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paulvghello, i uploaded a package to PPA but it's not building, what should i do?15:40
pochupaulvg: when did you uploaded it?15:41
pochuThen wait :)15:42
pochuHas it built for amd64 and lpia?15:42
pochuThose are usually faster than x86 afaik15:42
paulvgnever, only x86 and ppc have been tested so far afaik15:43
pochuPPA doesn't build for ppc, does it?15:43
paulvgnot sure, i'm using only x86 :p15:44
beunopochu, ppc isn't officially supported anymore (hasn't for some time now), so no, PPA doesn't build for ppc  :D16:08
paulvgso how long would it take after uploading before the build completes?16:09
pochubeuno: lpia is a port too and ppa builds binaries for it.16:09
pochuI think they don't build ppc binaries for technical reasons16:09
Spadspochu: he said 'supported', not 'ported'16:10
pochuSpads: lpia isn't officially supported either, is it? And ppa builds binaries for it.16:10
pochu#  hardy lpia  (unofficial) 16:12
beunopochu, right, well, it's more of a "going to be supported" vs "not supported anymore" thing I guess16:13
pochuWe use the Xen virtualisation system for security during the build process, ensuring that each build has a clean build environment and different developers cannot impact on one another's builds accidentally. This technology is only available on x86 and amd64.16:13
pochuThat's from PPAQuickStart16:13
Spadspochu: lpia is an x86 subset16:13
pochuSo ppc isn't built because Xen isn't available there, isn't it?16:13
pochuSpads: I know16:13
pochuAnd not because it's a port16:14
* Spads winces at the phrase "impact on one another"16:14
beunopochu, I think that if Ubuntu dropped ppc support, it really doesn't make much sense maintaining infrastructure to build ppc16:15
pochubeuno: but ppc builds are still done in Ubuntu...16:15
pochubeuno: ports.ubuntu.com - they are not officialy supported, right, but the same happens for lpia16:16
pochualthough I see the point of UME16:16
Spadspochu: you'll go round in circles if you keep this up16:16
SpadsI think you've identified a lot of little reasons16:17
SpadsPPC was once supported, but no longer.  LPIA is soon to be supported in an official product.  Xen doesn't work on PPC, etc etc etc.16:17
pochuThanks for the summary! ;-)16:18
* pochu goes to do something productive16:18
* beuno goes to eat a late breakfeast16:19
paulvgwell be seein ya ./16:31
_polto_how can i find  what package contain "mozilla-config" i need it for compilation of my program 16:38
Ubulette_polto_, i don't think we ship that. use the pkgconfig files instead16:45
Ubulette_polto_, which package needs that ?16:46
_polto_Ubulette, hmm. i am not a programmer. i just have a video plugin for FF what worked before and now i can't compile it on Ubuntu.16:46
_polto_Ubulette, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/10851694/genres_1.0.2%7Eppa3.tar.gz16:47
_polto_on my PPA : https://edge.launchpad.net/~polto/+archive16:47
_polto_Ubulette,  you can see logs here : http://launchpadlibrarian.net/10852541/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-i386.genres_1.0.2%7Eppa3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:48
Ubulette(hmm, you're packaging those as native packages, it's not right)16:49
_polto_what does you mean ?16:52
_polto_ native packages ?16:52
Ubuletteyou used versions like x.y for 2 packages. should be x.y-z or x.y-0ubuntuz16:54
Ubuletteinstead of 'mozilla-config --cflags xpcom', you need to use 'pkg-config --cflags xulrunner-xpcom' (if you use libxul-dev)16:56
Ubulette(or firefox-xpcom is you use firefox-dev)16:58
_polto_oh. i will. thanks.16:59
_polto_i'll try it now.16:59
Ubuletteand btw, you'd have better luck with those questions in #ubuntu-motu17:01
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batomswhy do i get the "Tags not supported by BzrBranch5" error when i try to push my changes22:47
batomsor better yet, how do i fix it?22:47
jmlbatoms: I think that push --overwrite might be the answer.23:38

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