mekiusHey, got forwarded here.  Was wondering if anyone knew if pata_via was going to be put back into the stock Ubuntu kernel in the near future?03:06
mekiusOEM using VIA and no driver is being loaded for the IDE controller.  Manually loading ide-generic in the live environment brings it to life, but since it doesn't load at startup I would think we'd have issues booting the installed system03:08
mekiusI would think the pata_via driver would provide better support in the long term and also hopefully load at boot.03:09
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blizzowHow should I go about patching and recompiling a single driver/kernel module?  Specifically the cx88-alsa module.  I already installed the linux-source package and patched the /usr/src/linux-source-`uname -r`/drivers/media/video/cx88-alsa.c file.20:37
hanishkvcin make menuconfig select the corresponding module and then do a make modules and copy the module to /lib/modules/<kernel-version>. There could be a shorter way of doing this with the kbuild system in 2.6, but you will have to dig that up from the net or maybe README in the kernel source20:49
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blizzowhanishkvc: should I make mrproper and make clean before doing this?20:54
blizzowIf I get "insmod: error inserting '/usr/src/linux-source-2.6.22/drivers/media/video/cx88/cx88-alsa.ko': -1 Invalid module format"21:00
blizzowWhat should I do?21:00
hanishkvcIdealy you should select the same config parameters for the kernel source as what is running on your machine21:27
hanishkvcAlso are you sure the module source is not missing something21:32
blizzowI don't think so, but I'm trying again to see what happens.21:35
hanishkvcAlso try building the kernel from the source before building the module, it might be depending on some dynamically generated header file indirectly21:43
hanishkvcBut as I told when building the kernel use the same config as used by the distro (if you are using distro's default kernel)21:44
hanishkvcIf this doesn't help, then go back to the original cx88-alsa.c (i.e revert back the patch) and build that and see if the module builds (a) if yes, then look at the patch you are applying and see what it might be messing up (b) if No, then something wrong in the compiling/process used for building21:47
hanishkvcAbove when I told if the module builds I meant if module loads21:48
blizzowIt takes forever to compile all the modules in the ubuntu kernel so I'm going to go get some coffee.21:49
hanishkvcAm going to bed, If I am not wrong compiling the kernel (bzimage) with running kernels config and then compiling the module should mostly fix your problem21:51
hanishkvcGood luck.21:51
hanishkvcAlso maybe going into the directory where the driver/module is in the source and then doing a make modules may save you from having to sit throu all the modules compiling21:53

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