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175573 in libcairo "libcairo2_1.4.10-1ubuntu4.2 is still broken - some text is not rendered" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17557315:47
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sorenKeybuk: Erk... The madadm merge looks like no fun at all.15:49
Keybuksoren: indeed15:51
Keybukis there any particular reason to merge it at all?15:51
sorenI was just thinking the same thing.15:51
sorenWell, we can sync up to the same upstream release, but trying to merge the Debian specific changes seems pointless.15:52
sivanghey soren15:58
sorenHi, sivang! Long time!16:00
evandcan someone in core-dev sponsor http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand/upload/partman-crypto_24ubuntu1.dsc ?16:02
sivangsoren: indeed, long long time16:03
sivangsoren : but I'm coming back gradually16:04
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pittievand: grabbing16:27
evandthanks pitti16:27
pittievand: MoM introduced a lot of *.po noise, did you remove that from the delta?16:28
pittievand: or, asked the other way round, can you please pastebin a debdiff between 22 and 22ubuntu1?16:29
pittievand: oh, nevermind; we actually added templates16:29
pittievand: uploaded, thanks16:30
evandthanks, much appreciated!16:30
KeybukMoM always creates po noise16:35
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Keybukhmm, how long does debbugs normally take?16:40
* Keybuk has quite honestly forgotten16:40
pittiKeybuk: last time someone told me it runs at :03 and every 15 minutes16:42
pittibut I think it's faster nowadays16:42
pittior I was exceptionally lucky recently :)16:42
KeybukI've been waiting over 30 minutes16:43
pittiit actually got delivered? you mentioned a problem with local MTA and relaying?16:43
seb128I sent a bug some minutes ago, took 3 minutes to get the ack mail for this one16:45
KeybukI assume it got delivered16:48
KeybukI got a Cc, certainly16:48
Keybukclearly I am being stupid here16:58
Keybukbut why can I not get any debian.org host to accept these bugs?16:59
KeybukConnecting to bugs.debian.org via SMTP...16:59
KeybukUnable to send report to scott@ubuntu.com: 550 relay not permitted16:59
=== lakin_ is now known as lakin
Keybukalso my user tags don't appear to work17:06
pittiKeybuk: ah, so the bug was created, but you didn't get the confirmation email?17:09
KeybukI think I had everything all ways then :)17:09
Keybukfirst time I only got the Cc, not the created bug17:09
Keybuksecond time I got the bug created, but no Cc17:09
Keybukthird time I got both17:09
Keybukstill no user tags though17:09
ubotuDebian bug 455747 in devmapper "udev support" [Wishlist,Open]17:10
Keybuk^ has them, but they're not shown in the web interface17:10
pittiah, I just found that bug, too17:10
Keybukso that merge took me two minutes to do17:11
Keybukand over an hour to extract the patches and then fight with debbugs to submit them17:12
pittiKeybuk: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=ubuntu-patch;users=ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com has your bug, so your usertags work17:12
Keybukpitti: no it doesn't?17:12
Keybukit has a different bug that I forcibly added the tags with bts ?17:13
pittiKeybuk: it does show 455745, isn't that the one you just submitted?17:13
keescookseb128: thx, noted.17:13
Keybukone of them17:13
KeybukI also submitted 45574717:13
pittiah, I just found the other one17:13
KeybukI never thought I would say this, but debbugs makes LP seem painless and pleasant to use17:14
pittiheh, I tend to agree; it evolved a lot17:15
pittialthough, when you are used to it, submitting an existing patch to debian is a matter of 2 minutes17:15
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
Keybukanyway, devmapper merge done :-)17:20
sorenKeybuk: Are you familiar with submittodebian?17:34
sorenIt extracts the debdiff between the two topmost revisions in debian/changelog (assuming you have the corresponding .dsc's in the parent directory), extracts the topmost changelog entry and turns those two into a bug report to Debian by way of reportbug.17:38
geserhas someone some time to sponsor bug #157668 and bug #174749?17:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 157668 in scons "[Merge] scons 0.97.0d20071203-1ubuntu1" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15766817:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 174749 in graphviz "[hardy] Drop libttf-dev from Build-Depends" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17474917:38
sorenYour case is clearly more advanced, but generally it makes the hassle of dealing with Debian's bts minimal.17:38
* pitti finds reportbug more time consuming than just creating a mail with explanations and the patch attachment to submit@b.d.o17:39
* soren agrees in the general case17:40
pittisoren: it's nifty if the debdiff is just one atomic change, though17:40
sorenpitti: Precisely.17:40
Keybukin this case, I had three patches to submit upstream, and some that were ubuntu specific17:41
sorenKeybuk: Right. Clearly a case where you need to go manual, but in the case of single bug fixes or feature additions or whatever, it's quite nice.17:42
geserare patches for lpia Ubuntu-specific or should they get forwarded to Debian?17:46
Keybuksoren: does it need a local MTA?17:47
sorenKeybuk: It uses whatever reportbug uses.17:47
sorenKeybuk: ...so no.17:47
Keybukreportbug does though?17:47
sorenKeybuk: No?17:47
Keybuksee above17:47
sorenKeybuk: reportbug by default uses fiordland, afair.17:47
Keybukit utterly failed17:47
sorenHow far?17:47
KeybukI got relay access denied by whatever it was trying to use17:48
sorenRight, it's trying to use fiordland.17:48
Keybukwhich doesn't work, so it does need a local MTA :)17:48
sorenYou can configure it to use your isp's mta if you want.17:49
sorenI agree that reportbug's default settings are on crack.17:49
Keybukno, I can't17:49
sorenKeybuk: *I* can.17:49
Keybukbecause it doesn't support specifying a client certificate for connecting to it17:49
sorenYour ISP requires that?17:50
Keybukmy mail server does yeah17:51
pittisoren: what? why should fiordland relay mail to the debian BTS?17:51
Keybukwhy can't reportbug just use bugs.debian.org by default?17:51
Keybukif it can do SMTP, why does it need a relay?17:52
sorenpitti: It shouldn't.17:52
sorenpitti: Hence: The default settings are on crack.17:52
pittiok :)17:52
sorenKeybuk: No idea.17:53
sorenKeybuk: Well, a lot of ISP's block port 25 outgoing.17:53
sorenYes, I know that blocks fiordland, too.17:53
sorenI'm just saying.17:53
sorenDid I mention I think the default settings are on crack? :)17:53
sorenI don't have any (much) better suggestions, though.17:54
evandsoren: Do you mind taking a quick look at this and sponsoring it if it's ok.  It's a very small delta against the syslinux package to get rid of a reference to "CD2": http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand/upload/syslinux_3.53-1ubuntu2.dsc17:54
sorenA one-size-fits-all approach to sending an e-mail is hard to find these day.s17:54
Keybukif only you could ask evo to send a mail via D-BUS :-)17:54
sorenevand: I'd love to. I thought about doing it yesterday, too, but couldn't be bothered, so thanks!17:54
evandah, thank you17:55
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sorenevand: Uploaded. Thanks!18:11
evandthank you18:12
slangaseksoren: moo18:42
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
alex-weejamyone know where i can find debugging symbols for hardy?18:57
alex-weeji added the ddebs.ubuntu.com repo but the debugging symbols are out of date even for hardy18:58
alex-weejin particular, i need symbols for libgnome-keyring018:58
geseralex-weej: pitti should hopefully know it19:02
alex-weeji am building the package myself for now but i'd really like to know19:02
alex-weejhum, that didn't work19:03
alex-weeji just built it myself, how do i get the debugging symbol packages? :E19:03
geseralex-weej: have your pkg-create-dbgsym installed?19:04
alex-weejgeser: no19:04
alex-weeji've installed it19:04
alex-weejwhat do i do with it?19:04
geserrebuild again19:05
geserit replaces dh_strip (?) to strip out the debug symbols into it's own ddeb19:05
alex-weeji'm trying to figure out why gnome-session hangs most of the time from gdm19:06
alex-weejin hardy19:06
alex-weejgeser: so how do i install the symbols?19:07
alex-weejor do they just go into the regular packages?19:07
alex-weejah wait i see all these "ddeb" files19:07
geseralex-weej: install the ddebs like normal debs19:08
gesere.g. with dpkg -i19:08
alex-weejdone thanks19:09
alex-weejdoes anyone know what happened to VT switching?19:11
alex-weejhas it been disabled for a reason? GDM doesn't respond to the key combos and when doing it from a GNOME session the screen blanks for a second then dumps you back into X19:12
sorenslangasek: Yes?19:15
sorenalex-weej: iz consolekit bug.19:16
alex-weejsoren: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/17568219:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175682 in gdm "GNOME rarely starts from GDM in Hardy" [Undecided,New]19:16
alex-weejsoren: check the stack trace, sure?19:16
Keybukalex-weej: not that I'm aware19:16
alex-weejsoren: oh wait, you're talking about VT-switching19:16
Keybukalex-weej: I've seen it fail a few times, and done C-A-F1 thru F6 and one of them works along the way19:16
sorenalex-weej: Yes, I am. :)19:16
Keybuksoren: how does console kit break that?19:16
alex-weejVT-switching hasn't worked for years for me19:17
sorenKeybuk: Yes. Something about X and ConsoleKit fighting over it.19:17
alex-weejon any of the 3 ubuntu machines i run!19:17
Keybukyears = not a known bug19:17
sorenKeybuk: Ian fixed it in gutsy, but his patch was dropped in the merge, apparantly.19:17
slangaseksoren: "pong"19:18
sorenslangasek: Oh, did I ping you?19:19
slangaseksoren: you asked me if I was around at 6am :)19:19
sorenslangasek: Oh, right.19:20
sorenslangasek: I completely forgot what I wanted. Probably something about your keepalived merge, I'm not sure what.19:21
sorenI'll ask again, if I think of it :) I got to run now, sorry.19:21
slangasekok, later19:23
geserbddebian: can prelink get synced or got the ubuntu changes lost in the last merge? see http://patches.ubuntu.com/p/prelink/prelink_0.0.20061201-1ubuntu1.patch19:35
=== pochu_ is now known as pochu
bddebiangeser: Yikes, I must have dropped a patch in there somewhere :(19:57
super-6-1hello im having troble with my apperance20:12
super-6-1in Visual Effects it stays normal and when i change it, it changes itself back to normal20:12
=== pitti_ is now known as pitti
geserpitti: is it planned to import NEW packages from Debian once again before DIF?20:27
pittigeser: hm, I just did so yesterday20:27
pittigeser: but requests for importing them continue to be valid until FF20:28
gesersorry, my error, I should have used the source package name instead of the binary one to check if it's already imported20:31
alex-weejpitti: ddebs for hardy?20:32
pittialex-weej: yes?20:32
alex-weejis there an uptodate repo?20:33
pittialex-weej: something wrong with http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/ ?20:33
pittiit's supposed to be ok20:33
alex-weejyeah. i tried to install libgnome-keyring0-dbgsym from it but it wanted to install an old version of libgnome-keyring-0 as a dependency20:33
alex-weej2.20.something i believe20:34
alex-weejwhen we're using 2.21 in hardy now20:34
FujitsuIt hasn't updated since the end of last month.20:34
* pitti checks20:34
alex-weejare you OK?20:34
pitti1004      8859  0.0  0.0   5144  2300 ?        S    Nov30   0:07 apt-ftparchive generate /20:34
alex-weejdo you want us to send help?20:34
* Fujitsu agrees with pitti.20:35
Fujitsustrace it and see wth. it's doing?20:36
* pitti goes to rescue the ddebs from the last 7 days; anything older is lost20:37
* Fujitsu hopes there were no important libraries uploaded during those 5 days.20:38
alex-weejso what's happened?20:39
pittiI think I lost my ssh connection, and it was spinning on getting the tty back, or so20:39
pittithat was around the day when we moved ddebs to a new server20:40
pittialex-weej: thanks for the poke20:40
alex-weejok cool no problem20:40
geserpitti: have you some time to sponsor #174749 so graphviz can leave depwait?20:52
pittialex-weej: ok, ddebs.u.c. has latest gnome-keyring ddebs now; not indexed yet, though20:53
alex-weejpitti: i ended up building them myself, but thanks anyway20:53
alex-weejby the way, is there some easy way to automatically pull debugging symbols when using GDB yet? :D20:54
alex-weeji always have to use a pretty laborious iterative process when trying to view a stack trace properly20:54
pittialex-weej: man apport-retrace(1), it has a -g option to kick you into gdb20:54
alex-weejalex@flash:~/Videos/Phone/7$ man apport-retrace20:55
alex-weejNo manual entry for apport-retrace20:55
alex-weejalex@flash:~/Videos/Phone/7$ man apport-retrace(1)20:55
alex-weejbash: syntax error near unexpected token `('20:55
pittialex-weej: you need to install apport-retarce20:55
pittiretrace, even20:55
alex-weejis this what most people do then?20:55
alex-weejactually, what if i don't have a dump?20:56
alex-weejas in, my program is still running20:56
pittialex-weej: hm, I should teach apport-retrace about this use case (attach to pid instead of apport crash report)20:57
alex-weejthat would be pretty sweet20:57
pittiwishlist bug report appreciated :)20:57
* lamont sticks kde/hppa back in the cellar20:58
pittigeser: doing20:58
geserpitti: thanks20:58
ScottKlamont: Did you get my mail with the pinentry merge?20:59
pittigeser: will just take a while, my network is sooooo sloooooow tonight20:59
lamontoff to a meeting that starts in 30 seconds, and then after that I'll finish playing with it and upload20:59
ScottKlamont: Cool.  Did you see/like my comment on the bug complaining about lack of IDN support in BIND?21:00
ScottKK.  See you later.21:00
lamontwill have to look... LP?21:00
geserpitti: I already wait a half week for a sponsor so some more hours don't matter21:00
lamontor debbugs?21:00
pitti5130B/s -- *sniff*21:00
Riddellpitti: did you look at that hal issue?21:00
lamontpitti: what's up with that?  you trying to compete with my link?21:00
pittiRiddell: high on my list, promised21:01
ScottKlamont: It was LP, but it was simple enough.  I just opined that perhaps lack of IDN domain name support was a security feature.21:01
lamontand gone21:01
geserlamont: what's the status of hppa for hardy? should we start looking at FTBFS on hppa or can we still ignore them?21:01
ScottKgeser: Last FTBFS mail on hppa I got it seemed some pretty basic things were left unbuilt.  I think it's probably premature.21:02
geserpitti: can you also sponsor my scons merge (bug #157668)? Hobbsee doesn't want sponsor it again21:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 157668 in scons "[Merge] scons 0.97.0d20071203-1ubuntu1" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15766821:04
pitti(both mental and net), sorry21:05
pittigeser: please assign it to me and set it to 'in progress', I'll do it tomorrow21:05
geserpitti: both?21:05
pittigeser: scons21:05
geserpitti: thanks21:06
pittigeser: graphviz uploaded, thank you21:07
alex-weejdoes network manager come on server installations?21:19
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keescookwhy, when I attempt to install libopenexr2ldbl, does apt want to remove all things kde?22:18
jpatrickit's a transition in process22:18
keescookah -- are things still building?22:18
Riddellkeescook: most kde 3 packages should be through the transition now22:19
* keescook holds on to his hat22:21
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
lamontgeser: hardy/hppa: if it's main, and not java, it warrants looking into.  there are still 1600 packages unbuilt in universe22:42
lamontOTOH, we're heading over 80% any time now.22:42
lamont2007/345/22 98.1518 96.244 96.317 79.5279 95.6973 94.9352 96.718222:43
lamonthppa is the 79.5... too lazy go to get the list. ;-)22:43
lamontsee http://bld-4.mmjgroup.com/~wb/buildLogs/stats/hardy2-short.png22:43
slangaseklamont: so is someone working on the java bootstrap?22:43
lamontslangasek: boku22:44
lamontOTOH, I need to hack together something that fakes up enough of gjdoc in order to build gcj-4.2 so that I can build gjdoc so that I can build gcj-4.2 :-(22:44
geserlamont: I ask because hppa has the most red cells in http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/22:44
lamonttonight I'll work on the script to touch an output file.22:44
lamontgeser: i expect so.22:45
lamontonce hppa finishes getting through the queue, I plan to have a mass-giveback done.22:45
lamontScottK: so you're sure about pinentry, eh?22:45
slangaseklamont: ok. so the patches to drop db.*-java on hppa will go away in the hardy timeframe? :)22:49
lamontslangasek: that is certainly the goal22:49
lamontand yes, I know that's not an answer. :-)22:49
* lamont uploads pinentry for ScottK 22:51
Lutindoes someone have a minute to look at bug #173717 ?22:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173717 in grub "Grub has a build-depends-indep against a multiverse package" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17371722:57
ScottKlamont: Thanks.23:19
ScottKlamont: I'm sure you left changed by unmodified so whatever I messed up will stick to me and I'll fix.23:20
* ScottK head-desk (forgot the -v when building the source package again). Urgh.23:26
YokoZarIs Hardy going to default to GCC 4.2 (or newer?)  I recently uncovered a Wine bug related to using 4.123:40
ScottKYokoZar: I understand you've got a WINE package for Hardy up on REVU.  Is it the current release?23:41
ScottKYokoZar: Please fix it anyway so it'll work when we backport to Gutsy.23:41
YokoZarScottK: Almost.  I need to change the GCC version in it23:41
YokoZarSpeaking of which, I'm running into a problem with that23:42
ScottKYokoZar: Ping me when you think it's ready.23:42

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