kmythwhich channel frequency table do i select if i've got a coaxial for cable TV hooked up to a HDhomerun?00:13
nettow0822hey guys00:22
nettow0822I'm having a hard disk problem.......00:23
nettow0822used hitachi ....it says I have a problem.....but no detail00:24
nettow0822can I use fdisk and a low level formating tool...if so....what would they be?00:25
superm1nettow0822, if DFT said you have a problem00:26
superm1then the drive is dying00:26
superm1go buy a new drive00:26
nettow0822ok.....the hitachi program wouldn't say what the problem was since the drive is a maxtor00:27
superm1but it is pretty accurate at determining when a drive is going to kick the bucket soon00:28
nettow0822ok ty00:28
wilberfanAnyone remember where the "interlace" and "overscan" (etc) options are in mythbuntu?   I've seen them in the past--but must have spent half-an-hour looking for them this morning...  I've been through every front and backend option...00:30
wilberfanwhere are they hiding??00:30
superm1hit the menu key while in playback00:32
wilberfanreally?   wow.  I'd NEVER have found it that way!   Lemme go try it!  :)00:34
nettow0822hey superm1.....what would be the best route to take to solve this issue.....00:37
superm1nettow0822, new drive.00:37
wilberfanno...that wasn't the one I remember.  The one I'm thinking of had sliders...  And it was on a "blue" screen like the back- and frontend use...  I specifically remember sliding the overscan sliders and watching the screen zoom in and out...00:37
nettow0822i have two snap stream RF remote controls...one on each system....they both operate on the same channel ID frequency.....00:38
wilberfanMaybe the screen i'm thinking of is only avail "first time through", or...?00:38
nettow0822snapstream was no help00:38
nettow0822is there anybody in linux that I can turn to?00:38
superm1nettow0822, so they conflict with ech other?00:38
nettow0822yes....one in the livingroom changes the one in the bedroom00:39
nettow0822as well as the livingroom00:39
superm1nettow0822, look and see if there are any parameters for the driver00:39
superm1at load time00:39
superm1odds are ther e are some that control frequency00:39
superm1or at least channel00:39
nettow0822at lirc?00:40
superm1for the lirc kernel module in use00:41
kmythhrmm im having trouble with the hdhomerun.. it just wont detect.  i've communicated with it and upgraded the firmware but no detection.00:47
kmythah just the guy i needed :) tgm488300:48
tgm4883ah, were you waiting for me?00:48
kmythwell i asked a Q just before you came in.00:48
kmythim having trouble with the hdhomerun.. it just wont detect.  i've communicated with it and upgraded the firmware but no detection.00:48
tgm4883well your probably looking for superm100:48
tgm4883FYI, tgm4883_laptop is here too00:49
tgm4883which is also me00:49
kmythi see00:49
tgm4883so where is it not detecting00:49
superm1kmyth, try restarting your backend00:49
kmythwhen i go to input connections to scan for channels00:49
superm1oh it doesnt scan00:50
superm1nvm then00:50
superm1thats a different area00:50
superm1well in that case, do you have several on your network00:50
kmythno just one00:50
superm1you followed the wiki page to set it up?00:50
kmythit says failed to load card00:52
kmythprogrammer error, see console00:52
kmythdont see any errors there00:52
superm1can you pastebin a whole snippet00:53
superm1of the console out00:53
superm1of mythtv-setup00:53
superm1!pastebin | kmyth00:53
ubotukmyth: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:53
superm1kmyth, that includes your running through?00:57
superm1and trying to scan?00:57
kmythlet me do it again to verify00:57
kmythok it produces those last two lines when i setup the parameters in capture cards00:59
kmythgot it01:04
kmythit decided to work this time01:04
kmythi wonder what it uses to determine signal strength and noise ratio01:05
kmythi guess my days as a cable monkey payed off, as it's 99% and 0%01:05
MersaultWhy does mythbuntu wait for 60 seconds when trying to mount an nfs drive at boot, then say it failed, but upon inspection it turns out it's mounted just fine?01:08
Mersaultalso, my frontend doesn't seem to want to log anything...01:08
kmythdid you use the recommended mount settings?01:09
Mersaultum, I used the mount settings that have worked for me for years now. and then I went and checked for ubuntu's recommended settngs when these ones started complaining. they seem to be fine.01:10
Mersaultmythbackend:/var/lib/mythtv /var/lib/mythtv nfs rw,hard,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14 0 001:10
kmythset tcp01:10
Mersaultmythbackend:/var/lib/mythtv on /var/lib/mythtv type nfs (rw,hard,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,addr=
Mersaultwhen the system finishes booting up and I log in, I find that it has actually mounted it just fine01:11
nettow0822would someone look at this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2625/01:11
Mersaultit just slows the boot phase by 60 seconds01:11
nettow0822i'm not sure how to enable the channel01:11
Mersaultand no other host on the network has problems with this nfs share. no other host mounts it at boot, but they don't complain about mounting it01:12
kmyththat would get annoying01:12
Mersaultand when I have to unmount and then remount the share from the frontend, it's fine01:12
kmythmaybe set a mount line in rc.local and see if it still affects it01:12
kmythdisable the one in fstab01:12
Mersaultkmyth: that solved it01:20
Mersaultkinda weird, that it would matter, but it did01:20
Mersaultalright, next problem:01:20
Mersaultmythfrontend doesn't want to log anything01:20
Mersaultand I want very detailed logging at times, because it's crashing when I scan my music collection and I want to know why01:21
kmythshrug, i'm pretty new to myth01:21
toorimaMersault: start mythfrontend from terminal01:25
Mersaultalso, which package contains the Qt widget bits like keramilk, etc01:29
=== MythbuntuGuest80 is now known as gig
gigHello, I am wondering what the best way to stream livetv/recordings over the internet were01:39
Mersaultkmyth: I was completely wrong. with the mount command in rc.local, it just doesn't get mounted at all01:39
gigi have a 1mbit/sec upstream that the backend server is behind, but i'd like to only use 512kbit of it01:40
Nightcrlrcan anyone help me with an error mythtv is giving me?01:43
tgm4883Nightcrlr, you will need to disquambobulate the frontend, then restart the backend01:44
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> what do you mean? this is the error i'm getting  ----->  "Error was encountered while displaying video"   Back-end-log ---> http://www.pastebin.ca/811007  Front-end-log ---> http://www.pastebin.ca/81101001:46
tgm4883Nightcrlr, that was the best info I could give you based on the information you provided ;)01:47
tgm4883nm it, it was gibberish01:47
tgm4883in other words01:47
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:47
kmythso is there a free alternative to schedulesdirect?01:47
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> lol i'm just happy your responed01:48
tgm4883kmyth, none that are good, unless you live outside the US01:48
Nightcrlrthis channel was dead this morning when i came in01:48
tgm4883Nightcrlr, what tuner?01:49
tgm4883do other channels work?01:49
Nightcrlr<kmyth> why don't you just purchase sub to schedulesdirect its only 20 bucks plus it helps out the myth guys01:49
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> i have digwave tunner01:50
Nightcrlri'll get you the model #01:50
Nightcrlri have two of them DVB-S01:50
tgm4883kmyth, seriously, the $20 is well worth it01:51
Nightcrlrthe cards are detected and are working because i was running VDR on them before01:51
tgm4883Nightcrlr, i'm not completely sure how DVB-S works, but is it possible that the channel is now encrypted?01:51
Nightcrlryeah paid for it and don't even have my mytv working01:51
nettow0822tgm...help....this william01:55
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> my 2 DVB-S cards are Digiwave 103G01:55
tgm4883nettow0822, whats up?01:57
tgm4883Nightcrlr, i'm not completely sure how DVB-S works, but is it possible that the channel is now encrypted?01:57
nettow0822I have two of the same remote controls....snapstream firefly RF.....01:58
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> if the channel is encrypted is that the error i should get, because it just kicks me out of live tv01:58
nettow0822they both operate on the same channel frequency.....01:59
nettow0822I'm trying to set them on different frequencies01:59
tgm4883Nightcrlr, I believe so, it's trying to get the channel, but only getting scrambled data, which is screwing it up02:00
nettow0822i may have found info to do that but I need alittle help02:00
nettow0822read this  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2626/02:01
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> is there Mythtv channel for user that have dvb-s setups?02:02
tgm4883Nightcrlr, well you could try here with someone that has dvb-s02:02
tgm4883or you could try in #mythtv-users02:02
tgm4883nettow0822, ok, so whats the question?02:03
nettow0822it looks like I need to load a command with the lirc module is loaded02:04
nettow0822# Loading the lirc_atiusb driver with "unique=1,mask=0x10" makes it recognize only ID 502:04
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> i've tryed mythtv-user but no one has answered me02:04
nettow0822i'm not sure how to do this02:04
tgm4883nettow0822, are you still in mythtv-user?02:05
tgm4883Nightcrlr, are you still in mythtv-users?02:05
nettow0822i can be02:05
tgm4883foxbuntu, ping02:05
foxbuntutgm4883 hey*02:06
tgm4883how are you?02:06
tgm4883do you know how to # Loading the lirc_atiusb driver with "unique=1,mask=0x10" makes it recognize only ID 502:06
mythyIn mythbuntu will it work with a FusionHDTV DVB-T Plus?02:06
foxbuntutgm4883 ID 5 of what?02:07
mythyand can I select Composite input rather than the antenna?02:07
nettow0822foxbuntu see this post http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2626/02:07
tgm4883Nightcrlr, where do you live?02:07
NightcrlrI'm in Toronto, Canada02:08
kmythtgm4883, agreed.02:08
foxbuntutgm4883, yeah that is a kernel driver mask to give a specific lirc supported remote thus telliing it which part of the lircd.conf to use02:09
tgm4883i want to say that Daviey has DVB-S, but he's asleep now02:09
tgm4883foxbuntu, right02:09
tgm4883but how to do that from a mythbuntu install02:09
foxbuntuselect the name of the remote02:09
foxbuntushould be in MLG, unless it was added to lirc recently02:09
tgm4883Nightcrlr, i'd say stick around in here for awhile, Daviey is in the UK so it's 2:00 AM there02:10
foxbuntuI havent finished building the new version of MLG to support all the new remotes added to lirc02:10
tgm4883foxbuntu, @ nettow082202:10
foxbuntunettow0822, ^^02:10
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> ok i've been in this channel and mythtv-user since 4am est02:11
nettow0822so it is not something I can add to hardware.conf?02:11
foxbuntunettow0822, lI am pretty sure that remote is supported by mythbuntu-lircrc-generator, however if it is not, please, and I stress, please file a bug against it so we (I) can track and fix it02:11
tgm4883Nightcrlr, ah, but did you ask your question?02:12
nettow0822the remote I'm using is snapstream firefly RF remote......it does work....02:12
foxbuntunettow0822, that is where you can add it...if you want to set the remote up outside of mlg you are welcome too...mlg just dose the hard stuff02:12
tgm4883mythy, did you check here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV/Install/Gutsy/Tuners02:12
nettow0822the problem is that I have two remotes...one for each computer.....they both operate on the same channel ID02:13
foxbuntunettow0822, I am pretty sure you can select it via Mythbuntu-Control-Centre under remotes02:13
foxbuntunettow0822, oh I gotcha02:13
foxbuntumissed the problem02:13
foxbuntuand I assume they are close to each other02:14
foxbuntui see02:14
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> yeah i did a few times but i don't want to annoy everyone if i'm not getting a answer02:14
foxbuntunettow0822, do this02:14
nettow0822foxbuntu within 40 feet of each other......one in bedroom...other in livingroom02:14
foxbuntuon the one add the changes to hardware.conf (options for lirc)02:14
tgm4883Nightcrlr well i'll send a note to Daviey about that, hopefully he will see it in the morning02:14
foxbuntuthen reload lirc02:14
mythyapparently all Fusion HDTV Tuners work02:14
mythybut can I get it to switch input to composite input02:15
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> did you get my pastebin links?02:15
foxbuntucopy and paste the pretiant part of the lircd.conf into /etc/lirc/lircd.conf02:15
foxbuntureload lirc again02:15
mythyrather than Antenna (DVB)02:15
tgm4883mythy, thats interesting, this seems to contradict that   DVICO FusionHDTV DVB-T Hybrid is broken in Gutsy - Will not tune correctly (Was working in 6.10) -The device shows up, but cannot get tuner to tune02:15
nettow0822foxbuntu.....is this right? MODULES="lirc_dev lirc_atiusb unique=1,mask=0x10"02:15
foxbuntuthen finally do a sudo mythbuntu-lircrc-generator02:16
foxbuntunettow0822, no02:16
mythyI have DVB-T Plus02:16
mythynot Hyrbid02:16
foxbuntunettow0822, hold on let me get the correct syntax for you02:16
tgm4883Nightcrlr, yep, i just made the note02:16
mythyI don't care so much for watching TV, rather I want to use the composite input into my card02:16
mythyI have a device outside my PC02:17
tgm4883mythy, all i can say is try it, i believe it will work02:17
Nightcrlr<tgm4883> thank you02:17
mythythat feeds composite in02:17
mythyok thanks02:17
mythyI'll try :)02:17
tgm4883mythy, just remember to set it up in mythtv setup to use composite02:17
mythyI tried installing mythTV on ubuntu but MySQL wouldn't work, and it said that user root isn't allowed to stop the backend services02:17
mythyI mean I can log into mysql, but I think backend stops you02:18
mythy(the myth config program)02:18
foxbuntuMODULES="lirc_atiusb unique=1,mask=0x10"02:18
foxbuntunettow0822, ^^ i think thats right02:18
foxbuntunettow0822, sorry I have to run but will be back later on tonight02:20
mythydoes mythbuntu come with nvidia drivers?02:22
mythyI mean, do I have to enable them?02:22
The_Rebelyo #ubuntu-mythtv02:51
The_Rebelwhat build of mythtv is the current stable release using?02:52
josiahw_anybody on? I am trying to install MythBuntu and was wondering if I could ask some questions.02:53
rhpot1991you can ask, not sure I can answer02:54
josiahw_I dont know what I need to do. I am just using this computer as a backend. Do I need to set anything up in the livecd before I install? I do not have the frontend up yet... do I need to set that up first?02:55
rhpot1991The_Rebel: 0.20.202:56
rhpot1991backend first02:56
The_Rebelokay thanks, rhpot199102:56
rhpot1991is the backend on the same machine, or a different one?02:56
The_Rebelis there anyway i can get my hands on a build with 0.20.0?02:56
rhpot1991why would you want to?02:56
rhpot1991you need 0.20.2 for SD02:57
rhpot1991otherwise you can't get listings02:57
The_Rebelwhat if i dont care about SD?02:57
rhpot1991well there are other fixes too02:57
rhpot1991its not like you need to use SD with it02:57
josiahw_I just want the backend on this computer... the frontend will be going on an appletv02:58
rhpot1991good luck with that02:58
The_Rebelexactly, anyways is there a way to downgrade to .20 or maybe there's an older build floating around02:58
rhpot1991has the install on there become any easier?02:58
rhpot1991might be02:58
rhpot1991I don't know where to look though02:58
tgm4883The_Rebel, is there a reason for you wanting 20.0?02:59
josiahw_its fairly simple to setup the appletv now02:59
The_Rebeli found a north american DVB patch set02:59
The_Rebelbut its for myth .2002:59
josiahw_I am installing from the 20.2 image.... should I be using 20 instead?02:59
josiahw_is there something wrong with using 20.2?02:59
tgm4883josiahw_, no, use 20.202:59
tgm4883The_Rebel, sec03:00
rhpot1991The_Rebel: are you certain it wont work with 20.2?03:00
josiahw_ok... so anyway. Do I need to do anything from the live cd before installing mythbuntu?03:00
The_Rebelno.. but for stability reasons, im trying to keep things as clean as possible03:01
tgm4883The_Rebel, well the thing is, the only thing i can find is the edgy version here03:01
The_Rebelthanks, i'll check her out03:02
rhpot1991tgm4883 I thought SD happened before edgy was gone03:02
tgm4883rhpot1991, it did03:02
tgm4883but you have to remember how ubuntu works03:02
rhpot1991I was about to past the link to those, but I thought they were also .20.203:03
josiahw_Do I need to do anything in the Mythbuntu control center before installing mythbuntu?03:03
tgm4883packages don't get updated, once the repo is frozen, it is frozen03:03
tgm4883then, newer versions go into -backports03:03
rhpot1991ah ok03:03
The_Rebelso if i went with edgy and installed mythtv from there i should be using 0.20.0?03:06
tgm4883The_Rebel, well you would, but you would obviously lose the support that is built into feisty and gutsy03:07
tgm4883and obviously support would run out earlier03:07
tgm4883and you would have less of a chance for support here03:07
The_Rebelis SD free?03:08
The_Rebelthats a bit pricey for raw data03:09
tgm4883not really03:09
tgm4883it's pretty good data03:10
The_Rebeli'd pay that much for non-raw data, but raw data! pfft forget about it03:10
tgm4883you wouldn't pay < $2/month?03:10
The_Rebeli could feed a couple of Chinese kids with that kinda dough03:11
tgm4883dude, whatever floats your boat03:11
The_Rebelha im just screwin with ya, but in all seriousness thanks for the help03:12
The_Rebeli best think this over03:12
nettow0822_hey tgm488303:12
nettow0822_when I add this to the hardware.conf ....MODULES="lirc_atiusb unique=1,mask=0x10"03:13
nettow0822_lirc won't start03:13
rhpot1991The_Rebel: write your own scraper if you don't like it, thats about your only other choice03:14
The_Rebelnah i'd pay for SD, thinking about what version of mythtv/ubuntu is right for me03:15
The_Rebelgonna have to do some more research on the subject03:15
The_Rebelis it easy to update to a SVN version of myth with MB? (mythbuntu)03:19
rhpot1991there are repos listed on the mythbuntu site03:19
rhpot1991tgm4883: any idea if there is any way I can cause a script to run when someone starts watching a recording?03:21
tgm4883rhpot1991, probably03:22
rhpot1991any idea, I looked around in the menus, no options03:22
rhpot1991I searched the user mailing list for a while today, didn't see anything03:22
tgm4883oh no, you're probably going to have to hack something to do that03:22
rhpot1991I'm looking to make a script run to check how many commercials were flagged and then alert via mythosd if it doesn't match for certain shows03:23
rhpot1991I'm not locked on mythosd, but that seemed to be the best way to go about it03:23
rhpot1991are the menu's hackable or are they something precompiled?03:26
tgm4883well you can change the menus03:26
rhpot1991I was looking for something that wont get overwritten by an update03:27
josiahw_on a mythbuntu backend would i have any need for the silicon dust hdhomerun configuration utility?03:46
josiahw_and should I install xmltv guide data provider... even if i am in north america03:46
nettow0822_tgn4883 is this the right syntax for this command in hardware.conf....03:51
nettow0822_MODULES="lirc_atiusb unique=1,mask=0x10"03:52
josiahw_do i have to have cable or satelite tv to setup mythtv? I dont have that yet but will later... i am wanting to setup mythtv at the moment for other reasons03:53
foxbuntujosiahw_, no03:54
josiahw_foxbuntu: thank you03:55
nettow0822_foxbuntu...you back03:56
foxbuntunettow0822_, perhaps :)03:56
foxbuntunettow0822_, so what did you figure out?03:56
=== Mersault_ is now known as Mersault
nettow0822_I put this line in hardware.conf... MODULES="lirc_atiusb unique=1,mask=0x10"03:56
nettow0822_and lirc will not start03:56
nettow0822_here is some more info.... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2628/03:58
nettow0822_yet more info..  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2626/03:59
foxbuntunettow0822_, give me a few to catch up to you here04:00
The_Rebeli found update patch sets for the latest SVN04:01
The_Rebelthat should do it04:01
foxbuntunettow0822_, sorry I had you set that in the wron location04:05
foxbuntupull those settings back out of the hardware.conf04:05
josiahw_do I want to use NTSC as my TV format if im in America with a HDTV using HDMI?04:05
foxbuntunettow0822_, we need to add them into /etc/modules.conf04:05
foxbuntujosiahw_, NTSC is SD TV04:06
foxbuntuATSC is HD04:06
foxbuntubut if ATSC isn't in the list pick NTSC04:06
josiahw_thank you again :)... should I set up a VBI format or just leave it as none?04:06
foxbuntuleave it as none04:07
foxbuntunettow0822_, do you have changes to the hardware.conf made?04:07
josiahw_I am using satelite tv.... do I want to choose us-bcast for channel frequency table?04:07
nettow0822_yes hardware.conf changed back04:08
foxbuntujosiahw_, I tihnk there is a us-sat or something...if not pick cable04:08
foxbuntunettow0822_, ok04:08
foxbuntunettow0822_, $ sudo nano /etc/modules.conf04:08
foxbuntuno .conf04:10
foxbuntu$ sudo nano /etc/modules04:10
josiahw_us-cable-hrs, us-cable-irc or us-cable?04:10
foxbuntujosiahw_, us-cable04:10
foxbuntunettow0822_, ok add this:  Options lirc_atiusb mask = 0x001004:11
foxbuntujosiahw_, I think this should make the kernel module load with that (at least thats the doc I found)04:12
foxbuntuer nettow0822_ ^^04:12
foxbuntunettow0822_, reboot after you save that and check back with me after04:12
nettow0822_Options lirc_atiusb mask = 0x0010 or this Options lirc_atiusb unique=1,mask = 0x001004:13
nettow0822_unique is suppose to allow for differnet channels right?04:14
nettow0822_mask sets the channel04:14
foxbuntunettow0822_, right...sorry04:14
icemario hey, I try to watch TV but mythtv frontend says: MythTV is already using all available inputs for the channel you selected. If you want to watch an in-progress recording, select one from the playback menu.  If you want to watch live tv, cancel one of the in-progress recordings from the delete menu.  I have composite set as input, but I can't see my Wii screen...04:22
icemarioit says no channels.conf found04:22
icemariobut I want to play wii through the composite04:23
foxbuntunettow0822, anyluck?04:24
nettow0822foxbuntu how can I monitor the change...other than the remote?04:24
foxbuntunettow0822, the remote is the easiest?04:24
nettow0822well both remotes still work04:25
nettow0822one remote is set to channel 5 the other is channel 804:25
foxbuntuthats what you were looking for then right?04:25
nettow0822only one remote work with one computer.....both remotes still work on this computer04:26
foxbuntunettow0822, well to an extent they will..due to the remote signals being similar04:26
nettow0822my understanding is that the process we just went through should have separated the remotes04:27
foxbuntupost your lircd then04:28
nettow0822I just made a test lircd.conf...  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2630/04:59
nettow0822both of them still work on the same computer04:59
foxbuntunettow0822, prob becuase they both send the same ir hex codes05:02
nettow0822well the remote has the ability to be setup on 16 different channels and...05:03
nettow0822the lirc module also has the ability to be setup to the corresponding channel....05:04
nettow0822thus I should be able setup both remotes to operate independently from each other05:05
foxbuntubut on the different ir channels does the remote actually produce different hex codes05:06
foxbuntuidk much about that remote05:06
nettow0822i may have to email the people that have supplied the examples05:07
foxbuntumight be the best chance05:07
nettow0822snapstream says the remotes will operate independently05:08
foxbuntuI know quite abit about lirc, but not the remotes05:08
nettow0822ok ty for your help...bedtime here 12:0805:08
debiano778hi all anyone have install mythbuntu with ATI RADEON X1600 pro HDMI?08:44
directhex|bspexperiemntal driver support only14:31
rhpot1991I figured14:32
tgm4883Nightcrlr, ping14:33
rhpot1991I see words about it working in the list, but breaking pci hauppauge cards in the process14:33
rhpot1991also these posts are old (january)14:34
LotharTBLgood day all. Anyone have any luck with a static IP for their mythbuntu master backend?14:50
rhpot1991LotharTBL: you can do that in /etc/network/interfaces14:50
rhpot1991though there may be easier gui methods of doing so14:51
LotharTBLI did it but it screwed up everything, ie mysql14:51
LotharTBLI was considering just doing an alais to the other ip to the same interface?14:52
rhpot1991how did it screw mysql up?14:52
LotharTBLcouldn't attach from the front end14:52
rhpot1991you prob have to go and change the otherbackends to look at the new ip14:52
rhpot1991and are they able to connect to it otherwise?14:53
LotharTBLI read on forums about swapping out to a static IP can do that14:53
rhpot1991IE do you have mysql configured properly14:53
LotharTBLall kinds of bad things happened. Couldn't get mythfillbackend to update either14:53
rhpot1991you can prob modify the ip in mysql tables yourself to point at the right one if thats the problem14:53
LotharTBLwell its a static ie stock install14:53
LotharTBLI am doing the easy thing... reinstalling lol14:54
LotharTBLgives me time to reflect read and work it out14:54
rhpot1991s/easy/time consuming/14:54
LotharTBLI am on vacation and enjoy a project, how can you learn with no goal in site?14:54
rhpot1991I'd install phpmyadmin and just modify the sql14:54
directhex|bspthe database is set by hostname, not ip14:55
LotharTBLI am installing the stock mythbuntu 7.01 distro (tried mythdora for 2 days and have decided I like ubuntu more, besides, fedora puts things in odd spots)14:55
LotharTBLnot ip?14:56
LotharTBLtotaly host name?14:56
rhpot1991directhex|bsp: what happens if you don't put in a host name but put in an IP?14:56
LotharTBLDoh! yes I am an idiot14:56
LotharTBLyou get a failure14:56
LotharTBLwhen you run the test from the front end14:56
directhex|bspchanging to static ip, as well as /etc/network/interfaces, you need to ensure you change the following to match: /etc/hosts, ensure mysql isn't binding on the loopback address only, and in mythtv-setup you tell it the ip of the backend is the new static address, not loopback14:57
LotharTBLmight have been due to my ip problems, but if you stick an IP in there it will fail14:57
sebrockmust a remote have the corresponding ir blaster?14:57
directhex|bspsettings are stored on a per-hostname basis14:57
sebrockor can I use a PVR-1500 remote with the Soundgraph IR?14:57
LotharTBLok time to go check the install, be back when I screw it up again. WHo said linux wasn't fun?14:58
=== LotharTBL is now known as Lothar_Away
rhpot1991hmmm I stand corrected, I see hostnames in the capturecard table14:59
rhpot1991I find that kinda strange as I told mythtv the IP of the boxes IIRC14:59
sebrockdoes anyone know this?15:04
sebrockIs it necessary to use the IR blaster that came with the remote?=15:04
directhex|bspdo you need to use an ir blaster?15:05
sebrockMaybe I talk nonsense here, let me explain15:05
rhpot1991I think he means ir receiver15:06
rhpot1991wants to use a different remote with a different receiver15:06
sebrockI have a case that came with Soundgraph iMON PAD, but it doesnt work very well with the pad. However I also have a PVR-500 and it included a MCE remote15:06
sebrockrhpot1991, you are right15:06
sebrockI ment reciever15:06
rhpot1991might be hit or miss15:06
sebrockwhat do you mean?15:07
rhpot1991might work might not, depends if that receiver can see the signals15:07
rhpot1991I'd think if you set it up correctly it should15:07
rhpot1991but stranger things have happened15:07
sebrockok, how would I go about to try this?15:07
sebrockwhat is you intuitive first thought? no?15:08
rhpot1991I'd set up the receiver first, then make a lircrc for the remote you have15:08
rhpot1991well actually irw should report if it sees things before you even have the lircrc done15:08
sebrockirw doesnt give anything right now but I might have made wrong config15:09
rhpot1991did you select the receiver when you set it up?15:10
sebrockI actually got a receiver with the remote aswell... but then Ihave to open the case and exchange it15:10
sebrockno basically I have to do it all from scratch I think15:10
sebrockbeen messing around with the imon pad15:10
sebrockI have lirc installed15:11
sebrockHow do I change the config?15:11
rhpot1991what remote are you trying to use?15:11
sebrockMCE remote15:12
sebrockthe Philips one15:12
rhpot1991I'd install the snapstream but then go ahead and use a mce lircd.config15:14
rhpot1991err,imon pad15:14
sebrockI need this also: lirc_mceusb215:14
=== Lothar_Away is now known as LotharTBL
rhpot1991well that is for the receiver15:14
rhpot1991not the remote15:14
rhpot1991you can try using that15:15
rhpot1991then restart lirc and try out irw15:15
rhpot1991and prey15:15
rhpot1991that describes how to setup by hand15:15
rhpot1991might be helpful15:15
LotharTBLalmost finished installing, just running the mythfilldatabase then a reboot and hopefully TV15:16
sebrocki dont think it works15:16
=== LotharTBL is now known as Lothar_Away
rhpot1991you will have to ask someone who knows more about both of those then, I don't have either15:20
sebrockI think I'll have to remove the imon receiver and install this one instead15:23
sebrockimon pad just does not want to work correctly15:23
rhpot1991is there any advantage to letting jobs run on a different host than they recorded on?15:38
LotharTBLok nothing works! lol15:51
LotharTBLI have the backend running and can't seem to get the front end (on another computer) to attach15:52
rhpot1991check your logs /var/log/mythtv/15:54
LotharTBLok just showing the back end is running let me check the log real fast15:55
rhpot1991when setting up from scratch you have to tell your backend to use your viewable IP, not
rhpot1991and you have to make sure that mysql is viewable across your network too15:55
rhpot1991I dunno how much of that mythbuntu takes care of for you15:55
LotharTBLok I have a real IP in ther enot the loopback ip15:56
LotharTBLhow do I let mysql be viewable?15:56
LotharTBLhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2636/ my log file15:58
tgm4883rhpot1991, it's done by activating the mysql service via MCC15:58
rhpot1991is your frontend on the same machine as your backend?15:58
tgm4883rhpot1991, no it's not15:59
rhpot1991tgm4883 that makes sense, I thought I used to do that in /etc/mysql/my.conf but it doesn't match up what is in my brain now15:59
tgm4883<LotharTBL> I have the backend running and can't seem to get the front end (on another computer) to attach15:59
rhpot1991thats what I thought15:59
rhpot1991but I see words about localhost in his logs15:59
tgm4883rhpot1991, it used to be done that way, but it's much easier this way :)15:59
LotharTBLno the front end is on another machine15:59
LotharTBLits running the live CD16:00
rhpot1991is that log from your backend or your frontend?16:00
rhpot1991backend I take it16:00
rhpot1991try to connect with your frontend, then get the mythfrontend logs from there16:02
LotharTBLits the backend log16:02
rhpot1991thats where the error will be16:02
LotharTBLok give me a sec16:02
LotharTBLI keep failing the test in the 1st screen16:02
rhpot1991tgm4883 I always love it when I go to look up how I did something for reference and the pain in the ass method I had to go through is no longer in use and I am confused as to why my machine is still running16:03
tgm4883it's evolution :)16:03
rhpot1991fire up a terminal and check the logs16:03
LotharTBLno log file as I have never actually started it16:03
tgm4883LotharTBL, what test?16:03
rhpot1991hmmm, tgm4883 live cd doesn't make logs?16:03
LotharTBLok  with mythbuntu when you start from the live cd16:04
tgm4883rhpot1991, afaik, i dont know16:04
rhpot1991its prob failing before its even launching the frontend16:04
LotharTBLthe 1st screen has a test to see if you can connect16:04
tgm4883sounds like the mysql test16:04
rhpot1991when I messed with the live cd the other day I had that happen and it was something painfully obvious16:04
rhpot1991but I forget what now, I spend a while messing with mysql privs and that wasn't it16:05
LotharTBLok 1st is asks for mysql Mythtv user16:05
rhpot1991LotharTBL:  are you sure the username/password/ip and all that is correct?16:05
LotharTBLI think its mythtv by default yes?16:05
LotharTBLthen it asks for the Mysql Mythtv Password (the one I selected when I configured the backend)16:06
rhpot1991he is entering his user password, not mysql16:06
LotharTBLthen it asks for the Mythtv database mythconverg by default16:06
tgm4883the mysql password is not the same as your user password16:06
rhpot1991thats stored in a file in your home dir, I think16:06
LotharTBLwhich pw should I be using?16:06
tgm4883your mysql password is stored on your backend in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt16:07
LotharTBLah ok in etc/myth/mythsql.txt16:07
LotharTBLgive a sec16:07
LotharTBLok one problem I think is...DBHostName=localhost16:08
rhpot1991that should be the ip of the backend16:09
LotharTBLshould be something else like an ip or the server name?16:09
LotharTBLdo I change it in the file or somewhere else?16:09
rhpot1991isn't there a spot for that on the test?16:09
tgm4883don't change the file, just grab the password16:09
rhpot1991or are you referring to somewhere else?16:09
tgm4883rhpot1991, the test is on the frontend, and therefor cannot change the backend info (especially since it cannot connect)16:10
LotharTBLI got the password16:10
rhpot1991there is a spot on the frontend to point at the ip of the backend is what I am referring to16:10
LotharTBLwhat do I place in the MySQL Server?16:11
LotharTBLthe ip?16:11
LotharTBLor the server name?16:11
LotharTBLstill failing the connection16:12
rhpot1991can it ping that ip?16:12
LotharTBLjust pinged it16:13
rhpot1991try to connect to mysql via cli16:13
LotharTBLnot sure how to connect from the cmd line16:13
LotharTBLis the user mythtv correct?16:13
rhpot1991let me look up how to hit a different server16:14
rhpot1991I believe so16:14
tgm4883LotharTBL, did you activate the mysql service in MCC?16:14
LotharTBLnot sure grep what from ps ax to see?16:15
rhpot1991mysql -h <HOST> -u<USER> -p16:17
rhpot1991should prompt you for a password16:17
rhpot1991fire up MCC and check it16:18
LotharTBLhost = ip user = mythtv16:18
sebrocksuperm1, I have managed to get contact with the remote now16:19
sebrockhowever, its very occational... Like one in 100 tries16:19
sebrockThing is, the PAD works more or less like a mouse in Windows, thus generatin a lot of hex codes. This config only has one hex code for every arrow (up,down etc). It's very hard to hit right16:21
LotharTBLok when I did mysql -h 192.168.x.x  -umythtv  -p   it prompted me for a password16:21
rhpot1991enter the password you got from the text file16:21
LotharTBLI entered the one in the mysql text file and got access denied16:21
tgm4883as you should16:21
LotharTBLso the server is up and running?16:22
tgm4883try it again, leave the password blank this time16:22
rhpot1991tgm4883 why should he have?16:22
LotharTBLno password gets an access denied for password=no with password access denied for password =yes16:22
rhpot1991did you check the service in MCC?16:23
LotharTBLnot sure what MCC is?16:23
rhpot1991mythbuntu control centre16:23
LotharTBLI am running on the server with a terminal shell, can I check in there?16:23
LotharTBLotherwise I need to go downstairs lol16:24
rhpot1991not so much16:24
tgm4883LotharTBL, are you sshed in?16:24
tgm4883if you ssh in like this "ssh backendip -X -Y"16:24
tgm4883then you can run mythbuntu-control-centre16:24
LotharTBLlol.. need to be in X to do that and I think its just ssh -XY to get a trusted session. just a sec, I can do that from the frontend machine16:25
rhpot1991I thought you had to enable x forwarding on the server, that it was off by default16:25
tgm4883heh, yea.  Not sure about the -XY as i have always used it seperate16:25
tgm4883rhpot1991, could be, it's been a long time since i set it up, but worth a try16:26
rhpot1991tgm4883 why did you expect the mysql with the password to fail?16:26
LotharTBLyep -XY works fine16:26
LotharTBLrun mythtv-setup?16:26
rhpot1991been a while since I set it up too, guess its on by default now16:27
tgm4883LotharTBL, ^^16:27
rhpot1991I would have expected it to work if his mysql was accepting remote connections16:27
LotharTBLcommand not found lol16:28
rhpot1991apt-get install it16:29
rhpot1991also check your spelling, and mine16:29
tgm4883LotharTBL, is this a mythbuntu install or a ubuntu install?16:29
LotharTBLits mythbuntu 7.0116:29
tgm4883MCC is installed by default16:30
LotharTBLlol can't find package mythbuntu-control-center16:30
rhpot1991on a backend only?16:30
tgm4883notice the spelling16:30
tgm4883I blame Daviey16:30
rhpot1991is that a british thing?16:30
rhpot1991I figured16:30
Davieytgm4883: fu16:30
LotharTBLyes damned flat tyre!16:31
LotharTBLok its up and running16:31
LotharTBLwhat am I looking at?16:31
tgm4883under system services16:31
tgm4883the mysql service16:31
tgm4883what is it's status16:32
sebrockright superm1, I got it now. However, the hex codes that are patched in the lirc-modules-source are wrong. Contact me and I'll give you the correct ones. Or at least the new ones, Soundgraph made som changes maybe=16:32
LotharTBLmysql is enabled16:32
LotharTBLunder the mythtv config it shows the MysqlServer as local host16:33
tgm4883rhpot1991, you were right about the mysql connection thing16:33
LotharTBLits greyed out. need to re-run mythtvsetup I think16:33
tgm4883yes, rerun mythtv-setup with the correct info16:33
LotharTBLprescaling of images takes forever!16:35
LotharTBL**starts to read war and peace**16:36
LotharTBLno where in the setup do I get the option to make changes to mysql16:38
tgm4883what do you have under the first screen under general?16:40
LotharTBLhas to be a config file somewhere that I can change witht he local host to the IP16:40
LotharTBLgive a sec, just ran it to add a couple of things16:40
LotharTBLmy local IP x 2 with the static ports to listen to16:40
LotharTBLsame IP in both places16:41
tgm4883so you have 192.x.x.x right?16:41
LotharTBLlazy standard internal ip16:41
LotharTBLhowever in the mysql.txt file it shows the thing as localhost16:42
LotharTBLnot the ip. Will changing it in that text file make any diff?16:42
tgm4883doubt it16:42
tgm4883mine is the same16:42
LotharTBLsame here16:42
LotharTBLsomewhere in mysql it dosn't have the local ip it needs to allow me in16:42
tgm4883by any chance did you add firewall rules to the backend?16:43
LotharTBLdamn Mysql to the firey pits of hell! Ok I'm over it now16:43
tgm4883or install firestarter16:43
LotharTBLnot that I know of. Just installed it off the disk. picked default answers to anything I didn't specificaly know16:43
tgm4883and they are on the same subnet, correct?16:45
LotharTBLthere is my ps ax what is running on the machine16:45
LotharTBLyes all on the same class C net16:46
LotharTBLI can ssh into out of any ot them and they all have net16:46
tgm4883static or dynamic ip address?16:46
tgm4883on the backend16:47
LotharTBLunfortunately dynamic16:47
LotharTBLwhen I start setting things to static bad things happen16:47
LotharTBLlast time I installed when I switched to static I lost net16:48
tgm4883yea, bad things do happen with static ip addresses16:48
LotharTBLI had the correct interface items and resolv info16:48
LotharTBLjust didn't want to work16:48
tgm4883has this install ever had a static ip?16:48
LotharTBLI just installed it16:49
LotharTBLI was going to try and bind a static IP to a virtual device, but that is for later when things are working16:49
rhpot1991maybe a permissions problem with mythtv user from other hosts?16:49
LotharTBLunknown. I haven't played with any permissions16:49
LotharTBLby default shouldn't mythtv user have access to mythtv?16:50
tgm4883!bug 156087 | rhpot199116:50
tgm4883so ubotu doesn't want to work16:50
tgm4883bug 15608716:50
tgm4883ok, well that doesn't apply to this situation16:50
tgm4883but it does apply to static ip addresses16:51
tgm4883so FYI16:51
LotharTBLI read the bug about static IPs, that is how I screwed the last install16:51
LotharTBLwhich is why I re-installed. DId a mythdora install, worse problems there16:51
LotharTBLso back to mythbuntu16:51
LotharTBLis there some sort of control I can run on mysqlserver to allow mythtv user access?16:52
tgm4883whats strange, is that you should be able to login from the command line with the password from the mysql.txt file16:53
tgm4883all things are pointing to a messed up mysql install16:54
rhpot1991locally he should be able to16:54
rhpot1991remotely he should't if thats the problem16:54
LotharTBLwell..its a stock install, I really had very little interaction with mysql16:54
tgm4883rhpot1991, but thats not the problem16:54
tgm4883as he was able to get the password prompt remotly16:54
tgm4883which indicates that it is listening on the correct port16:55
rhpot1991I think thats the client though16:55
rhpot1991when you use -p it will automagically prompt you, I think16:55
tgm4883yep your right16:56
rhpot1991LotharTBL: do you have apache or anything running on that backend16:56
LotharTBLapache is running yes16:56
LotharTBLalso part of the stock install16:56
tgm4883LotharTBL, can you log in locally to the mysql server on the backend?16:56
LotharTBLlocally as in on the machine? ot thru an ssh session?16:56
rhpot1991sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin16:56
rhpot1991through an ssh session is the same as locally16:57
LotharTBLyes my thoughts exactly. I can also run thru VNC16:57
LotharTBLisn't phpmyadmin part of the stock install?16:58
LotharTBLinstalling now16:59
LotharTBLI'm pretty sure apache2 on the install?17:00
DavieyHmm, does DVD playback work?17:01
Davieyi've never tried it17:01
tgm4883Daviey, are you talking to yourself?17:01
Davieyin myhthbuntu, out of the box17:02
rhpot1991except with sony ARccOS discs, grrrrrrrrr17:02
Davieyit does then?17:03
rhpot1991on my system they fail when playing or ripping17:03
tgm4883dvd playback works out of the box17:03
tgm4883encrypted dvd playback does not work out of the box17:03
tgm4883encrypted dvd playback does not work out of the box*17:04
tgm4883dvd playback works out of the box*17:04
rhpot1991sony introduced random garbage as an attempt to stop hacking, and made it fail on computers and new dvd players17:04
tgm4883* Must have a dvd drive17:04
rhpot1991*Must have a dvd17:04
tgm4883*Must put dvd in dvd drive17:04
tgm4883* Must take disk out of dvd drive, flip over so shiny side down, and reinsert into dvd drive17:05
rhpot1991I always wanted to soldier an ide cable to a CDr and try to sell it on ebay as an ipod CD adapter17:05
rhpot1991for some reason this is reminding me of it17:05
rhpot1991though I would just melt the CDr, don't know why I never thought of that before17:05
rhpot1991work is productive today17:06
LotharTBLok all installed now what?17:08
LotharTBLwell that was no fun17:37
LotharTBLlocked up hard for some reason17:37
LotharTBLok I have phpmyadmin installed17:38
LotharTBLah well no longer an interesting problem to solve?17:40
rhpot1991log in, and then there is a link for privleges17:51
rhpot1991I have a mythtv user and % host (any)17:52
rhpot1991but I am also firewalled, so you don't want to do that on a web facing box17:52
rhpot1991brb lunch17:52
LotharTBLrats.. ok log in how?18:03
=== LotharTBL is now known as Lothar_Away
rhpot1991kind of back18:27
rhpot1991were you able to add a user?18:27
=== Lothar_Away is now known as LotharTBL
LotharTBLok still trying to get phpmyadmin to work!18:31
LotharTBLgot it all installed then frikin firefox says it needs helpers to work18:31
LotharTBLwell its the stock firefox that comes with mythbuntu can't add extensions etc18:32
LotharTBLso I am in the process of upgrading as I type18:32
LotharTBLI do however have mythweb working, so I know the database is there and works18:32
rhpot1991what kind of helpers?18:32
LotharTBLvery nice app, can't wait to use it on my TV18:32
LotharTBLthe helper app that allows it to run php I suppose?18:33
rhpot1991well ya, the db works locally, but you need permissions for your frontend to access it from the remote machine18:33
rhpot1991hmmm, I've seen that before18:33
rhpot1991its a problem on the server not fx18:33
rhpot1991I'll be damned if I can remember how to fix it though18:33
rhpot1991would it do any harm restarting your backend?18:33
LotharTBLI get an error from firefox when I try to open /file://user/share/phpmyadmin.php I get the error18:33
rhpot1991oh wait18:34
rhpot1991its not the same one I thought about18:34
LotharTBLnot at all, let me wait till the upgrade is done though18:34
rhpot1991ya don't restart it now18:34
rhpot1991I was thinking it was the problem where fx is trying to download the .php files18:34
LotharTBLI had the problem with the front end not connecting to the backend18:34
rhpot1991thats still broken right?18:34
LotharTBL40 of 64 downloaded sheesh18:35
LotharTBLyes, I think its to do with the user mythtv not having access to the sql database, but not totaly sure18:35
rhpot1991scroll down to  Modifying access to the MySQL database for multiple systems18:35
rhpot1991can do it via cli there18:36
rhpot1991is this box behind a firewall?18:36
LotharTBLyes, pix 501 to the outside18:38
LotharTBLok while waiting for updating, I'll look at the mysql thing18:38
rhpot1991you can just do any mythtv user then as long as you don't have your mysql open to the outside world18:39
LotharTBLok first thing, the bind address was set to the instead of the ip address. definately a problem. That alone may fix it?18:43
LotharTBLall downloaded, just installing now.18:44
rhpot1991the bind address where?18:45
LotharTBLin my.cnf for mysql18:45
rhpot1991mine is too18:45
LotharTBLpart of the directions you linked me18:45
rhpot1991that used to be the way to do it, but tgm4883 explained it earlier that you don't do it that way now18:46
LotharTBLsays to change it at the bottom18:46
rhpot1991that the service handles it instead18:46
LotharTBLso change it back?18:46
rhpot1991just add the mythtv user for now18:46
rhpot1991and see if that works18:46
rhpot1991I would for now18:46
LotharTBL**still waits for updating**18:48
rhpot1991take your time, I'm still eating and all too18:48
LotharTBLok all done, now restart mysql? sudo mysql restart?18:53
rhpot1991sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart18:54
rhpot1991did you actually make the user at some point?18:56
LotharTBL * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld                                 [ OK ]18:57
LotharTBL * Starting MySQL database server mysqld                                 [ OK ]18:57
LotharTBL * Checking for corrupt, not cleanly closed and upgrade needing tables.18:57
LotharTBLno never made a user, got too wrapped up with trying to get frikin phpmyadmin to work18:57
LotharTBLwhich still down't18:58
LotharTBLwhen I try to view index.php in the browser it says I need to configure a helper application in preferences. There is no place to allow me to do that18:58
LotharTBLthen again, may be a rights thing too18:58
rhpot1991helper application is a new one to me, google that18:59
rhpot1991but try to make the mythtv user with the command line first18:59
rhpot1991cause you don't need phpmyadmin if that works19:00
LotharTBLok not up on myspl syntax log in as root mysql -u root -p and wait for password yes?19:01
LotharTBLI am logged into mysql all set to add a user..19:02
LotharTBLany command to show the status of users?19:03
rhpot1991 mysql -u root mythconverg mysql> grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"%" identified by "mythtv"; mysql> flush privileges;19:03
LotharTBLso I can see if I have any?>19:03
rhpot1991hmmm that didn't paste too nicely19:03
rhpot1991grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"%" identified by "mythtv";19:03
rhpot1991then: flush privileges;19:03
LotharTBLI think I'll do this one instead what do you think? grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"192.168.1.%" identified by "mythtv";19:05
rhpot1991that works too19:05
LotharTBLok done, now lets see if it works eh?19:07
LotharTBLuser will not need PW if they ar einside my network?19:07
LotharTBLbrb running down to the other machine to check it out19:08
rhpot1991it should be the same mythtv mysql password you looked up in the txt file before19:08
rhpot1991wait its not19:09
rhpot1991the identiefied by stuff is the password19:10
rhpot1991if I break my system not, its your fault, heh19:11
LotharTBLdamn it still not connecting!19:15
rhpot1991you flushed the privs?19:16
LotharTBLyes as directed19:16
LotharTBLodd or what?19:16
LotharTBLbrb going to try again19:17
rhpot1991see what 'select * from users' returns19:18
rhpot1991make that user, and on the mysql db19:19
insllvnhelp! I added mythbuntu to an xubuntu install, and now i need to configure it as a backend how do I set up mySGL database and point mythTV backend setup at ir?19:23
LotharTBLok do what now? lost me I was fighting with it downstairs19:28
rhpot1991select * from user19:28
rhpot1991on your mysql db, not mythconverg19:28
LotharTBLmysql> select * from user19:29
LotharTBL    ->19:29
LotharTBLhmm maybe I have the wrong database installed?19:29
rhpot1991quit that19:29
rhpot1991and do mysql -u root -p mysql19:29
LotharTBLok quit19:29
* rhpot1991 hopes he got the syntax right19:30
rhpot1991should connect you to the mysql db19:30
LotharTBLok in as stated19:30
rhpot1991also that -p might be optional19:30
rhpot1991now do select * from user19:30
LotharTBLmysql> select * from user19:31
LotharTBL    ->19:31
LotharTBLsame thing19:31
LotharTBLor am I just a rock head and missing something?19:31
rhpot1991that should return at least root19:31
rhpot1991as we are connected as root19:31
LotharTBLyes as root19:32
LotharTBLtry as myth?19:32
rhpot1991hold on I'm trying it on mine19:32
rhpot1991select * from user;19:33
rhpot1991forgot the semi19:33
LotharTBLah ok19:33
rhpot1991pastebin that, but remove the password hashes, no reason for them to be out there19:33
LotharTBLok see lots of users from different polaces. mythtv already had access from % and now has it from 192.168.1.%19:36
LotharTBLso its a password issue? a port issue?19:36
LotharTBLa permissions issue?19:36
LotharTBLhow do you change a user's password in mysql?19:36
rhpot1991mysqladmin -u vivek -p oldpassword newpass19:37
LotharTBLit would appear that there are 3 instances of mythtv user, and 2 out of 3 have the same PW19:38
rhpot1991also a way to do it with root in there19:38
rhpot1991make them all the same19:38
rhpot1991then get rid of left overs later19:38
rhpot1991I randomly had an any user from any host in mine still19:38
rhpot1991removed that when I saw it19:38
LotharTBLhow do I remove a user?19:38
LotharTBLthe root password works fine19:39
rhpot1991delete from user where user='username';19:39
rhpot1991careful you don't delete root19:39
feodalplease help cant run mythtv - can not connect to database19:41
insllvni added mythbuntu to an xubuntu install, and i am trying to set it up as a backend it says it cannot connect to the database, how do i set up that database?19:41
rhpot1991so many database problems....19:42
LotharTBLmy problem as well feodal19:42
OfmindandMetalHi.  Having a problem with my ATSC tuner.  After having set up my card in the backend setup, and after scanning for channels and defining my source, in the front end, I go to WatchTV and it just flashes and goes back to the main screen.  From terminal, after I have scanned channels and try to tune to one of them, I keep getting the error:  "ERROR: error while parsing inversion (syntax error)".   Any ideas? I'm using a Ha19:43
OfmindandMetalthat was gotten to work last week, and I"m not sure what has happened since19:43
rhpot1991everyone has a master backend and another backend or a frontend?19:43
insllvni am setting up with one backend, and one frontend19:43
LotharTBLok, I can NOT connect mysql -u mythtv -p using the password I think it is (the one in mysql.txt)19:43
LotharTBLso that is a problem19:43
rhpot1991LotharTBL: use root and set a new password19:43
LotharTBLlog in as root then do the mysqladmin -u mythtv -p ?19:44
rhpot1991nope, hold on19:44
rhpot1991UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('new_password')  WHERE user='mythtv';19:45
rhpot1991this will change all your mythtv users19:45
rhpot1991don't forget you need to FLUSH PRIVILEGES; when you are done19:46
LotharTBLmake a diff if its upper or lower case?19:46
rhpot1991I think thats case sensitive19:47
rhpot1991are yours different?19:47
rhpot1991all of mine are lowercase, though I set it up so long ago I may have created them myself19:47
LotharTBLdamn need to go pick up son at school. be back soon19:49
=== LotharTBL is now known as Lothar_Away
rhpot1991insllvn: its your backend that can't see mysql?  Is the backend and mysql both running on the same box?19:55
insllvnshould be19:55
rhpot1991did you write down the password for your mythtv mysql user?19:55
insllvnyeah let me find19:56
rhpot1991do mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg19:57
rhpot1991and then try that password when it prompts you19:57
insllvnrhpot1991, I can't find where I wrote it down, but during set up it gave a location where I could find it?19:58
rhpot1991did that connect?20:00
insllvnerror 1045 Access Denied20:02
insllvndo i need to change permissions?20:02
insllvni really don't know much about MySQL20:02
rhpot1991try running: sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database20:03
rhpot1991it will make you a new password20:03
rhpot1991then try to do the same with that20:03
insllvnsame error20:05
rhpot1991sounds like there is a bug in that package then, unless I'm having you guys do something silly20:06
rhpot1991paste the command you ran here so I can double check it20:06
rhpot1991without your password of course20:06
insllvnI am on another machine20:06
insllvni am trying to set up an old machine, but right now I am typing on my notebook20:07
rhpot1991mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg20:07
insllvnwoops i made a typo hehehe20:08
insllvnnever mind did it right, still no dice20:09
rhpot1991try: mysql -u root20:12
MythbuntuGuest49I just got this mythbuntu box built and installed.  When I view it in VNC or on a Monitor through VGA, it shows the full picture.  However, when I connect it to my TV with SVideo, it shops off like .5 inch-1 inch around the screen20:13
insllvnrhpot1991, that did give me a mysql prompt (like mysql>  )20:15
=== Lothar_Away is now known as LotharTBL
MythbuntuGuest49i tried changing the resolution, but it didn't fix it20:15
MythbuntuGuest49also,for some reason, my screen goes blank after not being used, but I have unchecked the "Activate screensaver after X amount of time"20:16
MythbuntuGuest49i also switched it to 2 hours, but my tv goes blank before then (the music however keeps playing)20:16
LotharTBLok by the way rhpot1991 when I did that I got20:16
LotharTBLmysql> UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('mythtv') WHERE user='mythtv';20:16
LotharTBLERROR 1046 (3D000): No database selected20:16
LotharTBLneeded to select the correct database when I originaly logged in?20:17
LotharTBLmysql -u root -p database?20:17
superm1!packaging | sebrock20:17
ubotusebrock: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports20:17
LotharTBLwhich database is it?20:17
rhpot1991mysql database20:19
rhpot1991superm1: is there a problem with the mythtv-database package not giving out correct privs?20:19
rhpot19912 guys in here are having problems with it currently20:19
LotharTBLso put mysql -u root - p mysql20:19
superm1it properly handles the permissions as long as you dont go and muck with them20:20
rhpot1991well it wasn't working for them out of the box20:20
superm1already had an sql server installed?20:20
superm1before starting20:20
MythbuntuGuest49good luck guys on fixing that, my problem isn't that important.  I'll check back later.20:20
LotharTBLalright, I think I have all the myth users now with the same pw let me try and log on localy and see if mythtv can log in20:20
rhpot1991LotharTBL, insllvn: did either of you already have mysql installed?20:21
superm1possibly with a root password already predefined20:21
LotharTBLclean install off the mythbuntu 7.10 i386 disk20:21
superm1off a mythbuntu disk the pw was wrong?20:21
LotharTBLI can log into mysql fine with as root20:21
insllvninstalled on top of a clean xubuntu install20:21
rhpot1991they are both backend with a remote frontend20:21
insllvni can too20:21
superm1okay so lets take a step back here20:22
rhpot1991and their mysql user wont login via cli20:22
LotharTBLclean install ontop of an empty freshly formatted drive20:22
superm1so LotharTBL you installed from mythbuntu disk20:22
superm1advanced install or no?20:22
LotharTBLyes superml20:22
gigHi I am trying to get my ATI Remote Wonder to work, but when I plugg the usb receiver in, nothing does anything, the red light comes on, and I've checked all the logs, I don't see anything being detected, using the latest mythbuntu 7.1020:22
LotharTBLyes advanced to make sure mysql and VNC were installed20:22
superm1okay did you change the root password during advanced install?20:22
superm1and did you choose the mysql service20:23
LotharTBLchange it? as in did I put one in the open space?20:23
LotharTBLyes I installed everything20:23
LotharTBLand yes I put in a PW20:23
superm1now things were working after install right?20:23
superm1no pw complaints etc20:23
LotharTBLno I have never been able to get the remote front end to start20:24
superm1did you have a local frontend20:24
superm1that you tried20:24
superm1on that backend20:24
rhpot1991does the sql service handle the privs too now?20:24
LotharTBLnope didn't install the local front end.20:24
superm1LotharTBL, okay.20:24
superm1on that machine20:24
superm1can you connect to mysql locally20:25
superm1as the mythtv user20:25
LotharTBLstill can't log on localy as mythtv to mysql20:25
superm1using the password in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt20:25
superm1did you try before you started changing passwords?20:25
rhpot1991neither can the other guy, and I had him reconfigure mythtv-database20:25
gigLotharTBL, on your backend, do you have a frontend installed?20:26
superm1LotharTBL, okay well i would recommend that you just reinstall right now if you dont have much change invested beyond the base install20:26
superm1and then the issue can be immediately identified20:26
superm1where it actually is20:26
rhpot1991I swear he tried mythtv before he meddled with the passwords20:26
LotharTBLok..well, only a wasted morning20:27
* rhpot1991 scrolls up to check20:27
gigLotharTBL, does the frontend work, can you watch live tv, etc.?20:27
superm1LotharTBL, sorry :)20:27
LotharTBLyes I tried it right out of the box never even ran apr-get update20:27
superm1LotharTBL, hopefully its just a usability issue and not a bug, but this is the best way to identify it20:27
superm1not to say a usability issue isn't a bug that needs identifying20:27
superm1you know what i mean?20:27
LotharTBLwell, this will be my 3rd install of mythbuntu, may just do another re-install of mythdora to keep the numbers even lol20:28
OfmindandMetalHi.  Having a problem with my ATSC tuner.  After having set up my card in the backend setup, and after scanning for channels and defining my source, in the front end, I go to WatchTV and it just flashes and goes back to the main screen.  From terminal, after I have scanned channels and try to tune to one of them, I keep getting the error:  "ERROR: error while parsing inversion (syntax error)".   Any ideas? I'm using a Ha20:28
OfmindandMetalthat was gotten to work last week, and I"m not sure what has happened since20:28
gigLotharTBL, well if the frontend works on the backend server, just gointo the setup of the bandend, and get the password it is using from that20:28
superm1LotharTBL, well it'd be most appreciated if you'll be patient in identifying this, it will benefit other people especially if its a bug that we can fix :)20:28
superm1now that second person having the issue20:28
LotharTBLunderstood, however mythweb is working! lol20:28
superm1you installed from a clean xubuntu install?20:29
LotharTBLwell give me a couple of hours... I'll be back I am sure20:29
rhpot1991LotharTBL: if you go to status mythweb shows actual useful info?20:29
LotharTBLno mythbuntu 7.10 disk20:29
LotharTBLyes it shows a lot of info20:29
LotharTBLlet me paste it into a clip spot for you?20:29
rhpot1991like it lists encoders?20:30
gigCan anyone help me with my remote?20:30
rhpot1991some of the stuff under machine info doesn't come from the db I don't think20:30
insllvnsuperm1, yes20:30
superm1insllvn, okay can you elaborate a little20:30
superm1you install from the website?20:31
superm1from synaptic?20:31
superm1or from apt-get ?20:31
superm1and what package did you install20:31
LotharTBLit lists everything20:31
superm1(there are tons of ways to install)20:31
insllvnsorry installed mythbuntu packages from the website20:31
superm1insllvn, okay20:32
superm1insllvn, now when you installed the control centre, what'd you do next?20:32
LotharTBLsuperml http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2648/ this is why I don't think its a database issue. mythweb works like a champ20:34
insllvnwent through the options, installed some proprietary codecs and tried to start "launch mythTV setup"20:34
superm1LotharTBL, okay that changes a few things...20:35
rhpot1991LotharTBL: what happens if you click on listings?20:35
insllvnunder mythTV configuration20:35
superm1LotharTBL, can you check the password in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt and /etc/mythtv/mythweb-htaccess.conf20:35
superm1and compare the two?20:35
LotharTBLbeautiful TV listing. I can search by type rating etc20:36
superm1insllvn, okay so you installed the backend and frontend there too?20:36
superm1insllvn, or was that before installing from the website20:36
LotharTBLsure, they are different however20:36
superm1LotharTBL, they *are* different?20:36
LotharTBLthe one in mysql.txt is random lower uppercase letters and numbers, I selected the one in htaccess20:37
LotharTBLyes totaly different20:37
superm1can you try them both?20:37
insllvnnot sure I follow you I installed as instructed here: http://www.mythbuntu.org/existing-ubuntu20:37
superm1on command line?20:37
LotharTBLI have no clue where the one in mysql.txt came from I know I didn't pick it20:37
rhpot1991mythtv-database generates that one20:37
superm1insllvn, okay so can you check in the control centre, and see what roles you have activated then20:37
LotharTBLsure but the user in htaccess is also different then mythtv20:38
superm1LotharTBL, oh20:38
insllvnoh i understand now yeah it is set up as primary backend no frontend20:38
superm1LotharTBL, i'm referring elsewhere20:38
insllvnxubuntu desktop20:38
superm1insllvn, okay can you try to launch mythtv-setup from a command line instead then?20:38
superm1insllvn, just "mythtv-setup"20:38
superm1on the command line20:38
superm1LotharTBL, there is a file in /etc/mythtv for mythweb that stores the SQL information (other than mysql.txt)20:39
superm1that's what i'm asking you to look at20:39
superm1it might be mythweb-config.php20:39
superm1i dont know off hand20:39
insllvnmust shut down mythtvbackend: yes would you like to run mythfilldatabse: yes20:40
insllvnrunning mythfilldatabase20:40
rhpot1991its mythweb-digest20:41
LotharTBLok yes the file is there. I see no pw info in it however20:41
rhpot1991and it looks like its the hash in there20:41
rhpot1991not plain text20:41
rhpot1991match that up with:20:42
superm1insllvn, okay can you show the output in that terminal to us?20:42
superm1in a pastebin20:43
rhpot1991mysql -u root mysql20:43
insllvnyeah hold on a tic20:43
rhpot1991select password from user where user='mythtv' and host='localhost';20:44
rhpot1991correct me if I am wrong superm1, but mysql hashes will be the same if the username is the same and the password is the same regardless of the host?20:45
superm1well they are clear text20:45
superm1but the password will be the same either way20:46
gigCan anyone help me with my remote wonder20:46
superm1gig, you dont see the usb module loaded even?20:47
gigwhich should i use20:47
gigthe kernel or userspace20:47
superm1personal preference20:47
gigusbcore lirc_atiusb,ehci_hcd,ohci_hcd20:48
superm1lets say kernel for now20:48
superm1okay so its loaded20:48
superm1no errors in dmesg about it?20:48
gigthats with userspace20:48
insllvnsuperm1, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2649/20:48
superm1insllvn, hmm Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (110)20:48
superm1you copied and pasted, or did you hand type that ?20:48
insllvnthat was copy/pasted20:49
superm1because that's most definitely the wrong address20:49
superm1check out /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt20:49
gigsuperm1,  lirc_atiusb[3]: X10 Wireless Technology Inc USB Receiver on usb1:320:49
superm1and see if its listing that address there20:49
gigsuperm1, that is in dmeg20:49
gigsuperm1, looks like its finding it20:49
LotharTBLsuperml here are the mythtv users and permissions I have set in my database  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2650/20:49
rhpot1991LotharTBL: do those password hashes match what is in /etc/mythtv/mythweb-digest ?20:50
superm1guys i say dont work with the hashes20:51
superm1look at the clear text password in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt20:51
superm1and the clear text password in the mythweb conf file20:51
superm1that mythweb uses to connect to mysql20:51
superm1if those match or dont20:51
superm1if they dont match there is a problem somewhere with one of them20:51
rhpot1991I don't see a clear text password in any mythweb config20:51
LotharTBLnor do I20:51
LotharTBLhowever if I have a password for mythtv in mysql I should be able to localy log him in yes?20:52
superm1        setenv db_server        "mythdell"20:52
superm1        setenv db_name          "mythconverg"20:52
superm1        setenv db_login         "mythtv"20:52
LotharTBLbut I can't for some reason20:52
superm1in /etc/mythtv/mythweb-htaccess20:52
superm1is the file i see those20:52
superm1its right belowthat20:52
superm1gig, okay so does irw work?20:52
rhpot1991an there they are20:53
gigsuperm1, not sure how do i check20:53
superm1gig, type 'irw'20:53
gigit just sits their doesn't give me an error message20:53
LotharTBL setenv db_server        "localhost"20:54
LotharTBL        setenv db_name          "mythconverg"20:54
superm1gig right, its expecting you to press buttons20:54
LotharTBL        setenv db_login         "mythtv"20:54
LotharTBL        setenv db_password      "qnY5O0Bg"20:54
rhpot1991careful with those passwords20:54
superm1LotharTBL, okay so now go compare that with the one /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt20:54
superm1is it identical or not.20:54
gigsuperm1, ok so when i press buttons i get no output20:54
superm1gig okay then you'll want to test the remote using mode220:55
superm1to see if you get anything20:55
superm1google for how to use mode220:55
superm1or look at the man page.20:55
insllvnsuperm1, is what's in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt just for reference, or if something is wrong there will it create problems?20:56
superm1insllvn, if something is wrong there the backend wont start20:56
insllvni see20:56
superm1it is the "central" location for this pw stuff20:56
superm1LotharTBL, okay so now login to mysql like this20:56
LotharTBLmysql.txt is also in 2 different places and both are the same20:56
superm1mysql -u mythtv20:56
superm1and try that password20:56
LotharTBLholey cow! I am a moron. didn't notice it until now its a capital O and a zero. in the term screen it looked like 2 zeros20:58
LotharTBLyes it works now. hot damn password issue. going to go try it now20:58
* superm1 shrugs.20:59
LotharTBLmaybe that will work? maybe not lol brb20:59
LotharTBLalways something easy eh?20:59
OfmindandMetalHi.  Having a problem with my ATSC tuner.  After having set up my card in the backend setup, and after scanning for channels and defining my source, in the front end, I go to WatchTV and it just flashes and goes back to the main screen.  From terminal, after I have scanned channels and try to tune to one of them, I keep getting the error:  "ERROR: error while parsing inversion (syntax error)".   Any ideas? I'm using a Ha21:00
OfmindandMetalthat was gotten to work last week, and I"m not sure what has happened since21:00
rhpot1991should modify the code not to use 0/O/I/121:00
rhpot1991or l21:00
superm1OfmindandMetal, did it have any problems scanning?21:01
superm1and is there anything in dmesg agbout it21:01
LotharTBLwell... not it!21:01
LotharTBLstill fails when I try to run and auto kicks itself out21:02
rhpot1991did you ever actually modify the user table?21:02
rhpot1991or did you just do selects on it21:02
LotharTBLok lost me21:03
rhpot1991we were talking about modifying the user table at one point21:03
LotharTBLUPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('new_password') WHERE user='mythtv';21:03
rhpot1991to add a mythtv user21:03
LotharTBLyes I did this21:03
LotharTBLbut should I do it again and set it to the other pw?21:04
rhpot1991didn't that error out on you?21:04
OfmindandMetalsuperm1: it did not have a problem scanning, and dmesg recognized in upon boot as a CX88 something card21:04
LotharTBLno it didn't21:04
rhpot1991cause you weren't in a database21:04
superm1woah woah LotharTBL21:04
superm1dont go changing passwords21:04
LotharTBLtoo late already done21:04
rhpot1991superm1: that happened hours ago21:04
superm1okay well it appears the old password works when you connected on command line21:04
superm1so that's what matters21:04
rhpot1991but I'd think the other one would have broken21:04
LotharTBLyes it does21:04
rhpot1991and all his hashes are the same21:05
superm1okay now check that mysql is really listening on the right port21:05
rhpot1991so it should be ok still21:05
LotharTBLthe other one dosn't work at all21:05
superm1that it is listening on your network card's ip21:05
superm1not just on
superm1use nmap or netstat to determine21:05
directhexhm. why doesn't ubuntu have any low-latency kernels?21:06
LotharTBLtcp        0      0 *:mysql                 *:*                     LISTEN21:06
_MMA_directhex: There is.21:06
LotharTBLunix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     41804    /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock21:06
LotharTBLunix  3      [ ]         STREAM     CONNECTED     41914    /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock21:06
superm1OfmindandMetal, can you possibly try using the card with another package like kaffeine?21:06
superm1to identify if the same thing is happening outside mythtv21:07
directhex_MMA_, not since feisty21:07
_MMA_directhex: Incorrect. I had it made myself. ;) sudo apt-get linux-rt21:07
Davieydirecthex: linux-image-2.6.22-14-rt21:07
directhexwhy the hell is that missed by apt-cache search linux-image ?21:08
Davieydirecthex: not missed here :/21:09
OfmindandMetalwell, I can try Kaffeine perhaps.  but I can't tune through it manual through terminal either, I keep getting a message about error while parsing inversion or something.  invalid syntax21:09
directhexwell, that makes my life easier21:09
OfmindandMetalI'm wondering if myth flashing back to main screen and that are related21:10
insllvnsuperm1,  you said that txt file appears in two places, and if it is wrong the backend won't start where is the other location?21:10
superm1insllvn, ~/.mythtv21:10
superm1insllvn, if you have a mysql.txt in ~/.mythtv get rid of it21:10
insllvnok superm1 I think I am making progress here how do i set the password for my database? when a reconfigured mysqlconverg, it said that unless I had changed it I should leave the password blank21:18
feodalplease help cant run muthtv cant connect to database21:18
superm1woah wth is with all these today?21:18
superm1LotharTBL, insllvn and now you too feodal ?21:19
directhexsuperm1, the database is myth's weak link. are you really surprised?21:19
rhpot1991see I told you something was up21:19
LotharTBLno never heard of it21:19
superm1directhex, but i mean all at once?21:19
directhexsuperm1, maybe the mythbuntu market share is increasing! ;)21:19
superm1insllvn, it is created for you21:19
superm1its stored in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt21:19
superm1you dont create it yourself21:19
LotharTBLsuperml is mysql listening where it should be?21:20
insllvnsuperm1, i think i screwed that up, can i change it now?21:21
superm1LotharTBL, it is listening yes21:21
superm1LotharTBL, from your remote machine, try to connect with command line21:21
superm1or even better21:21
superm1from mcc21:21
superm1mcc has a test button21:21
superm1insllvn, what'd you screw up exactly?21:21
gigsuperm1, ok i have output from irw.... now how to i get it to work in myth frontend21:22
insllvni don't have that original password, i had tried to change it earlier in a dialogue, and now i can't find it in those text files they were what i tried to change it to, bu that doesn't work21:23
LotharTBLok run the mmc localy on the server?21:23
rhpot1991LotharTBL: on the remote machine21:23
LotharTBLok run it thru... ssh? VNC?21:24
superm1gig, regenerate your lircrc from cc21:24
rhpot1991no, off of the cd itself21:24
superm1LotharTBL, on the remote machine however you want21:24
superm1LotharTBL, some method21:24
rhpot1991you want it running on the remote machine, not on the server21:25
superm1insllvn, well i think at this point, your easiest method:21:25
superm1sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server mysql-server-5.0 mythtv-*21:25
superm1and then reinstall during mcc21:25
LotharTBLok vnc running MCC and don't see a test button for mysql21:27
LotharTBLah ok.. it needs to be on the local machine to let me run it. standby21:27
=== LotharTBL is now known as Lothar_Away
superm1its on the mythtv configuration tab Lothar_Away21:28
gigsuperm1, thanks it works21:28
superm1gig whatdid you have to do21:29
superm1for irw to work?21:29
superm1did you end up having to change that lircd.conf or something?21:29
insllvnwell shit i guess this project will have to be put on hold till tomorrow21:31
gigsuperm1, i had to change the lird.conf and lircrc21:31
gigsuperm1, and i found a forum that said userspace was blacklisted so i changed to the kernel21:31
superm1gig, can you please file a bug with what was necessary to do21:31
superm1and we can evaluate it there21:31
superm1against the lirc package21:31
superm1to have this working out of the box for hardy21:31
=== Lothar_Away is now known as LotharTBL
LotharTBLwell no go.21:33
LotharTBLwon't connect from remote machine with MCC21:33
superm1LotharTBL, well try from a command line21:33
superm1and see if its an issue connecting21:33
superm1or what it tells you21:33
gigsuperm1, sure, the config info was their in both configs, i just had to take out everything else and just leave what was relivent21:33
gigsuperm1, where do i go to submit a bug21:34
LotharTBLok to connect to a remote host on a cli its mysql -u root -p <ip of remote machine>?21:34
rhpot1991I think you need -host or -h before the IP21:35
LotharTBLok willco21:35
superm1gig, http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/source/+lirc21:36
superm1i think21:36
superm1thats off the top of my head21:36
superm1thats a bit closer21:36
LotharTBLok from cli on remote machine access denied password = yes21:37
superm1LotharTBL, okay well you know that password is right if you can connect from the local machine21:38
LotharTBLso its some kind of permission issue?21:39
superm1sounds like it21:39
rhpot1991we made another mysql user at one point21:39
rhpot1991on 192.x.x.%21:39
superm1oh the one that connects from remote machines?21:39
LotharTBLyes we did..21:39
superm1ugh. there we go.21:39
LotharTBLwith the same name, but a different pw21:40
superm1okay undo it all21:40
rhpot1991superm1: it didn't work before we did that though, it was my attempt to see if that was the problem21:40
rhpot1991lets just delete it21:40
rhpot1991that user21:40
LotharTBLok how do I undo it?21:40
LotharTBLand I globally changed all the users mythtv to a different password21:40
rhpot1991sudo mythtv -u root mysql21:40
rhpot1991on your backend21:40
superm1rhpot1991, okay well i need to get going guys..  good luck LotharTBL21:40
LotharTBLmythtv or mysql?21:41
LotharTBLthanks supermL21:41
LotharTBLok at the mysql prompt21:42
rhpot1991delete from user where user='mythtv' and host='192.thing from before';21:43
rhpot1991then FLUSH PRIVILEGES;21:43
LotharTBL$ mysql -u root mythconverg21:43
LotharTBLmysql> grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"192.168.1.%" identified by "mythtv";21:44
LotharTBLmysql> flush privileges;21:44
LotharTBLthis is what we did21:44
LotharTBLnot sure how to delete a user21:44
LotharTBLok got it21:44
LotharTBLall done21:45
LotharTBLneed to quit and restart?21:45
rhpot1991shouldn't need to restart but go ahead and sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart21:46
LotharTBLdone, now try to connect remotely again I suppose, brb21:48
gigsuperm1, anyway to change how big files are encoded? anyway to lower quality? i've tried setting low quality, and playing with mythstreamtv, but nothing seems to work and files still end up being 1.2gb for 30 minutes21:48
rhpot1991gig: transcode them to something else like xvid or something21:50
LotharTBLGentelmen, I think we have liftoff21:52
gigrhpot1991, i know this is a big question, but how would i transcode a recording down to xvid via the commandline21:52
rhpot1991so it was the typo then we broke remote on top of it21:52
rhpot1991as an attempt to fix a problem that didn't exist21:52
LotharTBLI went in and reset all the PWs back to the one it was and got rid of the extra entry21:52
LotharTBLdamn O021:53
LotharTBLon this test its easy21:53
LotharTBLon a terminal its now21:53
LotharTBLI loved the old slashed or dotted 021:53
LotharTBLbring back the slash! (with a dot )21:53
rhpot1991gig: I've only done transcoding via mythfrontend21:54
rhpot1991seach around the wiki or user mailing list and you might find something21:54
gigrhpot1991, how do you transcode via mythfrondend?21:55
rhpot1991let me look up the position21:55
feodalнарод кто сталкивался с проблемой запуска mythtv - не могу подключится к базе21:56
rhpot1991setup > setup > TV > recording profiles > transcoders21:56
rhpot1991I am fairly sure you also have to fire up mythtv-setup and check off a checkbox in there to enable transcoding21:57
rhpot1991then you go into a recording and in the menu for it there is a jobs option and transcoding is under that21:57
rhpot1991seems you can do it cli with that21:58
rhpot1991I'm off good luck with that gig, LotharTBL: good luck configuring the rest of your system22:02
Nightcrlranyone here running a DVB-s myth system?22:32
LotharTBLwell its running! Now all I need to do is get the remote control to work22:44
gigWhen I use mythweb to schedule a recording, I'd like it to transcode automatically.... yet when I select auto-transcode, and select user job 1.... I see it added to the que, but the status just stays at que, and never transcodes....23:23
gigif i schedule a transcode via the frontend, it goes into the que for a few minutes, then starts transcoding, and finishes23:24

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