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bryceyay, first cut at the auto-packager done (about 50% successful)19:56
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bryceheya tormod21:59
tormodhi bryce21:59
brycetormod: did a ton of work on the script last night and just checked it in about an hour ago21:59
tormodI'll check it out22:00
brycedummied up a webpage too - http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/BFAXoGHP/results.html22:00
brycenow that I got it this far, I'm going to be shifting focus to getting the xorg-server backport completed for UME; I think the auto script builds enough of my dependencies I can do it now22:01
bryceubuntu mobile edition22:02
brycethey need bleeding edge xephyr to do some 3d app development for embedded stuff22:02
bryce(that was the primary reason for me putting in time with this script, although I also wanted to see it in general for lots of other needs)22:03
bryceI think the script's to a point where it might be able to auto-build all the various drivers as well, but I've not given that a shot yet22:04
tormodbryce: all the failing builds with "No available dir ../xsfbs from" - is it just because Debian has dropped xsfbs for those packages?22:46
bryceI think so yeah22:47
bryceI tried just having the script manually copy xsfbs into place, but it's not working... not sure why22:47
tormodthat would get you to 90% I think :)22:47
bryceexactly my thinking22:50
bryceactually I think it'll take me to 80%22:50
brycethen there's some packages that have some mis-mapped package names that should be easy to fix, so that should do another 5-10%22:51
bryceand probably I can squeeze a few more merge workarounds to make up whatever's left22:51

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