Sionide21whack: A bit00:00
whackis it anygood00:00
ben__Brownster: Are you familiar with the audio program Grip?00:01
tofaffyWhat are some good "Winblows Movie Maker" alternatives. In kino, you can only import videos, and not pictures...so I dun wanna use kino.00:01
logankoesterp_quarles: llamakc: http://pastebin.ca/81678500:01
p_quarleswhack: it's very good. a little more "bleeding edge" than Ubuntu00:01
some_idioterr, how long does it take the ubuntu developers to update a tupid md5sum and get flashplugin0-nonfree to work again?00:01
Brownsterben__, I do use it why?00:01
Sionide21It was ok when I used it (A few years back). APT is much faster than YUM00:01
whackI find ubuntu slow00:01
logankoesterwhack: I just came back from FC7 and FC8 and I'm loving 7.1000:01
Greevouscan anyone tell me what key(s) correspond to shortcuts that begin with "0x..."?00:01
ben__Brownster: I am having troubles ripping files to my new partion, perhaps the permissions are messed up, any ideas?00:01
logankoesterHonestly I was very underwhelmed with fc800:02
kazol__I have a problem with the system completely crashing due to compiz (possibly due to a conflict with Xgl). How can I check whether I'm using Xgl for rendering?00:02
Flare183!repeat | Greevous00:02
ubotuGreevous: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:02
logankoesterUbuntu 7.10 is a much stronger release imho00:02
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Ubuntu2can anybody tell me the main dif betweeen kunbuntu and ubuntu and what they recommend00:02
peepsis there a utility that can help me convert a hex value to base6400:02
Brownsterben__, whats the mount point of the partition?00:02
p_quarleslogankoester: I've seen similar things happen before. If you're using Firefox, try another browser00:02
Flare183Ubuntu2:> kubuntu is using the kde interface and ubuntu use the gnome interface00:03
p_quarlesthe LAMP stack in 7.10 is . . . problematic00:03
ben__Brownster: /media/files/music/00:03
_MrPink2007_Ubuntu2: kubuntu runs with KDE and Ubuntu runs with Gnome... I personally am not a fan of KDE but that is just a preference... to find out the exact differences you might want to check google...00:03
logankoesterp_quarles: so I've noticed... heh00:03
onatsi have a problem with my ubuntu 7.10 installation. sometimes the title bar of my windows disappear00:03
onatsanyone got this problem?00:03
SpookyETWhere is the dodge plugin?00:03
Brownsterben__, so what does ls -ld /media/files/music/ show?00:03
jorgpp_quarles: please explains00:03
peepsonats: do you have desktop effects enabled?00:04
Flare183onats:> it's a bug between compiz and emerald i have the same problem just run emerald --replace to fix it00:04
]Spectre[no onats00:04
ben__Brownster: drwxrwxrwx 3 ben ben 4096 2007-12-15 00:03 /media/files/music/00:04
onatspeeps, yes i do.00:04
p_quarlesjorgp: well, I saw the same thing when trying to run a PHP program in Firefox ... it opened right up in Opera, so the config was right.00:04
whackIs there just a command line linux00:04
onatsflare183, what do you mean just run emerald/replace to fix?00:04
jorgpp_quarles: interesting00:04
p_quarlesi normally use debian as a web server00:05
ari_stressgood morning all :_00:05
llamakclogankoester, you don't have the 'php5' package installed. that metapackage usually takes care of issues for me.00:05
Sionide21whack: Sure, just don't install X00:05
_MrPink2007_whack yes I am pretty certain there is, just leave away the X-Server00:05
jskulskiSionide21: i followed similar stuff. but theres a point where each say "You should be able to use getent passwd and it will get ldap entries. well that just doesn't happen.00:05
Flare183onats:> it you run emerald --replace it fixs the title bar is was missing so emerald fixs that00:05
Brownsterwhat about /media/files/00:05
Sionide21jskulski: Is there an error message or just blank or what?00:05
whackmr pink what is the x server00:06
ben__Brownster: drwxrwxrwx 6 ben root 4096 2007-12-14 23:43 /media/files/00:06
onatsflare183, fantastic!! EET WORKS!:D thanks!00:06
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jorgpp_quarles: so the problematic part is php?00:06
Flare183onats:> see i told you00:06
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logankoesterp_quarles: llamakc: I just installed the php5 package and opera, same problem still00:06
Flare183onats:> your welcome00:06
p_quarlesi don't know, honestly, and I haven't checked out launchpad on it . . . it seems to be firefox + php500:06
jskulskiSionide21: just gives me the /etc/passwd00:06
jorgplogankoester: is there a bug posted about it?00:06
logankoesterNot that I could find00:07
jskulskibut i looked in network traffic, and the ldap server RETURNS all the entries, but getent doesn't display them00:07
llamakclogankoester, are you restarting apache with `sudo apache2ctl restart`00:07
jorgpp_quarles: does it work with any other browser?00:07
logankoesterllamakc: damn, that did it!00:07
logankoesterthank you!00:07
mr_flea__does anyone know how to manually build the mac80211 and iwlwifi packages? i googled, but the only solution i found is to download and compile the vanilla sources, something i really would like to avoid. i have kernel sources and build-dep but it still doesn't compile with the error "Kernel Makefile not found at '/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/source/'". any help would be greatly appreciated.00:07
Sionide21jskulski: One problem I had was the server was pointed at ldap*i*://server when it should have been ldap://server00:07
logankoesterllamakc: I was using /etc/init.d/apache2 restart00:07
llamakcbtw wordpress is in the repositories too00:08
p_quarlesjorgp: in my experience, all of them except for firefox00:08
Brownstertry touching a file within that directory does that work?00:08
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vasuviIs there any way to get Ubuntu to recognize the right <alt> key as well as the left one?  Also, any (non-arcane) way to get the extra keys on the top of my keyboard to do what I want them to?00:08
jorgplogankoester: what did you do different?00:08
macogwvasuvi: right alt is AltGr00:08
macogwvasuvi: it's the key you use to get á and é and ß since those arent on a normal keyboard00:08
R3B3LXis there any good free mmos for linux? using wine or just normal linux..(no wow pls)00:08
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logankoesterjorgp: restarted with apache2ctl instead00:08
whackDoes the gcc come with a assembler00:08
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jskulskiSionide21: did you set this up with ubuntu or debian?00:09
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timmyd803i've got boot issues with Ubuntu00:09
logankoesterllamakc: jorgp: but I'm having the problem still inside of a directory... it works with test.php (phpinfo();)00:09
vasuvimacogw: And which file can I edit to get Ubuntu to recognize AltGr as a normal alt to use when web-browsing, or bringing up a menu? ;)00:09
logankoestermight be a permissions problem then?00:09
timmyd803it hangs when it loads rc.local00:09
Sionide21jskulski: Debian00:09
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:09
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:10
logankoesternope not a permissions issue00:10
macogwvasuvi: heh im looking in system > pref > keyboard > layout options.  if you've ever used an old early 90s or 80s keyboard you'll probably have seen AltGr written in green on that key00:10
logankoester/var/www/wordpress tries to download the file even now that it has the same permissions as /var/www/test.php00:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about news - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:10
logankoestercause test.php works fine00:10
llamakcoh, you have to follow the docs in /usr/share/doc/wordpress00:10
timmyd803can anyone help me out?00:10
timmyd803i'm totally lost00:11
logankoesterI didn't install wordpress from the repo00:11
logankoesterI just extracted it to that directory from targz00:11
llamakcoh, my bad00:11
llamakcwhat does the wordpress readme say?00:11
macogwvasuvi: one option, if you don't use the menu key, is to make super be alt and menu be super...00:11
macogwvasuvi: super means the sun, apple, window, tux, or ubuntu logo (depending on your keyboard)00:11
vasuvimacogw: that's an interesting possibility I hadn't thought of...  and I have used 80's and early 90's keyboards, but so long ago I don't even remember the AltGr00:12
Flare183macogw:> or the "meta" button00:12
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logankoesterIt seems to only be a problem with the wordpress subdir00:12
logankoesterthanks for your help guys00:12
Kristyncan anyone help me out?00:12
llamakchave you setup the database yet?00:12
Flare183!ask | Krisyn00:12
ubotuKrisyn: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)00:12
macogwFlare183: yeah if you use escape meta alt control shift, you might need that ;P\00:12
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logankoesterllamakc: no, shouldn't have to at this point though00:13
vasuvimacogw: I do tend to use the super key to control Amarok, but the menu button isn't really used any00:13
Kristyn!ask | Kristyn00:13
Flare183already done that00:13
t3hwiz0rdhow do i manually add a monitor to xorg?00:13
logankoesterNot having set up the database wouldn't effect the page's mime-type00:13
macogwvasuvi: well its in system > pref > keyboard > layout options >alt/win key behavior00:13
Kristynright right00:13
Kristyni've checked with ubotu00:13
Kristynhe can't help00:13
vasuvimacogw: cool, I'll try it out; thanks!00:13
macogwvasuvi: thats the 2nd to last00:13
Flare183Kristyn:> he is a bot00:13
Kristyni know :D00:13
dor0hello guys, any idea why i have 16 desktops instead of 4 in KDE compiz?00:13
dylan_Hi, all.  I'm wondering, is there an easy solution to setting up a LAMP-type web server on Ubuntu 7.10 desktop through synaptic, etc.?  If not, what's the simplest way to get a phpmyadmin, mysql, php, apache server set up?  Security is NOT important, its for personal site testing on my LAN.00:14
Flare183!lamp | dylan_00:14
ubotudylan_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:14
macogwdylan_: use the task select00:14
R3B3LXyo dor0 right click ur desktop00:14
R3B3LXand choose 400:14
Ubuntu2need java help for opera00:14
vasuvimacogw: interesting..."Alt and Meta are on the Alt keys (default)" seems to do the trick.  So much for it being the default00:14
jorgpdor0: because you have a mac daddy system?00:14
logankoesterdylan_: I'm having a hellll of a time doing the same thing right now...00:14
llamakclogankoester: http://pastebin.ca/81681100:14
orochi_Hmm...C++ is an intimidating language to try and teach yourself :/00:14
macogwvasuvi: odd00:14
R3B3LXRight click ---> Pereferences and choose 400:14
llamakcfor what i have in my apache2.conf00:15
macogworochi_: yes, it likes to segfault more than c does00:15
dor0no i have a very good pc00:15
dylan_logankoester: ive done it before, just forgot how.00:15
vasuvimacogw: well, at least I got it working :)00:15
dylan_macogw: thx, checking it out00:15
logankoesterdylan_: me too, but not with 7.0100:15
_RomanIs there a standard way to run a script when a user logs out of an x session?  (this is using ubunut 7.10)  I want individual users to have their own scripts.00:15
dor0is strange, the desktops 4 here in settings, but in traybar are still 1600:15
R3B3LXdor0:  Right click ---> Pereferences and choose 400:15
macogwdor0: "mac daddy" is a compliment00:15
R3B3LXmabeh change ur rows?00:15
logankoesterllamakc: logankoester@family-hp:/var/www$ cat /etc/apache2/apache2.conf | grep php00:16
macogwdor0: check your horizontal virtual size in ccsm00:16
emefarr_new install & looking for a way to install all -dev files for installed packages rather than a few at a time as I get dependency errors while installing additional packages?00:16
dor0just a second please00:16
macogw!ccsm > macogw00:16
logankoesterllamakc: would you mind posting your whole apache2.conf?00:16
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silent_]Spectre[: that's an odd problem, have you tried different drivers?00:16
dor0it say: horizontal 4, verical 1, desktops 4, is that correct?00:16
macogwemefarr_: why do you need the -dev?00:16
macogwdor0: set it to 1 desktop00:17
wyHow can Ubuntu recognize my FreeAgent drive?00:17
Ubuntu2I have enabled java in opera it still does not work went to the java site it says that java is installed and I have the latest version00:17
mr_flearepost because i got disconnected: does anyone know how to manually build the mac80211 and iwlwifi packages? i googled, but the only solution i found is to download and compile the vanilla sources, something i really would like to avoid. i have kernel sources and build-dep but it still doesn't compile with the error "Kernel Makefile not found at '/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/source/'". any help would be greatly appreciated.00:17
emefarr_compiling from source00:17
macogwdor0: i think00:17
dor0well, i put it on 1, and is working00:17
macogwemefarr_: if you need all the dev headers for a specific program that is packaged where you are getting the same or newer version, you can get its build dependencies with "sudo apt-get build-dep <program>"00:17
dor0is that a bug or i missunderstood the problem?00:17
macogwdor0: missunderstood00:18
llamakchttp://pastebin.ca/816816 there's stuff in there for squirrelmail and some rewrite rules near the bottom that you won't need probably00:18
macogwdor0: it made 4 desktops each with 4 viewports00:18
dor0oh, i see00:18
JamesinatorWhen I use the GUI printing job manager to cancel a print job, the job I deleted disappears, but my printer still tries to print the page, even after restarting the cupsys process. Is there any way to force-flush the document queue?00:18
emefarr_macogw: Thanks!  I'll try that.00:18
askandI was having the " Xlib:  extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display" problem and was told to start programs with something in front in the terminal... It was something like "DISPLAY:1 cedega"..can someone help me?00:18
macogwdor0: the sides of the cube aren't individual desktops to compiz.  they're viewports to one big desktop.  that's why they all collapse into one workspace when you switch back to metacity00:18
dor0btw, how can i make my cube transparent?00:18
macogwaskand: probably display:000:19
logankoesterllamakc: thanks00:19
macogwdor0: go into the cube settings in ccsm and click the "transparency" tab00:19
llamakci have my ServerName near the bottom too, don't forget to change/remove that00:19
askandmacogw: im being told that the display:0 command cant be found00:19
Flare183askand:> edit your xorg.conf file and add Load "dri" to the long "load" list00:19
askandFlare183:  have done that but doesnt help..think it is because I run xgl00:20
macogwaskand: i dont know the command.  i just know 0 is default display so unless someone logged in before you, itll be 000:20
Flare183askand:> i'm running aiglx so beats me00:20
dor0haha, sweet, thanks mate00:21
unbeatablhow can i check which user is using up the most cpu/memory/bandwidth? is there some good tools or scripts for this? preferably with a gui frontend would be nice too, is mrtg the one for this?00:21
wyIs there a convenient tool for configuring VPN in Linux?00:21
dor0btw, i am using xchat, there is any other better irc client?00:22
unbeatablgod i love saying that =p00:22
crdlbbitchX is horrendously insecure00:22
dor0thats text mode right?00:22
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JamesinatorWhen I use the GUI printing job manager to cancel a print job, the job I deleted disappears, but my printer still tries to print the page, even after restarting the cupsys process. Is there any way to force-flush the document queue?00:22
crdlbif you're going to use a text-mode client, use irssi00:23
heatmzzrcrdlb, bitc&x00:23
qwazHi all!  I'm trying to setup and test fetchmail and procmail but I get an MDA error when I execute fetchmail...00:23
unbeatabli just wanted to say, bitchX00:23
unbeatablthats lal00:23
pianoboy3333how do I force remove pidgin-data and only pidgin.data00:23
Cr3aturehow do i map my mouse thumb button to do stuff?00:23
unbeatabli know bitchX sucks00:23
qwazit says /usr/bin/procmail not found...but it's there00:23
unbeatablanyhow,  how can i check which user is using up the most cpu/memory/bandwidth? is there some good tools or scripts for this? preferably with a gui frontend would be nice too, is mrtg the one for this?00:23
R3B3LXyo guys im trying to find a program that will rip mp3s from a cd to ur computer.... or something that can translate it to work in a normal cd player... or something that will at least burn it00:23
pianoboy3333R3B3LX: sound-juicer and serpentine00:24
logankoesterllamakc: since its only a problem with wordpress I'm just gonna use a different server that's already set up, I've got plenty laying around00:24
logankoesterthanks though00:24
R3B3LXthat will work?00:24
ch8indi just installed ubuntu and i havent used nix0r in awhile00:24
pianoboy3333R3B3LX: yes, they are in the repositories00:24
llamakcok, weird one though00:24
ch8indthis new xchat i think sucks balls00:24
dylan_R3B3LX: i believe k3b can burn mp3s to cd.  various players can rip, including i think amarok (im a kde person personally)00:24
flipmodehow do i open a .rar file?00:24
ch8indi want my nicklist!00:24
logankoesterflipmode: unrar <file>00:25
logankoesterflipmode: sudo apt-get install unrar00:25
pianoboy3333flipmode: isntall the unrar package00:25
uboturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free00:25
JamesinatorFixed it myself, thanks for the zero-responses everyone00:25
SajesHow do I change a user account name from the command line?00:25
qwazSajes, try "usermod"00:26
qwazwith, perhaps, -l00:26
qwazor -d or -m00:26
dor0ok, one last question, i have compiz + emerald (with a nice glass theme), is there anything more what i can enable?00:26
qwazthen man usermod for all sorts of goodies!00:27
blizzo1What headers package do I need to download so I can patch some audio/video drivers that are giving me trouble?  Specifically, I want to patch the cx88_alsa driver.  I'm currently using 2.6.22-14-generic.00:27
llamakcusermod -l NEWNAME OLDNAME00:27
wyI want to find something like pptp-config. Where is it?00:27
pcd|if my wireless card is showing as "RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI" under hardware, does that mean it was detected correctly?00:27
desertcquestion: How do I reset my video settings?  Some games will leave the video in 640x480 (or whatever) when they exit, leaving my monitor in pan-and-scan mode.  I generally have to reset X to fix it.00:28
vocxpcd|, yes. Although it is one thing being detected and another that the drivers for it work.00:28
vocxdesertc, if you find the answer let me know.    What games?  Have you played "rrotage"?00:28
pianoboy3333how do I force remove pidgin-data and only pidgin-data00:29
vasuvidor0: BTW. I like the vanilla XChat better than the GNOME-ified version (which is awful IMHO).  You can also try Konversation (even within GNOME); I like plain XChat and Konversation about equally00:29
Johnsonhey whenever i computer goes to hibernate,(which it does on its own), and I come back, the wireless stops working. i use the command sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart but it just says ignoring eth0, ignoring wlan0, etc. any ideas00:29
dylan_macogw: should my `sudo tasksel install lamp-server` be sitting still at 100% progress of installing php5-mysql on a 300KB/s connection with an AMD64 CPU?00:29
desertcvocx: Never tried it, do you have a link for it?00:29
pianoboy3333Johnson: what kinda processor do you have?00:30
pianoboy3333Johnson_: what kinda processor do you have?00:30
Johnson_pianoboy3333: i have a intel dual core00:30
desertcvocx: can't even find it with google00:30
dor0brb, switching to konversation00:31
vocxdesertc, it's actually "rrootage"  And you can get it from Ubuntu repositories. Please try it.00:31
theunixgeekWhat distro has the default GNOME desktop and apps without customization?00:31
tehm0nkis kubuntu or ubuntu friendly with raid?00:31
Azzmodantheunixgeek, the regular one00:31
theunixgeekAzzmodan: there's a regular one? :P00:31
tehm0nki dont know how to get either one to recognize the strip setup i have already00:31
Azzmodantheunixgeek, oh you jsut want gnome?00:31
pianoboy3333Johnson_: I remember in feisty my computer did that after hibernating cause of the hyperthreading with my intel P4, so I'm not sure if that's fixed or not, you should ask someone else or google the issue00:31
theunixgeekAzzmodan: yes00:32
desertcvocx: trying it now00:32
p_quarlestheunixgeek: LFS.00:32
Azzmodantheunixgeek, you could try the gnome developer kit http://live.gnome.org/GnomeDeveloperKit00:32
p_quarlestheunixgeek: Of course, you can also use the alternate disk to install a CLI system, then get gnome-core00:32
]Spectre[no silent_,I haven't tried different drivers,I think that I can use only proprietary ati drivers,or not ? thanks00:32
theunixgeekp_quarles: true00:33
theunixgeekAzzmodan: By no customization, I mean having this as the default desktop look: http://www.gnome.org/start/2.20/notes/en/figures/rnintroduction-screenshot.png00:33
desertcvocx: it looks nice!  what are the keys for it?  I only can use the arrows to select the game mode00:34
vocxtheunixgeek, just install Ubuntu. It has no "customization" as you say, just a clean desktop.00:34
desertcvocx: Oh, I found them!00:34
vocxdesertc, shoot!00:34
theunixgeekvocx: yes it does - the Human theme and no GNOME wallpaper00:34
p_quarlestheunixgeek: Not a Gnome user myself, but I'm guessing you might have some luck with Gentoo, Slackware, or Arch. All pretty low-customization distros.00:34
silent_]Spectre[: try flgrx00:35
theunixgeekp_quarles: thanks :)00:35
silent_]Spectre[: I'm not sure man, try asking the channel again00:36
NrbelexHi, until recently, my wireless card would connect to all networks. Recently it stopped connecting to the network I need it to connect to but will connect to others. Any suggestions?00:36
thor89ho riavviato il sistema come scritto sulla guida...ho seguito passo passo tutto..ma digitando fglrxinfo non mi compare ciò che dovrebbe00:36
LjL!it | thor8900:36
ubotuthor89: Vai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!00:36
vocxI always knew ubotu was italian00:37
abdullacheck out my desktop guys :) http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/5/12/13/f_mydesktopm_81765b4.png&srv=img3300:37
blizzo1Anyone know which headers package I need to download in order to patch the cx88_alsa module and recompile on a pentium4 machine?00:37
SpookyETHow do you localise your Ubuntu desktop after installation?00:38
vocxblizzo1, by patching you mean actually modifying the source code and then compiling? Do you know how compilation works?00:38
ubotuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf00:38
blizzo1vocx: yes, I mean actually modifying cx88_alsa.c00:39
blizzo1vocx: then unloading my old cx88_alsa.ko module and inserting the new one.00:39
SpookyETThe pidgin spell checker is using broken American english, how do you change it?00:39
ricanelitewhy is that when I head over to sites like youtube, google video i get audio and sound but if I head over to a site allgames.com I don't get any audio at all?00:40
alevinei'm trying to rsync a bunch of backup sets that are mostly hard links to the same file. problem is rsync gets oom errors and dies when building the file list. anybody have a suggestion?00:40
vocxblizzo1, I'm no expert but I guess there is no "package" containing only patches. For that I think you would need to get the source code from upstream, or maybe launchpad.00:40
blizzo1vocx: I have the patches.  It's the actual kernel source package from ubuntu that I'm looking for.00:41
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vocxalevine, how big are the files you want to backup?00:41
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blizzo1I already installed the linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic and i386 headers packages.00:41
desertcvocx: Wow, that rRootage is an amazing game.  I am surprised something like that, with the great music, was made available in Free Software.00:41
alevinevocx: relatively small, it's my home directory00:41
vocxblizzo1, oh, I think the package is "linux-source-<version>" or something00:41
alevinevocx: but all the backup sets combined are about70GB00:41
blizzo1But I still can't find the cx88_alsa.c file to patch.00:42
blizzo1vocx, thanks.00:42
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desertcvocx: I found out how to reset the display resolution!  CTRL-ALT and the number pad + or -00:43
vocxdesertc, I have a crappy video card, so I can only play rrootage for a few minutes before it crashes, and if I'm in fullscreen the screen ends up with 640x400 as you said.00:43
NrbelexHi, until recently, my wireless card would connect to all networks. Recently it stopped connecting to the network I need it to connect to but will connect to others. Any suggestions?00:44
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vocxdesertc, it's a good game, I wish I had time (or the guy at Programming Talk in the forums) to hack the code, add different modes, bosses or something, and better music, or a playlist-whatever.00:45
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renegade420heya can anyone suggest a lightweight programming editor?00:45
cyphaseSay I want to listen to a live audio stream, but I have to stop listening to it every now and then for whatever reason. Is there a program I can use that would record the stream into a buffer as it's playing, and let me play/pause the stream whenever I need to?00:45
desertcvocx: Did you see my fix for the video ?00:45
vocxrenegade420, basic text editor is a programming editor like gedit,vim, geany. Just pick one.00:46
renegade420vocx, cool thanks. Is geany easy to learn?00:48
vocxdesertc, I did. Now I recall I had read it somewhere before. Not sure if it's an X or gnome specific shortcut.00:48
f343f34hey i have a question about ubuntu00:48
f343f34when i boot from my cd, the desktop isnt oriented right00:48
spreadsheetis the question?00:48
f343f34the toolbars are a third of the way up the screen00:49
f343f34like the bottom and the top arent oriented right00:49
vocxrenegade420, I would be lying. I haven't used geany because I'm pretty happy with gedit and vim. But others seem to recommend it a lot, because it is lightweight.00:49
f343f34anyone got any ideas?00:49
vocxf343f34, I believe there is a way to set the screen resolution in the Live CD when booting. Have you tried different resolutions?00:50
spreadsheetcan't help you, sorry00:50
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f343f34no i havent tried that vocx00:50
p_quarlesf343f34: If you have some reason to not actually install it, you should get a USB drive and use persistent mode00:50
renegade420vocx, I would probably opt to trying geany00:51
renegade420vocx, because i am running an eeepc00:51
louistwhere do i go to add an icon package?00:51
cyphaseOkay, I've figured out a workaround.. Open the stream in VLC, use the advanced options to save it to a file, then listen to it in another VLC instance at the same time. I thought that it would only play up to the point that it was at when you opened the file, but it keeps going as the stream is being downloaded.00:52
f343f34hey p_quarles how to i use persistent mode?00:52
f343f34or how do i enter that mode00:52
louisthow do i add icons in ubuntu?00:53
f343f34would changing the screen resolution not work00:53
vocxrenegade420, what is that? SOme sort of alien technology?00:53
quaalwhat program can burn bin/cue files00:53
p_quarlesf343f34: tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence00:53
bibsthahow do i mount a usb, like gnome does, unlike pmount through console00:53
renegade420vocx, LOL oh it00:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cue - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:53
renegade420s the cheapest laptop on the market00:54
bibsthapmount works but, it doesnot display the icons on gnome desktop, i'd like a command line tool??00:54
desertcquaal: K3B does it00:55
Schiz0How do you get rid of nm-applet? As in, stop it from running on boot00:55
quaaldesertc, it just failed00:55
Schiz0I got my network card working without it00:55
NetLarIrvinewould 512 ram 500 mgz machine be good enough for 7.10?00:55
desertcquaal: cdrecord -dao cuefile=FILE.cue00:55
desertcquaal: I'm just using Google, by the way00:56
f343f34but do u know why the toolbars would be 1/3 the way up the screen?00:56
renegade420NetLarIrvine, maybe Xubuntu00:56
f343f34is it the resolution is wrong00:56
f343f34toolbars 1/3 the way up the screen = gay00:56
NetLarIrvineSo what is minimum requirement for 7.10 ubuntu?00:56
BenalexHello all, can I use a burner on other computer on Lan to burn discs using it?00:57
desertcrenegade420: you are using an Eee PC ?00:57
_mastro_hi, there's someone who can edit this page of the wiki? ---> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Gutsy_Intel_HD_Audio_Controller ? i've another card that have the same chipset with problems00:57
desertcNetLarIrvine: 256 MB memory is recommended00:57
SlynderdaleIs it possible to install Gutsy Gibbon without using a live CD? I have an older version of Ubuntu installed and I wanted to know if it would be possble to reformat the drive its on and reinstall with using a boot CD?00:57
_mastro_i would like it fixed :)00:57
Schiz0Slynderdale: The alt installer.00:57
NetLarIrvineso if i had 512 and 500 mgz machine?00:57
desertcNetLarIrvine: You might want to try Xubuntu if you have a now machine00:58
SlynderdaleSchiz0: Where can I find it?00:58
spreadsheetor .com00:58
Schiz0Slynderdale: On the ubuntu website ? On the download page, check the box that says alt installer.00:58
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NetLarIrvineI do have a machine, but no CD ROM drive and I can only upgrade ubuntu00:58
NrbelexHi, until recently, my wireless card would connect to all networks. Recently it stopped connecting to the network I need it to connect to but will connect to others. Any suggestions?00:59
desertcNetLarIrvine: You really should learn to use google: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements00:59
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:59
ricanelitesomeone please head over to allgames.com and tell me if you get any audio?00:59
BenalexNetLarIrvine: What version of ubuntu you are running?00:59
spreadsheetupgrade, please01:00
heatmzzrubuntu rocks, all but the fact I cant watch or rip dvds01:00
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:01
desertcheatmzzr: that's due to your encrypted DVDs.  my friend's DVDs work great01:01
mozartguys how do i connect with someone with windows as remote connection to help them out? can i do it through firefox01:01
desertcheatmzzr: stop purchasing encrypted dvds and you will be all set01:01
desertcheatmzzr: those things can get you into lots of trouble01:01
heatmzzrim not, im renting them lol01:01
UserUbuntuanyone, may help to install azureus in ubuntu.  Couse i never installed a program with .jar01:01
BenalexNetLarIrvine: As far as I know you cannot upgrade from 6.06 to 7.10 directly... if upgrading is the only choice available to you, then upgrade to thenext version ... then to the next and so on... PLAIN PAIN IN DA BRAIN!!01:02
silent_heatmzzr: make a statement, download.01:02
mozartguys how do i connect with someone with windows as remote connection to help them out? can i do it through firefox01:02
NetLarIrvineoh I know01:02
NetLarIrvineI am upgrading to 7.04 first01:02
desertcheatmzzr: there are easy ways to get encrypted dvds to play on Ubuntu, but I am not allowed to talk about electronic restriction circumvention01:02
silent_desertc: not in this channel01:02
NetLarIrvineAll I wanted to know what the system requirements were for 7.10?01:02
heatmzzrno i havent even been able to watch them yet, only had ubuntu for about a week, figure id figure it out sometime01:02
silent_NetLarIrvine: LOW01:02
mozarti need to connect to someone to help them out on the other side of the globe running windows, whats best and easy, VNC01:03
heatmzzrsilent_? makea statement?01:03
NetLarIrvinemy processor is 500 mgz and my ram is 500mgs01:03
silent_NetLarIrvine: good to go01:03
silent_NetLarIrvine: might be a bit choppy though, I suggest xubuntu... or, you know, buy a computer for 20 dollars and run it decently01:04
BenalexNetLarIrvine: anyway... if this cannot fit GutsyGibbon (which I doubt) you can instal Kbuntu.. it is for old machines01:04
NetLarIrvineyea i know, but the shipping on computer 20 is like 3001:04
desertcNetLarIrvine: Walmart is selling Linux computers for $20001:04
NetLarIrvineha ha01:04
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silent_NetLarIrvine: look into xubuntu01:04
tifinejoin #mysql01:05
alfermpdesertc, Wall-mart sold out ?01:05
Jack_SparrowBenalex: Kubuntu is not for older machines01:05
NetLarIrvinecan you switch to xubuntu from ubuntu?01:05
desertcalfermp: they do restock their merchandice, right?01:05
NetLarIrvineI do not have a working CD rom drive01:05
desertcNetLarIrvine: yes, they are just additional packages01:05
silent_NetLarIrvine: yes, install XFCE and make it the default session01:05
alfermpok let me check on the website desertc01:05
desertcalfermp: buy it direct from the manufacter and they will pre-load Ubuntu on it for you01:06
Jack_Sparrow NetLarIrvine it will run at 500 mhz.. but a bit slow.. I would suggest Dapper 6.06  full featured and stable with lts01:06
mozarti need to connect to someone to help them out on the other side of the globe running windows, whats best and easy, VNC01:06
spreadsheetor maybe some other linux01:06
alfermpdo u know what kind of computer is? desertc01:06
sleepcatcan I add this command to ubuntu?01:06
sleepcatI'd like to call it search01:06
NrbelexHi, until recently, my wireless card would connect to all networks. Recently it stopped connecting to the network I need it to connect to but will connect to others. Any suggestions?01:07
desertcalfermp: all the specs are online01:07
desertc!wifi | Nrbelex01:07
ubotuNrbelex: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:07
uttydoes anyone know of a problem setting up a dialup connection with netscape01:07
Jack_Sparrowsleepcat: under places you have a search function01:07
Nrbelexdesrtc, I've searched for this issue with no luck01:07
sleepcatJack_Sparrow: ??01:07
BenalexSorry I meant Xubuntu01:07
sleepcatJack_Sparrow: is that a command line search function that searches for text within a file?01:08
uttyi had everything running great then no internet so had to install windows again to get help01:08
desertcNrbelex: Sorry, I don't know your hardware.  Does your computer vendor support Ubuntu configurations?01:08
BenalexNetLarIrvine: Read System Requirements https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements?highlight=%28Requirements%2901:08
Jack_Sparrowsleepcat: that is the problem pasting a link with small descripton.. no it will  not01:09
ouellettesrhello i just installed ubuntu on my laptop and im trying to open the printing menu to connect to my network printer, it says Error: There was a problem connecting to the cups server, then it just closes. Can someone help me figure this out?01:09
Nrbelexdesertc, it was working fine until very recently, so I suspect it's not a compatibility issue, although it is from the bcm43xx family01:09
desertcHardware problems you just can't fix on your own?  Next time, buy a computer with Ubuntu preinstalled and supported01:09
sleepcatNetLarIrvine: if you're having trouble with ubuntu, you may try Solaris 10.  It is a bit easier to get going01:09
spreadsheetisn't that like 40 g?01:09
spreadsheetor 4?01:09
heatmzzri think i must have got lucky with my vaio and installation, it was a snap. unless i want to watch a movie01:09
desertcheatmzzr: an encrypted movie01:10
sleepcatJack_Sparrow: i'd like to get my search command placed in the /bin directories of every UNIX and unix-like system01:10
SniperFromHellCan anyone help me with accessing a networked printer via the wireless network?01:10
TtechSniperFromHell, yea01:10
JoshooaHey when I try to watch videos on google or youtube, they either wont play or they play incredibly slow. Sound works okay, but the video is incredibly skippy. Any ideas what's wrong? I've tried using both gnash and adobe for my flash but it doesn't seem to matter01:10
Ttechwhats your issue01:10
Jack_Sparrowsleepcat: This isnt the place for that kind of discussion...01:10
sleepcatJack_Sparrow: where is the appropriate place ?01:10
Ttechsleepcat, this is for ubuntu.01:11
TtechNot Solaris01:11
Jack_Sparrowsleepcat: this is a help and support room..01:11
desertcjoshooa: is it AMD64 Ubuntu?01:11
Joshooadesertc: Nope, 32bit, but it is AMD01:11
desertcJoshooa: nevermind then01:12
XiXaQhow can I force vnc to use a particular audio interface? It keeps choosing the wrong one.01:12
desertcXiXaQ: set the default in alsa01:12
uttydoes anyone know of a problem setting up a dialup connection with netscape01:12
sleepcatdoes ubuntu overwrite grub when doing updates?  When I was triple booting with ubuntu, solaris and windows it seemed that ubuntu would overwrite grub whenever i installed a package01:12
XiXaQdesertc, elaborate please?01:12
ouellettesrHelloH i just installed ubuntu on my laptop and im trying to open the printing menu to connect to my network printer, it says Error: There was a problem connecting to the cups server, then it just closes. Can someone help me figure this out?01:12
XiXaQdesertc, all other applications use the right interface, just not vlc.01:13
ilovefedorai want to change my server from fedora to ubuntu01:13
ilovefedorais there a howto around?01:13
YannTechouellettesr, try to install CUPS in synaptics panel01:13
sleepcatthe problem was that solaris has its own version of grub that understands UFS and when ubuntu overwrote it, it made solaris unbootable01:13
desertcXiXaQ: oh, sorry, I thought you said VNC01:13
ricanelitewhere can I install Urban Terror?01:13
desertcXiXaQ: I know nothing about VLC01:13
XiXaQdesertc, I did. Typo :)01:13
adelieilovefedora: I have always wanted to just change the repositories and just apt-get upgrade01:13
YannTechVLC use normaly ALSA01:14
YannTechdo you have sound with mplayer ?01:14
adelieilovefedora: then just apt-get install ubuntu-desktop01:14
ouellettesrYannTech: Isnt Cups installed by default?01:14
YannTechnormaly cups is installed01:14
p_quarlesadelie: that won't work on fedora01:14
ilovefedoradidnt think it would01:14
ubotuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up01:15
ilovefedoramy isp can install it for me i think01:15
adelieilovefedora: I have actually installed a large number of fedora components into ubuntu successfully just by apt'ing yum01:15
ilovefedorai have a server with fasthosts01:15
p_quarlesilovefedora: there's no way other than to just reinstall -- the two use different package managers01:15
XiXaQYannTech, I have sound. I just don't have sound on the right audio interface. I have two. Everything works perfectly in all other applications. I have to use vlc though, because the movie I'm watching has subtitles that totem doesn't recognize.01:15
adeliep_quarles: why, just curious?01:15
Herbohello folks01:15
ilovefedorais there an app for ubuntu server that will allow me to setup a shared hosting service01:16
HerboI've such a problem in sound card01:16
uttyive got everything set up for dialup even the driver but it wont work with netscape01:16
adeliep_quarles: aptitude is in the defora yum repository01:16
adeliep_quarles: fedora*01:16
p_quarlesadelie: ok -- didn01:16
YannTechXiXaQ, mplayer works with subtitles (but i know this is a workaround)01:16
p_quarlesdidn't realize that :)01:16
SniperFromHellHi. my problem is i dont know how to access my campus's printer over a wireless network, although i do know how to access its wireless network.01:16
XiXaQYannTech, perhaps I can try.01:16
sleepcathow can i stop ubuntu from overwriting grub?01:16
HerboI can't hear any voice and even if its maxed I hear a low voice01:17
SniperFromHellthe network manager said to search using Windows SMB/Samba01:17
YannTechin VLC in settings, enable the advance option01:17
SniperFromHellbut that didnt return any results01:17
ouellettesrYannTech: i have the cups01:17
YannTechin audio tabs you can choose many options01:17
heatmzzrtotem and vlm, neither play my dvds01:17
adeliep_quarles: I havn't had any problems using yum and aptitude... but honestly I am suprized... and havn't really tried to break it01:17
simone1ciao a tutti01:17
spreadsheetheatmzzr, download restricted formats01:17
YannTechouellettesr, ok if cups seems to be installed and the GUI can't work, I don't know more :(01:17
Herbocan anybody help me regarding this issue ?01:17
adeliesleepcat: it doesn't unless you tell it to01:17
p_quarlesadelie: yeah, it doesn't sound like something to do with a production server, but I guess it could work01:17
HerboHere's my sound card01:17
kelsinSniperFromHell: should be able to goto admin -> printers, it might find it with new printer, or you can select windows SMB printer then browse01:18
ouellettesrcan anyone help me get my laptop to connect to my network printer?01:18
YannTechyou can try to configure your printer in firefox01:18
adelieherbo: don't ask to ask01:18
SniperFromHellyes, KELSIN, i tried that (sorry for saying ur name in caps, i want you to notice the message)01:18
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:18
SniperFromHelli still got no results01:18
Herbo00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)01:18
heatmzzrspreadsheet, you mean the movies, or add something to totem01:18
YannTechcups listen on port : 631 ( http://localhost:631 )01:18
sleepcatUbuntu does overwrite GRUB whenever I install something!!!!  I know this because after I install something in ubuntu and then reboot to go into solaris, it doesn't boot.01:19
YannTechyou can try on this way ouellettesr01:19
SonicChaoSniperFromHell, just saying someone's name will usually ping their client, elerting them of the message.01:19
spreadsheetheat, yes01:19
Herboadelie, I've typed my problem01:19
kelsinSniperFromHell: I have a good irc client that hilights the msg if my name is caps or not, and you couldn't find the printer by browsing? You should ask the network manager where to find it, and maybe just type the path in01:19
XiXaQYannTech, unfortunately, that also uses the wrong interface.01:19
sleepcati have to reinstall the Solaris version of GRUB which understands UFS (the filesystem that solaris uses)01:19
heatmzzrspreadsheet, which one? haha01:19
ouellettesrYannTech:  i can connect there but i need to get ubuntu on my laptop to see it as the defaut printer01:19
adeliesleepcat: sorry. I know it can be skipped... doesn't it ask you where to install grub? and can't you just close it at that point?01:19
larrywellsstill there savetheWorld?01:19
* SonicChao recognizes BB88 01:20
adelieHerbo: sorry, must have missed it then.01:20
YannTechXiXaQ, expand the audio menu01:20
BB88Hello SonicChao ?01:20
SniperFromHellkelsin: testing the highlight thing. and yea it didnt work. ill ask next week. thanks.01:20
YannTechin output module > ALSA you can choose the device01:20
HerboI've such a problem in sound card01:20
XiXaQYannTech, I installed gmplayer..?01:20
HerboI can't hear any voice and even if its maxed I hear a low voice01:20
sleepcatadelie: this is _after_ the install.  Lets say I want to download codecs.  I do this and then I try to boot into solaris, it doesn't work!01:20
SniperFromHellSonicChao: can you see this? i just want to make sure im doing it right01:20
SniperFromHellalso, is it case sensitive?01:21
YannTech(sorry I have a french version I don't have the good name of menu)01:21
UserUbuntuanyone, may help to install azureus in ubuntu.  Cause i never installed a program with .jar01:21
SniperFromHellor the name can be any casing?01:21
kelsinSniperFromHell: well if it's a window's shared printer that's how to add it :-( unless you ahve an error not much else we can do from here :-(01:21
SonicChaoSniperFromHell, yes. I turned red on my screen and it beeped [xChat]01:21
ni1anyone know of any real time memory editors? like OllyDbg, BlackIce, or Cheat Engine for linux?01:21
passbeif i have an unsupported tv tuner card (usb), am i able to emulate windows on my ubuntu box and get the usb device working throught hat ?01:21
Herboadelie,  I can't hear any voice and even if its maxed I hear a low voice01:21
adeliesleepcat: I must be missing something. Sorry, havn't used solaris very much, and even then only as a VM01:21
YannTechpassbe, maybe no but you can try01:21
XiXaQYannTech, I can't find any audio menu.01:21
passbeYannTech:  hmm ok thx01:22
adelieHerbo: volume is super low, but definately there?01:22
Herboadelie, even if you max you volume control01:22
YannTechin VLC settings ?01:22
Herboadelie, yup01:22
XiXaQYannTech, you told me to try mplayer?01:22
Herboadelie, volume is there but with low sound01:22
adelieHerbo: Have had the same problem. do you possibly have a volume control on your keyboard? (how it has happened to me)01:22
XiXaQYannTech, there is no setting to choose sound card in vlc, as far as I can tell.01:22
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simone1qualcuno mi aiuta01:22
sleepcatadelie: if you triple boot, with windows, linux and solaris, only the solaris GRUB version understands all 3 operating systems.  The one in Ubuntu doesn't understand Solaris' UFS filesystem01:22
YannTechyeah, mplayer is a workaround but I remember vlc have many, many, many options01:23
Herboadelie, no it ain't work01:23
Law506can you have the desktop cube and emerald at the same time???01:23
YannTechXiXaQ, VLC permit to select wich sound card you want01:23
Herboadelie, What does it supposed to be ?01:23
adelieHerbo: most applications, particularly media players, can set their own volume, than I am sure there is your speaker volume. There is also a sound driver volume, AND a system master volume01:23
kelsinLaw506: the desktop cube is drawn by the windows manager (compiz or beryl if you're using an old system), emerald is the part that draws windows borders, so yes01:23
XiXaQYannTech, I've searched for it for months.01:23
Herboadelie, would like to see any info because I can't figure it out01:24
sleepcathence, it seems like ubuntu does a check everytime there is a install or upgrade using apt-get which installs the ubuntu GRUB version thus hosing the solaris one.  Then the person needs to go with a solaris boot disk to reinstall the one they want.  I'd like to be able to prevent ubuntu from touching the grub that i have01:24
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:24
Herboadelie, would you * ?01:24
adelieHarbo: So, is the sound on the gnome-panel turned all the way up?01:24
Law506kelsin: for some reason once I enabled emerald it wont let me select the cube option in the compiz manager01:24
YannTechi don't know if dcc works (ipv6 connection)01:24
Herboadelie, yeah01:24
kelsinLaw506: by compiz manager do you mean the ccsm?01:25
adelieHarbo: speakers are powered, and on, and turned up?01:25
Herboadelie, Volume Control: Realtek ALC861 (OSS Mixer) is maxed01:25
simone1 find matrimonio alle bahamas01:25
XiXaQYannTech, if you know how, please tell me.01:26
Herboadelie, everything is ok physically01:26
SniperFromHellIf I should encounter any network errors after installing these updates, what do I do? Although I shouldn't, since I configured network settings after installing updates for the network manager, then i installed the rest of the updates after that.01:26
adelieHerbo: is there a volume knob physically on your speakers?01:26
YannTechXiXaQ, http://hades.yanntech.net/vlc-settings.png01:26
YannTechsorry for the french menu :s01:26
Herboadelie, Its a software bug or so01:26
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ubotuKDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4 - The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule - RC 2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc2.php01:26
Herboadelie, or I've to restart with a diff modules " lsof :01:26
Law506kelsin: if that is what is under System-Preferences-Advanced Desktop Settings01:26
Law506then yes01:26
XiXaQYannTech, there is no choice of sound cards there?01:26
Herboadelie, nah01:26
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YannTechif you refresh the list01:27
YannTechyou can choose after01:27
Herboadelie, I hear a very low sound while its working in my windows01:27
XiXaQYannTech, you're my hero! Thanks :)01:27
adelieherbo: are you sure the speakers are plugged into the microphone out and not the line out? line out required powered speakers (amplifier)01:27
Herboadelie, then its not a hardware issue01:27
kelsinLaw506: so it's not giving you any messages when you click the checkbox next to the cube, just doesn't select it?01:27
YannTechno problem XiXaQ ;)01:27
Herboadelie, its a system issue i persume01:27
adelieHarbo: same problem between windows and ubuntu?01:28
Law506kelsin: correct01:28
kelsinLaw506: can you trying runnig it from the terminal with "ccsm" and see if you get any errors when trying to select desktop cube?01:28
adelieHarbo: the speakers can be in the wrong port and you will still get sound, specifically line out01:28
Herboadelie, what I've mentioned Its working normally in windows and hear no sound in Ubuntu " to be honest hear a very low sound "01:28
=== test_ is now known as hhhhh
Law506kelsin: k, hang on01:28
jimmygoonSo are there kde4 packages in gutsy-backports, a page on the site says there is supposed to be, but I don't think its accurate? I just want to test out KDE4 on my pc01:29
nickrudjimmygoon, I downloaded them a while ago from backports, didn't work (didn't try hard either)01:29
YannTechit's the time to sleep ( 02:30 AM )01:30
Herboadelie, lets fix the issue likewise I've no sound recognized at all01:30
YannTechbye bye01:30
adelieHarbo: ok, caught up. try the sound test in system -> preferences -> sound? there you can try different drivers / setups and try to play test sounds01:30
alex_I have a problem with my xserver. I got it running but it's in 1024x768 and I don't want to ruin it again by trying to up it to 1280x1024. Thanks a lot.01:30
Herboadelie, could you consider that instead ?01:30
jimmygoonnickrud, hum, maybe I'll see if someone else has a more "reliable" repo up01:30
Law506kelsin: nevermind, i had deselected Automatic Plugins and it took awway the cube, I got it now, thanks for the assist though01:31
nickrudjimmygoon, could be better now, there were conflicts with multiple packages having the same file in them01:31
Mo9a7iHi every one ,, i got a problem with installing xine-lib saying missing cdrom ioctl ,, is there a way to avoid that ?01:31
Alphamonkeytake your computer01:31
Alphamonkeyand bash it against your head01:31
nickrudAlphamonkey, you must have a mac01:31
Alphamonkeythat usually fixes most problems01:31
Mo9a7idoes it ?01:32
Alphamonkeyworks everytime01:32
adelieHarbo: ?? Sorry I didn't get what you probably explained before I got here just a bit ago, but from what you have said now, if it works in windows, and not in ubuntu, you should be able to resolve the issue through the config test in the sound preferences panel01:32
Mo9a7iyou do it ?01:32
Law506I find taking the office space approach to electronics works... sometimes01:32
ricaneliteanyone could help me install urban terror?01:32
kelsinLaw506: np glad you got it01:32
Mo9a7igood for you ,,01:32
Alphamonkeybut unforunatly it has some SIDDEEE AFFE#EECTSS01:32
n00biei need some guidance on how to set up wlan in ubuntu... my wlan card is a Intel proset 2200bg... i have dedicated button for enabling/disabling the card, but this doesn't work01:32
nickrud!wireless | n00bie01:32
ubotun00bie: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:32
n00biei need some guidance on how to set up wlan in ubuntu... my wlan card is a Intel proset 2200bg... i a have dedicated button for enabling/disabling the card, but this doesn't work01:33
p_quarlesricanelite: do you have the download? it comes with an installation script01:33
RoAkSoAxn00bie which ubuntu are u using?01:33
bjbumdoes anyone know if the Restricted Drivers Manager installs the very latest stable proprietary drivers like Envy does? or if they're slightly dated?01:33
Mo9a7icdrom ioctls ,, anyone ?01:33
Herboadelie, It can't be fixed from the config test because Its working but like you've reduce your sound volume but its not anymore01:33
nickrudbjbum, for gutsy, it 8.37 something01:33
n00bieRoAkSoAx: ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy gibbons)01:33
BB88Does anybody know how I can change how Firefox in Ubuntu 7.10 handles IRC Server open requests?01:33
ricaneliteyeah i have the install script on my desktop just can't get it running01:33
RoAkSoAxn00bie gutsy should recognice ipw220001:34
dasickisi'm running ubuntu gutsy gibbon with all the updates but my cpu runs extremely hot01:34
bjbumnickrud, ahh. So if I used Envy it should give me newer drivers?01:34
dasickisi have hp dv5000 and i'm googled everything i could and haven't found anything that works01:34
p_quarlesricanelite: you'll need to run it in the shell. go to the directory, and type ./name_of_script01:34
jalswhat flag do i need to add to rsync to make it delete stuff on the destination directory that's not on the original?01:34
ricanelitewell it is sitting on my desktop01:34
ricanelitei have terminal open01:35
adelieHarbo: well, other option, if you left click on the sound applet, there is a "open volume control". certain setups have very low volume by default. I get that with my optical sound01:35
n00bieRoAkSoAx: how can i verify this?  (bare with me, i'm new to this :)01:35
p_quarlesjals: the flag for that is --delete01:35
RoAkSoAxn00bie try iwconfig in the command line01:35
p_quarlesricanelite: so, move it the script to your home directory01:35
n00bieRoAkSoAx: http://pastebin.com/d5f92d1fa01:36
ricanelitewhat else?01:36
Herboadelie, everything is maxed in playback01:36
RoAkSoAxn00bie you using network-manager right?01:36
nickrudbjbum yes, but don't expect much support here for envy01:36
n00bieRoAkSoAx: hmm, no01:36
p_quarlesricanelite: run the script -- type ./name-of-script01:36
maekcan anyone tell me why I cant save a profile in network manager?01:37
RoAkSoAxn00bie: on the right top corner is there anything to manage networks?01:37
Herboadelie, can we try to reload the snd modules01:37
jalsthanks p_quarles01:37
adelieHerbo: there is nothing else to turn up?01:37
ricaneliteright now im in ricanelite@ricanelite-desktop:~$01:37
YannTechbyebye everyone01:37
ricanelitedo i need to move to my home? and if so how?01:37
YannTechipv6 power ;-)01:37
alphaicemanhi everyone01:37
Herboadelie, perhaps there's something wrong with the modules or sound driver configuration01:37
p_quarlesthat is your home directory01:37
Herboadelie, or there's nothing to do with it at all01:38
adelieHerbo: dpkg --reconfigure alsa will let you manually configure it, if you really want to try that.01:38
n00bieRoAkSoAx: well, there's an icon where i enable/disenable both 'Networking' and 'Wireless'01:38
n00bieRoAkSoAx: both are checked01:38
ricanelitericanelite@ricanelite-desktop:~$  ./urt40-linux-installer.sh01:38
ricanelitebash: ./urt40-linux-installer.sh: Permission denied01:38
n00bieRoAkSoAx: +can  somewhere in there01:38
alphaicemanI'm trying to get compiz working on Dell D610 with intel graphic card, can anyone help please01:38
RoAkSoAxn00bie ok soy give a left click over that icon and what do you see01:38
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:39
p_quarlesricanelite: sudo chown ricanelite urt40-linux-installer.sh01:39
ricaneliteim sorry01:39
p_quarlesif you run that command, it will allow you to run the script01:39
adelieHerbo: but it is really hard to say what it could be without actually witnessing the symptoms. I have about covered every problem I have seen and its fix. the `dpkg --reconfigure alsa' I have never had to do to get sound to work, but... as long a it already doesn't work, why not.01:40
n00bieRoAkSoAx:  'connect to other wireless network', 'create new wireless network' and 'manual configuration'01:40
ricaneliteit went right back ricanelite@ricanelite-desktop:~$01:40
Herboadelie, --reconfigure is not the correct option01:40
adelieHerbo: oh, btw, are you using alsa or oss?01:40
RoAkSoAxn00bie ok, so it seems that you can connect to wireless networks, do you have any specific one that you want to connect?01:41
adelieherbo: hmm... sec01:41
HerboHerbo, don't know , how do I know ?01:41
p_quarlesricanelite: it will allow you to run the script -- you still have to run the script manually01:41
p_quarleswith the command I gave you earlier01:41
onatshow do i run commands and put them in background mode?01:42
=== amidaniel is now known as amidaniel|away
p_quarlesonats: use nohup01:42
n00bieRoAkSoAx: yes, my own access point, though it isn't set up yet01:42
=== Jannitax is now known as Jannita
adelieHerbo: sorry, `debconf --reconfigure alsa-base'01:42
=== _max is now known as max
onatsp_quarles, it still doesn't run in the background01:43
RoAkSoAxn00bie: ok so click on 'connect to other wireless network' and enter the information of your wireless network/AP01:43
n00bieRoAkSoAx: in windows i know i had to push the dedicated wireless button to enable wlan, but that button doesn't work in linux01:43
alphaicemandoe's anyone know how to get compiz working on a dell D61001:43
p_quarlesonats: what command are we talking about here?01:43
onatsemerald --replace01:43
Herboadelie, how do I know about alsa or oss ?01:43
RoAkSoAxn00bie: you have to enable wireless card by pressing that dedicated button and after that you have to setup your wireless network with 'Connect to Other Wireless Networks'01:44
nickrudp_quarles, nohup gedit & for example, you can even close the terminal you ran it in01:44
Herboadelie, btw Unknown option: reconfigure still now work01:44
RoAkSoAxn00bie: you will be asked to enter the information of your network01:44
KinPumpkinKingmy fullscreen application suddenly turns window and locks my system, only ctrl+alt+something works... anyone knows ow to figure that out?01:44
ricanelite sudo chown ricanelite urt40-linux-installer.sh01:44
Herboadelie, not*01:44
adelieHerbo: If you had checked out System -> preferences -> Sound, it will tell you what sound driver is being used for each sound device, and lets you change it.01:44
nickruderm, onats nohup gedit & for example, you can even close the terminal you ran it in01:45
n00bieRoAkSoAx: well, i don't really have a name for it yet... i tried, but that didn't work01:45
OseI'm installing Ubuntu (From Fedora) with Unetbootin and it's freezing at "Detecting Hard Disks and Other Hardware".. I've had Ubuntu before (Though with Wubi) just fine.01:45
p_quarlesonats: so, you want to run that command repeatedly? rather than just at startup?01:45
jimmygoonwait, why are we using "nohup" for?01:45
Xsss4hellI have Ubuntu Gutsy an I have a 16Mbit connection, but why is my maximum download speed 500kb/s? On Windows I have 1.9MB/s - >2MB/s01:45
qwazI have a window that I would like to open down in the lower left hand corner of my desktop. I have set the window to open with a title and created a rule to match on that tile. However, when I launch the application it places the window about 200 pixels higher than where I have instructed it to be placed.01:45
Herboadelie, everything is autodected01:45
nickrudjimmygoon, for the ability to disown the app from the terminal01:45
Herboadelie, except sound capture01:45
RoAkSoAxn00bie you have to setup your AP to have an SSID, then you will have to setup the network configuration, it will ask you to enter the SSID and if it has an authentication method and so on01:46
MenZaXsss4hell, depends on mirrors you download from.01:46
alphaicemanplease can anyone help me with compiz on Dell D61001:46
qwazAll my other placement rules are working except in this area of the desktop01:46
jimmygoonnickrud, is that really required? why not just do "gedit &" (I really don't know any different)01:46
Herboadelie, debconf --reconfigure alsa-base .. --reconfigure still unknown option01:46
MenZa!anyone | alphaiceman01:46
ubotualphaiceman: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:46
n00bieRoAkSoAx: yes, but the dedicated button i keep talking about wont work01:46
nickrudjimmygoon, try that, then exit the terminal. You could also do disown <tab> after running that, though01:46
motherlodeHEIL HITLER01:46
motherlodeHEIL HITLER01:46
adelieHerbo try setting your sound out manually rather than auto detect01:46
motherlodeHEIL HITLER01:46
motherlodeHEIL HITLER01:46
MenZa!ops | motherlode01:46
ubotumotherlode: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Pelo!01:46
motherlodeHEIL HITLER01:46
motherlodeHEIL HITLER01:46
motherlodeHEIL HITLER01:46
MenZaNice one, LjL01:47
p_quarlesjimmygoon: gedit & will not work if you want to close the terminal01:47
Xsss4hellMenZa no, I use the same01:47
qwazthank you LjL01:47
osmosishttp://dpaste.com/28110/    /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error01:47
bualguien habla español01:47
LjL!es | bu01:47
ubotubu: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:47
alphaicemanok, I have a dell latitude D610 with intel graphic card and I'm trying to get the compiz 3d desktop effect working01:47
RoAkSoAxn00bie: that button only enables the wireless card, using that button will turn on/off the wireless card and that doesnt mean that it will connect to a network01:47
jimmygoonhm, interesting, is it that way on alll gui apps? and if so what is the function of "&" then? or is it just that the terminal issues a "hangup" call and gedit close obediently?01:47
alphaicemanI have already install compiz manager01:47
onatsp_quarles, i just run it once so the titlebards of my windows are replaced. right now i dont have titlebars!01:47
nickrud& is run in the background, jimmygoon .01:48
OseInstall freezes at "Detecting Hard disks and other Hardware" - I'm installing Ubuntu (From Fedora) with Unetbootin. I've had Ubuntu before (Though with Wubi) just fine.01:48
Xsss4hellDownload-Geschwindigkeit: [-]4.907 kbit/s (613 kByte/s) On windows this is over 200001:48
Xsss4hellUpload-Geschwindigkeit: [++]1.091 kbit/s (136 kByte/s) On windows this is over 20001:48
onatsnickrud, is there any other command?01:48
SlynderdaleI'm currently dual booting Windows and Linux. The problem is, I don't have a working CD drive with boot support. I want to reformat my current linux install and install Ubuntu/Gutsy Gibbon instead. How can I do this without a boot/live CD?01:48
Herboadelie, same voice in test01:48
jimmygoonnickrud, hm, I see. thanks for the infos, I will get out of the way now :O01:48
qwazI have a window that I would like to open down in the lower left hand corner of my desktop. I have set the window to open with a title and created a rule to match on that tile. However, when I launch the application it places the window about 200 pixels higher than where I have instructed it to be placed.01:48
n00bieRoAkSoAx: i know, but when pushing that button a led on my laptop should lighten, but it doesn't... i should probably install some kind of driver for it...01:48
Herboadelie, can you give the correct command to reconfigure alsa01:48
IMYojimboanyone know Quicksilver (for Mac)?01:48
p_quarlesonats: can you just run it in the session startup sequence?01:48
alphaicemandid you get that ubotu01:48
Xsss4hellhowto CUT the speed limit?01:48
osmosisdpkg.log just says   2007-12-14 17:43:59 status half-configured munin-node 1.2.5-101:48
adelieHerbo: Thanks about the last I know of. I evidently forget how to use debconf. I only use it to fix video problems. try googling debconf for howto's01:48
adelieherbo: gotta go unfortunately. best luck01:49
RoAkSoAxn00bie so that means that the functionallity of thaat button is not working but it doesnt mean that your wireless card is not working01:49
nickrudonats, often I run gedit & (or some other app) in a terminal, then want to close the terminal and keep gedit. I would then type disown <tab><tab> , then I can exit the terminal and keep the app01:49
alphaicemanI have Gutsy01:49
jimmygoonSlynderdale, it is possible to do a network install with ubuntu, though I've never done so01:49
IMYojimboQuicksilver for linux (soon) : http://groups.google.com/group/JQuickSilver/web/jquicksilver---new-features-29-11-0701:49
nickrudonats, not sure if that's what you're after, what is your use case?01:49
onatsnickrud, where do you type the disown? in the same terminal?01:50
jimmygoonalphaiceman, so you know ubotu is a bot01:50
n00bieRoAkSoAx: well, maybe not...01:50
RoAkSoAxn00bie just try to connect to the wireless network dont pay attention to that button01:50
Slynderdalejimmygoon: Do you know where I can information on it?01:50
jimmygoonSlynderdale, google? ubuntu wiki? lemme see what I can dig up for you01:50
nickrudonats, yes. it's part of terminal job control; you can play around with <app> & ; <app> ; ctl-z , fg , bg, disown01:51
Slynderdalejimmygoon: Thank you for your help01:51
OseSlynderdale: Unetbootin is what you're looking for.01:51
onatsnickrud, ok.. here's the scenario. right now, i don't have titlebars in my windows (bug, can be fixed by restart, but don't want that option). Accdg to flare183, i can just type emerald --replace to replace my titlebars. but when i run it, i can't close the term..01:51
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
KinPumpkinKingif I get a new video card, what brand should I get? I mean, what are the ones that DO conflict with ubuntu 7.10?01:51
=== windowlicker is now known as windowlickerz
alphaicemanneed help with getting compiz working on Dell D610 with Ubunto Gutsby01:51
nickrudonats, simplest way around that is alt-f2  emerald --replace01:51
kelsinKinPumpkinKing:  generally people have less trouble with an nvidia card than ati01:51
KinPumpkinKingkelsin,  but I'm having trouble with an nvdia card01:52
jimmygoonSlynderdale, soemthing like this : http://wiki.koeln.ccc.de/index.php/Ubuntu_PXE_Install01:52
nickrudonats, but that would be a good app to learn how job control works01:52
nickrudlots of immediate visual feedback :)01:52
alphaicemanwhen I turn on the desktop effect, the system tells me that it doens't support it01:52
onatsnickrud, pressing ctrl+z worked...01:52
onatsnickrud, the titlebars remain...01:52
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: then I'm confused by the question :) ATI/Nvidia are the only two I know of if you actually card about fast 3d graphics01:52
OseSlynderdale: http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html Gives a tutorial. Once you boot into it it'll download the necessary files and install.01:52
n00bieRoAkSoAx: shouldn't the browser load a configuration page for the router when entering  if the wlan card is active?01:52
onatsnickrud, what is ctrl+z?01:52
nickrudonats, that suspends the app. now, type bg <tab>01:52
alphaicemanis the a driver etc. that I would need to get compiz to work on Dell D61001:53
onatsnickrud, it shows bg %emerald01:53
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, but I heard both nvidia and ati have trouble with Ubuntu, so I'm looking for a different brand...01:53
Xsss4hellCan somebody tell me why Ubuntu makes my internet download experience bad? It gives me only 4Mbit instead of possible 16Mbit, NO WINDOWS gives me the full speed. I'm surfing through eth0 so, it's not due to wlan distortions. Can somebody tell me howto make Ubuntu optimize for DSL?01:53
ari_stresshi all, where is the best way to download ebook?01:53
nickrudonats, yes, that's the only job you have running in that terminal01:53
onatsno manual entry for bg01:53
qwazI have a window that I would like to open down in the lower left hand corner of my desktop. I have set the window to open with a title and created a rule to match on that tile. However, when I launch the application it places the window about 200 pixels higher than where I have instructed it to be placed.01:53
jimmygoonSlynderdale, look at the section titled "Server and Network installations" : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation?highlight=%28install%2901:53
onatsnickrud, so i take it if i close this term, it will also terminate that job?01:53
jimmygoonSlynderdale, that should be tons of stuff!01:53
onatsnickrud, yup it did.01:53
OseInstall freezes at "Detecting Hard disks and other Hardware" - I'm installing Ubuntu (From Fedora) with Unetbootin. I've had Ubuntu before (Though with Wubi) just fine.01:53
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: those are the main two, you can buy something less (some random brand) but you're definitely not going to get good desktop effects with it (intel is ok but I don't know if they make standalone cards)01:54
nickrudonats, yes. But: you can also say   disown <tab><tab> (iirc it takes two) , and then close the terminal without losing emerald01:54
mohkohnI am having trouble sorting out permissions for Virtualbox-OSE from CVS. I am already in vboxusers01:54
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, so, if I have an okay nvidia card that is giving me trouble, I should stick with it? :/01:54
RoAkSoAxn00bie: if you are connected to the network hyes01:54
n00bieRoAkSoAx: also i tried connecting like you said (typing a random network name)01:54
n00bieRoAkSoAx: because there isn't set a network name yet01:54
n00bie... but that doesn't seem to be wokring01:54
onatsnickrud, let me try that.. it doesnt seem to do anything when i press <tab><tab>01:55
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: I would suggest that yes, what card and what's your issue?01:55
nickrudonats, http://www.faqs.org/docs/bashman/bashref_77.html should give you a grip on job control01:55
RoAkSoAxn00bie you will have to set a network and then do that01:55
onatsnickrud, thanks for the link. will read up01:55
mohkohnI had to build from CVS because I need the 2.6.24 kernel for my laptop to boot and for wireless to work.01:55
nickrudonats, disown <tab>01:55
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, it's a GeForce4, 64mb... my fullscreen grames are all normal, but after a while they pop in windows mode for no reason01:55
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, and Ubuntu stops receiving my commands01:56
alphaicemanKelsin do you know how to get compiz working on intell graphic card mobile intel 915GM01:56
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, excelt for ctrl+alt+f1 and ctrl+alt+backspace01:56
OseInstall freezes at "Detecting Hard disks and other Hardware" - I'm installing Ubuntu (From Fedora) with Unetbootin. I've had Ubuntu before (Though with Wubi) just fine.01:56
kelsinalphaiceman: not to well, it just works on my asus laptop without me doing anything01:56
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: what full screen games are we talking about?01:56
alphaicemanoh , ok,01:56
osmosishow can I get more info on this?01:57
osmosis# dpkg-reconfigure munin-node01:57
osmosis/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: munin-node is broken or not fully installed01:57
mohkohnHow do I set up permissions so that I can use virtual box as a regular user?01:57
LjLmohkohn: add yourself to the 'vboxusers' group01:57
kelsinalphaiceman: what happens when you try to enable desktop effects? Does it just say it can't?01:57
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, well, flobo puyo turns into window mode but it doesn't lock up my system, but tremulous does once it goes into window mode on it's own01:57
ari_stressmohkohn: put your user as vbox group01:57
alphaicemanyes it says it can't01:58
alphaicemanso it goes back to the default01:58
alphaicemanI have compiz manager01:58
mohkohnari_stress, is that in addition to vboxusers? I am already a member of vboxusers.01:58
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: to me that doesn't sound like a graphics card issue (honeslty I have no idea though), have you tried running them in a differen Xserver? It's kindof complicate but can lead to less problems01:58
LjLmohkohn: no, vboxusers is enough. have you rebooted after installing virtualbox?01:58
kelsinalphaiceman: does "xdpyinfo | grep -i composite" return something in a terminal?01:58
qwazI have a window that I would like to open down in the lower left hand corner of my desktop. I have set the window to open with a title and created a rule to match on that tile. However, when I launch the application it places the window about 200 pixels higher than where I have instructed it to be placed.01:59
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, I wouldn't know how to do that01:59
mohkohnyes LjL01:59
alphaicemanlet me try Kelsin01:59
ari_stressmohkohn: i believe that's all needed01:59
LjLmohkohn: what's the output of « ls -l /dev/vboxdrv »?01:59
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, different X server = different distro?02:00
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: I would assume that the problem is something else happening, grabbing the screen from the game, and then bam... can lock up everything... honestly I don't know about how to solve it. I would obviously try to limit what else is running while playing a game02:00
brennanosI cant seem to convince Ubuntu to keep my display resolution settings intact between logins... it always reverts back to 1024x76802:00
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: no no no, you can run a second X windows server with only the game running. People did it a lot with quake III and unreal etc02:00
LjLmohkohn: uh... i'm missing a lot of things. 1) what are those question marks?  2) why do you have a "vbox" directory in your home, and what is it?  3) well, not a question, but use "sudo -i" rather than "sudo su"02:00
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: so like you can hit ctrl-alt-F1-6 to get to the consoles and 7 to get the the gui, you can then do F8 to get to the game02:01
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, hmm, but I did run with nothing else open but it still did the same thing02:01
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: but it's not the easiest thing to do, just would make it so something else can't "grab" the screen away from the game02:01
worknsoleanyone here know how to change a user SID in samba besides with pdbedit -U (isn't working)02:01
maybeway36KinPumpkinKing: if F8 doesnt work, try F902:01
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, I see... I'll try that now, thanks02:02
theunixgeekHow do I access my Linux partition on a Mac?02:02
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: I would google a bit to find out if others are having that issue, but it def doesn't sound like a graphics card thing02:02
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KinPumpkinKingkelsin, oooh, except I need to run XQF to play the game...02:02
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: I would also run the games from the terminal redirecting output to log files02:02
mohkohnLjL, It is built from CVS. The question marks come when I ls -la as a user. as root it ls -la is normal.02:02
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, yeah, I'll try with the terminal now...02:02
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: "game-commands 1> stdout.log 2> stderr.log" to see if any errors happen02:02
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: so even if it crashes you mgiht be able to see an erro in those two files after reboot02:03
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, actually I found a way of not having to reboot, I just hit ctrl+alt+backspace, that still works...02:03
alphaicemanno Kelsin it doesn't return anything02:03
OseInstall freezes at "Detecting Hard disks and other Hardware" - I'm installing Ubuntu (From Fedora) with Unetbootin. I've had Ubuntu before (Though with Wubi) just fine.02:04
n00biei need some guidance on how to set up wlan in ubuntu... my wlan card is a Intel proset 2200bg... i have a dedicated button for enabling/disabling the card, but this doesn't work02:04
maybeway36Ose: can you do Unetbootin from another OS, or use a CD?02:04
kelsinalphaiceman: you don't have the composite extension enabled, make sure you have the composite section in xorg.conf, one sec, finding it02:04
OseMy CD drive is borked and all I have installed is Fedora.02:04
KinPumpkinKingkelsin, I'll google a little... thanks for all your help02:04
alphaicemanty Kelsin02:04
kelsinalphaiceman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8471102:05
Xsss4hellCan somebody tell me why Ubuntu makes my internet download experience bad? It gives me only 4Mbit instead of possible 16Mbit, NO WINDOWS gives me the full speed. I'm surfing through eth0 so, it's not due to wlan distortions. Can somebody tell me howto make Ubuntu optimize for DSL?02:05
kelsinalphaiceman: don't need to read the whole thing but make sure those three lines enabled composite are in your xorg.conf (have to sudo edit, like "sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf"02:05
Osemaybeway36: My cd drive is borked and all I have installed is Fedora 8. Would that make a difference? I thought all it did was initialize the download and install?02:06
brennanosOse: I had trouble with IDE installing Ubuntu just recently.  I had to enable to enable the generic IDE driver in the boot parameters02:06
maybeway36Ose: I'm not really sure02:06
Osebrennanos: Hmm. How would I do that?02:06
KinPumpkinKingkelsin,  do you know what's OpenGL's flipping?02:06
alphaicemanty Kelsin, I'm going to try that02:06
kelsinKinPumpkinKing: nope :-(02:06
brennanosOse: generic.all_generic_ide=1 as a boot parameter02:06
brennanosOse: not sure where or when you have the chance to do boot parameter the way you are installing02:07
Osebrennanos: Not sure how to setup boot parameters.. First time on Linux, mostly. Hit e on UNetbootin in GRUB?02:07
brennanosOse: yes02:07
swisgardanybody know why tools such as nmap, scanrand, paratrace, etc always fail or just don't do anything? i have used them before on a default ubuntu installation, and they worked without me having to tweak anything02:07
kenroAnyone know to which directory povray textures go?02:07
brennanosthen there will be like three lines of "stuff"02:07
OseBrennanos: Okay, I'll try that then. Thanks!02:07
swisgardbut on this laptop that doesn't seem to be the case02:07
paynegodhey.. im at the archive url to download the kernel source to install programs like my nvidia drivers and kppp what to i need to download? the generic headers, rt headers, generic image, the hole orginal source, or any combo i just mentioned?02:07
brennanosthen you pick a line and hit 'e' again, then stick that string I gave you at the end02:08
kelsinpaynegod: shoudl be able to just install the linux-headers package02:08
paynegodjust the headers?02:08
kelsinpaynegod: and the nvidia driver, any reason you want to use the nvidia one instaed of the nvidia-glx-new package?02:08
kelsinpaynegod: most packages just need the headers, but it does depend on what you're installing (nvidia just needs headers, don't know about kppp)02:08
paynegodkelsin: i get extremely poor performance with my os on my linux machine02:09
osmosis/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: munin-node is broken or not fully installed    Any ideas ?02:09
osmosisall i did was a normal  apt-get install munin-node02:09
osmosison a clean system02:09
paynegodkelsin: the frame rate i imagian is like 10 ish "guessing" just opening a program is a waiting game02:09
n00biei need some guidance on how to set up wlan in ubuntu... my wlan card is a Intel proset 2200bg... i have a dedicated button for enabling/disabling the card, but this doesn't work02:10
kelsinpaynegod: did you install the nvidia-glx-new package and did you check that direct rendering was on?02:10
LjLmohkohn, uhm, i use the official Ubuntu package... wouldn't that be a better idea? :| anyway, the vbox directory seems to not be executable (directories should be), so try sudo chmod u+x ~/vbox02:10
paynegodkelsin: direct rendering?02:10
kelsinpaynegod: you can run "glxinfo | grep direct" in a terminal02:10
mohkohnLjL the official package works for the official kernel. My laptop doesn't boot with the official kernel. I will try your suggestion. thanks.02:11
kelsinn00bie: the button probably won't do anything in ubuntu without other work (most likely, it depends) but the 2200 should be enabled and working by default, do you not see a list of wireless networks when you left click on the network manager applet int he top bar?02:11
brennanoshey, sweet, the adobe flash plugin actually works02:11
paynegodkelsin: ok il lgive that a try02:11
paynegodkelsin: would it give me the option to turn it on if its not?02:12
kelsinno it will just tell you if youre 3d acceleration is on or not02:12
shamascan somebody help me to install packages to play DVD movies and divX and Xvid02:12
paynegodah ok.02:12
kelsinpaynegod: either way I would still recommend using the ubuntu package for the nvidia drivers rather then installing the nvidia one02:12
paynegodkelsin: i assumed the drivers packed with the cd were faulty when i checked the restricted drivers manager it said it wasnt on02:13
n00biekelsin: no, i don't... and there are several wireless networks around me02:14
kelsinpaynegod: did you try to enable it from the restricted drivers manager?02:14
kelsinn00bie: does "iwconfig" config in the terminal list your card?02:14
paynegodkelsin: yea but it didnt do anything it stayed off02:14
kelsinpaynegod: with no messages or problems at all?02:14
kelsinpaynegod: I would try "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new" to see if it can actually install02:14
paynegodkelsin: no  the window flickered and showed me it was still off02:15
n00biekelsin:  http://pastebin.com/d5f92d1fa02:15
paynegodkelsin: i tried it a few times in a row with same results02:15
shamaswhere can I find commands to install packages02:15
kelsinn00bie: can you pastebin the contents of /etc/network/interfaces02:15
JoshooaCan I get some help installing flash for firefox? I do the install, and it asked for my mozilla path, and I tell it /usr/bin/firefox and it tells me it is not a directory, but which firefox tells me to use that02:15
shamasand where do I get these "packages" such as libdvdnav4, lidvdplay0, and libdvdread3 from?02:15
Jack_Sparrowshamas: man apt  for apt-get02:15
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:15
p_quarlesshamas: for DVDs, follow this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu02:15
kelsinJoshooa: does running "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" not work for you?02:16
Joshooakelsin: No, it downloads it but says it's not installed02:16
n00biekelsin: http://pastebin.com/d5c86c7d302:16
Joshooakelsin: I tried that first02:16
Jack_Sparrowkelsin: the installer for flash has been broken since the last upgrade.02:16
brennanosJoshooa: I just installed that plugin02:16
brennanosJoshooa: like 4 minutes ago02:17
kelsinJack_Sparrow: I thought it was fixed recently02:17
brennanosJoshooa: it installed in ~/.mozilla02:17
OseBrennanos: No luck.. Stalled again. Any other ideas?02:17
kelsinn00bie: if you right click on the network manager applet do you have wireless enabled?02:17
shamasthanks guys I'll check it out :)02:17
ConstyXIVis there a good linux/windows benchmark program?02:17
Jack_Sparrowkelsin: I thought so too, but had problems again today..  the installer has not been updated for the recent flash udate.  You need to grab the tar.gz from adobe and install the .so to your ~/.mozilla/plugins/02:17
brennanosOse: that sucks02:17
Joshooabrennanos: Well it says, Download Done. md5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz  The Flash plugin is NOT installed.02:17
n00biekelsin: yes, i do02:17
mohkohnLjL, thanks that sorted the permissions. I will note in my Tomboy notes.02:17
alesanhi, what should I do to install the java plugin on 64bit??02:18
kelsinJoshooa: I would listen to Jack and put the .so file in ~/.mozilla/plugins02:18
brennanosJoshooa: yeah, I got that too, yesterday.  I went directly to Adobe's download site and got it there, then ran the installer02:18
Jack_SparrowConstyXIV: you cant compare / benchmark them against each other.  It is like comparing Apples and oranges.02:18
kelsinn00bie: does "sudo iwlist eth1 scan" give you results?02:18
brennanosJoshooa: but yeah, it appears that just the .so needs to be in ~/.mozilla/plugins02:18
OseBrennanos: Last time I used Wubi to install Ubuntu on Windows and then transfered it to its own partition.. And *then* updated to 7.10. That should be the same, right?02:18
brennanosOse: not sure02:19
n00biekelsin: eth1      No scan results02:19
Jack_SparrowOse: wubi is a bad idea02:19
paynegodkelsin: assuming i cant get 3d acceleration working with the packaged drivers witch header package do i need to get the nvidia package to compile?02:19
JoshooaI don't have ~/.mozilla/plugins02:19
brennanosJoshooa: odd02:19
kelsinpaynegod: normall linux-headers will get what you need02:19
OseJack_Sparrow: That's what I figured.. I hadn't discovered UNetbootin at the time. I used UNet for Fedora, but I'd like to switch back to Ubuntu.02:20
paynegodkelsin: generic?02:20
JoshooaWhatever i put for Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape,02:20
Joshooaor Opera browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla): wont work02:20
Jack_SparrowJoshooa: hold off for a day or so. they will get it straightened out02:20
OseJack_Sparrow: It freezes at detecting hardware, though.02:20
cylencegood evening/day/morning :)02:20
kelsinpaynegod: there should be a packaged called "linux-headers"02:20
brennanosJoshooa: try downloading the installer from Adobe... it should report your Firefox install directory02:20
kelsinpaynegod: a virtual package pointing to what you need02:20
Joshooabrennanos: I am currently using the installer from adobe02:20
kelsinpaynegod: so a "sudo apt-get install linux-headers" should suffice02:20
paynegodtheres several types labled generic,rt,virtual,server ect.02:20
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Jack_SparrowOse: use the alt cd or F6 at start - install   then boot options.02:20
cylencecan anyone remind me how I can restart my init.ds stuff, as in if I make a change, how can I set it in motion02:20
alphaicemanHi Kelsin, when I perform a sudo gedit /etc/x11/xorg.conf  I got an empty file? should there be something?02:21
paynegodkelsin: my linux system isnt internet able right now  im flash driveing everything to transfer over02:21
kelsinJoshooa: if you're trying to install to /usr/lib are you running as sudo?02:21
p_quarlescylence: sudo /etc/init.d/program-name restart02:21
brennanosJoshooa: and where does it tell you your FIrefox install is?02:21
Joshooabrennanos: It wants my installation path, and I can't find it. I tell it what which firefox says, it says no, I try /home/joshua/.mozilla, it says no, I try /home/joshua/.mozilla/firefox, it says no02:21
OseJack_Sparrow: WIth Unetbootin? My CD drive doesn't work so I'm stuck with this method.02:21
jdwcylence: sudo /etc/init.d/<whatever> restart02:21
Joshooakelsin: I am running it as Sudo now, have tried it non root and as root02:21
Jack_Sparrow!install | Ose02:21
ubotuOse: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:21
Joshooawhich firefox gives me /usr/bin/firefox02:21
brennanosJoshooa: and you dont have a .mozilla directory in your home folder?02:22
kelsinalphaiceman: by default nothing is there, it uses defaults, try adding on ly those lines, if that doesn't work obviously remove them to get back to normal02:22
Joshooabrennanos: No I have .mozilla02:22
cylencejdw: thank you!!! geesh lol02:22
brennanosJoshooa: but no plugins folder?02:22
Joshooabrennanos: Then firefox in that02:22
Joshooabrennanos: No, no plugins02:22
jdwcylence: no prob02:22
kelsinpaynegod: most likely you need the generic if you're running the generic kernel which most likely you are02:22
brennanosmake a plugins folder02:22
cylencejdw: is there a way to restart pretty much everything in that way?02:22
brennanosthen copy that .so file into it02:22
Joshooabrennanos: In firefox, I have pluginreg.dat, but that's the only reference to plugin I can find02:22
cylenceeverything = in the init.d dir02:22
jdwcylence: Not really. I would think rebooting is the quickest way to restart everything.02:23
Joshooabrennanos: And I had gnash installed, and about:plugins showed me it was installed, but it wouldn't work, firefox kept telling me to download plugins02:23
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre02:23
JoshooaOr just not playing02:23
paynegodkensin: ok thanks i havent changed anything its a fresh install from cd02:23
cylencejdw: fair enough, thanks again02:23
jdwcylence: you could do an init 1 then an init 3 (or is it init 5 in Ubuntu?). That will kind of do wha you want...02:23
muuluuanyone here02:24
muuluuQ? PLS?02:24
kelsin!anyone | muuluu02:24
ubotumuuluu: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:24
Jack_Sparrow!ask | muuluu02:24
ubotumuuluu: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)02:24
n00biekelsin: what should i do then?  i'm desperate to make wlan work :-)02:24
cylencejdw: not sure about ubuntu, but very good point!02:25
paynegodkelsin: would have ben nice if the headers were pre-packaged in the distro cd02:25
cylencejdw: thank you, it's been a while since I worked in linux at all ;) so that helped a lot02:25
jdwcylence: glad to help02:25
JoshooaWhere else could i try for a valid installation path of firefox?02:25
Jack_Sparrowpaynegod: What you have them take out to put the headers in?02:25
kelsinn00bie: does "dmesg | grep -i eth1" give anything alarming?02:26
kelsinpaynegod: most people don't need them on the cd, there's only so much space02:26
muuluuwhat types of hardwares are compotable with ubuntu? Mine is core to 2 duo 6600 Geforce 7300 gs asus MB?02:26
swisgardanybody know why tools such as nmap, scanrand, paratrace, etc always fail or just don't do anything? i have used them before on a default ubuntu installation, and they worked without me having to tweak anything02:26
kelsinmuuluu: you should be fine02:26
alphaicemankelsin, I get an error, file doesn't exist can't save file, what do I do?02:26
jdwswisgard: what are the errors?02:26
paynegodJack_Sparrow: i dunno.. maybe overburn it at the end of the cd maybe?? ;-)02:26
muuluubut any type of linux has freezing problem02:27
kelsinalphaiceman: what do you mean? what exactly are you doing when getting that error?02:27
n00biekelsin: http://pastebin.com/d3b98bc2b02:27
swisgardjdw: with paratrace and scanrand they just sit there and never do anything. and nmap usually gives a "connection reset by peer" flood of messages and then says that all ports are open02:27
kelsinmuuluu: what?02:27
Jack_Sparrowpaynegod: IT is a subject for offtopic.. not the help room02:27
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muuluui asked here and google can't find the reason?02:27
Myrttipaynegod: most of people don't need them02:27
kelsinMudkipz: are you saying you have ubuntu install and are getting freezes a lot?02:28
Jack_Sparrow!hardware | muuluu02:28
ubotumuuluu: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:28
muuluuall the linux has freezing problem on my machine like ubuntu mandriva suse fedora02:28
jdwswisgard: OK, dunno about paratrace and scanrand, but the nmap thing sounds like a network issue. Are you nmapping a server that may have a firewall on it?02:28
alphaicemanwell I do a sudo gedit /etc/x11/xorg.conf then I copy and paste those three lines to enable compsite and perform a save02:28
ch8induhh if i delete something on a mounted nfs drive were does that go lol02:28
swisgardjdw: yes. but i've been able to nmap the same stuff before.02:28
kelsinch8ind: deleted it with the gnome file manager?02:28
jdwswisgard: have you tried the -p0 option with nmap?02:28
swisgardjdw: and paratrace is for that purpose, mapping firewalls.02:28
swisgardjdw: yes02:28
ch8indi selected it and sent it to the trash02:29
ch8indits not in the trash can02:29
alphaicemanbut I get an error saying that the file doen't exist and that I can't save it02:29
Jack_Sparrowalphaiceman: that is a bad command to use.. it can really mess up your permissions... use gksudo gedit    ... gksudo for all gui apps02:29
JoshooaDoes it matter where I run the installer from?02:29
swisgardjdw: i am behind a router, but i don't see why that would be holding it up. also tor and privoxy don't work.02:29
muuluuis there anyone can say what the problem is?02:29
kelsinalphaiceman: yeah try what Jack_Sparrow says and use gksudo02:29
Jack_Sparrowalphaiceman: and note   X11   not x1102:29
onatswhat's a good keylogger program?02:29
alphaicemanyes thanks guys02:29
muuluuor the hardware to recoomend?02:30
muuluusorry recommend02:30
kelsinn00bie: can you pastebin "lsmod"02:30
muuluuhnm noone answer again!!!02:30
jdwswisgard: Hmmm...well, I guess the logical thing to do next would be to bypass the router and try these tools. That would at least eliminate the router as a problem. Seems to me it must be something on your end, though, if you can't use these tools on any remote host02:30
brennanosJoshooa: have you tried just manually copying the .so file to ~/.mozilla/plugins?02:30
brennanosJoshooa: just create the plugins directory yourself02:31
JoshooaNo Ij ust got it02:31
ch8indwoot found it02:31
ch8indi was scared for a moment02:31
kelsinmuuluu: have you tried disabling acpi with any of these distros?02:31
Joshooabrennanos: I exited and did it again, and this time it just said, "Do you want to install it here?" and I said yes, and it did it02:31
n00biekelsin: http://pastebin.com/d2251de9502:31
swisgardjdw: another possibility perhaps is that i'm just using an internal wireless antenna, rather than a wired connection like i used to have. i know this obviously makes a difference for sniffing (no wire to sniff from) but for these kinds of tools should not make a difference should it?02:31
Jack_Sparrowmuuluu: I showed you the link for supported hardware... Did you read it?02:31
muuluuyes i tried that02:31
Jack_SparrowPeople..goodnight, I am too tired to continue...  play nice..02:32
muuluuok i'll red it02:32
Joshooabrennanos: I wonder wtf happened, I've been trying to get flash going for days02:32
kelsinn00bie: try a "sudo modprobe -r ipw2200 && sudo modprobe ipw2200"02:32
muuluuthansk jack02:32
Joshooabrennanos: Anyway it works now! On to  youtube!02:32
jdwswisgard: It won't for nmap (not sure about the other tools). I use it on wireless all the time.02:32
kelsinn00bie: and then the "sudo iwlist eth1 scan" again02:32
brennanosJoshooa: excellent02:32
Joshooabrennanos: And now there is a plugins directory02:32
n00biekelsin: eth1      No scan results02:33
kelsinn00bie: try "sudo iwconfig eth1 txpower on"02:34
kelsinn00bie: then that list command again02:34
wyhelp! How can I restore my xorg settings? I don't have the original xorg.conf02:34
alphaicemanI added the three lines, and saved the file, but I still get desktop effects can't be enabled02:35
n00biekelsin: http://pastebin.com/d6b1f240f02:35
kelsinalphaiceman: is compoisite enabled? "xdpyinfo | grep -i composite" returns something?02:35
n00bie(didn't proceed with the list command)02:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about logger - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about keylogger - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:36
alphaicemanwell it comes back with composite02:36
LjL!fishing > onats    (onats, see the private message from Ubotu)02:37
LjL!info lkl > onats02:37
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:37
onatsljl, ty02:37
kelsinn00bie: can you try "sudo iwconfig eth1 txpower 20"02:38
kelsinalphaiceman: ok so one thing at least set up02:38
fosocan anyone point me to the dawn of ubuntu login manager? i cant find it now, thanks02:38
kelsinalphaiceman: if you run ccms in the terminal, when you try and enable do you get any errors?02:39
n00biekelsin: Error for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26) :02:39
n00bie    SET failed on device eth1 ; Input/output error.02:39
kelsinn00bie: damn this is odd :-(02:39
kelsinn00bie: can you paste the output of lspci?02:40
alphaicemanwell I get into compiz manager, then I try to enable effect under appearance and it give's me an error after toggling the graphics or trying saying it can't enable effects02:41
muuluui really like to learn linux but but freezing problem makes me slow down and stack even make me give up?02:41
KrisiunHello, when trying to get suspend working on my desktop pc. In bios i can choose from S1, S3 or auto. Which should i use?02:41
n00biekelsin: http://pastebin.com/d3a66414c02:41
kelsinalphaiceman: yes I know, can you run "gnome-appearance-properties" in a terminal and try to enable effects and if it fails see if any errors appear in the terminal?02:42
Myrttimuuluu: since it's freezing with many distros...02:42
kelsinKrisiun: whichever works? S3 is better but might not work on more hardware then S102:42
kaycehello, i need help on making a logical hdd array, using 2 250gb hard drives for 500gb on ubuntu 7.10, can someone help?02:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fglx - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:42
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:42
kelsinmuuluu: I didn't see an answer if you said this before, have you tried disabling acpi?02:42
JoshBorkewhich module in compiz enables the mode to show all open windows on the current screen?02:43
Myrttimuuluu: have you considered the problem might be the hardware?02:43
Krisiunkelsin: well, ive tried S3 and auto and neither work so ill give S1 a try later, thanks02:43
muuluui tried acpi=off02:43
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre02:43
kelsinn00bie: I can't figure it out, your stuff looks EXACTLY like mine except no txpower and of coursenot giving any results scanning02:43
muuluuyes it might be coz of hardware like my MB Asus and GPU Geforce 7300 GS02:43
muuluui searched 3 weeks now02:44
Rafabehi...what are the reasons why GRUB would fail installing?02:44
muuluui tried all the  methods from google]02:44
n00biekelsin: hmm, darn ;(02:44
Rafabeduring installation, that's where it fails. I'd previously installed successfully.02:44
kelsinn00bie: I would assume it has to do with radio off and no txpower but the two commands to change that are failing :-( so I don' tknow02:45
muuluunoapic, nopic acpi=off changes mouse freezing to desktop freeze?02:45
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n00biekelsin: what is txpower02:45
=== aoc is now known as harvard
muuluushould i try changing GPU?02:46
muuluuor MB02:46
kelsinn00bie: the amount of power to use when sending signals, it's also the only thing differen in your and mine iwconfig outputs02:46
kaycedoes anyone know how to set up a 500gb logical array using 2 250gb hdd's?02:46
kelsinn00bie: has anything appeared at the end of the dmesg output after running the txpower commands?02:46
muuluuuse partition manager02:46
Myrttimuuluu: have you run memtest?02:46
=== harvard is now known as alexoc
muuluuyes it's ok02:47
Myrttifor how long did you run it?02:47
=== alexoc is now known as vlc
=== vlc is now known as tgold
muuluuit's been 3 weeks until oo:00 till 4 am everyday02:47
kelsinmuuluu: you've been running memtest for 3 weeks?02:47
n00biekelsin: [ 6998.592000] ipw2200: Failed to send TX_POWER: Command timed out.02:48
n00bie[ 7289.136000] ipw2200: Failed to send TX_POWER: Command timed out.02:48
kayceim on the lie cd atm... wth was that, everything just changed on my screen02:48
n00biekelsin: wait, there are more lines... i'll paste02:48
kelsinn00bie: k02:48
muuluuno i mean, i'm tying to fix the issue it's been 3 weeks now02:48
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:49
Myrtti!paste | n00bie02:49
ubotun00bie: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:49
muuluui tried couple of time did that (memtest)02:49
Myrttimuuluu: try running it overnight02:49
muuluunow it's 3 o'clock in uk02:49
bobgillWhat would be the command to copy files from one folder to another, skipping files that are the same ?02:49
nonoounban me from #kubuntu someone02:50
nonooardachcile is a faggit02:50
kelsinbobgill: rsync can handle that02:50
muuluuhehe lol i'm tired now have to sleep but have to learn02:50
Myrttimuuluu: and two hours more in Finland02:50
muuluuhehe lol02:50
LjLnonoo: #ubuntu-ops02:50
SamussamusAre there a ubuntu flavor for picture production?02:50
SamussamusI do a photo studio and I would like to use ubuntu on it02:51
=== p1 is now known as blue_sky
alphaicemanI open preference appearance visual effects and enable extra effects, the lcd flickers and then I get desktop effect could not be enabled, do I need the 915resolution02:51
n00biekelsin: http://pastebin.com/d29ec2bad02:51
muuluui work 48 hoursa week and 4-5 hours dleep gonna die soon :(02:51
chuckfdoes anyone know who plans the UDS?02:52
muuluui really need to learn or die i've got only 2 way learn or give up but can't give up hehe02:52
kelsinn00bie: can you hit your wireless on/off button once, and then run "sudo modprobe -r ipw2200 && sudo modprobe ipw2200" and then see if the iwconfig output is better02:52
muuluusorry not me ;-)02:52
=== zarac- is now known as zarac
muuluuididn't plan that UDS ;-02:53
n00biekelsin: it's the same02:54
kjp2is there a way to have avahi broadcast dns information? ie that the server X is at
Oscar_T#ubunto beginners02:54
kelsinn00bie: try one more thing, run "sudo modprobe -r ipw2200" then hit that wireless button or whatever then "sudo modprobe ipw2200"02:54
kelsinn00bie: after that can you paste the end of dmesg again?02:54
muuluuok noone gonna help me to learn it  i'm so sad i don't wanna stay forever with Windows02:55
zaracany suggestions for a gui media players?02:55
kelsinzarac: people enjoy rhythmbox, banshee, listen or exaile. I like mpd combined with sonata02:55
Meniskmuuluu, what do you wanna learn?02:55
zaracthanks kelsin  =D02:55
muuluuyeah, I'D REALLY LIKE TO LEARN IT02:56
Meniskmuuluu, What is it you want to learn?02:56
chuckfwhat do you know about it?02:57
Meniskmuuluu, Install it and try it then. Or run the live CD.02:57
cristhianu may think im a dreamer but im not the only one. is there somethin like Sony Vegas video editor for linux ubuntu ?02:57
n00biekelsin: http://pastebin.com/d53aa53ea      (i tried next last commands you gave me a few times, as i wasn't sure if i had pushed the button before or not)02:57
muuluuhehe i'm trying but no help02:57
jdwAny MOTU's in here?02:57
Meniskmuuluu, What are you stuck on?02:57
muuluu3 weeks now everyday even google can't help me02:57
Meniskmuuluu, It helps if we know what the issue is so we can help.02:58
muuluufreezing problem makes me stop learning everything02:58
Meniskmuuluu, You need to be specific. When do you freeze?02:58
kelsinn00bie: what key is your wireless on/off key?02:58
muuluufirst mouse stops then i tried acpi=off it's makes worse, MAchine stops freezing02:59
Myrttimuuluu: what gpu driver do you have?02:59
cristhianis there any full featured video editor for linux ubuntu ?02:59
kelsinn00bie: some people say their bios's have an option to turn off the wireless on/off switch, I would try doing that as well, so that you CAN'T turn it off etc02:59
muuluuany time i don't really know any application anytine02:59
n00biekelsin: it's a shortcut button  (intended for windows i guess)02:59
Ttech2I need a little help. OR I have a question, is there a better start menu for Ubutnu? Faster editing? Etc?03:00
kelsinn00bie: that line about the key being off in dmesg is DEF it, what type of computer do you have?03:00
muuluubut not long very soon about max time 15 min03:00
n00biekelsin: it's an   aopen tundra 1557e03:00
kelsinn00bie: I would def check in the bios and see if you can turn the wireless switch off03:00
whyameye_would I install 32 bit or 64 bit ubuntu for Intel Core Duo (iMac)?03:00
=== Ttech2 is now known as The
kelsinwhyameye_: I always recommend installing 32bit no matter what03:01
=== The is now known as The_Doctor_
Meniskwhyameye_, Do 32. You can do both but 64 has compatability issues.03:01
kelsinwhyameye_: just imo 64bit is more trouble then worth for desktop use03:01
n00biekelsin: ok, i will try that03:01
n00biekelsin: thank you for now03:01
muuluubut there is on google most of the problem bug is with 64?03:01
kelsinn00bie: but that is your issue, obviously solving it is not trivial, but your wireless card thinks it's off somehow :-(03:01
whyameye_kelsin: but it will run 64, huh? I've installed 64 on other machines with the ia32 libs and if I have trouble I just install the 32 bit apps and am fine.03:01
kelsinwhyameye_: honestly I don't know :) sorry03:02
whyameye_Menisk: 64 has compatibility isssues with core duo or Imac specifically or just in general has compat issues?03:02
Meniskwhyameye_, Don't use 64bit unless you have a good reason. For everydays stuff there is no beneifit and it has compat issues.03:02
Meniskwhyameye_, It has issues because more dev focus is on 32 as it s used more.03:03
Meniskwhyameye_, 64 will become better when more people use it.03:03
cristhiancome on there must be a video edition lover at here.  dont disappoint me !03:03
whyameye_but I am confirming core duo is a 64 bit processor? That's the part I didn't know...03:04
Meniskwhyameye_, Core 2 duo is 64bit.03:04
muuluuhnm when i talk about freezing thing everyone run away from me???03:04
cristhianplease videoLover tell me a full featured video editor for my ubuntu! im gettin crazy03:05
mzracer360anyone recommend me a good text-based CD ripping software that I can use with my Ubuntu 7.10 server edition?  Thanks!03:06
kaycethere is bound to be one03:06
bigalhow determine my x version03:06
muuluufreezing problem anyone can help?03:06
Meniskmuuluu, We can't help when you're not specific about it.03:06
kelsincristhian: cinelerra is the only one I've ever heard of03:06
whyameye_mzracer360: cdrdao03:06
whyameye_mzracer360: sorry I misread. I don't know about ripping.03:07
c0mp13371331337_Anyone here using a Logitech Access keyboard?03:07
kelsinmuuluu: you have an EXTREMELY generic issue. without more info we've said everything we can, check the ram, check the power supply,, check your graphics card, try acpi etc03:07
cristhianthnx at least i have an idea now03:07
Rodietzecan't isntall it on my HP Pavillion laptop03:07
muuluuWell i'll start everything with hardware03:07
Rodietzedoes that really work on hp laptops?03:08
kaycei use a wireless logitech keyboard and mouse03:08
BB88How can I edit the default programs that are associated with .mp3 opening?03:08
thejinx0rHi Guys, I'm trying to customize my own kernel. I was wondering if the info about a setting is not enough about what it does, where can I find out what it does?03:08
kelsinBB88: right click on an mp3 and goto propertire and then the openwith tab03:08
c0mp13371331337_Kayce - Does your keyboard have Vol +/- keys?03:08
tehm0nkdoes mdadm have any settings that can be tweaked or something03:08
kelsinthejinx0r: the source unfortunately, or just googling it03:08
kayceyes, need setpoint for them to work03:08
BB88kelsin: Thank you.03:08
kaycein which Logitech doesnt suport Linux03:09
c0mp13371331337_kayce - Setpoint, is that a program?03:09
kaycewith setpoint at least03:09
tehm0nkmdadm is installed, but it will not recognize my raid stripe setup03:09
kaycefor wireless as far as i know, yes03:09
thejinx0rkelsin: oh well, google hasn't been too friendly with me in the past couple days with kernel customization. Thanks anyways. Maybe I'll hit break with google soon enough :)03:09
kelsinthejinx0r: yeah there really isn't a one stop shop for random kernel config settings unfortunately03:10
kaycewired may have its own program, but Logitech still doesnt support Linux, unfortunatly03:10
kelsinthejinx0r: (afaik, that I've found)03:10
c0mp13371331337_kayce - Well mine isn't wireless, but the volume buttons work very oddly.  Regardless of the current volume level, Volume Down mutes, and volume up unmutes but leaves the volume at 0%, regardless of how many times I press it.03:11
kelsinc0mp13371331337_: did you try System -> Prefs -> Keyboard Shortcuts and reassigning the keys to volume up and volume down again?03:11
mzracer360anyone else know of a good text-based CD ripping software that I can use with my Ubuntu 7.10 server edition?03:12
BB88Anybody know if Wine Emulator will allow Visual Basic 6.0 to run?03:12
kelsinmzracer360: I think abcde is good, I havn't used it though03:12
c0mp13371331337_kelsin - oh yes, been all through the keyboard shortcuts, keymaps, etc.  It all points keys correctly, but doesn't seem to work.03:12
kelsinBB88: Wine is not an emulator! (Sorry I actually don't have any useful info about your question, probably should check the wine appdb)03:12
abdullawhat is a light good app to open .rar files?03:13
kelsinabdulla: if you install the rar package then the gnome file-roller app can open them like tar.gz and zipfiles03:13
BB88kelsin: The title in the depositories is quite misleading 'Wine Windows Emulator', but thank you nonetheless.03:13
abdullawhere is rar package ? in add/remove or synaptic kelsin03:14
kelsinBB88: yeah I know :-( even though the title contradicts that title :-(03:14
wyHow can I tell which package is providing a file?03:14
Stupid^Kidi wan't to study Gimp so i open the home page of gimp.org03:14
kelsinabdulla: search synaptic for rar, I just normally install the rar and unrar-free packages03:14
Wingwy: Install the apt-file package and run apt-file search <filename>03:15
abdullathanks kelsin03:15
muuluui have custom built Machine with GPU: Geforce 7300GS CPU: Core to duo 6600 MB: Asus P5ND2 SE first Mouse freezing, i tried UBS Legacy off on Bios settings Desktop freeze, tried ACPI=off Desktop freeze with any applications running random time changed graphinc drivers from Nvidia site, Ad or Remove Synaptic package MGR, With all types of Linux(Suse Fedora Ubuntu Mandriva) ?03:15
kelsinwy: dpkg -S <file>03:15
Wingwy: Or what kelsin said.03:15
Stupid^Kidi wonder what's the difference between docs and tutorials03:15
kelsinwy: the dpkg is for installed package,s you need to install apt-file like Wing said to find stuff in packages you don't have installed03:15
Rodietzemuuluu I have the same problems03:15
Rodietzemuuluu but I got a laptop, I always used linux but this is impossible now, NO LINUX distro runs on it...03:16
muuluuRodietze What is ur HArdware?03:16
RodietzeHP Pavillion 2gb ram, hd sata 160 gb, nvidia 7150M03:16
Rodietzeamd Turion64 x203:16
Rodietzedual core03:16
muuluuis it ASUS?03:17
muuluuchip? is it Nforce?03:17
Rodietzeyeah asu03:17
Jack_Sparrowmuuluu: and if you run vesa mode for video do you guys have the same problems?  or just trying to up the res with the nvidia drivers?03:17
wyIt seems it hangs at "Setting up apt-file ( ..."03:18
RodietzeJack_Sparrow vesa? haven't tried just, nv and vga03:18
muuluuMOst of the problems Nvidia with Asus MB hnm?!!!03:18
kelsinwy: it take a LONG TIME, think about what it's able to do lol03:18
kelsinwy: look for filenames in packages that you don't have installed, thats like 15000 packages03:18
muuluui tried but no diff?03:18
RodietzeJack_Sparrow it isn't possible with Ubuntu... ubuntu just can't start the X when installing...03:18
wykelsin: Gosh...03:18
Rodietzemuuluu yeah and I thought that was a good config....03:19
Jack_SparrowRodietze: do you get to cli?03:19
Rodietzealways used to be for me..03:19
kelsinwy: I mean on my systesm it took like 5-10 minutes but still :) it does look like it's hung, just let it finish :)03:19
RodietzeJack_Sparrow cli?03:19
Jack_SparrowRodietze: linux version of DOS prompt  command line interface.03:19
Rodietzeshould I get that ?03:20
Jack_SparrowRodietze: if you get to there try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:20
Jack_SparrowRodietze: get the alternate cd  text installer.03:20
muuluuhow to get that CLI thing?03:20
Rodietzeoh the alternate cd text installer? what is this option when about to install ubuntu?03:21
Rodietzenogui ?03:21
Jack_SparrowI only booted back to grab my mail..03:21
Rodietzeok I'll turn it on and put the ubuntu CD on the driver03:21
Jack_Sparrowalternatecd is text based installer for Ubuntu  .. yes, you will get gui in the end03:21
kaycecan someone that knows about hdd logical arrays help me please?03:22
RodietzeJack_Sparrow yeah yeah, but how can I install ubuntu in text mode? coz it always start with the GUI03:22
kelsinRodietze: the alternate cd has that option on the boot screen03:22
muuluui tried with text installer but there is no option to conf nultiboot?03:22
Jack_SparrowRodietze: Get the ALTERNATE cd03:22
Jack_Sparrowguys..  I only was reading along while getting my mail...   good luck03:23
RodietzeJack_Sparrow oh I got it, I thought I could use the regular cd just typeing some command...03:23
muuluulink for the TEXT installer?03:24
ubotuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!03:24
Rodietzemuuluu man03:24
Jack_Sparrowlook right below the regular download...03:24
Jack_Sparrowmuuluu: are you also trying to dual with... ugh..Vista..03:24
RodietzeVista installs at least heh03:25
muuluuno with XP03:25
Rodietzegee I can't believe it...03:25
wykelsin: It finished. Thanks03:25
Jack_Sparrowmuuluu:  I dual with XP no problems there03:25
muuluui'm afraid of installation hehe03:26
muuluuis ti then thanks03:26
Jack_Sparrowgoodnight all.03:26
muuluui'l tyr with that03:26
kaycedoes anyone know about making a logical hdd array? not trying to make a redundant array, but rather just mass storage, and i dont really know how to set it up using a partition editor03:26
muuluuGOdd night thanks for help03:26
kaycenite muuluu03:26
wyIt seems I have some issues with FreeAgent drive. the file browser can't view it if it suspended after a long time of idle03:27
muuluu   1. Mirror-Mirrors03:27
muuluu   2. CD Images03:27
muuluu         1. CD Image Mirrors03:27
muuluu   3. DVD Images03:27
muuluu         1. DVD Image Mirrors03:27
jdwkayce: Is there a JBOD option in the partitioner?03:27
kelsinwy: I think that's a known issue, a lot of people are PISSED about those drives03:27
kelsinwy: google a bit, I think you'll find stuff pretty quickly03:27
wykelsin: Thanks03:27
kaycejBOD? let me see03:27
kshl_mAnybody here know which package contains the C C++ libraries in Gusty??03:28
kelsinkshl_m: just install "build-essential"03:28
Rodietzeman It is unaceptable why do we need to CDS just to have an OS installed03:28
kayceno, i dont think there is03:28
Rodietzethat's ridiculous03:28
kelsinkshl_m: comes with all the base stuff needed for compiling03:28
muuluuuse synaptic to search03:28
shea|upkshl_m, g++03:28
kayceim on the live cd atm03:28
shea|uplibstdc & libstdc++03:28
kshl_mkelsin: 10x03:28
n00biekelsin: you are a genius! :-))03:29
puffAnybody ever build lignumCAD for ubuntu?03:29
kelsinn00bie: got it?03:29
jdwkayce: OK, just a thought. JBOD is 'Just a Bunch Of Disks" which is one way to logically put a bunch of disks together. Google for setting up a RAID - there's at least one tutorial out there that I know of03:29
shea|upand libstdc++6-4.1-dev03:29
n00biekelsin: yes siry bob03:29
kelsinn00bie: sweet, enjoy your wireless internet freedom03:29
abdullaMY DESKTOP http://img28.picoodle.com/img/img28/5/12/13/alsheeba/f_mydesktopm_582c78c.png   please rate :P03:29
shea|upalso 4.2, dunno why that's not default03:29
n00biekelsin: i will, tnx again03:29
OseIs it safe to stop Gparted resizing a partition? It's been going for 45 minutes.03:30
Rodietzedoes anyone have HP PAVILLION and could Install UBUNTU???03:30
kelsinOse: probably not, it tells you in detail what it's doing03:30
Rodietzethat is weird first time in 1 thousand that it isn't working.... in my brand new laptop03:30
kelsinOse: if you drop down the detail tree enough03:30
prakritiwith gparted your best bet is just to be patient03:30
kaycei only have 2 250gb hard drives thow, and i though jBOD needs 4 or more? not sure03:30
crimsunRodietze: yes.03:30
OseKelsin: OH! Didn't see it went further.. Thanks. I'll check it out.03:30
muuluuhehe even doesn't work with desktop03:31
Rodietzecrimsun man how did you do when the Installation fails coz the X server?03:31
kelsinOse: wouldn't advice stopping it, but you can see exactly what command it's running, pretty neat03:31
OseKelsin: Ahh, it's moving the file system over.. That would be why it's taking a long time then. And yes, it is really neat. Thanks.03:31
Rodietzemuuluu heh yeah man try debian03:31
Judedoes anyone know how do i find my pc's port03:31
Rodietzeit installs at least[03:31
muuluuhehe lol]03:31
Rodietzebut has the some WEIRD problems like not being able to recognize the CD ROM drive nor the screen too03:32
muuluumost of the destro's i tried none of them works03:32
crimsunRodietze: it doesn't fail here.  My model (DV6205US) has an i945GM.03:32
muuluubut freezing same03:32
Judedoes anyone know how do i find my pc's port??03:33
kelsinJude: what do you mean by port?03:34
muuluuhow to check and fix if i have HDD error03:34
yfkis there a repository with envy?03:35
theelbermungsterHi guys, i am having a little problem with Compiz on ubuntu 7.10 "gusty".03:35
=== jopie is now known as bernardt
Judekelsin, like the pop mail port is 110, how do i find mine??03:35
RodietzeJude nmap03:35
RodietzeJude I think you want nmap, just google for it or apt-get install nmap03:36
JudeRodietze, what is nmap??03:36
muuluuhow to check and fix if i have HDD error03:36
kelsinJude: do you mean find which ports are open on your computer?03:36
speevesjude: do you mean ip, or port?03:36
theelbermungsterHi guys, could you please help me? I am having a little problem with Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu 7.10 "Gusty".03:36
wykelsin: Got a workaround to disable to power management.03:37
kelsinJude: "computers" don't have ports, each type of programs have ports, you can connect to your computer (via your ip) on any port you want, you need to be running a server on a certain port for it to work though03:37
Judekelsin, yes03:37
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster - Don't ask to ask.... just ask! :-)03:37
beerfanI just bought a new keyboard with media buttons. The play, next, prev, buttons work but volume controls and mute bring up a volume thing on the screen but have no effect. What should I look at to fix that?03:37
kelsinJude: yeah the nmap program is a program that finds open ports (like Rodietze said)03:37
Judespeeves, port03:37
wykelsin: But now it can't show up in the file browser once I unplugged it.03:37
zaracyo kelsin ... i'm not getting mpd + sonata working.. sonata connects to the mpd but i don't see any files.. i've thrown in some tracks to the directory in the mpd.conf though.. =/03:37
kelsinzarac: there is a comand to make mpd create the db, I don't remember it offhand03:38
kelsinzarac: "man mpd" will probably find it03:38
limpcdoes the desktop edition have all the software available to install, as the server edition?03:38
c0mp13371331337_beerfan - I was discussing a similar issue not too long ago.  For me, volume-down mutes and volume up unmutes, but leaves the volume at 0%.  Are you getting the same thing?03:38
speevesjude: kelsin has a good explanation03:38
Judekelsin, i have rythmweb installed so i need the port to connect to it using a browser03:38
svladcjellilimpc: yes03:38
kelsinzarac: once created sonata has a right click menu to update the library when you add new files03:38
kshl_mkelsin: I get a package not found when I try to install Build_install03:38
theelbermungsterevery time I turn Compiz on the window border suddenly dissapears, and I am forced to use Emerald.03:38
Jeenyuscan anyone help a newbie real quick, whats the CLI command to add a respitory to the list?03:38
speevesjude: is rhythmweb running?03:38
kelsinJude: you'd have to look in the rythmweb help03:38
muuluuhow to check and fix if i have HDD error03:38
Judespeeves, yes03:38
kelsinJude: or google for it, most of us don't have every standard port memorized, just the common ones03:38
yfkJude: ports has to do with the application layer, where any high level connection in a network has a port. a machine has just an ip assigned to it, and to this ip connections can be made with many ports03:38
limpcsvladcjelli:   - hmm, why are there 2 versions of ubuntu then?03:38
beerfanc0mp13371331337_: I don't believe so. The on screen volume indicator moves but there's no change. Same with mute.03:38
speevesJude: if so, netstat -anp should show you03:39
Judekelsin, it gives an example03:39
zarackelsin, .. i don't find this update =/03:39
rixthHi guys. How do I reinstall grub?03:39
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster - Are you using Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, or Xubuntu?03:39
speevesjude: sudo netstat -anp03:39
tehm0nkCan anyone help me with loading universe and multiverse repositories.03:39
zaraclast time i used mpd i didn't have to update any database .. =/03:39
svladcjellilimpc: for package selections among other things, it is well explained on web site03:39
=== kshl_m is now known as kinGk0nG
muuluuhow to check and fix if i have HDD error03:39
limpcsvladcjelli:   - not really03:39
theelbermungsterUbuntu 7.10 "gusty" to be exact.03:39
jimjamI'm kind of new to Ubuntu. What method should I use to back up to my external HD?03:39
Judespeeves, i ran it without sudo03:39
beerfantehm0nk: System > Administration > Software sources03:39
kinGk0nGHow to change usplash theme??? Anybody know03:40
limpcsvladcjelli:  it just says "more info" for the server and desktop editions which gives a generic go-over.. but doesnt say explicitly what the difference is or provide any sort of comparsion chart03:40
speevesjude: sudo should show which processes are using which port03:40
c0mp13371331337_beerfan - That SOUNDS like an easy fix.  Right-click the audio applet in the panel, click Preferences, and try all of them til you find the one that the volume buttons work with.03:40
svladcjellilimpc: they are the same, one has a gui one does not, to put it simply03:40
Judespeeves, yea i got the ports listed03:40
kelsinzarac: it's RIGHT in the mpd man page, "mpd --create-db"03:40
beerfanc0mp13371331337_: yeah, that's the first thing I tried03:40
limpcsvladcjelli:  hmm okay. thanks03:40
tehm0nkbeerfan what do i do int here?03:40
PhurionCan anyone help me out with loading a chat site java applet on Ubuntu Firefox?03:40
rixthHow do I reinstall grub? When I get into the grub shell, and type "root (hd0, 0)" I get "error 21; selected disk does not exist"03:41
ubuntuislovedhi guys03:41
beerfantehm0nk: check the sources you want. It will have you reload the repo cache03:41
tehm0nki'm trying a walkthrough on raid0 but it just says "tart up the Gutsy Gibbon or Feisty Fawn Live CD, open Synaptic and add the universe and multiverse repositories."03:41
c0mp13371331337_beerfan - Oh darn, like I said, SOUNDS like an easy fix.  Well sorry, can't help ya then.  Best of luck though!03:41
kelsinrixth: does "root (hd<tab>" generate anything?03:41
limpcis there any reason i shouldnt get the 64 bit version?03:41
limpcI have a dual-core AMD64.03:41
rixthkelsin: nope03:42
limpcive heard horror stories about having to recompile stuff to work with 64 bit..03:42
beerfanlimpc: lots of reasons03:42
kaycelow compatability wth some programs03:42
muuluuu can get 6403:42
rixthI'm using the live CD, and I'm chrooted into the install03:42
rixthWait, that's probably the issue. Duh.03:42
svladcjelli64bit edition works fine03:42
jimjamDoes anyone have a preferred method of backing up their Ubuntu computer?03:42
speeveslimpc: depends, if you do a lot of multi-media stuff, though it is getting much better03:42
kelsinrixth: did you run grub as root too?03:42
loke_limpc: Do you crunch numbers (SETI, F@H)?03:42
rixthkelsin: yes sudo grub03:42
svladcjelliyou can do anything on 64 you can on 32, and ubuntu makes it easy03:42
limpci write software.. do realtime video encoding03:42
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster - There should be an option to use Ubuntu's default window manager, Metacity, rather than switching to emerald.  Hold on, I'll see if I can find it.  (I don't use Compiz at all cause it doesn't work on my 3200x1200 monitor setup)03:42
loke_Yes, go for it.03:43
kaycealmost* anything03:43
limpchmm okay..03:43
svladcjelliyou can run any 32bit app03:43
svladcjelliso anything03:43
kayce32bit is generaly supported more then 64bit03:43
speeveslimpc: video encoding, I would recommend 32bit for now03:43
loke_kayce: I can't agree with you.03:43
svladcjelliuh do any of you run 64bit? :)03:43
speeveslimpc: until microsoft starts to support 64-bit codecs better03:43
loke_kayce: You can run 32bit apps in a 63bit environment.03:43
svladcjellii have been for years03:43
kayceive run into a couple programs i couldent get to work on 64bit03:43
PhurionCan anyone help me out with loading a chat site java applet on Ubuntu Firefox?03:43
limpcis there any performance degradation when running 32 bit on 64? I'm assuming some emulation would be going on03:43
speevessvladcjelli: not anymore, I need to run a 32-bit vpn client from nortel :P03:44
kelsinMy only judge is by how many people come in here asking for help with <blah> for 64bit... I don't see the benfit on a desktop machine03:44
zarackelsin, i've done that though.. it doesn't help =/03:44
svladcjellilimpc: no03:44
limpchum.  okies. thanks03:44
tehm0nkbeerfan:  thanks dude03:44
muuluuhow to check and fix if i have HDD error03:44
Poul|RaiderHello, anyone know a good irc channel to ask some questions about asp.net programming?03:44
Judespeeves, i got the rythmbox port but when i point it in the browser i don't get it. it shows me "Unable to connect". i have the webcontrol running03:44
beerfantehm0nk: yw03:44
tehm0nki actually got a reply in here lol03:44
kelsinzarac: that's really odd, don't know what to tell you, I could double chech about the chroot of course03:44
speevesjude: what port is it?03:45
shea|upthe benefit comes when you are positive you need a ton of ram, mostly.03:45
tehm0nki'm so lost with this stuff lol03:45
Judespeeves, 538903:45
tehm0nkfirst time with ubuntu03:45
Jeenyusif anyone has a broadcom wireless card and would like to give me a hand setting it up for Feisty please contact me on AIM at Jeenyus1134  Thanks much :)03:45
kelsinJude: what are you typing into the browser?03:45
shea|upif the benefit outweighs the pain then go for it, else no03:45
speevesjude: what is your url in the browser?03:45
speeveskelsin: :P03:45
BrianHtehm0nk - my first time too03:45
muuluuhow to check and fix if i have HDD error?03:45
beerfantehm0nk: just hang around, it'll come03:45
shea|upeven xp64 is a major pain.03:45
Judekelsin, speeves, http://you-rb-host:5389/03:45
ubuntuislovedHas anyone had experience moving from Gnome to XFCE desktop? Im interested in copying my startmenu over ?03:45
speevesjude: telnet localhost 538903:45
svladcjellieven? only windows64 is a pain :L03:45
speevesjude: what does it say?03:46
limpcmuuluu:   - chkfs03:46
kelsinJude: try ""03:46
kaycewindows* is a pain03:46
shea|upok that's not what i meant to say.03:46
shea|upstop thanks03:46
Odd-rationaleubuntuisloved: Yes I have.03:46
muuluulimpc: thanks03:46
xLEhow can i stop doing a apt-get if i've already closed the terminal?03:46
PhurionJava works fine under Opera (Slow, of course) but nothing is displayed for Firefox or Epiphany.03:46
ubuntuislovedOdd-rationale: what did you use to copy the info over so i dont have to hand build the menu items03:46
limpcmuuluu:   wait i think thats wrong03:46
kelsinxLE: if you didn't run it in screen it should be stopped03:46
limpcsorry its fsck03:46
speevesxLE: ps -ef | grep apt; kill <pids>03:46
Odd-rationaleubuntuisloved: Configuring your menu in xfce (xubuntu) menus is a bit different than gnome's03:47
ubotufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot03:47
Judekelsin, speeves, both the suggestions show "Unable to connect"03:47
kelsinJude: then you don't have the web panel running on port 538903:47
Judekelsin, it03:47
speevesjude: netstat -an | grep 538903:47
ubuntuislovedOdd-rationale: is there a way to convert my items from gnome to xfce for the start menu?03:47
PhurionJava isn't working, it works fine under Opera (Slow, of course) but nothing is displayed for Firefox or Epiphany.03:47
Odd-rationaleubuntuisloved: You don't have a separate Places and System menu. Inother words, System is a submenu of applictions.03:48
Odd-rationaleubuntuisloved: do you plan to install xubuntu?03:48
kelsinJude: it's not :) either you have the wrong port, or it's not running on your computer, or there was an error or something, but unable to connect means that there isn't anything on that port03:48
ubuntuislovedno i had ubuntu and wanted to experience the xfce as its lighter on mem03:48
Odd-rationaleubuntuisloved: Or do you want xfce on top of your ubuntu installation?03:48
Judespeeves, it gives me nothing03:48
speevesjude: kelsin is right03:48
ubuntuislovedOdd-rationale: Ive already installed xfce on top of ubuntu im in it now03:49
Judekelsin, it shows that it is rythmbox running on that port03:49
kelsinJude: what does?03:49
ubuntuislovedOdd-rationale: I need to get my menu items over from gnome menu03:49
Judekelsin, netstat -anp03:49
beerfanJude: try disabling daap in rhythmbox03:49
Odd-rationaleubuntuisloved: I'm afraid your menus will have to edited pretty much by hand. How is your xfce menu now? Is it OK?03:50
Judebeerfan, ok , hold03:50
ubuntuislovedOdd-rationale: just empty right now ive got a ton of programs to put on it03:50
The_Doctor_Is there a better was to edit the menus a faster way, to edit and move items a different app or bring back the "applications://"/03:50
Judebeerfan, does not help03:51
TravisHi I just put a hard drive in my server from my older server, the data on it is in a format called LVM2 MEMBER, because my old server was LVM, I just need to get the data off it for my new server? how do I go about this?03:51
PhurionJava isn't working, it works fine under Opera (Slow, of course) but nothing is displayed for Firefox or Epiphany.03:51
unikonwhats the pros and cons of having a ubuntu usb thumb drive03:51
Odd-rationaleubuntuisloved: Oh, I see. Do you have a ~./config/xfce4/desktop/menu file ( i think that is the correct path)?03:51
beerfanJude: I think I thought you were trying to do something you aren't. I'm not sure what you are attempting.03:51
ivanunikon: sticking things into computers is tiring03:51
joeaminedhow to make windows appear when i go to a desktop edge with compiz config please03:51
svladcjelliunikon: pros faster, cons computer may not be able to handle booting from it03:52
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster - Okay, not 100% on this one, but open the gconf Configuration Editor, go to apps > compiz > plugins > decoration > allscreens > options and change the value of the key named 'command' to 'metacity'.  May need to restart compiz, not sure.03:52
tehm0nkWhat filesystem do i use for Linux? ext2?03:52
Judebeerfan, i am trying to access webcontrol through firefox03:52
tehm0nkand what kind of partitions should i do for the partitions03:52
TtechHow do I reinstall the default ubuntu sounds? I installed (and then uninstalled) ubuntu studio it took the sounds with it. :(03:52
tehm0nkif i could get someone to help me out with my partition setup that would be greatly appreciated03:52
Judebeerfan, its a web app to control rythmbox03:52
Ttechtehm0nk, sure03:53
katakaiotehm0nk: what do you want to accomplish?03:53
Ttechtehm0nk, whats your hd size?03:53
Odd-rationaleubuntuisloved: Find it?03:53
beerfanJude: I see. I'm not familiar with that.03:53
tehm0nkTtech: 240 gigs sata raid003:53
c0mp13371331337_tehm0nk - Piece of advice: put your /home folder on a separate partition.  Makes reinstalling MUCH easier; all program settings and files are saved, you just need to reinstall the OS on the / partition.03:53
tehm0nkTtech: just got the raid0 recognized03:53
ubuntuislovedOdd-rationale: looking now sorry03:53
theelbermungsterc0mp13371331337_ , how do I open gconf?03:54
wyWhat can I do if I have two conflicting libGL installed? libgl1-mesa-glx and xorg-driver-fglrx both have libGL, and they are referred by libglut.so. So I got flickering display.03:54
tehm0nkTtech: there is 2 existing partitions that i care about.03:54
The_Doctor_I got a graph03:54
katakaiotehm0nk: c0mp1337 is right - that's one of the smartest ways to go03:54
The_Doctor_That could be a bit difficult03:54
katakaioIs your raid config done in your mobo setup?03:54
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster - at a terminal: gconf-editor (Alternatively, use the Run box)03:54
The_Doctor_katakaio: Is there a way to help people who were stupid (I wasnj't thinlking I didn't do my usual manual setup for partitons)?03:54
tehm0nkc0mp13371331337_: i haven't a CLUE how to go about that03:55
ubuntuislovedi found what i need thanks03:55
c0mp13371331337_tehm0nk - You're not doing anything crazy like installing linux around an existing Windoze partition, are you?03:55
katakaiotehm0nk, The Doctor: you should download a live CD called gparted03:55
tehm0nkright now my partitions are: 1. 2.5gb vista swap file - 2. vista - rest WAS storage but i backed that up...03:55
tehm0nkyes comp i'm trying lol03:55
Ttechkatakaio, ok, that sounds good. :)03:55
Odd-rationaleubuntuisloved: Here's a script i used. It might help you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62021503:55
c0mp13371331337_tehm0nk - ohnoez!03:56
katakaioIt's the best partitioning software that I've tried03:56
tehm0nkkatakaio: yes03:56
beerfankatakaio: isn't it the same as what's on the ubuntu live cd?03:56
katakaioYou can set up partitions on a clean install of Ubuntu, but it's smart to have gparted on hand03:56
ubuntuislovedcool thanks03:56
katakaiobeerfan: You're right, but I've had the ubuntu partitioner screw things up for me before03:57
c0mp13371331337_katakaio - Doesn't the live CD come with gparted?03:57
tehm0nki'm sorta in the ubuntu live cd :-/03:57
tehm0nkand yes it does03:57
katakaioOK, then roll with that03:57
c0mp13371331337_NVM, didn't see beerfan's post!03:57
tehm0nkthat is how i was going to mess with the parts03:57
katakaioIf things go south, use the gparted CD03:57
The_Doctor_katakaio, so.. hmm03:57
tehm0nki have another box with net so i'm not completely messed up03:57
theelbermungsterc0mp13371331337_ , there's nothing inside the "options" folder03:57
katakaioOK, perfect03:57
BHSPitMonkeyIf my computer is set to Sleep after x minutes, will it still honor my "when battery is critically low" setting?  Or is it not aware of that while asleep?03:58
sylvisjHello all, having issue with nvidia binaries03:58
tehm0nki just dont know how i'm going to get the partitions setup correctly03:58
tehm0nki wanted to put in a linux swap partition03:58
katakaioIdeally, you would have (for Ubuntu) a swap partition, a home partition, and a root partition03:58
sylvisjFollowed the directions as per http://www.kubuntu.org/doc/7.10/hardware/C/video.html#nvidia, but Xorg.0.log is giving me an "Failed to initialize NVIDIA kernel module!" error03:58
sylvisjHow can I fix this?03:58
tehm0nkok that works for me...03:58
PhurionJava isn't working, it works fine under Opera (Slow, of course) but nothing is displayed for Firefox or Epiphany.03:58
katakaioIt's nice because you can do clean OS installs without losing your data03:59
xTheGoat121xEvening all03:59
Nighthawk420sup xTheGoat121x03:59
tehm0nkso can i put all 3 of those partitions ... AFTER the vista partition?03:59
katakaiotehm0nk: are you in the Ubuntu setup now?03:59
tehm0nkor is that screwy?04:00
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster - Oh... wow.... huh.  Well that was unexpected.  Try sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager04:00
BHSPitMonkeytehm0nk, just fine04:00
rixthI use the restricted nvidia drivers. How do I get video out via VGA from my notebook?04:00
katakaioIf by "after" you mean at the end of the disk, then yes04:00
xTheGoat121xNighthawk420, not too much, how's it goin04:00
tehm0nknot in the setup but i'm trying to get to there04:00
tehm0nki was gonna set the partitions then install04:00
beerfanPhurion: you may need to install the firefox java plugin j2re1.4-mozilla-plugin04:00
Nighthawk420tipsy... ya xTheGoat121x ?04:00
kaycekatakaio, can that be used for 2 250gb hdd's while in ubuntu setup from the live cd?04:00
Dr_willisrixth,  for my laptop and others ive seen you need to enable twinview. to use both displays, OR you may try whatever keys on your laptop 'switch' the video outputs.04:00
xTheGoat121xNighthawk420, I wish I were.04:01
BHSPitMonkeytehm0nk, that's a good way to do it.  Get it done beforehand.04:01
theelbermungsteryeah, i already have ccsm installed04:01
Phurionbeerfan: I'll try that and get back to you.04:01
katakaiokayce: if the two hard drives are set up in the bios/motherboard for raid, then yes04:01
=== billenium is now known as BilleniumZzZ
rixthDr_willis, I leave me desk frequently though, TwinView requires X restarts? Fn+F8 does not work =(04:01
katakaioUbuntu will see them as a single hard drive04:01
kayceok, thank you04:01
Nighthawk420Ubuntu is smart like that04:01
Dr_willisrixth,  it all depends on what you want to do exactly. What does leaving your desk have to do with anything? You confiogure twinview, and its enabled when X starts up.04:02
Phurionbeerfan: Do you know exactly how I can go by installing this plugin?04:02
tehm0nki had to go through hell to make it see my raid setup lol04:02
xLEhow do i compile a c++ file?04:02
tehm0nktook me a few hours now cause i'm a boon.04:02
kayceis there anything else i would need to add for partitions?04:02
beerfansearch for "firefox" in the add/remove programs window04:02
beerfanPhurion: ^ and scroll down to the java plugin04:02
katakaiokayce: the Ubuntu install CD can partition, but the best IMHO is gparted04:02
cr4hello, does anybody here know if it's possible to write enside of a textbox in a w3m console borwser ?04:02
Phurionbeerfan: I'm fairly certain I've installed the plugin once or twice before, with no luck.04:02
ubotuUbuntu Restricted Extras is a new way of getting common "restricted" codecs, etc. See !RestrictedFormats04:03
katakaiogparted is a live CD, which is the safest way to go04:03
tehm0nkkatakaio: what kind of sizes do i need to make the partitions?04:03
rixthDr_willis, basically, it there a way to detect if an external monitor is plugged in? I start X, and it's on the laptop screen. I connect external screen, it switches to that (no X restart required). Disconnect external screen, X switches back to laptop screen04:03
katakaioGuys, opinions on tehm0nk's partition sizes?04:03
katakaioI would go 1GB swap, 6 GB root, rest as home04:03
kaycesame for me please?04:03
tehm0nkhow much for home will i really need?04:04
beerfantehm0nk: I wouldn't go higher than 15 or 20gb for root. home can be the rest04:04
kayce2 250gb hard drives04:04
katakaioHome is for all of your non-system files04:04
tehm0nki have 100 gigs and i'd like to have a backup area for vista still haha04:04
c0mp13371331337_katakaio - I tend to be a little more liberal with my root partition (but then again, I'm the type that installs a bunch of programs to see what's out there.04:04
shomarihow do i make an initrd image04:04
xLEhow do I compile a c++ file?04:04
katakaioc0mp1337: I hear ya04:04
c0mp13371331337_I've currently got a 20gb root, about 10gb free.04:04
katakaioI own a laptop, so I'm stingier04:04
theelbermungsterc0mp13371331337_ , but i already have ccsm installed04:04
Phurionbeerfan: Do you know what the java application is I'm to install, there are so many.04:05
beerfanc0mp13371331337_: yeah, I've never hit 10GB on /04:05
tehm0nklinux swap is a primary ?04:05
Dr_willisrixth,  enable clone and see if it works that way. Normally  the monitor needs to be plugged in when the pc boots up  or ive seen that the nvidia card ignores it.04:05
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster - Okay, try setting in in there.  Window decoration is the place to be, and type metacity in the Command field.04:05
beerfantehm0nk: I'd put linux swap in extended04:05
kaycekatakaio: any advice on partition sizes for my hard drives?04:06
xLEhow do I compile a c++ file?04:06
rixthDr_willis, a simple clone is not good though, cause laptop screen is 1440x900, external is 1920x120004:06
beerfanPhurion: if java works in Opera then you already have a JVM installed04:06
katakaiokayce: did you say you had two separate hard drives, or were you RAIDing them together?04:06
theelbermungstergot it04:06
Dr_willisrixth,  sounds like you got some tweaking and thinking about how you want to do things to do.04:07
kaycei have 2 seperate hard drives at this time, i want to raid them togeather tho04:07
p_quarlesxLE: one that you wrote or a package you want to install?04:07
rixthDr_willis, http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Dual_Monitors#Connecting_a_second_monitor_after_X_startup looks promising04:07
Phurionbeerfan: That's what I thought, but I don't understand why it will not work.04:07
Dr_willisrixth,  may want to check the forums and google for your specific laptop and linux. see if thers a way to get the hotkeys working.04:07
katakaiokayce: can you raid them on your motherboard (i.e. in your BIOS) ?04:07
xLEp_quarles, one i wrote.04:07
kayceyes, no problem at all04:07
OseI accidentally put Tremulous in Windowed mode.. How do I put it back?04:07
Dr_willisrixth,  i normally have a tv as my 2nd monitor.  So what i do is a bit different from your needs.04:07
katakaiokayce: do they have data/operating systems on them currently?04:08
beerfaninstall sun-java5-jre and sun-java5-plugin04:08
kayceA8N-SLI Premium mobo04:08
kayceand no04:08
Dr_willisrixth,  i DO think the nividia-settngs tool enabled the 2nd monitor on the fly for me once. :)04:08
beerfanPhurion: ^04:08
kaycethey do not04:08
theelbermungsterdo I need to restart compiz, c0mp13371331337 ?04:08
kayceim on the live cd at the time04:08
katakaiokayce: good and good :-D04:08
p_quarlesxLE: Gotcha. Not a programmer, so I could help you more with the other. I believe that a no. of IDEs come with this function -- geany for instance.04:08
tehm0nkargh ok i'm confused with the type of partitions to be making now...04:08
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster, I would, just to be safe.04:08
katakaiokayce: I would raid them in the mobo setup and then install ubuntu04:09
beerfantehm0nk: extended is just a partition container04:09
beerfanthere is a limit on how many primary partitions you can have04:09
xLEanyone know how to compile a c++ file manually?(or give me an example)04:09
rixthDr_willis, WOOOOP. nvidia-settings works perfectly, not automated but good enough!04:09
kaycei will be right back04:09
theelbermungsterwhat's the command for restart compiz?04:09
katakaioubuntu should see your raid setup as a single, ordinary drive04:09
tehm0nkcan the partitions all be incased in an extended?04:09
katakaiogood luck kayce04:09
OseI accidentally put Tremulous in Windowed mode.. How do I put it back to full screen?04:10
kayceand it did last time i had them raided and i was on the live cd04:10
SpookyETI have a bit of a problem. Oo font rendering is abysmal. Screenshot: http://aycu05.webshots.com/image/35924/2006280723373385260_rs.jpg04:10
kaycebe right back04:10
kelsintehm0nk: you can only have 4 primary partitions, One of those can be an extended partition, then you can make as MANY more as you want in the extended (these are called the Logical partitions)04:10
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster, Hrm... pkill compiz04:10
beerfantehm0nk: bootable system partitions should be primary. home, swap, and such can be in extended or primary at your discretion04:10
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster, I believe that's it.04:11
SpookyETbeerfan: it does not matter. in 2007, you can recover /boot even if it's extended04:11
c0mp13371331337_theelbermungster, All else fails, restart X.04:11
speevestehm0nk: what's nice about a large /home partition, is that you can reinstall and still keep all of your files :)04:11
SpookyETkelsin: any wise words for my issue?04:12
beerfanSpookyET: I said "should", not must ;-)04:12
speevestehm0nk: I even switch between Ubuntu and Debian with no issues...04:12
Phurionbeerfan: I did it and continue to get a blank Java applet on Firefox.04:12
beerfanPhurion: restarted firefox?04:13
Phurionbeerfan: I did, yes.04:13
beerfanthen I'm stumped04:13
Phurionbeerfan: No, 32 bit.04:14
OseBeerfan: I had him trying to link the file to Firefox, if you can help with that. Apparently Opera links it automatically but FF doesn't.04:14
beerfanPhurion: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18382504:14
renegade420I am running Xubuntu... and ive lost my docK!!!04:15
p_quarlesxLE: since no one else is answering, I'll tell you what I know -- gcc is the compiler, and it will take a filename as its argument; the man page is elaborate, but if you know what parameters you need, it should help04:15
Caitlinhello...so i am hoping someone can help me out04:15
renegade420so i cant get into my applications04:15
tehm0nkok anyone want to review my gparted stuff before i commit to it04:15
beerfanOse: I've never had a problem with Gutsy or even Feisty setting up the plugin04:15
katakaiotehm0nk: let's hear it04:15
tehm0nki admit i'm a little scared last time i did something like this i completely killed my winxp haha04:15
tehm0nki wish i could screenshot it...04:16
CaitlinI'm not to good with all this stuff...usually my bf does it for me....but my firefox will not load04:16
c0mp13371331337_tehm0nk - Why can't you screenshot?04:16
OseBeerfan: Either have I.. And that looks like the same thing - the linking. Hope it works this time.04:16
tehm0nkcause i'm a BOON04:16
tehm0nki'm new man haha04:16
katakaiono sweat, just tell us what you're thinking04:16
Caitlini have no idea how to fix it....my internet is working i have no idea04:16
heatmzzrtehmonk, i got rid of vista completely 5 days ago, worked soo far04:16
tehm0nkok here is the setup...04:16
p_quarlesCaitlin: try running it from the terminal -- press alt-F1 and type "firefox" -- what does it say?04:16
beerfanCaitlin: what exactly? you click the firefox icon and nothing happens?04:17
tehm0nklol well... i dont want vista to be RIPPED away from me lol04:17
=== _max is now known as max
tehm0nkand i play world of warcraft a lot so i have to Dual Boot something i think04:17
tehm0nkcause i dont think it's workin right in mac or linux?04:17
Ttechtehm0nk, I was ripped away from xp and I have had only 2 problems.! WoOT04:17
beerfantehm0nk: huh? WoW is the poster child for games that run well on linux04:17
OseWoW can run in Ubuntu. Not sure how well, though.04:17
katakaioah yes, the truth comes out :P04:17
Dr_willisive heard that wine/cedega can handle WoW.04:17
katakaiosup kayce04:17
kayceraid set up04:17
Dr_willisBut i over came WoW. :)04:18
TtechOse: Quite well, although alt+tab does nto work so well04:18
tehm0nkbeerfan: wow.04:18
c0mp13371331337_tehm0nk - Click on the gparted window to focus it, hit Alt+Print Screen, and upload it to some picture pastebin site.  Don't know any sites for pictures off the top of my head, anyone else?04:18
tehm0nkmaybe i will switch04:18
tehm0nkcause i know i can update my phone with linux too04:18
Aaron_are CSS and WoW both usable on unbuntu?04:18
limpcwhats the name of that 3d desktop manager?04:18
tehm0nkvmware style winxp i heard04:18
tehm0nkbut i mean all this takes learning and knowhow04:18
TtechCSS I'm not sure aobut04:18
spyderhello, i have a problem with ubuntu freezing constantly can someone help me?04:18
renegade420I am looking for my dock bar and im running xubuntu04:18
Caitlinummm...nothing really happens04:18
tehm0nkand the reason i'm even TRYING this Crap is that DANG youtube video04:18
tehm0nki been at this all day now04:18
limpcyeah compiz thats it thanks04:19
Aaron_how much room on a partion would unbuntu need just to start up and test with?04:19
katakaiokayce, you ready to roll?04:19
heatmzzrtehmonk, the beryl vid?04:19
tehm0nkubuntu beryl -vs- vista...04:19
TtechUbuntu~! All the way04:19
kayceim ready04:19
beerfanCaitlin: you'll have to get specific for anyone to help you. Try running it from a terminal and see if there's any error output04:19
heatmzzrhaha, i saw it too. mine works great04:19
tehm0nkSO back to the partitions...04:19
katakaioI assume you're running a raid 0 (striping) - is that right?04:19
malnilionCompiz Fusion > Vista*1,00004:19
Ttechtehm0nk, Ubuntu has the coolest effects out htere, even ones like vista04:19
limpchuh? you're even COMPARING it to vista? :( im so sad now.04:20
renegade420like i cant find my application bar04:20
Phurionbeerfan: The thread you linked me didn't seem to be any more help than what you already said... Is there any other browsers you would recommend for Java use?04:20
kaycewhos comparing what to vista? O_O04:20
renegade420or dock04:20
tehm0nk#1 fat16 vista page #2 vista04:20
tehm0nkExtended starts here04:20
renegade420or dock04:20
katakaiokayce: Then if space is not an issue, I recommend 1 GB swap, 10 GB root, rest as home04:20
beerfanPhurion: sorry, I have no suggestions04:20
tehm0nk#3 linux page #4 root 15gigs #5 home 30 gigs - - extended ends --  #6 vista backup mp3s etc....04:21
kaycefor 2gb ram, 1 gb swap?04:21
katakaiokayce: remember, you can always adjust your partition sizes later04:21
katakaiokayce: with 2 GB ram, the swap won't be in use too much04:21
kayceahh, right04:21
renegade420I cannot find the dock bar04:21
kayceand true04:21
=== ryan__ is now known as randorfer
Caitlinok..my firefox is now working it is jsut moving at the speed of smell...dsl is crap...thanks tehm0nk04:21
Caitlinwe should go out ; )04:22
katakaioalthough it's easiest to get it right the first time :)04:22
kayceeven with programs like VirtualBox?04:22
beerfaneww, no cyber lol04:22
katakaiokayce: I'm not familiar with that program04:22
tehm0nkis ubuntu gonna be friendly with vista when i try to install?04:22
katakaiobut I can't imagine a program using 3 GB of virtual memory04:22
kayceits a VM, like VMware but better04:22
Ttechtehm0nk, OH YEAH04:22
randorfertehmonk:  works just fine with vista for me04:23
beerfantehm0nk: ubuntu should add vista to the boot list04:23
Ttechkayce, Does VMWare SERver work on Ubntu?04:23
kayceim not sure04:23
randorferTtech, why not just use qemu?04:23
kaycei know VirtualBox does thow04:23
kayceand its free04:23
tehm0nkruh oh i got an error but it didn't tell me wtf happened lol04:23
drgebwhy is VirtualBox better then VmWare ?04:23
c0mp13371331337_tehm0nk - Ubuntu will be friendly with everything, it's Vista that's the carnivore of the software world. ;-)04:23
kaycejust runs better04:24
randorferTtech and yes vmware can be compiled for ubuntu04:24
drgebcan u convert a vmware instance to VirtualBox ?04:24
kaycethat i dont know04:24
kaycei would imagine its posible thow04:24
Ttechkayce, VMWare servwer is free too04:24
drgebalso have u tried out Xen ?04:24
svladcjellifree as in beer, not speech ;)04:25
svladcjellior something04:25
Ttechdrgeb, was that at me?04:25
beerfanwho ever heard of free beer? sheesh04:25
katakaioOk dudes, I'm out for tonight - good luck to you all04:25
spyderwhat is the recommended spec. on ram it changes every time I read the forums?04:25
kaycecya katakaio04:25
randorferspyder, for what?04:26
kaycegood luck to ya too04:26
spyderubuntu 7.1004:26
pinguhow do you get computer games to work, like what plugins do you have to install04:26
SmegzorI think my home partition is corrupt.  What is the command line to force fsck at next boot?04:26
renegade420I am currently running xubuntu and  I have lost my dock bar on top and bottom. 7.10 gutsy04:26
randorferpingu, lookup wine04:26
malnilionspyder, I'd want 256 minimum04:26
drgebTtech yes you and kayce. have you all used Xen ?04:26
beerfanpingu: you mean "windows" games presumably04:26
pinguno just online games like miniclip04:27
malnilionspyder, but you can run it well on less04:27
tehm0nkahh if things would only work for me04:27
randorferpingu install flash?04:27
spyderI have 512 and it keeps freezing with no error messages just kinda stops working04:27
malnilionspyder, using desktop effects?04:27
pingucan i find that under 'add/remove'04:27
tehm0nkit wont make a logical linux page partition04:27
beerfanpingu: yes04:28
spyderjust the standard installs I just installed it 2 days ago, just switched from xp04:28
Ttechdrgeb, no. what is it?04:28
beerfanspyder: do you know what video card you have?04:28
spyderonboard vga04:28
tehm0nkGah it keeps crashing /cry04:28
spyderits slack I know lol04:28
drgebTtech another opensource Virtualization04:29
NrbelexHi, my wireless used to work fine. I'm now unable to connect to my wireless network but able to connect to others. Any suggestions?04:29
Ttechdrgeb, apting04:29
spyderNrbelex: reset your modem?04:29
tehm0nkbeerfan: u still around?04:29
Nrbelexspyder, it's a school network04:29
NrbelexI can see it04:29
drgebTtech Vmware VirtualBox like thing04:29
Nrbelexbut cannot connect04:29
beerfantehm0nk: sorta04:30
tehm0nkit crashed on me04:30
tehm0nkjust the program did04:30
beerfanon the first operation?04:30
tehm0nkwhen it tried to make a logical partition04:30
beerfanI'd try one operation at a time maybe, if you have several queued04:31
FarquadIf i am able to detect wireless networks, (but not connect) does this mean the drivers are working correctly?04:31
Farquadbut user error04:31
beerfantehm0nk: or try the suggestion to download the gparted live cd04:31
Farquadi'm trying to figure out if its a driver problem or network configuratinon problem with my wireless04:31
spyderbeerfan: is there an error reporting system like windows has that tells you what could be going wrong when it crashes?04:32
beerfanSystem > admin > system log04:32
beerfanhard to say which log it will be in04:32
mheathIs there a Ubuntu way to prevent package upgrades? I have a local version of a package I need to/want to keep over any potential upgrades in the official repos.04:32
SmegzorWhat do I do to force fsck on sda4 from the live ubuntu cd?04:33
tehm0nkcan i paste the error that showed up in terminal?04:33
beerfanmheath: I know there's a way to lock a package at a version. I don't know for sure. Look in synaptic or google04:33
tehm0nk3 lines04:33
Smegzoractually I can boot to a command line so all I need is the correct command to force fsck04:33
spyderunable to turn cooling device on? what? i dont have a system fan only a processor fan?04:34
spyderhow do i turn that off?04:34
jrib!pinning > mheath (read the private message from ubotu)04:34
Nrbelexfixed it - needed to turn off networing and restart so I could reset my login info...04:34
tehm0nkSegmentation fault (core dumped)04:35
mheathjrib: hey, thanks!04:35
RoDoXhas anybody successfully installed xserver-xgl on intel 910/915 GMA driver-based-notebook?04:35
Farquadif i'm able to detect, (but not connect) to wireless networks does that mean my wireless drivers are working correctly?04:35
jribThe_Master__: are you a bot?04:35
Menisk_RoDoX, you shouldn't need to. GMA support AIGLX04:35
theAtomhow can i delete all internet activity and totally wipe hard drive space where files were?04:35
theAtomjrib lol04:36
Ttechjrib: sorry: my bots being a pain04:36
Huckhey folks. I'm having trouble connecting via xdmcp from a 32bit laptop to my 64bit desktop... is that not possible? Or am I missing something? I'm getting a grey screen with the X cursor.04:36
theAtomhow can i delete all internet activity and totally wipe hard drive space where files were?04:36
byonixhas anyone successfully installed virtualbox in ubuntu feisty, including getting the usb port be recognized in virtualbox?04:36
Ttechit refuses to stop logging in here. :(04:37
emmajanetheatom, what are you trying to accomplish?04:37
spyderhmmm it keeps repeating that error message could that be causing the crashes?04:37
theAtomemmajane, lol troll04:37
Ttechjrib: am I forgiven?04:37
theAtomemmajane, read whast i said04:37
RoDoXMenisk: i know, but since i installed emerald themer on my Ubuntu 7.10, something is wrong with my windows...04:37
theAtomTtech, stop groveling.  have some dignity04:38
emmajanetheatom, you could have been asking how to dump your cache.04:38
theAtomemmajane, everything.  total clean04:38
jribTtech: sure no problem, just ask that he be banned in #ubuntu-ops if you can't make him stop joining or make him stop private messaging people04:38
theAtomemmajane, how can i?04:38
emmajanetheatom, dump your cache?04:38
TtechtheAtom, you seem to be in a good mood, did you see the :) at the end?04:39
RoDoXwhen i use the ALT-TAB switcher, it screws up my window decoration....04:39
DethlokI have 2 machine on my router both with unbuntu 7.10.  I have shared folders on each of them but when i go to network then click on the other machine there is nothing, anybody know why?04:39
Ttechjrib: ok04:39
theAtomemmajane, lol troll04:39
jribTtech: can you take care of that because he just messaged me again04:39
theAtomTtech, stop groveling.  have some dignity :)04:39
Ttechjrib: killed mhim for now so we should be good for now04:39
theAtomTtech, dont u have any self respect? :P04:39
spyderanybody know how to shut the system fans off in ubuntu settings? or is that controlled by the mobo?04:40
theAtomTtech, stop groveling and sucking up to jrib. it looks pathetic :P04:40
* Ttech kills The_Master__ for being a huge pain04:40
jribtheAtom: drop it please04:40
theAtomjrib, ok done04:40
bulmerDethlok-> paste the route -n result on both and lets see if we can assist you04:40
gQuigswhat does it mean if I md5sum the same file twice and it returns to different results?04:40
Ttechjrib: killed it04:41
Ttechall good. :)04:41
svladcjellispyder: bios is probably place to look04:41
Dethlokandy@andy:~$ route -n04:41
DethlokKernel IP routing table04:41
DethlokDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface04:41
Dethlok192.168.15.0   U     0      0        0 eth004:41
Dethlok169.254.0.0     U     1000   0        0 eth004:41
Dethlok0.0.0.0         UG    0      0        0 eth004:41
jrib!paste | Dethlok04:41
ubotuDethlok: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:41
Dethlokthat's my main machine04:41
theAtomhow can i delete all internet activity and totally wipe hard drive?04:41
bulmerDethlok-> paste(bin) not here  the route -n result on both and lets see if we can assist you04:41
spydersvladcjelli: think that is causing ubuntu to crash?04:42
emmajanegQuigs, is it a file that ought to be changing size? e.g. one you're downloading or a log file?04:42
svladcjellispyder: your fans being on or off?04:42
gQuigsnope its an iso04:42
jribgQuigs: can you replicate it?04:42
spydersvladcjelli: i keep getting error messages every 5 seconds in the system log viewer04:42
gQuigsjrib: I am going to trying it on my main machine soon04:42
RoDoXMenisk_: i also tried this: downloaded compiz configuration system manager to check what went wrong, but i still have this problem04:43
TtechtheAtom: Troll...04:43
TheZealotGuys, how can I export the output of a command in terminal to a txt file?04:43
TtechCMD > txt.txt04:43
jribTheZealot: COMMAND > FILE      be careful as FILE will be overwritten04:43
byonixhas anyone successfully installed virtualbox in ubuntu feisty, including getting the usb port be recognized in virtualbox?04:43
TheZealotok thanks a lot04:43
bulmerbyonix-> in dapper it worked for me04:44
theAtomjrib, ask Ttech to stop sending me messages, thnks04:44
p_quarlesTheZealot: you can also add text to the end of a file with COMMAND >> FILE04:44
TheZealotwow, lol that was easy! thanks04:44
byonixbulmer => i failed04:44
TtechtheAtom: I'm not sending you messages04:44
TtechTheZealot, no prob04:44
Dethloksorry about that   http://pastebin.ca/81703704:44
wyI'm confused by the dependencies between the packages04:45
Ttechwy: apt04:45
jribwy: what packages04:45
Farquadif i'm able to detect, (but not connect) to wireless networks does that mean my wireless drivers are working correctly?04:45
jribwy: and what is confusing?04:45
wyIt's providing libGL.so*04:45
Menisk_RoDox, Dunno then.04:46
bulmerDethlok-> do you have a firewall activated on both sides?04:46
TheZealotIs there a way to ADD to the txt file instead of overwriting it?04:46
wyBut after I install ATI's driver, it's not removed04:46
Farquadif i'm able to detect, (but not connect) to wireless networks does that mean my wireless drivers are working correctly?04:46
RoDoXMenisk_: its ok, thx for your attention04:46
p_quarlesFarquad: Probably not. what wireless card are you using?04:46
bulmerDethlok-> prefix your responses to me with my nick or i will miss it04:46
jribTheZealot: COMMAND >> FILE     (as p_quarles mentioned)04:46
wybut the file libGL.so.1 and libGL.so.1.2 was overwritten04:46
Farquadlinksys  wMP54G04:46
TheZealotwow, I can't believe i never used that, thanks04:47
Dethlokbulmer: sorry, no i never put any firewalls on04:47
bulmerDethlok-> can you ping either way?04:47
jribwy: are you installing ati's driver from a package?04:47
PHP_ColdFusion.ac files, they are associated with autoconfig right?04:47
wyjrib: Right. I built the package from ATI's driver package04:47
Farquadwhy is setting up a wireless network card in linux so fucking hard04:47
PHP_ColdFusionmy wireless was easy tosetup on ym laptop04:48
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:48
bulmer!language |Farquad04:48
Dethlokbulmer: i dont even know what that is lol.  the computer shows up in the network but when i go into it there is nothing inside04:48
ubotuFarquad: please see above04:48
jribwy: yes, that is why.  You are supposed to stick to packages from the ubuntu repositories.  Otherwise of course you can build a broken package04:48
tehm0nkok back04:48
PHP_ColdFusionmy previous question04:49
PHP_ColdFusion.ac files are associated with autoreconfig right?04:49
bulmerDethlok-> ping is the tool we all used to test connectivity04:49
jrib!ati > wy (read the private message from ubotu)04:49
wyjrib: How is the dependencies defined? Are they specified with package names or individual file names they depend one?04:49
jribwy: packages04:49
jribwy: did you actually build a .deb?04:50
wyjrib: Yes. ATI's installer can build the package04:50
Dethlokbulmer: ok so i need to ping the other computer to see if it responds?04:50
bulmerDethlok-> do you know the ip address of each ubuntu you have?  type ip a04:50
jribwy: probably just makes a dumb package then04:50
jrib!packaging > wy (read the private message from ubotu)04:50
wyjrib: Is it possible for a package to overwrite files from another?04:51
spyderhow do i edit my /etc/powersave/thermal file? sorry im new to this os04:51
jribwy: yes, if it is a dumb package04:51
stdindpkg won't be happy about it04:51
jribwy: I'm guessing dpkg will complain though04:51
emmajanespyder what's your goal for editing the file?04:52
Dethlokbulmer: i have a 1 and a 2, 1 is lo: and 2 is eth0:04:52
Ttechhold on04:53
spyderemmajane: to turn "cooling policy" to inactive so i quit getting these error messages appearantly its a bug thats been reported04:53
bulmerDethlok-> do you know the ip address of each ubuntu you have?  type ip a  read the ip address correctly please04:53
emmajanespyder *nod* I found this: http://powersave.sourceforge.net/powersave/Thermal.html04:53
bulmerDethlok-> ip addresses are something like
emmajanespyder, I think the first paragraph of 4.2 is relevant to changing the variables?04:54
Dethlokbulmer: inet brd scope global eth004:54
spyderemmajanea: wow in 5 years ive never been this clueless lol04:55
bulmerDethlok-> you have two, go to one and ping the other end..04:55
emmajanespyder I don't havve the file, so I'm not 100% sure. But was there anything useful there?04:55
Dethlokbulmer: im sorry i dont know how...04:55
svladcjellispyder: gksudo gedit /etc/powersave/thermal04:55
spyderemmajane: in terminal?04:56
bulmerDethlok-> yay..  ping
spyderahhh k04:56
emmajanespyder if it's editable, yup.04:56
Dethlokbulmer: lol, ok04:56
wyjrib: Maybe I should have sticked to the one provided by Gusty04:56
emmajanesvlad, the doc implies it's a binary file, I guess not though?04:56
jribwy: that's usually easiest04:56
wyjrib: But that one didn't support composite04:57
svladcjelliin /etc?04:57
bulmerDethlok-> you need to read up a bit on networking..easy read..04:57
wyjrib: so compiz didn't work.04:57
heatmzzrdid tehmonk get it figured out04:57
bulmerspyder at what level is the reported message by syslog? maybe you can reconfigure syslogd to avoid reporting that temporarily?04:57
Dethlokbulmer: yea i know, before it was working automatically and just all of a sudden stopped.  it is pinging though04:58
spydercan i just ENABLE_THERMAL_MANAGEMENT="no"04:58
bulmerspyder why not?04:59
emmajanespyder try it :)04:59
SlynderdaleIn gutsy gibbon, is there a way to keep the Ubuntu and Kubuntu applications seperate based on the current session your using?04:59
bulmerDethlok-> i dont know about before....04:59
spydercould not save unexpected error, file not found...thats unhelpful04:59
emmajanespyder, try "off" instead05:00
svladcjellispyder: have a link to the bug05:00
Dethlokbulmer: before i was using samba cause my gf comp had windows, and sama was able to connect to the 2 machines with linux, but now it wont05:00
emmajanespyder, when I google "ENABLE_THERMAL_MANAGEMENT" it looks as though people are also trying "off"05:00
spydersvladcjelli: link?05:00
svladcjelliyou said there was a bug?05:00
emmajanespyder the page where the bug is reported...05:00
bulmerDethlok-> well i dont know, am rusty with cfs aka samba stuff..05:01
Dethlokbulmer: but she's gone now so i would like to network the 2 computers through a linux network instead of samba05:01
spyderit wont let me save the file?05:01
wyI guess I have messed up my installation. Would anybody tell me what files are in your /usr/lib/xorg?05:02
bulmerDethlok-> ahh you gf left you? hehehe05:02
Dethlokbulmer: no other way around, heh05:02
emmajanespyder, what are the permissions on teh file?05:02
bulmerDethlok-> okay you start the NFS in System->administration->share folders05:02
emmajanespyder, it might be read-only even for root05:02
spyderemmajane: how do i either find that out or change it?05:02
cishpixdoes openLDAP same with NIS server??05:03
emmajanespyder: ls -l /etc/powersave/wherevethefilewas05:03
emmajanespyder: do that in a terminal05:03
Dethlokbulmer: ok im in05:03
emmajanespyder, you're looking for "w"05:03
Dethlokbulmer: woops ok05:03
emmajanespyder, if it's -r--r--r-- then you need to change the permissions05:03
john__hi, i am following the ubuntu directions on how to get dvd working... it says to install libdvdplay0. even though i have universe repository enabled synaptic is not finding the package. can anyone help me?05:04
bulmerDethlok-> then select which file you want to share and which host you allow in05:04
emmajanejohn_ are you trying to play your DVD?05:04
Dethlokbulmer: should i do it by ip number?05:04
john__no demuxer in gxine05:04
emmajanejohn_ I did that recently hang on and I'll see if I can find the instructions i used.05:04
john__thank you05:04
bulmerDethlok-> yeah sure05:04
spyderbash: -l command not found?05:04
emmajanejohn_ which player are you using?05:04
=== Travis-1 is now known as Travis
svladcjelli ls -l05:05
emmajanespyder, did you get the ls too? ls -l05:05
cishpixcan I make everytime user in client must login to server with openldap??05:06
emmajanejohn_ I ended up using totem and it needed libdvdread305:06
bulmerDethlok-> thats the side you are sharing it from (server)...now on the other pc you have to mount that nfs partition you just shared05:06
john__i see05:06
emmajanejohn_ and also the package libdvdcss05:06
Dethlokbulmer: ok done05:07
spyderemmajane: now im confused it says no such file...shouldnt it create it then?05:07
bulmerDethlok-> okay05:07
emmajanejohn_ there may also be a ubuntu page actually. what's the syntax to ask the bot a question?05:07
kaycecan someone help me? need to know how to partition my hard drives, 20gb root, 2gb swap, use the rest for home,, do i need anything else?05:07
Travis_Hi I just put a hard drive in my server from my older server, the data on it is in a format called LVM2 MEMBER, because my old server was LVM, I just need to get the data off it for my new server? how do I go about this?05:07
john__so far i have installed gxine, libdvdnav4 and libdvdread3 but synaptic cant seem to find libdvdplay005:07
emmajanespyder, was tehre a file before?05:07
emmajanejohn_ are you getting an error message?05:08
bulmerkayce seems like 20gig for root is a lot..05:08
kaycewith 2 250gb hard drives05:08
spyderit let me access it with gedit then i assumed there was one?05:08
john__libdvdplay0 supposedly is in universe repository... yes i am hold on...05:08
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs05:08
Dr_willisi need more then 20gb for root :) vmware images and so forth05:08
cishpixeverybody please hepl me, can I make everytime user in client must login to server with openldap??05:08
emmajanesvladc, thanks :)05:08
kaycedo i need anything else thow? im on live cd05:08
svladcjelli!info openldap05:09
ubotuPackage openldap does not exist in gutsy05:09
ubotuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer05:09
bulmerkayce put another partition like /user  for vmware and miscellaneous05:09
john__error from the xine engine... the xine engine failed to start. no demuxer found - stream format not recognized.05:09
Dethlokbulmer: ok how do i do that?05:09
cishpix!info openldap05:09
ubotuPackage openldap does not exist in gutsy05:09
bulmercishpix-> umm..user logs in to ldap? why to ldap?05:09
Dr_willis!find ldap05:09
ubotuFound: ldap-auth-client, ldap-auth-config, libldap2, libldap2-dev, libnet-ldap-perl (and 67 others)05:09
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs05:09
emmajanespyder, did you get teh file path right?05:09
svladcjelli!ldap Dr_willis05:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ldap dr_willis - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:09
john__thx :)05:10
bulmerDethlok-> mount -t nfs 192.x.x.x:/mounted/partition  /mnt     assuming /mnt exist in your system05:10
cishpixbulmer, so... what should I do?? before, I use NIS for the client login to server05:10
spyder  emmajane: yeah i guess...im typing the same path that i type gedit /etc/powersave/thermal05:11
bulmercishpix-> you dont log in to ldap, you only login to ldap to update info there.as as user you dont05:11
kayce20g root, 2g swap, 227g /usr, 250g /home  ?05:11
spyder"gksudo gedit /etc....05:11
bulmercishpix its the nsswitch config file you have to fool with, and pam with ldappam.so something05:11
cishpixbulmer, so... ldap doesn't like NIS??05:11
Dethlokbulmer: it says only root can do that and when i try to log into root using su it says authentication failure05:12
john__hmm... i seem to have already done all the steps from that help page05:12
emmajanespyder, I'm confused. When you edit the file  it's there, but when you look for the file it is not?05:12
svladcjelliyou can authenticate against openldap cishpix05:12
bulmercishpix-> you are getting confused with authentication and the login process05:12
imbecileanything i need to know when adding free space on hd to my ubuntu partition? im dual booting. should it be fine to add 40gb with gparted or do I need to do something else as well? i plan on keeping my windows partition for work. please help05:12
spyderemmajane: exactly...i did this " powersave -t" and got this message05:12
kaycei'm new to this, do i need any of the other / 's like ./boot?05:13
spyderThe program 'powersave' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:05:13
spydersudo apt-get install powersaved05:13
spyderbash: powersave: command not found05:13
kaycesorry for noobie questions..05:13
svladcjellispyder: is there a reason you can't just ignore the messages till the new kernel gets released05:13
emmajanejohn_ I'm just checking to see if I have the file.05:13
bulmerDethlok-> oh yeah, only root can mount foreign file systems..also the user id must be the same on both ends or..i cant recall what..heh05:13
cishpixbulmer, yes.. I'm really confused about configure it, but the client can't login to the server that to active the ldap server05:13
big_areai upgraded to fiesty and know i have no sound through my sound card and usb speakers05:13
p_quarlesimbecile: make sure you have EVERYTHING backed up first. that's all05:13
spydersvladcjelli: i think its causing my system to crash and cause ubuntu to become unresponsive05:13
imbecilep_quarles:  thanks man05:13
john__this is the web page i am following... note the libdvdplay0... which i can not find... https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/musicvideophotos/C/video.html05:13
bulmerDethlok-> tutorials on nfs is plenty to have in google, just browse for a few05:14
Dethlokbulmer: ok thank you05:14
Dethlokbulmer: i need to be heading to bed anyways, will be a project for tomorow, thanks again05:14
john__actually i can find libdvdplay0... but just not in a repository for easy package install05:14
SlynderdaleI was planning to install both Ubuntu and Kubuntu to see which version I perfer but from what I heard, te application menu would get cluttred with applications from both versions no matter what session you use. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? LIke only show GNOMe apps under Gnome and Kubuntu apps under Kubuntu?05:14
bulmercishpix-> your server has to authenticate your user using ldap, typically for *nix its using /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow + group  so you have to tell the nix now you are using ldap05:14
bulmerDethlok-> okay..good luck05:15
svladcjelliSlynderdale: i don't think so short of editing the menus05:15
emmajanejohn_ does it work with totem, or another player?05:15
LQuelqu'un en ligne souhaitez chatter en français. J'ai besoin de pratique05:15
Slynderdalesvladcjelli: THats what I feared :/05:15
john__i'll try totem but what i read said totem doesn't work on encrypted dvds05:15
john__just a sec...05:15
Dr_willisSlynderdale,  i dont find it a problem. I always install ubuntu and kubuntu, and xubuntu. :)05:15
svladcjelliSlynderdale: they are just applications you are installing05:15
cishpixbulmer, so... what should I do for it?? where the files should I configure it?05:15
svladcjelliso they show up like apps05:16
emmajanejohn_ I can play DVDs but I can't find anything with taht file name on my system (libdvdplay0)05:16
p_quarlesSlynderdale: you can edit the menus for each separately. if that's too much of a hassle, install one in Virtualbox or dual-boot05:16
svladcjellior use a dif user05:16
emmajanejohn_ I admit I've only tried tank girl, but it was a store-bought copy....05:16
bulmercishpix-> you have to google for the details..basically its the nsswitch and pam you have to coordinate..i dont remember those like the back of my palm05:16
svladcjelliand gslynerdale05:16
Bryan:o how do you play .wmv's in ubuntu O_o?05:16
john__totem cannot play this type of media (dvd) because it does not have the appropriate plugins to be able to read the disc.05:17
BryanI tried mplayer, and the audio is choppy.05:17
neosixHello! I have one question. I set in xorg.cong  Hsync and Vsync but wrong dispaly size, and I had odd screen. I corrected display size, and now is OK, but did I damaged monitor?05:17
emmajanejohn_ hrm.05:17
bulmercishpix-> btw, people get paid lots doing that conversion.. :)05:17
spyderwhat does this mean "The cooling management is controlled by the kernel, powersaved has not much influence on this."05:17
john__trying to play star wars episode 105:17
emmajanebryan, I use totem for nearly all media05:17
john__er... ep 205:17
cishpixbulmer, I'd google it but I don't get the good tutorial for it05:17
emmajanejohn_ i was going to say... definitely not worth it for Ep. 1 ;)05:17
john__well, thx for the help emma :)05:17
Bryanemmajane, any idea how to get totem to play .wmv's?05:17
emmajanebryan, there are some w32codecs you'll probably need.05:18
ToddEDM2hey guys , how do i find out what vid card i got in this machine?05:18
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:18
m1k3What's the difference between Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu?05:18
svladcjelli!dvd | john05:18
ubotujohn: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs05:18
wyIs there some kind of tool like Ghost, that can back up a whole system?05:18
bulmercishpix-> try this  linux pam authenticate using ldap  or ubuntu ldap authentication pam05:18
Bryanemmajane, I already installed the w32codecs05:18
neosixToddEDM2: just type lspci05:18
svladcjelliBryan: try vlc05:18
big_areawy: tar05:19
Bryansvladcjelli, tried. no video05:19
Slynderdalesvladcjelli, p_quarles: Thanks for the information, I'll look into it :) AT least now I'm pointed in the right direction05:19
cishpixbulmer, can u give me the link that are about pam authenticate using ldap??05:19
BryanAudio comes out fine, just no video.05:19
svladcjelliBryan: some wmv if messed up and just wont play05:19
bulmercishpix-> google is your friend, type those words i suggested05:19
m1k3What's the difference between Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu?05:19
Bryansvladcjelli, O_o it's for a class..05:19
m1k3I wanna know please05:19
svladcjelliif mplayer wont do it with w32codecs05:19
=== gouki_ is now known as gouki
cishpixbulmer, OK. thanks. I'll do it again05:20
ubotuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE05:20
ubotuxubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of Gnome. For more info, see http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop". | For support, see #xubuntu | See also: !ubuntu and !xubuntu-channels05:20
SithReeif I wanted to add drivers to an install while still in LiveCD, how do I do that?05:20
emmajanem1k3, basically the desktop environment.05:20
bulmercishpix-> goodluck, and please come back and share what you have learned05:20
neosixm1k3: Ubuntu=gnome , Kubuntu=KDE, Xubuntu is for older machine05:20
cishpixbulmer, ok. I'll do it if I successed05:20
SlynderdaleHmm, one last question. Firefox said that flash was missing, so I went and installed Adobe FLash PLayer and restarted Firefox yet the error still appears. Do I need to relog in as a user as well?05:20
ToddEDM2radeon 9000 ... can someone help me get this thing working properly?05:20
emmajaneslynder not usually... is the error message just saying that you don't have flash installed?05:21
neosixToddEDM2: install restrictered drivers05:21
SithReeSlynderdale: I think there is a md5 mismatch with the Adobe flash installer05:21
p_quarlesSlynderdale: how did you install flash? via Macromedia's web site or with Synaptic?05:21
bulmerSithRee-> i dont know, maybe if you knew where the module is, provide a link to /lib/  ?05:21
Bryanit says  no suitable decoder module for fourcc `MSS2'05:21
john__installing tons o codecs :)05:21
john__maybe this get it05:21
emmajanejohn_ brute force rocks. :)05:22
john__yes indeed :)05:22
emmajanejohn_ that and threatening language.05:22
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:22
pinguwhy does my ubuntu keep messing up05:22
john__i try to save that for those i truely loathe05:22
pinguit just goes retarded and i dont know why05:22
ToddEDM2neosix: i have a restricted driver working for my wifi card05:22
Slynderdalep_quarles: THough FIrefox. it downloaded and installed flash via synaptic I believe. ALso it says its installed if I tru to reinstall it05:22
bulmerpingu-> caused by the operator? :)05:22
ToddEDM2how do i install it for mt ati card05:22
emmajanejohn_ don't save it up, share the anger with all the quirky non-free things. ;)05:22
spyderemmajane: should i tryinstalling powersave and turning cooling devices off or turning the trip points way up?05:23
emmajanespyder, I don't know if that will work.05:23
pinguit started 2 days ago after i installed awn i just went stupid. nice bulmer05:23
emmajanespyder, you can try it, but I don't know if it will help.05:23
m1k3neosix, What are all the Desktop environments besides KDE and gnome05:23
spyderemmajane: thank you05:23
p_quarlesSlynderdale: as someone else pointed out, there's a current bug with Flash -- should be fixed soon05:23
RandomUsrhow do I add gcc back to my $path?05:23
zoexiihello, is there an easy way to see what driver x.org is actually using (vs. what is shown in /etc/X11/org.conf)?05:23
bulmerpingu-> what is awn?05:23
emmajanem1k3, there are billions of them! (for very small values of a billion)05:23
john__shoot... didn't work05:23
p_quarlesSlynderdale: in the meantime, there are tutorials on the forums for manually installing it05:24
emmajanejohn_ try rebooting05:24
pinguavant windows navigator05:24
emmajanejohn_ I know it's not supposed to matter, but...05:24
m1k3emmajane, no no I mean like the most popularly used ones05:24
=== crazy_pete_isgAy is now known as markiii
neosixm1k3: well you have some window managers like: fluxbox, fvwm, blackbox, openbox... I'm using fluxbox it's great05:24
markiiihow so i install ubunto on windows xp home edition dell05:24
emmajanem1k3, I heard an expression once that was something like, "If you get two linux enthusiasts talking about the best software you'll get five different opinions"05:25
SithReemarkiii: to replace xp or dual boot?05:25
neosixToddEDM2: find in option rest. drivers for grafic cards05:25
m1k3emmaajane, so very true I tried flux box all I could do is right click05:25
emmajanem1k3 yup. I've used flux and openbox05:25
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:25
SithReemarkiii: for dual boot, google is your friend05:25
p_quarlesemmajane: exactly. myself alone, i have ten opinions on the best window manager :)05:25
emmajanem1k3, they were *fantastic* for old machines. But those aren't desktop environments. that's a window manager.05:26
BryanI can get the .wmv to play in mplayer, but it is VERY chopy audio. Anyone have any suggestions?05:26
emmajanep_quarles *grin*05:26
markiiiso does ubunto plays well with porn05:26
SithReemarkiii: yes05:26
* why-phy touches crush_groove 05:26
m1k3emmajane, but what about desktop environments, what do yuo perfer?05:26
markiiiis there way to download big movies easily05:26
emmajanemarkiii, ubuntu tries not to be prejudice against your insecurities.05:26
=== why-phy is now known as phyberoptix
sabakiok, i got flash working in firefox64 on gutsy64 but I had to install and configure pulseaudio to get flash audio to work, and it was a pain. But once I got it working, it has been working stably ever since.05:27
emmajanem1k3, I use gnome because I'm lazy and I like it when things work.05:27
ToddEDM2neosix: restricted drivers manager?05:27
pinguseriously would something a little as awn mess up my entire OS05:27
crush_groove I was like wtf05:27
john__no luck05:27
markiiiemmajane are you like judy foster05:27
neosixToddEDM2: yes that's it05:27
ectospasmis there any way to find out who is/are the package maintainer(s) for a given package are?05:27
pinguthe forum that i got it from said it was fairly stable05:27
emmajanemarkiii, actually I'm pretty much like myself.05:27
emmajanejohn_ darn05:27
ToddEDM2neosix:  it only shows my wifi card in there05:28
svladcjelliectospasm: google? their homepage?05:28
markiiithat boring?05:28
john__i think i just need to figure out how to find libdvdplay0 in the repositories05:28
nickrudectospasm, aptitude show <pkg> , see  Package Maintainer05:28
neosixToddEDM2: hmmm, strange, better ask somebody else05:28
sabakihowever the pulseaudio-jack-module is missing from the repos, so I haven't been able to get pulseaudio to work with jack... anybody know where the pulseaudio-jack-module for gutsy64 can be found?05:28
ectospasmnickrud:  thanks05:28
emmajanejohn_ even totem's asking for it?05:28
john__this says it is in universe... http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/libs/libdvdplay005:28
mark488Hi all.  Can an intel core duo apple macbook live-boot ubuntu 7.10 from cd/dvd?05:28
m1k3emmajane, lol I guess gnome is the good one but when ever I try to install Normal Desktop effects it says Desktop effects cannot be enabled, I know it has nothing to do with the hardware because my other pc has 256 mb of on board memory any ideas as to why it wont allow me to enable them?05:28
p_quarlesjohn_ sorry, wasn't following the whole conversation, but you do have libdvdcss2 installed, right?05:29
spyderspyder@spyder1:~$ sudo apt -get install powersaved05:29
john__no, totem is asking for codecs but i dont know which ones it wants05:29
spyder[sudo] password for spyder:05:29
spyderapt: invalid flag: -get05:29
spyderUsage: apt <apt and javac options> <source files>05:29
spyderwhere apt options include:05:29
spyder  -classpath <path>          Specify where to find ?05:29
svladcjellimark488: sure05:29
john__put the apt-get05:29
neosixm1k3: find some guide for desktop effects05:29
john__with no space05:29
KcajIneed support05:29
KcajI have two hard drives05:29
emmajanem1k3 I got a shiny new laptop with 2Gig of RAM. So I'm not sure. I know that we use 6.06LTS witht eh machines we ship out to the schools and rarely have more than 256M of RAM05:29
nickrudspyder, no space in apt-get05:29
KcajOne PATA and SATA.05:29
mark488jelli, thanks!  no firmware updating or anything needed?05:29
john__apt-get no space between the apt the - and the get05:29
KcajOne takes priority as master no matter what05:29
Kcajand it just so happens05:29
KcajI deleted the partitions05:29
Kcajand now Grub gives me error 2205:30
Kcajand I can't start the machine05:30
m1k3emmajane, I've got 1 gig of ram and 256 of on board shared memory I ment05:30
ToddEDM2neosix: . im downloading more restricted drivers from synaptic05:30
KcajAll I have, are blank DVDs05:30
Kcajwhat can I do?05:30
emmajanejohn_ but you did the w32codecs, right?05:30
=== curs0r_ is now known as Curs0r
KcajI need to fix the MBR05:30
john__oh, i didn't see that one05:30
Kcajbut can't get in to an OS05:30
john__where is that listed?05:30
pingudoes ubuntu really make you wireless weaker, i have heard it a couple of times and want to know if it is true05:30
neosixToddEDM2: ok keep going05:30
emmajanem1k3, you shouldn't have a problem with it...05:30
wolferinecan I setup a network mount, then use Amarok to surf to the dir to fill my DB? then add the files 'info' into my DB ?05:30
Dr_willispingu,  never heard that.05:30
ToddEDM2pingu: YES IT DOES05:30
emmajanejohn_ on the page you sent me to....05:31
m1k3emmajane, I did I tried everything wont enable for me for some reason...05:31
nickrudjohn__, try sudo aptitude ubuntu-restricted-extras , that will install the gstreamer stuff you're looking for05:31
mosnooh my sweet sweet Gnome, never again shall i roam, massa05:31
ToddEDM2pingu:  i never get over 50% now with ubuntu05:31
neosixpingu: I have wireless and everything is fine05:31
pingutoddedm2: are you sure05:31
p_quarlespingu: no, it depends entirely on how well your card is supported05:31
m1k3emmajane, I'm using ubuntu 7.1005:31
emmajanem1k3 have you rebooted recently?05:31
Dr_willisI use windoes on some box's and cant get over  80% when its right next to th router. :)05:31
pingudoes it just depend on the computer then05:31
ToddEDM2pingu: im looking at the signal right now05:31
john__which page did i send u to? lol05:31
nickrudpingu, I get the same thru put on bcm43xx and windows05:31
svladcjelliwolferine: you can05:31
emmajanem1k3 I had an issue on a new install before powered down and back up again.05:32
p_quarlespingu: not on the computer as a whole, just the wireless card05:32
m1k3emmajane, I'm not on the fast pc it's at my dad's house I turn it off all the time05:32
ToddEDM2pingu: the speed seems normal, but showing slow in the panel05:32
pinguthats kinda what i was intending05:32
wolferinesvladcjelli, without issues though ?05:32
p_quarlespingu: what card do you have?05:32
pinguyea mine shows about half of what i used to get with vista05:32
svladcjelliwolferine: i do it with alot of music05:32
john__emma: which page is that?05:32
emmajanem1k3, I'm not sure what to suggest then. You've already tried everything I would normally do. :(05:32
svladcjelliwolferine: need fast network05:32
Dr_willisthe wireless card drivers are supposed to  use as little power as  needed aint they?05:32
wolferinesvladcjelli, sweet :)05:33
emmajanem1k3, have you tried goolging the error?05:33
pingu802.11 b/g wireless LAN05:33
neosixpingu: don't look at panel type iwconfig05:33
emmajanejohn_ http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/12/04/libdvdcss2-and-w32codecs-for-ubuntu/05:33
ToddEDM2i use the same card as nickrud and mines shows less than 50% even if im right next to the router05:33
Respect_MeDoes this OS work on the PS3?05:33
emmajohn__,  could you please type emmajane .05:33
m1k3emmajane, good idea but it doesn't give anything specific except "Desktop effects cannot be enabled"05:33
p_quarlespingu: well, yeah, but what's the make and model?05:33
mark488svladcjelli: so a core duo macbook doesn't need a firmware change?  just hold down "c" or something on boot (to boot from cd/dvd)?05:33
john__emmajane: which page did i send u to?05:33
emmajanejohn_ emmaj is probably enough05:33
ToddEDM2wmp54g.. somethign like that05:33
svladcjellimark488: yes05:33
emmaI keep getting excited thinking someone in #ubuntu wants to talk to me.05:33
pingu"signal up wireless"05:34
john__sorry to excite u :)05:34
mark488thanks svladcjelli05:34
emmajaneemma, I'm sure lots of people want to talk to you. :)05:34
emmajanejohn__ http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/12/04/libdvdcss2-and-w32codecs-for-ubuntu/05:34
john__ok thx05:34
wolferinesvladcjelli, samba or nfs ?05:34
emmaitsokie i'm very easily excitable. :)05:34
svladcjelliwolferine: i use nfs05:34
=== CaRtMaN_01- is now known as CaRtz
emmajaneemma, they sure aren't getting good help from me. ;)05:34
pinguis there any way to upgrade or something of that nature05:35
john__oooh... that looks icky lol05:35
emmajanejohn__ isn't that the one you were using though?05:36
spyderemmajane: how do i find out what powersave mode is active?05:36
john__i've not seen that page before05:36
john__thats what i'm trying to find in the repository to install05:36
emmajanespyder, it's been *years* since I had to actually know something about ACPI...05:36
john__hmm... i just notice that is a feisty paackage05:37
john__maybe thats the problem05:37
DoubleDavehello looking for someone to give advice on lintian output05:37
emmajanespyder, powersave is when the screen saver is on though, I think.05:37
john__wonder why feisty stuff is in gutsy docs05:37
spyderemmajane: lol what does acpi stand for?05:37
shomarihow do i create an initial ram disk with kubuntu from the latest kernel sources05:37
crush_groove for full removal  I would use apt-get remove --purge foo" ?05:37
nickrudDoubleDave, you should ask on #ubuntu-motu about lintian05:37
DoubleDaveanyone here experianced with package building for ubuntu05:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about acpi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:37
emmajanespyder, advanced power control interface05:37
DoubleDavethanks nickrud05:37
john__thx for the help emmajane... i must go bed now... got to get up early tomorrow05:38
nickrudcrush_groove, yes05:38
spyderim gonna send a bug report and post it in the forums to see if somebody knows why its reporting so many error messages causing the system to crash05:38
warriorforgodSo do you think it would break my system if I changed gutsy to hardy in /etc/apt/sources.list, and then did sudo apt-get upgrade?05:38
emmajanejohn__ g'luck!!05:38
crush_groove ty nickrud05:38
john__thx :)05:38
svladcjelliwarriorforgod: prolly05:38
nickrudwarriorforgod, maybe not your system, but something for sure :)05:38
svladcjellialtho i installed hardy in a vm it was ok05:38
svladcjellidont do it if you want a working system05:39
emmajanejohn__ night05:39
wolferinecan I add a smb:// to /etc/fstab, and if so, whats the syntax ?05:39
nickrud!smb | wolferine05:39
ubotuwolferine: samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT05:39
svladcjelli!info smbfs05:39
ubotusmbfs: mount and umount commands for the smbfs (for kernels >= than 2.2.x). In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.26a-1ubuntu2.2 (gutsy), package size 473 kB, installed size 1100 kB05:39
wolferinethanks guys05:39
dishkuvekanyone know why vmware-player claims it can't install on my computer type (386), this is through the "Add/Remove Apps" app?05:39
nickrudwolferine, especially the mountwindowsharespermantently page05:40
john__one last question....05:40
upgrdmani have two sata hdds in my box, one with winxp, and one with ubuntu. grub is installed on the hdd with ubuntu. i cant get grub to boot winxp, i have played with the (hdx,x) repeatedly. i can only boot xp if i set the bios hdd boot priorty to the hdd with winxp. what am i doing wrong with grub?05:40
nickruddishkuvek, try sudo aptitude vmware-player in a terminal, you might get a better error message05:40
emmajanejohn__ we call those "door handle" questions... because just when you put your hand on the door to leave you think of another question....05:40
john__i just noticed that libdvdplay0 is in the feisty lib packages... but not in the gutsy lib packages... what does that mean? gotta install it manually?05:40
nickruddishkuvek, erm, sudo aptitude install vmware-player that is05:40
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!05:40
SlynderdaleHmm, is the pre-release/proposed option under Software Sources safe to enable or no?05:41
nickrudjohn__, why would you need that? I mean, what package?05:41
emmajanejohn__ how did you install gutsy?05:41
john__well, hopefully after this i can make it all the way through05:41
emmajanejohn__ upgrade? or fresh install?05:41
john__i d/l and burned a cd and installed from that05:41
emmajanejohn__ then I'm pretty sure you really shouldn't need that file.05:41
emmajanejohn__ this is very weird...05:41
nickrudSlynderdale, it's an iffy thing, I've always been leary about that proposed repo05:41
dishkuveknickrud, hmm, it appears there is no vmware-player package in my repo cache, although it appears in the "add/remove" app05:42
john__hmm... the directions for gutsy say i do...05:42
peabodyMan, pidgin LaTeX is cool!05:42
john__let me find the page real fast05:42
emmajanejohn__ ok05:42
nickruddishkuvek, system->prefs->software sources, make sure the first four sources are ticked05:42
john__this is documentation for 7.10 official ubuntu documentation... https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/musicvideophotos/C/video.html05:43
john__step 1: install gxine, libdvdnav4, libdvdplay0, libdvdread305:43
naelrupgrdman: I had a time with that same problem... I just used my systems ability to select which hard drive I wanted to boot from.. I hit f12 on my system as it is posting and select which drive I want to boot05:43
john__only thing is... libdvdplay0 not in the repository...05:43
OseWhat are some lightweight players (Foobar-like) for Linux?05:44
emmajanejohn_ agreed.05:44
emmajanejohn__ sometimes docs are wrong.05:44
john__well thats disturbing :)05:44
dishkuveknickrud, ok, done, reloaded, or apt-get update, and still no vmware-player, im in gutsy btw05:44
OseLightweight music players, that is.05:44
john__ok, i go have bad dreams about it now05:44
emmajanejohn__ no, just human. :)05:44
john__ttyl :)05:44
upgrdmannaelr, i'll find the hotkey for my bios, but im sure theres got to be a way in grub. i guess i post in the forums05:44
svladcjelli!info bmp | Ose05:45
ubotuose: Package bmp does not exist in gutsy05:45
svladcjelli!info beep-media-player | Ose05:45
ubotuose: beep-media-player: Versatile audio player that supports Winamp skins. In component universe, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 874 kB, installed size 3628 kB05:45
naelrupgrdman: I think it has something to do with windows and the sata drives... I never had the problem with ide's05:45
OseThanks. I'll take a look.05:45
svladcjelliOse: more like winamp... whythmbox may be more foobar-like05:46
heatmzzrwhat do you type to change color of text and describe action, is it /me?05:46
upgrdmannaelr, i'll keep that in mind. thanks05:46
Osesvladcjelli: Ahh, Old old winamp (2.91ish) or new winamp? And Rythm is.. Too big.05:46
nickruddishkuvek, hm, according to packages.ubuntu.com , vmware-player isn't in gutsy. Not all is lost, though, vmware-server is in the repos, add deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu gutsy partner to /etc/apt/sources.list05:46
svladcjelliOse: old05:46
kayce20g root, 2g swap, 227g /usr, 250g /home        do i need anything else like /boot or w/e before i install?05:46
dishkuveknickrud, nice, does vmware server do something similar?05:47
emmajaneheatmzzr, what's changing colours?05:47
Rockomanhey can somebody help me? i duel boot my system and i accidently deleated GRUB for my partitions, can someone help me restore it without have to reinstall Ubuntu?05:47
nickruddishkuvek, even better, you can create your own virtual machines05:47
nickruddishkuvek, if you have a spare xp license, you can run that if you like05:47
heatmzzremma, well in another room someone said something and all of their text was another color05:47
Kittynanyone in here know anything about wireless and ubuntu 7.105:48
kayceplease? anyone know?05:48
dishkuveknickrud, very nice.  thanks for pointing that out, it's downloading now.05:48
nickrud!grub | Rockoman05:48
HodgeKittyn, what do you need 2 know?05:48
ubotuRockoman: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:48
scguy318!anyone | Kittyn05:48
ubotuKittyn: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:48
p_quarlesRockoman: you can reinstall it with the Ubuntu installation disk (w/o reinstalling Ubuntu) or search for the Super GRUB disk05:48
svladcjellikayce: why is /usr so bin05:48
heatmzzrits like they were describing an action instead of speaking05:48
KittynI should speak proper in here?05:48
Rockomanwhere on the ubuntu disk?05:48
emmajaneheatmzzr, ahh. If you want to describe the action you are doing then you start the line with /me05:49
kaycebecause i was told too? it wont ,let me set more then one point to /home05:49
scguy318Kittyn: you should ask your actual question is what the bot is getting at05:49
* emmajane nodes at heatmzzr05:49
kayceand i dont know what else to set it too05:49
KittynHodge, I've done everything the forums has told me to do.  This is my last resort. My wireless isnt connecting...05:49
* emmajane nods too05:49
p_quarlesRockoman: look at the link Ubotu gave you05:49
heatmzzryeah, what was that05:49
scguy318Kittyn: have you seen the Ubuntu Wiki wireless docs?05:49
emmajaneheatmzzr give it a try :)05:49
scguy318!wireless > Kittyn (see PM)05:50
Shapeshifterwhat console command is useful to generate continous output that varies a lot from line to line? E.g. for demo purposes?05:50
big_areacan someone help me with a sound card issue, i just upgraded to gutsy and i have no sound coming out of the speakers05:50
KittynI've seen a lot of things.05:50
svladcjelli!wifi | Kittyn05:50
ubotuKittyn: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:50
* heatmzzr thanks emma by dropping to one knee05:50
scguy318Kittyn: what chipset are you using anyway?05:50
emmajaneheatmzzr http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/ircc-commands.html that's got a bit of a summary. I just googled "irc commands"05:50
Kittynchipset? you mean my proc?05:51
heatmzzrcool, using bitchx, ususally all one color so it really stands out when someone does it05:51
svladcjellikayce: I would do / = 50G swap = 2GB rest = /home05:51
scguy318Kittyn: no, the wireless chip05:51
emmajaneheatmzzr *nod*05:51
nickrudsvladcjelli, that's an awfully large root for ubuntu ...05:51
svladcjellii know05:51
svladcjellibut she was giving 250GB to /usr05:51
kaycei cant set rest to /home, its on 2 250g hard drives05:51
KittynWell, all I know about it is that it is a broadcom 101905:51
svladcjelliso she has room to burn and will not run out that way05:51
nickrudah, that's grossly large :)05:51
Rockomani think i can figure it out  thanks Ubotu!05:52
svladcjellii use 50GB05:52
scguy318Kittyn: if it's Broadcom it's probably a good idea to use ndiswrapper05:52
svladcjellidisks are huge these days05:52
svladcjelliso make it 20GB kayce05:52
scguy318Kittyn: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SetupNdiswrapperHowto05:52
svladcjelliit is a personal choice at that point05:52
nickrudI use 15, haven't even bumped 10 (I use ~/tmp a lot though05:52
CondouloI need help with installing screenlets05:53
svladcjellii write to var alot, and default html dir is there etc05:53
svladcjellifor new users more space in / is not gonna hurt, and it may stop a disk full error05:53
kaycewhats the difrence between ext2 and ext3?05:53
=== CyberMatt is now known as Matt|sleep
wolferine trying to mount (perm) a Windows (smb) share on Ubuntu,  sudo mount //xpserver/D/music ~/music gives me the error: 'mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //xpserver/D/Music,       missing codepage or helper program, or other error'05:53
p34ri just did this command line following a tutorial to get stuff for Ruby on Rails and MySQL: sudo apt-get install ruby ri rdoc mysql-server libmysql-ruby ruby1.8-dev irb1.8 libdbd-mysql-perl libdbi-perl libmysql-ruby1.8 libmysqlclient15off libnet-daemon-perl libplrpc-perl libreadline-ruby1.8 libruby1.8 mysql-client-5.0 mysql-common mysql-server-5.0 rdoc1.8 ri1.8 ruby1.805:54
KittynOk I've read something about it and tried what it told me to do.  When I connected to a wired network it completely cut out the wireless.05:54
nickrudsvladcjelli, yeah, 20gb is generous, and if they are doing some serious video that makes sense05:54
p34ris there an update command i can run to make sure the names are all up to date?05:54
cabrioleurwolferine, smbmount05:54
scguy318kayce: ext3 is journaled05:54
CondouloI did everything on a guide, but screenlets will not install properly.05:54
scguy318kayce: and has some other enhancements05:54
big_areacan someone help me with a sound card issue, i just upgraded to gutsy and i have no sound coming out of the speakers05:54
p34rie if mysql-client-5.0 was now mysql-client-5.105:54
emmajanecabrio, can you add the -t smbfs flag as well?05:54
KittynI am trying to dual boot vista and ubuntu until i can get ubuntu to work properly then I'm getting rid of this crap05:54
emmajanebig_area it's very possible that your sound was muted in the upgrade.05:55
scguy318Kittyn: I'm thinking that's a Network Manager thing05:55
nickrudp34r, generally ubuntu is pretty good about setting up depends and replacement packages, never had much problem with new package names05:55
svladcjelli!sound | big_area05:55
ubotubig_area: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:55
wolferinecabrioleur, thanks, didnt realize it wasnt installed O_o05:55
cabrioleuremmajane, yes, but smbmount is desired05:56
* emmajane nods at cabrioleur05:56
p34rnickrud: great. for the future if i want to make sure everything is up to date, is there a one-liner that i can run that would tell me of possible updates or something?05:56
KittynI've looked it up.  I'm sure I don't have enough patience and I will probably try again tomorrow...I really hate vista05:56
ares623how do i copy several files using terminal?05:56
scguy318Kittyn: ares623 cp firstfile secondfile ... destdir05:56
nickrudp34r, sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade . Normally the update manager check daily for you, and annoy you until you upgrade :)05:56
scguy318ares623: I'm thinking that's a Network Manager thing05:56
svladcjelli!dist-upgrade | p34r05:57
ubotup34r: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:57
scguy318Kittyn: sorry disregard05:57
KittynI figured as much05:57
scguy318ares623: and sorry the command is cp firstfile second ... destdir05:57
svladcjellip34r: apt-get update should do it05:57
ares623i'm installing a game.. i accidentally installed it on a folder I don't have access to05:57
=== fergofrog___ is now known as fergofrog
ares623sudo is my only option05:57
p34rsladen: ok thanks, by the way i'm connecting via ssh to a server, not running ubuntu deskto05:57
ares623so I just list all the files i want to copy?05:58
emmajaneares623, why not just change the permissions on that directory?05:58
KittynAlright thank you all very much...if it doesn't work I will be back tomorrow.05:58
wolferinenite :)05:58
p_quarlesares623: no use -- sudo cp -R source_directory destination_directory05:58
Guest22121asomne on05:58
Guest22121some help me05:58
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)05:58
=== Guest22121 is now known as Malaysian
Malaysiansomeone please tech me how to make a website05:59
Malaysianjoin phpfusion please05:59
soldatsgoogle it05:59
ares623i can't change permissions through the right-click thing.. the folder is in the /usr directory btw05:59
wolferineMalaysian, from start to end ?05:59
emmajaneares623 you can use the command line to change the permissions... and the ownership...06:00
p_quarlesares623: run nautilus with root permissions to change it: gksudo nautilus06:00
=== Malaysian is now known as Malaysia
Jordan_Uares623, Why are you trying to change the permissions of something in /usr ?06:00
Jordan_Uares623, That is most likely a bad idea06:00
nickrudares623, sudo chown <you>:<you> /usr/<dir> , but sudo mv /usr/<dir> /usr/local/<dir> would be a better idea, then change permissions06:00
=== Malaysia is now known as Malaysian
ares623i'd rather not mess with permissions. :)06:01
* emmajane is more afraid of moving things than changing permissions...06:01
Jordan_Uares623, Then like nickrud said, you should move it somewhere like /usr/local first06:01
* nickrud *never* puts stuff in /usr, it belongs to the system06:02
ares623yup it is in usr/local..06:02
Malaysianhelp me06:02
ares623it is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory06:02
svladcjelliMalaysian: http://www.make-a-web-site.com/06:02
svladcjelliwhat a great example :)06:03
ares623the default install dir is /usr/local/games/enemy-territory06:03
p_quarlesares623: what are the current ownership/permissions settings?06:03
emmajanesvladc, that *rocks*06:03
u_angelicecast sux ass06:03
ares623it says root : create and delete files06:03
KcajIs there a linux I can go download, with a good GUI, that is garutneed to have drivers for like... a Geforce FX 550587 some crap out of the box?06:04
emmajanemalaysian, http://www.w3schools.com/xhtml/default.asp06:04
KcajIt'd be good if it wasn't a huge install DVD either06:04
ares623those are the permissions06:04
Malaysianpm me please06:04
KcajOnly looking to waste one dvd XD haha06:04
p_quarlessvladcjelli: great. i won't be able to detect yellow for days :D06:04
svladcjelliKcaj: ubuntu? but there are no guarantees06:04
ares623i'm not logged in as root though.. only an admin06:04
KcajWhat are the chances?06:04
nickrudah yes, w3schools, a great reference06:04
ares623but i know the root password06:04
KcajI main it is a fairly new Nvidia card, I've had problems with other distros before06:04
emmajanemalaysian, or try: http://www.webdesign-l.com/06:05
big_areathis is really weird, i plug my headphones into why i assume is a port for a radio antena and i can hear the song playing through extreme satic but there is no sound on any of the other ports06:05
treyh0Kcaj: you can buy a box of suse at the store with nvidia drivers, or install something else like ubuntu that you download and it will download drivers for you, but they won't be "on the cdrom" -- "out of the box"06:05
Malaysianacttualy i already sign up the free hosting06:05
emmajanemalaysian, that is a MUCH more appropriate forum than this one for asking the qeustion you have.06:05
KcajOkay will it download the drivers automatically?06:05
p_quarlesares623: try allowing it to execute: sudo chmod +x /usr/local/file_name06:05
fluidhey guys; in a termianl only(no graphics manager), how do i tell networkmanager to connect to the internet via my router?06:05
KcajSo that atleast a GUI will work after install? :/06:05
Malaysianand want to use php fusion script06:05
KcajLast time I tried to isntalldrivers my self on Linux it was like a... massive headache06:05
treyh0Kcaj: yes there is a 'restricted driver manager' that pops up when you first boot into a newly isntalled ubuntu and tells you about it and lets you download -- it sets it up automatically06:06
emmajanemalaysian, I doubt a free hosting provider will support PHP06:06
emmajanebig_area you might need to check the settings for your sound card.06:06
cabrioleurKcaj, installation of nvidia drivers from nvidia website is very sweeeeeet. It works in 95% of distributions (Ubuntu is rebelling)06:06
Malaysianemmajane try to check it out.. hurmm www.ifastnet.com06:06
KcajWait so um06:06
KcajUbuntu isn't a good choice for this? :/ lol06:06
big_areaemma, how?06:06
emmajanebig_area I'm not very good with GUIs so I use (from teh command line) alsamixer06:07
scguy318Kcaj: no, Ubuntu is a good choice, via Restricted Driver Manager06:07
ares623i'm not trying to run a file though.. just copy some files from a patch update06:07
treyh0Kcaj: ubuntu is the easiest06:07
cabrioleurKcaj, ubuntu will install it's own drivers. They work.06:07
treyh0Kcaj: it installs the driver for you, you don't have to visit a website, download, run this and that, pray for miracles, etc06:07
emmajanemalaysian, I'm not sure. I can't help you to evaluate your hosting platform. You should look for a forum that specializes in this topic.06:07
KcajI'll have to just isntall it from the dvd, and then I'll be good to go?06:07
treyh0Kcaj: yeah06:07
treyh0get the 7.10 32-bit iso image06:08
treyh0fits on a regular cd06:08
p_quarlesares623: well, then, your question has already been answered. either cp the files individually, or use cp -R on a folder06:08
cabrioleurtreyh0, Ubuntu is the easiest unless you want to do things the way _you_ want. That's why I'm running slackware. But for no-brainers, it's awesome.06:08
treyh0cabrioleur: debian sid here, always and forever06:08
big_areathey're all up06:08
Kcajas in, "good to go", the GUIwill start up? :)06:09
treyh0Kcaj: yeah, even the installer starts a GUI for you06:09
cabrioleurtreyh0, there will be due time to update to lenny :-) some day...06:09
nickrudsid is wonderful, new software daily. (I *won't* say it's easier to maintain over the long haul)06:09
big_areaemma, are there settings other than the sliders? they're all in the red06:09
cabrioleurI was never a fan of debian systems. Too much chaos.06:10
emmajanecabrio, chaos is FUN!06:10
emmajaneemma, false alarm. ;)06:10
Kcaj700mb or so at 450kb/sec :/06:10
treyh0i run etch-based for servers and sid on my workstations, love the brand new, yet still stable software :>06:10
Kcajbad mirror, but, oh well06:10
cabrioleur:-D I'm too old for this.06:10
KcajI gotta run to the store anyways06:10
treyh0but i love ubuntu too06:10
emmajanebig_area generally red is good.06:10
KcajI know the installer starts a gui06:10
nickrudchaos?!! no one has better policy, it's so consistent06:10
treyh0bringing people over to linux and bringing life to debian06:10
Kcajbut I think the last linux os I tried to install06:10
Kcajwas Ubuntu06:10
big_areaya i knw, ive used the cli alsamixer before06:10
Kcajand after install the machine couldn't start xwindows :/06:10
cabrioleurI'm just waiting for stable hurd :-)06:10
treyh0Kcaj: hopefully the new version 7.10 is good for you06:11
scguy318Kcaj: no problem, you may06:11
emmajanebig_area oops. that was for changing the mic option.06:11
big_areaemma, but im not terribly familiar with anything other than the sliders, is there another menu with more options/settings?06:11
scguy318Kcaj: either attempt Safe Graphics mode, or do an alternate install06:11
scguy318Kcaj: aka text-mode based installation06:11
scguy318!installation | Kcaj06:11
ubotuKcaj: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues06:11
KcajI mean the installaton worked fine06:11
Kcajand finished06:11
treyh0cabrioleur: yeah that would be nice, i'd run Debian GNU/Hurd for sure06:11
emmajanebig_area, there's an emma as well... use emmaj to get me06:11
scguy318Kcaj: but X didn't start in the installation? ah06:11
SpookyETi uninstalled openoffice. i couldn't get the damn thing to do the most important task -- render the bloody documents nicely06:11
Kcajand i could go in to command line, but not xwindows at all06:11
big_areaemmajane, oops06:11
KcajI tried like a million fixes06:11
Kcajbrowsed google forever06:11
emmajanebig_area np06:11
Kcajand was just, no help, but06:11
scguy318probably !fixres and/or dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:12
Kcajhopfully this time it works06:12
Kcajif not06:12
Kcajwhat is the default irc client I'll be getting from command line to come ask? ;D06:12
emmajanebig_area in half a second she'll be horribly disappointed that the message wasn't for her though. ;)06:12
scguy318Kcaj: irssi06:12
scguy318Kcaj: you'll have to install it I think, real simple06:12
emmajanebig_area, system-> preferences-> sound06:12
cabrioleurSpookyET, a lot of ppl complained about 2.3.x. IMHO 2.2.x is more polished and finished.06:12
scguy318Kcaj: sudo aptitude install irssi06:12
Kcajis there a lynx or something?06:12
treyh0Kcaj: applications menu -> add/remove software -> irssi06:13
Kcajso I can atleast get some web hel pfrom command line if all else fails?06:13
DrakeParkwhat's Red Hat?06:13
cabrioleurKcaj, links if you apt-get06:13
sigma_my hdd light flashes every 10 sec's when the pc is idle (desktop not laptop) - i have two sata hdd's installed, is this anything to be worried about? oh and my sats hard drives - the 250gb one is two days old and the 80gb one is less than a year old06:13
Kcajtreyh0: lol that is assuming freaking gui works, lol06:13
treyh0heh yeah06:13
emmajanebig_area do the tests work?06:13
SpookyETcabrioleur: http://aycu05.webshots.com/image/35924/2006280723373385260_rs.jpg06:13
scguy318Kcaj: you can install that06:13
Kcajdoesn't another distro use apt-get?06:13
Kcajlike SuSE?06:13
treyh0Kcaj: debian and ubuntu06:14
KcajWait no06:14
big_areaemmajane, should i leave it on autidetect or alsa?06:14
Kcajthat is yaST06:14
kaycelast time im gona ask (cuz noones answerd it yet).. do i need a /boot partition or w/e before i install? >.<    30g root, 2g swap, 217g /usr (idk what else to put it as?) 250g /home     on 2 250g hard drives06:14
KcajYeah I used Debian before06:14
Kcajso I know all about apt-get06:14
scguy318kayce: no06:14
emmajanebig_area, mine's on autodetect06:14
kaycethank you06:14
emmajanebig_area have you tried googling your sound card to see if there are any bugs for it?06:14
SlynderdaleWell, ran into a problem. Under windows, I have a static network IP set to uet under Ubuntu I am Yet when I go to network and set it to use my static IP, it won't connect.06:14
KcajI'm not Linux n00b or nothing, just had specific problems with this specific machine (graphics card in specific) playing nice.06:14
nickrudkayce, you don't need a separate /usr06:14
kaycei cant put them both as /home it says thow06:15
bullgard4I can issue the command 'sudo ./sleep.sh force'. What is the effect of the option 'force'? Is force a feature of bash, or where is it defined?06:15
emmajanekcaj, we're all n00bs when it comes to seomething. :)06:15
big_areaemmajane, i will06:15
scguy318bullgard4: I think not, probably a param that's handled in the script06:15
emmajanebig_area I remember when 7.10 first came out there were more than a few people who lost sound due to bugs for their specific cards.06:15
treyh0kayce: use LVM if you want a /home more than 250GB06:15
scguy318bullgard4: and lemme look at the script06:15
cabrioleurSpookyET, looks like antialiasing is off.06:16
treyh0does the ubuntu installer support LVM?  i don't know06:16
scguy318treyh0: the alternate installer does I think06:16
SpookyETcabrioleur: It isn't.06:16
kaycewhat exactly is LVM then?06:16
big_areaemmajane, ok i think i found a relevant bug report, ill get back to you in a bit, thanks for the help06:16
=== emmajane is now known as emmajane_brb
=== kaot_ is now known as kaot
emmajane_brbbig_area no problem, sorry i couldn't solve it...06:16
svladcjelli!info lvm06:17
ubotuPackage lvm does not exist in gutsy06:17
treyh0kayce: logical volume management, let's you combine multiple drives and define volume groups for partitions like / and /home06:17
scguy318bullgard4: the relevant section I think is on line 15 in the script06:17
nickrudkayce, or mount it as /home/you/data , but lvm is pretty06:17
bullgard4scguy318: I will have a look in the script.06:17
MorningsicknessISLE OF MAN - June 1, 2006 - At a press conference today, Canonical CEO and Free Software spokesnigger Mark Shuttleworth announced the immediate availability of version 6.06 of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. The latest version, known by its code name, "The Diaper Drake," includes special features designed to make Linux easier and more comfortable for niggers the world over.06:18
Morningsickness"Niggers have always had trouble understanding new technology," Shuttleworth began. "Computers are no exception. Some people have said this is because niggers are dumb, but I believe the real problem is that technology has traditionally been designed for white people. Ubuntu changes all that. It was developed from the ground up with niggers in mind. It will usher in a whole new era of Afro-ergonomic computing."06:18
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Pelo!06:18
Morningsicknesshuttleworth presented an overview of some of the features users could expect in the latest version of Ubuntu, including an Ebonics-to-English converter, African "tribal beats" sound and desktop theme, and a collection of rap music and gay pornography, "which of course will be encoded using patent and royalty-free formats," Shuttleworth added, smiling. He proceeded to elaborate, but OpenOffice.org Impress crashed at t06:18
treyh0kayce: or if you motherboard does RAID, set a RAID 0 array for a 500 GB that you can use in the regular installer06:18
nickrudnixternal, I think he's been around before, like last night06:18
DrakeParkwhat is ubuntu?06:18
nixternalthanks for the heads up06:19
DrakeParkwhat's redhat06:19
kayceit is set to raid on the mobo06:19
treyh0but you still see 2 drives in linux?06:19
wolskayce: don't. use software raid06:19
treyh0doesn't sound like the raid array is active then06:19
kayceits nvraid.. only one i have access too other then the sil3114 raid or w/e06:20
mattn2|home_hi - i've created some debian packages for some gimp plugins - if anyone is interested: http://mattn.ninex.info/download/gimp/ (the debian package rules + amd64 debs)06:20
treyh0wols .. yeah use software raid if the gui installer supports that, doesn't do LVM so i didn't think it did either :-/06:20
soldatsDrakePark, if you dont know why are you here06:20
wolskayce: it's no raid. it's fakeraid which means you need to use sofware raid06:20
alphaicemananyone have compiz working on a ubunto quest virtual machine using vmware on an XP06:20
soldatsmattn2|home_, what do they do06:21
nickrudalphaiceman, no, compiz won't work in a vm06:21
kaycethis is confusing >.<06:21
wolsalphaiceman: vmware doesn't do hardware 3D, so no06:21
treyh0kayce: use 1 for / and 1 for /home06:21
mattn2|home_soldats: http://nifelheim.dyndns.org/~cocidius/normalmap/ http://nifelheim.dyndns.org/~cocidius/dds http://nifelheim.dyndns.org/~cocidius/hdrtools/06:21
* nickrud is lazy, rather than grok lvm he just made a data partition06:21
cHeChA_cE_EmOapa cy gk ngerty ???06:22
kayceput all but the swap for root?06:22
alphaicemanthanks guys, that's what I thought because when I edited my /etc/X11/xorg.conf all I saw was generic vmware drivers06:22
SlynderdaleWould anyone here happen to know why a static network IP wouldn't work?06:22
wols!id | cHeChA_cE_EmO06:22
Dr_willisSlynderdale,  another machine may allready have the ip.06:22
ubotucHeChA_cE_EmO: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia06:22
svladcjellimattn2|home_: looks very interesting, i do lots of hdr06:22
treyh0kayce: sure, then you can make another directory, like /data and use that if you need06:22
kaycehmm.. ok06:22
cHeChA_cE_EmOmay i join ????06:22
silent_anyone here with a logitech G5 tackled the task of getting the back button / side scroll working?06:22
MoreAllLessSlynderdale: Or the network settings may be for a different subnet.06:23
soldatsmattn2|home_, ahh cool ill have to run through those, i use gimp a lot so it may be use ful. thats awesome if you did those06:23
alphaicemanI guess I should try doing a dual boot then, I have to run XP because this is a work machine and I did that for company apps06:23
wolscHeChA_cE_EmO:  /join #ubuntu-id06:23
Ashfire908what's a decent sound generator synthesizer music making thing for ubuntu?06:23
Dr_willissilent_,  ive seen gentoo wiki pages on that topic. I just use them in games for grenades/medpacks :)06:23
SlynderdaleDr_willis: I'm the only one on the network right now and also my static IP isn't in the normal networks DHCP list.06:23
alphaicemandoes anyone know what's the largest drive I can get for a Dell Latitude D61006:23
nickrudalphaiceman, I run windows in a vm in ubuntu for work, works well06:23
mattn2|home_soldats: i've only packaged the plugins - not written them myself06:23
nickrudon an external drive06:23
MoreAllLessSlynderdale: So what are you trying to communicate with?06:24
silent_Dr_willis: I'm somewhat of a net browser so I like having those buttons.. so far I haven't come across a post saying "here's how you do it"06:24
cHeChA_cE_EmOit's very borink ,,,4 me !!!06:24
soldatsmattn2|home_, thats cool though, i didnt know about them so i might use them thanks06:24
wolsSlynderdale: to make meaningful suggestions we need more daa06:24
alphaicemanthat rocks Nickrud06:24
wolscHeChA_cE_EmO: either stay on topic or go to #ubuntu-id06:24
wolferineis there something to make a website displaying my music collection, using Amarok/DB ?06:24
Dr_willissilent_,  check the gentoo disrto wiki pages i recall seeing all sorts of guides there for the different mice.  that secific mouse may be identical to some other one I guess. I got a mx518 I use mainly06:25
gluonmanI am trying to install a Philips USB webcam. The driver, I think, is supposed to be SPC715NC. Anyone can lead me to a good tutorial?06:25
treyh0wolferine: apt-cache search musicindex06:25
SpookyETwolferine: hmm, Quod Libet has a playlist html generator06:25
alphaicemanI shopped on Dell for the largest internal drive for a Dell D610 and it showed 100 gig, but I'm looking for a 160 gig or greater is this possible06:25
big_areadid emmajane leave?06:25
alphaicemanare there any limitations on the D610?06:25
Dr_willisalphaiceman,  ive seen laptop hd;s in the 200gb range. they may be bigger by now. :)06:25
wolsalphaiceman: ask dell, not us06:26
Dr_willisi doubt if theres a limit to the size of the hd. its just how much $$ and  whats out.06:26
SlynderdaleOk well, I have a home network with three computers on it, currently I'm the only one on it. Under windows, my computer has the static network IP of, subnet and gateway of yet if I enter these under Ubuntu, it doesn't connect and I have no network activity till I remove the info/06:26
* nickrud thinks about swapping disk on the cradle06:26
wolsalphaiceman: there are no limits on current notebooks, but you are OT06:26
SpookyETis there a decent website better than gnome-look06:26
SpookyETi find that annoyingly hard to navigate, not much good content06:26
treyh0Slynderdale: need a new network card maybe?06:26
treyh0(one that linux supports)06:26
SpookyETsn0n: that one is limited06:26
alphaicemanwols, I kind of did, I went on their web and looked for options for the D610 and the largest drive they have is 100 gig, I have 80 gig now06:26
wolsSlynderdale: pastbein your interfaces file06:26
sn0nSpookyET: there is only really gnome-look and art.gnome.org06:27
wolsalphaiceman: we don't care what Dell has. whine on dell.com about it not here06:27
Slynderdalewols: WHere can I find the file?06:27
nickrudSlynderdale, what does your /etc/network/interfaces file look like? put it on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org06:27
wolsalphaiceman: this is not Ubuntu related06:27
vasilisaWhy wont K3B rip dvds anymore? :( I used to turn it on and it would list dvd tracks, id select one and rip it. Now it plays a chord at me and flashes an error message so fast i cant see it, then simply lists the dvd's file structure. That is utterly worthless to me. Any ideas why this could be the case? Is it something to do with Gutsy??06:27
wolsSlynderdale: /etc/network/interfaces06:27
sn0nvasilisa: try #k3b or #kde ?06:27
Slynderdaletreyh0: The same info worked under Feisty Fawn :/06:27
alphaicemanyour right thanks wols06:27
silent_Dr_willis: I've gotten the left-right wheel tilts to go back/forward... I guess I'll leave it as is for now, its actually a nice feature to have both06:28
vasilisasn0n k3b is empty, ill check kde but...06:28
treyh0Slynderdale: oh then like wols said the /etc/network/interfaces file is probably messed up06:28
sn0nisnt k3b a KDE app ?06:28
sn0nthis is a ermm... gnomey channel06:28
alphaicemanyou guyd answered my question, I have to remove vmware and install ubunto in dual boot with XP06:28
razorbladex401k3b will still run under gnome06:28
alphaicemanif I want to get compiz working06:28
kitofhawaiiSlynderdale: if you enter in a static ip address you have to enter in a static dns server as well (just to confirm)06:28
nickrudalphaiceman, yup06:28
silent_Dr_willis: did you manage to get the buttons to work in both firefox and nautilus?06:28
sn0nrazorbladex401: will run under gnome, but this isnt really the channel for k3b troubleshooting..06:28
Dr_willissilent_,  i dont use them in browsers. I use them in games. :)06:29
alphaicemanthanks guys, as always you guys are awesome06:29
kitofhawaiiwell you don't "have" to...but browsing doesn't work etc06:29
razorbladex401snon: your right i jumped in like at the end of that06:29
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs06:29
p34ri'm following a tutorial and it says to do this:06:29
p34rcopy the init file over to /etc/init.d/ by typing this all on one line:06:29
p34rsudo /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mongrel_cluster-1.0.2/resources/mongrel_cluster /etc/init.d/mongrel_cluster06:29
* sn0n shrugs06:29
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org06:29
Slynderdalekitofhawaii: I did06:30
p34rbut resources/mongrel_cluster says its not a file ot directory06:30
Slynderdalenickrud, wols: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48294/06:30
alphaicemanis ubunto hacks a good book to get for a beginner06:30
p34r(except i'm using 1.0.5 and i change the path accordingly)06:30
Dr_willisp34r,  sure you dident miss a 'cp' command in that line?06:30
nickrudSlynderdale, compare to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48295/ (I have resolvconf installed for automatic dns setting)06:30
wolsSlynderdale: there is no static IP configured there at all06:30
Dr_willisp34r,  right after the sudo :)06:30
omnilynxhey guys, I'm trying out ubuntu live cd on an old computer, but it's stuck "Loading Linux Kernel" at 3%06:30
p34rDr_willis: yeah it says: cp: cannot stat `/usr[B/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mongrel_cluster-1.0.5/resources/mongrel_cluster': No such file or directory06:31
Dr_willisp34r,  you got the path/name wrong then.06:31
scguy318omnilynx: might be your CD or the drive06:31
Slynderdalewols: Thats because if I se up a static IP, I can't connect to the internet at all, hence I deleted the info from network.06:31
p34rDr_willis: mm i go into /resources/ and i ls06:31
omnilynxI can check the CD, I guess06:31
omnilynxdoubt it's the drive06:31
p34rand it says mongrel_cluster06:31
p34rDr_willis: but i cant CD into it06:31
p34rDr_willis: it seems like it's there?06:31
wolsSlynderdale: either give us your static config or we cannot help you, your choice06:31
Dr_willisp34r,  if the file is in the current dir.  You dont need the full path to it to cp. Just the full path to where to cp it to.06:31
p_quarlesSlynderdale: what was the static ip config before you deleted it (pastebin)06:32
p34rDr_willis: ok well i was doing it from root, let me try from here06:32
kaycethank you guys for all your help06:32
treyh0Slynderdale: echo auto eth0 >> /etc/network/interfaces ; echo iface eth0 inet dhcp >> /etc/network/interfaces ; ifup eth006:32
wolsSlynderdale: your interfaces file needs to be right just like your /etc/resolv.conf. your IPs need to be set right and router set properly06:32
wolsthen it will work06:32
kayceima go now, take care evry1~06:32
wolstreyh0: great static IP setup that06:32
Dr_willisp34r,  you might want to isntall and learn to use the 'mc' file manager. :) its good for root user file managing.06:32
p34rDr_willis: ah seems like it worked :) odd06:32
treyh0wols: no dhcp on the network?06:33
wolstreyh0: that's not the point. the point is he wants a static IP06:33
imbecileok guys I have some free space on my hd that I want to give to ubuntu. when i click on my ubuntu partition in gparted it doesnt give me option to resize. how can i do this?06:33
p34rDr_willis: mm what's that? could you link me to a website about it, google search seems too broad06:33
Dr_willis!info mc06:33
ubotumc: midnight commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:4.6.1-7ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 2058 kB, installed size 5944 kB06:33
BlistokI have an interesting problem or I'm an idiot. I just installed a WD2000 drive and formatted it with gutsy. It says on the drive its a 200GB drive but gparted shows only 186GB. Question: Wheres my other 14GB?06:33
p_quarlesimbecile: shrink your windows partition first06:33
wolsimbecile: you cannot have a partition mounted and reizs it at the same time. use a (gparted) livecd06:34
treyh0Blistok: google mebibyte06:34
scguy318Blistok: different units ;)06:34
scguy318Blistok: MB vs. MiB06:34
svladcjelliand ext3 adds 5%06:34
wolsBlistok: harddisk makers do not give you 200GB but 200 billion bytes and call it 200GB06:34
imbecilewols:  the gparted live cd didnt recognize any partitions for some reason06:34
Dr_willisand thers a % thats used as emergancy space. 5% - thats adjustable with tune2fs06:34
nickrudBlistok, the 200 is probably x1000 , the 186 is x 102406:34
wolsimbecile: use a ubuntu livecd then06:34
Blistokahh ok... didn't know if I got gyped or not or if there was a hidden partition or if I'm losing my mind (short trip) thanks a lot everyone06:35
treyh0Blistok: do "df -H" from the command and it will show 200 GB06:35
imbecilewols u r genius. i cant believe i didnt think of that06:35
Dr_willisBlistok,  the makers have been playing Numbers games like this for years. :()06:35
treyh0-H == powers of 100006:35
gnychisI'm trying to start vncserver and I keep getting this error: "Fatal server error: could not open default font 'fixed'"06:35
wolsgnychis: does X itself work?06:35
Dr_willisgnychis,  You may want to try the 'vnc4server' - ive seen that bug with many other of the vncserver variants.06:36
gnychiswols: yes06:36
gnychisDr_willis: okay06:36
Dr_willisgnychis,  is this under Gutsy? or an earlier ubuntu?06:36
Slynderdalewols: IP: Subnet: Gateway: Thats what I used in Network, its the same as the one I have no except for the static IP. Also the router is correctly set, the same information worked under Feisty Fawn (DId a clean install of Gutsy Gibbon) and it works under WIndows. What info do you exactly need to help debug this issue?06:36
Blistoktrey: ah ok, thanks...  wols: always sticking it to the little guy *fist waving*06:36
wolsSlynderdale: DNS, route output and a interfaces file06:37
Slynderdalewols: Meant IP
gnychisDr_willis: its under Gutsy06:37
Demonho-brhello, i have a usb floopy. im trying to open it, but in my computer / External floopy is saying ,, unable to mount media, probably no disc in the media06:37
p34rDr_willis: do you think MC is the best file manager to use on a server?06:37
Dr_willisgnychis,  odd. Which vncserver package did you install? theres like tightvnc, vnc4server, and i think one other. I have used vnc4server under gutsy fine.06:38
Demonho-brbut there is a disc in the media, and i have this error to any disc i put in the floopy06:38
Demonho-brwhat can i do ?06:38
* nickrud can't think of anything but mc for the terminal anymore06:38
Slynderdalewols: Alright, where can I find them? ALso I wish to apologise, I'm still a little new when it comes to linux.06:38
Dr_willisp34r,  what does being a server have to do with it. :) Its a darn powerfull/handy file manager to use in a lot of cases.   Its worth learning about.06:38
benzs_s is there a program like mspaint for ubuntu06:38
wolsSlynderdale: I already told you. scroll up06:38
MiddleOfNowhereWho has used Konversation before?06:38
Dr_willisTheres a few other console/text type file managers.. byt they are all lacking. :)06:38
nickrudbenzs_s, gpaint06:39
Dr_willisI want a Deluxe Paint Clone. :)06:39
nickrudsome people wanna win the lottery :)06:39
Dr_willisThen i could hire nickrud  to write one! :)06:39
newguysshi, just looking at my logs and I saw this: PAP authentication succeeded , what does that mean?06:39
p34rDr_willis: hehe ok thanks06:40
p34rDr_willis: i'm new to ubuntu if you can't already tell: what should I use to upload files FTP wise? just a ftp client for my os? (windows xp)06:40
nickrudDr_willis, you'd have to send me back to school, I never learned event driven programming, it came after I retired06:40
gnychisDr_willis: i just used vncserver package06:40
benzs_sp34r: filezilla?06:41
Dr_willisp34r,  mc can do ftp. :)  then theres other ftp clients as well.. the gnome file manager can do ftp also.06:41
wolsnickrud: a programmer is never out of school no matter how old06:41
Demonho-brhow to format floopy ?06:41
benzs_sfilezilla is cross platform06:41
wolsDemonho-br: like anything else with mkfs06:41
Dr_willisnickrud,  i learned programing on C64's06:41
nickrudnewguyss, http://www.modemhelp.net/faqs/auth.shtml06:41
p_quarlesbenzs_s: +1. filezilla also supports sftp, which is a huge plus in my book06:41
p34rDr_willis: hmm ok so instead of doing it via shell it's reccomended to do on an OS client? seems easiest anyway considering file selecting locally, etc06:42
nickrudDr_willis, I larned on ibm 360's (well, I exaggerate, I did a little fortran there, learned on a sinclair)06:42
Dr_willisp34r,  depends on  your needs. :) mc is in the shell..06:42
Dr_willisnickrud,  i got a sinclare 1000 hanging on the wall. :P06:42
p34rDr_willis: ok well i'll look into it then, thanks for the tips06:42
wolsp34r: ncftp06:42
Demonho-brwols, with usb floopy i need to umount and mount again for any disc i insert ?06:42
nickrudDr_willis, you are a packrat06:42
=== diablo is now known as xLE
Dr_willisnickrud,  found it at a flea market for $1 :)06:43
nickrudp34r, gftp , or filezilla, or fireftp in firefox are all usable06:43
wolsDemonho-br: making a filesystem has nothing to do with mounting or unmounting06:43
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  when inserting a disk. you must mount it to access the filesystem. but you DONT mount befor you format.06:43
Dr_willisfdisk, then format, then mount. :)06:44
nickruderm, mn p34r forgot you were terminal06:44
p34rnickrud: what do you think of smartftp? the only grudge i have against it seems that when uploading/deleting files it slowly goes through each directory06:44
p34rnickrud: so if i upload a rails project it'll take ~40 minutes, which is kind of rediculous06:44
nickrudp34r, before I started using ssh, I used ncftp as wols suggested06:44
MiddleOfNowhereHOw do I hide my IP in Konversation?06:44
wolsp34r: irrelevant. we don't do windows06:45
wolsMiddleOfNowhere: you cannot. it's never a client option. you need a cloak instead06:45
Dr_willisMiddleOfNowhere,  you dont. you CAN have a masked ip on the freenode servers however. the freenode web site has info on that.06:45
treyh0ftp protocol should be banned06:45
John_Ranybody know how to get that annoying popup window out of gmail-notify?06:45
astro76!cloak | MiddleOfNowhere06:45
ubotuMiddleOfNowhere: Many Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as !TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks06:45
p34rwols: :( i know, but give me a solid linux machine that runs photoshop just as fast as windows or $2k to buy a mac06:45
John_Rthe friggin thing pops up at all the worst times and steals focus06:45
wolsp34r: we don't care. ask windows questions in ##windows, not here06:46
zOrKwhy every time I boot up ubuntu a eternal file system checking is needed?06:46
treyh0damn wols06:46
wolszOrK: it's not. only if you shut down uncleanly06:46
Demonho-brDr_willis, i cant format it =\06:46
treyh0no friendly chat welcome06:46
treyh0it seems06:46
zOrKwols even when I don't shut down uncleanly!06:46
nickrudzOrK, that should only happen about every 20-30 boots06:46
p34ryea hehe :\06:46
zOrKit happens all the itme!06:46
treyh0better read that ubuntero contract again06:46
wolszOrK: you are mistaken. it happens once ever 30 boots or so06:46
zOrKany idea ?06:46
wolszOrK: man tune2fs06:47
John_Revery 20 remounts of the filesystem, fsck runs06:47
ubotuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:47
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  i recall using sudo fdformat /dev/floppy (or whatever) befor.06:47
zOrKfsck runs all the time, realy06:47
Demonho-brDr_willis, why fd ?06:47
wolszOrK: please don't lie or baby jesus kills a kitten06:47
MiddleOfNowhereHOw do i obtain a cloak then?06:47
zOrKwhy would I be lying?06:47
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  its a tool to format floppys.. hence the fd name :)06:47
zOrKhow could I fix that?06:47
treyh0zOrK: fsck -v -f -y /dev/whatever to fix it for good06:47
wolsMiddleOfNowhere: you've been told already06:47
zOrKtreyh0 thanks06:47
mosnodoes rhythmbox/gnome do an EQ yet?06:48
Dr_williszOrK,  you are not using that ext2/3 extension under windows are you?06:48
treyh0mosno: hell no :(06:48
treyh0mosno: exaile does06:48
scguy318zOrK: tune2fs I think06:48
scguy318zOrK: to disable fscks06:48
* nickrud runs to check out exaile06:48
treyh0exaile is for gnome too, rocks!06:48
scguy318!cloak | MiddleOfNowhere06:48
ubotuMiddleOfNowhere: Many Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as !TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks06:48
Demonho-brDr_willis, im trying in /media/disc  but its not formating06:48
zOrKhow do I disable it?06:48
treyh0exaile is psychic too, turn on dynamic playlists and it reads your damn mind (if you use last.fm)06:48
nickrud!cn | huazi06:48
ubotuhuazi: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:48
p_quarlesexaile is great. it's a gtk version of amarok06:48
imbecile_ok guys, I am on live disk trying to add 40gb freespace to existing ubuntu partition. how do i do this?06:48
scguy318zOrK: tune2fs -c 0 /dev/thedevice06:49
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  you DONT format a mountpoint. you format a /dev/DEVICE06:49
nickrudhuazi, here, english06:49
treyh0which is good because i dont want to be caught dead using Qt or KDE software06:49
treyh0har har06:49
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
* p_quarles is kde user06:49
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  mountpoints have nothing to do with formating. :)06:49
Demonho-brDr_willis, how can i know what is the device name ? floopy is not working06:49
nickrudtreyh0, do use an ipod by any chance?06:49
Demonho-brDr_willis, because its a usb floopy06:49
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  it may be /dev/floppy or /dev/fd0  I have no floppys any more.06:49
mosnoGnome should freakin' do it. :-\06:50
treyh0nickrud: no but the wife does and i had the joy of finding out that the '3rd gen ipod software' is broke to hell on linux now06:50
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  plug it in. check 'dmesg' output see whats seen.. or try 'sudo fdisk -l'06:50
mosno(i know i know, "get coding")06:50
treyh0had to put windows on her laptop just for a damn ipod06:50
Demonho-brDr_willis, okay06:50
treyh0she bitches about it, heh, used to her ubuntu ;)06:50
brophatI have an 80 gig HD and a 120 gig HD but ubuntu only installed on 7 gigs of one of the disks. Can I get the rest of the space used or do I have to reinstall ubuntu?06:50
MiddleOfNowhere No, HOw do i cloak my ip through the Konversation application?06:50
nickrudtreyh0, that's what I wanted to know, I heard that some people were working on breaking it06:50
MiddleOfNowhereNOt just for this server06:50
wolsbrophat: create a bigger partition. resize the ubuntu partition06:50
nickrudMiddleOfNowhere, it's not a client action, you must have the irc server cloak you06:50
treyh0nickrud: i heard they did, but it requires the firewire uuid or something, check out #gtkpod here or on OTFC, not sure which network06:50
scguy318MiddleOfNowhere: you can't unless you have it tunnel through a proxy or other tunnel06:50
Demonho-brDr_willis, /dev/sdb  oO06:51
Demonho-brDr_willis, partition linux is  /dev/sda06:51
scguy318MiddleOfNowhere: and a proxy may be banned on an IRC server06:51
MiddleOfNowhereI did with mIRC06:51
scguy318MiddleOfNowhere: the firewall option?06:51
Dr_willisDemonho-br,   you only got the 1 hd ?06:51
MiddleOfNowherei put a code in autoperform something like06:51
Demonho-brDr_willis, yes06:51
scguy318MiddleOfNowhere: and you do know that mIRC works on Wine? I'm using it now :)06:51
Demonho-brDr_willis, its a notebook..06:51
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  try formating /dev/sdb then :)06:51
onushow do you know?06:51
nickrudtreyh0, thanks, I'll look for that. I set up a friend recently (windows of course) and am feeling the itch06:51
wolsMiddleOfNowhere: it doesn't matter. you cannot cloak your IP with a irc client. no possible way06:51
wolsDemonho-br: why can't you format sdb?06:51
* mosno wonders what percentage of people actually buy mIRC06:51
brophatwols how do I resize?06:51
Demonho-brwols, because i never did it06:52
wolsbrophat: use a gparted livecd06:52
wols!gparted | brophat06:52
ubotubrophat: GParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/06:52
scguy318wols: if having the client connect through a SOCKS server or other related proxy counts, then it could06:52
Slugone<------new to linux and loving it :D06:52
* treyh0 wonders if anyone ever clicked on the authors nose in the about box for mirc06:52
treyh0in the 90s06:52
onusi have a question. how come on my partitioned drive after i install ubuntu windows 2k only comes up w/ da blue screen... ?06:52
wolsscguy318: if you find a irc server that accepts them...06:52
treyh0*Squeak squeak*06:52
Ashfire908mosno, you have to pay for mIRC? :P06:52
Demonho-brwols, how can i format ?06:52
scguy318Ashfire908: not really :P06:52
scguy318Ashfire908: it may be trialware but that trialware lasts forever :P06:53
wolsDemonho-br: as you've been told several times now with mkfs06:53
mosnoscguy318: what about the initial dialog?06:53
scguy318mosno: ignorable or use *cough* :)06:53
Demonho-brwols, but its not working..06:53
wolferinedoes Apache get messed up when moving to Gutsy from Feisty ?06:53
imbecile_can anyone tell me that bootcd with all the system tools on it? i need to use one of the partition editors06:53
wolsDemonho-br: then finally tell us what you do and what the error(s) are06:53
imbecile_i cant remember the name06:53
scguy318imbecile_: Linux System Rescue CD or Rescubuntu06:54
Ashfire908scguy318, i though it was free! :P06:54
brophatdoes this happen often where ubuntu installs on only a small piece of the HD?06:54
scguy318Ashfire908: oh, but it is :)06:54
treyh0imbecile: RIP linux ?06:54
nickrudlnx-bbc, that's the ticket06:54
eternalistAnyone having troubles with Centerim and connecting to msn?06:54
wolswolferine: messed up HOW?06:54
falloutsyndromeanyone know why whenever something trys to use my soundcard the program freezes?06:54
wolsbrophat: no06:54
Slugonethat sucks lawl06:54
wolferinewols in /var/www (surfing to it), I dont see all the dirs I should06:54
Demonho-brwols, sudo mkfs /dev/sdb      its saying sdb is a entire device not just one partition,  procceed ? y  ? n ?   i type y  but nothing happens06:54
wolferinenor in /var/www06:54
wolferinei dont see my phpmyadmin, etc...06:55
brophatwols when i create a partition it always wants me to say where I want it moutned06:55
treyh0wolferine: its not there if you did a new install06:55
theelbermungsterhi, can you help me? it seems I have a metacity compatibility problem with Compiz.06:55
nickrudDemonho-br, it woudl be sdb1 , or sdb2 , or:  sdb is the disk, sdb1 is a partiton on the disk that can have a file system06:55
mosnowowsers -- there's a gstreamer equalizer (that exaile uses)! -- well at least rhythmbox isn't too far from supporting it then...06:55
scaldovhi people!!!06:55
treyh0rather than a 'dist-upgrade'06:55
p_quarlesbrophat: if you're not sure, then choose "/"06:55
Demonho-brnickrud, i treid all numbers. nothing happened06:55
wolswolferine: what directory on your disk has this phpmyadmin?06:55
wolferineim trying to setup /var/www/music, using mod-musicindex-common06:56
wolsnickrud: floppies have no partitions06:56
treyh0wolferine: /etc/apach2/conf.d06:56
scaldovI saw some screenshots with 3d login with faces. Does anyone know how it is called?06:56
wolsDemonho-br: I asked you something pastebin it06:56
treyh0wolferine: and /etc/apache2/conf.d i mean06:56
nickrudDemonho-br, then have you partitioned the disk?   sudo cfdisk is good for partitioning , sudo fdisk -l will show your partitions as they exist06:56
treyh0plus check /etc/apache2/sites-*06:56
Ashfire908why is "Ardour GTK2" impossible to select in add/remove applications? (the check box is greyed out)06:56
Demonho-brwols, alright06:56
wolsnickrud: why would you partition a floppy?06:56
wolferinetreyh0, phpmyadmin.conf -> ../../phpmyadmin/apache.conf06:56
nickrudwols, arh, floppy, and mentioning cfdisk should indicate I'm thinking hard drive06:57
treyh0wolferine: there is an example <Directory> configuration for musicindex in the README.gz (/usr/share/doc/libapache*musicindex*...)06:57
wolsnickrud: yes. he always talks about floppies, so I ask you: why cfdisk06:57
scaldovtreyh0, forget about apache, use nginx. small and easy to configure.06:57
treyh0scaldov: cool i'll have to check it out06:58
treyh0i tried to go to lighttpd but i am too used to .htaccess and mod_rewrite06:58
nickrudwols, because I saw a mention of sdb , rather than fd0. Demonho-br the device would be /dev/fd006:58
treyh0their damn mod_magnet was a royal PITA06:58
scaldovso, what about 3d login ?06:58
wolsnickrud: no it would not, it being a USB floppy06:58
wolferineI dont understand enough about apache :/06:59
scaldovtreyh0, but download only newer version. In 7.10 is rather old one.06:59
nickrudwols, arg, snippy tonight are we. So, give him a command that works if you've been paying attention the whole time06:59
Demonho-brwols, http://www.pastebin.ca/81710506:59
treyh0wolferine: its complex, there are commands to enable sites and modules -- a2ensite, a2dissite, a2enmod, a2dismod -- enable, disable..06:59
wolferinetreyh0, its more than that, for sure06:59
treyh0wolferine: make your music config in /etc/apache2/sites-available/music; a2ensite music ; invoke-rc.d apache2 reload07:00
Demonho-brnickrud, its usb. i typed fdisk -l   and it showed sda to linux partitions and sdb to disc07:00
wolferinei just dont understand it O_o07:00
wolsDemonho-br: "/dev/sdb is mounted; will not make a filesystem here!"07:00
treyh0or just drop it in /etc/conf.d07:00
treyh0i mean07:00
nickrudDemonho-br, see wols07:00
treyh0/etc/apache2/conf.d, sorry07:00
Demonho-brwols, let me unmount the floopy07:00
wolferinetreyh0, u lost me at the first one....07:00
wolferine'make your music config'07:00
treyh0wolferine: the /etc/*-(enabled|disabled) are for quickly having sites and modules enabled07:00
treyh0wolferine: yeah, sorry, you gotta make a file07:01
wolswolferine: a2ensite, a2dissite07:01
treyh0let me put mine on the paste site if i can...07:01
wolferinei did cp default music07:01
wolferinewols that means nothing to me what so ever07:01
Demonho-brwols, wow... sudo mkfs /dev/sdb   when not mounted can format it :O07:01
wolferineis that a command ?07:01
wolsDemonho-br: you also should tell it what kind of filesystem you want07:01
Demonho-brwols, like an argument ?07:02
wolswolferine: it does to your ubuntu. and man a2ensite is especially helfpful07:02
wolsDemonho-br: like an option or mkfs.vfat07:02
wolferinethats not even proper English07:02
treyh0dont have to be rude he's trying to help :P07:02
wolferineits not rude, its true :)07:02
Demonho-brwols, i had put again the disc on the floopy.. and there is a folder named lost+found, if i formated why this folder is there ?07:03
treyh0well you don't form complete sentences or use proper capitalization either07:03
Demonho-brwols, do u know ?  only root can delete that =\07:03
treyh0so poo :P07:03
wolsDemonho-br: you formatted it ext2/ext307:03
wolsDemonho-br: no one can delete lost+found07:03
wolferinetreyh0, point ?07:03
Demonho-brwols, hmm whem formatting need i type mkfs.vfat ?07:03
wolswolferine: point is you shouldn't say bad people who help you. good day07:04
imbecile_or better yet can someone tell me how to merge unallocated space to my ubuntu partition using gparted? it wont let me resize ubuntu partition larger than it is and i have 40gb unallocated07:04
wols*bad thing about07:04
wolferinewols I was talking to treyh0  :)07:04
wolsimbecile_: is the partition you try to resize mounted07:05
imbecile_wols:  nope im on the live cd07:05
Demonho-brwols, everything working.. u genius !07:05
Slynderdalewols: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48296/07:05
wolswolferine: I don't care who you talk to07:05
Demonho-brwols, sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/Device -I07:05
wolsimbecile_: livecd does mount all available partitions by default. have you cheked if it's mounted?07:05
wolferinehttpd.conf is empty, if I need to add: 'LoadModule musicindex_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_musicindex.so' to it, I should just put it in apache2.conf instead ?07:06
Learnhttp://tinyurl.com/2womxt [usr/lib/apach...usicindex.so']07:06
=== Jannitax is now known as Jannita
Demonho-brwols, i didnt know anything about it.. why floopy ? because i found olllldddd floopies here. i was living in another country for years, now im back im checking these floopys.. im afraid i could get some kind of "nuke floopy" lol07:06
imbecile_wols:  it wont let me unmount it so it looks like its unmounted07:06
wolsimbecile_: "mount"07:07
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  windows viruses wont affect linux. :)  of course07:07
Demonho-brDr_willis, but, other phisical things can hurt my computer07:07
imbecile_wols:  should i sudo umount -a?07:07
wolsSlynderdale: the interfaces file with static looks alright. what happens when you use it? can you ping IPs in your LAN? if not, what error?07:07
brophatdo i use the install cd if I want to creat another linux partition?07:07
Dr_willisDemonho-br,  like a hammer? or a Baby with  a nail gun?07:07
wolsimbecile_: no07:07
nickrudwolferine, no, you would add it to /etc/apache.d/mods-available (in a file of it's own) then sudo a2enmod <the file name>  ; apache in ubuntu creates http.conf on the fly07:08
p_quarlesDemonho-br: yes, setting your computer on fire will damage it07:08
imbecile_wols:  sudo mount -a?07:08
Demonho-brDr_willis, like.. u know that thing.. when u put to pieces of that close, one will pull the other ? maybe my brother did put inside pieces of that on my old floopy07:08
Demonho-brDr_willis, i mean, disc07:08
Demonho-brp_quarles, i dont care..07:08
mrjuh, i've got a weird new problem. My videos are almost black and white, any video (wmv/flv/avi) any player (vlc, mplayer)07:08
wolferinenickrud, so maybe music.conf ?07:08
wolsimbecile_: I said "mount"07:09
nickrudwolferine, sure, that would be fine. Take a look at the other files in that dir for some example names07:09
imbecile_wols:  where do i do that?07:09
treyh0wolferine: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48297/07:09
wolferinei see a musicindex.conf already07:09
wolsimbecile_: why don't you just do it?07:09
p_quarlesDemonho-br: 'kay07:09
treyh0oh yeah and run "a2enmod musicindex"07:09
* wolferine begins to tunnel downward07:09
treyh0before the apache2 reload07:09
imbecile_wols:  where?07:09
nickrudtake a look at it, it may be already created by the package. That's debian/ubuntu's real strength, the technical detail07:10
wolferinedo I add my music dir to any musicindex related file ?07:10
treyh0read the paste07:10
treyh0 /path/to/mp3s/07:10
theelbermung_Hi, I want to use metacity in Compiz, but the window borders always disappears. can you help me?07:10
wolferinein my musicindex.conf?07:10
wolferineyours is called mp3....07:10
treyh0no leave that file alone07:11
wolferineso create a new one...07:11
treyh0make a new file called mp3 or wahtever07:11
wolferineoh, thats a mod07:11
treyh0in sites-available07:11
wolferinenot a site07:11
treyh0http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48298/ is the updated one btw07:11
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)07:12
Learnhttp://tinyurl.com/esmch [help.ubuntu.c...pacheMySQLPHP]07:12
Demonho-brwols, =) floopy too slow07:13
Demonho-brwols, but i like their noise07:13
wolferinetreyh0, do I create an /mp3 ?07:13
treyh0wolferine: no07:13
treyh0wolferine: the Alias /mp3 /path/to/your/mp3s will make apache read /path/to/your/mp3s when you hit http://your-server/mp307:14
treyh0btw, that "filetype filename uri" should be on the same line as MusicSortOrder, the paste window wasn' wide enough07:15
treyh0not sure if it copies over fine07:15
Invert314ubuntu hangs on startup at cups daemon07:15
wolferinegot that working O_O07:15
Invert314how do i disable cups form a knoppiz livecd?07:15
theelbermungsterHi guys, could you please help me? every time I enable Compiz the window border disappears.07:16
wolferinethis is pretty ugly07:16
nickrudInvert314, a quick and dirty method would be to remove the link /etc/rc2.d/S19cupsys07:16
wolferinei guess you can edit the .css the way you like, or something ?07:16
Invert314ty nickrud07:16
MyrttiInvert314: you don't need knoppix to fix it07:16
imbecile_wols:  you still here?07:16
Invert314viritual terminals won't work07:17
treyh0wolferine: yeah heh07:17
Invert314i can't log in07:17
nickrudtheelbermungster, try alt-f2 emerald --replace07:17
Cubexombihas anyone else in here come across an issue with flash audio skipping a lot in firefox? my google-fu is turning up a lot of dead end forums07:17
wolferineis there something better ?07:17
treyh0wolferine: http://en.jinzora.com07:17
Slynderdal1wols: Back and heres the result http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48299/ Pretty self explanatory. I started pinging before I entered the static info and then afterwards, no connection. Then I restored it.07:17
MyrttiInvert314: wwhen your computer boots, have you tried the single mod?07:17
treyh0you have to download and set it up without using apt-get tho ;)07:17
imbecile_or better yet can someone tell me how to merge unallocated space to my ubuntu partition using gparted? it wont let me resize ubuntu partition larger than it is and i have 40gb unallocated07:18
imbecile_im on live cd btw07:18
wolferinei think I really need to do something myself07:18
Invert314Myrtti, what's single mod?07:18
wolferineno one really has what I want07:18
theelbermungsternickrud, it just switches the theme of emerald.07:18
Invert314i haven't tried that07:18
wolsSlynderdal1: and your ifconfig output looks alright? your dmesg has no eth0 messages either? is there a firewall anywhere?07:18
treyh0wolferine: you dont like jinzora?07:18
wolferinei dont know07:18
nickrudtheelbermungster, emerald is your window borders, I thought you said you can't see them07:18
theelbermungsterI wanted to use Metacity, is that possible?07:19
treyh0here's a commercial one that is pretty nice too: http://www.turnstyle.com/andromeda/07:19
MyrttiInvert314: singlle mode gives you access to root priviledges. when it says grub loading, and press esc to get the menu, do so.07:19
nickrudtheelbermungster, not sure, I really liked the look of one of the emerald themes and never used metacity07:20
mrjAnyone have any idea why, out of nowhere, video playback would be black and white in various programs, but not youtube/etc07:20
Invert314that soungs good Myrtti07:20
Myrttiyoutube is flash07:20
Slynderdal1wols: I find this really strange, its the same exact information I used with Feisty Fawn, which I was using until today. Then I did a clean install of Gustsy Gibbin, I deleted the old Ubuntu partitions to make sure it was clean and recreated from scratch. Yet Gusty seems to hate my static IP. WHen I use it, it uses refuses to work with my router.07:20
Invert314at that point i then proceeed to remove the link /etc/rc2.d/S19cupsys, right?07:20
Myrttitotally apart07:20
mrjMyrtti: Im aware, thats not what Im asking07:20
kthakore_I am having touble with my hal, it fails to initialized ( I get a popup on login saying so) and now I can't use my dvdroms and my usb sticks, ipod and other usb stuff07:20
kthakore_what to do07:21
wolsInvert314: yes07:21
Slynderdal1wols: Also eth0 is an unused ethernet port, I'm on eth1, a newer one hence why eth0 is empty.07:21
mrjMplayer/VLC/etc play videos in black and white, is my point, any idea why?07:21
MyrttiInvert314: yeah07:21
Invert314ah wel i just mounted hda1 on elivecd07:21
Cubexombikthakore_ did you disable something from your System -> Pref ->session?session07:21
treyh0mrj install codecs from medibuntu07:22
kthakore_mrj, go into settings and make sure ur video is xv07:22
kthakore_Cubexombi, don't hink so I will check07:22
brophatI am going to make an addition linux partion and then expand ubuntu to use it; do I use the install disk to create the new partion?07:22
Slynderdal1wols: Also no firewall as well.07:22
mrjtreyh0: I've had every single codec for 3 months, it's not that I'm missing codecs07:22
mrjIt just randomly happened tonight07:22
kthakore_Cubexombi, no everything is on but bluetooth and I don't have bluetooth07:23
mrjI went through 19 episodes of BSG before it happened, of course on the finale it's black and white07:23
kthakore_mrj, W00T! bsg can't wait for season to start soon07:23
show can I avoid sda3 being checked by fsck?07:23
Cubexombikthakore_ For me Disabling blue tooth did it. you can disable it totally by installing sysv-rc-conf I can find a how to for you if you need it07:23
treyh0mrj: no clue, i'd usually reboot and hope it was just gstreamer broken07:23
mrjYeah, I've rebooted.07:24
kthakore_Cubexombi, disabling bluetooth killed ur hal?07:24
kthakore_Cubexombi, will it hurt if I leave it on?07:24
mrjkthakore_: I had to watch season 2's finale in B&W07:24
Cubexombikthakore_ in short there's still a daemon running that wants to find the applet, thats why HAL is crashing..07:24
brophatanyone know?07:24
Invert314nickrud, Myrtti, wols: elive@elive[/asdf]$ sudo rm /etc/rc2.d/S20cupsys07:24
Invert314Segmentation fault07:24
Invert314what does segmentaiton fault mean?07:25
Invert314i thought it was a bad thing07:25
treyh0Invert314: it's a crash07:25
nickruds sudo tune2fs -c 0 /dev/sda3 , but that's really not a good Idea, you should read  man tune2fs before you do that07:25
Invert314did i just break my ubuntu instrall?07:25
kthakore_Invert314, seg fault means ur program did something wrong07:25
kthakore_Invert314, no try a restart07:25
Cubexombikthakore_  nah won't hurt you, may just eat a few ms out of sturt up but thats all07:25
eclipse_how can I avoid ext3 to be checked by  fsck?07:26
nickrudInvert314, do you need sudo with elive ?07:26
Invert314ok ty ty all07:26
kthakore_Cubexombi, then how do I remove it cuz I have a server on here I neede07:26
brophatfor some reason I think seg fault means that the prog wrote past the end of an array07:26
Invert314nickrud, i executed that rm command with sudo07:26
Demonho-brwols, LOL !! i found menuet !!!!07:26
kthakore_Invert314, wait also never run sudo rm  unless if u know what u are dfoing07:26
nickrudInvert314, I meant, try without07:26
Invert314yes, i tried without07:26
Invert314i haven't set permissions properly07:26
Demonho-brwols, but its a notebook and when i try to boot an usb ... my floopy dont do the boot !07:26
Demonho-brwols, =( do u know what i can do to make it working.. ?07:27
kthakore_brophat, acutlay one of the reasons a program seg faults is do u invalid memory access07:27
brophatkthakore yeah kind of the same thing as writing past the end of an array07:27
Slynderdal1treyh0: By the way, that command line you gave me before didn't work :/07:27
treyh0Slynderdal1: it was for dhcp, didn't see that you wanted to do static only07:28
treyh0MUH BAD07:28
Demonho-brwols, other disc win98 boot.. :P07:28
kthakore_brophat, invalid memory access is more then just writing past arrays though07:28
kiamois there any way i can bring up the linux gui on my ubuntu server in a window on my windows machine over the network?07:28
kthakore_Cubexombi, I will log out and back in with bluethooth on07:28
Cubexombikthakore_  if you want to disable it completely you can "sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf" then "sudo sysv-rc-conf" in terminal, from there just scroll to the bluetooth section,07:28
brophatkthakore_ should I use the install disk to create a new partition?07:28
Slynderdal1treyh0: Oh its no problem07:29
ares623where do I install apps so all users can use them?07:29
kthakore_brophat, where are u installing the new partition same drive as the ubuntu one?07:29
ares623i mean, what directory?07:29
=== Slynderdal1 is now known as Slynderdale
brophatkthakore yeah I want to use the rest of the drive and also another drive07:29
kthakore_brophat, use gparted from the ubuntu installed on the drive07:30
ares623what directory should i install programs in so all users can have access to it?07:30
nickrudares623, depends, /usr/local is normally where you would install the program, and ln -s /usr/local/<dir>/<executable> /usr/local/bin/<executable>07:30
kthakore_that way you don't accidenlty write over ur exisitng parition07:30
kthakore_ares623, /usr/local is best07:30
brophatkthakore_ that will create the partions too?07:30
alfermphey guys some one have a Creative Zen Vision?07:31
kthakore_brophat yes it sou;ld what type of partition do u need>07:31
ares623i tried that, but the game i installed can't save profiles, probably because i have no write permissions in /usr/local07:31
kthakore_ares623, uses sudo07:31
Slynderdaletreyh0: I think wols may have died over there. :/ THough I do appreciate the help you and him offered me.07:31
alfermpCreative Zen Vision M, i have Ubuntu gutsy and Gnomad 2 but i can not transfer video files07:31
brophatkthakore_ just ext307:32
eclipse_how can I avoid ext3 to be checked by  fsck?07:32
ares623but i don't want to give others who want to play the game the sudo password07:32
kthakore_brophat yeah but is the partition u want to expand  ext3 too>?07:32
Cubexombikthakore_  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89491 go here and tweak away07:32
kthakore_Cubexombi, thx07:32
Cubexombikthakore_  it's got a handy "safe list"07:33
SlynderdaleSoo..is there anyone else around here thats familiar with the network settings in Gutsy GIbbon?07:33
kthakore_brophat, so do this first earse all the partition but ubuntu and the swap07:33
donatociao a tutti07:33
lockdares623: not really how sudo works, but sudo is still probably not the right answer07:33
brophatkthakore_ gparted is not showing the other disk07:33
kthakore_brophat, did u mount it with sudo mount -a07:33
ares623yeah sudo is not the answer i want either. hehe.07:33
kthakore_Cubexombi, awesome07:33
brophatkthakore nope07:33
ares623i tried sudo, it saved fine, but again it would need the sudo password for the game to run properly07:34
Flannelares623: They use thir own password, not a "sudo password"07:34
lockdand you can enable just the game in their sudo permissions07:34
Cubexombikthakore_  no problem, I cut my boot time down to about 45s using this.07:34
alfermpSlynderdale, me07:34
brophatkthakore_ I should say sudo mount -a hdb  ?07:34
wolsalfermp: then make the directory for the profiles world writable07:34
Burn83please help me!07:34
lockdgroup writable to games would be more like it07:35
ares623oh, so sudo in a guest account is not the same as a sudo in an admin account?07:35
Flannelares623: However, even without that, sudo configuration will allow you to run the game without a password.  Although, you ought to check the configs, see why the game needs to run as root in the first place.07:35
Flannelares623: no.  Sudo passwords are user passwords07:35
alfermphow wols07:35
ares623ah ok.07:35
lockdares623: it's the alternative to having 'root'07:35
wolsalfermp: wrong nick, sorry07:35
wolsares623: then make the directory for the profiles world writable07:35
Flannelares623: but, the gameshouldn't be writing to /usr/local anyway.  It should do everything in the home folders.07:36
alfermpok wols07:36
ares623it needs to be root since the game is installed in /usr/local.. i don't have writing permisions in usr/local07:36
Slynderdalewols: Oh, I just wanted to say thank you. REguardless of having my problem fixed or not, I so appreciate the help you gave me. I also with to apologize if I got a little annoying with it all.07:36
ares623it's Enemy Territory btw07:36
Flannelares623: No, having a game installed in /usr/local doesnt mean it needs to write there07:36
alfermpFlannel, do u have some tutorial for use Creative Zen vision M on Ubuntu Gutsy07:37
Flannelares623: Unless you're talking about updates.  Hmm, and map downloads I suppose.  Have you checked the forums?  Theres a good deal of ET howtos there.07:37
Flannelares623: ubuntuforums.org, that is.07:37
ares623thanks.. i'll check07:37
brophatkthakore_ i did a sudo mount -a but gparted still does not show my second HD07:37
wolsares623: where exactly is the game installed to?07:37
wolsbrophat: fdisk -l07:38
ares623the game is installed in /usr/local/games/enemy-territory07:38
wolsares623: chmod -R a+w /usr/local/games/enemy-territory07:38
kthakore_brophat, what was the out put of sudo mount -a and can u post ur /etc/fstab07:38
ares623that gives writing permissions to that dir?07:39
wolsbrophat: he uses a liveCD. fstab doesn't really matter07:39
kthakore_brophat, can u access u other drive from the desktop or the system place in Places menu07:39
kthakore_brb peeps gotta setup my hal07:40
lockdares623: yes and everything under it. I never noticed the recursive option of chmod/chown07:40
brophatthere was no output to sudo mount -a07:40
lockdares623: be careful with it though07:40
ares623thanks lockd, i'll try it07:40
kayceKernel panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn't work! Boot with apic=debug and send a report. Then try booting with the 'noapic' option.07:41
ares623but the parent directory doesn't get touched though, right?07:41
=== used1 is now known as flipper
kayceproblem is, i cant turn off apic in the bios, its greyed out, wont even let me highlight it07:41
=== flipper is now known as transient
=== [1]Netham45 is now known as Netham45
brophatI am not seeing my other drive in Places;  I can see the drive when I use the instlal dvd07:41
gluonmanI have a Philips USB webcam that requires SPC715NC driver. How can I install this on Linux Ubuntu 7.10? Can anyone direct me to a good tutorial?07:41
FrozenPhoenixHey, ubuntu geeks. I am new at ubuntu, and yesterday i installed my copy, via the Live CD. Everything works fine, except the firefox browser. Every time i try to open preferences (or other options) it says some kind of XML error, and something with some *.xul file. The same thing happens, when i try to download something ?! Can anyone help me with this ?07:42
wolskayce: noapic07:42
Burn83who help me?????07:42
brophatok I am gonna look at my /etc/fstab07:42
wolskayce: it means a kernel option, not a bIOS setting07:42
wols!helpme | Burn8307:42
ubotuBurn83: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience07:42
kaycethen how do i do that07:42
kayceim on live cd atm07:42
wolskayce: use it as a boot parameter for the kernel07:42
Burn83"Please, help me07:43
FrozenPhoenix!helpme | FrozenPhoenix07:43
kayceit gives me that error right at startup07:43
Burn83Please, help me07:43
wolsBurn83: either state your problme or no one can ever help you07:43
brophathdb in not in my /etc/fstab file07:43
gluonmanI have a Philips USB webcam that requires SPC715NC driver. How can I install this on Linux Ubuntu 7.10? Can anyone direct me to a good tutorial?07:43
Burn83i've intsalled avant with synaptic07:44
wolsBurn83: and never ever start in a IRC channel directly with "help me!"07:44
wols!webcam | gluonman07:44
ubotugluonman: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras07:44
Burn83but i've segmentation fault07:44
brophatkthakore_ hdb is not listed in my fstab file; you think that is the problem?07:45
gluonmanwols, I have looked far and long for a tutorial online, on ubuntuforums and wiki.ubuntu. I'm not finding anything that specifically instructs how I can install my drivers.07:45
pinguwhere can i find the plasma plugin in for GIMP07:45
lonejackHi all, problem with wacom tablet, somwbody can help me?07:45
FrozenPhoenixI am new at ubuntu, and yesterday i installed my copy of Ubuntu, via the Live CD. Everything works fine, except the firefox browser. Every time i try to open preferences (or other options) it says some kind of XML error, and something with some *.xul file. The same thing happens, when i try to download something ?! Pretty stressing me out :S07:45
Slynderdalegluonman: Are they linux or windows drivers? THey are most likely windows drivers so check the manafacturers website to see if they support linux.07:46
brophatanyway I am gonna expand out ubunut into the hd it is located on and worry bout the other hd later haha07:46
Burn83hi all07:46
bryancan someone help me with a leadtek tv2000 expert tv card?07:46
gluonmanSlynderdale, well, it came with a Windows installation CD, so I'm assuming they're Windows.07:46
pinguanybody know where the plasma plugin is at for GIMP07:46
Slynderdalegluonman: WOn't work in linux then, check their website07:46
lockdwacom drivers are rather supported in Linux AFAIK07:47
gluonmanSlynderdale, I may just have to return this and get another compatible one, then.07:47
kaycehow do i use 'nopcia' as a kernel boot parameter? it gives me the error right at the computer boot up when it trys to read from the hdd07:47
pinguplasma plugin anyone07:47
pingufor gimp07:47
kiamohow do i Enable XDMCP from the cmd line?07:48
brophatdo i want that new partition as primary or extended?07:48
FrozenPhoenixWhy does my firefox give me XML errors all the time ? Every time i try to download something or opens some options in firefox ? (I just installed Ubuntu and i'm new)07:48
lockdkiamo: xdm?07:48
lockdkiamo: it's not command line, but X is by definition not07:48
kiamoi need to do this first step07:49
kiamobut i cant yet as i only have a cmd line07:49
kiamobut the option must be in a config file somewhere07:49
lockdkiamo: that requires the login screen afaict07:50
lockdkiamo: the setting affects login screen, that is..07:50
kaycehow do i set noapic as a boot perimeter? please07:51
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
lonejacklockd: the system recognize the wacom tablet, but doesn't work fine. If I move the pen on the tablet the pointer move on the screen but not in absolute manner...07:51
lockdlonejack: not sure, I've had that happen in Windows as well07:51
lockdlonejack: when it tries to use some stupid "HID" setting (regular-old mouse)07:52
FrozenPhoenixWhy does my firefox give me XML errors all the time ? Every time i try to download something or opens some options in firefox ? (I just installed Ubuntu and i'm new)07:53
SlynderdaleCan anyone here help me with a network problem in Gutsy Gibbon? For some reason, it won't let me set a Static IP in Gutsy Gibbon while it did in Feisty Fawn using the same information. I ended up doing a clean install of Gutsy Gibbon today to replace Feisty Fawn and ran into this problem. My DHCP IP currently is yet when I try to set the static IP to which I used in Feisty and WIndows, it fails to connect.07:53
lockdlonejack: then there's also the matter of presure, and getting it to work in apps.. very painful07:53
brophatok found second HD in Gparted07:53
NeoPhyte21Hey can someone running gutsy help me out and see if something builds for them?07:54
lockdkiamo: There is probably a way to do it with xdm, which is the very simple one for generic X (not KDE or Gnome)07:54
lockdkiamo: but remember, you will need working GUI on the VNC server!07:55
pinguhow safe is it to download plugins from GIMP web pages07:55
kaycecan someone tell me, how do i set noapic as a boot perimeter?  im on live cd atm, and im still new to linux07:55
lockdpingu: I'd reckon fairly safe, macro viruses are real but if it's from GIMP it would be really really unlikely07:56
wolskayce: edit your menu.lst the kernel= line07:56
NeoPhyte21im trying to build void11 and getting an error saying pkg-config can't find gtk+2.007:57
lockdyou have to edit the GRUB dynamically not with the list07:57
wolslockd: that's wrong. gimp plugins are binaries essentially07:57
FrozenPhoenixwhy does my firefox give me XML error every time i do something (options or download files (or i could just say trying!))07:57
wolsas every other binary it can contain malware07:57
lonejacklockd: I would be happy to put it in work on desktop at the moment...07:57
robert___what does thisOpen ~/.gnomerc in your favorite text editor and add this line: mean?07:57
lockdwols: thought mostly Python script07:58
wolsyou can write malware in python07:58
steve_Is is possible to open an iso file in linux?07:58
lockdwols: right, the point was that macro/script/whatever can contain viruses. but very unlikely on an official site07:59
FrozenPhoenixwhy does my firefox give me XML error every time i do something like options or even downloading a file!? (I am new in the Ubuntu world!)07:59
preaction!iso | steve_07:59
ubotusteve_: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.07:59
nickrudrobert_, applications->accessories->text editor, enter the line, save it as /home/<you>/.gnomerc07:59
lockdheh, i haven't used md5 even while I had it readily available08:00
FrozenPhoenixwhy does my firefox give me XML error every time i do something like options or even downloading a file!? (I am new in the Ubuntu world!)08:00
=== jadelrab is now known as aboyousif
nickrudkayce, on the partition that is your root , edit /boot/grub/menu.lst ; look for the line that begins with kernel, and add noapic to the end of it08:01
seventhIs there anyone who can send me in the right direction how to turn off the Networkmanager debug messages in the tty0 upon boot of Gutsy? It gives me debug messages like: "Networkmanager: <debug> [132334.12341] nm_hal_device_added(): New device added (hal udi is 'org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/pci_8086_24c6_oss_pcm_0').". It's driving me crazy :)08:02
FrozenPhoenixwhy does my firefox give me XML error every time i do something like options or even downloading a file!? (I am new in the Ubuntu world!)08:02
kaycei cant even get to the partition?..08:03
nickrudkayce, you may have to mount it,  try in the terminal (konsole?) mount /dev/<rootdevice> -text3 /mnt , you should see the file at /mnt/boot/grub/menu.lst08:04
=== u^A is now known as u^A_
kaycefound it08:06
nickrudkayce, ok, look for the line that starts with kernel, and ends with ro quiet splash (may not be in that exact order) and add noacpi to the end08:07
installinNOWtrying to do a clean gutsy install, but the partition editor won't load durring the install process, gparted loads independantly, but not durring install, is there a way to get around this?08:07
robert___hello again k i have a quick question i have a decent but not great graphics card "intel" and i was wondering if i could have some input on what a good app similair to beryl is because i cant run its equal at the molment08:08
robert___i just want something to make everything look nice08:08
kayceand you were right, thats the order08:08
lockdrobert___: without graphics accel, anything like beryl is worthless08:08
kaycethank you08:08
NeoPhyte21is gtk+2.0 inclujded in gutsy?08:09
kaycebe right back then, if it works, lol08:09
robert___lockd:im just looking for something that will geive me glassy effects and some possible niceties like wobly windows08:09
bullgard4iwconfig responds 'lo wireles extension' although nmapplet shows two radio networks in my reach. What does "no wireless extensions" mean?08:09
lockdrobert___: and with accel I think any card can handle it08:09
robert___how can i tell if i have accel?08:10
lockdrobert___: glxinfo08:10
Cronaniusdoes anybody know if the Dapper repository contains a CLI irc client?08:10
X704glxgears or glxinfo08:10
kayceanother problem08:10
lockdrobert___: glxinfo | grep direct08:10
nickrudinstallinNOW, I've only had that desktop partitioning tool actually work for me once. I generally use the alternate install cd08:10
nickrudCronanius, irssi08:10
installinNOWnickrud:that was my next step :)08:10
kaycesays i dont have promision to save the change to the menu.lst08:11
Cronaniusnickrud: aight, i'll check for it. thx08:11
installinNOWrotten live cd08:11
=== billynz is now known as dre
robert___how do i set libgl_debug=verbose?08:11
kyle_is the block size changable as far as software raid goes?08:11
installinNOWthanks..off to alt install08:11
robert___it says no and then to find out why to set that08:11
nickrudinstallinNOW, it worked this time thankfully, I downloaded the live cd by mistake :)08:12
=== dre is now known as deanz
lockdrobert___: did you check the restricted drivers?08:13
Cronaniusbaaah! what's the term-command to update the repositories. I've forgotten :(08:13
nickrudrobert_, that was caps, you would do on the command line, LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose (VERBOSE?) glxinfo08:13
kaycenickrud, it wont let me save the change to the menu.lst , says i dont have the permissions08:13
robert___lockd: sry if you cant tell im new so how do i do that?08:13
nickrudkayce, one of two things, the disk is mounted read only (mount on the command line will tell you, either rw or ro) or you need sudo08:13
lockdrobert___: restricted-manager-<tab>08:14
seventhCronanius: (sudo) apt-get update08:14
nickrudkayce, so, umount /dev/<rootdevice> && mount /dev/<root> -text3 /mnt , check permissions again08:14
robert___that just has my wireless card08:14
lockdrobert___: what exactly is the video card?08:15
robert___Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller08:16
robert___or Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller08:16
kaycei'm sorry, im very new to linux... >.<08:18
nickrudkayce, np, that's what this channel is for.  if you do that command,  mount should say it's rw now08:19
NineTeen67CometHay all .. I've done everything I can find to get a couple of my dvd movies to play on my Media computer but still .. It plays MOST of my dvd collection, just not a select few .. Like Hairspray ..08:19
rolerdoes anyone have a Juno email account here by chance? I know it's a weird question, but I wish to send an email from my gmail account to see if it gets through the spam filters08:19
NineTeen67Cometlibdvdread3, libxine1-ffmpeg, totem-xine and ran install-css.sh .. help?08:19
kaycecan you tell me the command again please, i closed the window before and it erased the chat log08:20
kayceby accident08:20
NineTeen67Cometkayce: What'r you trying to do? (I don't have much time, but if it is a simple CLI deal I might know it).08:20
lockd robert___ looks like there's a linux driver but it might not even be in Ubuntu repositories08:20
lockdrobert___: google 945gm linux08:21
nickrudkayce,    umount /dev/<rootdevice>      then    mount /dev/<rootdevice> -text3 /mnt08:21
robert___i have the driver i think there are 2 intel drivers08:21
kaycemount the drive so i can access the menu.lst and vjange it08:21
NineTeen67Cometroofies to the rescue! .. TTFN all ..08:21
robert___sry 308:22
robert___i was told to look at them last night08:22
sC0rPi0nk1NgCan somone help me ... i can't compile C or C++ files in ubuntu.08:22
robert___it was the i810 driver im supposed to use08:22
nickrudsC0rPi0nk1Ng, install build-essential , it has the compiler08:23
lockdrobert___: looks like you should use the 945gm driver if that's your card08:23
robert___lockd i just switched ill brb i have to relog08:23
fredlHmm, is that flash plugin still not fixed?08:23
kayceit says it does not exist..? >.<08:23
nickrudlockd, robert___ the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver supports the i9xx series08:24
sC0rPi0nk1Ngnickrud: When i try to install build-essential using apt-get i get a Package not found message. What do i do??08:24
kyle__fredl: google it, the fix still hasn't reached friendly nieghborhood repositories08:24
lockdnickrud: oh, so it is accelerated? odd, I assume that's what he was using08:25
nickrudsC0rPi0nk1Ng, system->admin->software sources, make the first four sources are ticked, and the cdrom is unticked08:25
borndeerAnyone using Guake there ?08:25
uragano2354.:::] Ci40 @ Tutti [:::. »BuTT3rF|y sCr|pT«»rEvOLuTiOnZ»v2.6«08:25
fredl'google it' ? This is the Ubuntu support channel isn't it?08:25
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:25
nickrudlockd, as best I remember, yes08:25
nickrudkayce, does mount show the device as rw , and mounted on /mnt ?08:26
lockdnickrud: well, then I guess not having the DRI is much more of a major problem then08:26
kaycehow do i tell if its rw? >.<08:26
Extravertcan someone help me with my C program?08:28
ompaulExtravert, not in this channel try #gcc08:28
nickrudkayce, for example, one partition of mine looks like this: /dev/hda8 on /home type ext3 (rw,user_xattr)  . That means it's mounted on /home, and rw (read writeable)08:28
borndeerI have a problem installing Guake Terminal, after "make install" Guake , I cannot start it08:29
nickrudkayce, that's from the output of   mount08:29
SlynderdaleCan anyone here help me with a network problem in Gutsy Gibbon? For some reason, it won't let me set a Static IP in Gutsy Gibbon while it did in Feisty Fawn using the same information. I ended up doing a clean install of Gutsy Gibbon today to replace Feisty Fawn and ran into this problem. My DHCP IP currently is yet when I try to set the static IP to which I used in Feisty and WIndows, it fails to connect.08:30
lockdborndeer: i'm installing that because I need an alternative to yakuake08:30
kyle__Slynderdale: fails to connect?08:30
kaycesorry, wall of text coming08:31
Jordan_USlynderdale, You don't have another machine with a static connection using that ip do you?08:31
kayceroot@ubuntu:/home/ubuntu# mount08:31
kayceproc on /proc type proc (rw)08:31
kaycesysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw)08:31
kaycetmpfs on /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/volatile type tmpfs (rw,mode=0755)08:31
kaycetmpfs on /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/volatile type tmpfs (rw,mode=0755)08:31
kaycevarrun on /var/run type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=0755)08:31
Jordan_Ukayce, NO08:31
kaycevarlock on /var/lock type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=1777)08:31
kyle__kayce: you're not allowed to paste stuff in here08:31
kayceudev on /dev type tmpfs (rw,mode=0755)08:31
kaycedevshm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)08:31
kaycedevpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,gid=5,mode=620)08:31
nickrudkayce, herm, not nice to paste here08:31
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)08:31
Jordan_U!paste > kayce08:31
SlynderdaleJordan_U: Nope, I'm the only one on the network who uses it08:32
borndeerlockd:I followed the instructions on http://www.gnomefiles.org/app.php/Guake , but the file /usr/etc/gconf/schemas/guake.schemas doesn't exist08:32
NeoPhyte21how would i add a .pc file to pkg-config?08:32
Slynderdalekyle__: Well, more like fails to work08:32
kyle__Slynderdale: whats telling you its unable to connect? the fancy tool? or internet programs?08:33
ompaulborndeer, I suggest you need to talk to the developers about that08:33
kyle__Slynderdale: check the gateway?08:33
lockdborndeer: it's requesting I get a svn version of gnome-common, bleh08:33
ompaulborndeer, it will break your ubuntu - not a great way to start the compile day08:34
kyle__Slynderdale: ip address, netmask, gateway, and some dns servers are needed to make it work static.08:34
Slynderdalekyle--: The gateway is fine and when I set up Gutsy to use a static IP, I can't even connect to the gateway08:34
borndeerompaul: but I08:34
lockdhmm, regular gnome-common works for me08:34
borndeerhave already installed it08:34
rolerdoes anyone use juno here?08:34
Slynderdalekyle__; http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48296/08:34
mohkohnCan you take a virtual machine you create on gutsy and clone it to give to a friend who uses windows?08:34
ompaulborndeer, it is not working - so I guess you have not got it installed right ;-)08:34
kayceuhh.. sorry bout that.. >.<08:34
mohkohnFrom Virtualbox-ose?08:35
nickrudNeoPhyte21, more likely you need the development headers, what does it say it needs the .pc file for?08:35
=== Cronaniu1 is now known as Kronanius
borndeerompaul: So how can I uninstall it ?08:35
kyle__mohkohn: both running the same vm software?08:35
NeoPhyte21when trying to build it says it pkg-config can't find gtk+-2.008:35
mohkohnkyle__, both will be running Virtualbox08:36
NeoPhyte21but i know its installed , so i figure all i have to do is add the path08:36
nickrudNeoPhyte21, then install libgtk2.0-dev , that has the pc file08:36
ompaulborndeer, if your system is doing nothing wrong better to just leave it alone08:36
kyle__mohkohn: I dont see why you cant just copy it08:37
borndeerompaul: ok , thanks08:37
* nickrud doesn't trust many make uninstalls either08:37
NeoPhyte21nickrud: i have the .pc file: /usr/lib/gtk+-2.10.9/gtk+-2.0.pc.in08:37
kyle__Slynderdale: and when you tell the network manager to use static, is it setting eth0 or eth1?08:37
NeoPhyte21should i remove the in? or make a copy without the .in?08:37
kayceso, what do i do now..08:37
nickrudNeoPhyte21, did you install the -dev package?08:37
mohkohnKyle I will dig into the docs for Virtualbox. But it sounds like it is feasible.08:38
ompaulborndeer, this is a package based distro, so it resolves a lot of dependency problems, as such compiling something that needs you to alter one or more of the things you have already installed needs to be treated with caution, I suggest you go to #ubuntu-motu and see if it can be made stable with them08:38
Slynderdalekyle__; eth1, which is connected directly to the gateway08:38
nickrudkayce, it was to stop your flood :)08:38
kaycei know08:38
NeoPhyte21nickrud: installing now08:38
nickrudkayce, ok, the partition is not mounted, you must be in the live cd08:38
kaycei am in the live cd08:38
mohkohnWhat I am doing is making a Xubuntu GIS to run on Virtualbox on his windows Machine.08:39
nickrudok, then like I said earlier:  mount /dev/<something> -text3 /mnt  where something is like hda1 or sda1 , whatever you made the   /   directory in the install08:39
borndeerompaul:thanks for your suggestion .08:39
warriorf1rgodnickrud: s/text3/ext3 right?08:40
lockdborndeer: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-567604.html08:40
nickrudwarriorf1rgod, no, -t ext3 , I compressed it, it works :)08:40
lockdborndeer: it was the schemas thing that you were having trouble with right?08:40
kyle__Slynderdale: could just get rid of the fancy networkmanager if you dont need it, but dunno otherwise08:40
Slynderdalekyle__: Any idea?08:40
kyle__Slynderdale: also dont use static ips in the range that dhcp hands out :)08:41
borndeerlockd: yeah08:41
warriorf1rgodnickrud: ahhh s/-text3/-t ext3  I get it now.08:41
NeoPhyte21nickrud: i installed and did an ldconfig, still ming =/08:41
lockdompaul: is there less danger with building stuff that can be done in just local?08:41
lockdborndeer: that link should help.. i will test it08:41
kayceit says..08:41
kayce/dev/sda1 on /media/disk type ext3 (rw,nosuid,nodev)08:41
ompaullockd, generally yes, some stuff should just not be build ;-)08:41
kyle__Slynderdale: even if you statically assign an ip address in the router config (based on mac), it'll still be dumb enough to hand it out to some other computer08:41
borndeerlockd: I think the given path is wrong08:42
nickrudkayce, ok, then you will find it at /media/disk/boot/grub/menu.lst08:42
silent_what's the best way to play quicktime in firefox... I'm watching a trailer, but I have no sound08:42
kaycewell, i already found the menu.lst as was, and i dident have to mount anything? but it wont let me change it08:42
kyle__hahaha really? no sound?08:43
nickrudNeoPhyte21, hrm, what little compiling I do these days that's all I ever had to do, install the -dev package08:43
borndeerlockd: There is surely no etc directory under the /usr directory08:43
NeoPhyte21damn.. guess im out of luck then cuz i have both the original program and the dev installed08:43
NeoPhyte21i even have the file its looking for08:43
lockdit runs for me now but f12 doesn't call it up as Windowmaker traps f1208:43
kyle__silent_: wow you're right08:43
NeoPhyte21just have to figure out how to get pkg-config to find it, the PKG_CONFIG_PATH description isn't very clear08:44
lockdborndeer: go down, you use /usr/local08:44
nickrudkayce, try  nano in a terminal as the editor08:44
silent_kyle__: I'm installing mozilla-mplayer atm.. will report back08:44
lockdborndeer: because it's a local install08:44
kaycehuh? lol >.<;08:44
nickrudsilent_, you will need to remove totem-mozilla as well08:44
silent_nickrud: fantastic08:45
silent_(no video)08:45
dennis___hello, any one mind helping me explaining how i configurate the login name and password for samba? Iv heard that you should write smbpasswd -a name and then enter the passwd desired and just logon with that name and passwd but when i write that i dont get to choice passwd, i just get more options.08:45
nickrudkayce, apps->accessories->terminal , in there type nano /media etc08:45
nickrudsilent_, what does about:plugins say in firefox?08:46
kyle__silent_: eh its probably a problem with codecs08:46
kaycewhao, ok, that did something08:46
kyle__nickrud: gutsy has a plugin by default, uh some gnome thing08:46
borndeerlockd:Wow , it works . Thank you a lot !08:46
nickrudkyle__, I kill off totem first thing, I prefer mplayer for streaming08:46
lockdborndeer: THIS is why I despise gnome. I still don't like KDE, just not as bad08:47
silent_nickrud: I have both VLC plugin and Quicktime plugin enabled08:47
kyle__but switching from totem to mplayer is a bit of a learning curve08:47
* nickrud enjoys watching that buffering message, at least I know something is happening08:47
pedro_orangeGnome is lovely :P08:47
silent_pedro_orange: yes, yes it is08:47
kyle__silent_: I opened it in "Movie Player" and its asking for gstreamer bad plugins08:47
lockdreally arcane commands for setting up GUI interface, kind of defeats the purpose08:48
silent_I'd be able to play the mov in vlc.. i just cant stream08:48
silent_nickrud: any suggestions?08:48
silent_nickrud: I have both VLC and quicktime plugin enabled08:48
lockdsilent_: can't stream in VLC?08:49
silent_lockd, I'm accessing the file through firefox08:49
pedro_orangeYou streaming from your browser?08:49
kaycehow do i save it08:49
lockdsilent_: oh, that way, thought you were trying to stream a video yourself08:49
nickrudsilent_, remove mozilla-plugin-vlc , totem-mozilla , install mozilla-mplayer, and go to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#head-381bea41610683e5e26322fd7028e7aef85e3105-2 to get the codecs08:49
kayceor is it automaticly saved?08:50
nickrudsilent_, Works for Me™08:50