matkorabentley: Thanks a lot !00:25
* beuno wonders why nobody with access to planet.bazaar hasn't made a post about 1.002:01
TFKylethey're all too busy drinking I assume02:12
jdubquery for interest's sake02:34
jdubafter upgrade:02:34
jdub4.7M    .bzr/02:34
jdub14M     .bzr.backup/02:34
jdubafter reconcile:02:34
jdub9.1M    .bzr/02:34
jdub14M     .bzr.backup/02:34
jdubwhy is that?02:34
jdub(re: size of .bzr)02:34
Pengjdub: obsolete_packs?02:35
jdubPeng: ah, that's added during reconcile?02:35
Pengjdub: The old packs are backed up whenever they're recreated ("bzr pack", auto-packing, and reconcile).02:36
jdubwell, i'm all upgraded to 1.0 now -- yum :-)02:37
* TFKyle stabs rapidshare, this is starting to get ridiculous08:53
fullermdabentley: There, I just submitted the upgrade req for bzrtools 1.0, and optionalized the graphviz dependancy.  I don't have to smack me now   ;)08:54
Kamping_Kaiserhi all. is an svn repo import something that can only be done as a one off, or can i reimport if the svn repo changes?10:09
Alexia_DeathHello. I have a theoretical question about bazaar.11:01
Alexia_Deathnamely would it be usable as local repositroy mangagement tool under a "add-on" manager?11:02
bob2Kamping_Kaiser: you can pull and push from branches in svn11:12
Kamping_Kaiserbob2, thanks.11:13
* Alexia_Death is putting togheter a consept for GIMP add-on library that would be a crossbreed between apt portage and SVN...11:15
Alexia_Deathand bidirectional all the way.11:16
soxssry, I am a total bzr newbie11:43
soxsso let me ask a very simple, stupid q11:43
soxsI want to update exaile to the latest version11:43
soxsso I did bzr checkout http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~exaile-devel/exaile/main exaile11:44
soxsso I got the dev branch11:44
soxsbut how can I update my installed programm11:44
soxslocated /usr/lib/exaile11:45
soxsI know that I have to use bzr update11:45
soxsbut from which folder??11:45
luksin the bzr branch11:45
soxsthe checkout folder or /usr/lib/exaile11:45
luksputting it to /usr/lib/exaile is probably a job for some install script11:46
bob2is there a README or INSTALL file in the tree you checked out? (this is application-specific, nothing to do with bzr)11:46
soxswell, exaile is a gnome music player, aming to be similar to amarok but or gtk11:47
kripkenmost likely you would run "make install" to install it to the actual location (/usr/lib in this case)11:47
soxswell, thx11:48
soxso, this messed the installed version up :-/12:20
soxswell, does't really matter.. gone compile it rom source12:20
mrZebysomedoby have try to install bzr and qbzr on windows vista ?13:13
mrZebyhello re.. how to install pyqt4 ?13:21
luksmrZeby: are you using the compiled bzr or from sources with your own python installation?13:23
mrZebylucks : thanks for answering.. i try to install python based installers with my own python 2.5 installation13:24
luksthen install pyqt using the link above13:25
mrZebyso easy ? on this site they say : instal SID, use make to compile source,... ?13:25
luksyou can uncheck dev tools, docs and examples when installing it13:26
lukswhich site?13:26
mrZebyon the doc of http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/Docs/PyQt4/pyqt4ref.html13:27
luksalways first look on pages like http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/pyqt/download.php :)13:27
mrZebybut perhaps i dont need to recompile anything to use qbzr ?13:27
luksno, you don't13:27
luksjust use the pyqt installed13:27
mrZebynice new you give to me :-)13:27
mrZebyi soo stupid.. i had no see the download link for binaries !!!!13:32
mrZebyre hello all15:22
mrZebyi have installed bzr and qbzr... but how to launch qbzr ?15:22
luksmrZeby: there is no "qbzr" to launch15:44
luksit's just a bunch of separate commands15:44
mrZebya command like qlog made on a versionned directory will show some informations in a window ? something like this ?15:49
mrZebyso.. for windows users there is no GUI like winCVS for CVS or rapidSVN for subversion... no so user friendly15:51
luksqbzr will have a wincvs like interface in one of the next version15:51
luksbut not for now15:51
luksthere is olive, but it doesn't work well enough in my experience15:51
mrZebyyes i have try olive and find is not really usable15:52
mrZebyand tortoiseBZr not so powerfull as tortoisesvn ou tortoisecvs15:53
luksI mainly use command line, that's why qbzr looks like it looks15:53
mrZebyyou are the qbzr developer ?15:54
mrZebyouah nice to meet you :-)15:54
mrZebyit'is the first time i speak with a software i will use :-)15:55
jelmerit would be nice to have somebody back hacking on tortoisebzr..15:55
mrZebyi speak with the developer of a software...15:56
mrZebythen i use15:56
mrZebynice nice nice15:56
mrZebythe community for bzr looks to be very active15:57
mrZebyjelmer : and you ? your are the tortoisebzr developer ?16:00
jelmermrZeby: I work on various bzr-related bits and pieces16:01
jelmerI worked on the original version of tortoisebzr and I work on bzr-gtk16:01
mrZebyyou are mostly linux developers ?16:04
jelmeryes, the majority is, though there are some people on windows as well16:05
jelmerand some people using both16:05
mrZebyjelmer, luks : thanks for explanations, have a day end of day... see you.. bye16:18
mrZebyhave a nice end of day16:19
jelmerthanks, you too16:19
mrZebyi english is a little bit funny lol16:19
Stavrosis there an easy way to disable push-on-commit?17:13
jelmerStavros: "bzr unbind"17:13
Stavrosah, thanks17:13
Stavroswhen does it bind by default?17:13
jelmerStavros: "bzr co" binds by default17:13
jelmer"bzr branch" does not17:14
Stavrosis that the only difference between the two?17:14
Stavrosah, thanks17:14
izm99I've started a a new project and have a couple commits but I want to branch what I'm currently working on to a ".experimental" or something.  What's the best way to do this?20:11
luksizm99: you mean something like "bzr branch main experimental; cd experimenta; bzr merge --uncommitted ../main" ?20:13
izm99luks: i'm not sure...  :P  I started a project by doing "bzr init; bzr add;" in a project folder.  I've since done a couple commits, but what i've done most recently, i don't want to commit to the main (and somewhat stable) branch...  I want to commit it into a new branch which I will merge back later.  if that makes sense.  I'm just learning this (obviously)  :)20:17
luksizm99: yes, then merge --uncommited will do what you want20:18
luksjust branch of the main branch, merge the uncommitted changes to the new branch, and bzr revert in the main branch20:18
john76Hi all20:21
john76New to Bazaar and love everything I've seen so far but concerned about one feature20:21
john76Does remove really delete all history for a file?20:21
jelmerjohn76: no, it does not20:21
jelmerit's still visible in history20:22
john76good, I've read the docs and tried it myself and had results which suggest it did20:22
john76I tried bzr log <deletedfilename>20:22
john76plus tried to uncommit20:22
jelmeruncommit+revert should bring it back20:23
john76but I haven't got far enough in the docs I guess to know what I'm really up to20:23
john76ah, excellent20:23
john76I'll keep reading then, my concern became to great to ignore20:24
john76really appreciate the help20:24
izm99luks: so within my project folder, "bzr merge --uncommitted ../project.experimental" ?20:27
mwhudsonizm99: no20:27
mwhudsonother way around20:27
mwhudsonwithin your project.experimental folder, bzr merge ../project20:28
izm99oh...  merge <destination branch> <parent> ?20:29
izm99ok, I only have "project" which is the folder I'm in.  This is the original, it's not centralized or anything.  so "../project" is the current folder.  I want to create a new "../project.experimental" branch with what i've current done (uncommitted).  Should I manually rename the folder to "project.experimental"?20:47
izm99I tried following what's been suggested so far in a new simple project, in "project" I made some files, added them, then "bzr merge --uncommitted ../project" ..  It said All changes applied successfully, but that's itself.20:48
luksizm99: in the folder above "project" run "bzr branch project project.experimental"20:50
luksthen go to project experimental and run "bzr merge --uncommitted ../project"20:51
luksand in project run "bzr revert"20:51
jmlhave the bazaar-vcs.org debs been updated?20:51
izm99luks: ok, thanks, I'll try that.20:51
luksthat way you will have two branches, one only with the "stable" committed changes, and the experimental one with uncommitted changes20:51
thumperjml: not yet20:52
jmlwhat a pain.20:52
izm99luks: sweet, that worked.  thanks.  :)20:56
ricardokirknerhi. Is there any documentation (I couldnt find any) on how to use the bzr smart server?21:10
mhbHello, I get AssertionError: unexpected response code ('error', "Unknown branch format: 'Bazaar pack repository format 1 (needs bzr 0.92)\\n'") whenever I want to push a change via bzr+ssh.21:15
mhbusing bzr 1.0.0.candidate.1 on python 2.5.1.final.0 (linux2) .21:16
mhbhmm, sftp seems to work well enough. forget it.21:18
jmlmhb: do you know what version of Bazaar is running on the server?21:19
mhbjml: I guess that could be it. Thanks!21:21
jmlricardokirkner: let me have a look.21:21
jmlricardokirkner: one of the reasons you might not be able to find much documentation is that it's actually quite simple.21:21
jmlricardokirkner: have you seen http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html#running-a-smart-server?21:22
ricardokirknerok, great21:23
jmlricardokirkner: np.21:28
AnMaster1.0 out?!21:46
AnMasterwhere do I find docs on the gpg signing stuff then?21:46
jelmerhi AnMaster21:48
jelmerthe user guide contains some documentation probably21:48
jelmerverifying signatures isn't possible yet afaik21:48
igcmorning all22:18
jelmerhi igc22:30
jelmercongrats on 1.0 (-:22:30
igchi jelmer - great to hear from you22:30
igchow are things?22:30
jelmerVery well, thanks :-)22:33
pooliehello jelmer, igc22:39
igchi poolie22:40
jelmerhi poolie22:47
jelmercongrats to you as well!22:47
AnMasterdoes bzr have anything like the svn:externals thing?23:47
PengAnMaster: Not yet.23:58
AnMasterPeng, when will it be added ?23:58
AnMasteris there a change log between 0.92 and 1.0?23:59
PengAnMaster: Dunno. There's an experimental disk format that supports it, but the commands don't.23:59
PengAnMaster: NEWS.23:59

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