yogiwhen will kernel+modules 2.6.24 land in hardy archives?01:52
yogiI see the kernel, but no corresponding linux-ubuntu-modules package01:52
mohkohnIs anyone using virtualbox-ose with the 2.6.24 kernel?02:04
jkimball4how does one fix stuff which is normally found in xorg.conf if it no longer exists?02:12
mohkohnIs anyone using virtualbox-ose with the 2.6.24 kernel?02:16
mohkohnIs anyone using virtualbox-ose with the 2.6.24 kernel?02:39
mohkohndoes Hardy have a new virtualbox-ose package to match the new kernel?03:01
DrUnKnMuNkYanyone else had problems with openoffice? mine decided to remove itself when i was updating packages on apt. seems to conflict with the newest version of libhsqldb-java03:30
mohkohnoops sorry. wrong window!03:45
jkimball4how do I change xorg.conf settings without an xorg.conf being available?03:49
vorianjkimball4, what do you mean by not available?04:02
nomasteryodavorian, he means "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:04
nomasteryodais returning a not installed04:04
nomasteryodai've seen that before04:04
nomasteryodathat is my best guess04:04
jkimball4vorian: in /etc/X11 there isn't an xorg.conf file04:06
jkimball4haven't tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:06
vorianyah, give that a shot :)04:06
jkimball4it doesn't return a message about not being installed.  it wants to detect stuff.04:07
jkimball4I just want to stick some touchpad options in xorg.conf--not go through the whole spiel04:07
jkimball4vorian, nomasteryoda: any ideas aside from going through the reconfigure process?04:09
nomasteryodajkimball4, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg?04:09
jkimball4'tis already installed.  this is a fresh install w/ updates of hardy04:10
nomasteryodathen it might work04:10
nomasteryodathat is a dev version04:10
nomasteryodasee the topic?04:10
jkimball4well, yes, this is #ubuntu+104:10
jkimball4so there is supposed to be an xorg.conf, just this particular revision doesn't have it.  sound right?04:10
nomasteryodai would query apt-cache for xserver04:10
nomasteryodaand install the one closest to your hardware04:11
nomasteryodalike -intel i have to use04:11
nomasteryodaya in fact, the Gutsy can work without one04:11
nomasteryodafrom what I hear04:11
nomasteryodaits "unbreakable" X04:11
nomasteryodabut that is not exactly the right name04:12
Dr_willisbullet-proof X04:13
TwigmanHi Guys05:22
TwigmanIs there a problem with the openoffice packages at the moment?05:22
TwigmanI've only got 2.3.0 in any repo I look at, and it conflicts with libhsqldb-java
DanaGHmm, apt-zeroconf doesn't want to work on a new Hardy upgrade.06:41
DanaGNO module named aptzeroconf.06:42
DanaGor "unable to guess signature from an empty list"06:43
DanaGOh, and what are the default permissions on /var/crash?06:44
Hobbseesarah@LongPointyStick:~% ls -la /var/crash                               5:46PM06:46
Hobbseetotal 856006:46
Hobbseedrwxrwxrwt  2 root  root     4096 2007-12-12 22:36 .06:46
Hobbseedrwxr-xr-x 15 root  root     4096 2007-10-16 09:31 ..06:46
Hobbsee-rw-------  1 sarah sarah 8737640 2007-12-08 01:02 _usr_lib_thunderbird_thunderbird-bin.1000.crash06:46
HobbseeDanaG: ^06:46
DanaGHow do you chmod to get the 't'?06:47
DanaGoh, +t06:48
DanaGsilly me.06:48
* Hobbsee wonders why her printer insists on printing letter-sized printouts06:51
DanaGNow if only I could figure out why apt-zeroconf doesn't work.06:53
DanaGIt installs only to python2.4 site-packages, but even if I run it with python2.4, it gets the other error.06:53
DanaGYet it works on my other system, somehow.06:57
DanaGAaaah: the working one has apt-zeroconf 0.3rc4.07:02
DanaGThe broken is 0.4.07:02
DanaGAaah, aoarnir us aksi bkicjubg ut,'07:17
DanaGgaack, typing blind.07:17
DanaGI meant to say,07:17
DanaGAaah, AppArmor is blocking it.07:17
DanaGAnd my newer laptop (that has had Hardy for longer) doesn't have that installed.07:20
DanaGOnce apt-zeroconf becomes packaged, I guess I'll file a bug report then.07:24
DanaGOh yeah, the old laptop has bad blocks that it sometimes stalls on; how do you get the system to relocate data out of those bad blocks?07:38
TwigmanHey DanaG: Do you have the same problem as me with openoffice at the moment? I can't install it because of broken packages. Still only have 2.3.0 in the repos..07:44
DanaGHmm, I'll look again at that system.07:47
DanaGBut I really need to do a badblocks check on that hard drive -- but I can't ever unmount the root!07:51
Twigmanyou can't run badblocks with root readony?07:52
Twigmanie.. mount -o remount /07:52
DanaGI'll try that07:52
Twigmanbtw.. relocating data should just happen with fsck I *think*07:53
Twigmanyou'll need to either give it permission, or run 'yes' into it: yes | fsck......07:53
Twigmanbut only do that if things are so broken that you don't care if you break them more..07:53
DanaGIt still says "can cause severe filesystem damage" even when ro.07:54
DanaGEeh, I guess there are two forms of badblock checks: read-only and nondestructive-read-write07:55
DanaGThe former is runnable while mounted RO.07:55
Twigmanwell.. your kernel will probably get a little annoyed by a filesystem changing that is mounted..07:56
Twigmanbut: The only other way is to boot off some other media and run fsck from there, or only boot so far. You can pass /bin/bash as your 'init' to grub: init=/bin/bash07:57
Twigmanthen you can do stuff.. but you'll need to mount media with fsck in it..07:57
Twigmanand.. make sure you mount proc if you do: mount -t proc /proc /proc07:58
DanaGOh, and for some reason, it's not giving a progress bar.07:58
Twigmanargh.. I've gotta go..07:59
Twigmanif you get a chance to check whether you can install openoffice or not that'd be handy..08:00
Twigmanjust leave me a message if you do..08:00
TwigmanSee ya!08:00
* Twigman is away08:00
DanaGHmm, openoffice upgraded fine for me.08:41
pvandewyngaerdei cant see any flash sites anymore10:01
DrUnKnMuNkYpvandewyngaerde: i was having trouble with gnash. i got rid of it and i'm only using the nonfree flash player now and everything started working again10:02
DrUnKnMuNkYsudo apt-get remove gnash was all i had to do10:05
pvandewyngaerdehmm, i could indeed have some gnash  issues10:08
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void^it's a little sad how things like bug #27109 are still not fixed in upstream14:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 27109 in nautilus "nautilus uses 100% cpu after closing a ssh session" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2710914:01
* TuX_Claudiu :: [ amaroK playing Jan Wayne - Because The Night (Highstreet Allstars extended mix) ] :: [ 208kbps ] :: [ 68:28 of 75:32 ] ::14:58
theunixgeekI'm in Ubuntu. I installed all the GNUstep packages, but ProjectCenter.app doesn't launch. What do I do?16:27
theunixgeekHardy Heron :P16:27
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DanaGHeh, my CPU is reporting 10 C as its core temperature.17:46
DanaGJust woken from suspend, in a cold room.17:46
DanaGRoom is 65 F.17:46
rskmaybe hell froze over17:51
DanaGOkay.... THAT was random.18:07
DanaGPC speaker worked once after resume, but then once I changed my mixer volume, it broke again.18:07
DanaGOh, and I can't seem to move the 'beep' to a different audio device in PulseAudio.18:12
rskmaybe it's hardcoded in the module18:13
DanaGIt seems to be random sometimes.18:13
DanaGIt doesn't even respect the "Default sink" option18:14
pvandewyngaerdeanyone else having problems with flash ?18:32
rskit's darn slow after the upgrade18:32
pvandewyngaerdei dont see anything at all, i am running Kubuntu  6418:33
pvandewyngaerdeeven the ubuntu install wizard says its allready installed18:33
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pvandewyngaerdeand in combination with KDE4.svn and FireFox-3.0 i have a totally messed up system18:34
hwilde!flash | pvandewyngaerde18:38
ubotupvandewyngaerde: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash18:38
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pvandewyngaerdeits a problem with the flashplugin-nonfree package18:48
* Dannilion tries and thinks of a way of wording this bug report so it makes sense18:52
pvandewyngaerdei'll make my own setup in /opt18:52
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pvandewyngaerdeit has something to do with  "error while loading shared libraries: libpcre.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory "19:00
albert23pvandewyngaerde: you can install libpcre.so.3 and libpcre.so.3.12.1 from the libpcre3 32 bit package in /usr/lib32. I had to do that this morning as well19:02
DanaGOkay, KDE4 starts, but it's not very good, in my opinion.19:06
DanaGRight-clicking the taskbar toggles whatever's the rightmost button, even if it's not visibly at where you're clicking.19:07
pvandewyngaerdeits only the beginning of the platform,  everything is .0.0 version19:07
DanaGAnd right-clicking anywhere else on the panel does absolutely nothing at all.19:07
DanaGAnd Plasmids have "mystery meat" buttons with no tooltips to tell you what they do.19:07
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pvandewyngaerdeDanaG: its completely new code @ . version,  will shape up later, by 4.1 version or so19:10
DanaGWell, for now, I'm logging out and going back into Gnome.19:10
pvandewyngaerdei have libpcre 7.4-0ubuntu0.7.10  installed19:10
pvandewyngaerdehmm, its more recent than the one listed on packages.ubuntu.com for hardy19:12
albert23pvandewyngaerde: that will be the 64 bit version. nspluginwrapper needs the 32 bit version19:12
DanaGOh, and I tested apt-zeroconf.  Version 0.3~rc4 works, but 0.4 doesn't.19:12
DanaGAnd 0.3~rc4 runs right smack dab into apparmor somehow.19:12
Dr_willis!info apt-zeroconf19:12
ubotuPackage apt-zeroconf does not exist in hardy19:13
Dr_willis:) darn it. heh heh19:13
DanaGNot packaged for Ubuntu yet.19:13
hwildethere is pulseaudio-module-zerocon19:15
DanaGOh, and PulseAudio is still not ideal: have you tried streaming audio from one PC to (switching between) different audio devices on a different PC?19:16
DanaGoops, I already pasted that.19:16
DanaGThe PulseAudio stream dies when you try to use either of the two systems's "pavucontrol" apps to move the strem.19:17
* hwilde blank stare19:17
pvandewyngaerdealbert23:  thank you very much, it works now19:18
albert23pvandewyngaerde: no problem19:18
pvandewyngaerdeDanaG: i'm switching to KDE4 now, you wont see me quit or leave because i am running a irssi proxy in screen which i connect to with my GUI irc app19:24
DanaGThat's an interesting idea.19:26
pvandewyngaerdeback in kde419:27
pvandewyngaerdeit is indeed, and with a bitlbee session i am also connected to MSN/gmail-IM19:27
pvandewyngaerdethrough IRC19:28
DanaGI wonder if I could run that on my dd-wrt router...19:29
pvandewyngaerdeif you dont want it to log the channels, or if you log remote19:30
kbrookspvandewyngaerde, irssi proxy?19:31
pvandewyngaerdeyes, irssi connects to the server,  and then acts as a server for another client19:32
DanaGHow do you deal with logging?19:32
pvandewyngaerdeif you dont want it, turn it of19:33
DanaGBut I do like logging/19:33
pvandewyngaerdewell, my GUI client is logging when i am connected19:34
pvandewyngaerdei installed the proxy because kde4 was crashing sometimes, and i switch sessions a lot, and i didn't want to flood irc19:36
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DanaG ERROR: Kernel configuration is invalid.";21:46
DanaGtrying to compile virtualbox driver.21:46
bardyrDanaG, export CC=gcc-4.121:47
bardyror .2 cant remember what compiler is used for the gutsy kernel21:47
DanaGOh yeah, one thing I'd reeeeally like to see:22:06
DanaGTry Fedora 8 and notice the time-varying wallpaper.22:07
DanaGThat's what I'd like to see.  It's reeeeally nice.22:07
DanaGOh yeah, fix for vboxdrv:22:07

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