asacok nsSystemPref::Init is called00:05
asacbut the Gconf Init not00:05
asacso the component is at least a bit registered00:05
asac--- a/extensions/pref/system-pref/src/nsSystemPrefLog.h00:08
asac+++ b/extensions/pref/system-pref/src/nsSystemPrefLog.h00:08
asac@@ -42,4 +42,4 @@ #include "prlog.h"00:08
asacextern PRLogModuleInfo *gSysPrefLog;00:08
asac-#define SYSPREF_LOG(args) PR_LOG(gSysPrefLog, PR_LOG_DEBUG, args)00:08
asac+#define SYSPREF_LOG(args) printf(args)00:08
asacdo that to see something00:08
asacit doesn't work completely, but we are close :)00:08
Ubulettegreat, i've gained subpixel in prism too, i'm happy00:17
cheguevaraUbulette, just installed your cairo and fontconfig :P00:17
Ubulettethe rest is on the way00:18
cheguevarawhats in the rest?00:18
Ubulettexulrunner 1.9 and firefox 3.0 using this new cairo00:18
cheguevaraoh yeah duh00:19
cheguevaranothing on getting back/forward icons on kde?00:19
jimmy_asac: i don't understand why in debug mode, it works, where in non-debug, the linking is screwed up badly00:19
Ubulettecheguevara, nope, not yet00:21
cheguevarakk cool :P00:21
cheguevarabrb reboot00:21
cheguevaraUbulette, which fonts do you use00:26
Ubulettebut here, it's not related.00:27
Ubuletteall fonts should be improved (in ff3)00:27
Ubuletteand in anything using xulrunner 1.900:28
cheguevarashouldn't it affect system wise as well00:28
cheguevarasince its fontconfig/cairo00:28
Ubulettethere was already a sub pixel patch in system cairo.00:29
Ubulettehalf broken according to cairo dev00:29
cheguevaraare you targeting the patches for hardy or is there a licensing thing00:29
Ubulettei want to propose that to hardy but i have no authority00:30
cheguevarai remember reading that those patches have MS patent issues00:31
Ubulettenot this one as it comes from the guy who claimed just that00:31
cheguevaraDavid Turner?00:32
cheguevarayeah i remember his big post on freetype ml00:32
asacjimmy_: in non-debug mode everything gets hidden to optimize it further00:36
Ubuletteasac, i have a seamonkey update. changes requested by persia. would you sponsor ?00:38
Ubuletteasac, http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/debdiff/seamonkey_1.1.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu1--1.1.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu2.debdiff00:39
Ubuletteasac, he said ~5 days ago "I think you've gotten enough review, and would do well to send it to the sponsors queue (as it's just an update)"00:41
asacso why wouldn't he sponsor?01:17
asaci mean everybody can sponsor reviewed packages ;)01:17
asacfor instance bluekuja_ :) ?01:17
asacbut i can do it01:17
Ubuletteno idea01:18
asacdo the other mozilla packages also need an update to point to versioned xGPLs?01:20
Ubulettei guess everything has to be updated, Standards-Version, Vcs, licences, etc.01:21
asacUbulette: ok now that persia hasn't any comments, can you next approach geser for uploads?01:22
asacnot for seamonkey ... for your next MOTU things ;)01:23
Ubulettefor each rlz, i asked a dozen times01:24
Ubulettenot to him, to revu01:24
Ubuletteto motu01:24
asacUbulette: the idea is that you bug the important guys a few times01:25
Ubulettehow do I know who the important guy is ?01:25
asacthen apply motu and they agree :) ... so you can just upload01:25
asacwell ... those that are pretty active01:26
Ubulettedo you mean i should apply to be motu now ?01:27
asaci don't think so01:27
asacbut i don't know01:27
asacask dholbach on monday01:27
Ubulettehow come there're 76 motus and it's still painfully slow to get a review or a sponsorship?01:30
asaci think this is an interesting question01:31
asacand nobody probably looked closer for the real reasons01:31
asacthe trivial answer is of course: "people have no time"01:31
asac+ "contributors do whatever they are interested in"01:32
asacand they don't see the benefit of reviewing (e.g. they learn a lot)01:32
asacfurther you need packaging experience ... otherwise you will not know how to do X or Y01:33
asacif you have ideas how to gt more people doing sponsorship or reviews, let me know :)01:35
cheguevararequire motus to do at least x number a week01:36
Ubuletteno idea. i only know i've lost time begging for reviews, and lost most of my motivation in the process.01:36
asaccheguevara: x number what? reviews?01:36
asacUbulette: so what timeframe would you expect a review to be done?01:38
Ubulette2 or 3 business days, top01:39
asacfor review + sponsorship or for the first reply (which can be GO or NO)01:39
Ubuletteonce a package is updated01:41
Ubulettehmm, miro crashes on startup now01:51
Ubuletteasac, is your python patch released ?01:54
Ubulettewtf ? it starts with LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/lib/firefox but crashes in /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9b2/libxul.so  ??????01:57
asacwhat starts?01:58
asaci think hte new python uses xul ... yes.01:58
asacnow you need mine :)01:59
asacwith the package from mt ?01:59
asacplease use ppa01:59
asacand use that for head01:59
UbuletteI can't sync my bot on random ppa02:00
Ubuletteit's synced on hardy02:01
asacwell ... then it will be broken for some time :)02:01
UbuletteI'll fork it, that's it. will not be the 1st time02:01
asacfork what?02:02
Ubulette= stop syncing on anything and let my bot package work. it's good at that02:04
asacjimmy_: finally, it works here02:24
jimmy_asac: you are awesome02:25
asacwell it would have been more awesome if i hadn't hunted a problem that didn't exist02:26
asaci needed a full respin but didn't to safe time :)02:26
asacbut the preferences are indeed not locked02:26
asacthats strange :)02:26
asaci mean it worked that way before as well02:26
asac... but well, probablyits better now02:27
jimmy_what' do you mean it is not locked02:27
jimmy_you can change it in about:config?02:27
asachmm ... it doesn't look locked ... lets see if it automatically sets it back to gconf02:28
asacyes the values are indeed not locked ... but they are bi-directional :)02:30
asacwhat i change in firefox is changed in gconf :)02:30
jimmy_yes, they sync both ways02:30
jimmy_it's like that before02:30
asaci think locking should be done by general.config02:30
asaclet me clean things up and commit02:30
jimmy_thanks for helping do all the trouble-shooting02:31
jimmy_i am still building mine :)02:31
jimmy_so on Monday, I'll work on the adding the zoom buttons02:32
asacok thats good02:47
jimmy_asac: have a nice weekend, i'll talk to you next week, thanks a bunch02:50
asacok i have pushed it02:50
jimmy_ok, cool02:50
asacok bye02:59
jimmy_we owe you again :)02:59
cheguevaraUbulette, just updated to your new xul and ff04:10
Ubuletteany difference ?04:11
cheguevarawhoa not bad at all04:12
cheguevaraUbulette, http://img213.imageshack.us/my.php?image=snapshot3ht8.png04:14
cheguevaranice job04:14
Ubulettetell me if you see corrupted pages that were fine before. or if something else is broken (because of system cairo).04:14
Ubuletteso far, i didn't04:14
cheguevarakk will do04:14
Ubulettei'll look into those damn icons another time.04:15
Ubuletteit's 5am04:15
cheguevarastill 4 am here04:15
cheguevarathough its not much better04:15
Ubuletteuk ?04:15
Ubuletteok, miro is working again. going to bed.04:19
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bluekujaheya everyone12:55
bluekujaasac, Ubulette: :)12:55
bluekujahow are you?12:56
Ubulettecold, you ?12:59
Ubuletteit's freezing out here12:59
bluekujasame here12:59
bluekujabut anyway the sun is shining outside12:59
bluekujaUbulette, any news?12:59
Ubulettenot much. i have ff3 b2 working with subpixel lcd filter13:01
bluekujaUbulette, and what about seamonkey?13:01
bluekujaUbulette, was it fine at the end?13:01
bluekujaUbulette, cool! two new revisions got uploaded13:02
bluekujaUbulette, really great work13:02
bluekujaUbulette, reading backlogs, is there a new revision to push?13:03
Ubuletteno, asac did it yesterday13:04
Ubulettebut thx to ask :)13:04
bluekujanp, feel free to ask if a new revision is needed13:04
bluekujaand remember that a new revision it's not NEW13:04
bluekujaso it won't take ages anyway13:04
Ubuletteyep, i know the difference13:05
bluekujaso if you need something, and asac is overloaded13:06
bluekujasend me a mail13:06
bluekujagonna catch it up and review/upload it13:06
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Ubulette[reed], what are all those crashtest commits for ? descriptions seem like childish spam to me23:58

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