DanaGHave you seen Fedora 8's time-varying wallpaper?00:58
DanaGIt's a wonderful feature.  Is there any chance of seeing that feature in Hardy?00:58
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darkmatterhmm.. ok.. diagonal pinstripes rock.. now on to the rest of the gtk16:25
cursorwhens the next meeting about the art direction?16:26
darkmatterdamn thing is taking forever...16:26
darkmattercursor: not sure16:26
cursoraahhh okay16:26
cursorbe back in a bit16:26
cleatonCondoulo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/BasicIdeals20:50
Condoulostill going with the brownish theme so far?20:51
cleatonas i understand it, the idea is african colors20:53
rico_are there other proposed themes other than that?20:53
CondouloI don't know why, but it just doesn't... appeal to me.20:56
rico_can I post my comments on those wiki pages without logging in?20:57
cleatoni'm not sure20:57
CondouloI just don't like dark brownish themes. At least not on a desktop computer. Thats why I personally didn't like the default wallpaper in 7.10.20:59
cleatonbut lucky it's easy to change :P20:59
Condouloyeah, true. :P20:59
rico_same here actually20:59
cleatonit dosen't have to be darkish brown20:59
Condoulomany that I talked to when I first seen the concept about Ubuntu 8.04 was going to have a Visual refresh, commented on how the colors should be different. Me, personally, I don't mind the light browns and oranges.21:02
cleatoni think it's nice to still keep the ubuntu feel21:03
cleatonjust make it modern21:03
CondouloYeah. :) But dark brown just doesn't fit that.21:04
CondouloBut maybe thats just me.21:05
Condoulohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/FreshTheme (I like this concept. :))21:06
cleatoni like how the full pic links are reverse21:08
Condoulolol. Yeah.21:08
cleatoni would like a super slim theme, but that might not be good as a general theme21:09
kwwiilol, I love it when people ask the same questions again and again without reading the information which is easily available22:40
somerville32Heya kwwii22:48

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