jion_: about yesterday it's not a gentoo bug10:00
jthe current trunk does not build 10:01
jis Keybuk will come today?10:01
jKeybuk: hi13:26
jI'm currently using 0.3.913:45
jand the "and" does not wrok13:45
jso I try to compile the last trunk13:46
jbut it does not build13:46
jI've this error : /bin/sh: line 17: cd: upstart: No such file or directory13:47
jmake: *** [install-recursive] Error 113:47
jafter the install of the nih header during the make install13:47
Keybuk"and" wasn't supported in 0.3.913:48
Keybukit only exists in trunk, and there isn't really finished13:48
jKeybuk: when it will b finished?13:52
Keybukthat's hard to answer13:53
Keybukthe "and" support is pretty low on my list at the moment13:53
jhow can it will become up?13:53
Keybukneed to solve the whole events issue, really13:58
Keybukwork out what they mean14:05
Keybukhow they'll be used14:05
Keybukwhere they come from14:05
Keybukand how they'll be combined14:05
Keybukthat's the major problems with roadmaps15:26
Keybukit prevents you from making minor releases15:26

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