DaveMorriswell if wweasel comes back and reads the logs, just change it from composite to svideo in the /etc/X11/xorg file  if you are unsure how to do that it may be quicker to reinstall since it's a new system if you don't know what to change since I'm off to bed now after been at the pub00:14
hansoffateI have a question about setting up the display w/ a TV.  I have the comp hooked up w/ Svideo, but my left and right sides are cut off a bit03:34
hansoffateis there anyway to fix this?03:34
hansoffatealso, i can't seem to pull the data from schedule direct04:23
hansoffatetgm4883: do you know why I am unable to pull data from schedule direct?04:31
bkrevening everyon04:53
bkreveryone even04:53
bkrhaving an issue getting installed...04:54
bkrxorg keeps erroring out with the message "can't read vbios".  I'm currently running with an ATI rage 128 and the onboard graphics... any suggestions?04:54
firekoolHi i am setting up my mythbuntu system and trying to get svideo to work on my nvidia gefource 6200 all I can get it the command prompt becouse the settings are incorrect in svideo how to I run a reconfiguration04:57
bkrfirekool, is the rest of the system set up?04:59
firekoolyes I just completed the install04:59
firekooland enabled svideo with defaults and it did not work and took out my monitor that is connected to it05:00
bkrah, I think you can look at the xorg.conf file, though I haven't played with things in a very long time.  I'm having video issues myself05:00
firekoolwell i tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-org and it said it was not installed05:00
bkrhmm, you have an active x windowing system though?05:01
firekooli just installed it05:05
bkrhmm, well, see if you can view the config files in vi or emacs or something and check the s-video settings there05:06
bkrI'm not sure how you'd reconfigure just that part since I'm just coming back to linux after a long time and many things have changed...05:07
firekoolya i forgot where those were at05:07
bkrgo to / and do a find *xorg.conf05:08
bkrthat should find the files you're looking for05:08
bkrwish I could be more help than that05:09
firekoolnno that is not it ither05:09
firekoolnow I just have to figure out how to get my x to work composite05:14
skwashdwhat would cause mythtv to have really low signal < 25% ... while everything is fine with kaffeine?05:24
hansoffateanyone active here?05:52
hansoffatei am wondering on accessing mythweb05:52
firekoolhi I just installed my system and it seams as if vnc is not working09:36
firekooli am using vnc viewer and it does not want to connect09:36
KjetilKI have discovered that I have two IR receivers in my box, one is supported by lirc_imon, the other is supported by lirc_pvr15010:37
KjetilK(the latter is a attached to a Hauppauge PVR-150 card)10:38
KjetilKonly the imon device was detected bu Mythbuntu and configured10:38
KjetilKI haven't got a remote for the imon, only for the pvr15010:38
KjetilKand mode2 doesn't detect anything, so I figured I should get the pvr150 working in addition to the imon10:38
KjetilKIf I try to insert the lirc_pvr150 module, I get10:39
KjetilK[184080.864195] kobject_add failed for i2c ir driver with -EEXIST, don't try to register things with the same name in the same directory.10:39
KjetilKSupposedly, I would need to get them to use different /dev/lirc's, but how do I do that?10:39
KjetilKI'm trying to follow the guide in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_Lirc_Gutsy for setting up two devices13:17
KjetilKbut I'm stuck at Starting lirc daemon: lircd/etc/init.d/lirc: 147: -d: not found13:17
KjetilKanybody else seen that?13:17
sebrockanyone knows how I can add music by album in mythmusuc?14:13
alexvdHi just wondering if this can be fixed quickly.  I have seen the posts in the forums and I have had this issue on other distros but I will ask anyway. I have a pvr-250 and using the silver dogbone remote A415.  I set it up in the control panel by selecting happaugge. It basically works except for the "back/exit" key which is really annoying.  Now I know I can go into the lircc file and edit but why would just the back/ex14:19
alexvdit key not work?  I saw reference to running a new script?  Should I do this or just modify the lircc file and then setup the jumpoints for the top few keys that TV videos music. etcc..14:19
alexvdOk I looked at the lircc file.  Who set this up and why is this the default?  The escape key is mapped to the stop button.  I sure hope this is a bug because that is just plain dumb14:32
alexvdlooks like the lircc file has multiple happaugge remotes all in one.  Sort of smart but why not just have more options on the startup menu and Like Happaugge Grey Remote, Happaugge Silver remote, Nova T, blah blah14:39
MythbuntuGuest59When trying to install the latest mythbuntu on my system, I do not get very far... I select install, and after a few minutes I see a gray screen with lines and dots scrolling from side to side.17:18
DaveMorrisMythbuntuGuest59: have you got a digital camera to take some pics with?17:35
MythbuntuGuest59i will try that17:50
MythbuntuGuest59Where can I post it?18:04
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest59, did you try safe graphics mode?18:07
tgm4883sounds like he seeing the usplash18:07
tgm4883just corrupted18:07
MythbuntuGuest59i tried both modes. yes18:07
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest59, you will have to post the picture to some online pic place18:08
MythbuntuGuest59okay, give me a minute to post it18:08
MythbuntuGuest59http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=227557&id=592379882   I dont know if that will work for you or not...18:17
tgm4883i have no facebook account18:18
MythbuntuGuest59ok, let me try to get into image shack...18:18
alexvdHi just got completed putting together a slavebackend/frontend for hdtv viewing that connects to the mythbackend. My issue is that when I launch Livetv for the ivtv cards the screen goes green garbled blocks. I can hear audio but its foobar.18:19
alexvdIt doesnt happen all the time18:19
tgm4883DaveMorris, ^^18:20
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest59, does it sit like that forever?18:21
MythbuntuGuest59yes.. at least 4 hours until I gave up18:21
tgm4883what vid card?18:22
MythbuntuGuest59its a kworld globa tv terminator18:24
MythbuntuGuest59tv 7135, I think18:24
alexvdHey TGM4883 I have an older motherboard and udev keeps changing the card assignments is thier a easy way in ubuntu to lock them18:24
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest59, thats the tuner, what video card do you have18:25
tgm4883what kind of computer?18:26
MythbuntuGuest59custom... ADM sempron 3000+18:26
tgm4883what motherboard?18:26
tgm4883alexvd, same question18:26
alexvdasus pc3ls18:27
alexvdits old18:27
MythbuntuGuest59ECZ Goal318:27
MythbuntuGuest59*  sorry, ECS Goal318:27
alexvdi dont want to lock the irq is bios18:28
MythbuntuGuest59any ideas?18:38
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest59, does a ubuntu live cd work18:42
MythbuntuGuest59I dont have one... I have run openSUSE 10.2 on this computer before18:42
tgm4883my best guess is that it is a video card issue, which from the research im doing, i still don't know what it is18:44
MythbuntuGuest59does the install require a tv tuner card?18:45
tgm4883you can strip it down to bare bones and try to install18:45
MythbuntuGuest59I can try it on a spare HDD on my desktop to see the results18:45
MythbuntuGuest59I will report back it a little while18:46
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest59, i think i found the video chipset18:47
tgm4883Integrated SiS Ultra256 2D/3D Graphics18:47
alexvdtgm4883 sorry had to do baby stuff, so I know that I can write udev rules but its a pain in the butt.  Anyway in ubuntu to keep the device assignements from changing18:50
MythbuntuGuest59I installed a different graphics card and it worked, thanks19:10
ricanelitei have directtv and my receiver has s-video and my Geforce 8400 GS has S-Video input can I record or watch tv using Mythtv?19:43
directhexare you absolutely positive your geforce has s-video in? most only have it out19:44
directhexif so, then yes, but all encoding is done by your host cpu, which has many downsides besides increased cpu load19:45
ricaneliteoh wait you know what, let me see19:46
ricaneliteoh forget it is out19:46
IolausHey all, I'm looking to set up my new PC as a diskless front-end.  Is this supported by Mythbuntu yet?20:18
Davieynot out of the box20:34
DavieyIolaus: ^20:34
IolausDaviey, are there instructions available anywhere to set it up for diskless operation?20:39
alexvdHi i am getting tons of iobound errors and buffer overflow20:40
alexvdHow can I check DMA20:40
alexvdin ubuntu20:40
Iolausalternatively, do you know if a diskless OOTB option is coming?20:40
DavieyIolaus: Not AFAIK, but if you mimic the ubuntu ones - then report any bugs, that would be good20:40
DavieyPXE + NFS root should be good20:40
Iolaussounds good, I'll look up some Ubuntu PXE boot guides and see if I can't get Mythbuntu to work diskless then20:41
DavieyIolaus: infact, if you can document it - we can include it in the manual... next should include a tool as part of myth-control-centre20:44
alexvdanyone ever have an issue when you launch livetv you get screen filled with green pixel garbage20:52
alexvdi have used this same setup for knoppmyth and had no issues i was also able to watch livetv for a bit without issue but now i get green garbage all over the screen with good audio20:53
Davieyalexvd: what graphics card?20:55
alexvdnvidia 6600 pcx20:55
alexvdrunning latest driver nvidia restricted20:55
alexvdi am running it with componenent out never had a problem before20:56
alexvdDaviey today I mucked in nvidia settings and turned off vsync but thats about it20:57
alexvdi am getting terrible performance in mythbuntu for some reason20:57
alexvdDaviey: My performance sucks in ubuntu.  I just read about issues with enabling hdparm.  What kind of speeds should I see on a udma 100 drive21:02
KjetilKalexvd: I seem to remember that I've had around 40 Mb/s21:03
alexvdok how do i check on a scsi drive ? ultra 16021:04
alexvdalso should udma drives be at 4 or 5?21:06
KjetilKalexvd: you can check with hdparm -t /dev/sda21:09
KjetilKfor example..21:09
alexvdon a scsi drive?  it doesnt return a value21:09
alexvdi dont think hdparm works on scsi drives21:09
KjetilKerrr, right, you may be right21:10
* KjetilK had SATA on his mind...21:10
alexvdi think you need to run sdparm21:10
alexvdso i am getting buffered read speeds on the 4 pata drives from 30mb to 7621:10
KjetilKright, I've never done this on a SCSI drive...21:11
alexvdwell what is screwing me up is the move to scsi emulation for all drives under new debian/ubuntu21:11
alexvdi have another drive in my box that is sata21:11
alexvdi have to check that one as well21:12
KjetilKAnybody know if patching LIRC for IR receiving only is needed as described in http://www.blushingpenguin.com/mark/blog/?p=24 ?21:13
MythbuntuGuest70Hi, anyone know much about having to re commflag after transcoding?21:48
hansoffateIs there a way to make the picture quality better on a PVR 150?22:44
famiconHi there!22:51
famiconI just got my mythbuntu install running22:51
famiconThe configuration app is brilliant22:51
puzzledwith which app can I change the sysv init services to start during boot?22:53
puzzledas in the editor?22:53
puzzledreally? rhel/centos/fedora have ntsysv and system-config-services. ubuntu has vi?22:54
puzzledso there isn't a gui with which I can change this stuff?22:55
famiconreal men don't need gui's22:55
famiconbut all manliness aside22:55
famiconthere should be a proggy called "BUM"22:55
puzzledlocate comes up empty22:57
famiconkomop zeg patrick22:57
famiconwees ff niet zo'n lui iemand22:57
famiconcheck gewoon ff met synaptics22:58
puzzledniet lui, gewoon totaal onbekend met *buntu/debian. lijkt alsof ik op een andere planeet ben aanbeland22:59
hansoffatewhat language is that?23:01
hansoffateinteresting, cool23:03
puzzledmy /var/lib/myth/videos is an nfs share. problem is that during boot, it tries to mount the nfs share before the NetworkManager service is started. Obviously it fails. Anyone know how I fix this?23:07

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