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asac!info prism09:19
ubotuPackage prism does not exist in gutsy09:20
asac!info prism hardy09:20
ubotuPackage prism does not exist in hardy09:20
asacwell ... it exists09:21
asacUbulette: i asked something on the valgrind bug09:53
asacUbulette: if there is no upstream release the debdiff looks good09:54
Ubuletteasac, answered11:40
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asacUbulette: gnome-python-extras is in mt ppa12:31
Ubulette!info prism hardy12:52
ubotuPackage prism does not exist in hardy12:52
Ubuletteat last12:53
asacbot appears to be buggy13:03
Ubuletteasac, so, valgrind ?13:28
asacwill up it after lunch13:36
Ubulettemozilla bug 40529013:47
ubotuMozilla bug 405290 in Build Config "Implement version checking for nspr and nss" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40529013:47
[reed]nspr is restricted13:53
[reed]I can't check-in there, so need somebody else to land13:53
[reed]only about 10-15 folks have access13:53
* asac break14:38
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asac+ Install .1d libraries in -1d packages.16:12
asac+ Add .0d links to .1d libraries.16:12
asac+ debian/libnss3-0d.dirs: Renamed to libnss3-1d.dirs.16:12
asacnss_3.12.0~1.9b1-1_i386.changes is NEW16:13
asacUbulette: ^^^16:13
smagounI'm trying to package a firefox extension for Ubuntu, but I can't get the browser (midbrowser - for UME) to recognize the extension when I install the deb16:25
asacsmagoun: where do you install it?16:25
smagoun(midbrowser is based on firefox)16:25
smagounasac: /usr/lib/midbrowser/extensions/grabAndDrag@ubuntu.com16:25
asacthats right ... you just have to take care that the dirname you choose in the extensions directory matches your em:id in the extensions install.rdf16:26
smagounI looked at the ubufox + greasemonkey extensions, they install things the same way (just dump the files there - no postinst that I saw)16:26
asacyeah its just extracting the .xpi in that dir ... but the id has to match :)16:26
asactry firefox first16:26
asacfor midbrowser you need to add a new targetApplication id16:26
smagounasac: aha! The em:id doesn't match in my case16:27
asacbut otherwise its the same16:27
smagounThe extension works fine when installed from an .xpi, but in that case midbrowser creates the directory in ../extensions. That's the piece I was missing.16:27
* smagoun tries a fix16:28
asacsmagoun: fine16:29
smagounasac: That was it. I sync'ed the em:id with the installation directory, and it works now. Thank you for the help!16:30
asacsmagoun: welcome16:30
asacsmagoun: if you need a package sponsor for anything mozilla related, feel free to ask here16:31
smagounasac: Will do. Thanks.16:32
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Ubuletteasac, "add .1d" is good news. "add .0d links to .1d" may not be so good18:15
Ubulettebut it's needed as he reused the same pkg name :(18:16
asacreused it?18:28
asacisnt it just a transitional package?18:28
asache used a new source18:28
asaci hate simple patch system :)18:36
Ubulettei hate dpatch18:46
asaci hate both ;)18:51
Ubulettedid you re-push valgrind ?18:51
asacno, but python + miro are now in porting branch + hardy ppa :) i wasted too much of the day on that18:54
asaci will now take a break and then go ahead and do valgrind18:54
asacUbulette: do you know the svn revisions combined in that patch?18:56
asaci would like to add the numbers to changelog before upload (if possible)18:56
Ubulette7181 7182 7226 but not complete as they merged another project since. I just took what is needed for us.18:57
Ubuletteasac, ^^18:58
Ubuletteasac, what ?19:00
asacok valgrind is up19:11
Ubulettebut that's for 3.3.0 (soon), not our
Ubulettebut please up this one, i hate to keep a ftbfs unfixed19:12
Ubuletteoh, thnaks19:13
asacif you have a chance, please test miro from ppa ... let me know about any fine regressions (because i never used it and don't know any feature)19:13
asacwell ... probably takes an hour till binaries are avail19:14
* asac taking some rest now19:14
Ubulettedid you reuse my patch or not at all ?19:15
asacno ... i started from scratch today ... maybe check if the parts are similar :)19:16
asacthe patching didn't take that long ... it was the crashes i got last time i tried that caused a hell of pain19:17
asaci think only thing left in main (except a fixed epiphany) is csharp binding19:19
asacoh there is even a ruby binding :)19:20
asaci think in the long run all bindings want two modules: gtkmozembed (standalone glue) and gtkmozembed_dependent (dependent glue)19:21
asacthen miro could have implemented standalone glue in its own python module and use gtkmozembed_dependent ... but well, in the end you have to think anyway19:22
Ubulettethere's a huge backlog for all builders. i wonder why they lock 1 builder per arch for live-cd & security even when there's nothing to do20:00
asacsecurity makes sense because its somehow a separate infrastructure20:01
Ubulette"NOT OK : LiveCD / Security (MANUAL)"20:03
Ubuletteamd64  28720:04
Ubulettehppa 171720:04
Ubulettei386 12020:04
Ubuletteia64 24720:04
Ubulettelpia 1320:04
Ubulettepowerpc 18820:04
Ubulettesparc 28720:04
asacyeah thts most likely just security20:04
Ubulettehppa will take forever.20:04
Ubulettethose are the queues per arch20:04
asacwell ... a few days20:04
asacfreeze will happen on thu20:05
Ubulettein a week, not even 200 for hppa20:05
asacso the normal rush before the door closes20:05
Ubuletteyou mean debian sync freeze or whole freeze ?20:06
asacits sync freeze20:06
asac(and initial merges)20:06
asaci think the deadline is to have on thu every package merged/synched at least once20:06
asacfor me its more like a goal than a freeze though :)20:07
asacits just that auto-syncs will stop20:07
asacthen we will have plenty of time to do fixed et al :)20:07
Ubulettemerge list is still long. I'm only interested by some, all in main :O20:08
Ubulettebtw, mozclient rewrite nearly complete20:09
asacin which are you interested in main?20:10
asachmm why is network-manager under "Updated Merges"20:12
Ubulettemozclient is now like cdbs20:16
asacso prepared to be shipped as a dev-package ?20:19
asacand used in debian/rules to implement the new-orig rule?20:19
Ubuletteinclude /usr/share/blablalba/firefox.mk  and you gain get-new-orig doing everything (embedded tarball or not)20:20
Ubulettesame for {xulrunner,seamonkey,nss,nspr}.mk20:21
saivannasac : Hi! Did you have time to look at bug #53387 ?20:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 53387 in wpasupplicant "Manual WPA networks doesn't connect at boot" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5338720:38
asacUbulette: the .mk file is named after the app?20:45
asacnot a generic one?20:45
asacsaivann: maybe ask siretart first ... he is the wpasupplicant maintainer in debian an usually does it here as well20:46
asacif he cannot help i can take a look20:47
asacsaivann: is that good enough for now?20:47
Ubuletteso far, it's like before (all my previous -orig targets s/-orig/.mk/). but i'm open to suggestions :)20:47
saivannasac : Okay thanks, this problem can be fixed by removing a udev rules that affect network, do you still think that siretart is the right person?20:47
asacsaivann: well ... I am not really sure why and what is going on. maybe its a bug that can be fixed elsewhere?20:48
asacsaivann: you can explain the reasoning behind this?20:48
saivannasac : It seems to be a matter of a udev rule, but I can't explain it. I'm not very sure that the problem is really in wpasupplicant itself20:49
asacsaivann: yes, right ... thats why i would like a comment of siretart ... maybe he knows right away whats going on20:49
saivannasac : I'll do this, thanks for this20:49
asacif he is not available soon, I can take it on my plate to evaluate20:49
saivannasac : Okay20:50
saivannasac : I'm also working on lightning-extension-locales and sunbird-locales 0.7 for Hardy, what would you think if these two packages were merged into one package? After all, sunbird and lightning-extension have the same source package20:51
asacyeah ... sounds good ... just remember that maybe the mozilla locale packages will be provided by launchpad translation in the end of hardy cycle20:52
asacbut for now it would be good to have at least locales :)20:52
saivannasac : you mean that soonly all Mozilla apps will be automatically translated with rosetta?20:53
asacunfortunately the guy doing this is on holiday till mid of january20:53
asacso i am not really up-to-date what is going on20:54
asacbut in the end it should happen automatically from what i understood20:54
asac(but given that i haven't seen a single package it might as well just be idealistic to assume that we can use it in hardy)20:54
saivannasac : Okay, I'll drop the idea of the "all-in-one" package, but I'll finish both sunbird-locales and lightning-extension-locales in a few days20:54
saivannasac : Who's working to put mozilla apps translation in rosetta? Perhaps that I can help on this20:56
asacbut he is gone till mid january ... at best ping me then20:58
saivannasac : Ok thanks again20:59
Ubuletteasac, http://stompbox.typepad.com/blog/2007/12/prism-is-neat.html21:02
asacUbulette: rock!21:11
jimmy_40, 10 isn't exactly under the marque21:51
jimmy_it's off21:51
asacjimmy_: does pressing F4 still bring up the popup?22:13
asacjimmy_: the ported tarball fails like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2651/22:14
asac(to build)22:14
jimmy_asac: yes, it does, but again, only after i right click on the page, it won't popup for the 1st time22:14
asacok ... the build failure needed a -lX1122:15
asacbuild is going on22:16
asacthe X11 problem was probably due to new gtk in hardy22:17
jimmy_i don't remember anything related to x11, i am using gutsy22:17
asacjimmy_: how did you port all this?22:26
jimmy_did you read my notes?22:26
jimmy_carl emailed a copy to you22:27
asacjimmy_: ok ... i will fix these issues and try to clean up the whole patch then start the 3.0 branch in git22:28
jimmy_i basically diff the FF source, and the MID Browser, then ported those changes over to the FF 3.0 source22:28
asacwhat did you do with the midbrowser/ tree?22:29
asaccopied it or 3-way diffed midbrowser.xul with browser.xul?22:29
jimmy_i clone it over, and then did a 3-way diff22:29
asacok fine ... thanks for all the work on this22:30
jimmy_i had to, because midbrowser was derived from browser22:30
jimmy_it was good it didn't copied everything over, so it wasn't too bad22:30
asaci will go through and move things around where appropriate22:30
asacthere are two things that are important now:22:30
asac support system-xul => mega-startup-booster22:30
asac(without we probably startup in 1/3 of time of ffox 2) ... but if we use system-xul it will be 100x22:31
asacbecause the home screen will already load xul for us (i guess)22:31
asac2. gconf backend =>22:31
asacthere is 0.5 MB patch in bugzilla ... you think you can clean that up (against upstream ffox-3.0 so we can submit it upstream)?22:32
jimmy_is that the same gconf patch we had for the MID browser, or a different 1?22:32
asacjimmy_: yes ... reusing as much as possible unmodified is the primary goal we currently have (with the small number of devs)22:32
asacjimmy_: no the one you had is a hack :)22:32
asacwell ... maybe you really  had that22:33
asacbut i think you used the suse one22:33
ubotuMozilla bug 321315 in Preferences: Backend "New gconf preferences backend" [Normal,New]22:33
jimmy_yes, i use the suse one22:33
asacjimmy_: ^^22:33
asac"The existing gconf system-pref code is kinda nasty and is also quite limited in22:33
asacthe preferences it maps over to Firefox. I've cleaned up Novell's internal22:33
asacgconf pref-mapping code (which was even more nasty!) and it's ready for22:33
asacsubmission to the trunk."22:33
asac^^ so thats the cleaned up thing ... and i want this to  finally land upstream (even though the redhat guy raised that gconf might not be for the future, but well we live now imo) :)22:34
jimmy_there are 3 patches, i need all of them?22:35
jimmy_or just the gconf_backend?22:35
asacall i think ... the big patch isn't that big ... it includes the configure diff as well22:35
asacand read comment #1322:36
asacthe patches should probabyl apply pretty cleanly22:36
asac(read comments)22:36
jimmy_I'll see if I can patch it to the source, then port it over22:38
asacjimmy_: please not22:38
asacjust do it on 3.0 ... against ffox22:38
asaceverything else is really wasted time22:39
jimmy_the patch is for 3.0?22:39
asacread the comments :) ... thats what i asked roc ;)22:39
asaccomment #1222:39
asacshouldn't be too hard from what i read from roc22:39
asacif you run into too many diverges let me know ... i can do that then22:40
jimmy_because i know that the gconf source changed in FF3.0, that's why i am afraid i won't patch cleanly22:40
asac:( you really replaced the build system :(22:40
asacjimmy_: well it should be just bit-unthrottling :)22:41
asacgive it a try22:41
asac(i mean replaced the debian/ directory)22:41
jimmy_i didn't touch anything in the debian directory22:41
asacyeah it was cwong :(22:42
jimmy_i don't even think i included the debian directory in the port i gave you22:42
jimmy_what's wrong with the build system?22:43
asacno you didn't ... but you gave me CVS directories from firefox 2 mixed with sources from firefox 3 :) ... which was rather confusing22:43
asacok ... great.22:44
asacthen lets see to get gconf going22:44
asaci will open the ffox 3 branch in git and try to untagle the monolithic diff i currently have a bit22:44
asacand fix the menu22:45
asacare all things that are currently committed to the stable branch already in that -ported thing?22:45
asacjimmy_: http://www.moblin.org/repos/?p=projects/mobile-browser.git;a=shortlog22:45
jimmy_no, carl pushed more changes after i ported it22:48
jimmy_the latest fix i have integrated was the gfx/src/gtk/gtk2drawing.c fix that was 11 days ago22:49
jimmy_anything newer than that, i didn't integrate those22:49
asacok ... what is that gtk2drawing.c fix about?22:51
jimmy_there was a bug on the certificate dialog box, that whenever we access a site that requires you to accept a certificate, if you move the mouse around the certificate dialog randomly, it will crash the browser22:53
asacouch ... ok22:53
asacwe should investigate the root cause22:53
asac(just to keep in mind)22:53
jimmy_we originally thought it was related to some hildon theme stuff, because it cannot be reproduced outside the hildonized enviroment22:53
asacjimmy_: thats likely22:54
jimmy_but Carl later said it was some gtk issue22:54
jimmy_and he commited a fix for it, and seem to work22:54
asacok putted it on radar22:55
Ubuletteasac, why did you commit ppa stuff in xul.dev ?22:56
asacbecause its the pre-release of an official release?22:57
asacor did i mess up completely?22:57
Ubulettewell, ok. on my side, I now put all my ppa stuff into a ppa branch and I collapse the corresponding changelog in the .dev branch22:58
asacUbulette: ok ... its just to uphold the luxury that we can still have both branches in sync atm22:58
[reed]I need to link with nspr for a program I'm writing22:58
[reed]$ g++ -o wordCount -Wall -pedantic -lnspr4 -I/usr/include/nspr -Wno-long-long wordCount.cpp22:58
[reed]/tmp/ccftoep4.o: In function `main':22:58
[reed]wordCount.cpp:(.text+0x1c4): undefined reference to `PL_CompareValues'22:58
[reed](more errors)22:58
[reed]what am I doing wrong?22:58
[reed]biesi helped me22:59
asac[reed]: try $(pkg-config --cflags --libs nspr)22:59
[reed]that works, too!22:59
[reed]$ g++ -o wordCount -Wall -pedantic $(pkg-config --cflags --libs nspr) -Wno-long-long wordCount.cpp22:59
asacthats the idea ... .pc files give you the right flags :)23:00
Ubulette[reed], the 2 cairo / xrender patches are still waiting, right ?23:01
[reed]dunno, haven't looked23:01
asacUbulette: i think its ok if we merge from your .ppa branch when we get close to release ... is that what you mean?23:02
asacyou don't even have to collapse changelog when merging that way ... as long as all entries are _not_ UNRELEASED its ok to have them in there23:02
Ubuletteno. ppa changelogs are not welcome on the motu side.. and indeed, it look weird from the outside23:04
asacok ... i have no strong opion on that23:05
Ubulettei now just pile up all the new stuff in .dev (or .head), merge in a ppa branch with only a more granual changelog (containing all the ppa rlz)23:06
Ubulettein fact, i'm not even pushing my own (~fta) ppa branches. yet i can.23:06
asacwhat do you pile up?23:07
Ubulettefirefox-3.0.dev.ppa kazehakase.ppa libcairo.ppa nspr.ppa nss.head.ppa ppa prism.ppa seamonkey-1.1.dev.ppa seamonkey-2.0.dev.ppa xulrunner-1.9.dev.ppa miro.ppa23:07
Ubulettelook at xul.head23:08
Ubuletteno (recent) ppa23:08
asacxul.haed is beta 3 already, right?23:08
Ubulettenot yet23:08
Ubulettethe patch bumping the versions just landed but as long as I don't change anything, .head will stay b223:09
asacok ... so lets say xul.head would be ready ... we could then merge it over and just join the changelogs23:09
Ubuletteuntill I merge (or pull) in .dev23:09
asacUbulette: just to summarize what i understood for a few weeks now:23:10
Ubulettemerge should work.23:10
asac1. .head: tracks trunk23:10
asac2. .dev tracks current development branch (hardy)23:10
asac  ... in dev there can eventually be uploads to mozillateam ppa23:10
Ubulettehm, that I would like to change. ppa should stay out of the picture23:12
asacok, i think it was really not smart to pull to the gutsy branch23:12
Ubuletteindeed :)23:12
asaci should have done that in a merge and change the changelog only on gutsy brnch23:12
asac(in the merge i guess)23:12
Ubuletteyes. it's still possible23:12
asacUbulette: i am not sure how smart bzr is ... will bzr try to merge back the changelog changes even if i do them in the same commit as the merge?23:16
asacor will it consider such changes "adaptions" needed for the branch ... no changes23:16
asacbzr merge xul.dev xul.stable23:16
asacedit xul.stable/debian/changelog to point to gutsy et al23:17
asacbzr commit23:17
asacthen work on .sable and try to merge back ;)23:17
Ubulettethat will work23:17
Ubulettei do that all the time between head and dev23:17
asachmm ... i remember that my changes returned to me :)23:18
UbuletteI hope to just merge head into dev for final b223:18
asacwhat changes do exist on head?23:19
asacwhen was it last merged?23:19
asacok so ... will merging work even to get fixes from stable over dev to head?23:20
asacUbulette: hmm so how far do i need to uncommit the stable branch?23:21
asac58 or something i guess :)23:22
asacok 107 is relase to universe, right?23:22
asacstupid me ... looking at firefox-323:23
Ubulettei haven't touch main xul branch in ages: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2652/23:24
Ubulettemozilla bug 40707723:25
ubotuMozilla bug 407077 in Build & Release "Version/config bump up for Gecko 1.9b2" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40707723:25
asacUbulette: strange23:25
Ubulettewhat ?23:26
asacUbulette: so has your xulrunner-1.9 branch from which you have the paste diverged from the mt one?23:27
asacif so, please keep it :)23:27
Ubulettei don't know if it's diverged23:29
asaccan you push what you have to xulrunner-1.9.old?23:30
asaci think launchpad should get a switch that disallows to uncommit from branches23:31
asacthanks a lot :)23:42
UbuletteI remember I uncommited your 50.23:43
asacah ... ok ... so maybe its just that commit?23:43
Ubulette' Revert version change from last commit. We're not at a9 yet. '23:43
asaci just wonder how hard it is to not forget any needed adaption in the one-and-only merge commit :)23:43
asacuhh ... there is still galeon in hardy23:46
asaci think i won't port that23:46
Ubulettei've used galeon for many years, and dropped it when debian refused to fix crashers23:52
Ubuletteasac, do you really really really want to keep all ppa in .dev ? (especially gutsy/ppa in .dev#80)23:59

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