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* Fujitsu sighs.01:28
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Fujitsulamont: I'm liking the steep look of the hppa line.03:00
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FujitsuNot another one.03:49
FujitsuI bet it was the same person.03:49
FujitsuIndeed it was.03:49
* Fujitsu deals with it similarly.03:49
FujitsuMaybe they'll realise it's the wrong thing to do after I've corrected it some 3 times.03:50
jmlFujitsu: I was really hoping that the "Launchpad itself" rename was going to prevent that sort of thing04:06
Fujitsujml: That's what I would have hoped, yep.04:08
FujitsuAs it appears not to help, maybe we can have sanity restored again and rename it back!04:11
mariocesar_boHi all, How works the download action on the translations ... I am waiting two days to launchpad send me the .po file.15:20
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outsidecontextdoes anybody know if it is possible to purge the PPA or at least to remove wrongly uploaded packages?19:06
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somerville32thumper, Any updates on closing bugs via bzr commits? :]20:26
thumpersomerville32: not really20:28
thumpersomerville32: in the upcomming release we have the first step of using the --fixes on the bzr commit to link bugs to branches20:28
thumpersomerville32: the next step is to modify the associated task20:29
thumpersomerville32: the interesting bit is how do you really determine that a bug is to be closed20:29
thumpersomerville32: the current thinking goes something like this:20:29
thumperWhen a revision is found on the main-line history for a branch that says it fixes a bug, the branch should be linked to the bug and set as in-progress20:30
thumperonce that revision finds its way into the ancestry for the development focus branch, then it is fix committed20:30
thumperhowever the automatic closing "fix released" is somewhat harder to determine20:30
somerville32search for "closes lp: #xxx" ?20:31
thumperwe don't scan the message, we check the associated revision properties20:31
thumperit is a little more difficult given the distributed nature of the bazaar branche20:32
thumpersomerville32: just because a given branch has a revision that says it fixes a bug, doesn't mean that the bug fix has been released20:33
somerville32Maybe set it as fix committed?20:33
thumperright, and that is the plan20:33
somerville32And then make it so you can connect a branch to a release?20:33
somerville32And when that occurs, all bugs set as fix committed are upgraded to fix released20:34
thumperthat would be pretty cool20:34
mantiena-baltixHi all20:35
* thumper tries to remember how we define a release20:35
thumpermorning mantiena-baltix20:35
mantiena-baltixthumper: evening thumper ;)20:35
mantiena-baltixit seems po export doesn't work in launchpad, at least for me :(20:36
mantiena-baltixI choosed to download gnome-volume-manager po file from rosetta but didn't get an email for about 3 or 4 hours20:36
thumpermantiena-baltix: sorry, don't know much about po exports20:37
thumpersomerville32: here's an idea20:45
thumpersomerville32: since series can have associated branches, and the releases are attached to a series20:46
thumpersomerville32: perhaps we could have it so --fixes on the development focus branches get "fix committed", and --fixes on other series branches get "fix released"?20:46
thumpersomerville32: that way when you cut a release branch (or merge into an existing release branch) the bug tasks could be closed out20:47
thumpersomerville32: however this does give us a problem of reversability, that is setting the wrong branch as a release branch, having it update a whole pile of bug tasks, and then going "oops"20:48
somerville32Maybe bug updates will have to be manually approved by the driver?20:49
somerville32Or maybe have a threshold20:50
thumperperhaps we could have a page that shows all the bugs "fixed" by a branch that aren't yet marked as fixed20:50
thumperand have a "yep, these are released" button20:50
* somerville32 nods20:50
thumperthat could be cool20:50
thumperhi BjornT20:50
thumperwas just talking about bugs20:51
BjornThi thumper 20:51
mantiena-baltixBjornT: hi, maybe you know, why po export doesn't work in launchpad, at least for me :(20:52
mantiena-baltixI choosed to download gnome-volume-manager po file from rosetta but didn't get an email for about 3 or 4 hours20:52
BjornTmantiena-baltix: hmm. it seems like the export is broken at the moment. nothing i can do about it, though, i'll make sure the relevant people get notified about it.20:56
mantiena-baltixBjornT: thank you very much21:08
MattCampbellI'm not sure I understand the purpose of Launchpad.  Can it be used as the primary host for an open-source project, like SourceForge but with Bazaar for version control?21:27
MattCampbellI ask because the title of the project registration page says "upstream".21:28
thumperMattCampbell: yes it can21:29
thumperMattCampbell: "upstream" I believe is used in relation to a package21:29
thumperMattCampbell: so "upstream" is the unadulterated source code21:30
MattCampbellNo, I mean the title of the project registration page says "Register an upstream open-source project".  To me that implied that the project's primary home should be somewhere else.21:30
thumperMattCampbell: I think that is just badly worded21:31
MattCampbellAlso, is there any requirement that the project run on GNU/Linux or a free OS in general?21:32
MattCampbellFor my first project, I want to release some Windows API bindings for hte Lua programming language, under the MIT/X license.21:32
MattCampbellAnd I like Bazaar, so Launchpad seemed to be the natural choice.21:33
radixThere aren't any restrictions on what OSes the code must run on.21:33
MattCampbellI ask primarily because I know Launchpad was created originally for packages in Ubuntu.21:34
MattCampbellAt least that's how it appears from my point of view.21:34
thumperMattCampbell: that was how it was originally, but it has moved on from just that21:35
MattCampbellAnd since Canonical is providing this free of charge, I certainly want to respect their wishes.21:35
thumperMattCampbell: Canonical doesn't care about which platform your project targets21:36
MattCampbellWhy does Launchpad put the branch author's short username (e.g. username-basedomain) in the branch URL?22:11
FujitsuMattCampbell: Why wouldn't it? It shows the ownership, potentially the reputability, and resolves namespace clashes.22:12
MattCampbellSo should I leave the branch author field blank for the main branch?22:12
FujitsuThat won't work. You should create a team if multiple people will be working on it.22:13
FujitsuIf you set it as the trunk branch afterwards, people should be able to branch from https://code.launchpad.net/project or lp:project anyway.22:13
FujitsuSo the owner for the trunk branch probably won't be seen much.22:13
jmlFujitsu: that's a good answer, btw. 22:19
jmlre why show username.22:19
Fujitsujml: Really? That's good.22:22
MattCampbellIn this case, I'm releasing code that I wrote for my employer, with my employer's permission.  It's possible that in the future, someone else working for the same company may work on this code.  So I set up the company as a team and will make it the owner of the trunk.22:22
FujitsuThat would probably work.22:22
FujitsuYou can easily transfer ownership at any later stage, though it can get messy if people have existing checkouts.22:23
MattCampbellI'll use my own Launchpad account to commit to the branch, correct?22:24
MattCampbelleven though the owner is a team22:24
MattCampbellI mean author22:24
MattCampbellAny Launchpad admins here?22:30
MattCampbellI just set up a team called "serotek" with a newly created email address "dev@serotek.com" as the contact email.  I haven't yet received the confirmation message at that address.  So I'm wondering if it's stuck at our spam/virus filtering service.22:31
jmlMattCampbell: All of the LP admins that I know of are asleep or enjoying a lazy sunday afternoon :)22:33
MattCampbellFair enough, I'll wait a while.22:34
jmlMattCampbell: can you not check with your filtering service?22:34
MattCampbellFujitsu: Thanks for the help earlier.22:34
FujitsuMattCampbell: No problem.22:35
MattCampbelljml: Any tech support people at MailRoute (our filtering service) are probably doing the same thing as the LP admins. :)22:38
MattCampbellI can wait.22:39
MattCampbellI'm sure the confirmation message is just being held by greylisting.22:41
somerville32What is the format for poll dates?22:46
somerville32What a waste :/22:54
SWATare there any rules about creating teams in launchpad? Are teams like ubuntu-de-events allowed?23:10
thumperSWAT: I don't think there are rules...23:28
SWATthumper, is it OK to use launchpad as a group management tool? (because I think that's happening). I just want to be sure of it23:32
SWATA extra 'team' shouldn't be a huge load, but I don't know if it's frowned upon23:32
thumperSWAT: I believe so23:32
SWATthumper, in that case, thanks for the info.23:32
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cyberixI've been developing some software in a Launchpad hosted Bazaar branch and now I'm planning to do the first release. Am I supposed to create a web page for the software at some external site, or can I somehow use Launchpad to publish tar.gz archives?23:36
spivcyberix: you can host the tar.gz files on Launchpad23:39
spivcyberix: there's a "Download project files" action link on your project's overview page.23:41
cyberixSo how do I upload project files then?23:43
thumpercyberix: I think there is a link on the download files page to upload files if you have permission to do so (as a project Driver)23:57

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