juano__xxx_: doesn't mean its bad though :)00:00
[Neurotic]I'm wondering - is anyone using Hardy Heron yet? If so, how are people finding it? stable?00:00
eurowerkeif it starts up00:00
xxx_i personaly perfer something which doesnt fragment00:00
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josiahwjuano__: yeah but ext3 isnt Windows intended right?00:00
juano__josiahw: ext3 is linux extended00:00
xxx_ext3 CAN be read well with fs-drive00:00
xxx_on windows00:00
josiahwlol ok guys thank you00:00
K_DallasGood evening again! With old HDD, I used to use hdparm to set the parameters. Rigth now though, I have installed Gutsy on toshiba-satellite and doing hdparm -I /dev/sda I get udma5. Is that all right or should I change it (HDD is SATA) Thanks00:00
mneptokjosiahw: what is your goal?00:00
xxx_dual boot comp00:00
juano__mneptok: lol good question00:00
wols_xxx_: but it ignores permissions too00:00
josiahwis there a way for me to resize my partitions on my windows machine? or would i be better off doing a complete format of the system and installing both?00:01
utahvwRazzoRz:you probably dont want to use the scrrens and graphics thing...if you are using the proprietary ati driver it should install a nice little gui config tool...thats what you want to use...unless you like to edit the xorg.conf by hand  ;-)00:01
[Neurotic]josiahw, goarted is your friend00:01
goldbond_wols_: i rebooted with your addions to fstab and nothing changed00:01
[Neurotic]josiahw, gparted*00:01
michelsonhow does on install the PAE kernel module on an ubuntu feisty server?00:01
RazzoRzutahvw: not sure where that tool is ... care to help00:01
josiahw[Neurotic]: Ill give it a look00:01
wols_goldbond_: the mount itself doesn't work as seen with mount /mnt/f00:02
rsfriendswhy i try to talk in skype, the other person dont hear me, i have see the setting , i just cant finde some thing wrong....00:02
goldbond_wols_what could be the problem? is it with the drive?00:02
michelsonwill my ubuntu machine use > 4 G ram if i don't have the pae kernel module instaled?00:02
wols_goldbond_: does /mnt/f exist/ ls -d /mnt/f00:02
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wols_michelson: ony on x86-64 ubuntu. not in i386 ubuntu00:02
utahvwRazzoRz:sure...it may take a minute...i removed all of the ATI cards infavor of NVIDIA cause of the flaky ati linux support (sorry to say)00:02
juano__josiahw: there is a really good gparted boot cd, boots up an OS into memory with interactive desktop + gparted only00:02
xxx_who in this channel uses swap exceeding 2 gb?00:02
irreducibilisIs my internet down?00:02
Thiago_Adrianothere`s something like a how to ubunto into a hp laptop?00:02
Piciirreducibilis: no.00:03
juano__josiahw: but for now u can try the normal gparted is good00:03
RazzoRzsure thing!...00:03
michelsonwols_:    shoot.  this is a 32 bit system.   when i use free i only see 3G ram :(00:03
goldbond_wols_: it exists but it is empty00:03
wols_xxx_: ask a real question00:03
spepshey guys a simple question.what does ${@} means?thanks00:03
Thiago_Adrianothere`s something like a how to ubuntu into a hp laptop?00:03
eurowerkegeorgeb: it held the static IP after reboot00:03
utahvwRazzoRz:i think its ati-xconfig or something like that00:03
wols_xxx_: and if you need 2GB swap, then you have a problem (unless it's for suspend only)00:03
josiahwjuano__: I am downloading the gparted livecd right now from gparted.sourceforge.net right now00:03
juano__!reapeat | Thiago_Adriano00:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about reapeat - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:03
goldbond_wols_: when i try to umount it, it says it is not mounted00:03
wols_michelson: that is normal00:03
juano__!repeat | Thiago_Adriano00:03
ubotuThiago_Adriano: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:03
msbhvnso in ubuntu on a powerpc with a one-button mac mouse how does one remove quick launch shortcuts from top menu bar?00:03
michelsonwols_:   can i fix it so it sees all the ram?00:03
josiahwjuano__: looks like there is a live usb as well :)00:04
goldbond_wols_: but it looks like fdisk detects it? what could be the problem? i am lost.00:04
RazzoRzNo sorry did not work00:04
RazzoRztake your time00:04
juano__josiahw: yea i think so too00:04
wols_michelson: only if you use 64bit ubuntu00:04
eddyhow do I use super user to open a file browser?  (Like nautilis)00:04
michelsonwols_:   what about the PAE kernel module?00:04
wols_michelson: do you have a xeon?00:04
eurowerkeLOL I think i created my own troubles by assuming dhclient was running00:04
michelsonwols_: clovertown00:04
juano__eddy: gksudo nautilus *adir*}00:04
kitchemsbhvn: the one-button mac mouse is actually a two button mouse depending on how you click it you have to set it up though for that I believe which I have noc lue how to00:04
xxx_no i dont use 2 gig swap i only use 1gb but since i have 1.5 gig ram and the recommended swap is 2x ram then i was just asking ?00:04
Picimichelson: the -server kernel does not have restricted drivers.00:04
eurowerkeand testing it after I set the static IP00:04
wols_michelson: look for a bigmem kernel00:04
eurowerkeso I STARTED it after setting up the static IP, and then it ran and would renew00:05
josiahwjuano__: so if my harddrive has information on it that gets resized will it mess it up?00:05
eurowerkewe'll see how it works out tomorrow :)00:05
eurowerkethanks georgeb00:05
basculekitche: press and hold IIRC00:05
michelsonPici:  sorry, so if it doesn't have the restricted drivers, does that mean i can't use the ram > 4 G?00:05
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kitchebascule: well that to but that's not what I meant00:05
michelsonwols_:  i was hoping it would come with a big mem kernel.  it's a dedicated server from a hosting company00:05
georgebeurowerke: np00:05
juano__josiahw: you should never resize over the yellow section, which is the data area, partition then will probably be unaccesible00:05
Picimichelson: it does, but it means that you probably can't use your ati/nvidia/wifi properly.00:05
josiahwjuano__: or if I already have a ntfs partition sitting there with nothing on it will ubuntu allow me to install onto that? and not mess up my current Vista installation?00:06
michelsonPici: well it is a server, so i don't need any of that00:06
Picimichelson: then I'd use it00:06
Picimichelson: the server install CD installs the -server kernel by default.00:06
juano__josiahw: you will need a / partition, and a swap partition at least00:06
michelsonPici:   does that mean the server kernel will use all my ram >4 G?00:06
juano__josiahw: / can be ext2 or ext300:07
Picimichelson: yes.00:07
msbhvnkitche: cool, will google some more00:07
michelsonPici: but 'top' and 'free' only show less than 4G ram00:07
josiahwjuano__: right but cant ubuntu do format and change my current ntfs blank partition?00:07
juano__josiahw: you have 2 ntfs partitions ? one with vista and the other blank ?00:07
Picimichelson: are you running the server kernel? does your processor support PAE?00:07
josiahwjuano__: yes00:07
juano__josiahw: then there should be a problem to format the empty one00:07
michelsonPici: supports PAE, yes, I believe so, intel clovertown cpus, but PAE module isn't installed00:08
Dred_furstHey, I am looking for some help with my wireless card in my laptop00:08
Picimichelson:  `cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep pae` should tell you00:08
josiahwjuano__: my ntfs partion is 100gb and my blank ntfs partition is 900gb00:08
juano__josiahw: wow thats a lot of space00:08
juano__josiahw: almost a Tera00:08
josiahwjuano__: i like big hard drives :)00:08
magicrobotmonkeyis there something like k9copy for gnome00:08
juano__josiahw: :)00:08
josiahwis a tera00:08
xxx_1tb niiice00:08
michelsonPici: yep, it's there :)00:08
josiahwhard drive00:08
Picimichelson: what does uname -a say?00:09
hennki am using a logitech quickcam with 7.10 and the skype beta with video support. the image is very dark. in camorama i can raise the brightness, but the setting won't stick. any chance to do this globally, so that skype will get a brighter picture?00:09
michelsonPici:  2.6.20-16-386 #2 Sun Sep 23 19:47:10 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux00:09
juano__josiahw: well youll never worry bout having DVD images in your HDD00:09
juano__josiahw: lol00:09
Dred_furstmy wireless chipset is a marvell libertas 88w833500:09
Picimichelson: Well, thats the problem. You are running the -386 kernel, not the -server kernel00:09
bascule*never* ... I think you will, hddvd is huge00:09
michelsonPici:  shoot.  well thanks a lot for your help!   much appreciated!00:09
protolocoand opensource aplication like LoadRunner??. Who doesnt knows  Load Runner emulates hundreds or thousands of concurrent users in order to performance test how an application operates under these conditions.00:10
josiahwok but I dont have to do anything before installing ubuntu onto my computer? if i install ubuntu after windows is already on the system will it still bootup with lilo?00:10
xxx_¬¬ i know few ppl who download hddvd , blueray iso's00:10
juano__josiahw: well anyway, as you can see, if you format the blank partition *if it is really blank and nothing installed from vista on there* then its ok, it would be logically like disconnecting a HDD if you think it00:10
robobobcould some1 ahve a look please00:10
dj_Is there a myspace IM client for Linux?  or one that works for myspace IM?00:10
juano__josiahw: vista should just recognize the new size00:11
josiahwjuano__: im just worried about the bootup i guess... and ubuntu formatting my current windows partition00:11
fsckranyone here run dual monitors and have separate wallpaper on each one?00:11
AndrewBdj_: pidgin maybe does?00:11
josiahwbut will vista or lilo boot first? so i can choose which to boot from?00:11
AndrewBI'm not sure off the top of my head dj_00:11
Dred_fursthas anyone got any suggestions?00:11
juano__josiahw: after you install ubuntu, grub will be installed, then you can boot from grub to your vista00:11
basculeon what00:11
josiahwbecause i dont think windows has any dual boot startup programs00:11
xxx_josiah just run the vista cd00:12
Odd-rationaleSynx_hm: Are you still there? I can't figure it out either.00:12
xxx_at startup and fix mbr00:12
juano__!grub | josiahw00:12
ubotujosiahw: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:12
[1]renanok how do i get a 3ddesktop?00:12
xxx_it works well on xp should be the same on vista00:12
PeterTHello.  I wonder if anyone here can help me.  I'm trying to set up the external monitor on my laptop through the handy 'screens and graphics' application and whichever device I select as the Model for Screen 2, it brings up a file browser with the title "Choose a driver file".  It did work previously (with a different screen connected, but still), perhaps my recent 'apt-get autoremove' did more than it should have?00:12
[1]renan!grub 3ddesktop00:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about grub 3ddesktop - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:12
irreducibilis_Is it normal for my DNS to cut out for 10 minutes?00:12
Synx_hmOdd-rationale, got it working with nvidia-settings, however i had a slightly dimmer screen, and i needed to reinstall on a softraid anyways so i dumped the system hehe00:12
irreducibilis_And btw.... How do I get my name back?00:12
[1]renan!grub 3d desktop00:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about grub 3d desktop - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:12
irreducibilis_I seem to have a ghost00:12
ubotuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.00:12
basculexxx_: vista uses a new thing, not ntldr called bootmgr00:12
esqueletohello ..00:12
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents00:13
juano__!msgthebot | [1]renan00:13
ubotu[1]renan: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.00:13
esqueletowhere is the graphical application to adminstration IPTables on Ubuntu ?00:13
Odd-rationaleSynx_hm: OK00:13
josiahwjuano__: sorry i was thinking grub not lilo... although i dont know the differences... doesnt matter.00:13
cafuegoesqueleto: Nowhere, until you install one.00:13
CrochaxOk, kann mir jemand wegen Amarok helfen?00:13
qwazesqueleto, there isnt00:13
[1]renanI WANT TO KNOW HOW I ADD A 3d effect on my desktop!00:13
basculeesqueleto: firestarter00:13
cafuego[1]renan: Please don't SCREAM.00:13
Synx_hmOdd-rationale, i hope this softraid boots :(00:13
xxx_ok sorry i didnt knwo00:13
juano__josiahw: grub and lilo are two different boot managers00:13
Synx_hmOdd-rationale, thanks though00:13
juano__josiahw: grub is the default one that ubuntu installs00:13
magicrobotmonkey[1]renan: do you have compiz running?00:13
P_KableI try to add a French dictionary in Thunderbird but after installed it won't appear in the dictionaries choices ...00:13
Synx_hmOdd-rationale, you run the nvidia restricted driver?00:14
josiahwjuano__: i know that... im not that dumb am I :)00:14
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josiahwjuano__: maybe i am lol00:14
Enslavedcompiz will give you 3d effects00:14
cafuego[1]renan: System > Preferences > Appearance > Effects00:14
Odd-rationaleSynx_hm: Yup.00:14
Jack_Sparrow[1]renan:  Have you setup your video card and monitor ..  or are you running vesa mode00:14
neverblue[1]renan, what part of the process are you in ?00:14
Synx_hmOdd-rationale, ya i just ran nvidia-settings and used twinview00:14
newpshi there i have an ati mobile card.. i was using compiz with fglx driver perfectly and all over a sudden it is all messed up and everything is CRAZY, text is all blurred, windows are ghosting, even in this chat, if i dont resize the window constantly, all the text is crazy cause it scrolls up each time someone types.. PLEASE HELP!00:14
[1]renancafuego, i did get install 3ddesktop00:14
[1]renanbut nothing works..00:14
juano_1josiahw: emmm sorry :P :)00:15
mneptokP_Kable: installez-vous le paquet "thunderbird-locale-fr"00:15
josiahwThere is already a new version of Ubuntu? or is that just a beta?00:15
mapezhey trying to open up a .torrent from a tracker, I already have the files, I just want to seed using ktorrent. thanks.00:15
cafuego[1]renan: Yeah, that's not particualrly useful; you don't need it.00:15
Picijosiahw: 8.04 is in the first alpha release, definitly not suitable for users at this point.00:15
[1]renancafuego, then how do i install and get it?00:15
Odd-rationalejosiahw: it is beta00:15
Enslavedyou need to get compiz00:15
juano_1josiahw: up to 7.10 gutsy is stable00:15
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:15
Jack_Sparrownewps: were you running a program under wine when this happened?00:15
PiciOdd-rationale: Alpha.00:15
josiahwok cool00:15
cafuego[1]renan: it comes preinstalled on Gutsy (7.10).00:15
Odd-rationalesorry alpha00:15
newpsnop and i have rebooted00:15
esqueletoit's an application called FireStarter00:15
esqueletoi'm installing00:16
xxx_im new to ubuntu 5 day experience. is fedora an advanced version of ubuntu cos ive read it in a few forums?00:16
[1]renancafuego, how do i get it?00:16
neverbluexxx_, nope00:16
mapezxxx_ No.00:16
newpsthe fglx driver seems hosed to me00:16
cafuego[1]renan: it comes preinstalled on Gutsy (7.10).00:16
josiahwDo you think it would be ok to go with the 64bit 7.10? Or should I stick to the 32bit? I have a dualcore 64bit and would love to use it but if im going to have a bunch of driver issues I wont.00:16
cafuego[1]renan: You may need to install `compizconfig-settings-manager' for the more advanced prefs.00:16
[1]renancafuego, how do i install?00:16
mneptokjosiahw: use i38600:16
mapezxxx_ Fedora is Red Hat's side project (based off of the afore mentioned) while Ubuntu is based off of Debian.00:16
magnetronjosiahw: use the 32-bit00:16
josiahwmagnetron: ahh.... does the 64bit version at least show a good performance increase?00:17
P_Kablemneptok>>  non, je devrais ?00:17
josiahwmagnetron: course i guess it doesnt matter if im not going to be gaming on Ubuntu00:17
P_Kablemneptok>>  je vais faire ca vite fais, merci00:17
xxx_side project ? does that mean its not that good whats their core project ?00:17
mneptokP_Kable: sudo apt-get install thunderbird-locale-fr00:17
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Enslavedcompiz comes installed but like you said you need to get the advance dektop settings00:17
juano_1xxx_: fedora is in the free philosophy of software, red hat is getting more commercial with enterprise00:17
xxx_:( then baad00:18
magnetronjosiahw: some, it's good for servers. but they don't make Flash or Java for ubuntu 32-bit00:18
esqueletoI have installed Ubuntu 7.10 and now I cannot connect to some application. I want to see if there is something blocking... something like Firewall ..how can I see ?00:18
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).00:18
mneptokP_Kable: et de rien.00:18
cafuegoesqueleto: Did you install or configure a firewall?00:18
grigoraHi, I used to be able to double click on the desktop and get all my sticky notes to hide, but now I can't. I have to specifically go to the sticky notes icon, open the menu and hide them from there. Anyway around this? or even configuring for those notes to always stay hidden on startup? Thanks00:18
magnetronjosiahw: sorry, i meant "they don't make Flash or Java for ubuntu 64-bit"00:18
eddyin apache which file allows me to set my ServerName ?00:18
esqueletoI think no ...00:18
esqueletobut how can I see it00:19
mneptoks/Java/working\ Java/00:19
xxx_if only manufacturers gave better support for unix systems :(00:19
mapezxxx_ I used Fedora back when the third installment was released. Personally I like Ubuntu better, as the community is very friendly and it works for me.00:19
cafuegoesqueleto: Then there are no firewall rules. (Check with 'sudo iptables -L -n -v' in a terminal window)00:19
juano_1xxx_: i agree with that one00:19
juano_1xxx_: x fedora user here too00:19
josiahwmagnetron: ok... another issue Im guessing im going to run into and my wireless card... something I wish linux would get a hold of is hardware drivers.... or rather I wish hardware manufacturers would work on00:19
P_Kablemneptok>>  same problem, it won't appear in the list :(00:19
xxx_i think the core reason ppl dont switch so easily to linux is becouse of the compatibility00:19
mneptokP_Kable: did you restart T-bird?00:19
xxx_with hardware00:19
kahrytanxxx_➲  and thats becoming a mute point00:20
mapezxxx_ It is also ALOT easier if you just dedicate 100% of your computer to Linux.00:20
esqueletocafuego, i think no ..00:20
cafuegojosiahw: Btw, flash works fine in 64bit using the nspluginwrapper tool.00:20
esqueletoChain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 0 packets, 0 bytes)00:20
esqueleto pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               destination00:20
esqueletoChain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT 0 packets, 0 bytes)00:20
esqueleto pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               destination00:20
esqueletoChain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT 0 packets, 0 bytes)00:20
esqueleto pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               destination00:20
NirevusI know this is the wrong place to ask; but the official channel is dead. If anyone here has any experience with Linux from Scratch can you join #temp13 for a bit?00:20
EnslavedBSD has god support00:20
esqueletothis is what I get00:20
Pici!paste | esqueleto00:20
cafuego!paste > esqueleto00:20
Jack_SparrowGuys, can we take the conversations to #ubuntu-offtopic.. This room is for support00:20
juano_1!paste | esqueleto00:20
ubotuesqueleto: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:20
juano_1lol everyone on the same second00:20
magnetronjosiahw: what card are you using?00:20
hdevalencehey all, my computer is running rather slowly, and I can't figure out why. I've got a load average of about 6/6/1000:20
jordanIs it possible to change the sources (or add on) to something that has more up-to-date packages in Ubuntu?00:21
juano_1hdevalence: how much ram? processor ? etc ?00:21
hdevalencebut top doesn't really help me find it00:21
ZeroZiatHEllo how do I check the isntaleld drivers? D:00:21
j1solutionshello all, anyone know how to get framebuffer working in gutsy on a laptop?00:21
xxx_i personally am running a dual boot with windows xp media center since i havent got compatibility for my express card creative. as soon i get my new external sound card im dedicating my system to ubuntu00:21
n00biei get an error (see pastebin-link) when trying to run  mplayer <file.avi>   ... mplayer -vo x11 <file.avi>   works, but no fullscreen then... i have an ati mobility radeon video/graphics card00:21
josiahwmagnetron: a Linksys WMP300N00:21
JimmyDeeany help with making ubuntu icecasting work?00:21
ZeroZiatHello*, installed*00:21
kahrytanjordan➲  what packages?00:21
neverbluejordan, you can edit your /etc/apt/sources.list00:21
josiahwmagnetron: which doesnt seem to work will even with ndiswrapper00:21
magnetronjosiahw: a USB dongle? those are nasty00:21
josiahwmagnetron: no its a pci card00:22
NirevusI know this is the wrong place to ask; but the official channel is dead. If anyone here has any experience with Linux from Scratch can you join #temp13 for a bit?00:22
fluffleshi all. i have lib32 installed yet on my 64-bit Ubuntu 7.10 i cannot install 32-bit software, it says wrong architecture: i386. what to do next?00:22
jordankahrytan neverblue Any packages, just so I can have the most up to date versions, and yes I know that I can edit the sources, but is this a good idea?00:22
juano_1!framebuffer | j1solutions00:22
ubotuj1solutions: If you would like information on framebuffers, please visit: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer00:22
kahrytanxxx_➲  i need a driver for my hvr-160000:22
bbardlbraddDoes anyone know if there's a way to fax from Ubunut?00:22
cafuegofluffles: dchroot.00:22
JimmyDeefluffles, install .amd64 packages00:22
esqueletocafuego, this is blocking incomming???00:22
j1solutionsthanks buotu00:22
xxx_thats the only downside for linux00:22
kahrytanjordan➲  Or just use software sources applet.00:22
PeterTjordan: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports maybe?00:22
xxx_i tried backports00:23
cafuegoesqueleto: No, you have no firewall rules that block anything,.00:23
xxx_given to me on the alsa channels00:23
hdevalencejuano: 2GB ram, Intel C2D T5250 @ 1.5GHz, only ~500M ram used00:23
xxx_and it didnt recognize my express card00:23
magnetronjosiahw: ic. i got an Atheroscard, (netgear PCI) because i knew it would work perfectly in linux00:23
juano_1hdevalence: when you start session it delays ?00:23
Synx_hmWhat do i need to do to see kernel messages on ubuntu boot00:23
esqueletocafuego, tkx00:23
bbardlbraddDoes anyone here know where I might be able to find a way to fax via Ubuntu and no dial up???00:23
kahrytanxxx_➲  Kernel driver developers are/were open too. They had to get an open call to get hardware to make drivers for00:24
Synx_hmi cant tell if its hung or not00:24
jordanPeterT - ah, I didn't know thats what backports are.  Thank you!00:24
josiahwxxx_: seems like its the hardware manufacturers fault not linux fault :) same goes with software and developers that use .net (Puke)00:24
magnetronSynx_hm: try typing dmesg in a terminal00:24
Synx_hmmagnetron, i cant get that far ;)00:24
PeterTjordan: glad to help00:24
josiahwmagnetron: yeah but i wanted wireless N because I am streaming a lot of media over my network00:24
xxx_thats what i meant im not blaming linux00:24
Synx_hmmagnetron, im stuck on the loading, please wait screen00:24
magnetronSynx_hm: oh sorry00:24
Jack_Sparrow!offtopic | xxx00:24
ubotuxxx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:24
josiahwmagnetron: a lot of large video files00:24
xxx_im already being kiked out00:24
magnetronjosiahw: that isn't even a standard00:25
mapezxxx_ just go to the off topic channel.00:25
josiahwmagnetron: yeah it is... now00:25
ShpookHello everyone. Got a question on mapping mouse buttons. I just got a Logitech Marble Mouse trackball, and I've got the smaller left button mapped to hold down for scrolling. Is it possible to have it set up where a single click on the small left/right buttons will act as back/forward, and holding them down will allow me to scroll with the trackball?00:25
hdevalencejuano: I haven't actually started a session recently, but applications freeze every so often00:25
Dred_furstCan anyone help me with my wireless chipset?00:25
bbardlbraddHullo? Fax via Ubuntu?00:25
jordanPeterT - is it 'smart' to run backports enabled?00:25
xxx_sorry ill stay on topic00:25
josiahwmagnetron: as of 2 months ago i believe00:25
bthorntonHow can I get my WiFi driver to load automatically on my Gutsy laptop?  Currently, I have to run "sudo modprobe eth1" on every fresh boot to get my WiFi adapter to work...00:25
P_Kablemneptok>>  of course I restarted tbird ...00:25
EnslavedHow do i make firestarter start-up when i start my computer00:25
magnetronxxx_: just join #ubuntu-offtopic00:25
Synx_hmjuano_1, any idea how i can see kernel messages on boot, i think its hung but i cant see the kernel panic message to see whats going on00:25
Jack_Sparrowxxx_: thats all we ask00:25
hdevalenceand my external drive is going at only ~1MB/s00:25
kahrytanEnslaved➲  you dont need it too00:25
PeterTjordan: I don't really know.  But I imagine it's ok.  I'm not that experienced with linux, actually00:25
juano_1Synx_hm: type dmesg in a terminal00:25
Jack_SparrowEnslaved: you need to understand that firestarter is NOT a firewall.. it is an iotable manager00:25
jordanAlright fair enough, thanks00:26
josiahwOk so if flash works on 64bit should I just use the 64bit? Or will I have other issues with plugins?00:26
Synx_hmjuano_1, i cant get that far ;) i think im getting a kernel panic from softraid on boot00:26
Enslavedhow do i config iptable00:26
juano_1Synx_hm: maybe:  dmesg | grep  somethingyouwant00:26
Pici!iptables | Enslaved00:26
ubotuEnslaved: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).00:26
juano_1Synx_hm: ahh i see00:26
Synx_hmjuano_1, ya hehe00:26
kahrytanJack_Sparrow➲  it does monitor hits there.00:26
PeterTShpook: I just had some luck with this howto: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21989400:26
ShpookPeterT: thanks, I'll check it out now00:27
Jack_Sparrowkahrytan: What?00:27
juano_1Synx_hm: emm.. there is a log file if im not wrong, cant recall location :P00:27
juano_1Synx_hm: ask out to the room though, there are very experienced users in here00:27
NirevusI know this is the wrong place to ask; but the official channel is dead. If anyone here has any experience with Linux from Scratch can you join #temp13 for a bit?00:27
kahrytanJack_Sparrow➲  firestarter monitor hits.00:27
cafuegofirestarter is just a script on top of iptables.00:27
Synx_hmIs there any way to see all kernel messages during boot and not the loading screen?  I think ive got a kernel panic but i cant tell what is causing it00:27
Dred_furstis anyone available to help me?00:28
magnetronNirevus: you already asked that. if nobody knows, no one will answer.00:28
juano_1ahh Synx_hm00:28
kitcheNirevus: you mean the channel on here for LFS since there is no official channel on here but if you followed the book it should just work00:28
magnetron!ask | Dred_furst00:28
ubotuDred_furst: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)00:28
juano_1Synx_hm: try this:  cat  /var/log/boot.log00:28
cafuegoSynx_hm: Yup. edit the boot commandline and remove the "quiet splash" parts.00:28
Nirevuskitche: No, the channel on their servers. It's about the liveCD.00:28
jordanWhen will XDMCP be fixed in Gutsy?00:28
Synx_hmcafuego, thanks00:29
Dred_furstmagnetron could you help me get my laptop's built in wifi working? it has a mjarvell libertas 8w8335 chipset00:29
magnetronjordan: is it broken?=00:29
jordanmagnetron Yes, Gutsy -> Gutsy does not work00:29
magnetronDred_furst: ask your question to the channel, please00:29
Synx_hmWhat is suspoed to happen after usbcore is loaded, because thats where its hanging, not a hard lock just nothing else loads00:29
josiahwNirevus: Did you try the "linux" channel on FreeNode?00:29
magnetronjordan: is there a bug report in launchpad?00:29
timlinuxhi is there is separate channel for packaging / ppa questions?00:30
bbardlbraddDoes anyone know a way to fax via Ubuntu???00:30
fsckri have dual monitors is there a program that will allow me to put separate wallpaper on each monitor?00:30
Dred_furstcould anyone help me get my laptop's built in wifi working? it has a marvell libertas 8w8335 chipset, and it keeps failing to load in ndiswrapper due to an IRQ error apparantly00:30
Enslavedvirus scanner need at all00:30
Nirevusjosiahw: No, I didn't think of that, foolishly. Thanks00:30
jordanmagnetron nevermind I found a workaround00:30
Jack_SparrowEnslaved: no00:30
ubotuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2100:30
josiahwNirevus: NP00:30
fsckrhey Jack_Sparrow you by any chance use dual monitors?00:31
rsfriendsmic dont work at skype, now i have tested micro at volume control and it works there fine, what can i do?00:31
neverbluejordan, yes, its a good idea to edit the location of the sources00:31
Enslavedi just double checking i read articles that said there are virus and also i read articles that say there raw for linux00:31
Jack_Sparrowfsckr: nope..   check out twinview.etc00:31
=== jacobmp92 is now known as jacob
fsckrhehe i have twinview working fine :)00:31
fsckri just want separte wallpaper on each one :P00:32
markus_How do I install windows in ubuntu?00:32
sanguisdexmarkus_:  use vbox00:32
Jack_Sparrow!wine | markus_:00:32
ubotumarkus_:: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.00:32
fsckrmarkus use vmware, or virtualbox00:32
Enslavedyou have to have vmware server00:32
josiahwmarkus_: Like how to run windows in linux? or how to dualboot while Ubuntu is already on the machine?00:32
fsckreek have to turn this snow off hehe00:33
kahrytanmarkus_➲  what do you want to run?00:33
markus_windows xp home00:33
rsfriendsmic dont work at skype, now i have tested micro at volume control and it works there fine, what can i do?, when i use sound recore, that dont works, what could i do wrongt?00:33
kahrytanmarkus_➲  what do you want to run?00:33
EnslavedWine and crossover are limited to what you can install00:34
HKMmarkus_> How do I install windows in ubuntu?00:34
HKMwhy would install winblow in ubt00:34
georgebmarkus_: you could try installing vmware server from www.vmware.com00:34
Enslaveduse vmware server would allow you to run windows why linux is running00:34
josiahwHKM: so that he can run .net apps in windows while still using ubuntu00:34
PeterTHKM: There are all sorts of reasons someone might want to run windows in a vm00:34
HKMwell he can use apc or wine00:34
HKMor vbox00:34
EnslavedCrossOver is anothe rone but that cost 50 dollars00:35
sanguisdexHi there, I need an invoice managege ment program that is more user friendlt then GNU cash can any one recommend a program?00:35
HKMno need to install a os on top of virutal impt00:35
timlinuxrsfriends: try muting the mike then calling echo123 in skye to make a test call00:35
josiahwHKM: they dont support .net I dont believe... or do they?00:35
timlinuxrsfriends: for best results with skype I use a usb headset that has a built in digital signal procesor (its own sound card basically)00:36
rsfriendsok, but i dont have now a usb headset, but i know usb is best;)00:37
ari_stressmorning everyone00:37
F0RGEiFHey ^^00:37
BeOSMrXokay give it a test00:37
K_DallasQ: With my old HDD, I used to use hdparm to set the parameters. Rigth now though, I have installed Gutsy on toshiba-satellite and doing hdparm -I /dev/sda I get udma5. Is that all right or should I change it (HDD is SATA) Thanks00:37
timlinuxrsfriends: I also suggest if you do get mic working, take a screenshot of the mixer application settings00:37
timlinuxthat's what I did when I used to have to fiddle about to get skype to work00:38
bthorntonIs there any other graphical utility to handle which services load on boot other than the one that comes with GNOME?  The GNOME "service-admin" only lists a fraction of the services on the system.00:38
bthorntonAnd I prefer not to use Webmin, if possible.00:38
BeOSMrXokay give it a test00:38
Boosorry pals00:39
BooDCC SEND "string" 0 0 000:39
spydabyteis it a bad sign if i plug my ubuntu box into my router via ethernet cord and the light is red on router ?00:39
timlinuxbthornton: if you don't mind using the command line try this article: http://linuxhelp.blogspot.com/2006/04/enabling-and-disabling-services-during_01.html00:39
n00biehow can i switch the caps lock and esc keys ?00:40
timlinuxbthornton: note you will need to use sudo in front of those commands00:41
hammsandI just upgraded my motherboard and processor today.  Booted up without having to reinstall.   I now have a dual core processor.  Is there anything I need to download?  Or is my kernel good to go.  Gutsy 7.100:41
hammsandAMD 64x2 380000:41
spydabytei wish i could just get my box to be viewable to the outside world00:42
spydabyteeven dmz peopel cant use ssh00:42
rsfriendsdamn i dont get my F ucking mic to work;) hate this00:43
kitche!language | rsfriends00:43
ubotursfriends: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:43
rsfriendssry, very sry00:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about freaksout - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:43
localgod11dapper sees my pcmcia wireless card as active but does not show wirelss network ideas?00:44
Some_PersonHow do I change Rhythmbox artwork per song?00:44
rsfriendslocal it can help to restart the wireless, i had same problem, i just did restart then it did work00:45
localgod11tried that from the command line and even rebooted still nothing00:45
n00biehow can i switch the caps lock and esc keys ?00:46
sanguisdexHi there, I need an invoice management program that is more user friendly then GNU cash can any one recommend a decent program?00:46
dakshow can I get my right-hand ctrl and alt to count as ctrl and alt?00:47
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PeterTI wonder if anyone here can help me.  I posted this about 30mins ago and didn't get any response.  I'm trying to set up the external monitor on my laptop through the handy 'screens and graphics' utility and whichever device I select as the Model for Screen 2, it brings up a file browser with the title "Choose a driver file".  It did work previously (with a different screen connected, but still), perhaps my recent 'apt-get autoremove' did00:47
PeterTmore than it should have?  Does anyone know which drivers or packages are relevant to this?00:47
SpzattHow do i install themes? (looks)00:47
LjLn00bie: caps lock and esc? that's a new one... anyway, have a look at xkeycaps00:47
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy00:48
josiahwis there a better irc app than this XChat? Its starting to annoy me :)00:48
LjL!irc < josiahw00:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about irc < josiahw - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:48
MasterShrekjosiahw, whats wrong with xchat?00:48
LjL!irc > josiahw    (josiahw, see the private message from Ubotu)00:48
rsfriendsspzatt -system- preferences-apearance- theme00:48
Jack_SparrowSpzatt: gnome-look.org   drag and drop onto theme manager00:48
hammsandwhats the bash command to remove a directory that has files in it00:48
Jack_Sparrowjosiahw: I like Konversation00:49
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PeterT!irc > PeterT (I'm intrigued)00:49
josiahwMasterShrek: It seems to have less options available... or at least it makes it difficult to find them.00:49
Flare183How do I setup MIDI?00:49
DG19075josiahw; I have Pidgin here00:49
Some_PersonHow do I change Rhythmbox artwork per song?00:49
Odd-rationalejosiahw: I always used pidgin00:49
Donkaanyone know of a good dvd burning prog?00:49
Jack_SparrowDonka: k3b00:50
Dred_furstOkay I have fixed my wireless card I found out it was an atheros card with a marvell chipset. I used the drivers off the CD for ndiswrapper00:50
Donkawill it let me burn a vcd on a dvd-rw?00:50
Flare183How do I setup MIDI?00:50
Flare183With timidity00:50
Odd-rationaleSome_Person: You mean have a different art for each song?00:51
soldatsSome_Person, im pretty sure rythmbox works off of album basis so i dont think you can change the art per song unless you make each song say a different album and associate it with diff pics00:51
TemplerHi there need some help - Ive setup remote desktop access on gnome and using xvnc4viewer but i can only acces my desktop using local ips and not external ones - how do i set it up to access external ips say when im at work00:51
soldatsTempler, i wonder why it does that it should work fine without changing anything00:52
josiahwOk I will give those a shot.00:52
soldatsTempler, did you set your home box to accept incomming connections00:53
stansmithwhere can i find where the repositories for fiesty fawn are located?00:53
IdleOneTempler: you probably need to  port forward traffic from your public ip to the static ip of the machine you want to connect to00:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sources.lst - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:53
Templersoldats , im connected via a router but im not sure if its firewalled00:53
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See also !EasySource00:53
soldatsTempler, foreward the ports00:53
stansmithPeterT: thanks00:54
Templeris it 5800 for vnc00:54
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic00:54
PeterTstansmith: ok00:54
soldatsTempler, i believe so but im not sure i havent used vnc for about 2 years id look at the config or readme pages and it should tell you what it connects on00:55
SqueeHey, I'm currently trying to upgrade from Ubuntu Feisty to gusty gibbon, and the upgrader keeps telling me it can't get an exclusive lock. I've restarted the computer, and I've run it with no other applications open, but I still get the error. Is there some fix out there?00:55
sunogbagaSquee: ps ax | grep apt00:56
soldatsTempler, also make sure on your ubuntu box you set it up to accept remote desktop sharing00:56
sunogbagaSquee: it apt may may be running00:56
sunogbagaSquee: apt may may be running00:56
SqueeSo what do I do?00:57
scguy318sunogbaga: your grep won't catch a GUI package manager00:57
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »00:57
sunogbagascguy318: thnx,. how should i do it?00:57
josiahwThink I would be ok with just keeping ubuntu and not dualbooting with vista to play my system intense games? Using VMWare or something?00:57
scguy318sunogbaga: perhaps lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock or something like that00:58
josiahwor will VMWare not work that well?00:58
sunogbagaSquee: kill it if you wan't or wait till it ends00:58
bazhangjosiahw: not for the 3d stuff00:58
scguy318josiahw: VMware and games don't mix, too slow, VMware only has experimental 3D rendering00:58
PeterTjosiahw: I'd be surprised if VMWare would work for that00:58
Squeejosiahw, the effectiveness of vmware varies, and using it makes it harder run your system to play the games00:58
sunogbagaSquee: thnx i'll try that00:58
SqueeThat wasn't me that helped you :P00:58
josiahwthanks :(00:59
sunogbagaSquee: sorry, I mean thanx scguy31801:00
scguy318sunogbaga: np01:00
Squeethanks, bazhang, that worked01:00
bazhangSquee: no problem01:00
linux_stuis $170 a good/reasonable price for an eVGA NVIDIA GeForce 7800GS 256M AGP Graphics Card?01:00
stansmithhello again01:00
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:00
stansmithis there a room for ubuntu-server?01:00
scguy318stansmith: this chan is fine for Ubuntu server, question?01:01
stansmithscguy318: i just installed ubuntu-server, and then i did "sudo apt-get install xorg gdm fluxbox", but flux is owned by root and i cant configure anything as a normal user, where did i go wrong?01:01
bazhangstansmith: there is a #ubuntu-server as well01:02
sunogbagastansmith: always sudo01:02
ConstyXIVdoes anyone in here know how compatible GNUStep and Cocoa are?01:02
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.01:02
Flannelbazhang: but this is the proper channel for his questions01:02
localgod11can someone help wiht dapper?01:02
Flannel!anyone | localgod1101:02
ubotulocalgod11: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:02
scguy318stansmith: mmm, not sure01:02
bazhangFlannel: sure, just a bit more info01:02
josiahwanybody here have netflix? and if so is there a way to watch the movies from netflix in ubuntu? I know it requires Windows Media Player to play them.01:02
Flanneljosiahw: Theyre just regular DVDs, arent they?01:03
scguy318!restricted | josiahw01:03
ubotujosiahw: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:03
localgod11ok fine. dapper sees my wireless card as active but does not connect01:03
scguy318localgod1: what chipset?01:03
localgod11its a pcmicia card from activetec01:03
kitche!dvd | josiahw01:03
ubotujosiahw: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:03
Flannellocalgod11: Is there any particular reason you're using dapper still?  Have you tried a gutsy liveCD?01:04
PeterHSlocalgod11: go to the terminal and type lspci, that will give you the chipset information01:04
scguy318Flannel: cuz its LTS I believe01:04
localgod11dapper is the LTS, i am using it inside a digital photo frame the screen saver actually worsk better01:04
PeterHSthat information will help us01:04
iddoanyone knows how to get rhythmbox to play mp3 when you double click on file in nautilus? it only works if rhythmbox is already running01:05
Donkaanyone know why when i try to burn a cd with k3b it says cdrecord has no permision to open the device?01:05
Flannellocalgod11: You still might try Gutsy/Feisty, see if the wifi works there.01:05
Peloiddo,  I never figured it out myself01:05
bazhangfile associations?01:05
markus_how do i install windows in ubuntu when it says debug and close(using wine)01:05
Pelobazhang, doesn't work01:05
josiahwFlannel: They are a dvd renting service but they also allow you to stream {watch} their dvd's from their website.... but it installs a plugin into WMP01:06
jvboomYou don't actually install windows in ubuntu01:06
localgod11pci 1510 ?01:06
bazhanghmm. seems to work in kubuntu01:06
jvboomwine just emulates the win32 os01:06
Pelomarkus_, you don'T install windows on wine,  wine is a windows replacement sort of01:06
PeterHScan you give us the whole output line for your card01:06
iddoPelo: it works but only if rhythmbox is already running in ubuntu (gnome)01:06
Donkacan anyone help me with k3b when they get a sec plz01:06
markus_ok so how do I install it01:06
PeterHSlocalgod11: can you give us the whole output line for your card, thanks01:06
josiahwI know how to watch dvd's and other divx movies in ubuntu im wondering if there is a way to watch streamed shows from the netflix website01:06
localgod11cardbus bridge right?01:06
Pelomarkus_,  if  you want to install windows in ubuntu use vmware server or virtualbox , those are virutal machines01:06
iddoso any ideas?01:07
scguy318markus_: sudo aptitude install wine if you want to install Wine with version 0.9.43 (ish?)01:07
localgod11texas instruments PCI 1510 pci cardbus controller01:07
Peloiddo, you could do  a search in the forum  www.ubuntuforums.org01:07
scguy318markus_: see winehq.org for instructions on installing latest Wine01:07
PeterTDonka: wish I could, I'm not familiar with it.  It's a familiar feeling, being ignored here...01:07
kyleBAKEDmy external hardrive stopped mounting, it doesn't appear with fstab -l or mount, is there a way too mount it manually?01:07
scguy318josiahw: a silly and probably crappy idea would be to run WMP on Wine :P01:07
iddoi tried... iirc someone mentioned it's a bug... not sure... haven't found almost any info on it01:08
sunogbagakyleBAKED: fdisk -l see if its there01:08
alesanhi, I have created a ... mh 32bit chroot on my 64-bit installation. what is the best way to actually launch 32bit graphic programs from that chroot01:08
localgod11PeterHS ?01:08
kyleBAKEDits not01:08
alesanI alwasy get a message cannot connect to X server :001:08
iddokinda lame that totem is default for music files instead of rhythmbox01:08
josiahwscguy318: lol thats what i was thinking... just wondering if anybody had tried it... it looks like there is a app called mythflix out there that might do it01:08
marx2k_Is anyone able to ping soap.amazon.com?01:08
iddoit should be default only for video i think?01:08
PeterHSi am kinda new to linux but i think the iwpriv command might be able to help01:08
scguy318josiahw: that's my same thought :P01:08
scguy318josiahw: it's a plugin I believe for MythTV (I think)01:09
Jimbob_How does one re-target a bug in launchpad? And/or is there a better channel to ask this on?01:09
kyleBAKEDmy main hardrive and partitions show up, but not my external01:09
scguy318Jimbob_: possibly #ubuntu-bugs01:09
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andruki have a laptop without CD or floppy drives.  would it be easier to use an external cd drive or a flash drive?01:09
PeterHSmarx: no, i cannot01:09
josiahwscguy318: yeah it is.. but if it will work on mythtv it will work on linux :)01:09
localgod11PeterHS   ????01:09
vholkon2gud am guys01:09
scguy318!install > andruk (see PM from ubotu)01:09
andrukiddo: i agree01:10
scguy318andruk: that link gives you some options for installation01:10
Thiago_Adrianohelp-me with broadcom mini pci 4311 in a hp pavillion 6000 laptopp01:10
sunogbagascguy318: help with kyleBAKED :D01:10
ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx01:10
JairMercuryHI ALL01:10
PeterHSlocalgod11: i cannot help with that card01:10
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JairMercuryHOLA A TODOS01:10
vholkon2can I install ubuntu 7.04 in a 745 mhz   128 mb laptop?01:10
lwellsAnyone able to get Pandor Radio to work in Firefox?01:10
scguy318kyleBAKED: pastebin sudo fdisk -l01:10
andrukscguy318: thanks01:10
kyleBAKEDscguy318: one sec01:11
scguy318JairMercury: hola, entre en la canal #ubuntu-es para ayuda en espanol01:11
PeterHSvholkon, yes, try the live cd first01:11
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soldatsvholkon2, yes but it will be pretty slow01:11
scguy318!es | JairMercury01:11
ubotuJairMercury: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:11
Flannelvholkon2: Yeah.  You'll need to use the alternate CD to install. And it'll run less than optimal.01:11
marx2k_How does one ping a specific port?01:11
scguy318markx2k_: use a port scan tool like nmap01:11
sunogbagamarx2k_: or you can telnet01:11
marx2k_theres no way to use 'ping' to do that?01:11
dougbdoes anyone know how to get compiz to show all of the windows currently open in ubuntu 7.10?01:11
kyleBAKEDscguy318: it only shows the entries for sda, which is my main harddrive, do you still want me to put it on pastebin?01:11
scguy318markx2k_: when pining soap.amazon.com I get packet filtered message01:11
marx2k_scguy:same here01:12
marx2k_it seems to be down01:12
scguy318kyleBAKED: go ahead, though, mm01:12
bazhangdougb: the scale effect01:12
=== wirechief4 is now known as wirechief1
sunogbagakyleBAKED: how about /var/log/messages when u connect your external harddrive01:12
scguy318kyleBAKED: how about examine System -> Admin -> System Log -> /var/log/syslog and see what happens when you plug in HDD01:12
=== wirechief1 is now known as wirechief4
kyleBAKEDscguy318: http://pastebin.com/dc3c8c93, i will try that now01:13
PeterHSlocalgod11: that is not your wireless card, that is the thing that controls your slots and lets your computer talk to your card01:13
PeterHSthe output from lspci should have some wireless in the name01:14
zealotI just installed ubuntu for the first time. I love it01:14
mattwalstonwhy can i only play a certain wmv file in vlc but not totem?01:14
localgod11card reads actiontec 802CI0201:15
PeterTI'm trying to set up the external monitor on my laptop through the handy 'screens and graphics' application but whatever I select as the Model for Screen 2, it brings up a file browser with the title "Choose a driver file".  It did work previously (with a different screen connected, but still), perhaps my recent 'apt-get autoremove' did more than it should have?  Does anyone know how the relevant drivers might have been lost, or how to ge01:16
PeterTt them back?01:16
BlackDiamondsis there a way to ge some sort of comment on that bug ?01:16
PeterHSlocalgod11: that is not the whole line, could you please copy the entire line from the lspci output, it will help me to see the chipset in use01:16
localgod11thats the whole line01:16
scguy318PeterT: when Screens and GRaphics asks for a driver file, it wants the Windows INF monitor driver file01:16
PeterHSoh, sorry01:16
scguy318PeterT: I think01:16
localgod11begins with 00:00:0a.001:17
PeterTscguy318: seems peculiar; it allowed me to select things before without asking that...01:17
PeterHSthat is the mac address01:17
PeterHSno, not the mac address, the local adapter address01:17
markus_how do i install windows when the setup can't detect a hard drive?01:18
helluvaCSMajorhi, need help fixing something in ubuntu if someone gets a chance, thanks01:18
PeterHSit is recognized but will not connect, is this a new issue or an old issue that keeps popping up?01:18
localgod11the card sees networks but deos not connect01:18
PeterTscguy318, I do have windows installed, perhaps I could find an appropriate INF, but it does it even for very generic types of screen.01:18
localgod11new install01:18
mattgyver83takenhelluvaCSMajor, what is wrong?01:18
PeterHSis mac filtering enabled on the router01:18
PeterHShave you tried various networks01:19
ionstormany good tuts on how to install xp after ubuntu gutsy01:19
markus_no it says there is no hard drive to install to when I boot the cd01:19
helluvaCSMajori tried to mount my windows partition a long time ago, ever since it keeps adding folders to my home folder with scrambled names, i do not remember what caused it exactly01:19
Wifi-PhreakCan anyone help me... every time I try to burn a cd I get an error message01:19
Wifi-PhreakThe files selected did not fit on the CD.01:19
bazhanghttp://apcmag.com/5459/dualboot_ubuntu_and_windows_xp ionstorm01:20
PeterHSencryption on the routers?01:20
josiahwisnt there a an application that will allow you to mount .dmg files?01:20
ubotuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus cd burner (Gnome), gtoaster, xcdroast, cdrecord (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto01:20
SpookyETIs there a decent gnome email client? THunderbird is ugly as hell. Evolution crashes like a tired whore.01:20
PeterHShave you been able to conect to unsecured networks?01:20
bazhangjosiahw: outside of mac osx, none that I know of01:20
muuluui installed ubuntu 7.10 but bios bug 82 something01:20
localgod11havent tried01:21
sunogbagaSpookyET: sylpheed01:21
josiahwbazhang: i know you can in windows01:21
SpookyETsunogbaga: Can it be indexed by beagle?01:21
PeterHScould you, or is it inconvenient to try no encryption?01:21
bazhangjosiahw: hmm--perhaps I should have said none in linux that I know of01:21
kyleBAKEDscguy318: http://pastebin.com/m795223ea thats what happens when i plug it in01:21
X-Sleepy-Xhello can someone please say my name?01:21
markus_how can i install windows when the setup cant detect a drive?01:22
Wifi-PhreakSOund | anyone?01:22
mattgyver83takenDoes anyone here have heightened experience with OpenOffice.org Calc (spreadsheet)01:22
X-Sleepy-Xi was trying sounds... and it worked fine01:22
aolaushey, anyone know how to switch from english to chinese word processing in openoffice?01:22
muuluuanyone pls help me with bios bug thing01:22
PeterHSis this a new issue or an old issue01:22
n00biehow can i switch the caps lock and esc keys ?01:22
markus_new isuue01:22
zealotI have a question about irssi, the man page states that -c joins a certain server and -n sets nickname, but is there a command to make it join a certain channel?01:22
localgod11peterhs  ?01:23
Wifi-PhreakCAn anyone help me with this error msg?01:23
FarrisGAnyone know of a decent, easy-to-use tool for capturing AV from a tuner card, preferably straight to mpeg2? Trying to convert some old home movies to DVD for Christmas back home. I've got the tuner working fine with several viewers, just can't find a decent FOSS tool for capturing01:23
Wifi-PhreakThe files selected did not fit on the CD.01:23
PeterHSlocalgod11: yes01:23
helluvaCSMajori tried to mount my windows partition a long time ago, ever since it keeps adding folders to my home folder with scrambled names, i do not remember what caused it exactly01:23
localgod11out of ideas?01:23
PeterTscguy318: the dialog does seem to be showing inf files when I browse to Windows/inf... but I've no idea which I should select (or how to get it back to the state where it doesn't ask).  Not necessarily expecting a solid answer, but if you can help it would be good...01:23
PeterHSpretty much01:23
muuluuanyone bios bug?01:24
scguy318PeterT: find an INF from your monitor's manufacturer01:24
scguy318FarrisG: I would peek at Ubuntu Studio packages01:24
scguy318FarrisG: I'm clueless in the A/V area also :P01:24
localgod11ideas where i can look01:24
helluvaCSMajorcan anyone help me keep it from putting these empty folders in my home folder?01:24
PeterHSbut i did not see anything for your chipset01:25
PeterTscguy318: I'll see what I can do, but what if I suddenly want to give a presentation with a projector I haven't used before and no internet connection?01:25
PeterHStry under the general wireless issues01:25
FarrisGscguy318: THanks, I'll check it out01:25
aolausoh my god.. chinese language support sucks torvalds on ubuntu01:25
muuluuBios bug help me please i cannot use ubuntu it's keeps freezing01:25
heartsbloodHow do you hear a mp3/ogg file just by hovering over the file with your mouse.  I recently did a few changes to my UI and I lost that ability01:25
bazhangxvidcap? FarrisG01:25
PeterHSlocal god:have you been using the network manager?01:25
heartsbloodis it in gconf?01:25
GaBypleas ehelpme i got a problem: i added the boot splash and on the tutorial says thah i have to do a mkinitrd, i did it but i forget to activate the reiserfs !!! now i get a kernel panic, can anione help me? please is urgent! is not my pc01:25
localgod11i tried manually configuring01:26
localgod11and still nothing01:26
muuluuHello pls heeeeeelp desktop keeps freezing01:26
mattwalstonHow can I play wmv10-dvr in totem?  It works in vlc but I can't get it working in totem.'01:26
m1k3How might I completely uninstall a package?01:26
scguy318m1k3: sudo aptitude purge ...01:26
localgod11cant even pping the gateway01:26
PeterHSmanually as in editing the config files or through the network manager? because the network manager is good when it works but shitty otherwise01:26
Viper550sudo apt-get remove PACKAGENAME01:27
scguy318PeterT: uhm, I'd say you should have prepared beforehand :P01:27
localgod11in netowrk manager01:27
localgod11can you point me at the config files?01:27
m1k3I tried sudo apt-get remove01:27
PeterHSok, lets try editing the config files manualy give me a minute to find them01:27
m1k3I'm trying to completely re-install wine01:27
helluvaCSMajorcan someone help me figure out why random empty folders keep showing up in my home folder?01:27
m1k3Because msn messenger screwed up and now it wont work01:27
GaByanyone can help me please?01:28
scguy318m1k3: to remove the wine directory rm -rf ~/.wine01:28
=== lovedeatm_ is now known as lovedeatm
PeterTscguy318: It's something that's extremely likely to happen to me as I'll use the machine for VJing and stuff...01:28
m1k3Thank you, scguy31801:28
=== lovedeatm is now known as lovedeatm_
GaByany ne knows how to recue my instalation?01:28
GaByfrom this kernel panic01:29
GaByusing a live ubuntu cd?01:29
m1k3scguy318: How do I remove the Applications < Wine menu also?01:29
scguy318PeterT: mm, I would probably read up on projectors and stuff at Ubuntu Forums and such01:29
scguy318m1k3: ~/.local/share/applications/something01:29
GaByplease help me i got a problem: i added the boot splash and on the tutorial says thah i have to do a mkinitrd, i did it but i forget to activate the reiserfs !!! now i get a kernel panic, can anione help me? please is urgent! is not my pc01:29
bazhangGaBy: on a friend's computer? are the files backed up?01:29
muuluuanyone help me desktop keeps freezing01:29
helluvaCSMajorcan someone help me figure out why random empty folders keep showing up in my home folder?01:29
scguy318m1k3: its ~/.local/share/applications/wine I think01:30
scguy318PeterT: unfortunately I wish I knew more01:30
bazhangGaBy: no to question 1?01:30
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FluxD!ops condor^01:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ops condor^ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:31
truz_`24What option do I need ?01:31
truz_`24Whoops. I meant to say... What option do I need to to pass to start the ubuntu live cd with no gui? or to not start X01:32
heartsbloodhow can people idle in the ubuntu channel and not have flood protection01:32
LjL!feeding the troll01:32
ubotuThe above mess was caused by someone who thought it was funny (they're gone now). Please ignore it completely, since discussing it and making a fuss will only make them think they've reached their "fun" goal.01:32
Sieris that why they quit? what does flood protection do?01:32
helluvaCSMajorcan someone help me figure out why random empty folders keep showing up in my home folder?01:33
=== lovedeatm_ is now known as lovedeatm
localgod11CAN ANYONE SEE THIS?01:33
Siersee what?01:33
naliothlocalgod11: please turn off the caps01:33
heartsbloodlocalgod11, yes01:33
PeterHSi can see this01:33
localgod11was blocked for a min01:33
LjL*NOTICE* - If you couldn't speak in the last couple of minutes, please try again now. Also, please consider registering to freenode:01:33
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration01:33
heartsbloodthe channel went +m01:33
LjL!feeding the troll | *NOTICE*01:33
ubotu*NOTICE*: The above mess was caused by someone who thought it was funny (they're gone now). Please ignore it completely, since discussing it and making a fuss will only make them think they've reached their "fun" goal.01:33
localgod11got the name of the config files?01:33
SierhelluvaCSMajor who created the folders?01:33
Viper550maybe we should set it up to autokick on stuff like that, rapid repetition01:34
helluvaCSMajorthey started when i tried mounting my windows partition, they pop up about once a day, even when i delete them01:34
helluvaCSMajormore keep popping up01:34
Siercan we get a bot here?01:34
Viper550!bot we have one01:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bot we have one - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:34
localgod11PETERHS config files?01:34
muuluuanyone help me with desktop freezing01:34
PirateHeadIs there a way to disable the behaviour by which using the scroll wheel while over the application list switches between applications?01:34
PeterHSi am looking01:34
PirateHeadI never do it on purpose, and when I do it by accident it freaks me out.01:34
helluvaCSMajorthey are being created automatically01:35
Viper550with names like... _________?01:35
PeterHSlocalgod11: the files are \etc\network\interfaces01:35
helluvaCSMajorscrambled junk01:35
yuhongIn any case, should there be a PAE kernel in Ubuntu because NX is enabled by default in Windows and NX requires PAE?01:35
sunogbagaPirateHead: good question, it irritates me also.. anyone?01:36
helluvaCSMajorany ideas on why these folders are being created?01:37
truz_`24So is there an option i can pass on the Ubuntu Live cd to start without X01:37
sunogbagahelluvaCSMajor: how are the folders named?01:38
helluvaCSMajorscrambled symbols, not even letters01:38
helluvaCSMajorthey appear random01:38
localgod11peterhs is the command sudo gedit \et\network\interfaces01:38
PeterTscguy318: I feel pretty stupid: it's possible that I was pressing the 'add' button rather than 'ok' at one point. I should stop trying these things at 1am... need to restart / log off to test.  Thanks again...01:39
ThesmythTruz , you should get the alternate CD01:39
Thesmythit gives a text only installer01:39
PeterHSno, you forgot the c in the /etc/network/interfaces01:39
ThesmythHey all, quick question, how do I control what shows up in my list of mountable partitions? On the side of Nautilus' explorer it shows a list of all of my drives, but I'd like to remove some01:40
PeterHSyou can copy the commands directly from the website01:40
PeterHSlocalgod11: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202834 this might help around step 2-301:40
bcardarellaSomeone was playing with my keyboard layout and now the right-hand ALT key doesn't work... can I auto detect my keyboard again?01:41
scguy318Thesmyth: edit your fstab01:41
yuhongI wonder why there aren't as many kernels in Ubuntu as in Debian.01:41
localgod11peterhsi run iw config it sees my wireless as eth2?01:41
zoexiihi I am having big problems with my display. Xorg is configured to display at 1024x768 (native display of my laptop) however, I only get an 800x600 desktop which is tiled on my screen, (super weird)  I go to system>preferences>screen resolution and it only gives me options 640x480 & 800x600.  both of which have been deleted from my xorg.01:42
ThesmythI did already, they don't mount automatically, thy just show up in the left side of nautilus with the option to mount01:42
helluvaCSMajorany ideas what i should do about the random folders?01:42
PeterHSthat is okay, just edit the config files to use eth2 and erase all others unless you use a wired connection01:42
LapatiKzoexii, system->admin->screen&graphics?01:43
zoexiiLapatiK, ok, will try01:43
heartsbloodHow do I preview a sound file with a mouse hover?  I've somehow lost that ability.  I think I screwed something up in my Gconf-editor but I dont know were or what option01:43
helluvaCSMajoris anyone familiar with mounting windows partitions?01:44
ThesmythI've never had any problem with mounting windows stuff01:44
Thesmyththat's a very odd problem though :P01:44
PeterHShelluva: fat32 or ntfs?01:45
helluvaCSMajorwhen i did, random folders starting showing up in my home folder, i don't know why01:45
heartsblooddid you try to mount to ~?01:45
PeterHShelluva: unsure how to solve01:45
helluvaCSMajori don't know what i did, i am a new linux user, i followed a tutorial01:45
localgod11peterhs when i run a network restart it says failed to bring up eth2 no such device01:45
heartsbloodsounds like you mounted the windows drive to your home directory01:45
Thesmythdid you edit any files or just type a command?01:45
heartsblood ie sudo mount /place/to/windows /home/helluvaCSmajor01:46
helluvaCSMajori don't remember, i can access it in the drives folder, but the home folder contains empty folders with symbols as names01:46
_MattBi created a raid array (md0) with mdadm, how can i totally get rid of it now?01:46
PeterHSlocalgod11: type ifconfig into the terminal01:46
heartsbloodwhen you ls -ls who is the owner/group?01:46
PeterHSthen try iwconfig01:46
PeterHSdo you have eth2?01:47
dakswhat could cause gnome to start very slowly?  Or cause most programs to start slower...is there any standard maintenance procedure like defragging to keep the system running smooth?01:47
localgod11eth2 is the wieless01:47
helluvaCSMajori don't have one, i deleted them right before going on here, i delete them every day because they fill up the folder01:47
localgod11id says it find the device01:47
helluvaCSMajorwell, not every day, every week maybe01:48
PeterHSafter restarting the connection and typing iwconfig, does eth2 show up?01:48
CremeDeLaCremehi. in my laptop (7.10) i've sound only on my headphone but not on the laptopboxes.01:48
helluvaCSMajoris there a way to check every directory setting related to mounting a partition?01:49
Thesmythhelluva: if you type the command "mount" what does it say?01:49
PeterHSlocalgod11: type these commands sudo ifdown eth2      sudo ifup eth201:49
sunogbagahelluvaCSMajor: u can cat /etc/fstab01:49
helluvaCSMajora lot of stuff01:49
helluvaCSMajorshould i?01:49
PeterHSthat will restart the adapter manually01:49
Thesmythhelluva: if you know the name of the windows partition01:49
Thesmythjust give me the line with that in it01:50
Metalgod89how do I use a .rpm file on ubuntu01:51
scguy318!rpm | Metalgod8901:51
ubotuMetalgod89: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)01:51
scguy318Metalgod89: you don't01:51
IdleOneMetalgod89: you dont01:51
helluvaCSMajori am not sure if it is sda6 or sda701:51
muuluusomeon pls help me with freezing01:51
localgod11sudo ifdown eth2  interface not configured    sudo ifup eth2 file exsists failed to bring up eth201:51
Thesmythok, well, give me both lines then01:51
Metalgod89ah well I'm new to ubuntu01:51
IdleOneMetalgod89: what are you trying to insall?01:52
helluvaCSMajor# /dev/sda601:52
helluvaCSMajorUUID=1593a4b9-1379-49a3-835a-004d5d2d7a47 /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       101:52
helluvaCSMajor# /dev/sda701:52
helluvaCSMajorUUID=4e7d5e11-9f36-4402-97da-913ecd0d8551 none            swap    sw              0       001:52
Metalgod89I downloaded xchat but it was an rpm file where can I get it compatible for ubuntu01:52
IdleOne!paste | helluvaCSMajor01:52
ubotuhelluvaCSMajor: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:52
PeterHSlocalgod11: but the command iwconfig shows a eth2 connection?01:52
Flare183How do I fix this error: http://flare183.pastebin.ca/81159101:52
IdleOneMetalgod89: sudo apt-get install xchat01:52
Thesmythneither of those are windows partitions01:52
PeterHSthat is really weird01:52
IdleOneMetalgod89: or look in Synaptic Package Manager01:52
Thesmythare there any in that list with vfat or ntfs as their type?01:53
Thesmythswap and ext3 are linux types01:53
localgod11not only that but is has all my network in01:53
helluvaCSMajordont see any01:53
localgod11PeterHS thanks man01:53
FjodorHey, does anyone know why compizconfig-settings-manager isn't backported, when the other compiz-stuff is?01:53
helluvaCSMajoryet, i can access it from computer on the places menu01:53
PeterHSlocalgod11: i am sorry i can no longer help, i must go study for an exam01:53
localgod11cause its new?01:53
localgod11thanks anyway01:53
Box[UK]help....upgraded my graphics driver  through symantic  rebooted  using contrl alt backspace  ubuntu started up but now cant even get  it up it gets stuck looking for a graphics drive01:53
cflopezanybody got any experience working with keyboards, particulary making shortcuts without using dead keys or console?01:54
Metalgod89sudo apt-get install xchat?01:54
localgod11New Question:: does linux install specifc drivers for each pc? IE if i install it to a usb harddrive user comp 1 and then boot the usd hdd on comp 2 will everything work?01:54
turbotorbenhow much diskspace do i need to compile a 2.6.24 kernel? (i tried with 2gig free and it wasn't enough)01:55
rodrigo_im having problems with GCC... can anyone help me?01:55
mazok so does anyone know how to convert ogg to mp3?01:55
Flare183maz:> soundconverter01:55
DG19075maz, soundKonverter works well01:55
heartsbloodturbotorben: depends on the options.  a bloated complie could be pretty big01:55
mazthanks flare18301:55
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
Flare183maz:> or soundKonverter01:55
Flare183no problem01:55
Flare183How do I fix this error: http://flare183.pastebin.ca/81159101:55
Flare183sorry about the repeat01:56
kelsinmaz: and as a side note, since both are lossy compression going from mp3->ogg or ogg->mp3 will lose quality, better ripping from original sources again if you can :-(01:56
turbotorbenheartsblood, i used the settings from the ubuntu-kernel and modified them just a bit01:56
`blackmk4what would cause lan transfers to max out at 400k/s, but i'm able to download at 2mb/s from internet sites on both computers01:56
Flare183yeah i agree with kelsin01:56
benzs_shm, does anybody else have issues with having two applications which use audio? for example i can't play anything in vlc while having rhythmbox open01:56
localgod11New Question:: does linux install specifc drivers for each pc? IE if i install it to a usb harddrive user comp 1 and then boot the usd hdd on comp 2 will everything work?01:56
mazkelsin, thanks.  I'm only doing this cause my phone won't play ogg, only mp3.  So I don't mind if it's a bit lossy01:56
robdigrodrigo_: maybe, what's up?01:56
helluvaCSMajorshould i come back when i have one of these folders as a sample?01:56
Flare183!repeat | localgod1101:56
ubotulocalgod11: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:56
Flare183localgod11:> wireless issues i'm here01:56
Thesmythhelluva: possibly01:57
Thesmythwhere do they show up again?01:57
helluvaCSMajorhome folder01:57
helluvaCSMajormy home folder01:57
kelsinmaz: lol fair enough :) good luck01:57
=== trip_laptop is now known as tripzero
sparkymisthey all01:57
localgod11really? cool01:57
Flare183localgod11:> I can help with your wireless, i can try anyway01:57
Thesmythis..in /home, or /home/username01:57
localgod11ok its on dappy LTS01:57
orethhey ikonia01:57
Flare183localgod11:> what is the problem01:57
localgod11actiontec card01:57
sparkymistim having an issue01:58
localgod11sees the network but no connect01:58
Thesmythyeah, I truly have no clue, sorry dude01:58
rodrigo_robdig:  http://pastebin.com/m6c3570d801:58
Box[UK]i think i relay screwed up ...been using ubuntu for a few weeks so talked myself into  putting ati graphics driver on so i could play compiz now cant even  get ubuntu to load  gets stuck on startup looking for a driver01:58
Flare183localgod11:> bring up teh terminal and type in sudo dhclient01:58
helluvaCSMajorok, thanks for trying01:58
cflopezhey flare, if you have time after helping out localgod11, im having weird issues with my wireless card (broadcom, go figure)01:58
robdigrodrigo_: looking...01:58
`blackmk4cflopez, what problem with broadcom01:58
Flare183cflopex:> I have a broadcom wireless card so01:59
Flare183cflopex:> I have the solution01:59
Metalgod89what is sudo apt - get install xchat?01:59
cflopezi installed the drivers, they worked, then they disappeared01:59
sparkymisti have a question01:59
localgod11ok did that01:59
kanuhahow can I make mplayer the default for playing DVDs?01:59
Flare183localgod11:> try the internet01:59
cflopezndiswrapper or whats it called doesnt work01:59
Flare183localgod11:> yeah01:59
rodrigo_robdig: ok01:59
robdigrodrigo_: think you need to install build-essential...sudo apt-get install build-essential or use synaptic02:00
localgod11its send on eth2 and eth002:00
florbigoosix months ago, I installed ubuntu 7.04 on a PentiumIII, on a new drive, slave to a windows98 install02:00
florbigoousing grub02:00
rodrigo_robdig: no...02:00
JohannesPHey, i just read through most of the forums, but my problem doesnt seem to be occured in that way to anyone else: I Use the live-cd to install ubuntu or kubuntu doesnt matter 7.04 or 7.10 - after installation i reboot, grub loads, i select the distrubution, then screen gets black, blinking console cursor at the top, and like 10 minutes later it starts with "loading fiels needed to boot" which takes another 5-10min...02:00
Flare183localgod11, cflopez:> goto #ubuntu-us-sc02:00
rodrigo_robdig:  build-essential is already the newest version.02:00
Flare183i can more there02:00
robdigrodrigo_: hmm...02:00
Flare183i can help more there02:00
orethanyone know the status on the current non-free flash ?02:01
florbigooI just replaced the drive with win98, and now ubuntu wont boot02:01
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:01
rodrigo_robdig:  im really trying to figure the problem... i just cleaned the build system...02:01
cflopezsuch a noob... and how exatly do i change rooms here?02:01
Flare183use "/join"02:01
Flare183then room name02:01
Flare183or click the room name02:01
kanuhahow can I make mplayer the default for playing DVDs?02:01
robdigrodrigo_: ok, i'm looking too02:01
rodrigo_robdig: i cant compile anything02:01
rodrigo_robdig: tks bro02:02
shadowbladeHello, I'm having a problem booting...02:02
Box[UK]dont wan to format and start again  just need to get into X  to flush a graphics drive02:02
JohannesPSo any ideas why i only get a black screen after selecting the installation in grub, even in recoverymode - and loading files needed to boot needs like 10mins?02:04
kanuhatobias, first or last name Tobias?02:04
tobiaskanuha: first02:04
kanuhatobias, my last02:05
tobiaskanuha: pleased to meet you02:05
kanuhatobias, same here02:05
florbigooI'm having a boot problem.  Ubuntu 7.04 was installed on a slave drive, with overlay.  Win98 on master.  I pulled the master drive.  Replaced with unformatted drive.  Overlay gone. The computer won;t boot.02:05
robdigrodrigo_: i just checked in the forums, and the normal cause of your error is not having build-essential installed. not sure what else to tell you...maybe someone else on will have an itea...02:06
kanuhahow can I make mplayer the default for playing DVDs?02:06
rodrigo_robdig: yeah... im checking forums and more forums... talking with people and nobody can help me02:06
Box[UK]can i get in to terminal on load up screen found the answer to my prob02:07
rodrigo_robdig: but... thanks!02:07
RB2Hey everyone02:08
RecodingHey RB2.02:09
LoaxesA hand, my Laptop over heated and the fan stopped working, any ideas on how to get it going again?02:09
mattgyver83Anyone here use OpenOffice Calc regularly?02:09
RB2Quick question. I installed Gutsy from the RC media. Half the time when I try to install packages, it keeps asking for the disc. Is there a way around that?02:10
robdigrodrigo_: sorry i couldn't help...it is what fixed mine...good luck02:10
Donkacan someone help me out with k3b ?02:10
RB2Not to mention, I misplaced the RC disc. :-P02:10
RazzoRzhey folks... i tried  set up my dual monitors threw system>Administrator>Screens/graphics ... For some reason it was not letting me log in while i had my 19" lcd pluged in,, if i unplugged  the lcd it would allow me to Login ,,, has anyone had this issue?02:11
ZeddieRB2 : System -> Administration -> Software sources02:11
ZeddieRB2 : you'll be able to remove it from the list there :)02:11
RB2Zeddie, Thank you! It was driving me nuts. :)02:12
super-6-1hello does anyone know how to get custon bars for ubuntu?02:12
LoaxesDoes anyone know how to get a stopped fan going again on a laptop?02:12
jellulaboIs workspaceswitcher known not to work with compiz?02:13
super-6-1jell if you have compiz installed do super+e02:14
Rafabehow do I change the driver being used for X through the console (ie, if X is failing to load because I tried to switch from proprietary ATI driver to the open one)02:15
mrsnoRafabe either sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg or alternatively sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf and manually change, then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart02:16
seandcan any tell me how to give my laptop read and write permissions to a nfs directory02:16
seandthat is on a diffrent machine02:17
seandanyone here02:17
Zeddieseand: System -> Administration - > Shared folders02:17
Zeddiewell he can get stuffed if he's gonna piss off like that , impatient little shit :p02:18
jellulaboSuper - Thanks02:18
seasdasdcan any help me how to give my laptop read and write permissions to a nfs directory thats on a diffrent machine02:18
Box|UKfigured it out restarted then went to system restore mode  typed sudo dpkg-rconfigure xserver-xorg then followed the steps02:19
seasdasdcan any help me how to give my laptop read and write permissions to a nfs directory thats on a diffrent machine02:20
cflopezif anybody has some time and experience setting up broadcom cards in AMD64 systems, the help will be greatly apreciated02:20
Zeddieseasdasd : System -> Administration - > Shared folders (wait around next time)02:21
jellulaboCan someone help me figure out why when I 'send to another workspace' from the title bar or task bar the application disappears from all the desktops and won't come back. I have to kill the app from system monitor.02:22
seasdasdty zeddia02:22
seasdasdsorry for my being a pain02:22
seasdasdand not waiting around02:22
willskillshi guys - anyone got much experience with xrandr? I am trying to output to my TV using S-video, which works, pretty much, although the display is not quite the correct size. Anyone know to change this?02:23
jellulaboThe problem is occurring when desktop effects are enabled. It works fine when desktop effects are disabled. Should I file a bug report against metacity or compiz?02:23
Zeddieseasdasd:  a bit of patience helps , i'm a newbie to ubuntu too02:24
seasdasdokay yeah thank you02:24
Zeddieused to use unix at uni years ago , always used windows at home till gutsy and have found it easier than windows :)02:25
Box|UKok how i get screen effects do i need to install compiz?02:25
seasdasdzeddie it is still not letting me read or write to that directory02:25
ubotuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion02:26
* spydabyte sighs ... the pc i been running ubuntu on for yrs the max ver it can do corectly and get online and everything is 5.10 .. there are no links at all to use for updates or to get files ?02:26
spydabyteonly tryign to use it as server02:26
tony__I'm having issues getting xorg to deal properly with a monitor at 2048x1536 resolution.02:26
seasdasdnever mind zeddia02:26
seasdasdty and thanks for the help it worked02:26
tony__In a solo monitor configuration, X just arbitrarily decides to run 1600x1200, and in a multi-monitor configuration it starts every monitor but the big one.02:27
localgod11how do you install Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3, hostapd02:27
spydabytethe pc i been running ubuntu on for yrs the max ver it can do corectly and get online and everything is 5.10 .. there are no links at all to use for updates or to get files ?02:27
LoaxesMy fan has stopped, how do I get it running again?02:27
cflopezanybody has any experience with broadcom cards in AMD64 systems... i got it working but after rebooting the wireless connection disappears02:28
cflopezfan stopped working, that sounds like a oh crap scenario02:28
qiqois there anyway that i can install mysql 4.1 in gutsy?02:28
LoaxesI booted up xp just now02:28
Loaxesit's working again, but it sounds like a cat being murdered with several knifes with heavily serrated edges.02:29
qiqoplease help02:29
cflopezdont talk about cats like that on teh internets... catpeople everywhere!02:29
* cflopez isn't one of them02:29
* genii is02:30
RazzoRz<< could be02:30
RazzoRzhas anyone delt with dual monitors on 7.1002:30
RazzoRzhey folks... i tried  set up my dual monitors threw system>Administrator>Screens/graphics ... For some reason it was not letting me log in while i had my 19" lcd pluged in,, if i unplugged  the lcd it would allow me to Login ,,, has anyone had this issue?02:31
cflopezwoohoo! storm warning!02:31
MokonaSanHi.  Is there a way during the Ubuntu install to create a new partition out of the free space of an existing one? I have an NTFS partition with a lot of free space that i would like to make into an ext202:31
=== |ajmorris_| is now known as ajmorris_
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE02:32
sunogbagaMokonaSan: sure, it can02:32
MokonaSansunogbaga: can you help me to do that? I am on the partition screen now02:33
ron_what going on ??02:33
cflopezbroadcom cards on AMD64 systems anyone?02:33
sunogbagaMokonaSan: bear with me coz i can't quite remember all installation dialogs.02:34
qiqosunogbaga: which do you prefer, gin or grand matador?02:34
ron_pidgin and web cam together? is it possible ?02:34
sunogbagause manual partitioning instead of guided02:34
spydabytesomeone plz help me ... why can i ssh into my ubuntu box with internal ip but as soon as i try with real ip or hostname i get timed out02:34
spydabytei opened the port in my router02:35
sunogbagagrand matador heheh.. nice one02:35
qiqoim having problems installing mysql 4 in gutsy02:35
qiqoanyone can help me in this?02:35
sunogbagaspydabyte: u may be under a router02:35
ron_hey a hawaii ubuntu user Aloha from maui where are you??02:35
spydabyteyes i know02:35
spydabytei forwarded port 2302:35
spydabyteerm 2202:35
sunogbagacan u telnet?02:36
kitofhawaiiron_: aloha from oahu :)02:36
sunogbagaspydabyte: can u telnet to that port?02:36
spydabytenot sure02:36
MokonaSansunogbaga: thanks. I am not in a rush since i cant get to the computer at the moment, anyway. My wife is using the live CD right now02:36
ron_:) cool why dont we have a loco team here yet kit?02:36
MokonaSanWindows crappily died on her and I can't repair it02:37
MokonaSanI am trying to install Ubuntu as a backup plan02:37
SpeakerManiaIn the default theme, is the top panel pure white?02:37
zaxiusis there a way to access your ubuntu filesystem from windows if you're using wubi?02:37
sunogbagaspydabyte: try telnet host port - if you cant open a connection then u are still hidden outside of your network02:37
spydabytecouldnt not open host02:37
qiqohuhuhu help meee...02:37
kitofhawaiiron_: too much effort? :) *shrug*02:37
sipsipclickI can't get over 1152x864 resolutions in opengl apps, yet I can run gnome/xserver at 1440x900.  anyone know why?02:37
spydabyteBUT i dont think i have telnet installed on ubuntu box02:37
spydabyteim a little new still with it02:37
spydabytei have to run 5.10 on it casue its an old pos machine02:38
Budda|Can someone please help me make my wireless work. My wireless card can pick up the networks, it just wont connect. I've updated everything I can, enabled all the repos etc. Help.02:38
sunogbagaMokonaSan: use manual partitioning, create a partition on the free space,.. that's it02:38
ron_Kit: who has the time02:38
spydabytebut its ran fine just i got a new wireless set up for my windows box and such02:38
Metalgod89I'm having such hard time finding software that supports ubuntu02:38
spydabyteso i had to redo my network02:38
spydabytenow nothign works02:38
kitofhawaiiron_: aye...:)02:38
Donkacan someone help me with k3b plz02:38
spydabyteeven dmz through router doesnt let it connect02:39
Box|UKcool im pulling media files off my xp drive lol this is neat02:39
ron_kitofhawaii how long have you been using this os??02:39
falconerhi, is Ubuntu able to compile Splix? It seems to need something called jbig02:39
pestilenceon my new laptop, with SATA hard disk, whenever the disk is in heavy use the computer will hardly do anything else.  the disk access is fast (it will do one thing quickly), but doing two things is VERY slow.  anybody else have this problem?02:39
sunogbagaspydabyte: can you ping your router?02:39
spydabytewith ubuntu box ?02:39
sunogbagaspydabyte: yup02:40
pestilenceDonka: what is your problem02:40
Budda|Can someone please help me make my wireless work. My wireless card can pick up the networks, it just wont connect. I've updated everything I can, enabled all the repos etc. Help.02:40
pestilenceBudda|: what wireless card (and don't repeat your question every 2 minutes)02:40
spydabyte5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4003ms02:41
spydabytertt min/avg/max/mdev = 1.094/1.763/4.420/1.328 ms02:41
sunogbagaspydabyte: then ur connected to the network02:41
qiqoanyone still can help me with setting up mysql?02:41
kitofhawaiiron_: ubuntu specifically on and off..but linux and particularly debian in general uhm i dunno first time i started working with it was in college in 9602:41
Budda|pestilence: DLink DWL-G51002:41
spydabytebut noone from outside can conenct to box02:41
spydabytelike if i use putty from my windows machine i can only use int of to connect to it02:42
ron_kitofhawaii_: I started with knoppix in sept this year then ubuntu so im a noob :)02:42
sunogbagaspydabyte: any firewalls?02:42
spydabyteall off02:42
spydabyteliek i said i even tried to dmz it02:43
rodrigo_robdig: man... --purge resolved the problem!!!02:43
spydabytestill didnt work02:43
kitofhawaiiron_: *shrug* the more it changes the more it stays the same :)02:43
falconerBudda, does your network have a wireless key?02:43
pestilenceBudda|: what hardware revision?02:43
Budda|falconer: yes02:43
rodrigo_robdig: if u get the same problem, just remove and purge the build-essential =)02:43
Budda|pestilence: B02:43
* cflopez is cursing his broadcom card02:43
Budda|No wait, C02:43
RB2I'm configuring lm-sensors with sensors-detect. What command do I run to find out if certain module adapters are built into the kernel?02:43
robdigrodrigo_: cool...glad you got it!02:44
Wandereranyone have a good doc on installing latest kde on gutsy?02:44
sunogbagaspydabyte: has it worked before? i mean can u ssh before from outside your network?02:44
falconerIs there an option in the network config to change the key from ascii to hex?02:44
falconertry toggling that.02:44
=== xp_prg is now known as xp_gone
slaytanicHow can I check which package provides a file?02:44
spydabytei dunno i just got the box back out after nearly a yr02:44
spydabytei got my win box through wireless02:44
ron_well im out aloha all :)02:44
spydabyteand ubuntu box plugged in via ethernet cord02:44
Budda|falconer: Nope =(02:44
Donkapestilence seems everytime i try to burn it says dma-driver error, crc error02:44
spydabytebut i know ive tried 6.01 i think it was an 7.01 server only02:45
Wanderer!dpkg kde402:45
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dpkg kde4 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:45
narothepharohmy screensaver doesnt work screen just goes blank02:45
Budda|falconer: Even when I make the network not have a key it wont connect02:45
spydabytecasue i want to be able to do everything from outside network02:45
pestilenceDonka: have you done something with DMA, e.g. using hdparm?02:45
spydabyteput the tower in my corner no monitor or anything02:45
falconerThat router has an online config right? can you get to that using the web-browser in UBUNTU?02:46
narothepharohmy screensaver doesnt work screen just goes blank02:46
RB2Found it, nvm :)02:46
pestilenceBudda|: is the AP using encryption?  what kind?02:46
Donkawell i just got this new dvd burner and im not sure if ubuntu installed the right drivers for it02:46
Budda|pestilence: WEP02:46
spydabytei dont have no browers installed ... i did text/server only02:46
mnemonicaWhere would I get ahold of "ndiswrapper-utils-1.9"...  tisn't in synaptic02:46
pestilenceBudda|: have you tried without WEP?  just so see if it works?02:46
Budda|falconer: No, I'm using wired atm with a different router02:46
Budda|pestilence: yeah, still wont connect02:47
spydabyteoh thought u were talking to me falconer sry02:47
nixNewbis there anyway to set my comp up as a vnc thin client?02:47
spydabytepeople even nmap me and port 22 shows open02:47
achandrashekarVMWARE issue - cant seem to bridge ath0...I googled around..anyone got a fix for this?? in Ubuntu?02:47
Donkapestilence: well i just got this new dvd burner and im not sure if ubuntu installed the right drivers for it02:47
pestilenceDonka: i don't think drivers are all that important for ATAPI cdroms02:48
narothepharohmy screensaver doesnt work screen just goes blank02:48
achandrashekarnixNewb: there is some cool info..though not VNC on ltsp on the net.02:48
Donkaoh, could it be a faulty driver ?02:49
cflopezcan someone lend a hand, im having some weird issues with the broadcom firmware on an AMD6402:49
achandrashekarcflopez: thats the wireless??02:49
sunogbagaspydabyte: do u have a static ip?02:49
cflopezi got it working then after rebooting the system, poof, gone02:49
Donkapestilence: i ment could my dvd burner be faulty??02:49
pestilenceBudda|: maybe you have to install the "madwifi" drivers?02:49
scguy318mnemonica: check that your universe repo is enabled02:50
scguy318mnemonica: System -> Admin -> Software Sources02:50
achandrashekarcflopez: they are a pain..you can either try fwcutter or try to use ndiswrapper.02:50
pestilenceDonka: it certainly could.  did you try googling the error that it gives you02:50
nixNewbachandrashekar: do you have to boot a computer with it?02:50
cflopezi tried them both and they didnt seem to work02:50
cflopezi got it working by a sheer miracle... i found the restricted driver thing and activated it, next thing i know its working02:50
pestilenceBudda|: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3897202:50
Budda|pestilence: 'sudo apt-get install madwifi'?02:50
Donkapestilence: i am as we speak02:50
pestilencethat's pretty old, though.02:50
cflopezit asked me to reboot and then it wasnt working again02:50
Rafabehow do I change the driver being used for X through the console (ie, if X is failing to load because I tried to switch from proprietary ATI driver to the open one)02:51
=== tonyy is now known as tonyyarusso
pestilenceBudda|: i don't know.  but it seems that is what people use for the atheros chipset-based cards02:51
RafabeI need to revert to select the proprietary driver02:51
achandrashekarachandrashekar: yep..that is correct. it uses bootp mechanism, pulls up a dhcp address and uses network resources and pulls up the system. God that is a shitty explanation, but you get the idea.02:51
scguy318Rafabe: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:51
Rafabescguy: I did. Didn't fix it.02:51
scguy318Rafabe: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg if you just want defaults with driver selection02:51
achandrashekarcflopez: is the driver using fwcutter?02:51
Rafabethanks sc02:51
sunogbagaspydabyte: u'r sure your router isn't under dhcp? coz it's the only problem i can think of so far..02:51
achandrashekarcflopez: or is trying to use the native driver some how.02:52
cflopezi tried it both ways02:52
some_idiotwhy does tab completio nnot work in 'grub' on latest ubuntu?02:52
cflopeznative drive worked, i couldnt use the fwcutter to work02:52
achandrashekarcflopez: this forum has been inundated with bcm stuff..which usually gets resolved by using ndiswrapper02:52
spydabytesunogbaga : how exatcly do i tell02:52
pestilenceBudda|: your other option is to use ndiswrapper.02:53
cflopezmy snooping around the forums showed the same thing, always ndiswrapper02:53
sunogbagaspydabyte: what's the ip of your router?02:53
sunogbagaspydabyte: if it's 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x then your under dhcp02:53
achandrashekarcflopez: right...the bcm stuff is very propietary..and the g'damn windows driver seems to the best choice02:53
scguy318sunogbaga: not necessarily02:53
sunogbagaspydabyte: you'll have to contact your isp02:53
FezzlerWhy will not my Screen Resolution Refresh Rate setting stay?  It boots into 50mHz not matter how may times I change to 96 mHz???02:53
spydabytei think it is dhcp02:54
spydabytewhy is that ?02:54
mnemonicascguy318: Universe repository has been enabled.02:54
spydabytelast time i called em about a unix issue they said ha what u want us to do02:54
scguy318mnemonica: then do sudo aptitude install ndiswrapper-utils-1.902:54
cflopezbut i cant seem to get past step 14 of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20190202:54
achandrashekarcflopez: id dig around a bit though on sites...you'll want that biatch to start on boot. and not have to invoke it once the system starts...there is a write up for that as well...02:54
narothepharohmy screensaver doesnt work screen just goes blank02:54
robdignarothepharoh: does it work when you preview it?02:54
sunogbagaspydabyte: your own network is using static ips however u are still under a larger network,02:54
RB2Is anyone here an lm-sensors guru?02:54
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)02:55
narothepharohrobdig yes02:55
cflopeznot have to invoke it once the system starts..... i think im lost02:55
spydabyteright but shouldnt i be able to port forward or dmz that box ... so public can get to it ...02:55
Rafabescguy318: I ran sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg , it mentioned writing default files. I then rebooted. I got as far as the "loading local boot scripts" screen, then nothing happens.02:55
spydabyteits like my windows box02:55
spydabytei open port 21 to use ftp02:55
achandrashekarcflopez: that should tell you if the driver is claimed02:55
achandrashekarstep 14 that is..02:55
sunogbagaspydabyte: you have your router there righ?02:56
mnemonicascguy318: Did what you asked... Got this ---> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47782/02:56
scguy318sunogbaga: if you hook two computers via crosswire, and assign them an IP in the or range, that's not really using DHCP :P02:56
demonotakuhi hi :)02:56
scguy318mnemonica: close Synaptic02:56
mneptokscguy318: "crossover" ;)02:56
scguy318mneptok: ty :)02:56
mnemonicascguy318: heh... *is ashamed*02:56
TheNo1YetiHi, anyone think they can give me a hand.  I'm trying to setup my ubuntu box to connect to the network in my home.  Unfortunately I have to connect through a windows xp computer to share the internet connection.  I have the two nic's bridged in xp, is there anything else I need to do to get it working on the ubuntu side?  I can't remember all the setps02:56
spydabytewhen i log in to router i see both machines ...02:56
spydabyteHost Name IP Address MAC Address Interface02:57
spydabyte192.168.0.10 00:c0:f0:17:2d:ac ETHERNET02:57
spydabyteself-5c5e4c2ecf 00:60:b3:ce:f9:fb WIRELESS02:57
achandrashekaranyone have experience with bridging ath0 wireless in VMWARE?02:57
robdignarothepharoh: which version of ubuntu?02:57
mnemonicascguy318: Thanks.02:57
cflopezcharlie@ubuntu:/$ ndiswrapper -l02:57
cflopezbcmwl564 : invalid driver!02:57
cflopezbcmwl564.sys : invalid driver!02:57
robdignarothepharoh: gutsy, fiesty, etc?02:57
cflopezthats what i get achandrashekar02:57
achandrashekarthen that is NOT the driver you need02:57
scguy318cflopez: you have to give it INF02:57
steed2008hi all02:57
david_JTheNo1Yeti: Does the linux computer know the default route and gateways?02:57
mneptok!paste | cflopez02:57
ubotucflopez: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:57
scguy318achadrashekar: not necessarily, he may have installed it improperly02:57
* demonotaku is using gebuntu02:57
cflopezmy bad about the past02:58
mneptokdemonotaku: *Go*buntu? ;)02:58
achandrashekar+1 for what scguy318 just poseted02:58
narothepharohit is 7.10 fiesty?02:58
mneptoknarothepharoh: 7.10 is Gutsy.02:58
TheNo1Yetidavid_J: as far as I can tell yes.  It's setup on auto configuration.  ifconfig says it has addr of
narothepharohhow do install a camera02:58
TheNo1YetiEverything else looks good on it02:58
cflopezso i should just start with that HOWTO again scguy?02:58
mneptokdemonotaku: welcome to freedom02:58
narothepharohok gutsy02:58
achandrashekarscguy318: yep..i see it now..02:58
demonotakui been using ubuntu02:59
steed2008Please help me : Ibm T60+ubuntu 7.10 ,menu.lst vga=0x0345 (1400x1050),console text will flush in some area02:59
david_JTheNo1Yeti: type sudo route to check the routes02:59
demonotakui just love testing random distro's at times02:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dhcdbd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:59
achandrashekarcflopez: he's right use the inf file instead02:59
cflopezwait wait, you guys know what i did wrong already?!02:59
narothepharohhow do install a camera02:59
david_JTheNo1Yeti: and check the /etc/resolv.conf for nameservers02:59
Metalgod89alright i'm so lost I am a really big newb to this stuff and I understand that alot of this stuff is going to need coding but I have no idea how to get any of the programs I want I've been looking all over for the past 2 hours for solutions02:59
achandrashekarcflopez: and try again...but first you need to remove the drivers...by removing them with ndiswrapper02:59
david_JTheNo1Yeti: Windows is set up to sahre internet right?02:59
narothepharohhow do install a camera02:59
sunogbagaspydabyte: have you already setup any service to that box? httpd/ftp/ maybe that's viewable outside the network?02:59
spydabytewhat other ports are needed open for ssh03:00
RB2I'm attempting to configure lm-sensors. I ran the sensors-detect provided by Gutsy as well as the "latest" sensors-detect script and came out with two different outputs: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47783/03:00
cflopezand i do that how?03:00
sunogbagaspydabyte: just 2203:00
achandrashekarcflopez: you can type ndiswrapper --help03:00
nixNewbcan i isntall vnc on a computer that doens't have a mointor?03:00
RB2I'm just trying to decipher the output and figure out what to do next.03:00
cflopezwill be back later to update you guys, or cry for more help03:00
narothepharohhow do install a camera ???03:00
spydabytecasue like now he can connect but when he puts in a correct user,pass it tells him its incortect and dc's03:00
nixNewbpatagon: hi03:00
achandrashekarcflopez: you are doing just fine.....this is how you LEARN03:00
TheNo1Yetidavid_J: Yes, xp is setup to share the internet connection and the nics are bridged like they are suppose to be (been a long time since I have had to do this)    route gives me destination of and default with gateway of
achandrashekarcflopez: good luck03:00
scguy318nixNewb: yes03:01
narothepharohhow do install a camera ???03:01
patagonnixNewb,  ;D03:01
u_angelnixnewb: don't use vnc, use freenx instead. i installed it via ssh03:01
david_JTheNo1Yeti: check for nameserver03:01
spydabytethat was when i opened port 388903:01
cflopezi know i know, its just frustrating sometimes... you can troubleshoot windows over the phone half asleep with more than a couple of drinks on you, then its back to being a noob03:01
david_JTheNo1Yeti: in the /etc/resolv.conf03:01
MokonaSannixNewb: Yes, VNC will still operate without a monitor. I did it before. Of course, installing it without one may be tough03:01
benzs_sokay guys i've tried everything... why doesn't flash have sound :<03:01
tyanyone have realplayer installed for Ubuntu 7.10 ?03:01
nixNewbu_angel: thank you03:01
steed2008 Please help me : Ibm T60+ubuntu 7.10 ,menu.lst vga=0x0345 (1400x1050),console text will flush in some area03:01
spydabytebut even before port he could connect once in a while and get the same thing03:01
scguy318ty: why Realplayer? crappy play imho :P03:01
TheNo1YetiYea, cat resolv.conf gives me "search mshome.net  nameserver"03:01
nixNewbFatal server error: no screens found03:02
scguy318ty: though I think that's in restricted somewhere03:02
=== ajmorris_ is now known as ajmorris_|AFK
achandrashekarcfopez: you didnt start that way on winblows right??? it takes time... and that damn blue screen of death...what did that mean again??03:02
robdignarothepharoh: take a look at this...maybe it will help you...http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=610107&highlight=xubuntu+blank+screensaver03:02
danbhfiveanyone know how I can unmount my /home partition?03:03
david_JTheNo1Yeti: See if you can go to
cflopezcant i remove the drives using the visual interface of ndiswrapper03:03
david_JTheNo1Yeti: If you can it's the nameserver03:03
spydabytesunogbaga : this have anything to do with it03:03
spydabytethis is from config03:03
tyreally want to get asx files to video stream ok03:03
spydabyte# What ports, IPs and protocols we listen for03:03
spydabytePort 2203:03
achandrashekarim sure its been discussed...and maybe off topic...Vista really really sucks. It took me less than 10 mins of using it to dump it. Sorry Bill.03:03
spydabyte# Use these options to restrict which interfaces/protocols sshd will bind to03:03
spydabyte#ListenAddress ::03:03
narothepharohrobdig it is not a link03:04
TheNo1Yetidavid_J: Nope, linux box says can't get a connection.  So I need to probably recheck the connection sharing to make sure it's right.  The windows box can obviously connect okay03:04
petafileI'm trying to run an executable in the directory I'm in, ./baudline  I tab completed it so I know it exists, and bash tells me : ./baudline:  no such file or directory03:04
achandrashekarAnyone got good links to learn shell scripting?03:04
petafileanyone ever come across something like this?03:04
tymplayer buffers the asx but stops without playback03:04
david_JTheNo1Yeti: Sounds like it...03:04
david_JTheNo1Yeti: if the linuxbox can ping the windows...03:05
u_angelnixnewb: don't use vnc, use freenx instead. i installed it via sshi'm looking for the tutorial i used03:05
cflopezim having trouble uninstalling those drivers achandrashekar03:05
achandrashekarpetafile: obvious question...did you chmod +x it??03:05
robdignarothepharoh: hmm...try it without highlighting http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61010703:05
scguy318cflopez: make sure you do sudo ndiswrapper -i /path/to/inf/file and nothing else03:05
david_JTheNo1Yeti: Why use bridging?03:05
petafileachandrashekar: I'll check, I just untarred it, but I would think I"d get a different error03:05
cflopezahh ok03:05
petafileachandrashekar: that's not it03:06
scguy318petafile: make sure you chmod +x it executable, if that's not already the case03:06
TheNo1Yetidavid_J: Yea your right.  It's not able to ping the windows box.  And because right now my room is on the other side of the house and I had to fight to get one cat cable ran across the house and I don't have the money for another switch right now03:06
davilesbuenas noches gentes ;)03:06
petafileI chmod a+x 'd it03:06
cflopezthe sys files goes also?03:06
scguy318cflopez: only point to the INF file03:06
achandrashekarcflopez: its just the inf file03:07
petafileeven with a definite path it says no such file/dir03:07
david_JTheNo1Yeti: lol03:07
achandrashekaras in step 1303:07
* genii sips03:07
david_JTheNo1Yeti: Check the cat 5 if you can and work your way to the other computer lol03:07
achandrashekarpetafile: and if you try to cp the file or whatever....does it work?03:07
cflopezdriver is already installed03:08
jwdcflopez: wireless?03:08
cflopezwtf i thought i was removing it03:08
u_angelnixnewb: still htere?03:08
achandrashekarjwd: yep03:08
petafileachandrashekar: copies fine03:08
spydabytethis is why i always end up back in windows i get so frusterated03:08
petafilethat one won't execute either03:08
spydabyteits pitifull03:08
Crankymonky!pastebin | Crankymonky03:08
petafilemaybe a reboot will help out03:08
achandrashekarpetafile: does the sh nameoffile work?03:08
cflopezrefuse to go back!03:08
achandrashekarjwd: yep03:08
jwdwhat wireless card?03:09
insllvnI am looking for some advice, I would like to set up a server to store all my digital content (ripped DVD's recorded TV shows, music, etc) and I had initially planned to set it up so I could FTP in and grab things as I needed them, allowing me to access the content from anywhere where I had an internet connection. Then I got to thinking it would be great if I could stream this stuff, so I would not need to download stuff and wait for it03:09
insllvn. is this possible? what software would I need? how much work would the server be doing, and how much horsepower would it need?03:09
achandrashekarcflopez: refuses to remove?03:09
u_angelspydabyte: what problem are you having?03:09
cflopezit said its already installed and I copy/pasted the command you gave me03:09
petafilesh baudline gives:   baudline: 1: ELF   0: not found  baudline: 2: Syntax Error: "(" unexpected03:09
josiahwok i am installing ubuntu 7.10 onto my windows machine... I want to set up a dual boot system. I already have windows installed and want to install ubuntu onto my other "blank" ntfs partition. I am in the setup right now and have the edit partition menu in installation up right now. I told it to use ext 3 but dont know what to put as the mount point03:09
jwdndiswrapper -l please03:09
pestilenceinsllvn: sounds like you want a myth backend.  and don't use ftp.03:10
pestilenceftp is bad.03:10
insllvnachandrashekar, myth will stream like that over the web?03:10
u_angelinsllvn: try gnump3d, i set it up on my machine http://phpmine.selfip.com:888803:10
cflopezbcmwl564 invalid driver03:10
tamgohow do I setup annonymous access on a samba server?03:10
jwdany suggestions for a app to develop perl/web/ajax?03:10
shadowbladeHello, I'm getting error 17 from grub when trying to boot into my ubuntu partition after rearranging my partitions03:10
cflopezsame thing for bcmwl564.sys03:10
spydabytei can ssh my box from win machine with putty only by using internal ip03:10
josiahwshould i choose: /media/sda2, /dos, or /windows03:10
achandrashekarinsllvn: with the combo of a mythfrontend and backend...it will work..03:10
spydabytesoemtimes peopel outside can connect and enter correct login info but yet it tells em its not right and dc;s em03:10
jwdcfl you need the sys file and inf file in same dir03:10
david_Jjosiahw: repartition the free partition to a linux one and choose a filsystem to format it with03:11
pestilenceshadowblade: you changed root, so you need to reinstall grub.03:11
cflopezthey are03:11
TheNo1Yet1david_J: Just to let you know I was being an idiot.  Unbridged the nics and reshared the connection and refreshed and everyone connects to the net and is happy.  I appreciate the help.  :)03:11
jwdthan do ndiswrapper -i blah.inf03:11
achandrashekarcflopez: sorry now i understand your question...yes03:11
shadowbladepestilence: how do i do that?03:11
pestilenceshadowblade: it is looking for your grub installation on the wrong partition03:11
nomichi fello ubuntu users03:11
achandrashekarjwd: nice!03:11
nomichow is life03:11
pestilenceshadowblade: boot off a live cd03:11
david_JTheNo1Yet1: no problem.. Had to be simple03:11
nomici love ubuntu!03:11
josiahwdavid_J: what should i choose for mount point?03:11
Anubis E: /var/cache/apt/archives/vmware-server_1.0.4-1feisty3_i386.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 103:11
shadowbladepestilence: thats where i am right now03:11
pestilenceshadowblade: ok03:11
Anubishow do i fix that03:11
pestilenceshadowblade: sudo grub03:11
TheNo1Yet1it always is lol03:11
sunogbagaspydabyte: are you sure it's your box they are connecting to?03:11
nomicis robust fast all devices work drives yer screen better03:11
pestilenceshadowblade: find /boot/grub/stage103:11
petafileany other ideas achandrashekar ?03:12
nomicok thanks bye03:12
david_Jjosiahw: The ubuntu website can help you...03:12
spydabyteyeah im the only one with the ip03:12
pestilenceshadowblade: what does that tell you03:12
radioaktivstormhello my sound has spontaneously gone buggy. I have no idea what happened... i turned my computer on, and now the music is muffled and quiet. any pointers?03:12
cflopezdid that jwd03:12
sunogbagaspydabyte: no i mean, people from outside the network...03:12
shadowbladepestilence: (hd0,4)03:12
spydabyteis there any config files i need to check ?03:12
spydabyteyes the guy lives in florida03:12
pestilenceshadowblade: do you have grub installed on the MBR?  if so, type03:12
marnanelHello. I have upgraded to gutsy today, and I have lost my /home partition; instead, something prints "device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table" to syslog forever. I have ssh'd into the machine from elsewhere. Does anyone have any clues as to how I would go about fixing this?03:13
pestilenceshadowblade: root (hd0,4)03:13
pestilenceshadowblade: setup (hd0)03:13
pestilencethen quit and reboot03:13
sunogbagaspydabyte: and what ip does he use to connect to ur box?03:13
=== Moniker8241 is now known as Moniker42
marnanelIt also prints " device-mapper: table: 254:1: linear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed"03:13
spydabytemy main outside ip03:13
shadowbladepestilence: ok, it said it succeeded03:13
david_Jmarnanel: raid? or lvm or neither?03:13
pestilenceshadowblade: oh, you might want to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst on that partition03:13
sunogbagaspydabyte: what ip format is that?03:13
spydabytethen he tries to login .. with correct info and it tells him wrong pass03:13
pestilenceso that it points to the correct partition (otherwise you'll get new errors)03:14
RB2With gDesklets, is there a way to remove all the desklets? I have one I added by mistake that is throwing an error. So, none of them come up after the error occurs. I can't see it to remove it. :-/03:14
cflopezwhat now guys?03:14
spydabytei cant login with anything other then
marnaneldavid_J: Neither-- just one partition which is /, one which is /home, and one which is swap.03:14
sunogbagaspydabyte: and this is your routers ip?03:14
marnaneldavid_J: I can find the /dev/sdaX numbers if you like03:14
shadowbladepestilence: what do i change in it?03:14
spydabytesubtwo i guess03:14
achandrashekarcflopez: fo a ndiswrapper -l03:15
sunogbagaspydabyte: and this is your routers ip?03:15
achandrashekarcflopez: make sure its gone03:15
david_Jmarnanel: odd.. maybe a fstab problem... device mapper is used for lvm2, raid, or luks03:15
cflopezback sorry03:15
achandrashekarthen reinstall03:15
shadowbladepestilence: just the root options to (hd0,4) ?03:15
pestilenceshadowblade: well, you'll want to change the references to the old partition to references to the new partition.  e.g. hda1 --> hda503:15
marnaneldavid_J: I thought I hadn't heard of it before.03:15
josiahwhow much swap is recommended for a high end computer? using a 300gb partition03:15
spydabytesunogbaga: this box is but with port 21 forwarded in the page i can use spyda.sytes.net to connect to ftp03:15
pestilenceshadowblade: or possible sda1 --> sda503:15
spydabyteunix box shows up as
cflopezis fo a commands?03:15
achandrashekarcflopez: as i remember jwd helped you remove it.. and now make SURE its gone with ndiswrapper -l03:15
pestilenceshadowblade: got it?03:15
marnaneldavid_J: for what it's worth, the upgrade process didn't touch /etc/fstab.03:16
spydabytei even dmz and still cant connect03:16
cflopezstill says invalid drivers03:16
shadowbladepestilence: i think so03:16
pestilenceshadowblade: but yes, also the root option.03:16
achandrashekarcflopez: then ndiswrapper -i the bcmblah.inf file03:16
D-EliteNeed help installing libssh 0.11 - http://pastebin.com/d44b90b6103:16
david_Jmarnanel: You root gets mounted?03:16
marnaneldavid_J: Yes.03:16
demonotakuhow can you install scripts in to gnome ubuntu03:16
demonotakuxchat i mean03:16
david_Jmarnanel: dmseg has no more output?03:16
cflopezit keeps saying driver already installed03:17
cflopezwhy cant it just die!03:17
david_Jmarnanel: mount the drive manually and see what happens?03:17
david_Jmarnanel: or partition oops03:17
D-EliteNeed help installing libssh 0.11 - http://pastebin.com/d44b90b6103:17
marnaneldavid_J: oh, good idea, let's see how that goes.03:17
spydabytewhen i try and ssh with normal ip i get timed out03:17
insllvnachandrashekar, and pestilence thanks looking at mythbuntu now, and it looks like exactly what i am going for03:17
cflopezcant i just go to the add/remove and erase everything there?03:17
marnaneldemonotaku: is "sudo apt-get install xchat" what you want?03:17
david_Jmarnanel: prolly just need to fsck it...03:17
D-Elitespydabyte, to what exactly?03:17
demonotakui mean scripts in the xchat03:18
* Budda| sighs03:18
D-Elitehe means like tcl scripts03:18
demonotakui got the xchat installed perfectly03:18
D-Elitedemonotaku, check for tcl scripts on google. thats what i use.03:18
spydabyteD-Elite what ya mean ?03:18
pestilenceD-Elite: do you need openssl installed?03:18
pestilenceor openssl-dev03:18
D-Elitespydabyte, ssh to another box or to what?03:18
spydabyteother peopel from outside network being able to ssh into it is what i need03:19
D-Elitepestilence, nope. i need libssh 0.11 installed03:19
Richard51684hey i'm running a program under wine and it's default setting is to be hide into the sys tray, however when i double-click the tray icon it won't open (it would in windows), is there a way to force the window to open?03:19
spydabytei can ssh into it from my windows box ONLY using internal ip03:19
pestilenceD-Elite: to rectify the error you are getting...03:19
pestilenceD-Elite: it is complaining about lack of openssl headers03:19
cflopezok ok finally removed!03:20
Budda|How do I uninstall wicd, and reinstall the default network monitor thing?03:20
spydabytei can ping anything with te ubuntu box03:20
D-Elitepestilence, pretty sure i have openssl installed03:20
pestilenceD-Elite: in particular, libssl-dev03:20
spydabyteso its gotta be seeing the outside world soemwhat03:20
achandrashekarcflopez: okay...now take it slow..from start...03:20
=== nilbus_ is now known as boo
achandrashekarcflopez: thats what she said...lol03:21
marnaneldavid_J: strange: `mount /dev/sda3 /home` --> `/dev/sda3 already mounted or /home busy`. `umount /dev/sda3` --> `/dev/sda3: not mounted`. `mount /dev/sda3 /tmp/some-crappy-name-i-just-created` --> same as /home03:21
spydabyteis there anything in ssh config or sshd config that may need changing after installing it ?03:21
dmbubotu: help03:21
cflopezi removed it using the front end gui for ndiswrapper but when i went looking for the files, they where still there03:21
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:21
danc3spydabyte: yes03:21
david_Jmarnanel: do a df -h or mount03:21
dmbubotu: kernel03:21
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages03:21
notwenanyone able to help me w/ gcc compiler?03:21
spydabytedanc3: mind helping me with that ?03:21
pestilenceD-Elite: configure seems to disagree with that assessment :-D03:22
danc3notwen: how do we know, if you don't say what you need help with?03:22
D-Elitepestilence, looks as so, lol.03:22
D-Elitepestilence, let me reinstall it03:22
marnaneldavid_J: it is indeed not mounted03:22
david_Jnotwen: apt-get install build-essential03:22
danc3spydabyte: what do you need help with?03:22
Budda|How do I uninstall wicd, and reinstall the default network monitor thing?03:22
david_Jmarnanel: man fuser or lsof03:22
spydabyteis there anything in ssh config or sshd config that may need changing after installing it ? u said yes .. im wondering what03:22
supersoundguyis there any way that I can get libstdc++.so.5 without an internet connection on my ubuntu machine?03:22
danc3spydabyte: have you looked at the config files?03:23
spydabytei have03:23
marnaneldavid_J: what am I looking for? I know how to use fuser and lsof; am I checking nobody has a lock on /dev/sda3?03:23
JimmyDeesupersoundguy, download it on the box youre on NOW and put it on disk, sneakernet03:23
jwdsupersound: jumpdrive03:23
danc3spydabyte: and you don't see anything that needs changing?03:23
D-Elitepestilence, http://pastebin.com/d595e196d03:23
D-Elitepestilence, seems like its there03:23
spydabytedanc3: not surte what im looking for to be honest03:23
david_Jmarnanel: yeah basically.. then I'd try to fsck /dev/sda303:23
jwdany developers?03:23
pestilenceD-Elite: you need libssl-dev, the development files.03:23
danc3spydabyte: well, read them again, they're well commented03:23
danc3we'll wait03:24
marnaneljwd: of what?03:24
pestilenceD-Elite: how about just running apt-get build-dep libssh2 ?03:24
marnaneljwd: plenty, what's up?03:24
mudorehow can I find files containing "string" in a rep?03:24
jwdI need an opinion on a app to develop with03:24
danc3mudore: man grep03:24
pestilenceD-Elite: libssh-203:24
Budda|How do I uninstall wicd, and reinstall the default network monitor thing?03:24
jwdwriting a perl/mysql and possibly AJAX03:24
jwdbeen using VI03:24
spydabytedo i uncomment out listenadress : and put ip of the box ?03:24
pestilencethat would bring in all the dependencies.03:24
mudoredanc3, thx03:24
spydabytethats only thing i could possibly see would be03:24
JimmyDee!patience | Budda|03:25
ubotuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:25
ubotuBudda|: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:25
danc3spydabyte: better read them again03:25
* jwd grins03:25
sunogbagaspydabyte: that will limit connections03:25
danc3jwd: what do you want?03:25
JimmyDeejwd, dave's not here, man03:25
notwenthat fixed it David_j, thanks03:26
pestilencejwd: you should use vim.  it is much nicer.03:26
david_Jnotwen: what I do?03:26
jwdya think03:26
jwdjust alias vi to vim03:26
jwdand I'm good03:26
marnaneljwd: if you install vim it aliases vi to vim. this is true.03:27
notwenrecommending apt-get build-essential worked03:28
Budda|How do I uninstall wicd, and reinstall the default network monitor thing?03:28
spydabytei dunno im lost totaly03:28
Eagle-101Budda|, open synaptic, search for wicd, tell it to uninstall, and then select the default one and tell that to install (I don't know what the default one is called)03:29
RB2Just in the last 30 minutes or so, Evolution stopped loading. I get the "Starting Evolution" in the taskbar. Then, it disappears and nothing. I can see it running in the processes tho. Any suggestions?03:29
compwiz18Budda|: reinstall network-manager-gnome03:30
goat|wor1what does the "&" mean in /usr/sbin/telnetd 2> /dev/null &03:30
josiahwCan someone help me with setting up partitions? I just need to know how big to make the / and the swap03:30
jwdrun in background03:30
pestilencegoat|wor1: it tells it to run in the background03:30
sunogbagaspydabyte: can u give me this telnet localhost 22 .. just to check if im connecting to your box03:30
demonotakubingo got the script installed03:30
goat|wor1thanks pestilence and jwd03:30
jwdno prob03:30
dgoodmaanything for Linux that is similar to Quicken for Windows?03:30
pestilencedgoodma: gnucash03:30
danc3dgoodma: moneydance03:31
spydabytesunogbaga not even sure if telnet is installed there03:31
spydabytei tried before and it didnt do anything03:31
=== slim_ is now known as BigSlim
josiahwor just give me a link to some recommendations... i cant find anything on ubuntu.org03:31
pestilencedgoodma: gnucash has a pretty good tutorial on how to effectively use it on their website, if you are serious about managing your money03:31
danc3howdy dpeach, welcome to the jungle03:31
josiahwubuntu.com i mean03:31
dpeachthanks danc303:31
sunogbagaspydabyte: can u try it now? even on your windows box.. it gives you the ssh version before the prompt03:31
yuaokiI've got a motherboard on a Dell desktop with a yellow LED flashing and the power does not come on03:32
danc3yuaoki: power supply is gone03:32
Hubris2For the life of me, I can't figure out why a partition isn't mounting automatically.  It's in my fstab.....can anyone offer some suggestions?03:32
yuaokidanc3- as in no more?03:32
sunogbagaspydabyte: i mean on your windows box, try to telnet host 2203:32
pestilenceHubris2: does it say "noauto" in the fstab?03:32
Hubris2pestilence: No03:32
pestilenceHubris2: what happens when you manually mount it?  i.e. sudo mount /mountpoint03:32
danc3yuaoki: as in "dead", it's a common indication on a Dell03:32
Eagle-101josiahw, hint, I'd use google rather then searching ubuntu, if you want hints specific to ubuntu, make sure to add ubuntu linux to the end of your search string :)03:32
cflopezsame step, different story... i dumped the drivers in the home folder and i got this when i tried to install them   couldn't open /home/charlie/home/charlie/bcmwl564.inf: No such file or directory at /usr/sbin/ndiswrapper line 217.03:33
=== tonyy is now known as tonyyarusso
Hubris2I thought the 1 at the end of the line meant it was to mount automatically?03:33
pestilenceHubris2: no, that has to do with what time it is mounted.03:33
daedricGuys... do you think its normal to have a 3com marvell 940 ethernet chip onboard, knowing it is working... and lspci not even showing it? anyonw as had any issue similar to this ?03:33
danc3Hubris2: nope03:34
danc3pestilence: wrong03:34
Hubris2pestilence: I want it mounted before I sign in.....what should I have?03:34
danc3Hubris2: man mount, man fstab03:34
danc3Hubris2: hint:  "auto"03:35
spydabyteits obv a config problem with ssh itself has to be due to fact .. when i tried to use 6.016 or whatever it is .... it went onlien fine to get updates and upgrade03:35
pestilenceHubris2: well, it should be 2 if it's not your root partition.  i think.03:35
danc3pestilence: strike 203:35
ubotuYour home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For mounting your home folder on a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome03:36
Hubris2danc3: I will read the manpages....what I don't understand, is why other partitions in the fstab are mounting automatically (and don't have the word auto) but this is not03:36
pestilencedanc3: boy oh boy you are helpful.03:36
NeoPhyte21wow place is hoppin03:36
danc3pestilence: yes, I am03:36
TurnetCan anyone please help me?03:36
danc3pestilence: and the advice I give is correct, unlike yours03:36
pestilencedanc3: from the man page:  The  sixth field, (fs_passno), is used by the fsck(8) program to determine the order in which filesystem checks are done at reboot time.03:36
Flannelspydabyte: You don't need to change anything in the sshd config, you just need to make sure your port forwarding properly03:36
pestilencedanc3: well, at least i give it with a smile.03:36
TurnetCan anyone tell me what my localhost password is on Ubuntu? I'm trying to remove a printer from the list but it requires the password. Thank you. Also, I did not set one if that may help. :)03:36
danc3pestilence: it has to do with dumping the file system, not mounting03:36
linux88is anyone fairly familiar with VirtualBox?03:37
spydabytegreat now i cant even ssh using internal up now .. connection refused03:37
NeoPhyte21is there any way to remote desktop from a pc running windows into my machine at home running gutsy?03:37
TurnetCan anyone tell me what my localhost password is on Ubuntu? I'm trying to remove a printer from the list but it requires the password. Thank you. Also, I did not set one if that may help.  :)03:37
danc3Turnet: your login password03:37
pestilencedanc3: he was referring to the sixth field.03:37
pestilencedanc3: so, bzzz, you are wrong ;)03:37
Turnetdanc3 my login password didn't work. :S03:37
Flannelspydabyte: revert whatever changes you've made to your sshd configurations.03:37
josiahwis there a use in having /home anymore? or should it just all be under /?03:37
Flanneljosiahw: Erm.  There's every point in the world in having /home03:38
Turnetdanc3 my login password didn't work. :s03:38
scguy318josiahw: /home for your home stuff03:38
Hubris2pestilence: Indeed, I was referring to the sixth field.  According to the manpage, as you stated, it should be set to 2 for non-root03:38
danc3Turnet: don't know then03:38
Flanneljosiahw: Ah, you mean for a separate partition?  Yeah, because it allows you to reinstall around it.03:38
TurnetOk thanks anyone else? Can anyone tell me what my localhost password is on Ubuntu? I'm trying to remove a printer from the list but it requires the password. Thank you. Also, I did not set one if that may help.03:38
pestilencedanc3: well, whaddaya know03:38
pestilenceHubris2: so, what happens when you try to mount it manually?03:38
josiahwhow large of a partition (if you had a lot of hard drive space) would you allocate for /?03:38
pestilenceHubris2: sudo mount /media/data ?03:39
danc3josiahw: about 80% of it03:39
josiahwand then about 2gb of /swap and the rest in /home im guessing03:39
wirechiefTurnet its your root password03:39
Flanneljosiahw: 20GB will be more than you'll ever need.  10GB is more than liekly sufficient.03:39
danc3Flannel: how do you know that?03:39
Flanneldanc3: Know what?03:39
TurnetI didn't set a root password wirechief.03:39
Hubris2pestilence: It works just fine. I have configured a daemon to start with init.d that points at the mount point, so mounting manually is too late03:39
danc3Flannel: that 10G is enough?03:39
wirechiefTurnet well set one03:39
josiahwok so 20gb into /, 2gb into swap, and 878gb of /home?03:39
Flanneldanc3: Because you'd be hard pressed to fill 10GB with the stuff from the repos03:40
danc3Flannel: my / partition is 200GB and it's getting full03:40
TurnetBut I've heard it is dangerous to my system to set one. (I'm new to Ubuntu) :)03:40
Flanneljosiahw: Unless you want a separate partition for /var or anything03:40
spydabytewow i cant belive why this is so hard for me03:40
josiahwFlannel: dont think so03:40
pestilenceHubris2: hrmm.. then perhaps changing the 1 to a 2 will fix it.  i can't explain why else it wouldn't mount.  the default is "auto", so adding that after "defaults" isn't going to change anything (danc3, wanna tell me i'm wrong again?)03:40
Flanneldanc3: And you must not have a separate home.03:40
Flanneljosiahw: Well, you can always add one later if need be.03:40
PMantisStrangely, my laptop display blanks after 1 minute idle... but all preferences that I can find say about 11 minutes. Did I miss a setting?03:40
wirechiefTurnet its dangerous if you use Ubuntu, but not any of the other distros so what does that tell you?03:40
danc3Flannel: I do03:40
marnanelTurnet: it is no more dangerous to set a root password in Ubuntu than in any other distro.03:41
spydabyteBridge mode : Enable03:41
Flanneldanc3: Then I can't say I believe you.  What on earth is using the majority of that?  Gotta be runaway logs or something.03:41
spydabyteNAT mode : Enable03:41
spydabyteRouter mode : Enable03:41
spydabyteNAT Router mode : Enable03:41
marnanelTurnet: (also no less.)03:41
spydabyteCableHome 1.1 mode : Enable03:41
danc3Flannel: when you install most games for example, they go under /, and they are many GB's in size03:41
spydabyteright now its set as nat ...03:41
spydabyteshould i change to be dif ?03:41
TurnetOh I see what you mean.03:41
marnanelTurnet: Root passwords are really unnecessary these days.03:41
Flannelspydabyte: Just make sure your router is forwarding port 22 properly.03:41
spydabyteok i can ssh back in using int ip03:41
spydabytestill dont help me tho03:42
danc3Flannel: nearly anything you install goes into /usr/bin  or   /usr/local/bin , both of which are under "/"03:42
pestilenceFlannel: which is why it's a good idea to do 2 things.  1) use lvm.  2) have a /usr/local partition.03:42
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »03:42
cflopezugh... this wireless problem calls for bottles upon bottles of gin03:42
spydabytei tried to dmz it Flannel and it still didnt work03:42
TurnetMarnanel, I wanted to remove a printer but it is asking for a localhost password. Isn't that the root password?03:42
adorablepuppySpeaking of which: What is the default password for the root account on postgresql 8.2?03:42
pestilenceFlannel: or /usr03:42
wirechiefmarnanel he is trying to use the web based printer cupsys he needs root password03:42
alitadeposcahey !03:42
Flanneldanc3: I'm well aware of that.  You'd still be hard pressed to fill 20GB03:42
danc3Flannel: LOL03:42
alitadeposcaneed a little help03:42
TurnetYes, what wirechief said. :)03:42
spydabytei filled my 5005 gig in 3 days :)03:42
alitadeposcalooking for a wireless networking ubuntu channel... any ideas??03:43
danc3Flannel: do you play games like Quake4, Doom3, UT2004, etc?03:43
marnanelTurnet: ah, I have no idea about cupsys, but properly-written software should do something sudo-like these days03:43
danc3Flannel: they're huge03:43
wirechiefTurnet you have to decide if you want to set it. i know i do. but that is my thing.03:43
alitadeposcaa wifi related channel...03:43
TurnetOk I will set it I guess.03:43
TurnetHow may I do that?03:43
alitadeposcafor ubuntu...03:43
alitadeposcaany ideas?03:43
pestilencealitadeposca: you have found it.03:43
wirechiefTurner navigagte from system to user/groups03:44
alitadeposcapestilence:need a little help to get my audit toolkit set03:44
wirechiefTurner in there you will find a way to set it.03:44
Flannelspydabyte: There's nothing in the ssh configurations that'll stop it from working.  Only router issues, or maybe the wrong IP.03:44
adorablepuppyI installed postgresql 8.2 because today at work I decided I liked it much more than mysql. However, I was never prompted for account preferences and my current login has no role created for it. Is there a generic account I can use to access it?03:44
spydabytewell danc3 and sunogbaga for trying to help me ... i think im a. explaining it wrong ... or noone is actually understanding what i mean .. sry to have taken up al lthe time u guys could have helped other but now im pissed, and now this has officially turned me away from unix so now im goign to stri pthe pos box and throw it where it belongs in dumpster03:45
mudorehow can scan recursively a rep with grep for a string?03:45
pestilence!ask | alitadeposca03:45
mudoresample please03:45
TurnetYes wirechief I got it! Thanks a lot for the help. :)03:45
alitadeposcaalready got aircrack-ng pack running, but, since i'm trying to audit WPA2 networks i think i could something else...03:45
spydabyteok FloodBot303:45
danc3spydabyte: lol03:45
ubotualitadeposca: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)03:45
wirechiefTurnet ok well good luck with your printer settings what printer are you using ?03:45
danc3spydabyte: you're giving up that easily?03:45
pestilencewow, ubotu you are slow.03:45
spydabytedanc3 i been fighting this for 3 days03:45
spydabyteive had maybe 5 hrs sleep03:45
spydabytei need this to work03:45
alitadeposcaany good wirless audit soft for ubuntu ?03:46
TurnetBrother MFC 210C03:46
spydabyteand obv its not going to03:46
alitadeposcabesides aircrack-ng?03:46
danc3well you better just stick with windoze then, spydabyte03:46
wirechiefTurnet i use Brother mfc420cn03:46
spydabytefuck windows ill go pcless03:46
mudoreplease, how can scan recursively a rep with grep for a string?03:46
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:46
spydabytethe only reason this is windows is casue its a loner till i get other one working03:46
TurnetOh, did you experience the same problems as me?03:46
MokonaSanHello, I am trying to install Ubuntu 7.10 and it is taking a really long time for the Partition Manager to come up.  It went all the way to 100% on the "starting it up" dialog, but it is not going to the next screen. Is that normal?03:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about postgresql - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:46
spydabytesry for language03:46
* mnemonica hugs spydabyte03:46
spydabytebut im so agetaed right now03:46
pestilenceMokonaSan: do you meet the minimum required hardware?03:47
TurnetWirechief, I tried my new root password for localhost, it still did not work. :(03:47
spydabytesee cant even spell03:47
wirechiefTurnet i have reinstalled mine routinely now many times03:47
spydabyteits a word like very aggervated03:47
danc3spydabyte: maybe that's what's wrong with your config files03:47
pestilenceMokonaSan: i have had semi-older machines take forever to load the gutsy installer03:47
TurnetOh any reasons as to why?03:47
wirechiefTurnet use user root and then passwd03:47
spydabytedanc3 i havent messed with no config files03:48
MokonaSanpestilence: let me look at the minimum reqs.  I would think I meet them.03:48
spydabytei dont dare afraid ill break it even worse03:48
danc3spydabyte: I thought you were editing the SSH config files03:48
NeoPhyte21can anyone tell me why konsole's transparent background wouldn't work?03:48
spydabyteno u told me to take a look and figure it out03:48
danc3spydabyte: what exactly is your problem, anyway?03:48
spydabytei tried fiucked it up had to reset it03:48
sunogbagaspydabyte: cool down dude..03:48
spydabytesry for language again03:48
TurnetWirechief: It only asks for the password of localhost. I even tried 'root' but it didn't work.03:48
danc3spydabyte: what isn't working for you?03:48
spydabyteok danc3 ill try and explain this one more time best i can ....03:49
alitadeposcai'm trying to get started with wireless network audit. I've got backtrack 2, but i'd like ubuntu to do all that itself. Got aircrack-ng working on my 7.10, but since i'm looking forward to audit WPA2 i believe i could use both some other apps and tutorials, any suggestions? thanks.03:49
ibanezalitadeposca: www.google.com03:49
ibanezbest i know of.03:49
wirechiefTurnet im trying to get setup for pm03:49
=== wirechief is now known as wirechief4
Turnetwirechief, what's pm?03:50
MokonaSanit says it requires 256MB of RAM and I have 512, so I should be good on that03:50
alitadeposcaibanez: there's a lot of great stuff and a lot of junk around the web, any ubuntu specific apps/tutorials?03:50
spydabytei can from this windows box ssh into ubuntu box ONLY by using, my buddy who lives in florida has tried to ssh in ...sometimes he gets nothing .. soemtimes he gets login puts in corect info but says password failed ....i try and use my real ip of 24.* and all i get is timed out ...03:50
pestilenceMokonaSan: another possibility is corrupted media (i.e. bad cd).  you could try running the media check03:50
danc3spydabyte: are you behind a router?03:51
spydabytei have used ie to get into my router and forward port 2303:51
ibanezalitadeposca: im only familiar with the backtrack2 programs, im not sure about the ubuntu related mate, sorry :(03:51
spydabyteport 22 excuse me03:51
spydabyteboth protocols03:51
danc3spydabyte: is he using a valid login name?03:51
MokonaSanpestilence: i'll wait a little longer I guess. maybe it's just slow03:51
spydabytei even made one for him03:51
pestilenceMokonaSan: sounds like a plan.03:51
danc3spydabyte: it has to be a problem with the port forwarding03:52
alitadeposcaibanez:thanx anyway....03:52
danc3can you ssh in from the local LAN using his login name?03:52
spydabytebut i use ie to log into router and DMZ the host and still dont work03:52
ibanezsorry i couldn't help more alitadeposca03:52
danc3ok, then it MUST be a problem with port forwarding03:52
pestilencespydabyte: funny, i can ssh to your machine.03:52
sunogbagaspydabyte: i can too03:53
pestilenceor, at least to the machine you are using irc from.03:53
spydabytehaha very funny03:53
sunogbagabtw spydabyte wheres ur ftp server?03:53
pestilencespydabyte: i'm not joking03:53
sunogbagaspydabyte: is it on ur windows box?03:54
PMantisWhat can cause my laptop screen to blank after ONE minute of use, when all settings I can find are set much higher?03:54
mudorecan anyone paste a sample off how to scan recursively a rep ?03:54
spydabytei dunno how much more i can open this port i mean if dmz dont open it then03:54
danc3mudore: "scan recursively a rep"?  What does that mean?03:55
pestilencePMantis: have you checked the settings in /etc/acpi/...?03:55
danc3spydabyte: it doesn't need to be on a DMZ03:55
mudorecan anyone paste a sample off how to scan recursively a dir ? like find all files contening a "str"03:55
linuxuserwhere can i find JVM V1.5 or greater03:55
rradforgrep -R "str" .03:55
ibanezi get a password prompt spydabyte03:55
sunogbagalinuxuser: sun.java.com03:56
ibanezfor your machine03:56
danc3mudore: ls /dir | grep str03:56
rradforor find . | xargs grep str03:56
linuxuserk thanks03:56
ibanezso it does connect.03:56
rradforwait, are you looking for str in the filename, or in the contents of th file?03:56
spydabyteha yeah sure u do when its not even powered up atm03:56
ibanezwould you like for me to copy nd paste in pm ..03:57
danc3I can't take it any longer... buh bye.03:57
honk_Is there some mysteriously wild hack to get 1280x800 consoles working on Intel 945GM?03:57
ibanezfunny, it was up though03:58
ibanezim not joking03:58
ibanezit's not like i tried any passwords03:58
pestilenceyea, he knows you aren't joking03:58
sunogbagaspydabyte: whats the ip again?03:58
ibanezjust seeing if i could get a connection, to your box03:58
ibanezto help you03:58
ibanezdid yo uget one too pestilence ?03:58
pestilencei think he powered it down.03:58
pestilenceyes.  but i don't think he believed us.03:58
ibanezibanez@'s password:03:58
ibanezibanez@'s password:03:58
ibanezthere you go.03:59
PMantispestilence: I just looked... saw screenblank.sh... it pointed to /etc/default/acpi-support ... nothing there rings a bell.03:59
ibanezit's not powered down03:59
ibanezjust almost timed out03:59
sunogbagaspydabyte: is it still turned off?03:59
stroyanhonk_: Try the 'xrandr' command.  It can set unusual geometries on Intel graphics hardware.03:59
sunogbagaspydabyte: coz i can ssh to it?03:59
ibanezgeeze all im doing is trying to help the guy03:59
spydabyteur full of crap too03:59
ibanezi just posted it03:59
ibanezand at least 3 others have done it.03:59
sunogbagaspydabyte: ur sure it's turned off? coz i can ssh to it?04:00
spydabyteur full of crap man04:00
Scuniziincluding me... :)04:00
pestilencespydabyte: you don't have to believe me.  it doesn't hurt my feelings.  but i'm not lying to you.04:00
ibanezim with pestilence on this.04:00
spydabytedude ur tryign to scare me away casue u obv dont want / cant help me so have fun sry for wasting ur time04:00
honk_thanks stroyan, will give it a try and come back04:00
pestilencespydabyte: check your logs...04:00
ibanezwhy would we scare you04:00
ibanezif i wanted to scare you04:00
ibanezone would brute it04:00
sunogbagaspydabyte:  ur sure it's turned off? coz i can ssh to it?04:00
ibanezi doubt your pass is that hard anyways04:00
digitalskyhi all.04:00
pestilencespydabyte: it's all easily verifiable.  check your logs.  you will see attempts at login.04:01
digitalskyi'm some questions about adept manager. wondering if anyone can help04:01
ibanezdoes he know how to check the logs ?04:01
spydabytehow the fuck can u people be connecting when the box has been down for the last 25 minutes04:01
linux88why cant ubuntu detect my usb device04:01
tonyyarusso!ohmy | spydabyte04:01
ubotuspydabyte: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:01
MokonaSanOkay got that to work.  Now, can someone help me use the Ubuntu installation partitioner to create a new partition out of the free space of an existing one? I have an existing NTFS partition and i want to turn its free space into an ext2 partition?04:01
sunogbagaspydabyte: told you ur under dhcp04:01
pestilencespydabyte: perhaps your router runs linux?04:01
RodyaIs Gutsy supposed to have /proc/pci?04:01
Scunizispydabyte: it for the machine you're currently on.. do you know it has ssh installed?04:01
honk_stroyan: isn't that just for X displays, though?04:02
spydabytethe machine i am on right now is no way ssh is installed on it04:02
pestilencespydabyte: there are a bunch of linksys routers that run linux and have ssh installed.04:02
sunogbagaspydabyte: we are sshing to another machine, is this the ip?
spydabytei dont have linsys04:02
spydabyteits ambit04:02
pestilencespydabyte: is that your ip?04:02
spydabyteno thats not my ip04:02
digitalskyso i installed 7.10, went to adept manager and found some "upgradable" packages, so I went ahead and upgrade. The packages seems to be downloaded correctly, but there were errors in the installation.04:02
pestilencespydabyte: ok, then.  we are ssh'ing to the box that you are connect to irc through04:02
sunogbagaspydabyte: you gave me that awhile ago.. :(04:03
spydabytei never gave u that as my ip04:03
digitalskyi got a pop up box sayign there was some error, and i try to update again, but now "upgradable" package is 0.04:03
pestilencespydabyte: you shouldn't be so scared.  it's all published information.  try this:  /whois spydabyte04:03
ibanezno but /whois showed it, so i ssumed.04:03
ibanezno one is here to hurt, just help04:03
sunogbagaspydabyte: we are trying to help dude04:03
stroyanhonk_: It is.  When you wrote console I interpreted that as X server.  I don't see any particular problem with the text console.  Are you trying to get a smaller font?04:03
pestilencewhen you connect to the internet, you are transmitting your location.  like it or not.04:03
narothepharohhow do install a camera ???04:04
digitalskyi'm pretty sure the packages are not all updated already...04:04
mudoredanc3, I m looking for something like : grep -R dirname/  'pathern'  (something able to look in to sub directory)04:04
honk_stroyan: well unfortunately I'm on a widescreen LCD, I'd like to have that native resolution; I've tried every kernel option on the planet; and nothing works04:04
pestilencedigitalsky: try running sudo apt-get -f install04:04
mattgyver83Hi room, anyone know if its possible to use named ranges within functions with OpenOffice.org Calc? (ie: start:finish, as opposed to A1:A6)04:04
honk_either it says the video mode must be set at boot time (which I thought it was...) or various other vague errors04:04
digitalskypestilence: thanks for your response. is that a known problem?04:04
jwdokay going to try and write a dumb a*s AJAX app now04:04
jwdany experts?04:05
rradformudore, I gave you two possible command sequences - but I asked a followup question - do you want to look for str in the filename, or for str in the file data?04:05
pestilencedigitalsky: well, it is well-known that sometimes apt encounters problems, if that's what you mean :-D04:05
pestilencedigitalsky: and apt-get install -f  attempts to fix those problems04:05
digitalskyoh ok. but the cmd line apt-get is better?04:05
jwd-f = force04:05
jwdnot fix04:05
pestilencejwd: man apt-get04:05
sunogbagajwd: join #prototype04:05
mudorerradfor, file data04:05
RodyaIs Gutsy supposed to have the file /proc/pci, and if it is, why doesn't mine?04:06
pestilencejwd: -f, --fix-broken04:06
=== salmenara is now known as Varanger
pestilencewhat is with people not trusting tonight?04:06
pestilenceholy cow.04:06
pestilencei think that means its time for me to go.04:06
rradforthen grep will do it: grep -R pattern dirname04:06
mudorerradfor, *.php files04:06
* jwd stands corrected04:06
rradforthen you can even do grep -R pattern direname/*.php04:07
jwdsorry pest04:07
stroyanhonk_: Did you try the vga=ask kernel option and get some choices?04:07
jwdokay one last time04:07
jwdany AJAX or mysql gurus04:07
pestilencejwd: np.  you are the third person to sound an alarm.  must be my nick04:07
honk_stroyan: yes I did, they were only colxrow options; of which I tried all. The actual resolution didn't change, just the fonts really. I also tried obscure vga modes from hwinfo --framebuffer04:08
digitalskyok i need to reboot this cmpt to get to my ubuntu...04:08
spydabytehttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-10294.html <-- this is kinda my problem04:08
digitalskyi hope that works. thanks for the help pest and jwd04:08
pestilencedigitalsky: good luck.  i'm out.04:08
jwdno prob04:08
narothepharohhow can i install my camera? it is not reading it04:08
spydabytebut i nmever get an accepoted thing04:08
jwdusb obviously??04:08
mudorerradfor, thx its works04:08
PDanion one terminal, i do  nc -l -p 12345 > pipe, where pipe is a named pipe, and on other echo "a" | nc localhost 12345. but i got connection refused. why is it?04:08
jwdnaro: usb?04:09
jwdof course it is04:09
devilsadvocateI need to runa program as root as soon as my computer turns on. Can anyone tell me how to set it up to do that automatically?04:09
honk_stroyan: I'm guessing I need specific framebuffer support for the intel 945GM?04:09
ice109does anyone know what the memory requirements of xfce are compared to kde4?04:10
devilsadvocateice109, they are much lower04:10
dn4how do I setup xorg?04:10
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto04:10
jwddevils set it up in rc1.d or rc2.d04:10
linux88whats the best way to install dual boot and install windows after installation of ubuntu. I know installing ubuntu after is the best way to do it, but that option is out.04:10
ice109devilsadvocate theres an article on digg that says that the mem requirements for kde4 are 39% less than kde304:10
dn4hmm is there a command to setup xorg while in console?04:10
jwdas a shell script04:10
devilsadvocatejwd, /etc/rc1.d ?04:11
stroyanhonk_: The 915resolution package _might_ be able to set a native resolution vesa mode that the console could use.04:11
kelsindn4: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xorg-xserver" I think04:11
jwdmight be too early04:11
jwdI would say rc2.d04:11
devilsadvocateice109, xfce4 will still be lower on memory04:11
devilsadvocatejwd, thanks. what is rc2.d, anyway?04:12
kelsindn4: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" might have reversed it :-(04:12
dn4kelsin: hmm xorg-xserver not found04:12
* jwd grins04:12
dn4trying once more04:12
jwdcd /etc/rc2.d04:12
dn4hmm that was not found either kelsin04:12
dn4what do I need to install to have xorg ?04:12
jwdessentially run levels04:12
soldatsdn4, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:12
spydabyteoh well if i dont decide to scrap this pos over night ill stop back tommrow and try again04:12
spydabytenight guys04:12
devilsadvocatejwd, got it. Thanks04:13
spydabytei need sleep04:13
honk_Are framebuffer modules blacklisted by default, I wonder?04:13
spydabytebeen fightign with this too long04:13
dn4hmm maybe I do not have xorg04:13
dn4I am using fiesty04:13
devilsadvocaterunlevel 2 is the multi-user runlevel right?04:13
jwdone sec04:13
dn4what should I do to install a gui?04:14
esoterikim trying to recompile lighty with a new module, but i installed it originally from the ubuntu repository, where would I go to find the source files to recompile it?04:14
soldatsdn4, try the command i told you04:14
jwddevil: 2 or 304:14
soldatsdn4, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:14
jwdwhat are you starting?04:14
devilsadvocatedn4, did you install the fiesty server?04:14
devilsadvocatejwd, a dc hub04:14
dn4devilsadvocate: yes04:15
devilsadvocatejwd, i'll try to write an init script for it.. it certainly deserves that much attention04:15
jwddc hub?04:15
dn4ok I did sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop04:16
SpudDogghello all04:16
devilsadvocatedn4, , perhaps you should tyr insallingind kde-base or its gnome counterpart.. it sould pull the xorg dependancies with it04:16
devilsadvocatejwd, direct connect. specifically a thing called verlihub04:16
devilsadvocatedn4, installing that did not give you a gui?04:16
dn4devilsadvocate: I am installing it right now04:17
DShepherdits really quiet in here.. its kinda nice for a change04:17
dn4hopefully that solves the delima04:17
mattgyver83Hi room, is it possible to use named ranges within functions with OpenOffice.org Calc? (ie: start:finish, as opposed to A1:A6)04:17
jwdwhats it do?04:17
jwdjust like a hub?04:17
soldatsdn4, so you never had a gui?04:17
=== max685 is now known as max
devilsadvocatejwd, i run the hub using a command "vh_runhub" . I need it to listen on port 411 so it has to be as root04:17
dn4soldats: correct04:17
soldatsaww ok04:17
VarangerIs there something broken with php/apache2 in Ubuntu 7.10 ??04:17
* jwd nods04:17
dn4soldats: I install base config, tried apt-get install gnome, that did not work tried apt-get install ubuntustudio*04:17
dn4that did not work04:17
devilsadvocatejwd, its a decentralized file sharing hub...04:17
jwdVaranger: on your machine maybe04:18
dn4so now I am trying apt-get install xubuntu-desktop04:18
jwdI see04:18
magic_ninjaare there any progs to see if my system has been rooted04:18
soldatsdn4, if that doesnt work try apt-get gdm04:18
jwdgoogle for a root kit04:18
devilsadvocateVaranger, apache2 seems to be working fine. I'm using php504:18
honk_When running update-initramfs: it is trying to find an old custom kernel I compiled, but no longer have. How can I make it refer to the generic kernel?04:18
dn4soldats: ok04:18
jwdninja - google for a rootkit04:18
Varangerjwd: I have a fresh installation and it isn't working well. Firefox tries to download the php file instead of parsing it04:18
soldatsdn4, or sudo apt-get enlightenment       then from that you will have a gui and youll be able to search for one you can use to your liking04:19
jwddid you install it at the same time?04:19
xTheGoat121xI've noticed that no one ever seems to awake in the room for gnome....04:19
jwdare permissions okay?04:19
dn4man enlightenment rocks soldats04:19
devilsadvocateVaranger, how did you install apache and php? did you download the apach php modules too.. and the correct ones04:19
dn4I wanted the new release of englightenment X1704:19
dn4but it never got released and still is not released to this day04:19
soldatsdn4, hah do you have it? i love it04:19
Varangerdevilsadvocate: apt-get install apache2 php504:20
devilsadvocatedn4, there is an e17 repo somewhere, i used it for a while a year ago04:20
dn4soldats: nope I do not have it04:20
dn4oh e17 my bad04:20
devilsadvocateVaranger, I'm afraid is more complicated than that04:20
Varangerdevilsadvocate: For php, apt installed php5, php5-common and libapache2-mod-php504:20
=== PinkFloyd is now known as SunsparcSolaris
dn4e17 rocks though, by far one of the best GUIs but I have never been able to run it04:20
devilsadvocatehmm.. taht should have been enough, Varanger04:20
SunsparcSolarisCould someone help me with my cursors? It isnt changing when I install a new one.04:20
soldatsdn4, well if you cant get xfce or gnome just use that, im sure youll be comfortable with it04:20
jwdVaranger I recommend using Synaptic04:20
stroyanmagic_ninja: 'apt-cache search rootkit'  shows chkrootkit and rkhunter.  You could also look at bsign, systraq, and tripwire packages04:20
Varangerdevilsadvocate: It isn't working :(04:21
dn4soldats: sounds good04:21
soldatsdn4, cool well i hope you get things fixed04:21
Varangerjwd: ok. I'll try04:21
devilsadvocateVaranger, can you look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP and see if youve done all the steps there?04:21
jwdVaranger: use Synaptic to install it after you remove it04:21
Varangerdevilsadvocate: I already followed the steps before I came and started asking04:22
jwdbasically you are better of installing everything at once mod_perl / php / phpmyadmin / etc...04:22
xcdis there any way to get jackd working with alsa in gutsy?04:22
=== Anubis is now known as _Anubis
smaug9i installed xubuntu 'gutsy' on a hp laptop (nx9420), but now it's not recognizing the higher resolutions of the integrated ati X1600, even though it's using the restricted drivers, where do i start?04:23
rradforremove the lower resolution modes from /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:24
dn4sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:24
soldatssmaug9, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:24
dn4or what soldats said04:24
rradforif you know you only want 10x4x1280, and you know your monitor can handle it, you can remove all but that mode in the file04:24
SpookyETDoes anyone have a deb of transmission 0.96?04:24
dn4rradfor: is that a 3d monitor?04:24
smaug9soldats, sweet, thanks. ill try taht04:25
dn410x4x1280 <-- I have never heard of this04:25
soldatsthen set res to what you want with the spacebar, you might have to set it to 16bit color though for some reason some cards wont accept anything higher04:25
devilsadvocateVaranger, I cant be sure it certainly sounds like apache is loking for the wrong php.. try doing "sudo a2enmod php5" and then restarting apache04:25
Varangerdevilsadvocate: I've also done that :(04:25
rradforsorry, should have enabled my typo monitor04:25
VarangerIt said that the module was already enabled04:26
SunsparcSolarisCould someone help me with my cursors? It isnt changing when I install a new one.04:26
devilsadvocatesmaug9, just add the resolution you want to use to your xorg.conf file. I dont know why, but enable restricted modules doesnt seem to be doing this automatically04:26
NeoPhyte21can anyone tell me why konsole's transparency would work in kubuntu but not in gnome?04:27
devilsadvocateVaranger, put a very simple php file in your wwwroot, something with jus the phpinfo function or something04:27
Agent_bobis there any workaround/fix for the loop module in the 2.6.15 kernels ?04:27
Varanger:( I already did that!!!!04:27
NeoPhyte21bueller... bueller....04:28
=== Ken is now known as iKen
skyhi i was wondering if anyone here is familiar with apt-get or adept manager who can help me with a problem?04:28
devilsadvocateVaranger, make sure you have php5 installed and not 4. I really cant think of anything else that can be wrong :(04:28
devilsadvocate!ask | sky04:28
ubotusky: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:28
Agent_bobsky state the error/problem04:28
stroyanNeoPhyte21: I suspect that konsole is taking a shortcut and just blending text with the background image that the kde desktop is telling it about.  The gnome desktop would not give the same information to konsole.04:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dontask - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:29
sky=p ok04:29
ibanezmy bad04:29
NeoPhyte21stroyan: any recomendation?04:29
skyso i did a fetch/update all in a new 7.10 install04:29
fekallcan I download educational games for kde if I am using gnome?04:29
devilsadvocatefekall, yes you can04:29
fekalland have them work04:29
skythen the packages downloaded successfully, but there were some errors in the installation, where i got a pop up saying that there were errors and only an "OK" button04:29
simplechat_fekall, yeah04:29
fekallthanks devil04:29
fekalland simple04:29
smaug9thanks all04:29
Varangerdevilsadvocate: Thanks for the help.04:30
ibanezi love you guys04:30
ibanezi just wanted to say that04:30
skyso i clicked ok, wanted to try again, but this time fetch told me there were 0 upgradables04:30
ibanezin a non gay way04:30
devilsadvocateVaranger, no luck?04:30
VarangerI am going to sleep, and try tomorrow04:30
skyand i'm sure the last try didn't finish upgrading.04:30
ibanezi was watching, die hard 4 with the hackers, and i thought of you guys04:30
devilsadvocateVaranger, oki. sorry i coulndt be of more help04:30
Varangerdevilsadvocate: I am re-installing everything again04:30
skyi try "sudo apt-get check" but that didn't seem to make a difference.04:30
stroyanNeoPhyte21: I like opaque windows myself.  Compiz-fusion might have a general transparency setting.  That would be weird, though.04:30
devilsadvocatesky, do you remember what the erros were?04:30
ibanez"thanks ibanez"04:30
skyum not really, it wouldn't let me copy the "show details" log04:31
ibanezMasterShrek: is the man though04:31
skyand this happened on a new 7.10 install....04:31
Agent_bobsky  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:31
devilsadvocatesky, its possible they were just warnings04:32
jason___i am trying to upgrade some workstations from home... i don't have a gui... they are not servers  trying to upgrade 7.04 -> 7.10  why can't i do a apt-get dist-upgrade ?04:32
devilsadvocatesky, as long as you are able to install new stuff, everything is probably fine04:32
SunsparcSolarisCould someone help me with my cursors? It isnt changing when I install a new one.04:32
skywell a pop up window notified me and when i click ok, the update stopped and went back to adept mgr04:32
devilsadvocatesky, if there is an errror while installing something, apt generally does not let you install anything else04:32
littlebear72ok hello is it patebin i need to paste to to get a helper to look at it ?04:32
skybut this is really strange, because i'm pretty sure not all packages are installed yet when it stopped04:32
iKenI have an nForce 4 AMD chipset, and everytime I boot linux, my ethernet device has a new MAC address.  Also, in windows, the MAC address is shown as 00:00:00:00:00:00.04:32
iKenI believe this happened after I reverted my bios to default settings04:33
RedHeronCan anyone offer me help in the way of a crash course in Linux scripts? I need to run a bunch of commands a whole bunch of times.04:33
skybut then next time around it tells me there are 0 upgradable....04:33
Agent_bobsky  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:33
iKenI also noticed that in the BIOS, on the main page, the serial number is all zeros, and the UUID is all zeros.04:33
skysudo apt-get dist-upgrade gave me 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.04:33
Agent_bobRedHeron anything you would enter on the command line can be used in a script04:34
sky(yes i did the update already)04:34
jason___im having some problem as sky.... you can't do  it from commandline it looks like04:34
SunsparcSolarisCould someone help me with my cursors? It isnt changing when I install a new one.04:34
RedHeronAgent_bob I'm aware of that part, but how do I make it a script?04:34
Agent_bobsky then it's up to date    stop whining04:34
skybut neither can i do it from adept mgr... it tells me there is nothing to upgrade but i wasn't finished upgrading the stuff before04:34
Agent_bobRedHeron ?04:34
Agent_bobRedHeron it is a script if it's writen     what are you asking ?04:34
iKenAnyone have any thoughts on my issue?04:35
jason___sky:  what does lsb_release -a  show?04:35
RedHeronHow do I make a script that executes a bunch of command lines and then stops when a particular return is given?04:35
littlebear72wow i have the same problem as sky too lol04:35
Agent_bobRedHeron     until blah ;do something ;done04:35
skyno LSB modules are available, Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy04:35
jason___sky: yours is up to date04:36
littlebear72mine froze mid update and never restarted04:36
skyi had 7.10 to begin with, there were just a few packages to be updated04:36
Agent_bobRedHeron if you simply want it to loop until the exitcode is 0   until command ;do : ;done04:36
littlebear72i have tried checking mine a few times it has not been a hassle ove rthe last 2 days since i happened but now im04:36
RedHeronAgent_bob: what I'm more interested in is something that tells me more in-detail what I need to know, since it's security-related and not appropriate for a public channel.04:37
jason___sky:  sorry my bad... i thought you were having the same problem i was having since you were trying a dist-upgrade04:37
littlebear72in the midst of trying to install vmware server and it wont let me04:37
skyno no...04:37
jason___sky: my bad.. sorry04:37
skywell the other machine i had gave me the same problem when i was trying to upgrade to 7.1004:37
RedHeronAgent_bob: Google isn't really being helpful.04:37
jason___sky: is the other machine 7.04?04:37
skynp jason. do u have any suggestion on what i should try?04:37
Agent_bobRedHeron well i can't answer specific questions if all you ask are general ones.      if you have an "example" we can work on...04:37
devilsadvocatesky, yours is up to date. have faith :)04:38
devilsadvocatejason__, what problem do you have?04:38
jason___there is a sed awk command to run against /etc/apt/sources.list   but i don't know what it is04:38
skywell... it's hard to "have faith" when i see adept mgr stopped at like 50% and then when i come back it says it's done installing04:38
RedHeronAgent_bob: hard to provide an example when I don't know how to ask for what I want... what I want is general assistance in creating scripts.04:38
jason___devilsadvocate: i want to upgrade a desktop from commandline04:38
RedHeronAgent_bob: May I PM?04:39
jason___devilsadvocate:  but i don't have a GUI to do it... i want to upgrade overnight and arrive at work with a  nice upgrade04:39
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:39
jason___but dist-upgrade doesnt work04:39
Agent_bobsky stop whining.  several of us have assured you that if apt-get dist-upgrade said 0 to upgrade  then there are none04:39
soldatssudo apt-get upgrade04:39
devilsadvocatejason__, didt_uprgaed isnt supposed to work04:39
Agent_bobRedHeron i'm not regestered, so i cant pm back04:39
sky......... ok04:39
* RedHeron rolls eyes.04:40
devilsadvocatejason__, as in, it isnt meant to upgrade from one distro to anohter04:40
littlebear72ok can someone look at my pastebin and tell me why that failed lol http://pastebin.com/m12ea584804:40
RedHeronIs there anyone *else* who can help me with maybe a URL to provide a general introduction to Linux scripting?04:40
Agent_bobRedHeron and i'm not going to register either.04:40
jason___o.k.. how can i remotely upgrade the machine04:40
Agent_bob!cli | RedHeron04:40
ubotuRedHeron: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:40
devilsadvocatejason__, is your install close to a vanilla install, or have you added other repositories and such?04:40
jason___devisadvocate:   base install04:41
jason___devisadvocate:  this is what i am looking for   sudo sed -e 's/\sedgy/ feisty/g' -i /etc/apt/sources.list04:41
jason___and just change the wods around04:41
soldatsRedHeron, google bash spripting how to04:41
jason___it is hackish.. but it will work04:41
RedHeronsoldats: Thank you!04:41
anashow can i install lego mindstorms nxt on ubuntu ? help plz04:41
* RedHeron cheers and high-fives soldats!04:42
devilsadvocatejason__, then you can do it the old fasioned way. firsst do a dist-upgrade.edit /etc/apt/sources.list and replace all "fiesty" with "gutsy", then do and update followed by dist-upgrade a couple of times04:42
soldatsRedHeron, i have found many things useful one a lot of those pages04:42
RazzoRzdoes trying to use dual monitors Mess with "xorg/conf. ?? and if it does how do i set it back to my original one??04:42
skyhmm anyone know about KNetworkManager here?04:42
devilsadvocate!ask | sky04:42
ubotusky: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:42
* RedHeron is new to *ix and has only been running a month.04:43
jason___devilsadvocate:  i have 15 dev machines i want to script overnight... that isn't real convient... but oh well... ubuntu needs a better way to do this stuff ( god forbid something like AD)04:43
=== SuT3 is now known as cew^MaNiEz_AjaH
soldatsRedHeron, well that scool i hope you find what you need04:43
Agent_bobsky #kubuntu is where you can find most of the kde/kde-apps help04:43
skyon a new 7.1 kubuntu, when i click on KNetworkManager, nothing happens. nothing loads, no window pops up04:43
stroyanNeoPhyte21: Yep.  Compiz-fusion can set arbitrary transparency across an entire window according to class.   http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=1768  I just created ghostly xclock windows.04:43
booncerim using xubuntu i keep getting this bash: ./sc_trans_linux: cannot execute binary file any 1 seen that b4?04:43
RedHeronAgain, soldats: thank you!04:43
skyyea i realize that... was hoping there are some kde users here04:43
devilsadvocatejason__, why dont you have a gui to do this?04:43
anashow can i install lego mindstorms nxt on ubuntu ? help plz04:44
anashow can i install lego mindstorms nxt on ubuntu ? help plz04:44
NeoPhyte21thanks stroyan04:44
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:44
soldatswrong window04:44
jason___devilsadvocate:  so i should go to 15 dev machines and log in and do each one.....  that isn't really effecitent... i will script it out.. and pray tomorrow it all works04:44
devilsadvocatejason__, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades#head-f2435a45758bb5836f8e5b87e90045463f8c6ec704:44
Dr_willisjason__,  what are ya doing?  i just saw a site on how to do that.04:45
anashow can i install lego mindstorms nxt on ubuntu ? help plz04:45
devilsadvocatejason__, also, you can do ssh -X into each of the computers, and get gui for them all04:45
soldatsanas, if its a window program use wine04:45
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:45
devilsadvocatejason__, in the gui, its just a couple of clicks04:45
eVipereOk, I'm just blind and damn tired... how do you change icon themes?04:45
Dr_willisjason__,  Clusterssh is a graphical utility that allows you to open several ssh connections and execute commands simultaneously in all of them.04:45
anassoldats , yes it is . i have . but it's not working .04:46
jason___Dr_willis: i will look into that...04:46
booncerme out04:46
simion314hi, i have uninstal a program that had some problems(mono 1.2.5 installe for linux) and  now i have invalid  entries in the path and i belive that it ma be other enviroment variables that i must remove, how can i see all the variables and how can i edit them, remove or edit?04:46
soldatsanas, well im not sure then you could also try vmware04:46
RazzoRzhow do i use my OLD xorg/conf.    since i tried to use dual monitors.. eveything has gone for crap.. can someone help04:46
jason___Dr_willis:  still not an ideal solution but better than what i am about to do04:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about apdb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:46
ubotuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org04:46
=== amidaniel is now known as amidaniel|away
anassoldats : you mean vbox ?04:47
booncercan can any 1 help me out04:47
booncerim using xubuntu i keep getting this bash: ./sc_trans_linux: cannot execute binary file any 1 seen that b4?04:47
RazzoRzJust ask Booncer:04:47
soldatsRazzoRz, usually if you edit the xorg file it will make a backup file search for xorg.cong and search hidden files and see if there is a backup for it04:47
Dr_willisjason__,  dont know what you are doing. :) i just saw that clusterssh on one of my live bookmarks. heh..04:47
=== joerlend__ is now known as tyabux
soldatsanas, google vmware ubuntu04:47
littlebear72im repeating but i need to have someone look at this sometime soon lol   ok can someone look at my pastebin and tell me why that failed lol http://pastebin.com/m12ea584804:47
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers04:47
dj_booncer: sudo chmod +x sc_trans_linux04:48
cflopezany wireless guru around.... i've been trying for hours to get my broadcom card working and failing, and its getting frustrating!04:48
anassoldats : what is it ?04:48
=== tyabux is now known as XiXaQ
RazzoRzSoldats: i did not config anything.. i just tried the dual monitors in system>admin>screens / graphics.....04:48
dj_booncer: But, what is sc_trans_linux?04:48
soldatsanas, it make a a virtual windose system04:48
eViperecflopez: Yeah, but I'm dead tired.. try looking around at NDISwrapper.04:48
Dr_willisjason__,  may watn to check out http://sourceforge.net/projects/clusterm also04:48
cflopezi've been playing around with it for hours04:48
booncerits an mp3 server04:48
cflopezand not getting anyware04:48
soldatsanas, you should be able to run anything windose on it04:48
eViperecflopez: Do you have the drivers for XP?04:49
booncerdoes the same with the shoutcast server04:49
jason___Dr_willis:  imagine if i converted my all the development workstations in our lab 500+ to ubuntu... how would you expect me to upgrade them all?    devilsadvocate thinks i should go around sitting down and lauching the gui to do it... i just want it to work something like AD... and push out the information04:49
Dr_willisjason__,  and   tentakel. A list of similar programs available at http://tentakel.biskalar.de/similar/04:49
cflopezits an AMD64 system, which aparently means only more trouble04:49
xTheGoat121xDoes anyone in here have any experience with configuring the look of gnome?04:49
jason___Dr_willis:  thanks.. i am going to look up that stuff04:49
cflopezor so I have been told04:49
soldatsRazzoRz, did you try to undo those setings also see if there is a backup anyways04:49
eViperecflopez: More particularily, a .INF file and .SYS file....04:49
Dr_willisjason__,  if you have a paswordless ssh set up on them all with keys.. you could do it from a script - actually i think theres a 'auto update' setting somewhere. :)04:49
banowhy my fi04:49
Alyxanderhey guys whats a good bluetooth manager for Xubuntu04:49
Alyxanderor xfce04:49
eVipereDo you have the gui tools for ndiswrapper?04:49
anassoldats : i have tried innotek virtual box .. but the minimum system requirements : 256 ram04:49
jason___yeah... i don't allow any root passwords04:49
jason___for any box04:49
banowhy my firefox on my ubuntu sometimes it hungs?04:50
Dr_willisjason__,  be sure to set up an apt-caching server also to reduce the load :)04:50
eVipereWhat does it do when you load up the INF in that app?04:50
RazzoRzSoldats: i put it all back to the way i had it.. and when i searched for  xorg/conf. nothing shows.. did i type it in right?04:50
cflopezinvalid driver04:50
jason___Dr_willis:  we are still a small lab... but if i had my way i would move all 500 workstations04:50
devilsadvocatejason__, umm, you have 500 computers without a root password?04:50
eViperecflopez: There ya have it... bad/wrong INF file.04:50
soldatsanas, well the only suggerstion i have is use wine to run it or google vmware and see if it will suit your needs i dont usually run windose apps anymore so im not familiar with them anynmore04:50
cflopezi got it straight from the HOWTO file04:51
jason___devilsadvocate:  it is more secure to never have root passwords04:51
soldatsRazzoRz, xorg.conf04:51
cflopezhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=201902from here04:51
booncerany ideas dj_04:51
eViperecflopez: If's probably called BCM###.inf and BCM###.sys, maybe under /media/cdrom0/drivers/xp/....04:51
anassoldats : thanx04:51
littlebear72im repeating but i need to have someone look at this sometime soon lol   ok can someone look at my pastebin and tell me why that failed lol http://pastebin.com/m12ea584804:51
devilsadvocatejason__, Dr_willis was talking about passwordless login, not root passwords04:51
BigDaddyhey all, dumb question. How do uninstall something that I compiled? I did not use Synaptic, I did the ./config - make - make instal route.04:51
RazzoRzSoldats: and what am i looking for?.. how do i put it back to normal.. or put back the one i had in the first place if it made a backup04:51
jason___semantics..... it is late and i want to just finish the few machines i have so everyone walks in tomorrow to new desktops04:52
=== j_ack_ is now known as j_ack
Dr_willisssh has so many features and things i cant even rember half of what it can do. :) i do know it can run remote commands on machines.04:52
cflopezwhats after the ... evipere?04:52
dstanekis there a good howto on network aliases - can't seem to setup eth0:104:52
eViperecflopez: If you have the windows CD, that may be the URl of the drivers on it.04:52
RazzoRzSoldats: am i lookin for the fallback??04:53
cflopezno windows cd... will google the files then04:53
littlebear72im repeating but i need to have someone look at this sometime soon lol   ok can someone look at my pastebin and tell me why that failed lol http://pastebin.com/m12ea584804:53
eViperecflopez: That may work... It sounds like you just have a bad inf file... getting the correct one may be as hard as finding XP drivers for a vista box.04:53
booncerim using xubuntu i keep getting this --------------->bash: ./sc_trans_linux: cannot execute binary file04:54
eVipereAnd, does anyone know where I can change the icon theme at?04:54
booncerany 1 know what im missing?04:54
cflopezthe vista box that i have is 32 bit04:54
soldatsRazzoRz, try /usr/lib/xorg04:54
cflopezand im not even sure if it has a broadcom card04:54
soldatsRazzoRz, see if its there and look for a backup if its there04:54
eVipere@cflopez: LOL, that was no my point, I was just making a reference to the pain of finding XP drivers for new devices that M$ doesn't wnat to  support.04:55
=== renan is now known as ubuntusucks
=== ubuntusucks is now known as ubutunsucks004
dj_littlebear72: apt-get -f install vmware-server04:55
cflopeznoob comment of the hour... like clockwork, one every hour04:55
ubutunsucks004damn ubuntu suck!04:56
littlebear72thanks dj_04:56
stroyanBigDaddy: You are going to have to find every file that "make install" added and remove them.  You could look for a 'remove' option in the package.  That isn't very likely.  You could use "strace -f -e file" to wrap the "make install" and see what files it installed.04:56
ubutunsucks004no flash installed..04:56
ubutunsucks004no shit installed..04:56
ubutunsucks004you have to do all your self..04:56
Dr_willisubutunsucks004,  demand a refund.04:56
ubutunsucks004waste of time04:56
NeoPhyte21stroyan: gnome-terminal has transparency :-D04:56
ubutunsucks004i want my money back!04:56
littlebear72dj_:  same result04:56
jason___ubuntusucks004:   blame IP lays04:56
BigDaddystroyan: sh_t. sh_t, sh_t, sh_t.04:56
soldatsRazzoRz, do in a terminal "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and use all the defaults for everything04:56
SpeakerManiaI need help accessing the filesystem of a LG VX8100 cell phone provided by Verizon Wireless. I have successfully paired the phone to my computer via Bluetooth. I have typed 'obex://' into Nautilus but to no avail. In the Bluetooth preferences dialog, there is a small lock icon by the phone. What does this mean and how can I get to the phone?04:56
tonyyarussoubutunsucks004: Stop trolling.04:56
n00biehmm, for some reason vim doesn't syntax highlight all the comments in (some of) my files... what could the reason be?04:56
tendervittleshi everyone, what IRC client are you using with ubuntu?04:56
rradforubuntusux, perhaps it is a PBKAC issue04:57
dn4ok I need linux-restricted-modules-2.6*-server04:57
dn4but it does not exist04:57
CoasterMastertendervittles, I use X-Chat04:57
BigDaddytendervittles: please, tell me you got your name from Bloom County...04:57
dn4I need restricted modules for something that does not exist04:57
=== [n0c] is now known as n0c
dn4so I need to install a new kernel which has restricted modules that do exist04:57
RazzoRzSoldats: will that mess with anything like beryl or what have you?04:57
dn4any ideas?04:57
booncertendervittles i use bichx04:57
Dr_willisThats the name of a brand of cat Food. :)04:57
ubutunsucks004even damnsmall linux comes with a build in flash.. on firefox..04:57
Dr_willisMy dog loves it.04:57
ubutunsucks004and when i try to install it i cant.. errorr..04:57
=== n0c is now known as [n0c]
soldatsRazzoRz, maybe i have a very basic install so im not sure mostly it deals with keyboard mouse and screen setup04:58
stroyanNeoPhyte21: I used to know that. ;-)   I use gnome-terminal.  But I _like_ opaque windows. :-)04:58
tonyyarussoubutunsucks004: If you need help installing something, ask for it.  Don't whine.04:58
BigDaddyDr_willis: Bill the Cat was addicted to Tender Vittles... I just loved that comic04:58
Dr_willisubutunsucks004,  last i used it - it dident. and legally they could be getting in trouble for doing it..   but thats all offtopic..04:58
soldatsRazzoRz, use with care but its the only thing i can think of right now04:58
RazzoRzi c it comes up with no X server known for your video hardware04:59
jason___ubuntusucks004:   i know google is hard to use... but http://www.google.com/search?q=install+flash+ubuntu   shows a bunch of help04:59
cflopezeVipire, i got the card working the other day using the driver im using now, but after rebooting, it disappeared04:59
cflopezso im stumped04:59
dn4how do I install a simple generic kernel using apt-get04:59
CoasterMasterIf I wanted to build a custom Ubuntu version for myself, how would I start?05:00
ubutunsucks004i try to install a 3d desktop.. like the ones i see on youtube videos.. i fucked it up everything because it was not build in.. and.. now i cant even get the high effects on.. because i get errors05:00
tonyyarusso!ohmy | ubutunsucks00405:00
ubotuubutunsucks004: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:00
soldatsdn4, that requires custon configureation05:00
stroyanSpeakerMania: I think that means that verizon does not really like you. :-(  You might need to explore the dark world of seem edits to get your phone to use bluetooth properly.05:00
soldatsdn4, just google custon kernal linux05:00
CoasterMasterubutunsucks004, what kind of video card do you have?05:00
SpeakerManiastroyan, What is a seem edit?05:00
littlebear72you around dj_05:00
soldatsdn4, the most basic kernial is usually suplied with ubuntu installs05:01
stroyanSpeakerMania: Ask google.  It is rather off-topic here.05:01
dn4soldats: my install is a server kernel05:01
xTheGoat121xSpeakerMania, ave you tried bitpim?  I've never used it but I've heard that it works for most LG phones.05:01
SpeakerManiastroyan, okay. Thanks.05:01
littlebear72new paste of the result http://pastebin.com/d3ddb57505:01
ubutunsucks004CoasterMaster:  idk.. it's a p4 1 gb ram i think its a crappy video card not sure05:01
soldatsdn4, oh ok well you want generic then05:01
dn4I just want a 2.6.20-15-386 or something05:01
SpeakerManiaxTheGoat121x, bitpim? Is that accessible via apt-get?05:01
dn4yeah there are not restricted modules for the server kernel05:01
booncerdj_ this help u undersand http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=180475205:02
xTheGoat121xspeakermania... no, but there's a .deb file available at www.bitpim.org05:02
soldatsdn4, well sorry but i have yet to install a new kernal for myself but im sure someone here knows hot to do it05:03
u_angelso i justed install cups-pdf and boy those it suck. any alternatives out there? google was no luck05:03
SpeakerManiaxTheGoat121x, okay. Thanks for the link.05:03
stroyanSpeakerMania: bitpim is available in universe.  That is on topic here.05:03
dn4sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.20-15-38605:03
soldatsdn4, just ask again about installing a generic kernal05:03
dn4will that do it?05:03
Alyxanderhey guys whats a good bluetooth manager for Xubuntu05:03
soldatsdn4, not sure but i doubt it05:03
SpeakerManiastroyan, What? Universe?05:03
xTheGoat121xSpeakerMania, no problem.  I don't know if it works with Bluetooth, but it's awful good with the USB devices.05:03
Alyxanderor whats the bluetooth managet in gnome?05:03
tonyyarussoAlyxander: bluez, apparently.  (Don't use it myself)05:04
jason___ubuntusucks004:  can you do an lspci  and paste the results to pastbin so we can see what kind of  video care you are using ?05:04
u_angelcups-pdf alternative anyone?05:05
stroyanSpeakerMania: universe is a less supported set of repositories.  You can set them up in /etc/apt/sources.list, or use the settings menu of synaptic.05:05
tonyyarusso!universe | SpeakerMania05:06
ubotuSpeakerMania: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See also !EasySource05:06
flamsmarkhey, i'm having difficulty hibernating on a fujitsu-siemens lifebook p723005:06
tonyyarussostroyan: enabled by default in recent releases, btw05:06
alanhow would i get on efnet?05:06
alanim new to ubuntu05:06
tonyyarussoalan: what client?05:06
soldatsgoogle it05:07
alansold, but how do i do it through xchat05:07
flamsmarkthere's a two-second pause, then the screen blacks for a moment or two before jumping to black with a blinking cursor05:07
soldatsgoogel is supreme overlord of earth05:07
SpeakerManiaxTheGoat121x, tonyyarusso, stroyan: Thank you for your help.05:07
puff`Evening.  I"m trying to get ffmpeg-php working on ubuntu feisty, but for some reason it's not showing up for aptitude, though googling shows a packagein hardy, but not feisty.05:07
xTheGoat121xSpeakerMania, that's why I'm here.05:07
soldatsalan, go to new server and do irc.efnet.net05:07
flamsmarkthe laptop test suggests that it should work under gutsy (which i'm using)05:07
flamsmarkand it worked under debian05:08
catch23anyone know which postgresql package populates the configuration files in /etc/postgresql?05:08
tendervittlesHow to Use IRC05:08
tendervittlesOur group operates an IRC server connected to the network Linux User Group Switzerland. See our chat services for more information.05:08
tendervittlesUploaded Image: micro-ping-lugs.gif05:08
tendervittlesThere are several IRC clients around. As a hard core chatter, you will surely find your favorite one :-) Some well known names: ChatZilla incorporated in Mozilla, Xchat, Irssi and BitchX for Linux, mIRC and Xchat for Windows, Ircle and for MacOS. You will find a quite complete list on IRC Reviews.05:08
alansoldats, i can't find the option of new server05:08
puff`There's an IRC mode for emacs :-).05:08
martyi installed ubuntu but cannot add any more apps as it says im not allowed05:08
flamsmarkemacs can do everything05:08
tonyyarussopuff`: ffmpeg-php?  Never heard of it - what's it do?05:08
puff`tonyyarusso: php wrappers for ffmpeg. ffmpeg is for manipulting media files, getting/setting various info on them.05:09
flamsmarki'm having problems entering hibernate on a fujitsu-siemens p7230 under gutsy05:09
littlebear72ok so i have checked i have no installiation of vm installed in this machine05:09
littlebear72what do i do now05:09
tonyyarussomarty: gnome-app-install and synaptic will need your user password05:09
littlebear72i have no way to do  /usr/bin/vmware-uninstall.pl05:09
SpeakerManiaI just downloaded and successfully installed BitPim. How to I start it now?05:09
littlebear72so all i have now is the option of apt-get install vmware-server05:10
soldatsalan, go to xchat > network list > and click add and type irc.dks.ca05:10
flamsmark_nope, actually, i'm still here05:10
littlebear72but this gets em the result that i have another installiation in and i need to run  vmware-uninstall.pl05:10
martytonny - where do i do that? i cant even add irc software?05:10
fizzleahhh HELP! i am getting a warning saying that my disk space is low in /   ?!?!?!05:10
puff`How risky is the upgrade from feisty to hardy?05:10
ganeshhegdehow to run a lex program?05:10
littlebear72to get rid of it yet i have till now never tried to install it lol05:10
tonyyarussopuff`: You say there's a Hardy package?05:10
punsaddoes ubuntu livecd come with svn?05:11
flamsmark_i'm having some difficulty using hibernate on a fujitsu-siemens p7230 under gutsy, any chance of some help?05:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vmware-server - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:11
babaylonXhi there05:11
tonyyarussopuff`: Don't think so.05:11
puff`punsad: I'm pretty sure not.05:11
puff`tonyyarusso: Not what?05:11
soldatsalan, did you get that?????05:11
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers05:11
tonyyarussobah, bad tabs05:11
jason___i got vmware-server working today05:11
SpeakerManiaHow do I use BitPim on a bluetooth phone?05:11
tonyyarussopunsad: Don't think so.05:11
jason___there is a patch out there that works05:11
puff`punsad: It's easy enough to apt-get svn.05:12
tonyyarussopuff`: Are the dependencies of that one satisfiable on your current system?05:12
punsadcan you apt-get on a live cd?05:12
martyany ideas tonyyayusso?05:12
punsadI don't want to install (yet)05:12
littlebear72where is it jason___05:12
flamsmark_any chance of some help with hibernation?05:12
fizzlei am getting a warning saying that my disk space is low in root, but this seem weird cause is was only 75% full this morning, help?!05:12
jason___littlebear72:  i am searching now.. give me asecond05:12
puff`tonyyarusso: probably.  There are several, lemme install 'em first.05:12
tonyyarussomarty: Applications > Add/Remove is most friendly05:12
* littlebear72 waits paitently ...05:12
babaylonXi have no sound suddenly(i think after an upgrade) any ideas?05:12
ganeshhegdehow to run a lex program?  any one????05:13
Suntop|PS3did you try rebooting?05:13
* littlebear72 has been trying for 2 nights to solve this 05:13
godfrey_hi all... i'm kinda new to this.. so please let me know when i break rules.. :)05:13
tonyyarussopuff`: You might be able to get away with just manually installing the Hardy package.  If you want to play it safe, get the source package and build it in pbuilder on your system.05:13
Suntop|PS3babaylonX: diid you try rebooting?05:13
tonyyarussogodfrey_: /msg ubotu etiquette for a good start :)05:13
martytony - I just cant do anything when i go in there.  I can see the apps to install and it starts to do it but then says cant install app05:13
puff`Hm, Score is -10005:13
jason___littlebear72:  it took me a while too... the file you need is vmware-any-any-update115.tar.gz05:13
jason___it can be found in a couple of places.. it is bookmarked at work05:14
tonyyarussomarty: Are you the user created in the installation?05:14
cflopezgot the wireless card online!!!05:14
babaylonXSuntop|PS3: yes i did05:14
RazzoRzSoladats: ever since i tried that dual monitor and i set everything back to the way i had it... Now when i turn the cube on Beryl and go to XP in Vbox it turns black in spots and is All messed up05:14
littlebear72thanks jason__05:14
puff`Upgrade the following packages:  libapache2-mod-php5 [5.2.1-0ubuntu1.4 (now) -> 5.2.1-0ubuntu1.5 (feisty-updates, feisty-security)] php5-cli [5.2.1-0ubuntu1.4 (now) -> 5.2.1-0ubuntu1.5 (feisty-updates, feisty-security)] php5-mysql [5.2.1-0ubuntu1.4 (now) -> 5.2.1-0ubuntu1.5 (feisty-updates, feisty-security)]   Score is -10005:14
godfrey_okay thanks tony :)05:14
martytony - i beleive so - is there a way I can check i have admin privs or whatever?05:14
babaylonXSuntop|PS3_: yes i did05:14
littlebear72ill go do some searching05:14
jason___littlebear72:  once i ran the runme file than the ./vmware-config.pl   it all worked05:14
puff`There's a _whole_ lotta depedencies, I guess.05:14
tonyyarussomarty: 'groups', in Applications > Accessories > Terminal05:15
Suntop|PS3hmm what did you install prior to the upgrade?05:15
jason___littlebear72:  i have the file if you want05:15
cflopezi got gutsy to recognize the wireless card but it wont show any available networks in the area, and it should be showing 2, mine and my neighbors... and it isnt05:15
Suntop|PS3i said that wrongf05:15
soldatsRazzoRz, oh geeze ive never used beryl im not sure about that im very sorry i made you go through so much trouble im sure someone here knows more about it05:15
ganeshhegdetony:u knw how ti compile and run a lex program?05:15
punsadcflopez: how do you know your wifi card is working?05:15
Suntop|PS3Ok I had a problem with sound one time i found rebooting (cold reboot) helped I am also using a non pc05:15
littlebear72i woudl love it05:16
littlebear72cant hurt me lol05:16
jason___littlebear72: http://igordevlog.blogspot.com/2007/07/vmware-in-ubuntu-gutsy-kernel-2622.html05:16
martytony.. ok what so I do whem there tony?  does that just pull up a terminal window?05:16
jason___try there first05:16
cflopezpunsad: because now at least under network connections it shows wireless05:16
puff`Hm, looks like hardy is still a little rough around the edges.05:16
RazzoRzSoldats: i have dont nothing that you mentiond.. so its not your fault... all i want to do is go back to the xorg.cong that i had b4.. if it did a back up trying the dual monitor05:16
cflopezand i've been down this road before, if i reboot it will disapear05:16
tonyyarussomarty: once the terminal is open, use the groups command to see if you are a member of 'admin'05:16
flamsmark_i'm having some difficulty using hibernate on a fujitsu-siemens p7230 under gutsy, any chance of some help?05:16
punsadcflopez: do 'cat /proc/net/wireless' from command line.  what does that show?05:17
jason___littlebear72:   i know you said server... but i got server console working and 5.5 workstation05:17
martyok... newbie here.  what do i type in exactly and if i am not in admin, how do i make it so i can?05:17
stroyanSpeakerMania: Look in the 'cables' section of the bitpim help topic for LG VX-8100.  It mentions bluetooth connections.05:17
jason___littlebear72:  i wish you luck05:17
flamsmark_marty - sudo05:17
punsadmarty: sudo su05:17
godfrey_hmm.. i've an apache (i think) problem05:17
Suntop|PS3Now, I love ubuntu it is the so far the easiest to use BUT i had issues at first05:17
=== DM| is now known as Delvien
fidoopyI need help with installation anybody can help me?05:17
punsadmarty: but be careful05:17
flamsmark_i'm having some difficulty using hibernate on a fujitsu-siemens p7230 under gutsy, any chance of some help?05:17
Suntop|PS3I am learning Linux before I install it on myu computer05:18
BigDaddybwa ha ha ha!05:18
* syc_ brb, makan siang05:18
cflopezhow do i copy/paste it for you to see without getting the wrath of the flood bot?05:18
tonyyarussopunsad: sudo -s or sudo -i is much preferred to sudo su, for semantic technical reasons.05:18
Suntop|PS3anyone try to install this on a playstation05:18
tonyyarusso!paste | cflopez05:18
ubotucflopez: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:18
SpeakerManiastroyan, I don't see a cables section...05:18
littlebear72can i pm you jason___05:18
martypunsad / tony what do those commands mean?05:18
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.05:18
flamsmark_any help with hibernation?05:19
jason___littlebear72: sure05:19
godfrey_fidoopy what's your problem?05:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hack - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:19
Suntop|PS3hmm i wonder05:19
tonyyarussomarty: groups lists all system groups your user belongs to.  admin is the name of the group with full sudo rights.05:19
Suntop|PS3!hacking the planet05:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about embedded - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:19
stroyanSpeakerMania: Do you see the "Phones" and "LG VX-8100" sections?05:19
godfrey_fidoopy: i'm not exactly an expert but perhaps i could give u some help05:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hibernate - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ps3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hibernation - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:19
martythanks tony - where do i create new users as well...05:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sleep - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:19
SpeakerManiastroyan, yes...05:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sleeping - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:20
cflopezsorry about the pm, i didnt quite get how to do the paste thing, i'll learn that later, im just trying to get this to work so i can finally go to bed05:20
stdin!botabuse > Suntop|PS305:20
firekoolI am trying to hot swap some IDE drives I have a hot swapable bay I was wondering how to correctly mount them05:20
RazzoRzhere is my issue for all that dont know!... I tried to set up dual monitor in System>admin>screens/graphics... and it did not like that... did it creat a new " xorg.conf ????   and if so how to i go back to the Original one i had in the first place05:20
flamsmark_!murdering orphans in their sleep05:20
SpeakerManiastroyan, ah.05:20
stdin!botabuse > flamsmark_05:20
Suntop|PS3i am tring to figure out how to get the "sleep state"05:20
tonyyarussomarty: 'adduser', for the command line, System > Administration > Users and Groups for GUI05:20
ganeshhegdestdin:u knw how ti compile and run a lex program?05:20
devilsadvocatefirekool, as far as  know ide is not hotswappable05:20
flamsmark_stdin: :(05:20
kaustubhUBUNTU GUTSY RULZ!05:20
BigDaddyTurns out I do not have to uninstall that app I compiled. There was a simple fix, recompiled and now I am kicking major @ss on KI05:20
martyok tony - well go give it a go.  Any ideas what is wrong if i am already an admin?05:21
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:21
punsadmarty: if you *really* want to learn linux... I'd suggest going with debian.  if you want to just use it - stick with ubuntu05:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about irlp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:21
tonyyarussomarty: not really - do you have screenshots?05:21
cflopezso tony, whats the veredict on the card?05:21
flamsmark_any chance of some help with hibernation?05:21
Suntop|PS3kaustubh: I agree to a point05:21
martytony - not at the moment05:21
tonyyarussocflopez: do the pastebin like the bot said so everyone can see05:21
tonyyarussomarty: might help05:21
Suntop|PS3flamsmark_: try googling it05:21
martythanks punsad - why do you sau that??05:21
dn4kaustubh: no UBUNTUSTUDIO is the BEST05:21
flamsmark_suntop|ps3 think i'd be here if i hadn't tried?#05:22
Suntop|PS3i dont think ubu has it05:22
kaustubhsuntop: well why do u agree just to a point05:22
godfrey_i just installed apache2 via apt-get.. it works perfectly well outside my lan.. but i can only access it using IP within my lan.. my no-ip domain won't work within my lan..05:22
punsadmarty: if you really want to learn what's under the hood, well.. you need to get away from all the gui stuff.  try to stick to commandline05:22
kaustubhdn4: what is UBUNTUSTUDIO ?05:22
ganeshhegde tonyyarusso: u knw how ti compile and run a lex program?05:22
Suntop|PS3kaustubh: well it works great on a pc but on a Playstation  3 it is less to be desired05:22
FluxDHey can one tell me the name of a widget program for ubuntu?05:22
tonyyarussoganeshhegde: nope05:23
flamsmark_suntop|ps3 then why's there an icon for it in the shutdown preferences05:23
Suntop|PS3BUT it is better than Yellow Dog05:23
martyok - is debian all command line stuff05:23
tonyyarussoflamsmark_: you mean like gdesklets?05:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about widget - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about widgets - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:23
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:23
kaustubhsuntop: so what is the best option acc to u?05:23
Suntop|PS3i cant get it to work05:23
jason___littlebear72: ?05:23
Suntop|PS3try posting on the ubu forums05:23
littlebear72im pm in you heaps lol05:23
flamsmark_tonyyarusso: no, i mean like hitting system>quit>hibernate05:23
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre05:23
littlebear72try speakign to me though pm05:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about idle - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:24
jason___littlebear72:  i am05:24
Suntop|PS3anyone know how to get JAVA and FLASH installed into Firefox?05:24
littlebear72then thats a bust05:24
littlebear72cos im talking heaps05:24
flamsmark_tonyyarusso, which doesn't work like it's meant to05:24
Suntop|PS3i love ubuntu but it has it flaws05:24
littlebear72you are registered arent you05:24
jason___you can message me on pdlnhrd@gmail.com  pdlnhrd@yahoo.com pdlnhrd@aol.com if you like05:24
tonyyarussoSuntop|PS3: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats05:24
ganeshhegdeany one knw how to compile and run a lex program?05:24
=== Delvien is now known as DM|
cflopezok, sucking at pasting, even with the bots help05:24
RazzoRzSuntop: go to a java page or a flash page it will ask to install the updates05:24
godfrey_hmm anyone have experience in apache2?05:24
godfrey_so i could pm u05:24
soldatsSuntop|PS3, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:24
flamsmark_tonyyarusso, unless it's meant to blank the screen then display a blinking cursor; in which case it's working fine05:25
Suntop|PS3you mean i cannot install it?05:25
tonyyarussogodfrey_: You may want to be more specific.05:25
soldatsSuntop|PS3, did you see the comand i said05:25
Suntop|PS3oh i see05:25
Suntop|PS3i see it05:25
Suntop|PS3i get it05:25
BigDaddycheck it out y'all... http://marriedman.deviantart.com/art/Killer-Ubuntu-7185895705:25
godfrey_opps sorry tony05:25
Suntop|PS3I will try that if i can get it i would be so happyu05:26
=== DM| is now known as Delvien
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compatibility - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:26
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport05:26
Suntop|PS3since my damn bank requires me to have a better browser than what the PS3 offers05:26
godfrey_i just installed apache2 using apt-get and it works fine outside my lan (http://godfrey.no-ip.com)05:26
=== jason___ is now known as pdlnhrd
flamsmark_bigdaddy: how about no displaying people's logs without their permission?05:27
Suntop|PS3i get thos05:27
Suntop|PS3E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?05:27
godfrey_but within my lan, that domain doesn't work (-> timeout), i have to access the server using within my lan05:27
godfrey_then.. to debug.. i told apache to listen to port 81 as well05:27
Suntop|PS3damn ot05:27
flamsmark_any chance of some help using hibernation under gutsy on a fujitsu-siemens p7230?05:27
Suntop|PS3it wont let me05:27
Suntop|PS3maybe i need to reboot05:28
godfrey_interestingly.. http://godfrey.no-ip.com:81 works within/outside my lan05:28
godfrey_so i'm wondering if this is actually an apache problem at all05:28
soldatsSuntop|PS3, normally when you open firefox to a page with flash or java it aske you to install missing plugins and youshould be able to click on those and it ahould install those, but normall you have to get flash manually05:28
balzaci screwed something up05:28
cflopezdoes this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47787/ mean my wireless card is up or not?05:28
flamsmark_any chance of some help using hibernation under gutsy on a fujitsu-siemens p7230?05:29
balzacnow when i open synaptic, I get an error message05:29
balzacE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report.05:29
balzacsudo tasksel install lamp-server got hung05:30
=== ubutunsucks004 is now known as renan
antdedyetIf one were setting up a new, first time, wireless network at home for a new laptop, and had an existing desktop needing connectivity, with an existing dsl network, would you go wired or wireless for the desktop?05:30
BigDaddyflamsmark_: Done. Good point made too05:30
balzacso I ran sudo dpkg --configure -a05:30
balzacit didn't work05:30
godfrey_any directions?05:30
balzachow do i clean up my packages?05:30
godfrey_and.. if it helps.. i'm seeing sth different within/outside my lan05:31
soldatsbalzac, try it with "reconfigure"05:31
godfrey_when accessed inside my lan... i got the directory listing of /var/www/05:31
=== imbrando1 is now known as imbrandon
antdedyetand of course, all the machines, except the wireless router and dsl modem would be running ubuntu05:31
BigDaddyAnyways, that only took 4 hours. I'm going to bed. Good luck with your own projects05:31
flamsmark_bigdaddy: i appreciate it05:31
godfrey_when accessed outside my lan... i got /var/www/apache2-default/index.html that is, the "It works!" page.. was that supposed to happen?05:32
tyler_2someone help me compile and install real vnc pro?05:32
esoterikgodfrey_: do you have an index at /var/www/05:32
cflopezcan someone take a look at this and interpret it for me, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47787/05:33
balzaci'm going to have a stroke05:33
godfrey_that's why i was expecting a directory listing of /var/www05:33
godfrey_but my friend told me they see "It works"..05:33
esoterikgodfrey_: then delete the apache default folder05:33
balzacthe worst thing is when I screw up package management05:33
balzacnow my synaptic won't work. bloody hell.05:34
antdedyetheheh, no response! I admit, it is a pretty generic question for #ubuntu to support.05:34
xTheGoat121xantdedyet, what did you ask?05:35
cudaman73antdedyet, wired over wireless any day05:35
cudaman73antdedyet, wired is much more reliable05:35
Rubinantdedyet, wired, definately05:35
godfrey_now it showed the same thing within/outside my lan -> directory listing.. but i'm wondering how it works... was it mod_rewrite or something?05:35
* antdedyet sees the general consensus is wiredd05:35
cudaman73wireless is a last resort05:35
esoterikgodfrey_: basically, its the default 'ok you installed it' page. deleting that now makes it work how you would expect05:35
godfrey_(and.. still i can't access http://godfrey.no-ip.com within my lan... i'm thinking maybe this is a router problem?)05:35
bruenigantdedyet, unless you want to just look really cool by having less wires all over the place, I don't see the point05:35
xTheGoat121xantdedyet, I agree... on my wireless, I have wired to my desktop and wireless to the laptops.05:36
cudaman73i even regularly use the wired connection on my laptop :P05:36
redwyrmwhat graphics cards with 3d acceleration are well supported on Ubuntu?05:36
bruenigI am using a wired connection on my laptop right now05:36
esoterikgodfrey_: what does http://localhost give you05:36
stroyangodfrey_: port 80 and 81 probably look different.05:36
Rubingodfrey_, some routers dont let you access your stuff from the 'outside ip' from inside.05:36
cflopezif you can get wireless to work, why not?05:36
brueniggranted, I don't have a wireless router so that might be a contributing factor05:36
godfrey_hmm interesting05:36
cudaman73cflopez, it's unreliable and slow05:36
Rubincflopez, it is unreliable05:36
godfrey_http://localhost  works fine05:36
cudaman73haha, Rubin is full of win05:36
bruenigall of the packets, they fly around and give you cancer05:36
eyemeansee u l8r everyone05:36
godfrey_http:// works as well05:37
esoterikgodfrey_: then its a router issue05:37
eyemeanim off to my comfy bed, hahaha05:37
cflopezi usually have no trouble with mine, but i understand where your coming from05:37
cudaman73godfrey_, what's your WAN IP?05:37
godfrey_let me check05:37
godfrey_(or you can ping godfrey.no-ip.com)05:37
cudaman73that's your redirect i take it?05:37
Rubin /dns godfrey.no-ip.com ? heh05:37
cudaman73http://godfrey.no-ip.com gives me 'Index of /' O.o05:38
cudaman73so it works from the outside05:38
cflopezdefine irony, im the only idiot defending wireless while asking for help setting up my wireless card05:38
`blackmk4so i installed ndiswrapper05:38
godfrey_yeah.. that's what my friend told me too..05:38
`blackmk4if i sudo ndiswrapper -l it sees the driver installed and device present05:38
cudaman73godfrey_, what's the problem precisely?05:39
Rubincudaman73, could be inside and outside are matching different virtualhosts05:39
`blackmk4but if i do iwconfig05:39
`blackmk4there is nothing there05:39
`blackmk4and ifconfig shows nothing but lo05:39
`blackmk4now what05:39
puff`tonyyarusso: Argh, I went  to see if I could build ffmpeg-php manually, and it needs phpize, which needs php5-dev, which... pretty much upgrades a zillion things and I'm back to a score of -100.05:39
cudaman73`blackmk4, try another driver?05:39
puff`Oh well, enough for tonight.05:39
godfrey_hmm.. as you can see.. my server could be accessed outside... (http://godfrey.no-ip.com or http://godfrey.no-ip.com:81)05:39
juggyDSgot a quick Q05:39
cflopezwhy does my wireless connection show up in ETH1?05:39
Rubinpuff : apt-get build-dep ffmpeg-php05:39
godfrey_but within my lan, only ( or http://godfrey.no-ip.com:81 works05:40
Rubincflopez, ubuntu kinda just stacks the interfaces in the order it first ever saw tham05:40
godfrey_but not http://godfrey.no-ip.com05:40
cudaman73cflopez, it happens sometimes05:40
godfrey_they're saying that it's a router issue05:40
cudaman73cflopez, it shouldn't affect your wireless functionality05:40
juggyDSi am dualbootin with XP/Ubutu 7.10, how big should I make the HDs? seperate per OS05:40
cflopezi have no wireless functionality05:40
godfrey_maybe i should ask the dlink people?05:40
RubinjuggyDS, it really depends what you plan to do on each one..05:41
h1st0cflopez: what kind of wifi card do you have?05:41
cflopezgood ol broadcom05:41
cudaman73godfrey_, it's possible... any particular reason you want to access it via your re-direct?05:41
juggyDSok, thnx05:41
joneshow do i get rid of the joined and exit messages in x-chat?05:41
cudaman73godfrey_, why not just through the local lan?05:41
h1st0cflopez: you just need the firmware05:41
RubinJonathanD, right click the channel05:41
cflopezi have it05:41
h1st0!broadcom > cflopez (Please see the private message from ubotu)05:41
juggyDSi'll probably just get a 80GB ubuntu, 160 xp05:41
`blackmk4i tried the only other driver for this card05:41
h1st0cflopez: well if you have the firmware hten the card should work just fine.05:41
`blackmk4and it still says no wireless extensions05:41
godfrey_cause i've http://godfrey.no-ip.com hardcoded in my AJAX application for some reason05:42
cflopezits not05:42
godfrey_so i've to change it everytime when i have to test it05:42
cudaman73`blackmk4, obviously it's not really a wireless card, and you should go beat whoever you bought it from senseless :P05:42
godfrey_but then it's not like super annoying05:42
cflopezcheck this h1st0 http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47787/05:42
=== mari`cukur is now known as lonely_guy
`blackmk4it works using the bcm43xx driver that comes with ubuntu05:42
godfrey_so if there's no easy fix i think i can live with that05:42
`blackmk4but i get hardcore packet loss05:42
`blackmk4so it was recommended i try ndiswrapper + windows driver05:42
cudaman73godfrey_, hmm... i dunno. it does sound like a router issue. my linksys (with dd-wrt on it) lets me access my local webserver just fine05:42
Rubinhave you tried it with the latest ubuntu `blackmk4 ?05:43
h1st0cflopez: what is that?05:43
cflopezsomething somebody asked me for earlier and i dont know what the hell it is hehe05:43
h1st0cflopez: do you have a 43xx series broadcom?05:43
stroyanjones: I removed those messages by using "settings"->"advanced"->"Text events" and changing the annoying messages to be empty.05:43
godfrey_yeah.. so perhaps i'll just leave it and drop an email to linksys tmr..05:43
h1st0cflopez: did you install the firmware package?05:43
cudaman73cflopez, does eth1 have an ip address?05:43
h1st0cflopez: how did you install it?05:44
godfrey_setting up the server is tired enough.. i guess i'll just leave it like this today..05:44
=== u^A is now known as u^A_
cflopezusing the restricted drivers thing05:44
cudaman73godfrey_, don't give up :P05:44
cflopezdoes it have an IP, i dont know, not sure how to check it here05:44
godfrey_yea... tmr :P05:44
cudaman73cflopez, pop up a terminal and type 'ifconfig'05:44
jonesstroyan- are u using xchat i dont see an option for settings05:44
puff`What does "Score is -100" mean in aptitude?05:44
godfrey_i'll test it with my old router tmr... to confirm it :)05:44
cudaman73it should show up an ip address underneath the eth1 output somewhere05:44
RazzoRzhow do i rest my xorg.conf back to the one i had b4 i messed with my dual monitors ...05:45
cflopezETH0 has an IP05:45
cudaman73RazzoRz, unless you backed it up, you can't05:45
IdleOnehaving issue with drivel and connecting to blogger. keep getting a error : There was a peoblem receiving information from the server. can anybody help me out ?05:45
godfrey_okay i guess i should get some sleepp.. thanks everyone :)05:45
cudaman73gnight godfrey_05:45
puff`Rubin: I'm not on hardy, so ffmpeg-php isn't avaialble yet.05:45
stroyanjones: Perhaps you are using xchat-gnome instead of the full xchat package.  It has much less features.05:45
cudaman73cflopez, but not one for eth1?05:45
puff`G'night all.05:45
RazzoRzCudaman73 would it not have done that when i tried to do dual monitor?05:46
cudaman73RazzoRz, depends, how did you set up dual monitors?05:46
cudaman73did you do it manually?05:46
jonesstroyan: is that in the repo's? is x-chat the best? i am new here if u cant tell05:46
FluxDanyone know a widget app for ubuntu?05:46
cudaman73FluxD, gdesklets :P05:46
cflopezhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47789/ check it out for yourself cudaman05:46
jonesfluxs: i use screenlets myself05:46
Suntop|PS3ok i tried  that command it didnt work05:46
Suntop|PS3the sudo apt-get05:47
stroyanjones: I started with xchat.  xchat-gnome felt wrong because it is 'different'.05:47
pramzFluxD, http://www.screenlets.org05:47
FluxDjones: thx thats what  I as looking for :P05:47
cudaman73cflopez, no it doesnt05:47
Suntop|PS3it said no canidate is there05:47
FluxDthx pramz cudaman7305:47
cflopezso what now?05:47
cudaman73cflopez, your networking using DHCP?05:47
cflopezpretty sure05:47
Suntop|PS3Package flashplugin-nonfree is not available, but is referred to by another package.05:47
RazzoRzcudaman73: i went threw system>admin>screens/graphics   and just enabled the second monitor... it did not work.. so i put it all back the way i had it... but now on Innotek vbox ... it turns XP all black and what not!..05:47
cudaman73cflopez, try a 'dchpcd eth1'05:47
jonesstroyan: what is a good recommendation then?05:47
cudaman73you may have to run it as root05:47
tohoynnm.applet does not allow typing all letters in Dial Prefix. Is this a bug or a feature?05:47
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:48
cudaman73RazzoRz, that sounds like a virtualbox error, not an x error05:48
tohoyntried nm-applet on xubuntu 7.1005:48
soldatsSuntop|PS3,  go to the flash homepage and look for the linux install for flash and download and install it with the instuictions it gives you05:48
cflopeztyped it in the terminal, nothing happened05:48
Suntop|PS3i tried that too05:48
stroyanjones: xchat-gnome is in 'main'  xchat is in 'universe'.  Use xchat-gnome if you like it.  Switch to xchat if it seems like something is missing.05:48
cudaman73you mean there was no output :P05:48
Suntop|PS3and it didnt work05:48
RazzoRzCudaman73: now why all the sudden after i tried the dual monitors.. it was workin fine till that aspect of my TASK05:48
cudaman73that doesn't mean nothing happened :)05:48
cudaman73cflopez, try ifconfig again05:49
cudaman73see if eth1 has an inet addy05:49
soldatsSuntop|PS3, thats wierd i installed from the main flash site and it worked flawlessly05:49
Suntop|PS3tell me what i am doing wrong05:49
esoterikjoin #gateway05:49
cflopezthat weird was for me?05:50
Suntop|PS3maybe because i am not admin05:50
cudaman73cflopez, have you tried searching through forums.ubuntu.org ?05:50
Suntop|PS3ori have to MANUALLY put the plugiins in the directory05:50
cudaman73perhaps you should try using the windows driver + ndiswrapper05:50
cudaman73i've had more luck with that05:51
cflopezthe only time i got it to work, when i rebooted, it went awol05:51
Suntop|PS3i wish things werre a bit easier to install05:51
cflopezi always get the invalid driver using ndiswrapper05:51
cudaman73you're probably using the wrong driver then :)05:51
=== DiCha_cHa-Cha is now known as ameeR
cflopezim using the 64 bit driver!05:51
cudaman73try the 32 bit one.05:51
NullNamePLEASE HELP! My WEP or WAP isn't working with my wireless adaptor (linksys WUSB300N) .  I'm resitricting MAC address'es for the local network, and I'm routing most of my network apps through my friends SSH server using the socks 5 proxy option. ( ssh -d 8080 remote@network.com)  .  It's slow connecting through my friend though...is there anyway I could encrypt my data through a local area proxy, or open ssl or something like that?  If I did it locally w05:52
=== bruenig is now known as bruenig-home-sin
=== bruenig-home-sin is now known as bruenig-home
cflopezthe driver is from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20190205:52
cflopezmy comp is AMD6405:52
cflopezcan i use the 32 bit one?05:52
cudaman73you shold be able to05:52
Suntop|PS3but then again05:52
Suntop|PS3there is one problem05:52
Suntop|PS3i am using a PPC6405:52
RazzoRzcudaman73: i can get a icon of XP host and drag it around the screen and it ( like paint ) will take the black away... but i turn the cube on beryl and then 3/4 goes black again05:52
Suntop|PS3this may prevent me from using it05:53
jonesstroyan: thanks i like xchat a lot better already. thanks05:53
Suntop|PS3is there other options out there that will allow me to go to youtube05:53
cflopezbut why is it downloading the wrong driver when i use the download from the internet adress in the restricted drivers thing?05:53
stroyanjones: you are welcome05:53
cudaman73RazzoRz, i've had bad luck with vms and compiz05:53
Suntop|PS3i am sorry i should of metnioned i am using a 64 bit processor05:53
=== bruenig-home is now known as bruenig-kitchen
anashow could i run mac os apps on ubuntu ?05:54
RazzoRzcudaman73: this just started when i messed with dual monitors.. i do see a fallback xorg.conf with a few other.. .. i just not sure what it did when i tryed the dual monitors05:54
underdawgsomeone alive?05:55
cflopezfor the moment, yes underdawg05:55
m1k3I need help, I installed wine and WINRAR with wine, now I want to set all the rar files to open with WINRAR how would I do that? You know when you double click it, it opens WINRAR instead of Archive Manager05:55
cudaman73RazzoRz, i'm not sure.05:55
izaqHi all05:55
anascan anyone hep me to run mac os x apps on ubuntu?05:55
=== bruenig-kitchen is now known as bruenig
cudaman73cflopez, i'm not sure about the restricted drivers thing05:55
RazzoRzyeah me too.. everything els works.. just when i turn the cube to host xp and 3/4 goes black..05:55
cudaman73cflopez, but i've had way more luck using the windows driver :/05:56
RazzoRzAnas: go get a MAC05:56
izaqI'm try to install citrix in ubuntu 7.10, can any body giv me help ?05:56
Suntop|PS3i think that my problem is i cannot use flash because i am using a PPC-6405:56
cudaman73anas, not possible, sorry.05:56
underdawgjust installed ubuntu, how do i know if ubuntu "sees" my nic?05:56
NullNameanas: I would try virtulaization through vmware.  You can download copies off torrent sites for free.( I suggest you buy it if you like it though, as it is a wonderful program)05:56
cflopezthats whats bugging me too, thats how i got it to work the first time... but then it disappeared on me... strage strage05:56
cflopezand now i cant get it back up05:56
m1k3I need help, I installed wine and WINRAR with wine, now I want to set all the rar files to open with WINRAR how would I do that? You know when you double click it, it opens WINRAR instead of Archive Manager05:56
cflopezthat came out wrong05:56
Rubinunderdawg, open a console, and run 'ifconfig -a' in it.05:56
cudaman73cflopez, cialis, for when the moment's right :)05:56
jonesstroyan: where did u say that the option was to turn of the join/exit message's? i looked in settings and did not see an option for it05:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 64bitjava - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:57
Suntop|PS3how do i install java (64bit)05:57
Rubinjones: right click on the channel's tab, and its there as a checkbox05:57
underdawgokay. i have an eth005:57
underdawgim good05:57
underdawgjust can't get to internet yet05:57
stroyanjones: "settings"->"advanced"->"text events" has a dialog that sets what text to show for each of many events.05:57
Rubinunderdawg, does it show an IP address?05:57
tatajianyone can tell me  whether we can't input Chinese when the language is choosen as English?05:57
huff3ri can't get this machine to boot into an Ubuntu live cd05:58
Rubinhuff3r, have you tried an alternate CD? (ubuntu distributes a cd for people with trouble thats simpler)05:58
m1k3Anyone know how to set files to open with a wine emulated program?05:58
izaqCitrix and Ubnutu 7.10 any help ?05:58
Rubinm1k3, 'wine /path/to/foobar.exe'05:58
huff3ri've tried Ubuntu, Kubuntu and LinuxMint live cd's....  no luck05:59
shinikarui just tried to install xubuntu-desktop with apt-get on kubuntu and now I get symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libgdk-x11-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_once_init_enter_impl05:59
m1k3Thank you05:59
Rubinhuff3r, where does it get stuck?05:59
shinikaruwhen launching most apps via shell05:59
huff3rshe'll boot into Nubuntu...  I'm tired of burning ISOs05:59
=== Wima_JRS is now known as boimBUKANpenjaha
Rubinshinikaru, did you cross versions or something?05:59
h1st0huff3r: what are you trying to do?06:00
m1k3Wait wait06:00
Suntop|PS3i think i found it i have to install the restricted extras06:00
jeffyehcan anyone help with booting ubuntu? i uninstalled fglrx and now it hangs after the loading screen06:00
h1st0huff3r: did you get any errors trying to start the live cds?06:00
shinikaruIf saying "sudo apt-get xubuntu-desktop" is by default not 7.1006:00
m1k3How do you set up files to open with a program (such as winrar) that is emulated via wine06:00
shinikarudid that, switched, noticed nothing worked06:00
m1k3Like I want to open all RAR files with winrar06:00
shinikaruwent back into KDE, no window decorations06:00
Rubinm1k3, you have winrar installed somewhere?06:00
h1st0m1k3: why not just use unrar?06:00
shinikarucan't run emerald and/or gedit06:00
m1k3I dunno06:01
Rubinif you didnt install it, you dont.06:01
jeffyehi've reinstalled fglrx but it still hangs on boot06:01
huff3rh1st0: the boot goes ok, 90% then it looks like a video error06:01
m1k3I wanna use winrar for all the compress mimes06:01
h1st0!rar > m1k3 (Please see the private message from ubotu)06:01
Rubinhuff3r, use the alternate cd.06:01
huff3rok, thnx06:02
h1st0huff3r: try the safe graphics option or use the alternate cd to install06:02
jonesRubin/Stroyan: thanks i got it now.... i feel dumb06:02
huff3ri've tried safe , no luck...06:02
huff3ri'll try the alternate cd next06:02
=== _Anubis is now known as Anubis
h1st0huff3r: the alternate cd will get a text based installer06:03
izaqcan somone help me to install Citrix ?06:03
m1k3h1st0, I already know how to do that stuff I was just using winrar as an example06:03
h1st0huff3r: there are options you can pass at boot to get a different video driver to load for x06:03
jonesso i have another issue as well. i recently installed the nautilus-open-terminal plugin. it does not work however. i have rebooted and there is not an open in terminal option. there is an open with but i am not sure what commend to use to open a terminal as it is not in the list. any ideas on this one?06:03
CaRtzhow do i get Xmms::Perl ?06:04
RazzoRzcan some help me a Restating issue.. i hit restart and it will not move from a blank black screen06:06
TimeForRainHey, I installed Ubuntu 7.04...I'm trying to compile a simple "Hello World" problem but I get errors saying, "stdio: no such file or directory"06:06
TimeForRainI'm using gcc06:06
jribTimeForRain: pastebin your hello world and the command you are using06:07
m1k3env WINEPREFIX="/home/m1k3/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe" how would I change this to where I can click and drag a compressed file and open it with winrar06:07
RazzoRzhaving to turn off the laptop to get out of the blank black screen06:07
Donkacan someone tell me how i can make each one of my desktops have different wallpapers06:08
h1st0Donka: try searching the forums06:08
jribm1k3: why do you not just use the archive manager (file-roller) which is native to linux?06:08
jribDonka: are you using effects?06:08
m1k3Because it's limited to some compressed06:08
bodhi_zazenPmDematagoda, LOL06:08
=== max842 is now known as max
bodhi_zazenPmDematagoda,  #ubuntuforums-beginners06:09
jribm1k3: not if you install the "unrar" package06:09
m1k3I know I know but rar supports ALOT more compression types06:09
Donkawhy do u ask jrib?06:09
jribm1k3: k, name one that you need06:09
m1k3One second06:10
stroyanTimeForRain: You can get many important build files with "sudo apt-get install build-essential".  The stdio.h file is in the libc6-dev package.06:10
devilsadvocatecan anyone point me to a hyperterminal-like software for ubuntu (serial port monitor)06:10
mEck0god morning! can someone help me with dualscreen (between my laptop and an external tft), intel x3100-gfx?06:10
jribDonka: you can set up multiple wallpapers on the cube in compiz-config-settings-manager.  #compiz-fusion can help you more with that06:10
m1k3There's not one that I specifically need now it's when I'll need it for future use06:10
jrib!rar > m1k3 (read the private message from ubotu)06:10
hudyxanyone here know anything about suspend/hibernate issues with sony vaio SZ notebooks?06:10
m1k3I've already read that06:11
nooobyhudyx: does it have an ati card?06:11
jribm1k3: you'll see on that page all the filetypes file-roller can handle06:11
TimeForRainHere jrib: http://pastebin.com/m6f1b019b06:11
hudyxnoooby: nvidia06:11
dougskhow do you change physical interface is assigned eth0,1,2...,n?06:11
jribTimeForRain: and the command you are using06:11
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:11
Rubindevilsadvocate, theres a real lack of good ones06:12
cflopezin the windows wireless driver thing it says that it finds the hardware yet when i go to network configuration the wireless is nowhere to be found06:12
underdawgdoes flash come with 7.10?06:12
underdawgthe above guide only indicates 7.0406:12
Flanneldevilsadvocate: check this out: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Serial-HOWTO.html06:13
Rubindevilsadvocate, maybe minicom, or cutecom or gtkterm06:13
jones anyone know how to get the video's on www.nfl.com to work?06:13
jribunderdawg: it is supposed to get installed when you need it (but that is broken at the moment because adobe released a new version and the package has not been updated since last time I checked)06:13
cflopezcome on, just a little help, i can almost taste it, so close!06:13
stroyanjones: I just installed nautilus-open-terminal and killed off the nautilus process.  Now right clicking on a folder icon has an "Open in terminal" option near the bottom of the pop-up menu.06:13
linux__hi guys06:13
h1st0cflopez: what are you using ndiswrapper?06:13
m1k3Winrar supports more file types :S06:13
m1k3way more06:14
h1st0cflopez: why?06:14
h1st0cflopez: why didn't you just install the firmware06:14
jonesdonka: the trade off for different wallpapers in gnome is that u can not have desktop icons. is that acceptable06:14
bullgard4What is the /etc/acpi/sleep.sh file used for?06:14
cflopezgot it to recognize the driver using the 32 bit version06:14
m1k3jrib: winrar supports way more file types06:14
cflopezit wasnt working that way06:14
soldatsjones, huh06:14
h1st0cflopez: you using 64bit?06:14
jribm1k3: yeah, a bunch of proprietary ones I'm sure06:14
RubinJonathanD, what are you talking about?06:14
Rubiner, jones06:14
hudyxanyone? suspend/hibernate issues with Sony SZ notebooks???06:14
h1st0!ndiswrapper > cflopez (Please see the private message from ubotu)06:14
devilsadvocateRubin, does gtkterm have a "start connection" button that i cant find?06:14
m1k3jrib: but it's more convienent than file-roller06:14
h1st0cflopez: just follow those directions to get it working with ndiswrapper06:15
Rubindevilsadvocate, i havent used it.. and last time i did need something, i was so frustrated with the linux offering i dug out a windows box :/06:15
soldatsm1k3, linux has rar support and it has never failed me06:15
dancorwould it be a good idea to have a wrapper so that {apt-{get,cache,file},dpkg} commands are all tied to one script06:15
TimeForRainjrib: any ideas on my problem?06:15
jribm1k3: file-roller "just works" so I don't see how it is less convenient.  Anyway, we're getting offtopic.  You should try writing a small shell script that does what you want to do and then have that as the default app06:15
dancorit's weird to me that dpkg -L e.g. isn't part of apt-get or apt-cache06:16
jrib!defaultapp | m1k306:16
ubotum1k3: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting. In Kubuntu, Konqueror -> Settings -> Configure and then hit "File Associations"06:16
devilsadvocateRubin, I remember using gtkterm sucessfully a year ago and bitching about how hyperterminal sucked, but for som,e reason i cant get it to work now :(06:16
Rubindancor, you use debian/ubuntu for a while you know them all by rote anyway06:16
m1k3That's what I was asking thanks06:16
jribTimeForRain: and the command you are using?06:16
Peddydoes anyone know of a program for Linux that is similar to Garageband, and with loops?06:16
dancorRubin: think of aspiring noobs06:16
Rubindancor, it makes sense from an archetectuaral standpoint. apt* is a frontend to dpkg06:16
lwellsHow do you install Apache2 on the gutsy?06:16
Rubinr00bs can use gui package managers06:16
=== darkmatter_ is now known as darkmatter
neur1how do I hide the desktop icons?06:17
Flannellwells: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP06:17
jriblwells: aptitide install apache2 (or whatever package manager you want)06:17
Rubinlwells, select it in the package manager ...06:17
gQuig1so I wrote a blueprint (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/no-mono-by-default).  Is it written somewhere as to what I am supposed to do next?  (As it says.. .I need guidance)06:17
soldatsneur1, rename them and place a "." in from of the file name06:17
jribneur1: all of them?  uncheck /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop in gconf-editor06:17
devilsadvocateok, Rubin / Flannel lets say i have one application that communicates via serial port, i know that it is working, it is programming my device. Now, suppose i have a gtkterm listening on that serial port, should this second application be able to work? on windows, an open hyperterminal connection locks up the serial port not allowing any ohte applications to connect. should something like this happen here too?06:18
jribTimeForRain: I mean, what command are you using to compile it?06:18
stroyanTimeForRain: You need to "sudo apt-get install libc6-dev".  And "sudo apt-get install build-essential" could help with further builds.06:18
Rubindevilsadvocate, hmm i think so, but i also think you could probably snoop on it somehow. but i don't know how to do it...06:18
Flanneldevilsadvocate: I think that'd depend entirely on the application.  I don't think it'd be exclusive, but I might be wrong.  You could always use pipes to split it up among apps if you required it.06:19
devilsadvocateFlannel, I want to figure out if gtkterm is actually listenin g on the right port. I think it isnt because even when i have it openeed the other device is able to open a serial connection and send the data, I think i'll try this on a windows computer to verify that my device is actually transmitting something, and then see what the problem is here06:20
Suntop|PS3is there a ppc64 version of flash and java i can instrall from apt-get?06:21
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: try Java7 and Gnash, maybe06:21
Rubindevilsadvocate, ahh.  lsof should be able to tell you06:21
Peddydoes anyone know of a program for Linux that is similar to Garageband, and with loops?06:21
jonesi see an option for open in terminal on my local files but was wanting to this on a remote file to see where it is mounted06:21
bullgard4What is the /etc/acpi/sleep.sh file used for?06:21
Suntop|PS3apt-get install java7?06:22
devilsadvocateRubin, lsof?06:22
Peddydoes anyone know of a program for Linux that is similar to Garageband, and with loops? Please :)06:22
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: or maybe it's called "iced tea" .. It's a start on Java7, might not be "production ready yet"06:22
Rubinbullgard4, acpi sleep is like, when laptops get their lids closed06:22
Rubindevilsadvocate, lists open files, and who opened them. serial ports are just files in /dev06:22
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre06:23
soldatsdont ask the same question over and over if noone has an answer it means they are busy or they not the slightest clue to the answer06:23
devilsadvocateah, thanks Rubin  and Flannel06:23
`blackmk4that's interesting. moving from protected drivers to ndiswrapper dropped my signal quality 50%06:23
stroyanjones: What kind of "remote file" are you looking at?  Something like "smb://hostname/dir" is not necessarily mounted anywhere.06:23
`blackmk4but i get better speeds.06:23
Rubin`blackmk4, you cannot trust the signal quality meter in ndiswrapper. it is meaningless06:23
`blackmk4ah, ok06:24
FlannelPeddy: You might have more luck in #ubuntustudio, they'll be more familiar06:24
neur1what it i have thunar and not nautilus?06:24
PeddyFlannel, thanks06:24
Suntop|PS3damn it06:24
Suntop|PS3i cannot get it06:24
soldatsPeddy, if i was you id google for an app that fits your needs or look in the synaptic menu and look for soethign of that description06:24
gQuig1try icedtea-java7-plugin06:24
soldatsSuntop|PS3, where are you located06:24
Peddysoldats: tried that, no luck. None of them have loops.06:24
Suntop|PS3in Montana Usa06:25
bullgard4Rubin: I understand what you say. But this does not answer my question.06:25
soldatsPeddy, ok well id suggest what flannel said06:25
cflopezh1st0: whats the debian directory06:25
Suntop|PS3i am learning06:25
jonesstroyan: when i go to places-network i see my windows box and i am able to browse the files in nautilus. i want to look at these files via terminal06:25
cflopezim stuck in step 306:25
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: try apt-get install icedtea-java7-plugin06:26
h1st0cflopez: step 3 on what?06:26
Suntop|PS3has no install canidate06:26
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: 7.10 right?  and do you have universe enabled?06:27
Rubinbullgard4, what exactly are you asking?06:27
Suntop|PS3i belive so06:27
Rubinbullgard4, its a shell script.. if you want to know what it does, you can open it and read it..06:27
soldatsSuntop|PS3, if you were located in tucson by any chance it would be easier to help you06:27
FlannelSuntop|PS3: this is for the PS3? or PPC? or AMD64?06:27
Suntop|PS3well ps306:27
Suntop|PS3but any ppc will work they sai06:27
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: Can you just do a search in synaptic for Java?06:28
Suntop|PS3let me try06:28
acee1235my vlc wont play dvd's any ideas?06:28
acee1235using 7.1006:28
tommygbacee1235: have you go libdvdcss06:28
cflopezh1st0: well?06:28
Lumpy^hey. i want to restart a service with php shell_Exec() command, but its promt me a password for doing that, is there a way i can disable the "enter password" and instad of it just do sudo /etc/init.d/.... ?06:28
Suntop|PS3i cantinstall java due to the PPC06:29
Suntop|PS3damn it06:29
inthepitanyone have problems with a netgear MA101 Rev. B with gutsy?06:29
acee1235how do i check>06:29
stroyanjones: Have a look at "man smbmount".  There may be a nice GUI way to mount a windows export.  I just edit /etc/fstab myself.  Something like "//host/SharedDocs /home/me/documents smbfs noauto,uid=me,gid=me,port=139,credentials=/home/me/credentials.txt,rw"06:29
Suntop|PS3i see the java but i cannot install06:30
FlannelSuntop|PS3: I'm showing sun-java5 in mutliverse on PPC in gutsy06:30
cflopezwhere is the debian directory?06:30
tommygbacee1235: go into synaptic and search for libdvdcss206:30
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: make sure you have universe enabled06:30
Suntop|PS3how do i install it all i get is  greyed out06:30
Suntop|PS3how do i check that06:30
DaFFeshi guys, i've just bought a notebook asus F3SC and installed Ubuntu 7.10, everything seems to work perfectly, inclusive the webcam, but the sound doesn't function, the self notebook sound and the headphone sound.06:30
FlannelSuntop|PS3: Verify that you have multiverse enabled.  Uh, pastebin your sources.list06:30
DaFFesI've searched for solutions on foruns but couldnt find, does anyone could help?06:31
astro76!medibuntu | acee1235 you can get libdvdcss2 by adding this repo...06:31
ubotuacee1235 you can get libdvdcss2 by adding this repo...: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org06:31
lwellsi just install Ruby, but IRB command does not work06:31
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: in synaptic -> tools -> repositeries06:31
ryanbaneevening all06:31
cflopezcan anybody tell me where the debian directory is?06:31
DaFFescflopez /06:31
mrpocketsKILLING IN THE NAME OF!06:32
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: You want the first 4 check boxes to be checked06:32
Flannelcflopez: You're going to need to be more specific.06:32
acee1235tommygb: no i dont06:32
ryanbaneanyone with info on how to get a canon printer to work06:32
zewbdoes anyone know how to make ubuntu not use that streamlined terminal font?06:32
TimeForRainHey, I'm trying to compile a simple "Hello World!" program Ubuntu 7.04 but they say that the <stdio.h> is not in the library06:32
zewblike, in other distros06:32
cflopezflannel: from there go to the debian directory. thats a copy from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NdiswrapperOnAMD6406:32
FlannelTimeForRain: And you've installed build-essential?06:32
zewbin the command line it uses the default font06:32
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: Main, universe, multiverse, and restricted06:32
zewband in ubuntu its using this wierd courier-lookalike font06:33
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: are they?06:33
Suntop|PS3i got restricted06:33
DaFFeshi guys, i've just bought a notebook asus F3SC and installed Ubuntu 7.10, everything seems to work perfectly, inclusive the webcam, but the sound doesn't function, the self notebook sound and the headphone sound. I've searched for solutions on foruns but couldnt find anything, can anyone help me?06:33
Suntop|PS3but i dont see tools in synaptic06:33
cflopezi dont understand the instructions on that howto06:33
cflopezif anybody can help me with it, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NdiswrapperOnAMD6406:33
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: oops, it is settings06:33
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org06:33
inthepitanyone have problems with a netgear MA101 Rev. B with gutsy?06:34
acee1235!medibuntu which repository is it06:34
zewbin ubuntu the CLI is using this wierd courier-lookalike font06:34
tommygbacee1235: have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu06:34
inthepitor able to possibly help me with mine06:34
zewbhow do i make it use the default font?06:34
Flannelcflopez: it'll be a directory called "debian" in the untarred stuff06:34
ryanbanethis canon pixma printer just wont work under ubuntu06:34
Suntop|PS3you mean preferances06:34
ryanbaneis turboprint the only option i have06:34
Suntop|PS3i checked all but the "source"06:34
gQuig1so does anyone have any links to docs on the blueprint process?  What to do with them when done drafting?06:34
m1k3Is there anyway to change the file:\\\ to z:\ on %u?06:34
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: ok.. now reload everything06:35
Suntop|PS3they are enabled06:35
Suntop|PS3i am06:35
cflopezFlannel: still lost, sorry... the noob is strong with this one06:35
zewbin ubuntu the CLI is using this wierd courier-lookalike font06:35
zewbhow do i make it use the default font?06:35
Suntop|PS3its downloading06:35
Skidoooi cant telnet to my eggdrop bot.  any help ?06:35
Skidooologuser1@pc1:~$ telnet localhost 759906:35
Skidoootelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused06:35
jribm1k3: is this related to winrar?06:36
devinusis there a "top" command for memory?06:36
Suntop|PS3The repository might be no longer available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and the correct writing of the repository address in the preferences.06:36
jribm1k3: do it in the shell script06:36
Flannelcflopez: Ok, so, you've downloaded and untarred the file, it'll put a bunch of stuff in a directory.  Go into that directory (ndiswapper, apparently), inside that directory, there'll be another directory06:36
m1k3it's using / instead of z:06:36
jribdevinus: top06:36
zewbin ubuntu the CLI is using this wierd courier-lookalike font06:36
soldatsdevinus, type free06:36
zewbhow do i make it use the default font?06:36
Flannelcflopez: that should be a "debian" directory06:36
Flannel!repeat | zewb06:36
ubotuzewb: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:36
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: try it again.. maybe from the command line doing apt-get update06:37
m1k3I wanna be able to click and drag the compressed file to the winrar icon06:37
jribdevinus: (hit F to change the sort field)06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy/main/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy/restricted/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy/universe/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy/multiverse/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy-updates/main/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy-updates/restricted/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy-updates/universe/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy-updates/multiverse/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy-security/main/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy-security/restricted/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
Suntop|PS3http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/gutsy-security/universe/source/Sources.gz: 404 Not Found06:37
devinussoldats: ok, that's cool06:37
soldats!enter | sung_06:37
ubotusung_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:37
vmlinuz`Suntop|PS3: don't paste here brother, use pastebin.com06:37
devinusjrib: ah thanks just what i was looking for06:37
cflopezwhen i opened the folder i dont see any folder named debian06:37
zewbin ubuntu the CLI is using this wierd courier-lookalike font06:37
zewbhow do i make it use the default font?06:37
soldatsdevinus, dose it work for you???06:37
m1k3jrib: I wanna be able to click and drag the compressed file to the winrar icon and open it06:37
jribm1k3: no, there is no way to do that.  Drag to the shell script you write instead06:37
Lumpy^hey. i want to restart a service with php shell_Exec() command, but its promt me a password for doing that, is there a way i can disable the "enter password" and instad of it just do sudo /etc/init.d/.... ?06:38
zewbin ubuntu the CLI is using this wierd courier-lookalike font06:38
zewbhow do i make it use the default font?06:38
stroyandevinus: The top command does report memory usage by process.  (But it isn't really the complete story.)  Run top and then type "Fn" to sort by resident memory usage.06:38
m1k3I already tried :S06:38
Flannel!repeat | zewb06:38
ubotuzewb: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:38
m1k3env WINEPREFIX="/home/m1k3/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe" %u06:38
lwellsI am getting to get IRB to work for Ruby 1.806:38
jribm1k3: pastebin the shellscript06:38
DaFFeshi guys, i've just bought a notebook asus F3SC and installed Ubuntu 7.10, everything seems to work perfectly, inclusive the webcam, but the sound doesn't function, the self notebook sound and the headphone sound. I've searched for solutions on foruns but couldnt find anything, can anyone help me?06:38
zewbthis irc is like microsoft technical support06:38
m1k3Wait a minute06:38
m1k3I thought you ment like06:38
lwellsAlready install irb from Synaptic Package Manager06:38
acee1235tommygb: sweeet, thank you06:39
m1k3jrib: I thought you ment to create an icon in the panel and add a special command like this, (env WINEPREFIX="/home/m1k3/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe" %u)06:39
Skidoooi cant telnet to my eggdrop bot.  any help ?06:39
Skidooologuser1@pc1:~$ telnet localhost 759906:39
Skidoootelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused06:39
zewbin ubuntu the CLI is using this wierd courier-lookalike font06:39
zewbhow do i make it use the default font?06:39
Flannelzewb: Please turn that off.06:39
zewbwell i don't know how06:39
jonesstroyan: thanks again. i knew that i could set up samba to see the files. i thought that since i was able to see them in nautilus that they would somehow already be setup for access via the terminal as well. does nautilus do something in the background to connect to these folders?06:39
zewbi'd love to turn off that dumb font06:39
jribm1k3: no, write an actual shell script that formats the path however you want and then calls wine winrar blad blah06:39
NickT_is ubuntu a good distro?06:40
zewband get a normal command line font like every other distro does06:40
NickT_better than slackware?06:40
zewbNickT: no06:40
lwellsbut they it tells me to run "sudo apt-get irb"06:40
zewbNickT_: stick with slackware06:40
NickT_what's a better distro than slackware?06:40
m1k3jrib: I guess I can't do that I've got much to learn about linux06:40
soldatszewb, no there are a lot of people here trying to help others and sometimes someone wont notice your question jut try to realx and wait for an answer wait at least 10 minutes before reposting06:40
jrib!offtopic | NickT_06:40
ubotuNickT_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:40
zewbNickT_: i like arch06:40
lwellsbut then gives me an error "Could not get lock"06:40
NickT_nah, those guys are assholes.  they're parading against my buddy06:40
TigranGDoes ubuntu support the new mini pci wireless n cards?06:40
cflopezneed some help witha a ndiswrapper howto, cant seem to figure out the last couple of steps06:41
zewbNickT_: Ubuntu is linux for retards06:41
soldatszewb, my default cli font is pretty much like the ariel font06:41
NickT_zewb: well I'm very new :)06:41
zewbNickT_: lol just kidding06:41
stroyanjones: Nautilus can use various remote access protocols and show the results to use as a folder.  You can use smb: to windows, or ftp: to an ftp server, etc.06:41
Suntop|PS3sorry about that06:41
zewbNickT_: but if you want to learn linux, stay away from distros like ubuntu. they hide the inner workings from you06:41
soldatszewb, why trash on distros you probly shouldnt be here if yorr going to do that06:41
Suntop|PS3that was a accident06:41
XiXaQ!ot > zewb, NickT_06:41
=== vmlinuz` is now known as pwnt-
zewbNickT_: Slackware is ok06:42
NickT_zewb: i can't use slackware's support channels because of a vendetta their ops have against roadrunner users in maine.  So is there another distro you'd suggest if not ubuntu?  I like the gnome enviroment.06:42
shishioguys, i hve a problem with limewire, i cant use it it only dispolays blank white spaces on the screen. any idea how to fix it?06:42
lwells Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13 Permission denied), that is the error i keep getting when I try to run apt-get, why is that?06:42
soldatsNickT_, most other distros are for more advanced users06:42
m1k3jrib: is there anyway I can create my own thing like %u?06:42
TigranGlwells, use sudo apt-get06:42
zewbNickT_: well you can use gnome in any distro, but if you want one that comes with gnome, and you just want a kind of windows-ish system where you don't have to delve into things too much, then ubuntu is for you06:42
jonesstroyan: thanks for all the help this evening.06:43
soldatsNickT_, if you really want to try something new just google it06:43
m1k3jrib: so I can switch /path to z:/path?06:43
acee1235tommygb: why are there lines in the display?06:43
lwellsgot it thanks06:43
jribm1k3: the easiest way I see for you to do that is to write a small shell script06:43
Skidoooany one?06:43
zewbNickT_: if you like to tweak everything and experiment then I recommend Arch06:43
XiXaQzewb and NickT_, please go somewhere else with the general chatter. This is a support channel.06:43
zewbwell i tried getting support06:43
zewbbut i didnt get it06:43
NickT_zewb: i heard arch was really cool06:43
zewbso i'm giving someone else support06:43
m1k3jrib: I have no resources to do that can you give me some?06:43
zewbit's pretty good, but theres not that many packages06:44
Suntop|PS3jrib: I am sorry about that i pasted in the wrong window06:44
zewbthats my only complaint06:44
cflopezcan anybody please help me out with this HOWTO, im stummped bigtime and im dying to go to bed :-/06:44
jribSuntop|PS3: no problem06:44
zewbsmall community06:44
soldatsNickT_, arch is awesome but as i said its for more experienced users06:44
wolsm1k3: there are not driverletters in linux06:44
* TigranG actually a pretty big community06:44
Suntop|PS3i am tring to get this java and flash problemsolved06:44
acee1235anyone know how to resolve the lines in dvd playback on vlc?06:44
soreaucflopez: sleep06:44
NickT_zewb: are they friendly?06:44
zewbNickT_: yes06:44
TigranGDoes ubuntu support the new mini pci wireless n cards?06:44
m1k3wols: I know that I'm doing this so I can open a file with a program emulated by wine06:44
shishioguys, i hve a problem with limewire, i cant use it it only dispolays blank white spaces on the screen. any idea how to fix it?06:44
zewbNickT_: they were patient with me06:44
NickT_ok ty06:44
cflopezfark sleep06:44
jribm1k3: google "advanced bash scripting guide".  I'd help, but I'm leaving now06:44
cflopezive been working on this for almost 2 days straight06:45
zewbNickT_: alot more friendly than these assholes :)06:45
cflopezit ends tonight06:45
m1k3jrib: thank you for your support06:45
tommygbacee1235: have you had a look on the forums? i dont use vlc anymore06:45
jribzewb: please watch your language in here06:45
zewbNickT_: don't listen to that stuff people say about certain distros being for more experienced users.06:45
cflopezwanna take a look at the thing im stuck with? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NdiswrapperOnAMD6406:45
NickT_zewb: well i tried joining ##slackware and was banned before I could even ask my question :\ and then they had the kahoonas to tell me I got banned to teach my friend a lesson :(06:45
acee1235tommygb: no, what do you use?06:45
TigranGzewb if you dont appreciate the free help here then just leave06:45
soldatsjrib > kick him06:45
Suntop|PS3i think i will j7ust have to use my windows for flash sites and java sites06:46
=== oediv_ is now known as oediv
XiXaQSuntop|PS3, why?06:46
zewbNickT_: wow. well, some people are just idiots i guess06:46
soldatsSuntop|PS3, the ps3 has support for flash stock i believe06:46
ranjanmy broadcom device only connects using ndiswrapper cannot use fcmcutter06:46
m1k3jrib: before you leave can you answer me about what a %u is called?06:46
zewbbut yeah i just recently tried arch and i really liked it06:46
cflopezthis is using ndiswrapper06:46
Suntop|PS3i cannot install java or flash plugins since they do NOT MAKE a 64 bit version of flash and tje java wont install06:46
NickT_zewb: it sounds like they have some shaky relations there, I don't think it's going to be around much longer the way they act06:47
Suntop|PS3uni and multiverse are giving me 404 errors06:47
jribzewb, NickT_: yes, arch is a nice distro as well, but this is offtopic, move the discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic.  Thanks06:47
FlannelSuntop|PS3: Try switching your mirror to archive.ubuntu.com06:47
zewbso who knows why ubuntu is using this nonstandard CLI font?06:47
XiXaQSuntop|PS3, there are several versions of java, and gnash has a 64bit version, doesn't it?06:47
tommygbacee1235: try using totem to play the dvd06:47
NickT_alright, I'm out.  thanks guys.  jrib:  would you please blow me?  I hate guys like you.  Pussy.06:47
zewbi like the regular font that every other distro uses06:47
Suntop|PS3i got gnash to install06:48
jribhow nice06:48
Suntop|PS3but java06:48
soldatszewb, dude if your just going to talk shit (sorry language) just leave. please do us the favor we dont want to hear to do such things. we are aiming to help people in learning linux.06:48
zewbNick_T is cool.06:48
astro76yes so hard to go to offtopic06:48
zewbi didnt do anything06:48
zewbwhat the hell are you talking about06:48
nickrudSuntop|PS3, http://sudan.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=202537 installs the 32bit firefox with flash, java, mplayer for media. Works well06:48
zewbi was telling Nick about arch06:48
zewband helping him find a distro06:48
soldatszewb, no you basically said the people here are a**holes06:48
Suntop|PS3so what i need to do is install the old one06:48
zewbwell, sorry, but you are06:49
lwellswhat is a good text edit tool for programming?06:49
soldatszewb, please leave if you want to continue this06:49
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: aren't you on PPC?06:49
Suntop|PS3where do i put the archives06:49
zewbi don't want to continue anything06:49
pwnt-is the new ubuntu beta out?06:49
trprlwells: vim06:49
XiXaQlwells, depends on the language. Gedit can do syntax highlighting for many languages.06:49
xTheGoat121xOk, so, when I turn the volume up on my laptop, the little pop-up that shows the level has the wrong colors set... does anyone know how to correct this?06:49
zewbi just want to help people with their linux issues :)06:49
nickrudSuntop|PS3, oh, never mind, sorry06:49
Flannelpwnt-: Hardy is a very very early alpha.06:49
Suntop|PS3hehe you see06:49
lwellsRails , I want to edit rails06:49
Suntop|PS3there is the problem06:49
XiXaQpwnt-, no. You can find release schedule on the wiki.06:49
pwnt-yeah hardy, that what i meant Flannel thanks.06:49
cflopezzewb: explain step 3 for me please please please https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NdiswrapperOnAMD6406:49
TigranGSorry if I'm repeating my question a bit much right now, its just late and I want to know if I should by this card or not, so any wifi pros here? questions was: Does ubuntu support the new mini pci wireless n cards?06:49
Lumpy^i edited the sudoers and put that: gasz        ALL=(ALL) ALL , but its keep promt me06:49
Lumpy^why is that06:50
NarissaMy tty is distorted once X starts, how do I fix this06:50
sunny_hey i am trying to install vmware on my ubuntu  box does anyone have any good tips06:50
Suntop|PS3thereis a massive list of servers06:50
XiXaQsunny_, please ask a real question.06:50
Suntop|PS3what server is it06:50
phyzsunny_, put in the cd06:50
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: from what I saw you couldn't get a proper connection to the reposoteries06:50
Suntop|PS3maybe it is the fact i am using a ps306:51
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
jribm1k3: you can find it in some spec on freedesktop.org, but really, that won't help you.  Just write a shell script that formats what you get appropriately06:51
soldatsSuntop|PS3, yes most likely06:51
zewbcflopez: look in the directory of the source for a directory called debian06:51
nickrudsunny_, add the new ubuntu-partners repo, deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu gutsy partner , to your sources.list. It has vmware06:51
Suntop|PS3all i want is flash to work06:52
gQuig1Suntop|PS3:  you are talking on the PS3?06:52
Suntop|PS3yes I am are you surpised?06:52
zewbso who knows why ubuntu is using that courier-looking font in my CLI?06:52
sunny_sorry i new to linux. Trying to get rid of my windows machines06:52
cflopezthats the thing, i cant find a single directory thats called "debian"06:52
Suntop|PS3i am learning Linux on it06:52
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: So internet is clearly working?06:52
m1k3jrib: But I have no clue where to start on that shell script I just wanna create a path varible like %u06:52
zewbcflopez: hmm06:52
macogwsunny_: most people who visit this channel are, i think ;)06:52
Suntop|PS3wifi is once you install the lastest kernal06:52
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: Gnash will give you limited flash support06:52
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: youtube might work06:52
zewbyoutube doesnt really work with gnash06:53
XiXaQsunny_, they have many different products. They're easy to install. They also have a channel on this network, #VMWare.06:53
Suntop|PS3let me try since i did install06:53
zewbuse the propietary flash player06:53
Suntop|PS3you see this is why i hate youtube06:53
Suntop|PS3i got a windows box for that crap06:53
gQuig1zewb: On PS3?06:53
zewba ps3?06:53
zewboh, well, nevermind06:53
zewbi don't know what runs on a ps306:53
xTheGoat121xI guess not.06:54
Suntop|PS3i can use youtube in PS3 side but the LINUX side i cant06:54
Suntop|PS3if i can get flash to work06:54
acee1235tommygb: acee1235: it tells me it needs a plugin06:54
Suntop|PS3and java06:54
Skidoooi cant telnet to my eggdrop bot.  any help ?06:54
Skidooologuser1@pc1:~$ telnet localhost 759906:54
Skidoootelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused06:54
jribm1k3: the easy solution is to use file-roller.  night06:54
XiXaQSkidooo, stop that.06:54
Richard51684hey, im having problems 'showing' a hidden window that is minimized to the tray, can i force it open? btw, its running from wine06:54
jribSkidooo: don't paste here, use paste.ubuntu-nl.org06:54
XiXaQSkidooo, just make sure eggdrop is running.06:54
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: could you get it to reload the package list?06:54
titanix88i want do disable the automatic graphical display rescuer :@ it's driving me nuts!!06:54
fatman999hello, i am fat man and i weigh 400 pounds!  you can see video of my supreme fatness at fat-man.bravehost.com06:54
m1k3jrib: Good night06:54
Suntop|PS3i then will be able to rid myself of my windows box06:54
Suntop|PS3yes for the most part06:55
y123h_I want to upgrade my system but I have 3 fils error06:55
titanix88i mean displayconfig06:55
Suntop|PS3but UNIVERSE and MULTIVERSE wouldnt work06:55
soldatsfatman999, leave now06:55
tommygbacee1235: just install the packages it says06:55
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: yea.. that's a problem06:55
nickrudSuntop|PS3, try a different mirror06:55
acee1235tommygb: never mind downloaded wrong one06:55
soldatsjrib, thank you06:55
NarissaMy tty is distorted once X starts, how do I fix this (by distorted I mean unusable)06:55
SkidoooXiXaQ,  how06:55
zewbhttp://fat-man.bravehost.com/index_files/image2961.jpg <- holy shit06:55
Suntop|PS3which mirror06:55
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:56
nickrudNarissa, by unusable, what do you mean?06:56
zanzer7how do I enable inet_aton (when compiling using netinet/in.h)?06:56
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: try the default global one06:56
XiXaQSkidooo, I don't know. I don't use eggdrop. However, you must always run a program before you can connect to it. Have you configured it properly? I'm sure it comes with good documentation.06:56
Narissanickrud: unreadable white blocks and heavily distorted text06:56
cflopezzewb: so what should i do?06:56
acee1235tommygb: perfect thank you06:56
albertolempirahey guys, someone know how can i get my toshiba laptop "Fn" key to work with its shortcuts?06:56
m1k3Anyway seeya06:56
Suntop|PS3you man main server?06:56
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: aka Main Server06:56
tommygbacee1235: happy to help06:56
* TigranG wonders whats wrong with this channel right now (usually not like this)06:57
soldatsTigranG, too many trolls06:57
titanix88anyone here have nv geforce mx 4000 with glx ?06:57
* Narissa nods to the troll comment06:57
nickrudSuntop|PS3, system->admin->software sources , click the download from dropdown, select other. Then select Best Server button06:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about refit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:57
Suntop|PS3i tried that too06:57
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: Main server still gives you errors when reloading?06:58
TigranGAnyone here upgrade RAM on ubuntu?06:58
soldats*cooks some delicious ramen noodles06:58
TigranGsoldats: sounds good haha06:58
Trifesoldats, you must be in college =)06:58
Suntop|PS3now what06:58
nickrudNarissa, I have something similar, 40 x 16 characters. I just removed the splash word from the /boot/grub/menu.lst lines starting with kernel. Not a great fix, it removes the startup splash screen, but the console is usable06:59
soldatsTrife, do you think so06:59
shishioguys, what program in ubuntu is like limewire? can anyone help me?06:59
TigranGshishio: limewire or frostwire06:59
Trifejust a guess. top ramen is the life blood of the dorm06:59
nickrudSuntop|PS3, paste your /etc/apt/sources.list file to paste.ubuntu-nl.org06:59
Richard51684hey is there a way to make my username stay in the login box at startup? (im lazy)06:59
shishioTigranG: i have installed Limewire but it wont run... it only displays blank on screen06:59
* TigranG shakes head to Richard07:00
albertolempirasomeone here have a toshiba laptop and have tried to make the "Fn" key to work?07:00
Narissanickrud: I did remove splash, and quiet.  I have vga=ask, but one X service starts it changes the resolution and then it's unreadable, until then tty is fine07:00
TigranGshishio: try forstwire, I like it better07:00
mynymlwhat problems will i run into if i install the 64bit version? i'm reading about a simple solution for flash, but there's a full ubuntu wiki page about firefox 32 bits? is there so much that breaks down that i might need that?07:00
soldatsTrife, ahh i just love the stuff i havent found anything that tastes better07:00
XiXaQRichard51684, it's possible to configure it to login automatically even. I don't remember how though.07:00
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion07:00
shishioTigranG: okey thanks07:00
Richard51684i know, but i don't want anyone to have access :)07:00
nickrudNarissa, remove the vga=ask as well, that's trying to bring up the framebuffer.07:00
shishioTigranG: how can i uninstall my limewire installation?07:00
SkidoooXiXaQ,  yes everthing is configured right and in console it says that the bot is on..07:00
Narissanickrud: okay I will do that, and then will relog here and let you know how that goes07:01
XiXaQRichard51684, you can use a face gdm browser, where you can just click an image, and it'll fill in your username.07:01
csirwater_HI EVERYBODY07:01
gQuig1anyone know what I should do next with my blueprint? (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/no-mono-by-default)07:01
TigranGshishio: you can try sudo apt-get remove limewire (but I'm not sure if thats the package name)07:01
scorpfromhellRichard51684 & XiXaQ ... just go over to System-->Administration-->Login Window & set the system to login by default to a particular login07:01
TigranGshishio: If not then from Synaptic Package Manager07:01
Suntop|PS3whic file07:01
nickrudNarissa, it's not a very good fix, but it works. I'm used to watching a lot of text fly by on startup, anyway07:01
TigranGshishio: Found in System->Admin07:01
Suntop|PS3this window scrolls so fat07:02
nickrudNarissa, that is, Works for Me™07:02
Richard51684scorpfromhell: but i want to enter my password07:02
TigranGshishio: http://www.frostwire.com/?id=downloads for FrostWire07:02
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: /etc/apt/sources.list07:02
mEck0grrr! why is it so damn hard to enable dual monitors in linux? has tried several guides for intel gfx but nothing works07:02
threethirty! nvidia07:02
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:02
TigranGmEck0: tell me about it..07:02
XiXaQRichard51684, then do what I said.07:02
SkidoooXiXaQ, i set in config file of bot to listen to port 7599 .... why its not listening. is my firewall of os setting has to do something with that?07:02
scorpfromhellfacebrowser is the next best option AFAIK07:02
Richard51684could you explain further?07:02
mediahunterI am getting an error message while trying to use ndiswrapper on the compiling option on the install and uninstall can anyone help07:02
Suntop|PS3ok how do i paste that07:03
TigranGAnyone upgrade RAM here under Ubuntu?07:03
mEck0TigranG, you know how to set up xorg for dual monitors?07:03
Suntop|PS3open it in a gui wordprocessor and then07:03
Suntop|PS3post it07:03
TigranGmEck0: No, I tried and failed miserably07:03
scorpfromhellRichard, you could go to the same Login Window settings & set it to show pix of the users created in the system07:03
gatenis there such a thing as a 'bleeding edge' repository for popular apps (openoffice, pidgen, firefox, etc) other than getdeb?07:03
nickrudSuntop|PS3, go to paste.ubuntu-nl.org , then gedit /etc/apt/sources.list, copy & paste07:03
TigranGmEck0: I wanted to hook it up to my TV to watch movies, but no luck.07:03
andrukare there any good linux-compatible brands of external CD drives?  im trying to load gutsy onto a laptop without CD or floppy drives07:03
Richard51684'default face' ?07:03
mEck0TigranG, :(07:03
XiXaQSkidooo, I'm sure they have a channel somewhere.07:03
Flannel!caps | csirwater_07:04
ubotucsirwater_: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:04
mediahunteri have gone thur some of the wiki and it still is not working07:04
mediahuntercan anyone help me please07:04
TigranG!ask | mediahunter07:04
ubotumediahunter: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:04
nickrud!nstall | andruk07:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nstall - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:04
Narissanickrud: no dice still distorted07:04
nickrud!install | andruk07:04
ubotuandruk: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:04
mediahunterTigran i already asked the question07:04
XiXaQRichard51684, you're not _that_ lazy. :) It's just a matter of moving your mouse over the image, and your username will be selected.07:05
TigranGbe patient :)07:05
nickrudNarissa, I'm not sure then. I figured it was framebuffer related. What video chip?07:05
andruknickrud: i know (theoretically) how to install without a CD drive, i just need to know what brand to purchase07:05
Narissanickrud: nVidia series 707:05
perfectorany idea why google earth should make my X crash??07:05
andruknickrud: brand of external CD drive...that is07:05
Suntop|PS3what syntax?07:05
inthepitanyone here have any experience with netgear MA101 Rev B. usb adapter?07:05
pinghey guys/girls how can i get downloaded music to play on the rythembox music player07:05
nickrudNarissa, no real experience with nvidia, in fact I'm not used to seeing people with issues on those07:06
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Richard51684ok i think it's set up07:06
perfectorany idea why google earth should make my X crash??07:06
SkidoooXiXaQ,  not appearing online07:06
TigranGping: do you have mp3 codecs?07:06
soldatsping, torrents07:06
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: really doesn't matter, but SourcesList07:06
XiXaQSkidooo, I have no idea. I don't use eggdrop.07:06
pingi dont think so07:06
XiXaQSkidooo, have you run it?07:06
TigranGping: install the gstreamer codecs from Add/Remove07:06
Narissanickrud: I am also having an issue with being forced to use Option SWCursor just to have a working mouse cursor07:06
SkidoooXiXaQ,  yes07:06
Suntop|PS3name Suntop|Ps307:06
XiXaQSkidooo, does it give you any errors?07:06
SkidoooXiXaQ,  no07:07
nickrudNarissa, have you installed the nvidia drivers from nvidia by any chance?07:07
jroesanyone know the equivalent to fdisk /mbr on windows for linux?  grub is hiding somewhere on my usb stick and I can't figure out where.  I used fdisk to delete all the partitions on it but yet it still tries to use grub somehow, so I'm thinking it made its way to the mbr of the usb stick somehow.  any way I can clear that out?07:07
SkidoooXiXaQ,  Telnet to the bot and enter 'NEW' as your nickname.07:07
SkidoooOR go to IRC and type:  /msg KillerJinn hello07:07
SkidoooThis will make the bot recognize you as the master.07:07
SkidoooYou have installed modules but have not selected an encryption07:07
Skidooomodule, please consult the default config file for info.07:07
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: link to the page it brought you to?07:07
Narissanickrud: yeah and attemtping to install the newest, but can't seem to read term so it makes it a moot point07:07
pingthe extra plug ins or the ffmped video07:08
ritaHi, I installed ubuntu onto my laptop from the live cd and it said I was partitioning my disk, but when starting the computer, I'm taken directly to ubuntu and not being given an option to go to windows.07:08
XiXaQSkidooo, don't paste here! There are 1133 users on this channel!07:08
y123h_please any one answer me about upgrading my ubuntu07:08
SkidoooXiXaQ,  k07:08
rich1hi.  i want to start learning mysql but an aptitude search shows a bunch of packages.  which ones do i need to start with?07:08
nickrudNarissa, hm. For a baseline, you could make a backup of your xorg.conf , and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical to get the default config back. See if that restores your tty07:08
wolsjroes: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda count=1 bs=512   if sda is your usb stick. deletes all partitiopns as ewll07:08
Flannelrich1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP07:08
pingrita you have make a partition for windows and you must install a dual boot07:09
nickrudNarissa, that is, sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg07:09
FlynsarmyIs it possible to view teh contents of a zip file from the terminal?07:09
Flannelrich1: and/or https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/mysql.html07:09
SkidoooXiXaQ,  what can be wrong. my firewall?07:09
XiXaQSkidooo, not if you're connecting to localhost.07:09
mrpocketsCan i use Ubuntus disk as a partitioner like PArtition Magic?07:09
rich1Flannel: thanks.  i just pulled them up.07:10
Narissanickrud: from x how would I go about rebooting into init 3 without x starting?07:10
SkidoooXiXaQ,  should i use ssh..      somebody told me that07:10
XiXaQmrpockets, depends on what you need to do, but yes.07:10
Suntop|PS3i dont think i will ever get it to work07:10
Richard51684is there a way to see a list of all the windows on a desktop? even the hidden ones07:11
mrpocketsXiXaQ:  I've got a single EXT3 partition on the full disk, and i wanna cut out a seccond 40 gig partition outta the unused space as a NTFS partition so i can load Windows as a seccondary OS07:11
ritaI'm sorry ping, I have no idea what that means: I just installed it from the live cd (yesterday), and I'd like to be able to get into windows also, but I do not know how..07:11
XiXaQSkidooo, I have no idea. I have never used eggdrop. I've told you this several times. But you cannot have read the documentation if you don't know how to connect to it.07:11
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: go to terminal and try "sudo aptitude update"07:11
nickrudNarissa, there's no diff between runlevels 2-5 in ubuntu; you would do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop X and have only the consoles07:11
Lumpy^damn i cannot make sudoers to work without a password in my user07:11
TigranGrita: How did you install it?07:11
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: also try pinging ports.ubuntu.com07:12
revilodrawfirefox waits until it has the whole page loaded before it renders it. how do i stop it so it works more like internet explorer - it loads the skelton of the page then fills in the gaps07:12
XiXaQmrpockets, I don't know if gparted (the partitioner in ubuntu) does that. It's available on the live-cd. You could check it out :)07:12
TigranGrita: On a new partition or did you wipe out your whole drive and just installed ubuntu?07:12
ritaOff the livecd, you know, it shows the "install icon" and I just followed the prompts07:12
SkidoooXiXaQ,  talk in terms of os problems.    everything seems right07:12
trprXiXaQ: don't help clueless newbs setup bots. how obnoxious :(07:12
cflopezsome help please07:12
ritaTigranG: I'm sorry I'm so stupid, but I have no idea whether it was a "new partition" I followed the prompts to make an automatic partition, I think...07:12
cflopezim stumped!07:12
kbrosnanrevilodraw: it only waits 200 ms before drawing the page07:12
perfectorany idea why google earth should make my X crash??07:12
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: ping ports.ubuntu.com (in terminal)07:12
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: wow07:13
pingwell i didn't really do it myself so i am not sure how it works but you may just have to do some research on how to have a dual boot and i think you have to do a little repair work depending which is first on your disk windows or ubuntu07:13
XiXaQperfector, don't repeat so often.07:13
nickrudNarissa, I've got a weak brain tonight, its sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop   , I elided to stop07:13
Lumpy^anyone can tell what the exact syntax to disable promot a password for user "azs" ? i did azs ALL=(ALL) ALL , its not workin07:13
TigranGrita: Can you paste your /boot/grub/menu.lst file07:13
perfectorXiXaQ: oops .. sorry07:13
TigranG!paste | rita07:13
uboturita: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:13
XiXaQSkidooo, what did they say in the eggdrop channel?07:13
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: that's pretty bad07:13
revilodrawkbrosnan; my sisters laptop (which has less processor speed and less ram) runs windows, and is way way way faster at loading pages in ie...07:13
pingso is it true that there are no drivers for a lexmark x2480 printer if  you know of anything please let me know asap07:13
gQuig1you on dialup?07:13
ritaok, I will try07:13
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: you on dialup / using bad wireless?07:14
SkidoooXiXaQ,  which channel07:14
pingrita best of luck07:14
Suntop|PS3there is packet loss07:14
XiXaQSkidooo, do you want me to search google for you and tell you what results it gives me?07:14
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: press Ctrl-C to stop it07:14
dougskanswer to me question: ifrename+iftab or /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-cd.rules  (how to consistently name physical network interfaces) --thanks07:14
Suntop|PS3its not that07:14
SkidoooXiXaQ,  what do you mean07:14
byonixHi, anyone successfully use gnokii 0.6.14 in feisty07:14
TylerJGilliescrossover office simulates a windows reboot so that software will work correctly http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=2103009912&size=o07:14
dougskah byugger that's persistent-net -- anyways07:14
Suntop|PS3maybe i should reboot my dsl router07:14
TylerJGilliesheh "simulating windows reboot"07:15
XiXaQSkidooo, I mean, you should be able to find that out for yourself. Have you tried /join #eggdrop for instance?07:15
byonixHi, anyone successfully use gnokii 0.6.14 in feisty07:15
soldatsTylerJGillies, that costs money07:15
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: where are you again?07:15
ritaTigranG: I'm sorry, but how do I access this file?07:15
andrukdo external DVD burners work well in ubuntu?07:15
byonixHi, anyone successfully use gnokii 0.6.14 in feisty07:15
pingmy music player still isn't working even after i install the gstreamer mp307:15
TylerJGilliessoldats: not for 30 days it doesn't07:15
pingwhat should i do now07:15
TigranGrita: open a terminal and do 'sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst'07:16
Suntop|PS3i am going to reboot my dsl  router07:16
soldatsTylerJGillies, oh really thats cool well i might have to try it then07:16
XiXaQandruk, they should.07:16
Suntop|PS3then my wifi07:16
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: ok07:16
RedHeronping: sudo apt-get install esound07:16
TigranGSuntop|PS3: Should be one of the first things done ;)07:16
SkidoooXiXaQ,  i am on many networks. none is answering me07:16
Suntop|PS3so i need to quit07:16
TylerJGilliessoldats: its in one of the ubuntu repos07:16
andrukXiXaQ: thanks07:16
gQuig1Suntop|PS3: could you plug it in directly?07:16
RedHeronping: then do: "shutdown -r now"07:16
RedHeronping: (without the quotes)07:16
pingredheron, thanks so much07:17
byonixHi, anyone successfully use gnokii 0.6.14 in feisty07:17
XiXaQSkidooo, so..? Be patient. Do your homework. Ask a good question.07:17
Suntop|PS3well no i am going to shut off the firewall in the dsl router too07:17
RedHeronThat will restart your system, ping...07:17
gQuig1that's not gonna help, Sunt....07:17
RedHeronjust so you aren't unaware of the consequences, okay ping?07:17
soldatsTylerJGillies, ahh i never even checked it may come in useful in the future thanks for the update on the 30 days thing07:17
TylerJGilliessoldats: you're welcome07:18
TylerJGilliessoldats:  it works with world of warcraft07:18
UtkinNihuya sebe narodu07:18
RedHeronping: not a problem.07:18
UtkinI from ru07:19
scorpfromhellcan anybody help me with LTSP?07:19
SkidoooXiXaQ,  ok07:19
SkidoooXiXaQ,  thx07:19
soldatsTylerJGillies, yea i figured it should seeing as that its kinda real professional but wine also works for WOW07:19
gQuig1what should my next step be? Attach a random person to approve it?  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/no-mono-by-default07:19
astro76!ru | Utkin07:19
ubotuUtkin: Пожалуйста войдите в #ubuntu-ru для помощи на русском языке  /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke07:19
XiXaQUtkin, #ubuntu-ru07:19
ritaTigranG: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/47792/07:19
TylerJGilliessoldats: oh, that makes sense07:19
TylerJGilliesnever installed WOW or wine07:20
=== dfeeser is now known as paradigmX
ritaTigranG: it seems to me like there is no windows at all, whatsoever, and my important files are backed up, but I just want to be able to access windows ingeneral and I wonder if I will be able to.07:20
gQuig1Is there a different channel that handles things like blueprints?07:20
XiXaQscorpfromhell, people tend to be frightened by those kinds of questions. You'd have to be pretty sure of yourself to answer yes to it.07:20
TigranGrita: It looks like you wiped out your windows partition07:20
wolsRedHeron: got your new kernel? harddisk now unlocked?07:20
soldatsTylerJGillies, i had wine for a long time it worked wonders but i dont play comp games anymore so i only used WOW on a frieds comp07:20
XiXaQgQuig1, blueprints are handled on launchpad..?07:20
mediahunterok i am able to get ndiswrapper installed and the driver now i am having issue with modprobe07:20
Flying-PenguinIs there a way I can map a mouse key to a keyboard key? I want my MouseButton4 to be seen as CTRL by either all of my apps or just one, or all of X, I don't care.07:20
mediahunterFATAL: Could not open '/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/ubuntu/misc/ndiswrapper/ndiswrapper.ko': No such file or directory07:21
sunogbagarita: sure, you can dual boot07:21
XiXaQgQuig1, I think launchpad has a channel here.07:21
mediahunteranyone got any thoughts07:21
yilwhere can i get a german chat07:21
TylerJGilliescan you run linux on a mac?07:21
gQuig1XiXaQ: ah.. thanks07:21
astro76!de | yil07:21
ubotuyil: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de07:21
soldatsTylerJGillies, yes07:21
TigranGIf its intel based, you can cant you?07:21
ritaSungbaga: but how would I get to windows? I'm really sorry, but I just do not know much about this at all07:21
RedHeronwols: new kernel, unfortunately no unlock07:21
=== Owner_ is now known as smmagic
scorpfromhellxixaq, how do I send such PMs? Am sorry am coming back to IRC after some 7 years :(07:22
TylerJGilliesgotcha. i wanna get a mac eventually. never owned one before07:22
TylerJGilliesmac osx is too bloated07:22
XiXaQscorpfromhell, /msg nick. Don't do it without permission though.07:22
TigranGrita: You need to install Windows first and leave a partiton for linux, then when you install linux at the partition part click Manual, not Guided.07:22
sunogbagarita: right now, i dunno if you can go back to windows, unless you do know what you were doing last time u installed ubuntu07:22
mediahuntercan someone please give a little help07:22
soldatsTylerJGillies, yes i know but i must tell you thaT  a lot of people have had some minor problems with linux on macs but with some minor configs you shouldbe fine07:23
kitofhawaiiTylerJGillies: last mac i owned looked like a blue toilet seat07:23
scorpfromhellXiXaQ, thanks07:23
XiXaQTigranG, why not guided -- use free space or whatever it sais?07:23
RedHeronwols: I'm trying to figure out a brute-force script to toss ASCII characters at it in the password field of hdparm's security erase procedure.07:23
sunogbagarita: you can however reinstall everything... install windows first,. create a partition for ubuntu and install ubuntu there...07:23
ritatigrang: does this mean that I need a windows install cd? Furthermore, I can find detailed help on creating a partition?07:23
TylerJGillieskitofhawaii: what island are you on?07:23
wolsRedHeron: use something like python or perl (imho)07:24
kitofhawaiiTylerJGillies: oahu :)07:24
TigranGXiXaQ: The way I do it is just make partitons with the XP cd as I'm installing XP. I haven't done it that way. If its a better way, please tell rita how to do it. I'm not that experienced.07:24
TylerJGillieskitofhawaii: i know someone thats named kit that lives on Maui07:24
scorpfromhellcan somebody tell me how to make a ubuntu desktop connect to a ubuntu LTSP server?07:24
ritasungbaga: how does what I was doing at installation time affect my ability to get back to windows? nothing I have on windows matters, just the ability to access it/office07:24
SkidoooXiXaQ,   i have installed ssh and i gues iam logged in. what to do now to log into my bot?07:24
RedHeronwols: was using Linux script. :-D07:24
kitofhawaiiTylerJGillies: oh...well i envy them because they have krispy kremes :)07:25
RedHeronwols: I don't know perl or python at all.07:25
perfectorscorpfromhell: ssh07:25
astro76scorpfromhell, you might try asking in #edubuntu07:25
mediahunteranyone in here able to help me with ndiswrapper07:25
mediahunterthe modprobe option is not working07:25
scorpfromhellastro76, did that, that channel is zzzz :(07:25
TylerJGillieskitofhawaii: you envy me too then, cause i live on maui also ;) krispy kreme = da kine07:25
wolsRedHeron: you don't know bash either. and python is eaier (imho)07:25
scorpfromhellperfector, I want GUI07:26
TylerJGillieswols: ruby beats python ;)07:26
kitofhawaiiTylerJGillies: fresh krispy kremes. nothing better :) whenever i get over there for work, i make a pitstop on the way back to the airport :)07:26
soldatsi love python07:26
XiXaQSkidooo, why do you keep asking me these questions? I have no idea why you'd want to login using ssh to the local computer. It doesn't make sense to me. If you refuse to read, then I don't understand why you're on irc. It's much faster to simply read the manual.07:26
soldatsjst my poinion though07:27
* TylerJGillies is a ruby on rails developer07:27
TylerJGillieskitofhawaii: what's your profession?07:27
soldatsTylerJGillies, hah thats awesome, congrats07:27
XiXaQTylerJGillies, well, Django is really cool I think.07:27
SkidoooXiXaQ, k07:27
h1st0!rtfm > XiXaQ (Please see the private message from ubotu)07:27
* TigranG offtopic-ish: but for you programmers, googles paying cash for gnome stuff07:27
rlyI'm having trouble configuring my sound definitions for the mic in order to speak in skype07:27
DaFFeshi guys, i've just bought a notebook asus F3SC and installed Ubuntu 7.10, everything seems to work perfectly, inclusive the webcam, but the sound doesn't function, the self notebook sound and the headphone sound. I've searched for solutions on foruns but couldnt find anything, can anyone help me?07:27
Flying-Penguincould anyone point me in the direction of an app or documentation on mapping mouse buttons to keyboard buttons?07:27
XiXaQh1st0, what?07:28
mediahunterdaffess can i PM i had the same issue07:28
kitofhawaiiTylerJGillies: network engineer :)07:28
RedHeronwols: Any suggestions regarding tutorials?07:28
wolsXiXaQ: he doesn't like you saying essentially "rtfm" even when yoU#re right07:28
TylerJGillieskitofhawaii: like setting them up?07:28
h1st0XiXaQ: read the message from ubotu07:28
wolsRedHeron: do you know any other programming language?07:28
RedHeronwols: The only programming I've ever done has been in PHP.07:29
XiXaQh1st0, I read the message. I tried telling him time and time again that I have no idea, and that I have never, ever used eggdrop. I don't understand why I should read the manual, search google, wait in other irc channels for people to respond etc.07:29
kitofhawaiiTylerJGillies: well depends...setting them up, troubleshooting problems, etc. i live in cisco CLI07:29
TylerJGillieskitofhawaii: CLI?07:29
TigranGXiXaQ: cause its a bot07:29
wolsRedHeron: http://wiki.python.org/moin/BeginnersGuide07:29
xcdTylerJGillies: command line interface07:30
kitofhawaiiTylerJGillies: "command line interpreter" when it has to do with cisco07:30
TylerJGilliesxcd: gotcha07:30
mediahunterTigranG can you help me with my modprobe  I get a fatal error when i try to run it07:30
RedHeronwols: thx07:31
AnAntHello, how can I run a script (that is in /etc/init.d) on startup ?07:31
TigranGmediahunter: there are a bunch of tutorials for ndiswrapper out there, google it (if you haven't already), but I dont know much about it.07:31
AnAntthere was a command that makes symlinks for it in the proper rc?.d/ dirs07:31
wolsAnAnt: link it to /etc/rc2.d/ starting with S## where ## is a number07:31
wolsAnAnt: update-rc.d for example07:32
Suntop|PS3whois Suntop|PS307:32
AnAntwols: yeah, that's it thanks07:32
CapitalTHi, ntfs-mount-3g is hogging my machine 100%. any ideas why this happened?07:32
DaFFesmediahunter freenode is blocking my messages07:32
XiXaQAnAnt, bum (boot-up manager) is also rather cool.07:32
=== Skidooo is now known as |Quest|
DaFFesmediahunter are u reading me?07:32
Suntop|PS3ok now i did reboots07:33
mediahunterDaffes yes i can see what you are typing07:33
XiXaQdaffa, register your nickname, and it won't block them anymore. /nickserv help07:33
greenmanHello.  Can someone steer me in the direction of an application list for edubuntu?07:33
wolsDaFFes: no one is, you are not registered07:33
ritaWill I have to reinstall windows all together, or can I use a windows boot cd and fix whatever's wrong?07:33
greenmanI'm trying to see what instant messenger is included07:33
greenmanand if it can do yahoo messenger protocol07:33
cafuegogreenman: pidgin, yes.07:33