nettow0822_hey guys00:28
nettow0822_anyone try to optimize nfs?00:30
MythbuntuGuest12can someone help me with dvd settings01:59
MythbuntuGuest12everything works great except the dvd02:00
MythbuntuGuest12like it doesnt exist02:00
JThundleygo on...02:05
MythbuntuGuest12I have tried slave and master..nothing02:05
MythbuntuGuest12its set to /dev/dvd102:07
MythbuntuGuest12also tried /dev/scd002:07
JThundleyscd, I think that means it's scsi or something weird02:08
MythbuntuGuest12no its ide02:08
JThundleymy /dev/dvd is linked do /dev/hdb02:08
MythbuntuGuest12looks like its /dev/scd002:38
JDStonewhat does this error mean? HTTPRequest::ParseRequest - Timeout reading first line of request.02:55
JDStonethat's from the mythbackend log02:55
JThundleyit means there's red hairs in your tuner03:01
MythbuntuGuest12man all I want is a dvd setting that will work...grr03:05
famiconheya lall12:22
famiconI'm trying to build a prototype for a small silent pvr12:23
famiconanyways, has anyone here have any experience with ubuntu and hardy12:41
skwashdfamicon: you will most likely get more help with hardy on #ubuntu+112:47
famicontrue true12:48
famiconI havent really been involved with ubuntu for a while12:49
cosmic_Hi @ ALL13:49
cosmic_Is here anyone who would be so kind to support me with getting Mythfrontend run on a client system !? : What i have done ... install of mysql - client package + mythfrontend ... configured mythfrontend.... wenn i start it starts correctly . but tells me the backend is not startet ... but the bacjend on the server runs correctly13:51
cosmic_sorry for my bad english13:52
directhexmythtv requires a single mysql instance, shared by all backends and frontends13:53
cosmic_i have ONE MySql Database on the server + Frontend + Backend ..... On my Client there is only frontend and sql client package13:54
directhexis your backend listening on a proper IP, or on
directhexlet me find a screenshot13:55
cosmic_oh oh .... i have to see ...13:55
cosmic_let me chack , thx13:55
cosmic_i changed it , but it still doesnt work13:57
cosmic_directhex: now it works SUPER THANKS for support14:02
cosmic_but why cant i see the other media like Video and Fotos on the client frontend ?14:02
directhexcosmic_, you need to mount that folder to local disk, via nfs, to EXACTLY the same place as it is on the other machine14:03
directhexcosmic_, i know, it's a pain14:03
cosmic_no pain , but bad documentation in my opinion (i dont mean the listening IP , thats was my dumpness ;) )14:04
cosmic_or my idiotism14:05
directhexwell, you can mount to a non-identical location, but you can't share metadata14:05
cosmic_ok , understood14:05
cosmic_VideoOutputXv Error: Could not find suitable XVideo surface.14:06
directhexvideo driver issue. ati?14:07
cosmic_i think so14:07
cosmic_do i need hardware rendering ?14:07
cosmic_forget the question14:07
cosmic_i go an configure14:07
directhexyou need a working Xv surface14:07
directhexwhich is basically "overlay" on windows14:07
directhexi think there's a workaround if you set the environment variable NO_XV to 1 before running the frontend, but it'll eat your cpu for breakfast without it14:08
cosmic_I dont understand , how do i get an working Xv surface ? what is it ?14:10
cosmic_directhex would you be so kind to explain ?14:10
directhexit's a basic video driver capability14:11
cosmic_and its not supported for ati ?14:11
directhexnot properly in many cases14:12
cosmic_could it depend on the driver for my card ?14:13
directhexyes, very much so14:13
cosmic_do you use ATI ? i have nvidia on server for the frontend14:14
cosmic_there is all fine14:14
directhexi haven't bought ati for years, because they work badly in linux14:14
cosmic_i know14:14
cosmic_but i thought it would be fine on my laptop14:15
directhexback soon, making lunch14:15
cosmic_directhex: thx14:15
cosmic_CU @ ALL14:22
sebrockI'm trying to access my mythtv-setup (backend) though a VNC connection. But everytime I try to launch it it complains about not beeing part of the group (which I clearly am)14:30
sebrockany clues?14:30
sebrockon the backend there is no graphic card or monitor at all14:31
sebrockalso complains about no running KDM/Gnome/Xfce14:32
techqbertmythdora's channel is empty.  mythdora looks nicer but if this is the case, I might end up using mythbuntu as my backend15:07
techqbertcan I change mythtv theme to retro?15:38
DaveMorristechqbert yeah you can18:41
DaveMorrissebrock try ssh into the box wiht ssh -X to forward the X back,18:42
sebrockhow do I add a record by record name in mythmusic? As of now If I got a record with various artists I have to look them all up manually??18:43
DaveMorrisI assume it's done using the the ID3 tags in the MP3's, maybe setting those the the record album name18:44
sebrockalready done, but I find no way to sort it by record18:49
sebrockHONSESTLY WTF!!!18:54
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blizzowAnyone alive in here?21:04
blizzowDo I still need to patch the cx88-alsa driver to get audio over NTSC using a pchdtv 5500 card?21:07
blizzowI'm looking for some info on getting a pchdtv 5500 card to work with ubuntu and mythtv.21:13
blizzowSpecifically, sound does not come in on NTSC channels.21:13
Dr_willisTheres the various Mythtv and Mythubuntu forums you may want to check.21:13
Dr_willisI just got a little  pvr150 card here.21:14
blizzowwhat other forums do you check.  The pchdtv site is shit.21:14
toorimai have the pchdtv5500 card with mythbuntu and it works perfect oob21:16
toorimai just use it for hd tho, have a pvr150 for sd21:16
Dr_willisthat implies theres some sort of soundcard/mixer setting may be the cause of blizzow 's problem.21:17
Dr_willisBut this is all out of my league. :) i just have a SD card.21:17
toorimawell the pvr1150 is a good card21:17
blizzowDr_willis: I've tried cranking all settings on the alsamixer and no dice.21:17
blizzowtoorima: how's the picture quality for you?21:18
toorimavery good21:18
toorimahave it on a 42" plasma and its good21:18
toorimaare u trying to output ac3 or something?21:19
toorimathat can be a bit tricky but sounds great when u get it to work21:19
blizzownope, just trying to get a decent picture on my computer screen and using standard audio.21:19
toorimaso cool to watch football with surround, like being at the stadium21:20
blizzowI'm pretty pissed at the pchdtv guys for how crappy their documentation is.21:20
toorimawell the card should work out of the box with mythbuntu, do u have sound from other things?21:24
blizzowSound is great from everything else.21:24
blizzowIt's only the SD ntsc format that's giving me trouble.21:24
toorimaah so u have sound with its hd module?21:25
toorimahaven't even tried the sd part of the card, sorry21:25
blizzowyeah.  there is a little bit in the pchdtv forum about patching the cx88_alsa.c and cx88_tvaudio.c files.  The patch they have for the cx88_tvaudio.c file doesn't apply and I'm having trouble when recompiling the cx88_alsa module.21:28
wweaselI just installed Mythbuntu on my PC, it booted up fine once, and now it seems to boot but as soon as it would display XFCE video output turns off (splash screen shows). I have a hypothesis:23:43
wweaselI believe it's because I set my video drivers wrong. Using a GeForce 6150, I set it to output on composite, should be S-Video (the 6150 doesn't have a composite out).23:44
wweaselATM I'm in the livecd environment and I could chroot in and fix it. I just don't know how to go about fixing the problem.23:44
wweaselAnyone here who can help?23:47

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