sladenhttp://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrVsGit#head-f21c73f492cf1dd00cb19548146501365b3911bd  (Familiar commands...) could do with a tweak, it's misleading whether it's talking about git or bzr, and depending on which one, could do with saying what the other one does (for comparison)01:17
ubotuNew bug: #176468 in bzr "Optional hostname for AuthenticationConfig" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17646802:25
jelmerbzr-svn is now retrieving passwords from the Bazaar authentication.conf when committing :-)02:42
quik_hey folks05:55
quik_my local bzr working copy has had a lock on it since the push failed to a remote server. how do I unlock / clean up the respository?05:56
dewddewd@rubynho:~$ bzr help break-lock05:59
dewdPurpose: Break a dead lock on a repository, branch or working directory.05:59
dewd:-) bzr has some lovely help and interface. rather cool.06:04
kripkenIs there any way to change how bazaar handles certain file types? For example, I'd like it to _not_ treat opendocument files as binary (these are zipped files). Instead it would be cool if it unzipped it to get the XML inside, then worked on that08:15
mlhkripken: that _would_ be cool12:56
mlhit's been discussed idly from time to time if I recall correectly.  But nothing done.12:56
kripkenmlh: I would be glad to code it myself, actually. If there is a possibility it might be merged into the code.13:02
mlhkripken: make a plugin13:05
mlhit's not just zip files; the idea is extendible to all archive files13:06
mlha related idea - of mine - is to make objects in the tree a proxy of sorts for real file elsewhere in the system13:07
kripkenmlh: I looked at the existing plugin hooks, none seem appropriate. So I'm not sure how to make it a plugin (add a hook?)13:08
kripkennot sure I understand your idea that you explain here13:09
mlhyeah my idea requires a bit more explainging13:35
mlhbut as for yours .. I think if you want to code the way to go is to make a plugin13:36
mlhgood night  (0036 here)13:36
kripkenok, thanks13:38
Solarioncongrats on 1.014:12
mdkehi all14:14
mdketrying to branch and getting this - bzr: ERROR: unknown branch format: Bazaar Branch Format 6 (bzr 0.15)14:14
mdkeany ideas?14:14
mdkebzr version says bzr (bazaar-ng) 0.8.214:14
frskHave you upgraded the branch using bzr-1.0?14:16
mdkeI don't know14:16
mdkethe branch is http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-doc/ubuntu-hardy14:16
mdkeis bzr 0.15 earlier than bzr 0.8.2, or later?14:18
mdkeah, perhaps it is. how odd14:22
jelmermdke: 0.15 is later14:24
mdkebit confusing :) OK i guess that's the reason for the error14:25
denndaIs it possible to get a bit more verbosity while pushing/pulling? (Like speed / time remaining?)14:47
jelmerdennda: I believe there was a transport statistics (number of bytes transferred, etc) plugin14:50
jelmerThings like ETA are not supported afaik14:52
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Odd_Blokemdke: 0.8.2 is incredibly old, you should really upgrade. :)15:05
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Leonidas_is there somewhere a bazaar changelog?16:20
beunoLeonidas_, yes, the NEWS file would be the changelog16:20
Leonidas_oh, ok. I was looking for the release nots which are not online for 1.016:21
beunoLeonidas_, you're right, a summary would be nice. I guess the devs are all burned out from the release16:22
Leonidas_Fine, I found what I was looking for - the new repository format and the update instructions.16:23
beunoLeonidas_, welcome'. And if you have any feedback about the release, please drop by here or the mailing list  :D16:24
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LeonidasBut I have some things that I'd like to see in bzr as well16:27
Leonidasfor example colors. Sounds stupid at first, but I quite like colored output16:28
jelmerLeonidas: have you seen the cdiff command? it's part of bzrtools16:29
Leonidasno, not yet. But it's not only diff which is colorful, but also git status etc.16:30
* Leonidas is going to check cdiff out at some point16:31
Leonidashmm, http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/developer/packrepo.html gives a 404 (URL taken from the announcement)16:32
Leonidasso, do I understand it right that pack-0.92-subtree supports subtrees like SVN?16:32
beunoLeonidas, that would be a typo, it's in: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/developers/packrepo.html16:35
LeonidasI'm quite confused by all these formats. Knits, packs, possibly more (?)16:36
beunoLeonidas, I'd go with the default (packs) unless you need something fancy16:36
Leonidasbeuno: ok.16:37
woleverI'm getting an error because my local branch format is "... Branch Format 6 ..." but the remote bzr (version 0.8.2) can't read it (says "unknown branch format").  Any way around this? (short of updating the remove bzr)17:45
wolever(I'm getting the error on a "bzr branch ...")17:45
abadger1999wolever: You could downgrade your local branch using bzr upgrade17:55
wolevermmm ok, I'll give that a shot. Thanks17:56
Peng0.8.2 is ANCIENT.17:58
woleverThere is one thing more ancient though: the sysadmins who maintain the system I've got to use17:58
woleverI'm up to 1.0 on all my machines17:59
PengOk, good.17:59
PengRemote bzr? Do you need a remote bzr? You can just use sftp.17:59
woleverAwe crap. "bzr: ERROR: [Errno 8] Exec format error" on a "bzr ci"17:59
wolever(this is just after apt-get remove-ing .8.2 and installing 1.0 from source)18:00
PengAre the ancient formats still tested?18:02
woleverThis particular problem is happening with a repo built by .9.2 and client version 1.018:03
woleverIs there any way to force a bit more of a stack trace?18:04
woleverAh, ok.  It looks like it's just having a problem launching the editor.  If I `bzr ci -m ".."`, it works.18:05
batomswhy do i get the "Tags not supported by BzrBranch5" error when i try to push my changes to launchpad22:50
batomshow do i fix it?22:50
beunobatoms, what version of bzr are you using?22:50
batoms 1.0.0rc122:50
beunothat's odd22:51
beunoand the branch was created with 1.0?22:51
datobatoms: if you're interested in propagating your tags to launchpad, with `bzr upgrade sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~you/etc`22:51
batomsno, the branch was created probably around 0.16 or 0.1722:51
beunothere you go, a much more educated answer.  dato to the rescue, as usual  :D22:51
beunobatoms, you also might want to upgrade locally22:51
datohey beuno :)22:51
batomsi've done a bzr upgrade --default22:52
beunoheya dato!22:52
batomsand bzr upgrade --dirstate-tags22:52
beunobatoms, then you just need to upgrade the branch in LP, as dato suggests22:52
batomsi thought i tried that but i'll try again22:52
batomsis it any different over bzr+ssh://22:52
datoI don't think upgrade over bzr+ssh:// works22:53
datoit didn't use to, maybe it does now22:53
datobatoms: it doesn't hurt to try22:53
batomsmaybe that was my problem then22:53
batomsis there an benefit to using bzr+ssh over sftp22:54
batomsor vice-versa22:54
datobzr+ssh is faster22:54
matkorHi !23:02
matkorolive-gtk: after hitting "log": AttributeError: type object 'gtk.Action' has no attribute 'set_tool_item_type'23:02
matkortoo old gtk ?23:02
batomsdamn this bzr upgrade is slow on my connection23:17
matkorEasiest way to generate patch -p1 for changes made in working tree ?23:39
abentleymatkor: bzr diff -p123:47

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