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jetolesoren: I changed my mind, close them all00:20
sorenBut I don't wanna!00:20
jetoleHey there are lots of things I don't wanna do, like leave my room, shave and drag my ass to the office but sometimes you just have to00:21
jetolenow close the channels dammit00:21
jetoleis there a man page for iftab?00:21
jetoleapt-cache search says no00:22
soreniftab? You're on dapper or something?00:23
nijabajetole: if soren and I don't drag our asses out of rooms, we would never get out of the office.00:23
nijabawould that explain why we do not like closing tabs?00:24
sorenI suppose that's somewhat related, yes :)00:24
* nealmcb wonders what donkeys have to do with the server team :-)00:24
sorennealmcb: You'd be surprised.00:24
jetolesoren: nope but it has been a while since I had to use iftab. is there replacement for it?00:24
nijabadonkeys were surprised00:24
sorenjetole: Yes. /etc/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-something00:25
jetolewhat DON'T donkeys have to do with the server team?00:25
jetolecat: /etc/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-something: No such file or directory ;)00:25
jetolewell this file seems odd, I think I will have to RTFM as soon as I can find it00:27
sorenjetole: Reinstall. Something's broken.00:27
nealmcbreboot a few times first00:27
sorenYes. An even number of times, of course.00:28
sorenYou wouldn't want the AC stabiliser to get out of sync, would you?00:28
sorenjetole: Sorry, make that /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.00:28
sorenjetole: it's quite simple. It's autogenerated by /etc/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules00:30
sorenjetole: ..if you want to change anything, just move stuff around in the obvious ways.00:30
jetoleI was actually just looking at that from it came up on google and I was about to say this looks a lot easier00:31
jetoleI take it name determined by mac I specify00:31
jetolelike iftab?00:31
sorenYes, pretty much.00:36
nealmcbsoren, last night jon corbet tipped us off to the most excellent documentation/adventure game of the lguest virtualization code and this delightful thread of lkml: http://kerneltrap.org/node/1399200:56
nealmcbbut I'm probably just way behind the times :)00:56
sorennealmcb: I hadn't seen that. I'll be looking at it later. It looks like fun :)01:04
sorenNow, it's bedtime, though.01:04
osmosishttp://dpaste.com/28110/    /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error01:47
osmosisdpkg.log just says   2007-12-14 17:43:59 status half-configured munin-node 1.2.5-101:48
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J-_Is there a way to use wake on lan with a LAMP server?02:54
TravisHi I just put a hard drive in my server from my older server, the data on it is in a format called LVM2 MEMBER, because my old server was LVM, I just need to get the data off it for my new server? how do I go about this?03:51
jetole_hey guys. I have a question, I compiled a kernel this afternoon using the pre-existing config that came with my system in /boot, after several tries I didn't change anything in it so I should have a duplicate kernel05:24
jetole_using this new kernel with a copy and paste in grub or with update-grub I had identical grub entries for either kernel and yet the new one would not boot my system05:24
jetole_it claimed unknown type of media for UUID05:25
jetole_why would a kernel using the exact same config file have this issue?05:25
mattwalstondhcpd3 fails to start-up quietly and does not leave any trace in logs after moving to gutsy.  Any suggestions?15:52
mattwalstonlet me clarify... dhcpd3 does not start and returns no output16:00
mattwalstonDefine ubuntu problem, dhcpd3 works fine if started manually, init script fails everytime... any ideas?16:04
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moos3i need some samba help, i use to remember how to get my system account to be able to log in, I can't remember can someone help me17:49
sorenmoos3: "smbpasswd -L -a username" probably.17:54
moos3but for every user?17:55
moos3I have some 500 users17:55
moos3I would use ldap but everytime I install ldap it kills my ubuntu installation17:56
sorenSamba can't authenticate against the system user database (/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow)17:58
sorenWell, yes, if you're running win 95 and can set it to unencrypted logins, but I'm guessing you're not..17:59
sorenmoos3: LDAP is surely what you want.18:01
moos3yeah i was hoping to avoid it because on 7.04 i keeps killing my kernels and recover images18:03
moos37.10 wont even run on my server hardware18:03
sorenLDAP cannot kill your kernel.18:03
moos3trust me last time I had ldap on my server it shit the bed and wont even boot18:03
sorenYou realise that there are other things than the kernel involved in booting, right?18:04
moos3yeah I know that18:04
sorenAnd you still believe ldap "killed your kernel"?18:04
sorenYou need to qualify that statement somehow? I've not seen a bug report about anything of the sort.18:05
moos3it killed everything I'm sure its what led to the corrupt kernel18:05
sorenYou're trying to fix the wrong problem here.18:05
sorenYou tried doing things the right way (use ldap), and failed miserably ("killed your kernel"( and now you want to do things the wrong way instead..18:06
moos3fresh install the first thing I did was upgrade from 6.10 to 7.04 then installed ldap then I logged off and lost power a hour or so later it wouldn't boot it just hanged on kernel load18:07
sorena) That makes no sense. LDAP does not get anywhere near your kernel. If you've upgraded to 7.04 and lost power before having a chance to reboot it, yes, your kernel might very well be in a bad state due to not having been synced to disk. This has nothing to do with ldap.18:08
moos3so I had to go thought the miserable install process again because 7.04 doesn't have hardware support for my server, I spent about 2 hours of reinstall time18:08
sorenBesides, you said "every time". This is a single instance, I hope?18:08
moos3nope I have tried it install first then upgrade to 7.04, then reboot, no go, i got everything install now with out ldap and life is good, but I need to get system users to access, and I'm not going to have a choice but to use ldap18:09
moos3in bsd I have never had this type of problem before,18:10
sorenYou're messing things up here.. Why don't you install 7.04 directly instead of upgrading?=18:11
* soren will be right back18:11
moos3because 7.04 install hangs at 21% when loading libc6-udeb18:12
moos3same with 7.1018:12
mattwalstonWhat's new in virtualization?  Should I go with vmware-server or xen on gutsy?18:13
sommerhey all, anyone a moderator to the ubuntu-server mailing list?18:17
sorensommer: Yes?18:22
sommersoren: I just sent a message with an attachment of 137k.  just wondering if that could go through this once?18:22
sommertrying to get some help with a backup section to the server guide.18:23
sorensommer: Already did. Like 27 seconds after you sent it.18:23
sorensommer: More than 15 minutes ago, surely.18:23
sommersoren: oh cool, thank you very much18:23
sorensommer: np :)18:23
sommerI just saw the bounce message18:23
sorensommer: Ah. I might get the notification about stuff needing moderation faster than you get the bounce message. :) Don't know.18:24
sommersoren: probably not, but I started writing another message right after sending.  so I didn't check for new mail right away.18:24
sorensommer: Oh, got it.18:25
sorenmoos3: I see. I need to make a phone call right now. I'll get back to you later.18:25
moos3i got a bunch of python to write, just let me know when your back18:26
Mattsare there problems with mdadm when deleting MD's in the server edition during the installation ?18:59
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emberjdstrand: there?20:06
emberbug 17617520:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 176175 in linux-ftpd-ssl "CVE-2007-6263: security vulnerability in linux-ftpd-ssl" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17617520:08
* MatBoy solved it..23:57

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