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docjaycan anyone here help me compile a driver for a highpoint rocketraid 2200 (there are opensource drivers for it, but no linux drivers, they have to be compiled) & mount my array so that it'll mount and boot off of the array evertime?01:13
docjaypretty much just how to add a driver...01:22
neur1anyone know a line i could add to conky for monitoring battery useage01:39
soldatsdoesnt conky have an option for that in the basic install01:45
neur1yes but i modified it to a file i can manipulate01:46
neur1cant find the default one too01:46
neur1was it you, helping me with compiz yesterday?01:47
soldatsif i had better knowledge of laptops id know better01:48
soldatsi used to know it cause i looked it for some people a while back but i cant remember for the life of me01:49
neur1i had to redo01:50
docjaycan anyone help me compile a raid driver from highpoint, install it and mount my raid array on xubuntu?01:51
soldatsdocjay, is there a README.txt file for it01:53
theunixgeekHow do I access my Linux partition on a Mac?02:02
NewXubuntuUser00Hey- I set this up on a box that's cdrom is almost broke02:11
NewXubuntuUser00the from button just lights the CD drive but doesnt open02:11
NewXubuntuUser00unless i use paperclip and force pull the drive open02:11
NewXubuntuUser00if i put in a disk and ubuntu can see the disk - theres no problem with it reading -02:11
NewXubuntuUser00i can menu the disk on the desktop, and goto Eject. What command is that using to eject at that point?02:12
NewXubuntuUser00inside of the right click menu? because I need a shorrtcut to that command on the desk obviously02:12
NewXubuntuUser00?????  =)02:12
NewXubuntuUser00eject /cdrom just makes the light come on and it sits02:12
soldatsno just type eject02:13
NewXubuntuUser00but when i rightclick the mounted disk on the desktop and CHoose eject on that menu02:13
NewXubuntuUser00it Works!02:13
NewXubuntuUser00ive tried the switches02:13
NewXubuntuUser00read the man page to Eject too02:13
soldats"eject" in terminal02:13
NewXubuntuUser00nope . even 'sudo eject /cdrom' doesnt work in a terminal02:14
NewXubuntuUser00should i try from like tty3?02:14
neur1what you tryin' to do?02:15
NewXubuntuUser00just *Maybe* its a bug with the hardware that is not allowing it to eject when the drive is empty???!!!!!02:16
NewXubuntuUser00Eject my cd drive .   =D02:16
soldatsNewXubuntuUser00, you should only have to type "eject" by itself in a terminal02:16
NewXubuntuUser00without a paperclip and forcing the gears the reverse literally02:16
NewXubuntuUser00nope that just makes the light come on02:16
NewXubuntuUser00but it will eject Post Mount02:17
NewXubuntuUser00via right click menu02:17
soldatsthan im not sure because when you right click it is the same command just in a click fashion02:17
NewXubuntuUser00you are absolutely positive? than just simply 'eject' should do the same thing though.02:17
soldatsthere may be a large string for the clickable though but its to tell the gui to do the command for you02:18
soldatsif you need a paperclip to open then its time for a new drive02:18
NewXubuntuUser00you'd think, right? but i got no other cd drive for this old box02:19
NewXubuntuUser00they're All Used  =902:19
NewXubuntuUser00but id rly like to get it to do what it does just by telling it to02:19
neur1yikes mine just ejects with eject in prompt02:20
soldatsthats how it should work02:21
neur1maybe it's not installed02:21
NewXubuntuUser00do i hav to run unmount first, maybe? than Next the eject command? maybe Thats the bit that is making my drive eject with the software02:21
soldatsNewXubuntuUser00, did you do sudo eject02:22
NewXubuntuUser00but it will not open with no disk in the drive02:22
neur1check synaptic02:22
soldatsneur1, thats not it02:22
NewXubuntuUser00from just the button on the fron of the drive itself . Yes, 'eject' is installed. ive 'man' d, too02:22
soldatssudo umount /cdrom | eject02:22
NewXubuntuUser00ok yes ty i try that02:22
NewXubuntuUser00cd not mounted.  =(02:23
NewXubuntuUser00drive lite comes on SOS02:23
NewXubuntuUser00???   =\   =/   =(  i wonder what special thing xubuntu is doing from the right clic. menu that is making That work02:24
soldatsno clue it may be a bug with your hardware02:25
soldatssomething might be conflicting02:25
NewXubuntuUser00wouldnt it open from the buton on the front?   =D   screw this thing ima bust it to hell hahahahahahha02:25
NewXubuntuUser00go buy cd drive for $502:25
NewXubuntuUser00=(    I WANA KNOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW02:26
soldatseject /dev/cdrom02:26
NewXubuntuUser00tried that one didnt work. tried /media/cdrom and /media/cdrom0, too02:26
NewXubuntuUser000 didnt do anything i think02:26
NewXubuntuUser00nope zero just makes the light work and i hear something to like it might even by Starting to open up02:27
NewXubuntuUser00damn Free hardware hahahahahahahah =/02:28
soldatsyea best bet is to get a new one02:28
soldatssrsly when you need to use a paperclip to open you need a new one02:28
NewXubuntuUser00yeah.   ^ ^   but it DOES it i tell u ! jut only with a disk in the drive so that i can force the command in here02:29
Catoptromancysudo eject02:31
soldatshe tried it no worky02:31
NewXubuntuUser00sudo appears to not make a difference02:32
NewXubuntuUser00with the switches i can get it to Not do anything02:32
Catoptromancyclose your file manager02:32
NewXubuntuUser00(say - telling it to use the SCSI type style close command to send it)02:32
NewXubuntuUser00my File Manager?  =O well i didnt think i had that open whenn i started but - Yes - I'll dso that02:32
Catoptromancy$ps -a  and kill any process that seems to be viewing/using the cdrom02:33
NewXubuntuUser00WHAT? it says bash and ps02:33
NewXubuntuUser00what is a ps -a02:34
soldatshaving your file manager open shouldnt matter at all02:34
CatoptromancyI cant eject wih FM open at cd directory02:35
soldatsi wonder why cause it shouldnt matter02:35
somerville32It does matter02:35
Catoptromancycdrom is mounted when viewing it02:35
soldatsoh you mean viewing your cd in the manager?02:36
Catoptromancywhen you click a differnt directory, then eject works since it auto unmounts the directory not in use02:36
NewXubuntuUser00yeah i think in thunar02:36
NewXubuntuUser00its not making any difference though so far02:36
Catoptromancypastebin $ps -a02:37
NewXubuntuUser00i didnt even open thunar until the end of troubleshooting02:37
Catoptromancyps -e02:37
NewXubuntuUser004063 tty3     00:00:00 bash02:37
NewXubuntuUser00 4099 pts/0    00:00:00 ps02:37
Catoptromancyya ps -e02:37
Catoptromancyuse pastebinm02:37
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:37
NewXubuntuUser00it says thunar is on that list02:38
NewXubuntuUser00so do i kill thunar ?02:39
Catoptromancymight not be thunar02:39
NewXubuntuUser00im Yeah when i run top02:41
NewXubuntuUser00its only up for a sec than thunar doesn show anymoar02:41
Catoptromancy$ps -e02:41
Catoptromancyand use pastebin02:41
NewXubuntuUser00There i got is ! it was launched by mes02:41
NewXubuntuUser00ima kill it02:41
Catoptromancytheres usually some odd app trying to use cdrom02:42
Catoptromancywhen it wont eject02:42
Catoptromancy$ps -e   lists all apps02:42
Rafabewhat are the reasons why GRUB would fail installing?02:46
RafabeI had Xubuntu previously, wanted to format and try Kubuntu. The installer failed, so I tried to go back to Xubuntu. The only difference since I installed it is that before, I had a 200mb ext3 /boot partition and a 70gb / (root) ext3 partition. Now I have the 200mb boot, a 5gb / , and 65gb /home02:47
Rafabealso swap, obviously02:48
Rafabeit's set to format the drives before installing, so the previous GRUB shouldn't be causing problems02:48
CatoptromancyNewXubuntuUser00, still having eject problem?02:50
NewXubuntuUser00yeah i did a eject -r in term and i said last thing was INput/Output error. so something in the drive is horrid broke . time for a New Drive02:53
soldatsCatoptromancy, do you suppose he should do eject -v and see which styles of eject fail02:54
soldatsscsi or whatnot02:54
Catoptromancyi guess02:54
NewXubuntuUser00holy what02:54
NewXubuntuUser00watch THIS i pastebin02:54
Catoptromancy$info eject02:54
soldatsseems normanl02:56
soldatstry eject -v02:56
soldatssee which fails scsi or ide02:56
Catoptromancysudo mount -t auto /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom02:56
NewXubuntuUser00normal IDE says it fails and it claims SCSI works02:57
NewXubuntuUser00but ive tried the -s switch i try it with -v02:57
Catoptromancy$mount    see if its mountd02:57
NewXubuntuUser00that last one is weird kus obviously the light came only Only no physiucal eject02:58
NewXubuntuUser00nope its not mounted checking with mount02:59
soldatsits probly due to having to use a paperclip sometimes02:59
NewXubuntuUser00its Never opened since i received it02:59
Catoptromancyeject: `/dev/hdc' is a multipartition device02:59
NewXubuntuUser00ROFL ! yeah !02:59
Catoptromancymultipartitions on a cd?02:59
NewXubuntuUser00no theres nothing in the drive.02:59
NewXubuntuUser00but if i put cd in03:00
soldatsCatoptromancy, try it i think most say that03:00
NewXubuntuUser00and right click Eject in the menui03:00
NewXubuntuUser00it ejects03:00
Catoptromancy$file /dev/hda03:00
soldatsblock special03:00
soldatshah yea03:01
NewXubuntuUser00yeah special 3/003:01
NewXubuntuUser00and if i enable auto eject03:03
NewXubuntuUser00with the 1 after the -a switch03:03
soldatsCatoptromancy, i believe basically what he wanted to know was, whatever command the gui (r-click) does, he wants to know what it is to try it in a terminal03:03
NewXubuntuUser00it will just loop until i ctrl+c in console to kill the last thing i set in place03:03
NewXubuntuUser00thats a BAD thing, yes?03:05
NewXubuntuUser00that means that if im turning on that auto eject option which shouldnt b looping like that with No Disk in the drive anyway03:06
NewXubuntuUser00and it just loops03:06
NewXubuntuUser00thats a Bad thing, yes?03:06
bigalhow do i determine my x version03:07
NewXubuntuUser00ima try Capial T03:07
NewXubuntuUser00eject -T03:07
NewXubuntuUser00ioctl: Input/output error03:07
soldatstry cdrecord -eject03:08
soldats"cdrecord -eject"03:08
soldatsor no whoops wrong channel03:08
NewXubuntuUser00shen i run cdrecord -scanbus03:18
NewXubuntuUser00cdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open '/dev/pg*'. Cannot open SCSI driver.03:18
NewXubuntuUser00but its trying 'cdrw'03:19
soldatsdont do it, i typed that here by mistake03:19
soldatscdrecord is a program not your cdrom drive03:19
NewXubuntuUser00its not a burner ne way03:19
NewXubuntuUser00well hey i gota go. ill try come bak tomarrow afternoon ill sleep on it03:20
soldatsdid you try reboot03:20
NewXubuntuUser00perhaps i should just get a new cd drive for $503:20
NewXubuntuUser00yes the drive Never opens on its own03:21
NewXubuntuUser00except linux can eject it when a disk is in it03:21
NewXubuntuUser00alrights well we gave it the Good Fight.   ty - bb.03:21
yfkis there a way to install envy solely with apt?03:28
soldatshave you tried it03:30
yfktried what?03:30
soldatsto install it with apt-get03:31
soldatscommand line right?03:31
yfkIt's not at any of my repositories03:31
yfkif you know of one that has it then I'd love to know what it is03:32
yfk(32 bit)03:32
soldatswhat is envy03:32
yfkit installs nvidia and ati graphic card drivers automaticly03:33
soldatsahh you should ask your question again in #ubuntu they might know more03:34
soldatsseems that you have to compile it yourself03:35
soldatsit may not be in any repos03:35
yfkI think it is03:35
TravisHi I just put a hard drive in my server from my older server, the data on it is in a format called LVM2 MEMBER, because my old server was LVM, I just need to get the data off it for my new server? how do I go about this?03:51
somerville32I'm not sure :)03:54
Travisthanks :P03:55
S4N3err did anyone know how to make folder shortcut in desktop menu?03:56
The-KernelVia CLI, how do I add DNS'?04:13
soldatsS4N3, yes i actually just figured it out04:14
soldatswann apm me04:15
soldatsS4N3, sorry i took so long but i figured out a way to open say "/etc" to thunar from the applications menu04:16
tim_123Hi how Do i isntall two different version of open arena at the same time?04:27
renegade420i have currently lost my dock bar on both sides how do i get them bck?04:27
soldatsrenegade420, dock bar as in task bar04:28
renegade420soldats, yesum04:29
renegade420is it easy to bring baack?04:29
renegade420i think i may have messed with the display settings poking around etc.04:29
soldatswell if you have neither, it may be hard04:30
soldatsim looking into it04:30
Farquadif i'm able to detect, (but not connect) does that mean my wireless drivers are working correctly, and the wirless configuration is just messed up?04:34
soldatsFarquad, id assume so but im not sure04:37
mosnoi want to drag-out an item from my xfce menu onto the xfce panel -- how?04:38
mosnoeg. Terminal04:38
soldatsmosno, ive never been able to do it, you can try to rclick the taskbar and go to add new item04:39
mosnosoldats: drats.04:40
mosnosoldats: i know how to do it via the Add New Item, i just wanted to be 'canonical' and use the exact launcher already configured in my Menu04:40
mosnosoldats: eg. imagine there were custom args being passed in the Menu item, which you didn't know how to replicate by yourself -- you'd have to hunt through your system menu in the shell04:41
soldatsmosno, yes i know exactly ive been doing it for about an hour04:42
soldatsi just recently figured out how to open thunar to any folder via menu04:42
soldats30 mins ago04:43
tim_123How do i make side buttons work in Xubuntu ?04:43
tim_123How do i manage the porcceses that start at start up un Xubuntu ?04:43
tim_123How do i make mouse  side on logitech mx518 buttons work in Xubuntu ?04:44
somerville32tim_123, what do you want it to do?04:44
tim_123I want to use side buttons to go back and forth IN thunar and Firefox04:47
soldatsmosno, you there04:47
mosnosoldats: yea04:51
mosnosoldats: about to leave for the supermarket04:51
soldatswait one sec04:51
soldatssay the command for like settings manager is "xfce-settings-show" do you know how i could do it in a terminal, i know some commands for opening folders to thunar from the menu but this is stumping me04:52
mosnodo what in a term?04:53
somerville32You just type the command in the terminal04:53
soldatssay like open the gui for the panel manager04:53
mosnook. what somerville32 said.04:53
soldatsxfce-settings-show does nothing in a term though04:54
mosnois that all? i really must dash! :)04:54
mosnosoldats: wrong command04:54
soldatsok yea its was just a quick question04:54
mosnoyou made a typo04:54
soldatsdang i cant read today04:54
mosnothank you come again!04:54
* mosno dashes out door :)04:54
somerville32xfce-setting-show doesn't work for me either04:55
somerville32oh, nvm04:55
somerville32it does work04:55
soldatsyea i just realized it works04:55
soldatsi was doing settins04:55
soldatsi really didnt think running an xfce command would work in a terminal04:56
soldatsbut sweet now i know04:56
soldatsthis was basically the answer to Renegade420 question but i guess he left04:57
tim_123HaHAH My webcam works ONLY in Skype and no where else ....05:06
S4N3sorry soldats i'm didn regist user ( then my pm didn reach you )05:09
S4N3thanks for advice adove05:10
S4N3 /msg nickserv set unfiltered on05:10
soldatsok im unfiltered05:12
S4N3first time with xfce05:12
S4N3make me almost cry05:13
somerville32that bad? : (05:13
soldatsS4N3, did you get pm?05:14
S4N3it's not bad but i just begin use linux 2 week ago05:15
big_areahey everybody, i just upgraded to gutsy and im not gettin any sound from usb speakers or either of my sound cards05:16
somerville32big_area, Did you try rebooting?05:16
big_areaby just upgraded i mean yesterday05:17
big_areadoes the sound system come configured or do i need to install a driver if i have a dedicated card?05:18
mohkohnI have a Gutsy Alternative-Installer Ubuntu CD and a Feisty Xubuntu cd. I want to have Gutsy Xubuntu.05:18
somerville32mohkohn, go on05:19
mohkohnWhich would be better. Install command line Gutsy and apt-get install xubuntu-desktop05:19
mohkohnor to install the xubuntu feisty and dist-upgrade?05:19
big_areai've had trouble with the alt cd's in the past05:19
somerville32big_area, Unplug your speakers and then plug them back in and give me the output in pastebin of dmesg | tail05:19
mosnomohkohn: the former05:19
big_areai suggest a dist-up from fiesty05:20
mohkohnI was leaning that way too mosno thanks.05:20
somerville32alt-cds work fine usually05:20
mosnomohkohn: as big_area said, do a dist-upgrade05:20
somerville32but do as they say :P05:21
mohkohnok. I will have some lunch offline while installing xubuntu. Then I will do the dist-upgrade online according to the destructions :)05:22
mosnoalt cds are ubuntu's saving grace05:22
mosnoscrew non-LVM system!05:22
mosnook, time to clean up this hellhole of a pad05:22
* mosno groans05:22
mohkohnI used the alt cd to install gutsy. I am going to make a windows friend of mine a xubuntu GIS system to run in virtualbox.05:23
mohkohnI needed the LVM DM-Crypt05:23
mohkohnfor a laptop.05:23
mohkohnsee you later.05:23
big_areasomerville32, get that?05:24
somerville32one sec05:26
big_areathis one might bemore helpful05:26
big_areasorry, wrong key05:30
somerville32big_area, Try opening up the mixer05:37
somerville32big_area, Is anything muted maybe?05:37
big_areanope, first thing i checked05:37
somerville32big_area, ask crimsun when he comes around05:38
big_areaah ok05:39
big_areadoes alsa come installed?05:39
crimsunbig_area: yes.  It has been the default since 4.10.05:59
big_areathis is really weird, i plug my headphones into why i assume is a port for a radio antena and i can hear the song playing through extreme satic but there is no sound on any of the other port06:05
big_areawow, simple fix, digital audio out was checked06:25
big_areaapparently that disables analog06:25
big_areathanks guys06:26
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nikolamDo you use Thunar?08:02
gerrowdm, gdm, slim, xdm which is lightest?08:17
nikolamBut is it worth changing gdm?08:33
Voyage_any good file manager other than konqueror and dolphin?09:21
aboyousifVoyage_, THUNAR09:42
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andshi.. is this the place I can ask for help with xubuntu? It seems really quiet in here...10:39
TheSheepands: yes10:42
andsgreat! I recently installed xubuntu.. and today I booted up.. logged in as usual.. the background image came up.. and then nothing.. no menus.. just the mouse was visible.. I've done a bit of a search for help on the forums for the Xclient script.. but kinda stuck. Any suggestions on where I start?10:44
TheSheepands: when you press alt+f2, anything comes up?10:47
andsyes.. a dialog box comes up asking if I want to run a program10:49
TheSheepands: try typeing 'xfce4-panel in there10:49
ands:) yip.. that worked!10:50
TheSheepands: save session when you're logging out so that it stays10:50
andsthank you. just logged out and back in. all works. thank you TheSheep10:52
Intsartshow to remove Floppy Drive icon from desktop?13:08
TheSheepIntsarts: together with all other device icons13:14
gergo_nyhi, I have a beginner problem, I hope you can me help14:05
aboyousifgergo_ny, shoot14:05
gergo_nyI have Xubuntu 6.06.114:05
gergo_nyif I try to start normal mode the system freez out14:06
gergo_nybefore the login page14:06
gergo_nythere isN't any log file after that14:06
gergo_nyI don't know what is the problem, how can I see it14:07
ere4sihas it ever run?14:08
gergo_nywhen I try to use fedore the problem was the same14:08
gergo_nyjust in in recovery mode14:08
ere4simight be the video card driver14:08
gergo_nyhow can I see that or fix it?14:09
ere4siin recovery mode type -   sudo dpkg-reonfigure xserver-xorg    - and accept the defaults except for the video card driver - choose vesa - and you should get it to boot14:10
gergo_nythanks a lot, I try it, bye14:12
squirrelpimpi have two xubuntu-boxes and want to watch a movie on one of them while the sound shall be played on the other14:52
squirrelpimpis there a way or a tool to generally move programms between two computers in a drag-and-drop fashion?14:53
squirrelpimpX is to slow14:53
squirrelpimpcurrently one of them is wireless-connected14:53
drc822squirrelpimp: u want the sound to come from the other box?15:15
squirrelpimpdrc822: yes15:16
drc822u could just sync the sound by playing it with mplayer to null video+15:16
squirrelpimpthe desktop-pc is connected to the speakers15:16
squirrelpimpyes, but that's ugly, isn't it:)?15:16
drc822it is15:17
drc822somehow via ssh?15:18
drc822do u have the flic on both boxes?15:18
docjayhey all - need some help compiling a raid driver and mounting my raid array in xubuntu.  I've untarred the source and have compiled it but I have no idea how to tell xubuntu to mount it so that it'll boot off of the RAID array everytime.15:35
docjayneed some help installing a raid driver with live cd.. anyone around?15:44
docjaybeen struggling with this for almost two weeks and I'm really stuck!15:49
docjayneed some help installing a raid driver with live cd.. anyone around?16:23
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hobolooterI hate my life.17:37
hobolooterI have compiz-fusion working beautifully but dual monitors crushes everything.17:38
hobolooterTime go to waste more of my college life figuring this shit out, peace out brahs.17:41
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The_Kernelhow do I enable root logins?18:55
somerville32The_Kernel, why would you want that?18:55
The_KernelgFTP can't use sudo remotely :P18:56
age6racerhey guys, i just installed a fresh copy of Gutsy on an old laptop. The live CD worked fine and so does booting in recovery mode and then running startx, but when I log in normally the screen slowly goes blue then white until nothing is on the screen. If I plug into a monitor it works on that too. What is happening and how do i fix it?19:25
somerville32age6racer, sounds like you need to reconfigure X19:27
somerville32sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg19:27
age6racersomerville32; Thanks I'll give it a go19:29
age6racerwhile I'm waiting for the thing to boot i'll add a couple of extra symptoms... no boot loader screen or verbose text output, and i didn't mention that this problem happend at the GDM login screen, not the desktop.19:30
age6racersomerville: same thing still happens19:35
age6racerit's screwed19:35
age6racerI've never seen this happen before19:35
somerville32I haven't either :(19:36
age6racerI've run about 4 distros on this laptop including 4 versions of Ubuntu19:36
somerville32Try asking in #ubuntu - someone there might know19:36
age6racerhave done, no luck19:36
age6racerI'm getting the alternate install cd now19:41
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mike__anybody care to give me a bit of help with my desktop20:15
=== mike__ is now known as PhobiaBB
PhobiaBBthanks you fucking faggots20:17
Eagle-101hah :P20:24
jditt1can someone help me with cron jobs?  i am running feisty and i setup a cron job using kcron job runs great just like it's supposed to but as soon as i logout the job will not run.  they only seem to run when i'm logged in.21:45
somerville32See #kubuntu for help with KDE21:47
jditt1thank you21:48
jditt1but i'm running gnome21:48
somerville32Then please see #xubuntu for support with gnome :)21:50
somerville32err... #ubuntu21:50
xubuntu_GGI finally got the Gutsy Gibbon, but I have no Panel (TOP or bottom) and the Panel Manager doesn't do anything...please help...22:38
thruxtonxubuntu_GG: run xfce4-panel & from the command line22:39
thruxtonthen log out, saving the session22:39
xubuntu_GGI am on live cd...22:39
xubuntu_GGbut glad to see there is a solution22:40
TheSheepxubuntu_GG: then just press alt+f2 and run the xfce4-panel22:40
xubuntu_GGI made the menu show in my  desktop menu, so I can get the terminal22:40
xubuntu_GGgreat, thanks...22:41
Eagle-101where is xubuntu's grub.config22:56
TheSheepEagle-101: /boot/grub/menu.lst23:00
Eagle-101(why was it moved....)23:01
neur1o.k. installed openbox, now how do i conf the menu from stock, installed the dependencies for obmenu but can't execute setup.py23:44

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