ari_stressgood morning all :D00:05
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Jade1LTSP did not work "out-of-the-box"   any pointers, URLs, tips ?08:44
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dayaogra, edubuntu 7.10 doesn't implement the nfs, how does the client then mount the remote partition13:05
dayaI can't get login in the client until I run the command ltsp-update-sshkeys or images command13:06
dayaogra, sorry if you don't get, I am talking these in LTSP13:08
Jade1LTSP did not work "out of the box" for me with 7.10 . . . any suggestions, tips, URLs . . ?13:09
dayaJade1, 7.10 edubuntu it works on me13:19
Jade1which I/F plugs upstream, daya ?13:46
dayaJade1, I don'g get you, But 7.10 works when IP is changed to
dayaJade1, Really I am trying to understand how it works w/o nfs,13:47
Jade1there are two ethernet interfaces (I/F) . . . . one is internal       one is external        did you use eth0 or eth1 (for which) .. ?13:51
dayaJade1, ye, actually I configure only one, to IP, and point it to switch, might be eth0 I just forgot,13:52
Jade1during installation the default for primary ethernet I/F was (built-in) VIA-Rhine, and it went dynamic (DHCP - without asking me).13:55
Jade1the secondary ethernet I/F, a Realtek8139, defaulted to static (this is the one we cable down to the big switches for all the clients to use)13:58
Jade1the primary (Rhine eth0) cables UP to the ISP13:58
Jade1first round of attempts at re-configuring found:14:00
Jade1 a) using gnome tool to change eth0 to static is incomplete and eth0 always needs a kickstart each reboot14:00
Jade1b) changing anything on eth1 away from defaults is ill-advised14:01
Jade1what kind of terminal are you using, daya ?14:01
dayaJade1, go to /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/dhcpd.conf ,what is subnet and network specification there,14:08
dayaJade1, attach your thin client to the interface where the DHCP is configured to listen14:09
dayaJade1, I think its only the IP setting problem for you, nothing else,14:10
Jade1the answer to your question about nfs, daya    is:14:13
Jade1In order to speed up LTSP, by default, we're using NBD (Network Block14:13
Jade1                    Devices) rather than NFS14:13
dayaJade1, yes NBD do u get detail doc. about it, any url14:14
Jade1that quote is taken from the System_Help_Handbook section
Jade1closest this Edubuntu 7.10 machine has to your sugested conf file is a directory named14:21
Jade1it contains a file named       dhclient.conf           which is not Edubuntu-ified14:21
Jade1not relevant14:22
theunixgeekI installed all the GNUstep packages, but ProjectCenter.app doesn't launch. What do I do?16:26
mattwalstonI see a an error on Thin Client Manager for all clients saying Install x11vnc on the client... how do I do this?16:33
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reiner_hello who is listening?18:06
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johnnyhi, anybody here use sabayon and has manually repackaged a profile?20:40
Burgundaviajohnny: why did you do that?20:41
BurgundaviaI am assuming it isn't working?20:41
johnnyi haven't20:44
johnnyi can't edit the profile because a file is supposed to be in there that isn't20:44
johnnyin the metadata file20:44
johnnyso i do need to repackage it to allow myself to open it20:45
johnnyi just want to make sure i know how to do it right20:45
johnnycuz i open up the file in file-roller, and it doesn't even contain the metadata xml file that shows up when i unzip it manually on the cli20:45
johnnyso i'm confused20:45
me4ucould anyone help me23:47
HedgeMageme4u:  without knowing what you want help with, probably not23:56
HedgeMageme4u:  it helps if you just ask your question23:56

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