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DPiccould a team be created to try to create a machine that is fully supported by gobuntu by contacting vendors of each of the necessary component to fully open up one piece of hardware for the project? 20:33
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BurgundaviaDPic: it would be fairly easy to construct such a machine20:45
BurgundaviaDPic: buy an intel mobo with integrated wifi/eth/graphics20:45
MenZaare Intel drivers open, Burgundavia?20:53
MenZaI thought they were free (beer), but not free (freedom)20:54
poningruno they are20:55
poningrufree as in freedom20:55
poningruthere are many laptops like that20:55
MenZaIntel makes me happy.20:55
MenZaI installed Ubuntu on a fully-Intel'ed laptop for a friend20:55
MenZaBooted, set screen res correctly, sound worked, automatically connected to their wlan20:55
MenZaIt was quite amazing20:55
poningruI think what we should start doing is a campaign called 100ubuntu20:56
poningrulist of laptops and features that work 100 percent out of the box in ubuntu20:56
poningrucanonical would test these things and give them that mark20:57
poningruif we want we can also do acording to supported versions too20:57
poningrulike 100 ubuntu 7.0420:57
poningruthe unfortunate thing is ofcourse I dont think some of the hardware compatibility carries over20:59
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BurgundaviaMenZa: the new Intel drivers need no firmware, so yes21:29
DPicabout the gobuntu machine-- isn't it not just about drivers, it's also about the firmware22:39
BurgundaviaDPic: the new intel wireless drivers require no firmware22:41
DPichmm then how about a place where all gobuntu supported hardware can be found? 22:43

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