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kahrytanI hate ubuntu ops00:25
LjLhello to you too00:25
Picikahrytan: oh.  okay.00:25
kahrytanYou guys love to pick on me00:25
LjLand if i had to second-guess you like you're doing with us, i'd say you've got some kind of victim complex00:25
kahrytanhuh.. that didnt make sense.00:26
ikonianot this guy again00:26
LjLkahrytan: perhaps it was my english00:26
LjLanyway, it was sarcasm, so not really important00:27
naliothi'm not sure "you guys" is accurate00:27
kahrytanI hate being picked on.00:27
ikonianalioth: you "people" more PC00:27
LjLwe're people?00:27
Picikahrytan: Honestly, I havent been following what your bans are about, but we dont do these type of things for no reason.00:27
ikoniaLjL: just about00:27
LjLubotu, say something00:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about say something - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:27
kahrytanToday was no reason though.00:28
naliothikonia: i don't know who kahrytan is.  i don't think i'm included in his "you guys" group00:28
Picikahrytan: I believe that your ban was not lifted and you were banned for evasion.00:28
kahrytannalioth➲  i'll exclude you00:28
ikonianalioth: past experience suggests "you exist" so "your included"00:28
kahrytanI evaded? yeah. No I didn't00:28
naliothmy point is that not everyone in here knows who you are or anythbing about you00:28
LjLkahrytan, perhaps you didn't and it was simply your ISP changing stuff00:29
kahrytanPici➲  I just went to sleep one night, and woke up able to enter.00:29
LjLstill, you were not "banned" today except from a strictly technical point of view00:29
LjLyou were *already* banned00:29
kahrytanSo, you just messed up  then LjL00:29
LjLuhm, no kahrytan.00:29
LjLyou changed your IP address.00:29
kahrytanMy isp did00:30
kahrytannot my fault00:30
LjLyou were banned, your ban wasn't lifted00:30
LjLso you're still banned00:30
LjLthat seems quite logical to me, whether or not it was your ISP's fault00:30
kahrytanYou just didnt realize people do have dynamic ips00:30
kahrytanand your ban was rather dumb too00:30
LjLi do realize that, unfortunately i have to00:30
kahrytanYou did it to pick on me00:30
LjLkahrytan, i agree with ikonia. your attitude is far from constructive, i don't think i'm going on with this so-called conversation.00:31
kahrytanI dont have an attitude.00:31
kahrytanJust saying ops here like to ban me after I have stopped doing what they told me to stop.00:32
kahrytanwhich is rather stupid and pointless00:32
kahrytanLjL➲  you do realize I am complaining?00:34
LjLyes kahrytan. complains taken into consideration.00:35
PiciJust for my own reference, this is regarding the harrassment issue in -offtopic?00:35
kahrytanSorta ...00:35
kahrytanwhich I did stop when asked.00:35
LjLyes Pici, although it got intermixed with the fact that he re-appeared today with a different address, as you know00:36
ikoniaLjL: please don't discount the attitude towards you and ompaul00:36
LjLikonia, what attitude? oh wait, you mean the attitude he refused to show in the appropriate channels, like for instance this one00:37
kahrytanLjL➲  which isnt my fault00:37
LjLthough i see that's being amended00:37
ikoniaLjL: yes and the way he did that,00:37
LjLkahrytan, you keep implying things i'm not saying00:37
kahrytanWhats being amended?00:38
LjLthe fact that you didn't complain in the appropriate channels00:38
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:39
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:39
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:39
PiciLjL: can I tell you again how much I like the floodbots00:39
ikonialooks like they are very effective00:40
LjLPici: perhaps i should make the time window shorrter though, i suspect mullcom_ wasn't really a victim00:40
naliothi suspect otw00:41
PiciLjL: why not, his quit time looks correct here00:41
naliothlag is suspect00:41
LjLPici: one second late here, after nalioth's kill00:41
PiciIts all at :03 here.00:42
kahrytanLjL➲  I am complaining in proper channels00:42
LjLkahrytan: indeed, that's what i'm saying. you weren't yesterday, you've fixed that now. although, it is my personal opinion that the way you're doing it isn't doing yourself a favor00:42
kahrytanLjL➲  I wasnt complaining yesterday00:43
LjLuhm well, no, you weren't complaining - on any officially logged channel, that is00:43
LjLbut you and i know you were complaining00:43
kahrytanLjL➲ that wasnt a compliant.00:44
LjLok then.00:44
kahrytanLjL➲ thats just me trying to solve a problem you got with me00:44
LjLwell, matter of definitions. doesn't much matter i guess00:44
kahrytanI just know i'm being unfairly treated by ops.00:46
LjLthen articulate your problem with me/us in a logical and civil manner. although perhaps it's already a bit late for that now... but that's what, in my opinion, you should have done to begin with.00:47
kahrytanLjL➲  I just did00:48
LjLoh. well, i think i mistook it for a meaningless rant, sorry.00:48
LjLi must be a bit tired00:49
kahrytanLjL➲  Yesterday was an attempt to solve problem with just you. Now I am taking to it to a group00:49
kahrytanOn the one hand, No one here really gives a crap what I say. Which proves my point, I'm being unfairly treated.00:50
LjLit proves it to your own mind. if i had to guess, i'd say if anything it shows how starting a complain with "i hate ubuntu ops" is unlikely to attract sympathy.00:51
Jack_SparrowLjL: I applaude your patience...  goodnight...00:52
* LjL wonders if Jack's appearance here was somehow related :)00:53
kahrytanLjL➲ I read that as, " I don't give a crap what you say"00:53
LjLwell, i can't and won't speak of anybody else. as far as i am personally concerned, i can confirm that at this stage, no, i really don't give a crap what you say. have a good day00:54
kahrytanWhich you prooved my point00:54
kahrytani'll stay here til everyone realizes they are treating people in fairly.00:59
kahrytanwhich goes against the name Ubuntu01:00
LjLkahrytan, however i urge you to read the channel topic01:01
kahrytanI ready but why ?01:05
kahrytanI did read it?01:05
LjL"The IRC council reserves the right to remove idlers from the channel"01:06
kahrytani'm not idling01:06
LjLno, you seemed to express your intention to however01:07
kahrytanNo I didn't01:07
kahrytanIdling = Away from Keyboard. I am still physically waiting for more people to be active.01:08
ubotumagnetron called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (lovedeatm)01:10
kahrytanand You also just prooved, LjL, that Ops do abuse me by kicking me01:11
magnetronhello LjL, you invited me01:17
kahrytanHow do I get ops to stop abusing me and treating me unfairly?01:17
LjLmagnetron, yes i did, as you were mentioned in another channel and, as i understand it, accused of something01:17
magnetronLjL: i only saw that you invited me. what am i accused of, and by whom?01:21
Tm_Tkahrytan: what I have seen, noone have treated you unfairly01:21
stdinlovedeatm_: care to explain why you did "[01:14]  <lovedeatm_> "<<<!ops | magnetron>>>>>" <----explain this i have a vendetta"  ?01:22
kahrytanAgain, abuse by ops.01:22
Tm_Tkahrytan: disagreed01:22
lovedeatm_kicked me for doing pasting without warning...pissed me off cuz i didnt know01:22
lovedeatm_ive done it before nobody told me i wasnt allowed to do it01:22
lovedeatm_he pmed me about the copy bin01:23
lovedeatm_and then kicked me that was it01:23
lovedeatm_i dont thik it was fair01:23
LjLlovedeatm_, magnetron didn't kick you, i did.01:23
lovedeatm_according to the logs when i scrolled back he atcivated it..so i accuse him01:24
lovedeatm_[Mon Dec 10 2007] [20:11:17] <magnetron> !ops | lovedeatm01:25
Tm_Tyou can't accuse him01:25
LjLlovedeatm_, that was a call to operators, then operators are called to judge the call.01:25
LjLand lovedeatm_, i kicked/banned you seeing you were flooding the channel, then read it more carefully and realized it wasn't a malicious flood - just a flood - and unbanned you. how were you harmed?01:25
lovedeatm_ok well i don't know that im very extremely new to linux meanwhile why do you think ti was fair to kick me and as fast01:26
lovedeatm_it was literly like you had some kinda auto kick thinkg goin on01:26
elkbuntulovedeatm_, the kick and ban stopped the flood, it was not entirely meant to hurt you. it's common practice01:26
Tm_Tlovedeatm_: I think LjL just admitted he made a mistake ;)01:26
lovedeatm_agian i don't know this...and all is forgiven01:27
elkbuntuTm_T, no, it's common practice to kb to stop a flood01:27
lovedeatm_i made a mistake to and im srry as well01:27
Tm_Telkbuntu: yes, I know01:27
LjLTm_T: not really, no. things scroll fast, especially when a flood is ongoing, so banning and *then* reading is a practice i don't discourage01:27
Tm_TLjL: I know, what I meant, you realised you can lift ban immediately, I misworded, sorry01:28
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LjLlovedeatm_, it's alright for all i'm concerned. i do suggest that you don't accuse people like that, though... if you're new, try to understand how things work - that doesn't mean you should shut up if you feel you're being treated unfairly, but semi-random accusations aren't good either01:28
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lovedeatm_i understand..but it wasnt well i gues it was semi random but yeah ok01:29
lovedeatm_well thanks ill know that for now on01:29
elkbuntulovedeatm_, have you been shown the guidelines?01:29
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)01:29
LjLlovedeatm_, feel free to join this channel and ask, if anything isn't clear to you01:29
lovedeatm_no everything is clear...thank you01:30
lovedeatm_ims sorry for flooding i didnt know01:30
lovedeatm_you were jsut doing your job01:30
ubotustdin called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:31
lovedeatm_lol wow i see what you mean01:31
elkbuntuLjL, i think the floodbots got it right :)01:32
LjLelkbuntu, they certainly did. pity there weren't enough ACTIONs to actually make them start banning01:33
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LjLi'd have liked to see that01:33
magnetronthose floodbots seem pretty smart01:33
elkbuntuLjL, baby steps. it's great just having the warning when we're not looking in the channel01:33
naliothstdin: did you not see myself and LjL set modes just before that started?01:34
Tm_Tmagnetron: can I ask who you are and why you are here? just curious :)01:34
LjLwell i wasn't looking anymore to be honest, i thought +rR would kill it01:34
LjLTm_T, i invited magnetron here since he was called into cause because of a ban in #ubuntu-offtopic01:35
Tm_Tah, roger01:35
stdinnalioth: yep, but if I call ops then it's less likely 10 people will simultaneously01:35
magnetroni'm glad the issue i was called here for was resolved so easily. Tm_T, i am here LjL invited me01:35
Tm_Tmagnetron: hi and welcome to eaglesnest01:35
magnetroni think i'll leave now LjL01:35
magnetronTm_T: ty01:35
lovedeatmyeah srry magnetron01:36
lovedeatmlataz peeps01:36
magnetronlovedeatm: cu01:36
LjLmagnetron, sure, i think the issue seems settled now01:36
elkbuntuLjL, why did you think it would kill it? previous mass joins have shown that they simply do their spam with what they've managed to get in01:36
LjLonly if they're registered elkbuntu01:36
LjLwhich i (stupidly, if you want) assumed they weren't01:36
nalioththese were all registered, too01:37
elkbuntuLjL, with bots, i find it's best to assume the worst. i think nalioth would agree01:37
naliother, they _were_ registered01:37
mneptoky0 p33pz lol 5houtz 2 h0mez rofl lataz01:37
Tm_Tmneptok: ok, I marry you01:37
Tm_Tummm, what?01:38
LjLnalioth, i know, i said i *assumed* they weren't. it clearly showed to be a wrong assumption01:38
* nalioth spilled some bleach in nickservs notebook01:38
Jack_SparrowLjL: Just a quick note.. I had no vested interest in your discussion...  Just stopped in on my way out to say goodnight..01:41
LjLheh ok :) goodnight01:41
mneptokand a hug?01:41
* LjL now steps back01:41
Jack_SparrowSure.. I give great hugs...  ask my wife of 30 years...01:41
mneptokJack_Sparrow: she stopped returning my ephone calls ~30 years ago01:42
ubotuIn ubotu, atoponce said: no ops-#ubuntu-us is <reply> Help: atoponce etank jono nixternal pleia2 zelut02:10
rabidweezleplease test me for the dcc exploit02:29
rabidweezleI was sent to some channel for it02:29
rabidweezlejust got on my pc and followed the instructions02:30
naliothguess not02:30
naliothrabidweezle: have you restarted your client after making the changes?02:31
rabidweezleI'm using xchat02:31
rabidweezleI set the port to the different port02:32
naliothand you restarted it?02:32
rabidweezlelooks like it reset itself02:32
naliothclick the [X] in the upper right corner02:33
rabidweezleI went back into the settings and it reverted02:33
nalioththe client has to be restarted after changing the port02:33
rabidweezletry it now?02:33
rabidweezlelooks like it sticked02:34
naliothlet's see02:34
rabidweezleit's beyond bull that we have to do this02:34
rabidweezle* Received a malformed DCC request from nalioth.02:35
rabidweezle* Contents of packet: DCC SEND THISISNOTATESTOFTHESYSTEM02:35
naliothrabidweezle: DO NOT DO THAT02:35
* nalioth headdesks02:35
rabidweezledo what?02:35
stdindon't copy and paste it back02:35
naliothyou just attacked everyone in this channel  :(02:35
rabidweezlehow in the heck02:35
rabidweezlesorry :(02:35
rabidweezledidn't know02:36
rabidweezleI mean :(02:36
naliothlucky for us, we're all immune02:36
* rabidweezle nods nods02:36
naliothrabidweezle: you can rejoin #ubuntu now, and thanks for putting up with us02:36
rabidweezleso is that exploit the server's fault?02:37
stdinno, it's your routers fault :) but switching port works around that02:37
naliothit's your router softwares doing02:38
rabidweezlemy router is a laptop02:38
rabidweezlehooked to a hotspot02:38
rabidweezleso it's their router's fault02:38
rabidweezleis there a way to fix the router? (I can login to it)02:39
stdinif there is an update to it's firmware then it *may* have a fix, but it may not02:39
nalioththere is about a 50% success rate with new firmware02:39
rabidweezleI shouldn't mess with it's firmware since well, I just can't knock on my neighbor's door and go, "Can you reset your router?"02:40
naliothresetting the port is the surefire method, anyway02:41
rabidweezlefor sure02:41
rabidweezlethanks for keeping us informed, and death to the trolls that are doing this to us02:41
rabidweezlebut WHY would they attack us?02:42
rabidweezleI mean, it's not like it don't auto-rejoin... ...and we are just the nice opensource guys02:42
rabidweezleunless microsoft hired alot of 9 year old hackers *starts a conspiracy theory*02:43
* rabidweezle stops and just toddles off to the offtopic channel02:43
rabidweezlethanks again02:43
TheFishyhello u guys think i have some sort of dcc bug on my router....02:45
TheFishyi have read the fix but i want to know more about it02:46
stdinTheFishy: just wait for an ubuntu op to wake up02:49
TheFishywell i just want to know more about it... do u know about it?02:49
stdinwhat do you want to know?02:50
TheFishywell is the exploit just purely from connecting through the 6667 port?02:50
stdinno, it's a bug in your routers software02:50
stdinconnecting on a different port is a workaround to that02:51
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TheFishymy routers software? its a netgear with the highest firmware02:51
stdinwell it has a bug, one they haven't bothered to fix02:51
TheFishywhat can happen if i dont fix it?02:52
stdinwhen someone attacks #ubuntu it will force your connection to the server to drop02:52
mneptokit can be exploited02:52
stdinall the exploit is, is it will disconnect you02:53
TheFishyi haven't been dropped from this server yet...02:53
stdinand then you'll be banned from #ubuntu and sent to #ubuntu-read-topic when that happens02:53
stdinif you were sent to #ubuntu-read-topic, then it was02:54
stdin"[00:39]  <-- TheFishy has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))"02:54
stdin(time's in UTC)02:54
TheFishythat was just peer...02:57
TheFishypeer always restarts people02:57
stdinyou are the peer :)02:57
stdinit means your router reset the connection suddenly02:58
ubotuetank called the ops in #ubuntu-us ()03:00
Voriandisregard ^03:00
TheFIshyok so i installed new firmware03:18
TheFIshyany way to test this exploit?03:18
naliothTheFIshy: sure03:19
naliothTheFIshy: guess you need to switch to port 800103:21
TheFIshyugh lame is this on all irc servers03:21
naliothTheFIshy: this is in your router03:22
TheFIshythat makes no sense03:22
TheFIshywhat ports do i block to stop it?03:22
=== tonyy is now known as tonyyarusso
Picihe could block 6667 and 8001, that would work /me snickers04:14
ubotuIn ubotu, nealmcb said: !mail server is <reply> Ubuntu provides mail client and mail server software of all kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation or with the tasksel" command. See also  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and  https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/email-services.html06:32
nealmcbI'm teaching ubotu about some server stuff, which the server team has been discussing recently - see the "factoids" section of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Roadmap06:33
nealmcbThe next server team meeting is at 16:00 UTC later today.  I'm headed to bed now and will part here, but I'll stay logged in overnight if you want to leave a message.  Thanks!07:00
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KagarLjL -- how long was my ban set for?07:44
Kagar..or if any of the other ops know? ... :(07:46
Kagarmay I be allowed to join Ubuntu-offtopic again?08:17
GaryKagar, LjL set the ban, I cannot see why08:25
PriceChildkahryten has gone to the ML btw. (nalioth ljl mneptok)09:46
PriceChild<bqmassey> in #ubuntu.... asking for help compiling a porn dialer10:03
* Hobbsee wishes people would actually read the topics, and not act surprised when they get punished for not following them.10:56
Garywheres the topic again?10:56
* Hobbsee beats Gary10:58
Garyhelp, help, I'm being repressed!10:58
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ubotuJuhaz called the ops in #ubuntu ()11:36
ikonia morning12:10
ikoniaafternoon actually , just12:10
* jussi01 sighs at the guy on the ML...12:50
elkbuntujussi01, yeah, we saw. we suspect it's probably a freenode issue now12:51
jussi01elkbuntu: ahhh... k Just read up and saw PriceChild's comments12:52
elkbuntuyeah, i spoke with him in PM about it already12:52
Seeker`why is it a freenode issue now?12:53
elkbuntuSeeker`, he decided to flood a staffer12:53
PriceChildSeeker`, then k-lined12:53
Seeker`ah, ok12:55
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Garywhats the linky to the ban tracker?  (and is it working right at the mo?)13:00
Seeker` @btlogin13:00
PriceChildSeeker`, ubotu gets rid of spaces no?13:01
elkbuntu !ping13:01
Gary@btlogin I don't think this works for me?13:01
ubotuInvalid arguments for btlogin.13:01
Seeker`I didn't get a pm from ubotu13:01
Garyyeah, the bot hates me - <ubotu> Error: Authntication failed13:02
elkbuntuthe bantracker is moody at the best of times13:02
Garydamit, thats one more, and thats a bot... :'(13:02
elkbuntuGary, he hates us all equally, if that helps any?13:02
GaryI wanted to look at Kagar's ban notes13:03
Seeker`Gary: is there anything specific you want to know?13:03
Seeker`ah, ok13:03
PriceChildGary, do you have a login to the bantracker?13:03
GaryPriceChild, nope :'(13:03
PriceChildas in did seveas turn it on for you?13:03
PriceChildGary, poke him next time you see him to then13:04
Garywill do13:04
Seveasno, you can't have a pony13:07
ikoniaSeveas: are you dishing out coal ?13:37
elkbuntuno, pony dung13:40
elkbuntuit may or may not be fossilised13:40
ikoniaeither way a generous offer from Seveas13:42
GarySeveas, but I wanna pony14:20
ikoniaI want doesn't get14:21
Garyyay pony14:23
Garydonkey donkey donkey14:25
ikoniabadger badger badger14:26
ikoniaha ha,just seen Hobbsee's kick message14:26
* Gary cries14:26
ikoniaI missed that first time14:26
* Pici pats ikonia 14:26
ikoniasorry, I'm clearly slow14:26
ikoniaPici: although the pat is appriciated14:27
GaryHobbsee is just a big 'orrid bully14:30
GaryI refer you, kind sir/madam to the /topic of #ubuntu-offtopic14:31
LjLbad hobbsee, repressing gary. go sit in a corner14:32
ikoniarepressed in a Python style ?14:32
ikoniaa bit of fun to lighten the day14:33
GaryI wish to make a complaint14:42
* Pici files Gary in triplicate14:43
GaryI feel that the bantracker might have slighty un justified bans :p14:43
* Gary got scared when he searched for Gary/GazzaK14:44
ubotuIn ubotu, nealmcb said: !JeOS is <reply> JeOS (pronounced "Juice") is Just enough Operating System.  It is an efficient variant of the Ubuntu Server operating system, configured specifically for virtual appliances.  See http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/jeos for more information.14:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jeos - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:44
LjLit really means just enough operating system?14:44
Piciyes iirc14:44
DavieyLjL: yes14:45
* LjL refuses to add the factoid due to the hideously horrid name14:45
Pici!JeOS is <reply> JeOS (pronounced "Juice") is Just enough Operating System.  It is an efficient variant of the Ubuntu Server operating system, configured specifically for virtual appliances. See http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/jeos for more information.14:45
ubotuI'll remember that, Pici14:45
* Daviey suggests LjL stops being an authorised add-er then :)14:45
* LjL thinks he has a right to not add factoids he finds ugly14:46
ikoniaPici: what do you class as a virualised appliance ?14:46
LjLikonia: anything that needs a buzzword14:47
* Pici shrugs14:47
ikoniafair enough14:47
ikonianever heard that term14:47
ikoniaI was thinking like a virtualised palm pilot or something like that14:48
ikoniaor a video recorder14:48
LjLikonia i think vmware mostly started the term14:48
LjLwith player14:48
ikoniaso a nonsense phrase then14:48
nealmcbI've got a bunch of other factoids at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Roadmap for the server team.  Mathias said to put the ones that are ready in now, and update later as necessary.  Should I add them, or ask you to do it and the updates?14:49
LjLikonia, mostly. the idea, i think, is that you have systems that do something pretty specific (the typical example is a web browsing kiosk) running on a VM to avoid messing up with the real machine14:49
ikoniaLjL: an interesting though, but seeing as unusal kit like that normally has problems due to the hardware, virtualisation doesn't seem a good resource to me14:50
LjLnealmcb, i'm going to review and add in #ubuntu-bots (to avoid people crying "spam" in here)14:50
nealmcbLjL: cool14:50
LjLikonia, you're the past, virtual appliances are the future. 'nuff said14:51
* ikonia retires14:51
nealmcbsee you later.....14:53
nealmcb(and in bot-land)14:53
naliothPici: you can pull that last ban15:40
Picinalioth: thanks for the update15:40
naliothjrib: they're all being klined15:45
Picinalioth: this happening across freenode? or just here?15:46
naliothafaik #ubuntu15:46
ubotuIn #ubuntu-kernel, FlashBiker said: ubotu: so there is no kernel that supports my hardware?16:09
Myrtti!bot > FlashBiker16:09
Pici!bot > FlashBiker16:09
MyrttiPici: hrmh16:11
jpatricklorddarkpat_ and deuryte are beening quite rowdy on #kubuntu, stuff like: AOL sucks! winblows!16:51
PiciAmaranth: do you have alacarte on hilight? or just happen to be watching?  (I know you made it)16:51
jpatrickshould I !language them?16:52
Picijpatrick: !offtopic, !ettiquite16:52
Picietiquette actually (oops)16:52
AmaranthPici: yeah, it's on highlight16:52
PiciJust curious16:53
jpatrickPici: too late!16:53
Amaranthso is willow16:53
Amaranthi should probably put compiz and fusion in there too16:53
PiciI think you'll regret that16:53
Amaranthoh, right, i'm in #compiz-fusion16:56
* Amaranth drops that16:56
Amaranthi wish i could do per-channel highlights16:56
* ikonia patches x-chat for per-channel16:57
* Pici needs to fix his 'troll' hilight, it keeps picking up words like 'controller'17:00
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ikoniapotential troll mindshift18:26
ikoniacan someone check if he has history18:26
* Pici checks18:26
ikoniahe's getting more relevant, perhaps I'm wrong18:26
LjLno history18:28
ikoniahe's getting a bit more "with it" now18:28
ikoniavery random and argumentative before18:28
ikoniajust checking18:28
nalioth'no history' means nothing when new nicks are just an enter key away18:30
ikoniano, but it never hurts to check before jumping to a conflusion18:31
ikoniahe's early comments suggested he'd come in for a fight18:31
ikoniahence the check18:31
LjLwell when i implement mindreading i'll be able to help better18:31
ikoniabut then he started to get with it a bit more with it18:31
ikoniaahh I see Pici has picked up on it too18:32
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PiciLjL: presumably so he can prove that you are picking on him.19:30
LjLPici: right channel to say that in, surely.19:30
PiciOr at least thats my guess.19:30
LjLalso, surely i insisted for him to join -ops rather than keeping PM'ing me for precisely that reason19:30
LjLyet he kept refusing19:30
LjLi'm going for dinner, please make sure he doesn't stay offtopic on #ubuntu for very long19:30
pieisgood4589I need help.20:19
pieisgood4589I tried to connect to the "#ubuntu"20:19
pieisgood4589but its not letting me20:19
pieisgood4589It says I'm blocked when I've never connected to that channel before.20:20
ompaullet me look20:20
pieisgood4589Thank you20:20
pieisgood4589Are you still there?20:21
ompaullet me look20:21
pieisgood4589Ok, thanks again.20:22
ompaulplease wait a min or two - have to wait for a machine to work20:24
pieisgood4589Thank you again.20:24
ompaultrying to find a ban20:26
ompauldo you want to try and join can't see anything obvious at the moment20:26
ompaulwere you trying with that nick?20:27
ompaulI can't see a reason for you not being able to get in20:28
ompaulI'll look again20:29
pieisgood4589I don't know why20:30
pieisgood4589It keeps saying "Cannot join #ubuntu (you are banned)20:30
* ompaul goes to look at the ban list again20:30
ompaulI can't find a ban that matches you in any way20:35
* ompaul prods some other ops20:36
Garythere isn't one for *@*.verison.net is there :p20:36
ompaulthere will be one for gary@planetearth real soon :P20:36
ompaulGary, have a look I can't see a thing20:36
ompaulpieisgood4589, kinda hard to remove a ban if you can't find it :-(20:37
pieisgood4589Can you check if anything else is wrong?20:37
pieisgood4589Anything at all?20:37
pieisgood4589Or should I contact other help?20:37
ompaulpieisgood4589, other such as? we control the gateway and I can't see your nick in *any* list or any other part of your id20:38
ompaulpieisgood4589, got a ubuntu live cd?20:39
GaryI cannot see any ban which jumps out either ompaul20:39
Garypieisgood4589, have you been able to connect?20:39
ompaulcare to boot your machine from that and then try to join - if you get in let me know it will give me something more specific to look at20:39
pieisgood4589One moment20:40
pieisgood4589I am connected in the Live CD20:49
pieisgood4589But I can't connect to #ubuntu with my installed system20:50
pieisgood4589I don't know why20:50
stdinyou seem to have a different hostname than before20:50
pieisgood4589This time i used GAIM, last time I used XChat20:50
pieisgood4589Would that make a difference?20:50
stdinno, that wouldn't effect it20:50
mc44er... you changed from verizon to comcast20:51
mc44that might do it :)20:51
pieisgood4589I connected to the wrong Wireless network20:51
pieisgood4589One moment20:51
ompauland drop the pie is good stuff might be useful20:51
pieisgood4581Here we go20:52
pieisgood4581Now I'm connected to the same network20:52
pieisgood4581And I'm banned20:52
pieisgood4581Still banned...20:52
pieisgood4581Even in the LiveCD20:53
ompaulokay that points to the IP20:53
* ompaul goes again 20:53
ompaulban took place in october20:55
ompaulthat was strange20:56
pieisgood4581And I'm still banned?20:56
ompaulyou can reboot I will remove the ban - however20:56
ompauljust understand20:56
ubotuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/20:56
ompaul!guidelines | they are usefl20:56
ubotuthey are usefl: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:56
pieisgood4581I'll take a look. Thank you very much.20:56
LjLompaul: so it was a ban on the very same IP?21:04
ompaulit was21:05
pieisgood4589_It says I am banned after just joining the channel21:05
ompaulpieisgood4589_, you were told you were offtopic -- it is a tech support channel not a chat channel21:05
pieisgood4589_It says that I was banned by "ompaul"21:05
ompaul* [h4x0r7h1s] (n=h4x0r7h1@static-70-17-254-78.bltmmd.east.verizon.net): purple21:06
ompaulthat ip is not getting back21:07
ompaulfor a while21:07
mc44ompaul: he's in offtopic ;)21:07
ompaulmc44, I only banned him from #ubuntu21:08
ompaulI don't play chasing21:08
* mc44 chases ompaul21:10
* somerville32 hugs mc44 21:10
* ompaul stands stock still21:11
LjLompaul, err, except it wasn't the *same* ip. i was just scanning for people on east.verizon.net, and his nickname looked interesting.21:12
ikoniapirate paul ?21:12
ompaulikonia, na21:13
ikoniathought it was arrrrrrr me hearty21:13
LjLompaul, i'll be more verbose next time i paste an address :P21:13
ompaulLjL, I am blind this evening21:14
* ikonia flicks the V's at ompaul 21:14
ompaulikonia, it will take more than vs21:15
* LjL flicks the W's at ompaul21:15
ikoniaha ha21:15
ikoniaLjL: please don't use language like W's, this is a family friendly channel21:15
ikonia!ohmy | ljl21:16
ubotuljl: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:16
ompaulbut not ompaul friendly21:16
ompaulyou could not cope with that21:16
ikoniaeverywhere is ompaul friendly21:17
ikoniayou are a national treasure21:17
ompaulikonia, the only ompaul in village21:17
* ompaul rofl21:17
ompaulikonia, I just worked out another gag in that tv program - village people21:18
ompaulohhhhhh nooooooooooo21:18
* ompaul head desks21:18
ikoniayour status as a national treasure is in jepordy21:18
ompaulikonia, it is funny21:18
ikoniaI'll take your word21:19
ompaulikonia, in my mind it happens this way anyway21:20
ompaulikonia, ?21:26
ompaulikonia, you know I was just wondering, kinda sorta having a think, as you might think that I might think, and I want to know, since when am I an sql command string?21:27
ompaulexplain that!21:27
LjLdoing it for you21:28
ompaulno thanks21:29
LjL(how come i could see you speaking anyway)21:29
LjLah whops right.21:30
LjLwell no you weren't opped, but you were definitely voiced21:30
ikoniadoes voicing overwrite ban ?21:32
jdongyou cna't mute a voiced person21:32
ikoniaoverrule I should say21:32
crdlbyou can't ban a voiced person either21:32
ikoniaso if you ban and kick a voiced person can he re-join21:33
ikoniaahhh because he's not got voice untli he joins21:33
ompaulMyrtti, as in here21:38
jdongcrdlb: what do you mean, you can't ban a voiced person?21:38
jdongthey can't exactly get back in after you kick em :)21:38
crdlbI mean that they can still speak even with a full ban21:39
jdongcrdlb: ah, ok, I guess what I'm calling mute is what you call ban21:39
LjLthat's what he means21:40
jdongwait, if you're not voiced, you can't speak with a ban against you?21:41
LjLjdong: no.21:41
LjLban > mute21:41
jdongshows my IRC newbness then :D21:41
LjLban doesn't let you speak *and* doesn't let you goin21:41
LjLjoin even21:41
LjLmute just doesn't let you speak21:41
jdongok, that makes sense21:41
LjLstill voice overrides either21:42
LjLthough of course no amount of being voiced will let you join a channel you're banned from21:42
LjLstill it's already the second time in two days i see unpleasant business going on with wols involved21:45
ompaulLjL, talk with me21:47
bodhi_zazen'lo all22:03
ikoniaLjL: chin up :)22:07
LjLikonia: say wha?22:09
ikoniaLjL: vocal support "keep your chin up" you sounded down due to todays dealings22:09
LjLhm well nah i'm fine, trolls amuse me. but keeping a better posture will probably help my wrist22:10
ikoniaLjL: I think you have to be an English guy to get "chin up"22:11
LjLyeah even m-w doesn't really give any metaphorical meaning22:11
ikoniam-w ?22:12
LjLmerriam webster22:13
LjLyou know, what everybody uses as their online english dictionary :P22:14
ikoniayes, I know it now22:14
ikoniam-w was just a new name for it22:14
LjLwell it's what the site is called22:15
ikoniaalways good to know22:15
LjLi'd use oxford but they charge for online lookup :)22:17
ikoniatad naughty22:17
* mc44 has a password ;)22:17
LjLor, i could use paper dictionaries but i never really learn alphabetical ordering22:17
LjLmc44 surely doesn't need one being the literate genius he is22:18
mc44sometimes even I don't know obscure 12th century definitions22:18
LjLshows how not even a superhuman being could have knowledge of everything doesn't it22:19
LjLanybody knows what is the proper procedure to get ubuntulog in a channel? just mail the address given?22:24
Seeker`LjL: http://www.askoxford.com22:33
LjLSeeker`: ah nice... any idea how compact it is compared to the non-compact dictionary?22:35
Seeker`but it seems to have quite a bit22:35
LjLyeah it has chin up as a figurative expression at least22:36
Seeker`I believe it is the compact one22:37
LjLit is22:37
Seeker`but it feels a bit more authorative than dictionary.com22:38
ikoniaSeeker`: how cold are you tonight ?22:39
Seeker`ikonia: not too bad22:39
LjLuhm never used that, always stuck to m-w22:39
Seeker`had the heating on full since 1pm though22:39
Seeker`ikonia: how are you?22:40
ikoniaSeeker`: cold, heating on  now, and fire lit22:41
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ikoniaSeeker`: very cool actually22:46
Seeker`i meant the fire :P22:46
ikoniano no, thats hot22:47
ikoniaSeeker`: you should pop around one evening for a mince pie and some mulled wine22:50
Seeker`i've got stuff planned every evening for the rest of the week22:50
Seeker`and then i'm visiting my parents22:50
ikoniaahhh well22:52
ikoniajust a christmas hand offered22:52
Seeker`thanks for the offer :)22:52
ikonianot at all22:52
stdinLjL: the "new" factoid would be something like:23:41
stdinIf you're trying to install KDE4 RC2  but getting errors about files being overwritten, first remove all the KDE4 packages using the !Terminal: « sudo apt-get --purge remove $(dpkg -l | egrep '(KDE 4|KDE PIM 4|-kde4)' |cut -d ' ' -f 3) kdebase-workspace kdebase-runtime » then run « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » - After that install KDE4 as normal23:41
stdinI don't like it being that long, but that about explains it23:42
LjL!no brokenkde4 is <reply> If you get errors about files being overwritten when installing KDE4 RC2, first use the !terminal to remove old KDE4 packages: « sudo apt-get --purge remove $(dpkg -l | egrep '(KDE 4|KDE PIM 4|-kde4)' |cut -d ' ' -f 3) kdebase-workspace kdebase-runtime ». Then run « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ». Then install KDE4 as normal.23:44
ubotuI'll remember that LjL23:44
stdinI'm going for the longest factoid record :p23:45
stdinnow !automatix is shortened I think I have a chance23:45
LjLwell as long as it's "temporary fix" factoids, i think it's ok23:46
stdinit should be, when riddell updates the announcement page it should no longer be needed23:47

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