eduardohey does anyone have experience installing xubuntu from an existing running Linux setup?00:46
TheSheepeduardo: yes00:48
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:48
TheSheepeduardo: this works pretty well: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux00:48
eduardoTheSheep: I actually followed those steps more or less00:49
TheSheepeduardo: I meant the atimated script at the top00:49
eduardothe problem is - i get as far as the reboot and hit the Installer from grub - but then at some point it switched to looking at the CD Drive anyway00:49
TheSheepeduardo: hmm.. no idea00:50
sauldisplay /motd00:54
eduardoTheSheep - btw, the script at the top doesn't list that it knows how to to XUBUNTU, only Ubuntu. right?01:17
TheSheepeduardo: they both install just the base system01:20
eduardooh yea? and then what would i do01:20
TheSheepeduardo: you need to install xubuntu-desktop after that yourself01:20
eduardooh I gotcha01:20
eduardoI understand01:20
somerville32TheSheep, do you have time to do stuff with the css for the xubuntu about page?01:33
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TheSheepsomerville32: yes, what needs to be done?01:35
somerville32Just make it look pretty? <g>01:36
neur1anyone use openbox?01:52
grouthow can i view a windows shared folder?02:34
soldatsthere are a few bugs in that area, id suggest looking at the bugs section of the ubuntu site. it may be fixed im not sure. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs02:38
somerville32grout, samba02:38
soldatsthere are a few things you can do to get around it but my windoze system is running so i cant remember how02:38
somerville32!samba | grout02:38
ubotugrout: samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT02:38
soldatssomerville32, have you found a newer computer yet, you asked if someone would give you one. i dont believe my little sister uses hers and i have no use for it unless i wanna test new distros.04:21
soldatsi guessi could get it from her04:22
somerville32soldats, :D04:22
somerville32No, I'm still using this stupid crappy old one04:23
soldatswell if i can get a hold of it id be willing to send it. i dont have money for shipping though. but i assume you are a developer for ubuntu or xubuntu right.04:24
soldatsi was thinking about using it to test non stable new ubuntu distros in it to look for bugs04:27
darkbladepdxHello! :)04:31
darkbladepdxI¨m hoping this is the right place to ask questions?04:34
darkbladepdxI¨m new to xubuntu, and have googled the net for this and tried it, so - I¨m setting up a machine with a couple of non-admin users and want to tailor xfceś Applications menu so that some items do not appear. I _think_ I¨ve done what the forums I found suggested (i.e., copied a <n>.desktop file to the user´s /.local/shared/applications directory and added NoDisplay=true to it), but this doesn´t seem to work. Am I possibly missing 04:38
darkbladepdxOh, I´m running 7.10.04:39
soldatsdid you restart x04:40
darkbladepdxAh. Hmm. Not sure. I´ve logged in and out several times, but I can´t swear that the system has been completely rebooted. I have not explicitly restarted X.04:42
soldatstry it04:42
nixternalprepare for skyfalcon to come in and act stupid04:43
soldatsyea i know he should have been kicked already04:43
darkbladepdxOK. I am also pretty new to stuff like this in LINUX. Can I do an X restart w/o losing the gui, or will I need to reboot the system?04:45
soldatsclose and save everything and do ctrl+alt+backspace i think restarts X04:46
darkbladepdxOK. will do. brb. In the meantime, thanks very much.04:46
darkbladepdxHi. I´ve rebooted, but still no luck. When I did the file copy, I made sure I changed the perms and owner, too... unless that was a bad thing? :)05:01
darkbladepdxNow, I saw something about using ¨Hidden¨ instead of ¨NoDisplay¨? But the spec in the xfce doc didn´t show that, so I stuck with NoDisplay.05:03
darkbladepdxDoes the placement in the file of the tag matter? I mean, does it need to be first/last/or...?05:04
soldatsshouldnt matter most people put it at the bottom05:04
soldatsgimmie a sec05:06
soldatsok well the fact that you said you added a .desktop file means you were trying top add something05:08
darkbladepdxHmmm. Well, no, I was trying (as a test) to get one of the games to _not_ display in this user´s menu. My ultimate intent is to edit out the sysadmin choices and suchlike for non-technical users.05:09
soldatsdid you get pm?05:09
soldatsok well anyways, if you want to remove said app from menu then login as root or use "su" command in terminal and navigate to the .local/share/applications directory of each user you want to edit and open each app you dont want thwm to see and the line "NoDisplay=true" to the bottom and save and exit05:12
ed_So I installed XUBUNTU on my Thinkpad T22 and it's SO much slower than the debian install i had before...05:13
ed_any idea what i can look at05:13
soldatsdarkbladepdx, try my suggestion out just add the command to each .desktop file for each app you dont want them to see05:14
darkbladepdxRight. So, I copied the file for (in this test case) the Tetravex game (gnotravex.desktop) to ~/.local/<username>/share/applications, added the NoDisplay=true, but no change in the user´s menu. So I´m confused.05:16
darkbladepdxI was testing on Tetravex so I didn´t accidentally lose acces to an important bit.05:16
soldatsno the correct path name is /home/<user>/.local/share/applications05:17
soldatsif from root05:18
darkbladepdxRIght, oops, sorry, thatś what I meant.05:18
soldats"gksudo thunar" and do it graphically but be careful05:19
darkbladepdxSoldats, I´m going to apologize, I may have done a bonehead thing. Let me double-check something and get back to you.05:20
soldatsed_, that may or may not be realted to some unneeded backround processes or maybe theres an incompatability with xubuntu but im not sure05:21
soldatsmaybe a graphics card incompatability05:21
soldatsor graphics card is failing05:22
darkbladepdxOK, back. No luck. I had changed the username, but left the home dir at its original value, but was worried that the system would have creatd and ben looking in a home dir of the new username, but apparently not, it seems to be looking in the right place.05:23
darkbladepdxDo blank lines in .desktop files matter?05:23
darkbladepdxYeah, didn´t think so, UNIX/LINUX writers are smarter than that, I´m grasping at straws.05:24
soldatsso if you copied a .desktop file to the applications directory where did you get it from? you shouldnt need to add the NoDisplay=true command if the file already exists. just change the false to true05:32
darkbladepdxPer the original instructions, it came from /usr/share/applications05:33
darkbladepdxThere wasn´t any files in the directory in the user´s tree.05:34
soldatsok well if each file existed there, in the file it should say NoDisplay=false so when you copy it you just need to change the false to true05:35
darkbladepdxLet me check the original.05:36
darkbladepdxNope. I assumed that the default would have been false and so no entry was made in the file.05:37
darkbladepdxThe original forum discussion seemed to indicate that.05:37
soldatsi was thinking too hard05:38
darkbladepdxBad old Windoze habits. :D   I can relate.05:38
soldatsactually i was reading the wiki05:39
darkbladepdxAre there other files that control that menu? It would seem to me that there would have to be, since the ¨Edit Menu¨ option from that menu only shows you an #include system, IIRC.05:39
soldatsif you want to remove the file you dont need to copy it youjust need to add the line NoDisplay=true in the /usr/share/applications05:40
darkbladepdxIf you want the NoDisplay to be system-wide, all users. But if you want certain users to see/acces it and others not...?05:40
soldatsyea the wiki didnt say exactly for per user basis only for adding on a per user basis but id assume the same way you did by copying it to the dir and addint that line05:42
darkbladepdxYeah, that´s what the forum stuff I saw said, but it was Jan 2006, IIRC. Let me double-check.05:44
soldatswell i guess if copying the file from /usr/share/applications to <user>/.local/share/applications and adding the command doesnt work im clueless as why it wont work05:45
darkbladepdxHereś the first of the two sources I saw - http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/08/04/howto-remove-menu-entries-from-the-system-menu/05:46
darkbladepdxand the other - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41881405:47
soldatsdarkbladepdx, i noticed the NoDisplay=true is right underneath Type=Application i wonder if putting it here will be better05:49
darkbladepdxIĺl give it a try.05:51
soldatsare you sure your copying it to <user>/.local/share/applications05:52
darkbladepdxYep. At least that´s what thunar says, and so does an ls. I dunno. Oh, btw, just noticed I did get the PM, I´m not used to this client yet. Sorry :)05:56
soldatsahh its ok, well im not sure whats going on then05:57
darkbladepdxIf I send you the file, can you toss it into a test user tree and see what happens?05:58
darkbladepdxOr are there other folks I should bug about this? I´m quite new to the community.05:59
soldatswhich file the tetravex one06:00
darkbladepdxYeah, gnotrex.desktop.06:00
soldatshmm well ive been doing some tests myself to help you and it seems that the files i had in my .local/share/applications were set to no display and if i deleted them they showed up in my menu06:02
soldatsive been trying to copy the files and edit them but it seems to not be working for me either06:02
darkbladepdxOh, goody. I love gremlins. :)  Wait...??? When you _copy_ the files they don´t edit the menu???? But when you handmake them they do?06:03
soldatsno i already had files that were edited and removed from the menu after installation so i deleted them and they showed up on the menu. but when i copy them to the dir and add the line nodisplay if isnt removing them from the menu. so basically i got the same problem you have now06:05
darkbladepdxOK... Well, at least I feel less stupid. :) Thatś an improvement.06:07
darkbladepdxWOuld the file permissions have anything to do with it, maybe?06:07
darkbladepdxSo, now... the files (.desktops) were in both the /user/shared... tree and in your home tree, yes? With the Nodisplay only in the copy in your home tree?06:09
soldatsno i dont think so since anything in usr/share/ is shareable throughout the system06:09
darkbladepdxyeah, and all the ones in /usr/shre are chmod 544....06:10
soldatsyes correct, but the only way ive been able to remove them so far is to add the nodisplay line in the file in the /usr/share/ directory for system wide06:10
darkbladepdxBut (before you began testing) originally there were the two nearly identical copies (/usr/share/.../yaddayadda and $HOME/.local../yaddayadda), with $HOME having NoDisplay=true and the other either no mention of NoDisplay or NoDisplay=false, correct?06:13
darkbladepdxand for test you deleted the working existing $HOME file, which made the menu entries show up (btw, I presume w/ no X restart),a nd then when you copied the file from /usr/share back into $HOME and added/changed the NoDisplay, it was blithely ignored by the system?06:15
soldatsvery strange06:16
darkbladepdxThrough an X restart and/or system reboot?06:17
soldatsno restart necessary06:17
soldatssorry i told you to i was unsure at the moment06:17
darkbladepdxYeah, and come to think of it, it wouldn´t make sense that you would have to. If you´re going to have user-custom environments, the system should recheck configs automatically as needed.06:18
soldatsyea i dont know why i assumed that i was working with menu configs the other day ie. adding a quicklaunch to any folder in thunar through the menu06:19
darkbladepdxNo, no worries about that. I wasn´t carping about it. Just double-checking my understanding of the situation. Been a tech guy for long enough that my fisrt two questions of myself when in a problem are 1) is it plugged in? 2) Is it turned on? :D06:19
soldatsexactly i know what you mean06:20
soldatsbeen doing this for a while myself06:20
darkbladepdxHeh. So we have an OS with a prankish sense of humor. Peachy.06:20
soldatscheck this out06:21
soldatsso i added the nodisplay line to the licq.desktop file in /usr/share/applications and it was removed from the menu then i removed the line from the file and now it wont show back up06:22
soldatsvery strange06:22
darkbladepdxSense of humor _and_ value judgements! I gotta meet this coder!06:23
soldatsbah after 5 minutes of waiting the licq item just popped back into the menu06:23
soldatslag im sure06:24
darkbladepdxWell, for a second I was gonna suggest that it was time-dependent (some sort of semi-frequent cron-ish thing), but my test user was logged on for hours after the local change, so....06:24
darkbladepdxWait a minute. It doesn´t read for the menu at the start of every display of it?06:25
darkbladepdxWell, no luck with lag on my test user. (I figured it might be possible for long lag, running a P2 266 here.) .06:31
darkbladepdxHmmm. I tried adding the NoDisplay to the main tetravex file... no luck, still in the menu.06:39
soldatshmm adding it to the mainfile worked for me but im still trying new things to get it to work06:41
deformationi want to upgrade my acer travelmate laptop harddisk, anyone can give me an advice?06:44
deformationits a travelmate 292lci with M1.5GHz and 512 ram and 40Gb harddisk06:45
deformationi am planning to buy a 120gb harddisk, would that affect my laptop performance?06:46
soldatsno but you need to make sure the disk will fit in the laptop06:46
deformationwhat do you mean by fit?06:47
soldatsthe bigger the hard drive is the thicker it is so it may not fit in the laptop case06:47
deformationoh, so if the dealer get the harddisk in and working while i am at their store that would be ok?06:48
deformationi mean no slower xubuntu or slugish system?06:48
soldatsshouldnt be06:48
deformationthank you soldats06:48
deformationoh 1 last question06:49
deformationwhat speed is the best for my laptop?06:49
deformationi mean the harddisk rpm06:49
darkbladepdxDeformation, I would think that all things being equal, faster is better.06:49
deformationshould i go for the 7200?06:50
soldatsim not sure about laptop speeds, id probly get the same speed as your 40gb to be safe but im sure if you upped the speed by maybe 1000 you should be fine06:50
darkbladepdxif you have the $$$. Thatś what always slows me down. :D06:50
deformationthanks guys, i am going to buy one now06:51
deformationbye bye06:51
darkbladepdxIIRC in LINUX/UNIX, disk access speed is a bottleneck, since the system does rely on swap.06:51
soldatsi hear some laptops dont perform well with too high of a speed06:55
Cygnetanyone around?06:57
darkbladepdxReally? Huh. Wonder why? That seems really counter-intuitive to me.06:57
soldatsi herd they were getting really hot06:58
CygnetI'm wondering how complicated of an operation it would be to install a new video card in this computer (which has intel integrated graphics)06:58
CygnetI mean configuration wise, I'm sure physically installing the card is easy enough06:58
darkbladepdxAhhhh, hmmm. So you need one o´ them Turbo-Kooler fans, eh? :)06:58
soldatsCygnet, depends on what type you are installing there are many help pages to get videos cards running smoothly ie. nvidia or ati cards are fairly easy to configure06:59
Cygnetwould the fact that I've got the intel graphics make things any more difficult or would it just be a matter of saying "use the new card plskthx"?07:01
soldatsi believe once you install the new card you need to get the drivers for it make sure it detects it and get any necessary firmware and i think you need to tell it to use the new card, you may have to disable the integrated one but im not positive07:04
Cygnetwould that be a command line kind of deal or can I do that with GUI?07:07
soldatsyou can use the restricted drivers gui in applications > system > restricted drivers07:11
Cygnetis there a GUI to choose which video card to use and disable the intel graphics if necessary?07:13
soldatsdarkbladepdx, man i still cant remove them from the menu in the ~/.local/share/applications dir and i can only remove them from /usr/share/applications07:13
soldatsCygnet, not sure about that, best bet is to ask over in #ubuntu since its more populated. more people over there have waaaaaay more experience with it than me. the comp i have now is a POS07:15
soldatsso i havent dont that in a long tiem07:15
darkbladepdxSOldats, Thanks for all the hard work. At the moment itś gettin'late here (USA- PST). If you can recommend a forum or other info source I can post this situation onto Iĺl let you go (Yeah, I know, youĺl niggle at it anyway, but Iĺl try and let it go), Iĺl go make a noise on it tomorrow.07:15
Cygnetall right, thanks for your help :)07:15
soldatsdarkbladepdx, well its actually pissing me off that it doesnt work per user but ill fiddle with it some more07:16
soldatsim always availiable to help07:17
darkbladepdxYeah, beleive me, I know what you mean. Been annoyed at it for a week now. LOL. I think Iĺl dig up that xubuntu forum I saw the original answer on and post a whine at ém. Serve ´em right. *chuckle*07:18
soldatslol good luck07:19
darkbladepdxThanks. TTYL. And if I get any joy, Iĺl be sure and tell you.07:20
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neur1does someone know of the tar that can fix an ibm sound?08:55
Phrehi guys11:02
Phrethere's anyone here compile xfce 4.4.2?11:03
soldatsfor xubuntu11:04
soldatsi dont thinks its availiable for xubuntu et11:05
Phreyes i know11:05
Phrein fact my question is another ^^11:05
Phreif anyone build the sources! ^^11:05
soldatswell i havent yet but i will soon to test with xubuntu11:06
soldatsfind bugs and whatnot11:06
soldatssorry, this place is slow today11:07
soldatswish i could help though11:07
Phrethx! ;)11:08
Nate__I had an idea to distribute xubuntu easily11:29
Nate__If you could download a zipped version, the download speed would be reduced dramaticly11:30
maploinhow can i remove xubuntu-desktop? and go back to plain old ubuntu without xfce4 and everything the xubuntu-desktop metapackage contains?11:52
TheSheepmaploin: just remove it and then do autoremove11:59
maploinapt-get autoremove finds nothing worth removing12:03
maploinafter i removed xubuntu-desktop12:04
TheSheepmaploin: you do it with the same program you used to install it?12:13
maplointhat might be a problem12:13
maploini installed it using aptitude12:13
maploinand i checked for autoremove in it's man page, but i can't find it12:14
maploinso i tried apt-get autoremove12:14
maploinis there any equivalent autoremove in aptitude?12:14
TheSheepaptitude has a separate database for that12:14
TheSheepauskadian: should be the same12:14
auskadianTheSheep, ?????????????????????????????????14:26
TheSheepauskadian: wrong nick, sorry14:36
R[a]ndomthats a lot of question marks14:37
vinzeHey fifafrazer14:51
fifafrazerI got a canon powershot s5is digital camera with USB connection.. Isn't default xubuntu supposed to automount the device when it is plugged in?14:53
vinzeI believe it should, yes14:53
vinzeDoes it recognise the camera at all?14:53
fifafrazerIt shows up in the 'lsusb' as 'Bus 004 Device 005: ID 04a9:3148 Canon, Inc.' but nothing happens14:54
vinzeIt's also not listed in Thunar's side pane?14:54
vinzeHmm... The same happens with my sister's music player, have found no solution still...14:55
vinzeThough sometimes it will work if I plug in another USB device14:55
fifafrazerIt recognices my mp3 player and automounts it, but not the camera14:55
vinzeYou could try plugging in the camera first and then the MP3 player, but even if that'd work it's still extremely annoying :(14:56
fifafrazerhmm.. I can see in the Thunar volman config GUI, the "Import digital photographs when connected" is unticked, but if I tick it, I have to specify the command it will use to import the photos, and here I'm lost. It would be a lot easier if the camera was just recognized as a storage device.14:59
vinzefifafrazer, yeah, that's what it's supposed to do - if it doesn't do that, it also won't be able to import your photo's15:00
vinzeAnyway, gotta go, good luck with your problem15:00
fifafrazeri've found a workaround.. I can import the photos using gthumb, but what if I wanted to store some data files on the camera?15:06
ciro314how to install flash plugin on firefox ¿?15:24
stone[no]ciro314: I beleive you can search for flash plugin non-free15:28
ciro314stone, i have installed flash plugin but i can not watch youtube videos15:28
stone[no]Go to http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/ and check that it is propperly installed. It should report your version.15:30
somerville32There is a bug with flash16:51
somerville32You need to install the package from -proposed16:51
somerville32As for the camera, not all cameras list as removable media16:51
somerville32We've of course compiled Xfce 4.4.2 and it is available in Hardy16:52
groutwhat can i use to browse the network in xubuntu?19:51
ubotusamba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT19:52
totalawayforthewgrout: fusesmb works like a charm19:52
stone[no]totalawayforthew: Does fusesmb integrate with thunar?19:53
totalawayforthewgrout: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30413119:53
totalawayforthewstone[no]: yes, it mounts the network, so you can browse to the mountpoint nativly19:54
totalawayforthewalso check fusesmb.cache, may be usefull to refresh the mountpoint now and then19:54
totalawayforthewyou can just make a launcher pointing to fusesmb.cache :]19:55
Fryguy--I'm considering using xubuntu over ubuntu on a somewhat lower end system (celeron 2.4ghz with 256mb ram).  It's also for a family member who isn't very computer literate, so I'd like to not give up a lot of the stuff that gnome has to offer.  Anyways, does anyone have any good examples comparing performance of xubuntu over ubuntu on low-midrange machines?21:41
somerville322.4Ghz w/ 256mb of ram is a low end system?! :(21:41
Fryguy--somerville32: midrange i guess21:41
somerville32I'm running a 333mhz w/ 192mb of ram21:41
Qatz256 megs ram makes it lower end21:42
somerville32Fryguy--, Just put more ram in it and install Ubuntu21:42
Qatzthe cpu is fine21:42
QatzI'm on a 900mhz system atm21:42
Fryguy--My question is 2-fold:  how much of the "gnome luxuries" would I be giving up by using xubuntu (remember, non-computer literate people, so if things don't "just work" it's gonna be bad)21:42
Qatzeeepc thinking about putting xubuntu on it21:42
Fryguy--and how slow will a base ubuntu install (with compiz and stuff turned off) run21:42
soldatscompiz doesnt come preinstalled21:45
somerville32soldats, It does with Ubuntu21:46
soldatsnever noticed i used it for like a month21:46
somerville32You need to enable it21:46
Fryguy--parts of it are enabled by default IIRC21:49
somerville32If your card supports it21:49
scotta316Hi all. Can someone tell me why Python starts when I boot up? It uses 100% of my processor until I kill it.22:18
TheSheepscotta316: many programs in xubuntu are written in python22:25
TheSheepscotta316: you need to see what is after the 'python' in the command line22:25
scotta316Where would I look for that?22:28
TheSheepscotta316: ps auxwww | grep python22:31
TheSheepscotta316: from the command line22:31
scotta316I don't even understand what that command does, but here's what it says: python /usr/share/system-config-printer/applet.py22:35
scotta316I think my printing still works after I kill python.22:36
TheSheepscotta316: ok, so it's the printer configuration applet22:36
TheSheepscotta316: it's the little htingie that displays a pronter icon when you print, I think22:37
scotta316What's ps?  It looks familiar, but I forget.22:37
TheSheepscotta316: it displays a list of processes22:37
scotta316Oh, of course.  And auxwww?  That's a new one on me.22:37
scotta316TheSheep: What's auxwww?  That's a new one on me?22:48
TheSheepscotta316: a set of flags that makes the information displayed pretty complete and detailed, I'm using it for so long now that I forgot what each of them does22:49
TheSheepscotta316: you can check them by typing 'man ps'22:49
scotta316TheSheep: thanks.22:49
scotta316TheSheep: Now at least I know where to start looking.22:49
scotta316TheSheep: probably something to do with a printer I have installed, but not connected right now.22:50
TheSheepscotta316: that's the process that had 100% cpu, right?22:51
TheSheepscotta316: there may be many innocent python scripts running...22:51
scotta316TheSheep: Well, python had the highest usage, and the total was 100%.  Killing python fixed it, but I see it is running again without any problems.22:52
scotta316TheSheep: I am having a small problem right now with the Ubuntu Help Center not wanting to exit, and I don't know which process to kill for that.22:54
shad_what is Alpha222:55
bur[n]ereeeXubuntu kicks ass :)23:20
bur[n]ereeeXubuntu == xubuntu for the eeepc23:22
somerville32bur[n]er, link?23:22
bur[n]eruhh.. buranen.info i just blogged about it ;)23:23
somerville32You have one?23:23
scotta316bur[n]er: what's an eeepc?23:23
bur[n]erscotta316: the #1 seller at amazon23:23
bur[n]ersomerville32: yeah, it's awesome23:24
bur[n]eri'm on it now23:24
bur[n]erirssi via ssh to my server :)23:24
shad_utra small laptop <scotta316>23:25
shad_*ultra :/23:25
bur[n]eruber even23:26
shad_ffor sure!23:26
bur[n]ersomerville32: find the link through my blog spam? ;)  http://wiki.eeeuser.com/ubuntu:eeexubuntu:home if you haven't23:26
scotta316Which linux comes preloaded on it?23:27
bur[n]eryeah, a hacked up xandros with a crazy eeepc-specific gui on top23:29
somerville32It looks like eeeXubuntu violates the GPL :/23:29
bur[n]eroh yeah?23:29
bur[n]eri bet it's inadvertent.... sonds like the creator is a big ubuntu fan23:30
somerville32I don't see where I can download the source23:30
scotta316Are these the ones I saw where each one you buy buys one for a student in another country?23:30
shad_that's OLPC23:31
bur[n]ersomerville32: i bet an email to the eeeXubuntu dev would clear things up23:33
somerville32bur[n]er, Are you registered on the forum there?23:33
bur[n]ersomerville32: as far as I know though, it's just Xubuntu with some patched drivers for the asus hardware and an application to make a usb boot device23:33
bur[n]ersomerville32: i am23:33
bur[n]eri'm down to ask for the source :)  i'll do it now23:34
somerville32bur[n]er, Can you give me his e-mail address or e-mail him yourself asking him to get in contact with me?23:34
somerville32*I'd also love to work with him23:34
somerville32Help him out anyway we can and hopefully utilize some of his changes23:34
bur[n]eri think he would as well...  ideally there is no need for eeexubuntu and all changes are merged upstream23:34
bur[n]eruhh... i can send him a pm on the forum, how should I tell him to contact you?23:35
bur[n]erhttp://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=5005 is the main forum post23:35
bur[n]eri'm composing the email now23:37
scotta316What's the target audience for the eeepc?  It wouldn't be used for a main pc, would it?23:37
bur[n]erscotta316: could be, why not if you had an external keyboard and mouse23:37
bur[n]erand external display23:37
scotta316Does it require wifi all the time?23:38
* bur[n]er uses it as a secondary PC to drag around everywhere I go with a nice powerful Ubuntu desktop at home23:38
bur[n]erthere's an ethernet port23:38
bur[n]erand 3 usb ports23:38
scotta316well I want one.23:40
shad_8 gig ver is coming soon :)23:40
bur[n]eri got the 4 gig without the webcam for $350 at newegg23:41
scotta316Believe me, it's got to me more powerful than this relic I'm using.23:41
scotta316How often do you wind it up?23:42
bur[n]eri can't23:42
bur[n]erthere is no winding23:42
bur[n]erthis is not the OLPC23:43
scotta316punch cards?23:43
scotta316never mind.23:43
scotta316I have to keep buying new hamsters to keep mine running.23:43
bur[n]erit does only take 16 watts of power too :)23:43
bur[n]eri just hit power to get mine running :P23:43
shad_lol...got my gOS from Newegg for $199.00...now running Xubuntu :)23:44
shad_aka WallyWorld Special23:46
bur[n]eryeah, i thought they were only available from the anti-americans23:46
bur[n]erspeaking of the gOS folks at everex, see their answer to the eeepc?  it's the "cloudbook"23:47
shad_knew they had something in the works23:47
bur[n]eri prefer teh flash storage on the eeepc to a hard drive, but to each their own23:47
shad_me too23:48
bur[n]erback to xubuntu stuff, is hardy going to incorporate displayconfig-gtk stuff in xubuntu as well as ubuntu?23:49
bur[n]eri really wish to have easy config of an external display on this thing23:49
somerville32bur[n]er, I imagine23:54
somerville32bur[n]er, I'll look at it atleast :]23:54
bur[n]ersomerville32: you're my hero.  i sent an email to "oasisbob" about teh eeeXubuntu source and contacting you23:54
somerville32Awesome. thanks.23:54
bur[n]erthank you for the interest and for helping make xubuntu as bad ass as it is :)23:55
bur[n]ernow to get Mr. Ben of Xfce to incorporate samba into thunar23:55

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