wolfganglook that- http://wolfgang-city.myminicity.com/00:14
slangasekRiddell: bug #156320 is assigned to you and marked as assigned to you and attached to the hardy-alpha-2 milestone, but the submitter shows an error message mentioning feisty; can you help me fill in the blanks here? (wasn't this bug already fixed for gutsy?)01:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156320 in update-manager "[kde] copy XAUTHORITY may fail and crashes the upgrader (was: Upgrade tool crashed when upgrading 7.04 -> 7.10)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15632001:01
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tekteenHi guys. Anyone know how ubuntu figures out ide/sata drives are hard drives and which are cdroms. I am creating a toolkit that partitions a hd.01:38
sladenthey're all SCSI now ;-)   Except for PCMCIA card readers, which are IDE01:40
tekteenI need to figure out what devs are hds01:40
slangasektekteen: /sys01:40
tekteenalso I have a kind of noob question about launchpad01:41
tekteencan you submit a blueprint if you have no Idea how it would be done?01:41
tekteenas a suggestion.01:42
slangasekyou can, but it's unlikely that someone will take notice of it01:42
sladentekteen: /sys/class/scsi_device/*  vs.  /sys/class/scsi_disk/*01:42
tekteenthanks again01:42
sladenyou can file a wishlist bugreport though01:43
sladentekteen: remember, you have the source code:   apt-get source debian-installer01:44
slangaseker? where did he say anything about the installer?01:52
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mekiusAnyone know if there are plans to include pata_via in future kernel releases?03:02
_MMA_mekius: #ubuntu-kernel03:05
mekiusah :)03:05
mekiushopefully get an answer :)03:06
_MMA_mekius: As its late in EU and east-cost of the states you might have to wait a bit.03:08
mekiusok, that's fine03:08
mekiusjust want to get everything out so when someone does answer it's not something like "More details" :P03:08
slangasekit's late in the west coast states too03:09
mekius9pm here03:09
mekiusnot too late :)03:09
slangasekmekius: a little late for finding a kernel developer on a friday night03:14
zulmost of them are our drinking03:14
zulor so they say...03:14
mekiusslangasek: Well I just got time to diagnose the issue :)03:28
mekiusslangasek: Obviously not looking for miracles here, in fact I didn't expect anything, but figured I'd give it a shot anyway :)03:28
chuckfquick question. Who would be the best contact for discussing UDS planning with?04:02
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mekiusAnyone know of any good documentation on discover2 since Progeny is dead and took the docs with them it seems.08:52
Burgundaviamekius: are they not in a doc package?08:53
mekiusnot that I can find08:56
mekiusAt least nothing that actually explains things like how to specify options for a driver and such08:57
mekiusI found a README08:57
Burgundaviamekius: you know that Ubuntu doesn't use discover2, right?08:58
mekiusgOS does08:58
mekiusdoes ubuntu still use discover1?08:58
mekiusis there a reason why it still uses discover1?08:58
persiamekius: You may have found it :)08:58
mekiusi found a guide.txt08:59
Mithrandirwe're going to get rid of discover1 too, fwiw.08:59
mekiuswill take me some time to dig through though08:59
Burgundaviamekius: I suspect largely because discover is mostly superceded by udev, hal, etc.08:59
mekiusMithrandir: yeah, I thought I saw something like that08:59
Burgundaviathe last piece, afaik, is the X driver stuff, which is going away soonish as well08:59
mekiusBurgundavia: oh?08:59
Burgundaviamekius: what are you trying to do?08:59
mekiusWhat is replacing that?08:59
Burgundaviaupstream X stuff08:59
BurgundaviaI really don't know more beyond that09:00
mekiusWell, dealing with some VIA hardware and need to load the openchrome driver, but with certain options09:00
mekiusI could have swore I saw some way to do this at some point09:00
mekiusCan't find it now though09:00
mekiusWe'll see how good the X stuff is09:00
mekiusok, think i found it09:02
fabiohello friends10:03
fabioany one know seyon?10:03
fabioi think is portuguese10:04
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Riddellslangasek: not really sure what's going on there11:30
Riddellslangasek: possibly he doesn't have XAUTHORITY set (which is done by kdesu)11:31
slangasekRiddell: so it's not really confirmed as applying to hardy at all?11:53
slangasekRiddell: btw, "Filen eller katalogen [...]" is ENOENT11:54
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Riddellslangasek: what does that mean? :)12:32
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slangasekRiddell: "no such file or directory"?12:42
Riddellslangasek: I wonder if he's started adept through sudo instead of kdesu14:48
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mattwalstonAny known issues with current dhcpd3-server init scripts?  New to ubuntu and can't find the bug tracker.16:07
persiamattwalston: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dhcp316:08
mattwalstonpersia: thanks16:09
persiamattwalston: Also, you might want #ubuntu for support or #ubuntu-bugs for bug discussion.16:09
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tekteenhi guys. anyone know how to run a interactive program on startup on the ubuntu live cd. When I run a script from rc.local it does not allow for user input.17:01
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sladentekteen: if it's a GUI app that needs the input, run it after X is up.  If it's a console app, run it in gnome-terminal, again, after X is up17:21
sorenHmm... What's stdin connected to during startup?17:22
sladentekteen: pop something in the .xsession, or run a casper hook to inject something17:22
sladen /dev/tty ;-)17:22
sorenSo why does that not allow for user input?17:23
tekteensladen: I want to start up a menu17:23
tekteensladen: the menu is in bash17:23
tekteensladen: if possible I want it to automatically go to terminal 2 and run the menu.sh17:24
tekteensladen: I created the cd from scratch so x does not start automatically (I did that intentionally)17:26
sladentekteen: remove splash and quiet from the kernel command line, that might/should work17:26
tekteensladen: how would that help?17:27
sladentekteen: you wouldn't be on vt8 with usplash stealing your input17:27
tekteenthe splash is not stealing the input17:28
sladentekteen: chvt and openvt will help you open a program on another console, if you really need to do that17:28
tekteencan I then move what the user sees to another console?17:29
tekteenI need to move the user to another console then run the menu in the console17:29
sladentekteen: you can do two things  (a) run programs on particular consoles  (b) select which console the user is shown.  If those two coincide then the user might see the request17:29
tekteenI have no idea how to do them17:30
tekteensladen: thanks17:32
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CacahoueteHello all!18:35
CacahoueteI want to contribute to Ubuntu. Can you give me some advices to start?18:35
CacahoueteI have read the page about contributing on ubuntu.com18:36
Cacahouetebut I need more informations.18:36
warp10Hi all18:57
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fabio_where is the channel pt?19:21
somerville32fabio_, pt?19:23
somerville32#ubuntu-pt ?19:23
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.19:25
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blizzowHow should I go about patching and recompiling a single driver/kernel module?  Specifically the cx88-alsa module.  I already installed the linux-source package and patched the /usr/src/linux-source-`uname -r`/drivers/media/video/cx88-alsa.c file.20:27
fabio_i cant instal one game in cedega20:33
fabio_Sorry, game folders may not have slashes in their names (either forward or backward).20:34
fabio_what is slashes20:34
Burgundaviafabio_: this is not a support channel20:34
Burgundaviablizzow: nor is it a channel to help you compile stuff20:34
fabio_im banned in ubuntu20:35
blizzowBurgundavia: This is the channel where people who do dev work on ubuntu idle no?20:35
Burgundaviablizzow: yes, but that is a support question. if they take them in #ubuntu-kernel I would try there20:36
sorenCedega questions in #ubuntu-kernel? What?20:36
blizzowI'll try there then, thanks.20:36
sorenEr. no.20:37
sorenthat's all wrong.20:37
sorenThat's not the right place for it at all?20:37
Burgundaviasoren: fabio was asking about cedega, blizzow was aksing aboutg compilig a kernel module20:37
Burgundaviasoren: again, you need to have less IRC channels open :)20:37
sorenBurgundavia: Gah..20:37
Chipzzsoren: fabio_ was the one asking about cedega, not blizzow20:38
sorenYes, I got it now. Thanks.20:38
* soren crawls back under his rock20:38
Chipzzsoren: didn't see Burgundavia already said that; apologies20:39
BurgundaviaChipzz: I just second prize in the "not paying attention before I type" award20:40
BurgundaviaI give you, arther20:40
ChipzzBurgundavia: yeah, not totally awake yet I suppose20:41
Chipzzand it's 9:41 PM here :P20:41
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fabio_any one can help?20:52
Chipzzfabio_: 21:35 < Burgundavia> fabio_: this is not a support channel20:53
tekteenfabio_: go to #ubuntu (or #kubuntu)20:54
nixternalRiddell: fancy joining #kubuntu-devel at all :) we miss you! :)20:59
Chipzzfabio_: if you can't get an answer on #ubuntu (due to people not knowing or being banned), the forums are another alternative21:01
norsettofabio_: and https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu too21:05
nixternalfabio_: join #cedega for your support need please21:31
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