soldatsslow channel is sloooow00:59
evil_techseems everyone is on holiday01:00
soldatsyea i guess01:00
patricknevillehey i installed xfce4 after using ubuntu for a while, and now on my desktop i have duplicates of ever icon, device and such, anyway to fix this?01:03
soldatsis there a way to know for sure which one is real and which one may be the duplicate or symlink if you could tell you may just be able to delete them and see if they pop back up on a restart01:15
soldatsit hasnt happened to me so i dont really know where to look for a solution01:15
zoredachesoldats: when you ls -l a a symlink will start with an l in the permissions part01:35
zoredachelike so... -- lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 2007-12-10 12:49 /etc/rc2.d/S16ssh -> ../init.d/ssh01:36
thyraxguy what command will tell me just how much storage a device has?01:47
thyraxxfc file system01:47
zoredacheerr du rather01:47
zoredacheno, I am loosing my mind.. the first was right01:48
thyraxthanks zoredache01:49
thyraxwhat unit is that?01:49
thyraxlots of figures no unit of measurement01:50
thyraxin the gui. properties it shows its all there used, and free but no total01:54
thyraxanyway I successfully set up my raid 5 server 1.8TB avilable space I am so happy with how stable ubuntu is01:55
thyraxI grew it from 4 drives copied some files over then grew it to 5 drives It used probably a total of 30hours in reshapping and growing but everything went without a hitch. I am now a huge fan of the command line :)01:56
thruxtonthyrax: try df -h01:56
thyraxwow that was perfect thanks thurxton!01:57
thyrax1.9TB! :)01:57
thyraxformatted raid 501:57
* thyrax is so proud of himself and is sorry for the spam01:58
thyraxthanks zoredache and thruxton you guys in here have been a huge huge help! I'm going to go work on customizing my ubuntu desktop. :D02:09
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userXubuntuHi I still have some problems with thunar (it hs e.g. currently freezed up), I believe tha problem has, as someone suggested, to do with the that I mount and use ntfs drives. I have been to the linux-ntfs but I havent' found anything there, and neither has google been any helpfull.02:16
userXubuntuI was wondering if any one else is experiencing this preoblem? (when actively using a ntfs drive with a linux program)?02:16
userXubuntuOne strange thing: when I was logged in win2k I saw that the folder hda1 (c:) under my d: (which is hdb1 in Xubuntu), that is, the c: had been copied to the d:02:18
userXubuntuThe strange thing is this: I haven't touched the hda1, I have no reason toit holds02:18
userXubuntu*it holds windows, and windows software02:18
userXubuntuWhy did Xubuntu do that? I could understand why Tunar is running slow if it is being is dublicating files in the background like that...02:20
userXubuntuHehe, I just found a entry in Ubuntu forums where somewhene found it easier to work with thunar on ntfs. Maybe there is a problem with my thunar install?02:33
userXubuntuAnyone? Please this is important, I can't work with Xubuntu if it keeps freezing up...02:43
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gerrohmm trying to play this video and it says "The playback of this movie requires a application/x-rar decoder plugin which is not installed."03:19
redwyrmmaybe the video is really a RAR archive03:20
gerroahh I think your right03:22
gerrocrap it had some sort of rar password that I didn't know now the file is deleted...03:22
gerroperhaps its in /tmp?03:23
redwyrmyour rar program deletes the file if you don't know the password?03:23
gerrono I think it was moving it then going to extract and just assumed there is no such thing as passwords or that I will definately succeed03:23
gerronow to dig around and find what it did with it03:23
redwyrmincidentally, WinRAR has code in it that turns off your computer03:23
redwyrmI dunno in what situation that code is executed though :S03:24
gerroI hate rar format..03:24
gerroany idea how I can recover a backup of that data that was deleted?03:25
redwyrmI have no experience in that area03:28
redwyrmthe unrar I use doesn't do anything unless you know the right password03:28
gerroperhaps magicrescue will work03:28
redwyrmseems like a lot of work just to see naked people having sex03:29
gerroah darn no gui for this :(03:29
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gerrogrr the password was in the email message x(03:35
gerrookay no clue how to work this magicrescue thing03:35
redwyrmlife is too short to try and resurrect deleted data03:37
redwyrmjust let it go03:38
gerroapparently if I had used lsof while it was asking for a password I could have ripped the data from its greedy little hands03:40
userXubuntuHow do I activate something like " CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet" in Xubuntu?03:44
thyrax_afk                                                    I know this is xubuntu but is there no way to list files in gnome's nautilus?03:45
thyrax_afklike a list in windows there is only compact mode which doesn't help...03:46
_slvmch3why not just use Thunar? i think that's the default03:46
thyrax_afkI am running ubuntu on the system in question not xubuntu ;p03:46
_slvmch3ah ok03:46
_slvmch3you can't get it to list files? is it showing icons or just nothing?03:47
thyrax_afkIs there a way to add a list feature? would be much more convinient03:47
_slvmch3there should be a setting in the 'view' menu to to get the typical windows-like view settings, list, icons, etc.03:47
_slvmch3but i might be mistaken, haven't used gnome in a while03:47
gerroinstall thunar? >,>03:47
thyrax_afkkinda hard sorting 1.9TB of data with huge icons03:47
_slvmch3worse comes to worst just /dir in xterm03:48
thyrax_afkha no thunar for me03:48
gerrodon't automatically render the icons?03:48
gerrocreate ext3 indexes of that directory?03:48
gerrotry an alternate file system for lots of small files hmm is it jpeg specifically?03:48
userXubuntu(I found a thread in Ubuntu forums that maybe can solve my problem; The CPU automatically increases it speed when there is more demand for it....; I need to find ut if Xubuntu does this too, and how I can fix it (thus using soemthing like CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor))03:49
gerrouserXubuntu: run a game and cat /proc/cpuinfo see if its going at max if not your not running the right sort of game :)03:50
gerroif its a laptop it probably does that to lower heat and save power03:51
thyrax_afkI selected set to default under view and then was able to select list :)03:51
thyrax_afkthanks guys for the suggestions03:51
_slvmch3you know userXubuntu i had the same problem03:56
_slvmch3i had an app that would output a jpeg every frame of a video, so between 20-30 jpegs a second depending on the framerate03:56
_slvmch3after a bit i'd end up with like 10000 images in a folder03:56
_slvmch3and if i opened the folder it crashed it03:56
userXubuntuHow did you solve it?03:56
_slvmch3and i ended up having to /dir in xterm to check the files03:56
_slvmch3i never really did03:56
_slvmch3turning off thumbnails helped i think03:57
_slvmch3but ultimately with that many files it would bog down my machine03:57
_slvmch3this was a slow box too so i'm not sure if i'd have the smae problem on this new laptop03:57
_slvmch3but i think turning off thumbnails will save you lots of overhead03:57
_slvmch3and although this would be a crap workaround, maybe you could write a bash script to parse the multitude of files into a set number of folders03:58
soldatsi believe more of the fact that when the system tries to generate that many thumbnails it will overload itself on slower machines03:58
_slvmch3so you can view 1/10th of the files at a time03:58
userXubuntuI don't think my problem is related to number of files, or files in generall but I'll try your suggestion (it can't hurt can it ;)).03:58
_slvmch3yeah that's what i'm thinking too soldats, this box had 1.3ghz athlon and 256 mb of ram03:58
redwyrmam I likely to encounter problems upgrading from xubuntu 6.06 to 7.10?03:58
_slvmch3redwyrm: you shouldn't but i always make a point of backing up vital files before upgrading03:58
soldatsredwyrm, well it depends on what you have03:59
_slvmch3i had a few bugs when i had upgraded from dapper to edgy, but for gutsy i just did a fresh install (albeit on a different machine which is why)03:59
_slvmch3edgy-feisty was fine03:59
redwyrm_slvmch3, thanks03:59
soldatsit really depends on if you have a very easy install of earlier versions03:59
_slvmch3yeah i had gone breezy -> dapper -> edgy -> feisty04:00
_slvmch3but then my desktop died :-(04:00
soldatsthats sucks04:00
soldatspart of my city just sufered a power outtage for about an hour it was kinda cool having no  lights anywhere at all04:04
thyrax_afkwhat city?04:07
soldatstucson, az04:08
thyrax_afkdoes it snow there?>04:08
soldatsprobly a block of 7 miles by 7 miles04:08
soldatsin certain parts it does but never in the main part04:09
soldatsthe outskirts have snow, usually my band takes a trip[ to flagstaff, az and hang out in the snow for a few days04:09
thyrax_afkhow big is az?04:11
thyrax_afki guess i could just look at a map...04:11
thyrax_afkwhat is .conkyrc04:12
thyrax_afkhow does it relate to compiz?04:12
soldatsits probly related to compiz, open it in a text editor  it might tell you if it is04:15
soldatsaz is about 1/3 of california04:16
thyrax_afkoh ok just wondering. :)04:18
booncerany 1 alive04:39
Alyxanderhey guy whats a good bluetooth manager04:48
soldatsdoes xubuntu have the same blootooth manager as gnome?04:52
soldatsin gnomei believe there is one04:52
Alyxanderhumm any idea what its called/04:56
redwyrmAlyxander, try asking in #ubuntu04:56
userXubuntuI'm trying to figure this CPU freq thing out, is this a software for  linux OS or is this a BIOS feature?04:59
soldatspretty much all system no matter what OS it is have an sys monitor and it tells the CPU useage in a frequency scale05:06
userXubuntuYes, but I was thinkig about what these people are talking about "you might want to install the put the "cpu frequency scaling monitor" onto your taskpanel. My laptop is sluggy because it defaults to "ondemand" so 95% of the time my PentM 1.5 is running at 600 MHz."05:07
userXubuntuI think I have the same problem. That is why my Xubuntu is so slow, and maybe that is why Thuner freezes sometimes.05:08
userXubuntuThe thread uri btw http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=112200)05:09
Alyxanderok ubuntu doesnt know so05:09
soldatsuserXubuntu, well saying to put scaling monitor on desktop is just a deasktop docker and i runs a very small version of sys monitor constantly05:13
soldatslike gkrellm05:13
_slvmch3soldats what kind of stuff do you play with your band05:14
userXubuntuOh sorry guys, I'm not quite following you on this: a system monitor only monitors the CPU/mmory/HD usage of the OS, yes? And are you saying that teh CPUfreq does the same thing?05:16
soldats_slvmch3, hmm well we pretty much  mixed a few different older and new punk bands. ie. fugazi, rites of spring, hot water music, propagandhi, hot cross05:17
soldatsif you liek punk old or new you may like it05:17
soldatsuserXubuntu, yea i believe so the frequency basically tells you everyting about the useage of the system in different frequency scales05:18
soldatsuserXubuntu, so if you open sys monitor and look at the wave lengths those are frequencies05:18
userXubuntuOK, that I understand that, but the thread discusses that Ubuntu slows down the processor, is this true for Xubuntu? And how can I find out?05:20
userXubuntuMy problem is this: Xubuntu runs very slow, too slow.05:20
soldatsuserXubuntu, did you use ubuntu in the past? was it slow as well?05:23
userXubuntuNo, I wanted something small, clean and fast so I thaught I would go with  Xubuntu. I expected, at least, that it would be faster then w2k.05:24
userXubuntuIn comparison w2k runs vey fast.05:24
userXubuntu(my PC: AMD 1,2 GHz, 768RAM.05:25
userXubuntu(Nvidia 128DDR)05:25
userXubuntuI think there is something seriously wrong with my Xubuntu install, because it runs very slow.05:25
soldatshm iwonder why mine runs at least 3 times as fast as win05:26
userXubuntuPerhaps my win has its survival insticts kicked in? ;)05:26
soldatsuserXubuntu, maybe id suggest a fresh install, its very odd that it runs slow05:27
userXubuntuThat would be my third install... =(05:27
userXubuntuBasically it was like this before I did my second install, so you could say I tried a fresh install already...05:27
soldatsdamn im not sure then im sorry to say but id have to see the box myself to be sure05:29
userXubuntuDo you now any conf I could check out?05:29
soldatsif you lived close to me id be able to help you out more05:29
userXubuntu=) Yes that would be convinient.05:29
userXubuntuconveniant* not sure about the spelling05:30
soldatsthe only thing i can think of is that the `install of the graphics card may not be right05:30
soldatsand it may be lagging05:30
userXubuntuYes, I thaught so myself! (the video card that is) After my driver update in win2k it runs very fast at 1600x1200, in Xubuntu, it runs very sluggishly.05:31
userXubuntuAnd the graphics lag when I move the windws, AND the CPU goes nuts? Maybe this is the problem?05:32
soldatsit could be a bug with the video card the thing is is that most of todays cards are built for windoze and linux developer need to write different firmware and seftware for them and they are not always as good but i have seen many people with the same cards as yours who have flawless and very fast systems05:34
soldatsmaybe try a lower color bit rate like 16bit05:34
userXubuntuAlready there.05:34
soldatsand maybe do around 1200x1050 or 1400x12??05:35
userXubuntuOh, sorry, I was there on win2k, were do I change the depth in Xubuntu?05:35
soldatsi really have no experience with advanced graphics cards but i know that on some systems its kinda a pain in the ass to configure to get it right05:36
userXubuntuOh... No graphic inteface then...05:36
soldatsyou could try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and set to a lower resolution05:36
soldatsabout 1200 should be goo05:37
userXubuntuI'll run that05:37
soldatsbe careful though and use most of the defaults05:37
userXubuntuIt saud something about auto-detect. Then I can only chose nv, I chose will chose that then...05:38
soldatsdamn i really need to build a badass system so i can deal with more complicated problems so i may be able to help more people05:41
soldatsim really sorry i really am not sure what to do it that doesnt work05:41
soldatsthe people in #ubuntu might know better than i do05:41
userXubuntuThis is interesting:05:42
userXubuntu"Configuring xserver-xorg05:42
userXubuntuTypically, the amount of dedicated memory used by the video card is autodetected by the X server, but some integrated video chips (such as the Intel i810) have little or no video memory of their own, and instead borrow main system memory for their needs.05:42
userXubuntuThis parameter should usually be left blank and specified only if the video card lacks RAM, or if the X server has trouble autodetecting the RAM size."05:42
userXubuntuThen it asks me:05:42
userXubuntu"Amount of memory (kB) to be used by the video card:"05:42
userXubuntusoldats, I appreciate you trying!05:42
userXubuntuShould I =)05:43
userXubuntuDo you thingk the X server has problem detecting the cards memory?05:43
soldatsit could be05:44
soldatsmaybe the firmware for it doesnt say what it should be05:44
userXubuntuHow can I find ut?05:45
soldatsim not sure, i wonder what it used as a default for video memory, it could have used all of it and it would lag the hell out of your system, maybe do about 100mb or 200 mb and see if its good, its a small amount but it may run faster05:46
soldatsif you have 715 mb it should be fine05:47
shinikarui just tried to install xubuntu-desktop with apt-get on kubuntu and now I get symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libgdk-x11-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_once_init_enter_impl05:48
userXubuntuaccourding to the package it states that it has 128 DD? SHould I write 128 000? (That's 128 MB in Kb, right=05:48
shinikaruwhen trying to run emerald or gedit or random programs..05:48
soldatsuserXubuntu, id believe so should be kb x 10 = mb if its correct then make sure you dont use commas05:51
userXubuntuSo I'll write 128000 then...05:52
NullNamePLEASE HELP! My WEP or WAP isn't working with my wireless adaptor (linksys WUSB300N) .  I'm resitricting MAC address'es for the local network, and I'm routing most of my network apps through my friends SSH server using the socks 5 proxy option. ( ssh -d 8080 remote@network.com)  .  It's slow connecting through my friend though...is there anyway I could encrypt my data through a local area proxy, or open ssl or something like that?  If I did it locally 05:52
NullNameI'm using xubuntu 7.1005:52
NullNameOr, would anyone know if wep or wap is possible with the WUSB300N wireless adaptor?05:53
soldatsuserXubuntu, id try it, if it doesnt work run the command again and set it to default (enter (leave blank))05:53
userXubuntuSoldat, roger :)05:53
userXubuntuWhat abou this?05:55
soldatsshinikaru, im not familiar wih just installing "xubuntu-desktop" but maybe installing xfce4 might help if you want better preformance and a smaller install. normally its best to backup needed files and do a fresh install of a real xubuntu install as it will install all necessary files. you might be missing some.05:55
userXubuntu"Rather than communicating directly with the video hardware, the X server may be configured to perform some operations, such as video mode switching, via the kernel's framebuffer driver.05:55
userXubuntuIn theory, either approach should work, but in practice, sometimes one does and the other does not.  Enabling this option is the safe bet, but feel free to turn it off if it appears to cause problems.05:55
userXubuntuUse kernel framebuffer device interface?"05:55
soldatsNullName, encrypting it im pretty sure is possible a lot of people have dont it but im not exactly sure as how to do it. sorry but theres not a lot of people on here maybe if you try #ubuntu, as there is more people there and someone might know more about it, sorry if i cant help you,05:57
userXubuntu(I choosed no)05:57
NullNamethanks soldats, but nobody is helpig me in there..I'll try the forums05:58
soldatsuserXubuntu, well personally i would have gone with the "safe bet" option but if you chose no you might have to cinfigure it yourself05:58
NullNameI already am encrytping05:58
NullNameits just slow because I'm going through my friends ssh encrypted socks 5 server05:59
soldatsNullName, sorry man ubuntu channel is always busy as hell05:59
NullNameI want to know if I set one up locally if it will be secure05:59
NullNamehaha soldats, I know huh05:59
NullNamenot your fault.....the forum will work05:59
userXubuntucinifigure, is that the mouse and keyboard settings?05:59
soldatsNullName, if you encrypt it it will be secure for sure05:59
userXubuntuCause that is what is bugging me abot now =)06:00
soldatsuserXubuntu, configure is for all the sttings06:00
userXubuntuOh... Shit.06:00
userXubuntuYeah, it started to ask me about RGB color and stff...06:00
soldatsthe are specific command for each as in mouse keyboard and monitor but i really cant remember what command is for each06:00
soldatsuserXubuntu, use dafaults fo that06:01
userXubuntuWell, I'll go through this, and report in when it is done...06:01
soldatsok i hope you figure it ou06:01
NullNamesoldats: I would be encrypted only because I'm using a socks proxy through SSH. ssh uses RSA encryption06:02
NullNamebut I'm worried that If I set it up locally, someone could sniff out data BEFORE it goes to the server06:02
NullNameor after06:02
userXubuntuWell, the 16b or 24b (+8b) was the last step :).06:05
soldatsif it does get encrypted, the person doing the sniffing would still have to decrypt it. if your doing it locally you ARE the server right? so it should be able to be sniffed before. if it gets sniffed after the the connection to the remote host it should still have to be decrypted06:05
userXubuntu... I take it that I should restart now.06:06
soldatsuserXubuntu, yes06:06
soldatsor restart X06:06
soldatsctrl alt backspace06:06
userXubuntu:) rethorical question :)06:07
userXubuntu(I avoid that because it casues problems with my session, btw, they work now after my second install, however not all programs (like firefox and thuderbird) do not autmatically launch after start, but when you start them they will load in the last used workspace)06:07
soldatsyea i hear that happens i dont know why tough06:18
mynymlhow much of a bad idea is it to install the 64bit edition?07:04
soldatsits not really bad but all i hear is that a lot of people have compatability issues with it. plus a lot of apps dont even use 64 bit so youd probly be better off with the basic 32 bit install07:07
soldatsthen again a lot of people have nice installs as well07:08
userXubuntuSoldats are you still there?07:26
soldatsyes sir07:27
soldatsbut not for long i gtta sleep soon its 12:30 here07:28
userXubuntuMy first attempt went well, 128000 and 16b, and the computer had a beter performance, then I tried just changing to 16b, and it still went as good, so the problem was probably there.07:28
soldatsgood good07:28
userXubuntuBut I have two problems left.07:28
userXubuntuOne, the keyboard is F**ked up. It doesn't recognize the win special keys.07:29
userXubuntuDo you know how to fix that?07:29
userXubuntuLaugh you, laugh!07:29
userXubuntuBut every time I tried to spell something all my shortcuts were activated!07:29
soldatsnext question forst though07:29
soldatswhat do youmean shortcuts were activated07:30
userXubuntuI have mapped a lot of shortcuts, combined with the win key, so win+e = file manage, win+n = mousepad, etc.07:31
userXubuntuSo you could imagine what happened when I wanted to type in something simple as my password...07:31
userXubuntuThe second problem: the screen doesn't look like it's 1600x1200, everything is big, like it was set on 1024x768, but accourding to my graphic settings the screen is set to 1600...07:31
soldatseven if you had keys mapped with the win key i wonder how it screws with your passwords?? dou need to press alternate keys or somting07:33
userXubuntuE.g. when I tried to press n, mousepad opened (the reason is because there is no win key, the shortcuts are mapped to the letters, so it would be 0+n=n. I have currently set keyboeard shrtcuts to default so I can typa as normal).07:35
soldatsalso when you set resolutins sometimes the config for the top and bottom menus isnt set so if you right click them and choose properties can you choose a smaller value for them or maybe a smaller icon value for then thus making the task bar smaller07:36
soldatsok well i will try to explain the win key as much as possible07:37
soldatshere goes07:37
userXubunturegarding the res: how do I change so that the program windows and fonts will be smaller? Because the windows and font are big (like they are in 1024x768).07:39
_slvmch3win key is kind of annoying, i prefer the 'menu' key, i couldn't get the windows key to respond when i assigned to to a command (it said instead of one button it was a combination of two buttons, and wouldn't respond)07:41
_slvmch3soldats: cool, i'm not huge into punk but i appreciate it and love punk shows07:42
soldatsok well i will try to explain the win key as much as possible07:42
_slvmch3but i never got into eitehr the newschool or oldschool, be it the whole fat wreck chords punk (bad religion, NOFX, etc.) or the oldschool (misfits, black flag, etc.)07:42
_slvmch3you'll have to link me to mp3s sometime though07:43
_slvmch3i want to start a punk band so i can get my drum chops faster07:43
soldats_slvmch3, yea we love a lot of those bands07:43
soldatsrad ill do that sometime07:43
soldatsuserXubuntu, edit the ~/.HOME/.config/xfce4/shortcuts/xfce-popup-menu.xml and for each command change the "Super+SuperL" to just "SuperL". and you have to also change your default keyboard to emacs instead of default07:45
soldatsuserXubuntu, in the apps > settings > keyboard make the default emacs and with the suggstions i showed you it should work07:47
userXubuntuWll, currently I can't do anything because thunar is going ape-shit on me...07:47
soldatsoh damn what is up07:47
userXubuntuLike I have been trying to say for the past days: thunar causes serious problems for moi.07:48
userXubuntuOK, I'll try the keyboard thing now...07:49
userXubuntu... Apparently not... Thuner is really starting to get on my nerves...07:50
soldats_slvmch3, coll man well the stuff we have recorded was done while being pretty drunk. so when we got new stuff recorded (very soon) ill let you know. i love music so if you end up doing a band i love to hear it. but ill let you know whe we get some stuff out.07:51
soldatsuserXubuntu, whats it doing07:51
userXubuntuit freees up.07:52
soldatsafter you ran the reconfig settings it stil did it??07:53
soldatsshit man i really wish i could look at it id know a lot better07:53
userXubuntuSO the problem isn't related to the that. That will only leave ntsf as the culprit...07:53
soldatsyea that may be sometimes linux has a problem constalntly reading ntfs07:54
userXubuntuBut Thunar has freezed up when I only move in the file system dir also...07:54
userXubuntuAnd for example, I started a new instance of thunar through the temrinal, and it works...07:54
userXubuntuI can create folders in ntfs and do whatever I want...07:55
userXubuntu... But the first instanves remain frozen...07:55
chris__i need some help with my desktop if anyones free for some advice?07:55
soldatshave you tried the basic "ubuntu"  install rather than the xubuntu install07:55
soldatschris__, jusk ask a question someone will answer but this channel is really slow maybe i can help you07:56
chris__ok i install compiz fusion but found it to difficult to configure cos im a noob07:56
chris__so i uninstalled it via synaptic07:56
userXubuntuNo. The only reason I wanted to swicth to linux was because I wanted an vent fatser and cleaer OS, Ubuntu is perhaps good, but I only want a minimal install of programs...07:57
chris__and now i cant use my widow manager as it brings up a grey box with "these settings will not work with your current window manger (unknown)?07:58
soldatsuserXubuntu, yea mee too, it works very well for me. but im very sorry im having a tugh time trying to figure out whats wrong07:58
soldatschris__, what are you logging into on boot.07:59
userXubuntuI did th--God what have I done--short story: the keyboard tip didn't work.07:59
chris__7.10 gutsy07:59
soldatsuserXubuntu, hmm they way i figured out the keyboard stuff is that it needs to be an emacs setting and you need to edit the .xml file. but i havent the slightest cluse as to it bogging down anf thunar not working08:01
soldatsuserXubuntu, ill have to look into it more deeply and try to figure out whats going on08:01
soldatschris__, i meant what window manager as in xfce or something else08:02
chris__ahh could it be chanbged from the session thing on the login screen ?08:02
soldatschris__, well compiz pretty much runs on xfce4 in xubuntu so may try "sudo apt-get remove compiz" in a terminal08:03
soldatsor instead of compiz try ccsm08:03
chris__removed copmpiz and all the files associated with it and removed ccsm compiz config aswell08:04
soldatsalso if you had the avant manager instaled i believe you need to uninstall that as well08:04
userXubuntusoldats, regarding the keyboard, thunar or both?08:04
soldatsthe keyboard shouldnt have anything to do with thunar08:04
userXubuntuYes, I know, but I was windering what you wanted to look deeper in.08:05
soldatsoh oh the thunar problem08:05
chris__the border from my windows have gone to so i have to go file --> close every time08:05
userXubuntuI have created a thread on the Ubuntu forums, if you want I could give you the uri so that you could just follow up there, I'll keep info regarding the problem updated there,08:06
soldatschris__, the border problem isnt necessarily something to do with a mess up in compiz as i had the same problem and i dont use compiz and never have. i created a new user account and moved the config files for my apps to the new user to fix the border issue.  can you still login at all?08:07
soldatsuserXubuntu, yea that would be awesome if i could have the url08:08
soldatsill try to figure it out08:08
chris__yeah everything is as normal except my window borders and the fact that i cant accesss my window manger08:08
soldatsuserXubuntu, just make sure on the forums that you be explicitly clear on every detail08:09
chris__ithis is my first time using a linux based OS aswell so I'm pretty much a noob at everything08:09
userXubuntuYou be the judge if I'm being clear enough ;)08:09
soldatsuserXubuntu,  ok yea you were very clear on it08:10
soldatsvery nicely done08:10
chris__and all my windows now open in the top left of the desktop08:11
TheSheepchris__: open a terminal and tpye 'xfwm4'08:13
chris__i would but i cant see the accessories button08:14
chris__is there a keyboard shortcut for terminal ?08:14
TheSheepchris__: it won't work without the window manager running08:15
TheSheepchris__: keyboard shortcuts, I mean08:15
TheSheepchris__: you can switch to text console with alt+ctrl+f1 and switch back with alt+ctrl+f708:15
TheSheepchris__: in the text console,log in and try this: "export DISPLAY=:0.0; xfwm4"08:16
chris__ok i'll try that now08:16
soldatsuserXubuntu, after reading the thread i realize how this is such an very odd problem. i know youve been through  multiple installs and the only thing i can think of is that maybe something in the w2k partition is conflicting with the linux partition. im not sure though so dont quote me on that. but if you maybe try looking at linux.org it has a dual boot section in it.08:18
TheSheepchris__: now we have to do something for it to stay08:26
TheSheepchris__: I guess that just saving your session when you log out should be enough08:26
chris__i can acces my window manger now and everthing is ok thanks TheSheep08:28
_slvmch3his last post on that forum thread looks like one of the problems, he should turn off thumbnails08:41
PeterPan_in windows you can type a symbol by holding alt and presing any number like  ali + 5589   and then release it.  after releasing the alt button. a sign/symbol appears.   i can not do this in linux. any way to do it?09:33
userXubuntujust "reboot"... Famous last words...09:48
TheSheepPeterPan_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compose_key10:00
userXubuntuSoldats still there?10:02
userXubuntuIf there is anyone out there: I need to find the Xubuntu start up logs, does anybody now where I can find them (I'm currently looking in /var/log, but I do not know what file I'm looking for...)10:10
PeterPan_TheSheep: thx10:28
userXubuntuI need to make the "wave" character, but it is not working (I'll take it that you do it the same way as you do in windows? alt+ctrl+<wave>)10:30
userXubuntuCould someone type it so I can cop and paste it.10:30
R[a]ndomwave character?11:23
userXubuntuYeah, thanks.11:24
userXubuntuBut I found it in the character program.11:24
userXubuntuHow do you make it isn't it ctrl+alt+wave?11:25
R[a]ndomyou dont have that button?11:25
R[a]ndomits right beside my 1 key11:25
userXubuntuI do have the button, but it doesn't respond.11:25
R[a]ndomshift ` doesnt work?11:25
userXubuntuI usually used ctrl+alt+wave11:25
R[a]ndomoh weird. well shift is the usual way to get the upper thing on a key :P11:25
R[a]ndomits called tilde btw11:25
userXubuntu(on windoes, I can't recall doing it on Xubuntu) but it is the same right?11:26
userXubuntuthaks I keep forgetting -- tilde.11:26
R[a]ndomive never used ctrl alt to get it on either os11:26
R[a]ndomyeah its a weird name11:26
userXubuntuHow do you get it?11:26
R[a]ndomI press shift, and the key left of the 1 key11:26
R[a]ndomon US keyboard11:26
userXubuntuDoesn't seem to do anything in a european keyboard.11:27
R[a]ndomoh I see its not there in eu keyboards. heh.  dunno man. I dont know anythin gabout internationalization11:28
R[a]ndomwe dont even have alt gr keys here :)11:28
userXubuntuI recenty had some keyboard setting problems, so I figure it is related to that, but the wierd part is that all my other keys work.. So..11:28
userXubuntucorrection: all keys that do not need alt gr works...11:30
drc822could someone tell me how i can disable alt-space hotkey which opens the window manager menu.. on xfce11:30
userXubuntuapplication>settings>keyboard manager11:30
userXubuntu*keyboard settings11:30
drc822seems to be window manager keyb.. didnt see it11:30
psychlivecd didnt work properlly on my laptop11:41
drc822how ?11:41
psychother parts were ok11:41
psychi could see the xubuntu logo and etc (framebuffer?)11:42
psychbut X didnt work11:42
psychctrl+alt+f1 worked11:42
psychany thoughts?11:42
drc822so X didnt start?11:42
drc822did it tell u a reason11:43
psychits like a grafic support problem11:45
psychi see a black screen11:45
psychi didnt 'shutdown', so the black screen stay there11:45
drc822no text on the console?11:46
psychconsole works fine11:46
drc822can u see the xorg.logs?11:47
drc822in /var/logs ?11:47
psychwhat can i do to fix the problem?11:47
drc822just find out what the problem is11:47
psychwhat can i change its being a livecd11:47
drc822well, u could start X if u find out what the problem is11:48
psychcan i edit any file?11:48
drc822it loads lots of stuff to memory so u can change the config files and atleast find out what the problem is11:48
psychlike xorg.conf11:48
psychand re-start x11:48
drc822well, see the logs first11:48
psychis there any irc client (text based)11:49
drc822it should tell u why it cant start.. or even if it does start11:49
psychbrb then11:49
userXubuntuDoes any one use php on Xubuntu here?11:57
userXubuntuI'm having problem finding out how to enable php extensions in Xubuntu.11:58
userXubuntuHow do I search for files in XUbuntu?12:01
userXubuntuI know there is a appfinder, but files and folders, how?12:01
drc822there a command line tool called locate for one12:02
Catoptromancy$updatedb first12:04
userXubuntuWow, tried it, not as pretty as a GUI interface but it looked cool.12:04
Catoptromancylocate just reads files from a file12:04
Catoptromancyso if you put new files in, locate may not find them12:04
Catoptromancythats why its so fast12:04
userXubuntu??? Ah, ok. I see.12:04
Catoptromancy$find searches your whole computer12:05
Catoptromancy$locate  just prints a file12:05
Catoptromancy$updatedb   searches computer and remakes the the file12:05
Catoptromancyi never use find12:05
drc822Catoptromancy: is there a way to update as u go?12:05
userXubuntuprints and remake, what is the difference?12:06
drc822like update the db as the files are added to the hd12:06
Catoptromancyupdatedb "should" run every night12:06
Catoptromancydrc822 would be slow12:06
drc822just append to a textfile.. would that slow down so much? or append to mem and flush that to a file12:07
userXubuntuWhat drives do udatedb go through?12:10
ubuntuhi again12:16
=== ubuntu is now known as psych
psychwho was the guy that i asked about my problem?12:17
psychminutes ago12:17
predaeusyou talked to drc822 just before12:17
psychty predaeus12:17
psychdrc822: still there?12:17
psychi can see a problem with AIGLX12:18
psychframebuffer is workinf just fine12:19
drc822which gfx-card u got?12:19
psychive a Intel 830M12:19
psychits a laptop12:19
psychwhat if i use my old xorg.conf12:19
drc822ye, try disabling aiglx from xorg.conf12:19
psychgentoo distro12:19
drc822psych: u've had linux on the laptop before?12:19
drc822how come u changed to xubuntu?12:19
psychmy hdd is 'fuxored'12:20
psychim gonna buy a new one12:20
psycha decided to try a livecd12:20
drc822hh.. k12:20
psychgentoo is too much hassle12:20
psychi dont truste emerge/portage12:20
drc822well, i dont think so.. i have gentoo on 3 laptops12:20
psychand compiling everything remembers me my old slack 3.4 hehe12:20
drc822i have this desktop where i can easily try out new software and then just compile them on the lappie12:21
psychdebian is a cool distro12:21
psychso ubuntu should be too12:21
psychusing 'newer' packages than debian would do12:22
drc822i like the gentoo mentality12:22
psychi ran gentoo for 1 year12:23
psychi plugged my usb hd12:23
psychsdb Assuming drive.....12:24
psychmessages i think12:24
psychit messed up my irssi screen12:24
drc822i think the livecd just creates a ramdrivish image, so u could just copy ur old xorg.conf to /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:25
drc822hmm. nice that irssi can use tab-completion on my filesystem :)12:25
psychim gonna try that12:25
psychlong time i dont use it on linux heh12:25
drc822psych: any luck?12:38
psychdrc822: hey :)12:52
psychreplaced the xorf.conf by my old one12:53
psychkill X12:53
psychand worked12:53
drc822strange that there was aiglx enabled by default. if that was the cause anyhow12:54
drc822u should save the xorg.conf and use that as a base atleast12:54
psychwhy one wants to use AIGLX to install a system12:55
psychthats weird12:55
drc822yeah, but i suppose it needs to look cool from the start12:56
psychim unsure about xubuntu12:56
psychabout install it, i mean12:56
psychwhats the main diference between ubuntu and debian12:57
drc822well, hmm12:57
drc822debian tends to be a bit slow on updating stuff12:57
drc822but other than that i dunno12:57
psychits the main diference then12:57
psychnow i need the new HDD heh12:58
drc822i think ubuntu desktop is a bit bloat from the get go, but u can disable all kinda stuff12:58
drc822psych: hdd's are cheap atm12:58
psychi found one for 140 USD12:59
psych160gb 2,5"12:59
psychim in brazil12:59
drc822oh yeah, usd is so low atm12:59
drc822i think here a 160G is around 80€ or something12:59
drc822maybe 100€12:59
userXubuntuI'm almost finsihed setting up my Xubuntu install, there some few minor things left though, like: numnlock always on, on start; and when deleting files using delete it should ask if you want to move the file to the trash, and when pressing shift delete it should delete without asking (currently the former applies on my drives, while the latter applies on the desktop).12:59
userXubuntuAnyone up for the task?13:00
drc822using thunar?13:01
drc822the delete thingie is somewhere in the settings13:01
userXubuntuBut of course! I feel so tupid ^.^'13:02
drc822psych: ?13:02
psychthe store doesnt have the hdd anymore13:02
userXubuntuNo wait, I already tried that; I didn't find anyhting -- now I feel even more stupider.13:03
psychdrc822: where you from ?13:03
psychive a friend there :)13:04
drc822hi booncer13:05
booncerwhats the difference beteween xubuntu and ubuntu13:05
userXubuntuxubunt has an x.13:06
drc822xubuntu comes with xfce and ubuntu gnome13:06
booncerthat it lol13:06
drc822both ubuntu and xubuntu are gtk, kubuntu is kde13:06
booncertnx for that13:06
booncerwas wondering lol13:07
boonceri got another problem13:07
booncerim using xubuntu i keep getting this --------------->bash: ./sc_trans_linux: cannot execute binary file13:07
drc822booncer: what is that?13:07
booncerits worked in my other systems am i missing something13:08
booncerits a scotcast client13:08
booncerwoops shoutcast**13:08
drc822booncer: does it have +x flag?13:08
booncerdoes the same when i try and run the server13:08
psychxfce rocks :)13:08
drc822booncer: u have the right chmods for it?13:09
drc822just in case, chmod +x file here13:09
booncerstill the same13:11
drc822can u give me a link to it13:12
drc822seg faults on me13:14
drc822starts to run tho13:14
booncer./configure worked b413:14
drc822could be because i didnt edit the configs at all13:14
booncerwhen i do the ./ command doesnt like it13:14
drc822hmm.. strange.. if i do sh sc_trans_linux i get the same13:15
drc822but ./sc_trans_linux runs it for a while13:16
booncerdoesnt run at all for me13:16
drc822did u try with sh sc_trans...+13:16
userXubuntuIs nfs == ntfs?13:17
userXubuntu(when speaking about filesystems)13:17
booncerits the same with sc_serv i used 2 use that b4 it ran alright13:19
drc822userXubuntu: no13:20
booncerfeels like im  missingf summin lol13:20
drc822userXubuntu: nfs is network file system or somesuch13:20
drc822and ntfs is ntfs13:20
userXubuntudrc822, I thaught (I was double checking on google...)13:20
booncersoz man lol13:20
userXubuntuThanks drc822!13:20
boonceri thot it was the smame13:20
userXubuntuWell, no hrm done, booncer...13:21
* booncer thinks he shud take up knitting13:27
ijnhi all14:08
ijnwho is the gedit in xubuntu14:08
ijnI need to edit a file from shell14:10
TheSheepijn: mousepad14:10
ijnin ubuntu=gnome U do sudo gedit14:10
ijnso sudo mousepad ect??14:10
ijnthe sheep: thanks14:11
ijnI installed xubuntu last night14:12
ijnafter one year in kde and some 7 months in gnome14:12
ijnxfce is definitley faster and stable on my dell inpiron 640014:13
ijnand the most beautiful thing that in xfce ndis manager installed smoothly bcml5 driver and got it worked for me14:14
ijnthis never hapend in kde or gnome14:15
ijnsee ya.14:16
JuanPhow i can see my local network??16:19
JuanPhow i can see my local network?16:21
drc822meaning what16:22
JuanPexcuseme , im spanish16:22
drc822its just fine. what do u mean by ur local network.. like samba/windows shares?16:24
drc822try smbclient16:25
drc822and install samba package first16:25
JuanPwhen i am using kubuntu i can see my local network16:25
drc822yeah, well, perhaps thunar can show it too16:25
JuanPi have installed samba16:25
drc822JuanP: ^16:30
JuanPthanks drc822..16:30
drc822JuanP: just apt-get smbnetfs16:31
JuanPsudo aptitude install smbnetfs16:32
drc822i need to go, later16:32
JuanPthanks drc82216:32
lesaxelwhat I need to isntall to play mp3s?16:50
lesaxelaptanet ?16:51
lesaxelaanderse ?16:51
lesaxelcell420 ?16:51
stone[no]lesaxel: install xubuntu-restricted-extras16:54
TwinkletoesI need to connect to Xubuntu using the ICA protocol.  What do I need to configure on the Xubuntu connection to make this work?16:58
lesaxelok thanks17:02
manchickenHey, so I've got a problem with xfwm4... I'll put Firefox on desktop #1 (four virtual desktops total), then I'll go to desktop #4 and click a link in Evolution, or click a link in pidgin on desktop #2, and firefox will actually move to the current desktop at the time I clicked the link.  How do I stop that so that Firefox always stays on desktop #1?17:04
ijnhi all17:50
ijnhow tu put app icons on the bottom bar?17:51
ijnthere is add new item but in this windows im not finding any single app17:52
ijnlike exaile firefox pidgin tilda ect??17:53
ijncan anyone help??17:53
ijnsomeone in here???17:59
ijnok thnks17:59
zoredacheijn: add a 'launcher' to the bottem bar18:00
ijnbut how do I find the command18:00
ijnto start the apps18:00
ijnname ok18:01
ijndescription ok18:01
ijnbut command???18:01
zoredachefor firefox use 'firefox'18:01
zoredachefor other applications you kinda have to search around a bit18:02
zoredachepidgin is pidgin18:02
zoredacheI have no idea what tilda is18:02
ijnjust name not like this exe:firefox %U18:02
ijnok I'll try.18:02
ijnnot working with just name18:04
ijnI need to know the command that start up the right app18:05
destroyerhey everyone... i have a question regarding cursor size and themes.. my cursor size and theme won't change no matter what i do... either in xfce mouse settings or gcursor18:26
destroyerthe cursor size is proportional to my xserver only and never changes... any thoughts?18:27
evil_techive no clue18:28
evil_techhavent fiddled with things like that18:28
destroyerwell, the reason i need to now is because my xserver is 2699x1968 because i use multiple screens18:29
destroyerand my cursor is HUGE18:29
destroyerit's so annoying. =(18:29
evil_techthats wierd mine always gets smaller the higher the resolution18:30
destroyeryeah i don't get it... actually i can't change my themes in all four of my *buntu installs... wonder what's goin on?18:32
destroyermaybe it's the nvidia driver18:33
destroyerthat's the only thing i have in common with them18:33
destroyerbecause one is Ubuntu with compiz, one is fluxbuntu, this one is Xubuntu.. hehe it's a mystery18:34
destroyerisn't there a way to manually force a cursor size?18:34
destroyersome text config i can edit?18:34
evil_techonly way i know how is to use the mouse preferences but you said that wasnt working18:36
destroyeryeah it's weird, it only seems to make a difference over non-gtk apps like firefox18:36
destroyerthere it displays the correct size/theme18:36
destroyeri've googled until i'm blue in the face and the ubuntu channel is exploding with people as usual, so i'll just ask here later.. thanks evil_tech18:38
destroyerthink i saw you the fluxbuntu channel18:38
destroyerin the*18:38
evil_techindeed you have18:52
destroyeri was derbloodlust if you remember18:52
destroyer:D   they still haven't put out the final yet?18:53
evil_techwhich reminds me i need to go reinstall fluxbuntu.18:53
evil_technot yet18:53
destroyermy rc1 works just fine18:53
evil_techive been helping test the alpha build of xubuntu on the partition flux resided in18:53
destroyeractually the one installed on here was the pre-rc18:53
destroyeryeah i'm using xubuntu 8.04 as well18:54
evil_techonly problem i had was the resolution thing. which was fairly easily fixed18:54
destroyerin flux?18:55
destroyerhmm... to be honest i didn't have too many issues... that's why i just left the pre-rc installed18:55
destroyerand i use a 1920x1200 panel... ah but the nvidia driver fixes that for me... probably has something to do with my dang cursors18:56
destroyeri know it doesn't have to do with my dual monitor setup because i could never change the size/theme before. i think i might have to take this one to the ubuntu forums19:00
evil_techgood luck there19:01
evil_techthat place is a mad house19:01
destroyeryeah the irc channel, forget that...19:02
=== htownandafk_work is now known as codenamekt_work
evil_techok everytime i boot my machine i get the following error: fsck.ext3: unable to resolve UUID=long string fsck died with exit status 819:16
evil_techthen it kicks me to a maintenance shell.19:16
evil_techwhen i run fsck from there it completes and renders the system unbootable19:17
destroyerweird evil_tech...19:20
evil_techspecially since the system seems to be running fine19:20
destroyerdid you try changing the UUID to /dev/sdx1 in the boot params?19:21
destroyerdon't think that would be the issue but it's all i can think of19:21
stone[no]hva er irc adr til nasf?19:21
stone[no]disregard :-/ wrong channel19:43
R3B3LXwrong spot but u guys know of any shoutbox where u can also have a mic and talk22:39
R3B3LXbut u can also type22:39
magic_ninjahmm this is strange22:58
magic_ninjacan't see how i'm using 18 gb22:58
evil_techbunch of files in home?22:59
magic_ninjaonly 2 gigs23:01
magic_ninjahow do you check the size of a directory from terminal23:01
magic_ninjasee i got 5.3 files excluding /home and /media and /mnt and about 4 in /home23:02
magic_ninjathat leaves around 7 gigs unaccounted23:02
evil_techdh /location -h23:03
magic_ninjathinking of tryin that out23:04
magic_ninjai was going to get a list of the utils i need23:04
magic_ninjaand just do a command-line install23:05
magic_ninjai don't want a bunch of clutter anymore23:05
=== michael_ is now known as seisen
=== morbidone is now known as mefu
simtowerhow do i stop the gnome fonts from becoming huge in xubuntu?23:36
simtoweri set my xfce font to 8 pt but in all gnome apps the font is giant, 28pt or more23:38
simtoweri just installed also23:38
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
cheeseboycan anyone help me with ad-hoc between xp and xubuntu?23:48

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