ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)00:02
yagamiok i d like to know how to install a driver for my ethernet card00:03
yagamiactually i have a problem with the ethernet and graphic card too00:04
user_hey all.  just need a sounding board here (been googling for quite some time) - is there a good but simple photo editor for linux?  I dl'ed GIMP, but the learning curve is pretty tough.  I liked PSP Photo in Windows- is there anything like that?00:09
user_I also got Xnview, but its too limited.  anything middle-of-the-road00:10
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XxValetexXolá pessoas00:12
ijnhi al00:23
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vzduchwho's Al?00:25
ijnmake it +l00:26
ijn :]00:26
ijn O:)00:28
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rencore_i get  a gtk error and it says something about setuid00:29
rencore_any ideas?00:29
vzduchexact error msg & context pls00:29
rencore_cant get a screenshot cuz the session only lasts less than 10 seconds when i try running kde400:29
ijnhow to disable the icon app that jump any time you open apps in kde00:29
Dr_willisIts in the settings thats launch feedvback i recall.00:30
rencore_how do i run kde400:30
counterpoint Hello  can anyone  assist me00:31
Dr_williscounterpoint,  and the problem is?00:31
pexirencore_: you only have read it at http://www.kubuntu.org00:31
counterpoint  I have make serveral attempts to download  a 386  alternative image and each  on was  corrupt00:32
vzduchijn: Kcontrol -> Appearance -> Program launch display (or so; I have a German desktop)00:32
Dr_williscounterpoint,  interesting. What are you downlioading it with?00:33
Dr_williscounterpoint,  did you try gettting it from different locations?00:33
rencore_pexi i did read it and when i select kde4 as the session it doesnt load00:33
counterpoint yes I  did , the  cd seems to burn ok and I test them , but  the files one the image was corrupted00:34
Dr_willisHmm.. you did check the md5sum after downloading it?00:34
pexirencore_: I get an error too00:34
rencore_what is urs pexi?00:34
pexibut I created a new user only for run kde4 and it works00:35
pexijust type  in a terminal: sudo adduser testKde400:36
counterpointyes ,, that what mean when I said that I  test it .... but the ce integrty always fail00:36
pexiand try to start kde with the new user00:36
Dr_williscounterpoint,  You may want to try downloading it with a torrent client, or some other download manager tool.  You might also want to test the cd image in virtualbox or vmware.00:36
counterpoint should I use a DvD  or  CD i image00:37
counterpoint    which site to  you suggest00:38
rencore_pexi i get this00:38
rencore_adduser: Please enter a username matching the regular expression configured00:38
rencore_via the NAME_REGEX[_SYSTEM] configuration variable.  Use the `--force-badname'00:38
rencore_option to relax this check or reconfigure NAME_REGEX or NAME_REGEX_SYSTEM.00:38
rencore_meh should have pastebinned sorry00:38
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Dr_willisI think user names need to be lowercase00:39
mox69__rencore: It doesnt like the username you are trying to add, possibly it has an invalid character or too long, short , etc00:40
Dagonadept keeps crashing -- how do I fix it?00:41
counterpoint Dr_willis  what site do you recommend00:41
Dr_williscounterpoint,  i normally grab mine at the disrtowatch web site.00:41
Dr_willisbut  i used torrents recently.00:41
counterpoint Oh ,   by the  way I  am using  Roxio 600:43
counterpoint sorry that I miss  your question00:43
Dr_willisYou might want to use a dedicated iso burning tool also - like 'burn at once'00:43
counterpointok,  thinks for  your help00:44
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lingarddoes anyone know how to reduce the streaming bandwith with kaffeine?00:45
Dagonadept keeps crashing. How do I fix it?00:46
QDVDAuthorGuys, any one intersted in a contest for the best template for QDVDAuthor ?00:46
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lingarduse synaptic instead of adept00:46
vzduchuse apt-get instead of synaptic or adept :P00:47
holoapt-get is deprecated00:48
holouse aptitude instead00:48
hydrogenexcept that aptitude still does bad things00:48
Dagonhow do I install synaptic if adept is working?00:48
LjLapt-get ain't deprecated on ubuntu00:48
hydrogenlike make assumptions that I want to do things00:48
hydrogenwhen I didn't tell it to00:48
vzduchapt-get isn't deprecated00:48
ardchoilleholo: apt-get is not deprecated00:49
holoi will find where i read this00:49
holook, I read the first time00:49
vzduchSynaptic and Adept are graphical frontends to apt-get00:49
LjLholo, on *debian* aptitude is recommended. we're not debian.00:49
LjLvzduch: no00:49
hydrogen"What, you want to install this package? okay, let me remove these ten packages at the same time.. i'm sure you don't really want to keep them"00:49
LjLvzduch: Synaptic, Adept *and apt-get* (and aptitude) are all frontends to APT00:49
LjLhydrogen: perhaps some of those 10 packages would conflict anyway00:50
hydrogenthey wouldn't00:50
* vzduch doesn't like aptitude, as it treats recommended pkgs as 'hard' dependencies00:50
limacwhy is celeron considered a bad processor????00:50
hydrogenthey were packages that apt saw as no longer needed.. apt-get tells me that they are no longer necessary, and that I can remove them if I tell it to, aptitude assumes that I want to remove them00:51
compbrainlimac: its underpowered?00:51
holoLjL: ok, so apt-get (frontend to APT) is deprecated in debian.00:51
limaccompbrain: expand :D00:51
jhutchinsCelerons usually have less L2 cache and don't perform as well as the same plain intel chip, in exchange for which they use less power and create less heat.00:52
jhutchinsTypically they're thought of as a "laptop" chip, but also used in cheap or specialty systems.00:52
jhutchinsKind of like a Xenon is perceived as being a top-end server chip for the same model run.00:53
limaci no i have a laptop (not a robust comp)00:53
limacso is AMD good or is intel better?00:53
jhutchinslimac: Depends on what you want.00:54
limacwhat's ur opinion?00:54
jhutchinslimac: Generally right now, Intell is beating AMD both on top performance and performance per price.00:54
limacwhich is a more robust one?00:54
jhutchinsYou need to pick something - price, clock speed, performance goal - then compare various different processors that meet that criteria.  It depends on what you can get the chip for.00:55
jhutchinslimac: The core 2 duo processors perform very well and give good value for the price.00:56
limacso which chip is a good one if i want to perform high-end apps on the comuter???00:56
jhutchinslimac: Depends on what you mean.00:56
jhutchinslimac: Xenons tend to handle multi-tasking servers better, but you pay for the extra performance.00:56
limaclike say a long compilation of a c++00:57
jhutchinslimac: I would say that if a core 2 duo is in your price range, it's the best bet.00:57
jhutchinslimac: Then again, you need to ask how many cores you want.00:57
limachow much is it now days??00:57
wladekhi.  i'm running kubuntu 7.10 with an nvidia graphics card.  i was unable to use the default driver (stability problem) that came with the distribution so i followed the steps to install the driver from nvidia's site.  everything seems to be working fine, but i'm having an issue when opening new windows on my multiple display desktop.  when i open new windows they open strattled against both displays.  also, if i fullscreen a video00:58
wladek it does the same thing.  anyone know how i can get remedy this situation?00:58
jhutchinslimac: For a database server that's going to have some 250 systems connecting to it and doing queries and writes every few seconds, we rejected a dual core server and requested that they go with quad core.00:58
jhutchinslimac: You need to check some of the web sites that do hardware reviews.00:58
jhutchinslimac: See what's best for your purposes.00:58
limacjhutchins: thx and did u yet use the quad-core proc?00:58
* compbrain is using a dual quad core00:59
jhutchinslimac: Haven't arrived yet.00:59
limaccompbrain: how do u like it?00:59
compbrainIts damn peppy00:59
limacjhutchins: of course did! i saw it in Bestbuy!01:00
jhutchinslimac: In our case, the quad core will scale well, because we're doing lots of seperate transactions.01:00
limaccompbrain: wat do u mean peppy?01:00
compbrainlimac: Its quite fast for the workload I present01:00
jhutchinsOn the other hand, if I were running it as a desktop, a lot of processes wouldn't be any faster than a single-core AMD, becuase they don't multi-thread.01:00
compbrainDell had a free upsell from a single dual core to a dual quad core, so its quite nice01:01
jhutchinsWhen I built the box I'm on now, I could get an AMD that performed better than the Intell chip I could get for about the same price, so I went with AMD.01:01
compbrainSingle threaded perfrmance is less than that of my AMD X2, but thats mostly a clock speed issue01:01
limaccompbrain: would u suggest me that for like long compilation (c++)01:01
compbrainlimac: If you can convince the compiler to use more than one thread, a multi-core processor will do you good.01:02
jhutchinslimac: compilation can use multi-processing well, so more cores at lower clockspeeds will help.01:02
compbrainThe Core 2 line is getting alot of positive feedback currently01:02
jhutchinsFor programs that don't thread as well as compilation does, higher clock speed with fewer cores will give you better performance.01:02
jhutchinslimac: There's no single "best" answer.01:03
jhutchinslimac: Even if there were, that would drive the price of the "best" CPU up until it wasn't as good a deal any more.01:03
limacI'll look01:03
limacfor DESKTOPS01:03
limacand no more lappys01:03
limacfor me01:03
jhutchinsThe Core 2 duos are getting such positive reviews it's driving the lower-performance AMD's prices down, so you might be able to find a faster AMD for a lower price.01:03
jhutchinslimac: You can also use distcc and compile simultaneously on multiple machines for big jobs.01:04
jhutchinslimac: Tom's Hardware is a good site for reviews and performance specs.01:04
jhutchinscompbrain: I had a core 2 duo macbook for a month, that was a pretty nice system.01:05
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limacwhere can i get the reviews from??01:06
NickPrestalimac, www.tomshardware.com is great. Their CPU chart should give you some ideas of performance.01:07
wladekhey.. how do i setup x server so when i spawn new windows they're not straddled across both my displays?01:17
flaccidhow would you like it?01:18
flaccidim not sure on your question actually01:18
flaccidif you have dual display, it should stretch the display it spawns on01:19
flaccidnot across both by default01:19
wladekwhen i spawn new windows they appear straddled across both displays01:19
wladekwhen i used the original restricted nvidia driver.. it did something to xserver new windows wouldnt behave like this01:20
wladekbut im not sure what it was01:20
wladekand now that i had to setup the nvidia driver manually i don't have this behaviour anymore01:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about screenlet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:20
Kingzarhow do i installl screenlet manager01:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about celeron - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:21
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com01:21
wladekalso when i fullscreen a video it straddles the video across both screens as opposed to full screen'ing to the display it's currently in :/01:22
KingzarHow do i install screenlets01:22
Dr_willisI think you download the soruce from the screenlets web site01:24
flaccidwladek: ah yeah thats an nvidia property in xorg.conf i think. but i can't remember. #nvidia or google should help01:24
Dr_williswladek,  twinview is supposed to take care of that. If you enable twinview wih the nvidia settings tool. You still need to restart the X server for it to work properly01:25
Kingzarthanks Dr_willis01:25
wladeki'm already using twinview.  doesnt seem to do the trick01:26
ibilicevery time I log in, I have to turn my external USB disk on and off for it to be detected... do you know why?01:27
Dr_williswhat player are you ussing wladek ?  and how did you enable twinview?01:27
flaccidmaybe pastebin the xorg.conf to see if its in there01:27
Dr_willisibilic,  if the drive is always goign to be atatched. You could  just make a fstab entry for it.01:27
wladekvlc player.  i enabled twinview using nvidia-settings01:27
NickPrestawladek, I use twinview and "fullscreen" videos aren't actually fullscreen. They open up fully on a single display. Games are another story, however.01:27
Dr_williswladek,  and did you restart the X server after enabling it?01:28
flaccidyeah nvidia-settings is a frontend to xorg.conf pretty much01:28
wladekyeah, i've restarted xserver01:28
wladekyou want me to pastebin my xorg.conf ?01:28
Dr_willisvlc fullscreens on the monitor its the 'most' on - here. for me. I can only think of a few apps that are brain dead and try to take up both displays01:28
flaccidhmmm, there is that setting but with nvidia to make it stretch01:28
flaccidon windows it gives you an extra button on the window to do it01:29
Dr_willisheres my xorg.conf  set up for twinview. 1 dvi monitor and a tv out.01:30
Dr_willis    Option         "Xinerama" "0"  i THINK may be imporntant :)01:30
flaccidi love xrandr :)01:30
flaccidwonder if wladek has an extra directive01:31
NickPrestawladek, our xorg.conf's are almost identical01:31
flaccidwhere is wladek's?01:32
wladeki only have one screen directive01:32
ubotuThe Win32 codecs are available from the Medibuntu repositories (see « /msg ubotu medibuntu »), and for releases prior to Gutsy, also at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages01:32
wladekone sec.. ill pastebin it01:32
NickPrestaoh wait, I was speaking to Dr_willis :)01:32
r0y4lif i try to start kde with kdm, i'm always returned to kdm....01:33
r0y4lif i start kde with "startx" as same user, it works, but after "log out" this kde session no tty is reachable (strg+alt+f1, etc.) everything black01:33
wolfgerhey guys. Quick question:01:33
r0y4lno .xsession-errors errors, and no Xorg.0.log errors...01:33
wladekmaybe it's stretching because i only have the one screen setup for both displays?01:33
wolfgerIn Konversation, is there any way to show a split view of multiple chat rooms at once?01:34
flaccidr0y4l: what about in normal operation. if you start computer does kdm work fine and shutdown ok?01:35
r0y4lflaccid: kdm starts fine, but i can't login01:35
r0y4lflaccid: i'm always returned to kdm...01:35
r0y4lflaccid: some seconds black screens, then kdm01:35
r0y4li don't changed anything in my last session, i only did some ssh work, that's it (not local, remote ssh work)01:36
r0y4li had this problem so often now...01:36
r0y4lit sucks that i have always to rebuild everything like remote places, kicker, etc.01:36
r0y4lbut i don't know what goes wrong01:36
flaccidr0y4l: if you create a new user and log in01:37
flaccidsame thing?01:37
r0y4lflaccid: mom i'll try01:37
r0y4lflaccid: then i get "could not launch kstartupconfig"01:39
r0y4lflaccid: sorry i forgot to create homedir01:40
r0y4lflaccid: now kde starts..01:40
r0y4lbut it sucks that i now have to set up everything again01:40
flaccidwelcome to kde01:40
flaccidi've had this same problem01:40
flaccidits common more with ubuntu so im not sure who is mainly at fault01:41
flaccidits usually a corrupted kde config file01:41
flaccidfinding out which one it is can be as painful as working out which windows driver is preventing startup...01:41
flaccid#kde guys might be able to help01:41
r0y4lcan't i locate this corrupt file? as i said thats not the first time....01:41
maduserwhat happened?01:42
flaccidim not sure how besides looking at logs. but #kde guy should be able to help01:42
jagerhow does one get superkaramba widgets onto the compiz widget layer?01:43
tehm0nk-otherpcOK so i'm formating everything and i want to know if i should install windows XP first or Kubuntu first?01:43
jagerXP first01:44
nosrednaekimxp first01:44
tehm0nk-otherpcargh k01:44
tehm0nk-otherpcWhat boot partitioning software whould i use?01:45
KingzarWho can help me with screenlets!? i downloaded the files from www.screenlet.org, and the installl instructions says sudo make install but there is no install file in the directory !!01:46
KingzarWho can help me with screenlets!? i downloaded the files from www.screenlet.org, and the installl instructions says sudo make install but there is no install file in the directory !!01:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about screenlet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:48
SubNetHi there - anybody still there?01:50
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:50
lascardo i even need libdvdcss?01:50
Kingzari don have it01:50
Kingzari still play dvds01:50
SubNetDoes anybody know how I can list ext3-HDs under media:// by there Labels?01:50
lascarfigured as much01:51
newguysshi, any advice about which DC++ client I could get01:51
sfearswhat is DC++01:54
tehm0nk-otherpcno one knows a good boot cd partitioner?01:55
jageryou can use qtpartedit01:55
jagerfrom a knoppix cd or something01:55
sfearswhat is knoppix?01:55
jagerhowever just using 1/2 the drive or whatever in the windows installer should be sufficient01:55
jagerlinux that runs from a cd01:55
sfearsgot cha01:56
tehm0nk-otherpcwell i'm going to format all01:56
tehm0nk-otherpcthen install XP01:56
tehm0nk-otherpcthen... kubuntu01:56
tehm0nk-otherpcrunning into too many problems the other way01:56
tehm0nk-otherpcdowngrading makes me sad01:56
tehm0nk-otherpcvista was so pretty.01:56
sfearsvista is pretty01:56
jagerheh compiz is prettier anyway01:56
jagerif i could just get my widget layer working01:57
counterpointHello  DR_willis thank for you  help01:57
tehm0nk-otherpcyeah but01:57
* jager weeps01:57
tehm0nk-otherpcvista for gaming = 30 less fps01:57
tehm0nk-otherpcand uh oh well01:57
tehm0nk-otherpcvista didn't have validation problems for me...01:57
tehm0nk-otherpcso that is why i stuck with it01:57
SudoKingCan you remove a folder with sudo rm?01:57
tehm0nk-otherpcseeing how i can basically run wow on kubuntu with vmware i beleive...01:58
tehm0nk-otherpci'm just sticking xp there for backup01:58
SubNetSudoKing: sudo rm -R /folder/path01:58
SudoKingthanks you01:58
SubNetSudoKing: but be careful - that can rm your whole System if used the wrong way !!!01:58
tehm0nk-otherpcshould i just partition at least the windows parts with the xp installed?01:58
tehm0nk-otherpcthen... fix the gaps with kubuntu?01:58
sfearsdoes anyone know of a low level formating program available on linux.. one that would let me format a hard drive hooked up thru a usb/ide cable01:59
Kingzarjager: whatś widget layer in compiz for anyways?01:59
SudoKingthanks, subnet, done, without wrecking my system :P01:59
SubNetnice to hear tht Sudo01:59
jagerlike dashboard on macs01:59
jagerput superkaramba stuff on it01:59
jagerat least so they say i'm working on it :p01:59
KingzarI had superkaramba01:59
Kingzarno clue what to do with it02:00
SubNetso nobody knows how to tweak media:/ to show the Disk-Labels of ext3-Partitions?02:00
Kingzariḿ trying to figure screenlets out now instaed of superkaramba ;P02:00
Kingzarcan i use screenlets on my widget layer?02:00
draremcan i set up a gaming linux box as an 'audio' server, so that I don't need a splitter or multiple inputs to run my other gaming box through the audio?02:02
blmmI somehow lost the Kubuntu tweak to open removable media as /media rather than using an ioslave. Where is this setting? How do I restore it? I have kubuntu-default-settings installed.02:02
Kingzarwhatś the gedit command for kubuntu?02:03
blmmOr should I remove some KDE package?02:03
draremgedit ?02:03
SubNetKingzar: kate02:03
Kingzarsudo gedit = sudo kate02:04
sfearsif you open a hard drive will it be ruined forever?02:04
SubNetblmm: mounting external Devices is done by hald ...02:04
SubNetKingzar: yes02:04
holycowwhat app controls the resolution in kde?02:04
draremKingzar - or gksudo  ?02:05
holycowi'm playing around with kde4 beta, i'm hoping its the same app as in kde302:05
SubNethald is the H_ardware A_bstraction L_ayer D_eamon02:05
blmmI think it is mounted OK, just that it opens using system:// rather than /media. I can manually go to the /media equivalent.02:05
SubNetblmm: byt media:/ doesnt show ist?02:05
SubNetWOW - but media:/ doesn't show it?02:06
blmmmedia:// works, it's just that I agree with the Kubuntu decision not to use it (non-KDE programs). Just a slight inconvenience.02:06
SubNetblmm: Sorry mate, no idea02:09
Dr_willisblmm,  with that logic however - they should also remove fish:// and smb:// and all the kioslave things like that.02:10
Dr_willisof course as long as you just ise the special addresses like that for file management - ive never had any problems.02:11
jmichaelxi have tried everything to get my rt2500-based wireless working well in gutsy, but it is starting to look hopeless. i have blacklisted the crap gutsy rt2500pci driver, and have compiled the serialmonkey rt2500 driver... this has helped have a more stable connection to my WEP-protected home-network, buti am having an even worse time connecting to totally unencrypted public networks... does anyone have a suggestion?02:11
vzduchsfears: it will at least void your warranty.. and probably ruin the drive, yes, unless you have the proper tools and knowledge to re-assemble it like it's supposed to be, and preferably a clean-room02:12
blmmDr_willis: I don't think so. With media:// you have the choice of direct file system access or an ioslave. Direct file access is more useful. For fish:// and smb:// the ioslaves are much better than nothing, i.e. using a special client program. And there is a FUSE/ioslave thing you could try using.02:14
Aresilekjmichaelx: what kind of instabillity do u get?02:17
Kingzarboth screenlets and superkaramba suck!!02:18
jmichaelxAresilek: at home, i have no instability anymore.... it is very stable, although i have to use rutilt to connect... but i often cannot connect at all at coffee shops and other places02:18
jmichaelxKingzar: i like superkaramba, but it can be finnicky02:19
Kingzari liked it too if it worked02:19
jmichaelxwhat isn't working?02:19
Kingzari had it all set up once, and suddenly the weather app decided to leave just like that02:19
Kingzarand never returned02:19
Kingzarand so did the rest later02:19
jmichaelxare you using liquid weather?02:19
Kingzari used liquid weather yes02:20
Aresilekjmichaelx: i have connection problems too02:20
Kingzarthe only thing i could think of, was that i deleted the .tar file from my desktop02:20
Kingzarwould that have caused the problem? does karamba not safe the widget to another place after installing?02:21
Dr_willisblmm,  i was just thinking of the fuse ioslave stuff also. :) Wondering how wellit works02:21
jmichaelxok, if i were you, i would make sure i had the most recent liquid weather downloaded and installed, then i recommend going into ~/.superkaramba and deleting all of the liquid weather config files so that you can start fresh. it should work then02:21
jmichaelxAresilek: what kind of card are you using?02:22
Kingzarwhere is ~/.superkaramba02:22
jmichaelxKingzar: /home/<username>/.superkaramba02:22
Dr_willisI seem to recall some 'issue' with liquid weather and the dash/bash changes in ubuntu.02:22
mueslixgood evening02:23
Kingzarbtw my kdm media manager crashed, what is the command to start it again02:23
jmichaelxit is possible... i run several distros, and always have problems in *ubuntu that i never have in the others02:23
Kingzarcan enter my drives02:23
mueslixi just installed the kde4 rc2 packages... selecting kde4 in kdm just restarts kdm tho02:23
Aresilekjmichaelx: intel not sure what exact model02:23
Kingzarenter my drives02:23
jmichaelxi do not have the issues with liquid weather in fedora or slackware that i have off and on in kubuntu02:23
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surgyanyone mind helping me out in #kubuntu-offtopic02:24
Aresilekjmichaelx: 3945 i think02:24
sfearswhat's up surgy?02:24
Dr_willisjmichaelx,  the 'issue' i am thinking of - comes from the liquid weather guys using '#!/bin/sh' when they should be using #!/bin/bash :)  at least i THINK thats the issue.02:24
surgyits off topic so could you come to the off topic channel plz?02:24
fsckris there a config program for KDE like there is for gnome?  Gnomes is gconf.  My screensaver doesn't come on at all even though its enable to start automatically in 15 min02:24
jmichaelxAresilek: gutsy was a dramatic step backwards for wireless, as far as my experience has gone02:24
fsckrand I know there is the system settings02:24
=== sfears is now known as sFEARs
jmichaelxDr_willis: i see... i have had no problems personally with liquid weather of late, but that could well be so02:25
david__I have had mixed sucess with gusty and wireless ... some better some worse ... the worst02:25
Kingzarsudo rm ~/.superkaramba <--?02:25
jmichaelxKingzar: no02:25
david__was getting amd and broadcom card working :(02:25
Dr_willisjmichaelx,  im thinking it was liq. weather. Someone posted a thread/faq where the 'fix' from the Liq. weather guys for the 'broken' ubuntu was well... lets say not a good fix. :)02:26
Aresilekjmichaelx: some times it connects, most of the time it doesn't :-(02:26
jmichaelxKingzar: just use konqueror to get to ~/.superkaramba. go to your home directory, and enable 'hidden files'02:27
Dr_willisjmichaelx,  http://liquidweather.net/howto/index.php?id=59  --- The knowledge of the person writing that howto.. shows that they need to research ubuntu/dash/bash a little more :)02:27
jmichaelxDr_willis: i see, interesting02:27
Dr_willisjmichaelx,  yea. i found the 'attitude' of the 'howto' interesting and the fact  the fix is really for them to fix their scripts.. OR use 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash'   interesting02:28
jmichaelxDr_willis: although that appears to have been for edgy... i do remember having a lot of issues with liquid weather in edgy. i think i even had uninstalled it for a while02:28
Aresilekwill ubuntu (wnet) drivers work in kubuntu?02:28
Dr_willisjmichaelx,  i think the issue is going away now that more and more script writers/progamres are using #!/bin/bash properly02:29
Dr_willisused to be limewire and some other programs had similer issues.02:29
jmichaelxi see, this is educational lol02:29
Dr_willisa few dozen+ bug reports to them  and they fix the scripts. heh.02:29
Dr_willisI reseearched this topic a whole bunch when they did the dash/bash change.02:29
jmichaelxKingzar: did you figure out what i was suggesting?02:30
Kingzarjmichaelx: i have no clue how to enable view hidden files02:30
Dr_willisthe 'core' of the issue is that a script calling #!/bin/sh can Still use 'bash only' features. since bash does not complain. which i feel is a bug/problem with bash.  but it was that way for so long that peole assume bash is sh i guess.02:30
Dr_willisWell back to help the wife a bit.02:30
jmichaelxKingzar: go to your home folder in konqueror or dolphin.... in konqueror's menu, click 'view' at the top, and select 'Show Hidden Files'02:31
jmichaelxit's the same in dolphin02:32
Kingzarwhahaha jmichaelx i had no clue it could be that easy :p02:33
Kingzaranyways iĺl try again now in the mean time do you know how i can restart my kde media manager02:33
Kingzaritś not running, crashed before02:33
jmichaelxKingzar: it's easy, but confusing when you're new02:33
jmichaelxhmm i don't know anything about kde media manager02:33
=== Airforce5555 is now known as By-Torisretarded
Aresilekwill ubuntu (wnet) drivers work in kubuntu?02:36
=== Dannilionz is now known as Dannilion
jmichaelxAresilek: that should all be the same02:37
=== By-Torisretarded is now known as thenecromanceris
=== thenecromanceris is now known as retarded
Aresilekjmichaelx: thx02:37
=== retarded is now known as theanalogkidis
=== theanalogkidis is now known as retarded
Aresilekjmichaelx: i haven't installed any drivers i just use what came in the box, so i'll try installing some02:37
=== retarded is now known as noyoumaynot
=== noyoumaynot is now known as besmart
jmichaelxAresilek: i think the intel wireless drivers areinstalled by default. usually intel wireless works well in linux02:38
=== besmart is now known as Airforce5555
Aresilekjmichaelx: I'm trying to connect to a WEP protected network as well by the way02:38
jmichaelxAresilek: i am no expert, but i don't think you need to install any drivers for intel02:39
Aresilekjmichaelx: when i get the chance i may try playing around with my access point settings to see if it gives different levels of success02:39
Aresilekjmichaelx: oh ok02:39
david__Aresilek intel works out of the box.02:39
jmichaelxhave you tried just entering your info in System Settings?02:39
jmichaelxi have been fighting wireless problems in gutsy from the get-go. i am thinking about ditching it altogether at this point (on my laptop, at least)02:41
jmichaelxi may go with fedora, if i can find out whether or not rt2500-based wireless cards work well in fedora02:41
david__jmichalex if you don't mind what is the laptop ... I had no problems on an intel wireless laptop02:42
jmichaelxdavid__: i wish i had intel.... this laptop has an rt2500-based wireless adaptor02:43
bazhangralink are iffy in every distro jmichaelx02:44
david__ohhh okay sorry I thought it was intel02:44
Aresilekit used to work well before, i think when i switched from WPA to WEP I started to get issues02:44
Aresilekdavid__: mine is the intel02:44
jmichaelxbazhang: i always had very good luckj with rt2500 until now02:44
david__ohh okay sorry I just got confused.02:44
bazhangjmichaelx: the operative word being luck; for some they work, others they never do02:45
toxop1asmahey guys a quick noob question. i have a kubuntu 7.04 cd. is there any reason to get the newest one (7.10)?02:45
jmichaelxbefore edgy i often had to compile the driver and so on, but after that, things were fine02:45
KingzarHow do i restart KDE?02:45
bazhangtoxop1asma: what kind of system? how much ram, etc02:46
jmichaelxrt2500 worked out of the box in feisty.... both pci and usb02:46
toxop1asmabazhang: axp 1600, 512 ram, gf202:46
bazhangtoxop1asma: nvidia card 2 series?02:47
toxop1asmayeah. geforce2 mx400 64mb02:47
tehm0nk-otherpci forgot to get a floppy disk with sata drivers for winx02:48
bazhangtoxop1asma: why not get the 7.10 live cd and compare? that is likely the best way to find out02:48
tehm0nk-otherpcuh.... you think i can do that inside kubuntu live?02:48
toxop1asmaisn't 7.10 basically the same as any other 7.xx, but with all updates applied? as opposed to 8.xx, which would be a bigger change not attainable with updates? how does this all work?02:49
=== Airforce5555 is now known as takemynick
toxop1asmabazhang: i am not sure if my burner is working. it would a pain in the ass to do it02:50
bazhangtoxop1asma: just a suggestion; though if you have no way to get another cd--why ask for an alternative to 7.04?02:51
toxop1asmabazhang: if there is a significant benefit, i'd go through the pain of getting 7.10. but not otherwise. is there a page that explains what version numbers mean?02:53
bazhangtoxop1asma: version numbers? year and month02:53
jmichaelxare there any wireless cards working well in gutsy? i don't want to buy yet another mini-pci card, but this is just sucking way too much02:54
jmichaelxi am thinking intel or atheros02:54
bazhangintel is jmichaelx02:54
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:54
jmichaelxi have my doubts about lots02:54
flaccidintel better support than atheros02:54
david__My mother had an atheros which worked out of the box.02:55
flaccidthere is more than 1 model atheros02:56
jmichaelxatheros works out-of-the-box in most distros, but not as consistantly in the buntus02:56
toxop1asmabazhang: thanks! wow, i should have figured that one out. but then, what is Breezy Badger and so on? how does that correlate with version numbers? or it doesn't..?02:56
flaccidit depends on the card02:56
flaccidthe model of the card.02:56
david__I put gusty on her laptop.02:56
bazhangtoxop1asma: no idea02:56
Dragnslcrtoxop1asma- each version has a "code name" that's used before the release and in other informal discussions02:58
jmichaelxflaccid: it is funny. according to the link you gave me, rt2500-based cards should work out of the box in gutsy. all you need to do is look in the forums to see that is not the case at all.02:58
flaccidsounds about right02:59
flaccidi avoid atheros because they are not what they claim in terms of support in linux02:59
toxop1asmaDragnslcr: oh, i see. and if i have an old version, and apply all the updates, is it the same as the new version?02:59
jmichaelxflaccid: i have an atheros pci card that i have used in 2 machines without any issues at all.. but i know nothing about exactly what version it is02:59
flaccidbecause 1 model card worked for 1 person doesn't mean that all cards work for all persons and platforms..03:00
Dragnslcrtoxop1asma- should be, yeah. Usually you can only upgrade one version at a time, so if for example you have 6.06 installed, it may be easier to do a clean install of 7.10 than to upgrade from 6.06 to 6.10 to 7.04 to 7.1003:00
=== ubuntu is now known as tehm0nk
flaccidso the old claim of 'worked for me' doesn't fit, not that it ever does03:00
david__jmichaelx I agree .. I wish I knew the version I had my mother using.03:00
Dr_willisi love it when identically named cards from a company change chipsets :)03:00
Dragnslcrtoxop1asma- especially since upgrades aren't always painless03:00
Dr_willisHad several Linksys cards that did that.03:00
tehm0nkhey ... i'm on the live cd now03:01
tehm0nkis it possible to put my windows xp raid drivers on a disk from here?03:01
tehm0nka floppy?03:01
bazhangDr_willis: that has happened to me as well :}03:01
flaccidsure is03:01
Dr_willisYou can  mount/read/write to floppy disks..03:01
tehm0nkhow do i mount it?03:01
Dr_willisThis is weird - I have an external usb - dvd burner.. Its been burning good all day., now suddendly on the last 2 disks. its  buring at 1x speed with k3b.03:01
ubotuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone03:01
bazhangnetgear in my case03:01
Dr_willisNot sure what to do to kick it in the head. :)   I wonder if it was the dvd disks.. they are the last of an old batch i bought ages ago.03:02
toxop1asmaDragnslcr: thanks.03:02
jmichaelxi am to the point that the only card i would trust to work in the buntus,from version to version, is intel. anything else is wide open to problems.... may work well in one version, just to not work at all in the next. i have no idea (there may be a good reason) why the ubuntu devs included the nasty, unstable beta rt2500 drivers, rather than the stable, legacy drivers03:02
flaccidi agree jmichaelx03:03
flaccidafter they fixed up ipw support and the new cards came out, intel support was pretty much made good for intel03:03
Dr_willisrt2500 was So hyped when it the news/company came out with all the gpl support news.. and well..  they dident live up to their end. :(03:03
Dr_willisDoes intel make stand alone wireless cards?03:03
flaccidi mean for wireless. it is very rare i can't trust an intel wirless card out of box03:03
bazhangralink are gpl, but poorly designed imo03:03
Dr_willisI cant recall ever seeing any.03:03
flaccidwhat is stand alone?03:04
jmichaelxDr_willis: i always had good luck with the legacy rt2500 drivers03:04
flaccidit needs a computer lol03:04
Dr_willisjmichaelx,  ive never ttried them.. i never saw any 2500 cards in the stores so i never grabbed one.03:04
Dr_willisof course I dont use wireless  much. I ran wires throgh the house.03:04
jmichaelxDr_willis: i have 3 of them03:04
bazhangI'm guessing stand alone means available for retail sale03:04
flaccidmy house is like an internet cafe03:04
david__flaccid do you have free coffee for all of us ? ;)03:05
jmichaelxlinksys has sold a lot of rt2500 cards.. both pci and usb03:05
Dr_willisi dont recall seeing any intel cards   at the various pc parts stores either.. could be they just are not as widly stocked. Or i just overlooked them03:05
jmichaelxDr_willis: i was talking about rt2500... no, you don't see intel in the stores, to my knowledge03:06
Dr_willisI recall seeing Intel Motherbosards where i normally shop. But not much else.03:06
jmichaelxwireless in linux in general is still one of its biggest problems03:06
flacciddavid__: yeah but you gotta make it :p03:07
david__hehehhe :)03:07
bazhangsoftware patents are the issue imo03:07
flaccidintel don't really do retail03:07
Dr_willisi find wureless under windows to be a very very very big pain also.03:07
jmichaelxbazhang: i am with you03:07
tehm0nkthat walkthrough makes a lot of no sense on how to get the floppy drive to read/write03:07
flaccidthere are a lot of shite wireless cards - which are used in soho routers03:08
Dr_willissudo mount /dev/floppy /media/floppy   ?03:08
flaccideg. dlink, netgear03:08
jmichaelxa lot of the help.unbuntu docs are out of date or just wrong03:08
flaccidjmichaelx: yeah the doco team doesn't want a handbook unfortunately03:08
tehm0nkubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/floppy /media/floppy03:09
tehm0nkmount: mount point /media/floppy does not exist03:09
tehm0nkso no.03:09
tehm0nki'm in the live cd...03:09
rayluyou need to sudo mkdir /media/floppy03:09
flaccidtehm0nk: sudo mkdir /media/floppy03:09
rayluhi :D03:09
flaccidfdformat is a cool tool too btw03:09
tehm0nksame error03:10
tehm0nkmount: special device /dev/floppy does not exist03:10
jmichaelxwhat is funny, is that i can get my rt2500 to connect just fine at home on my WEp encrypted network... but i cannot connect at all to public wireless hotspots03:10
tehm0nkafter i made the dir...03:10
rayluer, that's not the same error03:10
raylujmichaelx: with some gui tool or via command line?03:11
Dr_willistehm0nk,   its possible its /dev/somthing else. :)03:11
david__jmichaelx I think there is a problem there seems I had this same problem with ndiswrapper and a broadcom ...03:11
Dr_willisI have no flopppy so no idea what the dev is. :)03:11
david__I wish I could remember the fix but I have long since gotten rid of that laptop.03:11
tehm0nkwell this is my last hope lo03:11
jmichaelxraylu: david__: i have to connect with RutilT at home... at coffee shops, etc, nothing works03:12
tehm0nki forgot to make a sata raid disk before clearing my stripe set and redoing it03:12
flaccidusuall /dev/fd003:12
Dr_willisThose howtos you looked at dont mention a /dev/SOMTHING ?03:12
tehm0nk... lol03:12
tehm0nki love you.03:12
flaccidls /dev | grep fd03:12
tehm0nkit's accessing the floppy03:12
flaccidwill show the floppy devices03:12
david__I remember that anything without encryption was a pain.03:12
tehm0nknow i just need to get the drivers on it lol03:12
flaccidbroadcome worse than atheros outch03:12
osirisapt trouble03:13
jmichaelxit's funny that the unencrypted networks would be the problem03:13
rayluwhy are you using floopies again?03:13
flaccidosiris: filesystem is read only for some reason..03:13
david__Yeah, I remember thinking the same.03:13
tehm0nkyou have to be kidding03:13
rayluosiris: looks like your apt stuff is mounted on a read-only filesystem03:13
tehm0nkthe drivers are a .exe03:13
osirisafter my last update to the server, it broke03:13
jmichaelxi had a mini-pci bcm43xx card in this lappy to start with, but pulled it and put in this rt2500 card that i got on ebay for $1503:14
rayluwhen you installed, did you configure a seperate mountpoint for anything or was everything /?03:14
osirisno, nothing funny about it03:14
jmichaelxit was heaven until gutsy came along and ruined it03:14
flaccidosiris: easiest problem is to reboot and do normal boot. if it mounts read only again, you have a problem with the fs or similar03:14
rayluok, what does mounted show, osiris?03:14
raylujmichaelx: if it comes down to it, you can always downgrade03:14
rayluor perhaps an older version of the kernel would help03:15
tehm0nkis there a vm that i could use to open it?03:15
david__jmichaelx could you recompile with an older driver?03:15
Dr_willistehm0nk,  try wine03:15
Dr_willis!info cabextract03:16
ubotucabextract: a program to extract Microsoft Cabinet files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-2 (gutsy), package size 52 kB, installed size 184 kB03:16
Dr_williscabextract may extract the files also03:16
jmichaelxdavid__: i already did compile the old driver... it is much,much better than the gutsy driver, but i still cannot connect to unencrypted networks03:16
flaccidosiris: /dev/hda1 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro) <-- appears to have mounted read only due to errors on the fs03:17
osirisstrange. i guess ill reboot it03:17
raylui had an issue like that when my hard-drive was borked03:17
rayluhopefully it's just some software deal03:17
david__jmichaelx hmmm I remember the broadcom problem was in some auth module not in the driver.03:18
raylui just put a hyphen in hard drive =\03:18
raylujmichaelx: is turning off the encryption on your network temporarily an option for you?03:18
jmichaelxbut this is ralink... maybe a similar problem , though03:18
jmichaelxraylu: i can connect just fine to encrypted networks... it is unencrypted ones i have a problem with03:19
david__I wish I could remember the module.03:19
sFEARshow do i find out how much hard disk space i have left.. i don't have an internet connection on my other computer & disk usage analyzer isn't installed?03:21
jmichaelxi am going to quit fighting this, and just buy an intel mini-pci card from ebay..... it sucks to have to do that, but it is probably the best solution03:21
david__sFear df03:22
rignesEvery once in a while my laptop with Kubuntu install will suspend to disk even though the power is turned on.  Anyone else see this happen or is it just me?03:22
rignesI should rephrase that.  Even though the AC is plugged in. ;)03:23
sFEARsdo you have it set to hibernat if not being used after x amount of minues rignes03:23
etfbrignes: check the power settings - left click battery icon on taskbar03:23
rignesNot that I know of.  I'll check the settings quick.03:23
rignesIf it is set it's set to a very high value.  In the hours.03:24
tehm0nkanyone here on a windows box?03:24
tehm0nki need some uber help lol03:24
sFEARssup m0nk?03:24
tehm0nksomeone to get the files out of the nvidia drivers for raid...03:24
etfbtehm0nk: I have one sitting in front of me, switched off.  What do you need?03:24
tehm0nkso i can put them on a floppy here03:24
tehm0nkin kubuntu live cd03:25
tehm0nki got the floppy to show but i can't get the drivers in... files form03:25
etfbtehm0nk: Why do you need a Windoze box for that?03:25
tehm0nkbecause all the crap from nvidia is for Windows...03:25
tehm0nkand i'm trying to install winxp before kubuntu03:25
tehm0nkwinxp will NOT recognize sata raid in the install without the sata raid drivers on a floppy03:26
tehm0nkwith the f6 method03:26
rignesetfb: Nope, it's set to do nothing on mains power.03:26
tehm0nki even Tried hoping my tinyxp disk maybe had the drivers on it already03:26
tehm0nkbut no it didn't recognize it...03:27
sakthianpls tell some commands to check the current running program in kubuntu03:27
david__sakthian ps ax | less03:27
tehm0nki'm new to linux so...03:27
rignesThe only thing I can think of is it may think that the lid is closed and go into hibernate because of that.03:27
tehm0nki dont think i could figure out how to make it do that...03:27
bazhangtop sakthian03:27
tehm0nkwithout a windows box03:28
etfbrignes: what about the laptop lid option?  Maybe it's getting pressed somehow.  Switch it off.03:28
tehm0nkand i dont know anything about vmware or whatever03:28
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rignesMaybe a faulty switch?  It's not consistent in time.03:28
tehm0nkMorningsickness: that is just wrong.03:28
etfbtehm0nk: don't feed the troll.  Is there an op here who can kick the bot?03:29
rignesIt was sitting for about 5 hours streaming music on the other side of the room and just hibernated on it's own today.  I'll turn off the hibernate on lid close and see if it goes away.03:29
sFEARsi at least hope Morningsickness is a woman03:29
etfbsFEARs: don't feed the troll03:29
fignewMorningsickness: known troll/spammer03:29
sFEARsawwww.. but trolls are so cute03:29
fignewHe got banned from #archlinux the other day :)03:29
tehm0nkok in a crazy attempt i'm installing wine via adept03:30
tehm0nkhow/what do i do next?03:30
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etfbsFEARs: lightning essay quiz: 10,000 words on "why trolls aren't cute".  Due on my desk 9am tomorrow.  Get to work!03:30
Morningsicknessshe is sexy in the plastic unicorn berets in the cornrows03:30
Morningsicknesskind of way03:30
ubotuHelp! Riddell, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, Jucato,  haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild or ardchoille!03:31
rignesAnother thought, maybe a faulty power supply or power port.  It may be loosing power and suspending due to lack of use.  I'll have to experiment.03:31
fignewdanke :D03:31
etfbnixternal: thank you03:31
sakthianhow to open task manager in kubuntu03:31
nixternalno prob...he did the same garbage yesterday in #ubuntu03:31
etfbsakthian: Ctrl+Esc is pretty much what you want03:31
etfbnixternal: some people just don't cope well with living in their mother's basement and using Win98, do they?03:32
fignewI'd think that it would get boring after a while :P03:32
sFEARswait.. what's wrong with 9803:32
sakthianthank you03:32
damonehow can I specify which X display to run a program on?03:33
nixternalguess not :)03:33
nevilleWindows 98 is still good =]03:34
sFEARsworks better than vista03:34
nevilleHahaha, by miles =P03:35
jac0bdoes anyone know a good mp3/ogg/aac/m4a encoder03:35
* etfb regrets mentioning the w-word03:35
fignewjac0b: GUI?03:35
david__sFEARs   ... dos multitasks better than vista.03:35
flaccidwindows 90 is insecure, vuln and discontinued03:35
jac0byeah preferrably with a GUI03:35
mox69__david: dos doesnt multitask at all lol03:35
tehm0nki tried to use dolphin to paste the files from the wine C: dir to the floppy and i got a access is denied error...03:35
tehm0nkany help03:35
flaccidwindows 98 i mean03:35
flacciddon't use it03:35
david__ mox and your point ;)03:36
nevilleJust stop me03:36
mox69__:) fine lol03:36
jac0bI am looking at soundkonverter but it doesn't give all the options I want03:36
fignewjac0b: I've used kaudiocreator in the past03:36
sFEARssuper converter?03:36
nevilleI don't have a problem with Windows 98, and all this stuff about vulnerabilities can easily be countered by using common sense03:36
sFEARsi don't know if super is available for linux?03:36
fignewbut I wasn't 100% happy with it...03:36
tehm0nkhow can i put stuff on the floppy?03:37
ubotuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone03:37
damonehow can I specify which X client to display a program on?03:38
etfbdamone: what do you mean, exactly?03:38
jac0bI looked at kaudiocreator it only accepts wavs03:38
david__actaully I should not complain Vista helped me get my mother a cheap linux laptop.03:38
bazhangneville: tell the people in ##windows; they need some good news :}03:38
sFEARsjac0b, audacity?03:38
nevilleI already have =P03:39
jac0bsfears: I think that might have to be my option03:39
etfbjac0b: I vaguely recall there's a system called "lame" that might do what you want.  Try googling <<lame mp3>> and see what comes up03:39
flaccidneville: what i was suggesting is common sense...03:39
flaccidusing windows 98 is stupidity03:40
sFEARslame will work for mp3 encoding.. might have problems with the m4a one though.. ogg should be installed with his linux03:40
nevilleSo, wanting to play old games that cause nostalgia03:40
nevilleWhich in turn requires the use of Windows 9803:40
nevilleIs stupidity, eh?03:40
sFEARsducktales for nintendo?03:41
nevilleI am inclined to disagree with you =03:41
etfbneville: have you tried VMWare server?03:41
nevilleNo, I haven't got the money for it03:42
etfbneville: guess again - it's free!03:42
tehm0nkok so i can't use dolphin to move the files there03:42
tehm0nkhow do i do it in terminal03:42
tehm0nkwhere is the wine directory?03:42
bazhangneville: vmware.com03:43
jac0betfb: does it have afrontend03:43
etfbneville: http://www.vmware.com, follow the links to VMware Server, which can run on Linux and The Other OS That Dare Not Speak Its Name03:43
bazhangand mac os too03:43
nevilleWindows and OS X? =P03:43
sFEARsdon't you have to pay for vmware?03:43
nevilleYeah, that's what I was thinking too03:44
nevilleI know vmplayer is free, but the others03:44
bazhangnot for the player03:44
nevilleI'm not so sure03:44
etfbjac0b: it's pretty typical Linux: a set of libraries and command lines, and ten million GUI frontends written by ten million programmers, all subtly incompatible...03:44
sFEARssubtly being the key word03:45
sFEARshas anybody seen my floating decimal point?03:45
etfbsFEARs, neville: VMWare Server is now free, but has been for only a little while.  It's got pretty much everything WorkStation has, although I miss the Shared Folders option (they expect you to use network drives)03:45
david__Hmm sfears the office space decimal point?03:45
nevilleUSB support?03:46
etfb(Oh, and by "free" I mean "price = $0", not "unrestricted, free/open source")03:46
nevilleBecause, I don't wanna spend days downloading something that I could just use Virtualbox for =]03:46
nevilleYeah, that's how I see free03:47
nevilleI'm not one of these OSS nuts just yet03:47
etfbneville: it's had USB support for ages03:47
david__neville ... give it time enjoy my koolaid ;)03:47
sFEARswow.. if it's really free i'd love to be able to run mixmesiter.. i'll have to check it out03:47
nevilleLooks like you win03:47
etfbneville: nothing wrong with being a FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) nut.  Someone has to be an extremist so we can have more space to play in the middle ground.03:47
flaccidneville: no but using an unsupported OS is.03:48
nevillewhat is your problem, flaccid?03:48
david__flaccid I thought this was a linux channel why bring up windows.03:48
bazhangeh, stop picking on flaccid :}03:49
flaccidneville: i don't have a problem03:50
flacciddavid__: i didn't bring up the subject03:50
flaccidyeah and leave me alone.03:50
david__heheh okay ;)  just having a bit of humor on the unsupported os idea :)03:50
bazhangpeace everyone :}03:50
sFEARslater bazhang03:51
nevilleWhite flag waving03:51
bazhangsFEARs: see ya03:51
sFEARswhite flag.. SHOOT IT SHOOT IT03:51
nevillevmware server03:53
nevilleIt seems a little bit corporate-ish, doesn't it?03:54
sFEARsyeah.. doesn't look like it would be free03:55
etfbneville: it does the trick, though.  I think it's meant to be used to create loads of virtual machines that can act like a whole rack of real-world servers, for mail, web, stuff like that03:55
sFEARsthere's a key componenet missing03:55
etfbneville: but if you just connect locally, it works fine03:55
etfbsFEARs: what's that?03:55
sFEARsi'm not sure.. but it has to be missing in there somewhere03:55
etfbsFEARs: you still need to obtain (ie buy) a copy of Windows to be able to create a virtual machine.  If you want ten Windows machines, that's ten copies you need to shell out for03:57
nevilleHmm,  I might just go about getting a copy of vmware workstation instead03:57
etfbI have the license key that came with my laptop before I installed Kubuntu, but if I ever wanted more, I'd have to (a) pay or (b) don an eyepatch and a hook and carry a parrot at all times03:57
sFEARsi think i have a windows cd that will work03:57
nevilleOption b)03:57
[B5C]wallabeewhat is the best torrent client in kde?03:58
sFEARseyepatches are back in style.. you didn't know?03:58
nevilleMicrosoft don't deserve money for having a monopoly and creating mediocre software, at best03:58
etfb[B5C]wallabee: ktorrent seems like the only game in town.  There's a LOT of crap out there.03:58
bazhangktorrent or transmission [B5C]wallabee03:58
bazhangneville: arr matey03:58
etfbneville: you might very well say that, but I couldn't possibly comment03:58
etfbbazhang: haven't heard of Transmission.  How does it compare?03:59
nevilleI payed for my copy of Windows, but that's about it03:59
nevilleThey'll never get another cent out of me03:59
david__ktorrent is the one I use when I need one.03:59
bazhangno ports open great for getting linux distros etfb03:59
sFEARsmicrosoft makes good software.. windows is not good software.. it just has a good pitch to sell it to fund the good software they make04:00
david__sfears I would agree they do make some good software ... I have run networed windows on diskless systems using shared files ...04:01
[B5C]wallabeedoes ktorrent have encryption and a web gui?04:01
david__keeping old files working seems to be its biggest fault.04:01
osirisraylu, rebooted server.  FS errors.  fixed them and rebooted. all seems well, other than the pita of hooking up a monitor to it04:02
etfb[B5C]wallabee: why do you need encryption?04:02
adamonline45he's prolly on comcast04:02
osiristhx for the inspiration04:02
osiris[B5C]wallabee, it has both04:03
osirisits what i use04:03
etfbadamonline45: I'm in Australia, but I might as well be on Tau Ceti IV... what does "comcast" mean in this context?04:03
bmk789is an LVM partition accessible from any LVM compatible *buntu install?04:03
adamonline45etfb: It's an ISP in the US04:03
bazhangterrible lying isp etfb04:03
osiriscomcast is sending RST packet to torrents to try to kill them04:03
sFEARsyeah.. but doesn't mac do the same thing.. they restructure thier whole OS on a regular basis too don't they04:03
etfbosiris: Ah!  I've heard of that.  Can't you just pick a non-standard port?04:04
osirisgoogle sandvine and comcast04:04
osirisi do that too, but sandvine reads the packet header04:04
etfbosiris: but I have IRC!  I don't need to pray to Google!04:04
osirisim on comcast and dont have problems04:05
etfbosiris: ah, that's a bugger, and no mistake.  Well, if ktorrent has encryption as you say, it's probably worth a go, [B5C]wallabee!  What do you need the Web GUI for?04:05
osirisuse the IP block plugin, the bandwidth schedule, and a non standard port range + encryption04:05
osiristhats about all you can do for it04:06
etfbneville: thought you'd like to know, I'm running a VMWare Server instance with a WinXP VM right now.  Just installing Firefox on it so I can install Chatzilla, and then I'm going to see if I can talk in double vision...04:07
nevilleLooks like I'll be connected to the internet for a few days04:07
etfbneville: don't you have high-speed broadband?04:08
neville33.6k dialup for me, good sir04:09
nevilleI currently have a lag of 6 seconds, due to looking on the vmware site =]04:09
etfbneville: Oh my god!  You've somehow connected from the distant past!  Amazing!  STAY OUT OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER IN 2001!!!04:09
nevilleHahaha, that's so funny I'll just ignore the patronising side =P04:10
sFEARsno way.. there's aspestos in there04:10
david__neville my heart goes out to you.04:10
sFEARsespically when mixed with bovine growth hormone & second hand smoke.. ummm, a few of my favorite experiments04:10
sFEARsi mean things04:10
sFEARsa few of my favorite things04:11
=== pauljw_ is now known as pauljw
nevilleHmm, only 19 hours left04:11
* bazhang expects the room to get slapped for offtopic momentarily04:12
* etfb just disconnected himself by accident, mid conversation04:12
etfbbazhang: quite right.  Must ask on-topic question... <thinks>04:12
etfbAnyone know how to make knetworkmanager connect to a wifi access point automatically when I disconnect the wired connection?04:13
sFEARswell i'd talk about kubuntu but i know absolutely everthing there possibly is to know about it04:13
nevilleCan somebody tell me the advantages of running Kubuntu over windows 98se? -P04:13
etfbsFEARs: Oh my god!  Mark Shuttleworth, is that you?  Can I have a million rand?04:13
sFEARsyes you can.. i just can't tell you how04:14
jac0bdoes anyone else have the problem with xmms not being able to control the volume04:14
etfbjac0b: Why are you using xmms?  I saw a damning review of it in Linux Format.  Everyone loves Amarok, apparently...04:15
osiriswhy ?04:15
osirisamarok is SOOO heavy for smaller systems04:15
sFEARswell for one thing neville kubuntu is african.. and windows is obviously english.. and everyone knows african is better.. becuase good is dumb!04:15
osirisbad space balls reference aside04:16
etfbsFEARs: your cunning logic makes my head hurt04:16
etfbSo, jac0b - why xmms?  Do you want me to find the LXF article and tell you what they recommend instead, apart from that well-known memory hog Amarok?04:17
mox69__xmms is the closest to winamp04:17
mox69__and it has always worked fine for me04:17
mox69__xmms is the only player that seems to work on my system for streaming radio..04:17
jac0bi removed it04:17
sFEARsaudacious is like winamp too04:17
* etfb goes to find the article, because it has some good points on exactly this topic04:18
sFEARsnot sure if audacious has streaming radio04:18
[B5C]wallabeektorrent is really nice04:19
jac0bdoesn't amarok stream04:19
[B5C]wallabeebut get only about 700 k04:19
[B5C]wallabeemaybe its the old torrent04:19
etfbjac0b: if I weren't maxing my memory with VMWare, I'd be listening to internet radio on Amarok right now, so: yes it does04:19
sFEARsm0nk.. i got my xp box up and running if you still need those drivers04:20
sFEARsnot that he's still here04:21
=== neville is now known as neville__
jac0bI can't control the volume with audacious either04:22
etfbarticle reviews Juk (7/10), Amarok (10/10), Rhythmbox (8/10), BMPx (5/10), Banshee (6/10) and XMMS (2/10)04:23
surgysFEARs: got it wound04:23
jac0byeah I am sticking with amarok04:23
surgysFEARs: hi04:28
etfbRight, I'm off to pick up my daughter from her Grand Moogi's house.  Bye all!04:35
misslissahow do i configure my printer to work04:35
misslissaI downloaded the driver04:35
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:35
Dr_williswhat printer may this be? Most all drivers are allready included, or are in the repos. No need to download anything.04:36
misslissaCanon iP180004:36
Dr_willisI got an ip1600 - its the wifes.. for her xp system.04:36
misslissaI downloaded the driver and its not listed under printers when I go to add04:36
Dr_willisi am reminded why i will never buy another canon printer. :)04:36
misslissafor some reason my printer doesnt read04:36
dsmith_ewwww canon ip series04:37
misslissaand I have kubuntu as my main operating system04:37
misslissai know04:37
dsmith_we have a ip1700 here04:37
misslissait came free with my computer04:37
Dr_willisim suprised you found somthing to download actually04:37
dsmith_I could never get the thing to work04:37
Dr_willismisslissa,  i got a free canon with my last pc.. I gave it away as a gift. :)04:37
misslissanow i know why because the ink makes up for the "free" printer in cost04:37
=== david__ is now known as cuking_1
dsmith_there is a website talking about drivers that will work, but alas they are not free04:37
misslissaand its not supported by linux04:37
Dr_willisactually the ink cost was not too bad for what my wife was doing.04:37
dsmith_what ver. kubuntu?04:37
Dr_williscompared to some other printers04:38
misslissaI love it04:38
dsmith_get a HP 1002204:38
dsmith_er.. 102204:38
misslissaI got beryl up and running and its awesome04:38
dsmith_we have a 1020 but that was a pain to get running04:38
dsmith_1022s work04:38
dsmith_besides thats all I know on printers.. besides the older HP and new HP network printers function04:39
Dr_willisHmm.. TurboPrint has some Canon printer drivers now.. thats cool.. :) at least the exist.04:39
dsmith_Dr_willis: those are not free I think04:39
Dr_willisdsmith_,  correct.. they are not.. BUT at least they exist04:40
Dr_willisand what seems to happen is that after a while they slowly get  put into the free cups drivers.  at least thats how it happend to me a few yrs back04:40
Dr_willisI had some printer had to use Turboprint, then a year later it was free. :)04:41
Dr_willisdang - they got a LOT of canon ip printers supported now.04:41
=== ughetti is now known as alvaro
skyfalcon866!op |ubotu04:42
ubotuubotu: Help! Riddell, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, Jucato,  haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild or ardchoille!04:42
nixternalYAY FOR ME!04:43
dsmith_what was that?04:43
MaTiAzapokryphos is listed twice, btw :)04:43
Dr_willishes doubly special04:43
bazhanghes trolling all the ubuntu channels :{04:43
thebananacan anyone here point me to some docs about hal on kubuntu04:45
thebananaas of gutsy, it doesn't look like ivman is used anymore for automounting04:45
thebanana(at least it's not installed on my system)  so, how does kde do the automounting?04:45
erinSo I take it since no one talks in the default channel, there isn't anyone paying attention enough to help me04:51
cuking_1erin what is the question?04:51
bazhangerin: ask away04:51
erinBasically I'm just having trouble working this program.  I've never used anything IRC before, and this is my first time tinkering witht his client.04:52
bazhangkonversation erin?04:52
maduserwhat do you need to do?04:53
maduserjoin a channel?04:53
erinPretty much.04:53
Dr_willis - /join #SpiffyChannel04:53
erinThere isn't a list or anything, so I take it I'd have to change server or something..04:54
cuking_1erin on the menu under file is a join command ...04:54
erinTo a server with more stuff on it?04:54
Dr_willisdepends on your irc client04:54
erinI've gotten that far04:54
cuking_1erin .... I think /list works but .... lots of data04:54
Dr_willisMost come with dozens of irc networks in their server listings04:54
erinThis does not.04:54
Dr_willis /list shows channel listings for This server (which is part of the freenode network)04:54
Dr_willisOther networks got diffrent channels.04:55
Dr_willisother freenode servers all are 'here'  in these channels.04:55
Dr_willisirc FUNdamentals04:55
thebananacan anyone help me grok udev+hal+dbus configuration in kubuntu?04:55
maduserf5 for channel lits on a server04:55
erinOh wow, this did it04:55
erinThank you everyone!!04:55
Hirvinenerin: http://google.com/search?q=konversation+documentation yields on the first page e.g. this rather relevant looking page: http://konversation.berlios.de/docs/ . Also, F1 gets you to documentation in most programs.04:55
Dr_willis1000+ channels all starting with $ and ! and ## and so forth.. heh ..04:55
thebananai'm trying to prevent kde from prompting me about mounting a specific usb mass storage device04:56
ubotuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone04:58
thebananatehm0nk: was that intended for me?04:58
tehm0nkwhat no04:59
tehm0nki'm trying to figure out how to get floppy access again lol04:59
tehm0nki dont know how lol :-x04:59
thebananaah i see04:59
tehm0nki forgot how to mount it again04:59
tehm0nkanyone here that was here earlier?05:00
nnaushahican someone help? my mic wont work, using dell inspiron 130005:00
=== aRyn_ is now known as aRyn
tehm0nkany ideas on mounting a floppy right05:03
m1k3I need help05:03
Hirvinen!ask | m1k305:03
ubotum1k3: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)05:03
nnaushahican someone help? my mic wont work, using dell inspiron 1300 laptop05:04
m1k3Ok, you know how when you change desktops you still see the windows minimized from the other desktops, well I want to prevent it from doing that, how do I do it?05:04
pacmanI have a second hard drive that has Windows on it, and I want to get it so I can choose between the two on start up05:05
tehm0nkm1k3, it's in the settings for multiple desktops05:06
tehm0nkpacman run while you can05:06
tehm0nki've been at that for about 2 days now05:06
m1k3tehm0nk, where are these settings at?05:06
tehm0nki'm not in kubuntu right this minute05:06
zascan anyone tell me how to setup my mouse so the LMB brings up the task menu anyplace on the desktop05:06
pacmando I need to do something with my grub?05:07
tehm0nkpac lemme get a link i was using earlier05:07
Hirvinen!laptop | nnaushahi05:08
ubotunnaushahi: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org05:08
Hirvinennnaushahi: Search for your model in the ubuntu wiki. There might be a solution described in there. If not, there might be a generic instruction page for regarding recording with a mic, which might help.05:10
nnaushahii been searching, audio working fine, its the mic wont work, when i run sound recorder, I get error05:10
tehm0nkpacman, you get that?05:11
nnaushahiError : "your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them in Multimedia settings"05:11
pacmanyeah, it won't let me talk back to you05:12
tehm0nkthats because you have to register your nick05:13
=== pacman is now known as registre
=== registre is now known as pacman
surgyanyone wanna help me out with an electrical problem? join me in #kubuntu-offtopic05:14
nnaushahiI will be right back05:16
sFEARswhat's the unzip command from a prompt05:17
sFEARsark -zph05:17
tehm0nkhow do you mount a floppy05:17
tehm0nkthe method in !floppy did not work.05:17
thebananasFEARs: `unzip`05:17
thebananatehm0nk: `mount /dev/fd /where/you/want/to/mount/it`05:18
sFEARswhatever you wanna call it.. unpack unarkive unassemble number 505:20
tehm0nkhow do i browse the files of wine when there is no link it the menu?05:20
tehm0nk(i'm on knoppix)05:20
tehm0nkthe floppy is actually working, didn't have a disk in there lol05:21
raylufiles of...wine?05:21
tehm0nklike the C: of wine05:21
sFEARsahhh.. tar05:21
tehm0nki extrated drivers there05:21
rayluoh, it's ~/.wine/drive_c by default05:21
tehm0nkfrom an exe05:21
m1k3~/.wine/drive_c ?05:21
tehm0nko0o lemme try that05:21
rayluhuh? you can't wine drivers05:21
tehm0nkfrom root?05:22
rayluer, ~ is shorthand for $HOME05:22
tehm0nkthe only driver package i can get from nvidia is a EXE file05:22
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:22
rayludoes...that help?05:22
tehm0nknot in the slightest05:22
rayluthe exe ultimately will just unpack windows drivers05:22
tehm0nkright now i'm trying to get my sata raid drivers on a floppy05:22
tehm0nkto install windowsxp05:22
rayluthere's no way you need an exe to install nvidia drivers05:23
rayluthen...what does nvidia have to do with this?05:23
tehm0nkcause they're nforce raid05:23
tehm0nkNvidia MediaSheild Raid05:23
rayluthis is not a graphics driver05:23
tehm0nkno sir05:23
tehm0nki got them to extract already just can't find them05:23
tehm0nkto drag to the floppy.05:23
tehm0nkAgain and hope they work this time05:24
raylui see. if you want wincfg will allow you to configure the various drives05:24
tehm0nki did this in kubuntu05:24
tehm0nkbut it didn't05:24
rayluanyway, i have to go now05:24
tehm0nkthis time i'm going to add more05:24
tehm0nkon the dist05:24
tehm0nkraylu, u fail :-P05:24
tehm0nkreally i fail05:24
raylu*disk :P05:24
raylui'm not sure floppy disc is valid. anyway, seeya05:24
tehm0nkcan you get to the C: in wine in a file browser?05:24
m1k3raylu, do you know how to prevent minimized windows from appearing from other desktops?05:25
rayluyes. ~/.wine/drive_c05:25
rayluare you using compiz?05:25
rayluthere's an option somewhere in both compiz and kde for it, i _think_05:25
rayluanyway, i really must go now05:25
tehm0nkwhat is a terminal Find command?05:25
tehm0nkFind wine05:26
m1k3Why, what do you need to find05:26
tehm0nkthe folder i extracted the drivers to lol05:26
m1k3go into the configuration of wine05:26
tehm0nki'm in knoppix05:27
m1k3That's what I did to configure my flash drive05:27
tehm0nkthe whole world is diff05:27
m1k3But I thought Wine configuration was installed with wine05:27
sFEARsso i've downloaded the tar.gz vmware-server.. what do i do with it now.. still kinda new at installs05:27
tehm0nkm1k3, i HAVE to put them on a floppy05:27
tehm0nkF6 in winxp install05:27
sFEARsthere's no makefiles to compile & make install05:27
sFEARssays it's a binary05:27
KingJereEvening folks. on kubuntu 7.10 what do I need to do to have a suspend button? I have logout hibernate and shutdown and restart.05:28
tehm0nkwhat are the wine settings called?05:28
tehm0nkis there a command i can type in for them?05:28
m1k3One second05:28
m1k3wine --help05:28
m1k3I dunno05:28
ardchoillewinecfg ?05:28
ardchoilleAh, ok05:29
tehm0nkknoppix@Knoppix:~$ wine-winecfg05:29
tehm0nkbash: wine-winecfg: command not found05:29
m1k3Works for me05:29
tehm0nksee! i'm in knoppix it's a differant world05:29
tehm0nki just gotta find it grr05:29
tehm0nkcommand line search?05:29
m1k3wait, it is winecfg05:30
m1k3I just tried it05:30
ardchoilleI seem to remember someone posting that :)05:30
m1k3Why didn't you try it then05:31
ardchoilleI don't use wine05:31
tehm0nkall it says for drives is .../drive_c05:31
m1k3You need to re-add one05:31
m1k3I think it's in the /dev folder05:32
Daisuke_Idom1k3: drive_c/ is not in /dev05:32
m1k3No, no the currently connected ones are in /dev05:33
Daisuke_Idoit's in ~/.wine05:33
m1k3I know that05:33
Daisuke_Idoah, yes05:33
tehm0nkmade a dir now need to redownload etc05:33
m1k3My floppy is /media/floppy005:34
tehm0nkthe floppy was actually working i'm just a boon05:34
tehm0nkand didn't have one in there05:34
fignewfloppy? what's that?05:34
tehm0nkwas actually able to easily format it too05:34
tehm0nkfignew, should i reply with a wiki link?05:34
tehm0nkit's that CRAP WINXP needs to use SATA RAID05:35
tehm0nkthat i FORGOT to make a driver FLOPPY for.05:35
tehm0nkbefore i whiped05:35
tehm0nkok now i'm screwed05:36
tehm0nkwine cfg somehow got messed05:36
tehm0nkand it wont run .exe's right anymore.05:36
tehm0nkjust gonna reboot05:36
nnaushahihi again05:49
sFEARsi have an internal broadcom wireless 802.11.. when i click on enable interface it clicks on for a half a second then turns right back off.. any ideas on how to get it to stay on?05:52
sFEARsi'm working off the 7.04 live cd05:52
sFEARsmabey i can't enable wireless networking on the live cd?05:53
nnaushahiit wont save settings probably, ,thats why05:54
sFEARsit should save them locally though.. just won't save on reboot05:54
nnaushahinot sure, am newbie05:55
sFEARsthanks anyway05:55
ardchoillesFEARs: Anything done in a livecd session that isn't saved to some other media is erased when the livecd session ends.05:55
sFEARsi'm just trying to get it working in the current session05:56
bazhangsFEARs: any reason not to try the gutsy live cd?05:57
sFEARsi happen to have a copy of 7.0405:57
SlynderdaleAnyone here familiar with Konversation? If so, is it possible to create custom commands? LIke make it so if text gets prepended with a : it will send it as a /me command? Basicly I want to make a /me shortcut05:57
sFEARsi just got it in the mail like 2 months ago05:57
bazhangsFEARs: much more wireless support in gutsy05:58
sFEARsi'm installing.. i'll see what happens05:58
sFEARsproally won't work05:58
nnaushahithis is my first day using ubuntu and Konversation05:59
nnaushahiheres what u can do Slynderdale05:59
sFEARswelcome to a help channel nnaushahi05:59
nnaushahisettings - configure05:59
sFEARssometimes we even help05:59
nnaushahiCommand Aliases05:59
=== aRyn_ is now known as aRyn
SlynderdaleHmm, where can I get the SOAP::Lite perl module required by Konversation?06:05
ardchoille!info libsoap-lite-perl | Slynderdale06:06
ubotuslynderdale: libsoap-lite-perl: Client and server side SOAP implementation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.69-1 (gutsy), package size 389 kB, installed size 1472 kB06:06
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=== Steve_Jobs is now known as FireCrotch
posingaspopularhey all I keep getting this error when I try to launch Virtual Box: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48409/ I mean, i know how to read, but i duno how to fix the specific error06:12
FireCrotchposingaspopular: You need to install the package virtualbox-ose-modules06:14
=== disegni is now known as phantomon
SlynderdaleWhats a good FTP client with a decent GUI for K/Ubuntu?06:14
posingaspopularshould I install the modules-server 6 or modules-generic 6?06:15
sFEARswould a program like kftpgrabber work on ubuntu? or does it need kde?06:15
FireCrotchposingaspopular: well, you would use server if you're running a server kernel06:15
ardchoillesFEARs: kde apps work quite well in gnome and vice-versa06:15
posingaspopularah im just trying to mess around with a distro06:16
Slynderdale!info kftpgrabber06:16
ubotukftpgrabber: ftp client for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-1 (gutsy), package size 1122 kB, installed size 3192 kB06:16
FireCrotchposingaspopular:  sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-modules-`uname -r` will get you the right version06:16
phantomonhow can i download a package in spanish for my open office06:17
FireCrotchphantomon: sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-l10n-es06:18
SlynderdaleThanks ardchoille, that will do06:19
ardchoilleyw Slynderdale06:19
phantomonthx ! :D06:19
FireCrotchyw phantomon06:20
SlynderdaleHmm, anyone know of a good gmail notifcation application for linux?06:35
ardchoilleSlynderdale: apt-cache search gmail06:36
damoneis there a way to make bash's autocomplete feature to use less instead of more?06:43
=== ubuntu is now known as tehm0nk
tehm0nki can't get winxp to work whatsoever06:44
tehm0nkeven with a driver disk that doesn't error06:44
tehm0nkit tells me no disks found06:44
tehm0nkand i dont have a vista disk06:45
tehm0nkso i'm going to just install kubuntu06:45
tehm0nki can't figure out how to partition it again lol06:45
tehm0nklost my link06:45
tehm0nkdoes that work with kubuntu?06:46
mgoldentehm0nk: when you use the live CD it isn't offering you a step to partition the disk?06:47
ardchoilletehm0nk: Yes, most gnome apps work in kde06:47
tehm0nki'll try with the installer06:50
tehm0nki want to make multiple parts tho06:50
sigma_kubuntuwhere can i ask a question about greylisting?06:50
tehm0nkone DEAD part at the beginning for windows & windows swap for later on....06:50
sigma_kubuntutehm0nk: windows swap is just a file. not a partition06:51
tehm0nki know but the boot stuff wants a place too06:52
tehm0nkso i wanted a ntfs part at the beginning for windows06:52
tehm0nkbut i dont see it in the install part...06:52
sigma_kubuntuits the pagefile.sys file in your win partition06:52
tehm0nksigma no cause i'm not a window retard06:53
tehm0nki dont put my pagefile there06:53
tehm0nknot in the windows partition06:53
tehm0nkfragmentation ftl06:53
tehm0nksince 98se i've done what i do06:53
sigma_kubuntuit should be on the face of the harddrive but thats only if its enabled06:53
tehm0nkok here is what i *want*06:54
sigma_kubuntuit dnt make a diff where that pagefile is06:54
tehm0nk1. ntfs 3gb part for windows pagefile.sys and boot.ini 2. linux boot dunno the size to make that 3. linux swap 4. linux "/" 5 linux /home 6 for vista 7 storage06:55
tehm0nksigma i hate to say it but i really beg to differ06:55
tehm0nkif it's in with the windows OS06:55
tehm0nkon that partition the pagefile helps fragment the drive as it grows shrinks.06:56
sigma_kubuntubsander: with some fiddling i got the tv out working:) thanks a mil. why can't i use my mouse on the tv though?06:56
tehm0nkand btw why do you think linux distros want a swap part?06:56
GreatBritainmorning all - i am now running mysql and postgresql along side and i still no better off !06:56
tehm0nkis "parted" a gui app or command line?06:57
mgoldenthem0nk: Do you already have Windows installed on a partition?06:57
GreatBritainthe i received an e-mail from TuxShop support stating install MySQL06:57
GreatBritainso i have.. how to create a database06:57
tehm0nkno cant get winxp to recognize my raid drivers06:57
=== GreatBritain is now known as SatManUK
=== mubanet is now known as ngobrol_doank
tehm0nkso i'm dling vista tonight06:57
sigma_kubuntugreatbritain: whats the problem? i do that and it works06:57
tehm0nkwhich i had on here earlier and worked great06:57
tehm0nkbut i want a working non-cd booted computer06:58
SatManUKsigma_kubuntu: when i install TuxShop it says its unable to communicate with the database06:58
tehm0nkhow much space does a /boot partition need?06:58
mgoldenthem0nk: I would definitely try the liveCD06:58
tehm0nki'm on it now06:58
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: did u create the database?06:59
mgoldenthem0nk: I don't think it needs very much06:59
=== oobe_ is now known as oobe
SatManUKin mysql i am not sure how..06:59
SatManUKis it the catalog?06:59
FireCrotchtehm0nk: about 100mb, if even that06:59
sigma_kubuntutehm0nk: qtparted is also a good app for kde06:59
tehm0nkok that sounds good06:59
tehm0nkok i'll install it and try that...07:00
tehm0nkis that in adept?07:01
tehm0nkor do i have to find it?07:01
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: no u must create one manually. download kmysqladmin to do it. you dont have apache installed hey?07:01
SatManUKi do have apache installed07:01
tehm0nkack nm found that07:01
tehm0nkwhere do i run that from?07:01
sigma_kubuntutehm0nk: i got it from packages.ubuntu.com07:01
tehm0nkduh nm07:01
SatManUKi was using it for sql-ledger another app i was trying to use instead.. but had errors with that also07:01
etfbHas anyone tried uninstalling Dolphin in KDE?  What happens?  Does Konqueror come back, or are you left in limbo?07:01
tehm0nkit's already installed07:01
SatManUKi have kmysqladmin installed07:02
Daisuke_Ido!d3lphin | etfb07:02
ubotuetfb: Dolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.07:02
tehm0nkdoes qtparted work with Raid?07:02
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: ok rather download a php tool called phpmyadmin, u do have php installed hey?07:02
etfbDaisuke_Ido: thankyou!  I'd offer to have your babies if I were able.  I _hate_ Dolphin!07:02
Daisuke_Idoetfb: wait until kde4's release before saying that07:03
tehm0nkit's showing each of my hd's separate07:03
tehm0nkand dmraid is installed and working07:03
Daisuke_Idothe version in gutsy's 3.5 has actually been abandoned for some time, it's a very porr filemanager.07:03
SatManUKif its not it will install it as a dependancy anyway..07:03
SatManUKhold on07:03
Daisuke_Idothe actual dolphin in kde4 is pretty nice though07:04
etfbDaisuke_Ido: Why?  Will there be a new version that doesn't have BROKEN TRANSLATION messages everywhere and will actually do all the things that I miss from Konq, like the Shift+Delete menu option?07:04
tehm0nkkde4 isn't released?07:04
etfbtehm0nk: not till next month07:04
SatManUKdownloading php5 now07:04
etfbtehm0nk: I can't wait!07:04
tehm0nkso i'm a month early at messing with linux :-P07:04
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: yeah its much easier to use phpmyadmin than kmysqladmin07:05
etfbDaisuke_Ido: it works!  Oh gods, what a relief!07:06
SatManUKok its installed07:06
SatManUKphp and phpmyadmin07:06
SatManUKits configured apache207:06
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: u can find phpmyadmin by googling it. u need to put it in \var\www somewhere07:06
SatManUKits in apt07:06
FireCrotchor sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin07:06
SatManUKi done it07:07
ishnayderupdate to 7.10 just failed. could not configure bunch of packages due to dependency problems???? system may not be in a runnable state? any sugesstions?07:07
sigma_kubuntuoh ok well open phpmyadmin- shud open from web browser07:07
etfbIS anyone still using PHP4 under Gutsy?  Installing is a pain, because you need to install Apache from source as well, otherwise it has the wrong options -- right?07:07
sigma_kubuntuetfb: why not use php 5?07:08
SatManUKhow to i access phpmyadmin now from a browser?07:08
etfbsigma_kubuntu: because one of the web hosts I do dev work for only has PHP4.07:08
SatManUKthats a good guess..07:08
SatManUKit worked07:09
etfbsigma_kubuntu: the PHP team messed up the upgrade to PHP5 so badly that most ISPs still don't use it07:09
sigma_kubuntueftb: well thats pretty sad. y dont they upgrade?07:09
FireCrotchetfb:  you shouldn't have to install apache from source to use php407:09
SatManUKso then yes in KMyAdmin Catalogues are Databases and I have created a database called TuxShop07:09
etfbsigma_kubuntu: because the vast majority of their users are almost computer illiterate, and couldn't handle the inevitable errors if they upgraded07:09
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: did u manage2 create the new database?07:09
etfbsigma_kubuntu: that's why PHP5 failed so dismally in the wider marketplace07:10
sigma_kubuntuok try installing it again07:10
etfbFireCrotch: the problem is that you need to reconfigure with the --enable-so option, and as far as I can tell, I can't do that without just installing the lot from source and bypassing apt.  Have you tried?07:10
tehm0nkcan ALL linux partitions be encased in a extended partition by this i mean, /boot, swap, "/", /home??07:11
tehm0nkuh oh! it's FireCrotch again07:11
sigma_kubuntueftb: i see. i didnt upgrade so didnt have that problem07:11
ardchoille!lamp | etfb there's more info on how to install here07:12
ubotuetfb there's more info on how to install here: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)07:12
FireCrotchetfb: I've used php4 on gutsy-server, it was just a simple apt-get install libapache2-mod-php407:12
mgoldenDoes anyone here know anything about the kde4 RC2 live CD?07:12
ardchoilleFireCrotch: Yeah07:12
mgoldenI am trying it with my old Sony Vaio PCG-XG1907:12
mgoldenand unless I start it in safe graphics mode07:13
etfbFireCrotch: is that in the standard repositories.  I didn't notice it.  Will it set everything up?  I figured a lib* package was purely the backend C libraries, no front-end parser/web stuff07:13
mgoldenit starts, then immediately crashes, then restarts07:13
mgoldenover and over again07:14
sigma_kubuntumgolden: its probably still got a few bugs07:14
etfbmgolden: I've got a copy from a magazine that I was planning to try.  Have you tried it on a different machine?07:14
tehm0nkcan /boot be in a logical partition or no?07:14
FireCrotchetfb:  You need to install php4 and libapache2-mod-php407:14
FireCrotch!info libapache2-mod-php407:14
ubotuPackage libapache2-mod-php4 does not exist in gutsy07:14
FireCrotchOkay, that's impossible, I know I've used it07:15
mgoldensigma_kubuntu: sure - I am wondering if it does something new and different with X11, and where should I repot this behavior?07:15
mgoldenetfb: yes, it starts on my Dell Inspiron 640007:16
etfbFireCrotch: Package libapache2-mod-php4 is not available, but is referred to by another package.07:16
etfbThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or07:16
etfbis only available from another source07:16
etfbE: Package libapache2-mod-php4 has no installation candidate07:16
FireCrotchYeah, I just got that when I tried to install it here on this box07:16
ardchoilleFireCrotch: iirc, only libapache2-mod-php5 is ingutsy07:16
etfbFireCrotch: pretty much indicates that it's in some non-standard repos.  I've got uni/multi and some medibuntu ones in there.  Any guesses where else it might live, or shall I pray to Google?07:17
sigma_kubuntumgolden: it prob does. its not that supported so u should wait for the final release. perhaps u should submit a bug to the kde team?07:17
mgoldenetfb: I actually burned it twice because I thought there might have been a problem with the burn07:17
mgoldensigma{kubuntu: do you mean in launchpad?07:18
FireCrotchetfb:  Hmmmm, I have no idea, I only have official repos enabled07:18
etfbardchoille: Yes, I remember reading the justification for the omission, that "PHP4 is no longer supported".  Never mind that those of us who live in the real world don't get to upgrade just because some unpaid Ubuntu-maintainer twonk says we should...07:18
sigma_kubuntuno i mean at bugs.kde.org07:18
SatManUKsigma_kubuntu: i think the program wants to create its own database..07:18
SatManUKit asks for the root password07:19
etfbmgolden: Clarify for me.  It works on your Dell 6400 but not on another machine?07:19
ardchoilleetfb: In all fairness, the ubuntu developers know what they're doing and may have information that you and I don't have.07:19
tehm0nkanyone know what this means:07:19
tehm0nkCreate Extended Partition #2 (extended, 63.47 GiB) on /dev/mapper/nvidia_ibdabjdf  00:00    ( ERROR )07:19
tehm0nk      07:19
tehm0nk   create empty partition  00:00    ( ERROR )07:19
tehm0nk   libparted messages    ( INFO )07:19
tehm0nk      07:19
tehm0nk  Can't have a partition outside the disk!07:19
ardchoille!pastebin | tehm0nk07:19
ubotutehm0nk: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)07:19
mgoldenetfb: yes07:19
sigma_kubuntuthere is no root password. leav it blank07:19
maduserHey when i play frets on fire the lights flash too bright07:20
maduseris there any way i can lower them?07:20
etfbsorry - have 5 week old baby to cuddle.  afk07:20
mgoldenetfb: the machine it doesn't work on is an old Sony Vaio PCG-XG1907:20
tehm0nkthere is the whole thing then...07:21
FireCrotchetfb:  I don't see any reason the feisty packages wouldn't work, you could download it manually and install it07:21
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: did u try a blank password?07:21
SatManUKi removed the user password07:23
SatManUKnow im running dkpg -i tuxshop.deb now07:23
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: did it work?07:23
SatManUKim trying now..07:23
SatManUKWelcome -> Next07:23
SatManUKserver localhost07:24
SatManUKuser tux07:24
SatManUKpassword <blank>07:24
SatManUKdatabase TuxShop07:24
SatManUKdatabase root and password07:24
sigma_kubuntuyeah wat bout it?07:25
SatManUKi don't think it has the database drivers07:25
SatManUKQSqlDatabase: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded07:25
SatManUKQSqlDatabase: available drivers: (null)07:25
SatManUKthats what it says in konsole07:25
sigma_kubuntuwat on earth is qsql?07:26
SatManUKthen in the gui it says The TuxShop Database could not be created, as it was unable to connect to the MySQL server, using the details provided the wizard has no option but to terminate07:26
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: what do u want to use the software for?07:27
SatManUKim starting up a shop07:27
SatManUKso i want the point of sale software07:27
sigma_kubuntudo u really need the pos feature?07:27
SatManUKwell i just want stock control07:27
SatManUKplanning applications07:28
SatManUKi don't need the till control07:28
sigma_kubuntuhav u taken a look at quasar accounting?07:28
SatManUKis that an apt package or not?07:28
sigma_kubuntuthats what i using. sum one made a gutsy package with full instructions07:29
ardchoilleSatManUK: You can search your package cache with:  apt-cache search quasar07:29
sigma_kubuntuits in the ubuntu forum. search for quasar07:29
sigma_kubuntuits not in the repo for some odd reason07:30
SatManUKi found it in linuxcanada but in rpm..07:31
ardchoilleSatManUK: http://www.linuxcanada.com/07:31
SatManUKok to alien it in07:31
ardchoilleSatManUK: No, using alien is dangerous07:32
ardchoille!alien | SatManUK07:32
ubotuSatManUK: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)07:32
sigma_kubuntuno satmanuk theres a prebuilt deb in ubuntuforums.org07:32
SatManUKim going their now07:32
sigma_kubuntuand it works perfectly07:33
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=== Page is now known as Fruny
sigma_kubuntuso if i search with kmldonkey. il get the same results as searching with limewire?07:35
SatManUKim downloading Quasar deb now07:36
neville__Just use Frostwire07:36
SatManUKim following the how to that was created yesterday07:36
SatManUKfor postgres07:36
AyabaraI have bought a creative zen mp3 player that I want to use with Ubuntu. When I plug it in nothing happens. Amarok sees no devices to connect to. libmtp is installed.07:37
sigma_kubuntuneville: i dnt wana use a java app. so will kmlmonkey do the same job?07:37
neville__I've never used any of them to be honest, I just run Shareaza in wine =]07:37
ardchoilleAyabara: The only thing I could find for Creative Zen was this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19925007:38
sigma_kubuntuisnt there something in help.ubuntu.com for the zen in community docs?07:39
Ayabaraardchoille: thanks. I'll give the thread a go07:40
ardchoillesigma_kubuntu: The only thing I could find was a link to the page I posted07:41
SatManUK52% downloaded..07:41
SatManUKits shame its not included in the distro..07:41
SatManUKi would be able to download it 10 times faster..07:41
ardchoilleSatManUK: Quasar?07:42
SatManUKbut i guess its somebodies built package..07:42
SatManUKits not officially licenced under kubuntu..07:42
ardchoilleSatManUK: Quasar isn't included in the distro because it's closed source, and I think you have to purchase it07:42
SatManUKand no doubt costs a fortune..07:42
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto07:42
XceIIQuasar: Works in a drawer.07:42
ardchoillehi XceII07:43
XceIIHey sweetie.07:43
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: its not closed source!07:43
XceIII saw your papers...nice work..07:43
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: it used to be but they changed it07:44
XceIIWindows is not an opeating system,,It is a psyop.07:44
ardchoilleSatManUK: My bad, I was wrong.. after further reading I found "Quasar Accounting Software is 100% GPL"07:44
sigma_kubuntuu only pay for the pos addon but thats for support07:46
SatManUKdoes that mean though your supposed to purchase it for commerical purposes but not for non commerical?07:46
XceIIHey sigma..07:46
sigma_kubuntuhey XceII07:47
sky_Hi... I'm trying to use kopete to see my windows live message account for the first time07:47
XceIILol sigma..I love U 2.07:48
sky_however, i only got the folders, but no users show up...07:48
XceIIGood folk.07:48
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: no the pos version must be purchased for any purpose07:48
SatManUKsky_: have you set to view online users?07:48
sky_can someone help me to get my MSN users on my kopete?07:48
SatManUKif they are offline click on the icon07:48
SatManUKand show offline users07:48
SatManUKah ok07:49
sky_SatManUK: hmm yea i have the "show offline" and "show empty groups" clicked07:49
SatManUKwell i don't need that - atm anyhow07:49
SatManUKand you clicked the little +'s?07:49
sky_and I'm sure at least some users are online, so I don't know where they went.07:49
SlynderdaleHmm, anyone know of a good gmail notification application for linux?07:49
sky_beside the folders, there are no "+"'s07:49
NickPrestaSlynderdale, gmail-notify. It's in the repos07:50
sky_I go to configure -> accounts -> <MSN account> -> Contacts, and I only see 1 contact there on the "allowed contacts", and no one else07:51
SlynderdaleNickPresta: There seems to be like three in there, hence why I was asking07:51
sky_it's obviously my first time using kopete... weird that it got all my folders but only 1 out of my 300 users07:51
NickPrestaSlynderdale, okay. I was just pointing out gmail-notify. I like it07:52
sky_any other suggestions on what i can try?07:52
XceIIJust a note: Are we giving google too much leeway to our privy with allowing silent allowance?, Something to think about.07:53
sigma_kubuntusky: try sumting besides kopete07:54
sigma_kubuntuXceII: just dont deal with google07:54
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:55
XceIIThey have the market, Be smart.07:55
fignewot nazi :P07:55
sky_sigma_kubuntu: hmm so is it a known problem?07:55
ardchoillefignew: Please be respectful of others07:55
hypernewbiehey guys, ive got a slight problem thats very annoying07:56
NickPrestahypernewbie, what seems to be the problem?07:56
hypernewbiewhen i installed kubuntu on my compaq presario v2000, it worked fine07:56
sigma_kubuntusky: wouldnt know. ive only used jabber07:56
hypernewbieacpi was perfect except i couldnt hibernate(i dont have enough enough swap so thats no surprize)07:56
Ayabaraanyone know where I can get some help with libmtp stuff?07:57
hypernewbiei could suspend fine07:57
hypernewbienow, my laptop hangs on a black screen when i g suspend07:57
NickPrestaAyabara, what do you need help with?07:57
hypernewbieand when i used to hibernate, it'll try to hibernate then say not enough swap then come back07:57
hypernewbienow when i hibernate, it is the same black screen lock result07:57
AyabaraNickPresta: I try to connect to my Creative Zen in Gutsy. Gnomad2 gives me some mtp errors. Hold on and I will pastebin them.07:57
sigma_kubuntuhypernewbie: i get that 2. thats y i dont hibernate or suspend07:57
hypernewbieis ther any way to revert acpi settings or something07:58
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: haha, but this is a laptop :P07:58
NickPrestaAyabara, can you connect your device using mtp-connect? (mtp-tools)07:58
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: suspend = life07:58
sigma_kubuntuhypernewbie: yeah it also happens on a laptop 4me- dell d60007:59
sigma_kubuntuhypernewbie: u mean battery life?07:59
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: but it USED to work, like if it never worked then fair enough07:59
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: yeah07:59
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: i USED to be able to suspend fine07:59
AyabaraNickPresta: which arguments should I give mtp-connect?08:00
NickPrestahypernewbie, I know this is (slightly) unhelpful, but if you check here: http://www.google.com/search?q=laptop%20suspend%20black%20screen%20ubuntu there are many, many pages with information regarding your problem. Perhaps you can narrow it down?08:00
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: then y2.00712k came and it died08:00
sigma_kubuntuyeah it works til a certain time 4me. then it black screens08:00
AyabaraNickPresta: btw, here is my paste if you care to take a look http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48413/08:00
sky_sigma_kubuntu: ok thanks !08:01
NickPrestaAyabara, which version of libmtp?08:01
sigma_kubuntuhypernewbie: i prefer the devs to fix it. dont wana damage anything08:01
AyabaraNickPresta: mtp-detect says no devices are found08:01
SatManUKi have installed qasar08:01
SatManUKsone all the create users08:01
AyabaraNickPresta: libmtp6 from repositories08:01
XceIIPeople: All the tools work differently, Per Application: It is up to the applicator to differentiate those tools with (shared) experience that allows group experience...Work together.08:01
SatManUKnow it says i need to reboot so.. brb y'all08:01
AyabaraNickPresta: should I compile from source maybe?08:01
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: i really REALLY want suspend ...08:02
SatManUKsky_: did you solve your problem? sorry my computer froze doing an install08:02
SatManUKbrb after reboot ok08:02
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: interesting cause when my comp goes suspend the pwore light flashes, so that means ubuntu isnt having problems resuming08:02
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: its having problems suspending in the first place08:02
sigma_kubuntuok it didnt ask me2reboot08:02
NickPrestaAyabara, version 0.2.1 (libmtp6) should work fine.08:03
sigma_kubuntuhypernewbie: same here but the screen neva re activates08:03
NickPrestaAyabara, when your device is connected, mtp-detect doesn't find anything?08:04
sky_SatManUK; no I'm still trying to search for answer in the net08:04
AyabaraNickPresta: no, but lsusb has detected it08:05
sigma_kubuntuhypernewbie: wel at least its 90 percent working08:06
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: yeah08:06
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: except u can see kubuntu is like buggy here and there08:07
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: unstable release, lives up to its name08:07
sigma_kubuntuso is windows!08:07
sigma_kubuntuwhat release r u using?08:07
mikes1I am running hardy on a new laptop08:07
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: gutsy08:08
mikes1It detects all h/ware08:08
mikes1but not sorted and slow08:08
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: do u know how acpi works?08:08
hypernewbiesigma_kubuntu: i'm in /proc/acpi tryin go vi stuff08:08
hypernewbietrying to*08:08
sigma_kubuntunope havent a clue08:08
XceIIRemember: Peeople, Windows is closed sourse, Linus (is-not).08:08
neville__Windows is good when it's running inside a virtual machine, Wine can handle my games just fine, life is good08:09
sky_SatManUK are you back yet?08:10
hypernewbieis it a good idea to touch /proc/acpi stuff08:10
NickPrestaAyabara, before I give up on solutions, what happens when you run gnomad2 or mtp-detect as root?08:10
hypernewbiewell, i'm gunna pray and hit the suspend button.08:11
sigma_kubuntuprob not hypernewbie. just make sure your data is backed up08:12
hypernewbieall backed up.08:12
sigma_kubuntuwel giv it a go08:13
surgyhi :)08:13
sigma_kubuntuhelo surgy08:14
XceIIHibernating should (only) be set (once) all settings in a )total) sys has Been confirmed, Not as a push button to and for the (un) completed system...Think Smart.08:14
AyabaraNickPresta: the dump was from when I ran gnomad2 as root. running mtp-detect as root gives the same output from libmtp about an unknown device08:15
surgyanyone here good with electronics? i sure could use some help in #kubuntu-offtopic08:15
NickPrestaAyabara, hm. Im out of ideas. Perhaps post your problem and output in the forums.08:16
AyabaraNickPresta: ok. thanks for helping out08:17
sigma_kubuntuayabara: should hav goten a ipod08:17
XceIIOff-topic is for coffee drinkers.08:17
sigma_kubuntuyes indeed it is08:18
fgeyserhi all08:19
XceIIstate your problem08:19
Ayabarasigma_kubuntu: some might say :-)08:19
fgeyserim new to linux, how do i get new apps installed ?08:20
sigma_kubuntudoes canonical still exist?08:20
ardchoille!repos | fgeyser08:20
ubotufgeyser: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu08:20
NickPresta!adept | fgeyser08:20
ubotufgeyser: adept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto08:20
oneeyedelf1how would I install opera on a 64bit kubuntu?08:20
=== kblizzzek is now known as blizzzek
stdinoneeyedelf1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser#head-8b233e94ad0c1adc2f768dd1dd7c403b6f8ddd7508:21
fgeyserwhat about running microsoft apps ?08:21
XceIIRe-install 32 bit-increase your buss speed, and +33 on the mem...enjoy.08:22
NickPresta!wine > fgeyser08:22
fgeyserit was a mission to get bluetooth running, what about vodaphone 3g usb modem ?08:24
GreatBritainok i rebooted but i can't get Quasar Admin to load08:24
GreatBritainso i can't create a database?08:24
=== GreatBritain is now known as SatManUK
sky_sigma_kubuntu: just FYI: the problem is gone. I simply remove my MSN account and added it again, and the entire contact list came back.08:26
sky_sigma_kubuntu: thanks for the help08:26
sky_SatManUK: you too.08:26
sigma_kubuntuthought that wud help as well!08:27
SatManUKsky_: your more than welcome :)08:27
SatManUKwe all here to help each other :)08:27
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: did it work?08:27
SatManUKi can't load quasar admin08:27
sky_yup. hopefully i'll be able to be answering questions instead of just asking.08:27
sky_gotta go now. ttul and thanks again.08:27
SatManUKwell you can help the next person who gets stuck with kopete..08:27
sigma_kubuntusatmanuk: hmmm i neva had that problem08:29
XceIIAs A suggestion only, I suggest loading 32 bit versions till you get the hang of linux 1rst, Then load 64 bit so as to save time and problematic solvations....remember, This is only a suggestion.08:29
SatManUKim running it now08:30
SatManUKvia console08:30
sigma_kubuntuthats a very good suggestion08:30
SatManUKsomething in the command line didn't work08:30
sigma_kubuntuoh yes satmanuk. the shortcut on da menu uses gksu. u must change it to sudo08:31
SatManUKnow in understand :)08:31
=== ubuntu is now known as tehm0nk
sigma_kubuntugksudo is gnome08:31
SatManUKis that for gnome users?08:31
SatManUKor something?08:31
SatManUKwhat uses gksudo?08:32
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto08:32
SatManUKok i created a new company08:32
sigma_kubuntuchange gksudo to sudo08:32
NickPrestasigma_kubuntu, if it uses gksu, the kde equivalent would be kdesu08:33
sigma_kubuntuwel i gota run. hope it works 4u08:33
sigma_kubuntunick: sudo worked in its place 4me08:33
stdinuse "kdesu"/"kdesudo" not "sudo"08:33
SatManUKi created to company08:34
sigma_kubuntustdin: whats the difference?08:34
stdin!kdesu | this08:34
ubotuthis: In KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)08:34
oneeyedelf1if you used dkpg to install a package, how do you uninstall it?08:34
NickPrestaoneeyedelf1, dpkg -r PACKAGE08:34
stdinoneeyedelf1: once it's installed you can remove it with apt-get or adept like any other package08:35
oneeyedelf1stdin: I don't find the package in adept08:35
oneeyedelf1or apt08:35
stdinyou should do08:36
stdinapt just reads the dpkg database08:36
SatManUKwhen im trying to login its still saying the Quasar Server is not running?08:36
fgeyseri can see a app i want to install in add rem app, but it is greyed out. what does it mean ?08:37
posingaspopularin response to a virtual box error, I tried the following command with the following output: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48417/ any ideas?08:37
oneeyedelf1well stdin apt didnt work put dpkg did08:37
oneeyedelf1I was using opera-static on an amd64 system08:37
fgeyseri can see a app i want to install in add rem app, but it is greyed out. what does it mean ?08:38
SatManUKi can connect to the DataBase via Quasar Admin08:39
SatManUKbut i can't connect to it via Qausar itself suggestions?08:39
XceIIGuys: Take that same question to google: Its there.08:40
SatManUKfgeyser: are you running a fresh install08:41
SatManUKhave you enabled the internet sources ?08:41
SatManUKif you installed from cd without the internet active for me anyway i had to renable them to get access to them08:41
fgeyseryes updating at the  moment08:41
fgeyserenable the sources in adept ?08:42
XceIITime flies when logic prevails.08:45
fgeyseris it possible to use 3g modem on linux ?08:46
XceIIExplain 3g.08:46
fgeyservodaphone 3g usb modem08:46
SatManUKXcell its mobile phone standard08:47
SatManUKanalogue was 1g - digital 2g - 3g is tv on your mobile - faster connection - skype - sling etc..08:48
XceIIya skype08:48
fgeyserno HSDPA 3.8 mb/s08:48
SatManUKdunno then..08:49
fgeyserhow are you connecting to web ?08:49
XceIIsay no.08:50
fgeyseryes wireless but not wifi08:51
fgeyserXcell: still there ?08:54
XceIII have no experience.08:54
XceII2 new .08:54
fgeysernext question08:55
fgeyserhow to install xp app08:55
fgeyserlike skype ?08:55
XceIIThanks, someone either here , or, #ubuntu may have.08:55
XceIISkype is cool.08:55
stdinfgeyser: install the linux version of skype maybe?08:56
fgeyserwhere do i lay my hands on it ?08:56
SatManUKfrom skype.com08:56
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto08:56
XceIIas in (free) beer.08:56
fgeyserthanks, stupid question08:57
fgeyserbut so you learn08:57
SatManUKanybody wanna help me login to Quasar08:57
tehm0nksince i am installed fresh with no windows will kubuntu install grub correctly?08:57
XceIIna  we all drink from the same info highway,08:57
tehm0nkor will i have trouble with it...?08:57
SatManUKtehm0nk: what do you mean correctly?08:58
tehm0nkwithout much trouble setting it up?08:58
SatManUKare you dual booting in the wrong order?08:58
tehm0nkYes sir i am08:58
SatManUKthen your gonna fall..08:58
tehm0nkfor now....08:58
SatManUKyour singular booting for now08:58
tehm0nki can't get winxp or anything to install08:58
SatManUKwell grub should work08:59
tehm0nki just want it to work08:59
SatManUKit should but three options08:59
SatManUKlinux failsafe08:59
SatManUKand linux memtest08:59
tehm0nki partitioned off space for crapdows...08:59
SatManUKfailsafe being recover mode08:59
SatManUKyes but when you install windozze it will wipe grub08:59
SatManUKyou will loose your linux boot08:59
tehm0nkis that repairable?09:00
tehm0nkwith easybcd?09:00
SatManUKfrom said live cd you love so much - grub install should fix it09:00
tehm0nklove so much09:00
XceIII lov that guy.09:01
tehm0nki just wanna run kubuntu at full speed09:01
SatManUKso install it then..09:01
SatManUKand forget windows totally09:01
tehm0nkit's at 90%09:01
tehm0nkwell if i can't... run wow, update my htc titan09:02
tehm0nkor anythign i have to.09:02
=== ^kaminix is now known as kaminix
tehm0nk*wants to buy a real raid card*09:02
tehm0nkthey're expensive too09:02
tehm0nkreal raid card + 3 300gb sata2 drives in raid 5 would rock.09:02
tehm0nkof course09:03
tehm0nklinux would hate me cause i just know it would.09:03
tehm0nkdo Any of you mess with beryl or compiz?09:03
tehm0nki'd Really like to know how to get all the cool effects going....09:03
Lynoureno, Linux plays very nice with many real raid cards09:03
tehm0nkif this installs lol09:03
tehm0nkyou dont know my luck with linux09:04
XceIISomeone help him do it right, Thanks.09:04
tehm0nkXceII: are you volunteering?09:04
XceIII stifle: I never had to.09:04
LynoureXceII: If someone wants raid 5, and I help, it's usually paid-for gig for me.09:04
tehm0nk94% and i'm wondering if it's gonna do more than that...09:05
XceIIWell: I never paid cuz intelligent peole are nice.09:05
tehm0nkSee there is that my luck thing again09:05
LynoureSo I guess that rules me out of somebodys here.09:05
wietsetehm0nk: just bang it on there, if something's up, there are more than enough people happy to help you sort it out, but try yourself first09:06
tehm0nkwietse: really?09:06
LynoureXceII: even the intelligent nice people need to pay rent/morgage, unfortunately just volunteering rarely pays for those09:06
XceIIRemember: Intelligent (linux) people got U here:, Pass it on.09:07
wietseyes of course, thats why we're all here09:07
tehm0nkok out of the 8+ times today trying to install kubuntu...09:07
tehm0nkit has Never stalled where it did right now @ 94% Configuring Hardware09:07
XceIIAnd Donate!09:07
XceIIIt pays.09:07
tehm0nkok grub failed like normal i guess09:08
XceIIIt's the right thing 2 do.09:08
wietseso the last time you tried it stalled at 94%?09:08
XceIINuff Said: Help the man out.09:09
tehm0nkit completed right now.... but it never lagged that long at 94%09:10
tehm0nkit was minutes09:10
tehm0nkcd wasn't spinning or anything09:10
tehm0nkanyways let me try to go by the walkthrough for raid some more09:10
tehm0nkif i run into hell and catch on fire09:10
tehm0nki'll see if any of yall have an extinguisher...09:11
XceIIlol..re-boot and start again.'09:11
XceIIcheck bios.09:11
LynoureThere is so much tehmonk in the logs that it's really hard to see what kind of raid he is trying to set up (I can only see the hw raid 5 he dreams of)...09:12
XceIIexactly Lynoure09:12
tehm0nk2 older sata109:12
tehm0nkhey what can i say i'm a boon09:12
fgeyserthanks fo all the help igttg09:13
ncthello, can I report bugs about KDE 4 RC 2 packages to the kubuntu bug tracker ?09:13
tehm0nkoff the install topic but just wondering, konquerer seems to have connection issues that i've never gotten in windows...09:13
stdinnct: what's the problem?09:13
tehm0nkand when i put firefox on here didn't have them either09:14
ncthere, RC2 packages slightly broke KDE3: when I type ALT+F2, then an internet address, konqueror opens with no address and i got a dialog asking which application I want to use to open text/html-kde409:14
nctwhile being in KDE309:14
nctit looks like the mime types are a bit mixed-up09:15
nctI've followed the instructions on kubuntu.org09:15
tehm0nkthe walkthrough on raid i'm using doesn't note it, so i'm asking, but since i made a partition for /boot will i have to install grub any differantly?09:17
stdinnct: you can report the bug against kdebase-kde4 and we'll have a look09:17
nctok, thank you09:17
sigma_hey all - i got both my tv outs working finally!! one on my ati radeon mobility 9000 with a dell d600 laptop and the other on my nvidia card, let me know if anyone wants to know how09:19
tehm0nkwhat i mean is will the command : "cp /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/* /boot/grub" copy them to the right directory (this maybe be a really stupid question)09:19
tehm0nkoh my .....09:21
sigma_that means only two things left on my to-do list, activesync and sharing the internet connection (not so important)09:21
tehm0nkwhat is that?09:21
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)09:21
nctstdin, the bug is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-kde4/+bug/176681, thank you :-)09:22
tehm0nkok now i'm freaking out09:25
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto09:26
tehm0nkjpatrick: thank you for the obvious i'm sorta using that already...09:27
jpatricktehm0nk: opps, sorry09:27
* jpatrick no experience with raid09:27
lingardhow do i add a user with remote access?09:29
stdinnct: ok I've found what caused that and the good news is I've already uploaded the fix, the bad news is that it'll be a while before it'll be available on i386 as the PPA build system has been locked up by language pack builds09:30
stdinnct: should be a couple hours at a guess09:30
=== TimS is now known as Timmy
nctstdin: ok, that's not a big problem, I just have to patch my brain to add konqueror before addresses in alt+f2, anyway thank you for the efficient reactivity :-)09:33
tehm0nkok i think i got it09:34
tehm0nkgonna try to reboot09:34
blekoshello, i would like help with the sharing permissions. I have installed samba and now I can enable simple sharing with samba. But what does this mean? What is NFS, and how i can install it?09:38
=== m0nk is now known as tehm0nk
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion09:39
=== Timmy is now known as TimS
hypernewbiedo u need xserver-xgl for compiz?09:40
tehm0nkno idea what that is09:40
tehm0nki jsut wanna set it up?09:40
=== TimS is now known as Timmy
hypernewbiewell i tried to get all compis-settings-mgr and compis-kde09:41
tehm0nki dont like the #ubuntu channel so i went with kubuntu but blame youtube's video about ubuntu beryl for me wanting to try this stuff09:41
hypernewbiethen went to settings manager aand the settings did nothing09:41
hypernewbiethen typed compiz in console and got nothing09:42
AyabaraNickPresta: found a note on libmtp saying that 0.2.1 does not support my zen. just thought I'd let you know09:42
hypernewbiewell i got some error on no xgl09:42
=== Timmy is now known as TimS
SatManUKtehm0nk: you managed to reboot of your hd or cd again?09:42
SatManUKtehm0nk: i prefer kde interface to gnome..09:43
SatManUKespecially gnome / ubuntu it looks to macos for me..09:43
misslissais it possible to play games from Pogo in Kubuntu 7.1009:43
tehm0nkSatManUK: the disk is out for the first time and i think i already messed something up09:44
misslissaI have java installed and it keeps telling me that it is unabled09:44
misslissaand its not09:44
SatManUKwhats the problem?09:44
tehm0nki ran the ubuntu command off that page instead of the kubuntu one09:44
tehm0nkfor compiz09:44
misslissaI dont know why pogo is not detecting that java is installed09:44
misslissapogo is a game web site09:44
SatManUKoh i dunno nothing about compiz09:44
misslissaI like to play texas holdem09:44
SatManUKi dunno even what it is..09:45
misslissaI want to switch totally to kubuntu but keep running into trouble09:45
misslissato where i want to go back to easy windows09:45
SatManUKmisslissa: what exactly are you having problems with09:45
SatManUKdid you install sun java 6 web start?09:46
oobei find kubuntu to be more stable if installed from a kubuntu cd rather than using apt sources09:46
misslissayes I did09:46
SatManUKare you using konqueror or firefox?09:46
misslissaand I went on javas home page and verified that it installed correctly09:46
misslissabut every time I click on a game it tells me I need to install or enable java09:46
misslissawell its installed and enabled09:47
misslissawondering if its compatible09:47
misslissaand if its possible to make it compatible09:47
misslissaI am using firefox09:47
oobemisslissa, can you give me the link09:47
misslissai tried konqueror and it didnt work either09:47
misslissaand just click on one of the free games09:47
misslissait will tell you to install java09:47
SatManUKyou have installed the firefox java plugins i guess..09:48
misslissaI even tried downloading ie6 for linux09:48
misslissadidnt work09:48
misslissayes i did09:48
SatManUKi guess that works for me..09:50
misslissaIt worked for you09:50
SatManUKbut i have sun java 6 - 5 - ice java09:50
misslissado you have a link for that09:50
SatManUKsun java 1.409:50
misslissano link09:50
SatManUKthey should be in the package list09:50
SatManUKone sec09:51
misslissavery much09:51
oobemisslissa, that works for me09:51
oobei have sun-java6-jre installed09:51
misslissawell how do i make sure that java is enabled09:52
SatManUKi have sun-java-609:52
SatManUKi have sun-java-509:52
oobetry sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre09:52
SatManUKIcedTea  Java Web Start 1.409:53
tehm0nkwhat is the desktop cube?09:53
lingardhow do i install a file that ends .pl?09:53
misslissaoh my god09:53
misslissadesktop cube is the shiznit09:53
misslissaI love the graphics09:53
misslissaits a 3d cube that you can move by pressing alt+ctr09:53
Cugellingard that's a perl file. So perl file.pl09:53
SatManUKlingard pearl filename.pl09:53
SatManUKie pearl setup.pl09:53
lingardok :)09:54
tehm0nkmisslissa: it wont work for me?09:54
Cugelsatman: PERL09:54
misslissawhat is ice java09:54
oobemisslissa, did you try sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre09:56
lingardi get:09:57
tehm0nkthis sounds stupid but how do i load a theme in emerald manager?09:57
jpatrick!paste | lingard09:57
ubotulingard: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)09:57
lingardwhat i meant to paste was Can't open perl script "vmware-install.pl": No such file or directory09:58
SatManUKmisslissa: sudo apt-get install icedtea-java7-jre09:59
blekoshello i've installed samba to enable file sharing, does this mean every time I start my pc/ session samba service will start as default?09:59
bsanderblekos: yes09:59
misslissahow do you make sure its enabled10:00
blekosis this a threat to my system?10:00
misslissaor does it enable its self10:00
blekoscant I just choose when to be started? That is to be disabled by default and if need to start it manually10:00
misslissaare you using firefox with it10:01
bsanderblekos: it shouldn't be a threat, but yes you can disable it from starting up automatically10:01
misslissai downloaded it about to try it10:01
bsanderits in system settings -> advanced -> startup services10:01
lingardis there a document that advises on how to install downloaded files? all the ones i seem to find so far overly complicate things10:05
jpatricklingard: is what you need not in the repos?10:05
lingardits vmware10:05
blekosok, i founded under System Services. So if i disabled from here, when I needed i can just change status to run or should i restart?10:05
lingardi can't find it in synaptic10:05
lingardso i downloaded the file10:06
lingardnow i don't have a clue how to install it10:06
jpatrick!vmware | lingard10:07
ubotulingard: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers10:07
tehm0nkwhat is the dual monitor link?10:08
AyabaraI have compiled libmtp 0.2.4 from source, and now I get an error saying "mtp-detect: error while loading shared libraries: libmtp.so.7: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" when I run it. The file is in /usr/local/lib, so I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to that, but it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Do I have to restart some service for the new path to be used?10:10
jpatrickAyabara: compile with: ./configure --prefix=/use10:10
jpatrickAyabara: compile with: ./configure --prefix=/usr*10:10
jpatrickbut without the '*'10:10
Ayabarajpatrick: you're a lifesaver. thanks ;-)10:12
jpatrickAyabara: just always remember --prefix=/usr ;)10:12
Ayabarajpatrick: I can at least promise to try to remember10:13
ubuntuciao a tutti10:15
Ayabaraif I have compiled a new version of libmtp, will apps like amarok and gnomad use that version, or do I have to recompile those as well?10:15
ubuntuqualcuno parla italiano?10:16
jpatrick!it | ubuntu10:16
ubotuubuntu: Vai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!10:16
ubuntugrazie 100010:16
XceIIUbuntu: Why do you always do that?10:16
Ayabaracause now mtp-detect seems to detect my zen, but the apps I have will not connect to it.10:17
lingardjpatrick: have you ever used that easyvmx?10:17
jpatrickAyabara: yeah, I think they will have to, we have all kinds of transitions with package rebuilds10:18
jpatricklingard: no10:18
tehm0nk-otherpcok now i know i broke it...10:18
lingardit says double click ... when its been extracted to run the vm10:18
lingardthough when i do it opens in kate10:18
tehm0nk-otherpci tried to reboot and it hangs on or after "Running Local Boot Scripts (/etc/rc.local)"10:19
lingardwhats going wrong?10:19
hypernewbiewohoho trippy10:19
hypernewbiei just installed xgl and it took over 100% cpu and my comp was crawling10:19
tehm0nk-otherpci say after cause it says [OK]10:19
Ayabarajpatrick: now that I have built libmtp 0.2.4 on my system, will amarok and gnomad2 use that version if I compile them as well? do they refer only to the binaries on my system?10:20
tehm0nk-otherpci installed the nvidia drivers and the nvidia-xconfig, and compiz stuf10:20
hypernewbiei have an ati10:20
jpatrickAyabara: rebuild them I meant10:20
XceIItehm0nk-otherpc:  I want to say: sudo touch /forcefsck    but that may be put things back to the begining.10:20
hypernewbieand it said using fglrx drivers10:20
jpatrick!compiz | hypernewbie10:21
ubotuhypernewbie: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion10:21
hypernewbiejpatrick: yeah those are the instructions i followed10:21
hypernewbiejpatrick: it worked fine, just at 0.1 frames/sec10:21
jpatrickhypernewbie: do you have compiz running?10:22
hypernewbiejpatrick: not now, i apt-get removed it10:22
hypernewbiejpatrick: xgl too10:22
tehm0nk-otherpcXceII can i do that in recovery mode?10:22
jpatrickhypernewbie: did you do 'compiz --replace'10:22
hypernewbiejpatrick: yeah, i wasnt compiz that was the prob, it was xgl10:22
XceIINot sure..I wouldnt suggest that.. If it were me I would do that and start over.10:22
hypernewbiejpatrick: compiz --replace ran fine, at a very low framerate10:22
blekosfor a windows pc to see me usb hd attached to my linux pc do I need samba or nfs?10:23
blekosor nothing?10:23
jpatrickhypernewbie: xgl ate my memory when I didn't have compiz running10:23
hypernewbiejpatrick: heh10:23
tehm0nk-otherpcis there a way i can uninstall compiz and the nvidia stuff from recoverymode?10:23
level1hi, xorg is going nuts on my computer10:23
hypernewbieu dont even need recov mode10:23
hypernewbiectrl+alt f210:23
level1its like the volume down button is being pressed over and over again causing everything to jam up.  all myi modifier keys get canceled, so i can't shift10:24
tehm0nk-otherpci can't boot into normal mode as i said10:24
tehm0nk-otherpcso how do i do it in recoverymode?10:24
tehm0nk-otherpci think something i did with one of those10:24
hypernewbieapt-get remove stuff10:24
hypernewbieor if u changed and config files, revert them10:25
tehm0nk-otherpccan i apt-get list or something to see installed apps?10:25
hypernewbiedpkg -l10:25
hypernewbiethats a l for lambda10:25
XceIItehm0nk-otherpc:  try sudo touch /forcefsck   thats as far as I can go..it cleans incomplete files and puts sys into safe mode..it all depends on how far you failed things up..10:25
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: listen to Xcell, prolly knows more than me10:26
tehm0nk-otherpci tried that in recovery10:26
tehm0nk-otherpcjust reboot after that?10:26
XceIIwhen x fails..when boot is complete10:26
XceII ctrl+alt=backspace................after re-boot10:27
ristohow to add Kate auto-completiton ?10:27
XceIIlet the sys do its thing..dont exasperate it..let it do its thing 1rst10:28
tehm0nk-otherpcok it checked the file systems10:29
XceIIwhat happened10:29
tehm0nk-otherpcand hung up like before10:29
XceIIdid U re boot that fast?10:29
jpatrickristo: kate -> settings -> plugins and it's there10:29
tehm0nk-otherpc"Running Local Boot Scripts (/etc/rc.local)"10:29
paoloHi everybody :)10:30
paoloi've got an arch generic on kubuntu 7.04, i can move to 64 bit upgrading the kernel ??10:31
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: did u remove quiet and splash from the bootloader so it gives heaps of output?10:31
paoloi've got an 64bit processor10:31
paolommm damn10:31
tehm0nk-otherpchypernewbie no?10:31
paoloyes i am a newbie10:32
XceIIwe all are..Relax.10:32
tehm0nk-otherpchaha should i just reinstall again?10:32
nevilleYou need AMD64 version of Kubuntu10:32
paolook so i need to download an 64 bit distro10:32
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: hey, is this the thing: u instaled compiz and stuff, did the nvidia stuff10:32
paolothank you10:33
XceIIPeople: All the tools work differently, Per Application: It is up to the applicator to differentiate those tools with (shared) experience that allows group experience...Work together10:33
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: now it doesnt work, it hangs on boot10:33
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: right?10:33
paoloC ya BYE !! thank u so much10:33
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: do u use grub?10:33
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: and does recover mode run?10:33
tehm0nk-otherpcit runs the local boot scripts and then stops10:33
tehm0nk-otherpcyes it runs10:33
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: grub?10:34
tehm0nk-otherpcthat is where i typed the deal XceII told me to do10:34
tehm0nk-otherpcyes to grub10:34
XceIII never told u grub.10:34
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst10:34
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: then down the bottom, carefully find the menu item10:35
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc u should see some load of junk followed by quite splash10:35
hypernewbiequiet splash*10:35
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: remove quiet and splash, save, reboot10:35
prxqHi. If I install the kernel sources and compile them, I obtain a kernel with the version, whereas the installed one is 2.6.22-14. How can I make sure the right sources are installed? (and - why aren't they installed by default)?10:35
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: now it'll give u lots and lots of output while booting so u can see whats wrong10:36
tehm0nk-otherpcok rebooting to see what it does10:37
hypernewbieand pray u havent mucked up editing :P10:37
XceIIdont say that10:37
hypernewbieoh, i mean...muck up editing bootloader scripts? what kind of idiot does that?10:38
tehm0nk-otherpcit told me the exact same thing.10:38
tehm0nk-otherpcwhat is in the "local boot scripts"10:39
tehm0nk-otherpc in /etv/rc.local10:39
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: no idea, prolly trying to do something stupid10:40
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: i have no ide ahow nvidia-config works10:40
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: nvidia-xconfig*10:40
tehm0nk-otherpcwhen i list the installed things... is there a way to see page by page?10:41
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: but u can try sudo apt-get remove compiz compiz-settings-manager10:41
tehm0nk-otherpclike dos?10:41
hypernewbie| more10:41
hypernewbiewhatever_command | more10:41
XceIIssudo apt-get remove ./bill gates10:43
tehm0nk-otherpccan i search for specific names?10:43
hypernewbie| grep something10:44
tehm0nk-otherpclike dpkg -l nvidia10:44
hypernewbiesome_command | grep something10:44
hypernewbieor what10:44
hypernewbieor that*10:44
hypernewbie| grep :P10:44
XceIIHave a good day folks,Work together. Thanks.10:47
tehm0nk-otherpci removed the nvidia stuff and compiz10:47
hypernewbiepray and reboot10:47
hypernewbiedont remove nvidia-xconfig, that'll kill ur display driver configurer10:48
tehm0nk-otherpcuh lol10:48
tehm0nk-otherpci'm tellin you i better just start over lol10:48
hypernewbieur choice10:49
hypernewbieon that10:49
hypernewbiegoing the microsoft windows way, "bah reinstall"10:49
tehm0nk-otherpclol well :-x10:49
hypernewbiegood luck either way though10:50
tehm0nk-otherpcmaybe i should sudo nano /ect/rc.local10:50
hypernewbiethat wont tell u much10:50
hypernewbiei think10:50
hypernewbieu can just try reboot10:50
hackstacyhey selam kako is10:50
tehm0nk-otherpcdont leave me lol10:50
hypernewbiesee if it boots wirhout nvidia-xonfig10:50
tehm0nk-otherpci've been trying lol10:50
hypernewbiedid it boot10:50
hypernewbieif it didnt boot then ur in for some trouble10:51
tehm0nk-otherpcnow i'm back in recovery10:51
hypernewbiewell it prob outta my knowledge10:51
tehm0nk-otherpcit failed where it did before10:51
hackstacyaha eto te10:51
hackstacyslusaj ovo je kubuntu IRC chennel10:51
eliteshadowevo me10:51
eliteshadowsta ima10:51
hypernewbiei just found that rc.local is 1 line10:51
hackstacytako ako imas neka pitanja ovdje10:51
hypernewbieexit 010:51
hypernewbiethats wierd10:52
jussi01eliteshadow: english in here please10:52
hackstacydodzes and ljudi ce ti odgovorit10:52
eliteshadowaha dobro10:52
stdin!en | hackstacy, eliteshadow10:52
ubotuhackstacy, eliteshadow: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat10:52
hackstacyis this the only kubuntu channel10:52
hypernewbietry a sudo startx in recov and see what happens10:52
eliteshadowidem sada spavati sellam10:52
jussi01hackstacy: what language you need?10:52
hackstacywell english is good actually10:53
hackstacyi was just wondering if this is the only channel and does ubuntu has its own10:53
jussi01hackstacy: :) there are many local channels10:53
jussi01hackstacy: #ubuntu for ubuntu10:53
stdinthere is #ubuntu and several language channels10:53
hackstacyso i should just do #join ubuntu10:54
hackstacyto get into ubuntu10:54
tehm0nk-otherpco0o an error msg10:54
hypernewbiem hmm10:54
hypernewbiei like error msgs10:54
jussi01 do: /join #ubuntu10:54
tehm0nk-otherpcFatal Server Error:10:54
hackstacyyea i knew thats how it goes10:54
hypernewbiem hmm10:54
tehm0nk-otherpcCaught Signal 11. Server aboting10:54
hypernewbiei'd take the reinstall path10:54
hypernewbieur xservers gone nuts10:54
hypernewbieits not the rc.local script10:55
SatManUKmy internet just stopped..10:55
SatManUKonly irc working..10:55
tehm0nk-otherpcXIO: fatal IO Error 104 (connection reset by peer) on x Server ":0.0"10:55
AyabaraNickPresta: and with the latest version of libmtp and recompiled amarok, it works :-)10:55
hackstacyI have a question tho, when i start x and get the login prompt to login into the KDE my screen becomes blank and thne i have to move the mouse to get it back ?10:56
hypernewbietry sudo apt-get remove xserver-xgl10:56
SatManUKbrb i need to reboot internet10:56
tehm0nk-otherpcafter 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.10:56
tehm0nk-otherpcnice huh10:56
tehm0nk-otherpcthis is what happened to me with suse a long time ago10:57
tehm0nk-otherpcclicked osmething stupid or something10:57
tehm0nk-otherpcrebooted and X died.10:57
hypernewbieyeah, linux = shoot urself in the foot easy10:57
tehm0nk-otherpcso there is nothing to be done to fix X?10:57
hypernewbiewindows users wil never understand the power sudo rm -r *10:58
hypernewbietry sudo apt-get remove xserver-xgl10:58
hypernewbiei derno if that helps in any crazy way10:59
hypernewbiesomeone that knows mroe about xserver should take over -.-10:59
tehm0nk-otherpcwasn't installed?10:59
tehm0nk-otherpcso i attempted to install it?10:59
hypernewbiei derno now11:00
hypernewbiebut yeah, ur x server died11:00
hypernewbiei think11:00
tehm0nk-otherpcreboots in kubunto live11:01
hypernewbiealthough i think what went wrong11:02
=== and is now known as and_
hackstacyhey why does it say ones ip address when they sign in how secure is that?11:02
=== and_ is now known as and__
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: did u do the /etc/apt/sources.list thing?11:02
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: cause u dont need to do it if ur on gutsy11:02
=== and__ is now known as and
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: and if u did u prolly got some outdated packages11:03
tehm0nk-otherpci dont know11:03
hypernewbietehm0nk-otherpc: and outdated packages  = evil11:03
tehm0nk-otherpcwhat do you mean by that11:03
ghcurious, I recently installed the restricted nvidia drivers, however, my chip is in the legacy driver not the latest that kubuntu installed. so all i have is a white screen when kdm launches. any ideas on method to at least get it back to using the nv driver?11:03
tehm0nk-otherpcdo did i do that when?11:03
hypernewbiewell in the thing, it tells u to do11:03
hypernewbiedeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/amaranth/ubuntu feisty main universe11:03
hypernewbiedeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/amaranth/ubuntu feisty main universe11:03
hypernewbiethats for feisty, which is old11:03
tehm0nk-otherpcNooo i didnt do that11:03
hypernewbieoh ok11:04
hackstacypeople are being ignored here i belive lol11:04
hypernewbiethen i derno what went wrong11:04
tehm0nk-otherpcbut i did run the command for ubuntu?11:04
tehm0nk-otherpcthen i ran the one for kubuntu11:04
bsandergh: you can edit /etx/X11/xorg.conf and replace every instance of "nvidia" with "nv"11:04
bsanderor alternatively run sudo spkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg11:04
tehm0nk-otherpcwell i'll be almost done installing in a minute :-x11:04
tehm0nk-otherpcbrb on the other box...11:04
bsanderwhich will take you through a wizard and sets up a new xorg.conf for you11:04
hypernewbieall that time spent, and a reinstall is just 5 mins away!11:05
bsander'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' i mean11:05
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bazhanghackstacy plenty secure11:05
=== arnaud__ is now known as MickeyMouse
ghbsander, thank you very much. any history with installing the legacy driver?11:06
bsandernope sorry, i have a recent one :)11:07
ghhehe =[11:10
hypernewbieheh, i should submit a bug for knetworkmanager11:10
Migs-sedoes anyone have any experience with LinuxMCE?11:11
hypernewbiewhen u click manual configuration, you're in manual configuration for good until u clean the config file11:11
jussi01Migs-se: is that a distro? or a program?11:11
bsanderMigs-se: yes, and it wasn't pretty :(11:11
bsanderthat stuff is evil11:11
Migs-seI think it's a add on distro?11:11
bsanderi installed it and it went changing my hostname and network connections and stuff like that11:12
Migs-seinstalled Kubuntu 7.04 then installed the 2 cd installation ontop of Kubuntu11:12
jussi01Migs-se: if you are looking for a media centre pc I reccomend looking at mythbuntu11:12
bsanderreally nasty stuff, i actually got so sick of working around the stuff it created that I decided to do a reinstall instead of an upgrade when Gutsy came out..11:12
Migs-seI see11:13
Migs-sewell, I have a odd problem, since I was trying to get the correct Ati drivers for the TV-out to work11:13
Migs-seat the moment it is looping the following...11:13
Migs-seStarting up...11:13
Migs-seLoading, please wait...11:13
Migs-semdadm: no devices listed in conf file were found.11:13
Migs-sekinit: name_to_dev_t(/dev/disk/by-uuid/694214d0-f2bc-42d0-86d8-6ef6a354193c) - hdc5(22,5)11:13
Migs-sekinit: trying to resume from /dev/disk/by-uuid/694214d0-f2bc-42d0-86d8-6ef6a354193c11:14
Migs-sekinit: No resume image, doing normal boot...11:14
Migs-seUbuntu 7.04 dcerouter tty111:14
Migs-sedcerouter login:11:14
Migs-sethe screen then changes to...11:14
Migs-seSun, 16 Dec 2007 13:00:25 +0200 RECV:11:14
Migs-seSun, 16 Dec 2007 13:00:25 +0200 Helper Script End11:14
Migs-seand it loops from there11:14
Migs-seusually, LinuxMCE fills in the details to contonue, but it's not doing that now11:15
jussi01!paste | Migs-se11:15
ubotuMigs-se: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)11:15
Migs-sewhat I did was follow this guide to install the Ati driver: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Configuring11:15
Migs-sewhich resulted in the problem I have now11:15
jussi01Migs-se: please remember to use the pastebin!11:15
bazhangMigs-se: you want might to look at geexbox11:16
Migs-seI've tryed, can't get the remote working11:16
Migs-sebut TV-Out works great11:16
SatManUKguys how do i make a folder accessable to apache11:17
SatManUKso like i can do /phpmyadmin and /phpsql-ledger11:17
SatManUKI wanna run /nolapro11:17
hypernewbieSatManUK: copy it into the public_html or wheever u set that to?11:17
tehm0nkinstalling updates...11:33
tehm0nkhopefully they dont gank this nice thing away again11:33
tehm0nkit says a new distro is available?11:33
tehm0nkbut i just dl'd this?11:33
thomas_what version are you useing atm tehm0nk?11:34
tehm0nksupposed to be 7.1?11:35
vzduch7.10, you mean..11:35
tehm0nkbut it said there was a version update lol11:36
SatManUKwhat do i edit if i want to put it in the same location as phpmyadmin ie /var/lib/11:36
ahnklei have a box running dapper, and i am looking to update it to gutsy. can i do this by a distro-update?11:41
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes11:41
vzduchahnkle: if you care about a long-life-capable system you should wait another half year for Hardy anyway11:42
ahnkleso i need to fully update in steps to the next release?11:43
ahnkleok - thanks peeps11:44
jpatrickahnkle: there is a dapper -> hardy thing planned, but I don't know much about it11:45
SatManUKok im making progress i moved the program to /var/www and it works11:45
SatManUKbut i have some issues it needs resolving11:46
SatManUKgd - needed for creating dynamic charts11:46
SatManUK 11:46
SatManUKPlease add this extension to your PHP installation. Either recompile with gd support or uncomment the ;extension= line in your php.ini file for gd.11:46
SatManUKwhere do i find the php.ini file?11:46
MooseMoralsSatMan, try the command "locate php.ini"11:46
jpatrickSatManUK: /etc/php5/apache211:47
jpatrick!es | usuario11:47
ubotuusuario: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.11:47
vzduchjpatrick: someone bearing a Spanish nickname doesn't automatically imply he/she is going to molest us w/ Spanish :P11:51
jpatrickvzduch: better safe than sorry :p11:51
SatManUKhow to install curl support into php.ini11:54
SatManUKi have installed curl11:54
CugelPeople: I use Compiz. When I run xsnow (the simple snow thing we all like) the flakes and everything leave trails, so it doesn't work. Any ideas how to solve that?11:59
Paddy_EIREhey guys, do you know if the suse kde menu is in the ubuntu repos12:02
jpatrickPaddy_EIRE: you mean kickoff?12:02
Paddy_EIREyeah thats it :)12:02
jpatrickit's a massive patch against kdelibs12:03
Paddy_EIREoh.. I must search about for it12:03
SatManUKjpatrick: do you know anything about installing gd or curl into php?12:03
jpatrickSatManUK: no12:03
SatManUKthanks anyway12:03
jpatrickSatManUK: is installing php5-curl not enough?12:04
Paddy_EIREjpatrick, this looks like it should help me out12:04
jpatrickPaddy_EIRE: interesting12:06
Paddy_EIREsingle deb12:07
Paddy_EIREjpatrick, do you know which screen recording software he is running from the terminal http://news.softpedia.com/news/Install-Kickoff-KDE-Menu-in-Kubuntu-Ubuntu-46601.shtml12:07
Paddy_EIRElooks handy12:07
jpatrickPaddy_EIRE: no, but i'll look into that deb12:08
jpatrickPaddy_EIRE: implemented in KDE4 directly at least :)12:08
Paddy_EIREnice one12:08
SatManUKyou know jpatrick i installed curl not php5-curl so thats prob why im still getting issues..12:08
Paddy_EIREso will kde4 make hardy after all?12:09
jpatrickSatManUK: installed php4-gd?12:09
jpatrickPaddy_EIRE: no, hardy is a Long Term Support and KDE4 is too unstable12:09
Paddy_EIREoh I see12:09
SatManUKi installed just "curl" not phpx-curl12:09
SatManUKi installed php5-curl and its ok now12:09
SatManUKsame for php5-gd12:10
jpatrickSatManUK: ok, great :)12:10
jpatrickPaddy_EIRE: however we should have KDE4.1 for Hardy+112:10
jpatrickPaddy_EIRE: installing that package will override your kicker12:11
SatManUKnow i just need zend Optimizer12:11
SatManUKwhich it provides a link for12:11
Paddy_EIREI installed that kubuntu kickoff deb yet I'm wondering how to add it to the panel12:11
Paddy_EIRErestart kde so that it shows up perhaps??12:11
Paddy_EIREthen add it12:12
jpatrickright kick kicker -> add applet12:12
Paddy_EIREyeah it aint there12:12
jpatrickkillall kicker && kicker12:12
Paddy_EIREnice one12:12
ardchoilledcop kicker default restart12:16
SatManUKdont you just hate when you downloading the last file and the creator requires all your personal information. I haven't a clue who Zend are but i need to register my details with then to download Zend Optimizer12:19
blekoscould you tell me where icon themes are placed after install?12:19
jpatrickblekos: ~/.kde/share/icons12:19
=== TimS is now known as TimS|away
ardchoille!away > TimS|away12:22
imbecilekubuntu runs kde4 correct?12:24
ardchoille!kde4 | imbecile12:24
ubotuimbecile: KDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4 - The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule - RC 2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc2.php12:24
imbecileahh so its not released yet?12:24
Paddy_EIREworks well jpatrick.. you can right click kickoff and change it back to the classic kde menu also12:25
jpatrickimbecile: schuduled for January12:25
imbecilecool deal12:25
Paddy_EIREjpatrick, it also uses the kubuntu logo for the button... If I try to make the panel smaller the image does not re-size with it.12:26
jpatrickPaddy_EIRE: no idea about that, sorry12:26
Paddy_EIREno probs12:27
Paddy_EIREI think I will keep it the normal size and just set it to auto hide or something... my laptop res is 1280x800 so the normal kde panel is quite space consuming12:27
etfbDoes anyone know how to make knetworkmanager connect automatically to a known wifi access point?12:30
etfbIt works in Feisty but not in Gutsy on the same hardware.12:30
Paddy_EIREetfb, have it save your key and pass on kde wallet12:30
etfbAlready does that.12:30
Paddy_EIREthen all you do is type the kde wallet pass12:31
etfbYep, but it doesn't connect.  Usually have to select the SSID two or three times before it will connect.12:31
=== [tUd]Pensacola is now known as Pensacola
imbecileok heres my thing. I have a dual boot system with 3 partitions. if I delete my ubuntu partition and my storage partition and install there will i have issues with grub? or should i reinstall both OS?12:32
etfbimbecile: what are your OSes?  Which is on which partition?12:33
imbecilebasically im trying to install kubuntu over ubuntu with a fresh install and not mess up my windows partition because its for work12:33
etfbimbecile: (cute nickname BTW.  Makes me feel like I can go straight to insulting you, which saves a lot of time on IRC)12:33
Paddy_EIREimbecile, yeah you will have issues with grub as it will not be there12:33
Paddy_EIREimbecile, 1 sec12:33
etfbimbecile: there's a file that Grub uses, something like boot.menu or somesuch.  Let me find it...12:34
imbecileim thinking it may work even though i wont be able to get into windows without kubuntu reinstalled12:34
Paddy_EIREimbecile, pick the guide thats appropriate for you http://apcmag.com/node/5162/12:34
Paddy_EIREhope it helps12:35
imbecilethanks :)12:35
Paddy_EIREimbecile, fixing the win boot loader is easy12:35
etfbPaddy_EIRE: excellent link.  Bookmarked.  Thanks!12:36
=== bsandert is now known as bsander
etfbimbecile: nope, it's /boot/grub/menu.lst, but I'd be nervous about hand-editing it.  I think our friend from the land o12:37
ahnkleis there an alternative to update-manager for kubuntu?12:37
etfb... the leprechauns is your best bet.12:37
etfbahnkle: For what?12:37
Paddy_EIREahnkle, kde uses adept afaik12:38
ahnkleso i can do an update from dapper to edgy12:38
Paddy_EIREoh.. not sure about that12:38
ardchoille!update | ahnkle12:38
ubotuahnkle: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes12:38
Paddy_EIREI would do that in a terminal anyway ahnkle12:39
etfbahnkle: I'd be nervous about upgrading instead of reinstalling from scratch, personally... but I just reinstalled with Gutsy and it's certainly a pain getting everything working again.12:39
etfbEven WITH good backups!12:39
etfbardchoille: where do you get a list of all those !commands?  There's some good stuff there!12:40
ardchoilleetfb: I've been in this channel for a while :)12:40
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:40
ahnkleusing apt-get is "not recommended...much less reliable"12:40
ardchoilleetfb: See that first url ^^12:40
etfbHmmmph!  All-knowing indeed.  If ubotu is so smart, it can tell me: if half a chicken lays half an egg in half a day, how many oranges can you stuff up a chimney?  Eh?  Eh?  See, not so all-knowing!12:41
etfb(But I digress.)12:41
etfb(Oh, and thanks ardchoille.)12:42
xeoHi, so I installed the latest flash and Firefox still won't work properly any ideas why?12:42
ardchoillexeo: Does firefox show the flash plugin in about:plugins?12:43
xeoI dont' see it12:44
ardchoillexeo: How did you install it?12:44
xeowell the first time I just let the plugin manager do it12:45
xeothat didn't work12:45
xeoso I just download the bin and did a sh ./ 'name of bin'12:45
ardchoille!flash | here is some info to get you started:12:45
ubotuhere is some info to get you started:: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash12:45
ubotuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/12:49
CugelAnyone else using xsnow and compiz?12:50
Paddy_EIREnot me... using beryl still12:51
* Paddy_EIRE <-- prefers beryl-manager12:51
etfbCugel: I keep meaning to check compiz out.  Is it worth the potential CPU drain?12:52
CugelOf course it is. One look at a wobbly window is enough to hook anyone.12:52
etfbCugel: spoken like a true Linux believer12:52
xeojust gave gnash a try; makes an attempt to load medai but doesn't play it12:53
etfbCugel: is it true that the installer only gives you the option to install compiz if your CPU is powerful enough?  I ask because I have 1.5GHz Toshiba and I never got asked...12:53
Paddy_EIRExeo, which site12:53
Paddy_EIRExeo, works with youtube just fine12:54
CugelJust install it manually. 256 mb should be enough, really.12:54
xeolets say If I got to someone page on myspace that has music or if I go to crunchyroll.com to watch anime it won't play the vids12:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gmip - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:54
ubotugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.12:54
etfbCugel: Doddle!  I have 1.5Gb, so I should be OK.  I'll give it a whirl.  Thanks!12:55
Paddy_EIRExeo, yeah it is still in very very early stages of development so dont expect the sun the moon and the stars from it just yet12:55
Paddy_EIRE!gnash | xeo12:55
ubotuxeo: An open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/12:55
Paddy_EIREp.s. I hate flash... it sucks :P12:56
xeoits kinda working thanks12:56
etfbPaddy_EIRE: how so?  Just in the general "web is for HTML" philosophical sense, or is it the specific implementation you hate?12:56
Paddy_EIREetfb, yeah I just find it completely unnecessary12:57
etfbPaddy_EIRE: Before YouTube came and effectively solved the codecs issue once and for all, I'd've agreed with you.  Now, not so much.12:57
Cugel(just trying again): When I run xsnow (the simple snow thing we all like) the flakes and everything leave trails, so it doesn't work. Anyone familiar with the problem?12:57
etfbIs xsnow part of JWZ's set of screensavers, Cugel ?12:58
Cugelno, it's the age-old x thing.12:59
SatManUKi got nolapro running .. i managed to download zend optimizer simple ./install to configure it.. i can live with that..12:59
kreibapt-get gimp tells of unauthenticated packages, whats up with that, will it break things?12:59
etfbCugel: Evidently I'm too young...  (I keep telling myself that -- 467 isn't that old)12:59
CugelWon't break stuff.12:59
arditxohi all13:00
arditxocould someone help me please13:00
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)13:00
etfbkreib: I think it's just that the packages aren't subject to the full Ubuntu quality control, but they're not full of ebola virus or anything13:00
etfb!patience > me13:01
etfbOdd... I expected that command to work, and it didn't...  where's that doco again...13:01
ardchoilleetfb: The factoids?13:02
arditxoi'm trying to restore the default desktop in kubuntu, i mean i want to remove compiz but i can't13:02
kreibok, if ti breaks, I rely on you guys to fix it13:02
etfbAh, I just got the factoid name wrong, ardchoille .  NEver mind.13:02
arditxoi've been looking for info but there's nothing really worthy over there13:03
etfbarditxo: What happens when you try?13:03
arditxoit just keeps running the compiz effects13:03
Dragnslcrarditxo- "kwin --replace" will switch back to the normal kwin window manager13:04
arditxoi mean the nice window effects, transparencies and all the compiz stuff13:04
etfbarditxo: You may need to restart X (ie either log out and in, or else Ctrl+Alt+Backspace)13:04
arditxoyeah, i actually did that, but it doesn't really work fine13:04
Dragnslcrarditxo- and you can uninstall the compiz packages through Adept13:04
arditxoit hooks13:04
Cugellet me guess, you lost window borders.13:04
etfbarditxo: prefix your replies with the nick of the person you're talking to; it makes it easier to follow your train of thought.13:05
etfbarditxo: you can probably use tab completion to make that easier13:05
arditxowell i did it through sudo apt-get autoremove compiz*13:05
Cugeltry purge instead of autoremove13:05
arditxoyeh right cugel13:05
Dragnslcrarditxo- and what packages did it say it was uninstalling?13:05
arditxoi tried that too13:05
etfbarditxo, Cugel: I think the syntax is sudo apt-get --purge remove [package], isn't it?  Or is there a purge verb?13:06
icecruncherhi all13:06
arditxocompiz core, compiz gnome, ... i think they all have been apparently uninstalled.13:06
Dragnslcrarditxo- I would just use Adept. Search for "compiz" and remove any installed packages that it lists13:07
arditxoi did the purge stuff with aptitude purge ... something like that13:07
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!13:08
arditxook i'll try with adept13:08
iba_padamui installed kubuntu, but i didn't install grub. how can i boot it from vista?13:08
etfb!grub | iba_padamu13:09
ubotuiba_padamu: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto13:09
arditxoall right, i run adept and as it says, there aren't any compiz packets installed13:09
arditxo(and there's a list with all compiz related packets)13:10
etfbarditxo: if you're still seeing compiz effects, it must be because (a) you haven't restarted X yet, or (b) you've somehow installed it outside the package management system, ie with configure/make13:10
etfbarditxo: (That's my guess, anyhow.  Aha?)13:11
arditxowell I think it must be the (b) I mean13:11
etfbarditxo: Do you remember explicitly doing that?  I mean, unless you suffer frequent blackouts, it's not the sort of ordeal you'd forget...13:12
arditxoand so how could I restart the X, should I restart the session maybe13:12
icecruncheri get a black screen after login into my e17 session... any suggestions?13:12
arditxommm I think I did something like that, something with configure...13:12
etfbarditxo: Ctrl+Alt+Backspace restarts X.  Be careful to close documents first!13:12
Dragnslcrarditxo- logout, and at the login screen, there's an option to restart the X server13:12
etfbicecruncher: What's e17?13:13
arditxook, I'll do that13:13
arditxoanyway I think I'll be back soon :)13:13
etfbicecruncher: what happens if you press Enter?  Do you get a login prompt in text mode?13:15
etfb"You are now crossing the state line between 'etfb knowing stuff' and 'etfb being completely ignorant'.  Have a nice day!"13:16
etfbWhich is to say: sorry, icecruncher , can't help you there.  I've never used E17.13:16
icecruncherthat's ok, thanks anyway13:17
arditxook guys, now it works!13:18
arditxothanks really :)13:18
DragnslcrYou're welcome13:18
etfbarditxo: Another satisfied customer.  Be sure to leave your money on the fridge!  (But seriously: glad it worked.  I hate mysteries!)13:19
arditxoi got one more question... does anyone tried the openttd ?13:19
RurouniJonesetfb: Who shot kennedy? It is really bugging me :p13:19
etfbRurouniJones: Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone.  Not everything Oliver Stone says is gospel.  Oh, and...13:20
arditxoi don't know why but i don't get it working13:20
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!13:20
DragnslcrRurouniJones- Microsoft, of course13:20
arditxohas someone tried the openttd game?13:21
etfbAh - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Openttd (there is no god but Google, and Wikipedia is its prophet).  Never heard of it.  What's happening when you try?13:22
arditxoit just doesn't run13:23
arditxothe typical bouncing icon appears but after a while it goes off13:23
etfbarditxo: Any time I see that (entirely too often!) I check the X error log, thus: tail -f .xsession-errors13:24
etfbarditxo: Sometimes it's useless, but occasionally it tells you what's wrong13:24
arditxook i'll try that13:25
etfbOK, well it's half-past-midnight here, and even if I'm taking tomorrow off, I need my beauty sleep.  Bye all!13:25
arditxobye and thanks a lot13:26
arditxoas i saw, there's a bug i don't understand with openttd13:28
arditxoit says: Your 'sample.cat' file is corrupted or missing!13:29
arditxowhat is that?13:29
SatManUKim sure i must have installed flash into firefox at some point oh well let it download..13:32
WaltzingAlong!info kubuntu-restricted-extras13:33
ubotukubuntu-restricted-extras: Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 10 (gutsy), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB13:33
bin4ryhey zusammen13:37
bin4ryschönen 3. advent13:37
bazhanggerman bin4ry?13:38
bin4ryyea, oh i see this chan is english ?13:38
bazhangyou want the german one?13:38
bin4rywell this ones ok as well13:38
boguhis it possible that my nvidia Quadro nvs 280 SD (64 mb) is a bit to slow for kde4?13:38
bazhangboguh: I would suspect kde4 first13:39
bin4ryi want to configure thunderbird to keep my received mails on the mail server and instead delete mails which are older then x days13:39
bin4ryis this possible ?13:39
boguhbazhang because its not finished?13:39
bazhangboguh: aye13:40
bin4rysome1 knows if thunderbird is able to do this ?13:41
bazhangnot sure bin4ry, but there is this: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Thunderbird_:_FAQs13:41
DoYouKnowhi. I have Kubuntu on a broadcom 802.11g laptop. Whenever I connect to something, I am quickly disconnected and time outs occur frequently. It seems that this has gotten worse from Ubuntu 7.04 -> Kubuntu 7.1013:41
DoYouKnowI have only tried this with ubuntu 7.04 and kubuntu 7.10, much with ubuntu 7.1013:42
DoYouKnowI tried a little but don't really recall the results13:42
DoYouKnow*not much with13:43
bazhang!wireless | DoYouKnow13:43
ubotuDoYouKnow: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:43
voicuis it normal to have about 30 konqueror processes open even there is no konq window opne?13:45
bin4rybazhang: nice, thx man prob is solved.13:52
bin4rynice 3rd advent13:53
bazhangsame to you bin4ry :}13:53
=== Schneeflocke is now known as Shely
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!13:54
=== Shely is now known as Schneeflocke
berkesEver since an update last week, my nspluginviewer (flash) crashes on konqueror all the time. It also refuses to show flash on a page in the first place.14:02
berkesi've been going trough the isseureports on launchpad, but no luck. Any hints?14:02
LUGHi all. Does exist any graphical app to configure DHCP service?14:04
romunova lame google search: http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/dhcpweb.htm14:05
romunovperhaps it helps...14:06
bazhangknetwork-manager LUG?14:06
LUGbasta digitarlo da console in qualsiasi directory?14:07
bazhangLUG: you want to do this in the console? this is an English channel so I'm just guessing :}14:09
LUGSorry :-P14:09
=== to is now known as Joh
=== Extrapan100 is now known as Extrapan100^BNC
LUGI need to configure my DHCP Server not configure DHCP configuration on network interface14:10
Tm_TExtrapan100^BNC: I hope you're not going to use "awaynick" often ;(14:10
LUGMy DHCPD don't start saying no network interface was associated with it14:10
=== Joh is now known as newbie
=== newbie is now known as newbie_
malamsui'm using intelhda sound card, no sound on kubuntu 7.10. what shall i do?14:11
=== newbie_ is now known as Newbie_Kubuntu
Newbie_Kubuntumalamsu: using Knoppix, do you have sound?14:14
malamsuwhen i was using kubuntu 6.10, i can hear the sound14:15
Newbie_Kubuntumalamsu: do  you see the "speaker" icon in the kicker("task bar") ?14:16
malamsuyeah with x mark14:17
bsmhi, anyone running kde4? :914:17
Newbie_KubuntuThat's important14:17
Newbie_Kubuntumalamsu: If you double click on the icon, what comes out?14:17
malamsuno mixer14:18
ZombieHow do I configure the KDM maanager not to show the list of logins at the login screen?14:18
Newbie_Kubuntumalamsu: If you click on the "K" menu > Multimedia > Kmix, what comes out?14:19
malamsujust the same. current mixer -14:20
Newbie_KubuntuIf click with the secondary (right) button on the icon, can you walk through all options and check it?14:21
pastrynesscan someone help me with a name of a pckage, where the stats/graphs of you system's performance sits on the kde toolbar? like network upload and download graph, cpu usage graph etc.. or stats. just need a name please14:22
malamsuthere're mute, and open mixer window, and quit.14:23
Tm_Tpastryness: hmm, no idea what app youre talking about, sorry14:23
pastrynessanything similar?14:24
Tm_TConky ?14:24
Newbie_KubuntuI've heard about Conky, too14:25
Newbie_Kubuntumalamsu: when you select "open mixer window" what does it happen?14:26
malamsujust the same. that window appears again14:27
Dragnslcrpastryness- do you have kicker-applets installed?14:28
pastrynessi dont even know what that is14:28
pastrynesswhat is it?14:28
DragnslcrIt's a package14:28
vredchenkohi everyone, I've just installed kubuntu and have a problem with recognising my wireless usb adapter, has anyone encountered this problem before?14:28
methiceHi, i ve got a little pb, i've got kubuntu and compiz running and only 2 desktop avaible ...14:29
gabriel_is there any way to get thumb mouse button to work as the back button in Dolphin file manager??14:29
Dragnslcrpastryness- additional applets that you can add to the kicker panel. One of them is a CPU/memory graph applet14:29
gabriel_I searched google and saw some posts on it ubuntu forums, but no solution!14:29
Dragnslcrgabriel_- I think I use imwheel for that. Not sure if there's an easier way14:30
pastrynessDragnslcr: thanks alot, i'll try it out14:30
gabriel_pastryness: have u tried superkaramba?14:31
methiceno one know ?14:31
gabriel_Dragnslcr: ok thanks14:32
pastrynessgabriel_: now whats that do?14:32
bin4ryanother question: is there an easy way to migrate from ximian evolution to thunderbird?14:32
Dragnslcrmethice- you can set the number of cube faces in Compiz's settings14:32
gabriel_pastryness: well it puts the stats on your dekstop.. there are many layouts. maybe it can put it in system tray as well, dunno really14:32
pastrynessokay, thanks gabriel_, i'll try out kicker-applets frist, then if i dont like it i'll try out superkaramba, thanks14:33
gabriel_pastryness: actually it can show a lot of stuff, highly configurable14:33
gabriel_pastryness: http://netdragon.sourceforge.net/ssuperkaramba.html14:34
gabriel_it's quite easy i to use i think14:35
=== errno is now known as dschulz
pastrynessjust wondering how to show this 'kicker toolbar' in my panel now that ive installed it14:36
Newbie_KubuntuJust an easy question for all: in the command line, I need a shell script to change from present directory to another , I've tried "cd /name_of_folder" but when after executing the script it happens... nothing :-(14:36
gabriel_maybe u can try writing an alias14:37
Newbie_KubuntuThanks, Gabriel, though I needed the script to work like a ".lnk" file in Windows: i execute it and it changed the present directory14:38
pastrynessit tells me kicker is already running :/14:38
KingzarHelp my external harddisk was working fine for 2 days14:39
gabriel_Newbie_Kubuntu: but can't u execute the alias?14:39
Newbie_Kubuntu(and so (unlike an alias) in certain folder, I can delete the script, copy to another place, and so on...)14:39
Kingzarbut today after a fresh boot, it doesn´t work anymore14:39
Kingzari got an error, No such mount!14:40
gabriel_so what about a bash script that does the same? and u call it with ./myscript?14:40
gabriel_then u can move the script around14:40
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
Newbie_KubuntuYes, yes, Gabriel, I've tried, but after executing the script... it does not change my folder14:42
pastrynessDragnslcr: help me out with this 'kicker' pls? i dunno what it is :/ but when i run it in teminal it says its already running :/14:42
Newbie_Kubuntu(if I tell the script "echo hello" it works, but it seems that it changes the folder to itself, not to my session)14:42
gabriel_well wish i could help u :)14:43
gabriel_maybe go to a bash channel or something14:43
Newbie_KubuntuTO BE BASHED, NOOO14:43
ZombieHow do I configure the KDM maanager not to show the list of logins at the login screen?14:43
Newbie_KubuntuWell, I will go to a bash channel :-), God bless you, bye, bye!14:43
Zombiepastryness: Kicker is your task bar.14:45
pastrynessthen how do i run these 'kicker-applets' that i just downloaded?14:45
Tm_Tpastryness: rightclick your kicker, add -> add applets14:46
ZombieDid you download them using aptitude/synaptic?14:46
pastrynessi see14:47
pastrynessthanks alot14:47
ZombieWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!14:52
ZombieHow do I make this message stop prompting me?14:52
Paddy_EIREthrow a packet of mince meat at it Zombie14:53
SatManUKwhy does firefox have to download plugins for every user14:54
SatManUKisn't it more sense to have a shared plugin directory?14:54
jpatrickSatManUK: they're stored in the users home dir14:54
ZombieIt does.14:54
SatManUKi figured that as im downloading adobe flash for the second time14:55
SatManUKwhy can't they be stored in /usr/share or something.. so they are only downloaded once..14:55
ZombieYou need to sudo apt-get flash-player-plugin14:55
jpatrickSatManUK: does flashplugin-nonfree from multiverse not cut it?14:55
SatManUKi don't know..14:56
ZombieThat will install it system wide.14:56
SatManUKi already have flash on konqueror its just firefox complaining14:56
SatManUKdownloading it now..14:58
SatManUKat 5k/s14:58
ZombieSlow mirror?14:59
abcdCan anyone recommend any portable mp3 player ( no ipod) that runs smoothly with ubuntu and is seen as pendrive by the system without drivers ( or other stuff) installation?15:00
SatManUKyes that package answered my question..15:05
BluesKajHowdy Folks   : )15:06
BluesKajhi zass15:07
jhutchinsabcd: Um, iPod shuffle?15:08
galorinI'd like to get some music onto an SD card for my car stereo.  What's a good app to use for this?15:10
jhutchinsabcd: The thing about the iPods is that their indexing system is cryptic, they don't work off of human readable song titles.  Since the shuffle doesn't have any menu features, it works fine as a memory stick.15:10
abcdjhutchins: ipod has not a radio, i'm looking for player with a radio15:10
jhutchinsgalorin: konqueror15:11
jhutchinsgalorin: amarok15:11
BluesKajgalorin , just copy and paste the files to the SD card , I was able to add some photos to my SD card when my 1G usb drive was full, so I could load them on to my son's pc ...was surprised but it worked fine15:13
galorinI have a lot of files in ogg on my system, but my car can only do mp3 or wma15:14
galorinWas told they sound better, so when I ripped my cd's I did ogg.  I think they do sound better15:14
BluesKajgalorin, use soundkonverter to convert the files to mp315:15
BluesKajdunno why ppl use mp3 now , when HDDs are so large ,to preserve sound quality whynot just save them as wav or flac files15:16
galorinWhen you've got a not so large HDD,it has to be done.15:17
romunovbecause some of us don't hear the difference, especially on crappy speakers/headphones15:17
BluesKajhehe , no kidding15:17
KohlrabiBut when you switch to a stereo sytem you hear it15:17
romunovnot at volumes that i listen to :)15:18
KohlrabiBluesKaj> dunno why ppl use mp3 now | mp3 makes no sense, aye. Either use AAC or vorbis, depends on how "free" you want to be :)15:18
Kohlrabiromunov: :)15:19
bazhangwith flac there is a difference though imo15:19
Kohlrabibazhang: difference to what?15:19
bazhangKohlrabi: difference discernible to the human ear :}15:19
KohlrabiMP3 is transparent for most people at certain bitrates15:20
Kohlrabibut that depends on many factors15:20
_nix_Hello everybody, I clicked "Hide Menubar" in ktorrent>options. anyone know how can bring the menubar back?15:20
Kohlrabilike exhaustion, and if you are likely to notice MP3-artifacts15:20
Kohlrabibut most newer lossy codecs get transparent at much lower bitrates15:20
Kohlrabiand MP3 has mayn intrinsic flaws15:21
_nix_Kohlrabi: like HE-AAC v2 at 48kbit15:21
Kohlrabiit's really so 1990 to use it :)15:21
BluesKajKohlrabi, I just wav or flac ...guess I'm old school , the less data loss the better it sounds ...most of my music is on redbook audio on cd. Also I use the spdif output to my sound system in the TV room15:22
KohlrabiBluesKaj: I myself ripped all my CDs to wavpack lossless15:22
bazhangall my dead shows are on flac :}15:23
BluesKajnever wear HPs ...I don't don't even own a mp3 player :)15:23
Kohlrabiwavpack is a tad smaller than flac, so it saves me maybe 1.5GB as a whole15:23
Kohlrabibut we're going off-topic ;)15:23
Kohlrabibazhang: grateful dead?15:23
bazhangKohlrabi: yup15:23
bazhanglegal torrents even :}15:24
KohlrabiI know15:24
bazhangbut way offtopic15:24
bazhangsorry about that15:24
=== malakhi_ is now known as malakhi
BluesKajto me, "ripping" implies data loss15:27
KohlrabiBluesKaj: simply, no15:28
KohlrabiEAC (for windows) can rip secure, and I think cdparanoia is quite good, too15:29
noaXesshi all15:34
bazhanghi noaXess15:34
noaXesswhat about wifi intel's 4965AGN card? any idea if there will be soon a driver available into kubuntu?15:35
noaXessi saw the driver on http://www.intellinuxwireless.org/?p=iwlwifi&n=HOWTO-iwlwifi15:35
BluesKajI've been tying to use audacity on gutsy for copying analog line in audio from my amp , to which i have my trusty Dual 1219 turntable connected. The reason is I want to copy my vinyl , which i have successfully done in windows using the Nero audio suite. I'm not about to spend money cd duplicates of perfectly good sounding vinyl records , just so i can play the music in my car15:35
noaXesswhere do i see a list of drivers that are included within the newest kubuntu?15:36
bazhang!wireless | noaXess15:36
ubotunoaXess: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:36
BluesKajbut audacity crashes on 64bit kubuntu15:36
noaXessbazhang: yeah i know.. but there are no doc's for intel's wifi 4965agn...15:37
bazhangnoaXess: I believe that iwl is in the kernel15:37
BluesKajis anyone else copying analog audio to wav or anyother codec on kubuntu ?15:38
LjLBluesKaj: well there's always kwave *ugh* :)15:39
LjLBluesKaj: anyway there are a couple of specialized packages for vynil15:39
BluesKajLjL, kwave eh...does it work15:39
LjLBluesKaj: mostly not :P15:39
noaXessbazhang: in the wifidocx the write about using ndiswrapper.. i have done that.. but had some problem, that the wlan connection will be hanged up after few minutes.. thats why i whant to use i reall linux driver :)15:39
deiancan someone quickly give me the command needed to know whether i have the 32b or 64b operating system15:40
deiani forgot15:40
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell15:40
deian64bit version15:41
BluesKajLjL, bummer...it's a task that takes patience and time . Since I do have plenty of time (I'm retired) but little patience , i really need something that works. : (15:41
pagdeian, uname -m15:41
deianahh yea, thats the one15:42
ubotuSuomenkielinen keskustelu (K)Ubuntusta kanavilla #ubuntu-fi ja #kubuntu-fi15:42
deianthanks for that15:42
deianok next question is15:42
LjLBluesKaj, i don't have a ready-made solution, but i'd really tend to investigate using command-line tools fit for the purpose, rather than the shoddy graphical audio editors that are around. a shell script can do wonders, if you have the patience of setting it up - and then no more patience15:42
deianis the 64bit kubuntu 7.10 able to run KDE 4?15:42
ogrehey guys, I was wondering what the graphical installer is for kubuntu (like synaptic) and where i would find it15:43
deianit should be in the menu15:43
ubotuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto15:43
bazhangnoaXess: this is in gutsy right?15:43
deianunder system15:43
Dr_willisI cheat and always install synaptic :)15:43
Dr_willisor just use the shell15:43
ogrekk found it thx15:43
pagdeian, as able as 32bit is - I'm not sure if there are packages yet though..15:44
deianfor the 64bit you mean?15:44
LjL!info gramophile | BluesKaj15:44
ubotublueskaj: Package gramophile does not exist in gutsy15:44
BluesKajLjL, thanks for the tip. I do Have some CLI experience using tovid to transcode video to dvd ...any suggestions for audio ?15:44
deianit looks promising, especially if running along side compiz/fusion15:44
LjL!info gramofile | BluesKaj15:44
ubotublueskaj: gramofile: Transfer sound from gramophone records to CD. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.6-8 (gutsy), package size 105 kB, installed size 264 kB15:44
LjL!info gwc | BluesKaj15:44
ubotublueskaj: gwc: Audio file denoiser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.21.05-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 138 kB, installed size 432 kB15:44
LjL!info wavsplit | BluesKaj15:44
ubotublueskaj: wavsplit: Splits wavfiles into tracks. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0-3 (gutsy), package size 16 kB, installed size 92 kB15:44
BluesKajcool LjL ..Thanks :) !15:45
LjLBluesKaj: you really should try gramofile first i think, since it provides both vinyl-specific noise reduction *and* track splitting in one package15:47
ogreso how would I install superkaramba for instance?15:47
BluesKajLjL, right ...will do15:47
ogrebazhang:  I switched over to kde ;)15:47
BluesKajjust installed gramofile15:47
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ogrebazhang:  this is imbecile btw15:48
Dr_willissudo apt-get install superkaramba15:48
bazhangogre: sudo apt-get install superkaramba15:48
Dr_willis!info superkaramba15:48
ubotusuperkaramba: a program based on karamba improving the eyecandy of KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 533 kB, installed size 1424 kB15:48
* Dr_willis scoffs at superkaramba :)15:48
ogreso i have to via command line?15:49
bazhangogre: great news on the switch--this channel (and DE) is much nicer :}15:49
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:49
ogrei suppose it will take a bit of getting used to15:49
Dr_willisogre,  its trivlal to do it by the command line.. :)15:50
bazhangogre: not so much, it's easier using the command line15:50
Dr_willisits easier to say 'sudo apt-get install whatever' then say..open up adept.. search for whatever.. click here, there and then this..15:50
Dr_willisif you get a list of things you always want to install on a new system. you can also just make a simple script to reinstallthem all on other machines.15:51
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto15:52
mikkoshut the fuck up15:52
ogrehow do i edit my software sources?15:52
Dr_willissources are defined in /etc/apt/sources.list15:52
Dr_willismost of the gui package manager tools have front ends to edit that file also.15:52
LjLogre: don't know where the icon is, but "kdesudo software-sources-kde" from a shell15:53
ubotuIn KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)15:54
sigma_kubuntuwhats good opensource ecomerce software?15:54
ogreheh this is a whole new world hehe15:54
ogreyaya same as gksu15:54
* Dr_willis wishes the KDE and GNOME guys would have a conferance on naming of common/similer tools in a similer way...15:55
LjLDr_willis: that kan gnever happen15:55
ogreso how would I open my sources.list?15:59
Dr_willisits a text file. Use a text editor.15:59
Dr_willisBACKUP YOUR Original! :016:00
ogrewell i have to open as root correct?16:00
Dr_willissudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list16:00
ogreahh nano16:00
ogregot it16:00
Dr_willisCorrect. :) since its a system type file16:00
Dr_willisOr use vi, or emacs, or whatever editor ya want16:00
wagneralgum brasileiro aqui?16:00
LjLor kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list16:00
Dr_willisI like fte :)16:00
LjL!br | wagner16:00
ubotuwagner: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.16:00
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ZombieHow do I configure the KDM maanager not to show the list of logins at the login screen?16:12
Dr_willisinstall the kdm theme tool and a few extra themes is the easy way16:12
Dr_willis!find kdmtheme16:12
ubotuFound: kdmtheme16:12
Dr_willis!find kdm16:13
ubotuFound: kdm, kde-kdm-themes, kdmtheme16:13
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serpent-which shortcut do i need to get out of "man" ?16:23
vytenisNo prob. :)16:23
rodya_how do you configure kdm?16:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kdm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:26
ZombieHow do I configure the KDM manager not to show the list of logins at the login screen? Thats a security breach16:28
Zombierodya_: I'm looking for the same answers really.16:29
Dr_willisinstall the kdmtheme package and some ectra themes16:29
Dr_willis!find kdm16:29
ubotuFound: kdm, kde-kdm-themes, kdmtheme16:29
Dr_willisTheres themes that have that, and themes that dont.  i also think its a setting inkdmtheme you can tweak for most themes.16:29
MooseMoralsI'm trying to install kubuntu to a 2GB usb drive, and the install is failing before the end - is 2GB big enough for an install, and is there anything I can do to shrink it?16:33
BluesKajMooseMorals, why not use the live cd copy on the USB drive , it will fit16:36
Dr_willisi recall some issues with grub while installing on usb drives.16:36
Dr_willisI wonder if someone has made a tweaked usb drive install image somewhere.16:36
ZombieThe KDE Control center has no effect16:36
MooseMoralsThe full install doesn't just copy across the CD though, becuae it would only be 600MB,right?16:37
m4ttyop all16:37
m4ttqui pourrait m'help pour un pb de wifi sur ma kubuntu16:38
Dr_williskcontrol --> System Admin --> Login manager --> "Users Tab" also has a check box to enable/disable the list it seems. that may be for the  non-themed login kdm display.16:38
BluesKaj!fr | m4tt16:39
ubotum4tt: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.16:39
Dr_willisbe sure to enable the 'administrator mode' for the kde control panel. Some times that button gets hidden at the bottom of the panels. :(16:39
Manyfold!ger | m4tt16:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ger - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:40
Manyfold!gr | m4tt16:40
ubotum4tt: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes16:40
BluesKajDr_willis, what's the size of installed kubuntu before adding apps ?16:41
Dr_willisBlueDevil,  no idea really. i was THINKING it was about 3gb16:42
Dr_willisbut i alwyas install kubuntu, ubuntu, xubuntu, and other stuff right off the start. :)16:42
Dr_willisFor a USB disk disrto. i alwyas use DSL or PuppyLinux16:42
BluesKajyeah damn small linux rocks , I used it on an old 233mhz 128mb ram 6G HDD pc and it ran great16:44
makuseruare there any multamedia converters that have a gui?16:49
jussi01makuseru: what are you wanting to convert?16:50
jussi01vlc does some conversion...16:50
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makuseruwell, when i used Fiesty there was a program called Mulitmedia Converter, and it did just about every video and audio conversion, but it dosnt work with Gutsy16:51
jussi01!away > TimS16:51
TimSI know I know16:51
olegbavidemux is nice for conversion/encoding16:51
TimSI got the same message when i went away16:51
jhutchinsmplayer has some good conversion options, but it takes some learning to build the commands.  Wrapper scripts like tovid, which is excellent for mastering DVD's, can help show you the ropes.16:53
Dr_willisi tend to use avidemux for my simple needs. :)16:54
bazhangvlc is nice in that regard16:55
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anddy__Alguien que hable español por favor!17:01
pag!es | anddy__17:01
ubotuanddy__: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.17:01
anddy__Ok, gracias ubotu. ;-)17:02
ubuntu__how do i format the hard drive on linux?17:03
pag!qtparted | ubuntu__17:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about qtparted - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:04
paghmph.. ubuntu__ a programm called QtParted can do it.17:04
ubuntu__doesnt the linux cd come with it17:04
ubuntu__when you install linux ?17:04
emilsedghBluesKaj: when Jucato will come back? i miss him :P17:04
bazhanggparted, cfdisk, as well ubuntu__17:04
jussi01!info qtparted17:04
ubotuqtparted: A parted frontend using QT. In component main, is optional. Version 0.4.5-2ubuntu12 (gutsy), package size 206 kB, installed size 720 kB17:04
ubuntu__!info qtparted17:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about info - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:05
pagubuntu__, it was installed on cd in feisty.. I'm not sure about gutsy17:05
ubuntu__kk thanks let me try it out17:05
bazhangubuntu__: you want to overwrite your windows box with kubuntu?17:06
ubuntu__i wana keep my windows17:06
ubuntu__but also install linux17:06
ubuntu__a drives been already made for linux but instalation had error17:06
ubuntu__so i wana format the linux drive and reinstall it  yet keep the windows17:06
bazhangubuntu__: the installer disk will do that--just choose format all linux partitions guided, or something like that in the installer17:07
BluesKajemilsedgh, dunno, I haven't spoken with Jucato for a few days17:08
emilsedghBluesKaj: yes, its a while that he is not around17:08
bazhangcheck his blog emilsedgh17:08
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BluesKajJucato's last entry on his blog is dec5th17:11
jhutchinsI ran the Centos 4.5 installer recently, and was surprized that it didn't offer to shrink the Windows partition.17:14
jhutchinsI think it was an NTFS issue, I can't find any support for ntfs in Centos.17:14
* TuX_Claudiu Bumba (Stereo Sax Mix) - Buddha-Bar, Vol. VI Disc 2 - Perfect Sense (x«amarok)17:26
* TuX_Claudiu Muranyi - Muranyi / Balaton - Pryda (x«amarok)17:28
eshatis there a easy way to install kde 4.0 into kubuntu 7.10 ???17:28
ubotuKDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4 - The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule - RC 2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc2.php17:29
BluesKajeshat, if there was an easy way a lot more ppl would install it17:29
BluesKajI followed the KDE4 instructions to the letter , but it failed twice ..so I just dumped and haven't bothered with it since17:31
bsanderBluesKaj: what's the problem then?17:33
jussi01BluesKaj: thats weird - the install went fine here17:33
sigma_kubuntubsander: my tv out eventually worked!17:34
bsandergood for you :)17:35
BluesKajbsander, I think it's my hardware ..not real sure but on board ati graphics seems be a prob for KDE417:35
bsanderi was still asleep when you talked to me this morning, sigma_kubuntu ;)17:35
bsanderBluesKaj: so the install went fine, but the session doesn't?17:35
emilsedghBluesKaj: really? i never heard of that...17:35
sigma_kubuntulol oh ok17:36
bsanderyou can disable desktop effects, doesn't that fix it?17:36
emilsedghBluesKaj: maybe thats because compositing17:36
bsandersigma_kubuntu: did you fix the mouse issue yet?17:36
sigma_kubuntubsander: what mouse issue?17:37
bsandersigma_kubuntu: you said you couldn't get your mouse to work on the tvout screen17:38
BluesKajwhatever the prob is emilsedgh, bsander , i'm not gonna bother with kde4 til it's officially released , even then I'll wait to see how it works out for others with my kind of set up ...kubuntu 64bit on ATI X200G graphics17:38
emilsedghBluesKaj: well, i thought you want to get your hands on it and you dont because of ati.so really, if you want to be satisfied with it, wait for 4.117:39
bsanderok :)17:39
sigma_kubuntubsander: oh that. nope didnt get it to work. only the esc button works. but something strange hapend. the nvidia control panel started working. but the video lags a litle if i use it17:40
bazhangI'm waiting for kde4.517:40
sigma_kubuntuand my laptop tv out started working :)17:41
Dr_willisIm waiting for Service Pack 1 for Kubuntu. :)17:41
sigma_kubuntubut that was a cable converter issue17:42
bazhanghaha Dr_willis17:42
bsandersigma_kubuntu: ok :) wel good you got it to work, it's nice :)17:42
BluesKajwell, emilsedgh and bsander , I like my google earth and tvtime and both work , altho GE is abit clunky, and I want to be sure they will still run on kde4 before taking the plunge , so to speak :)17:43
sigma_kubuntuthey said kde would be pretty stable by 4.1 . ideally if all users tested it, it would be super stable17:43
sigma_kubuntuwill kde3 apps run in kde4?17:44
emilsedghBluesKaj: well, kde4 has nothing to do with GoogleEarth and all non-kde apps17:44
bsandersigma_kubuntu: yes they will17:45
BluesKajemilsedgh, but it does have to do with how kde and Xorg work together and that's an issue with ati hardware17:45
BluesKajemilsedgh, whenever kde is updated , my xorg file has to be reconfigged17:46
emilsedghBluesKaj: i dont use it as main desktop yet, but i was unable to wait and stay with screenshots ;)17:46
sigma_kubuntuhav any of u guys read ubuntu full circle magazine?17:47
ubuntu__has nvidia fixed its propriety driver package?17:47
BluesKajcan't say i've even heard of it , sigma_kubuntu17:48
jussi01ubuntu__: wroks fine here...17:48
NickPrestaubuntu__, what was wrong with it?17:48
bazhangwere they ever broken ubuntu?17:49
jhutchinsubuntu__: There have been a lot of updates to the nvidia drivers, don't know what you mean by "fixed", they work fine for a lot of people.17:49
sigma_kubuntufullcirclemagazine.org its all about the ubuntu family. great articles. gets beta every time. next issue out on the 21st. maybe they can do a kde4 writeup/review17:50
ubuntu__abt two mnths ago it broke my x whenever i installed nvidia driver from repo and i had to reconfigure manually nv generic driver to make distro work, currently im on live cd, i have geforce 2 mx 400 nvidia 64mb card..........which driver i shud install nvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-new?17:52
Dr_willisubuntu_,  neother one i think.. you may want the glx-legacy for that old a card17:54
ubuntu__any suggestions?17:54
Dr_willisthe !nvidia page has links to a page that tells what cards use what drivers17:55
jhutchins!nvidia | ubuntu__17:55
ubotuubuntu__: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:55
Dr_willisdosent the restricted-manager tool detect/know what drivers to use for what cards?17:57
ubuntu__Dr_willis: where do i find that tool in kubuntu 7.10?17:58
Dr_willis!info restricted-manager18:00
uboturestricted-manager: manage non-free hardware drivers - GNOME frontend. In component restricted, is optional. Version 0.33.1 (gutsy), package size 38 kB, installed size 316 kB18:00
Dr_willisHmm theres a kde version also i though. installed by default18:00
NickPrestaDr_willis, yeah. It's restricted-manager-kde, IIRC18:01
bsander!info restricted-manager-kde | Dr_willis18:01
ubotudr_willis: restricted-manager-kde: manage non-free hardware drivers - KDE frontend. In component restricted, is optional. Version 0.33.1 (gutsy), package size 64 kB, installed size 288 kB18:01
eshathi all ,... is there a kernel parameter to blacklist a module ?18:02
BluesKajubuntu__, check system settings/advanced/restricted driver/ and enable it to see if it works , you'll prolly have relogin18:02
jhutchinseshat: There are ways to blacklist a module, yes.18:02
jhutchins!blacklist | eshat18:03
ubotueshat: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »18:03
eshatjhutchins: i asked for a kernelparameter at boot,... cause i want to blacklist a module on the live cd18:03
jhutchinseshat: No.18:05
eshatjhutchins: wron ,... i just found the soloution18:05
StyXmanRiddell: hi. I just read the logs of the pykde4 tutorial. there was an unanswered question, which is: where could one ask more questions?18:05
eshatjhutchins: Modul-Name.blacklist=yes18:05
eshatjhutchins: please don't say no, if you are not sure18:05
cheguevaraStyXman, pyqt mailing list18:06
NickPrestaeshat, I, too, have seen that solution but I have also seen that it doesn't work in all cases. YMMV18:06
eshatNickPresta: ahh ok ,.. anyway,.. i ll try18:06
jhutchinsIf he already knows, why is he asking?18:08
jhutchinswhy doesn't he just try it?18:08
NickPrestajhutchins, no idea. *shrugs*18:08
jhutchinsI see a lot of people on IRC asking about stuff that wouldn't take as long just to try.18:10
bazhangtoo true18:10
BluesKajhow does one edit the Run Command drop down list without clearing the whole list?18:10
NickPrestajhutchins, I suppose a lot of it comes from the fear that "trying" it will break things beyond repair. who knows...18:10
Dr_willisThats the legacy of windows ... :)18:11
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B4S3Mis there any way to install HP 1020 laserjet on Gutsy ..... i read many documents and no result !!18:13
bazhangB4S3M: have you tried just connecting it? hp printers are very well supported18:14
B4S3Mbazhang: come on ... its well connected18:15
llutzB4S3M: http://openprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=HP-LaserJet_102018:15
bazhangB4S3M: the printer setup utility does not see it? that is odd18:16
llutzB4S3M:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1286431#post128643118:17
SonicChaoHow do I put my Home Folder on my desktop?18:21
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!18:22
StyXmanSonicChao: kcontrol-> system administration-> paths-> desktop path18:23
llutzSonicChao: open konqueror, drag'n drop yur home to desktop. press ctrl-shift to create a link only18:23
StyXmanset it to your home path18:23
StyXmanah, as an icon? do what llutz says18:24
SonicChaoyeah, as an icon.18:24
SonicChaobut thank you, StyXman, I've wanted to change my desktop path for ages to make it differ from GNOME's18:24
StyXmanSonicChao: or create a new link to location (url) set the url to your home path, set the icon18:25
SonicChaollutz: It's not appearing on my desktop18:29
llutzSonicChao: then you made a mistake, it works that way with kwin (no idea what when using compiz or that stuff )18:30
SonicChaollutz: Nevermind, a small problem that was my fault because I changed the desktop path before I did your method18:31
bishnu_hi need some help to setup wireless in dell inspiron 142018:33
bishnu_i tried to follow the instructions from this link18:33
bishnu_it didn't work in last step18:33
SonicChaoIs there a setting to make Kicker only display the windows in my current desktop?18:33
Dr_willisSonicChao,  theres a setting for the task  window applet  - yes that does that.18:34
bishnu_does anybody have any suggestions to make wireless work in kubuntu?18:34
SonicChaoIn the what, Dr_willis?18:34
Dr_willisSonicChao,  each kicker applet has its own menus/settings depending on where you right click on them at18:34
BluesKaj!wireless | bishnu_18:35
ubotubishnu_: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:35
Dr_willisClicking on the Proper place.. can be the problem. :)18:35
MGalaxyHello, when I switch my keyboard layout to another language, CTRL+C/V/X dont work anymore, any solution?18:38
SonicChaoI don't see it18:44
SonicChaoAnd he left18:44
SonicChaoHow do I make Kicker display only the windows in my current desktop?18:45
DragnslcrSonicChao- Right click the taskbar, go to Configure Panel -> Taskbar -> Show windows from all desktops18:49
SonicChaoDragnslcr: thanks, found it18:51
MGalaxyDragnslcr: may u plz help me?18:52
frank23what kde program could I use to enable/disable services?18:52
romunovi'd like to know that as well18:53
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frank23nm I found it18:55
ubuntu__llleven though i have installed 7.10 kubuntu adept keeps telling me there is a newer version of the distro and if i want to upgrade the whole distro or not..................is it a bug or there is and upgraded version of gutsy gibbon?18:55
matttishow can I stop firefox from checking the spelling ?18:56
romunovfrank23: run "kcontrol" from your console18:58
frank23matttis: not sure but it might be an extension that does that. look in Tools->addons and disable the dictionary18:58
frank23romunov: It's in systemsettings as well18:58
matttisfrank23: no, its not an add-on18:59
romunovcould be18:59
BluesKajubuntu__lll, yes it's a bug in adept notifier/upgrader..19:00
ubuntu__lllBluesKaj: thanx mate19:00
ubuntu__lllBluesKaj: after i installed 7.10 it tells me that there are 73 updates , should i apply all of em or just leave it alone?19:02
BluesKajubuntu__lll, use adept to install an app or 2 that want on your system , usually after a manual install of some apps and a reboot the upgrde notifier will disappear19:02
killermachmy xorg display is gone after upgrading from fiesty to gutsy. I suspect this is from the nvidia driver that I was using in the xorg.conf, how do I install the restricted drivers from commandline?19:02
BluesKajubuntu__lll,the updates are prolly legit if you just installed Kubuntu with the last day or 219:04
MementoMorihi all19:07
MementoMorisince I upgraded flashplugin-nonfree to version I always get a nspluginviewer crash in konqueror19:08
MementoMoriis there a way to fix?19:08
proximoxgood evening19:09
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proximoxim running Linux Mint KDE at the moment, and i like the "shineyness" on it, but the support is close to non-exsisting, how hard would it be to make Kubuntu look bout the same as Mint does ? (weird question i guess, but there it is =P )19:10
maninderany one know a site to get the illiest msn version for linux É19:10
proximoxmaninder: there's a couple of msn clients you can use, you just need to test and find whats best for you19:11
maninderso like gimmi a site19:11
MementoMorimaninder: I dont think you'll even find a linx msn version19:11
proximoxmaninder: there's Kmess, Kopete, Pidgin and Amsn among others19:11
maninderwere i can download a proper msn version for linux19:11
MementoMorimaninder: try kopete or amsn19:12
maninderso just search for Amsn19:12
maninderand i shall find itÉ19:12
proximoxthere is no linux version of MSN, there is programs that let you connect to your msn account19:12
proximoxmaninder: open the package manager and search for MSN, it will give you a couple of options i reckon19:12
MementoMorimaninder:  in kubuntu kopete is most integrated but it seems like amsn works better19:12
maninderpackage mannager searches for all the linux softwares that you can download rightÉ19:13
proximoxmaninder: the package manager lists the software that has been tested on Kubuntu and known to work (more or less at least)19:13
MementoMoribut amsn has an ugly default gui...19:13
proximoxmaninder: there may be other options out there not in Kubuntu packagemanager19:14
proximoxMementoMori: not true, amsn has one of the best GUIs for msn clients on linux19:14
proximoxMementoMori: but you need to install it with anti-aliased fonts, if not you get ugly fonts19:14
maninderso kubuntu doesnt come with package managerÉ19:14
MementoMorihow can I downgrade an installed package?19:15
poison--llo guys19:15
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!19:15
proximoxmaninder: yes it does, but that package manager maybe doesent contain every linux application availiable in the world19:15
poison--<MementoMori, use synaptic19:15
maninderso how do i go to packet manager is it in the start manuÉ19:15
MementoMoripoison--: it cant be done with aptitude?19:15
proximoxas poison-- said, its called synaptic19:15
maninderis it adept managerÉ19:15
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de19:16
proximoxMementoMori: yes it can be done with apt19:16
MementoMoriproximox: I'll search more info with google19:16
proximoxsynaptic is a graphical frontend to aptitude19:16
MementoMoriproximox: thank you19:16
proximoxMementoMori: np, glad to help if i can =)19:17
proximox(and im not even using kubuntu yet =P )19:17
maninderalright i found it on the site19:17
maninderdo i download it or get the pluginsÉ19:17
proximoxpoison--: doesent Kubuntu use adept by default ?19:17
poison--it does, but i luv synaptic19:18
proximoxmaninder: best way to install software is through the package manager19:18
proximoxmaninder: you CAN download and install things from the web19:18
proximoxmaninder: but there's no guarantee it will work properly19:18
maninderokay lets say if i download the amsn how would i install it É19:18
maninderi dont know how to do installtion with linux19:18
proximoxmaninder: whats in the package manager is tested to work19:19
proximoxmaninder: dunno, check the site for installation instructions19:19
maninderye but lets say if i want to do manul or i cant ffind it19:19
maninderoh okay okay19:19
maninderwhat dvd player would your recomendÉ19:19
poison--MPlayer is good19:19
maninderkk thanks19:20
manindercause i was tyring the one that came with kubuntu starts with a k19:20
maninderand it doesnt opne dvds gives me a error19:20
proximoxVLC (videolan) would be my choice19:20
proximoxpoison--: ok, what is it that you prefer about synaptic over adepte ?19:20
manindervlc would play avi files as wel right19:20
poison--<proximox, the way it shows me the packages i search and the way i control it, besides, i can config it to use a proxy easy, adept is a pain to use with a proxy19:21
proximoxpoison--: yeah, i like the fact that synaptic shows me version numbers, while adept does not (!!!!)19:22
MementoMoriit seems to be quite difficult to downgrade a just upgraded package19:22
proximoxpoison--: but i think searching and finding stuff in adept is faster and easier19:23
poison--<MementoMori, try a reboot and than search for the package19:23
poison--]proximox, in fact the only thing that makes me use synaptic is dat i do have to use proxy at work19:24
poison--im on wind$#$## at home19:24
bogi27ok just one question what is the best irc for linux ?19:24
poison--i use xchat19:24
proximoxMementoMori: and maninder: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware19:24
proximoxthere's a little info on installing stuff on (k)ubuntu using package manager etc =)19:25
MementoMoripoison--: why should I reboot? I only need to downgrade a simple package.. if I remove it I'll get the latest version anyway19:25
ubotuA general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents19:26
proximoxtheres another one =P19:26
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happytigerMy firefox keeps freezing when watching flash content  on youtube??  All updated and all from adept19:26
MementoMoriso the solution should be removing it, search manually for the desidered version, installing it with dpkg and then block its version19:27
MementoMoriam I right?19:27
poison--<happytiger, did u installed the kubuntu restricted package19:28
maninderhow do you change the mouse themeÉ19:32
maninderon kubuntu19:32
nosrednaekimmaninder: system settings->keyboard and mouse->19:32
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=== nu is now known as nuu
=== Extrapan100^BNC is now known as Extrapan100
maliks7my adept is constantly giving me an error msg that changes could not be committed coz it may break the packages, what do i do?19:35
* TuX_Claudiu is Away, Reason: ( watching mouvi ) | Since: ( Sunday, December 16, 2007. 21:27:34 ) Xlack v2.119:35
jac0bhow come the kmenu doesn't update when I install wine apps19:35
maliks7my adept is constantly giving me an error msg that changes could not be committed coz it may break the packages, what do i do? how do install the adept from scratch? or get rid of this annoying msg?19:35
jac0bi see it in the menu editor but not in the kmenu19:35
=== blizzz is now known as blizzzek
maninderyou know how you minimize how do you get that apple effect on linuxÉ19:38
jac0bdoes anyone know how to update the kmenu19:38
lnxkdeI need to know how I set up a instalation server to install Linux and WIndows from lan on to a pc?19:39
lnxkdemy machines has kubuntu 7.1019:39
Flare183lnxkde:> ask in #ubuntu19:39
socketmy also19:40
=== ronnie_ is now known as gaz
makuseruhi, when i try to run a program called dguitar i get this error,19:40
makuseruhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/48476/ what does it mean, how can i fix it19:40
socketkubuntu is very good system ...also debian is better19:41
=== gaz is now known as ronnie_
socketou ...shit ...here is boredom ...19:43
nosrednaekimmakuseru: you are doing to need some GTK libraries... but i'm not sure which ones19:44
maninderany one know about when minimize and get that apple effect on linux19:44
maninderany programs19:44
B4S3Mwhen i tried to install HP 1020 .... it stop at arm2hpdl /usr/share/foo2zjs/firmware/sihp1020.img > /usr/share/foo2zjs/firmware/sihp1020.dl .... with error Permission denied .. anybody can help?19:44
ronnie_any know a link to a free music download site, that dosent make you have to install a windows media player or some sort= exe. program,??19:44
nosrednaekimmaninder: compiz will do it19:45
maninderso just google compiz É19:45
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion19:45
makuserunosrednaekim: how can i find out what lib i need?19:46
ronnie_k ill try that thx19:46
BluesKajronnie , w32codecs and mplayer should handle any windows media19:46
nosrednaekimmakuseru: not really sure how did you install the program?19:46
ronnie_k , its not that i want to install anything, I just want a site to get music,19:47
nosrednaekimmakuseru: really? and it has those errors? you may want to complain to #ubuntu-motu because it seems it didn't get the dependency checking right.19:48
B4S3Mwhen i tried to install HP 1020 .... it stop at arm2hpdl /usr/share/foo2zjs/firmware/sihp1020.img > /usr/share/foo2zjs/firmware/sihp1020.dl .... with error Permission denied .. anybody can help?19:48
BluesKajwell ronnie_ if the site contains windows media files that want to download , you'll still need those apps to play the files19:49
PollywogB4S3M: are you installing as root?19:49
nosrednaekimmakuseru: actually, try installing the "classpath-gtkpeer" package19:49
PollywogB4S3M: or using sudo?19:50
happytigerpoison--: -- <happytiger, did u installed the kubuntu restricted package ---Yes i did19:50
poison--i used to have that issue, but after i installed that package right it worked fine19:50
makuserunosrednaekim: same error19:51
B4S3MPollywog: amd using sudo..19:51
B4S3MPollywog: am using sudo..19:51
happytigerpoison--: oki didnt fix my error19:51
nosrednaekimmakuseru: yeah. then its a packaging issue19:51
PollywogB4S3M: the package you are trying to install is for Ubuntu?19:52
happytigertried purgin out vlc and flashplugin and firefox19:52
happytigerbut still screwede19:52
B4S3Mno ..  kubuntu Gutsy ?19:53
PollywogI am not sure why it won't install, did you google the error?19:54
B4S3M2 days in a row :S19:57
B4S3Mit was workin in old versions ... but on gutsy i cudn`t19:58
sigma_kubuntuanyone using a dell d600 here?20:00
PollywogB4S3M: I would ask the maintainer of the package20:01
B4S3Mnow or later ?20:01
Pollywogemail them20:01
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Pollywogor you can try building the package from the deb-src package in Feisty20:02
Pollywogif Feisty's package was working for you20:03
B4S3Mam not that professional :S20:03
B4S3Mtell how to contact them please :)20:04
Pollywogwhat is the name of the package?20:04
NickPrestaB4S3M, you will probably have better luck compiling the package yourself instead of talking to the maintainer.20:05
PollywogNickPresta: he says he is not that "professional"20:05
NickPrestaThen I suggest he goes back to Feisty, if it was working for him or pastebin his question and related resources and see if someone nice will compile him a deb package :)20:06
PollywogNickPresta: k20:06
PollywogB4S3M: when a new version of *ubuntu comes out, sometimes things get broken20:07
PollywogB4S3M: have you updated your system lately?20:08
Schuenemannwhich program can I use to convert my mp3 and audio cd's to ogg?20:08
Pollywogsometimes an update will fix those problems20:08
kg7fuhola sportsfans20:09
kg7fuwhen I plug my nextar 512mb mp3 player into a usb port I get "cannot mount volume" mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda20:10
kg7fuhowever my sony usb media vault mounts just fine!20:11
B4S3MPollywog: yea ..updated20:12
Flare183kg7fu:> format the thing20:15
kg7fuit already has been formatte4d and has tunes on it20:15
Flare183i guess20:15
Flare183beats me20:15
MGalaxyHow can I set a .iso file as a repository?20:15
PollywogB4S3M: there is a lot of material about your printer on the Ubuntu forums20:15
kg7fuI guess what I need is mount options for removeable usb vfat drives?20:16
kg7fuaccording to the device manual:20:17
kg7fu3. Linux 2.4.0 + / Mac 8.6 + Installation20:17
kg7fuNo Driver is required for these operating systems. Simply plug the device into20:17
kg7futhe USB port and the system will automatically find it.20:17
kg7fufinds it yes20:18
PollywogB4S3M: look at this, it's not about Gutsy but perhaps it will help you20:18
kg7fumounts it no20:18
kbrooksSchuenemann, hey20:19
Dr_williskg7fu,  you could alwyas mount it manually as root. Or perhaps look in system://media  (i think)20:19
kbrooksSchuenemann, http://www.perturb.org/display/entry/687/ # does this answer your question?20:19
kg7fulet's try root20:20
Dr_williscommon mount options for a vfat usb drive  would be the use of umask and dmask, and perhaps the 'user' option. in a fstab entry20:20
Schuenemannkbrooks, I was looking for cd tracks too... and with a frontend20:20
kbrooksSchuenemann, uhhh, have you tried inserting the CD and looking in the CD with konqueror for directories20:21
kg7fuok it needs root to mount...so I guess change fstab entry to user rw should suffice?20:21
Schuenemannkbrooks, I have soundkonverter... but it always crash20:21
kbrooksSchuenemann, if they are not there, you need to get packages that help20:21
kbrooksSchuenemann, the directory you're looking for is OGG20:22
Dr_williskg7fu,  thers dozens of optiosn. :) depends on exactly what you are doing20:22
kg7fujust want users to be able to auto-mount mp3 player20:23
kg7fushould be intuitive20:23
Schuenemannkbrooks, why would I have such a directory20:23
kbrooksSchuenemann, it's fake20:23
kbrooksSchuenemann, and added by konqui20:24
Dr_willisAUTOmounting is not handles by the fstab file. They sould still manyually need to mount it.20:24
Schuenemannkbrooks, where is it?20:24
kg7fuwell the media vaults auto mount20:24
Dr_willisIn theory they should be able to plug the device in and it just pop up a dialog asking to view files. that would moun tit.20:24
kg7fuand they're basically the same thing20:25
kg7fua usb flash device20:25
Dr_willisNot sure why that breaks with some devices20:25
kbrooksSchuenemann, in order for konqui to add that directory, you need packages that help konqueror convert the files to ogg when you copy them20:25
=== X314Z159 is now known as X314
Schuenemannkbrooks, konqueror is a file browser... I don't think it can convert anything20:26
Dr_willisthere are kioslaves for konqueror that do that work . I belive.20:26
kg7furhythmbox is pretty good for after it's mounted20:26
kbrookssc0tch, well, be shocked: it can20:26
kg7futhatnks guys! (& gal)20:28
jhutchinsSchuenemann: What konq does is have hooks to call the various conversion utils.20:28
Schuenemannjhutchins, ahh... explained20:28
jhutchinsSchuenemann: It's part of the virtual filesystem concept, files that don't actually exist until they're called for.20:28
kg7fu<kg7fu splits like panties on prom nite> <poof!>20:28
Schuenemannjhutchins, well, I want to convert my mp3 and cd tracks to ogg20:29
Schuenemannappearently, kaudiocreator did it... I just have to find where the output was sent to :-)20:29
=== jpatrick_ is now known as jpatrick
Schuenemannkbrooks, kaudiocreator works fine20:32
rakanhow can i share my laptop DVD with a windows desktop PC? i am using kubuntu 7.1020:34
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama20:36
ubotuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead20:36
tehm0nkwhich way should i go about that if i want like 2 windows?20:36
tehm0nkis it possible to have 2 desktops?20:36
tehm0nk1 on each monitor?20:37
romunovcan someone help me with ssh?20:38
romunovi need to logon to a remote machine via ssh20:38
B4S3Manyidea how can i find HP laserjet 1020 PPD file ?20:39
=== servidor is now known as ubunteiroRJ
Arilouhi hi! ^_^20:42
tehm0nkArilou: do you know anything about dual monitors?20:42
TooEarlyI have a ATI TV Wonder and i'm using my lineout from my tv tuner to my mic in and the audio is constantly on. how would i fix this?20:43
ArilouI had mine like that on windows, that was one of the questions I was hoping getting answered here20:43
tehm0nkArilou: well lets work together on it20:43
tehm0nkArilou: !xinerama20:43
tehm0nk!xinerama | Arilou20:44
ubotuArilou: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead20:44
Arilouthanks a lot ubotu20:44
ArilouI'm opening the FAQ document on the top of the page here, else I'd swarm you with questions since I'm lost =P20:45
romunovwhat program is similar to winscp on kubuntu?20:45
romunovi need a gui ssh program20:45
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/20:45
BluesKajTooEarly, don't use the mic input, that's the wrong input for line level ,.. use the line in , I have the same setup .. just lower the input ctrl volume in kimaix or alsamixer20:45
tehm0nkArilou: ubotu is a bot :-P20:45
B4S3Manyidea how can i find HP laserjet 1020 PPD file ?20:45
jussi01romunov: konqueror does ssh20:45
BluesKajerr kmix20:45
romunovdang, i've uninstalled it :D20:46
jussi01B4S3M: I think there is one on linuxprinting20:46
Arilouoh lol, thanks a lot tehm0nk20:46
TooEarlyBluesKaj: i can't seem to get the audio working when i use the line in20:46
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter20:46
TooEarlythat's the thing20:46
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE20:46
BluesKajB4S3M, PPD20:46
tehm0nkdoes anyone know if it is possible to have a non dualview dual monitor setup?20:47
BluesKajcheck your input tab on kmix , make sure line in is lit up in green and the slider is at 70% , same goes for alsamixer20:47
tehm0nklike 2 desktops?20:47
BluesKajTooEarly, did you get that above ?20:48
ogrewhat do i type in terminal to update sources?20:48
TooEarlyBluesKaj: I don't have any green LED's in kmix i only have red ones20:48
BluesKajTooEarly,click on the lights at the top of the ctrls20:49
ogreerr i meant konsole20:49
TooEarlyBluesKaj: there aren't lights at the top20:50
BluesKajTooEarly, type alsamixer in the konsole20:50
TooEarlyyou want me in the capture or playback20:51
BluesKajok TooEarly , do this first k-menu/system settings/sound system/enable sound system,then choose hardware tab/select the audio device/Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, click apply20:53
B4S3MBluesKaj: yea PPD20:53
BluesKajwhat's PPD?20:53
sintheteki was hoping someone could perhaps help me with an issue getting fdisk to run on my /home partition20:54
B4S3MPPD file for HP printer 102020:54
TooEarlyBluesKaj:  alright, done20:54
sinthetekfor some reason it is saying/thinking the partition is mounted while it isn't20:54
Ariloutehm0nk: have you tried right clicking the speakier icon near the clock at the start bar in the botton right corner of the screen?20:54
sinthetek(or while it shouldn't be, rather)20:54
BluesKajTooEarly, now in alsamixer in the konsole, make sure nothing is muted witj "M" , use the M key to unmute the ctrls . Once unmuted they'll have a "00"20:56
rakanhow to share CD rom with windows?20:56
rakani think i got it to work but it is asking for a username and password from windows?20:57
BluesKajB4S3M, still don't know what you mean by a PPD file ..printer driver ?20:57
B4S3MBluesKaj: dunno its file suppoed to be found in foo2zs while installing the printer but i dunno where it is20:57
sinthetekrakan: http, smb or cifs20:57
Steakkis the Kubuntu 7.10 DVD an install disk, as well as Live CD/DVD ?20:57
NekoHimeKisuComplete user error has obliterated Network, can only connect from live CD20:57
TooEarlyBluesKaj: alright, everything is unmuted20:57
SteakkOr is it strictly install?  (I've never tried kubuntu before, and wanna give it a shot)20:57
tehm0nkArilou: what about that?20:57
rakansinthetek: already done20:58
rakani am using samba20:58
NekoHimeKisuany way to reinstall network manager net tools from live cd to main install20:58
rakanbut it is not letting me logon to the cd rom20:58
rakanasking for a username or password20:58
NekoHimeKisutotal newb20:58
BluesKajB4S3M, a lot of ppl forget to set the driver in the wizard might be hpjis or something similar20:58
Ariloutehm0nk: open the mixer to select the channels so you can mute the audio from tv20:59
tehm0nki dont have a tv card... i was talking about dual monitoring21:00
BluesKajtoo early set the "line" ctrl slider to about 70% and plug the audio feeed in to line in on your soundcard21:00
B4S3MBluesKaj: i tried hpjis ... an error occured saying restart CUPS manager21:01
TooEarlyBluesKaj: ok it's about 70 and i still got no sound21:01
tehm0nkis it possible to run dolphin in admin mode or something?21:03
BluesKajok, TooEarly check in kmix , make sure the "line in" is lit up21:03
nosrednaekimafternoon BluesKaj21:03
=== ubuntu is now known as meji
BluesKajTooEarly, that's as much as I know how to do , unless your alsa isn't seeing the soundcard21:04
BluesKaj hi nosrednaekim21:04
Ariloudiskmounter tool says it is risky to try write mode on windows (NTFS) partitions, but how risky it is for users like me who only want to read and store stuff?21:04
BluesKajwell, time to watch some tv with wifey ...BBL21:05
nosrednaekimArilou: its actually pretty stable.21:05
TooEarlyBluesKaj: everything is like you said but still not working21:05
nosrednaekimArilou: just be smart...make periodic backups, and all should be fine (i've never heard a complaint)21:05
Arilounosrednaekim: oh no, I already click 'no', can I run again the diskmounter scritp and answer 'yes' this time?21:06
BluesKajnosrednaekim, could you help TooEarly , I have to go , thx :)21:06
nosrednaekimArilou: probably....21:06
nosrednaekimTooEarly: whats the problem?21:06
nosrednaekimBluesKaj: ok.. no problem21:06
sigma_kubuntuwhats the best way to backup kubuntu?21:07
TooEarlynosrednaekim: well i have my tv tuner output to the line input on my audigy and i am not getting sound21:07
TooEarlynosrednaekim: but when i plug it into the mic in it works but the sound is always playing21:07
nosrednaekimTooEarly: this TV tuner is on your computer?21:07
nosrednaekimTooEarly: what do you mean the sound is always playing?you can't turn it off?21:07
TooEarlynosrednaekim: it's an ATI TV Wonder - PCI slot21:07
=== clau is now known as clau85
TooEarlynosrednaekim: (this is only when it's plugged into the mic in) and i can turn it off by muting the AMic in alsamixer/kmix21:08
nosrednaekimTooEarly:  so what is the problem?21:08
TooEarlywell, BluesKaj said i should use the mic in and the line in doesn't work for me. and shouldn't the audio shut off when my tv program is closed (tvtime)21:09
nosrednaekimTooEarly:  no, it shouldn't.21:10
nosrednaekimLine In doesn't always work for me either for some reason.21:10
JRlinuxtrying Kubuntu live on nearby computer.  Looking to install Audacity.  That package is not found.  So No Audacity on kubuntu?21:10
Manadhi..I'm in trouble.21:10
nosrednaekimJRlinux: yeah, its in there run "sudo apt-get update" and then try to install it21:11
TooEarlynosrednaekim: so you're saying that i'm just going to have to use the mic in and have to manually do it everytime21:11
nosrednaekimManad: whats the problem21:11
ManadI was installing a new desk, so I removed all the wires on my PC, then put them all back when done. Now, when I get to the logon screen (Kubuntu wallpaper, prompting me for a username and password), after I login, it logs back out immediately.21:11
JRlinuxnosrednaekim, OK, thanks21:11
nosrednaekimTooEarly:  yeah, well, you could probably write up a script to mute it when you close tvtime..21:11
ManadThe only thing that's different is which USB ports my mouse/keyboard/monitor-usb were plugged into21:11
Manadhow could THAT break Kubuntu?21:12
nosrednaekimManad: monitor USB?21:12
ManadI was able to login by doing a failsafe login, then launching Xsession from the terminal (although it's XFCE, not KDE)21:12
Manadnosrednaekim: my monitor has USB ports which you can use if you connect a USB cable from the monitor to one of the PC's real USB ports.21:12
x_brunosince distro upgrade, some of my programs that use glib do not work, the menus do not display any text21:13
nosrednaekimManad: ah..ok I see21:13
nosrednaekimx_bruno: which menus... the programs that use glib?21:13
Manadany "repair" operations I can perform on KDE?21:14
x_brunoecclipse, scite, ePDFviewer21:14
nosrednaekimManad: hmm I'm not sure what the problem is, do you have any other users on the computer?21:14
Manadnone, just me21:14
x_brunoI only see squares for the menus21:14
x_brunothe strings do not display21:14
x_brunosuch as file, edit, etc21:15
nosrednaekimManad: ok, try this, "cp ~/.kde ~/.kde-backup"21:15
Manadkdm_greet is not launching. I got an error at one point (although it usually kicks me back to the login screen without any errors).21:15
Manadsays "omitting directory /home/user1/.kde21:15
TooEarlynosrednaekim: does this cause a problem? -- Unable to find simple control 'capture'21:15
nosrednaekimManad: ah "cp -R ~/.kde ~/.kde-backup"21:16
nosrednaekimTooEarly: whats giving that error?21:16
nosrednaekimManad: kdm_greet? hmm21:16
Manadallright, no errors this time, but nothing's happening. Should I reboot?21:16
xstIs it possible to get Xorg7.3 on gutsy?21:16
TooEarlynosrednaekim: amixer set Capture,0 100%,100% captur21:17
x_Brucehello again21:17
x_Brucenosrednaekim: , you wre saying about the menus_21:17
nosrednaekimxst: not really21:17
nosrednaekimx_Bruce: are those gtk apps?21:18
nosrednaekimwell,ecclipse is java..21:18
x_BruceI would believe so21:18
xstDamn - dual screen configuration really sucks at the moment :-(21:18
nosrednaekimTooEarly: which application is giving that output?21:18
nosrednaekimxst: go to hardy :D21:19
Manadnos, should I reboot now, after I did that cp command?21:19
TooEarlynosrednaekim: i'm typing that in a terminal21:19
TooEarlyamixer is the application21:19
xstnosrednaekim: Has hardy xorg7.3 already? Or will xorg7.3 first be included in a later release?21:19
nosrednaekimTooEarly: ahh,ok. well it seems you don't have the caputre control, which controls the input levels on Line In (I think)21:20
nosrednaekimxst: hardy is already 7.321:20
JRlinuxnosrednaekim, I did the update, but the Adept installer still can't find it... so I do "sudo apt-get install Audacity" ?21:20
nosrednaekimwithout the capital Z21:20
nosrednaekim!info audacity21:20
ubotuaudacity: A fast, cross-platform audio editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.3-1build1 (gutsy), package size 2321 kB, installed size 6832 kB21:20
nosrednaekimJRlinux: well, your universe repository may not be enabled21:20
JRlinuxHow do I enable it?21:21
TooEarlynosrednaekim: yeah i just read something that said the audigy's don't have that for lline in21:21
TooEarlyoh well.. i guess mic will do21:21
nosrednaekimJRlinux: adept_manager->adept->manage repositories21:22
x_Bruceso any info about this font issue?21:24
nosrednaekimx_Bruce: no idea21:24
nosrednaekimx_Bruce: are the apps spitting out any errors?21:26
nosrednaekimJRlinux: is what?21:26
JRlinuxnosrednaekim, OK, I guess.  In the adept installer I clicked "Edit Software Sourdes" and I now click ""Community-Maintained Open Source software (universe)?  And then to get lame and lame libraries I click on the multiverse ?21:26
Manadnosrednaekim: that fixed my problem. What did that command do?21:26
nosrednaekimjust check em all :D21:27
x_Brucethe only issue is that instead of text, you have squares21:27
JRlinuxRight, OK21:27
nosrednaekimManad: erased all of your KDE configs.21:27
Manadexcellent. saved for future reference.21:27
nosrednaekimManad: they are stored in a back-up though21:27
nosrednaekimjust in case you use Kmail, or kopete or konqueror, that would have erased all your settings21:27
Manadstill not sure why this happened. It's as if this problem was unrelated to me unplugging all the wires.21:28
nosrednaekimManad: i've  seen it happen occasionally.21:28
JRlinuxnosrednaekim, I have been fighting getting Audacity/lame libraries installed in PCLinuxOS 2007-- and much frustration, so trying Kubuntu.  Good luck to me!21:28
Manadwell ,thanks for your help21:28
nosrednaekimJRlinux: yup... its pretty easy in kubuntu.:D good luck21:29
JRlinuxI checked them all-- waited... But Adept does not find it... I guess I go to apt-get?21:31
=== Extrapan100 is now known as Extrapan100^BNC
segfault2kis safe to install kubuntu kde 4 packages in a debian sid box ?21:33
segfault2kor i can screw up my system with that XD21:33
mluser-homeHow can I have adept ignore an update, so that it never prompts me for that update again?21:33
Riddellsegfault2k: I'd recomment installing the Debian KDE 4 packages21:33
JRlinuxapt-get couldn't find package audacity21:34
lucky_lucasRiddell: Any backport of bzr 1.0 in gutsy ?21:34
nosrednaekimJRlinux: you have to reload the package lists21:34
tlaytonhey all. i can get kde 4 startkde to work in xephyr, but when choose from kdm, i just get a white screen with a light blue bar at the bottom. any ideas?21:35
Riddelllucky_lucas: I've no idea21:35
nosrednaekimJRlinux: either the update button in adept or " sudo apt-get update"21:35
Riddelltlayton: sounds like kwin composite doing the wrong thing21:35
RiddellI'm not sure how you'd tell it not to though21:35
nosrednaekimtlayton: erase your .kde421:36
lucky_lucasRiddell: Ok thanks fine, thank you for your tutorial day21:36
Arilouhow do I make sure linux-restricted-modules-generic and restricted-manager-kde are both installed ?21:36
nosrednaekimArilou: "apt-cache policy <packagename>"21:36
Arilounosrednaekim: I type that on the terminal?21:37
nosrednaekimArilou: correct21:37
Arilounosrednaekim: Thanks a lot! ^_^21:37
nosrednaekimArilou: figure out the NTFS problem?21:38
tlaytonnosrednaekim: tried that. have a separate "clean" user from my normal one. btw, i'm on hardy21:38
segfault2kRiddell but the KDE 4 Debian Packages (in xperimental) are broken :(21:38
Arilounosrednaekim: yup yup, I can see my hard drives and their content now, I haven't tried writting an archive though21:39
segfault2kbut whatever, i'll have to wait XD21:39
mluser-homeis there a gentoo /etc/portage/package.mask equivalent in kubuntu?21:39
nosrednaekimsegfault2k: load kubuntu ;)21:39
nosrednaekimmluser-home: eh... whats that do?21:39
nosrednaekimmluser-home: for manually unmasked files?21:39
mluser-homenosrednaekim: it blacklists a file so that the update managers will never prompt for it again21:40
segfault2knosrednaekim i dont want to reinstall my linux box only to have kde421:40
nosrednaekimsegfault2k: heh, grab the kde4 liveCD and run it from virtualbox21:40
segfault2kand truly i dont like kubuntu, yeah kubuntu rocks but i dont know why i dont like it XD21:40
virnikcan somebody help me with hint, how can I lookup for biggest file or directory under tty? without graphic?21:40
nosrednaekimvirnik: "man du"21:40
mluser-homenosrednaekim: the opposite.. I want to mask a file of a specific version so that adept will not prompt me to upgrade it again21:41
nosrednaekimmluser-home: ah yes, you can lock packages.21:41
mluser-homenosrednaekim: how?21:41
nosrednaekimjust a second,21:41
tlaytonriddell: the composite thing sounds likely. btw, i've tried both kdm and kdm-kde4 (both are currently installed but configured for kde4). not sure if that matters or not21:41
ogreis there any repos that have avant-window-navigator ?21:42
=== gordon is now known as _Sebulba_
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:42
virniknosrednaekim: thx21:42
mluser-homenosrednaekim: by lock do you mean lock the application at a specific version? is so.. thats not exactly what I want.  I want to block a specific version which is available for upgrade, but I want to allow future upgrades when they become available21:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about avant - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:43
nosrednaekimmluser-home: ah.... yeah, I don't know how to do that, probably possible.21:43
nosrednaekimogre: anyway, yes, trevino has the packages21:43
mluser-homenosrednaekim: well thanks for your help21:43
nosrednaekimmluser-home: let me look around a bit..k?21:44
mluser-homenosrednaekim: ok21:44
ogrenosrednaekim: is trevino recommended again?21:44
romunovwhen i try to ssh from konqueror, i get this error: Error encountered while talking to ssh.21:44
romunovany ideas?21:44
mluser-homenosrednaekim: btw with aptitude I can do this "sudo aptitude forbid-version flashplugin-nonfree=", I just need a way to do this with adept too :)21:45
nosrednaekimmluser-home: since you are a gentoo user I assume you are no stranger to man pages... read the one for "apt_preferences"21:45
nosrednaekimmluser-home: oh... well there is no way to do it in adepot21:45
nosrednaekimmluser-home: but I think of you set a apt-get preference, adept will follow it.21:46
JRlinuxnosrednaekim, 'failed in buffer write," etc.    Not enough RAM in this machine for an install of Audacity on a live Kubuntu?  Is that it?21:46
tehm0nkanyone here got dual monitors?21:46
mluser-homenosrednaekim: Thank you for your help, I will look it up now21:46
nosrednaekimJRlinux: yeah, could be,21:46
nosrednaekimtehm0nk: got all those RAID trobles sorted out?21:46
nosrednaekimJRlinux: how much RAM?21:47
virniksomething takes my disk out, and fill it with data. can somebody tell me how can I find out, where are theese data saved?21:47
tehm0nknosrednaekim: sorta ya21:47
virnikor how to list biggest files in system?21:47
tlaytonriddell: also, i was the one last week getting the symbol lookup errors. turns out the libQt* fail when /opt/nessus/lib is in the ld.so.conf file21:47
nosrednaekimJRlinux: haha yeah, way too little21:47
efrenalgun español21:47
nosrednaekimvirnik: its probably logs in /var21:47
nosrednaekimvirnik: also, run "sudo apt-get clean"21:48
JRlinuxOK, I will try installing it on my hdb ... and then give it a try again.  Thanks, nosrednaekim !21:48
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.21:48
tehm0nknosrednaekim: i formatting it all and redid it, twice now i have got it to install all the way21:48
ogreis trevino repo recommended again? I remember alot of people saying it wasnt recommended due to broken packages in #ubuntu21:48
nosrednaekimogre: I think its fine..21:48
nosrednaekimogre: maybe I can find another repo21:49
ManadI don't have Windows anymore...which font did Firefox use on Windows? The webpages look a little bit "off" to me, I want to change the font to whatever Firefox Windows uses.21:49
tehm0nknosrednaekim: do you know anything about dual monitoring more than the !command lol21:49
virniknosrednaekim: i have done that21:49
ogrei am on kde for my first day today. just switched from ubuntu and am trying to get used to it21:49
virniknosrednaekim: its nothing to do with logs or apt repos21:49
Riddelltlayton: what's /opt/nessus/lib ?21:50
SchuenemannManad, aren't they small or something?21:50
Manadyeah they are21:50
Riddelltlayton: kdm-kde4 actually works?21:50
virniknosrednaekim: its on my server...so it is why I am looking for way how to destroy this...it can be some programm, or rootkit21:50
jac0bis there a bug with the kmenu21:50
SchuenemannManad, you can change the default size in preference21:50
nosrednaekimvirnik: oh... well du should tell you.21:51
jac0bdoes anyone kow how to edit the kmenu and make it save21:51
scheater5ogre: sorry, popping into the convo late - you trying to get avant working on gutsy?21:51
_Sebulba_jac0b:  right click on the k menu21:52
_Sebulba_then menu editor21:52
ogrescheater5:  yeah21:52
nosrednaekimRiddell: nixternal reported it to work as well..21:53
virniknosrednaekim: ok, I will look to it21:53
_Sebulba_right click to delete, or drag and drop to move. when ur happy, under "file" theres a save icon, that will update ur menu21:53
charlesg3Hi, I'm having trouble getting the WMII window manager to work with kdm. I checked the /usr/share/xsessions/wmii.desktop file and it seems to be correct. however whenever i select wmii in kdm it still just loads kde21:54
tlaytonriddell: nessus is a security scanner. saw it in a linux format awhile ago, and just wanted to try it out. i don't believe it's in the repos.21:55
ardchoille!info nessus | tlayton21:55
ubotutlayton: nessus: Remote network security auditor, the client. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.9-2 (gutsy), package size 222 kB, installed size 576 kB21:55
ogrescheater5:  have any ideas for me?21:55
MrJigsawHello, when i try to run the ubuntu Amd64 version ( i have and Amd64 x2 cpu ) i get to choose "Start or install kubuntu" and then it loades the linux kernel 100%, switches to next page and then its just black screen.. Can i fix this anyhow?21:56
MrJigsawKubuntu i meant ofc. :)21:56
nosrednaekimMrJigsaw: did you try starting in safe graphics mode?21:56
tlaytonriddell:  the diff i noticed between kdm (all white screen when logging in) and kdm-kde4 (the light blue bar when logging in)21:56
MrJigsawSame thing happend21:56
nosrednaekimMrJigsaw: what graphics card do you have?21:57
MrJigsawI tried  the "intel" too, it says some kind of bios bug..21:57
MrJigsawNvidia Geforce 7950GT from Asus21:57
nosrednaekimMrJigsaw: can you go to "ctrl+alt+f1"? and use the terminal?21:58
MrJigsawoh.. i cant try right now.. but ill try tommorow evening :/21:58
tlaytonubotu: i had both the nessus 3.0.6 and nessus client 3.0.0 beta 3 installed. both are gone now21:59
ardchoille!bot | tlayton21:59
ubotutlayton: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots21:59
nosrednaekimMrJigsaw: ok, when you are in there, run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" select the vesa driver, and then run "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart"21:59
_Sebulba_anyone found a way to stop the kdm or gdm login screen from moving when the pointer moves?21:59
nosrednaekim_Sebulba_: MOVING?21:59
ardchoille_Sebulba_: Really?22:00
MrJigsawOkay nosrednaekim..22:00
_Sebulba_yeah, it's like it's being dragged22:00
_Sebulba_try it, log out22:00
_Sebulba_then move the pointer22:00
nosrednaekim_Sebulba_: like, its bigger than your screen?22:00
_Sebulba_no, the size is right, just the login part moves like it's being dragged22:00
_Sebulba_it works fine22:01
scheater5ogre: sorry I took so long - internet dropped22:01
_Sebulba_its just rather annoying22:01
nosrednaekim_Sebulba_: what?22:01
scheater5ogre: but yes, I do have an idea for you22:01
ogrescheater5:  no big deal22:01
ogrenice. is it getdeb?22:01
_Sebulba_look, try it for urself. log out then move the mouse around the screen22:01
scheater5ogre: I got avant working by compiling from source, as per http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38598122:01
nosrednaekim_Sebulba_: does it only move when your pointer gets close to the sides?22:02
ogreahhh sounds fun22:02
_Sebulba_what I get is the part u type ur name and pasword into moves like it's being dragged22:02
ogreill give it a try22:02
scheater5...or perhaps is was kiba I had to compile...neway that forum posting has your answer22:02
_Sebulba_nosrednaekim:  yes22:02
ogreogre:  what about getdeb.net?22:03
_Sebulba_i guess it varies depending on where the pointer was on the screen when u log out, sometimes it's already off center22:03
ogrescheater5: what about getdeb.net?22:03
scheater5never used it, but I have occasionally downloaded individual files from packages.debian.org.  I tend to prefer a repo when possible because of potential dependence problems22:03
_Sebulba_kdm seems better than gdm at this but they both do it22:03
jsluhm... for some reason firefox and thunderbird have stopped working for me. I've tried purging the profiles, the program and -safe-mode, but are unable of finding any error messages anywhere... any ideas as to where to start looking?22:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about italia - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:04
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!22:04
nosrednaekim_Sebulba_: yeah... its an X problem of some sort, wrong resolution somewhere22:04
_Sebulba_alrighty, so it's fixable then?22:04
_Sebulba_i've had it with every distro except pclinuxos22:05
_Sebulba_for whatever reason, it behaved22:05
ogrehow do i install .deb files? anything similar to fileroller for gnome?22:06
nosrednaekim_Sebulba_: somehow :D22:06
nosrednaekimogre: gdebi-kde22:06
ardchoilleogre: You can double-click a .deb package, but have you checked the repos first to see if the app is there?22:07
rothchildI've got a problem with the login manager, it only gives me 'log out' in kde and takes me back to kdm rather than allowing me to shutdown directly from kde, how do I get shutdown back?22:07
ogreardchoille:  yeah I'm trying to install AWN22:07
scheater5you just download and then click on them.22:07
nosrednaekimrothchild: are you using XGL?22:07
ardchoilleogre: Ah, ok, I don't think that is in the repos22:07
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
rothchildcompiz with nvdia, that's xgl isn't it?22:08
nosrednaekimrothchild: known problem with XGL.... you have an ATI?22:08
nosrednaekimrothchild: not unless you installed xserver-xgl22:08
rothchildcan I take it out without borking compiz if I have got it installed?22:09
nosrednaekimrothchild: if you have an nvidia, yes22:11
nosrednaekimrothchild: lets see if you have it installed run "apt-cache policy xserver-xgl"22:11
=== scyon_ is now known as scyon
Wilde_Sehnsuchtis there any howto about increasing kubuntu's speed? it works much slower than windows on AMD Athlon XP 2200+ with 768 MB RAM...22:12
virniknosrednaekim: got it. almost five milions of tiny files under web folder in cache... grrrrrrrr hole in web pages...22:12
nosrednaekimWilde_Sehnsucht: check whats using your CPU and ram with  the alt+esc taskmanager22:12
rothchildI can see it's installed in adept22:12
romunovgnome runs much slower than kde for me... i wonder what's the difference...? :>22:13
nosrednaekimrothchild: ok, uninstall that then22:14
Wilde_Sehnsuchtnosrednaekim: firefox, X, and eclipse eats my cpu ...22:14
nosrednaekimvirnik: heh :D22:14
nosrednaekimWilde_Sehnsucht: are you using compiz?22:14
rothchildit's gone, I guess I need to restart x?22:14
nosrednaekimrothchild: correcta-mundo22:15
Wilde_Sehnsuchtnosrednaekim: it makes no sense if compiz is on or off. it runs the same speed22:15
rothchildta, see you on the other side22:15
Wilde_Sehnsuchtnosrednaekim: i compare the speed of my kubuntu at work which runs on Intel 3GHZ with 1GB RAM...there's a big difference...very big...22:16
_Sebulba_Wilde_Sehnsucht: mixing gnome and kde apps can slow it down22:17
_Sebulba_i try to stick to qt apps in kde22:17
_Sebulba_and gtk+ in gnome22:17
Wilde_Sehnsucht_Sebulba_: really? i didn't know about that O_o22:17
_Sebulba_its extra libraries22:17
_Sebulba_sticking to native apps it already has the libraries there22:18
_Sebulba_using non-native apps it needs to use extra libraries22:18
Wilde_SehnsuchtI see22:18
_Sebulba_which can take up resources22:18
nosrednaekimhello rakan22:18
rakanHow can i share my DVD rom to be accessed by Windows? i used samba and windows sees the drive22:18
rakanbut it's asking me for a password22:18
Wilde_Sehnsuchtbut i can't stop using firefox :(22:18
_Sebulba_in modern pc's it's usually neglegable difference22:18
_Sebulba_but it can make a difference in slower or older pcs22:19
=== Mez is now known as Mez__
_Sebulba_some are platform agnostic, firefox is one of them22:19
_Sebulba_so is openoffice22:19
ogrehow do i add apps to run when i boot up. the gnome version is called "sessions"22:19
_Sebulba_i refuse to browse the web without firefox22:20
rothchildlog out now working, thanks again22:20
Wilde_Sehnsucht_Sebulba_: :)22:20
tehm0nkany dual monitor gurus around?22:23
virniknosrednaekim: but still, there is something different...i got still 100% / usage...and cant find biggest dir or file...22:24
nosrednaekimtehm0nk: nah, they passed out from exhaustion :D22:24
tehm0nkwell i dont wanna screw this up again22:25
tehm0nkbetween trying to mess with my nvidia settings and compiz i killed my last install22:25
tehm0nkreally trying to make it one day before killing it again.22:26
tehm0nkmisewell not touch it then huh... lol22:26
gabriel_does anyone recommend a file manager that is better than dolphin?22:31
virnikplease, can somebody help me out? somethings is eating my free space on / - i have 100% usage now...cant find out what is it...its not log files, its not apt cache...22:31
gabriel_it a web browser as well right?22:32
TimSvirnik: install filelight22:32
_Sebulba_yes, but u dont need to use it as a web browser22:32
TimSIt will let you see what is taking up how much room22:32
virnikTimS: i dont know this app, but it is on server, over ssh and without X22:32
virnikTimS: ok, i will try22:32
TimSIts an X app22:33
TimSYou can run CLI yes?22:33
nosrednaekimtehm0nk: thats seems safest :D22:33
virniki cant even install it...cos I am out of space22:33
_Sebulba_i like konquerer as a file browser, but firefox as a web browser. there are profiles for each setting, so u can separate the functions easy22:33
gabriel_can i make the backbutton work there? i mean the mouse thumb button?22:33
virnikTimS: true...22:33
nosrednaekimgabriel_: probably22:33
TimSrun "ls -ash" on /22:33
gabriel_in dolphin it seems u can't22:33
TimSPaste it into a query with me22:33
virnikgabriel_: yes, you can22:33
virnikTimS: I will try22:34
_Sebulba_dolphin was designed as a simplified konquerer file browser22:34
SajesAfter installing Fluxbox (from apt) and logging in, right clicking the desktop brings no menu up; but the bar on the bottom is there. Any suggestions?22:34
_Sebulba_it's not bad when u get used to it22:34
TimSI wish Dolphin was tabbed =[22:34
_Sebulba_yeah, tabs would be nice22:35
nosrednaekimthe kde4 dolphin rocks22:36
nosrednaekimbut not the kde3 version22:36
_Sebulba_I'd say give dolphin time to get used to it22:36
_Sebulba_it does still make me double take when I open home, and it's not konquerer, but after u get used to it....it's not too bad22:37
gabriel_virnik: do u know how?22:37
gabriel_nosrednaekim: oh there's a big differance?22:38
nosrednaekimgabriel_:usability-wise... huge22:38
gabriel_so.. i can just upgrade to kde 4... or?22:39
_Sebulba_kde 4 is still not in final release yet22:39
nosrednaekimgabriel_: you can run dolphin4 from within kde322:39
nosrednaekimbut I don't reccomend it22:40
_Sebulba_it's due in january22:40
_Sebulba_i'd wait until at least then to try it22:40
gabriel_ah ok cool22:40
gabriel_i'm not in a rush :)22:40
_Sebulba_launched january 11th I believe22:40
_Sebulba_or better yet, wait until its considered stable enough to be included in a major distro as standard and try it then22:41
charlesg3for some reason it doesn't matter what 'session' i choose in KDM it ALWAYS loads KDE22:41
virnik<gabriel_> sure, remap your mouse in X22:41
TimSI just did ls -R by mistake, now its listing all my files!22:42
gabriel_virnik: back button is working in firefox already22:42
tehm0nkhmm thats odd... my kubuntu starts to boot on one monitor then finishes on another...22:42
virnikgabriel_: ah so...22:42
gabriel_virnik: doen't it mean it's mapped correctly?22:42
virnikgabriel_: yes, it means you got it correctly mapped22:44
ogrewhere do i edit themes?22:44
_Sebulba_ogre:  kcontrol22:44
ogre_Sebulba_:  thanks :)22:45
gabriel_virnik: any idea why it's not working in konq then22:45
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=== DM| is now known as Delvien
virnikgabriel_: cos konqueror do not use shortcut alt+left/alt+right22:48
_Sebulba_anyone here use knode?22:48
holycowis this the channel that also handles kde4 beta questions?22:49
holycowthe packages in the topic really work great now22:49
holycowwas curious if that got separated out into a separate chan22:49
LjLno they weren't22:49
tehm0nkwhich Nvidia video card driver should i use?22:50
ardchoilletehm0nk: Which nvidia card do you have?22:51
tehm0nknvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-new i have 2 8600GT's ?22:51
Schuenemanninstall nvidia-glx22:51
charlesg3I can load the failsafe session, but for every other session i choose in KDM it just loads KDE. I've checked /usr/share/xsessions and the files look correct22:51
ardchoilletehm0nk: nvidia-glx22:51
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto22:51
Schuenemannthere used to be a list of cards and the respective packages there22:52
nosrednaekimno no! nvidia-glx-new for any 8xxx!22:52
tehm0nkwhich of the config modules should i use?22:52
tehm0nkthose are installed alread but i have no config module loaded22:52
ardchoilleSchuenemann: http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/1.0-9755/README/appendix-a.html22:53
tehm0nkwhich one?22:53
SchuenemannI suppose yours should be new22:54
Schuenemannsince it's not there22:54
DragnslcrI think nvidia-glx is only for the 4xxx cards22:54
=== jonathan is now known as sacrilege
ardchoilleI have an nvidia GeForce 6200 and nvidia-glx works great22:55
matttiscould someone with firefox please look if the buttons above the edit field are displayed here:22:55
Schuenemannedit field?22:56
matttishow should i call it ?22:56
matttisthe edit box ?22:56
matttisi dont know22:56
SchuenemannI don't see any form, except for the search one22:57
Schuenemannmaybe I should be logged?22:57
matttiswhat ?22:58
Schuenemannyes, there are many buttons there22:58
SchuenemannI wasn't logged in22:58
matttisyou dont need to22:58
Schuenemannoh wait, I'm using
matttisthen its time to update :-)22:58
Schuenemannis it in the repos for feisty?22:59
matttismight be22:59
matttisi also added some sources for new versions23:00
SchuenemannI think only for gutsy23:00
matttisdont know how they are called23:00
nosrednaekimfiesty-backports might have any newer stuff23:01
matttisyes, backports23:01
tehm0nknosrednaekim: you're definately right i just read up on that... the nvidia-glx drivers would have killed my install yet again23:02
SchuenemannI found it, but it's weird... I thought it would warn be if there are newer versions23:02
tehm0nkwhich is what killed my install last night haha23:02
tehm0nkit would have messed up xserver23:02
TimSHow do I close a man page on the cli?23:02
nosrednaekimTimS: "q"23:03
ogrehow do i navigate through my home folder? I just see a desktop icon23:04
nosrednaekimogre: thats all you have in your homeDIR then..23:04
ogrekk ill give it a go23:05
ardchoilleogre: View > Show Hidden Files23:05
ardchoilleogre: Not sure if you're using konqueror or dolphin but it works for both23:06
ogreim using dolphin. is konqueror any better?23:07
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion23:07
ardchoilleogre: Personal preference, but I feel konqueror is much better23:07
fignewdepends what you want23:07
wladek_hey.. i'm trying to setup my two displays on my dual head video card so that i have an X screen on each instead of one big screen that straddles both displays.  the reason is when i launch windows they tend they launch overlapped on the two displays and full screen video is split between the two of them.  i have an nvidia card, twinview enabled, but i have a feeling i need to do some xorg.conf hacking to get this working the way i23:07
wladek_ want23:07
fignewbut I agree with ardchoille :)23:08
ardchoille!find dual23:08
ubotuFound: duali, duali-data23:08
wladek_my current xorg.conf file is here: http://pastebin.org/1184723:08
matttisSchuenemann: how does it look like now ?23:08
nosrednaekim!dualhead | wladek_23:08
ubotuwladek_: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama23:08
wladek_cheers, will take a look23:09
Schuenemannmatttis, as before23:09
matttisthis sucks23:09
matttiswrote a bug report and now its worthless23:09
sylvisjhey, question23:10
matttisand i don't know which setting is wrong23:10
sylvisjHow can I execute "modprobe -r nvidia; modprobe nvidia" on boot?23:10
Schuenemannmatttis, http://imagebin.org/1243823:10
maninderany one know how to use compizÉ23:11
nosrednaekimmaninder: yes...23:11
maninderwell i installed it23:11
maninderand i cant find it now23:11
matttisSchuenemann: thanks23:11
matttisthat is how it should look like :-)23:12
nosrednaekimmaninder: what type of video card do you have?Nvidia, ATI or Intel?23:12
Schuenemannmatttis, aren't you blocking javascript?23:12
Schuenemannbecause the buttons vanish if I dod so23:12
Schuenemanndo so*23:12
level1Hi, I can't change timezones in systemsettings. There is no apply button in the kcontrol module23:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about timezone - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:12
nosrednaekimmaninder: ok, how old of an ATI?23:13
maninder9200 ati23:13
maninderi installed it23:13
maninderand it says installed but i cant find it23:13
matttisSchuenemann: i know, i looked at the source of the page23:13
rothchildI just uninstalled xserver-xgl to get my log in working and now all my menus in open office have gone all screwey, lots of 0000000. Any ideas?23:14
Schuenemannmatttis, maybe an extensions is blocking it?23:14
nosrednaekimrothchild: you had to reinstall xgl?23:14
matttisSchuenemann:  noscript is deactivated23:14
rothchildno it's still uninstalled23:14
matttisgreasemonkey also, thats all23:15
Schuenemannhmm =/23:15
nosrednaekimmaninder: well,try running this "compiz --replace"23:15
nosrednaekimrothchild: are you still running compiz?23:15
maninderin the konsole23:15
matttisSchuenemann: i'll try something, i have got a last idea23:15
rothchildI had to re-size all my font settings, yes I'm still running compiz23:15
nosrednaekimmaninder: yes23:15
Schuenemannmatttis, suicide?23:16
maninderokay it works23:16
maninderbut i cant fix the settings23:16
sub[t]rnlccsm will open the settings23:16
maninderhow do i do thatÉ23:16
matttisSchuenemann: than i wont see the buttons either :-)23:16
sub[t]rnlmaninder: type ccsm in konsole23:17
matttisSchuenemann: no, i will edit something out of my prefs.jsw23:17
maninderdoesnt do anything23:18
sub[t]rnlsudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager23:18
manindertype all that É23:18
* sub[t]rnl nods23:18
sub[t]rnlremember you can use tab completion all over the place in linux.23:19
matttisahhhh, didn't work  ----> suicide23:21
matttisSchuenemann: goodbye, see you in heaven ;-)23:21
wladek_when i do a 'lspci' to get the device id's for my multiheaded nvidia graphics card, i can only see the only device id23:21
wladek_but this howto says there should be one for each head23:21
=== matttis is now known as matttis_angr
=== matttis_angr is now known as matttis_angry
nosrednaekimwladek_: thats if you have two graphics card I would imagine23:22
rothchildsorry I got it, I had a dumb font selection23:23
nosrednaekimrothchild: cool. does compiz work now?23:24
maninderhow do i fix the settings for compizÉ23:24
maninderi cant click x and close the window its missing now23:25
sub[t]rnlhow do you mean?23:25
maninderlike the half top part of the windows is missing23:25
maninderwere u click x to close the window23:25
sub[t]rnloh, you'll need the window decorator for compiz, emerald23:25
sub[t]rnlsudo apt-get install emerald23:26
sub[t]rnlthen run 'emerald --replace'23:26
sub[t]rnlif you aren't seeing any icons in ccsm, you might need librsvg2-common as well23:26
rothchildcompiz was working anyway and still is, when I took out xserver-xgl it messed with all my fonts and when I readjusted them I selected 'opensymbol' which doesn't seem to play with OO but I got it tweaked now, thanks for your help23:26
maninderbut will this gimmi the same effects i ahve nowÉ23:26
sub[t]rnlmaninder: emerald just decorates the open windows, so yes you'll have all the effects, but your windows will have borders23:27
sub[t]rnlwhich is all customizable of course23:27
_Sebulba_some themes have no buttons, but u'll see those in the emerald themes list23:28
maninderso how do i change border colour23:29
nosrednaekimrothchild: ok, no problem23:29
maninderhow do i close the adept notifier23:31
maninderits like stuck in thee corner of my screen23:31
_Sebulba_right click on it and exit23:31
_Sebulba_i keep having probs with adept crashing, so I just avoid it and use Synaptic23:32
ogrehow do i make certain apps run when I boot up? is there anything similar to "sessions" in ubuntu?23:32
sub[t]rnl!autostart |ogre23:32
ubotuogre: To make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory.23:32
sub[t]rnlerr, boot, sorry23:32
sub[t]rnlyou'll need to add a script to start it in /etc/init.d/23:33
ogredang :/23:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about autorun - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:33
maninderyo when i stype in emerald --replace23:33
maninderand i close the konsole23:33
maninderthe settings done save23:33
maninderhow do i save it23:33
sub[t]rnluse alt +f2 and run it, or type emerald --replace &23:33
sub[t]rnlin konsole23:33
maninderye but when i close konsole23:34
maninderthe settings go back23:34
maninderand they dont save23:34
sub[t]rnluse alt+f2 and run it23:34
ogresub[t]rnl, i have no friggin' clue how to do that. can u give me a short walkthrough or point me to a wiki?23:34
maninderi mean how do i save the settings and exit konsole23:35
ogreim trying to have superkarambe rum at startup23:35
nosrednaekimogre: that can be run at kde startup./..23:35
Dr_willisdont 'close' the console with the X button, use the 'exit' command also.23:35
sub[t]rnlogre yeah run that by adding a link in your .kde/Autostart/ directory23:35
ogrein konsole?23:36
Dr_willismake a simple script in Autostart also. can do it.23:36
ubotuTo make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory.23:36
sub[t]rnlogre: ln -s ~/.kde/Autostart/superkaramba /usr/bin/superkaramba <-- example23:36
_Sebulba_anyone know how I can get the group list to download and save in knode so I can subscribe to some?23:37
Dr_willisactually with superkaramba i think the kde session manager can rember/restart it. :)23:37
Dr_willisBut it works for other apps that dont play well with session manageer.23:37
_Sebulba_everytime I try it shows progress, but never loads anything23:37
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sub[t]rnlmore than one way to skin a cat, thats for sure23:38
* nosrednaekim reports sub[t]rnl to PETA23:38
Dr_willis12.5 ways normally :)23:38
sub[t]rnlnosrednaekim: lol23:38
tehm0nk-otherpci killed it agian GRR23:39
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion23:39
Schuenemannmatttis_angry, heh23:39
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto23:40
Schuenemannwhat did you try?23:40
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: what'd you do?23:40
tehm0nk-otherpci put the nvidia-new drivers23:40
tehm0nk-otherpcwhich i'm supposed to for my 8600gt23:40
tehm0nk-otherpcand i put compiz on there23:40
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: did you use the restricted-manager?23:40
tehm0nk-otherpci tried messing with the nvidia settings but to no avail23:40
matttis_angrySchuenemann: i've deleted something which I added to my prefs.js23:40
tehm0nk-otherpcnosrednaekim no idea23:41
matttis_angrySchuenemann: but i found the error on a other way23:41
tehm0nk-otherpcdeal is i can't get back in now...23:41
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: oh yes you can.23:41
maninderyo when i type in emerald --replace the settings dont stay23:41
Schuenemannmatttis_angry, what was it?23:41
maninderwhat should i do23:41
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: do "ctrl+alt+f2" and log in there.23:41
maninderit changed as soon as i close konsole23:41
sub[t]rnlmaninder: hold down alt, then press f223:41
nosrednaekimmaninder: run that from a "alt+f2" run dialog23:41
matttis_angrySchuenemann: "dom.disable_img_src_set" was changed by user, so it tryed to change it back and it works23:42
tehm0nk-otherpcthen what?23:42
tehm0nk-otherpcstartx doesn't work23:42
maninderthat just opnes another run command box23:42
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: run "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log"23:42
maninderi wana save the setting in konsole and exit it23:42
nosrednaekimand see what it failed on.23:42
matttis_angrySchuenemann: i think it's the option "don't load images from different server" or something like that23:42
_Sebulba_maninder: what are u trying to save in konsole and it dont save?23:43
maninderwhen i type in emerald --replace23:43
maninderi see the settings and changes23:43
maninderand when i close konsole it goes back to normal23:43
maninderso how do i save it23:43
sub[t]rnlmaninder: don't type it in konsole.23:43
manindertype it in run commandÉ23:44
_Sebulba_try looking at the sessions, and "save as default"23:44
Schuenemannmatttis_angry, but the images are hosted there23:44
matttis_angrySchuenemann: actually i miss this option under Edit -> preferences23:44
sub[t]rnlmaninder: heh, yeah.23:44
tehm0nk-otherpcFatal Server Error:23:44
tehm0nk-otherpcno screens found23:44
tehm0nk-otherpcNow we're getting somewhere23:44
matttis_angrySchuenemann: But i dont know what else i could be, that I have changed23:44
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: thats the normal error... "shift+pageup" to find the cause for it.23:45
Schuenemannmatttis_angry, are you sure you don't have noscript enabled?23:45
matttis_angrySchuenemann: now it works...23:46
Schuenemanntry firefox forum23:46
matttis_angry(but i'm still angry :-)23:46
tehm0nk-otherpcfailed to open module "nvidia"23:46
Schuenemannthanks for wasting my time with something that has no problem :)23:46
_Sebulba_being angry is fine when u have your angry eyes freshly polished23:47
tehm0nk-otherpc(module does not exist, 0)23:47
matttis_angry<matttis_angry> Schuenemann: but i found the error on a other way23:47
SchuenemannI found the error too, I thought you were looking for the solution23:47
matttis_angryi meant the wrong setting as "erro"23:48
tehm0nk-otherpccan i reinstall nvidia-new-glx?23:48
tehm0nk-otherpcor something, will that help?23:49
=== matttis_angry is now known as matttis_d
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: kernel module problems...23:49
matttis_dSchuenemann: http://kb.mozillazine.org/About:config_Entries#DOM..2A    here it is written, what that option does23:50
maninderhow do i set up my keyboard properly23:50
tehm0nk-otherpcwhat does that mean nosrednaekim?23:50
tehm0nk-otherpcdo i need ro reinstall yet again? haha23:50
manindercause i cant do a proper question mark etc23:50
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: the nvidia driver uses a kernel driver in order to get 3d accelreation23:50
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: shouldn't need to reinstall23:51
_Sebulba_maninder: kcontrol gives a keyboard settings area I think23:51
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: try running "sudo modprobe nvidia"23:51
_Sebulba_or kmenu>>system settings>>keyboard23:51
skarfacewhat command does the system settings icon run?23:52
tehm0nk-otherpcdidn't give me an error and didn't spit anything out23:52
Schuenemannskarface, kcontrol?23:52
skarfaceSchuenemann: no?23:52
skarfaceit's something else.23:52
skarfaceha thanks23:53
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: then try running "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart"23:53
Schuenemannsystemsettings -caption "%c" %i %m23:53
Schuenemannjust right-click it and choose edit23:53
skarfaceI lost it23:53
skarfacethat's why I'm asking ;)23:53
Schuenemannwell, that's the one I have23:53
skarfacecurious if administrator mode works in that, because it doesn't in kcontrol23:53
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tehm0nk-otherpci dont know what that was supposed to do23:55
tehm0nk-otherpcdidn't spit anything out other than stopping starting k display manager23:55
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: and you can log in now?23:57
nosrednaekimtrl going to "cntrl+alt+f7"23:57
tehm0nk-otherpcblinking cursor23:57
_Sebulba_i hate the blinking cursor23:58
_Sebulba_and the bouncy one23:58
Schuenemannthe bouncy one is removable23:58
Schuenemannit annoys me too23:58
Dr_willisand the wiggly one, and the wavy one., and the  jiggy one!23:58
tehm0nk-otherpclol all i got is that blinking cursor23:58
_Sebulba_i know, i always make sure its one of the first changes I make to a fresh install23:58
_Sebulba_it just looks tacky to me23:59
tehm0nk-otherpcone of the first things i do when installing an OS is fixing the drivers...23:59
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: ok... take another look at the Xorg log..23:59
tehm0nk-otherpcwhich is what is screwing me.23:59
nosrednaekimtehm0nk-otherpc: yeah.23:59
nosrednaekimwhats it say this time?23:59
tehm0nk-otherpcok lemme try to get back to it...23:59

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