mgunesHi, I'm in need of info triaging bug #164842; I'd appreciate a comment.00:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 164842 in debian-installer "Live-CD boot menu: german help text contains untranslated string" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16484200:25
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cjwatsonmgunes: I don't think it needs further triaging. Just leave it alone where it is12:34
mgunescjwatson, are d-i strings manually exported from LP?12:35
mgunesmay there have been a failure in the process with the German strings, since they seem to have been translated in Rosetta?12:35
cjwatsonthe export I have shows them as fuzzy12:36
cjwatsonare you familiar with gettext?12:36
mgunesnot in depth12:36
cjwatsonbecome so :-)12:36
cjwatsonfuzzy corresponds roughly to "needs review", "broken in some way", etc.12:37
mgunesah, right12:37
* mgunes checks Rosetta entries12:38
cjwatsonit's fine in Rosetta *now*, but probably wasn't on 5 Oct when I did the export12:38
mgunesactually, it's still up for review in Rosetta12:39
cjwatsonanyway, I've rejected the bug12:40
cjwatsonand I'm supposed to be on holiday today so I'll go and do something else :)12:41
cjwatsonI think a failure in the export is extraordinarily unlikely12:41
mgunesI think it boils down to someone outside the German translation team having done the translation12:43
mgunesanyway, thanks for your attention, good holidays :)12:43
cjwatsonoutside> yes, very possible12:46
tjaaltoncjwatson: re: xorg.conf stub cleaned by livecd-rootfs; do you suggest we should fix it in the x-x.postinst?13:08
tjaaltonI wonder why the problem was introduced in hardy, if it really is livecd-rootfs that does the cleaning13:14
tjaaltonthere's a bug in apt-setup generators/91security15:39
tjaaltonecho "deb http://$host/ $codename/updates $dists" >> $file15:39
tjaaltonthat should not be tried on ubuntu15:39
tjaaltonbecause hardy/updates is nonexistent15:39
cjwatsontjaalton: thanks, fixed15:50
cjwatsontjaalton: ask me tomorrow about xorg.conf15:50
tjaaltoncjwatson: ok, sure15:50
xivuloncjwatson any objections against the following ugly lines to detect whether / is on an host device?19:49
xivulonloopdev=$(awk '$2=="/" && $4~"loop" {print $1}' /etc/fstab)19:49
xivulonhostdev=$(awk '"'${loopdev}'"~"^"$2 && $2!="/" {print $1}' /proc/mounts)19:49
xivulonI'll need to use the above in quite a few places19:49
xivulonboth during installation and regular boot19:50
evandxivulon: you're probably better off emailing him.  He's on vacation today.19:58
xivulonah ok19:58
xivulonevand can you spot anything wrong in the above?19:59
xivulonbasically it tries to find a mountpoint in /proc/partitions which hosts the file used to loopmount /19:59
xivulonshould be generic enough20:00
evandIndeed.  It looks ok to me, but best to check with cjwatson, just to be on the safe side.20:02

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