daskreechmhb: we have gnome apps in kubuntu?00:00
daskreechFor everythign?00:00
txwikingerall DEs would be far more lightweight if the memory leaks would be finally fixed :D00:00
mhbI am currently testing slim desktop manager and openbox.00:00
mhbunfortunately, even if say the slim dm was better than kdm, we have to stick with what our upstream produces.00:01
daskreechmhb: I think you want jeos00:01
cheguevarammm 101 tabs in firefox00:01
* txwikinger thinks peeps don't know slim nowadays anymore00:01
daskreechmmmm .101% of memory free00:02
nixternalwhat is the slim desktop manager?00:02
* txwikinger remembers computers with less than 4k RAM00:02
mhbI think I want a distro that is able to switch to different apps based on their quality, not the fact that it is written in one or the other toolkit.00:02
apacheloggeruse suse00:03
apacheloggerships with all sort of kde, gnome and mono stuff00:03
cheguevarasuse uses gtk apps on a kde install?00:03
cheguevaralike which ones00:03
mhbI don't think so.00:03
nixternalnot the openSUSE I have..it is all KDE00:03
daskreechgentoo ^_^00:03
nixternalexcept for the stupid firefox00:03
mhbdaskreech: Debian just ships everything, it's not a distro to me, it's a package repository.00:03
cheguevarammmm gentoo00:04
apacheloggernixternal: update manager?00:04
nixternalya, oo.o, but I remove that first00:04
daskreechmhb: Whats the problem with that?00:04
nixternal10.3 doesn't have beagle00:04
* daskreech is trying to see the adept updater in KDE400:04
cheguevarameh u can't compare koffice to ooo00:04
apacheloggerdaskreech: it may die die die!00:04
nixternalyou can't compare any office suite to MS Office00:04
daskreechapachelogger: Ooooh tell me more00:04
mhbdaskreech: Debian is really a frigid distribution, with too little steering and too much diverse community.00:05
* daskreech compares Gnome Office to MSO00:05
apacheloggerdaskreech: you will have to start it00:05
daskreechmhb: Frigid?00:05
apacheloggerthe problem is, update manager is not in kde4's autostart00:05
mhbdaskreech: rigid.00:05
daskreechit has insane churn00:05
mhbdaskreech: my bad.00:05
cheguevarai use ubuntu's update-manager, adept's update manager just sux0rs00:05
nixternalI use apt-get update00:05
cheguevarai like to see changelogs :P00:06
daskreechapachelogger: oh no I don't mean getting it there I mean it's going to look horribly out of place in this shiny taskbar00:06
cheguevarayeah but why do it if you can see it all in one window00:06
nixternalnobody correctly fills out a changelog to make much sense anyways00:06
daskreechcheguevara: I have changelogs...00:06
apacheloggerdaskreech: oh well, I hope adept will get replaced with something00:07
apacheloggermore stable00:07
* daskreech likes adept00:07
daskreechI hope there is a choice :)00:07
* nixternal likes packagekit00:07
daskreechgo KDE!00:07
cheguevaraah packagekit00:07
apacheloggernixternal: me to00:07
cheguevarathats the one00:07
nixternalit is da bomb00:07
apacheloggerdaskreech: there is always a choice ;-)00:07
cheguevaraw00t plasma just crashed00:08
daskreechthere is an alternate krecipe?00:08
nixternalcheguevara: same here..I sneezed and got the white screen of death :)00:08
daskreechcheguevara: Yeah plasma has a 1 hour countdown to death on my machien00:08
mhbI don't know.00:08
apacheloggerdidn't die for the last 2 days here00:09
cheguevaraall i didn was start firefox :P00:09
apacheloggercrashing is so old style ;-)00:09
nixternalsudo apt-get remove firefox00:09
nixternalthen plasma won't crash :)00:09
nixternalnah, because Konqi uses the plugins00:09
daskreechKonqueror still has that white bug?00:09
cheguevarafirefox 3 as well :P00:09
nixternaldaskreech: konqi is racist!00:09
mhbI guess I don't like the current way.00:09
daskreechOh holy hell in a hipsters handbasket00:09
nixternalmhb: is there a way right now that is better than the current? I can't think of any off the top of my head00:10
daskreechlike 15 progress dialogs jsut opened00:10
mhbnixternal: focusing on lightweight, standard-abiding, independent apps?00:10
cheguevaraw00t patched cairo and fontconfig with David Turner's font rendering patches for hardy00:10
nixternalmhb: does anyone do that?00:11
daskreechit still has that can't login to anythign that requires you to type in the actual browser window bug I see00:11
daskreechmhb: what's lightweight?00:11
daskreechWould nepomuk be considered lightweight?00:11
nixternalhell no00:11
mhbdaskreech: anything faster than what we have now.00:11
nixternalhave you seen the nepomuk nightmare?00:11
nixternalI mean network :p00:11
daskreechor k3b ?00:11
nixternalk3b is a good example00:12
mhbxterm is faster than konsole, rxvt faster than xterm.00:12
daskreechmhb: have you tried delios ?00:12
daskreechdash is faster than bash00:12
cheguevarabut it does funy things00:13
daskreechsh is faster than dash00:13
mhbheck, konsole doesn't even start instantly, and that's a fricking terminal emulator!00:13
daskreechyeah konsole is funky00:13
mhband I have no second class laptop.00:13
Riddellcheguevara: committed to svn, thanks00:13
nixternalyakauake ftw!00:14
nixternalyakuake too :)00:14
daskreechmy boss removed gnome-terminal for xterm00:14
cheguevaraRiddell, nice one thanks00:14
daskreechbut that's cause he has 200 Megs of RAM00:14
mhbI'm currently using xterm only.00:14
daskreechmhb: with sh ?00:14
cheguevaraRiddell, do you think its worth rebuilding kdebase with it?00:14
Riddellcheguevara: sure, I'm off to bed but give a debdiff to mhb or nixternal or whoever to upload00:15
nixternalif you give it to me, there better be some money attached to it :)00:15
cheguevarakk Riddell will do gn00:15
cheguevaraadept still needs a rebuild as well :P00:16
Riddellcheguevara: libept needs to be fixed first00:16
cheguevaraoh crap00:16
cheguevarakeep forgetting about that00:16
cheguevaragood night :P00:17
daskreechmhb: maybe a footprint profile ?00:19
daskreechmhb: though that again sounds like jeos00:20
cheguevarabrb reboot00:22
daskreechwhat's the story with the icons in the kubuntu kde4 cd ?00:22
nixternalI am for a better implementation of something, there just really aren't many00:22
mhbnixternal: of what?00:23
nixternalof anything00:23
daskreechnixternal: better implementation of OOxml? :)00:23
nixternaldesktop managers, window managers, desktop environments, applications00:23
txwikingerah the quality discussion00:23
txwikingerwhat is quality?00:23
daskreechtxwikinger: Utility for the user00:23
nixternalK* works best for me, and I have the option to switch if and when I want to00:23
mhbnixternal: well, only partially00:24
txwikingerdaskreech: different users different incompatible preferences00:24
mhbnixternal: we cannot really switch to say GIMP because it's not KDE:00:24
mhbas a distro.00:24
mhbyou can do that as a single user.00:24
nixternalwell, we don't have gimp only because we don't have space00:24
nixternalwe discussed this 2 years ago00:24
txwikingerswicth to GIMP? I use GIMP all the time00:24
nixternalsame here00:25
nixternaland with the gtk engines, all is well with it00:25
daskreechwheeee found a bug00:27
daskreechdon't know where it should go though00:27
* txwikinger jumps over an squashes it00:28
nixternalthat is one thing I will say, with Gimp and with Inkscape, there isn't a KDE alternative, and truthfully we shouldn't include something that isn't00:28
nixternalon that note...PIZZA TIME! :)00:28
cheguevaraget me some00:29
daskreechKrita and karbon 14 ?00:29
cheguevaranixternal, for changing kdebase-workspace should i just change the file in the package, or add a patch to debian/patches00:43
cheguevaraor apachelogger or stdin :P00:44
stdingeneral rule: never change the original source directly00:45
cheguevarayeah, was just wondering since its from upstream svn00:45
cheguevaranot a local patch00:46
stdinpatches are much easier to deal with00:46
cheguevarai'll do that00:47
stdinbasically everything you do to a package should be in debian/00:47
cheguevarastdin, is it just add the patch and then add it to series?00:49
* nosrednaekim has a slideshow working in pyqt4....00:50
stdinif it's using quilt then I'm not too familiar with it. I think that's what you do00:50
cheguevaraits your package :P00:51
stdinhey, I didn't choose the packaging system :p00:51
stdinI never had to use quilt much, I think there's some special thing you have to do to turn it into a quilt patch00:52
stdinmaybe someone less tired and ill knows ;)00:52
cheguevaraPatch debian/patches/14_fix_startkde_bashism_svn_r748614.patch is not applied.00:53
cheguevaraPatch debian/patches/13_kdm_override_docs.diff is not applied.00:53
cheguevaraPatch debian/patches/12_be_better_at_honouring_user_kdm_theming.diff is not applied00:53
cheguevarahmm whats that about00:53
stdinwhat did you do when that happened?00:53
stdinthen that'll be from cleaning the source, cleaning it involves un-patching all files00:54
lokpesthi all...00:55
lokpestI was woundering if there is any plans/desires to make a kde-by-default derivative of gobuntu00:55
stdinI haven't heard any plans for that, I guess it'd be up to the higher-ups if they want to do that00:56
lokpestis that I hard thing to do? I se folks making remasters all the time, but...00:56
* lokpest is not really much of a hacker00:57
stdinI haven't remastered a k/ubuntu cd since 5.10, so I can't remember :p00:58
cheguevarastdin, http://pastebin.ca/81685900:59
cheguevarawhat do you think00:59
lokpeststdin: I asked the question to the gobuntu developers and the basicly said "we wont do it (or not atm anyways) but If you want to do it we can probably give some directions"...01:00
stdincheguevara: looks better, except fix the changelog entry ;)01:01
cheguevaraoh crap01:01
stdinlokpest: I think their more interested in getting the project running than starting a side project right now, so I wouldn't hold my breath for an official release any time soon01:03
cheguevaraargh i can't find the LP bug now01:06
stdinbug #17613501:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 176135 in kdebase-kde4 "kde4 startupconfig missing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17613501:06
cheguevaradamn just fount it as well :P01:08
nosrednaekimyeah, I touched that manually01:08
stdin"It's kdebase-workspace not kdelibs" < you mean kdebase-kde401:08
lokpeststdin: well no, I dont expect anything official atm, just checking for intrest I guess01:08
cheguevaracheguevara@cheguevara-laptop:~/kdebase/kdebase-workspace-3.97.0/debian$ dpkg -S startkde01:09
cheguevaraksmserver: /usr/share/man/man1/startkde.1.gz01:09
cheguevaraksmserver: /usr/bin/startkde01:09
cheguevarakdebase-workspace-bin: /usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde01:09
stdinyes, but it was never assigned to "kdelibs" ;)01:10
cheguevarayeah your right01:10
cheguevarasorry :(01:10
lokpeston a completly unrelated note; anybody knows if somebody has ever created a metapackage that installs kde + ALL kde programs/apps?01:11
stdinyep I did :) it's in hardy now, It should be backported I guess01:12
stdinhold on, kde3 or 4?01:12
stdinif it's 3 then look at "kde"01:12
cheguevarastdin, http://pastebin.ca/81687001:12
lokpeststdin: nice :)01:13
stdincheguevara: just "(LP: #176135)"01:14
cheguevarastdin, http://pastebin.ca/81687401:19
stdincheguevara: that looks good to me01:20
cheguevarastdin: should I wait for nixternal to get back and give it to him01:22
daskreechanyone using the rc2 now?01:22
stdincheguevara: you can if you want, you can also attach a debdiff to the bug01:22
daskreechstdin: in KDE4 now?01:25
stdindaskreech: not right now01:25
daskreechkonqueror-kde4 is hilarious01:26
daskreechIt loads the webpages with progress dialogs01:27
stdinyeah, but try to open a file using the file dialog. it has a progress bar too :)01:27
daskreechstdin: yeah but it keeps that progress bar under triple digit instances01:33
* daskreech runs kopete-kde4 from CLI and is bemused by the messages 01:35
cheguevarayeah that spits out quiet a lot01:37
daskreechok mom wants back Vista01:37
daskreechWell really she wants gmail really01:38
daskreechbut konqui isn't playing with me :(01:38
nosrednaekim.me dicks from the newly arowser browser-battle01:39
* nosrednaekim ducks01:39
nosrednaekimstdin: uhh oh, your python-kde4 package doesn't have the kdefx module in it..01:42
stdinnosrednaekim: the only thing in the source tree with "kdefx" in it is "./docs/html/kdefx.html", so it probably doesn't exist01:44
nosrednaekimstdin: thats weird...01:44
stdinnot really, it is from svn and so classed as unfinished01:45
* nosrednaekim really wanted to play with the image effects01:45
nosrednaekimyeah, but to have the docs but not the code01:45
stdinthey probably just copied all the docs from pykde301:46
nosrednaekimhmm maybe.01:46
nosrednaekimstdin: yup, kdefx isn't in KDE401:53
nosrednaekimwhich isn't very nice of them :(01:54
cheguevara$PEAR = true;02:11
cheguevaraif ( $PEAR ){02:11
nixternalwhy not just do if (true), unless they set $PEAR to false somewhere02:13
cheguevaraeven if it is that will overwrite it and its tested right in the next line02:14
cheguevaranixternal, have you got time to look at a debdiff02:15
cheguevarabug #17613502:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 176135 in kdebase-workspace "kde4 startupconfig missing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17613502:15
nixternalgo go slow lp02:16
stdinon edge?02:16
nixternalcheguevara: can you attach the debdiff instead of pasting it?02:16
cheguevaraumm i woul but my internet is b0rked again02:17
cheguevaracan't connect to anything :(02:18
cheguevaranixternal, if you put in copyright that its copyright by 2 ppl, then one of the files has headers for only 1 person, thats still doesn't need to be separately mentioned right?02:20
nixternalif the header is different that the rest, it needs to be mentioned in the copyright02:23
cheguevarathey are not the same anywhere really02:26
cheguevarathere's 3 ppl involved02:26
cheguevara2 are in AUTHORS02:26
cheguevaraand they vary all over headers02:26
vorianhaha nixternal, our posts will hit the planet at the same time02:26
nixternalgroovy :)02:27
nixternalwell, I wouldn't worry about it, as the debian/copyright doesn't take presidence over the headers of the files anyways...but I would check possibly in #ubuntu-motu just to be sure02:28
cheguevaranixternal, do you really need that diff as a file then or is it fine02:29
cheguevaraoooh i know how i can get it as a file02:29
cheguevarai got a ssh session open02:29
nixternalya, because it is safer than copying and pasting02:29
* DaSkreech bows02:34
DaSkreechWhat do we already  have ready for KDE402:34
DaSkreechSystem settings obviously :)02:34
cheguevaranixternal, what do you reckon?02:34
nixternalI have no clue..I don't use the KDE 4 packages02:35
cheguevaranixternal: i got an ack from stdin02:36
DaSkreechnixternal: straigh svn?02:36
nixternalis that a debdiff btw?02:36
nixternalDaSkreech: yes02:36
cheguevaranixternal, well i generated it with debdiff oldpackage.dsc newpackage.dsc02:37
DaSkreechnixternal: does a straight svn pull in most of the icons?02:37
nixternalDaSkreech: oxygen icon theme isn't complete02:37
nixternalso the answer would be no02:38
DaSkreechI know02:38
DaSkreechI never said all I said most :)02:38
DaSkreechcause a whole page of ? is visually off putting02:38
cheguevaranixternal, the change is trivial and deff works, its just the whole patch packaging i wasn't sure about02:39
nixternalyou got it right, I was applying the patch wrong at first02:39
* DaSkreech needs to reboot up the debian live Cd and see. I don't recall it having that few icons but then they probably just had much fewer apps02:39
cheguevaranixternal, cool, will you upload?02:39
DaSkreechnixternal: Wouldn't happen to be in KDE4 now?02:40
nixternalif pbuilder isn't still an issue with broken repos02:40
cheguevarathanks a lot02:40
nixternalDaSkreech: yes I am in kde 4, always in kde 4 :)02:40
cheguevarai've been bugging you too much in these 2 days :P02:40
nixternalwhat icons are you missing?02:40
DaSkreechnixternal: great do two things for me one is a bug one is just for my amusement02:41
DaSkreechwhich one you want to do first02:41
nixternaldon't matter02:41
DaSkreechnixternal: I have like 4 from the kde-edu packages but I'll document that in a bit02:41
DaSkreechnixternal: open konqueror and go to http://www.cnn.com02:42
nixternalkde-edu is still working on icons...don't expect them for a couple of weeks02:42
cheguevarahmm i need foodz02:42
DaSkreechtell me how many progress bars it open02:42
nixternalok, at cnn.com02:42
DaSkreechit opened 117 here02:42
nixternalI only see 1 progress bar in the bottom right, the progress bar that is always there02:43
cheguevaralet me try on rc202:43
DaSkreechnixternal: spoilsport02:43
nixternalDaSkreech: no progress bars are opening in popups if that is what you are asking02:43
DaSkreechnixternal: you use kopete?02:43
cheguevaraah crap i forgot my internet don't work02:43
DaSkreechnixternal: great. open it up02:43
nixternalDaSkreech: are you talking about progress bars that open up in new popups?02:43
DaSkreechEasiest one to replicate this on02:44
DaSkreechnixternal: yes02:44
nixternalhah, that is what you get for use OLD packages :)02:44
nixternalthat has been fixed for over a week02:44
DaSkreechnixternal: :-p02:44
nixternalthat was for debugging02:44
DaSkreechit's hilatious02:44
DaSkreechI hope they have a way to switch it back on02:44
nixternalnot if you build w/o debug :)02:44
nixternalya, build with debug I think02:44
nixternalok, kopete is open02:45
DaSkreechMy KDE3 sessions in kubuntu open 14 konqueror windows with at least 3 tabs each02:45
nixternalI didn't even notice it build02:45
DaSkreechI should easily get over 1000 bars02:45
DaSkreechnixternal: Alt+F02:45
DaSkreechYou get a menu?02:45
DaSkreechok press right02:45
nixternalDaSkreech: is kded running?02:46
DaSkreechit moves to Edit?02:46
nixternalI am in the menu02:46
DaSkreechnixternal: in Vista now02:46
DaSkreechoh right the sub menu02:46
DaSkreechpress right again02:46
DaSkreechYou should be on Edit02:46
nixternalgoes to edit02:46
DaSkreechwhich should have no options02:46
DaSkreechpress right again02:46
nixternalno, I have my settings and config options02:46
DaSkreechHmm ok02:47
nixternalare you using rc2?02:47
DaSkreechguess that got fixed02:47
nixternaldon't bug hunt with it02:47
DaSkreechMy mom's laptop so no installing for me02:47
* nixternal bets rc2 has the old oxygen bar on the bottom as well02:47
DaSkreechMaybe whats' it to ya?02:47
=== ScottK2 is now known as ScottK
nixternalwell for 1, kopete isn't even finished yet02:48
nixternalrc2 probably still has a ton of the kde3 code in it02:48
nixternalthis week alone there have been quite a few kopete commits02:48
DaSkreechnixternal: I don't know if it's just Kopete02:49
DaSkreechI did it on other apps02:49
nixternalDaSkreech: cuz your kded isn't running in rc202:49
DaSkreech if the menu is empty then the left/right keys don't work02:49
nixternalif you look, none of your globals show up in system settings02:49
DaSkreechIt's just easy to do on kopete cause edit is always empty02:49
DaSkreechHmmok ;) that's a good explanation02:50
nixternalI have already mapped alt+space to krunner :p02:51
DaSkreechha ha jpatrick will be hurt :)02:51
DaSkreechOh have you got the quick access konsole to work?02:52
nixternalhaven't messed with it02:52
DaSkreechI can't but then I haven't tried02:52
DaSkreechNepomuk is almost ready!02:53
* DaSkreech is excited :)02:53
nixternalyou mean nepomuk-kde is getting close to alpha stage right :)02:53
nixternalnepomuk has been around for a while now02:54
DaSkreechas are most things in kde4 :)02:54
nixternalheh, true02:54
DaSkreechSo going to rock02:54
nixternalalthough, KDE 4 f'n rocks for me on my new box, whicked fast02:54
nixternalKDE 4 is definitely faster than gnome and kde3 on this laptop02:54
DaSkreechAgain it says a lot that I rather play in a pre release KDE4 than a fully patched Vista02:55
DaSkreechand I'm more productive :)02:55
nixternalvista pwns j0002:55
DaSkreechIs there a priority list somewhere of what Kubuntu needs to port?02:56
cheguevarathe only thing is pwns is windows ME02:56
mhbI'm not even on KDE and I'm also quite productive.02:56
DaSkreechAdept? Ubiquity?02:56
mhball it takes is a02:56
cheguevaraAdept is getting replaced i believe02:56
DaSkreechNon windows machine?02:56
mhbalias r='rxvt -bg black -fg white +sb'02:56
nixternalmhb: xterm?02:57
nixternalI remember doing that years ago for xterma nd rv...ya you got it :)02:57
cheguevarabitchx or irssi :P02:57
nixternaljust noticed the r='rxvt02:57
nixternalI seen -bg black -fg white +sb02:57
mhbfor some reason, the -bg black -fg white is the default for xterm, but not for rxvt.02:57
cheguevaraw00t internets back02:59
DaSkreechnixternal: Oh I'm trying out centerim03:00
DaSkreechI like it so far03:00
mhbcenterim? aww03:03
mhbI hope all your friends have english nicknames and you didn't have a nice structured list of friends.03:03
nixternalcenterim was good, but bitlbee is better03:04
mhbcenterim broken my friends list.03:04
DaSkreechmhb: On the server?03:04
DaSkreechor just the display?03:04
mhbserver, because I had to remake it all over again in Kopete.03:04
DaSkreechoh that sucks03:04
DaSkreechwhen was that?03:05
DaSkreechand what protocol?03:05
mhba week ago or so.03:05
mhbI tried both jabber and icq.03:05
DaSkreechdidn't hurt mine03:05
mhbthat's good to hear.03:05
DaSkreechmine was this week though03:06
mhbI'm not trying it until 2009.03:06
nixternalheh, I got you hooked on KDE ey vorian? :)  I just thought you were messing with it for a bit before you went back to the dark side :)03:06
DaSkreechtwo years?03:06
DaSkreech thats harsh03:06
nixternalmhb: hahahahah, 2009 :)03:06
mhbDaSkreech: not really two years.03:06
DaSkreechvorian: welcome03:06
mhbone and a few days.03:07
DaSkreechthat's like two whole releases away03:07
voriannixternal, nope, hooked :)03:14
vorianand ty DaSkreech :)03:14
DaSkreechany time a day man03:15
cheguevaraDaisuke-Laptop, cnn.com loads without pop up bars for me03:19
cheguevarai mean DaSkreech03:19
DaSkreechAdobe owning flash is great :)03:24
cheguevaramay be in 10 years we'll have a 64 bit version finally03:26
nixternalbah, one problem with my new kde4 box...damn ati radeon03:32
voriannixternal, which card?03:32
nixternalr300, 970003:32
nixternal9800, something like that03:32
vorianone too short on the 30003:32
vorianmy 300m works so/so in composite03:33
nixternalI thought the r300 did as well03:33
cheguevaraok how come i did dput and the orig file didn't upload03:35
cheguevaracould be 'cause i named it wrong03:35
cheguevaranixternal, did kdebase-workspace every pbuild?03:37
nixternalwon't know for an hour probably :)03:37
nixternalit is still building03:37
cheguevaraoh yeah its quiet a big package lol03:37
nixternaldamn, we owned the planet with KDE love!03:41
nixternalcheguevara: uploaded!03:42
nixternalyou should get a message about it closing the bug shortly03:42
cheguevaratoday's been productive for me03:44
cheguevaranixternal, when you get time http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=kmldonkey-kde403:52
cheguevaranow i can go to sleep03:52
nixternalmhb: just tested KDE 3 with openbox...about the same, some things didn't work...ran it straight up, and lets just say when I hit login, less than 1 second and the desktop was up04:01
nixternalgranted there isn't anything on the desktop when you run it straight up04:02
mhbnixternal: :o) nice.04:04
mhbyes, that's the speed I'd expect with a modern desktop.04:04
nixternalare you nuts? modern == eye candy and attractive..if you got openbox straight up speed with "modern" I would die a happy man :)04:05
mhbheh, me too.04:06
nixternalunless everything was preloaded at say KDM, that way there when you press login it is right at your desktop04:06
mhbI think that would be premature optimization, and you know what that is :o)04:06
nixternalthat is kind of what windows does...it loads a majority of the things that are "microsoft" before you login04:06
mhbI don't think openbox looks too bad.04:07
mhbit just doesn't have a panel and a desktop.04:07
mhbI wonder how much time would it take to load openbox & plasma.04:09
nixternalyou can setup a panel and a desktop04:11
nixternalog just showed me a screenshot04:11
mhbnixternal: of what?04:11
nixternalopenbox straight up04:12
nixternalthat theme in that screenshot, I really really like...reminds me of a super old kde theme that I can't find..used to be called simplicity04:12
mhbnixternal: right, that's the nice thing I like about it - there's no built in openbox panel, but you can install and run many others.04:13
mhbnixternal: pypanel, fbpanel, also plasma works if you run it.04:13
nixternalbut don't run kde inside openbox..it is bad04:13
mhbhehe :o)04:14
mhbam I still in #kubuntu-devel?04:14
mhbnixternal: I really would like to see the day when we replaced all the slow apps with the fast ones :o)04:18
mhbmy dream desktop would have rxvt's instead of GNOMEy and KDey terminals, it would have k3b (I love that software), a decent web browser and it would run well on a 256MB RAM machine :o)04:19
nixternalI could care less what the terminal is, as long as it is in Yakuake, I am golden04:21
nixternaldecent web browser == epiphany + webkit :)04:22
mhbnixternal: you do regular work in yakuake?04:23
nixternaloh ya04:23
nixternalI do everything in yakuake..I am talking to you now from within yakuake04:23
mhbit's good when you want to do an apt-get update, but I couldn't imagine writing TeX in it.04:23
stdinme too04:23
nixternalemacs and LaTeX editing is great04:23
nixternalthough I am preferring Kile more and more now04:23
mhbnow that's a scary screenshot - no, thanks :O)04:24
nixternalwhat is?04:25
mhbnixternal: kile04:27
mhbnixternal: looks like kdevelop04:27
* mhb kisses vim04:27
mhbfrench, of course :o)04:27
nixternalkile totally rocks for doing tex04:28
nixternalI do my tex, alt+6 to pdftex, alt+7 to view pdf04:28
nixternalit validates my code04:28
nixternalI love it04:28
nixternalJohannes Braams or David Carlisle is who told me to use Kile over emacs/vim04:30
nixternaland if it is good enough for the developers of LaTeX, then it has to be good enough for me :p04:30
mhbvim totally rocks too, I do my latex, then latex file.tex, it does a validation check, then xdvi file.dvi for a visual check :o)04:30
nixternalto much typing ;)04:31
* nixternal loves macros04:31
mhbtoo much typing?04:31
mhbusually one up arrow and one enter.04:31
cheguevarakdebase-workspace failed on lpia :P04:31
nixternaldoesn't it always?04:31
nixternalshould fail that and sparc04:31
cheguevara  kdepimlibs5-dev: Depends: kdelibs5-dev (>= 4:3.96.0-1) but it is not going to be installed04:32
stdincheguevara: don't worry, you've still got spark and hppa to fail yet :)04:32
nixternaloh ya, forgot about hppa04:32
stdinoh, and ia6404:33
cheguevarawonder how many people want to run kde4 on hppa and sparc :P04:34
* nixternal has a sparc here he would like to run it on04:34
nixternalhas 4 450mhz cpus, 8gb of ram, and quite a few 18gb scsi drives :)04:35
stdinsince riddell uploaded my patches to just about every kde4 package I have received no less than 69 FTBFS emails :p04:35
nixternalenterprise 3500 - a whopping $250 on craigslist04:35
stdinlast one was an hour ago04:35
cheguevarathat says kdelibs is built fine on lpia04:37
DaSkreechnixternal: sorry where did you get that from?04:38
cheguevaragoo night04:48
mendredhi in kde4, is there any setting i can tweak to make the animations faster?04:49
stdintry asking in #kde4-devel04:50
nixternalhrmm, you can turn some off, and some can be tweaked04:50
mendredstdin: thanks will do04:50
stdinI'm just happy to get anything, if I try tweaking it I'll break it again :p04:51
nixternalKMenu -> System Settings -> Desktop -> Desktop Effects -> All Effects or [Advanced Options]04:51
nixternalI don't have any desktop effects with this stupid radeon card04:51
nixternalbut then again, I really don't need the effects :)04:51
mendrednixternal: i am running it on 4 gb ram with a quad core and an nvida 8800 GT...so i just wanted to push it to its limit04:51
nixternaljeesh, it will be hard to get it any faster than that :)04:52
nixternalmine is pretty decent on my celeron m 1.6ghz, 1.5gb of ram, with intel 945 graphics :)04:52
mendredoh the animations run fine04:53
mendredbut it isnt smooth04:53
mendredas if it is skipping frames04:53
mendredor something04:53
nixternalis there a quad core mobo out there with intel graphics built in? I can't find a decent board with graphics built in anymore04:53
cheguevaranixternal, try asrock ones04:53
nixternalasrock is still around?04:54
nixternalthought asus dropped them04:55
nixternalif you google hardocp and/or anandtech, you can find some of my old hardware reviews, and one of them was an asrock mobo back during the early Athlon XP days :p04:55
mendredwhich config file does kde4 use to store the effect settings?04:56
nixternalprobably ~/.kde4/share/config/kwinrc or similar?04:59
DaSkreechmhb: But isn't k3b kinda big and over done?05:00
nixternalk3b is the most beautiful burning application ever05:01
mhbI have to agree with nix on that one.05:01
mendrednixternal: ok will check that05:01
nixternalwant big and overdone, see Roxio or Nero05:01
mhbk3b is the best burning app I have ever used, and I'm not saying that just because it's Linux.05:01
nixternalheck, people using Gnome tend to migrate to K3b because it is so lovely05:01
DaSkreechbut mhb was saying lightweight apps that do one thing05:03
DaSkreechk3b is cd and DVD and BluRay burning05:04
DaSkreechDVD authoring05:04
nixternaland it is lightweight05:04
DaSkreech dvd ripping05:04
nixternalvery clean code base05:04
nixternaleasily pluggable05:04
stdinyou want to see a big and overdone app, look at nero05:05
nixternalI will admit, when I did use Windows during my Linux break in 2000-2002, Nero was the bomb05:05
nixternalbut the one great thing about Nero...it is Qt!05:05
stdinbloated like my dad on christmas evening05:05
DaSkreechWhat? you have Vista now!05:06
Tm_TNero is something I can't like05:06
DaSkreechnixternal: same authour for nepomuk05:06
nixternalya, but I don't use it much05:06
Tm_Tjust that05:06
nixternaland the burning app I have in vista, that free one...is similar to k3b, just a slow ass application when it comes to the burning part05:07
cheguevarathe one with the smoke?05:07
nixternalinfrarecorder or something like that05:07
DaSkreechthere is a free burning tool with vista?05:07
nixternalthere is a free burning tool with xp05:07
nixternalbut you can't burn iso's with them05:08
cheguevarastill got that screeny05:08
nixternalI think I nixed it05:08
cheguevaraoh they got a video05:08
nixternalI am watching one hell of a battle between gnome devs in #gnome-hackers on irc.gnome.whatever05:10
DaSkreechWait it ships with a FOSS product?05:11
DaSkreechare you sure?05:11
cheguevarano it don't ship with it05:11
cheguevaragod, you read kde's commit digest and all you see are new features05:12
cheguevaraand thats with less then a month left till release05:12
nixternalthey are at least tested features for once...but stuff in playground and extragear don't count05:12
cheguevarabut still developers that are doing the new features could concentrate on bug fixing for this last couple of weeks05:13
nixternalbut that makes to much sense05:14
nixternalthe gnome devs are going at it like cats and dogs over planet.gnome.org05:14
nixternalhow silly05:14
DaSkreechwhat about?05:15
cheguevaramay be they can all fight and stop developing :P05:15
nixternalsomething about jdub holding back information05:15
cheguevaraso what are we having as video player in kde405:15
nixternalgood question05:16
nixternalcodeine is the only thing I have seen blogged about concerning video and kde405:16
cheguevarais kaffeine gonna get ported05:16
nixternalif is, I haven't seen it yet05:16
nixternalkplayer is the only app I see right now in KDE 4 and it is in extragear05:17
cheguevaragotta think about simple codec installation as well05:18
nixternalthere is a phonon video player in playground05:18
nixternal33 hours was the last commit05:18
cheguevaraheh playground is even worse then extragear05:21
nixternalya it is05:21
nixternalplayground is where everything goes that doesn't belong in kde just yet though05:21
cheguevarajesus its 5:20 am05:21
nixternalso it is expected05:21
nixternal23:20 here05:21
cheguevaraam really going to sleep now lol05:22
cheguevaradon't forget my kmldonkey :P05:22
* DaSkreech hops in the Hobbsee truck first05:41
Hobbseeheya DaSkreech!05:42
DaSkreechhey Hobbsee ! :)05:42
Tm_THobbsee: good day05:42
Tm_THobbsee: how are you?05:43
stdinyou mean: g'day05:43
Tm_Tstdin: and how you might know my meanings, son?05:43
HobbseeTm_T: good.  i have a new car now :)05:44
Tm_Tstdin: you have lot to learn, my young padawan05:44
stdinTm_T: because I'm all knowing, like Hobbsee :)05:44
Tm_THobbsee: :)05:44
nixternalHobbsee: can I borrow your new car?05:46
Hobbseenixternal: nope :P05:46
nixternalthe windsheild on my truck shattered yesterday05:46
Hobbseeit's mine!05:46
Hobbseedid you want to see?05:46
Hobbseeoh dear...05:46
nixternaland I am flat ass broke05:46
nixternaloh ya I wanna see05:46
nixternalpics!#@)*!! :p05:46
nixternalyou hit a kangaroo in that, it is all over with :)05:47
* Tm_T doesn't have a car05:47
nixternalI think I could fit that in my truck :)05:47
nixternalor my backpack05:48
nixternalmy neighbor has one, and I envy his gas mileage05:48
Hobbseenixternal: haha :D05:48
Hobbseenixternal: yeah, it's nice for that.05:48
nixternalyours is sharp though05:48
nixternalhis is foogly05:48
Hobbseeyeah - and it looks a little strange from those pics anyway05:49
Hobbseeweird angles and all05:49
nixternalthat is the car I have already half purchased05:51
nixternalI am just waiting for it to come to the US05:51
nixternalI think I should have it in like 2 or 3 months from what the dealer told me05:52
Tm_Tlike to see my next vehicle?05:53
nixternalit better not be a skateboard05:53
mhbhey Hobbsee05:54
Hobbseeheya mhb!05:54
mhbmy body hates me yet again, because of keeping it awake until 7AM.05:55
mhbso good night, i have to make it up to it.05:56
nixternalI wanted to buy another Harley, older though, like the WWII bikes and do something like that05:57
Tm_TI can get one of those sidecart RE bikes less than 8k €05:58
Tm_Tthat's less than cheapest cars05:58
Tm_Tand yes, talking about new05:58
nixternalI was thinking of getting a custom chopper, but they are just ridiculously expensive05:59
nixternalI can get 2 or 3 cars for the price of one05:59
Tm_Tbest feature of good motorbike: you can drive 100 km with less then 3l of gas06:00
nixternalright now I have a 1974 Harley Davidson Heritage Softale and a 1968 Captain America replica, repainted of course06:01
nixternalSoftail :)06:01
Tm_Tnixternal: my current is ugly hack of an old Yamaha TZR 125cc06:04
nixternalhey, I started on far worse06:04
* nixternal gets a pic06:04
Tm_Tbut I don't care about "shiny", it's vehicle not extension to my headcone06:05
nixternalthat isn't the one I had, but that was the bike06:06
nixternala 74 s1 25006:06
nixternalmine was rusted all to hell, half an exhaust06:06
Tm_Thm, that isn't bad then06:06
nixternaland if you relined it, oil would spit on to your pant leg06:06
nixternalI bought it for $5006:06
nixternalI missed the bus and had to walk home from school one day and there it was06:07
nixternalI probably dropped that bike 50 times06:07
nixternalrear ended a car with it06:07
nixternaland I learned that flipping over the handlebars is only in the movies06:08
nixternalmy groin caught the bars...the worst time of my life :)06:08
* Tm_T started with motorbikes at age of 606:08
nixternalI didn't...mom didn't want us having them06:09
nixternalwe had go-karts and snowmobiles06:09
nixternaland bb guns...we did more damage with bb guns than we ever did with a motorbike06:09
Tm_Tever shot car window down with bb gun?06:10
Tm_Ta moving car?06:10
nixternaland it didn't break that cars window...it bounced back and broke my car window06:10
nixternalno, he was parked...we were young and stupid06:10
nixternalhe was in the car too06:10
nixternalin his car that is06:10
nixternalI heard the glass shatter and was like "hell ya!" only to find out I busted out the back window of my buick and froze my ass off for the next 30 miles home06:11
Tm_Tsomehow I hope you never meet my brothers06:11
nixternalare they little terrorists?06:11
nixternalI know I was when I was young06:11
Tm_Twell, my brothers are 20-38 years old06:12
Tm_Tand they still are terrorists to theirself06:12
nixternalI am 33, so I fit right in :)06:12
Tm_T8 brothers I have06:13
nixternal1 brother and 2 sisters here, and they are to much :)06:13
Tm_Tand I'm the only one who didn't do the army all the way through06:13
Tm_Tnixternal: 5 sisters on top of that06:13
nixternalheh, I am the only one who didn't graduate from teh University of Michigan, but I joined the military instead06:13
nixternaldamn, your family is freakin' huge06:14
nixternalyou celebrate xmas?06:14
sigma_Riddell: is there any truth the the "laptop hard drive count issue" that is appearing all over the internet?06:14
nixternalwhew, that saves a ton of money :)06:14
Tm_Tnor any religious/commercial foofoos06:14
Tm_Tnixternal: how come?06:14
nixternalxmas is all about the gifts nowadays..true meaning is gone, like you said "commercial"06:15
nixternalthat is to many people to buy gifts for06:15
Tm_Tglad I don't have to involve that06:15
Tm_Tnor care06:15
ardchoilleI was following this tutorial and found errors in it and I cannot continue: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/basic-chap.html09:36
jpatrickardchoille: packaging guide's moved to the wiki09:36
ardchoillejpatrick: Oh, ok. I bookmarked the wrong one :/09:37
ardchoilleThank you09:37
ardchoilleSame errors in that guide09:39
jpatrickwhat are they?09:40
ardchoilleOn this page https://wiki.kubuntu.org/PackagingGuide/Basic where it talks about the postinst and prerm files, it says "Go ahead and copy them into the current debian directory" but I cannot find those two files to copy them.09:41
jpatrickI'd skip them.. I've never had to play with those files09:42
ardchoilleAh, ok09:42
ardchoillejpatrick: If I skip them, will I get errors during the compile or package creation stages?09:44
jpatrickhope not09:45
jpatrickardchoille: from rules: install -m 755 debian/postinst debian/prerm debian/tmp/DEBIAN - remove that line09:47
ardchoillejpatrick: Who would I talk to to get my @ubuntu.com email address setup? I plan to use that for making packages09:51
jpatrickardchoille: it should automatically do itself (after a period of time) - and @kubuntu.org :D09:51
ardchoilleoh, I thought it was ubuntu.com09:51
ardchoilleIt still doesn't work.09:53
jpatrickit takes some time, but they'll both forward to your primary mail on LP09:53
Hobbseeardchoille: how did you test if they were working?10:08
jpatrickemail yourself10:09
ardchoilleHobbsee: I sent an email to ardchoille42@ubuntu.com  and  @kubuntu.org10:09
Hobbseeardchoille: with what?10:09
ardchoilleboth returned deliver failure notices10:09
Hobbseedid you send it from a gmail address?10:09
Hobbseethen that's why.10:10
Hobbseegmail will have marked it as spam, or not sent it10:10
ardchoilleJust tried sending from a yahoo email address and recieved "Remote host said: 550 <ardchoille42@ubuntu.com>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table10:12
jpatrickthen the server needs to update to include your mail10:18
iliahi, all!10:46
jpatrickhi ilia10:47
iliado you know, how can I obtain and run latest Amarok from SVN?10:48
iliaThere is a bug in Amarok and I want to test, whether it is fixed in SVN10:48
jpatrickilia: prehaps http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/2.0_Development_HowTo ?10:49
iliathanks, I'm going to read it10:50
apachelogger_jpatrick: I assume latest = 1.4 branch10:50
apachelogger_ilia: what is the bug?10:50
apachelogger_well, I gotta go10:52
apachelogger_ilia: maybe you should just ask in #amarok10:52
iliaI have ogg files  whith non-latin tags (e.g. Russian, Hebrew songs). When I connect a portable media device and want Amarok to copy a tracks, Amarok set tracks names according to file's tags. However, it assumes, that these tags are in latin-1 (they actually in utf-8) and wrongly encodes file names.10:54
jpatrickilia: if think the #amarok guys will help you out best11:03
iliajpatrick: thanks, I'll try11:04
Hobbseeardchoille: then it's not set up yet11:07
ardchoilleHobbsee: Ok, part of the problem is I keep thinking that computers are super fast11:08
Hobbseewell, it's usually fast11:08
* ardchoille needs to find libpatience.so11:09
cheguevarailia, startkde bug fixed?11:44
=== patrick__ is now known as jpatrick
cheguevaraHobbsee, why such a big car :P11:53
Hobbseecheguevara: it's not :P11:53
Hobbseeit's a tiny thing11:53
cheguevaraoh i see now, on the small picture it looked like one of them family cars lol11:54
cheguevarabut it looks nice11:54
cheguevarawhat color?11:54
Hobbseecheguevara: you can't see on the pic?  orange.11:58
Hobbseecheguevara: it looks like a big wagon, but wiht a great middle panel chopped out, and the ends stuck together :P11:58
Hobbseelike, bright orange.11:59
cheguevaraHobbsee, all pics on the page you gave are different color12:03
Hobbseecheguevara: oh, that's cos the page expired, as the one i gave got marked as sold12:05
Hobbseehttp://www.drive.com.au/used-cars/TOYOTA/YARIS/Melbourne/detail.aspx?id=3922679&pg=1&pp=13&d=0&nv=1&SG=449918527&pt=1 http://www.drive.com.au/used-cars/TOYOTA/YARIS/Melbourne/detail.aspx?id=3885293&pg=1&pp=12&d=0&nv=1&SG=449918527&pt=112:05
Hobbsee(so it took you back to the main index page)12:05
Hobbseeit looks like those two, but it's an auto.12:05
cheguevarashiny :P12:06
Hobbseevery :D12:06
cheguevarai bet your happy :P12:06
Hobbseeyup.  well, i'll be more happy when i can drive it, though12:07
cheguevarano license yet?12:07
Hobbseeoh, sure, i have a licence12:07
Hobbseebut they're going to clean it up (it's down the end where they're doing construction), and actually stick some fuel in it.12:07
Hobbseei'm surprised we didn't run out of fuel on the test drive :P12:07
Hobbseeand money transfer, etc12:07
Hobbseeoh, and it's not ensured, etc12:08
cheguevarayeah i get ya12:09
cheguevaraworking on saturday sucks12:10
Hobbseethis is true12:11
* Hobbsee has to work tomorrow, so...12:11
Hobbseeweekend work sucks in general.12:11
cheguevarajoin the club12:11
cheguevarawell one thing is working for canonical another thing is working for Aqua Restaraunt lol12:12
Hobbseewhat are you doing for canonical?12:16
cheguevarai mean you12:17
cheguevaranot me12:17
Hobbseeoh, true12:17
* Hobbsee doesn't work for canonical.12:17
cheguevarahmm i had the assumption that core devs were canonical employees for some reason12:18
Hobbseeno, not all of them12:18
Hobbseeand the reverse is also not true12:18
* txwikinger tries to tackle the meaning of the reverse :)12:19
Hobbseeas in, that all canonical employees are core devs12:19
txwikingerAh... brain is still in sleep mode :)12:19
Hobbseewhich is false12:19
cheguevararight work time12:20
cheguevarasomeone review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=kmldonkey-kde4 please :P12:20
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
RinTinTiggerHey there :D12:48
RinTinTiggerAnyone here?12:49
iliacheguevara: Hi. Why do you ask me, whether startkde bug is fixed? I've only reported it and suggested a fix...12:50
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
=== sladen_ is now known as sladen
jjessefor kde4 use the instructions on kubuntu.org or just install the kde4 stuff in the gutsy repo that is in adept?15:43
blizzzekjjesse: you better follow the instructions, they wouldn't be there if they are not reasonable ;)15:56
nosrednaekimstdin: these RC2 packages are great. thanks. no crashes or anything!18:00
nixternaloh, the crashes will come young jedi :)18:02
nixternalactually, Plasma doesn't crash on my svn build anymore, the whole system just freezes now :)18:02
nosrednaekimnixternal: heh... i've given it a day and a half... and no problems18:03
nixternalmine could be because of building it on a headless box18:04
nosrednaekimyeah.... running it over XDMCP has gotta do something to it.18:04
nixternalcry babies18:09
nixternaloops, wrong channel18:09
nixternalhrmm, obviously I hit a key combo that "goes back to last channel"18:09
nixternalwonder what that combo is, cuz I kinda like it :)18:10
=== reydan is now known as Reydan
* nosrednaekim discover ctrl+alt+L that way18:16
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
mhbour apps do never crash ... they freeze and BSOD the computer.19:01
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
mhbno Riddell?19:27
mhbwe're all doomed!19:27
nixternaloh man...Kubuntu will fall apart w/o him19:36
* nixternal starts to cry like they do in the movies when they find out their loved one left them19:36
nixternalwhy god why?19:36
mhbI guess we were not his type.19:38
mhbI'm sure we can be friends.19:38
jjessenixternal: best way to get kde4 is to just the repos in guts main?19:38
ScottKUh, what happened?19:38
nixternaljjesse: not the best way, but the easiest way19:38
nixternalmhb: hahahhahahahhahahahahah19:38
jjessewhat are you tlak about jr ?19:38
nixternaljjesse: you forget how to speak or something? medication again? :p19:39
jjesseare the ones in gutsy main different then ones published on kubuntu.org?19:39
nixternalkubuntu.org probably has RC2 (3.97)19:39
nixternalunless they got backported to the Gutsy repos19:39
jjessethe kubuntu.org says rc219:39
mhbScottK: Riddell is leaving you and me... all of us.19:40
mhbScottK: he is packing his things in #kubuntu right now, so he's not here :o)19:40
jjesseriddell is leaving for what?19:40
nixternalI about fell out of my chair19:40
ScottKIs there a blog link or something?19:40
RinTinTiggerHey there fellows19:40
nixternalScottK: no, we are just having fun19:40
nixternalsince he disconnected or something19:41
nixternalhowdy RinTinTigger19:41
ScottKOh.  OK.  Thanks.19:41
* ScottK is gullible today.19:41
RinTinTiggerI have one problem that killes my nerves19:41
rebuggerwhat to install for kde4? kde4base and its dependencies?19:41
RinTinTiggerMy ubuntu is disconnecting from the wlan network .... but irregular...after whatever minutes19:41
jjesserebugger: there is an announcement on kubunttu.org that tells you19:41
nixternalScottK: hahahahahah, at least I hope that's what happened :)19:41
nixternalRinTinTigger: broadcom wifi?19:42
rebuggerjjesse: k,thx19:42
nosrednaekim!kde4 | rebugger19:42
uboturebugger: KDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4 - The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule - RC 2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc2.php19:42
nixternalbroadcom chipset that is19:42
mhbI'm just venting my negative experience by making fun of them, that's all.19:42
RinTinTiggeryeah nixternal19:42
RinTinTiggercan i do somethin about it?19:42
nixternalRinTinTigger: you can scour the help.ubuntu.com/community stuff for broadcom chipsets...I don't have that issue when using the ndiswrapper + drivers with my card19:43
nixternalbut when using the kernel drivers I do19:43
RinTinTiggerinstead uf ndiswrapper i used FWCUTTER and the fwcutterbcm43xx driver package ^^19:44
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
xRaich[o]2xnixternal: Riddell is leaving? O_O19:59
nosrednaekimlol, whats a rumor20:00
xRaich[o]2xwoooh thank god ^_^'20:01
nosrednaekimxRaich[o]2x: heh, I finally got RC2, its sweet!20:03
xRaich[o]2xnosrednaekim: i did a complete switch on tuesday i just can't go back ^^20:03
* xRaich[o]2x is thinking about writing a knetworkmanager replacement for kde420:04
nosrednaekimneither can I....although I can't seem to get lockscreen working20:04
nixternalholy smoke mhb...if this gets started as a rumor, it is your fault :p20:04
nosrednaekimxRaich[o]2x: cool.20:04
xRaich[o]2xi just need some creative input ^^ and i need to get warm with "interview"20:05
xRaich[o]2xthe data->modell->viewer concept of qt20:06
xRaich[o]2xid'd like to do a crossover of wlassistant and knetworkmanager20:06
nosrednaekimjust... please.... make it less buggy than knetworkmanager20:07
* xRaich[o]2x wants to write a buggy app ^^20:07
mhbnixternal: he shouldn't have left here in the first place20:07
mhbnixternal: I'm not the one to blame, if other didn't say that phrase to me I wouldn't have to make fun of it! :o)20:08
xRaich[o]2xnosrednaekim: and i still have to learn a lot about solid20:08
xRaich[o]2xor should i make it a plasmoid?20:10
ardchoilleubuntulog: Crashing when up connect to msn?20:12
* nosredna_ekim is gonna kill whoever introduced that bug someday.20:12
=== ilia_ is now known as ilia
nixternalupdating qtjambi from 4.3.1 to 4.3.3 for all of you java hax0rs :p20:41
Lureups, ENORIDDELL20:42
Lureeven ENOHOBBSEE ;-)20:43
mhbLure: reading the log?20:43
Luremhb: ENOTIME ;-)20:43
* Lure looks now20:44
mhbwe were making fun of that a while ago.20:44
mhb20:37 < mhb> I guess we were not his type.20:44
mhb20:38 < mhb> I'm sure we can be friends.20:44
Luremhb: he rarely drops off20:44
Lureimbrandon: can you +1 sync request for me? bug 17661520:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 176615 in digikam "sync digikam 0.9.3~rc1-1 from debian/experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17661520:45
Lureimbrandon: it is easier if I ping kubuntu core-dev than ask ubuntu-main-sponsors20:46
imbrandonLure: sure , one sec20:47
Lureimbrandon: thanks20:49
imbrandonLure: done20:49
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nixternal14:58:00 [notice(SeenServ!SeenServ@services.)] Riddell is on IRC right now!20:58
nixternalhe is in every channel but here :/20:58
mhbI knew it21:00
mhbhe's dumping us.21:00
nixternal14:59:23 [ nixternal] Riddell: fancy joining #kubuntu-devel at all :) we miss you! :)21:00
mhbor maybe it's worse than that21:00
mhbmaybe he's got another21:01
mhbForesight or something21:01
nosrednaekimheh.... Riddell is in #kubuntu21:01
mhbyou all flirt with that girl. :o)21:01
nixternalya, after his disconnect earlier he never rejoined in here21:01
mhbnixternal: do you know what kind of panel does og use?21:02
mhbnixternal: on that planet screenshot of openbox.21:02
nixternalumm, he told me last night21:02
nixternalone sec21:02
nixternalmhb: pypanel21:03
mhboky, I'll try it.21:04
nixternalhe is going to pastebin his autostart.sh21:04
alleemhm, http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=153962   is universe not enabled during gutsy install.   This would explain the 'bug'21:05
ubotuKDE bug 153962 in mpegencoder "Dependency Error the package doesn't check for the presence of mpg123." [Normal,Resolved: invalid]21:05
nixternalallee: I know that problem21:05
alleeas mpg123 is from uniserve21:06
nixternalI seen it during the install fest/ gutsy release21:06
nixternalsometimes during an install with gutsy, we noticed that a connection error would occur and cause it to #comment everything out in sources.list21:06
nixternalso that could be the problem21:06
nixternalmhb: http://foresightlinux.org/paste/2099/21:07
alleenixternal: ah, this I've seen too when I forgot to plug in the network cable21:07
nixternalI had the problem yesterday when I installed Gutsy on my one desktop21:07
alleebut here all recommends were installed expect mpg12321:07
nixternaleither a network hiccup happened that cuased it21:07
alleenixternal: is universe still disabled for gutsy  install (no orig sources.list at hand sorry)21:08
nixternalit is enabled by default with gutys21:08
nixternalsh*t is right...I just went all the way to the fridge for a snack, and forgot to bring it back with me...time to go back to the fridge :)21:10
ardchoilleI've always felt that one of the things the installer (ubiquity?) should just after the install is complete is make backups of sources.list and xorg.conf21:10
ardchoilleSince the is a high probability that new users will edit those files21:10
nixternalor if you edit sources.list with Adept or Synaptic, have it make a backup21:11
nixternallike xserver-xorg during a dpkg-reconfigure21:11
ardchoilleRight, but many new users end up editing with kdesudo kate21:11
ardchoilleJust my opinion21:12
nixternalbut now though, people who are going to edit their sources.list usually know what they are doing, because we have since included everything by default, people really don't have a reason to edit their sources.list21:12
ardchoilleThat's a good point21:12
nixternalbut it is a point from a developers standpoint and not really a new users standpoint...however at the same time, one thing I don't see bugs or trouble tickets for, is sources.list...so it isn't like hte days of old where people were using that sources.list maker that Seveas was running (iirc)21:13
ardchoilleHowever, I have seen knowledgable people in #kubuntu guide new users through editing those two files but fail to mention backups21:14
* nosrednaekim does a dumb grin and hides under arock21:14
nixternalmaybe create or edit a wiki page for sources.list and have !sources point at it?21:14
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See also !EasySource21:14
ardchoilleWell, I'm guiltyof that too21:14
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic21:14
nixternalthere it is, source-o-matic21:14
nixternaltotally not needed anymore21:14
ardchoilleI feel easysource is very much needed, it's one of the places I send users to when they mess their sources.list and didn't make a backup21:15
nixternalgood point21:16
nixternalor how about attaching a default sources.list to a wiki page and send them to it to download?21:16
ardchoilleThat'l work21:16
ardchoilleBut make that wiki page immutable?21:16
nixternalor add one to the pastebin and have !sources say "hey there is a default on here if you fubarred yours"21:16
ardchoilleI don't want joe smith adding automatix to it21:16
nosrednaekimor rather ""21:17
ardchoilleOne of the first things I do after a new install is backup xorg.conf, sources.list and menu.lst21:19
ardchoilleDoesn't take up much disk space and can save a lot of time and frustration21:19
Lureimbrandon: if you have time for another ACK (this one is simple sync): bug 17662021:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 176620 in kipi-plugins "sync kipi-plugins 0.1.5~beta1-3 from debian/experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17662021:22
alleemhh, question is if universe is used during a standard installation.    MAYBE (wild guess)  only recommends from main are considered.    At least mpg123 and sane-utils the two universe recommends of kipi-plugins were not installed here too21:30
alleeHi Riddell21:30
allee[22:28] --> Mez has joined this channel (n=mez@torpor.sourceguru.net).21:30
allee[22:30] <allee> mhh, question is if universe is used during a standard installation.    MAYBE (wild guess)  only recommends from main are considered.    At least mpg123 and sane-utils the two universe recommends of kipi-plugins were not installed here too21:30
alleeRiddell: question for the seed expert ^^ :)21:31
nixternalwelcome back Riddell :)  we (mhb really, nobody else) started rumors you had left :p21:31
Riddelluniverse won't be used21:32
iRonRiddell: Hi! I have some progress on "User Hard Disk Mounting" task.. And I need some advice..21:32
Riddellnixternal: irssi decided to reconnect and didn't identify my nick21:32
iRonOn wiki page it suggested to use kdesudo,21:32
alleeRiddell: thx21:32
nixternalRiddell: hehe, ya, but it was still fun to watch some gullable people wince at the possibility :)21:32
mhbRiddell: good evening, I'm so glad the rumors are not true! :o)21:33
nixternalnot just you ScottK :p21:33
iRonbut for me it is not right.. may it would be better to implement this with the help of PolicyKit ?21:33
nixternalhahaha mhb21:33
RiddelliRon: policy kit is complex and nothing in KDE 3 uses it (or kde 4 yet), I don't think this is a good place to start using it21:35
Riddellin therory it's the right thing to do, but just because of the complexity and because this will have to be redone for KDE 4 (which uses solid and will be entirely different) we just want to go with a quick fix21:35
iRonbut dbus-send will not helped us with disks, which are in /etc/fstab.. hal mount not allowed this.21:36
iRonit works only for disks which are not in /etc/fstab21:36
iRonso, as a quick fix i could only call /bin/mount directly..21:38
iRonand this is not good..21:38
RiddelliRon: I'm pretty sure dbus-send will work21:39
RiddelliRon: that came from talking to the guy who did this for gnome21:40
RiddelliRon: did you look at the patch in gnome-mount (I admit I havn't)21:40
Riddellcalling hal via dbus will do the right thing in terms of mount points21:40
LureRiddell: can you ack bug 176620 ?21:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 176620 in kipi-plugins "sync kipi-plugins 0.1.5~beta1-3 from debian/experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17662021:40
Riddellmhb: I'm here to stay baby21:40
mhbRiddell: that's great, I wish other people in my life were like you21:41
RiddellLure: done21:41
mhbooh, I wish having a gf as skilled as jr is :o)21:41
LureRiddell: thanks, will now hunt Hobbsee for archive powers (not to overload you) ;-)21:42
iRonRiddell: sure, i dig gnome patches.. they realy calls dbus.. but if it is not in /etc/fstab. if device is in /etc/fstab they calls directly /bin/mount.21:43
alleeis there an easy way  to install all Recommends of all installed pkgs?  (As during install recommends of universe pkgs are ignored )21:43
iRonRiddell: and in the latest gnome-mount they've removed this and implemented this feature with PolicyKit.21:43
jjessegrumble, installed kde4 following the directions, now when i login my screen flashes, goes dark and brings me back to my login screen21:44
Lurejjesse: gutsy or hardy?21:45
iRonRiddell: i've tested dbus-send with device listed in /etc/fstab. it doesn't works. i could give you a sample dbus-send command.21:45
jjesseLure: gutsy followin ghte instructions on kubuntu.org21:45
Nightrosejjesse: i had the same problem a few hours ago - nosredeakim knew the trick21:45
jjessedo you remember what is was?21:46
Nightroseyou have to "touch .kde4/share/config/kdeconfig" IIRC21:46
Nightrosethat did it for me21:46
jjesseok trying brb21:46
RiddelliRon: ok21:47
iRonRiddell: so? :) PolicyKit ?21:48
jjessethat did it21:49
jjessethaknks :)21:49
Nightroseyw ;-)21:49
RiddelliRon: if it works and it's not hard, sure21:49
RiddelliRon: I don't know what's involved, I guess it's just calling the right dbus bits21:49
iRonRiddell: yep.. it's just dbus calls21:50
nixternalRiddell: attempting to update Jambi to 4.3.321:50
Riddellnixternal: ooh, cool21:50
RiddelliRon: pitti is the guy who does this on the gnome side, so we can check with him if it turns out complex21:51
RiddellI don't think he's about this weekend though21:51
iRonRiddell: ok, thanks :)21:51
jjessehrmm now i gotta figure out multiple desktops in kde421:52
Riddelljjesse: I don't think plama has a way of changing21:53
Riddellexcept moving a window to a different desktop with right click then choosing that window21:53
Riddellhi jjesse21:54
Riddellhi jembouge21:54
jjessehello riddell21:55
jjessei just sent something to desktop 2 by right clicking it and it went to desktop 221:56
Riddellthat's what I ment21:56
Riddellbut there's no direct desktop changer21:56
jjesseoh i see now21:56
jjessebtw how are you?  been super busy with work so haven't had a chance to be online21:57
Riddellhad to spend the day with my in-lwas21:58
sebasThat doesn't sound like a deliberate thing.22:00
Riddellthey just turned up22:00
jjessethat stinks22:00
mhbwell in-lwas are good, wait til you have to me the in-lvalues.22:00
* mhb shuts up.22:01
jjessestinks that they just showed up22:01
* nixternal wonders why -Xlint:unchecked needs to be added to the javac line in debian/rules for 4.3.3 and not for 4.3.122:01
cheguevarahuh does kde4 still not work if you don't have .kde422:02
Riddellit should do (live CD works fine, and I never made it there)22:02
nixternalspeaking of LiveCD..I need to grab one for tomorrows Packaging Jam22:03
cheguevaramy upload yesterday (ubuntu6) should've fixed it22:03
nixternalhas it finished building already?22:03
cheguevarai had it in my updates in the morning22:03
cheguevarabut thats i38622:03
nixternalwell if the patch didn't apply, the build would have crashed out22:04
jjessenixternal: got to run across o'hare airport yesterday to catch my flight... and my luggage just arrived 5 minutes ago22:04
nixternalgotta love o'hare22:04
nixternalit is closed down right now22:04
nixternallet it snow let it snow let it snow22:04
hadsIs KMail broken in 3.5.7enterprise20071207-1ubuntu1 or is it just my system?22:04
cheguevarai386 and amd64 built22:05
cheguevarahppa and spart left, but i am sure those will fail :P22:05
jjessewow glad i didn't fly today then22:07
cheguevaracan someone review my kmldonkey-kde4 please btw :P22:08
cheguevaraam off for a bit22:10
nixternalouch....building kdepim for kde4 and qt-jambi at the same time == sloooooooooooowwwwwwww22:15
iRonRiddell: i just figured out, that PolicyKit doesn't helped with disks in /etc/fstab.. so we must call /bin/mount for this reason.. so i could use kdesudo in both cases to call dbus-send and to call mount.22:21
Lurehads: what is your problem with kmail?22:25
hadsLure: seg fault on startup, just wondering if it was only me22:25
Lurehads: works w/o problems here (dimap and pop3)22:26
hadsLure: Thanks.22:26
Lurehads: maybe some config file problem22:26
hadsYeah, I'll try moving them out of the way.22:27
Lurecan you open bug and provide stack trace (but install kdepim-dbg before)22:27
nixternalhrmm, has anyone had issues building kde4 kdepim from svn?22:27
nixternal/usr/lib/mysql/libmysqld.a: could not read symbols: Bad value22:28
hadsLure: Sure, one moment.22:28
RiddelliRon: actually its disks not in fstab which are the major issue22:28
RiddelliRon: disks in fstab we assume someone or something already knows what they're doing22:28
iRonRiddell: i see22:30
Lureinteresting: compiz/ubuntu works on old desktop, kde4 kwin effects do not... :-(22:31
sebasLure: bko22:31
Luresebas: will install kde4 from svn tommorow (just quick rc2 live cd test for now)22:32
sebasLure: Okay22:33
sebasIt's great, btw.22:33
Luresebas: yep, just waiting for fglrx to support my main laptop's firegl22:34
sebasNew driver should be out soon, no?22:34
* sebas is running fglrx + kwin compo22:34
Luresebas: they said in a month around a month ago ;-)22:35
sebasA bit high CPU usage, but I can switch off composite when off-AC22:35
Luresebas: will try new ati+atombios tonight, but I doubt this will be enough22:35
Lureanother intesting point (for Riddell): suse kde4 live cd blocks desktop effects (as my HW does not support XRender/XDamage), while kubuntu kde4 live cd allows desktop effects to be enabled, but then I get just white screen with a shade where the windows were22:37
Riddellsounds like suse not sending code upstream22:38
Lureit may be suse's X server/driver is older/newer than kubuntu's, but it would be nice to know were the diff comes from22:38
LureRiddell: I would be supprised if they would develop own patches out of kde4 tree (at least not before release)22:39
RiddellLure: probably need to ask seli22:39
Lureanyway, I hope things at work will cool off a bit now, so I can dive more into kde4 stuff, so that I can report bugs before release22:40
Lureor fix (would be even better ;-))22:40
Riddellnixternal: could you check over and publish that quickies story22:42
nixternalRiddell: sure22:43
mhbnixternal: nixie, my boy, could you please not update that "several days to KDE" planet post? It seems planet puts it on top again when it gets updated.22:45
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nixternalmhb: I did that purposely22:50
nixternaland I will continue doing it every day since they did that crap for gnome :)22:50
nixternaljust my way of saying "WOOHOO!" :)22:50
hadsLure: How does kdepim-dbg work? I can't get a decent stack trace just running kmail with gdb22:51
Riddellnixternal: 22:45 < Bille_home> Riddell: don't post the memory story, you know it stinks :(22:51
Lurehads: just install kdepim-dbg, then reproduce the crash and you should get kde crash collector22:51
Lurehads: no need for gdb22:51
nixternalRiddell: right as I hit process22:51
hadsLure: I don't get that far, just a "Segmentation fault"22:52
Lurehads: interesting... and no message to screen when started from Konsole?22:52
hadsNope, that is starting from Konsole.22:53
nixternalwhew, I think I actually stopped it for going through Riddell...i will edit that out22:53
mhbnixternal: you really believe they are going to release it this time? :o)22:56
hadsHmm, a bt in gdb shows it doing stuff with /usr/lib/kde4/lib/libsolid.so.422:57
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
nixternalRiddell: posted w/o the memory story :)22:59
Lurehads: are you sure you start kde3 version?23:03
hadsLure: I thought so, /usr/bin/kmail which is from the kmail package.23:04
Lurehads: it is really strange that kde4 /solid is loaded23:05
Lurehads: is it possible that you ran kde4 version before w/o changing KDEHOME to ~/.kde4 (it might have changed your kde3 config files)23:05
hadsHmm, that's a possibility.23:06
hadsI thought it would be my fault somehow :)23:06
hadsHow odd, I removed the kde4 packages and it works again.23:14
Lurehads: that is strange - it may be some .desktop file installed at wrong place (plugins/service menu)23:18
bobesponjaI get "Could not init font path element /usr/share/fonts/X11/cyrillic" when I start kde4 rc223:20
bobesponjaany idea what's wrong?23:20
bobesponjak, I installed cyrillix fonts, now I just get this error: Extended Input Devices not yet supported. Impelement it at line 625 in ../../../../hw/kdrive/src/kinput.c23:22
hadsLure: Well, I just installed the kde4 packages again and KMail is still working. Not sure what the issue was but it appears to have fixed itself.23:23
hadsLure: Thanks for your assistance anyway.23:23
Lurehads: np23:24
bobesponjaLure: any idea about mine? ^^ :)23:25
* Lure does not have a clue about fonts (unless we are talking about dpi vs. pt.) ;-)23:26
Lurebobesponja: kdrive sound suspicious though23:26
Lureisn't kdrive like X server replacement or something?23:26
bobesponjaI'm using Xephyr23:27
Lurebobesponja: it might be something in you xorg.conf that confuses Xephyr23:28
Lurebobesponja: but note that this are all "wild guesses" ;-)23:28
bobesponjaLure: it used to work with RC1, don't know if there was any update of Xephyr or xorg in the meanwhile23:30
ugaLure: kdrive was (is) an accelerated X server for embedded devices23:33
ugaintended to be small23:33
ugaxrender stuff, iirc23:34
Lureuga: yes, right. thanks for pointing out23:34

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