mtaylorjelmer, bob2: aaaaah... I think that this all be my fault.00:12
mtaylorI've been building with -rsudo in my .devscripts00:12
mtaylorinstead of -rfakeroot00:13
jelmerahh, that would explain it (-:00:14
mtayloryup. that was it. I fixed that and all is now well.00:17
mtaylorstupid root privileges00:18
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jdrakeI have just registered a project on launchpad, and I am trying to figure out how to push the code I have just imported into it. I am not seeing any documentation  that leads me in the right direction.00:49
PengYou could register a branch on LP.00:51
fullermdActually, I thought you pretty much just pushed, and it created it on the fly.00:51
jdrakeIt appears /~username/Project/trunk  will work00:52
ddaajdrake: https://help.launchpad.net/FeatureHighlights/EasyBranching01:03
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dleeEasiest way to submit minor typo corrections to Bza docs?  And thanks MUCH for this tool...I'm trying to talk my company into using it instead of CVS or SVN.03:11
dleeLol... and I type Bza for Bzr while asking how to fix typos... :P03:12
Kamping_Kaiserat a guess file a bug in launchpad. someone may have a better idea though03:13
PengI always just send a patch to the mailing list.03:16
PengI have a "bzr push" from the 25th using 100% of one CPU core.06:34
* Peng hits Ctrl+C.06:34
Pengreal    3892m35.171s06:34
Penguser    296m58.803s06:34
Pengsys     3575m18.538s06:34
PengI see a push in .bzr.log. The last thing logged is "ssh implementation is OpenSSH".06:35
PengRemote probably got killed.06:36
Pengwhile autopacking.06:36
PengWhy exactly is that an excuse to deadlock?06:36
PengHuh, the packs autopack combined weren't all in chronological order. It left some behind.09:41
PengIt combined the 60 MB pack, but not the 70 KB one. :\09:41
PengSince this was over SFTP, that's very nice...09:41
lifelessis the 70kb pack in the pack-names file?09:46
Peng9 packs, 9 listed in pack-names. I didn't check if they are correct, except for that one..09:48
blauwaljoin #oooscm11:31
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jelmerHi Verterok, sabdfl16:57
sabdflhey jelmer, compliments of the season to you16:59
jelmersabdfl: Thank you, and likewise :-)17:01
Verterokhi jelmer17:03
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aadisanyone having luck with trac-bzr?18:29
Verterokaadis: which branch are you using?18:35
aadisthere are so many18:35
aadiscan you recommend one?18:35
aadisi get this: TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to float18:37
Verterokaadis: try with tim hatch branch18:38
Verterokaadis: which version of trac?18:38
Verterokyes, tim hatch branch is ok18:39
Verterokit should work with a small change in backend.py18:40
aadisVerterok: http://timhatch.com/projects/trac-bzr/ right?18:40
Verteroklet me check18:41
radixah, when distributed development goes wrong :P18:41
Verterokaadis: https://code.launchpad.net/~timhatch/trac-bzr/thatch-dev18:42
aadisradix: heh, i can almost see some of the problems.18:42
aadisthere must be, what, 10 branches of trac-bzr, and no way to figure out which works18:42
foomhm, trac-bzr...anyone have a running instance they can point me to?18:43
radixhttp://bazaar-vcs.org/TracBzr has some links18:43
Verterokfoom: I have an outdated trac-bzr running with trac-0.10 at: https://trac.steppenwolf.selfip.net/bzr-eclipse/18:43
foomno branch support?18:44
radixapparently aaron bentley's version supports multiple branches18:45
radixbut I don't know where there's an example18:45
Verterokaadis: once you get the code, in backend.py add/define a top level/global variable: version = '0.2'18:45
Verterokradix, foom: I think marienz-dev branch also supports branches18:46
foomi'm not gonna install any, I just want to see one someone else has. :)18:47
Verterokan exmample here: http://www.pkgcore.org/trac/pkgcore/wiki/Branches18:47
aadisVerterok: thanks! :)18:47
foomah, thanks.18:47
Verterokaadis: np ;-)18:48
datohm, is it me or james_w hasn't been around for a while?18:50
aadisVerterok: and it works! mucho gracias.18:55
aadisit was a pain to see the latest commits otherwise18:55
Verterokaadis: great! de nada ;-)18:57
aadisthough trying to view a changeset says this: TypeError: format_to_html() takes at least 3 arguments (2 given)19:00
Verterokups, that is a new one :P19:03
aadislooking into it19:04
aadisVerterok: turning off property renderer works, since the block is inside "if has_property_renderer". so that's a workaround.19:05
Verteroknice, at least it's working :-P19:06
* Verterok thinks that maybe it's time to start filling bug reports against trac-bzr 19:07
BasicOSXColloquy crashed19:09
Verterokseeya guys, I'm leaving for the weekend.20:06
aadisBasicOSX: was it after a suspend on leopard? I see colloquy doing that when i come back from suspend20:09
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elmoif I have a master tree, now at r990.  and someone has a branch at 980 or so, which they then made 3 changes to.  how do I see just those diffs?21:55
elmobzr missing --theirs-only kinda does the right thing, except without the diff part21:55
fullermdYou probably want a construct like -rancestor:their/branch..branch:their/branch21:56
jelmerOne way would be bzr diff -r980.. in "their" branch would probably work21:56
fullermdEasier would be to go into a copy of theirs and -rancestor:yours..21:56
luksbzr diff /path/to/branch1 /path/to/branch221:58
luksbut I think this doesn't work with bzr.dev anymore21:58
elmoluks: that definitely doesn't work21:58
elmofullermd: yours seems good21:58
luksit should in 1.021:58
fullermdWell, it "works", but it doesn't show what he wants.21:58
elmooh, I'm in 0.92 or something, it's some random Debian box running something from 199921:58
fullermdOh, so it's the Debian bleeding edge?   ;>21:59
luksoh, right, I misread the question21:59
luksI'd personally just do `bzr send -o- | less` :)21:59
elmooh, yay, we have bzr diff -c now \o/ thank you whoever implemented that22:00
fullermdAbsolutely.  It's such a small thing, but it makes it SO much easier to step around...22:05
datothough I wrote myself in the early days a plugin to make -r X work like -c X works now, and now I can't teach my fingers to type -c instead of -r :(22:08
mtaylorjelmer: feature request for bzr-svn... if I'm doing an svn-import, and it gets interrupted and I have to restart it, is there any way it can pick up where it left off?22:15
mtaylorjelmer: I'm doing an import over the wire of 8394 revs, which took 3 hours to get to 5536... at which point the network went away :(22:15
mtaylorjelmer: OH22:15
mtaylorhey, look at that22:15
mtaylorjelmer: nevermind... it's already doing that. you ROCK22:16
fullermdHe's real quick with those feature requests   ;)22:16
mtaylorno kidding23:01
jelmermtaylor: (-:23:12
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